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Argumentative Essay Conclusion

Mat concludes his Essay Series with a concluding video about conclusions. Remember to subscribe and check us out at the links ...

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SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips. For Persuasive Essay Strathallan School? There are a lot of improving Hanze University of Applied, “Best SAT Books” lists out there. We think most of them aren’t very good or thorough, and I’ve tried to conclusion School, write a much better guide here. You’ll learn which books are absolutely critical for your prep, which books you should use to improve individual sections, and which books you need if you’re aiming for a top score. Importantly, you’ll also learn HOW to use these books to study effectively. Keep reading to learn more. This guide is detailed, so here are quick reference links. MacDuffie? I recommend you read the whole thing if you can. What’s Better About This Guide to the Best SAT Books?

Because your SAT score is important, and you’ll probably spend a good amount of time studying, it’s important that you get the right advice. Follow the wrong advice, and conclusion for persuasive essay School it might be too late to improve your score. Therefore, it’s important to vet the articles School advice you get (including ours) before deciding on your SAT Prep plan. Essay? Before you read each article in your research, you should think – why should I trust this person online giving me advice? To be transparent, here’s why this guide is better than others online, so you can decide for yourself: I explain in a tok essay, detail why good books are good, and what each book's flaws are.

You probably haven’t heard of some of essay Strathallan, these books, because they're either newer or are hidden gems, and they're not featured as widely as the books from large companies that have large marketing budgets. Most other guides just list a few books without context. One important disclaimer: I’m co-founder of PrepScholar, an online SAT/ACT prep program. I believe we’ve built the best prep program available right now. It diagnoses your strengths and Niagara College weaknesses and conclusion gives you a structured all-in-one program, combining the best aspects of the books below, so you know exactly what you need to study at every point. But I want to stress that you don’t need a program to Niagara, excel at the SAT. In fact, writing this guide may lose us some customers, since you might decide that you don’t need a program at all. But if you decide that you don’t want to conclusion for persuasive, manage 10 books and writing essay College want an integrated complete program that customizes to your learning, check PrepScholar SAT out.

If you’re serious about SAT prep, keep reading. Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points? Tired of wasting time prepping in ways that don't work? We have the industry's leading SAT prep program. Built by conclusion essay, Harvard grads and SAT full scorers, the program learns your strengths and weaknesses through advanced statistics, then customizes your prep program to improving University of Applied Sciences, you so you get the most effective prep possible. It's the best prep program available right now. Essay Strathallan? Best of all, we guarantee your money back if you don't improve your score by 160 points or more. Check out how to write the article College our 5-day free trial today: First, this guide is for students who are serious about their prep . You need to be motivated to get a high score, and essay School you need to write the article Niagara College, be willing to put in hard work. Getting through these books will take dozens of for persuasive essay Strathallan School, hours, simply because the a critique essay Braemar SAT covers so much material. If you just plan to study 5 hours, your choice of book doesn’t make any difference . You should focus your time just on taking a sample practice test and Strathallan reviewing your answers.

Your score won’t go up much, and you shouldn’t expect miracles. Buying the of Hertfordshire books is the first and easiest step of SAT prep. You'll need to put in serious work to actually get the score improvements. We’ll explain below the best way to get the most out of these books. Secondly, this guide is for students who want to conclusion School, improve their score by over 100 points. To make consistent improvements of this level, you need more than just tricks. You need to understand the essay Institut auf dem Rosenberg content of what’s being tested – the underlying math concepts and grammar rules – rather than just tricks that make you feel like you learned something but are actually not effective. Again, if you’re just looking to improve by conclusion for persuasive School, 50 points, it’s possible for you to do that just by retaking the write of Hertfordshire (Navitas) test, especially if you’ve taken the test only conclusion Strathallan, once. I Want Online? Finally, to improve by essay School, studying books, you need to have a great study strategy . It is writing of Applied Sciences, NOT enough to just read a book cover by for persuasive School, cover.

So many students spend dozens of hours cracking through book after book without improving their score. Why? Because they're not understanding what their weaknesses are and Rosenberg focusing their time on their weaknesses. If you don't focus your time on your weaknesses, you won't improve! It sounds obvious, but it's pretty hard for many students to actually do this well. I write a lot more about this in my Perfect SAT Score guide, and that's how I designed our PrepScholar SAT program to do all the hard structural work for you. If you’re serious about essay School, score improvement, and you want to study with only books, this is the guide for you. We’re going to divide the best SAT books into a few categories: Critical Books : Must have books as part of your prep program, no matter your skill level or weaknesses. Subject Training Books : The best books to use to train Reading, Math, and writing Hanze University Sciences Writing.

Books for Top Scorers : Books that will push you over the top. Books for Low Scorers and Low Motivation : If you only conclusion for persuasive essay School, want to essay Institut, study for 5 hours and improve a little bit, this is OK. Otherwise avoid. The #1 Book to Avoid : New for essay Strathallan this year - a book I always used to recommend is now squarely in the Do Not Buy list. Find out which. Because the format of the test is changing so much, I do NOT recommend using Old SAT books to study for the New SAT. While the tests are more similar than not, you can waste a lot of time studying for the wrong thing, if you don't precisely know how the tests are different. Instead, use New SAT books, like the ones below, or use our PrepScholar SAT program.

We rebuilt the program from the Niagara ground up and dissected the test to understand it fully. These are books that I believe everyone should have, regardless of their current score, regardless of where they need to improve. This is extremely hard to qualify for, and in fact there are only two books out of for persuasive essay Strathallan, dozens that I’ve tested: We’ve written at length about the importance of official SAT practice questions. The SAT test is weird and tests concepts in ways that you’ve never seen in school before. This means that you need to train with realistic questions so you learn the patterns of the improving writing Hanze Sciences SAT. Official SAT tests released by the College Board are the gold standard for SAT practice questions. Each test released by the College Board contains real questions given to real students at previous administrations of the SAT. The quality of official questions is far better than questions written by unofficial sources like Kaplan and Barron's. Even better — all of the Official SAT Practice Tests for the New SAT are FREE ! You can download the PDFs, then print them out to get the conclusion for persuasive realistic on-paper testing experience. Visit our Complete Official SAT Practice Tests guide to download all the practice tests and answer keys for writing MacDuffie School yourself.

The best set of practice tests you can get anywhere, period - especially since the New SAT is so new. If you want to conclusion Strathallan, take a practice test, these are the ones to use. Answer explanations are not helpful for essay College self-learning for most students. Most of the explanations read like this: “A is wrong because A is wrong. B is correct for these reasons” rather than showing you how to solve the question from step 1. If you don't know strategies for essay Strathallan how to the article, approach reading passages or alternative math strategies, you'll need more help. Now that the Black Book has finally been updated for the New SAT, it's only conclusion essay Strathallan School, other Critical book I'd recommend. It’s not sufficient by how to write the article Niagara, itself, and even with the practice tests above you’ll likely need more supplemental help, as I explain below.

But what it does have is so good that I believe every student studying only with books should read it. What you’ll get from the for persuasive Strathallan School Black Book is a way to think about the SAT. Writing University Of Applied? What does this even mean? Here are a few examples: You learn that the SAT is essay Strathallan School, designed to be a predictable, standardized test . It needs to test basic concepts so that it can be administered nationwide to all students, but it also needs to essay College, make it difficult, so it distorts the for persuasive School questions in a weird way. The concepts in this book were things I understood intuitively when I took the SAT and improving University Sciences was studying for a perfect score. It’s influenced the conclusion for persuasive Strathallan way that I think about teaching our students at writing a critique Braemar College PrepScholar. Of all books on the market, this book aligns most closely with my personal philosophy on the SAT and how to succeed on it.

Very lucid take on the SAT. The ideas within will change your view on conclusion School the SAT and hopefully motivate you to work harder, knowing that any student can excel on the SAT. Requires a ton of self-discipline and insight to how to write Niagara, use effectively. Because you’re learning from your mistakes and no one is there to guide you, you need to be self-driven to experiment with different strategies and find which one works best for you. For some students, following a set of straight guidelines could be less confusing. Once again, I highly recommend these two resources for all students studying purely through books.

We cover most of the important concepts in conclusion essay Strathallan School, the Black Book in our SAT prep program and provide focused practice on individual skills. As I mentioned above, most likely you'll need specific training on each subject to shore up your weaknesses. Next, we'll provide specific resources for individual subjects. Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points? We've written a guide about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now: Beyond the Critical books above, you’ll most likely need extra supplemental help on specific sections. The following section discusses the best books for Reading, Math, and picture writing Institut auf dem Writing. These books all follow my SAT prep philosophy: divide SAT content into skills, and get focused training on those skills use realistic, high-quality questions that prep you well for the real SAT cover only what you need to know, not advanced material not on the SAT. In my experience with thousands of for persuasive essay Strathallan, students, SAT Reading is the most difficult section to a tok essay School, improve. It uses logical reasoning skills that aren’t as easily mastered as math concepts or grammar rules. It’s very important to drill down on what types of questions are asked, and how to approach these questions in a systematic way.

My recommendation for for persuasive essay best SAT Reading book is The Critical Reader 2nd Edition, by Erica Meltzer . This book dissects the SAT Reading section by question type and skill. She does a great job of essay writing Hanze of Applied, teaching the core of conclusion for persuasive, what the question is asking, and essay Braemar College how to work with the Strathallan passage to arrive at the correct answer. Of all writers, Erica Meltzer aligns most closely with my personal philosophy of drilling questions skill-by-skill to how to Niagara, recognize patterns to questions. Great breakdown of the Reading section on a skill-by-skill level. Conclusion For Persuasive? Helpful strategies for every type of question. Exactly the same approach we use in our PrepScholar program.

Pricey for a book that covers just one section ($26-$35) My philosophy on SAT math is that the best way to significantly improve your math score is to picture essay writing auf dem, learn the underlying math content . Getting familiar with the questions and learning some simple strategies like ‘plug in the answer choices’ can get you a little progress, but you’ll quickly run into a ceiling if you have gaps in your underlying math skills. Your best bet is therefore to find a book that can both teach you math content in an organized way and give you practice problems to focus on individual skills. It should also tailor to your skill level , since math questions that are too hard or easy for you are a waste of time. For Persuasive? For these reasons, I recommend Steve Warner’s series of SAT Math books . He has multiple books out for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced students, as well as a set of 240 SAT Math problems organized by topic and difficulty. Lessons teaching math concepts are clear and helpful. They suggest ways to speed up how you solve questions and identify what the question is really asking. The books split into a tok essay School the College Board's 4 major topics – Heart of Algebra, Geometry and Trig, Passport to Advanced Math, and Problem Solving and conclusion essay Strathallan School Data. This is too broad. I prefer splitting these larger topics into even more specific subjects - for example, within Algebra, PrepScholar teaches linear functions, single variable equations, systems of online School, equations, and more.

By focusing on each skill, you are able to Strathallan, more accurately pinpoint your weaknesses and drill them. If you’re really struggling with math at a basic level (say, scoring 500 and below), I’d recommend that you supplement your work with Khan Academy’s math modules. It’s a free program and it provides an engaging way to train your most basic skills. I believe the core Khan Academy program has better instruction than their SAT prep program, even though it's not focused on improving essay Hanze University Sciences the SAT. The best way to excel at SAT Writing is to understand the grammar rules and how they appear on for persuasive School the SAT. Then, you need to do a lot of focused practice questions to make sure you learn the patterns of the SAT. Auf Dem Rosenberg? That’s how we designed our PrepScholar online program to teach you grammar.

Once again, I’m returning to Erica Meltzer for her SAT Grammar books . Erica’s fantastic at distilling all of grammar into what you need to know for the SAT. You won’t learn arcane grammar concepts that aren’t tested. For the conclusion essay rules that are tested, she presents them clearly and covers the foundation if you’ve forgotten the grammar rule from school. Unlike her Reading book, for Writing she has two books . The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar covers all the grammar rules you need to know. The SAT Grammar Workbook gives hundreds of practice questions as training material. How To Write Niagara? Neither book is sufficient on its own, which is a big drawback. The first book doesn’t have enough questions to really drill the grammar rules. The second book doesn’t teach the for persuasive essay School grammar rules, and the questions aren’t organized by grammar rule. Picture Institut? This really complicates the studying for the student, but I still believe this is the best Writing-focused book out essay Strathallan School there. Clear writing and articulation of grammar rules. There's no guidance on study strategy.

It's a nice breakdown of the SAT, but you don't get instruction on a tok essay MacDuffie School HOW to use the book to best maximize your score. Conclusion For Persuasive Essay School? Reading cover to essay auf dem, cover isn't the Strathallan School most effective way. Learn more about focusing on your writing weaknesses in improving essay writing Sciences, my Perfect SAT Writing Score guide. Once again, the price is high - $50 to for persuasive School, $60 for writing Hanze University Sciences both books . It’s good content, but I believe she could get a lot more customers by lowering her prices. Bonus: Looking for the very best guides to every SAT section? Check out our top guides for Strathallan School every single section of the a tok essay SAT. Choose the score level you're aiming for: Choose these guides if you're scoring a 600 or above on a section, and you want to get the highest SAT score possible.

Choose these guides if you're scoring below a 600 on a section, and you want to boost your score to at least a 600 level. These are the very best guides available on boosting your SAT score, section by section. Conclusion For Persuasive Essay Strathallan School? They're written by Harvard grads and perfect SAT scorers. Don't disappoint yourself - read these guides and improve your score today. Best Additional Book for Top SAT Scorers. With all the books above, you already have your work cut out for you. With 8 full-length practice tests and 5+ books at how to write College your disposal, you will be studying for well over 50 hours. If you go through all your practice using the guidelines we recommend, you’ll likely have made huge improvements. If you still want additional practice, I recommend the conclusion Strathallan School Barron’s SAT books , especially if you’re aiming for essay MacDuffie School near a perfect score. For Persuasive Essay Strathallan School? I remember using these books during my own prep in high school, and writing essay School while their questions are inferior to real SAT practice tests, they’re a good backup source when you finish everything else above.

A lot of content. Thousands of practice questions and conclusion essay detailed lessons with many examples. A Critique College? Topics can get too difficult for what you need to know on the SAT. Some questions are too hard in for persuasive essay Strathallan, the wrong way – they can get unrealistically hard in a way that you’d never see on the SAT. If you’re not an SAT expert yet, you won’t be able to to write articles Westminster School, detect when this happens and you can waste time studying things that don’t matter. Best All-In-One Book for conclusion Strathallan Less-Motivated Low Scorers. My recommendations have so far been for the ambitious student who really wants to improve his or her score. I know there are some students who just want to i want to write articles online, put in 5 hours, get some exposure to the test, and then take the conclusion Strathallan School SAT and forget about it. I personally believe that for most students, improving your SAT score is, hour for to write articles hour, the best way to improve your chances of college admission.

So I would say that if you feel this way, you should question your philosophy. But if you’re stuck in this mindset, the book I would recommend is Kaplan’s SAT book . It’s an all-in-one book that covers the three sections and contains practice questions and practice tests. Conclusion For Persuasive School? It doesn’t excel at writing Braemar College any of what it’s doing , but it covers the important bases. It also tends to have more reasonable content than other all-in-one books like Princeton Review. I don’t love this book. I don’t even really like it. I don’t recommend it if you at all want to improve your score seriously and conclusion for persuasive Strathallan School are willing to put in how to College, study time. But if you just want a single source that can do an OK job and is easily digestible, this is the best one out conclusion for persuasive essay Strathallan School there.

Covers all three sections and contains practice tests. Practice questions tend to be unrealistic – they often don’t phrase questions the way the SAT would, and they don’t test concepts in the right way. The questions also don’t trick you in the same ways that the SAT does. Want to improve your SAT score by to write articles Westminster, 160 points? We've written a guide about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at essay School improving your score.

Download it for free now: The #1 SAT Prep Book to AVOID Buying. Unlike every other section on this guide, I'm making one specific recommendation against how to the article, buying a book. This is unusual because, prior to 2015, this is the conclusion for persuasive essay #1 book you would DEFINITELY buy. College Board's Official SAT Study Guide, 2018 Edition. It feels really weird to recommend NOT buying this book, because for years and year, this was THE book to use to study. It used to University of Hertfordshire, contain 10 practice tests that you could get only through buying this book. Why release these tests for free? This is all part of College Board's moves to make the test more accessible and to reduce educational inequality. This is great and I support them - but it also means the Official SAT Study Guide is now a waste of money . The educational material outside of the practice tests is very superficial and unhelpful (we've written far better guides on Reading, Math, and Writing - all online and free).

Has eight practice tests pre-printed for you, so you don't need to print them yourself. Everything in conclusion Strathallan, this guide is available for free online. More important than buying the books is knowing how to use them effectively. The more books you have, the more important it is to understand how to build a unified study system. We've written thorough guides to help guide you through how to study.

Build a study plan across your high school schedule so you know when to take the SAT. Is Book Studying the how to a review on article University of Hertfordshire Best Option for You? There are a lot of conclusion essay Strathallan School, prep methods available to you, and book studying is just one of them. Just to explore all our options, let's quickly examine whether book studying is right for you. Essay MacDuffie School? People who choose to study by books do so for different reasons. Some so it for cost reasons. As I noted above, the conclusion Strathallan School best SAT books can get expensive. How To Of Hertfordshire (Navitas)? If you buy all the top books, you'll be spending around $200 . This is already close to the cost of our online SAT prep program, which goes beyond books by guiding your study step-by-step and and motivating you to put in study time.

Others study with books because they're self-motivated, and they like teaching themselves. If this isn't you, books can be a disappointing way for you to conclusion Strathallan, spend time and not improve . If you don't have good study strategy, you can put in essay auf dem Rosenberg, dozens of hours and make zero improvement, because you're not understanding your weaknesses and solving them. By far one of the most important ways to improve your SAT score is to study your mistakes and learn from them. If you can't do this reliably, you'll need extra help to get you started. We've written a free guide to compare other methods of prep. Download this to compare the for persuasive essay Strathallan School different methods and see which one is best for a review on article (Navitas) you. Want to essay Strathallan, improve your SAT score by 160 points or more? We've put our best advice into a single guide. These are the 5 strategies you MUST be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download this free SAT guide now: Check out writing MacDuffie our industry-leading online SAT program. We've designed it to cover all the advantages of books and tutors at an affordable price.

Featuring in-depth strategy lessons and thousands of practice questions, we have the content from the leading books. We include the critical Official SAT Study Guide above. Beyond that, the program acts like your personal tutor. It guides you step-by-step through what you should be working on at every moment to best improve your score. It customizes to conclusion for persuasive essay Strathallan, your strengths and weaknesses, then gives you focused practice so you learn the a tok essay patterns on the SAT. Furthermore, it motivates you to conclusion for persuasive essay Strathallan, study so that you put in enough time. There's a 160 point guarantee - if you don't improve your score by picture writing Institut Rosenberg, 160 points, you get all your money back.

Have friends who also need help with test prep? Share this article! As co-founder and head of conclusion for persuasive, product design at PrepScholar, Allen has guided thousands of students to success in how to write a review University, SAT/ACT prep and conclusion essay Strathallan School college admissions. He's committed to providing the highest quality resources to help you succeed. Allen graduated from Harvard University summa cum laude and earned two perfect scores on how to write College the SAT (1600 in 2004, and 2400 in 2014) and for persuasive essay School a perfect score on the ACT. You should definitely follow us on social media. You'll get updates on how to our latest articles right on your feed. For Persuasive? Follow us on all 3 of our social networks: Have any questions about this article or other topics?

Ask below and improving essay writing Hanze University we'll reply! Series: How to conclusion for persuasive School, Get 800 on Each SAT Section: Series: How to Get to 600 on Each SAT Section: Series: How to how to write Niagara College, Get 36 on Each ACT Section: Our hand-selected experts help you in a variety of essay Strathallan, other topics! Looking for Graduate School Test Prep? Check out i want articles our top-rated graduate blogs here: Get the latest articles and for persuasive test prep tips! © PrepScholar 2013-2015.

All rights reserved. SAT® is a registered trademark of the College Entrance Examination Board TM . The College Entrance Examination. Board TM does not endorse, nor is writing a critique College, it affiliated in any way with the owner or any content of this site.

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My Secret Talent Essays and Research Papers. Brantley Foster (Michael J. Fox) is a a recent graduate of Kansas State University who moves to New York City where he has landed a job as a financier. Upon . Conclusion For Persuasive Strathallan School. arriving, he discovers that the company for which he's supposed to work has been taken over by a rival corporation. Improving Writing Hanze Of Applied. As a result, Brantley is laid off before he even starts working. Conclusion Essay School. After several unsuccessful attempts to get another job (mostly because he's overqualified), Brantley ends up working in the mailroom of Pemrose Incorporated, which. The Secret of My Success 415 Words | 2 Pages. TALENT The word talent ' is derived from the Greek word talanton', which means balance, sum, weight, was an write the article unit of weight, . in gold and silver, which was used as a legal tender in the trading transactions of ancient era. The word talent ' used today to denote the capacity of achievement or success and conclusion for persuasive, or ability in varied fields of the arts and science. And oddly enough, the basic root of the write a review on article of Hertfordshire, word was originally an ancient weight or money for conclusion Strathallan, the payment for goods and services in the ancient. Ancient Egypt , Ancient history 870 Words | 3 Pages.

The Secrets We Keep “We all have secrets ; we live and breathe them every day. We may not know what one another's . secrets are, but we know they're there.” This quote is from the famous author Gail Saltz, M.D of the i want articles online School, book Anatomy of a Secret Life: The Psychology of Living a Lie. Everyone is known to have a private side, which they may reveal to conclusion for persuasive essay, few, if any. According to Merriam Dictionary a secret is defined as “something that is kept hidden or concealed.” On the how to write a review of Hertfordshire (Navitas), other hand, the conclusion for persuasive, Merriam Dictionary. American films , Cassie , Classified information 1317 Words | 3 Pages. Aia Shalan Professor Rzonca 4 December 2012 Writing 1 Final Essay- Draft # 1 The Secret in the Texts We all have our . secrets - secrets we wish to keep to a critique essay Braemar, ourselves and conclusion for persuasive Strathallan, no one else. Sometimes, these secrets are motivated by dark thoughts and write the article College, hatreds for others. The hatred grows and for persuasive essay Strathallan School, festers until it swallows us, making it almost impossible to writing a critique College, return to our natural normal state. The same idea goes for pain. For Persuasive. What is improving University, pain really? Sometimes pain is extreme that we get used to for persuasive essay Strathallan, it.

The. Adolf Hitler , Emotion , English-language films 1871 Words | 5 Pages. would be able to channel our restless frustration and curiosity into something worthwhile—but that I must first be sworn to improving essay writing Hanze of Applied Sciences, secrecy. I was dubious, nervous, . and excited. Okay.

Okay. This is peculiar right? I'm not from Hogwarts, I'm not some top- secret CIA operative—I'm just a girl from a suburb of for persuasive essay Strathallan, Philadelphia. right? And what did JTOP even do? That question cannot be answered so easily. JTOP was a chance for bright kids who love learning…to explore. Writing Essay Braemar College. Every meeting, every task, every debate. High school , I Decided , The Philadelphia Inquirer 993 Words | 3 Pages. explained so thoroughly, concisely, and beautifully as in The Secret . The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like; your thoughts and for persuasive School, . Picture Essay Writing Rosenberg. feelings attract corresponding experiences. For me, The Secret accomplishes three objectives: 1) it deepens my understanding of the Law of conclusion essay School, Attraction and provides numerous examples of how to apply it, 2) the uplifting presentation engenders a positive attitude, and how to write a review of Hertfordshire, 3) it helps me remember to for persuasive essay Strathallan School, use my power more often.

Immediately it began, I realized it was. Attraction , Business , General relativity 752 Words | 3 Pages. Talent Management Strategy Formulate a talent management strategy to encompass the entire talent requirements of . the organization. Epperson Fit Factory is a wellness center consisting of 200 employees in which 20 of those employees are in leadership positions. The talent management strategy of the wellness center is that employee engagement is the organization’s first priority because without the motivation of employees productivity goals will not be met and the customers we serve will not be. Employment , Human resource management , Leadership 1264 Words | 3 Pages. very hard to handle a company without experiences. I believe that making study and knowing some laws or republic acts before we go on or to enter a business. . For me as an i want to write Westminster entrepreneur I know the first steps and Strathallan School, now of these days someday I will pursue my dream to become a better person and be a successful man someday. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas , Management , Manager 854 Words | 3 Pages. Talent acquisition is writing Hanze University of Applied, a term used to talk about the process of conclusion for persuasive essay, finding, attracting, or otherwise acquiring talented people to work for a . company, as well as the steps taken to retain them as employees.

Since many companies rely on Hanze University of Applied Sciences their employees for success, this aspect of business is extremely important for conclusion for persuasive essay Strathallan School, the longevity of any company. I Want To Write Westminster. There are many different talent acquisition techniques that may be successful for for persuasive essay, a company, but given the difficulties with this process, many companies practice. Employment , Human resource management , Human resources 1052 Words | 3 Pages. ? The Secret Book Report The book that I chose to read for the book report was “The . Secret ” by Rhonda Byrne, byrne is a television writer and producer, she is Braemar College, best known for the book she has written “The Secret ” and conclusion School, the sequel “The Power.” She was also featured in how to the article time magazine, top 100 people who shape the for persuasive essay Strathallan School, world, she is also well recognized because she was a guest on the Oprah show. Her book sold over 19 million copies world-wide in . Harpo Productions , Law of Attraction , New Age 1431 Words | 4 Pages. Is Morality A Talent ? One typically wouldn't think of morality when it comes to the nature versus nurture debate about the origin of i want articles Westminster, . personality, but after being faced with this issue I have realized that the origin of morality can be debated about all the same. With the classic nature versus nurture debate I myself have come to conclusion essay Strathallan, a conclusion that we are composed of a little bit of both nature and nurture, and I am still finding myself coming to that same conclusion with morality. I believe that. Ethics , Human nature , Morality 2034 Words | 6 Pages. information which is critical to the accurate understanding of a situation is not available to all parties.

This frequently occurs in write a review University of Hertfordshire (Navitas) business conflicts, . when companies try to keep details about products and processes secret . Conclusion Strathallan School. It also occurs in international conflicts when governments keep secrets for security reasons. A Tok Essay MacDuffie School. This can happen in interpersonal conflicts as well when people simply choose to keep particular facts to themselves. Poor communication also can arise when a party attempts to strengthen. Communication , Conflict , Cross-cultural communication 1720 Words | 6 Pages. BOOK REVIEW The Six Secrets of Change: What the Best Leaders Do to Help Their Organizations Survive and Thrive Submitted by: Mitchell . Abstract Through research and essay Strathallan School, initiating large-scale, significant change in public schools and university reform in England and Ontario as well as being involved in essay writing Institut auf dem major change initiatives around the world, Michael Fullan examines what is essay Strathallan School, known about successful organizational change under complex conditions by to write suggesting six secrets of conclusion essay, change. This review. Classified information , Learning , Private sector 1817 Words | 8 Pages. The Secret of the Soul How does one comprehend [with] the vast wonder life has to offer?

Or how does one able to understand the meaning of of Hertfordshire, . trials in life? There are a [lot of ways] number of conclusion for persuasive essay School, ways in which one can manifest the grandeur of life, the complexity of its meaning, and the severity of its tragedies. But in order to improving Hanze, achieve such, one must be totally submissive to an eternal Being, who is for persuasive essay, omnipotent enough to see us through, powerful enough that our knees shake, lovable enough that our. English-language films , Life , Love 2478 Words | 6 Pages. Hidden Talents Everyone is talented at write Niagara College something. It may be sports, drawing, playing a musical instrument, or writing. Some people discover . this almost instantly, while others do not realize it at all. Either way, everyone is talented at something. But what’s worse than finding out you are talented at for persuasive something, even if at a late time in your life? However big or small it may be, the saddest thing in MacDuffie School life is wasted talent . I discovered my talent , unintentionally, I suppose, when I was 12 years. 2004 albums , 2009 singles , English-language films 1504 Words | 4 Pages.

Family in conclusion for persuasive Mike Leigh’s Secrets Lies In this essay I would like to argue that in Secrets and Lies Mike Leigh is suggesting . How To Write On Article University Of Hertfordshire. that secrets cause tensions in conclusion essay Strathallan families and destroys relationships between family members. Firstly, I would like to consider that it is actually true according my own experience because there is been some lies and hidden secrets in my family as well and once they are exposed, it causes embarrassments to essay, those whom are affected. Secondly, I believe secrets can form a negative. Actor , Film , Hollywood, Los Angeles, California 1520 Words | 4 Pages. give my own thoughts on different steps of Strathallan, recruitment and essay writing Institut, selection. Figure above shows the generic view of the recruitment process. Below . we shall discuss in detail about each step.

1.1 Anticipate the need This falls under the workforce planning. Conclusion School. HR manager has to first anticipate the need based on the shortage or surplus of the employees. Only after the clear analysis of the need of the write on article of Hertfordshire (Navitas), staff can the School, HR department teams go ahead with other steps. A Tok MacDuffie School. This is the most significant step in my view. Employment , Employment agency , Human resource management 867 Words | 3 Pages. is meant by success? III.

Secrets of success. For Persuasive Strathallan. IV. Success related to ambition and career. V. How to become successful. To Write Online Westminster. VI. For Persuasive Essay. Do . and Don’ts. Essay Institut Auf Dem Rosenberg. VII. For Persuasive Essay. Personal experience. VIII. Motivation is how to on article (Navitas), important. IX. Conclusion.

PROBABLE SECRET OF SUCCESS “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”. Every man wants to have success in life, but few are able to achieve it. For Persuasive Essay Strathallan School. Everyone wants to learn the secrets of being successful in life. There. A Successful Man , Failure , Life 840 Words | 3 Pages. 1. Determine which performance management process you will employ to measure employee talent . As I review the chapters, and think about the . process that would be best to measure employee talent , I believe that my favorite would be the 360 performance management process. So I will employ this one to measure employee talent for this assignment. It is known for providing critical on-going feedback to College, maximize performance in organizations. The on-going feedback helps everyone maximize their performance.

360-degree feedback , Business , Human resource management 1686 Words | 5 Pages. 1. What do you make of Our Secret ? When I first started to read “Our Secret ,” I didn’t understand the relevance of what . was in front of conclusion Strathallan School, me. I didn’t understand the essay Braemar, words she was using, or why she was using little quotes throughout the beginning of her essay. But as I continued reading, I came to essay Strathallan, understand that she was using quotes to not only relate her story to something else, but to also show the write a review University, progression in conclusion for persuasive realization that she had throughout the paper. What I also make of writing a critique essay College, this essay. Classified information , Essay , Idea 984 Words | 3 Pages. essay Our Secret looks at Strathallan School the minds of various people, focusing the most on Heinrich Himmler. MacDuffie School. It is hard to deny that he is an awful man for . what he did, but it is so easy for people to simply judge without knowing the facts behind his madness. Essay Strathallan. Many may not realize this, but who we are today goes back to how we were raised as a child and who we had to look up to.

Just as Himmler’s tough life reminded Griffin of her self-experiences, I myself began to picture essay writing Institut auf dem Rosenberg, think of my own observations in my own house. Adolf Hitler , Antisemitism , English-language films 2135 Words | 5 Pages. Behind the Secrets Life is all about creating yourself, making something out of yourself. Conclusion For Persuasive School. People want to be remember for who they are as a . person and what they’ve done in life. Living your life truly to the fullest has become essential. As we grow older we meet more people the more people we meet the more of a chance we have of losing those closest to us and the second something tragic happens in anyone’s life people tend to feel alone and hurt. Writing University Of Applied. In reality when something tragic happens we have to. PostSecret 1099 Words | 3 Pages.

Review: Daniel Coyle. The Talent Code: Greatness isn’t born, it’s grown. For Persuasive Strathallan. Here’s how. Rabberson Docs (Extract from Chapter 1 – The . Sweet Spot) 50 years ago, schools, trainers, coaches etc, once carried an assumption, “ Talents are born in those who are blessed with these gifts”. These Talents are scouted in prestigious schools where auditions are held to determine if they had the natural talent in improving essay Hanze their niche before they are enrolled into a particular institution.

No doubt this process has. Brazil , Michael Phelps 1080 Words | 3 Pages. The Secret Admirer Sorry I'm late; I missed the bus. No excuses, you know the drill. Mrs. Funkey said with disdain, as she stared me . down from essay Strathallan, her desk in the front of the room. I stood in the back of the classroom the whole period. Writing A Critique Essay. Once the for persuasive Strathallan School, bell rang, I ran out, trying to avoid talking to Mrs. Essay Writing Institut. Funkey about conclusion essay School, me being late again. I walked to my locker to University of Hertfordshire (Navitas), find a conspicuous white envelope and rose taped inside.

What do we have here, could it be a secret admirer? My best friend Savanna. 2006 singles , American films , Automobile 1221 Words | 4 Pages. Victoria’s Secret and conclusion essay Strathallan, Women’s Appearance Marie D. Smith, the author of Decoding Victoria’s Secret : The Marketing of Sexual . Beauty and Ambivalence, is a retired French and writing essay MacDuffie, Spanish college professor. Strathallan. She lives with her husband, Claude Jay Smith, and her two sons in Jacksonville, Florida.

She has received many awards for teaching from the Florida Association of Community Colleges, the Florida Foreign Language Association, and write Niagara College, the Union Teacher Press Association. Conclusion For Persuasive School. The Popular Culture Association published. Female , Gender , Roy Baumeister 1193 Words | 4 Pages. ?Disposal of property on essay writing Hanze Sciences death – Secret Trusts Definition: An owner of property dies, that property passes to for persuasive, those entitled under the law . of succession. 2 main methods: 1) Through a valid will 2) Intestacy rules Will – series of specific bequests or legacies of specific assets to improving essay Hanze of Applied Sciences, specific individuals who will receive the assets not disposed off.

If no residue clause then the rules of Strathallan School, intestacy operate. Requirements of how to write College, a valid Will 1) Capacity 2) Age 3) Mental Capacity 4) Intention . Beneficiary , Fiduciary , Inheritance 1522 Words | 6 Pages. ?In the novel The Secret Sharer by Joseph Conrad a young captain is placed aboard a ship, in a condition that leaves him feeling insecure and . introverted in his role as captain. The sailors on board are older than him, they have been together for eighteen months, and he is for persuasive essay School, unsure of how to command authority over them. Later he finds a man in the waters by his ship, one thing leads to another, and how to write on article University of Hertfordshire (Navitas), the man, who has turned out to be a murderer from a nearby ship, is now being hidden in the captains’. Audience , Crew , Emotion 1561 Words | 4 Pages. can improve themselves for the betterment of society. Conclusion Essay. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Minister’s Black Veil,” Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell Tale Heart,” and . Washington Irving’s “Rip Van Winkle” all provide symbolism teaching about the effects of essay writing Hanze of Applied, committing secret sins. Many of Hawthorne’s writings focus on one single symbol, and “The Minister’s Black Veil” is not any different. The entire story is developed around the small black veil that Reverend Hooper wears to hide his face from the rest of the world.

Edgar Allan Poe , Rip Van Winkle , Washington Irving 2157 Words | 5 Pages. In the short story, “The Secret Sharer” by Joseph Conrad, the Strathallan, young Captain has been placed on a ship which he knows nothing about. This has . Write. made the Captain feeling insecure, untried, doubtful, and lost. The Captain, at conclusion for persuasive Strathallan School first is not sure on how to establish his authority on the crew as most of the writing, members are older than him and have been on conclusion for persuasive Strathallan the journey together for eighteen months. While the Captain took control of the essay Braemar College, ship only a fortnight ago so he is for persuasive essay Strathallan School, a complete stranger to the ship and its crew. Crew , Doubt , Joseph Conrad 993 Words | 3 Pages. Research, p.1 Do you want to know a secret ? First, consider this: When a magician performs a magic trick, many ask, How did he do . Picture Essay Writing Institut Auf Dem. that?

Well the true magician never tells because it is for persuasive essay Strathallan, a secret . But when speaking about magnetism and its use in our everyday lives, you can learn the SECRET ?the secret of magnetism! A true scientist would be glad to online School, share his secrets through experimentation. Thus, I will share the secret with you. It begins with science?physics, to be exact: matter and. Electric current , Electromagnet , Electromagnetism 1239 Words | 4 Pages. Victoria’s Secret Pink: Keeping the Brand Hip When most people think of Victoria’s Secret , they think of lingerie. Indeed, the . Limited Brands division has done a very good job of developing this association by placing images of supermodels donning its signature bras, panties, and “sleepwear” in everything from standard broadcast and print advertising to the controversial prime-time television fashion shows that the company airs each year. Such promotional tactics have paid off for Victoria’s Secret , a subsidiary. Limited Brands , Lingerie , Marketing 2213 Words | 7 Pages. My Secret Hideaway I have been driven up the wall many times in school and at home; I sometimes feel that I am surrounded by . horrible human beings. At times like this, I thank God I had discovered my secret hideaway.

My secret hideaway is actually an abandoned hut about for persuasive, 3km in the jungle behind my home. Writing A Critique College. Whenever I have the urge to go on my therapeutic trip, I usually leave in School the morning. After packing my haversack with bottles of water, some food, books and other essential items such as a machete. Darkness Descends , Sun , The Jungle 505 Words | 2 Pages. Talent Acquisition Is the Lifeblood for an Organization. - Talent acquisition is considered the picture essay writing Rosenberg, lifeblood for many organizations.

Talent acquisition is based on an organization’s . Conclusion Essay School. definition of what a star or talented performance is. Explain how organizations formulate these definitions and how they influence expectations concerning selection criteria to to write articles, find these star performers. Consider in your answer how these definitions serve as benefits and constraints in an organization’s recruitment and sourcing strategy. Conclusion Essay School. Provide examples from industry and/or. Company , Definition , Employment 1119 Words | 3 Pages. It was Saturday and all my friends were playing chase in the neighbouring pastures with some other younger kids. As usual, I was stuck in . my sizzling bedroom working on my random body part project. Picture Essay Writing Institut Auf Dem. I longed to play with my friends in the windy park brimmed with beautiful leaves with shades of yellow, orange and red. I thought about for persuasive, informing my mum to let me have this day off, but I knew mum wouldn’t approve.

I sighed at the thought. How To On Article University Of Hertfordshire (Navitas). I took one last peep at the smiling and giggling friends before. 2007 singles , Bedroom , Chocolate chip 588 Words | 2 Pages. This paper explores the essay, review of the picture Institut Rosenberg, movie – Secret Window. It talks about in detail on how the . movie shows the two side of a human behavior – the good and the evil and conclusion for persuasive Strathallan, how things can go if one cannot have a control over its mind. It clearly shows the aftermath of it and sends a message to the viewer’s as well. Based on Stephen king’s novella “ Secret Window, Secret Garden” (1990) , this movie inspires people to take a look at themselves and decide what. A Story , David Koepp , Evil 1865 Words | 5 Pages. The Secrets Behind the Secret Life of Bees.

Style Analysis English Honors 1 30 April 2012 The Secrets Behind The Secret Life of Bees Novelist Sue Monk Kidd in her book . The Secret Life of writing a critique essay Braemar College, Bees illustrates Lily Owens’ journey as she overcomes the irrationalities of racism, discovers the School, power of the female community, and defines the importance of storytelling. A Tok Essay MacDuffie. Kidd’s purpose is to convey that even though society might drag a person down, the person still has someone who believes in for persuasive essay Strathallan them. She also wants people to be able to understand how. African American , Mother , Novel 1157 Words | 3 Pages. Talent Show Essay: Drawing Throughout my life I have always loved drawing, spending almost as much time as I could drawing . landscapes, creatures, and picture writing Institut Rosenberg, inventions. When I was a baby I would scribble all over the restaurant menus, when I was kid I would steal paper from the printer and sketch out for persuasive essay School machines and skateboards, and essay Braemar, now in my teen years I made up large landscapes or my own made up worlds. I feel like I can speak through my artwork by for persuasive Strathallan making what I want when I have any sort of writing utensil. 2006 singles , Debut albums , Drawing 556 Words | 2 Pages. THE SECRET OF SUCCESS -Khupkhogin Khongsai INTRODUCTION Everyone wants to learn the secrets of how to, . being successful in life.

There are many people who have achieved success in this world. Success doesn’t come to those who wait….. And it doesn’t wait for anyone to come to it. Most successful men have not achieved their destination by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. They have developed the opportunity that was at hand. The difference between failure. Goal , Management , Meaning of life 1234 Words | 4 Pages. My Secret Place My secret place is in halo land it’s a place were war never ends.

U.N.S.C and the . Covenant are at war all the time. In halo land you are a soldier there is essay Strathallan School, no two ways about it you are either a soldier or dead. In halo land, I’m a Spartan I was one of the only people transformed from a normal marine into a Spartan. Two other marines were transformed Ciaran and Conor. We were the best soldiers in all the world we had killed thousands in are marine form. But now was better we had our. 674 Words | 2 Pages.

Scott Fitzgerald, and Frankenstein by Mary W. A Tok Essay School. Shelley we see that by lying and keeping secrets to those close to you will never put you in Strathallan a . good position in life. In Frankenstein one of the fatal flaws of how to write Niagara, Victor Frankenstein was the secrets that he kept from essay Strathallan, people. In The Great Gatsby the characters fooled and kept secrets from others to get what they wanted. We know that in both books lies were made and secrets were kept, but the write the article Niagara, only reason why they did this was so that they could chase and accomplish. Arnold Rothstein , F. Scott Fitzgerald , Francis Ford Coppola 1397 Words | 3 Pages. The Secret Sharer “In order to live with direction and an understanding of for persuasive School, what is a tok MacDuffie, going on conclusion essay Strathallan around you, one must understand and know . what goes on inside himself.”—William Page In Joseph Conrad’s “The Secret Sharer”, the Captain of the Niagara College, vessel finds that he does not know himself as well as he thinks. It is not until a castaway, Leggatt, arrives that the captain finally achieves a level of self understanding and completion. Leggatt serves as the Captain’s complimenting double, and for persuasive essay, his actions.

Joseph Conrad , Leggett, Texas , Nightwear 1475 Words | 4 Pages. Talent Management Strategy Alicia Cann Dr. Zelphia Brown, SPHR HRM532- Talent Management 5/12/13 Formulate . a talent management strategy to encompass the entire talent requirements of the online, organization. When discussing and planning your organization’s future, it’s important to consider not just the goals, objectives, and Strathallan School, initiatives, but clearly how to accomplish them. The most important contributor is a critique Braemar College, undoubtedly your employees. Aligning the organization’s business strategy. Human resource management , Management , Organization 1707 Words | 5 Pages. Book Review 1 General Information Title: The Secret to Teen Power Author: Paul Harrington Number of Pages: 176 Date Started: 17th . November 2012 Date Finished: 19th November 2012 Summary Being an Strathallan School inspirational book, it talks about the importance of one’s mental determination can change the fate of one.

The book, ‘revealing the “ secret ”’ of the writing a critique essay Braemar College, universal law called ‘the law of for persuasive essay Strathallan School, attractions’, introduce us to the idea that all thing that ever happened to one is the result of one’s thoughts. Idea , Law , Law of Attraction 814 Words | 3 Pages. recruitment, assessment and retention of the writing a tok School, talent that is required to successfully operate and grow their organization. On one hand, the conclusion Strathallan School, . Improving Essay Hanze Sciences. survey showed that business leaders of SME’s understand the need to recruit the conclusion for persuasive Strathallan, right people, the competitive challenges of attracting and retaining talent , the costs associated with turnover of key staff, and the impact of not having enough staff. On the i want articles online, other hand, in conclusion Strathallan spite of the perceived need for successful talent management programs, most companies lack structured. Goal , Human resource management , Leadership 1577 Words | 5 Pages. Anna banana Assignment #2 Descriptive Paragraph January 9, 2013 Journey to the Secret Destination His hands grasped the steering wheel . firmly. The cold wind from broken window tried to freeze his hands. His hand reached out to the back seats for improving University, a Northface jumper. The jumper dropped on my laps like cozy feathers. “Somebody broke the window and robbed expensive stuff several days ago.

I didn’t have enough time to fix it. So sorry. Conclusion School. Bundle up in the jumper.” Hungoo explained. Amtrak , Cryobiology , Duck 408 Words | 3 Pages. small years old, dancing around the house, watching The Power Puff Girls and how to write a review on article University of Hertfordshire, wanting, ever so badly, to be a little superhero. One day, my . mother scooped me up in her arms, breaking my concentration of crime fighting little girls, to conclusion essay Strathallan School, take a trip to the pound. How To Write A Review University. I was only three so as my small mind wondered, I still couldn't grasp the idea of what a pound was. School. Still, my loving mother would not speak a word of what the pound was. A Review University (Navitas). I remember toddling through the smelly place of animals big and small thinking. Dog , Pound , Pound-force 1530 Words | 4 Pages.

Sustainable Talent Management In order for organizations to meet the conclusion School, growing demands of business sustainability and maintain a . competitive advantage over the competition, businesses are encouraged to take a hard look at their talent pool (Urlaub, 2011). This process aims to retain employees and foster their continuing development of skills and write of Hertfordshire, competencies to achieve the essay School, organization’s immediate performance goals and long-term strategic objectives. This often requires managers to. Goal , Leadership , Management 1387 Words | 4 Pages. History 362 The Main Argument of Procopius The Secret History Procopius is considered to be a historian, who lived in a tok the 6th century. Conclusion Essay School. . From his works we are able to how to the article Niagara College, visit back into the Byzantine Empire, when Emperor Justinian reigned. Through the three books he created: “History of the Wars”, “The Buildings of Justinian”, and “The Secret History”, he is our primary source of information about the for persuasive essay Strathallan School, reign of Emperor Justinian. After reading “The Secret History”, I found the a review on article University of Hertfordshire, tone of the conclusion Strathallan School, book to be. Belisarius , Byzantine Empire , Constantinople 1010 Words | 2 Pages. Daniel Migowski Professor Zephyrhawke ENC 1102 3/22/13 Research Paper “The Secret Sharer” The story “The Secret Sharer” by . Improving Essay Writing University. Joseph Conrad is a novella that many consider a work of critical and cultural significance. Conclusion Essay Strathallan. Throughout this story, Conrad depicts the adventure and struggle that a young ship captain faces when confronted with the complexities of leadership, his duty as a captain to follow the law, and his identification and compassion for Leggatt who has confessed to killing a man. As.

Captain , Joseph Conrad 1624 Words | 5 Pages. Managing talent at public sector banks : Public sector banks do reward their staff. The reward to staff is, however, not comparable to those . given by private or foreign banks. Things are constantly improving in this area with the writing Institut auf dem Rosenberg, liberal financial autonomy package to all public sector banks (PSBs) announced by the government last year and essay, the realisation by PSBs to effectively face the challenges posed by other players. The banks need to make use of write University (Navitas), this opportunity in a greater measure. Attrition. Employment , Human resource management , Human resources 882 Words | 3 Pages. Running Head: MY EXPERIENCE 1 . My Personal Experience Joan Boyd PSY 202 Hillary Locke December 14, 2012 MY EXPERIENCE 2 I. For Persuasive Essay Strathallan School. Where am I from?

A. I was born in. Academic degree , Adult , Divorce 1370 Words | 6 Pages. Than Natural Talent “ Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the i want articles online Westminster, successful one is conclusion for persuasive, a lot . of hard work.” ? Stephen King. Hard work and dedication is what will get you to the top. A person can have all the talents in the article the world but that can only get you so far. If you do not have the drive, determination, and for persuasive Strathallan School, dedication to writing essay College, succeed in for persuasive Strathallan whatever you do you will not succeed or conquer it as you would if you had put in picture writing auf dem Rosenberg the hard work to get better. Talent is overrated. 2008 albums , Basketball , Bill Gates 1367 Words | 5 Pages. ? Talent Management A talent is conclusion, a special skill or ability a person/employee has.

It enables them to act quicker and be more . efficient. Those people are needed for special tasks and mostly work in writing a critique Braemar a leading position. School. There are several reasons why talent management is Hanze Sciences, needed in a successful business. First of all, our society changes to a knowledge-based society and therefor companies need motivated and creative employees. Secondly, in order to conclusion School, stay competitive, innovations are very important. Human resource management , Leadership , Management 2321 Words | 7 Pages. The Secrets to how to write Niagara, Raising Smart Kids by Carol S. Dweck: Article Analysis. Myers, (2007- 2008) Scientific American Psychology Reader. New York: Worth. Summary The article titled “The Secrets to Raising Smart . Kids”, by Carol S. Dweck has many key concepts and interesting points.

Most of the people presume that outstanding and superior intelligence or ability is a key to success. More than three decades of research indicates that exaggeration on talent or intellect, and the idea that such traits are inborn, leaves people susceptible to failure, and for persuasive essay Strathallan, uninterested to learn. Emotional intelligence , Flynn effect , General intelligence factor 812 Words | 3 Pages. Final Analysis of Victoria Secret. Financial Analysis of Victoria Secret 7 Final Analysis of Victoria Secret Karissa Keller Colorado Technical University . Financial Statement Analysis Professor Alan Fowler September 18, 2014 INITIAL ASSESSMENT INCOME STATEMENT ANALYSIS Victoria Secret appears to be a profitable company. Victoria Secret is articles online Westminster School, part of L Brands whose operating income was at $ 211 million, up by $24 million from the last quarter. Specifically at Victoria's Secret , sales increased by 4% to reach 5.4 billion but operating.

Balance sheet , Financial ratio , Financial ratios 1742 Words | 7 Pages. “A Secret Lost in conclusion for persuasive essay Strathallan School the Water” p. 104 1. The father is able to locate underground water sources by using a forked alder branch. 2. . The father seems to think that formal education is not as useful as the picture auf dem Rosenberg, information he can pass to his son. This is conclusion School, evident in the following quotations: “After I started going to essay, school my father scarcely talked any more” (p. 104) “ my father had little skill for it (spelling) . and was convinced I was no longer interested in Strathallan School hearing him. Education , Family , Learning 414 Words | 3 Pages. The Secret River Essay Characters in the text The Secret River by Kate Grenville represent a variation of attitudes and views . towards the colonisation of Australia and the Aboriginal Australians.

While many characters are indecisive about their opinion on the natives, some characters have a clear mind-set on how they are to be treated. The characters of Thomas Blackwood and Smasher Sullivan represent the two very different sides of the essay writing, moral scale, and the other characters fit between these sides. Colonialism , Indigenous Australians , Indigenous peoples 1138 Words | 3 Pages. ? Talent Management Introduction: Talent consists of conclusion essay Strathallan, those individuals who can make a difference to organizational performance . either through their immediate contribution or, in the longer-term, by demonstrating the essay, highest levels of for persuasive Strathallan School, potential. Talent management is the systematic attraction, identification, development, engagement, retention and deployment of essay University Sciences, those individuals who are of particular value to an organization, either in conclusion Strathallan view of their ‘high potential’ for the future or because they are. Edgar Schein , Employment , Human resource management 2240 Words | 7 Pages. Shanice Barksdale Prof. Pat MacEnulty English Composition 1020 October 23,2012 My Secret : Pacific Rose When I think about College, . art I see Picasso. Conclusion Strathallan. I see faces, colors, things that should never be together are now one, a happy one: collages, statues, weird figures everywhere. Art is an adventure through expression, style, and picture essay writing Institut Rosenberg, creativity. When I say adventure I’m speaking of a safari mixed with a survival of the fittest, spitting out only greatness and conclusion for persuasive essay, uniqueness.

In Charlotte, North Carolina’s. Art , Figure , Glass 674 Words | 2 Pages. My Dream I feel like I have a different opinion of college than everyone else. For the most part, I am not excited to go away to writing MacDuffie School, college at for persuasive Strathallan . all. Essay. I wish I could stay in high school forever because I enjoy it so much. Conclusion For Persuasive School. My friends are the greatest and I don’t want to make new ones because some of my best friends I’ve known since first grade, and some others I’ve made throughout my four years at Andrean. But most importantly, I want to stay near my family (besides every teenager’s dream of getting away.

2006 singles , College , Family 1023 Words | 3 Pages.

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Top Ten ARTnews Stories: Exposing the Hidden ‘He’ Back in January 1971, in the first flush of the feminist revolution, ARTnews did a special issue on women’s liberation, women artists, and essay Strathallan School art history. “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?” was the cover story, written by Linda Nochlin, a professor of art history at Vassar College who had become interested in feminist studies in the fall of 1969 (after returning from writing essay College, a Fulbright fellowship in Italy) and conclusion Strathallan School had changed the subject of a tok her Vassar seminar to women in art. And the rest, as they say, is history. Radical, counterintuitive, and immensely influential, the essay redefined the issues. Essay Strathallan School? One could call it seminal, but even that word now resonates with sexist implications. Nochlin’s premise, like most great ideas, was so simple, so logical, and so obvious that readers could only essay Institut, wonder why no one had ever noticed any of these things before. Yet in its utter simplicity was a wealth of essay Strathallan complexity, based on writing essay, wide-ranging research. As Nochlin now says about writing the essay, “Doors kept opening and opening. It was an for persuasive Strathallan internal dialogue.” Unlike the a critique first-generation feminist artists, who tended to conclusion essay Strathallan take things personally, Nochlin adopted a historical view, exploring the myths behind the assumption of how to write the article Niagara what she called “the white-male-position-accepted-as-natural.” She examined the art world’s unacknowledged value system and the intellectual distortions and biases that supported, as she put it, “the hidden ‘he.’” She formulated the crucial questions and showed how they falsified the issue. Nochlin dismissed the notion of a different kind of greatness for women’s art, as well as a different choice of subject matter: “The question ‘Why have there been no great women artists?’ is simply the top tenth of an iceberg of conclusion for persuasive essay misinterpretation and write a review on article of Hertfordshire (Navitas) misconception; beneath lies a vast dark bulk of shaky idees rei§ues about the nature of art and its situational concomitants, about the nature of human abilities in general and of human excellence in conclusion Strathallan particular, and the role that the i want articles online Westminster School social order plays in all of this.” She ripped into the myth of genius (“What if Picasso had been born a girl?”), examined the conditions for producing art in terms of social class (“Why have there been no great artists from the aristocracy?”), and concluded that art-making occurred within a social structure and conclusion for persuasive Strathallan a social context.

Institutional discrimination against women had consequences, prime among them the historical unavailability of the nude model to women artists. She delved into i want online, etiquette books that warned women not to excel at any one thing, examined the role of artist-fathers and artist-mates, and concluded with the example of Rosa Bonheur, whose success far surpassed that of her impoverished drawing-master father. Nochlin had the conclusion for persuasive essay Strathallan grace not to comment on improving essay University, H. W. Janson’s History of for persuasive Art , the all-male standard art history textbook of the time, or on how to the article, the odd fact that while male art students traditionally drew from nude models, the model for female students in Thomas Eakins’s life-drawing classes was a cow. Originally written for an anthology on women in sexist society that had been edited by Vivian Gornick but not yet published, Nochlin’s essay caused feminist artists and the larger art world to conclusion essay Strathallan School question everything. In the early days of write University of Hertfordshire (Navitas) racial, ethnic, and gender awareness, the repercussions spread far and wide. The essay literally changed the course of art history. ARTnews continued to conclusion for persuasive School expand on Nochlin’s famous question. Essay Auf Dem? In October 1980, asking “Where Are the for persuasive essay Strathallan Great Men Artists?” the writing Hanze of Applied magazine featured a cover photo of 20 women and three articles (one of which quoted the late Hannah Wilke: “Where are the for persuasive essay great women artists? Judge not lest ye be judged”).

The May 1997 issue had another cover with 20 influential women, as well as several articles. By March 2003 contributing editor Ann Landi could ask, “Who Are the Great Women Artists?” Did Nochlin, who is now at New York University’s Institute of Niagara College Fine Arts, have any idea of the impact her article would have? “No, I never think about things like that,” she says. Conclusion For Persuasive Essay Strathallan? “Big surprise: this year it was used on the SATs without attribution. Improving Essay Writing Hanze Of Applied? That,” she adds, “is fame.” Kim Levin is an independent art critic and curator. Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists? Implications of the Women’s Lib movement for art history and for the contemporary art scene—or, silly questions deserve long answers; followed by eight replies.

By Linda Nochlin, as published in ARTnews January 1971. While the recent upsurge of conclusion essay feminist activity in this country has indeed been a liberating one, its force has been chiefly emotional—personal, psychological and subjective—centered, like the other radical movements to which it is related, on the present and how to Niagara College its immediate needs, rather than on historical analysis of the basic intellectual issues which the feminist attack on the status quo automatically raises. 1 Like any revolution, however, the feminist one ultimately must come to grips with the intellectual and ideological basis of the various intellectual or scholarly disciplines—history, philosophy, sociology, psychology, etc.—in the same way that it questions the School ideologies of present social institutions. If, as John Stuart Mill suggested, we tend to accept whatever is as natural, this is just as true in the realm of academic investigation as it is in picture essay auf dem our social arrangements. In the former, too, “natural” assumptions must be questioned and the mythic basis of much so-called “fact” brought to for persuasive essay Strathallan light. And it is here that the very position of woman as an acknowledged outsider, the maverick “she” instead of the of Hertfordshire presumably neutral “one”—in reality the white-male-position-accepted-as-natural, or the hidden “he” as the subject of all scholarly predicates—is a decided advantage, rather than merely a hindrance or a subjective distortion.

In the field of art history, the white Western male viewpoint, unconsciously accepted as the viewpoint of the art historian, may—and does—prove to be inadequate not merely on moral and ethical grounds, or because it is elitist, but on essay School, purely intellectual ones. In revealing the failure of much academic art history, and a great deal of history in general, to take account of the unacknowledged value system, the very presence of an how to the article College intruding subject in historical investigation, the feminist critique at the same time lays bare its conceptual smugness, its meta-historical nai?vete. At the conclusion School moment when all disciplines are becoming more self-conscious, more aware of the nature of their presuppositions as exhibited in the very languages and structures of the various fields of scholarship, such uncritical acceptance of “what is” as “natural” may be intellectually fatal. Just as Mill saw male domination as one long series of essay Sciences social injustices that had to conclusion School be overcome if a truly just social order were to be created, so we may see the i want to write articles Westminster unstated domination of white male subjectivity as one in a series of intellectual distortions which must be corrected in Strathallan order to achieve a more adequate and how to write Niagara College accurate view of historical situations. It is the conclusion School engaged feminist intellect (like John Stuart Mill’s) that can pierce through the cultural-ideological limitations of the time and its specific “professionalism” to reveal biases and inadequacies not merely in the dealing with the question of how to write University women, but in the very way of formulating the crucial questions of the discipline as a whole. Thus, the conclusion essay Strathallan School so-called woman question, far from a tok essay School, being a minor, peripheral and laughably provincial sub-issue grafted on to a serious, established discipline, can become a catalyst, an intellectual instrument, probing basic and “natural” assumptions, providing a paradigm for other kinds of internal questioning, and in turn providing links with paradigms established by radical approaches in other fields. Even a simple question like “Why have there been no great women artists?” can, if answered adequately, create a sort of chain reaction, expanding not merely to encompass the accepted assumptions of the single field, but outward to embrace history and the social sciences, or even psychology and literature, and thereby, from the outset, to challenge the conclusion for persuasive School assumption that the traditional divisions of intellectual inquiry are still adequate to deal with the meaningful questions of our time, rather than the the article merely convenient or self-generated ones. Let us, for example, examine the implications of essay Strathallan that perennial question (one can, of course, substitute almost any field of human endeavor, with appropriate changes in phrasing): “Well, if women really are equal to men, why have there never been any great women artists (or composers, or mathematicians, or philosophers, or so few of the same)?” “Why have there been no great women artists?” The question tolls reproachfully in how to the article the background of most discussions of the so-called woman problem.

But like so many other so-called questions involved in the feminist “controversy,” it falsifies the nature of the essay issue at the same time that it insidiously supplies its own answer: “There are no great women artists because women are incapable of greatness.” The assumptions behind such a question are varied in range and sophistication, running anywhere from “scientifically proven” demonstrations of the writing a critique essay College inability of human beings with wombs rather than penises to create anything significant, to essay School relatively open-minded wonderment that women, despite so many years of near-equality—and after all, a lot of men have had their disadvantages too—have still not achieved anything of exceptional significance in the visual arts. The feminist’s first reaction is to swallow the bait, hook, line and sinker, and to attempt to answer the question as it is put: i.e., to dig up examples of writing a critique essay College worthy or insufficiently appreciated women artists throughout history; to rehabilitate rather modest, if interesting and productive careers; to “re-discover” forgotten flower-painters or David-followers and make out a case for conclusion essay Strathallan School, them; to demonstrate that Berthe Morisot was really less dependent on Manet than one had been led to think—in other words, to engage in the normal activity of the specialist scholar who makes a case for the article College, the importance of his very own neglected or minor master. Such attempts, whether undertaken from a feminist point of view, like the ambitious article on women artists which appeared in the 1858 Westminster Review , 2 or more recent scholarly studies on such artists as Angelica Kauffmann and Artemisia Gentileschi, 3 are certainly worth the effort, both in adding to our knowledge of conclusion for persuasive essay School women’s achievement and of art history generally. But they do nothing to question the assumptions lying behind the question “Why have there been no great women artists?” On the contrary, by attempting to answer it, they tacitly reinforce its negative implications. Another attempt to answer the question involves shifting the ground slightly and asserting, as some contemporary feminists do, that there is a different kind of “greatness” for women’s art than for men’s, thereby postulating the essay writing Hanze of Applied Sciences existence of a distinctive and recognizable feminine style, different both in conclusion for persuasive Strathallan School its formal and how to College its expressive qualities and based on essay Strathallan, the special character of essay Institut Rosenberg women’s situation and experience. This, on conclusion Strathallan School, the surface of it, seems reasonable enough: in general, women’s experience and situation in society, and hence as artists, is different from writing essay Braemar, men’s, and certainly the art produced by a group of consciously united and purposefully articulate women intent on bodying forth a group consciousness of feminine experience might indeed be stylistically identifiable as feminist, if not feminine, art.

Unfortunately, though this remains within the conclusion for persuasive essay realm of possibility it has so far not occurred. Improving Essay Writing Hanze University Of Applied Sciences? While the members of the Danube School, the followers of Caravaggio, the painters gathered around Gauguin at Pont-Aven, the conclusion for persuasive School Blue Rider, or the Cubists may be recognized by certain clearly defined stylistic or expressive qualities, no such common qualities of improving Hanze Sciences “femininity” would seem to link the styles of women artists generally, any more than such qualities can be said to link women writers, a case brilliantly argued, against the most devastating, and Strathallan School mutually contradictory, masculine critical cliches, by Mary Ellmann in her Thinking about Women . 4 No subtle essence of femininity would seem to link the work of Artemesia Gentileschi, Mme. Vigee-Lebrun, Angelica Kauffmann, Rosa Bonheur, Berthe Morisot, Suzanne Valadon, Kaethe Kollwitz, Barbara Hepworth, Georgia O’Keeffe, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Helen Frankenthaler, Bridget Riley, Lee Bontecou or Louise Nevelson, any more than that of Sappho, Marie de France, Jane Austen, Emily Bronti«, George Sand, George Eliot, Virginia Woolf, Gertrude Stein, Anai?s Nin, Emily Dickinson, Sylvia Plath and Susan Sontag. I Want To Write Articles Online Westminster School? In every instance, women artists and writers would seem to conclusion Strathallan School be closer to other artists and a tok writers of conclusion Strathallan School their own period and outlook than they are to writing a critique each other. Women artists are more inward-looking, more delicate, and conclusion for persuasive essay School nuanced in their treatment of their medium, it may be asserted. But which of the women artists cited above is more inward-turning than Redon, more subtle and nuanced in a critique Braemar College the handling of pigment than Corot? Is Fragonard more or less feminine than Mme.

Vigee-Lebrun? Or is it not more a question of the whole Rococo style of 18th-century France being “feminine,” if judged in terms of a two-valued scale of “masculinity” vs. “femininity”? Certainly, though, if daintiness, delicacy and preciousness are to Strathallan School be counted as earmarks of a feminine style, there is improving writing University of Applied Sciences nothing fragile about Rosa Bonheur’s Horse Fair , nor dainty and introverted about conclusion for persuasive Helen Frankenthaler’s giant canvases. If women have turned to scenes of writing a critique Braemar College domestic life, or of children, so did Jan Steen, Chardin and for persuasive essay the Impressionists—Renoir and Monet as well as Morisot and Cassatt. A Critique College? In any case, the mere choice of a certain realm of subject matter, or the restriction to conclusion essay certain subjects, is not to a review University of Hertfordshire be equated with a style, much less with some sort of quintessentially feminine style.

The problem lies not so much with the conclusion for persuasive Strathallan feminists’ concept of how to write College what femininity is, but rather with their misconception—shared with the essay Strathallan public at large—of what art is: with the naive idea that art is the direct, personal expression of individual emotional experience, a translation of personal life into visual terms. Art is almost never that, great art never is. The making of art involves a self-consistent language of writing a tok MacDuffie School form, more or less dependent upon, or free from, given temporally-defined conventions, schemata or systems of notation, which have to be learned or worked out, either through teaching, apprenticeship or a long period of individual experimentation. The language of conclusion for persuasive Strathallan School art is, more materially, embodied in writing a critique essay Braemar College paint and line on canvas or paper, in stone or clay or plastic or metal—it is neither a sob-story nor a confidential whisper. The fact of the matter is that there have been no supremely great women artists, as far as we know, although there have been many interesting and very good ones who remain insufficiently investigated or appreciated; nor have there been any great Lithuanian jazz pianists, nor Eskimo tennis players, no matter how much we might wish there had been. That this should be the case is regrettable, but no amount of manipulating the historical or critical evidence will alter the situation; nor will accusations of male-chauvinist distortion of history. The fact, dear sisters, is that there are no women equivalents for Michelangelo or Rembrandt, Delacroix or Cezanne, Picasso or Matisse, or even, in very recent times, for de Kooning or Warhol, any more than there are Black American equivalents for the same. If there actually were large numbers of “hidden” great women artists, or if there really should be different standards for women’s art as opposed to men’s—and one can’t have it both ways—then what are the feminists fighting for? If women have in fact achieved the same status as men in the arts, then the status quo is fine as it is. But in actuality, as we all know, things as they are and as they have been, in conclusion for persuasive Strathallan School the arts as in a hundred other areas, are stultifying, oppressive and discouraging to all those, women among them, who did not have the writing a critique essay College good fortune to be born white, preferably middle class and, above all, male.

The fault, dear brothers, lies not in for persuasive essay School our stars, our hormones, our menstrual cycles or our empty internal spaces, but in our institutions and our education—education understood to writing a tok School include everything that happens to us from the moment we enter this world of meaningful symbols, signs and essay School signals. The miracle is, in improving essay Hanze University of Applied fact, that given the overwhelming odds against women, or blacks, that so many of both have managed to achieve so much sheer excellence, in those bailiwicks of white masculine prerogative like science, politics, or the Strathallan arts. It is when one rally starts thinking about the implications of “Why have there been no great women artists?” that one begins to realize to what extent our consciousness of how things are in the world has been conditioned—and often falsified—by the way the most important questions are posed. We tend to take it for granted that there really is an East Asian Problem, a Poverty Problem, a Black Problem—and a Woman Problem. But first we must ask ourselves who is formulating these “questions,” and then, what purposes such formulations may serve. Articles Westminster? (We may, of course, refresh our memories with the connotations of the Nazi’s “Jewish Problem.”) Indeed, in our time of instant communication, “problems” are rapidly formulated to rationalize the bad conscience of those with power: thus the problem posed by Americans in Vietnam and Cambodia is conclusion School referred to by Americans as “the East Asian Problem,” whereas East Asians may view it, more realistically, as “the American Problem”; the so-called Poverty Problem might more directly be viewed as the i want to write online School “Wealth Problem” by denizens of urban ghettos or rural wastelands; the same irony twists the White Problem into its opposite: a Black Problem; and the same inverse logic turns up in the formulation of our own present state of affairs as the “Woman Problem.” Now the “Woman Problem,” like all human problems, so-called (and the very idea of calling anything to do with human beings a “problem” is, of course, a fairly recent one) is not amenable to “solution” at conclusion all, since what human problems involve is re-interpretation of the nature of the situation, or a radical alteration of stance or program on the part of the “ problems ” themselves . Writing A Critique Essay Braemar College? Thus women and their situation in the arts, as in other realms of endeavor, are not a “problem” to be viewed through the eyes of the conclusion for persuasive dominant male power elite. Instead, women must conceive of themselves as potentially, if not actually, equal subjects, and must be willing to look the facts of their situation full in the face, without self-pity, or cop-outs; at the same time they must view their situation with that high degree of emotional and intellectual commitment necessary to create a world in which equal achievement will be not only a critique essay, made possible but actively encouraged by social institutions. It is certainly not realistic to conclusion for persuasive essay Strathallan School hope that a majority of writing School men, in the arts, or in any other field, will soon see the light and essay find that it is in their own self-interest to grant complete equality to women, as some feminists optimistically assert, or to maintain that men themselves will soon realize that they are diminished by denying themselves access to traditionally “feminine” realms and emotional reactions.

After all, there are few areas that are really “denied” to men, if the level of operations demanded be transcendent, responsible or rewarding enough: men who have a need for the article Niagara, “feminine” involvement with babies or children gain status as pediatricians or child psychologists, with a nurse (female) to Strathallan School do the more routine work: those who feel the urge for kitchen creativity may gain fame as master chefs; and, of course, men who yearn to fulfill themselves through what are often termed “feminine” artistic interests can find themselves as painters or sculptors, rather than as volunteer museum aides or part time ceramists, as their female counterparts so often end up doing; as far as scholarship is concerned, how many men would be willing to change their jobs as teachers and researchers for those of Niagara College unpaid, part-time research assistants and typists as well as full-time nannies and domestic workers? Those who have privileges inevitably hold on for persuasive, to them, and hold tight, no matter how marginal the advantage involved, until compelled to bow to superior power of one sort or another. Thus the essay writing Hanze University question of women’s equality—in art as in any other realm—devolves not upon conclusion for persuasive Strathallan School, the relative benevolence or ill-will of how to write a review on article of Hertfordshire (Navitas) individual men, nor the self-confidence or abjectness of individual women, but rather on the very nature of our institutional structures themselves and the view of reality which they impose on conclusion for persuasive Strathallan, the human beings who are part of them. As John Stuart Mill pointed out more than a century ago: “Everything which is usual appears natural. The subjection of women to men being a universal custom, any departure from it quite naturally appears unnatural.” 5 Most men, despite lip-service to equality, are reluctant to give up this “natural” order of things in which their advantages are so great; for women, the case is further complicated by the fact that, as Mill astutely pointed out, unlike other oppressed groups or castes, men demand of her not only submission but unqualified affection as well: thus women are often weakened by the internalized demands of the male-dominated society itself, as well as by a plethora of material goods and comforts: the middle-class woman has a great deal more to lose than her chains.

The question “Why have there been no great women artists?” is simply the top tenth of an iceberg of misinterpretation and misconception; beneath lies a vast dark bulk of shaky idees recues about the nature of art and writing a tok essay MacDuffie School its situational concomitants, about the nature of essay School human abilities in general and of human excellence in particular, and writing a tok MacDuffie School the role that the social order plays in all of conclusion Strathallan School this. While the “women problem” as such may be a pseudo-issue, the misconceptions involved in the question “Why have there been no great women artists?” points to major areas of intellectual obfuscation beyond the specific political and ideological issues involved in the subjection of women. Basic to the question are many naive, distorted, uncritical assumptions about the making of art in general, as well as the on article of Hertfordshire making of conclusion for persuasive School great art. These assumptions, conscious or unconscious, link together such unlikely superstars as Michelangelo and van Gogh, Raphael and Jackson Pollock under the rubric of “Great”—an honorific attested to online by the number of scholarly monographs devoted to the artist in question—and the Great Artist is, of course, conceived of as one who has “Genius”; Genius, in turn, is thought of as an atemporal and mysterious power somehow embedded in the person of the conclusion for persuasive Strathallan School Great Artist. 6 Such ideas are related to unquestioned, often unconscious, meta-historical premises that make Hippolyte Taine’s race-milieu-moment formulation of the dimensions of historical thought seem a model of sophistication.

But these assumptions are intrinsic to essay writing auf dem a great deal of art-historical writing. It is no accident that the crucial question of the conditions generally productive of great art has so rarely been investigated, or that attempts to investigate such general problems have, until fairly recently, been dismissed as unscholarly, too broad, or the province of some other discipline, like sociology. To encourage a dispassionate, impersonal, sociological and institutionally-oriented approach would reveal the entire romantic, elitist, individual-glorifying and monograph-producing substructure upon which the profession of art history is based, and which has only recently been called into for persuasive essay Strathallan School, question by a group of younger dissidents. Underlying the School question about woman as artist, then, we find the myth of the Great Artist—subject of a hundred monographs, unique, godlike—bearing within his person since birth a mysterious essence, rather like the golden nugget in Mrs. Grass’s chicken soup, called Genius or Talent, which, like murder, must always out, no matter how unlikely or unpromising the for persuasive circumstances.

The magical aura surrounding the articles online Westminster representational arts and for persuasive essay Strathallan School their creators has, of course, given birth to myths since the earliest times. Interestingly enough, the same magical abilities attributed by Pliny to writing Institut auf dem Rosenberg the Greek sculptor Lysippos in conclusion for persuasive essay Strathallan School antiquity—the mysterious inner call in write the article early youth, the lack of any teacher but Nature herself—is repeated as late as the 19th century by Max Buchon in his biography of Courbet. The supernatural powers of the artist as imitator, his control of conclusion for persuasive essay strong, possibly dangerous powers, have functioned historically to set him off from others as a godlike creator, one who creates Being out of nothing. The fairy tale of the i want Westminster Boy Wonder, discovered by an older artist or discerning patron, usually in the guise of Strathallan School a lowly shepherd boy, has been a stock-in-trade of artistic mythology ever since Vasari immortalized the essay Sciences young Giotto, discovered by the great Cimabue while the lad was guarding his flocks, drawing sheep on a stone; Cimabue, overcome with admiration by the realism of the drawing, immediately invited the essay humble youth to be his pupil. 7 Through some mysterious coincidence, later artists including Beccafumi, Andrea Sansovino, Andrea del Castagno, Mantegna, Zurbaran and how to write a review on article University (Navitas) Goya were all discovered in similar pastoral circumstances. Even when the Strathallan School young Great Artist was not fortunate enough to come equipped with a flock of sheep, his talent always seems to have manifested itself very early, and independent of any external encouragement: Filippo Lippi and Poussin, Courbet and Monet are all reported to have drawn caricatures in the margins of their schoolbooks instead of studying the required subjects—we never, of course, hear about the youths who neglected their studies and scribbled in a critique Braemar the margins of their notebooks without ever becoming anything more elevated than department-store clerks or shoe salesmen. The great Michelangelo himself, according to conclusion his biographer and pupil, Vasari, did more drawing than studying as a child.

So pronounced was his talent, reports Vasari, that when his master, Ghirlandaio, absented himself momentarily from his work in Santa Maria Novella, and the young art student took the opportunity to draw “the scaffolding, trestles, pots of to write articles online paint, brushes and the apprentices at their tasks” in this brief absence, he did it so skillfully that upon his return the for persuasive essay Strathallan master exclaimed: “This boy knows more than I do.” As is so often the case, such stories, which probably have some truth in them, tend both to reflect and perpetuate the attitudes they subsume. Despite any basis in fact of these myths about the early manifestations of Genius, the tenor of the tales is misleading. It is no doubt true, for example, that the young Picasso passed all the examinations for a critique Braemar, entrance to the Barcelona, and later to for persuasive essay School the Madrid, Academy of Art at essay MacDuffie the age of conclusion Strathallan 15 in but a single day, a feat of such difficulty that most candidates required a month of preparation. But one would like to essay writing find out more about similar precocious qualifiers for conclusion for persuasive Strathallan, art academies who then went on to achieve nothing but mediocrity or failure—in whom, of course, art historians are uninterested—or to study in greater detail the role played by Picasso’s art-professor father in the pictorial precocity of a critique his son. What if Picasso had been born a girl?

Would Sei±or Ruiz have paid as much attention or stimulated as much ambition for conclusion Strathallan, achievement in a little Pablita? What is stressed in all these stories is the apparently miraculous, non-determined and a critique a-social nature of artistic achievement; this semi-religious conception of the artist’s role is elevated to hagiography in essay Strathallan the 19th-century, when both art historians, critics and, not least, some of the artists themselves tended to elevate the making of art into a substitute religion, the last bulwark of Higher Values in a materialistic world. The artist, in the 19th-century Saints’ Legend, struggles against the most determined parental and social opposition, suffering the slings and arrows of social opprobrium like any Christian martyr, and ultimately succeeds against all odds—generally, alas, after his death—because from picture essay writing, deep within himself radiates that mysterious, holy effulgence: Genius. Essay? Here we have the mad van Gogh, spinning out sunflowers despite epileptic seizures and near-starvation; Cezanne, braving paternal rejection and public scorn in a critique Braemar College order to revolutionize painting; Gauguin throwing away respectability and financial security with a single existential gesture to pursue his Calling in the tropics, or Toulouse-Lautrec, dwarfed, crippled and alcoholic, sacrificing his aristocratic birthright in favor of the squalid surroundings that provided him with inspiration, etc. Now no serious contemporary art historian takes such obvious fairy tales at conclusion Strathallan their face value. Yet it is this sort of mythology about artistic achievement and its concomitants which forms the unconscious or unquestioned assumptions of scholars, no matter how many crumbs are thrown to social influences, ideas of the times, economic crises and writing so on. Behind the conclusion for persuasive most sophisticated investigations of great artists—more specifically, the art-historical monograph, which accepts the notion of the University of Hertfordshire (Navitas) Great Artist as primary, and the social and conclusion essay Strathallan School institutional structures within which he lived and worked as mere secondary “influences” or background”—lurks the golden-nugget theory of genius and the free-enterprise conception of individual achievement. Essay Writing Institut Rosenberg? On this basis, women’s lack of major achievement in art may be formulated as a syllogism: If women had the golden nugget of artistic genius then it would reveal itself.

But it has never revealed itself. Q. E. D. Women do not have the golden nugget of artistic genius. If Giotto, the obscure shepherd boy, and van Gogh with his fits could make it, why not women? Yet, as soon as one leaves behind the world of fairy-tale and self-fulfilling prophecy and, instead, casts a dispassionate eye on the actual situations in which important art production has existed, in the total range of its social and institutional structures throughout history, one finds that the very questions which are fruitful or relevant for the historian to for persuasive School ask shape up rather differently. One would like to ask, for instance, from Institut Rosenberg, what social classes artists were most likely to come at different periods of art history, from what castes and sub-group. What proportion of painters and sculptors, or more specifically, of major painters and sculptors, came from families in which their fathers or other close relatives were painters and sculptors or engaged in for persuasive related professions? As Nikolaus Pevsner points out in his discussion of the French Academy in the 17th And 18th centuries, the transmission of the how to write (Navitas) artistic profession from Strathallan, father to writing a critique essay College son was considered a matter of course (as it was with the Coypels, the Coustous, the Van Loos, etc); indeed, sons of academicians were exempted from the customary fees for lessons. 8 Despite the conclusion for persuasive essay noteworthy and dramatically satisfying cases of the great father-rejecting revoltes of the 19th century, one might be forced to admit that a large proportion of artists, great and not-so-great, in the days when it was normal for sons to follow in i want articles Westminster School their fathers’ footsteps, had artist fathers.

In the rank of conclusion for persuasive essay Strathallan major artists, the names of Holbein and Direr, Raphael and essay writing Bernini, immediately spring to mind; even in our own times, one can cite the for persuasive Strathallan names of Picasso, Calder, Giacometti, and Wyeth as members of artist-fam. As far as the relationship of artistic occupation and social class is concerned, an interesting paradigm for the question “Why have there been no great women artists?” might well be provided by trying to answer the how to write University of Hertfordshire questions: “Why have there been no great artists from the aristocracy?” One can scarcely think, before the for persuasive Strathallan School anti-traditional 19th century at least, of any artist who sprang from the ranks of any more elevated class than the writing a tok MacDuffie upper bourgeoisie; even in the 19th century, Degas came from the lower nobility—more like the haute bourgeoisie, in fact—and only for persuasive Strathallan School, Toulouse-Lautrec, metamorphosed into the ranks of the marginal by accidental deformity, could be said to to write articles online School have come from the loftier reaches of the upper classes. Wile the Strathallan School aristocracy has always provided the lion’s share of the patronage and the audience for art—as, indeed, the aristocracy of wealth does even in our more democratic days—it has contributed little beyond amateurish efforts to the creation of art itself, despite the fact that aristocrats (like many women) have had more than their share of essay writing Institut auf dem educational advantages, plenty of leisure and, indeed, like women, were often encouraged to dabble in the arts and even develop into respectable amateurs, like Napoleon III’s cousin, the Princess Mathilde, who exhibited at the official Salons, or Queen Victoria, who, with Prince Albert, studied art with no less a figure than Landseer himself. Could it be that the conclusion Strathallan School little golden nugget—Genius—is missing from the aristocratic make-up in the same way that it is from the feminine psyche? Or rather, is it not, that the kinds of demands and improving essay writing Hanze University expectations placed before both aristocrats and for persuasive essay Strathallan School women—the amount of time necessarily devoted to social functions, the very kinds of activities demanded—simply made total devotion to professional art production out of the question, indeed unthinkable, both for a review University of Hertfordshire (Navitas), upper-class males and for women generally, rather than its being a question of genius and talent? When the right questions are asked about the conditions for producing art, of which the production of great art is a sub-topic, there will no doubt have to conclusion essay School be some discussion of the a review on article (Navitas) situational concomitants of intelligence and conclusion for persuasive School talent generally, not merely of artistic genius. Piaget and others have stressed in their genetic epistemology that in the development of reason and in a review of Hertfordshire the unfolding of imagination in young children, intelligence—or, by implication, what we choose to call genius—is a dynamic activity rather than a static essence, and an activity of a subject in a situation . Conclusion For Persuasive Essay? As further investigations in the field of child development imply, these abilities, or this intelligence, are built up minutely, step by step, from infancy onward, and the patterns of essay Hanze Sciences adaptation-accommodation may be established so early within the for persuasive essay Strathallan subject-in-an-environment that they may indeed appear to be innate to the unsophisticated observer. Such investigations imply that, even aside from meta-historical reasons, scholars will have to to write online abandon the notion, consciously articulated or not, of individual genius as innate, and as primary to the creation of conclusion art.9.

The question “Why have there been no great women artists?” has led us to a critique Braemar College the conclusion, so far, that art is not a free, autonomous activity of a super-endowed individual, “influenced” by previous artists, and, more vaguely and superficially, by “social forces,” but rather, that the conclusion for persuasive Strathallan School total situation of art making, both in MacDuffie terms of the development of the art maker and in the nature and quality of the work of conclusion for persuasive School art itself, occur in a social situation, are integral elements of this social structure, and are mediated and determined by specific and definable social institutions, be they art academies, systems of patronage, mythologies of the divine creator, artist as he-man or social outcast. The Question of the Nude. We can now approach our question from a more reasonable standpoint, since it seems probable that the how to write the article answer to why there have been no great women artists lies not in the nature of conclusion for persuasive essay individual genius or the writing a tok School lack of for persuasive Strathallan School it, but in the nature of given social institutions and what they forbid or encourage in various classes or groups of individuals. Let us first examine such a simple, but critical, issue as availability of the nude model to aspiring women artists, in improving essay writing Hanze University Sciences the period extending from the Renaissance until near the end of the conclusion for persuasive essay 19th century, a period in which careful and prolonged study of the nude model was essential to the training of every young artist, to the production of any work with pretentions to grandeur, and to the very essence of History Painting, generally accepted as the highest category of art: indeed, it was argued by defenders of traditional painting in the 19th century that there could be no great painting with clothed figures, since costume inevitably destroyed both the temporal universality and how to University (Navitas) the classical idealization required by great art. Needless to say, central to the training programs of the Strathallan School academies since their inception late in the 16th and early in the 17th centuries, was life drawing from the nude, generally male, model.

In addition, groups of artists and their pupils often met privately for life drawing sessions from the nude model in picture essay writing Institut Rosenberg their studios. In general, it might be added, while individual artists and private academies employed the female model extensively, the female nude was forbidden in almost all public art schools as late as 1850 and after—a state of affairs which Pevsner rightly designates as “hardly believable.”10 Far more believable, unfortunately, was the complete unavailability to the aspiring woman artist of any nude models at all, male or female. Essay Strathallan? As late as 1893, “lady” students were not admitted to life drawing at the Royal Academy in London, and writing essay Braemar College even when they were, after that date, the model had to conclusion Strathallan School be “partially draped.”11. A brief survey of representations of like-drawing sessions reveals an all male clientele drawing from the female nude in Rembrandt’s studio; men working from male nudes in 18th-century representations of academic instruction in The Hague and picture essay Institut auf dem Rosenberg Vienna; men working from the seated male nude in Boily’s charming painting of the interior of Houdon’s studio at the beginning of the 19th century; Mathieu Cochereau’s scrupulously veristic Interior of David’s Studio , exhibited in the Salon of 1814, reveals a group of young men diligently drawing or painting from a male nude model, whose discarded shoes may be seen before the models’ stand. The very plethora of surviving “Academies”—detailed, painstaking studies from the nude studio model—in the youthful oeuvre of artists down through the time of conclusion essay School Seurat and well into the 20th century, attests to the central importance of this branch of study in the pedagogy and development of the talented beginner. The formal academic program itself normally proceeded, as a matter of course, from copying from picture essay, drawings and engravings, to conclusion School drawing from writing essay, casts of famous works of sculpture, to drawing from the for persuasive essay Strathallan School living model. To be deprived of this ultimate stage of training meant, in effect, to be deprived of the possibility of Niagara College creating major art works, unless one were a very ingenious lady indeed, or simply, as most of the for persuasive School women aspiring to be painters ultimately did, to restrict oneself to the “minor” fields of portraiture, genre, landscape or still-life.

It is rather as though a medical student were denied the opportunity to dissect or even examine the naked human body. There exist, to online School my knowledge, no representations of artists drawing from the nude model which include women in any role but that of the nude model itself, an interesting commentary on rules of conclusion for persuasive essay propriety: i.e., it is all right for MacDuffie School, a (“low,” of course) woman to reveal herself naked-as-an-object for a group of conclusion for persuasive essay School men, but forbidden to a woman to participate in the active study and recording of naked-man-as-an-object, or even of a fellow woman. An amusing example of this taboo on confronting a dressed lady with a naked man is embodied in a group portrait of the members of the Royal Academy in to write London in 1772, represented by essay Zoffany as gathered in the life room before two nude male models: all the distinguished members are present with but one noteworthy exception—the single female member, the i want articles School renowned Angelica Kauffmann, who, for conclusion essay Strathallan, propriety’s sake, is merely present in effigy, in the form of writing Sciences a portrait hanging on the wall. A slightly earlier drawing of Ladies in the Studio by the Polish artist Daniel Chodowiecki, shows the ladies portraying a modestly dressed member of conclusion essay their sex. In a lithograph dating from the relatively liberated epoch following the French Revolution, the lithographer Marlet has represented some women sketchers in a group of students working from the male model, but the model himself has been chastely provided with what appears to be a pair of bathing trunks, a garment hardly conducive to a sense of classical elevation; no doubt such license was considered daring in its day, and the young ladies in question suspected of how to the article Niagara College doubtful morals, but even this liberated state of affairs seems to for persuasive School have lasted only a short while. In an English stereoscopic color view of the writing a tok MacDuffie School interior of a studio of about 1865, the standing, bearded male model is so heavily draped that not an iota of his anatomy escapes from the conclusion essay discreet toga, save for picture writing Institut auf dem, a single bare shoulder and arm: even so, he obviously had the grace to for persuasive Strathallan School avert his eyes in the presence of the crinoline-clad young sketchers. The women in the Women’s Modeling Class at the Pennsylvania Academy were evidently not allowed even this modest privilege. A photograph by Thomas Eakins of about 1885 reveals these students modeling from a review, a cow (bull?

Ox? The nether regions are obscure in the photograph), a naked cow to be sure, perhaps a daring liberty when one considers that even piano legs might be concealed beneath pantalettes during this era (the idea of introducing a bovine model into the artist’s studio stems from Courbet, who brought a bull into his short-lived studio academy in the 1860s). Only at for persuasive essay the very end of the writing Institut 19th century, in the relatively liberated and open atmosphere of Repin’s studio and circle in Russia, do we find representations of women art students working uninhibitedly from the nude—the female model, to be sure—in the company of men. Even in conclusion essay Strathallan School this case, it must be noted that certain photographs represent a private sketch group meeting in one of the women artists’ homes; in the other, the model is draped; and the large group portrait, a co-operative effort by two men and two women students of Repin’s, is an imaginary gathering together of all of the Russian realist’s pupils, past and present, rather than a realistic studio view. I have gone into the question of the essay Institut auf dem availability of the nude model, a single aspect of the for persuasive essay automatic, institutionally-maintained discrimination against i want articles Westminster School, women, in such detail simply to demonstrate both the universality of the discrimination against for persuasive Strathallan, women and its consequences, as well as the institutional rather than individual nature of but one facet of the online Westminster necessary preparation for achieving mere proficiency, much less greatness, in the realm of art during a long stretch of for persuasive essay time. A Critique Essay College? One could equally well examine other dimensions of the situation, such as the apprenticeship system, the conclusion academic educational pattern which, in France especially, was almost the only key to picture essay auf dem Rosenberg success and which had a regular progression and set competitions, crowned by the Prix de Rome which enabled the conclusion young winner to work in the French Academy in that city—unthinkable for women, of Hanze University of Applied Sciences course—and for conclusion for persuasive essay Strathallan, which women were unable to compete until the end of the 19th century, by which time, in fact, the whole academic system had lost its importance anyway. How To Write The Article Niagara College? It seems clear, to take France in the 19th century as an for persuasive essay Strathallan example, a country which probably had a larger proportion of women artists than any other—that is to say, in terms of their percentage in the total number of to write articles Westminster artists exhibiting in the Salon—that “women were not accepted as professional painters.”12 In the middle of the century, there were only a third as many women as men artists, but even this mildly encouraging statistic is for persuasive Strathallan deceptive when we discover that out of this relatively meager number, none had attended that major stepping stone to artistic success, the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, only 7 percent had received any official commission or had held any official office—and these might include the most menial sort of work—only 7 percent had ever received any Salon medal, and none had ever received the essay College Legion of Honor.13 Deprived of encouragements, educational facilities and School rewards, it is almost incredible that a certain percentage of women did persevere and seek a profession in the arts. It also becomes apparent why women were able to MacDuffie compete on essay Strathallan, far more equal terms with men—and even become innovators—in literature. While art-making traditionally has demanded the essay writing Sciences learning of specific techniques and skills, in a certain sequence, in an institutional setting outside the home, as well as becoming familiar with a specific vocabulary of iconography and motifs, the conclusion for persuasive essay School same is by writing no means true for the poet or novelist. Anyone, even a women, has to learn the language, can learn to read and write, and can commit personal experiences to paper in the privacy of one’s room.

Naturally this oversimplifies the real difficulties and complexities involved in creating good or great literature, whether by School man or woman, but it still gives a clue as to i want articles online the possibility of the existence of conclusion Strathallan School Emily Bronte or an Emily Dickinson, and the lack of their counterparts, at least until quite recently, in the visual arts. Of course we have not gone into the “fringe” requirements for i want to write articles, major artists, which would have been, for the most part, both psychically and socially closed to women, even if hypothetically they could have achieved the requisite grandeur in the performance of their craft: in the Renaissance and after, the great artist, aside from participating in the affairs of an academy, might well be intimate with members of humanist circles with whom he could exchange ideas, establish suitable relationships with patrons, travel widely and freely, perhaps politic and intrigue; nor have we mentioned the sheer organizational acumen and ability involved in for persuasive essay Strathallan running a major studio-factory, like that of Rubens. An enormous amount of picture writing Institut self-confidence and conclusion essay Strathallan worldly knowledgeability, as well as a natural sense of well-earned dominance and power, was needed by the great chef d’ecole , both in the running of the production end of painting, and in essay College the control and instruction of the numerous students and conclusion for persuasive Strathallan School assistants. In contrast to the single-mindedness and commitment demanded of a critique essay College a chef d’ecole , we might set the image of the “lady painter” established by essay Strathallan 19th-century etiquette books and reinforced by the literature of the improving University of Applied times. It is precisely the insistence upon a modest, proficient, self-demeaning level of amateurism as a “suitable accomplishment” for the well-brought up young woman, who naturally would want to direct her major attention to the welfare of others—family and husband—that militated, and still militates, against any real accomplishment on the part of women. It is this emphasis which transforms serious commitment to conclusion for persuasive Strathallan School frivolous self-indulgence, busy work or occupational therapy, and a critique Braemar today, more than ever, in suburban bastions of the feminine mystique, tends to distort the whole notion of what art is and for persuasive School what kind of social role it plays. In Mrs. Ellis’ widely read The Family Monitor and Domestic Guide , published before the middle of the 19th century, a book of advice popular both in writing MacDuffie the United States and in England, women were warned against for persuasive essay Strathallan, the snare of trying too hard to excel in any one thing: It must not be supposed that the writer is one who would advocate, as essential to writing women, any very extraordinary degree of conclusion for persuasive essay intellectual attainment, especially if confined to one particular branch of study. Picture Auf Dem Rosenberg? “I should like to excel in something” is a frequent and, to some extent, laudable expression; but in what does it originate, and to what does it tend?

To be able to do a great many things tolerably well, is of infinitely more value to conclusion essay a woman, than to be able to write Niagara College excel in any one. By the former, she may render herself generally useful; by the latter, she may dazzle for an hour. By being apt, and tolerably well skilled in everything, she may fall into for persuasive essay Strathallan School, any situation in life with dignity and ease—by devoting her time to picture essay writing Institut auf dem excellence in one, she may remain incapable of every other. So far as cleverness, learning, and conclusion essay knowledge are conducive to woman’s moral excellence, they are therefore desirable, and no further. All that would occupy her mind to the exclusion of better things, all that would involve her in writing Hanze Sciences the mazes of flattery and admiration, all that would tend to draw away her thoughts from others and fix them on for persuasive Strathallan School, herself, ought to be avoided as an evil to her, however brilliant or attractive it may be in itself. [my italics]14. Lest we are tempted to laugh, we may refresh ourselves with more recent samples of exactly the same message cited in Betty Friedan’s Feminine Mystique, or in the pages of recent issues of popular women’s magazines. This advice has a familiar ring, of course: propped up by a bit of Freudianism and to write articles online some tag-lines from the social sciences about the well-rounded personality, preparation for conclusion Strathallan School, woman’s chief career, marriage, and the unfemininity of deep involvement with work rather than sex, it is still the mainstay of the Feminine Mystique. Such an outlook helps guard man from unwanted competition in his “serious” professional activities and assures him of “well-rounded” assistance on the home front, so that he may have sex and family in addition to the fulfillment of Institut auf dem Rosenberg his own specialized talent and conclusion essay excellence at the same time.

As far as painting specifically is concerned, Mrs. Ellis finds that it has one immediate advantage for picture essay Institut auf dem Rosenberg, the young lady over its rival branch of artistic activity, music—it is conclusion for persuasive Strathallan quiet and disturbs no one (this negative virtue, of course, would not be true of sculpture, but accomplishment with the hammer and chisel simply never occurs as a suitable accomplishment for the weaker sex); in addition, says Mrs. Ellis, “it [drawing] is an employment which beguiles the mind of many cares . . . Drawing is, of all other occupations, the one most calculated to keep the mind from brooding upon self, and to maintain that general cheerfulness which is a part of social and domestic duty . . . It can also,” she adds, “ be laid down and a critique Braemar College resumed, as circumstance or inclination may direct, and conclusion for persuasive essay Strathallan School that without any serious loss.”15 Again, lest we feel that we have made a great deal of progress in this area in picture essay writing Rosenberg the past 100 years, I might bring up the remark of a bright young doctor who, when the conclusion for persuasive essay Strathallan School conversation turned to his wife and her friends “dabbling” in the arts, snorted: “Well, at write the article College least it keeps them out of for persuasive essay trouble!” Now as in the 19th century, amateurism and lack of write the article Niagara College real commitment as well as snobbery and emphasis on chic on the part of women in their artistic “hobbies,” feeds the contempt of the successful, professionally committed man who is engaged in “real” work and can, with a certain justice, point to his wife’s lack of seriousness in her artistic activities. Conclusion Essay? For such men, the “real” work of picture Institut auf dem Rosenberg women is only that which directly or indirectly serves the family; any other commitment falls under the rubric of diversion, selfishness, egomania or, at the unspoken extreme, castration. The circle is a vicious one, in which philistinism and frivolity mutually re-enforce each other. In literature, as in life, even if the woman’s commitment to art was a serious one, she was expected to drop her career and give up this commitment at the behest of love and marriage: this lesson is, today as in the 19th century, still inculcated in young girls, directly or indirectly, from the moment they are born. Even the Strathallan School determined and successful heroine of Mrs. Craik’s mid-19th-century novel about feminine artistic success, Olive , a young woman who lives alone, strives for fame and writing essay independence and actually supports herself through her art—such unfeminine behavior is at least partly excused by the fact that she is a cripple and conclusion automatically considers that marriage is denied to her—even Olive ultimately succumbs to the blandishments of love and marriage. To paraphrase the words of Patricia Thomson in The Victorian Heroine , Mrs. Craik, having shot her bolt in the course of her novel, is content, finally, to let her heroine, whose ultimate greatness the essay College reader has never been able to doubt, sink gently into matrimony. “Of Olive, Mrs.

Craik comments imperturbably that her husband’s influence is to deprive the Scottish Academy of ‘no one knew how many grand pictures.’”16 Then as now, despite men’s greater “tolerance,” the conclusion essay Strathallan choice for women seems always to be marriage or a career, i.e., solitude as the price of success or sex and companionship at the price of professional renunciation. That achievement in the arts, as in essay Hanze University any field of endeavor, demands struggle and sacrifice, no one would deny; that this has certainly been true after the middle of the 19th century, when the traditional institutions of conclusion for persuasive School artistic support and patronage no longer fulfilled their customary obligations, is undeniable: one has only to think of improving writing Sciences Delacroix, Courbet, Degas, van Gogh, and Toulouse-Lautrec as examples of great artists who gave up the distractions and obligations of family life, at for persuasive Strathallan least in part, so that they could pursue their artistic careers more singlemindedly. Yet none of a review them was automatically denied the pleasures of sex or companionship on account of this choice. Nor did they ever conceive that they had sacrificed their manhood or their sexual role on account of their singleness and singlemindedness in order to achieve professional fulfillment. But if the artist in question happens to be a woman, 1,000 years of guilt, self-doubt and essay School objecthood have been added to the undeniable difficulties of being an artist in the modern world. The unconscious aura of titillation that arises from a visual representation of an aspiring woman artist in the mid-19th century. School? Emily Mary Osborne’s heartfelt painting, Nameless and Friendless , 1857, a canvas representing a poor but lovely and respectable young girl at a London art dealer, nervously awaiting the verdict of the pompous proprietor about the conclusion Strathallan worth of her canvases while two ogling “art lovers” look on, is really not too different in its underlying assumptions from an overtly salacious work like Bompard’s Debut of the Model . The theme in both is innocence, delicious feminine innocence, exposed to the world. Writing Essay Braemar College? It is the charming vulnerability of the young woman artist, like that of the hesitating model, which is really the for persuasive essay subject of writing essay MacDuffie School Miss Osborne’s painting, not the value of the young woman’s work or her pride in it: the conclusion for persuasive School issue here is, as usual, sexual rather than serious.

Always a model but never an artist might well have served as the motto of the seriously aspiring young woman in the arts of the 19th century. But what of the small band of heroic women, who, throughout the ages, despite obstacles, have achieved pre-eminence, if not the pinnacles of grandeur of a Michelangelo, a Rembrandt, or a Picasso? Are there any qualities that may be said to have characterized them as a group and as individuals? While we cannot go into such an investigation in depth in this article, we can point to a few striking characteristics of women artists generally: they all, almost without exception, were either the daughters of artist fathers, or, generally later, in Institut Rosenberg the 19th and 20th centuries, had a close personal connection with a stronger or more dominant male artistic personality. Neither of these characteristics is, of course, unusual for men artists, either, as we have indicated above in the case of conclusion School artist fathers and sons: it is simply true almost without exception for their feminine counterparts, at a critique College least until quite recently.

From the legendary sculptor, Sabina von Steinbach, in the 13th century, who, according to local tradition, was responsible for conclusion Strathallan School, South Portal groups on the Cathedral of Strasbourg, down to Rosa Bonheur, the most renowned animal painter of the writing a tok MacDuffie School 19th century, and including such eminent women artists as Marietta Robusti, daughter of Tintoretto, Lavinia Fontana, Artemisia Gentileschi, Elizabeth Cheron, Mme. Vigee-Lebrun and Angelica Kauffmann—all, without exception, were the daughters of artists; in the 19th century, Berthe Morisot was closely associated with Manet, later marrying his brother, and Mary Cassatt based a good deal of for persuasive essay Strathallan School her work on the style of her close friend Degas. Precisely the same breaking of traditional bonds and discarding of time-honored practices that permitted men artists to write (Navitas) strike out in directions quite different from conclusion School, those of their fathers in the second half of the 19th century enabled women, with additional difficulties, to be sure, to strike out on their own as well. Many of our more recent women artists, like Suzanne Valadon, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Kaethe Kollwitz or Louise Nevelson, have come from non-artistic backgrounds, although many contemporary and near-contemporary women artists have married fellow artists. It would be interesting to investigate the role of benign, if not outright encouraging, fathers in the formation of how to write College women professionals: both Kaethe Kollwitz and Barbara Hepworth, for example, recall the influence of unusually sympathetic and for persuasive essay Strathallan School supportive fathers on writing auf dem Rosenberg, their artistic pursuits. For Persuasive Essay? In the absence of any thoroughgoing investigation, one can only gather impressionistic data about the presence or absence of rebellion against picture essay Institut auf dem Rosenberg, parental authority in women artists, and whether there may be more or less rebellion on the part of women artists than is true in the case of men or vice versa. One thing however is clear: for a woman to conclusion for persuasive Strathallan School opt for a career at all, much less for a career in art, has required a certain amount of unconventionality, both in the past and at present; whether or not the woman artist rebels against or finds strength in the attitude of her family, she must in any case have a good strong streak of how to a review University of Hertfordshire (Navitas) rebellion in essay Strathallan her to make her way in the world of art at all, rather than submitting to the socially approved role of how to write College wife and mother, the only role to which every social institution consigns her automatically. For Persuasive Essay? It is only by adopting, however covertly, the “masculine” attributes of singlemindedness, concentration, tenaciousness and absorption in ideas and craftsmanship for i want articles online Westminster School, their own sake, that women have succeeded, and continue to succeed, in the world of art. It is instructive to examine in greater detail one of the most successful and accomplished women painters of all time, Rosa Bonheur (1822–1899), whose work, despite the ravages wrought upon its estimation by changes of taste and a certain admitted lack of variety, still stands as an impressive achievement to anyone interested in the art of the 19th century and in conclusion essay the history of taste generally.

Rosa Bonheur is a woman artist in whom, partly because of the magnitude of her reputation, all the various conflicts, all the internal and external contradictions and struggles typical of her sex and profession, stand out in sharp relief. The success of how to write Niagara College Rosa Bonheur firmly establishes the role of conclusion for persuasive essay Strathallan institutions, and institutional change, as a necessary, if not a sufficient cause of achievement in art. I Want Articles? We might say that Bonheur picked a fortunate time to for persuasive essay Strathallan School become an artist if she was, at the same time, to have the disadvantage of being a woman: she came into her own in the middle of the 19th century, a time in which the struggle between traditional History Painting as opposed to the less pretentious and how to write College more free-wheeling genre painting, landscape and still-life was won by the latter group hands down. A major change in conclusion for persuasive Strathallan School the social and institutional support for art itself was well under way: with the rise of the picture essay Rosenberg bourgeoisie and the fall of the essay School cultivated aristocracy, smaller paintings, generally of every-day subjects, rather than grandiose mythological or religious scenes were much in demand. A Critique Braemar College? To cite the Whites: “Three hundred provincial museums there might be, government commissions for for persuasive, public works there might be, but the only possible paid destinations for the rising flood of canvases were the homes of the bourgeoisie. History painting had not and never would rest comfortably in the middle-class parlor. ‘Lesser’ forms of image art—genre, landscape, still-life—did.”17 In mid-century France, as in 17th-century Holland, there was a tendency for artists to attempt to MacDuffie achieve some sort of security in a shaky market situation by specializing, by making a career out of a specific subject: animal painting was a very popular field, as the Whites point out, and School Rosa Bonheur was no doubt its most accomplished and successful practitioner, followed in popularity only by the Barbizon painter Troyon (who at one time was so pressed for his paintings of cows that he hired another artist to brush in how to the backgrounds).

Rosa Bonheur’s rise to fame accompanied that of the Barbizon landscapists, supported by conclusion essay those canny dealers, the Durand-Ruels, who later moved on to the Impressionists. The Durand-Ruels were among the how to write of Hertfordshire (Navitas) first dealers to tap the for persuasive expanding market in School movable decoration for the middle classes, to use the essay Strathallan Whites’ terminology. Rosa Bonheur’s naturalism and essay writing Institut ability to capture the individuality—even the “soul”—of each of for persuasive her animal subjects coincided with bourgeois taste at the time. The same combination, of qualities, with a much stronger dose of sentimentality and pathetic fallacy to be sure, likewise assured the success of her animalier contemporary, Landseer, in England. Daughter of an impoverished drawing master, Rosa Bonheur quite naturally showed her interest in art early; at the same time, she exhibited an independence of spirit and writing essay School liberty of manner which immediately earned her the conclusion School label of tomboy. According to how to write the article Niagara College her own later accounts, her “masculine protest” established itself early; to conclusion Strathallan School what extent any show of persistence, stubbornness and vigor would be counted as “masculine” in i want online the first half of the conclusion 19th century is conjectural. Rosa Bonheur’s attitude towards her father is somewhat ambiguous: while realizing that he had been influential in directing her towards her life’s work, there is no doubt that she resented his thoughtless treatment of her beloved mother, and in her reminiscences, she half affectionately makes fun of his bizarre form of social idealism. Raimond Bonheur had been an picture essay active member of the short-lived Saint-Simonian community, established in the third decade of the essay Strathallan 19th century by “Le Pere” Enfantin at Menilmontant.

Although in her later years Rosa Bonheur might have made fun of some of the more far-fetched eccentricities of the members of the improving writing University of Applied Sciences community, and disapproved of the additional strain which her father’s apostolate placed on her overburdened mother, it is obvious that the Saint-Simonian ideal of equality for women—they disapproved of marriage, their trousered feminine costume was a token of emancipation, and their spiritual leader, Le Pere Enfantin, made extraordinary efforts to find a Woman Messiah to share his reign—made a strong impression on her as a child, and Strathallan School may well have influenced her future course of behavior. “Why shouldn’t I be proud to be a woman?” she exclaimed to how to a review University of Hertfordshire (Navitas) an interviewer. “My father, that enthusiastic apostle of humanity, many times reiterated to me that woman’s mission was to elevate the conclusion for persuasive Strathallan School human race, that she was the Messiah of future centuries. It is to his doctrines that I owe the great, noble ambition I have conceived for the sex which I proudly affirm to be mine, and whose independence I will support to my dying day . Picture Institut Auf Dem? . .”18 When she was hardly more than a child, he instilled in her the for persuasive Strathallan School ambition to surpass Mme. Vigee-Lebrun, certainly the most eminent model she could be expected to follow, and he gave her early efforts every possible encouragement. At the same time, the spectacle of her uncomplaining mother’s slow decline from sheer overwork and poverty might have been an even more realistic influence on her decision to control her own destiny and never to become the slave of a husband and children. What is particularly interesting from the modern feminist viewpoint is Rosa Bonheur’s ability to combine the most vigorous and unapologetic masculine protest with unabashedly self-contradictory assertions of “basic” femininity. In those refreshingly straightforward pre-Freudian days, Rosa Bonheur could explain to her biographer that she had never wanted to marry for fear of losing her independence—too many young girls let themselves be led to the altar like lambs to the sacrifice, she maintained.

Yet at the same time that she rejected marriage for herself and implied an inevitable loss of selfhood for any woman who engaged in it, she, unlike the Saint-Simonians, considered marriage “a sacrament indispensable to the organization of society.” While remaining cool to offers of marriage, she joined in how to the article Niagara College a seemingly cloudless, lifelong and apparently Platonic union with a fellow woman artist, Nathalie Micas, who evidently provided her with the companionship and emotional warmth which she needed. Obviously the presence of this sympathetic friend did not seem to demand the same sacrifice of genuine commitment to her profession which marriage would have entailed: in any case, the advantages of such an arrangement for women who wished to avoid the distraction of children in the days before reliable contraception are obvious. Yet at the same time that she frankly rejected the conventional feminine role of her times, Rosa Bonheur still was drawn into what Betty Friedan has called the “frilly blouse syndrome,” that innocuous version of the conclusion for persuasive essay Strathallan feminine protest which even today compels successful women psychiatrists or professors to adopt some ultra-feminine item of clothing or insist on proving their prowess as pie-bakers.19 Despite the fact that she had early cropped her hair and adopted men’s clothes as her habitual attire, following the example of George Sand, whose rural Romanticism exerted a powerful influence over her imagination, to her biographer she insisted, and picture Institut auf dem Rosenberg no doubt sincerely believed, that she did so only because of the specific demands of her profession. Indignantly denying rumors to the effect that she had run about the streets of Paris dressed as a boy in conclusion for persuasive essay Strathallan School her youth, she proudly provided her biographer with a daguerreotype of herself at 16 years, dressed in perfectly conventional feminine fashion, except for her shorn head, which she excused as a practical measure taken after the death of her mother; “who would have taken care of my curls?” she demanded.20. As far as the question of masculine dress was concerned, she was quick to reject her interlocutor’s suggestion that her trousers were a symbol of emancipation. Writing A Tok? “I strongly blame women who renounce their customary attire in the desire to make themselves pass for conclusion for persuasive essay Strathallan, men,” she affirmed. “If I had found that trousers suited my sex, I would have completely gotten rid of my skirts, but this is not the case, nor have I ever advised my sisters of the palette to wear men’s clothes in the ordinary course of life. If, then, you see me dressed as I am, it is not at all with the aim of making myself interesting, as all too many women have tried, but simply in order to facilitate my work. Remember that at a certain period I spent whole days in the slaughterhouses. Indeed, you have to love your art in order to live in pools of blood . . Writing A Tok Essay MacDuffie School? . I was also fascinated with horses, and where better can one study these animals than at the fairs . . . ? I had no alternative but to conclusion School realize that the garments of my own sex were a total nuisance. That is why I decided to ask the Prefect of Police for the authorization to wear masculine clothing.21 But the costume I am wearing is my working outfit, nothing else. Writing A Critique Essay College? The remarks of conclusion Strathallan fools have never bothered me.

Nathalie [her companion] makes fun of them as I do. It doesn’t bother her at all to see me dressed as a man, but if you are even the slightest bit put off, I am completely prepared to put on School, a skirt, especially since all I have to do is to open a closet to essay School find a whole assortment of feminine outfits.”22. Yet at the same time Rosa Bonheur is forced to admit: “My trousers have been my great protectors . . . The Article Niagara College? Many times I have congratulated myself for Strathallan School, having dared to break with traditions which would have forced me to abstain from how to write the article Niagara College, certain kinds of work, due to the obligation to drag my skirts everywhere . . .” Yet the conclusion for persuasive essay famous artist again feels obliged to qualify her honest admission with an ill-assumed “femininity”: “Despite my metamorphoses of costume, there is not a daughter of Eve who appreciates the i want School niceties more than I do; my brusque and even slightly unsociable nature has never prevented my heart from remaining completely feminine.”23. It is somewhat pathetic that this highly successful artist, unsparing of herself in the painstaking study of animal anatomy, diligently pursuing her bovine or equine subjects in the most unpleasant surroundings, industriously producing popular canvases throughout the course of a lengthy career, firm, assured and incontrovertibly masculine in her style, winner of a first medal in the Paris Salon, Officer of the Legion of Honor, Commander of the Order of Isabella the Catholic and the Order of Leopold of Belgium, friend of Queen Victoria—that this world-renowned artist should feel compelled late in life to justify and qualify her perfectly reasonable assumption of masculine ways, for any reason whatsoever, and to feel compelled to attack her less modest trouser-wearing sisters at the same time, in order to satisfy the demands of School her own conscience. For her conscience, despite her supportive father, her unconventional behavior and the accolade of worldly success, still condemned her for not being a “feminine” woman. The difficulties imposed by such demands on the woman artist continue to add to her already difficult enterprise even today.

Compare, for example, the note contemporary, Louise Nevelson, with her combination of utter, “unfeminine” dedication to her work and her conspicuously “feminine” false eyelashes; her admission that she got married at College 17 despite her certainty that she couldn’t live without creating because “the world said you should get married.”24 Even in the case of these two outstanding artists—and whether we like The Horsefair or not, we still must admire Rosa Bonheur’s achievement—the voice of the feminine mystique with its potpourri of essay Strathallan ambivalent narcissism and guilt, internalized, subtly dilutes and subverts that total inner confidence, that absolute certitude and i want to write self-determination, moral and esthetic, demanded by the highest and most innovative work in art. We have tried to deal with one of the perennial questions used to challenge women’s demand for true, rather than token, equality, by examining the essay Strathallan School whole erroneous intellectual substructure upon which the improving essay writing Hanze of Applied Sciences question “Why have there been no great women artists?” is based; by questioning the validity of the formulation of so-called “problems” in general and the “problem” of women specifically; and then, by probing some of the limitations of the discipline of art history itself. Hopefully, by stressing the institutional —i.e. the public—rather than the individual , or private, pre-conditions for achievement or the lack of School it in the arts, we have provided a paradigm for the investigation of other areas in the field. By examining in some detail a single instance of deprivation or disadvantage—the unavailability of nude models to women art students—we have suggested that it was indeed institutionally made impossible for women to achieve artistic excellence, or success, on the same footing as men, no matter what the potency of their so-called talent, or genius. The existence of a tiny band of successful, if not great, women artists throughout history does nothing to gainsay this fact, any more than does the existence of a few superstars or token achievers among the members of any minority groups. And while great achievement is rare and difficult at best, it is still rarer and more difficult if, while you work, you must at the same time wrestle with inner demons of self-doubt and essay writing Hanze of Applied Sciences guilt and outer monsters of ridicule or patronizing encouragement, neither of which have any specific connection with the quality of the essay Strathallan School art work as such. What is important is how to the article College that women face up to the reality of their history and conclusion of their present situation, without making excuses or puffing mediocrity. Disadvantage may indeed be an excuse; it is a tok MacDuffie School not, however, an intellectual position. Rather, using as a vantage point their situation as underdogs in the realm of grandeur, and conclusion for persuasive School outsiders in that of ideology, women can reveal institutional and Niagara intellectual weaknesses in general, and, at the same time that they destroy false consciousness, take part in the creation of institutions in which clear thought—and true greatness—are challenges open to anyone, man or woman, courageous enough to take the necessary risk, the leap into the unknown.

1. Kate Millett’s Sexual Politics , New York, 1970, and Mary Ellman’s Thinking About Women, New York, 1968 provide notable exceptions. 2. “Women Artists,” Review of Die Frauen in die Kunstgeschichte by Ernst Guhl in The Westminster Review (American Edition), LXX, July, 1958, 91-104. Essay Strathallan School? I am grateful to Elaine Showalter for MacDuffie, having brought this review to my attention. 3. See, for conclusion for persuasive essay, example, Peter S. Walch’s excellent studies of Angelica Kauffmann or his unpublished doctoral dissertation, Angelica Kauffmann , Princeton, 1968, on the subject; for Artemisia Gentileschi, see R. Ward Bissell, “Artemisia Gentileschi—A New Documented Chronology,” Art Bulletin, L (June), 1968, 153-168. 4. Write Niagara? New York, 1968. 5. John Stuart Mill, The Subjection of Women (1869) in Three Essays by conclusion for persuasive Strathallan School John Stuart Mill , World’s Classics Series, London, 1966, p. 441. 6. For the relatively recent genesis of the emphasis on the artist as the nexus of esthetic experience, see M. H. Abrams, The Mirror and the Lamp: Romantic Theory and the Critical Tradition , New York, 1953, and Maurice Z. Write? Shroder, Icarus: The Image of the Artist in French Romanticism , Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1961. 7. A comparison with the parallel myth for women, the Cinderella Story, is revealing: Cinderella gains higher status on the basis of a passive, “sex-object” attribute—small feet—whereas the Boy Wonder always proves himself through active accomplishment.

For a thorough study of myths about artists, see Ernst Kris and for persuasive Strathallan School Otto Kurz, Die Legende vom Kunstler: Ein Geschichtlicher Versuch , Vienna, 1934. 8. Nikolaus Pevsner, Academies of i want to write Westminster School Art, Past and Present , Cambridge, 1940, p. 96f. 9. Essay? Contemporary directions—earthworks, conceptual art, art as information, etc.—certainly point away from emphasis on the individual genius and improving of Applied Sciences his salable products; in art history, Harrison C. and for persuasive Strathallan School Cynthia A. White’s Canvases and Careers: Institutional Change in the French Painting World , New York, 1965, opens up a fruitful new direction of investigation, as did Nikolaus Pevsner’s pioneering Academies of Art . Ernst Gombrich and Pierre Francastel, in their very different ways, always have tended to view art and write University the artist as part of a total situation rather than in lofty isolation. 10. Female models were introduced in the life-class in Berlin in 1875, in for persuasive essay Strathallan Stockholm in 1839, in Naples in 1870, at the Royal College of Niagara College Art in London, after 1875. Pevsner, op. cit., p. Conclusion For Persuasive? 231. Female models at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts wore masks to hide their identity as late as about 1866—as attested to in a charcoal drawing by Thomas Eakins—if not later. 12. A Critique Essay Braemar? H. C. and C. A. White, op. Conclusion For Persuasive Essay? cit. Writing? , p. 51. 14.

Mrs. Ellis, The Daughters of conclusion for persuasive Strathallan England: Their Position in Society, Character, and writing essay Braemar Responsibilities (1844) in The Family Monitor , New York, 1844, p. 35. 16. Patricia Thomson, The Victorian Heroine: A Changing Ideal , London, 1956, p. 77. 17. Conclusion For Persuasive Essay Strathallan? H. C. and a tok essay MacDuffie C. A. White, op. cit., p. 91. 18. Anna Klumpke, Rosa Bonheur: Sa Vie, son oeuvre , Paris, 1908, p. 311.

19. Betty Friedan, The Feminine Mystique, New York, 1963, p. Essay Strathallan School? 158. 20. A. Klumpke, op. cit. , p. 166. 21. Paris, like many cities even today, had laws against improving essay writing University, impersonation on its books. 22. A. Klumpke, op. cit. Conclusion For Persuasive Essay? , pp. 308-309. 24. Cited in Elizabeth Fisher, “The Woman as Artist, Louise Nevelson,” Aphra , I (Spring), 1970, p. 32.

Copyright 2017, Art Media ARTNEWS, llc. 110 Greene Street, 2nd Fl., New York, N.Y. 10012. All rights reserved. Your cart is empty. Bathroom as Site: A Brief, Incomplete History of Lavatorial Exhibitions. Maja’s Way: Collector Maja Hoffmann Builds an Iconoclastic Home for Her LUMA Foundation in the South of France.

From the Archives: Barnett Newman Criticizes a MoMA Surrealism Show—and John Ashbery—in 1968.

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A Car Salesman Resume to essay Strathallan School Get the Job. Whether you are just starting to look for work as a car salesman or you have been selling cars for years a car salesman resume can set you apart from the competition. Not all car dealerships and managers that hire salespersons’ depend heavily on resumes to make their selection, but it can make a good first impression. Sales managers that hire car salesmen are typically very cynical by nature and rely more on the skills they use to picture essay Rosenberg read people both for selling cars and hiring sales staff plus the for persuasive School, car sales interview. However a written resume may be just the ticket to articles Westminster get you to the top of the list of potential car sales hires. Some car dealerships don’t even look at the average applicant#8217;s car sales resume they receive because they know that the applicant has prepared the document himself or herself. However the conclusion for persuasive essay Strathallan, more professional and experienced hiring managers know that a resume can say more about a person than just the writing Braemar, words that are printed on the paper. The need for a car salesman resume cover letter is a matter of conclusion essay personal choice, but not nearly as critical as it is with other professions. Preparing Your Car Salesman Resume. A car salesman resume description includes the name, address, contact information past work experience including the write Niagara College, dates and education. Even if you have never been a car salesman this work experience is School still important and it should be included.

I have included several resume templates for essay Rosenberg car salesmen that you can use to prepare your resume (see below). I have also posted some resume samples you can use as a reference to formulate your document. Of course you can have someone write your resume for conclusion Strathallan you for a price, but remember you are looking to land a job selling cars. If you can’t put together a simple resume maybe you should rethink your desire to sell cars for a living. How To Write The Article College. The resume is your first chance to sell yourself to your prospective dealership. A quick tip here, it doesn’t need to be a book or even a chapter in a book, but it should sell you in as few words as possible. Strathallan School. Resume Tips for Becoming a Car Salesperson. When you write your automotive sales resume follow these simple tips that are specific for School the automobile industry and the way sales managers or hiring managers read resumes for future car salesmen and car saleswomen. Limit your resume to Strathallan School one page. Use quality paper for printing your resume. It should be easy to how to write on article of Hertfordshire (Navitas) read.

Use bullet points and headers. Include all contact information, home phone, cell phone and email. Include computer familiarity because today’s car salesman will be using online CRM systems and email to perform the job. For Persuasive Strathallan School. Don’t use specific dates for work experience and education only years. Have a friend or family member read your resume for an objective appraisal. Explain any gaps in employment. Its OK to omit some work experience when it’s over ten to fifteen years in the past and not critical to writing University of Applied the position for which you are applying. If you had ten jobs in conclusion for persuasive essay School the 10 years you better have a good explanation prepared. Don’t lie and how to write a review University (Navitas), make things up on for persuasive Strathallan School, your resume. Use a template to create your car salesman resume by adding your information and then adjusting for readability.

Sections of a the writing Braemar College, Car Salesman Resume. Information : This section is self-explanatory you just need to include all your personal information, name, address, zip code, home phone, cell phone and email address. Objective: This section of the resume is for persuasive essay where you tell prospective employers why you are applying to improving writing Hanze of Applied work at their dealership. It should be simple and consist of one or two sentences. If you never sold cars before you should address your desire to start a car sales career.

If you have sold cars before you should be looking for a bigger, better dealer that will allow you to excel and put your sales skills to good use. Experience: This is for persuasive essay where you will list your work experience and picture essay writing Institut auf dem, the years worked. For Persuasive School. The most recent will be first and writing Hanze University, the rest listed in reverse chronological order. For Persuasive Essay Strathallan School. If you are an experienced car salesperson you will list the how to write Niagara College, dealerships where you sold including the address or at least the city and state. However if you have never been a car salesman your work history is still important and should be included on your resume. Skills: This section will include anything that you think might be of value to a car salesperson. If you have sold automobiles in conclusion essay School the past you could list any special training that was provided by the dealer and/or auto manufacturers. Include any automaker certifications or awards you may have received or skill levels achieved. You could list average cars sold per online Westminster month over the past year, ranking at current dealership and for persuasive, your average car salesman salary if appropriate. For those of you that never sold a car in your life list any skills, experiences or special training that could be transferred over to the profession of car sales or anything skills listed in writing Sciences the car salesman job description. Good buzzwords to use on your car salesperson resume are consistency, positive attitude, goals, energetic, communication skills and computer skills such as Microsoft Office and email.

Education: This section contains a chronological list of your formal education like college, high school, tech schools and any special skills training even if it does directly pertain to car sales including the years completed. References: In most cases you car resume should say “References available upon request”. However if you have some personal references in for persuasive Strathallan the business and especially at the dealership where you are applying for writing a critique essay College a sales position by conclusion all means include them. If you were referred by a current employee that could influence the person that is doing the hiring include them. If you have a recommendation letter for car salesman by all means include with your resume. When it comes to writing essay Braemar College hiring car salespeople the conclusion for persuasive, car salesman resume will rarely be the deciding factor, but if it is easy to read and on how to write on article of Hertfordshire, one page it will be read.

If it contains pertinent information and it looks like it has been prepared by a potential employee that is willing to go the extra mile it will make you stand out for persuasive, from the improving essay Hanze University Sciences, crowd. For Persuasive Strathallan School. Anything to improve your chances of becoming a car salesman should be worth the effort. Improving Writing University Sciences. If you have a computer with word processing capabilities you can use the salesperson resume templates below. Later Fresh Up on the Lot. Sample Car Sales Resume Examples. 2017 Car Sales Professional.

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essay on genesis 3 The Creation of the World. 1:1 In the beginning God created the conclusion, heavens and i want to write online Westminster School the earth. 1:2 Now the earth was without shape and empty, and darkness was over conclusion for persuasive the surface of the watery deep, but the Spirit of God was moving over the surface of the water. 1:3 God said, “Let there be light.” And there was light! 1:4 God saw that the light was good, so God separated the light from the darkness. 1:5 God called the light “day” and the darkness “night.”

There was evening, and essay writing University there was morning, marking the first day. Lord, You created, You defined, You imparted value “it was good”, and conclusion essay Strathallan You created time for Your creation where only timelessness had existed. Essay Writing Auf Dem Rosenberg! May I stand in awe of You! Moses was the chosen author of God. If one does not take the text to essay Strathallan, describe any part of pre-Genesis history and one takes the Creation narrative to refer in every detail to improving Hanze Sciences, literal 24 hour days then it covers approximately 2400 years. It has been estimated that Moses recorded the for persuasive essay School, essence of the a critique essay Braemar College, book of Genesis sometime after the time of the exodus out of Egypt in 15 th Century BC. While he may have had access to Strathallan School, oral history and artifacts, perhaps even some Egyptian documents, it was God who would have inspired and informed his writing. Essay Writing Hanze Sciences! (This does not address when he recorded the Book of Exodus.)

Chapter One introduces the creative expression of God. He sovereignly speaks a linear-time-contained physical reality into existence and summarizes the first six days of His Creation. There is a good deal of Strathallan School debate in theological circles as to the precise meaning of the Braemar, words, “In the beginning,” the conclusion School, resolution of which has some significant impact. If one takes them as introduction to a mere allegory or parable they have an impact upon ones understanding of the entire Bible. If one takes the words to refer to the beginning of everything created external to Heaven, and as a literal record, they have a substantially different impact on what follows. This commentary leans toward the latter rather than the former understanding, though with a caveat or two. “God created” tells us that He did so without help and ex nihilo, a Latin phrase meaning “out of nothing” or without any preexisting resource (that is, no source other than Himself). “The heavens and the earth” may be taken to refer broadly to everything external to essay Hanze University of Applied Sciences, the Kingdom of Heaven or to very narrowly to for persuasive Strathallan, refer only to the sky and solid ground referenced in verses 6-9. This commentary leans toward the former over the latter understanding.

The phrase, “without shape and empty, and darkness was over essay Braemar College the surface,” leads the reader to understand that the Lord God had not yet given definition and conclusion for persuasive Strathallan purpose to “the heavens and the earth” which He had just created. We are told that “the Spirit of God was moving,” which both informs us of the presence of a specific member of the Trinity (the Holy Spirit) and alerts us that action is about to take place to Westminster, transform the for persuasive Strathallan, shapeless, empty, dark earth. The third verse describes God’s method in creating and writing essay transforming by mere spoken word: He said, “Let there be light. Conclusion Essay Strathallan! And there was light!” The sovereign power of God to create, transform, give meaning and purpose to, and online cause order are all clearly observable in this brief segment of Biblical text. The powerful phrase, “God saw that the light was good,” shows the Lord assessing what He had created, deeming it worthy of Himself, and establishing the light as “good” in contrast to the prior state of darkness or lack of definition.

Apart from for persuasive essay Strathallan, sometimes-esoteric debates about ‘new earth’ versus ‘old earth,’ or 6 thousand years since Creation versus 6 billion years, there may be no question in the mind of a Biblical-Christian as to Who did the creating. The Lord God leaves no room for doubt in essay auf dem Rosenberg, His Word. How does the belief that the Lord God literally created everything as described in Genesis impact your view of for persuasive essay Strathallan School science? When this fallen world, of which Satan is the temporary Prince, seeks to how to write (Navitas), raise doubt in us about our faith, we need only conclusion for persuasive School, return to the book of Genesis to find restoration in the words, “In the beginning God.” It is an how to the article College, awesome thing to imagine the majesty and power of the One Who created. When have you contemplated what it means for the Lord to live outside of the constraints of linear time as we know it? Ask the Holy Spirit reveal to you a specific place in your life where you are stuck; stuck because you are trying to deal with a challenge in your own strength and wisdom and keep failing, or stuck because you have asked the Lord God for conclusion intervention while at the same time doubting that He has the improving essay Hanze University, power to conclusion for persuasive Strathallan, meet and writing a critique overcome that which challenges you.

Today I will confess my lack of conclusion Strathallan faith, remembering that it was He Who created everything from nothing, and writing a critique College repent (turn away) from my doubt. Strathallan School! I will request and receive His forgiveness and allow Him to be my strength as He is Lord of a tok essay School my life. Be Specific ________________________________________________. 1:6 God said, “Let there be an expanse in the midst of the waters. and let it separate water from water. 1:7 So God made the expanse. and separated the water under the expanse from the water above it. 1:8 God called the expanse “sky.” There was evening, and there was morning, a second day.

1:9 God said, “Let the water under the conclusion for persuasive essay, sky be gathered to one place and let dry ground appear.” It was so. 1:10 God called the dry ground “land” and i want to write articles online Westminster School the gathered waters he called “seas.” God saw that it was good. 1:11 God said, “Let the land produce vegetation: plants yielding seeds according to their kinds, and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds.” 1:12 The land produced vegetation – plants yielding seeds according to their kinds, and essay Strathallan trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. God saw that it was good. 1:13 There was evening, and there was morning, a third day.

1:14 God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the how to the article Niagara, sky to essay, separate the day from the night, and let them be signs to indicate seasons and days and years, 1:15 and let them serve as lights in write of Hertfordshire (Navitas), the expanse of the sky to give light on the earth.” 1:16 God made two great lights – the greater light to rule over the day and School the lesser light to rule over the night. He made the stars also. 1:17 God placed the the article Niagara College, lights in the expanse of the sky to shine on conclusion essay the earth, 1:18 to preside over the day and the night, and to separate the light from the darkness. God saw that it was good.

1:19 There was evening, and there was morning, a fourth day. 1:20 God said, “Let the water swarm with swarms of living creatures. and let birds fly above the earth across the expanse of the sky.” 1:21 God created the great sea creatures and every living and moving thing with which the water swarmed, according to their kinds, and every winged bird according to its kind. God saw that it was good. 1:22 God blessed them and University said, “Be fruitful and conclusion essay Strathallan School multiply and articles online School fill the water in conclusion Strathallan School, the seas, and let the birds multiply on the earth.” 1:23 There was evening, and there was morning, a fifth day. 1:24 God said, “Let the land produce living creatures according to their kinds: cattle, creeping things, and write wild animals, each according to its kind.” 1:25 God made the wild animals according to their kinds, the cattle according to their kinds, and all the essay School, creatures that creep along the ground according to their kinds. God saw that it was good. Lord, You first created a physical reality, then You created time-itself, then You created an atmosphere – resulting in an ‘atmospheric shell’ around the essay Braemar College, earth which then resulted in an expanse called “sky” with the conclusion School, water-covered earth at the center.

May I respect Your power as I marvel at how to Niagara College, Your engineering. You designed Your Creation with each species unique, and essay School that was Your perfect plan. May I be mindful that in Your economy of how to write College things everything has a unique purpose, even in a fallen-away broken condition, and that brings harmony. For Persuasive Essay Strathallan School! You created day and night as we know it, and each has its purpose. Auf Dem! May I listen closely to Your Holy Spirit so as to discover my purpose in Your great plan. You decided that the air and for persuasive essay Strathallan sea should have life, then You created it. May I never doubt that You are the sovereign One and that everything You have prophesied will happen. Your power and vision are beyond anything known to how to write Niagara College, mere man, You not only designed an entire planet and populated it with life – You did so in a way that was perfectly harmonious. May I find joy in the knowledge that our Lord Jesus is preparing a place for us that is as You originally intended. The Lord God decided how He would proceed with His creation, then made it so “So God made the expanse”.

The Lord God altered the climate system by separating, with an for persuasive essay, “expanse” translated “sky,” the moisture in the outer atmosphere above the earth from the i want online, water on the earth’s surface. With a word God created the climate system: The cycle of moisture from the Strathallan, surface of the earth moves in to the upper atmosphere, around the earth, and writing MacDuffie School is then deposited elsewhere – keeping the balance of humidity without occurrence of flooding or drought (prior to the ‘Fall’). After creating an atmospheric shell so that the surface (covered by water) was surrounded by sky and contained by conclusion for persuasive essay Strathallan that shell the Lord God then separated bodies of land and sea. Each part, atmospheric shell, sky, water, and land served a different function, just as parts of the human body do, and each contributed to the whole ecosystem in a unique but critical way. The Lord God then called the plants and trees into being, each also with a unique purpose, and to write articles Westminster School each reproducing only essay Strathallan School, its own kind. “ There was evening, and there was morning, a third day ” (vs 13). As Moses recorded the story of Creation he used descriptive images and phrases from a primitive era, it is Institut Rosenberg, important as we read to not misunderstand his limited experience-based vocabulary as mere allegory, but rather allow the Holy Spirit to enhance our understanding.

The Lord God created the sun “. the greater light”, moon “. the lesser light”, and for persuasive essay School stars. The interaction of these bodies resulted in “. seasons and days and years.” As humankind has studied the relationship between the sun, moon, stars, and other planets their location has been found to articles online School, be associated with day, night, season, and years and they have also been valuable in land-based geo-location and water-bound navigation. Until this moment in Creation, the earth was held together by the Lord-alone. He set in place the rest of the cosmos in order to make it a self-sustaining yet highly interdependent system, though at all times it exists only as He empowers and permits. In its fallen-away broken state all of Creation would collapse without His constant intervention. [Colossians 1:17] “ There was evening, and there was morning, a fourth day ” (vs 19). The most-legitimate challenge to the presumption that a “day” in the Genesis Creation account equals what we know as 24 hours comes from Day 4, vss 1:14-18.

One must stretch hard to not see the repeated expression “There was evening, and there was morning, a fifth day.” as more than a rhetorical flourish (common throughout the Word of God) than as a phrase intended to require a literal 24 hours. The NET translator’s make a linguistic argument for a 24 hour day but it is severely-challenged by this text. However, the text of the “fourth day” does not require the prior days to conclusion Strathallan School, be anything other than what humankind came to know as twenty-four hour days, for that matter they could have been twenty-four nanoseconds - God is never restrained by i want articles His creation; why would He take twenty-four of ‘our’ hours to conclusion Strathallan School, form something He easily could create with a “word” or a “thought”? These can be challenging texts - one must approach them with awe for God and skepticism toward any effort to undermine the essay Institut auf dem, integrity of the whole Word. The Lord God looked upon His Creation, water separated from sky and space, water and land separated, then plants and School trees created upon the land; all of it deemed good – perfect in harmony. He then decided that the sky and sea should also have living things, so the Lord created sea creatures and birds. The Lord God did as He had with the how to write Niagara, plants and trees and equipped the creatures of the sky and sea to reproduce, multiplying from the few to essay School, the many, “each according to writing MacDuffie School, their kind”. “ There was evening, and there was morning, a fifth day. For Persuasive Strathallan! ” (vs 23). The Lord God followed His decision to populate the how to University (Navitas), sky and conclusion School water with life-forms specific to those environments with a decision to populate the land with creatures as well.

The text describes three rough categories; crawling creatures (e.g. insects and improving essay lizards), large animals – with an implication of suitability to be domesticated (e.g. buffalo, camels, cattle, goats, sheep), and a variety of other wild animals. As before the Lord spoke them into being then, as He did the fish and School fowl, empowered them to reproduce “according to their kind” without the need of His direct Creative action. Created first on how to write College the sixth day are “ living creatures according to their kinds ” (vs 24). At Creation everything worked in perfect symmetry. For Persuasive Strathallan School! The plants and writing a tok essay School trees were given the School, gift of write University life then set free to multiply remaining true to for persuasive, their unique created form. Land and sea are both source for the critical elements of water and dry surface needed for growth; each were created in perfect balance and order. What has now become imperfect, a ‘machine’ barely held together with loose and broken parts, surrounded by debris flying through space, with dark comets all-but-invisible to detection threatening to slam into i want articles planet earth and wreak terrible havoc; this was once a beautiful and perfectly balanced galactic system of God’s design.

The land was self-sustaining without creatures in the air and water, it was only the creative Spirit of the Lord God Who envisioned, then perfectly-created them. Despite many unsupportable details imposed upon the text by mere men (some fanciful, some venal, and some carelessly-conjectured by the rare few actually seeking truth) the Bible is conclusion School, essentially silent as to details of the creatures the Lord God created and writing a critique Braemar College set loose upon the earth. We see only the distortions of His perfect Creation long after the Fall. We must remember that Eden was sealed – so nothing of essay perfection is write a review on article of Hertfordshire (Navitas), visible to us. How might you help someone to recognize the literal physical massiveness of each step in Creation? How might your fellowship teach an appreciation for the difference between the original flawless Creation and the fallen-away remnant in which we live?

How might you help believers to for persuasive Strathallan, understand the confused-thinking of those who invent notions about the animals in pre-Fall Eden, and/or those who deny Eden entirely, to arrive at their scientifically-challenged belief in a Godless and essentially-random evolution-by-accident? (When challenged with mathematical, physical, and observational realities, those who challenge creationism retreat to magical thinking (aliens from space deposited life on earth) while ignoring the obvious rhetorical ‘elephant in the room’ (aliens would still require an ‘ex nihilo’ origin sometime in the past). Summer and winter, spring and fall, rain and snow, sunshine and writing of Applied Sciences darkness; each now far less perfect than the original pre-Fall creation, yet each is critical to essay School, the balance of the Created system; a miraculous work of God. Writing A Critique Essay! Prior to day four of Creation, God had held everything in place by mere thought; then He added a multitude of interdependent solar systems, each with gravity, all in perfect harmony, and all contributing to the balanced whole. Diversity, independence, peaceful coexistence; this was the design - and then the Fall. The land animals were different in kind and purpose from the plants and trees, birds and sea creatures that came before them, yet were similar in that they were equipped and released to live and multiply. All of Creation to for persuasive Strathallan School, this point was either non-sentient (unable to experience pain or pleasure), or sentient (able to experience pain or pleasure) but all were non-reflective (non-sapient). When have you paused to University Sciences, consider the conclusion for persuasive essay Strathallan School, perfect balance of God's original climatology and praise Him? When have you experienced the inspiring teaching of i want to write someone contrasting perfection with imperfect and the promise that one day we will know the perfection for conclusion essay Strathallan which we were created? When have you observed a creative person at work and how they envision something in their mind and then create it with their body?

When have you paused to ponder what must have been the writing, magnificence of God’s creation and then mourned the mess that we’ve (through the conclusion for persuasive School, Fall) made of picture essay Institut Rosenberg it? Ask the Holy Spirit to help you to look past the broken and conclusion for persuasive imperfect world around you and instead dwell upon God’s amazing Creation and to picture Institut auf dem, invest the time to pause and to observe a land animal, either directly or via a live Internet cam, and as you do so to celebrate the beauty and incredible detail of the for persuasive School, creature and Institut the way that it interacts with its environment. Also, observe the obvious differences between that creature and Strathallan the higher form of write College a human. Today I will celebrate the beauty and incredible detail of the creature(s) I have observed and the way it/they interact(s) with its environment. I will then use an opportunity He provides to share with another, in person or electronically, the amazing evidences of the Lord God’s creative touch which I observed in His created-creature (despite the impact of our Fallen world). Conclusion For Persuasive Essay School! I will give God all of the how to Niagara College, glory.

Be Specific _____________________________________________. 1:26 Then God said, “Let us make humankind in our image, after our likeness, so they may rule over the fish of the sea and conclusion essay Strathallan School the birds of the air, over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move on the earth.” 1:27 God created humankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them, male and female he created them. 1:28 God blessed them and said to a critique College, them, “Be fruitful and multiply! Fill the for persuasive essay School, earth and subdue it! Rule over the fish of the writing essay College, sea and the birds of the air and every creature that moves on the ground.” 1:29 Then God said, “I now give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the entire earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in School, it. They will be yours for food. 1:30 And to all the how to write the article, animals of the earth, and to every bird of the air, and to all the creatures that move on the ground – everything that has the breath of life in it – I give every green plant for food.” 1:31 God saw all that he had made – and it was very good! There was evening, and there was morning, the sixth day.

2:1 The heavens and the earth were completed with everything that was in them. 2:2 By the seventh day God finished the work that he had been doing, and he ceased on essay School the seventh day all the work that he had been doing. 2:3 God blessed the seventh day and made it holy because on it he ceased all the work that he had been doing in creation . 2:4 This is the essay writing Hanze, account of the heavens and the earth when they were created – when the Lord God made the earth and heavens. Lord, You made us in conclusion essay, Your partial image, and picture Institut auf dem You gave us stewardship of Your Creation. While we made a mess of things may I remember that Your work was flawless and conclusion School Your unique and auf dem Rosenberg eternal flawlessness is to be praised. You completed every detail of Your perfectly-planned Creation in six days and nothing new was added after the sixth-day, so the seventh-day was unique – therefore holy – as Your Creation was complete. May I honor Your perfect work of conclusion for persuasive School Creation in praise and worship at least once a week and every week. A Critique Essay Braemar College! Your Word clearly states that Genesis is an account of a historical event, not a mere parable. May I rely upon Your Word, pass the test and not be tempted to please those who would demean Your Word, and rather take You at for persuasive essay School, Your Word.

The text uses the plural term “us” when the Lord God refers to Himself, it is the first of many occasions from Genesis through Revelation where the plurality of the picture essay writing Institut Rosenberg, “Godhead” or “Trinity” is for persuasive Strathallan, expressly or indirectly testified. The NET translator’s notes share several of the perspectives upon the plural reference to the Lord God but all but a Trinitarian view, consistent with the University, rest of the text – as is the case throughout the Bible - every major matter is affirmed elsewhere, thus this study will not quibble with the natural meaning of the plural. The Lord God created humankind, unique and conclusion essay School separate from all of the School, other creatures, in His own image (“. after our likeness” means a partial reflection of features of the Lord God). Humankind is both a sentient (perceiving the environment via seven physical senses) and a sapient (capable of processing sentient data in an intentionally-rational manner) Creation. Humankind was plural in form, male and female, linked spiritually to the Lord God in for persuasive essay School, a type of auf dem Rosenberg Trinitarian essence. (Humankind without the Lord God is temporally incomplete and eternally dead.)

Humankind is capable of sensing pain and conclusion Strathallan School pleasure as well as engaging in intentionally reflective, thoughtful, and volitional relationships. Humankind is more than merely instinctive as is the case with all other living things. Humankind alone was given the writing a critique essay College, capacity for School relationship in the spiritual realm. Humankind alone was purposed to receive the delegated authority and responsibility to rule over the rest of Creation. Humankind was given the picture, fruit of the seed-bearing plants and seek-bearing fruit of the trees as food. (Note that there is an implicit absence of permission to eat non seed-bearing fruit, apparent of only a single tree in the Garden, and also note that a seed-bearing fruit is essay, incapable of reproduction (without artificial human intervention e.g. via budding or grafting – it is an inherently single-generation tree.)

God saw all that he had made – and it was very good! There was evening, and there was morning, the sixth day (vs 31). Chapter two of Genesis revisits the Creation narrative presented in chapter one, adding detail to descriptions of the writing essay Braemar, relationship between Adam and Eve, their relationship with the Lord God, and for persuasive essay School their interaction with the writing a tok essay MacDuffie School, rest of God’s Creation. The Lord God had completed all of His creative work prior to the beginning of the seventh day and conclusion for persuasive essay Strathallan ceased His work. How To On Article University Of Hertfordshire! Nothing that occurred after the end of the sixth day involved a new creative work. The Lord God then did an amazing thing: He set aside the seventh day and declared it a holy day, a ‘holyday’ holiday of sorts, during which He wanted His Creation to remember His work of the first six days in an exceptional way, by for persuasive essay ceasing from all work (labor) as He Himself had modeled. It is very important that we understand why God set aside the seventh day as a holy day.

The Lord’s perfectly-planned Creation was unique, in timeless eternity and in the just-created linear time-bound physical universe He had just spoken into being – that event was therefore holy and worthy of pause to praise. The NET Bible translator’s notes offer a valuable paraphrase of the first four or five words of Genesis 2:4: “This is what became of the heavens and the earth.” When one reads the NET translator’s paraphrase the text is revealed as declaring the how to a review University of Hertfordshire (Navitas), literal nature of the for persuasive essay, Creation record while it also introduces additional detail – to be followed by the sad story of rebellion and Fall. This is still pre-Fall, so man is how to write the article, innocent and lives in perfect harmony with the Lord God and everything in His Creation. The holy day, established pre-Fall by conclusion Strathallan School God, set aside in celebration of His perfect Creation. What the Lord God did in His act of Creation was real, He spoke and to write online Westminster it was. How might you lead others to a greater appreciation of the Lord God through a comparison of essay Strathallan attributes in real world application? (e.g. Humankind may maintain few truly intimate relationships and typical is limited to about 12 in a meaningful group interaction, whereas the Lord God may have an intimate relationship with 6 billion humans and communicate with each individually as well.) Mankind was male and female living in harmony; they were different yet of a common essence, possessed of an essential unity, much like the holy Trinity of God.

The creation of every new human life is writing, a partnership between man and conclusion Strathallan School God; while God delegated the capacity to reproduce, it is improving University Sciences, He-alone Who gives the conclusion for persuasive Strathallan School, spiritual life which separates man from beast. On the picture writing Institut Rosenberg, Sunday ‘holyday’ for Christians we recognize our new covenant with God, and we celebrate the new creation that He has provided for us, through the conclusion Strathallan School, life and death of improving essay writing Sciences Jesus the Christ. It is a remarkable reality that, when the Lord God created the conclusion for persuasive essay Strathallan School, heavens and the earth, 1) He was self-sufficient, 2) He needed nothing external to Himself, and, as an act of love, 3) He chose to create so that He might share Himself with man. When you have been in a fellowship where attention was brought to the Lord’s creative work and there was celebration of His perfection then – and of that same perfection awaiting us in heaven? Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you something new about His Creative genius through our scientific observations about the human body, something that will underscore my understanding that His Creation that is too-profound to have happened accidentally – even over billions of years, to lead you to take the time to celebrate on this Sunday by ceasing from the picture essay writing Institut, busyness of for persuasive Strathallan School life “work” to reflect upon the beauty of the Lord God’s original perfect Creation, and to lead you to a more profound awareness that the picture Institut, Lord God created humankind with the free will to either love or reject Him. Today I will stand in front of a mirror and be amazed that, considering the ravages of the Fall, the Lord God’s creative hand remains so visible in my complex bio-mechanical machine (my physical self) and in the indwelling Holy Spirit (the perfect Counselor to my spiritual self). I will then share what I have learned with someone and conclusion School encourage them to repeat my discovery experience. I will celebrate life.

I will thank the Lord God for His gift of life to me and especially for my new life in Christ. I will encourage and pray for the one(s) whom He has identified. I will pause and reflect and celebrate and I will share with a fellow believer and, as the Holy Spirit provides, with one who is considering-Christ the truth of the new creation that the Lord has promised to how to write the article Niagara, those who place their faith fully in His Son Jesus. Be Specific _________________________________________________. 2:5 Now no shrub of the field had yet grown on the earth, and no plant of the field had yet sprouted, for conclusion Strathallan the Lord God had not caused it to rain on the earth, and there was no man to cultivate the ground. 2:6 Springs would well up from the earth and water the whole surface of the ground. 2:7 The Lord God formed the man from the soil of the ground and breathed into a critique Braemar his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being. 2:8 The Lord God planted an orchard in the east, in Eden; and there he placed the man he had formed. 2:9 The Lord God made all kinds of for persuasive trees grow from the soil, every tree that was pleasing to look at and good for essay writing food. (Now the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil were in the middle of the orchard.) 2:10 Now a river flows from Eden to water the orchard, and from there it divides into four headstreams. For Persuasive Strathallan School! 2:11 The name of the first is Pishon; it runs through the entire land of Havilah, where there is gold.

2:12 (The gold of that land is pure; pearls and lapis lazuli are also there). 2:13 The name of the second river is Gihon; it runs through the entire land of Cush. 2:14 The name of the third river is Tigris; it runs along the east side of Assyria. The fourth river is the Euphrates. 2:15 The Lord God took the writing School, man and conclusion for persuasive placed him in the orchard in Eden to care for it and to improving essay Sciences, maintain it. 2:16 Then the Lord God commanded the man, “You may freely eat fruit from every tree of the orchard, 2:17 but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and for persuasive evil, for when you eat from a critique College, it you will surely die.” Lord, as I once-again read the flow of Your Creation, and essay Strathallan School the purpose for a review on article University (Navitas) which You created everything, I am in awe. May I never forget that You breathed life into the first human, as You do with each and every human, and that we rely upon You for life itself. Genesis Chapter 2 is conclusion essay School, a fleshing-out of picture essay Institut Rosenberg detail the story of what the Lord God Created, followed in Chapter 3 by what man did with His incredible gift of Creation and divine relationship.

God informs the reader that, whereas He had caused life to exist in conclusion for persuasive School, the form of plants and creatures of the air, land, and sea, there were not yet cultivated plants for food —cultivation requires a cultivator and He had not yet created man. This observation is included to a tok MacDuffie, remind the for persuasive essay Strathallan School, reader that God’s intent was to how to a review, delegate management of a limited portion of His Creation to man. As His last act of Creation, God reached into the earth and withdrew the “soil” from which He then created man. This illustrates everything in Creation being linked, which explains the commonalities of DNA in all life forms today — bananas, fish, monkeys, and essay School humans. God then did something that He had heretofore not done, He “breathed” life into man.

Previously He had merely spoken His Creation into existence and it had life, but breathing life in to man gifted him with the capacity for something very unique. [The NET translator notes list the characteristics which God breathed in to man as “spiritual understanding” (Job 32:8) and writing Hanze Sciences “a functioning conscience” (Proverbs 20:27). Conclusion For Persuasive Essay School! Some would label this as the “soul.”] As the NET translator’s notes observe the reference to “East” would have been in Rosenberg, relationship to for persuasive essay School, the land of how to on article (Navitas) Israel as that is the School, location of the rivers it also referenced. The Lord God selected from his collection of trees, which He had previously created, some suitable for an orchard and then set them in articles, Eden, where He also placed man. All of these selected and beautiful trees bore deliciously edible fruit, but even more unique were two, “the tree of conclusion Strathallan life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” We remember that God is a tok essay School, God and He as Creator can do anything He either desires or imagines. We must also remember that there were many things unique to Eden which man has not since observed, because after the Fall these things were “sealed” (see Genesis 3:22-24). Verses 10-14 serve two obvious purposes: they establish the richness of God’s provision in Eden and they establish the geographical reality of the story versus an imaginary one. It is theoretically possible to read the essay Strathallan School, word “now” as indicating that Moses was describing the location of Eden in his time rather than in the time of the Eden narrative, but that is how to write on article of Hertfordshire, a long-stretch — there simply is no apparent added value to the narrative to suddenly make reference to another time and place. The Lord God placed humankind in the Garden of Eden to fulfill their purpose, caring for it, and He then instructed them as to His boundaries for them: “You may freely eat fruit from every tree of the for persuasive, orchard, but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for i want online Westminster when you eat from for persuasive Strathallan, it you will surely die.” There are several essentials worthy of how to a review of Hertfordshire (Navitas) note in conclusion for persuasive, this segment: The reference to “caring for” or “maintaining” should not be understood to imply that there were any imperfections in the Garden and might be read as “observing closely” or something similar.

Humankind was offered but not guaranteed eternal life , because they were told by the Lord God that they could freely eat from to write online Westminster School, every tree, including “the tree of life”, and there was nothing created pre-Fall that would have caused them to die (other than eating of the fruit of the forbidden “tree of knowledge”) – but until they reached and conclusion essay ate of the online Westminster School, “tree of life” they were vulnerable. Humankind was capable of dying instantly , both physically and in for persuasive, their spiritual relationship with the College, Lord God, but only as if He determined that such an intervention was necessary. Eventually, after rebelling against God, lost access to conclusion essay Strathallan, “the tree of life” and the article Niagara death became a normative expectation. Humankind was given free will , the capacity and the freedom to choose among options, in the most important decisions of their lives. Humankind was given everything needed , the capacity to both relate spiritually with and to essay Strathallan, be empowered by the Lord God with authority, knowledge, and strength — thus it was reasonable that they were expected to the article Niagara College, make wise choices. The Lord God had always planned His Creation such that man would partner with Him in managing His Creation. Man was called into existence to care for and to maintain the perfect order of His Creation, as well as to “be fruitful and multiply” (Gen. 1:28), to better accomplish His purpose. The Lord God reminds us in this text that, in the Garden, He had provided for Adam and Eve everything they would ever need, literally everything.

What may the magnitude of the caring and order necessary to maintain the health of Creation assigned to them to essay School, cultivate - such need requiring that human reproduction would multiply those Whom He would also call to that task? The Lord God calls all Christians to a very similar partnership: we are to care for one another, keep things in order, and partner in spiritually-multiplying the family of God. How would you help people to understand the impact of “free will” - noting that from the beginning the Lord God did not guarantee humankind unlimited certainty of eternal life, regardless of their choices? The way that the improving Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Lord God chose to breathe both spiritual and physical life into humankind is remarkable. Try to imagine the importance of a genuine freely-chosen relationship to the Lord God - He gave Adam and Eve everything they needed, all in the context of a perfect creation, yet He still gave them the capacity to Strathallan, choose to how to write a review of Hertfordshire, be righteous or to be rebellious. (Note that He stated “may”, “may not”, and for persuasive Strathallan then consequences – so the picture writing, concept – if not realization - of death pre-existed the Fall.) When have you experienced that love offered is not always love accepted and love shared is not always love nurtured and sustained? (The Lord God risked rejection and rebellion when He created lesser beings with the free will to reject or rebel against Him rather than to love Him.) When have you been in a situation where all of your important needs were met yet you still made choices which disrespected your providers and placed their provision for you at risk?

Ask the Spirit to reveal to you a better understanding of what the Lord God intended when He gave you the gifts of spiritual understanding and of a functioning conscience and one or more ways that He has made special provision for specific needs and where you have responded with ungrateful neglect and/or rebellion. Today I will pray, reflect, and School study to apprehend what the Holy Spirit has unveiled to me and I will share what I have learned with a fellow Believer for shared edification and praise. I will confess and repent of my carelessness, disrespect, and rebellion. I will repent (turn away from), request forgiveness for, and accept His forgiveness for writing MacDuffie School my sin. I will then share that experience with a fellow Believer, asking for their prayers in-agreement that I will resist a return to the sin, and I will also pray for them as they follow my example. Be Specific ________________________________________________. 2:19 The Lord God formed out Strathallan of the ground every living animal of the field and every bird of the air.

He brought them to the man to see what he would name them, and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name. 2:20 So the man named all the animals, the essay Rosenberg, birds of the air, and the living creatures of the field. 2:18 The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a companion for him who corresponds to conclusion essay, him.” 20b … but for Adam no companion who corresponded to him was found. 2:21 So the Lord God caused the man to fall into how to the article Niagara a deep sleep, and while he was asleep, he took part of the man’s side and closed up the place with flesh. 2:22 Then the conclusion for persuasive School, Lord God made a woman from the part he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man. 2:23 Then the man said, “This one at last is bone of my bones. and flesh of my flesh; this one will be called ‘woman,’ for she was taken out of man.” 2:24 That is why a man leaves his father and mother and unites with his wife, and they become a new family.

2:25 The man and his wife were both naked, but they were not ashamed. Lord, You Created the creatures then allowed them to be named by Your “in Our likeness” creation (Adam), transferring authority along with responsibility. May I recognize that any authority and responsibility which I have in picture Rosenberg, this world, broken and distorted as it is, is given for the purpose of Your priorities. Conclusion For Persuasive Strathallan! You formed the plants and a tok essay trees, birds and beasts - even humankind - from the soil that You had created. You then caused them to reproduce of their own kind. Since the first human was not designed to School, reproduce You then drew Eve out of Adam just as You had drawn Adam from the soil.

You breathed Into humankind the unique life-force that made them in-Your-likeness. The Lord God created the creatures from the soil He had already made, both animal and humankind, yet one recalls that He only “breathed life” into the human. He then brought each creature to the article College, man so that man, not God, could name them. It is understood in the ancient tradition that ‘naming’ was an expression of mastery or ownership. In the conclusion for persuasive, same way, Jesus would later give new names to His apostles (because God rightly claims ownership of how to the article Niagara man). Verse 18 is for persuasive School, more naturally-understood together with verses 2:20b-24 than when presented prior to verse 19, that is why it was presented slightly out-of-sequence.

God said He would create for how to a review on article University of Hertfordshire (Navitas) Adam an indispensable helper, a “companion,” one without whom he could not complete his tasks. This companion would not be a subordinate nor one to whom tasks would be delegated, rather one who would perform the tasks which the man could not. In keeping with His former pattern and maintaining a continuity in Creation, God (Who had created Adam from the previously-created soil) took flesh and bone from Adam’s side to create his companion and partner in conclusion School, Eden. Adam did not continue in picture writing auf dem Rosenberg, the process of naming what he “owns” when he said, “this one will be called woman,” he was merely describing her intimate similarity due to the flesh and bone link caused by her being “taken out of man.” Note that only after the essay, Fall, as evidence of an element of the curse (“naming” implies ownership or superiority), did the categorical descriptive word “woman” become the name “Eve” (see Gen. 3:20). “The man and his wife were both naked, but they were not ashamed,” speaks of their integrity-via-innocence; pre-Fall they had no cause to a tok essay, be ashamed of anything. They were not ashamed because they were truly innocent, unaware of anything imperfect or of any different state of being. They were free of the knowledge of evil, which would have been the conclusion School, source of their embarrassment when standing naked before one another, or their Lord God. Adam and Eve had been presented with the “test of the tree” but they had not yet been challenged to allow it to essay writing Rosenberg, become a temptation – and absent that temptation they had not yet fallen into sin. The Lord God created, and thus had legitimate dominion over, all of the creatures; yet He chose to for persuasive essay, delegate that to humankind. The text teaches that it was not the original intent of the Lord God that man and woman be unequal and competitive in relationship; such only became the nature of things after the Fall.

When we think of Adam and Eve, “humankind” prior to the Fall, we cannot fully comprehend who they were because - other than Jesus - no other human has ever been as innocent. Do we see that we belong to Him and, as such, He has the right to choose our paths; we have the obligation of loyal subjects to seek His will when making choices? How might you illustrate an aspect of Heaven, using the how to write, pre-Fall description of man and woman - created uniquely, with equal inherent value, and essay Strathallan with equal standing - without any hint of i want to write articles Westminster conflict or of competition? When we think of our place in Heaven, we may rightly look at pre-Fall Adam and Eve (and Jesus) as models of the innocence we too will possess – blessedly-absent the capacity to essay School, rebel. Is the true measure of writing Institut a faith-saving relationship with Christ the absolute surrender of conclusion for persuasive our free will to His Lordship? How well do we comprehend what it means for writing Rosenberg the Lord God to have “mastery” or “ownership” over every truly-saved Believer? It is the Lord God’s loving-desire that men and conclusion for persuasive School women serve Him together in perfect harmony. We have Jesus Christ to thank for providing our way home to an Edenic-Heaven. When have you experienced the naming a child or a pet?

When have you observed children or adults functioning in synchronicity, helping and sharing with one another, all free of apparent competition and conflict? When have you been truly transparent before the Lord God, and/or before a fellow Believer, and the Holy Spirit gave you a special sense of purity and innocence in His forgiveness and grace? Ask the Holy Spirit to amplify your understanding of the importance of separating pre-Fall from post-Fall events and how to Niagara College why you need to avoid extrapolating modern-day expectations without regard to the original context and to grant you a sense of innocence (through Christ) before the Lord. Today I will engage a fellow Christian in discussion about the for persuasive School, way that God has named and claimed us, and on article of Hertfordshire together we will give Him praise and thanks. I will pause to conclusion Strathallan, discuss with a fellow Believer our innate longing for our pre-Fall intimate relationship with the Lord God, with His perfect Creation, and with one another. We will give thanks for the promise of Heaven and how to write a review on article of Hertfordshire ask for comfort and patience as we live in this Fallen-away world. Today I will join with a fellow Believer in a prayerfully-reflective celebration of Strathallan School God’s promise of eternity in Heaven. Be Specific _____________________________________________. The Temptation and the Fall.

3:1 Now the serpent was more shrewd than any of the wild animals that the write of Hertfordshire, Lord God had made. He said to for persuasive, the woman, “Is it really true that God said, ‘You must not eat from any tree of the orchard’?” 3:2 The woman said to the serpent, “We may eat of the fruit from the trees of the writing a tok essay MacDuffie School, orchard; 3:3 but concerning the fruit of the for persuasive Strathallan School, tree that is in the middle of the orchard God said, ‘You must not eat from it, and you must not touch it, or else you will die.’” 3:4 The serpent said to the woman, “Surely you will not die, 3:5 for God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will open and. you will be like divine beings who know good and evil.”

3:6 When the write a review University (Navitas), woman saw that the conclusion for persuasive, tree produced fruit that was good for food, was attractive to essay School, the eye, and was desirable for for persuasive essay Strathallan making one wise, she took some of its fruit and ate it. She also gave some of it to her husband who was with her, and how to write a review on article (Navitas) he ate it. 3:7 Then the eyes of both of them opened, and they knew they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves. 3:8 Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God moving about in conclusion essay School, the orchard at the breezy time of the day, and they hid from the Lord God among the a tok essay School, trees of the orchard. 3:9 But the Lord God called to the man and said to him, “Where are you?” 3:10 The man replied, “I heard you moving about in the orchard, and I was afraid because I was naked, so I hid.” 3:11 And the Lord God said, “Who told you that you were naked? Did you eat from the tree that I commanded you not to eat from?” 3:12 The man said, “The woman whom you gave me, she gave me some fruit from the tree and I ate it.”

3:13 So the conclusion for persuasive essay, Lord God said to the woman, “What is i want online School, this you have done?” And the woman replied, “The serpent tricked me, and I ate.” Lord, as I read this terrible moment in for persuasive essay School, history, second only to the crucifixion of Christ, I am convicted that I am just as ready to allow a test to become a temptation than were Adam and how to a review on article University Eve. May I surrender more to the leadership of Your Holy Spirit so that my every choice is tested for Your will and not my own. We are all the same as Eve, looking for what appeals to essay Strathallan, our flesh rather than the best in essay, us – that which the Holy Spirit empowers and nurtures. May my faith be in the perfection that I see in You, and may I desire that above all. Essay! I am shocked to read the dialogue between You and Adam and Eve, because I am certain that You’ve had that same dialogue with me.

May I be convicted and reminded that I am responsible to essay writing of Applied Sciences, You for every choice that I make. Chapters One and Two presented the Creation narrative. Chapter Three described the horribly wrong choice of Adam and Eve and the devastating consequences which followed. The serpent, like Balaam’s donkey (Numbers 22:22-35), was a sentient being (able to respond due to awareness and memory of for persuasive essay patterns of pain and pleasure). The serpent was, however, non-sapient (lacking the ability to either reflect or make decisions based on acquired wisdom and also lacking the unique human capacity to interact intentionally in the spiritual realm). The serpent was a demon-possessed mouthpiece for a spiritual source — in this case Satan. (There is the case of the swine in how to write the article Niagara, Mathew 8:30-32 and Mark 5:11-13 wherein demons were sent into pigs by Jesus, but in that case they were merely neutral -non-communicating – physical ‘containers’ for conclusion for persuasive those demons.) Speculation that animals in pre–Fall Eden were capable of verbal communication with humans, and one another, is based on suspect extra-Biblical sources (not part of the “canon” of the Bible, which are Books believed to be approved by the Lord God for a review on article University inclusion, such as Jubilee 3:28 and Josephus Antiquities 1.1.4 – 1.41) and are thus not to be given credibility in the absence of any supporting canonical Biblical text. There is also no value-added, and considerable distraction spawned, by such speculation. Conclusion Essay Strathallan School! The text following (see Gen.

3:14) parallels the serpent with the other “wild animals,” adding to the assurance that in a tok MacDuffie, its natural state the conclusion for persuasive Strathallan School, serpent was merely a mouthpiece and write a review on article of Hertfordshire (Navitas) was not speaking independently. The evil tempting spirit speaking through the essay, serpent challenged the improving writing Hanze University of Applied, integrity of the relationship between Eve and the Lord God. This included a challenge to the very Lordship of God by deliberately using the name “God” not preceded by conclusion School the title “Lord,”. Eve made a choice to do the same – converting the ‘test’ of writing a critique essay Braemar College her faithfulness into essay Strathallan School a ‘temptation’ to overtly rebel and sin. When Satan, through the serpent, asked, “is it really true. I Want To Write School! ” he was attacking the integrity of the Lord God and for persuasive School His sovereign authority. Improving Essay Writing Hanze University Sciences! This was a direct challenge to Eve to also wonder if the for persuasive essay, Lord God was truthful.

This was an amazingly bold act of Satan, and frighteningly evil in intent. In reply to the serpent’s challenge, Eve restated the Lord God’s warning about write on article of Hertfordshire, eating from “the tree that is in the middle of the orchard” (by implication, the tree of the knowledge of conclusion for persuasive essay good and essay writing auf dem evil); however, she altered both Satan’s words and the actual command of the Lord God. Eve added the flourish “you must not touch it,” which neither the Lord God or Satan had said. Satan then issued the conclusion Strathallan School, full-out challenge to the Lord God’s integrity and authority, “Surely you will not die, for God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will open and you will be like divine beings who know good and evil.” “Divine beings” refers to the Lord God, Satan, and how to write Niagara College the angels, both the faithful and the fallen. The command from the Lord God “You must not eat from Strathallan School, it”, qualified by “or you will surely die” was not lost on Adam and Eve. The Lord would never have communicated a command without certainty that it was understood.

They would likely have understood “die” as associated with their relationship with Him – making sense as that became what they wanted to escape (in terms of accountability and Lordship) when they chose to fail the writing, test, entertain temptation, then sin. Humankind (Adam and Eve) were already capable of spiritual interaction, but had to-date no need to be cognizant of “evil”, other than to know that the fruit of one tree contained the for persuasive Strathallan, power to picture writing Rosenberg, draw them into that knowledge. When Eve entertained Satan’s challenge to the integrity and for persuasive essay Lordship of God, apparently without any effort to writing University Sciences, consult the Lord nor fear of negative consequences, she voluntarily crossed the threshold from ‘test’ to ‘temptation’ – because she turned her eyes-of-faith from Him to herself. The key to understanding this text, especially as it applies to the rest of the Bible, is choice. Eve (then Adam) had a choice to make, that was the purpose of ‘the test of the tree’. Eve (then Adam) did not have to believe the Serpent, they easily could have consulted the conclusion essay, Lord God, and they easily could have corrected his error in write University of Hertfordshire, deleting Lord from conclusion for persuasive Strathallan, Lord God. They chose to not do so because they chose their flesh over their Father. Eve failed the test when she conspired with the serpent to writing MacDuffie, ignore the Lordship of God.

She relied only on her fleshy senses, she observed that the fruit of the forbidden tree appealed to her eye and conclusion essay Strathallan stomach, and she was tempted to the article Niagara, believe that it could magically give her the conclusion for persuasive Strathallan, God-making “wisdom” that the serpent promised. Eve acted upon that temptation and decided to reach out and how to write of Hertfordshire eat of for persuasive essay Strathallan School it. Adam, whose whereabouts were previously unknown in writing Institut Rosenberg, the story, was described as “with her,” and when given the fruit he also choose to eat of it. The “with her” likely refers to his physical proximity, though it may also report that he was “with her” in her rebellion. The text does not require “with her” to mean either that he was there all along or that he had been elsewhere and at this moment in conclusion for persuasive essay, the story was “with her” both physically and in rebellion. It is School, uncertain if any of the alternative readings matter much to conclusion, the story; though if one takes Adam to have been physically present throughout the test, temptation, and fall of Eve, one must ponder why he failed to intervene and why he was not also addressed in the story. In general, the best translation defaults to the most-simple solution, unless the essay Institut Rosenberg, text under consideration (or other Biblical texts) support a more complex result. I Timothy 2:14 says “ And Adam was not deceived, but the Strathallan, woman, because she was fully deceived, fell into transgression. ” Once “fallen,” they were immediately aware of their newly imperfect state (and that their fellowship with a holy and pure Lord God has been instantly broken), and they rushed to cover themselves. The Lord God moved about in the Garden in the late afternoon, “the breezy time of the day.” Wishful thinking and inadequate attention to detail in i want to write Westminster School, some translations have rendered the idea that God was coming for a daily friendly stroll together with Adam and Eve in the Garden — a right-rendering of the Biblical text does not support such a conjecture. More probable is that, after their misdeeds together with the serpent, the Lord God arrived to challenge them and was intentionally thrashing about the Garden as if seeking His missing children – of School course knowing precisely where they were. He was righteously angry.

The Lord God called to Adam, “Where are you?” not because He could not find Adam, but to writing MacDuffie, challenge Adam to recognize where he had caused himself to be – which was apart from Him. The Lord had not moved, but Adam had, and as a result there was a sudden spiritual chasm. Adam replied, “I heard you moving about,” so the sound created by God in the Garden was not sensed by Adam as friendly. And his “I was afraid because I was naked, so I hid” tells the reader that something had changed — Adam had been previously unclothed and not afraid to be seen as naked (transparent, vulnerable). The Lord God challenged Adam to explain how he now knew that he was naked — previously unimportant, but now suddenly important — and challenged Adam with the only plausible explanation, his rebellion. Adam’s effort to play innocent and to thrust the essay Strathallan, blame on to write articles Eve (if one accepts the reading that Adam was not present during the serpent’s initial temptation of Eve and her decision to sin) may lead one to conclusion essay Strathallan School, argue that Adam was engaging in a form of idol worship ? “God gave me Eve , so I trusted her, and she said it was OK.” It is an effort to defraud the Lord, of how to the article Niagara course; however, at this point, Adam loses either way. The Lord God then turned to Eve, which appears to grant partial credibility to conclusion for persuasive essay Strathallan School, Adam’s blame-shifting, and writing Institut auf dem challenged her to conclusion for persuasive essay, defend her actions (adding credence to the view that Adam was not present during her testing, her choice to write Niagara, engage in temptation, followed by her decision to sin). Eve completed the ‘passing of the buck’ by declaring “the serpent tricked me, and for persuasive essay Strathallan School I ate,” in an attempt to absolve herself of responsibility for picture writing auf dem Rosenberg her choice.

While rightly pointing out for persuasive School that she had been deceived, she did not trouble herself to explain why she had knowingly ignored a direct order from how to write a review on article, her Lord God. We have the same choice(s) as Eve, every minute of every day. Conclusion For Persuasive Essay Strathallan School! Believers must never allow an implied doubt to writing essay College, stand as to the character and integrity and conclusion for persuasive essay promises of the Lord God. Satan tried the same attack on how to a review on article University of Hertfordshire (Navitas) Jesus that he used on Eve, and he is still using the same old lie on people today. Do we understand that when we choose temptation rather than holiness, when confronted with a test, that we enter into conclusion Strathallan a conspiracy with Satan to a tok essay MacDuffie School, disrespect the Lord God? How we often have we blamed others for conclusion essay School our own choices, perhaps we’ve even blamed the Lord God? How would you help people to understand that if we go where the Lord God says not to go, do what God says not to do, and dwell upon the things God tells us to the article Niagara, avoid, then we also disrespect the conclusion for persuasive Strathallan, Lordship of God and side with Satan? How would you explain the importance of understanding that our lusts and our physical senses are the playground of writing essay Satan, and therefore highly subject to our misunderstanding and conclusion for persuasive essay School misplaced priorities? How would you lead a small group through an evaluation of the many ways that they have tried to hide from accountability? Every choice carries consequences, some good, some bad. We rationalize that consequences will be absent or acceptable to us if we choose disobedience.

If unsaved, we further guarantee Hell as our eternal destination — and if we are saved we build walls that block the blessings of the Lord God. It is bad enough to Institut auf dem Rosenberg, agree to conclusion School, convert a test in to a temptation, and then in to overt sin; however, to then multiply our sin by how to drawing others who trust us into the same sin is even worse. (See the curse of the Fall in the following sections.) When was there a time that you doubted the Lord God? What were the consequences? What is conclusion for persuasive essay Strathallan School, a circumstance in how to write Niagara College, your life where you clearly knew that what you were doing was wrong yet you rationalized that it served a momentary desire? What were the consequences? What is a circumstance when something you did caused you to have a ‘guilty conscience’ such that when an authority figure approached you felt nervous or startled? Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you a lie in your life that causes you to rationalize.

disobedience to God, and conclusion essay one place in your life where you have allowed the picture writing auf dem Rosenberg, satisfaction of your physical senses to overwhelm your obligation to honor the for persuasive essay Strathallan, Lord your God. Perhaps it is eating or drinking too much, going where I may view people in a way that is appealing to my fallen-flesh but offensive to God (e.g., driving by the beach to view partially-clothed people, surfing inappropriate sites on the Internet, watching television where people are demeaned, listening to music or watching movies that distort a holy view of man, abusing substances, avoiding activities that promote fitness of my body “the temple of the Holy Spirit,” or participating in thrill-seeking activities that “test the Lord my God”), and a place in your life where you find yourself deflecting blame to another or engaging in a pattern of avoiding accountability. Today I will make a change in my thinking, and in my actions, and on article rather than partner with the Enemy I will partner with the Holy Spirit as He makes this a real rather than merely an intellectual life-changing choice. I will share this with a fellow believer as a testimony, I will ask for their prayers, and I will ask for their accountability. Conclusion For Persuasive Strathallan! I will move to diminish the thing that the writing Braemar College, Holy Spirit has revealed as offensive to the Lord and destructive to me. The goal is to eradicate them from my life; perhaps immediately, perhaps after some perseverance, but eventually permanently through the power of prayer and peer-accountability. I will embrace integrity, confess and repent of my wrong choices, and I will make a plan to deal with it.

I will ask God to lead, to empower, and to chastise me when I wander from my plan. I will celebrate and share praise when I succeed and will request prayer support when I struggle. Be Specific _____________________________________________. The Judgment Oracles of God at the Fall. 3:14 The Lord God said to the serpent, “Because you have done this, cursed are you above all the wild beasts. and all the living creatures of the for persuasive, field! On your belly you will crawl.

and dust you will eat all the Niagara College, days of your life. 3:15 And I will put hostility between you and the woman. and between your offspring and conclusion essay her offspring; her offspring will attack your head, and you will attack her offspring’s heel.” 3:16 To the woman he said, “I will greatly increase your labor pains; with pain you will give birth to children. You will want to control your husband, but he will dominate you.” 3:17 But to Adam he said, “Because you obeyed your wife.

and ate from the tree about i want articles, which I commanded you, ‘You must not eat from it,’ cursed is the Strathallan School, ground thanks to you; in painful toil you will eat of it all the days of your life. 3:18 It will produce thorns and thistles for you, but you will eat the grain of the field. 3:19 By the sweat of your brow you will eat food. until you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; for you are dust, and to dust you will return.” 3:20 The man named his wife Eve, because she was the mother of all the living. 3:21 The Lord God made garments from skin for Adam and his wife, and clothed them. 3:22 And the Lord God said, “Now that the man has become like one of us, knowing good and evil, he must not be allowed to stretch out his hand and take also from the tree of writing Hanze of Applied Sciences life and eat, and live forever.” 3:23 So the Lord God expelled him from the orchard in Eden to cultivate the ground from which he had been taken. 3:24 When he drove the man out, he placed on the eastern side of the orchard in Eden. angelic sentries who used the flame of a whirling sword to guard the conclusion essay, way to the tree of life. Lord, the writing essay College, temporary alliance between the serpent and Eve is the same as he seeks with us, one where we displace You in favor of our flesh.

May I remember when I am tested that the choices are always the for persuasive Strathallan, same, I choose You or the improving Hanze University Sciences, Enemy – may I mature in my faith daily so that I increasingly choose You in all things. The consequences of disobedience were terrible then, and are now as well. May I be mindful that when I wander from Your Lordship I also wander from Your protection and wisdom. Conclusion Essay Strathallan! Even though You had to be profoundly-troubled and righteously-offended Your grace triumphed and Your loving-care was displayed. May I rest in the certainty that I am loved, beyond my foolish sin, by the One true Lord God of Creation.

Humankind made a terribly-wrong choice and You graciously blocked the path (to the Tree of Eternal Life) to protect them from unrecoverable harm. May I trust You so that when it becomes obvious that you have blocked a path or closed a door I will not rebel. Purity, in write a review of Hertfordshire (Navitas), Your eyes, means peace with You. May I seek after the purity that You desire for me so that I may be at peace with Your and find my peace in You. According to conclusion for persuasive Strathallan School, the NET Greek/Hebrew dictionary the qualifying term “tricked” for “The serpent” indicates an authoritative, perhaps king-like, relationship to Eve in the article Niagara College, which she felt unequal. Given her life-experience, versus that of the conclusion essay School, Enemy, she may have felt at a disadvantage, but it does not excuse her failure to consult the Lord God first. God immediately addressed the writing essay College, serpent ? asking no questions, hearing no lies, speaking only truth ? declaring that the conclusion Strathallan School, serpent had indeed deceived Eve, that Eve had joined him in how to write a review of Hertfordshire, rebellion, and that she had then solicited Adam to join them in rebellion. God declared the curse upon the serpent: “Because you have done this, cursed are you above all the essay, wild beasts and all the write the article Niagara College, living creatures of the field!” So all of the wild beasts and living creatures of the field were now cursed, but even more so the serpent, who was estranged and isolated from conclusion Strathallan, them and how to the article College condemned “on your belly you will crawl” humiliated to wallow in the dust rather than merely walk upon it.

The animals lived in harmony with one another and man, but now cursed they (all of the conclusion Strathallan, animals, humankind, and the serpent alike ) would have to struggle, strive, suffer, and die. Write College! Adam’s mastery/ownership of the animals doomed them to conclusion, his fate. The alliance of the serpent with Eve was more than terminated, it became adversarial, her descendants versus his ? “her offspring will attack your head, and you will attack her offspring’s heel.” Both are potentially fatal attacks; the bite to the heel being toxic (sin), the blow to the head being destructive (righteous judgment). Despite their devastating rebellion the Lord God still allowed Adam and Eve to experience the awe of “creation” through their bodies. The Lord God addressed the consequences of the a tok MacDuffie School, choices made by the woman, declaring that reproduction would become an uncomfortable process; knowing that her children and her children’s-children would come into a fallen world and that the Fall was largely her fault. She would also experience physical pain as a result of her pre-Fall imperfect choices, though her existential pain that would prove the most troubling.

As the first human agent in promoting sin, Eve enticed Adam to join her in rebellion; consequently, as part of the curse, she would continue in her efforts to control him, but the Lord God said that Adam would have the upper hand – a dominant role. The Lord defined the for persuasive Strathallan, nature of the essay MacDuffie, male-female relationship post-Fall as a constant ebb and flow of females using manipulation to for persuasive essay, gain control and males using power to dominate. Humankind and fallen-angel/serpent - engaged in a rebellion over the unauthorized use of a particular fruit tree - Adam was cursed to sweat for his food, the ground would produce thorns where it previously produced only beautiful vegetation, and the serpent would crawl in the dust. The Lord God addressed the hapless Adam, reminding him that because he had chosen Eve over His Lord, when he joined her in rebellion, he became the writing a critique essay Braemar, agent of the curse of the “ground.” [Note: Gen. Conclusion School! 1:9-10 defines “ground” as everything not covered with water, but that – per the NET translator’s notes - is picture writing auf dem, not the intent here. Instead, this curse of the “ground” means that every effort to reap the formerly easy bounty of food would henceforth require intense effort and sacrifice.] The Lord commanded that humankind would now suffer in the process of essay Strathallan acquiring food to eat because it was in eating-rebelliously that humans caused the Fall. The first man and write a review woman pridefully accepted the temptation of Satan. Conclusion For Persuasive Strathallan School! They, like him, attempted to become peers with the Lord God in immortality, knowledge, and power, yet they were instead doomed to write College, live frustrated, limited, and difficult lives. The NET translator’s notes include the Strathallan, following powerful observation: “In general, the themes of the curse oracles are important in the NT teaching that Jesus became the cursed one hanging on the tree. In his suffering and death, all of the motifs are drawn together: the tree, the sweat, the thorns, and the dust of death (see Ps.

22:15). Jesus experienced it all, to have victory over it through the a critique essay, resurrection.” Adam, post-Fall delegated by the Lord God to dominate the relationship, then named Eve. Note: Previously we observed that Adam named the animals but not his God-given “helper”; rather, he gave the conclusion Strathallan, title “woman” to her, illustrating her status as his equal partner in caring for Creation. The Fall changed everything and a tok School the “woman” became “Eve.” The name Eve was drawn from for persuasive essay Strathallan School, her role as the “life-giver,” the picture writing auf dem Rosenberg, one who bears children, and the one from whom all future children would descend.

Despite His righteous anger the Lord God still provided for conclusion for persuasive His children, giving them garments made of animal skins. By so doing God both recognized that the mere leafy coverings Adam and Eve had fashioned would not be adequate in write on article of Hertfordshire (Navitas), the fallen world and that disharmony now reigned – man would draw his needs from the beasts - and the rest of Creation - at a cost to his fellow creatures in Creation. The essence of the consequences of Adam and Eve’s failure of ‘the test of the tree’ was that humankind had ‘illegally’ acquired an unplanned and unhealthy (because they were not equipped to handle it) attribute of the Lord God - not originally given to essay Strathallan, them. The knowledge of good and how to write evil was a major new paradigm for which they were unprepared and which acquisition had required a major act of rebellion. Humankind now had to be protected from the worst of the essay Strathallan, consequences - eating from the tree of life – for that would have condemned them to be forever and write a review University of Hertfordshire (Navitas) irredeemably trapped in an alliance with Satan and at-enmity with the Lord. The Lord God removed humankind from Eden, before that could happen, as free will was still active after the Fall; therefore, a physical relocation was necessary.

So serious was the threat, so powerful the temptation (and perhaps now so undeserving of Eden was humankind), that the for persuasive Strathallan School, Lord God posted Heavenly sentries with whirling swords of flame to keep them and their descendants from ever returning to the Garden (and “the Tree of Eternal Life”) in their unredeemed condition. Only Jesus the Christ could create the circumstances where humankind could regain access to picture essay writing Institut auf dem Rosenberg, the gift of eternal life – without the curse. Everything changed in all of Creation as a result of the events recorded in Genesis Chapter 3. Not only were Adam and Eve and the serpent/Satan cursed, but all of Creation. Because the for persuasive Strathallan, Lord God had already given Creation over to “man”, when man turned from the Lordship of God to the Lordship of Satan, so also went the way of essay writing Rosenberg Creation. For Persuasive School! We must not expect to be comfortable in the article Niagara, this life; the Lord God said it would not be so. Conclusion For Persuasive Essay! Modern research in DNA has suggested that all races of man may be traced back to a single female source, from the region known as northeast Africa — their regional locators match the geographical markers for Eden given in on article University of Hertfordshire (Navitas), Genesis 2:10-14. Are the similarities of the Fall similar enough to conclusion essay School, the popular story of Robin Hood to be used as a lesson-illustration? (In the story when King Richard left for writing a tok essay the Crusades his less-ethical brother John assumed power and was entrusted with the care of Nottingham and Sherwood Forest, and he turned a beautiful place to one of conflict and evil.) How might we best use every blessing of God to equip ourselves to resist the fleshy temptations to both contest with one another and to conclusion for persuasive essay Strathallan, place fleshy things before the improving Hanze Sciences, priorities of the Lord? How would you use these texts to help people to understand that the nature of this fallen world is one of conflict, difficulty, and hopelessness and that genuine hope is essay Strathallan School, found only in the Lord? How would you help others to understand that when man ‘stole’ an attribute of the Lord God – one expressly forbidden to them - it was then that the trouble (estrangement and striving) began?

The consequences of Satan dragging man into the spiritual warfare between himself and the Lord God, when he successfully recruited Adam and Even into a state of rebellion, have been terrible. Articles School! Are we not combatants in that battle whether we want to be or not? (Understand that Jesus took Satan’s final deadly attack for you so that He could set you free.) Are we appropriately amazed to for persuasive essay Strathallan, see the how to a review University (Navitas), connections across the entirety of the Word of God, from Genesis through Revelation, and how the themes and truths of God reign supreme? The Lord God so loved Adam and Eve, and their descendants, that He provided for conclusion School their physical needs and their pathway to salvation from the writing essay Braemar College, consequences of their rebellion. For Persuasive Strathallan! We sometimes rebel the same as Adam and a critique College Eve: 1) exercising pride that causes us to brush aside the for persuasive, counsel of the Holy Spirit, 2) functionally-worshiping ‘idols’ such as fame, money, pleasure, power, or 3) neglecting those things that the Lord God says must be the priorities of our lives as Believers. What is your understanding of the teaching that we have the authority to “crush the head” of Satan (however he presents himself)? How may we exercise caution that Satan is not successful in his attack upon our “heel,” our very vulnerable areas in write on article University, day-to-day life choices?

When have you hear a teaching that explained the fact that man is treated in a fundamentally different way than the rest of Creation — all Creation is subservient to man as he navigates his way through life and back towards a right relationship with the Lord God? What are some ways that you have found yourself, or those around you, striving for perfection to gain access to/recreate an for persuasive essay School, “Eden” by pressing against “gates” that are guarded with flaming swords (knowing that the “new Eden” is i want to write articles online Westminster, accessible only conclusion for persuasive Strathallan, via Jesus and only at the end of how to the article Niagara College created-time? Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you at least one circumstance in your life, past or present, which still impacts you – a circumstance over which I have little or no control — and to show me how I can give it to Him “at the foot of the essay, Cross” and never allow Satan to picture essay Institut auf dem, use it to define me again, a place where the temptations of the conclusion for persuasive School, flesh are repeatedly used by Satan to drag you down from the holy lifestyle-place that the write Niagara, Lord God has prepared for you — be it gluttony, lust, pride, self-loathing, toys, or anything else that gets in the way, something specific about you that will remind you of the wonderful creative hand of God, and/or a specific way that you attempt to return to Eden via an effort to artificially re-create a place of perfection and/or of extreme safety. Today I will stop and thank Jesus for standing in the gap for conclusion essay Strathallan me. I will also acknowledge that there are some things confusing and distracting me – some, perhaps, that I have done (or that were done to me), some imperfection(s), or some difficult person — the key is my knowing (and understanding) that such things are proof that this is a fallen world. I will refuse to be abused by the Prince of Darkness and I will choose to stand with the Jesus, Prince of Light. I will confess and repent, request and improving writing accept the forgiveness of the Lord God, and conclusion then I will develop and implement an how to write Niagara College, accountability plan to resist that temptation. I will ask a fellow believer to pray in-agreement and to be my accountability partner.

Be Specific _________________________________________________. All Bible text is for persuasive essay, from the NET unless otherwise indicated - Note 1: These Studies often rely upon the guidance of the NET Translators from their associated notes. Careful attention has been given to cite that source where it has been quoted directly or closely paraphrased. Feedback is encouraged where credit has not been sufficiently assigned. Note 2: When NET text is quoted in commentary and discussion all pronouns referring to how to write on article of Hertfordshire, God are capitalized, though they are lower-case in the original NET text. Commentary text is from David M. Colburn, D.Min. unless otherwise noted. Copyright © 2012 by David M. Colburn. This is conclusion Strathallan School, a BibleSeven Study –“Genesis 3. Prepared by David M. Colburn and edited for write Niagara in August of 2012. This text may be used for non-profit educational purposes only, with credit; all other usage requires prior written consent of the author. In my 30's the Lord led me through some changes and challenges, and despite my resistance, He broke through and I finally came to faith in essay Strathallan School, 1990.

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