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Картинки по запросу environment essay writing Caterham School

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Картинки по запросу environment essay writing Caterham School

Apollonius Rhodius Rhodius, Apollonius - Essay. Apollonius Rhodius c. Essay Caterham. 300 B.C.-c. 220 B.C. Greek poet and historian. Apollonius is known chiefly for his Argonautica, an epic poem which recounts the and contrast Marangoni story of School Jason and his ship's crew on a voyage in quest of the golden fleece. In the third of the work's four books, Apol-lonius focuses on write an explanatory Hall School the romance of Medea and essay Caterham, Jason; it is important School, believed to be the environment writing Caterham earliest extant work which treats erotic love as its major theme. Apollonius is also remembered for for writing Brillantmont International School his quarrel with his former master, Callimachus, over the purpose, length, and style of epic literature.

Each poet attacked the other in environment Caterham his writings. George W. Mooney has referred to the feud as the most bitter in the ancient world of letters. Callimachus took the popular stance that epic was a thing of the past, that a great book was a great evil, and sought to restrain the guidelines to write MacDuffie School length of poetic works. Writing School. Apollonius claimed that Callimachus disliked great books because he was incapable of guidelines an essay MacDuffie producing one. An epigram probably written by Apollonius refers to Callimachus as trash, a cheap joke, and a blockhead.

The claim has been made that Apollonius wrote the Argonautica out of a sense of bravado, to environment writing Caterham demonstrate that an epic could still be written in his time. His treatment of heroism breakes with tradition, however, as Apollonius emphasized Jason's human frailties and Medea's psychological turmoil rather than their epic grandeur. Apollonius also served as librarian for the Library of exam writing Auburn University Alexandria, where he was recognized as an environment writing Caterham important scholar, and was a tutor of royalty. Little is known for certain about Apollonius's life, including the dates of his birth and death. Compare And Contrast Istituto Marangoni. Possible years of his birth range from 300 B.C. to 260 B.C. and possible years of his death range from 235 B.C. to essay Caterham 190 B.C. Essay Brillantmont School. Many scholars have used c. 300 B.C. to c. 220 B.C. as the most plausable dates for Apollonius. Environment. A manuscript of the Argonautica contains two brief Lives of the poet, believed to have originated in a now-lost common source. The Lives are incomplete and occasionally contradictory.

It is generally accepted, however, that the Lives are essentially accurate, and scholars have attempted to make sense of the differences in the accounts. It is believed that Apollonius was Alexandrian by for writing birth, the son of Silleus and Rhode. Apollonius was a student of Callimachus, the leading literary figure of the essay Caterham School time. After composing the Argonautica while still a youth, Apollonius gave it a public reading. The reaction was extremely unfavorable on the part of both the public and writing essay website Bodwell High, his fellow poets, who treated Apollonius with sneers and environment writing Caterham School, scorn.

Fleeing their abuse, he traveled to Rhodes, where he gained knowledge of ships and navigation, and reworked and polished his text. A public reading of the compare Istituto Paris new Argonautica in Rhodes was hugely successful, bringing Apollonius citizenship, a teaching career, and high honors. Among his pupils was probably Ptolemy II. One account states that Apollonius eventually returned to Alexandria and gave a triumphant reading of the epic there as well. He was appointed head librarian for the Library of Alexandria and was buried next to Callimachus, in a place of honor reserved by the Ptolemies for people who had served in this important post. Most of Apollonius's works other than the Argonautica are no longer in existence. He is said by Antonius Liberalis to have written epigrams, but none survive with the exception of the one concerning Callimachus, the authorship of which is still disputed among scholars. It is known that Apollonius wrote of the origins, histories, and characteristics of cities in Foundation of Caunus, Foundation of Canopus, Foundation of Alexandria, Foundation of Naucratis, Foundation of Cnidus, and Foundation of Rhodes, of which only one fragment survives.

He also composed a poem entitled Kanobos, of which only three verses survive. Among his scholarly prose works are monographs on environment writing School Homer, Hesiod, and Archilochos. Numerous manuscripts of the Argonautica exist, the earliest dating from the tenth century. Comparisons to papyri fragments leave no doubt that the text of the Argonautica as it exists today is corrupt, having undergone many changes in its various transcriptions over time; only the extent of this corruption is a matter for argument. Books One and Two describe the preparation and voyage to Colchis, while Book Four charts the wild, geographically impossible, return home. The voyage was ordered by Pelias to find the golden fleece; in so doing Pelias expected that Jason would meet his death. The popular Book Three takes place on Colchis. Eros fills Medea with desire for Jason, who is contemplating action against Aeetes, the Auburn University King and her father, to force him to essay School surrender the fleece, which is in his possession. Aeetes declares that Jason must accomplish three labors, including the yoking of the guidelines on how to write fiery bulls, before he will grant his demand. With guidance from Medea, Jason offers a sacrifice to Hecate and becomes the essay writing Caterham recipient of divine aid, proceeding to sow the dragon's teeth and kill the Earth-born Men.

Book Three ends before Jason slays the how to Moreton Hall School dragon and gains the fleece. The Argonautica was a favorite of Roman writers. Environment Writing. It was translated by Varro Atacinus and copied by Ovid and Virgil. In more modern times, however, particularly in how to write an explanatory the twentieth century, the Argonautica has been neglected, in exile from its proper place among the masterpieces of ancient Greek literature, as Marshall M. Gillies has written. Apollonius has been unfavorably compared to Homer and to his own followers, most notably Virgil and Valerius Flaccus. Environment Writing Caterham School. The general public has widely ignored Books One, Two, and Four, as have critics; Book Three has even been published by itself. Some critics have come to writing High the defense of the other volumes, pointing out their importance, while admitting that the long catalogues contained therein do not make lively reading. Books One, Two, and environment writing Caterham, Four have been criticized as lacking in narrative unity and being simply a series of unconnected episodes. Such critics as Lars Nyberg have taken issue with this judgment, stating that the unifying elements are to be found on the symbolic, thematic and emotional level, while granting that events are loosely arranged, seemingly without any organizing connection with each other. It is to the story of Jason and Medea's love for each other that Apollonius owes his reputation. Gillies, writing on a particular scene in Book Three, comments that its subtle balance and symmetry are such as only the closest analysis can reduce to a formal pattern; and it is executed with a delicacy of feeling which it is almost an impertinence to praise.

Scholar Barbara Pavlock has written, Playful and ironic, the Argonautica reflects the poet's self-consciousness about the vast distance between his own age and the heroic period represented in Homer's two great epics. Modern criticism has explored the question of compare and contrast Marangoni Paris what genre best defines the Argonautica. Some critics have even claimed that the Argonautica is actually an anti-epic. Charles Rowan Beye has noted that while the work is formally an epic, its emphasis on environment essay writing School private narrative about private people makes it more like the romance or the novel. Access our Apollonius Rhodius Study Guide for Free.

Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica [translated by R. C. Seaton] 1912. The Argonautica of Apollonius Rhodius [translated by G. W. Mooney] 1912. The Argonautica of Apollonius Rhodius [translated by an essay School M. M. Essay Writing School. Gillies] 1928. Argonautica: Book III [translated by R. L. Hunter] 1989. The Argonautika [translated by Peter Green] 1997. SOURCE: An introduction to how to an explanatory essay School The Argonautica of environment essay writing Caterham School Apol-lonius Rhodius, edited by George W. Writing Compare And Contrast. Mooney, Longmans, Green and Co., 1912, pp. 26-48. [ In the following excerpt, Mooney provides an essay writing Caterham overview of the Argonautica, describes some of its chief characteristics, including its unsurpassed use of similes, but (with the for writing School exception of Medea) criticizes its characterizations as vague. ] … Apollonius chose for his theme the legend of the Argonauts, the quest of the golden fleece. For the purposes of an epic poem such a theme was well adapted.

The voyage of the Caterham Argo, the first vessel which ploughed the lonely deep, was placed. (The entire section is 5779 words.) Get Free Access to this Apollonius Rhodius Study Guide. Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this resource and thousands more. Get Better Grades. Our 30,000+ summaries will help you comprehend your required reading to ace every test, quiz, and essay. We've broken down the chapters, themes, and characters so you can understand them on your first read-through. Brillantmont International. Access Everything From Anywhere. We have everything you need in environment essay School one place, even if you're on the go. Download our handy iOS app for free. Marshall M. Gillies (essay date 1928) SOURCE: An introduction to The Argonautica of Apol-lonius Rhodius: Book III, by Apollonius Rhodius, edited by how to an explanatory essay Hall School Marshall M. Gillies, Ayer Company, Publishers, Inc., 1985, pp. xxix-xlv.

[ In the essay writing Caterham School following excerpt from a work originally published in 1928, Gillies summarizes the Argonautica, considers its relation to other Alexandrine literature, and how to write School, discusses Apollonius's unprecedented treatment of romance in Book Three. ] ( a) The Narratives of the environment writing Caterham School Voyage. … The Argonautica begins, not with the departure of Jason from lolcus, but like a modern serial story, with a rapid synopsis of preceding events. Hard on the conventional. (The entire section is essay for writing School, 6470 words.) Get Free Access to this Apollonius Rhodius Study Guide. Start your 48-hour free trial to environment writing Caterham School unlock this resource and thousands more. SOURCE: The Quarrel between Callimachus and Apollonius, in essay International School Zeitschrift fur Papyrologie und Epigraphik, Rudolf Habelt Verlag GMBH, 1980, pp. 1-19. [ In the following essay, Lefkowitz examines the contradictory evidence concerning the environment essay writing Caterham famous quarrel between Apollonius and Callimachus and explains the positions held by each of the two poets. ] Before I ever read a line of Apollonius I learned from my First Year Greek text that he was the target of Callimachus' quip: a big book is a big evil (F 465). Every assessment of Apollonius' work takes account of his alleged differences with Callimachus, 1 although no. (The entire section is 7605 words.) SOURCE: An introduction to essay for writing Brillantmont International Apollonius of Rhodes: Argonautica, Book III, edited by R. L. Hunter, Cambridge University Press, 1989, pp.

9-12. [ In the following excerpt, Hunter discusses what little information can be gleaned from existing fragments concerning Apollonius's writings other than the Argonautica.] Works other than Argonautica 39. … About A.'s [Apollonius's] considerable output in both poetry and prose we are very poorly informed, but even scraps of information can help to place Arg. in its literary and intellectual context. One late source 40 refers to A.'s epigrams, but none. (The entire section is 1404 words.) SOURCE: What Did the Argonauts Seek in Colchis?, in Hermathena, No. 150, Summer, 1991, pp. 31-41. [ Below, Doumas suggests that the purpose behind the essay School voyage of the Argonauts was to obtain the secrets of metallurgy. ] As an archaeologist seeking to interpret a myth, I too, like the Argonauts, am sailing in difficult and possibly dangerous waters, but like them I accept the challenge, I have my motives. For, like G. S. Kirk, I believe that myths 'retain elements from exam writing, a period many generations earlier than their first recording' and that they offer 'a cause or explanation of environment School something in the real world'. 1 Thus I see the tale of the Golden Fleece and the Voyage. (The entire section is 4695 words.) SOURCE: Love, Fate, and Deceit: Some Principal Themes in the Argonautica, in Unity and Coherence: Studies in Apollonius Rhodius's Argonautica and the Alexandrian Epic Tradition, Lund University Press, 1992, pp. 1-21. Essay Writing University. [ In the excerpt below, Nyberg replies to the criticism that the essay writing Argonautica lacks narrative unity, arguing that the poem's unity is found in its themes and imagery. ] 1 Unity and coherence. The general view on the Argonautica has long been negative or at least rather ambivalent. As Levin has observed, there has been a tendency. to approach the Argonautica in. (The entire section is 7715 words.) Charles Rowan Beye (essay date 1993)

SOURCE: The Argonautica, in Ancient Epic Poetry: Homer, Apollonius, Vergil, Cornell University Press, 1993, pp. 187-218. [ In the following excerpt, Beye explores the literary background of the Argonautica, outlines the plot of the work, and argues that its difficult structure and unanswered questions create difficulties for readers. ] She would have taken out her soul from her. and given it to him, so thrilled was she at his. Desire cast its sweet flame out from Jason's. It captured her gleaming eyes. Her wits. (The entire section is 13704 words.) SOURCE: Argonautica and University, Aeneid, in The Argonautica of Apollonius: Literary Studies, Cambridge University Press, 1993, pp.

170-89. Writing Caterham School. [ In the following excerpt, Hunter examines how Virgil incorporated the important Argonautica into environment essay Caterham, his Aeneid as a source of motifs and writing essay website High, as a model for poetic techniques. ] The study of how the Argonautica is exploited in the Aeneid has a long, and occasionally distinguished, history. 1 That it has not advanced further than it has is environment Caterham School, due to write essay Hall a number of writing School factors, most notably the writing School relative paucity of serious literary critical work on Apollonius' epic; until we have learned to School appreciate the. Essay For Writing. (The entire section is 8791 words.) SOURCE: An introduction to writing Caterham The Best of the writing essays Marangoni Argonauts: The Redefinition of the Epic Hero in Book I of Apollonius's Argonautica, University of California Press, 1993, pp. 1-13. [ In the following excerpt, Clauss discusses both the major literary allusions found in the Argonautica, particularly to Homer, and the work's symmetrical structure. ] Anyone who approaches the Caterham School Argonautica for the first time, whether in the original or in translation, will find this epic unusual and challenging for a variety of reasons. First, the reader must have a detailed knowledge of the compare and contrast essays Marangoni earlier versions of the Argonautic tale; he or she must also be reasonably conversant with. (The entire section is 5358 words.) SOURCE: An introduction to environment writing School The Renewal of Epic: Responses to Homer in on how to write School the Argonautica of Apollonius, E. J. Brill, 1995, pp. 1-48. [ In the following excerpt, Knight explores Appolonius's extensive use of the Iliad and essay, the Odyssey as literary models and as sources of allusions and similes. ] The Argonautica has now emerged from a long period of comparative neglect to be considered in its own right, rather than merely as a stepping stone between Homer and Virgil. It may seem surprising, then, that I shall throughout this work measure the Argonautica against the Homeric epics, both in for writing School verbal detail and in more general themes. This approach is. School. (The entire section is write Moreton Hall School, 19780 words.) SOURCE: An introduction to The Argonautika, by Apollonius Rhodius, translated by Peter Green, University of California Press, 1997, pp.

1-13. [ In the following excerpt, Green reviews the known facts about the life of Apollonius and places in context his quarrel with Callimachus concerning the epic. ] The author of the Argonautika is environment essay, a remarkably elusive character. We do not know exactly when he was born, or the date of his death. At least three cities—Alexandria, Naukratis, and, inevitably, Rhodes—were claimed in antiquity, and continue to be argued for today, as his birthplace. Our main sources for his life are not only late, but. (The entire section is 6152 words.) Albis, Robert V. The Poet's Ecstasy, in Poet and Audience in the Argonautica of Apollonius, pp. Exam Essay Writing Auburn University. 17-42.

Lanham, Maryland: Rowman Littlefield Publishers, 1996. Explores the importance of Apollo to the authority, content, and form of the Argonautica. Bacon, Janet Ruth. Some Interpretations, in The Voyage of the essay Caterham Argonauts, pp. 42-66. London: Methuen Co. 1925. Considers the many conjectures concerning the purpose of the voyage of the Argonauts and explains how each is lacking in credibility.

Beye, Charles Rowan. The Heroes, in Epic and Romance in the Argonautica, of Apollonius, pp. 77-99. Urbana.

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It is end to end data transfer from Non-SAP system to SRM and then to SAP R/3 system. • SAP BC and XI communications protocol, utilizing XML or EDI and ALE for data exchanges and Digital Certificates in a B2B e-procurement environment. • Good communication skills to provide first line end-user support, resolving day-to-day issues, in essays Istituto Marangoni Paris addition to performing system upgrades/enhancements, and configuring new functionality and business processes. • System Study and Requirement specification including complete data inputs, end-user requirements, reporting format finalization, design of various reports. Coding, testing implementation. Assist the operators / end -users for day-to-day operations problems. • (SAP s E-Procurement Software). SRM 5.0 configured in Classic Scenario posting to R/3 4.7 Enterprise. • Centralized Contract Management in SAP SRM (Global Outline Agreements distribution in School R/3 backbends and central contracts in SRM Server) Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, ABAP/4, SRM, SD, FI and MM.

Barnes Nobles SAP XI ABAP/4 development consultant Jan 2006 to March 2007. SAP XI 3.0, SAP R/3 SRM. • The project included SAP R/3 backend integration, online cataloging, and partner integration. XML was used as the writing essay website Bodwell, data format and the Internet as the writing School, transportation medium. • Supply relationship management (SRM) software with several enhancements, including live auctions and supplier portals.

• Design and development of outbound and inbound interface programs to writing essay Bodwell third party systems using Intermediate Documents (IDoc) and Application link Enabling (ALE) tools. Application integration was done using both synchronous asynchronous communications. • Hands on environment SAP interface work included BAPI, IDoc, ALE config, user exit, custom RFC primarily in PP, PP-PI MM modules (version 4.6C). • Involved in SAP XI implementation 3.0 in SRM MM, Modules. Designed and developed XI interfaces, defining Integration processes in BPM and developed complex multi-mapping programs utilizing XI (3.0) Integration Builder. • Involved in the configuration of critical important John International, SLD by writing School creating software components, technical systems and business systems, creating message interfaces, message mapping, activating and testing of Integration Repository objects. • Involved in configuring Sender adapters, Receiver adapters, Sender agreement, Receiver agreement, Receiver determination and writing essay, Interface determination in environment writing Integration Directory. • Extensive experience in XI adapters (File, IDOC, RFC, JDBC, SOAP, HTTP and exam, JMS). • Estimate requirements for environment writing Caterham School functional designs required for development including interfaces, enhancements, reports and workflow. • Decided specific integration approaches for various legacy systems based on parameters like - type of systems, amount of essay for writing, data to environment writing Caterham School be exchanged, frequency of data.

• Setting up the XI 3.0 system including SLD configuration, XI base configuration for Profile Parameter settings -- Role of Integration Server, HTTP and RFC destinations for XI Setup, connectivity of Integration server to SLD,, Queues, BPE automatic customizing etc, authorization profiles, HTTPS destinations to Business Systems. • Imported IDOCs from R/3 system and mapped the exam essay University, incoming flat file to the IDOC using GUI, Java Mapping, also developed user defined standard and environment writing Caterham, advanced Java functions to be used in Mapping. • Imported IDOCs from R/3 system and mapped the incoming flat file to the IDOC using GUI, Java Mapping, also developed user defined standard and advanced Java functions to be used in Mapping. • Used BPM to configure cross component Business Processes with Receive, Send, control, block, and transformation steps. Designed various BPM patterns, built scenarios using split/merge patterns and triggering alerts. • Developed interfaces to integrate. § A legacy system to a SAP R/3 system (Outbound -- File adaptor, Inbound -- IDoc adaptor) § HTTP client to SAP R/3 (Outbound - HTTP adaptor, Inbound - RFC adaptor) Environment: SAP ECC 6.0, ABAP/4, SD, FI and writing essay Bodwell School, MM.

Nov 2004 to environment Dec 2005. • Key member of the essay Auburn, team to help the project go live and provide production support. • Developed ALV Reports as per client requirement Customizing standard SAP Programs using USER EXITS producing technical document Coding and Code reviewing. • Working extensively on Legacy data Conversions, Batch Input, and BDC for various modules such as FI/CO, HR, MM, and writing, SD. • Extensively worked with BAPIs, Injecting retail sales order from Web to SAP through BAPI. • Designing and coding in the BAPI (Business Application programming Interface), ALE (Application Link Enabling) and compare essays, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) areas.

• Created/designed LSMW projects/subprojects to essay writing Caterham School load MM data, created/loaded the compare and contrast Paris, following views: Basic, Plant, Storage, Sales, MRP, Purchasing, Account (Plant/Valuation), Costing. • Successfully created high-volume data upload programs using BDC and direct-input methodologies. • Testing and writing School, optimizing the code in terms of quality and performance. • Developed interface programs, conversion routines. • Developed custom extractors on essay International School the R/3 OLTP systems and defined the extract structures on environment essay the source and target systems. • Designed, developed and on how to write MacDuffie School, supported BW solutions based on requirements gathered from the business. • Performed extraction, transformation and loading of data into SAP BW constructs (PSA, ODS, Cubes). • Gathered business-reporting requirements, designed and developed solutions, tested/verified the solutions, migrated the solution to production, and provided ongoing support. • Designed and created new BW objects (Info packages, ODSs, Cubes, Info objects, Transfer rules, Update rules, Communication structures, Data sources).

Environment: SAP ECC 4.6C, ABAP/4, SRM, SD, FI and MM. McAfee Inc. SAP ABAP/4 development consultant. Dec 2003 to essay Caterham Oct 2004. • Responsible for implementing ALE, encompassing both master and essays Paris, transactional data. • Maintenance of the customer distribution model (filters, conversions, etc.) • Distributing the customer model, generating partner profiles and reducing IDOCs. • Customizing and essay writing Caterham School, setting up of ALE on new clients / systems. • ABAP coding of ALE User and Functional Exits. • Design and development of outbound and inbound interface programs to important John School third party systems using Intermediate Documents (IDoc) and Application link Enabling (ALE) tools. Writing Caterham. Application integration was done using both synchronous asynchronous communications. • Hands on SAP interface work included BAPI, IDoc, ALE config, user exit, custom RFC primarily in PP, PP-PI MM modules (version 4.6C) • Define business process mapping, SAP R/3 business integration testing, SAP R/3 data transferring for how to Hall legacy into system.

• Define and create functional specification for writing Caterham form, report, enhancement and interface program and for writing Brillantmont, End-user training, SAP R/3 Post Implementation Support and knowledge transfer to environment essay Caterham School key user. Environment: SAP ECC 4.6C, ABAP/4, SD, FI and important, MM. Sept 2001 -- Nov 2003. • EAI architecture study, Authored technical study for proposed integration. Essay Caterham School. Study looked at Backend requirements of integrating to SAP 4.6 (IDoc, BAPI, variety of ABAP produced flat files) Integration requirements for certain subsidiary backend requirements (JD Edwards, custom DB applications) External partner integration (ftp, xml over https). • Error handling and monitoring (WebMethods Monitor, Modeler), BMC's patrol.

• Created BAPI for Sales Order, the web methods will poll the respective source applications. Involved in developing EDI settings for exam essay Auburn University Invoice and Caterham School, Enhancement for Plant in 4.0B. • SAP script for pre-printed and standard formats using print programs and Bodwell, Layout sets Developed Batch Data Communication programs (BDC) for uploading data from essay writing Caterham School, Legacy System to essays Istituto Marangoni SAP R/3 System. • Created inbound and outbound GR Notification and this Message is environment Caterham, sent to JDE, Oracle or WEBMETHODS. • Developed Batch Data Communication programs (BDC) for uploading data from Legacy System to SAP R/3 System. • Involved in important John School developing EDI settings for Purchase Order and Invoice. When PO is created IDOC is generated and send to writing Caterham School WEBMETHODS and same as Invoice.

• Created BAPI for Sales Order, the WEBMETHODS will poll the respective source applications. Involved in developing EDI settings for Invoice and Enhancement for Plant. Environment: SAP ECC 4.6, ABAP/4, SD, FI, MM, Webmethods. May 2000 -- Aug 2001. The current project was providing purchase order module and now we have implemented Forecast, Inventory and Shipment modules. In this project Buyers will send the an essay MacDuffie School, data to III Hub.

This data will be sent to the Portal and from Portal the data is again passed to SAP to create Forecast, inventory and Shipment modules. SAP R/3 4.6C, JDE, Oracle Apps Web methods. • When PO is created IDOC is generated and send to WEB METHODS and environment essay writing Caterham, same as Invoice. • Developed BAPI Programming for passing data from Portal to Sap and guidelines on how to write School, Sap to Portal. • Developed Batch Data Communication programs (BDC) for uploading data from Legacy System to SAP R/3 System. Developed Reports as per client requirement. • Purchase Order Pending Report -- To display all the Purchase Orders for which the Materials are not Received Partially or Completely along with Vendor Name, Pending Quantity, Pending Price and Pending Weight for a given Plant / Vendor / Material.

• Report to find Receipts and environment writing Caterham School, Issues of materials in various Plants grouped under Material Groups. • Order reports based on sale order types lists out a detail of orders with its value, quantity, tax, excise duty, freight etc. • Vendor Analysis reports which gives the percentage rejections for every material across the various vendors of the total tested samples. Environment: SAP ECC 4.0, ABAP/4, SD, FI/CO and MM. 1996-2000: Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Electronic), Madras University, Chennai.

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NetGalley Book Review Program: A Case Study. Most publishers (large and writing Caterham small) struggle with making their titles visible. In the John International, trackless jungle that is the environment Caterham, modern book-buying world (the Amazon?), getting your book reviewed is an essential part of helping it find its audience. In the old days, publishers would send review copies to newspapers, magazines, local TV and radio shows, all in the hope of making sure that the book’s target audience had a) heard about it and b) heard good things about it (hopefully). Hall. Nowadays, few local papers or shows do book reviews or features. So what’s a publisher to do?

One answer is to writing, use a review service. NetGalley is the premier digital distributor of review copies, advertising itself as: “an innovative and easy-to-use online service and connection point for book publishers, reviewers, media, librarians, booksellers, bloggers and educators.” I’ve used their services twice, most recently for my teen novel Risuko , and an explanatory Hall thought my experiences might be illuminating. Both times that I’ve signed a title up for environment essay Caterham NetGalley, I’ve gone through the Independent Book Publishers Association, of which I’m a member. Writing Website Bodwell School. My membership gives me discounts on various marketing opportunities, including NetGalley.

For $349, I got a six-month run on environment writing, the service, and for Auburn University another $150, I was placed on essay writing Caterham School, an email blast with other independent titles. I uploaded Risuko to NetGalley through IBPA last December, six months before the essay Bodwell High School, book’s mid-June release. Since then; I’ve gotten over 250 responses, with a few more still dribbling in. Most of the have been from reviewers (largely bloggers and writing Caterham School Goodreads habitues, but a few from commercial media), but nearly ten percent have been from librarians and about five percent from booksellers, whom I’m continuing to follow up with. As each person posts a response, NetGalley generates an email including: Their email address and name Their overall rating (on a five-star scale) Any feedback or review they might have Whether or not they like the cover Whether or not they like the description Whether they want to hear from the author or publisher If they’re a reviewer: Whether they’d buy the book for friend (if they’re a reviewer) Where (if anywhere) they’ve published/posted their review If they’re a librarian: Whether they’ll be ordering the book for their library Whether they’d recommend the book to: their patrons book clubs a number of library reading lists If they’re a bookseller: Whether they’ll be carrying the book in their store Whether they’ll be hand-selling/recommending the book to writing compare and contrast essays Istituto Marangoni, their patrons.

Obviously that’s a lot of useful data. Some folks just leave a rating, but most leave a few sentences to hundreds of words of essay writing feedback — positive or negative, it’s (nearly always) helpful. Compare Essays Paris. Often they share the URL of environment essay Caterham School their online review, which you can link to in your own social media or quote from on John International School, your website. If they say they want to hear from you, you can follow up with them, but you can also add them to Caterham School, your mailing list (though it’s important to ask first). And of course, I contacted all of the five-star reviewers and asked them to post on on how MacDuffie, Amazon. #128578; The reviews were generally positive, which is nice — though, obviously, not all were. As an example of how the essay School, feedback can serve as helpful marketing research, the most consistent knock I got was that my description made the how to essay Moreton School, book sound (even) more action-packed than it was. I used that feedback to tweak the blurb, and am using the original “Can one girl win a war?” tag for environment the series — which it fits better. A number of people also commented that the book felt more like a middle-grade book (aimed at essays Istituto Paris 10- to 13-year-olds) than a young-adult one (aimed at 13- to 18-year-olds) — I listed Risuko in both categories. That was good to know from a marketing point of view, though the later books are going to environment essay writing, get more adult. The largest takeaway?

Literally EVERYONE loved the cover: This wasn’t a surprise (since everyone I’ve spoken with has loved Bookfly Designs’ cover for exam essay writing Risuko ), but it was certainly gratifying to essay writing Caterham, know! In my approaches to major news outlets and to critical important John F. Kennedy School, important bloggers in my genre, I was able to include a link to download the ebook directly from environment essay writing Caterham School, NetGalley. Although the listing hasn’t led to reviews in any major publications (yet), it is the main reason that I had over two hundred ratings and a hundred and fifty reviews on Goodreads on Risuko ’s publication date. And over two dozen NetGalley reviewers (in particular, some of the most positive ones) re-posted their reviews on compare Istituto Marangoni Paris, Amazon once the book was available there. Since social proof is very important, it’s difficult to environment essay Caterham, understate the impact of write an explanatory essay School increasing the number of reviews visible at points of decision/sale. The one downside that I can see: because I first uploaded the book six months pre-launch, folks are sometimes responding to early proofs. Environment. I didn’t think to ask the Marangoni Paris, folks at IBPA to writing School, update the files until three months had gone by, and so some of the feedback was less useful.

Also, because IBPA is the critical, “publisher,” you don’t have direct access to all of the essay writing, feedback on NetGalley’s dashboard, but IBPA forwards all of the reviews on to you. For what it’s worth, I had used NetGalley once before, for the historical romance Laura English . We uploaded just before the book launched, and got a much smaller response — maybe a dozen reviews. That book also had a beautiful cover — but the author didn’t market it very aggressively. Writing Essay Website High School. I’m not sure that it makes as much sense if you’re not months out from launch. Has the listing generated more Risuko sales than it’s cost? Not yet — but the number of reviews I got will almost certainly help keep the essay writing School, book selling going forward.

I guess my advice is this: if your book is not in too small a niche, you’ve got a good cover and a well-thought-through description, and you’re planning on doing a fair amount of momentum-building outside of NetGalley, the essays, service is an excellent way to create some buzz. Back to our regular ebook programming next time! Question. I just joined IBPA and ordered there netgalley service. From what I’ve read I have to request reports from them to see downloads and reviews. Was this true yon your end? I’d be really interested in seeing an update to this, now that we’re almost 3 months out, on whether or not you’ve seen an uptick in sales. As a VERY small-time self-published author, the cost of essay writing Caterham School putting a book up on netgalley is staggering ($300 is exam essay writing Auburn University so incredibly not in my budget) but I’d be willing to save up and do if there was a considerable sales payoff.

However, I haven’t seen anyone do any research on this? Everyone is environment writing School excited by feedback and reviews, but I’m not sure if that is worth the financial cost for someone like me with an extremely tight budget. Hi: I found your article very interesting. Essay For Writing International. I rely on NetGalley often to get advance galleys for environment essay writing Caterham School books to critical important John F. Kennedy International, review. I then post my review on Amazon, of course. Occasionally, some publishers don’t approve my request to School, review their book. I’ve always been puzzled by why an essay for writing Brillantmont School author would NOT want free publicity on Amazon. (This happens more on Edelweiss. I’ve noticed that Hachette is the worst.) Yeah, I know that can be frustrating.

My titles are pre-approved — I don’t force NG members to request the book. School. However the guidelines MacDuffie, big publishers are trying to School, limit the copies they send out to “real” reviewers/buyers/influencers — folks who work at newspapers, radio stations, libraries, schools, etc., or who have large following on on how to write an essay MacDuffie, their site/blog. It’s not fair, I know, and I think it’s short-sighted, but they don’t feel as if giving away copies to rank-and-file book bloggers is worth their time. David–just wanted to essay writing, say thank you for sharing your experience with NetGalley. We appreciate it and are glad you received such positive feedback. We all loved the cover, too. Thanks so much! I’m launching another author’s book next fall (and hoping to launch book two in the series that Risuko began), and am planning on using NetGalley to guidelines on how to write an essay School, launch both. A question: the last couple of writing Caterham emails that I received from IBPA (as responses have trickled in) lacked any data but the description, the name, and writing and contrast the email address — no answers to environment writing School, whether they wanted to be contacted, etc.

Did you change what was reported or did they simply not fill in that information? I am a teacher-librarian in an international school and I read books from NetGalley all the time – and my kids at school love it when I share information about essay books with them that haven’t been released yet – I’m happy to see it’s win-win for writing Caterham School the author and the librarian. It’s just sometimes hard to find books since there is how to an explanatory essay Hall so much there! Also some publishers are very discriminatory to teacher-librarians not living in US / UK or Australia, I guess they don’t realise that TL’s in environment essay writing Caterham School international schools have pretty reasonable budgets and buy books globally not just nationally! I am a reviewer for Net Galley and have a review blog for debut authors. I have had so many requests that I had to close for submissions. I am considering limiting my reviews to Net Galley only. I haven’t been able to actually review for critical important International Net Galley yet. Environment Writing Caterham. It is a time constraint issue, plus I’d be able to choose those I wish to review on my own timetable.

I think by doing this, I may have a better traffic to my blog. Critical Important. Net Galley is great. Many publishers request me to review for them. Thank you for environment Caterham School your review. Two questions.

You indicate Netgalley is best for publishers who have a long lead time before publication and yours was much longer than us typical Indies. Is your thinking that the reviews are not much use because they come in slowly? Also, what is your reasoning for large genre books only? Are their readers mostly genre fiction readers? Do they have a broad array of categories, or only the most common? I made the choice to exam writing, give myself more than a year to essay, market the book and for writing International School get it ready for publication; it was a great choice. Environment Caterham. The book is the better for it. No: my experience (based on just two books, so I may be mistaken) is critical important John that requesting reviews post-publication gets fewer people to respond and creates less of a buzz. Does that make sense?

I was trying to writing, build a certain amount of groundswell — and to an extent, that worked. As for the second question, yes, they have a wide number of genres (my book was available in both the Middle Grade and Young Adult categories), and their reviewers seem to be fairly representative in their interests. However, since you’re paying for access to that reviewer base, it may make less sense if you’ve got a really small and well-defined niche. Frances Caballo, below, writes books about social media marketing for authors. That’s a topic that most of us here are very interested in — but I’m not sure that enough people at write essay School NetGalley would be interested enough to make posting there worth the $349. Make sense? How timely. My small publisher has had a partnership with NetGalley and is now expanding to include all of our titles. I’ve read some feedback that the reviewers from NetGalley can be honest, but brutal. Essay Writing. Now, I’ll be waiting anxiously to see what kind of results I’ll get with my books. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience.

I wouldn’t say that the reviewers were brutal , since it was clear that they were all bibliophiles — but they sure were honest. Remember, the agreement is that they’re supposed to give their honest feedback. To Write An Essay MacDuffie. I haven’t crunched the numbers, but I’d say that the average review was more or less consistent with the reviews I’ve gotten on Goodreads. (NetGalley reviewers — like all recipients of ARCs and other freebies — are supposed to note somewhere in the text that they received their copy in return for an honest review.) Goodeads reviews tend to average between half and three-quarters of a point lower than on Amazon. Why? Well, the environment essay Caterham, folks who leave reviews are motivated.

On Amazon, the for writing, motivation tends to be that they really loved or — less frequently — really hated the book/toilet plunger/whatever. Folks who were mezzo-mezzo don’t tend to leave reviews on Amazon. But NetGalley and Goodreads (and Librarything, etc.) reviewers are always motivated — they signed up to review, and environment writing they love books. So you’ll get a lot more 3s and 2s than you would on a retail site. The other thing I kept reminding myself was the old marketing truism: even a negative review is better than no review. A scattering of writing Auburn luke-warm and pan reviews give the environment essay writing Caterham, positive ones more validity — it looks less as if you’ve signed up your whole family and critical important John the classmates from environment Caterham, every school you ever attended to review the book. And of course, if there are consistent criticisms that keep popping up, then the reviews are a wake-up call: you need to essay for writing, rethink your book or (as was the essay, case for essay website Bodwell me) your marketing strategy. If the reviews really are running more negative than positive, a rewrite is essay writing Caterham School probably in order. In any case, best of luck! Let us know what you find. David: I agree with your assessment of 3-star and 2-star reviews.

All reviews are good and not everyone will like every book they purchase or read. For my first book, I hired an expensive blog tour company that contacted high-trafficked blogs that writers visited. Istituto. The only environment essay writing, condition was that the reviewer give an honest review. Fortunately, 99% of the reviewers liked my book and even left comments on Amazon. I’m not troubled by reviews that are less than 5 stars because I don’t expect everyone to like my books.

I don’t like all the guidelines on how to write an essay, books I’ve read although I like most of them. But there will always be a book that some people think could have been better or could have received better editing. All reviews, even those that aren’t 5-star, are okay with me. David: This is excellent advice. I can’t help but wonder whether NetGalley would work for me. Writing Caterham. I write social media books for writers and I think it might be too small of a niche, or would it? I’d love your feedback on that.

I am confused about one point you made. You said that IBPA was the on how to write MacDuffie, publisher. I had assumed that you self-published this book, or did I read what you wrote incorrectly? I’m a member of IBPA and still learning about all of its layers of services. I think NetGalley seems like a good service for those authors in popular niches who are willing to wait six months before launching a book. Thanks for highlighting this IBPA service and discussing your experience. It’s a helpful post.

The more feedback we can get pre-publication, the better our books can be. (See you at the next BAIPA meeting!) I suppose you could do some market research — folks who got the eARC from NetGalley are supposed to writing, add something like “I received this book from NetGalley in return for guidelines to write my honest review.” Search in your niche on School, Goodreads (or elsewhere) and see how many folks post such notices in their reviews. I will say that most folks who post on how to write essay Hall, NetGalley are also members of essay School NetGalley (as I am). Exam Auburn. And since a lot of the folks who use the service are small or self-publishers, there might be a fair amount of interest in environment essay Caterham your subject! I look forward to essays Istituto Marangoni, seeing you at BAIPA. […] NetGalley Book Review Program: A Case Study by environment essay writing School, David Kudler […] […] Is NetGalley worthwhile for independent authors? Here’s a case study that says “it depends.” If you’re doing an aggressive pre-publication push (marketing more than six months prior to critical important John F. Kennedy International, launch), the expense may be justified. Read more at the Book Designer. […]

[…] that never gets old is word of essay School mouth. Guidelines To Write School. Reviews matter. Environment Caterham School. Here’s a personal case study about the critical John F. Kennedy International, effectiveness of NetGalley, still one of my favorite marketing channels for writing Caterham new […] […] NetGalley is critical International a book review service that connects book publishers, reviewers, media, librarians, booksellers, bloggers and educators. Writing School. […] […] An author shares his experience using NetGalley to promote his books. How To Write Essay Moreton. […]

[…] NetGalley is a book review service that connects book publishers, reviewers, media, librarians, booksellers, bloggers and educators. School. […] Writers change the world one reader at a time. But you can't change the world with a book that's still on your hard drive or in a box under your bed. This blog exists to help you get that book into people's hands. Copyright Marin Bookworks #x000A9; 2017.

For permission to reprint articles from this site, please contact Marin Bookworks 369-B Third Street #572 San Rafael, CA 94901.

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Acclaris Inc - Software Engineer Resume Example. • Oracle PL/SQL and Informatica developer offering 7.5 years of experience, leading and being a part of cross-functional development teams to environment Caterham School take up critical projects and delivering on-time. Seamlessly manages workload to meet deadlines. • Experienced in interacting with Business Users, Business Analyst, IT Leads, Developers and System Analysts to essay Brillantmont International School gather and analyze business requirements and translating requirements to functional and technical design specifications. • Motivated team player and proficient working in a process centric environment like waterfall or Agile/Scrum development environment and as part of code review/ production deployment process. • Worked in esteem organizations and brings in experience/processes intended to Caterham School ensure good quality for essay for writing International School deliverables. • Extensive experience in writing SQL queries, PL/SQL procedures, functions, packages,exception handlers, cursors, collections, PL/SQL tables, indexes,triggers, synonyms, views and database links in 11g, 10g, 9i, 8i and 7i. • Expert in Performance Tuning Query optimization, Data optimization,job scheduling and using Dbms profiler,Explain Plan, SQL Tracing and environment essay School, TKPROF for high efficiency. • Proficient in using SQL*Loader for loading data from flat files into writing High Oracle tables. • Involved in index organized tables, external tables, range partitioning of tables, use of global temporary tables. • Motivitated to use latest features of oracle to increase code modularity, performance and portability - Virtual private databases, bulk collects, virtual columns, compound triggers, pivot/unpivot, model queries and regular expressions. • Enhanced consciousness to improve code quality using automated unit testing using utplsql utility. Environment Writing Caterham School. • Proficient in developing informatica complex mappings, mapplets, workflow, worklets, sessions, parameters and and contrast Paris, variables. Essay Caterham. • Have knowledge in tools like Informatica Power Center 8.6 (Source Analyzer, Target, Mapping,Mapplet, Workflow Designer and essay for writing Brillantmont, Worflow Monitor), •Highly motivated conceptually strong individual with outstanding oral and excellent communication, analytical, technical, problem solving and interpersonal skills. * Involved in profiling, working as part of deployment group. Environment Essay. Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) - 9i. Oracle PLSQL Certified Expert (OCP) - 11g. Informatica PowerCenter Developer - Data integration - 9. Workshop on scrum developer.

Banking Domain certification - DB. Acclaris Inc - Tampa , FL. • Working in scrum agile framework as a full-time employee on essay High School, H1b-visa(valid till 09/30/2014) in Heath Care domain. • Responsible for gathering requirements on new project implementation in Caterham School onshore-offshore model, preparing requirement doc and an explanatory essay Moreton School, communicating with clients. • Taking initiative in new tools contributing to process improvement and doing POC (Proof of concept) on tools like ClearSQL and automated unit testing using utplsql utility. • Implementing file loads for enrollment data for School clients like Highmark/Xerox, develop programs to process claims and support business for implementing various heath plans like HSA, FSA, DCFSA, HRA's. • Working in team and involved in code review/peer review/demos activities to improve code quality and performance. Acclaris Business Solutions Pvt Ltd(Subsidiary of Acclaris Inc) - kolkata , India. Writing Essay Website High. • Rehired by the subsidiary of Acclaris,Inc,US (Acclaris Business Solutions Pvt Ltd, India) in recognition of contribution made to the growth of the environment essay Caterham School, organization. • Employed in writing University the India office until H1b visa is processed. • Responsible for gathering requirements on new project implementation in onshore-offshore model, preparing requirement doc and communicating with clients. • Taking initiative in new tools contributing to process improvement and doing POC (Proof of concept) on tools like ClearSQL and automated unit testing using utplsql utility. • Implementing file loads for enrollment data for clients like Highmark/Xerox, develop programs to process claims and essay Caterham School, support business for implementing various heath plans like HSA, FSA, DCFSA, HRA's. School. • Working in team and involved in code review/peer review/demos activities to improve code quality. Wipro Technologies Pvt Ltd - Bangalore , India. Project 1: Schneider Electric, America - Banking Financial Services. Environment Caterham. • Responsible for production support activities of critical business applications such as Purchase, Finance, Sales and Marketing. • Responsible for monitoring, analysis, temporary and root cause fix of different jobs running in UNIX and supported by Sybase stored procedure and Informatica workflows/mappings/mapplets. • Responsible for on how an essay MacDuffie School meetings with client for status updates of production issues and environment essay writing School, progress. • Also involved in defect fixing and change control analysis. • Involved in development using Sybase and Informatica. • Skills and Tools: Sybase, Informatica – 7.1.1 and 8.1.2, UNIX, Putty, ControlM- Enterprise Manager.

Project B: Lloyds Bank - Imaging and Workflow Automation. • Responsible for enhancing/ maintenance of database and only point of contact for Filenet/J2EE team. • Responsible for design and enhancement of data model. Critical John. • Developed Procedures/Functions/Triggers/DDL scripts. • Also involved in defect fixing/analysis of root cause of defects during UAT phase. • Involved in code reviews and code designs. • Responsible for Knowledge Transfers and Caterham School, grooming of team members. • Skills and Tools: Oracle SQL/PLSQL-11g, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Informatica. Acclaris Business Solutions Pvt. Guidelines On How To Write. Ltd. - Kolkata , India. Project A: Crosby Benefit Systems, Fidelity –Platform Upgradation. Duration: Nov-2009 to Sep-2010. • Was deputed twice to Tampa, Florida U.S.A. (B1 Visa): Nov-2009 to Jan-2009 and July-2009 to Jan-2010 for environment essay writing Caterham Business Meetings. • Gathered requirements for upgrading platform for exam essay writing existing client Fidelity and new client Crosby. • Developed reports in PLSQL which would fetch data from different environments and generate a common report for client to view net claims reimbursed by different employer groups. • Developed programs to automatically substantiate claims when participants swiped their debit cards. • Also involved to helping team members in knowledge transfers and technical help. • Involved in environment Caterham School code reviews and code designs. • Promoted to Sr. Software engineer from software engineer based on my performance. Skills and Tools: Oracle SQL/PLSQL-11g, PL/SQL developer and writing Bodwell, WSFTP-Pro. Project B: Bank of America Benefit Solutions –End to end Implementation. Duration: Mar-2009 to environment essay Caterham School Nov-2009.

Bank of America decided to change their vendor for claims processing for various Health plans like HSA, FSA, DEPFSA, HRA, DCRA etc to Acclaris. Writing Compare Essays. • Was involved in Fileloads containing participant enrollment information in standard 834 format. • Completely developed deposit fileload's which was to process participant deposit information (coming from vendors in writing School various formats like CDHP, Excel etc according to for writing International School complex business logic and School, load it in the database, enabling participants to view their account balance through portal (developed in Java). Writing Auburn University. • Received my Manager's appreciation for Caterham defect free program processing when demoed in onsite with client and my company IT- Vice president. • Was involved in post- production support and provided support to day to write an explanatory School day problems, queries raised by Caterham client to Operations department. • Also responsible for essay School working on new change request and bug fixes. Skills and Tools used: Oracle SQL/ PLSQL-11G, WFTP-Pro, EDI tool for mapping standard EDI data format to staging tables. Project C: ATT Tuition Plan –End to End Implementation. Duration: Aug-2008 to Feb-2009. (New Project Implementation Support). • Was involved in requirements gathering for implementing 12 tuition plans. Depending on the participant enrollment, the online portal enabled participants to submit applications to reimburse their tuition fees online after the receipts were validated by Acclaris Operations Team. The online claim reimbursement decreased company's dependence on Operations resource thereby improving efficiency and cost. • Coding, unit-testing, database design, implementation of code design and approach. • Coordinating with QA team to ensure code quality prior to production release. • Single handedly provided production support activities. (Have complete end to end knowledge of Design, code impact changes and business requirements). • Presently involved in writing Caterham grooming new production support team which does data fix and immediate fixes based on SLA. • Presently involved in scoping various development activities, coding, unit-testing. • Technology and exam essay writing Auburn University, Tools Involved: Oracle-11g, PLSQL developer, Front-end application (developed by Java team). Infosys Technologies Pvt.

Ltd. - Bangalore , India. Client: Fidelity Investments. Project A: STORE: Sybase to Oracle Re-Engineering- Benchmark. Location: Fidelity Client Office, Bangalore India. Duration: Nov-2007 to Aug-2008. • As part of STORE (Sybase to Oracle Re-Engineering) initiative, Fixed Income (FIMT- Comprising of debt and bonds) decided to migrate all the Vendor data feed systems, which are more data centric and less dependent on applications, from Sybase to environment essay writing Caterham Oracle. This involved migrating all vendor feeds databases (presently six) to one schema and one database. • Got an an essay MacDuffie appreciation mail from client commending my defect less code and for essay Caterham learning new technologies within very short span of time. • Preparation of pearl scripts to load vendor data from vendor databases to destination folders. • Developing mappings, mapplets, workflows and sessions in informatica for loading vendor data from Sybase to destination tables in essay Hall School oracle after validation and transformation. • Writing SQL queries, joins, PLSQL procedures, Functions, Triggers to extract data from essay writing multiple sources before inserting into target tables. • Preparation of autosys jobs to automate the process and scheduling batch jobs running at specific periods. Writing Essay Website Bodwell High. • Coding and self testing of environment Caterham application in various environments, defect tracking and code reviews. • Attending KT sessions and client conferences to understand requirements and business. • Skills Used: SQL, PLSQL, UNIX, Informatica8.1 (Developing Mapplets, Mapping, Creating Workflow and session for data flow. Creating scripts.), Autosys (For job preparation), job scheduling, and database tool- Rapid SQL and IBM Rational Clearcase8.1 for version maintenance. Writing And Contrast Marangoni. Project B: AI and Reporting.

Duration: Feb2007 to Nov2007. • Was a part of Production Development Team responsible for designing procedures, packages, triggers and writing School, other database object, which would interact with the exam, database in order to retrieve participant's assets, and holdings, which would then be passed on to the front end (Informatica) to Caterham School be viewed by the end user. AI is the main module, which included creating customer accounts, and adding transaction details while Reporting, which is the sub module, included generating reports of investment details for each participant. • Single handedly managed the reporting module and working with the AI team in development. • Coding in SQL/PLSQL on TOAD tool along with rigorous self-testing as the code was deployed in various test environments before finally being deployed in production database. Essay Brillantmont International School. • Was also the backup Project Leader and have ensured that our deliverables meet the essay writing Caterham School, standards with frequent Code Reviews, Defect • • • Tracking and Effort Estimation being done. Skills used: Oracle-9i, SQL and PL/SQL (Development of Procedures, • • Functions, Packages, Triggers, Sequences, Views.), Database Tool Toad (For development and Testing), Microsoft VSS for clearcasing. Project C: Actuarial Application Corporate Actions. Duration: May2006 to Jan2007. • Was a part of the development team, involved in preparing requirement documents based on client needs, developing and testing Workbooks which are Excel applications supported by VB and fetching data from the database enabling a participant to view their retirement benefits (Defined Benefits) based on writing essay School, complex calculations as proposed by the clients of Fidelity (like- VNU, NCR, RHD). Environment Essay Writing Caterham School. • Preparation of requirement document according to MacDuffie School client needs. • Coding, self-testing and running Regression Testing to prevent breaking of code. • Involved in Defect Prevention meetings and environment Caterham School, KT (Knowledge Transfer) sessions held regularly in important John F. Kennedy order to Caterham School maintain the Infosys quality standards before production delivery. • Skills used: MS- Excel, VB6.0, Regression Tool, SQL, PLSQL, Unix. This is essay a four year degree course and achieved a First Class With Distinction with 73.2% across all semesters. Standard 12th with an overall - 76%. With an environment essay writing overall - 70.2%. Back-End Developer, DevOps@4Patriots, LLC.

Technical Specialist@Goodyear Tire and Rubber. IT Consultant - Programmer/Analyst@Structured Programming Technology LLC. Director of Operations@City Wide Maintenance of exam essay writing University St. Louis. Junior Developer@Campus Web Solutions.

Senior Software Engineer@Send Word Now Inc. Featured Jobs in Tampa:View More Tampa Jobs. Get job alerts sent to environment School your inbox for. Software Engineer Senior Software Engineer Module Lead. Sri Siddhartha Institute of Technology The Frank Anthony Public School. Bachelors in Enginnering , Electronics and Communication Engineering 2005. High School , Science 2000. Select One , Standard 10th 1998. Where can I find a Acclaris Inc Software Engineer resume example in Tampa, Florida 33611?

This is an actual resume example of a Software Engineer who works in writing website Bodwell High the Software Development Industry. LiveCareer has 8567 Software Development resumes in environment Caterham School its database. LiveCareer’s Resume Directory contains real resumes created by writing essay website High School subscribers using LiveCareer’s Resume Builder. Mighty Recruiter Mighty Recruiter. Customer Service Customer Service. 800-652-8430 Mon- Fri 8am - 8pm CST.

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Exam Preparation and How to Write an Essay. ЂњA tuteeЂ™s ability in a subject is frequently not reflected in their grades simply due to inadequate exam technique. I view it as a key subject in itself and essay writing have found that a focus on on how an essay MacDuffie School this area can be some of the most productive hours spent with a tutee .Ђќ. In addition to environment writing School, over a decade of personal experience undertaking exams, scholarships and Oxbridge interviews, I have prepared tutees for a range of exams including 11+, Common Entrance, GCSE, A Level and Degrees. Many students know the content of their subjects in detail but simply do not perform in exams. Essay? This can often be due to a lack of understanding of how to prepare for an exam and/or structure an essay to best show off their understanding.

In other words, a focus on exam and revision technique is essay writing, time well spent and can remove all the fear from a coursework or exam paper. Exams can be a daunting time for students at any age but with a little bit of time and effort, they need not be such a fearsome hurdle. Organisation and strategy are key aspects of essay for writing Brillantmont International School examination technique, both of which can be taught by demonstrating the variety of environment School ways in which to prepare for an exam. Each individual will have a preferred method so it is simply a case of helping them discover the method that will suit them best . Whether it involves breaking down class notes into manageable chunks , creating word games to help memorise information or creating wall posters to highlight key quotes or facts , there are numerous techniques to help each student prepare for exams. As well as devising revision plans (realistic enough to on how to write an essay, stick to!), condensing class notes into revision cards and suchlike, exam preparation should factor in awareness of assessment objectives , marking criteria and examiner reports relevant to the subject and level. Essay Writing? With a little encouragement, forward planning and practice, the stress can soon be taken out of looming exams.. Practice papers are key to taking the pressure off exams and minimizing the chances of any nasty surprises on the day. John International? It is writing Caterham, often an area which is underplayed by essay Brillantmont, teachers at school due to their need to essay Caterham School, complete a syllabus but its importance is crucial to writing essay Bodwell High, achieve exam success. I tend to go through a few papers initially with the environment essay Caterham School tutee and plan how an effective answer should look . I then gradually encourage the how to an explanatory essay Moreton Hall tutee to environment essay writing Caterham, attempt papers independently and under examination conditions . It can be helpful to mark a completed question or paper alongside the Hall School tutee so that they being to environment essay writing Caterham, get a feel for how marks are allocated in their particular subject/board.

Furthermore, many exam boards provide examiner reports on their websites (eg AQA) which are invaluable resources to indicate the areas in which the previous yearЂ™s examinees slipped up. Common errors are highlighted and the information provided can be hugely insightful. Once students begin to essay website Bodwell High School, think in the mind of the examiner , they can start to approach each question in a systematic and confident way. Many students slip up by giving the environment Caterham School answer they want to give as opposed to thinking about what the writing essay website High examiner is looking for and how marks will be allocated. Writing? A run through of the examЂ™s assessment objectives and marking criteria frequently pays off. This is another area which is frequently skated over in the summer term before an exam and mistakenly neglected by all too many students.. For essay based subjects, essay technique is another key skill to develop and an area in which a tutor can add great value. I have found that discussing the essay Brillantmont variety of ways in environment essay writing Caterham School which an essay could be approached gives tutees the confidence to formulate their ideas on writing compare essays Istituto Marangoni Paris paper, structure their points effectively and develop their own systematic way of essay writing tackling an essay. Everybody is different in terms of the way they like to on how an essay MacDuffie School, approach an essay and essay Caterham how much they like to plan.

This is where an initial discussion comes in how to write an explanatory Hall School useful to understand how a student currently tackles an essay question and lead on to aspects of their approach which could be improved. Every essay has three parts : the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The introductory paragraph explains the general topic and Caterham introduces your point of essay view or angle you will be taking in the essay. The body is the ЂmeatЂ™ of the essay. It should contain all the points you want to make and flow naturally from one point to the next. The concluding paragraph concisely sums up what you have said. Having done the research behind an essay, I would always advise writing an outline and the body of an essay writing Caterham School, essay first, then the guidelines an essay School introduction and environment essay Caterham the conclusion.. Many students fall down by critical John International School, ploughing straight into the writing of an essay without forming any sort of plan.

Whilst they words Ђ essay planЂ™ can be enough to send many students into daydream land, they will soon begin to essay Caterham, listen when they realise how much time it will save them in the long run. Many essays lose marks in the main body where a student has gone off on a tangent and has slightly lost their train of thought. It is very obvious when this happens and if the student has lost interest by going off track, then it is highly likely the examiner will too! The net result is a weak conclusion and a below average mark. This can be avoided by spending a short period of time preparing an website Bodwell School, essay outline . This is not to be confused with a draft; it is simply an organised set list of ideas for the essay. Students who begin their essays by writing an outline find that their academic writing skills improve dramatically. One useful first step when faced with a new essay title is to convert it into environment essay writing Caterham, a question, if it isnЂ™t already. This forces you to question yourself over what exactly is being asked and writing essay website Bodwell School will help you formulate your key argument or in effect, your ЂanswerЂ™ to the essay title. Writing Caterham School? (NB: Many essay titles are given as statements and you are asked to what extent you agree or disagree: do not feel that you are obliged to and contrast Marangoni Paris, agree with it, however eminent the environment essay School author may be!). Writing? By restating the environment writing Caterham title as a question, you may find it easier to form an opinion and how to an explanatory Moreton Hall it will truly help with the planning and structure of your essay. Essay Caterham School? After all, your essay is essentially nothing more than a clearly stated and for writing International School well supported argument so it is crucial that you know what it is you are arguing! Once the research has been done, my advice on tackling any essay is to first put pen to writing School, paper with a brainstorming exercise roughly scribbling down ideas that spring to mind.

This may involve single words, phrases or even quotes. Writing Bodwell? These ideas can always be removed or re-shuffled so treat this as a fairly free-flowing exercise. The next step is to select your core ideas/concepts from this list and note below any supporting ideas such as a quote or more general related points. These key points may change as you re-shuffle your ideas but you be aiming to end up with an ordered set of bullet points along the lines of the essay Caterham School below: - Supporting idea. - Supporting idea. - Supporting idea.

- Supporting idea. - Supporting idea. - Supporting idea. - Supporting idea. - Supporting idea. - Supporting idea. This outline can be adapted as you see fit but I guarantee it will help you structure your thoughts (and ultimately the main body of your essay). Once you have practised using this model, you will soon see how a good outline cuts actual writing time by critical International, half.

Instead of essay writing Caterham School writing complete essays, it can be more productive (and time saving) exercise to write an essay outline comprising of the writing above as well as the key points you will touch on in your introduction and a conclusion. You do not have to write full sentences since this is only an outline. Equally, spelling and grammar are not of great concern until your final draft so concentrate more on ensuring that you are communicating your ideas. You could go further to essay School, write an opening sentence and a closing sentence for each paragraph (more on writing essay Bodwell School this later!). For now, letЂ™s look in more depth at each section of an essay.

Top tip: Consider writing your introduction last! Your INTRODUCTION is your first chance to essay Caterham, impress the for writing Brillantmont International examiner. Essay Caterham School? It should encapsulate your argument and form the heart of the essay. Write An Explanatory Essay Moreton? As such, you not only essay writing Caterham School, need to introduce the topic/title but you need to International, present your perspective and hint at what is to follow. It is often a good idea to summarise your three key points that will feature within the essay within your introduction.

The main body of the essay will then elaborate on these points. In essence, your opening paragraph/introduction ought to be an essay Caterham School, ultra-succint answer to on how to write an essay, the essay ЂquestionЂ™ . In my opinion, this is essay writing Caterham, why you are better writing your introduction last, or at least when you are absolutely clear as to your main argument and the key points (paragraphs) that you will use to writing compare, support that argument. How else can you provide an answer/summary for something you havenЂ™t yet written?! Some people like to start their essays with a quote . This can be a very effective opening to an essay if , and only if, the writing Caterham entire quote embodies your key argument. In other words, never use a quote as an excuse for not knowing what to write! It must be appropriate and relevant to your essay ЂanswerЂ™. A better alternative can be to incorporate a word or short phrase from the text into your opening sentence (instead of giving a long single quote). This suggests a deep knowledge of the for writing Brillantmont text itself, creating an authoritative tone and a confident approach . Environment Essay Writing? Here is an example: ЂњBlanche Dubois might claim she wants ЂmagicЂ™ rather than ЂrealismЂ™ but in his play ЂA Streetcar Named DesireЂ™ Williams provides his audience with an extra large helping of how to an explanatory Moreton realityЂќ . This embedded quotation demonstrates a good understanding of the text as well as offering your opinion, both of which will be rewarded. . However you begin your essay, avoid the dreadfully boring opening of ЂњIn my essay I am going to environment writing Caterham, be looking at the. Essay For Writing International? Ђќ. Your head is likely to environment essay writing School, be on your desk at this point before youЂ™ve even started and so the chances of inspiring your examiner are slim. DonЂ™t be afraid to be fairly bold in your opening sentence (although if essay writing is not your forte, I would recommend keeping it relatively straight-forward and non-controversial).

It is your chance to make a favourable first impression and entice the reader to read on and listen to your point of view so make sure you are hooking them in and giving them reason to continue. The MAIN BODY of the essay is your chance to demonstrate why your stated ЂanswerЂ™ in the introduction, is a justified one! Each paragraph is used to explain and write an explanatory essay Moreton explore a new persuasive point that supports your interpretation of the title. A good trick if you are prone to waffle is to make it a habit never to open a paragraph with any sentence that does not clearly develop your overall argument and so help ЂanswerЂ™ the essay question or title . Equally, never close a paragraph with any sentence that does not explain why the environment School point you just made is relevant to the essay title and important F. Kennedy International School your point of view! Another technique to help you with the structure of the main body is the environment writing Ђ Point, Evidence, ExplanationЂ™ model. This encourages you to how to write essay, make a point, support it with evidence from the text such as using a quote and essay writing then explaining why this helps to answer the essay question. If you have a tendency to waffle, then using PEE to structure your sentences/paragraphs is likely to help you. When deciding whether to add in a new point, ask yourself whether it relates strongly enough to your initial point of view which you stated in your introduction. If it doesnЂ™t, leave it out. So. your essay becomes nothing more than a series of paragraphs in how to write essay School which you try to persuade your examiner why your interpretation is a valid one .. NB The word ЂinterpretationЂ™ is key here.

Remember, you are getting marked on your interpretation and environment writing analysis of the text, not for repeating what happened. The examiner has read the text (you would hope!) so they donЂ™t need to hear it again. DonЂ™t waste precious time re-telling the writing website Bodwell story unless it is essay Caterham School, swiftly leading to making a clear point; not only will you not gain marks but you might even lose some! As well as making valid and well supported points, your goal should be to essay Auburn University, try to make each sentence flow into the next sentence and each paragraph flow into the next paragraph. Such cohesive writing is achieved through good structure and a pre-organised essay outline as I touched on earlier. Deciding on the order of your points and how they will relate to environment writing Caterham, one another will make your argument flow logically from one to writing essay School, the next. Writing School? Using connectives or discourse markers can help you inter-link sentences such as Ђtherefore, ЂconsequentlyЂ™, Ђin contrastЂ™ etc. Ultimately, each paragraph should be leading towards the to write MacDuffie conclusion in some way.

Observing and critiquing other peopleЂ™s essays swiftly demonstrates how to make an essay flow coherently and how to structure clear, concise points . This is a good way of learning about paragraph construction and how one idea should smoothly lead on to the next. Reading the essays of others can really help a student reflect on their own methods and improve their writing style. Try practising writing different essay outlines to the same essay title based on alternative points of view. This will truly help with your understanding of essay Caterham essay planning and structure. Self assessment can be equally productive by marking essays alongside a tutee whilst referring to the relevant marking criteria. Similarly, noting the key point you think is made in each paragraph is a good way of learning about essay construction . It can be good practice for students to give each paragraph a sub-heading of what they believe to be the key point; in effect, breaking an essay down into its essay outline. Having done this exercise a few times with a range of essays, the student will swiftly be able to distinguish a good essay from a bad one in terms of structure.

They will soon appreciate that ideas should be linked via sentences and paragraphs, developing the main argument in a manner that naturally leads towards the essayЂ™s conclusion. Speaking of CONCLUSIONS , many students make the mistake of not planning their ending when it is the compare last thing the examiner reads before giving you a mark. In other words, donЂ™t leave it as an environment essay writing Caterham School, afterthought! The best conclusions draw on the key points made in the main body of the writing compare and contrast essays Istituto Marangoni Paris essay and writing Caterham link them all up by stating how they ЂanswerЂ™ your essay. It is John, absolutely fine if your conclusion looks similar to essay writing School, the introduction; in fact, it probably will. It should not look like it is exam essay writing Auburn University, tagged on but rather be intrinsically linked to the introduction and environment essay School main body. A weak ending and for writing International no clear point/points made can really pull down an environment Caterham, essay by several grades. The good news for English students, is that there is rarely one right answer so as long as you state your view clearly at the beginning and support what you say convincingly in essay the essay itself, you canЂ™t go too far wrong. ItЂ™s always a fantastic moment when you have completed your essay and essay writing are pleased with its structure and content.

DonЂ™t forget the finishing touches which might just get you the important F. Kennedy International extra marks you need to bump up a grade Ђ“ ensure you smooth out the language and sentence structure for clarity and flow, along with proof-reading for spelling and grammatical errors. Asking others to read the final draft can also help to reveal errors you might have overlooked and iron out any creases. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer as to how you should approach an essay. aside from leaving yourself sufficient time! Constructing an essay the night before a deadline is possible but unlikely to result in a well structured and refined piece. Environment Caterham? Give yourself plenty of days ahead of the deadline to essay Bodwell High School, revise your essay and make any necessary amendments. I would always suggest that you take a break after writing the first draft and environment essay return to and contrast Istituto, it the following day with fresh eyes and a clear head.

You will be better equipped at Caterham School, this point to revise and edit . I find printing off a draft helps me to compare essays Marangoni, see the essay as a whole and review which parts require further work. Whilst I emphasise that there are no strict rules in essay writing, simply knowing having a model in your head of how you could approach it is likely to take all the stress out of approaching an essay Caterham School, essay. In short, discussing essay flow and strategy with a tutor as well as playing around with alternative methods of for writing planning can really help a student to discover their own style of essay writing which they are comfortable and confident with. In summary, a strategic approach is needed to ensure exam success and effective essay writing. Whilst there is no right or wrong way to approach an exam or an environment essay writing, essay, it is important for each student to be aware of their options and in turn develop their own independent style which works for them. Whatever your approach, I would emphasise organisation and forward planning when it comes to exam preparation. As for essay structure, my best advice would be to begin with a brainstorming exercise and go on writing Istituto to develop an environment essay, essay outline from which you can build. Critical John? Constructing a top grade essay means beginning with a strong foundation so learning to environment essay writing, write well structured outlines can really improve your writing skills. Writing Essay? Stay true to your central argument as a lawyer does to his court case, and treat the paragraphs as ЂevidenceЂ™ to support what you have said. All of the environment essay School above may be achieved with the help of an experienced tutor and may just be the most valuable lesson a student has before those up and coming exams!

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