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How to write process analysis essay The University of Nottingham

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How to write process analysis essay The University of Nottingham

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biggest essay fonts How typeface influences the write essay The University way we read and think. Last summer, CERN was on of journal article the verge of announcing a discovery so critical to understanding the basic building blocks of the universe that it had been given a divine name: The God particle. The hunt for write The University, the Higgs boson was one of the most expensive and critical MacDuffie School labor-intensive particle physics projects ever undertaken, and how to write analysis essay The University promised to english article writing Heritage, answer the fundamental but elusive question of why our atoms stick together in the first place. Write Essay The University Of Nottingham! And yet, when CERN researchers finally announced that they'd glimpsed the Higgs, the world's first reaction wasn't to cheer; it was to stifle collective laughter. The institution's scientists, cradling the most important scientific discovery of the decade, had chosen to present their findings to a breathless public using a peculiar font face: Comic Sans MS. How To Cowan! Possibly the biggest scientific discovery of our time, the #Higgs Boson, announced in glorious MS Comic Sans Font — Colin Eberhardt (@ColinEberhardt) July 4, 2012. The whole kerfuffle underscored just how important typefaces are to the way we process information.

Words hold power. But the aesthetic manner in which those words are presented can affect the way we read, and the way we think about the information presented. Typography is one ingredient in a pretty complicated presentation, Cyrus Highsmith, a typeface designer and author of the book Inside Paragraphs , told me over write process essay, the phone. Typography is the detail and the presentation of a story. It represents the critical analysis MacDuffie voice of an atmosphere, or historical setting of some kind.

It can do a lot of things. Part one was an ordinary article about how to process essay, a scientific study concerning optimism versus pessimism. In part two, with the help of Wilbraham Academy, Cornell psychologist David Dunning, Morris designed a quiz to write process The University, evaluate whether the english writing American Heritage School Times ' readers found the study's conclusions believable. Here's the catch. When readers came to the site, the story was presented in different typefaces: Baskerville, Computer Modern, Georgia, Helvetica, Comic Sans, and Trebuchet. Roughly 40,000 people responded to the quiz, and how to write process analysis essay the results were weighted to an argumentative School, evaluate which fonts inspired more confidence in the research, and which fonts made the information appear less believable. Here's what Morris found: The conscious awareness of Comic Sans promotes — at process The University, least among some people — contempt and summary dismissal. But is there a typeface that promotes, engenders a belief that a sentence is School, true?

Or at least nudges us in that direction? And indeed there is. How To Process Essay The University Of Nottingham! It is Baskerville. Believe it or not, the science essay writing School results of this test even show a disparity between Baskerville and process analysis The University of Nottingham Georgia — two apparently similar serif typefaces. Of Journal MacDuffie! [ New York Times ] Baskerville's weighted advantage wasn't huge — just 1.5 percent. That advantage may seem small, Dunning told the Times , but if that was a bump up in sales figures, many online companies would kill for it. The fact that font matters at all is a wonderment. Why was Baskerville more believable?

Dunning had a theory: The word that comes to my mind is gravitas. There are some fonts that are informal — Comic Sans, obviously — and other fonts that are a little bit more tuxedo. It seems to me that Georgia is slightly tuxedo. Computer Modern is a little bit more tuxedo and Baskerville has just a tad more starchiness. I would have expected that if you are going to have a winner in Baskerville, you are also going to have a winner in Computer Modern. But we did not. How To Write Analysis The University! And there can be a number of explanations for that. Maybe there is write faster, a slight difference in how they are rendered in PCs or laptops that causes the starch in Computer Modern to be a little softer than the starch in how to write process analysis essay of Nottingham, Baskerville. [ New York Times ] A lot goes into typeface design that we tend not to think about. Online, it's commonly understood that serifs, or fonts with a tiny line tailing the edges of the lettering, like Times New Roman, help influence the horizontal flow of reading. In reality, it's not that simple. (User-interface designer Alex Poole pored over 50 empirical studies for his master's thesis if you're interested in learning more.) There are many very readable sans serif typefaces out there.

Plus some shapes of an argumentative essay Bodwell School, serifs might actually hinder readability if they are too prominent or draw too much attention to process essay of Nottingham, themselves, Alexander Tochilovsky, a design instructor at the Cooper Union School of Art, told me in an email. English School! Besides the formal qualities of the how to analysis essay typeface, [or] the tips of essay Academy structure of the letters, a lot also depends on how the fonts are employed, and for what purpose. He continued: Size of type, letter-spacing, word-spacing, leading (interline spacing), column width, justification, etc., all play a key role in how readable a passage of write process analysis essay, text is write essays faster University, (or isn't). Text meant for a book requires a different approach of typesetting from one that is meant to be seen on a poster. Type design is something we tend not to think about when we're reading. How To Analysis Essay The University! But font can have real-world implications that affect our lives in of essay writing Wilbraham Academy, tangible ways.

Take this somewhat famous quasi-experiment by university student Phil Renaud back in 2006 (preserved for posterity in Pastebin form). Over the course of six semesters, Renaud wrote 52 essays for his classes, earning himself a commendable A- overall. Here's the thing: Toward the end of his last semester, Renaud's average essay score began climbing. I haven't drastically changed the amount of effort I'm putting into my writing, he wrote. I'm probably even spending less time with them now than I did earlier in my studies. What he did change, however, was his essay font — three times, in fact. Renaud went back and looked at his essay scores and the different typefaces he'd used when he submitted his work. His papers were handed to write The University of Nottingham, his professors in three different fonts: Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS, and Georgia. Here's what he tallied: Why did Georgia — which he switched to later on in his college career — perform better than the others? Here's what Renaud wrote: Maybe fonts speak a lot louder than we think they do.

Especially to a professor who has to wade through a collection of how to write faster Edith, them; Times seems to be the how to process essay of Nottingham norm, so it really doesn't set off any subconscious triggers. Georgia is enough like Times to retain its academic feel, and how to write essays Edith is different enough to be something of a relief for the grader. Trebuchet seems to set off a negative trigger, maybe just based on the fact that it's not as easy to read in print, maybe on how to process analysis essay of Nottingham the fact that it looks like something off a blog rather than an an argumentative essay Bodwell High, academic journal. Who knows. [Source] Indeed, Renaud's observations were consistent with a 1998 study from Carnegie Mellon, which pitted Times New Roman against Georgia. Participants overwhelmingly preferred Georgia over its stodgier doppelganger, judging Georgia to be sharper, more pleasing, and easier to read. Why, then, does everyone hate Comic Sans MS? Author and designer David Kadavy had the how to analysis of Nottingham same question, and faster Cowan compared the child-like scribble to another face that's inversely beloved on the other end of the spectrum: Helvetica.

Kadavy argues that a mismanagement of visual weight is the how to write process The University of Nottingham main issue that makes reading Comic Sans an unpleasant experience. Evenness of weight, or 'texture' is how to a graduate essay Taunton, important to write process The University, the legibility and readability of typography. It's partly why Helvetica's aesthetic appeal is write essays faster University, so universal. Which isn't to say there's a one-size-fits all prescription for what kind of how to analysis, font is best for reading, or writing. As with all things, there are all kinds of factors you have to consider: Your audience (what typeface are they comfortable reading?), and the medium you're delivering your words on (a computer screen is different from the squinty lines in a novel, for example). In the end, it all comes back to the context or purpose that fonts are being used for, Tochilovsky told me. How To A Graduate Taunton School! There is a lot that is going on within any given font, often imperceptible to the eye. 10 amazing and adorable animals you should follow on Instagram right now. Google says its futuristic contact lens has nothing to do with Glass. How To Write Process Analysis Essay The University! That will change. Why Facebook wants to be more like Twitter.

Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert wince at analysis of journal article, Trump's Puerto Rico antics. Seth Meyers is speechless. Each of the 59 people shot dead in write analysis essay, Las Vegas had a name and an argumentative essay a story. Here are a few. How To Write Process Of Nottingham! Trevor Noah shows Fox News trying, failing to politicize the Las Vegas shooting.

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oral presentations [by Jeff Radel, University of Kansas Medical Center] Before preparing the presentation determine: 1. The type of talk you will be expected to give. How To Write Analysis? Will this be an informal discussion, a seminar, or a more formal presentation? Different talks have different purposes; the an argumentative Bodwell School, intent of a conference presentation is not the same as a presentation at a job interview. When in doubt, ask for guidance from your host.

2. How To Process Essay The University? The composition of the audience . Will you be speaking to a general audience or specialists? How many people will attend? 3. The time allotted for the talk . The longer the talk, the more freedom you will have to explore the how to write a graduate Taunton, topic. A short talk needs to be clear and concise. 4. Expectations concerning content. Is there a specific purpose for how to write The University of Nottingham, having you give a talk? Clarify expectations and science essay High School address them during the presentation.

Will you be presenting novel concepts to this audience, or building upon their prior knowledge? Either way, make sure you cover the write process analysis, basics clearly, and early in the talk, to avoid losing the audience. Once you have a general idea of what you want to say, you'll have to decide how to say it. It is essential that your talk be well-organized and that your points be presented logically and unambiguously. To do so may require much preparation. Start early! Here are a few pointers: 1. English Grammar Writing? Start preparing well in advance by thinking through what needs to be said. 2. Develop a clear statement of the topic and its importance.

3. Arrange material in how to write analysis The University of Nottingham, a logical sequence (IMRAD) . 4. Presentation software (such as PowerPoint) is, of how to essay School course, widely used for oral presentations. Write The University? PowerPoint is a good tool for organizing your presentation is useful for creating slides for your presentation (but see PowerPoint: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Annoying PowerPoint Survey Results Gettysburg Address Making PowerPoint slides). Power Point Problems. Life After Death by Powerpoint. 5. Determine transition elements which will help your audience to follow the essay writing Bishop Guertin School, link from one topic to the next. These should be logical, and may be presented by posing a question, or explaining your own discovery of the link's existence. 6. Run through the talk once, early.

Go back and re-think the sequencing. Discard non-essential elements. 7. Attempt to identify problems or questions the audience may have and address them in the talk , before the audience has a chance to think of analysis essay of Nottingham these things themselves. 8. How To Write Essays Faster? Proof-read your slides! Do so while there is plenty of time to re-print any visual aids with errors. 9. Process Essay The University Of Nottingham? The most important preparation factor is to REHEARSE!

You may want to videotape yourself and watch the results with a critical eye. 10. Try the presentation in front of a few colleagues. School? Ask for feedback, then act on that information. Depending on the audience expected for your presentation, you might want to select those who know a little about your topic, and not those who know a lot. This will focus your attention on write process analysis, attempting to explain why you did what you did in simple terms, rather than encouraging attention to details only specialists care about. 11. If you start preparing early, you'll have plenty of time to refine the essays faster Cowan, presentation based on process analysis The University of Nottingham, your colleagues' feedback. Keeping these elements in essay High School, mind as you prepare and practice the presentation will reduce the amount of re-working you'll have to do as it evolves, and process The University of Nottingham will result in a streamlined, effective end product. 1. Rate: The optimal rate for a scientific talk is about 100 words per minute. Any faster and the audience can't absorb the additional information.

Use pauses and repeat critical information. 2. Opening: The opening should catch the interest and attention of the audience immediately, while avoiding trite filler phrases (Thank you for having me . . .) and technical jargon. 3. Transitions: The link between successive elements of the talk should be planned carefully. You should make the relation between successive elements clear to the audience. 4. Conclusion: Summarize the main concepts you've discussed, and how your work relates to issues you've raised.

Signal that the summary is beginning (In summary, . ), but don't begin the tips Wilbraham and Monson, summary too soon or else the audience will start to leave before you finish! 5. Length: Don't run over! Ever! Shorten your talk by removing details, concepts, and information, not by eliminating words. If it becomes absolutely essential to supply details, supplement your presentation with a handout. Make about 10% more handouts than you think you'll need. Always leave time for a few questions at the end of the talk. Practice makes perfect. Practice is the write of Nottingham, most important factor in making a good presentation. No matter how busy you are, make time for at least a few practice runs.

The effects of practice will be apparent, and a poorly presented talk reflects upon both you and your attitude towards the material and audience. Practice the talk a few times to see how it flows. After that, seek outside feedback to make sure you are on the right track. Finally, practice all parts of the talk equally. If you always start at the beginning and work until you run into problems, the beginning of the talk will be great, but the final part of the talk may suffer. Hints for efficient practice. Breath slowly and deeply; project your voice. Practice making eye contact with your imaginary audience, but don't single out one individual. Avoid looking at tips of essay writing and Monson your notes when you don't need to. Your words will probably be different each time you practice, but try to stick to analysis essay The University, the general outline of your notes. Don't attempt to tips of essay writing Academy, memorize your text; use your notes only as reference points to process The University, keep you on track.

Think about the ideas, and your words will follow naturally. Speak slowly and writing clearly, and use gestures. A tape recorder or videotape are useful tools. Look for variation in speed or tone, or for distracting fillers like 'um's (and 'er's, 'like's and 'you know's). Avoid distracting mannerisms, e.g., don't pace or adjust your clothing. Make sure you are speaking to your audience , not to the floor, ceiling, or, especially, the write process analysis The University of Nottingham, projection screen. What you say should be readily understandable by the audience. Pay attention to diction; speak clearly and distinctly. Listen carefully to analysis of journal, the words you use, not to what you think you are saying.

Are these the best words for making your point? Are they unambiguous? Avoid using jargon whenever possible. A prepared series of notes can be useful. Keep in mind that notes may not even be needed for the final talk. Begin by determining the underlying message of the talk, then decide on the minimum essential material needed to support that message. Write out the talk and practice it once or twice. If needed, reorganize the material, rephrase statements, and highlight key phrases.

There are a few things you can do at the last minute to ensure a successful presentation: 1. If possible, check out the room you'll use for the presentation. If you need specialized equipment, make sure it is available. Determine who will be controlling equipment for how to write essay, you. If the room is large (or your voice small), use a microphone. Try it out before the grammar article writing American Heritage, audience arrives. If using a laser pointer, make sure it works. 2. Don't wait until the very last minute to make that run to the bathroom, and remember to how to essay, check your appearance. So you are sitting there, about to be introduced.

Now what? 1. Take several deep breaths as you are being introduced. Visualize your rehearsed opening statement; don't improvise at how to write essay Taunton the last moment. 2. How To Write Process Analysis Essay The University? State your objectives at start of your talk, then restate them again at the end of the talk. Writing? In between, discuss how your material relates to these objectives.

3. Choose a natural, moderate rate of speech and use automatic gestures. Don't speak in a monotone voice. Vary pitch and volume as appropriate. 4. Monitor your behavior, and avoid habitual behaviors (e.g., pacing). 5. Process Essay The University? Laser pointers are wonderful pointing devices, but remember not to point them at the audience. They are best used by flashing the pointer on and off, so that the Wilbraham and Monson, place you are indicating is illuminated briefly. The University Of Nottingham? Don't swirl the laser around and around one place on the projection screen, or sweep it from place to place across the screen.

This may be distracting for the audience, and they will end up watching the pointer and not listening to what you are saying. 6. Enthusiasm for your topic is contagious, but don't overdo it. 7. Essays Edith Cowan University? If appropriate, converse with your audience. Involve them in the process of the presentation by posing questions and making eye contact. 8. Keep an eye on your time, and don't run over your limit. Ever. 9. Be prepared for write process The University, interruptions (e.g., late arrivals). 10. If you must turn down the science essay writing Bishop High School, room lights, don't turn them off entirely. 11. Write Process Essay? Don't apologize for any aspect of your presentation.

This should be your very best effort; if you have to apologize, you haven't done your job properly. 12. Never turn your back on of essay, an audience. Always maintain eye contact with your audience. 13. Strive to have a prepared and memorable summary. The ‘take home message’ is what the audience will remember after you leave. 14. Give others credit where due.

This can be done early in the talk or later in the talk. If planned for later in the talk, don't forget to how to write essay, acknowledge these people's efforts (even if you have to skip a statement or two to remain on time). The question period often is the write, part of the write analysis of Nottingham, talk which influences the audience the most. After all, you've had time to english grammar writing American Heritage School, practice the rest of the how to The University, talk. This is the part of the presentation where your ability to interact with the audience will be evaluated. Since you can't always predict the what you'll be asked, how can you prepare for the questioning? Here are a few guidelines: 1. In large rooms, you may want to repeat each question so the entire audience knows what you've been asked. 2. Before you answer, take a moment to reflect on the question. By not rushing to give an answer, you show a degree of respect for the questioner, and you give yourself time to be sure you are answering the question that actually was asked.

If you are unsure, restate the question or ask for a clarification. 3. Write Essay Taunton? Above all, wait for the questioner to finish asking the question before you begin your answer! The only exception is when it becomes necessary to break in on a vague, rambling question; this is your show, and you have only a limited time to how to process essay The University, make your presentation. It is essential, however, that you break in tactfully. Bishop? Say something like So, are you asking . This will focus the question and give you a place to begin an answer. How To Analysis Essay The University Of Nottingham? Remember that your ability to interact with an grammar article writing Heritage, audience also is being evaluated. 4. If a question is asked during the talk, and write process essay of Nottingham it will clarify an writing an argumentative essay Bodwell School, ambiguity, answer it immediately.

5. If you can't answer a question, just say so. Don't apologize. You may offer to research an process analysis essay The University of Nottingham, answer, then get back to science essay Bishop School, the questioner later, suggest resources which would help the questioner to address the question themselves, or ask for suggestions from the audience. Be sure that the title will be interpreted by the audience the how to process analysis, way you intend it to of essay and Monson Academy, be, and check for spelling errors! One of the early visuals is often used to break the ice, warming the audience up and getting you over the jitters (but if that's not your style, don't bother - nothing is more awkward that watching someone tell a joke when they don't possess that talent). Using an icebreaker is fine, but don't overuse cartoons. You'll want to avoid appearing shallow or superficial. Screen the contents and implications of each cartoon carefully, too.

Another common use of a visual is to introduce or acknowledge collaborators. Consider placing this near the beginning of the talk. Write The University Of Nottingham? That way it will only take a few seconds early on when you feel there is plenty of time - and it won't get lost at write faster University the end of the talk when you may feel constrained for time. Collaborators can be listed by name and how to write process essay of Nottingham affiliation, but a more effective way to acknowledge these folks is a collage of of essay writing candid photos with names attached. If one or more of the essay, collaborators is in the audience, this can be great fun, and writing an argumentative School can serve as an icebreaker (thereby eliminating one more slide - the cartoon). A Word About Timing. Keep the following points in mind as you sit down to begin to create your visuals: Plan on spending at least 45- 60 seconds to explain each slide. Do the how to The University, math - that's 10 - 13 slides or so for a 10 minute talk! Most presenters use too many slides. By using only essential slides, you'll increase the a graduate, time that you are the focus of your audience's attention during the talk (i.e., they'll actually listen to what you're saying instead of reading your slides!). Four Important Design Concepts.

Pay attention to essay, these four concepts as you create slides: 2) Keep it Simple. 3) Make it Clear. 4) Be Consistent. Naturally, you'd like everyone in the audience to be able to actually see the visual you plan to use. This is complicated by tips of essay Wilbraham not always knowing the size of the audience you'll speak to, or the size of the room you'll use. As a rule of write analysis essay of Nottingham thumb, if it looks right on the computer screen, it's probably too small.

If it looks big, it's still too small. Here’s a hint for tips of essay Wilbraham, those using some type of graphics software. Simply expand the visual until it takes up the full screen. Then move back until you are about write The University 6 feet away from the critical analysis of journal, screen. Anything you can see or read easily should be about the right size. And, what about when you actually get the slides back from the analysis of Nottingham, developer? Ideally, of course, you'd like to try the an argumentative essay High, slides in a large lecture hall. How To Essay The University Of Nottingham? However, you can also try this: once you have the slides in of journal article School, your hands, simply grab one by the corner and hold it at how to process analysis The University of Nottingham arm's length. Squint a bit, and try to see what it says. Even better, shuffle the slides first, then try this out - if you can sort the slides according to your presentation outline then you are doing well for both sizing and organization.

Be critical of your work, since you can count on having at least one critic in any audience. Be certain that the visuals you plan to use actually illustrate the concepts you plan to present and discuss. Slides should introduce the essential elements of concepts you'll discuss. Science Essay Writing Bishop? The audience ought be able to get the point of the visual within the first 4 or 5 seconds after it appears. If you must use text, use it sparingly. Spend more time explaining the slides instead of assuming that the text will explain it for you.

As a rule: 1. Use no more than 6 lines of write analysis essay text per slide. 2. Use no more than 7 words per writing High School line of text. 3. Analysis Essay The University? Avoid using a number of text slides in a row during the presentation. After a slide first appears, don't say anything for how to write a graduate School, a few seconds - allow the audience to absorb the information. Then, when you have their undivided attention, expand upon what the slide has to say. For this approach to be effective, you'll have to include only the most pertinent information in each visual. You should limit the text on each slide and how to write analysis essay The University restrict the of essay writing Academy, contents of process analysis essay of Nottingham tables or graphs to include only the information most pertinent to your topic. English Grammar Article School? Although presenting data in how to write process analysis, tables can be effective, limit the data you do present to that which is pertinent to the topic at analysis article hand and, remember, a graph often is more effective.

If you present means, include estimates of variablility. Be prepared to discuss the statistical assessment of your data and the implications. If the information in the visual isn't easy to see or read, the audience will be trying to figure it out instead of listening to what you have to say. That's the first step towards loosing the write process essay, attention of an audience or confusing them. Consider carefully as you choose a font for writing Bodwell, the text, you'll find that the larger the text, the easier it is to see from the back of the room. On the other hand, you'll be able to fit less text on each visual (that isn't necessarily a bad thing). We tend to see most fonts printed in a 10 - 12 point size, in textbooks and on computer screens. Larger text looks strange, and we tend to overestimate how big text sizes larger than 18 point will actually be when projected onto a screen. If the process analysis essay The University, text looks big enough to be the right size (18-24 point), it's probably too small. Make the text so large that you feel it must be too big (36-48 point) - it will probably be just about right. Also, a mixture of upper and lower case characters is easiest to read.

DONT USE ALL CAPS. Color increases visual impact dramatically , and one of the most effective uses of writing color is to how to write process essay, emphasize selected text. English Article American Heritage? Select complementary colors to increase visibility, and avoid color clashes! Many folks experience some degree of color insensitivity (the most common form is a reduced sensitivity to how to process essay of Nottingham, reds and writing Bishop High greens, in about 1 out of 10 males). If you use reds and greens, choose highly saturated colors instead of pastels, and use thicker lines (for instance, when showing different sets of data on a graph). Your goal in all presentations is to educate and inform your audience. Make sure your presentation follows a logical sequence.

Use transitions to help the audience understand how successive stages are related to how to write essay The University of Nottingham, each other, and to the big picture. How To Write Essays Cowan? One effective strategy is to begin and end the presentation with an identical pair of write analysis The University visuals that summarize the main points you hope to convey to essays Edith, the audience. At the beginning, this summary gives the audience a notion of what to expect, and an idea of your logical outline. It also helps to break through the last minute jitters, and write process The University of Nottingham reminds you of the concepts you'll present. Critical Analysis Of Journal MacDuffie? Don't deviate from your plan! At the end of the presentation, the summary provides a way to recapitulate the main points you've made.

It provides the audience with the sense that you've come full circle, completing the story you had promised to tell. It also allows you to be sure you've covered all the points you'd planned to how to write process analysis essay, cover! You should also be consistent in tips of essay, the use of formats. Process Essay The University Of Nottingham? Don't switch formats! Once you've selected a general 'look' of the presentation by deciding on an argumentative essay Bodwell High, the color scheme, fonts, and so on, stick to it! Change distracts an audience; your audience will pay more attention to a change in how to process of Nottingham, background color than to what you will be saying. 1) Begin preparing your visuals early: Allow enough time to make any necessary changes. Project the slides to verify content, spelling, sizes, and colors.

Take the time to reconsider the an argumentative High School, presentation as a whole. 2) Make back-up copies of your presentation. 3) Practice the presentation. A lot. How to Give a Bad Talk. David A. How To Write Process Analysis Of Nottingham? Patterson. Computer Science Division. University of California-Berkeley. Ten commandments (with annotations gleaned from Patterson's talk by Mark D. Hill): I. Thou shalt not be neat. Why waste research time preparing slides?

Ignore spelling, grammar and legibility. Who cares what 50 people think? II. How To Write A Graduate School? Thou shalt not waste space. Transparencies are expensive. If you can save five slides in each of four talks per year, you save $7.00/year!

III. Process Analysis Essay? Thou shalt not covet brevity. Do you want to continue the stereotype that biologists can't write? Always use complete sentences, never just key. words. Taunton? If possible, use whole paragraphs and read every word. IV. Thou shalt cover thy naked slides.

You need the suspense! Overlays are too flashy. V. Thou shalt not write large. Be humble -- use a small font. Important people sit in front. Who cares about the riff-raff? VI. Thou shalt not use color.

Flagrant use of color indicates uncareful research. It's also unfair to write process, emphasize some words over others. VII. How To Write Edith? Thou shalt not illustrate. Confucius says ``A picture = 10K words,'' but Dijkstra says ``Pictures are for how to write process The University, weak minds.'' Who are you going to. believe? Wisdom from the science essay Bishop Guertin High, ages or the person who first counted goto's? VIII. Thou shalt not make eye contact.

You should avert eyes to write analysis The University of Nottingham, show respect. Blocking screen can also add mystery. IX. Thou shalt not skip slides in a long talk. You prepared the slides; people came for your whole talk; so just talk faster. Skip your summary and conclusions if. X. Thou shalt not practice. Why waste research time practicing a talk? It could take several hours out of your two years of research. How can you. appear spontaneous if you practice?

If you do practice, argue with any suggestions you get and analysis article School make sure your talk is. longer than the time you have to present it. Commandment X is most important. Even if you break the process analysis essay, other nine, this one can save you.

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Angels in America - Love and Justice. Autor: reviewessays • January 2, 2011 • Essay • 1,707 Words (7 Pages) • 485 Views. Angels in America. Love and write The University of Nottingham Justice. In 1992, American playwright Tony Kushner first commissioned and performed the award-winning, two-part play Angels in how to America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes. Kushner developed the play to work synonymously with whom actors play two or more roles. Following the mass success of the write analysis essay The University theatre, Kushner was approached by Mike Nichols to adapt Angels in of essay and Monson Academy America to an HBO miniseries, where each chapter was allocated into how to process analysis essay of Nottingham one-hour segments for television. The story of Angels in America focuses on the troubled and seemingly overt parallel lives of two couples, one gay and the other straight during the mid 1980's in writing School New York City at the height of the AIDS epidemic. The eventual fate of both couples become intertwined and revered as the faceted meanings of homosexuality, religion, politics and AIDS collide to find a common ground.

Throughout the story, the characters develop the analysis essay theme for love and justice, and learn what it means to forgive and care for how to write essay Taunton each other when they are needed most from their loved ones. This in-depth depiction of betrayal and asking for one's forgiveness, known limitations and finding room for personal growth and change is the backbone of Angels in analysis essay The University America. Comparing and Contrasting Figures. The characters from Angels in America are contrasted from vast differences among nationality, race, religion and sexual preference. These differences show the sense of community, or lack-thereof, portraying the national image of humanity to change. Out of all the characters in the play, Belize, being the most ethical and self-balanced, has always come to the calling of the write other characters throughout the story. Towards the end of the play, Belize calls upon Louis to write recite the prayer of the dead (a Jewish recital in Hebrew), where he states at science essay Guertin High Roy Cohn's deathbed It isn't easy, it doesn't count if it's easy, it's the hardest thing.

Forgiveness. Which is maybe where love and justice finally meet. Peace, at last. Write Analysis Essay The University Of Nottingham. Isn't that what the Kaddish asks for? This particular passage in the story can be compared in some sense to every character. The inevitable questions that arise from tips of essay writing and Monson Academy, love and justice, upon abandonment of loved ones or knowing how to care for others is a key factor in how to write analysis of Nottingham building on forgiveness. The character Prior Walter, whom is introduced to us in the beginning, is our main sufferer, our protagonist. His boyfriend, Louis, a neurotic and analysis of journal School self-centered Jew, abandons him after knowing he has contracted HIV (AIDS) early in the story and shows general strength and willpower that he is strong but dying. After being sent to the hospital, Prior gains a power and authority beyond everyone else's capabilities.

This power was invested in him through the work of an angel visiting from process essay The University, heaven. Prior is writing Bishop School visited by this angel numerous times and is entitled as a Prophet for humanity. On another parallel of the story, Harper and Joe Pitt are inescapably stuck in a failing marriage. Harper, Joe's wife, is introduced to us as a valium-addicted agoraphobic, who never leaves the house and imagines that she is visited by how to essay The University, numerous characters that help her escape reality. These hallucinations of writing an argumentative Bodwell School traveling to different places are what help Harper deal with the fact of believing her husband, Joe, is probably homosexual. Through one of these valium-induced dreams, she counter-collides with Prior, whom they share revelations about each other. It is after this encounter that Harper finds out The University, that her husband is critical analysis article MacDuffie gay, and slowly but willfully takes her destiny into her own hands. These two characters, Prior and Harper, both command a similar plot outline throughout the story.

In the beginning, when Prior and Harper both seemingly find themselves in write process analysis of Nottingham the same dream, Harper's visage explains to Prior about finding themselves through the hallucination, by use of understanding un-truthfulness. that Nothing unknown is Edith knowable. It is through this that Harper discovers that Prior is really sick without Prior telling her directly. Prior, shocked by this, looks at write process analysis Harper and finds that she is amazingly unhappy and that your husband is a homo. Harper once again looks into Priors eyes and finds that an innermost part of him is not sick and entirely free of disease. This exchange of information curtails the rest of the story on a parallel curve of events. This is what starts Harper into believing that her husband is gay, and Prior into knowing he has to keep on living. After this self-induced dream hallucination, Harper finds herself back in her apartment with Joe. Harper finally confronts Joe about where he goes at night and demands to know if he is a homosexual. This confrontation leads to lies, as Joe responds no and Harper leads Joe to believe that she is pregnant (when she really isn't), settling on that they now both have a secret. Concurrently, Prior and Louis, also lay in bed with Prior explaining his personal vision of the afterlife. Louis knows that Prior has contracted AIDS, but is struggling with the terms of if there is justice in life. Writing Essay High. where the how to analysis essay The University weighing of essay Bishop Guertin High School life that matters, and not the verdict.

It is at this point where Louis asks Prior if he would loath him if he walked out on him, abandoning him in this great time of need. Prior soundly says yes. Both of these characters share a similar plot alone, but are joined through the rest of the cast through the process The University element of life and fantasy. Harper eventually admits to Joe that she is not sure if she is going to have a baby, tying Joe to believe that she is in despair, and tells him to move to Washington without her. This eludes Joe to knowing that Harper is going to leave him at some point. Similarly, Prior has his accident that sends him to the hospital where Belize works at. Louis confers with the nurse, Emily, about Priors family history, while Emily is condoling Louis's fear of tips of essay and Monson Prior's weakness and companionship.

Louis leaves the hospital marking the start of the process analysis essay The University abandonment. At this point in the story, both couples have initiated what deems abandonment by their lovers when they were needed.

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