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British Philosophy of Sport Association. Essay? Originally published by the Learning and Teaching Support Network , reprinted here with their permission. The philosophy of sport is concerned with the conceptual analysis and interrogation of key ideas and issues of sports and writing the college George Brown related practices. Lancing College? At its most general level, it is concerned with articulating the nature and purposes of sport. The philosophy of sport not only gathers insights from the various fields of philosophy as they open up our appreciation of sports practices and institutions, but also generates substantive and comprehensive views of sport itself. The philosophy of sport is never fixed: its methods demand an inherently self-critical conception of intellectual activity; one that challenges its own preconceptions and guiding principles continuously both as to the nature and purposes of philosophy and of sports. Being a form of philosophical discourse, the philosophy of sport embodies the formal and contextual character of the parent discipline: philosophy. Unlike the biomedical sciences of of London School sport, philosophers (just like social scientists and purchase Lancing College humanities scholars) generate research that is overtly reflective of its non-theory neutrality. Intellectual progress can be made in philosophy and the philosophy of sport without presupposing an idea of linear development or at least the largely shared view of cumulative, commensurable, knowledge that is website for you of Glasgow, assumed within the natural or biomedical sciences of sport. The Fields of Philosophy and their Application in Philosophy of Sport. The philosophy of sport then, is characterised by conceptual investigations into the nature of purchase essay Lancing sport and related concepts, areas and professions.

It draws upon and develops many of the diverse branches of the parent discipline, philosophy, and essay writing Academy reflects a broad church of purchase theoretical positions and styles. It has most specifically interrogated substantive issues in the following sub-fields of philosophy as exemplified within sport and related human activities involving the use of the body in social practices and institutions: Aesthetics (e.g. can aesthetic sports have objective judging?) Epistemology (e.g. what does knowing a technique entail?) Ethics (e.g. what, if anything, is wrong with gene doping?) Logic (e.g. are constitutive and regulative rules distinct?) Metaphysics (e.g. are humans naturally game-playing animals?) Philosophy of education (e.g. can dominant models of skill-learning account for phenomenological insights?) Philosophy of law (e.g. can children give consent to use performance-enhancing drugs?) Philosophy of mind (e.g. is essay Auston, mental training distinguishable from mere imagination?) Philosophy of rules (e.g. can constitutive and regulative rules of sport be fully distinguished?) Philosophy of science (e.g. is Lancing, it true that only natural sciences of sport deliver the truth?) Social and political philosophy (e.g. are competitive sports hostage to a capitalist world-view?) East and West: The Traditions of Philosophy. Despite the diversity of these fields of applied philosophy in sport, there has been a tendency for one philosophical tradition to dominate: analytical philosophy. This is not to application College, deny that continental philosophy has not developed a sport philosophical literature. Indeed the labels themselves are somewhat misleading and both, being traditions of Western philosophy, take no significant account of Eastern philosophy, which in Japan notably has spawned a significant volume of sport philosophical literature. Given that philosophical research is always and everywhere internally related to purchase essay Lancing College, the expression of ideas, the idiom of that expression somewhat shapes the that for you, boundaries of what can be said. In contrast to the idea that the biomedical sciences of sport represent a universal language housed in technical rationality (#8220;the#8221; scientific method) philosophers working in the continental tradition have largely developed research within the fields of existentialism, hermeneutics and phenomenology.

Although the label is itself driven by geographical considerations (the work emanated from communities of scholars in Continental Europe), one finds philosophers of sport right across the globe drawing upon those traditions. Similarly, analytical philosophy, though the dominant tradition in the Anglo-American tradition of College Western philosophy, is how to essay, misleading in the sense that some of its founding fathers were indeed from Continental Europe. The drawing of distinctions to represent our experience of the world, however, is common to all schools or traditions of essay Lancing College philosophical and sport philosophical endeavour. Essay Writing Support College? Given the dominance of the purchase essay Lancing, analytic tradition in the English-speaking world, a few more specific words are required in support order to make sense of purchase essay College recent developments in the philosophy of sport. Analytical philosophy emerged as an essentially conceptual enquiry whose aim was foundational. It is often captured in how to write essay of Management Locke#8217;s famous remark about philosophical work being akin to essay, an under-labourer working in the garden of knowledge. As a second-order activity, its central aim was to provide secure foundations for other disciplines by articulating their conceptual geography. Its pre-eminence was captured by the insistence that conceptual work precedes all proper empirical enquiry.

Its exponents were equipped with the analytical tools of dissecting concepts for constituent criteria, drawing conceptual distinctions by their logical grammar and seeking fine-grained differences in their employment. In some quarters, the discipline of philosophy was reduced to the detailing of ordinary linguistic usages and their necessary and sufficient conditions in the college application essay Brown College order to detect the proper meaning (or essence) of concepts that others had to operate with and between. Despite this #8220;new#8221; direction there remained a strong sense of continuity here with the ancient past. Philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle too were concerned with making distinctions, bringing clarity where before there was puzzlement or, worse, commonsensical acquiescence. Many philosophers argue now that we are in a period of post-analytical philosophy. What this means is not entirely clear. We are living through a period of Lancing exciting intellectual development in the subject, which is very much reflected in the philosophy of sport. While the careful attention to conceptual analysis will always be an essential component of the how to, philosopher#8217;s toolkit, research-driven analyses of the key concepts of sports, games and play, have to a clear extent declined. Of much greater prevalence in the contemporary literature has been the development of substantive axiological issues ranging from purchase essay Lancing College social and political philosophy of sport to the rapidly growing field of ethics of sport.

Philosophers have been clear about the need to throw off the cloak of apparent neutrality of analytical philosophy in favour of arguing for substantive positions in terms of the how to an application essay, #8220;commodification#8221; of sports, their #8220;commercialisation#8221;, and Lancing their #8220;corruption#8221;. The development of substantive normative positions has proceeded in 10 steps an essay City of London Freemen's School addition rather than in purchase essay opposition to a tok, the careful articulation of College precisely what those concepts logically entail. If these debates have also raged in the social scientific literatures then it is clear that academics in this portion of the philosophy of sport have made their own important contributions, premised on a clear understanding of the potentially diverse conceptualisations of sport. Similarly, in ethics, philosophers of sport have attempted to argue for the aptness of different moral philosophical theories to capture sports#8217; nature and the nature of sporting actions therein. Support? In these fields, philosophers have generated new ideas about the contested nature of sports ethics itself whether as contract, duty/obligation, utility, or virtue. And in doing so they have often connected with the empirical research of other bodies of knowledge that would have been unimaginable to Lancing, the #8220;ordinary language philosophers#8221; who saw themselves as neutrally dissecting the essay, linguistic usage of others through much of the previous fifty years. Although early analytical philosophers saw themselves as elucidating the essay Lancing, concepts others used in their sports talk and research, there is a clear sense in The University of Glasgow which we can say the empirical researchers of the natural and social sciences and the humanities have themselves become much more sophisticated in their conceptual approaches to essay Lancing, sports related research. So, one of the traditional roles of the an application essay of Sheffield, philosophers of sport, to clear the Lancing, conceptual ground for others to carry out their research, has diminished though it is never likely to disappear altogether. In politics as in ethics and other branches of study there will always be disputes about what constitutes #8220;democratic processes#8221; or #8220;good character#8221;, for these debates are ineliminable from the field itself. How To Write Of Sheffield? Yet the convergence of the conceptual and empirical cuts both ways.

Philosophers of sport themselves are paying much greater attention to the processes and outcomes of empirical research. Nevertheless, their focus remains exclusively conceptual in Lancing College character. Every philosopher worthy of the name still seeks to get things right even if there is no clear and undisputed sense of what the truth of the matter might be. That Writes Of Glasgow? Its task is, through dialogue, to aim at the truth by close attention to valid argumentation entailing the clear explication of ideas that aim towards truth. In this sense, philosophy does not try to Lancing College, be pure, nor do philosophers of write an application essay The University sport attempt to purchase essay College, view sports as if they were in writing application Brown a position of essay complete neutrality, as is presupposed in positivistic research. The old philosophical ideal of a philosopher as an ideal spectator embodies a view of sports worlds from nowhere in particular within those worlds. Such a view has largely disappeared in contemporary philosophy of sport. Essay George Brown? In a clear sense, then, philosophy is returning to its ancient promise to bring wisdom to bear on important matters that concern us (in sports) and not merely to the detailed technical analysis of key concepts. The diversity of practices that fall within the compass of the different schools and traditions of philosophy means that there is not a universal method to characterise the purchase essay, philosophy of sport. Essay George Brown College? It is impossible therefore to essay, state unequivocally what relations hold between philosophising and practice.

While there will always be a portion of philosophical scholarship in sport that is more abstract (whether in the analytical, continental or eastern traditions), there is a growth of more applied work in the fields of axiology. Increasingly, philosophers are making contributions to national and international sports policy development, along with pressure groups, where the need for the knowledge and skills of argumentation philosophers characteristically bring to bear on challenging normative issues is clear. Examples of such applied work include research into diverse conceptions of equity in operation with respect to categories such as gender and race; arbitrating between proper and improper means of performance enhancement and writing Dulwich genetic engineering; illuminating the fascistic tendencies of purchase elite sports or the to writing School, xenophobia of modern sporting nationalism. Many of these issues would have been unthinkable to philosophers fifty years ago but are increasingly becoming part of the standard work of philosophers of sport. Key Texts in the Philosophy of Sport. The philosophical literature concerning sport is extensive. Historically important and contemporary books in the field notably include the College, following: Clifford, C. (1995) The Tenure of Phil Wisdom: Dialogues , Lanham, Maryland: University Press of America. Hyland, D. A. (1984) The Question of Play , Washington: University Press of America. Hyland, D. A. (1994) Philosophy of Sport , Lanham, Maryland: University Press of America. Inglis, F. (1977) The Name of the Game: Sport and Society , London: Heinemann. Kleinman, S. (Ed.) (1986) Mind and Body: East Meets West , Illinois: Human Kinetics.

Kretchmar, R. S. (1994) Practical Philosophy of Sport , Illinois: Human Kinetics. Lumpkin, A., Stoll, S. K.; Beller, J. M. (1999) Sport Ethics: Applications for Fair Play (second edition), Boston: McGraw Hill. McIntosh, P. C. (1978) Fair Play: Ethics in writing the college George Brown Sport and Education , London: Heinemann. Reid, H. L. (2002) The Philosophical Athlete , Durham: Carolina Academic Press. Tambooer, J. Steenbergen, J. (2000) Sport Filosofie , Leende: Davon.

Vander Zwaag, H. J. (1985) Toward a Philosophy of Sport , Fort Worth: University of Texas Press. Walton, G. Essay Lancing? M. (1992) Beyond Winning: The Timeless Wisdom of to writing of London Great Philosopher Coaches , Champaign, Illinois: Leisure Press. Best, D. (1974) Expression in Movement and the Arts , London: Lepus. Best, D. (1978) Philosophy and Lancing Human Movement , London: Allen and writes for you The University Unwin. Brohm, J. M. (1978) Sport A Prison of Measured Time (second edition), translated by Fraser, I., Worcester: Pluto Press. Caillois, R. (1961) Man, Play, and purchase Games , New York: Free Press. How To Write Essay Institute Of Management? Cantelon, H. and Gruneau, R.S. (Eds.) (1982) Sport, Culture and the Modern State , Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Galasso, P. J. (Ed.) (1988) Philosophy of Sport and Physical Activity Issues and Concepts , Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press. Gerber, E. W. Essay Lancing College? Morgan, W.J. (Eds.) (1979) Sport and the Body: A Philosophical Symposium (second edition), Philadelphia: Lea and Febiger. Gibson, J. Writing Brown College? H. Lancing College? (1993) Performance Versus Results: A Critique of Values in Contemporary Sport , Albany: State University of New York Press.

Gruneau, R.S. (1999) Class, Sports, and Social Development (second edition), Illinois: Human Kinetics. Hargreaves, J. (Ed.) (1991) Sport, Culture and Ideology , Cambridge: Polity. Hargreaves, J. (1986) Sport, Power and Culture: a Social and Historical Analysis of creative writing Popular Sports in Britain , Cambridge: Polity Press. Hoberman, J. M. (1984) Sport and Political Ideology , Austin: University of Texas Press. Hoberman, J. (1992) Mortal Engines: The Science of Performance and the Dehumanization of Sport , New York: The Free Press.

Huizinga, J. (1970) Homo Ludens: A Study of the Play Element in Culture , Suffolk: Paladin. Keating, J. W. (1978) Competition and Playful Activities , Washington: University Press of purchase essay Lancing America. Landry, F. Orban, W. A. R. (Eds.) (1978) Philosophy, Theology and History of Sport and of Physical Activity , Quebec: Symposia Specialists. Writing The College Application Brown? Lenk, H. (1969) Social Philosophy of purchase essay College Athletics , Illinois: Stipes Publishing. Lenk, H. (Ed.) (1983) Topical Problems of Sport , Schorndorf: Verlag Karl Hoffman. Metheny, E. (1965) Connotations of Movement in Sport and Dance , Iowa: W C Brown. Metheny, E. How To Write Auston Institute Of Management? (1968) Movement and Meaning , New York: McGraw Hill. Mihalich, J. C. (1982) Sports and Athletics: Philosophy in Action , Totowa: Littlefield Adams. Morgan, W. J. (Ed.) (1979) Sport and the Humanities: A Collection of Original Essays , Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press. Morgan, W. J. (1994) Leftist Theories of Sport: A Critique and essay Lancing College Reconstruction , Urbana: University of Illinois Press. Freemen's? Morgan, W. J. Meier, K. V. (Eds.) (1988) Philosophic Inquiry in Sport , Illinois: Human Kinetics.

Osterhoudt, R. G. (1991) The Philosophy of Sport: An Overview , Champaign, Illinois: Stipes. Purchase Essay College? Postow, B. How To Essay Auston Institute Of Management? C. Purchase Essay Lancing? (Ed.) (1983) Women, Philosophy, and Sport , New York: Scarecrow Press. Rigauer, B. (1982) Sport and Work , New York: University of Columbia Press. Slusher, H. S. (1967) Man, Sport and Existence: A Critical Analysis , Philadelphia: Lea and Febiger. Spicker, S. F. (Ed.) (1970) The Philosophy of the Body: Rejections of Cartesian Dualism , Chicago: Quadrangle Books.

Suits, B. (1978) The Grasshopper: Games, Life and Utopia , Toronto: University of Toronto Press. Thomas, C. E. (1983) Sport in a Philosophic Context , Philadelphia: Lea and Febiger. How To Essay The University? Weiss, P. (1969) Sport: A Philosophic Inquiry . Illinois: Southern Illinois University Press. Wertz, S. K. (1994) Talking a Good Game: Inquiries into the Principles of Sport , Texas: Southern Methodist University Press. For more specifically on ethics and sport, including a bibliography of important philosophical works within the field, see the Guide to Ethics and Sport.

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How To Write a College Application Essay. Most college institutions require application essay before getting accepted. Purchase Lancing? This should be seen as a chance to prove your greatest skills! Your application essay can help you stand out how to write a tok Auston of Management, from the rest of the candidates and get noticed by the admission board. Unless you abide by an adequate set of rules, it can be pretty hard to write a college application essay. Essay? So, we’ll guide you through the easiest methods and most essential aspects of writing an essay. College Application Essay: How to Begin Writing It. First thing’s first, you can’t possibly get accepted into a good college unless you start with a compelling and engaging introduction. To do so, you should brainstorm an adequate subject which expresses your personality and your greatest accomplishments. The manner in which you begin your application essay is how to write a tok Auston essential to how well it will be received.

So, you'd better take your time and focus during this phase. Purchase Lancing? As you start the writing process, the two most useful pieces of advice from admission committee members are to 10 steps to writing of London, show who you are and to make your point clear. Brainstorming is of great importance. Lancing College? This goes for any type of and Burton Academy essay. Purchase Lancing College? As you start to draft your paper, consider all of the aspects that define your individuality. Think about your passions, pastimes or concerns. It is very important to consider which college application essay subjects are best for exhibiting your personality and providing a great answer to the prompt. Find out precisely what the requirements of the prompt are. In most cases, the prompt is very complex and open to interpretation.

Take enough time to meditate upon it and analyze it. After making sure that you are aware of the how to write precise question of the Lancing prompt, list out all of the possible topics you could approach in response to it. Write Essay Of Sheffield? For instance, let’s say the prompt requires you to purchase, write about an important transformation that occurred in your life. In that case, you could talk about writing essay George College moving to another city or joining a band. Afterward, write for essay College approximately ten minutes without pausing. This way, you’ll make sure that you’re able to write down all of your ideas. The brainstorming process will aid you in creative essay Burr and Burton determining your subject and will ease up the outlining phase. When dealing with a college application essay, flow is crucial. Lancing College? This is why you need to structure your writing in a manner which doesn’t divert attention from your thoughts. In case you started off later than expected, this also has a great potential for essay saving time.

Devise a draft of all of the ideas you wish to express in purchase Lancing your paper. Draw inspiration from other essays. With the right organization, you could do away with a great deal of writes your for you The University anxiety. Essay Lancing? Take a look at creative writing Burr and Burton Academy, the following college application essay recommendations, and it will be much easier for you to get started: Use description instead of narration: If you’ve taken a look at some essay examples, you’ve probably noticed that the most successful papers use description rather than provide a straightforward narration of occurrences. Purchase Essay Lancing College? In addition to making the essay more captivating, this will also display your viewpoints better. Don’t forget that admission committee members are not familiar with you in person! This can be both favorable and unfavorable: favorable because you have a shot at writing application essay Brown College, making an awesome first impression and unfavorable if you don’t know how to sell yourself right. Command of language: Seeing as you’re dealing with a college application essay, you should show that you are someone who is prepared to start college. Purchase Lancing? To this end, avoid all sorts of writing errors and utilize words which are sophisticated and efficient.

To put it otherwise, do not automatically add random words from the synonym dictionary or use sophisticated lexicon excessively. To augment your writing, utilize fancy terms. How To A Tok Institute Of Management? The worst thing that could happen is sounding condescending or amusing. Be concise: Convey your ideas in as few words as you can. People don’t like reading a whole paragraph that could easily be expressed in a single phrase. Sentence organization: Your sentences should be neither splintered and hectic nor excessively long. In other words, to College, enhance efficaciousness and flow, your sentences should be of different sizes. Peer revisions: While it would be a good idea to have someone revise your paper for language and morphology mistakes, you should avoid asking too many people to Academy, look over your essay, as you may end up feeling puzzled.

You should also revise the essay by yourself. A great tactic is to look at other essays and purchase Lancing compare them to writing the college essay College, your own. Purchase Essay College? Of course, that doesn’t mean you should reproduce their structure, but no one says you can’t use it as inspiration. To Writing School? Analyze the purchase prompt: As indicated earlier, an essential aspect to creative writing and Burton, consider during the prewriting stage is analyzing the prompt. Read the following college application prompts and essay Lancing College take a look at the manner in which we dissect them: Discuss a person who has inspired you: If you’re required to talk about an individual who has exerted an impact on creative essay and Burton your life, don’t talk about essay Lancing famous historical figures.

The admission officer who will be reading your paper knows very well that Winston Churchill was a great personality. Website That Of Glasgow? Instead, you ought to purchase essay College, concentrate on your own perspective. Talk about the way in which the person changed you and your viewpoints as well as how he or she stimulated you to change. Why do you wish to attend this college? – This supplement question is essay George College often amazingly difficult to purchase, respond to. Rather than using general statements such as “because it is a respectable institution,” try to be specific in to writing an essay City your answer. For instance, if you want to get admitted to College, a medical college, a good idea would be to writing, write a sentence such as “Studying medicine is purchase essay Lancing College my lifelong desire and your medical department has an astonishing reputation.” Colleges are searching for students who can see beyond prestige and rank. Website That Writes Your Essay For You? Talk about your favorite book: Don’t respond to this prompt by purchase College writing a synopsis of a book you love. The perfect way to go about it is to discuss the way in which the book influenced you and why you relate to it.

Mention the reason for which the book defines you. When dealing with college application essays, you should always give a sincere response. Do not opt for a book simply because it’s a classic one. If you don’t really love the book you write about, the reader will figure it out. Present an important extracurricular activity: This prompt offers you the chance to discuss a moment in which you learned something meaningful. Talk about a provocation which stimulated you to escape your comfort zone and become more mature.

You should regard this as a chance to account your story and emphasize your greatest features. College Application Essay Formatting Requirements. When it comes the format of your paper, comply with the following guidelines: Use the Times New Roman font with 12-point letter size Use double spacing Margins must have the size of 1” Add an indent to each paragraph Last name and the page number appear at top left corner of the page As a general rule, college application essays have a relatively short length (400-600 words) Ways to Approach the Common Application.

The Common Application enables you to apply to more or less 700 different colleges. Year after year, these institutions offer students the possibility of Auston Institute of Management opting for College one of the 7 common prompts. Read on to find out the common college application essay questions provided for the 2017-2018 year. Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. That Writes Essay? If this sounds like you, then please share your story. [No change] The lessons we take from obstacles we encounter can be fundamental to purchase essay College, later success. To Writing An Essay City Of London Freemen's? Recount a time when you faced a challenge, setback, or failure. Purchase College? How did it affect you, and what did you learn from the experience? [Revised] Reflect on website writes for you a time when you questioned or challenged a belief or idea. What prompted your thinking? What was the outcome? [Revised] Describe a problem you've solved or a problem you'd like to solve. It can be an essay Lancing College, intellectual challenge, a research query, an writing application essay Brown College, ethical dilemma - anything that is of personal importance, no matter the scale.

Explain its significance to you and what steps you took or could be taken to identify a solution. [No change] Discuss an accomplishment, event, or realization that sparked a period of personal growth and a new understanding of yourself or others. Purchase Lancing College? [Revised] Describe a topic, idea, or concept you find so engaging that it makes you lose all track of time. Why does it captivate you? What or who do you turn to when you want to learn more? [New] Share an essay on any topic of your choice. It can be one you've already written, one that responds to a different prompt, or one of your own design. [New] While all of these prompts may seem like a piece of cake, at first sight, responding to them in a compelling and meaningful way is not so easy. Take a look at our ideas on and Burton Academy how to approach each prompt: Prompt 1: Write about yourself and purchase essay College your story. Seeing as the prompt requires you to how to write an application of Sheffield, talk about your personality, you should mention things that are special about you. Don’t talk about matters like high school achievements. Admission committee members already know about those things from your application. Lancing? Talk about your family history or specific hobbies that define your individuality.

Make sure you are imaginative and truthful. Creative Writing And Burton Academy? Prompt 2: Facing obstacles. In some cases, displaying your best self can be accomplished by essay presenting your flaws. Write about a difficult period in your life and explain how you managed to prevail over the circumstances. This way, you’ll demonstrate your bravery and the fact that you can keep going when you are confronted with challenges. Regardless of the amplitude of the challenge you discuss, you should concentrate on the impact it exerted on your life. Prompt 3: Ideas and convictions. A modification of viewpoint could represent a very intense account.

In case you’ve experienced a specific event you can describe and meditate on, this is the prompt you should opt for. An ambiguous paper regarding an actual political matter would show next to nothing about your personality; therefore it would be a failure. An Essay City? Prompt 4: An answer to an issue. This prompt gives you the purchase essay Lancing opportunity of talking about something you truly care about. 10 Steps An Essay Freemen's? Describe the way in which you encountered the problem and explain why you believe it should be solved urgently. Prompt 5: Maturity and insight. This might be one of the hardest prompts on the list. You can either talk about a crucial situation in your life or describe a more trivial time of awareness that modified your viewpoints. Explain the way in which that event stimulated your personal growth and changed you as a person. You should also mention what you learned from that moment. Prompt 6: Keen interest.

This prompt represents a completely new addition to essay, the common applications. It offers you the possibility of how to essay Auston Institute of Management talking about Lancing things that are important to you. To Writing An Essay Of London School? Colleges are on the lookout for students who are concerned about the environment and like to engage in specific activities. Prove your thoughtfulness and College talk about website that your essay The University who or what stimulates you to purchase, follow your passion. Prompt 7: Full liberty of answer! For this alternative, there aren’t any specific guidelines. You should choose this topic if you’ve been influenced by one of the papers you’ve written as part of other assignments, or if you have a specific question that you wish to find answers to. Keep in mind that you need to highlight your significance! Your essay should include responses to how and why questions. A Successful Scholarship Application Essay. Scholarship essays are somewhat different from typical college application essays.

Nevertheless, you should stick to the same guidelines. Website Writes Your The University? Your target is to essay, prove your originality, enthusiasm, and writes your essay of Glasgow individuality. When writing a scholarship application, it is essential to accentuate how you can contribute to the college you’re aiming for. Purchase Lancing College? Don’t think twice to writing support Dulwich, put yourself out there and present your best features first. Typical Varieties of College Application Essays. The Common Application doesn’t constitute the sole platform for this type of essays.

A lot of institutions demand their own style. Next, we’ll describe some standard platforms which also require college application essays, and we’ll tell you how to approach them. While the purchase College Florida State University doesn’t ask for an application essay, it’s advisable to send them one. Your paper should feature less than 650 words. You ought to opt for one of the 10 steps School subjects listed below: Talk about a personal experience that either displays your personality or helped model it. Talk about purchase Lancing College a time in the college George Brown College which you substantially contributed to other people, with the greater good in mind. Describe the provocations and recompenses of making that contribution. Talk about a moment in which one of your most precious or well-established convictions was challenged. Mention the way in which you answered.

Discuss the way in which the challenge modified your beliefs. Now take a look at the prompts for the FSU Application Essay: Prompt 1: Here you should discuss your hobbies, positive features, and previous experiences. Talk about all aspects that define your personality. Concentrate on a particular quality you wish to underline. Prompt 2: Generosity represents a great personality feature. Concentrate on the way in which you’ve made a contribution to society and describe how you felt.

Prompt 3: This is virtually the same as the third prompt on the Common Application. The University of California institution requires you to opt for 4 out of 8 essay questions. This is definitely not easy, seeing as you’ll need to write much more content than for other colleges. College? To figure out what needs to be done, you should take a look at a great deal of other essay examples. Talk about an instance of your management experience where you’ve exerted a positive impact on other people, aided them in essay writing support Dulwich College settling conflicts or played a part in group endeavors in the course of time. Each individual has a significant part. Essay Lancing College? Creativity manifests itself in a tok essay Auston a lot of purchase essay Lancing ways, like problem-solving, unique and pioneering thinking or art. Talk about the way in which you demonstrate your creativity. Talk about your best talent or ability and the way in which you’ve cultivated and essay Dulwich proven that talent in the course of time.

Talk about essay how you’ve profited from an important learning opportunity or struggled to prevail over a learning impediment you’ve confronted with. Essay Auston Institute? Talk about the most important provocation you’ve been confronted with and what you did to prevail over this provocation. How has this provocation influenced your educational accomplishments? Present your preferred school subject and describe the essay College way in website that writes essay for you which it has impacted you. Talk about what you’ve done to change your school or society for the better?

Describe the feature that makes you stand out from the other applicants who wish to get accepted into the University of California. Purchase Essay College? Now let’s have a look at the prompts: Prompts 1, 4 and the college application George 7 – You need to talk about your commitment to purchase, your surroundings. Discuss the influence the external world exerts on you and your decisions. Describe the way in an essay of London which you dealt with obstacles. Prompts 2 and 6 – Talk about Lancing yourself and your individuality. Present the aspects that define your personality. Reflect on your convictions and creative features and describe the way in which they shape your character. Prompts 3, 4 and 8 – Discuss your accomplishments. Purchase College? Mention your best achievements so far and talk about what makes you proud. You could also talk about the way in which you’d like to advance and mature.

The National Honor Society is an establishment that places a high value on management skills, service, personality, and education. It grants you the 10 steps an essay Freemen's possibility of applying for several scholarships, provided that you stand out from the other students. After your nomination, you are required to forward an essay. Purchase Lancing? To be successful, you need to consider several aspects. Sell yourself right! Your target is to be perceived as an exemplary applicant who appreciates knowledge and writing Burr and Burton Academy orderliness. Discuss your enthusiasm for service, your educational achievements as well as your leadership roles. Mention the aspects for which you are a powerful applicant. Provided that you give the right responses, you’re bound to purchase essay College, get accepted into the NHS.

To apply for RU, you need to hand in an essay. Essay Writing Academy? You can opt for one of the five prompts. Purchase Essay? Present an instance of your management experience in which you exerted a good impact on other people, aided in how to essay Institute settling conflicts or made a valuable contribution to group endeavors. In general, the essay prompts are similar to essay Lancing College, those of the Common Application. Prompt 1 – You need to writing application George College, use narrative to present an occurrence which shaped you and emphasizes your top features.

Focus on the impact it exerts on you. The magnitude of the event is not of importance. Prompt 2 – Talk about the way in which you influence the essay Lancing world around you and the people in website for you it. This prompt is a great choice for essay College service individuals. Prompt 3 – This one is pretty original, as it requires you to think of what you’d tell your younger self if you had the opportunity. You shouldn’t talk about remorse here. Mentions some aspects that you value nowadays but you didn’t regard as important when you were younger. This prompt is an excellent way to highlight personal development. Prompt 4 – Here you have a complete liberty of response. Make sure you are creative enough!

While the University of Central Florida doesn’t see the essay part as mandatory, it’s advisable to write an application essay The University of Sheffield, turn in a paper. Your essay must include between 500 and 7000 words. You can choose to answer to any of the three questions listed below: In what way have you been influenced by your family history, society or surroundings? What is the reason for which you decided to apply to UCF? What features or original traits will enable you to Lancing, make a valuable contribution to the UCF community? Now let’s talk about the UCF prompts. Prompt 1: Discuss your family history as well as the elements that express your individuality. Talk about the way in which you’ve been influenced by your environment and your upbringing. Prompt 2: Give a sincere response. Talk about why you want to attend UFC and how you can contribute to it.

Mention your aptitudes, passions and unique talents and the way in essay Dulwich which they mirror your personality. Highlight your top features. Still Have Trouble with Your Application? We know very well that writing a college application essay is far from being an easy task. If you don’t have enough time to complete this paper, we can offer you the right solution. At Elite Essay Writers, every single writer is proficient in drafting the perfect application essay.

After placing your order, you’ll be able to talk to College, your writer directly at writing the college application George Brown, all times. This way, your paper will be incredibly personal and original. Our papers feature flawless grammar and content, and we can always make sure you get accepted to Lancing College, the college you wish to apply to. Writing Essay George? Hire us, and you won’t need to worry about anything!

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10 Resume Tips From A Legal Recruiter. Ed. note : This is the latest installment in a series of posts on essay Lancing College, lateral partner moves from Lateral Link’s team of expert contributors. Abby Gordon is a Director with Lateral Link’s New York office. Abby works with attorney candidates on law firm and in-house searches, primarily in New York, Boston, and Europe. Prior to joining Lateral Link, Abby spent seven years as a corporate associate with Cleary Gottlieb, focusing on capital markets transactions for Latin American clients in New York and for the last five years for write an application European clients in Paris. A native of Boston, Abby holds a J.D., cum laude, from Georgetown University Law Center and a B.A. in purchase essay College government and romance languages, magna cum laude, from website that writes essay of Glasgow, Dartmouth College. Abby also worked with the purchase essay College International Rescue Committee as a Fulbright Scholar in Madrid, Spain.

She is the college application Brown College a member of the New York Bar and Lancing, is fluent in French and Spanish (and dabbles in Portuguese and Italian). As a legal recruiter, I review numerous resumes each week in how to essay Auston Institute an effort to assist my candidates with the substance and presentation of purchase College, their one-page life summaries. How To Write A Tok Auston Institute Of Management. Here are ten tips based on the most common problems I see and questions I am asked: 1. Assume no one will read your resume word-for-word. Picture your interviewer pulling your resume off the printer and reading only what he can in essay College the time it takes to website that your essay for you The University of Glasgow walk back to his office. You need to make the most important stuff jump off the page. Use bold.

Use bullet points. Lancing. Use headings. Give some thought to essay support College the format that will convey the necessary information in the most logical way. 2. Be concise and make every word count. Purchase Essay College. This is related to Tip #1. You want the most important stuff to jump off the page, but every word on your resume should serve the purpose of showing that you are the best candidate for the specific job. It’s just one page. 3. Tailor your resume to writing Burr the specific job. Keep in College the forefront of your mind that you are applying for a legal job. Do not view “updating” your resume as merely adding to the same document you first created 20 years ago.

Delete information that is no longer relevant #8212; remember, every last word should serve the purpose of getting you this job. If you are applying to 10 general litigation openings, one version may be just fine. But if you are applying to some general litigation spots and some patent litigation spots, you may want to have two versions of your resume, with each tailored to the specific opening or category of opening. 4. Writes. Be sure you can talk intelligently about every last thing you include on your resume. If you can no longer remember the main argument of your senior thesis from college, delete it from your resume or refresh your memory before any interviews. Lancing. You also must be prepared to talk about the any legal matters you claim to have worked on, including about the website that writes your essay of Glasgow underlying legal issues. 5. When describing your legal experience, give concrete examples . Instead of merely asserting that you are a capital markets lawyer, note that you “Drafted the underwriting agreement as lead associate representing the College underwriters in the offering of $300 million in floating rate notes by a large U.S. manufacturing company.” Even if you have a separate representative matters sheet, it may be helpful to include a few bullets points showing this experience in your actual resume as well.

And remember from Tip #2, every word counts. Don’t use neutral words where a more positive word could convey more meaning. For example, which is more powerful, stating that you “worked on” a project or that you “successfully implemented” a project? 6. Writing Dulwich College. Be sure all information is up-to-date. If you are no longer on a committee, delete it from your resume or indicate the purchase essay Lancing College proper dates. Change the verbs (“represent,” “draft,” “negotiate”) from the descriptions of creative writing Burr and Burton, your prior jobs to the past tense (“represented,” “drafted,” “negotiated”). Essay Lancing College. No longer fluent in French? Be accurate in the assessment of your language ability as of today, not as of 10 steps Freemen's, mid-way through your junior year abroad. 7. Additional Information: Space is a commodity, but you should still make room for two or three lines that show you are a human being and not just a robot.

Include a few interests (but be sure they are real interests of yours and not aspirational hobbies). Maybe you and one of the interviewers will find you have a hobby in common. Essay College. If nothing else, this “fluff” gives interviewers some material for writing the college application essay Brown College a few softball questions to break the ice or end the interview on a lighter note. Aside from true interests/hobbies, include language abilities, bar admissions, and memberships/affiliations so long as you are an purchase, active and not just passive participant in these organizations. Remember the essential test: “Can you talk intelligently about it if asked?” If someone asks about essay support Dulwich, your membership in an alumni network, will you state proudly that you assisted in raising $500,000 in College alumni contributions for a scholarship fund or will you cower in your chair and confess that you are on the e-mail list for the committee but have yet to attend a meeting? 8. Education first or work experience first? This is writing and Burton Academy a common question. Remember Tip #1 #8212; you want the most important stuff to jump off the page. So if you went to a top law school, you may want to list education first. Purchase. If your law school was not as highly ranked but you somehow landed a job at Wachtell, list work experience first.

In the writing George Brown College case of a tie, I’d go with work experience first. 9. The squint test : It seems a bit unsophisticated but it works. Essay Lancing. Tape your resume to creative Academy a wall about 10 feet away or just hold it far out in front of essay Lancing, you and squint. Does the website that writes for you The University balance of Lancing, black and white on the page make your eyes happy? Is there much too much dense text? Or way too much white space?

If you’ve ever strung lights on a Christmas tree, it’s the same principle. Write Essay Institute. Squint and then follow your instincts. Purchase Essay College. 10. 10 Steps To Writing An Essay City Of London Freemen's School. Proofread your resume carefully. Lancing College. Then proofread it again. Then ask a friend to proofread it. How To A Tok Essay Auston Institute Of Management. And another friend. Purchase Essay Lancing College. And your legal recruiter. Then proofread it again.

Nothing screams “Don’t hire me!” like a glaring typo or spelling mistake. 10?. Here’s a freebie. It’s not the essay Academy most important tip unless… well if it is, you know who you are. You know that photo of you in the Bahamas in Lancing your bikini? Shirtless? You remember how you uploaded it to to writing School your Google profile? And now you list your Gmail address on purchase Lancing College, your resume? Well guess what… When I am e-mailing you at your Gmail address, yes, I can see that photo of an application The University of Sheffield, you in the right-hand sidebar on my screen. If I can see it, so can the recruiting coordinator and so can the essay Lancing partner at the firm where you’re interviewing. Oh, and write, one more thing: your Twitter feed will also now show up on the right-hand sidebar.

I’m not asking you to stop using social media. But if you are indiscriminate about your tweets, think about setting up a separate e-mail address for the job search process. There is purchase Lancing College not just one right way of designing a resume. City Of London. But there are wrong ways. Look at models but don’t just copy someone else’s. This singular piece of paper is your key to getting your foot in the door in purchase Lancing College the next step of your career… or not. It’s worth spending a few extra hours getting it right. Lateral Link is writes essay for you of Glasgow one of the top-rated international legal recruiting firms. With over 14 offices world-wide, Lateral Link specializes in placing attorneys at the most prestigious law firms in the world. Managed by former practicing attorneys from top law schools, Lateral Link has a tradition of hiring lawyers to execute the lateral leaps of practicing attorneys. Click ::here:: to find out more about us.

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cooling system essay Essay on lubricating oils for BMW motorcycles, engine oils. Clicking on them at every visit helps support this website! Clicking on something inside an advertisement helps even more! Understanding how oils REALLY work/operate/function. IN DEPTH discussion. LUBRICATION THEORY . as you've never heard before! What things you should consider in selecting oils, etc. © Copyright 2007, 2014, 2016, 2017, R. Purchase College. Fleischer. Preface. The importance of proper engine oil:

Most any engine oil will work reasonably well for 10 steps City of London Freemen's, the engine, but there are specific areas of the engine that WILL BE damaged, and perhaps expensively, if the oil is not of proper quality and that means proper additives that are blended by the oil makers. The author's website,, contains several long article on how oil really works, what oil should be used, ETC. Purchase Essay College. Certain specific ingredients in the engine oil are very much needed to avoid $$$ problems in your BMW Airhead motorcycle. How To Write Auston Of Management. THREE are critical. One of them is ZDDP (or ZDP). The amounts have been DEcreased, over time, in accordance with API, SAE, and oil and auto manufacturer's changes. Lancing College. Your Airhead motorcycle REQUIRES this substance in application George Brown College a minimum (and maximum) amount, to avoid $$ spalling and other deterioration of the camshaft and cam follower surfaces. Another ingredient is purchase essay Lancing College, needed to be sure that under storage conditions, the cam and writing the college application essay Brown, followers (and other items in the engine) do not have the oil dripping off and purchase essay Lancing, leaving the metal unprotected at engine startup. The final ingredient (of major importance) is essay, that the amount of detergents (Increasingly higher in modern car oils) should not be excessive, as that defeats BOTH long term storage metal protection AND defeats the protection of ZDDP.

There are SEVERAL oil articles on this website. They are generally in the section of articles 49 through 51D. You really DO need to read them ALL! Additives are put into purchase essay Lancing College base stock oils to help form better 'thin oil films', so the oil is not pounded-out by impact forces. Essay Institute. Actually, the oil can also be 'moved out' by Lancing College rotating forces, that make the oil set up like ocean waves.

Areas especially in need might be such as the small ends of the rods, when at top-dead-center. Very LITTLE engine wear is from dynamic friction . How To Write Essay Of Sheffield. that is, from rotating, or constantly shearing movements. Purchase. MOST wear is from transient loads, such as at the cam lobes; with moderate wear on how to an application of Sheffield other areas, . Purchase Essay Lancing. during COLD STARTUP; provided that the oil contains proper additives. Writing The College Essay George. Regarding cam lobes, the Airhead engine is of the purchase Lancing College, type that professionals describe as having adverse slide-to-roll ratios, and that, of high loading. These types of engines are common to those of flat-type cam/rocker/follower systems, such as on the old VW Beetle, the Porsche 356, early Corvette's, even the essay College, Ford Pinto. Owners of these types of vehicles are sometimes made aware of REAL engine failures ($$$) from wrong types of oils. In particular camshaft and lifter wear.

Today, modern car engines are so precisely designed and manufactured, that very light oils with no or limited ZDDP additives can be used (although other additives may be used, that do not interfere with catalytic converters). NOT SO with MANY earler engines. Write Essay. The BMW Airheads are MEDIUM-old technology. The BMW Classic K bikes (K1, K75, K100, K1100, and purchase Lancing, some into K1200) are somewhat more modern. Special notes, regarding modern CAR oils IN CARS! . and comparison with Airheads. 2. Oil compounding is essay writing Burr and Burton, becoming more critical with engines with controlled camshaft timing. 3. The use of purchase essay NON-top-tier gasoline causes problems with fuel injectors, and carbon deposits that can, and will, produce driveability problems that are $$ to fix. For a list of 10 steps to writing City of London Freemen's School distributors/refiners that sell Top Tier fuels, see: Click around at College, the headings at writing the college College, the top.

4. Purchase Essay Lancing. More and writing the college application, more gasoline engines for cars are being manufactured with DIRECT cylinder fuel injection. This means the use of very high pressure pumps, often driven from lobes of the valves camshaft. Oil has become critical for these engines. Further, the gasoline makeup and purchase Lancing, type of oil is MUCH more critical for write The University, deposits that affect driveability (surging, bucking, lousy start-up, poor cold running, lousy mileage. and more). It is DIFFICULT on many of these engines to clean-up the deposits.

Chemicals may not work well, and $$$ disassembly and blasting with such as walnut shells, may be needed. Removing and College, replacing a head or two heads for this is NOT CHEAP. Use ONLY the City of London School, brand, model, and grade, of engine oil and engine oil filter, that the car manufacturer has recommended. DO NOT DEVIATE, even if the oil retailer or container says it meets the specifications by the car manufacturer. If the car manufacturer has nothing about your proposed oil in its APPROVED oil and essay College, filter literature, PASS on using it. An Application Essay Of Sheffield. or, study-up some, and then decide. NOTE that these two additives are NOT in purchase Lancing all engine oils, and when they are, the concentrations vary . considerably! ZDDP (zinc dialkyl-dithiophosphate) is a common anti-wear additive for use in how to write a tok essay of Management mineral-based oils. IN THE ARTICLE THAT FOLLOWS, MY USE OF ZDDP CAN MEAN EITHER ZDDP OR ZDTP (AND THERE IS ANOTHER VERSION TOO), OR BOTH, OR ALL. Many premium motorcycle oils are produced with large percentages of synthetic components, and purchase College, may well have quality additives that will last longer than the commonly accepted (and often WRONG!) 3,000 mile change intervals.

It depends CONSIDERABLY on how to write essay Institute of Management the 'quality' and amount of additives, and particularly how the essay, motorcycle is ridden . such as very short 3 mile trips in high humidity or cold weather perhaps . versus over creative essay writing Academy, 20 mile average trips. Purchase College. Changing your oil too often is writing support Dulwich College, also, contrary to popular belief, not a great idea. I know that sounds wrong . and the reasons are complex, so I won't get into them here. If you do not believe, me, do some of your own research! I will cite one SAE study, later in this long article, to save you the trouble. There is also a POSSIBLE problem with the word synthetic. Due to purchase College, a 'lawsuit' (not absolutely true, but best thought of as a lawsuit) won by Castrol (versus Mobil), a judge made a ruling (that even today should possibly be considered wrong, in MY opinion!). The judge ruled (my words here), that a highly refined petroleum oil, not REALLY a complete full-synthetic oil, can, if the manufacturer wished, be called synthetic.

Because of this ruling, so-called part, or even full-synthetic oils, that are on the market may not truly be the write Auston, highest quality REAL synthetic oils. Purchase College. Another problem is that there are several types of base synthetic lubricants, and an application essay of Sheffield, they are NOT all of the same quality or characteristics! I will get into them later in this article. I personally have no problem with this synthetic or not really synthetic argument, if the resulting oil for your engine was equivalent in performance. UNfortunately, they are NOT, usually, very close. Another problem is purchase essay Lancing, that, except for most of the writing support College, specialty motorcycle oil makers (who are better at NOT changing good formulas), commonly available oils can have their formulas modified, without the oil makers telling you. The bottom-line, SIMPLIFIED, about synthetic oil, is that for MOST PRACTICAL purposes, if they contain reasonable amounts of ZDDP or ZDTP (for your AIRHEAD bike or other vehicle that really should have it), they are ALL likely going to essay College, be OK and you CAN go further than you may think before needing an oil change. Essay Writing Support Dulwich. Some will burn off faster at the beginning, and Lancing College, that costs-you; but you will probably overlook this. An Essay City Of London School. What you MUST look out for is that the oils must be OK for YOUR particular motorcycle. Oil is much more critical for Airheads, as far as scuffing and lubrication goes.

HOWEVER, FOR THE CLASSIC K BIKES, USE OF THE PROPER OIL, A FULL SYNTHETIC, IS VERY LIKELY TO GREATLY EXTEND THE LIFE OF THE STARTER MOTOR SPRAG CLUTCH, WHICH IS BURIED DEEP INTO THE ENGINE AREA, AND IS VERY COSTLY TO REPLACE (the labor alone is $$$$). Modern car oils are typically energy saving (and so marketed and marked), are usually in essay Lancing College thin grades such as 0W30 and 5W30, . and NO Energy Saving oil, of ANY viscosity, is fully compatible with your Airhead, and not all that good for your K bike either. More information is in writes your my my article, particularly near the end, where I list ZDDP levels. From this point onwards in this article things will generally be more technical. Here is what really happens: The fluid (OIL) splits into layers. College. The top layer sticks to the surface, bottom layer sticks to the lower surface, and each successive layer travels at a lower speed, which shears the layers on either side. That Essay Of Glasgow. Oil film is what does the lubricating (not absolutely true on a REAL engineering basis, but good enough for purchase College, us, here). There are several types of 'oil films'. The hydrodynamic film is only perhaps 0.001 thick in a 1 inch bearing. How To Write A Tok Essay Auston. Surfaces are kept apart by several functions, one of which is the hydrostatic function which is primarily from oil pressure from the oil pump.

Thus, ONE of the purposes of the oil pump is to provide the 'keep the surfaces apart oil pressure' inside the bearing, etc. This is critical when there are slow heavy loads and essay College, thusly for the starting up of the engine. Please be sure to read this small paragraph again . oil slipperiness is not really involved! If you jump to the conclusion that poor oil pump pressure (or, same effect, from excessive bearing wear clearances) can cause problems . Writing Application Essay Brown College. you would be correct. BMW is hardly the only company having starter motor clutch problems. Purchase Essay. The common Honda Gold Wing used what amounts to fat rollers or roller bearings if you wish, to essay writing support College, provide a one-way clutch, and essay Lancing, they have a habit of gumming up from oil residue varnishes, etc. An expensive repair job, sometimes fixed by using high detergent oils or additives for awhile. Writing The College Application Essay. BMW K bike starter sprag clutch problems results in a high cost repair job, and the same high detergent additive routine may work here. The full-synthetic oils, particularly certain types, are quite good at preventing these costly repairs. Classification of types of Lancing College lubricating base oils:

This particular section was plagiarized from several combined internet articles, and then highly edited by essay Burr me. There is also a large amount of my own material here. Since it is all intermingled, I claim NO copyright for this particular section. Further, I can't attribute to purchase essay, various authors either because of my extensive editing. The American Petroleum Institute (API) classifies base oils under five categories. These categories help identify base stocks in finished oil formulations to ensure that engine oil performance demands are met. Group V: These specialized base oils, with few exceptions, are chemically engineered stocks that do not fall into any of the website that essay for you of Glasgow, categories previously mentioned. Typical examples of Group V stocks are esters, polyglycols and purchase essay Lancing College, silicone. This group comprises all synthetic oils other than PAO's.

A short list includes: Esters such as Polyolesters (Neopentyl Polyolesters, Diesters (Dibasic acid esters); various Alkylated Aromatics, PAG's (poly Glycol/various Glycol's), Silicones etc. This group of that writes your essay of Glasgow synthetics is primarily used for various industrial and aviation applications. Polyolesters are most commonly used for essay Lancing, turbine and aviation applications. They are very thermally stable and ideally suited for very high temperature use. How To Write The University Of Sheffield. Hence their use in such things as high temperature greases, jet engines and gas turbines. They have a very low coefficient of essay Lancing friction and the college application essay George College, are sometimes added in essay Lancing College small amounts to mineral oils and synthetic oils to lower the coefficient of friction of the write an application The University, finished product. Diesters are most commonly used in aviation and industrial compressor applications because of the tremendous anti-scuffing protection they offer.

They are often added in small amounts to PAO-based two-cycle oils as this feature is very beneficial to a two-cycle motor oil. Diesters are shear stable, have good lubricity, detergency and are polar. Purchase Essay. meaning they have an electrical charge that causes them to cling to metal surfaces. THAT is a desirable trait for most lubricants. Diesters are not compatible with all seal materials as they can cause excess swelling of many common seal materials. Because of this they are often added in small amounts to automotive PAO based oils to provide positive seal function. Silicones offer wide temperature performance and how to write essay The University of Sheffield, are sometimes used in compressor applications although this use has fallen out of favor in recent years.

More often it can be found in high performance automotive braking systems these days. I HIGHLY suggest you do NOT use DOT5 silicone brake fluids. A discussion of why is in purchase essay the brake and chemicals articles. Terms and words used in the petroleum industry, to which you possibly have been exposed-to, are not very descriptive to laypersons, and I am going to essay writing support Dulwich, mention some of these terms briefly here, and if you are interested in a more in-depth discussion, simply do a search by any common search engine, such as Google's. Aromatics means the purchase essay Lancing College, molecules are what is called Alkyl Benzenes. Naphthenes are Paraffins in a RING form of molecules. MOST synthetic oils are made by Polymerizing short chain alpha-olefin hydrocarbons, which then are changed to longer chain types called PAO's.

These have molecules with vastly less variables than if made from crude oils directly. although chemically they are similar in many respects. Why Choose Synthetic Lubricants? One must be very cautious about using the various Group IV and V oils; they may not be compatible with seals in some vehicles, and as seals are usually made by more than one manufacturer, the seal material may not be necessarily compatible with an oil even though the seal has the SAME part number. Still, these are usually THE best performing oils. More. for the even more technically-minded, lots of that writes your for you nerdy stuff too . on College oil functioning . here I get into how lubrication really works, and essay writing College, lots more. Looking at extremely tiny irregularities in as-machined and broken-in surfaces, a LOW viscosity oil allows the oil to creep into very small microscopic areas. As the load increases, the oil is squeezed between the parts and dynamically increases the Lancing, oil viscosity; which allows higher load carrying. This is why a very thin oil can work so well in modern cars designed for it (including small clearances). This is why a 10W30 or a 5W30 or even 0W-30, all being very popular or SPECIFIED today for cars, works so well in modern cars (which don't have flat tappet designs, another story), and modern engines last so long (precise machining, proper selection of essay compatible materials, expert design for lubrication, improved oils, etc.). It is essay Lancing College, also, in essay writing support College an oblique way, the reason old Harley's had very thick oil specified.

I'm NOT putting Harley down here, just telling real facts. One could say the same thing about many old engine designs. . and purchase, some of this applies to how to write essay of Sheffield, flat tappet old performance cars, Porsche boxer engines, and purchase essay College, so on essay writing support College (and Airheads) . as I described earlier herein. Oil wedging is a fundamental principle. I will begin by discussing a rotating crankshaft; a crank journal, and a conrod big end. The spinning crankshaft does not have equal pressures all around any given bearing surface, as the purchase essay College, pressures are not equal over its 360° rotation due to when the piston pushes (and pulls) on the rod. In the Burr and Burton, bearing area itself, the parts are ever-so-small eccentric to each other . or egg shaped, or however you want to visualize this within that tiny perhaps 0.001 bearing clearance.

This clearance is NOT necessarily the MEASURED parts clearance, but the dynamic clearance . more or less. Getting deeper into essay Lancing College how thin oil films work (perhaps, in the molecular region) is way too nerdy for even this article. It would get into what is really meant by oiliness, adsorption, more on hydrodynamic lubrication, how the film can be penetrated, and so on. Writing Dulwich. When I studied this sort of stuff, I kept my notes; and my industry information, and they, mostly typewritten on both sides of the paper, are inches thick. Essay Lancing College. Lubrication is a VERY complex subject, AND . Essay George College. it is still evolving. I'll make it simpler from here on. Lancing. (at least in THIS article). So, what's this ZDDP stuff all about? ZDDP (or ZDTP) is important for BMW Airhead engines. ALL ZDDP is write a tok essay Institute, NOT the same. Zinc dialkyldithiophosphate is both an antioxidant (you almost never hear about THAT) and an antiwear agent, and most formulations are somewhat volatile to a bit too volatile. As the purchase Lancing, oil standards specified by essay support car makers and the SAE went from lower to higher letters (SG to SM, as example), the oils had less ZDDP.

Newer standards reduced sulfated ash, phosphorous, sulfur, and, of course, zinc. Purchase Essay College. The reduction in zinc was to writing, keep $$$ catalytic converters from essay College, being contaminated . which reduces or eliminates their prime function. How To Write An Application The University. The other reductions were to purchase College, lengthen the lifetime for creative essay writing Burr, the Oxygen Sensors on modern cars and bikes. Think about what I just said about oxygen sensors. You DO know that your K1100, etc., has one? Yes, that means you do not want a high ZDDP level for K bike oils, but you need SOME on the earliest of the K bikes (1983-1986) due to their design, which was changed in a few areas, and purchase essay, not really advertised as such for lubrication purpose.

Thus, use of writing Burr Academy ZDDP and ZDTP in K bike oils is a trade-off. I suggest medium-high levels for a very early Classic K bike. Most SM oils still contain some ZDDP, but in a less volatile formulation. This prolongs cat converter life, but still provides some anti-wear protection for engines with what is called high slide-to-roll ratios. So, just as a hint, if your SM oil does contain ZDDP, then it MIGHT be OK, contrary to even BMW recommendations . but you need to KNOW. Getting the information, which includes the essay, ZDDP concentration, is very UNlikely to be from reading the container printing. Oil drain intervals, etc: I have mentioned how NOT changing oils TOO often is better . well, some, in total disbelief, have asked for proof of 10 steps to writing City of London School Snowbum's crazy ideas . So, I say, briefly: Oils, if properly filtered, can IMPROVE in some characteristics, as SOME miles pile up, and Lancing, changing oil too often is NOT a good idea.

One idea you might ponder upon website your for you of Glasgow (a tiny bit) is whether or not the oil manufacturers add too much of some additive, because they know it will be degraded over time and miles. Essay College. For just one of a number of articles on this subject: Obviously, there are limits. Viscosity improvers may be depleted too soon, if you extend oil changes too far. How To Write A Tok Essay. That means that 20W50 oil for essay Lancing, your Airhead might be something else besides a 20W50, after enough miles. If you had a motorcycle with the GEARBOX being lubricated by the engine oil, things can be much worse for the oil, as the gears WILL shear the how to an application essay, longer-chain-molecules of the oil. Purchase Essay College. This changes the viscosity, but also has not pleasant effects on other oil qualities.

Such bikes should have the oil changed more often, see your owner's booklet. Luckily, BMW Airheads and Classic K bikes have separate engine and gearbox oils. However, SOME oil shearing does occur on these bikes. If you are going on longer rides, say over 40 miles in mild weather, and most of your riding is on the college Brown such longer rides, and seldom quite short ones, you can likely SAFELY EXTEND oil changes. Lancing. In some instances even two years and 10,000 miles, but this would be about the LIMIT, under very best conditions, and would be for to writing City Freemen's, a Motorcycle specific, High Quality, FULL synthetic oil. For a high quality part-synthetic, such as Golden Spectro 4 in purchase Lancing College 20W50 or 10W40 grades, I advise changing oil at not over 1 year and write a tok Auston of Management, 5000 miles, but SOME riders might be able to essay, go a bit longer and to 8000. See article 51B. Multiweight (multi-grade) oils are now vastly better than old-time single weight oils, for a variety of reasons. Write Of Sheffield. Multiweight oils are typically manufactured using pour-point depressants to THIN the base oil . so it flows and pumps easily when cold. They also add viscosity improvers to thicken the oil at higher temperatures. Purchase Lancing. There are limits to this sort of thing, and it is of Management, tricky to purchase Lancing, make a quality oil that covers the SAE range of 10W50, and even 10W40, for DINO oils . and easier to do this type of oil compounding with part-synthetics or full-synthetics . which, naturally, cost more.

Even back as little as. 1990, to get a good 10W40 oil was difficult (the standard was 10W30 for writing application George Brown, cars); today we have SOME 10W50 oils that are fairly good. NOTE that turbocharged cars often have very strict requirements for essay College, oil change intervals, and type of oils. Think about creative essay writing Burr and Burton Academy this . ask yourself WHY! Do you now see why the use of proper oil and change interval for an AIRHEAD, is important? Very Specific Oil Recommendations . Lancing College. COMMENTS . For AIRHEADS: General notes for the above section: Do NOT use cheap energy saving (so marked, and essay writing and Burton, probably have starburst symbol) car oils in your motorcycle, particularly NOT in Airheads. You CAN use them in an emergency. ***Fully synthetic oils may not allow your Airhead lifters (cam followers) to properly rotate!! I have NO direct experience!

But, this bit of esoterica is ONE of the three reasons I have NOT fully recommended full-synthetic oils for Airheads, unless conditions warrant. I believe the essay, oils I have recommended, above, are OK in this regard. Classic K bike engine oil recommendations: This applies to K1, K75, K100, K1100, K1200. Use BMW premium oil filters in your Airhead. Use the two-part hinged filter if you can. The K bike can safely use all sorts of filters, I use BMW branded ones, you don't have to on the K bikes. The K bike filter is upside down, so there is no need for a drain-back valve in its filter. Essay Writing College. NOTE: I do NOT like ANY FRAM oil filters. YES, there IS a reason to also NOT use K N AIR filters!

ZINC. ZDDP. Lancing College. ZDTP; 'special' break-in oils, etc. expanded section. Just what really is ZDDP. ETC. Yes, it is true, that that ZDDP has excellent anti-scuff properties. It was considerably later than ZDDP's introduction that it came into wide use for write an application The University, anti-scuffing. In the 1960s, high performance flat-tappet camshafts were common. It was found that a zinc level of 0.07% was very helpful. Back in the 1960s, all new camshafts were generally phosphate-coated, and together with the ZDDP in the engine oil, the brand-new camshafts and lifters were protected from Lancing College, premature wear, particularly during the critical break-in period.

As engines became more powerful, and pressures on parts increased, the writing, level of zinc was increased to 0.09%. Oils changed too, becoming much more complex, and additives for purchase Lancing, friction modifications, antioxidants, detergents, etc., became common and more sophisticated. Fuel economy began to be of application essay Brown College some concern, and the zinc content was continually increased, with premium and super-premium oils commonly having as much as 0.2% . into the 1980s and purchase, 1990s. ZDDP or ZDTP is how to write a tok essay Auston, also helpful for K bike engines, but particularly the very earliest ones, which had some places with different metallurgy, such as different cam characteristics, etc. FEW know about that, for the K100. ZDDP protects valve tips and pushrod tips. Purchase Essay Lancing. Anyplace where galling and scuffing problems can exist, ZDDP is usually quite beneficial.

However, excessive amounts of how to essay ZDDP are not a good thing for such as a water-cooled BMW K bike engine, and all the Airheads. It is College, not zinc, but phosphorus content that is the biggest item of importance in ZDDP, as far as wear goes. The SAE has published a well-known chart (to for engineers) on the effect of differing loads versus phosphorus levels (there are other charts, zinc, etc. . not important right here). Most of of London School these types of charts (there are a lot of them) are presented as lifter loads, in pounds, versus ZDDP or Phosphorus, and the criteria is scuffing of parts. What is interesting about the purchase, charts is that the the college, curve is NOT linear, particularly so at purchase College, LOWER concentrations of phosphorus. At lower loadings, only a concentration of maybe 0.03% is needed. At higher loadings. which occurs with high lift cams or high pressures or both (easier to write an application essay, think of high performance engines) . concentrations of 0.08% are needed. What is needed means that MORE than that amount is required, due to College, burn-off of the College, additives, and for a safety factor. Additives cost more than the oil stock does. You can read into THAT quite a lot! You can also think about the fact that it takes ZINC to essay, establish the write a tok Institute of Management, proper glass layer from the phosphorus (Phosphates), and ZINC is bad for cat converters . so oil mfrs make compromises, that are not necessarily good for your Airhead bike!

ZDDP amounts have been reduced every now and purchase essay Lancing, then in car engine oils, now ZDDP is almost completely eliminated. That is because the additive contaminated the $$$ catalytic converters. At the an essay City Freemen's School, early stages of reductions, phosphorus limits were lowered to 0.10%, and zinc levels were dropped also . but quite long ago. College. In 2004 came the Burr Academy, so-called Tier 2 emissions standards, and OEM warranties changed to 10 years or 100K miles, and phosphorus dropped again, to 0.08% . and zinc went down to essay, 0.09%. The levels are much lower now . or, gone.

There is write essay of Sheffield, no question that, for newer generation car engines, modern oils are all that is needed. These oils and purchase essay Lancing College, the more precise automated machining and improved metallurgy, various alloys, improved cooling, etc., are a big part of why car engines can last 250K+ miles these days. It is also the essay Brown College, reason that high mileages can be obtained on the Classic K bike engines, which contain a lot of the newer technologies. Establishing protective layers or very hard layers, on cams and followers, is dealt with by many small changes in modern engines. Purchase Essay Lancing. The result allows break-in of the cam and essay support Dulwich, followers and other parts, when brand-new, without needing ZDDP. For most Airhead owners, that is purchase essay Lancing, hardly the problem, since their engine's parts were long-ago broken in, hopefully on ZDDP oils.

BUT, the zinc (and phosphorus) are needed continuously in Airheads; and essay support Dulwich, if the cam, etc. , was NOT heat treated well-enough, or perhaps not broken in on a proper oil . deterioration will begin, sometimes rapidly, when using the wrong oil. I have PERSONALLY witnessed oil failures in essay College this area of the Airhead engines. High valve spring loads compound problems. In a nutshell, EPA regulations, SAE and engine makers and car makers have all 'conspired' against the type of oil YOU NEED for your Airhead. Luckily such oils are still available.

There is some information on oils, with the heading title of Information on essay support acceptable engine oils: in this linked article: I suggest you either stop here read just that section in that article then resume here, or make a note to read it after finishing this article, below. Some, particularly in racing or maybe just overly nerdy street vehicle owners who own old vehicles, may use a dedicated break-in oil with a ZDDP additive; they may also have used a coating on the cam, etc., during assembly, for extra protection at first start-up. Purchase Lancing. I have been asked about this subject, so thought I would put the asked-for information here. A non-detergent break-in oil could be a straight 30W or a 10W30, you could add a ZDDP additive. Write Essay Institute. You do not have to do that. Do you need, or should you use, these above super-special oils: Probably NOT. 800 or 900 is not nearly enough. Transmission, driveshaft, rear drive oils: There is ONE BRONZE, not brass, shim in the rear drives in the Airheads. Purchase Essay Lancing. BMW specified a GL5 oil.

BMW knew what is correct, and I agree. GL5 NOT GL4! in ALL AIRHEADS. 800 cc total oil). Writing Support College. If you have problems shifting, try it for a thousand miles or so, see if it helps. If not, you have other problems. It may increase the lifetime for the bearings, etc.

ABSOLUTELY DO NOT use the Dow M product with synthetic oils, and DO NOT increase the purchase Lancing College, dose! For the essay writing, rear drive, you can use about essay 2%. Here is creative essay writing and Burton, a link to an article about College oils, especially for motorcycles, and it has some different, and interesting, viewpoints. It's a bit long, but worth the read, and you may well like the method of presenting the information. To all of you out there reading this hugely long article: It is all YOUR choice. I have only tried to inform. Believe what you want. You will do that anyway. 01/25/2007: slight revisions and editing for clarity.

Remove poor formatting. 01/22/2008: edit slightly for clarity. 07/12/2008: minor clarifications. 07/14/2008: more clarifications. 02/27/2009: Added addendum #1, make minor corrections otherwise, in line with changes by SAE, etc. 03/09/2009: Final release, includes some changes in line with the how to write an application, latest oils available. 11/16/2009: Add last section.

01/21/2010: minor updates and clarifications; add script to purchase, code. 04/21/2010: Add to section on ZDDP. 06/18/2010: Updated airhead oil recommendations to include caveat on Mobil 1 V-Twin oil; changed the commentary slightly for the Spectro GS4 20W50. 09/01/2010: added hyperlink to to writing of London Freemen's School, SAE article. 11/12/2010: slight updating, mostly for Lancing, clarity and poor grammar. 11/18/2010: add ppm of zinc for essay Burr Academy, 4T oil. 02/24/2011: was 52C. 04/10/2011: Fix K N article internal hyperlink and purchase essay Lancing, clean up entire article SOME. 08/03/2012: Get much deeper into synthetics, etc. 10/12/2012: revise layout; add QR code; add language code; update Google Ad-Sense code; update article contents; language button removed later on.

11/05/2013: Clean up article. Writing Support College. still is messy. Purchase Essay College. clarify a few details. 03/03/2014: Revise article for essay Burr and Burton Academy, clarity; add Ph and Z info on Delo, etc. 07/16/2014: Minor additions, no revisions. 09/03/2014: Clarify some areas; do a further cleanup on 09/07/2014 finish on 09/24/2014. 12/26/2014: Add lengthy note near top about modern car engines needed oils filters. Essay Lancing. Eliminate some font sizes, add minor notes corrections. 04/03/2015: Add simplified section. 05/01/2015: Update article. 03/10/2016: Update layout, eliminate duplications, update metacodes, format, clarify details. 09/25/2016: Update scripts, html, metacodes, slight changes in layout/fonts/etc.

Improve details in section on transmission, rear drive, driveshaft oils. 05/31/2017: Reduce colors and fonts, minor text changes for clarity. Slight updates on zddp amounts per latest mfr information and essay writing and Burton Academy, testing.

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LDRSHIP in an Army of purchase essay Lancing College O.N.E. , Essay by CPL Charles D. Wells. LDRSHIP in creative essay Burr and Burton an Army of O.N.E. Every private has spent countless hours writing meaningless essays where they babble nonsense because they did something their sergeants did not like. Purchase Essay. This is not one of those essays. That Your Essay For You The University Of Glasgow. I am going to try to make an argument. Purchase Essay. I will first present you with a statement, and when you arbitrarily decide that statement is wrong, I will do my damnedest to prove it right. There are three major Army Publications, one military website, and creative essay Academy one civilian leadership program I will use in this essay. They are: FM 7-21-13 Soldiers Guide FM 6-22 Army Leadership FM 7-22.7 The Army Noncommissioned Officer Guide Tradoc Command Website The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People. The point I am making is that the Seven Army Values of Loyalty , Duty , Respect , Selfless Service , Honor , Integrity , and purchase essay Personal Courage all remain at the core of 10 steps to writing an essay City of London Freemen's School soldiering but change as a soldier progresses. Remember that an Army of ONE is Officers , Non-commissioned officers , and Enlisted . Young enlisted can learn about the Seven Army Values by thinking about specific examples (such as duty or respect).

The NCO’s (and up-and-coming NCO’s), on the other hand, must learn how to grow and maintain it through actions and good decisions. Officers , because of their education, and their freedom to think outside the box, have access to civilian leadership techniques. In fact, most college ROTC programs require classes in “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” Remember, while the Values remain the same, how they are used changes whether you are lower enlisted or NCO. This is reflected in the subtle differences between the above-mentioned FM’s. FM 7-22.7 recommends that NCO’s “ stand by your soldiers’ honest mistakes ,” allowing them to sink or swim on their own merits while learning from their mistakes. Essay College. It means allowing them to work it out themselves so they earn the respect and loyalty of their peers and their supervisors. Without loyalty towards your lower enlisted, your enlisted will not show loyalty in return. On the other hand, the Tradoc Command Website states “ Open criticism and being disloyal to write essay leaders. …destroys the foundation of the organization and purchase College results in diminished mission accomplishment .” This makes it very clear that the lower enlisted do not have any rights in publically challenging an NCO’s order. Even if that NCO made a mistake (“ The loyalty of subordinates is a gift given when a leader deserves it ” FM 6-22).

A single poor decision from essay Dulwich College, either an NCO or an Enlisted can turn this into a cycle of Lancing backbiting and finger-pointing . An Enlisted may try to earn the loyalty of his fellow enlisted and to writing an essay City Freemen's School the respect of purchase essay College his NCO’s, but may make an write The University honest mistake. An NCO may step in and prevent that Enlisted from fixing that mistake, or make an honest mistake himself. Everybody begins feeling a little bit disloyal towards everybody else. Of course, this can easily be avoided by using good judgment. Good enlisted acknowledge when they are wrong, and good NCO’s do their best to help Enlisted accomplish the mission and work through whatever mistakes get made. The simplest answer is “ duty means accomplishing all assigned tasks to purchase College the best of your ability ” (Tradoc Command Website). That is exactly what an enlisted believes Duty is, and is the minimum that is expected from creative essay Burr Academy, every soldier. NCO’s earned their promotions by going beyond the call of duty and exercising initiative.

FM 6-22 mentions “ anticipating what needs to be done before being told what to purchase essay do .” FM 7-21-13 recommends “ Sacrific[ing] personal time in pursuit of website your essay of Glasgow excellence .” An interesting thought is purchase essay, that duty is nothing more than some intestinal fortitude combined with the Warrior Ethos. Writing Application George College. A heavy force of will that keeps us on track and Lancing College keeps us moving towards whatever mission we are trying to accomplish. A tenacity of purpose. From reading the how to write an application of Sheffield, Field Manuals, Respect is the most fundamental building block of trust, and trust is the most important element of cohesive teambuilding. It is the golden rule, the most basic customs and courtesies shared by every culture on this planet. Something every soldier expects.

According to 7-22.7 it’s the professionalism and mutual considerations that allow the noncommissioned officers to work smoothly with each other and higher headquarters, and the enlisted to maintain a standard of essay Lancing College training that will allow them to survive on an essay City Freemen's School, the battlefield. It envelopes everything, including the way you give orders, the purchase College, way you interact with your peers, the way you respect the bounds and limitations of another human being (personal space, personal property, use of language or gestures, etc). It is our discretion, tactfulness, and professionalism in to writing City of London the workplace (FM 7-21-13). FM 6-22 best summarizes “The leader knows that the Army cannot function except as a team. For a team to excel, the individual must give up self-interest for the good of the purchase, whole.” An enlisted man could very easily chop Selfless Service off as another word for Duty. Both the Tradoc Command Website and FM 7-22.7 describe Selfless Service as your duty towards your fellow soldiers and your team. It is important that leaders do not confuse Selfless Service with Duty. FM 7-21-13 proposes the following points: Focus your priorities on service to the Nation. Place the needs of the Army, your unit and your fellow soldiers above your personal gain.

Balance the mission, your family, and your personal needs. That Writes Your Essay The University Of Glasgow. Accept personal responsibility for your own performance . Ultimately, FM 7-22.7 says it best “Placing […] your soldiers’ welfare before your personal desires has always been key to the uniqueness of the College, American NCO,” which is, as we all know, the backbone of the army. An officer may point out that this concept of Selfless Service extends throughout American Society, and is what makes the United States of America the greatest country in for you the world. Community leaders, the Roosevelt New Deals, and even the American Work Ethic is based upon the ideal of selfless service. In social philosophy, this is called “Social Utilitarianism,” where social benefit is more important than personal benefit.

A scholar could very easily turn a company clean around using only the principles of Social Utilitarianism. Both the Tradoc website and 7-22.7 state “[Honor] starts with being honest with oneself and being truthful and sincere in all our actions ”. An honorable individual does not delude, confuse, or deny himself the truth. Purchase Lancing College. How can an 10 steps City of London Freemen's School individual or team be truly mission capable if he/they cannot accept the facts the way they are. If a person is honest with himself, then not even ignorance can be used as an excuse, because actions could have been made to purchase Lancing College prevent that ignorance. “Stonewall” Jackson What is life without honor? Degradation is worse than death (FM 7-22.7). This goes far beyond the concept of “face,” where a persons public image is the primary concern. Stonewall Jackson was referring to the degradation of how to Auston Institute good training, good health, good work ethics, good team cohesion, etc. Degradation is anything that takes away from Mission Readiness. According to Lancing College 7-21-13 “ Noticing a problem and how to essay Auston Institute of Management deciding to take action involves Honor .” Those problems are probably an example of or a cause of degradation.

To ignore or reinforce a problem, or to prevent someone else from purchase essay Lancing College, solving a problem, is dishonorable. Essay Burr Academy. It takes away from Mission Readiness. Lancing. It promotes the further degradations of the individual and the individuals’ peers and/or subordinates. “ Leaders of integrity consistently act according to clear principles, not just what works now ” (FM 6-22). Essay The University. These clear principles are aimed towards the welfare of the soldiers and purchase essay College the mission itself.

Quickly sending the most accurate information up the writing application essay George Brown College, chain of purchase essay Lancing College command regardless of personal embarrassment is essential for mission accomplishment. These clear principles must take the both the individual soldiers and the nature of the mission into consideration. Its easy to get caught up in what seems to website your essay work right now, even if it may cost the group in the long run. Again from 6-22 “ Identifying the purchase essay Lancing College, underlying maintenance issues and raising the quality bar could ultimately save Soldiers’ lives. ” FM 7-21-13, The Soldiers Guide summarizes, “[ Soldiers with integrity] can be counted on to do the right thing, […] without playing games or having false agendas. […] As your integrity develops, so does the trust others place in you. ” This playing games or having false agenda’s is what distracts an otherwise integrity-filled soldier from clear successful principles. Again, this is one of those values that grows as a soldier progresses. The College Application George Brown College. It starts out in every enlisted as the purchase essay, physical personal courage as “ overcoming fears of bodily harm ” (FM 7-21-13). But as a soldier progresses its becomes a moral courage “ Moral courage is sometimes overlooked, both in discussions of personal courage and in routine, daily activities.

Moral courage often expresses itself as candor. Candor means being frank, honest, and sincere with others while keeping your words free from 10 steps an essay City of London, bias, prejudice, or malice .” Being willing to stick your own head out, or to essay Lancing College take point, or to observe a problem and write Auston Institute of Management try to step up and solve it before it gets worst requires personal courage. To reward moral and physical Personal Courage is to reward Bravery itself. Civilian Leadership Techniques.

All seven of the Army Values are reflected by soldiers’ actions and purchase essay Lancing decision making ability, loyalty is earned by taking just and fair actions, duty itself is to writing of London Freemen's School, nothing more than taking appropriate action, respect shines through actions not words, etc. Anything that helps a soldier make better decisions can be included in the Warrior Ethos and the Seven Army Values. One especially useful tool for making appropriate actions and making good decisions is the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People. Be Pro-active . Here, Covey emphasizes the original sense of the term proactive as coined by Victor Frankl. You can either be proactive or reactive when it comes to how you respond to certain things. When you are reactive, you blame other people and circumstances for obstacles or problems. Being proactive means taking responsibility for every aspect of your life. Initiative and taking action will then follow. Covey also shows how man is different from other animals in that he has self-consciousness.

He has the ability to detach himself and observe his own self; think about his thoughts. He goes on to say how this attribute enables him: It gives him the power not to be affected by his circumstances. Covey talks about purchase essay stimulus and writing application essay George Brown College response. Between stimulus and response, we have the purchase essay College, power of free will to choose our response. Begin with the End In Mind . This chapter is about setting long-term goals based on true north principles. 10 Steps To Writing An Essay School. Covey recommends formulating a personal vision statement to document one's perception of one's own vision in life. Purchase College. He sees visualization as an creative writing Burr and Burton important tool to develop this. He also deals with organizational vision statements, which he claims to be more effective if developed and supported by purchase essay Lancing, all members of an writing Brown organization rather than prescribed. Put First Things First . Purchase College. Here, Covey describes a framework for prioritizing work that is support Dulwich College, aimed at short-term goals, at the expense of tasks that appear not to be urgent, but are in fact very important. Essay Lancing. Delegation is presented as an important part of time management. Successful delegation, according to Covey, focuses on results and creative writing and Burton benchmarks that are to be agreed upon in advance, rather than prescribed as detailed work plans.

Think Win/Win describes an attitude whereby mutually beneficial solutions are sought that satisfy the needs of oneself, or, in essay College the case of a conflict, both parties involved. Seek First to Understand, Then to website that writes your essay for you be Understood . Covey warns that giving out advice before having empathetically understood a person and essay their situation will likely result in rejection of essay Burr that advice. Thoroughly reading out your own autobiography will decrease the chance of essay Lancing College establishing a working communication. Synergize describes a way of working in teams. Apply effective problem solving. Apply collaborative decision making. Value differences. Essay Writing. Build on divergent strengths. Leverage creative collaboration. Embrace and leverage innovation. Purchase College. It is put forth that when synergy is pursued as a habit, the result of the teamwork will exceed the write essay Auston of Management, sum of Lancing what each of the members could have achieved on their own. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Sharpen the saw focuses on balanced self-satisfaction: Regain what Covey calls production capability by engaging in carefully selected recreational activities. What My Mother Taught Me: These famous quotes, applied to the ARMY of ONE paradigm, reflect the support, best application of the BE-DO-KNOW approach to METL. Perhaps sergeants must BE in order to be able to DO. But could it be the essay Lancing, opposite for the enlisted? Perhaps the lower enlisted must be able to DO before they can BE! And if the NCO’s are BEing and then DOing, and the Enlisted are DOing and the BEing, then maybe the only thing the officers will ever need to do is twiddle their thumbs and go DO BE DO BE DO. You need to be a member of LegacyConnect to add comments!

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