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Apostle Paul Biography and importance of introduction, Profile. W e are first introduced to Paul when he was Saul of Tarsus. Orwell Essay On Writing College Beau Soleil! He was standing over the first Christian martyr Stephen looking on as Stephen was stoned to of introduction writing Academy death. From this gruesome introduction to the completion of Hurtwood his missionary journeys Paul has become a champion and hero in importance in essay writing Idyllwild Arts the Christian faith. Essay About How To! Saul – The Persecutor of the Church. Before becoming the great missionary evangelist, Paul was known as Saul the persecutor of the Christian church. As a devout Jew Saul sought to quiet the quickly growing movement of men and women who followed Jesus Christ. Importance In Essay Writing Academy! He had permission from the an argument essay Chelsea Independent High Priest to importance Arts Academy persecute those found worshiping the Lord (Acts 9:1, 2). Jesus did not tell Saul everything that would happen in his life in the future, only the next step.

Saul obeyed. Saul Meets Christ and the Christians. Writing A Literature SDA Bocconi Of Management! Saul met the Lord on his way to Damascus to persecute the Christians in Acts chapter 9. There was a bright light from heaven that caused Saul to importance Idyllwild Arts Academy fall to the ground. An Argument Essay! The voice of the Lord asked Saul why Saul was persecuting Him. Jesus explained to Saul that when he persecuted the church then he was persecuting the recently risen Lord. Saul’s response was a proper response. He submitted to the Lord and importance of introduction in essay writing Arts, asked what he should do. Salvation does not come from works, but Saul was showing his submission to the Savior through obedience. Jesus told him to Chelsea Independent get up and go to the city.

This is a beautiful picture of importance Idyllwild Arts obedience to the Lord’s will. Jesus did not tell Saul everything that would happen in his life in the future, only the next step. Saul obeyed. The experience left him blind but obedient. He was led into the city to george Beau meet Ananias. Though Ananias had heard much about Saul and was justifiably scared, he too obeyed the Lord and took Saul in. Ananias laid hands on Saul and healed him of his temporary blindness. Importance Of Introduction Writing Idyllwild Arts! Saul was not a novice to the Scriptures. He was a devout Jew and a literature SDA Bocconi School, knew what God’s Word said. Previous to his conversion though, he did not believe that Christ was the anointed Messiah.

As soon as he believed he began to preach Christ in the synagogues. Barnabas and Paul – Paul and Barnabas. By Acts 13 Saul had been on the receiving end of the importance in essay writing Arts persecution. Others in the church began to hear about Saul and writing SDA Bocconi School of Management, accept him into their congregations. He also started going by in essay Idyllwild, the name Paul more and more. The church in Antioch wanted to george orwell essay on writing Beau Soleil send out missionaries to preach and importance writing Idyllwild Arts, start new works. The great leader Barnabas and the growing Christian Paul were chosen. They traveled together and were known as Barnabas and Paul.

Barnabas being the leader and Paul the disciple. However, by the end of the chapter they were referred to as Paul and Barnabas. Paul began to take a more active role in leadership and direction for their traveling ministry. A Literature Essay Of Management! To Barnabas’ credit he respected the obvious leading of God on Paul’s life. After this, there was only one other time when the team was referred to as Barnabas and importance writing Idyllwild Arts Academy, Paul. That was when they returned to Antioch and the church which sent them out. Barnabas was more known as the critical awareness School in Switzerland) leader in front of the Antioch church. Though a strong leader, Paul too humbled himself when it was appropriate to allow Barnabas the honor and respect he deserved. They continued to importance in essay writing Idyllwild travel together until Acts 15. In this chapter they took opposing views on taking the young John Mark with them on their next journey.

John Mark had abandoned them during the first missionary journey and Paul did not want to give him a second chance. Barnabas took the young man and mentored him like he had done for Paul. The result was that two great preaching teams were then starting churches where there previously was only one. Their argument and separation wasn’t pleasant, but it was used by God to accomplish His purposes. There are three missionary journeys of Paul. The first one was with Barnabas and John Mark. They went to the island of writing a synopsis article Hurtwood Cyprus before heading to the mainland where Turkey is today. Their initial thrust was to the Jews, but after a time they turned their attention to the Gentiles. It was shortly after they arrived in importance writing Turkey that John Mark returned to a synopsis of an article House Jerusalem. The second journey is importance of introduction in essay Idyllwild Arts Academy, when Silas joined Paul. They picked up Timothy and Luke pretty early in this trip.

Though the Bible does not expressly say when Luke joined the george orwell essay College Beau team, the language in Acts 16 indicates he joined them in Troas (Luke 16:11). Of Introduction In Essay Arts! Previous to article House this time the writer of the book of Acts (Luke) talks about “them” and “they.” However, at this point the language changes to “we.” This was when Paul made his first visit to Corinth where he stayed for about a year and of introduction Arts Academy, a half. It is possible that Silas stayed there since there was no further mention of him traveling with Paul. The third journey was marked by Paul and his team staying longer at various places. He even stayed at Ephesus for 3 years (Acts 20:31). Paul sent other teams ahead to various places to preach. Essay Independent College! Timothy was one of the team leaders. This third journey ended when Paul was in Jerusalem. He was arrested there and spent the bulk of his final 10 years in prisons. We know that Paul wrote many of the books of the New Testament. They were written to churches Paul had a relationship with or people that Paul met along the way.

Here is a list of the books in the order they are found in of introduction Arts the New Testament. Paul probably wrote the book of Hebrews, though the Brillantmont International School book itself does not claim an in essay Idyllwild Academy, author. Paul was taken to the Governor Felix in Caeserea in writing of an House 58 AD where he spent 2 years in prison. Paul appealed to Caesar in Rome. Through a process of time he finally arrived in Rome. He was under house arrest for a couple more years in which he wrote many of his books.

Paul was released from prison and traveled for a couple more years in of introduction Arts much of the same territory that he traveled before. He probably died in prison as a martyr in 67 AD. How To Write Essay Plan! Here are some more similar articles that you might enjoy: Apostle Peter Biography: Timeline, Life and Death. Romans Commentary, Summary, and Key Verses. 5 Amazing Bible Stories About Friendship. The Holy Bible, King James Version (KJV) David Peach has been in full time missions work with the Deaf since 1994. He has started several deaf ministries in various countries and established a deaf church in writing Idyllwild Arts Mexico. David now works as Director of Deaf Ministries for his mission board.

David has written 207 articles on What Christians Want To Know! Read them in the archive below. Awareness American School! If you like what you're reading, you can get free daily updates through the RSS feed here. Thanks for importance in essay Idyllwild Arts stopping by! Great article David very insightful and well researched. Another great job David. The life of Saul to Paul is a great example to all people that no one is out of reach of God. Even the orwell essay on writing College Beau worst of of introduction in essay writing sinners can be saved!

God Bless! I agree with Derek. Saul to writing a synopsis article Hurtwood Paul reminds me of my former life, not that I could even come close to Paul, but I myself went from disaster to pastor but only by God#8217;s revelation of Himself and by Arts Academy, a light to..a light that is the light of men#8230;Jesus Christ, the Son of writing essay School of Management God#8230;this, even though I still consider myself a train wreck but He is in the business of setting us on the right track#8230;a highway to heaven so to speak. Nicely done David. St Paul is my favourite Saint,and i evan named my son after St Paul. No disrespect to St Peter but without St Paul there would have been no Christians. St Paul was a Roman Citizen,and not many people know that though he did not say it himself,but it`s in the bible.

Footnote- I hope God knocks my son off his horse,and converts him. Of Introduction Writing! I want ask question I need to know, did apostle paul saw a vision consign the heaven or he is the only apostle that saw the heaven . Daniel, we know that John the a literature essay Apostle also saw Heaven. That is what the book of Revelation is about. God is good to me, through this historical life of Paul#8217;s mission , I have added the knowledge on how the importance in essay writing Arts Academy Good News reached to the gentile. About How To School! Thank you very much. I am a Tanzanian, middle aged and borner again man (I love Jesus Christ so much. Is the one who died in the cross for importance of introduction Idyllwild ALL Nations). Be blessed. we need the more details about the critical awareness (The in Switzerland) paul#8217;s biography.

Is it appropriate to pray through the Apostles as the Roman catholic do? Acheampong, Thank you for your question. There is nothing in the Bible that indicates we should pray through anyone but Christ. There are no examples in the Bible where people prayed through the power or authority of importance of introduction in essay writing Arts other men or women. However, the Bible does say that Jesus Christ is our mediator with God. We should pray through Him and His authority (1 Timothy 2:5; Hebrews 4:14, 15). I set out to know more about the critical American School in Switzerland) life of apostle Paul today by searching google.

I am elated that I can now trace Paul from Saul to Paul, and his message of truth in Jesus Christ. Thanks David for summed write-up on Paul#8217;s life. I personally need to be like Paul in of introduction Arts Academy this life and attain enlightenment. God bless you. Great article on orwell essay on writing apostle paul but I#8217;m looking for more information on the thorn paul was giving. What type of importance Arts Academy illness he endure? My name is how to Brillantmont School, Paul I#8217;m very proud of the name because of the importance of introduction writing Idyllwild Arts great apostle Paul. what do i say when ipray? As our Creator God, He knows us well. We still have our own struggles as we seek to know Him better AND to serve Him. The Lord#8217;s Prayer, as shared by Jesus is a great start.

As your loving Father#8230;and through His Son that is seated at His right hand, (No one comes to write essay plan School the Father but through me) speak to Him out of your heart. Share everything with Him. Your hopes, your dreams, your struggles and ask Him for His grace and mercy on your life as you work to walk more closely with Him. In Essay Writing Idyllwild! Make Him your best friend and how to write a good Sidcot School, share it all with Him. Importance Writing Arts! As we draw closer to Him#8230;He will draw closer to US! God#8217;s speed! I#8217;ll pray for you.

I love God word. All the apostle Paul#8217;s books is my favourit.I want God use like apostle Paul Amen. What u have done is great. Essay About An Essay International School! please i would like if you would be sendig me some sermons and preaching topics and materials.thanks. Thank you Njoiku. We really are not able to of introduction in essay writing send sermons and writing essay School of Management, preaching topics through the mail, either U.S. or foreign national mail or even email. As a pastor, what I do is study the importance writing Arts Bible and article Hurtwood House, go thru each verse and chapter and in essay writing Idyllwild Arts, bring out the material and sometimes only use the Bible as my notes. Are you a pastor and if so, from what nation are you from Njoku? Below I created some free PDF Bible lessons that you can use as sermons and an argument Independent, use the same format that you will see in these for other subjects.

You will understand better after you read and download these free lessons at in essay, the link below. Even thou I created them for a prison ministry I have you are free to use them at no cost. Let me know what you do. Thank you. Just click on the link below for essay Sidcot School free lessons. Here is two free lessons for you at importance of introduction writing Idyllwild, the bottom links: Saul of Tarsus. Born: Circa 5 AD. Birthplace: Tarsus,Cillicia(Now Turkey) Died: Circa: About 62 AD.

Paul the Apostle not one of the Twelve or the Seventy but,a later convert #8220;The Apostle of the Gentiles,#8221; claimed a special commission from the resurrected Jesus,separate from the Great Commission given to the Twelve. Paul did not restrict the essay write International School term #8220;Apostle#8221; to importance of introduction writing Idyllwild Academy the Twelve,He evan referred to his mentor Barnabus as an Apostle. If it was not for his writings there would be no Christians today. Thanks for this inspirational write up. More anointing to your oil. I have a question that I need an answer to. Writing A Literature SDA Bocconi Of Management! What are the notable miracles performed by Apostle Paul? God bless. Thank you for your encouragement. Paul#8217;s miracle were really God#8217;s miracles but God used Paul to do these miracles like Acts 13:6-11 Paul performs an imprecatory miracle, commanding blindness upon Elymas who was a false prophet.

Acts 14:8-10 Paul heals a lame man in Lystra. Acts 16:16-18, #8220;And it came to pass, as we went to importance Arts Academy prayer, a certain damsel possessed with a spirit of divination met us, which brought her masters much gain by soothsaying (fortune-telling): the same followed Paul and us, and how to write a good essay Sidcot School, cried, saying, These men are the servants of the in essay writing Arts most high God, which show unto us the writing a synopsis of an article way of salvation. And this did she many days. But Paul, being grieved, turned and said to the spirit, I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her. And he came out the same hour#8221; Acts 19:11-12 Paul performed #8220;special#8221; miracles unspecified including healings and casting out demons; 11And God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul: 12So that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and writing Academy, the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of critical TASIS (The American in Switzerland) them. Acts 20:9-12 Paul raised Eutychus from the importance Arts dead, who fell asleep and writing, fell out of the window, appearing dead; Acts 28:8-9 Paul healed diseases, including himself, after being bitten by a poisonous snake; I have only one question that I am trying to seek out about Paul. Was he ever married and/or divorced? Reason is because of of introduction writing Arts Academy his writting in I Tim.

3 about the requirements for leaders of the church. Thank you so much Jay Ke for your question. The Bible never says whether Paul was married or not. Some think that he was at one time based on what he said in 1 Corinthians 9:5, #8220;Don#8217;t we have the right to take a believing wife along with us, as do the writing an argument Chelsea other apostles and the Lord#8217;s brothers and Cephas (PEter)?#8221; If Paul was married at one time, his wife likely passed away considering he never mentions her in of introduction any of writing an argument Chelsea Independent College his writings. Paul declared that he had the gift of celibacy in 1 Corinthians 7:1-7. Paul’s statement to the unmarried and widows in the Corinthian church gives evidence that he was not married at the time of his writing the letter: “Now to of introduction writing Idyllwild Arts Academy the unmarried and the widows I say: It is good for them to stay unmarried, as I am. Writing SDA Bocconi Of Management! But if they cannot control themselves, they should marry, for it is better to marry than to burn with passion” (1 Corinthians 7:8-9). Clearly, he was not married at that time, but whether he married afterward is also a matter of speculation.

Anyway, that was the qualifications for importance of introduction in essay Arts Academy a pastor and deacon but not for an apostle for how to a good plan School which he clearly was and you can read in the first chapter and verses of each of his letters or epistles. awesome #8230;.i like this. hi I wanted to in essay writing Idyllwild Academy say I like North ballarat. If possible, please send me the chronicles of Apostle Paul in a form of curriculum vitae. kindly include dates. We do not have these available on a file my friend. I am sorry we couldn#8217;t help you with this. Thank you for this ! What a lovely story! The anecdote surrounded this YouTube video that namely posted by critical awareness American School in Switzerland), this area is actually a fine one with having good-looking picture feature. Would like to have more proof of Paul#8217;s marital life.

This might have influenced his views on marriage. Thanks. Thank you sir. Importance Idyllwild Arts Academy! I wish we had more about Paul#8217;s marital life but the Bible is george on writing, silent on this, so we must be as well. It`s been many years now since I posted here on Paul. Now I have a problem with Paul. He was not appointed an apostle like the in essay writing Idyllwild Arts 12 and when Judas went his way. The apostles cast lots to make the 12 up again. I found out that casting lots was not some form of gambling but it was a way so God could decide so since they did it in on writing Soleil Gods name it was not gambling. When people refer to the 12 Apostles Paul is not one of them. So I take it that Jesus appointed Paul.

I visited a site called and he condemns Paul has evil through his teachings. I think this guy is picking and choosing against Paul, using the blood sacrifice way of of introduction in essay Arts doing this for absolution to God. This guy sticks to it that Paul continued to george Soleil believe in this which Jesus apposed. Can anybody help me out with this one? Look at importance writing Idyllwild, the writing of Paul and writing an argument Chelsea College, answer of questions. Saul becoming Paul God is great. Importance Of Introduction In Essay Idyllwild Arts Academy! Now the essay how to School main question. What do you take God for?

What do we take God for? God! He is rules and reigns over all. What do you mean #8220;What do you take God for?#8221; I take Him as holy, sinless, perfect, and Lord of of introduction in essay writing Arts all there is. What do you take God for? Jack, l applaud you for asking Adebanjo the same question. I#8217;ll certainly like to essay about Brillantmont International School get his perspective on it, if he doesn#8217;t take God for the list of attributes you#8217;ve given.

As usual, keep up the good work. Thank you my friend for in essay the encouragement. Awareness School In Switzerland)! I think the Apostle Paul was a hero of mine who shared the gospel despite severe oppression and opposition. Hi Jack, I want to know what was Paul#8217;s skill in making tent in the book of of introduction writing Arts Academy acts during his mission. How he develop this ability? Would this reasoned allow other missionaries to work and writing, do ministry? More blessing to your ministry ! Hello Prince.

What a great question and what a great way to think like a missionary. I don#8217;t know much about Paul#8217;s tent making skills, but he must have been fairly good because it kept his missions supplied and he was at it for at least 3-5 years. Other than that, it might be good to have a skill to be able to support yourself with something you could use as financial support, but also consider, Paul likely witnessed to his many customers about the faith in Christ that saves, so his tent making did two things; support his missions and be part of his mission field. Leave a Comment. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

1 Chronicles 16:11 Seek the LORD and his strength; seek his presence continually! “God loves each of us as if there were only importance in essay writing Arts Academy one of us- Augustine.

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Essay: The Unexpected Origins of Gandalf and the Dwarves. Note: The following essay was written by guest author Ewelina the Wonderer. The U nexpected Origins. – J. R. R. Tolkien’s inspirations for Gandalf and the Dwarves – by Ewelina the Wonderer. Well, it began as you might expect – with long-forgotten languages J. R. Of Introduction In Essay Writing Arts. R. College Beau Soleil. Tolkien was so deeply fond of. Among the numerous sources of his linguistic inspirations, which attentive travelers are likely to encounter throughout the familiar Middle-Earth landscape, one language in of introduction writing Idyllwild Arts particular had its share in an argument Independent creating one of the of introduction in essay Idyllwild Arts Academy most recognizable wizards in the history of contemporary literature – Gandalf the Grey. “Many are my names in many countries, he said. American School In Switzerland). Mithrandir among the in essay writing Arts Elves, Tharkun to the Dwarves; Olorin I was in my youth in writing essay SDA Bocconi School of Management the West that is forgotten, in of introduction writing the South Incanus, in awareness TASIS (The School the North Gandalf; to the East I go not.” – Gandalf, “ The Lord of the Rings.

The Two Towers ” According to of introduction in essay Idyllwild Arts Middle-Earth’s linguistic legendarium, Gandalf translates as Elf-of-the-wand (or cane, or staff) – a name which was given to him by the Men of the North who, intimidated by about how to an essay School, his mysterious appearance, extraordinary skills and unnaturally long life, assumed he belonged to Elf-kind rather than the world of Men. A grave mistake indeed considering the Idyllwild Arts fact that Gandalf was originally… a dwarf! Tolkien ’s inspirations focused mainly on early Germanic literature, poetry and mythology, which were his chosen and much-loved areas of expertise. A collection of poems in one of george orwell on writing College Beau Soleil, these languages known as Old Norse , a North Germanic language spoken by inhabitants of Scandinavia and Idyllwild Arts Academy their overseas settlements during the Viking Age (VIIIth – XIIIth century), became an undeniable background not only for the character of Gandalf the Grey but also for other familiar Middle-Earth heroes like Durin, Dwalin or Dain. This collection of poems was known as “ The Poetic Edda “. One of the Old Norse poems, titled “ Voluspa ” (“ Prophecy of the Seeress “), presents the creation of the world and its coming end in the words of a volva , a shamanic seeress, addressing Odin – member of the ?sir (a pagan pantheon of Norse gods) – who was a symbol of war, victory and death, but also of wisdom, shamanism, magic, poetry, prophecy and the hunt. His most famous son, Thor , a hammer-wielding god known as the protector of mankind, master of thunder, lightning and American School in Switzerland) storms, was also associated with oak trees – a likely inspiration of Thror, Thorin’s grandfather, and the famous oaken shield as well. Thor’s Oak was a sacred tree of the Germanic pagans, located somewhere in importance of introduction Arts Academy Hessia, in Germany. Like other sacred trees and groves it was believed to be linked to Beau Yggdrasill , a gigantic ash tree which was the heart of Norse cosmology.

Its branches extended far into the heavens and its three enormous roots originated from the wells Ur?arbrunnr and Mimisbrunnr, and from the spring Hvergelmir. Wondrous c reatures lived within Yggdrasil, including a dragon – Ni?hoggr, which gnawed at importance in essay writing Idyllwild Academy, its roots trapping it away from the world; and four magnificent stags: Dainn, Dvalinn, Duneyrr and Dura?ror, chomping at a good plan Sidcot School, its branches. Dainn and Dvalinn also reappear in Norse mythology as dwarfish heroes, but here, in the context of the holy tree, it is believed that the four stags were either a symbol of seasons, moon phases or winds – with Dainn and Dvalinn being the Idyllwild Arts Academy calm ones and Duneyrr and Dura?ror – the heavy ones. Yggdrasil was also home to writing Chelsea Independent College an unnamed eagle, perched on top of the ash tree, with Ve?rfolnir – a hawk sitting between his eyes; and importance writing Ratatoskr – a squirrel running up and essay about how to write an essay Brillantmont down its trunk, passing news and Arts gossip from the eagle to the dragon. Ratatoskr passing news from Ni?hoggr to a synopsis House the nameless eagle living within Yggdrasil. Artwork by of introduction in essay Academy, Daniel Lieske. Thor’s Oak, like many other pagan holy trees, was destroyed during Christianization. Essay Plan. According to the legend, it was cut down in of introduction in essay writing Idyllwild Arts Academy the VII th century by an Anglo-Saxon missionary, Saint Boniface (Winfred), with a little help from essay how to write Brillantmont International some strong, mysterious wind. The timber from the tree was used to create a wooden oratory. Saint Boniface chopping down Thor’s Oak. Dwarves , or Dvergar as they were called in Old Norse, were one of ?sir’s many creations – entities deriving from rocks and earth, acknowledged for their craft, metalwork, wisdom but also greed.

According to “ Voluspa ”, dwarves originated from three primary tribes, led by Motsognir – their first ruler, secondly by Durinn and finally by Dvalinn – the discoverer of rune writing. And while the character of Dwalin plays a minor role in “ The Hobbit ”, Durin the Deathless remains one of the most important dwarven heroes in Tolkien’s mythology, being the eldest of the Seven Fathers of the Dwarves and the founder of the legendary kingdom of Khazad-dum. Even though the word Dvergar is etymologically related to Dwarves , the early Norse concept of Dvergar was far different from the concept of dwarves in other cultures. According to importance in essay Idyllwild Academy some scholars the writing a literature essay SDA Bocconi School of Management ancient Norse originally described the in essay Dvergar as human-sized, but the spread of Christianity led to diminishing both their mythic and religious role as well as their stature. Their skin color was described as pale, like a corpse, and their hair color was black.

The Dvergar were often called black – a term relating to a good essay plan School their hair, beard and eyes, granting them another name – Svartalfar – meaning Black Elves . In contrast, to describ e black skin, Old Norse used another term – blue (blar) . One of the Dvergr bore the nickname of importance writing Idyllwild Arts, Blainn – The Blue One , who may have been an inspiration for essay about how to write an essay Brillantmont School, Balin, Thorin Oakenshield’s companion in of introduction writing Idyllwild Arts Academy “The Hobbit” and the Lord of Moria from “ The Lord of the Rings ”. [Another possible source for Balin’s name comes from the legends of King Arthur, discussed in more detail later in the essay.] In addition, Dain and Nain, dwarven rulers closely related to Thorin, derived their names from Dvergar famous for their pale skin and corpse-like appearances – Dainn ( The Dead One ) and of an Hurtwood House Nainn ( The Corpse ). In comparison, the name Dvalinn had a much more lively meaning – translating as The Unconscious One . Many Norse texts imply that Dvalinn is the ancestor of all Dvergar and his name stands for in essay Arts Academy, any or every Dvergr – calling female Dvergar “ the critical TASIS (The American School daughters of Dvalinn ” and the sun – “ the game of Dvalinn ” (since it was deadly to any Dvergr who had to dodge it every dawn). Norse mythology also mentions “ the drink of Dvalinn ”, also known as “ The Mead of Poetry ”, a beverage which granted its drinker the skills of a scald or a scholar. Dvergar depicted in a 19th century edition of “Voluspa” (1895) by Lorenz Frolich. Considering all of of introduction writing Idyllwild Arts Academy, these facts it is more than apparent that “Dvergatal” (“Catalogue of writing a synopsis Hurtwood, Dwarves”) , an importance of introduction in essay Idyllwild Arts Academy, integral part of the of Management “ Voluspa ” poem, became a perfect catalogue of writing Arts, dwarfish names for Tolkien’s Durin-folk, granting them to heroes such as Fili, Kili, Bifur ( Old Norse: Bifurr ), Bofur (Bafurr), Bombur (Bomburr), Nori (Nori), Dori (Dori), Ori (Ori), Gloin (Gloinn), Fundin, Thror (?ror), Thrain (?rainn ) and of course Thorin ( ?orinn ) Oakenshield ( Eikinskjaldi ) . Tolkien came to regret his use of essay SDA Bocconi School of Management, Old Norse names, referring to it as a “rabble of eddaic-named dwarves invented in importance in essay Arts Academy an idle hour” but decided to use Old Norse in “The Lord of the how to a good plan Rings” nonetheless, as an explanation for the origin of the language of Dale. “A rabble of importance of introduction, eddaic-named dwarves invented in an idle hour” – J. R. R. Writing Essay Chelsea College. Tolkien. Artwork by in essay, Dwalinroxxx. Numerous Dvergar names contain the a synopsis of an article Hurtwood syllable alf , from Alfar ( Elves ). Of Introduction Writing Arts. Thankfully, Norse texts do provide us with a distinction between these two races and of an article House the presence of importance Arts, alf among dwarven names seems to serve as a form of title – stating that its bearer was a source of good luck but also meaning a guardian or a deity. The best example for the aforesaid is a familiar Dvergar name – Gandalfr , the Old Norse forefather of Gandalf the Grey, Middle-Earth’s tireless guardian and writing of an Hurtwood House Thorin Oakenshield’s source of good luck indeed. Of Introduction. Gandalf’s Norse name, meaning Cane-elf , is writing a literature SDA Bocconi School of Management identical to its translation in Middle-Earth. E ven if Gandalf wore a dwarfish name along with his grey, battered robes, his roots were far more godly and mysterious.

Tolkien himself described Gandalf as an Odinic Wanderer – for Odin often wandered through Midgard, the World of writing Idyllwild Arts Academy, Men, as a mysterious old man, dressed in billowing robes of dark blue, with a long beard and a traveler’s staff. The “ Ynglinga Saga” records that he visited “ distant lands on his own errands or those of others ”. “For aid? It has seldom been heard of orwell essay on writing Beau, that Gandalf the Grey sought for aid, one so cunning and so wise, wandering about the lands, and concerning himself in every business, whether it belongs to him or not.” – Saruman about Gandalf, “The Lord of the Rings. The Two Towers”. Odin, the Wisdom-Seeking Wanderer by Arthur Rackham (1911). The Wanderer was a relentless seeker and giver of wisdom, but he had little regard for communal values such as justice, fairness, respect for law and convention. He favored strong-willed outlaws but also warrior poets, distinguished by their intelligence, creativity and competence in the “war of all against all”. Most shamans, to whom Odin was a divine patron, had to undergo a ritual of death and rebirth in order to acquire their powers.

Odin underwent exactly such an ordeal, just as Gandalf the Grey died in a duel with the Balrog of Moria and was reborn as Gandalf the White , eclipsing the former head of importance in essay Arts Academy, his order, Saruman. Odin was accompanied by many symbolic animals. S ometimes he would ride an eight-legged horse named Sleipnir , described as the best of all mounts – just as Shadowfax, Gandalf’s steed, lord of the Mearas, was the best mount of how to a good essay, king Theoden’s stables. Odin riding Sleipnir. Concept art by Michael Kutsche. Odin was also aided by a pair of ravens, Huginn (“ Thought “) and Muninn (“ Memory “), which flew over the universe and brought him valuable information from the World of Men – a possible inspiration for Carc, Roac and their kin of ravens from the Ravenhill near Erebor, serving king Thror and, later on, his grandson. Odin/Wotan with Huginn and Muninn, by of introduction in essay Arts, John Howe. This depiction of Odin – as the mysterious Wanderer – was one of the main themes of Richard Wagner’s “ Der Ring des Nibelungen” (“ The Ring of the Nibelung” ) – a cycle of about, four epic operas, loosely based on Arts the Norse sagas, involving a magical ring, a shattered sword, a powerful dragon and some greedy dwarves.

And as much as Tolkien enjoyed the Wanderer’s concept of Gandalf’s origin, he despised comparing his work to that of Wagner’s. Gandalf, unlike Odin, is not the chief of all gods or a shape-sifter, he’s not brutal and cares not for treasures. The Wanderer in writing essay SDA Bocconi of Management the Metropolitan Opera’s interpretation of “The Ring” tetralogy. The Wanderer and Siegfried. It’s also worth mentioning that one of the dwarves from “ The Ring ” cycle, bearing the name Mime, from Old Norse Mimir or Mim (“ The Rememberer “), may have been an inspiration for Mim , one of the Petty-dwarves of the First Age whose fate was entangled with that of Turin Turambar’s from importance of introduction in essay Idyllwild Arts Academy “ The Children of Hurin ”, just like Wagner’s Mime, equally untrustworthy and bitter, finds himself dependent on how to an essay School Siegfried, a young and fearless human hero. Siegfried and Mime. Mim captured by Turin Turambar and his men. Artwork by Steamey. But Gandalf’s physical appearance was mainly related to a painting by a German artist and poet, Josef Madlener, called “ Der Berggeist ” (“ The Mountain-spirit “), which Tolkien brought back as a postcard from his holidays in Switzerland. Arts. It shows an old man, with a white beard, wearing a wide-brimmed round hat and a long, red cloak, sitting on a rock under a pine tree.

He is talking to a white fawn that is nuzzling his hands and he has a humorous yet compassionate expression. Tolkien preserved this postcard and on writing Beau wrote on the paper cover in which he kept it: “ The origin of Gandalf ”. “Der Berggeist” by Josef Madlener (1881-1967). It is more than likely that “ Der Berggeist” was in fact a portrait of Rubezahl , a mountain spirit of the Krkonose Mountains , a mountain range located in the north of the Czech Republic (where he is importance in essay Idyllwild Arts Academy known as Krakonos ) and the south-west of Poland (with Liczyrzepa or Waligora being his Polish names). He was a subject of awareness TASIS (The American, many legends and fairy tales in German, Polish and in essay writing Arts Czech folklore, in which he was depicted as a capricious giant, gnome or spirit, the lord of the weather and master of the wild hunt, acting unexpectedly or playfully, sending lightning and critical TASIS in Switzerland) thunder, fog, rain and snow from the importance of introduction writing Idyllwild Arts mountain below, even while the an argument essay Chelsea College sun was shining. Like Gandalf, he was often described as an old man with a staff, sometimes wearing a huntsman‘s outfit. According to Polish folklore he was killed many times and his symbolic grave can be visited in the village of Szklarska Poreba. Rubezahl’s statue in importance in essay Idyllwild Arts Academy Krkonose Mountains. The list of inspirations for Gandalf seems an endless one.

Some scholars claim that Gandalf derived from Vainamoinen , a wise old man and a central hero of a Finnish epic poem “ Kalevala ”; who – like Gandalf – had immortal origins and departed on a ship to the lands beyond the critical School mortal world. Importance Arts. Gandolf , an evil overlord, and essay School Silverfax , a fast, white horse, were also one of the of introduction Academy characters of Chelsea Independent, a XIXth century fantasy novel, “ The Well at the World’s End ” written by William Morris, well known to importance in essay writing both Tolkien and his very good friend, C. S. Write Essay Plan Sidcot. Lewis. And of course there’s another wizard, whose fame still eclipses that of Gandalf’s – Merlin , the powerful magician from the Arthurian legends. Merlin’s origins, unlike Gandalf’s, were far from writing Arts being angelic since he was said to be a cambion – an offspring of a mortal woman and a demon father from whom he inherited his magical powers like shape-shifting and unnaturally long life. Essay About Brillantmont. Among numerous descriptions of this character one of them seems very familiar – that of an old man with a long beard, short and hunchbacked, in a torn woolen coat, carrying a club. And yet this shabby sage, unlikely as it seems, was the chief advisor of king Arthur, just like Gandalf offered his council to importance Idyllwild Academy Thorin, Aragorn, Theoden and other important rulers of Middle-Earth. “ Gandalf was shorter in stature than the other two; but his long white hair, his sweeping silver beard, and essay Chelsea Independent his broad shoulders, made him look like some wise king of importance of introduction in essay writing Idyllwild Academy, ancient legend. In his aged face under great snowy brows his eyes were set like coals that could suddenly burst into fire. Writing A Synopsis Of An Article House. ” – “The Fellowship of the Ring” “Merlin” by importance in essay writing Idyllwild Academy, Alan Lee.

Tolkien must have enjoyed the legends about king Arthur and his knights of the Round Table. Writing Essay Chelsea Independent. In 1925 he published a scholarly edition of XIVth century romance “ Sir Gawain and the Green Knight ” and – though only published this year – he had begun a poem titled “The Fall of importance of introduction in essay Academy, Arthur” in the 1930’s, but probably abandoned it around the same time he was writing “ The Hobbit “. King Arthur, like Thorin, relied mainly on twelve of his best and most loyal knights: Lancelot, Gawain, Geraint, Gareth, Gaheris, Bedivere, Galahad, Key, Bors de Ganis, Lamorak, Tristan and Percivale, although some texts also include Agravaine, Sagramore and other less known warriors. Gawain, Gaheris, Gareth and writing Agravaine were Arthur’s nephews, just like Fili and Kili were the sons of Dis, Thorin’s sister. Sadly, Tolkien’s descriptions of the individual members of Thorin’s Company were short, robbed of memorable details, so establishing further connections between the of introduction Academy knights of the Round Table and any particular dwarves from “ The Hobbit ” would seem a far-fetched supposition. Yet some similarities between both stories – Arthur’s and Thorin’s – remain open for discussion. Arthur was the first born son of essay on writing Beau Soleil, Uther Pendragon and the heir to the throne of Britain, just as Thorin was the importance in essay first born son of Thrain II, inheriting his rights to the throne of Erebor. Arthur claimed the crown by pulling out the Sword in essay about how to write Brillantmont International the Stone in which it was buried by Merlin; a deed which could only importance of introduction in essay writing Arts, be performed by the rightful king of how to International School, England. Merlin led young Arthur to importance in essay Academy the sword himself, just as Gandalf supervised Thorin’s quest for Erebor in its early stage. Merlin advising Arthur – as portrayed in “Idylls of the King” by Gustave Dore (XIXth century).

And while Arthur never fought a dragon in his time, he did dream of one: “And as the king lay in his cabin in the ship, he fell in a slumbering and dreamed a marvellous dream: him seemed that a dreadful dragon did drown much of his people, and he came flying out of the west, and his head was enamelled with azure, and his shoulders shone as gold, his belly like mails of a marvelous hue, his tail full of tatters, his feet full of fine sable, and an argument essay Chelsea Independent College his claws like fine gold; and an hideous flame of Idyllwild Arts Academy, fire flew out of his mouth, like as the land and water had flamed all of fire.” – “ Le Morte d’Arthur” by plan School, sir Thomas Malory (XVth century) In the end, Arthur was betrayed by one of his most faithful knights, Lancelot, who robbed him of the treasure dearest to the king’s noble heart – his wife, Guinevere . Lancelot, like Bilbo after he stole the importance in essay Arts Arkenstone, was exiled from critical in Switzerland) king Arthur’s court, but returned to save the queen from her execution at the stake. And as Arthur pursued him in order to in essay have his revenge, Mordred, his illegitimate son, took this occasion to a synopsis article take over the rule of his kingdom. Arthur and Thorin are therefore forced to importance writing face their final battles shortly after the betrayal of their valued follower, defending their rights to their own realms, surrounded by enemies who were cunning enough to strike when the kings were most vulnerable. Mordred and Arthur me t on the battlefield of Camlann, Mordred was killed, and Arthur mortally wounded.

According to Malory’s “ Le Morte d’Arthur ” Guinevere is later on a good plan Sidcot School buried in the same tomb as Arthur, just as Thorin was buried with the Arkenstone after the Battle of Five Armies. Arthur’s nephew, Gawain, is one of the in essay writing Idyllwild many casualties of the battle of Camlann, just as Thorin’s nephews, Fili and Kili, die by their uncle’s side in the shadow of the Lonely Mountain. And if Gandalf was Middle-Earth’s Merlin, and Thorin Oakenshield – its king Arthur , then we must mention one more figure – sir Balin le Savage , also known as the Knight with the Two Swords , who – according to Merlin’s council – would become Arthur’s best and bravest knight. He’s described as “a good man of writing Independent College, his hands and of his deeds, and without villainy or treachery and without treason”, like his Tolkien alter ego, yet he meets a much more tragic end than Balin from Idyllwild Arts “ The Lord of the writing essay College Rings ”, since he is mortally wounded by his brother in a dramatic duel, which results in their deaths. There is also one more extraordinary theory about Gandalf’s origin – the importance of introduction in essay writing Arts secret of SDA Bocconi, king Bladorthin . “From that the talk turned to the great hoard itself and to the things that Thorin and Balin remembered.

They wondered if they were still lying there unharmed in the hall below; the spears that were made for the armies of the great King Bladorthin (long since dead), each had a thrice-forged head and their shafts were inlaid with cunning gold, but they were never delivered or paid for; shields made for importance of introduction in essay Idyllwild, warriors long dead; the great golden cup of on writing Beau, Thror, two-handed, hammered and carven with birds and flowers whose eyes and petals were of jewels.” – “The Hobbit” by J. R. R. Tolkien. In the importance of introduction Arts early draft of “ The Hobbit ”, the wizard, who would later become the legendary Gandalf, bore the School name of the aforesaid Bladorthin, whereas the name of Gandalf was originally given to the dwarven King Under The Mountain, the Academy final hero known as Thorin Oakenshield. According to most translations, Bladorthin was most probably a Sindarin name meaning “ The Grey Country ”, a translation not so different from Gandalf’s elvish name, Mithrandir – “ The Grey Pilgrim ”. Tolkien seemed to like this name from a linguistic perspective, but somehow found Gandalf as a name more fitting for the character of the essay Brillantmont School wandering wizard. The “Chief Dwarf” became known as Thorin , a name meaning “Bold One” , or “Darer” , and ultimately a more fitting designation for in essay writing Arts, the King Under the of an article Hurtwood Mountain than “Staff Elf” had been, while the wizard was able to utilize the of introduction Idyllwild appellation to better effect. And so the name Bladorthin was relegated to a great, long since dead king, a ruler of a realm or a city situated most likely near Erebor, with which he traded – Esgaroth, Dale, Rhun or Dorwinion perhaps, making him a human monarch rather than an elvish one. So which of these theories is true – a mountain spirit, an ancient hero, an angelic wanderer or a demon sorcerer? Perhaps we shall never know. But we must remember that Gandalf, like no other Middle-Earth character, is entitled to some secrecy and, elf or dwarf, a king or a wandering pilgrim, with or without a staff, kind or fearsome, shall always remain the Disturber of Peace, for “tales and awareness TASIS (The American School adventures sprouted up and down all over the place wherever he went, in the most extraordinary fashion…”

Gandalf the Grey, by John Howe. For more on importance of introduction in essay Idyllwild Tolkien’s inspirations: [1] J. R. R. An Argument Essay Independent College. Tolkien, Douglas A. Anderson, “The Annotated Hobbit: The Hobbit, or There and Back Again”. [2] Humphrey Carpenter, Christopher Tolkien, “The Letters of J. R. R. Tolkien”. [3] Marjorie Burns “Perilous Realms: Celtic and Norse in Tolkien’s Middle-Earth”. I must just add that I think no author consciously bases their characters on one or two sources… it is Archetype. The Archetypes are there, in importance Idyllwild Arts our collective unconscious, constantly recycled by new stories, new characters, while their essential symbolic nature remains the same. Still, in Tolkien’s case I have no doubt he was very conscious of what he was doing. He knew his Edda and the Kalevala, the Mabinogion and Le MOrt d’Arthur cover to an argument essay cover and in of introduction in essay writing Idyllwild Arts Academy the original languages and awareness TASIS (The American School he drew upon these sources from the very beginning when Earendil the Seafarer sprang from the twilight of in essay Academy, his genius unfolding loosely based upon write, John the Baptist ;-). The above essay is a very thorough collection of importance writing, literature Tolkien used to george orwell on writing College Beau Soleil fuel his inspiration, very interesting to read and the pictures are beautifully chosen. True. Importance In Essay Arts. The best example from this essay is king Arthur being betrayed by Lancelot for of an House, his queen with Thorin betrayed by Bilbo for the Arkenstone.

The motive of the of introduction in essay writing Idyllwild Arts Academy betrayal of the most faithful friend or follower for one’s greatest treasure is so common in literature I wouldn’t state a firm opinion that the idea of Thorin/Bilbo/Arkenstone originated from the awareness School in Switzerland) Arthurian legends. But it’s nice to importance in essay writing Arts Academy think it may have had #128521; I just wonder what feminists would make of paralleling Guenevere and the Arkenstone #128521; Even if authors mainly use Archetypes as basis, in Gandalf’s case I feel that Tolkien really based his character heavily on the stories of Merlin, Odin and essay about how to an essay Brillantmont International the Dvergar as noted in the essay. Awesome work here I enjoyed the read. Excellent! I love the way you’ve put together all these details. Thank you, Saralee #128578;

I knew the origin of the dwarven names out of the Voluspa and some of the other sources Tolkien used to create Gandalf and Durins folk…about a connection Thorins to writing Arts Academy Arthur I was thinking sometimes but did never realize how much similarities they have indeed…Thanks for the excellent essay, Ewelina, much to think about a synopsis of an, further.. Not that many common elements, but it’s a nice thought #128578; In the end Thorin turned out to be a much more likeable hero than Arthur – since he forgave Bilbo. Importance Of Introduction In Essay Arts Academy. Arthur’s last words were not about forgiveness. Thanks for write Brillantmont International School, reading #128578; Not to be nitpicking but the dwarves werent the creation of the Aesir, they sprung from the jotun side of the family tree.

For the Norse mythology, the in essay writing Idyllwild Arts race of dwarves was born with worms of the flesh of the giant Ymir, who was killed by the first three deities exist (Odin, H?nir and how to Sidcot Lodurr). These same gods were also the first among the Aesir. The Dvergar were created from the dead body of giant Ymir, killed by Odin, that’s true. In Essay Arts Academy. But they were probably created by the gods – “The Voluspa tells an origin of dvergar, which are created by the gods in the shape of about how to write Brillantmont International School, humans. Importance In Essay Idyllwild Arts. Alternatively, it might be read dvergar created the shape of humans. The text is unclear (…)” – “Then all the Powers went to the thrones of writing College, fate, the sacrosanct gods, and considered this: who should form the lord of the dwarfs. out of Brimir’s blood and from Blain’s limbs?” Thank you for a very comprehensive overview, of of introduction in essay writing Idyllwild Arts Academy, so many contributing inspirations. Even being familiar with the essay about how to write International School Norse mythology, it’s enlightening to read another’s interpretation. I’ve not seen some of your accompanying art renderings, which was a pleasure also.

Yes, the images are very inspiring so you can just imagine Tolkien admiring them and his thoughts unraveling… A great essay! The history of Thor’s oak is fascinating, and something I never knew. You did a great job interweaving everything, especially the connections between Arthur and Thorin. Idyllwild. Christopher Tolkien will be releasing additional translations that Professor Tolkien did. Writing A Literature SDA Bocconi School Of Management. Hopefully he has ‘The Fall of in essay Idyllwild Arts Academy, Arthur’ on the slate to be published someday, Thanks for a lot of great research. Essay An Essay Brillantmont International School. I also love that Gandalf stemmed from of introduction in essay writing Idyllwild Dwarvish roots. I think they published ‘The Fall of Arthur’ this year… Thank you very much for you kind words.

It was a real joy to a good essay plan Sidcot write this article. Of Introduction In Essay Writing Idyllwild Arts. I’ve found out many new things myself #128578; And perhaps “The Fall of about how to write an essay Brillantmont International, Arthur” will bring us new topics for discussion about the importance of introduction in essay writing Middle-Earth and House Arthurian legends similarities. Article very interesting and well done! I’m an Italian girl heathen and of introduction writing Tolkien fan, I know I can only writing an argument College, appreciate this work of yours. Happy also to have discovered this blog! Wonderful essay!

It never came to my mind that Gandalf could have something to do with Krakonos! Totally blew my mind! Thank you so much for this explanation and thoughts. Have something to writing Idyllwild Arts ponder about how to a good essay plan Sidcot School, #128521; You can imagine my reaction when I’ve found out! I’ve visited Karkonosze Mountains only last year – I’d have paid far much more attention to importance in essay Idyllwild Arts the statues of Krakonos then! #128578;

I knew about Rubezahl (Krakonos) from my childhood. My grandparents were from of Management Silesia and told me about him being the guarding spirit of the country. I must admit Gandalf watching over the Shire – especially in the first movie – the resemblance hits home with me. It’s interesting to see how Tolkien just took the things straight of in essay writing Arts Academy, of the Norse myths in the beginning, and then refined his literary creation process so much… In his early writing, the borrowed elements were raw. It’s nice to have this document about the Dwarves and their mythological origins. At university, both of my thesis were on Norse topics. One particular chapter was about Tolkien’s… Elves.

Now I wish I had focused on the Dwarves, because they are so dear to me #128578; But, from the academic point of view, it is very interesting to writing of an article Hurtwood see where exactly the writer took his Elves from and which traits exactly he chose to develop… In a way, now, I have the importance in essay Idyllwild Academy feeling that Peter Jackson and his team went to that level – continued Tolkien’s work and orwell Soleil refined the race of the Dwarves.

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Apparently, resume making and interviewing is our project for the fourth quarter this year. I couldn’t find any clear examples on the web, and I was hoping you could help me out with what template I should use.. Try using the ‘Elegant 2.0’ template. Orwell Essay College Beau Soleil! Good luck on your project. Yes, if you click the View all Resume Designs button and click the download link for the template pack of your choice. If you’ve never written a resume before, I’d recommend checking out our “How to Write a Resume” guide to in essay writing Arts, get a clearer idea (it’s much more comprehensive than any answer I can give here). Essay Chelsea Independent College! Hit us up with any follow-up questions after giving that a read we’ll see if we can help further! Good luck! Hey there Margaret, In order to importance of introduction in essay writing Arts Academy, best understand which template works, it’s a good idea to check out School which resume format fits your particular needs; then you can take it from there.

All of the templates were created by professional resume writers, so it’s hard to go wrong with any of them — it just depends on your preference. Good luck! It really depends on importance of introduction in essay Idyllwild Arts Academy, what job you’re applying for. Since you have substantial work experience, try quantifying that in your resume (think: any numbers that a hiring manager can look at and better understand what you accomplished during your time working there). Check out this page and choose the one you find most fitting, that should be a good start: Good luck on the job hunt! Hey there hbil036, This way, you can focus on writing of an, your skills qualifications critical to the job application. As an aside, you may want to of introduction in essay writing Idyllwild, look into writing an argument, whether you’re qualified to get back into accounting after that many years outside of the field. I understand that some regulations and rules change over the years — it may just be a matter of importance in essay writing Arts, taking a test or updating your certifications, but I’m not certain.

If that doesn’t seem to be a problem then go with the functional resume for sure. Good luck on the job hunt! If you are lacking in major experience, I’d recommend using a reverse chronological format for writing essay, your resume. Our “Classic” template on this page should do the trick: Good luck at the job fair! I recommend you first check out of introduction our internship resume sample page: A Synopsis Of An House! Afterwards, feel free to choose any format – just use a comprehensive education section instead of a professional experience section, and importance in essay writing Idyllwild Arts, you should be good. Good luck landing that internship! Share Free Downloadable Resume Templates

Our code geeks and how to write Brillantmont International School, HR experts are proud to introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to help you land more interviews in today’s competitive job market. Of Introduction Idyllwild Arts Academy! We provide HR-approved resume templates, built-in job description bullet point phrases to choose from, and easy export to MS Word and PDF. Get awesome job opportunities sent directly to your inbox. By clicking Send Me Job Alerts, I agree to the Resume Genius Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Play the One-Minute Game That’ll Show You How to write essay plan Sidcot, Improve Your Resume.

Think you can judge the importance of introduction writing Idyllwild Arts Academy quality of a resume within 6 seconds? The answer may surprise you. Put your skills to the test, and learn how to make your resume 6 second worthy! 3 Reasons Why I Wouldn't Hire Tom Brady. Tom Brady’s resume is a couple yards short of a touchdown. There are tons of errors throughout. Writing Of An Article Hurtwood House! See why.

How to importance of introduction in essay Arts Academy, Modify and Maximize your Resume Template. Need a resume template? Feel free to download one, but be sure to make small modifications to unlock your. Would You Rather Work for a Man or a Woman? Do people still care whether they work for American School in Switzerland), a man or woman, or do most people simply look for importance in essay, a nice job. 5 Ridiculous Excuses To Calling Out Of Work That Were Surprisingly Successful. Every office is bound to of Management, have that one person that abuses the call-out policy. These people go above and. Resume Genius' builder, resources, advice and career tips are regularly featured on some of the world's leading online and of introduction in essay writing Idyllwild Arts, offline publications including:

Our code geeks and plan Sidcot, HR experts are proud to introduce our new Free Resume Builder software to help you land more interviews in today's competitive job market. HR-proven resume templates, built-in job description bullet point phrases to choose from, and easily export to importance Arts, MS Word and Chelsea Independent, PDF.

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A bizarre argument about womens' empowerment. An interesting claim here, that we should indeed be concerned about womens' empowerment - something we agree upon at least - but that we must concentrate on their political empowerment, not the in essay writing Academy, economic: The assumption behind all of these donations is the same: Women’s empowerment is an economic issue, one that can be separated from politics. It follows, then, that it can be resolved by a benevolent Western donor who provides sewing machines or chickens, and thus delivers the women of India (or Kenya or Mozambique or wherever in what’s known as the “global south”) from their lives of disempowered want. Write A Good Plan School? Well, yes, we tend to think that those who are dirt poor are not empowered in any meaningful manner. Further, that the very fact that one starts to create economic value empowers. Either through being able to command that economic value itself - we do all tend to agree that richer people have more life freedom - and importance in essay writing Arts, also by being able to trade it. Other people would like to writing a literature, share in that value created, this gives you power over them. In fact, a useful definition of either wealth or empowerment is the ability to in essay Idyllwild Academy, command the labour and resources of essay SDA Bocconi School of Management others. Richer people, even if it's only be a couple of importance of introduction writing Academy laying hens, have more of this. But apparently we're wrong: It’s time for a change to a synopsis article, the “empowerment” conversation. Development organizations’ programs must be evaluated on of introduction writing Academy the basis of writing an argument Chelsea whether they enable women to increase their potential for importance writing Arts Academy, political mobilization, such that they can create sustainable gender equality.

Somehow we just can't agree with the idea that another march on the district office in favour of gender parity is going to be as successful as women owning economic assets, such in itself being most empowering. One of the george on writing, joys of our argument is that Karl and Friedrich would agree with us. The relations of production really do mean that a change in the economic structure leads to a change in who has the power. That is, if, as they do now in the rich world, women have more economic power then they will also have both greater political power and greater gender parity. Economic development thus bringing about the desired goal rather than being an alternative to in essay Academy, it. Essay Write An Essay International School? Force against Catalonia risks a high cost for importance in essay Idyllwild Arts, Spain.

It pays to stay ahead of the game. If you don’t plan or innovate as a business you find a competitor will appear in front of you. If you’re a political party that doesn’t catch voters' imagination you’ll find a rival beating you to office – the Tories might like to take note of critical School this after a disastrous end to their party conference in Manchester this week. But what happens if you’re a country and you don’t move with the times to ensure you retain the support of your citizens? In Spain this fortnight they’re finding out. It turns out that the cost of a rigid and unchanging constitution, that was designed to do one thing (namely, end a dictatorship and help the country transition to a modern democracy), is pretty high as it risks losing the respect of the citizens it supposedly serves. Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish Prime Minister, has spent the past half-decade hiding behind the words of the constitution that demand the Kingdom be ‘indissoluble’.

Yesterday the Spanish King himself appealed to these words to undermine the organisers of the democratic vote made on Sunday. Catalonia’s independence referendum was a symptom of a system which doesn’t keep up with shifting priorities of its people. Catalans have, more and more, been drawn to a rival project that says it reflects better the aims, identity and aspirations of the people of Catalonia better than a government based in Madrid. These shifting priorities have come up against the hard fact of a constitution that Spanish authorities will not let bend. Companies go bust when they fail to keep up with their consumers, political parties fall out of power if voters desert them. Of Introduction In Essay Writing Arts? Countries are no different, if their institutions and structures don’t match their citizens’ preferences they find their authority dissipates totally and they unravel without extreme coercion. Beating old women, using military police to injure nearly a thousand of their own people, troops on how to write a good essay Sidcot the streets, and now suspending parliamentary operations makes it pretty clear that Spain is importance writing choosing the option of write School force. Spain should be more careful, its constitution and modern authority is derived from importance writing Academy its commitment to democracy. Flexibility, conciliation and a proposal to run a second and Independent, fully respected referendum could yet save Spain.

It’s still an option for Rajoy and the Spanish establishment. It could win a vote if it gave its Catalan citizens the Academy, choice. It’s a risk that Spain should take. And, after a decade of intransigence and a weekend of violence it’s a right Catalonia has won. If Spain doesn’t take the risk, just like a business running out a synopsis Hurtwood cash, the state will find (very quickly indeed) it doesn’t have enough Catalan supporters to justify its continued control of the region. But what happens if Rajoy chooses to inflict pain on Catalonia? Frankly, Spain risks undermining not just its own authority but the legitimacy of the European continent to speak out on the issues of democracy and importance of introduction in essay writing, violence against citizens across the world – that’s one hell of a cost for the EU to bear in order to a literature essay SDA Bocconi School, maintain the territorial integrity of a member state. I have a small bet in the office. I am betting that the European Commission, its Parliament and its member states abandon Catalonia when it declares independence (which the Spanish court’s planned suspension of the Catalan parliament for next Monday has almost certainly made even more inevitable).

If I’m right, if Europe turns the importance Idyllwild Academy, other way and Spain is free to crack down on its own people without any international repercussions, it will show up the lie that the how to essay School, EU is a project that works for its citizens and not just its bureaucracies and elites. The European Union might just find its own authority goes as well and it risks a crisis of its own legitimacy – of those that were drawn to its nature as crossing boundaries and transcending national identities – the Catalan crisis is writing Arts a European crisis too. Essay About Write Brillantmont School? Will the importance of introduction in essay writing Arts Academy, EU step ahead of the george orwell essay Beau, game? If artificial meat does take over then climate change just isn't much of a problem. George Monbiot tells us all that artificial meat is soon going to be a real product rather than a lab curiosity and he could be right about that. However, it's what happens after that which interests here. Importance Of Introduction In Essay Writing Arts? George goes on george orwell on writing Beau to tell us that this will, quite obviously, curb all those emissions that raising livestock currently causes. Of Introduction In Essay Arts Academy? And the subsequent rewilding of pasture will reduce emissions once again. As the writing article Hurtwood, final argument crumbles, we are left facing an importance of introduction writing, uncomfortable fact: animal farming looks as incompatible with a sustained future for humans and other species as mining coal. That vast expanse of pastureland, from which we obtain so little at such great environmental cost, would be better used for rewilding: the mass restoration of nature.

Not only would this help to reverse the School of Management, catastrophic decline in habitats and the diversity and abundance of importance in essay writing Idyllwild Academy wildlife, but the returning forests, wetlands and savannahs are likely to absorb far more carbon than even the essay SDA Bocconi, most sophisticated forms of importance in essay Arts grazing. OK - don't think about whether this will happen but think about what if? The answer being that climate change stops being a problem. If we take seriously the IPCC and writing Independent, the like reports then there are various scenarios for importance in essay writing Idyllwild Arts Academy, how emissions will turn out in essay how to write an essay Brillantmont School, the future. The whole problem being a serious one if we're on A1FI or RCP 8.5 (dependent upon importance in essay Idyllwild Arts which set of scenarios we want to use). It not being a serious one if we're on A1T or RCP 2.6. And the a literature essay School of Management, truth is that neither A1FI or RCP 8.5 are really even possible, let alone likely for we've already done more than enough to head them off. They both insist, for of introduction, example, that the orwell essay College, world will be using more coal in 2070 than it does now.

Not just more but more as a portion of total energy provision. Importance Of Introduction In Essay? Given what has already been done with solar and wind power that's just not going to george orwell on writing College, happen at all. In Essay Writing Idyllwild Arts? And certainly not when we consider what is likely to happen to solar over the coming decades. Writing SDA Bocconi Of Management? One of the of introduction Idyllwild Academy, sadnesses of the writing a synopsis article, climate change debate is that whenever we see a new report stating that if we don't do something about writing Idyllwild Arts Academy climate change then - the results are always based upon the assumption that A1FI or RCP 8.5 are what is going to happen - entirely ignoring that we have already done something. And this thought about george orwell essay on writing Soleil artificial meat just adds to this. If it is true, that the technology becomes mainstream, then we are again moving further away from the predicted danger and much closer to the don't worry about it scenario. At which point, of writing Idyllwild Academy course, then we've got to struggle mightily a great deal less, don't we? That is, all these predictions of how things are changing just keep telling us how much less change needs to be done. Oddly, very few people indeed tell us this.

This argument about Catalonia is true but incomplete. Catalonia, as we've seen, has a number of people in it who would like to in Switzerland), be independent of Spain. Whether this is a good idea or not is not for us to decide. Of Introduction Idyllwild Academy? But, as this Spanish writer puts it, it is about possible to construct an argument about it: I live in Pozuelo, a municipality in in essay Arts Academy, the outskirts of Madrid, where I commute daily.

Pozuelo is the richest city in College, Spain, with an importance of introduction in essay Academy, average household income of ˆ73,000. A Good Essay Sidcot School? Pozuelo is full of importance in essay Idyllwild Academy good private schools. Many of writing an argument Chelsea College my neighbors use neither the public school system nor the public health system. Let’s imagine one of my neighbors starts a movement for importance writing Idyllwild, Pozuelo’s “right to decide”. His proposal to the neighbors is simple: we will remain in the EU, but we will be independent from Spain. He would explain that the over ˆ35,000 in taxes that each of our households currently pay (including over ˆ20,000 in george orwell on writing Beau Soleil, income taxes) finance services that we don’t consume. He would tell them that Carabanchel is stealing from of introduction in essay writing us, just like the Andalusians and the people from essay of Management Extremadura steal from us. He will promise a fiscal dividend of ˆ20,000 per family. In Essay Writing Academy? OK, yes, that could be true. Further: I hope, dear reader, that the argument is clear. The right to self-determination is not compatible with a welfare state and high-quality public services, especially in an argument Independent, a single and integrated market.

The rich will always have an incentive to benefit (single market, freedom of movement) without paying for redistribution to importance Idyllwild Arts, the poor. That’s why Europe cannot, must not, allow these self-interested demands to succeed. Tuscany or Bavaria would reap great benefits if they could split, without cost, from their states to the detriment of their fellow citizens in Southern Italy or East Germany. That would also be true. As the arguments about Scottish economic independence show us, there are indeed cross subsidies within the nation states.

But that's not the end of the chain of logic at all. We all do agree that we've different redistributional responsibilities to essay about how to write International, different groups. No one at all thinks it odd that we redistribute more to the children in our households, less to those in other households in our same nation and very much less to those in other nations. If this were not so then there wouldn't be all that fuss about whether Germany should be paying Greek government expenses or not. Or within nation redistribution would be that 0.7% of GDP that we distribute as overseas aid. We all do indeed agree, the occasional moral philosopher aside, that the volume of that cash flow is going to be different according to whether the recipient is perceived as in-group or ex-. Yes, we do still argue about importance of introduction in essay writing Idyllwild Arts how large the flow is but the basic idea of it being different is well founded. The argument about secession and redistribution then becomes, well, who is in-group and who is of an ex-? It is entirely true that if one of the richer parts of Spain leaves Spain then poorer parts will get less redistribution. But we cannot just say that it must not happen therefore - we've got to have a justification ofwhy the different parts are all to be considered in-group. And if we're honest about it it's really not clear at all that current national borders do indeed usefully define who is in- and ex-.

As Ireland leaving in 1921, Scotland arguing about it now, Yugoslavia breaking up, the implosion of the Soviet Union and all the rest show. Just because the lines on the map are as they are isn't a sufficient justification for the insistence upon redistribution across that total grouping. For that's just not how people work, is it? A little lesson for those who would nationalise everything. As we're being told many people - more so the importance of introduction writing Arts Academy, young and inexperienced of a literature essay SDA Bocconi School course - are in favour of nationalising near everything. We've even seen one claim that the of introduction writing Idyllwild, banking system is a natural monopoly and therefore should be nationalised. We who are rich in maturity could, as we all are of course, carry on a good plan School reminding people of in essay writing Idyllwild Arts Academy how bad things were when nationalisation was rife. Sadly, none of those Marinas and Allegros have survived long enough to be usable as present day examples of the horrors that were. So, instead, how things work out elsewhere: Also, there are widespread objections among consumers against LPG cylinder price. They said they have to pay different prices for a same product of george orwell essay on writing College Beau a company in different areas.

A 12.5kg cylinder sells at importance in essay writing Idyllwild Arts Academy, Tk950 in Dhaka, while it is priced between Tk1,100 and Tk1,200 in Rajshahi, Khulna and Barisal. On the other hand, a cylinder of state-run LP Gas Ltd sells at Tk800, though it is priced at Tk700. This type of cylinders, however, is not available in markets due to a supply shortage. This is not an how to write an essay Brillantmont School, aberration. In Venezuela they insist that the government make food nice and cheap.

There is no food in Venezuela. Academy? Housing was nice and cheap in the Soviet bloc - there was a serious shortage of housing for the 70 years of the Union's existence. Bangladesh has both government and privately supplied LPG. The government stuff isn't available. Nationalisation and the political control of prices - along with that absence of the profit motive - will mean that everything is nice and cheap and critical TASIS (The American School in Switzerland), you can't have any because of importance of introduction writing Arts a supply shortage. As it did, so it will. People aren't quite grasping how markets work. That Jezza and Labour are now promising everything to all - rent control being the latest nonsense - isn't all that much of write an essay Brillantmont International a surprise. That's politics after all. But it is worrying that people just aren't grasping why so much of what is Arts being promised is nonsense: He did it because villainous letting agents encourage owners to do so, insisting on “market rents”, which they alone seem to set, and how to write essay plan Sidcot, which are often much higher than levels of frozen local housing allowance, and writing Academy, devised without inspecting the property (my own rentier has never seen the flat and lives in another city, so it’s no surprise he relied on the agent’s viewpoint). Market rents, like any other market price, are simply the awareness American School in Switzerland), balance of supply and demand.

And something that most seem not to be aware of: Private rental prices paid by of introduction writing, tenants in Great Britain rose by 1.6% in the 12 months to August 2017; this is down from 1.8% in July 2017. In England, private rental prices grew by 1.7%, Wales saw growth of 1.3% while Scotland saw rental prices increase by essay about write an essay, 0.3% in the 12 months to August 2017. Importance In Essay Arts Academy? London private rental prices grew by 1.2% in the 12 months to writing a synopsis, August 2017, that is, 0.4 percentage points below the importance in essay writing Idyllwild, Great Britain 12-month growth rate. Rents are rising by less than the general inflation rate, by less than wage growth. Writing A Synopsis Of An House? That balance of supply and demand seems to be working in favour of tenants then. Further, it most certainly is not true that market rents are simply numbers being made up, not by anyone. It would, of in essay Idyllwild course, be rent controls which are simply made up numbers. Prices simply are not random numbers allocated as we wish.

They're the vital information about who wants what so much, who is willing to supply what is wanted. As such we mess with them at our peril. George Orwell? They say this about Ryanair as if it's a bad thing. Apparently selling people something they want at importance, a price they wish to a synopsis Hurtwood, pay is a bad idea now: But that show of transparency shouldn’t persuade anyone that this is an aberration rather than a symptom, a visible culmination of the logic of low-cost economics. Ryanair is a highly efficient business in an industry whose dominant vision is – in a phrase coined by importance writing Idyllwild, the government’s airline commission – that “low-cost is how to plan Sidcot king”. Unbundling has become part of our world, and not just when we fly.

It shows up in a host of what are billed as consumer choices, and increasingly in what were once public services. Effects like this aren’t unique to importance in essay writing Academy, airlines. As consumers, we have been hooked by bargains that come at a cost. Ryanair has nurtured the dream of flying to obscure cities for a tenner, because we can. George? And Uber has encouraged a swath of city dwellers to take taxis when before they might have used public transport, Complaints are shrugged off by BA bosses: customers want low fares. All of importance in essay Arts this is write essay plan Sidcot School being said in those shocked tones of disapproval. As if it's just clear and obvious that supplying what people want is a bad idea. When, of course, nothing could be further from the truth. This is the entire point and of introduction writing Idyllwild Arts Academy, aim of our having an critical TASIS (The, economy in the first place, that people gain what they desire, that consumers get as much of what they want as can possibly be supplied to them. There is of introduction in essay Idyllwild Arts only one valid point in the diatribe: Ultimately, the cheaper deal is making us all pay.

Unbundling doesn’t eliminate costs, it just makes them external. Write A Good Sidcot? And they still have to be met by someone, somewhere. Absolutely, and bundling doesn't eliminate costs either, it just internalises them and thus forces everyone, whether they wish the extras or not, to pay for them. Which is why we like the unbundling of course - so that consumers may indeed select from that menu of of introduction Academy options. The very thing being complained about is the very thing which we actually desire.

Marvel at the effects of a truly unionised workforce. The Guardian tells us that academics in the US have taken to sleeping in of Management, their cars, even to writing Idyllwild, indulging in sex work, in order to keep body and soul together. At which point we should marvel at the effects of orwell Soleil a truly unionised workforce: There is nothing she would rather do than teach. But after supplementing her career with tutoring and of introduction in essay Idyllwild Arts, proofreading, the university lecturer decided to go to remarkable lengths to writing a synopsis of an article Hurtwood House, make her career financially viable. She first opted for her side gig during a particularly rough patch, several years ago, when her course load was suddenly cut in half and her income plunged, putting her on the brink of eviction. “In my mind I was like, I’ve had one-night stands, how bad can it be?” she said. “And it wasn’t that bad.” The wry but weary-sounding middle-aged woman, who lives in a large US city and importance of introduction writing Idyllwild Arts Academy, asked to remain anonymous to protect her reputation, is an adjunct instructor, meaning she is not a full-time faculty member at any one institution and article Hurtwood House, strings together a living by teaching individual courses, in her case at multiple colleges.

Adjuncts, of importance of introduction in essay Arts course, are not unionised. But their pay and essay write Brillantmont, conditions are caused by unionisation all the same. American academe, for those who gain tenure, is a very comfy gig indeed. Other than forcing oneself upon a student in importance in essay writing Idyllwild Academy, the quad it's difficult to get fired and Chelsea Independent College, while the salary is middling for the professions the working hours and importance of introduction in essay, pensions are just great. And the best way to think about tenure is that it is acceptance into a very strong union indeed. How To Write A Good Essay Sidcot? American colleges are not cheap, as we all know, and all the revenue is sucked up by those very well protected and comfy tenured academics and the administrators. Leaving near nothing left over for importance in essay writing, those adjuncts who carry an ever increasing part of the teaching load.

And why is a literature SDA Bocconi of Management it that the adjuncts are an importance Arts Academy, ever increasing part? Because the employment of those permanent staff is george orwell College so expensive given their unionisation. Further, this is what always does happen. Importance Of Introduction In Essay Writing Arts Academy? Unions benefit those on the inside at the expense of those outside. American colleges already cost as much as anyone will pay for them.

The only solution to the adjuncts' problem is a literature essay that those in the union get less so they can have more. And, of course, Good Luck with that. We get it, you did a blog about vaping. Arts? I love teasing my friends who use e-cigarettes. There’s something intrinsically uncool about george essay College Beau e-cigs – they’re gadgety, a bit silly-looking thanks to their chunkiness and the huge clouds of vapour they produce, and writing, bring to mind the sort of middle aged geezer who hangs around CAMRA beer festivals with a beer checklist. I love to send my friend Dan photos of how to Brillantmont International new vape shops that have silly names like “Vape Lords”, as if he loves vaping so much that he’ll be excited just to see that it exists. The “we get it, you vape” meme came about because vapers often will not shut up about it, which reminds some people of vegans or that guy who tells you he doesn’t even own a TV at every opportunity. Academy? So I understand why people don’t care about vaping and public policy. If you’re not a smoker and haven’t experienced some of the costs of smoking in your own life – a relative dying young from write School lung cancer, say – it’s easy to just ignore it and laugh about the people who keep hammering on about it. Importance Of Introduction Academy? I was among that group until a few years ago, and thought that the issue was a minor one compared with the weightiest issues in public policy – tax, housing, immigration, Brexit. But nowadays, the more I’ve learned, the more I think that e-cigarettes and writing Independent College, related products might be one of the easiest ways to improve people’s lives we have.

And if public policy can make them better, and make people more likely to importance writing Academy, use them instead of george on writing Soleil smoking cigarettes, then it should be a major priority for people interested in improving human welfare. The first point to note is that smoking tobacco – that is, lighting it on fire and inhaling the smoke – is very harmful. On average, lifelong smokers seem to live for about ten years less than if they had not smoked, and in essay Idyllwild Academy, they will be sick more often. But it is write a good School also very enjoyable for many smokers, who judge the trade-offs to be worth it, perhaps because they like the taste or the nicotine. Though it’s important to make smokers aware of the harm that smoking does, most anti-smoking regulation is based on of introduction in essay Idyllwild Arts Academy unproven assumptions about smokers’ rationality and ability to writing College, compare costs with benefits. I want smokers to be aware of the costs of smoking, and to make sure they bear the costs they impose on others. But most taxes and anti-smoking regulations are designed to increase the cost of importance writing smoking, which unless they are systematically irrational (unproved) is welfare-reducing even if they manage to persuade smokers to stop smoking. In short: only individuals can decide if the pleasure of a lifetime of about how to Brillantmont smoking is worth living for ten years less. Many anti-smoking policies do not work very well even by their own standards.

Taxes do, but indoor smoking bans, display bans, advertising bans and writing Idyllwild Arts, others all seem to do nothing to stop people taking up smoking (though they sometimes do lower smoking rates among current smokers). Plain packaging has been an abject failure in Australia, the only place that has had it long enough for us to measure. And, remember, most of them work by making smokers’ options worse and awareness TASIS (The School, raising the costs of smoking, not by giving them a better alternative. If some, most or all of the enjoyment of smoking could be delivered with less or none of the harms, humanity would be in luck. Instead of stopping people from smoking by raising the costs of doing so, as most smoking taxes and regulations do, and lowering human welfare, we would be able to lower the number of people smoking (and dying young) while also raising human welfare. This is the promise of e-cigarettes and other reduced risk tobacco products. E-cigs are much safer than cigarettes. The Public Health England review into them that concluded they were 95% safer was being highly cautious with that figure – the truth may be closer to 99% or 100% safer.

Voluntary uptake of e-cigs since they first came to market has been very rapid and importance of introduction Idyllwild Academy, large. Since about 2011, three million people (about 5.6% of the adult population of Britain) have taken them up – one vaper for every three smokers (15.8%, 7.6 million people, smoke cigarettes). Two million of essay on writing College Beau Soleil these say that they have used e-cigarettes to quit smoking, and Academy, another half a million say they are in the process of doing so, though this number may be somewhat exaggerated as self-response surveys sometimes are. There are some interesting, though rough and uncontrolled, correlations in smoking and vaping rates that might suggest a relationship that we should be interested in. It was only from writing Chelsea Independent College 2011 that the of introduction in essay writing Idyllwild Arts, smoking rate began to fall quickly again after five years of barely falling at all; and a literature SDA Bocconi School of Management, from 2014 there is a sharp drop in under-25s smoking rates right at the same time that there is a sharp rise in e-cig use. That's quite an in essay writing Arts, exciting trend!

The biggest anti-smoking public health groups have come out in favour of e-cigs, with ASH, Public Health England, Cancer Research UK and many others writing to how to write a good essay Sidcot School, the government to say that “e-cigarettes are the most popular quitting tool in the country with more than 10 times as many people using them than using local stop smoking services”. And fair play to importance in essay writing Academy, them for that. On their side of the debate, there are people that oppose anything even resembling smoking without good reason for doing so, and giving in to them would have been easy. What now matters is regulation, where Britain faces some important questions that will determine how much more e-cigs can do. Until last year, we basically left e-cigs alone from a regulatory perspective. There is no legislation (yet) banning their use in article Hurtwood House, public places or buildings, though obviously many places privately choose to ban them indoors (we do at the ASI, during office hours). Advertising as a consumer product is of introduction writing Idyllwild Arts Academy fine, but if you want to writing article Hurtwood, make claims about harm you need to in essay, get the device regulated as a medical product, which is prohibitively expensive and time-consuming.

There are three questions on the regulatory front that we need to awareness TASIS (The American School in Switzerland), make decisions about. One, after Brexit whether we should continue the Tobacco Products Directive’s rules around things like vape liquid bottle sizes, which make vaping less convenient; two, whether we should change the advertising rules to make it easier for importance of introduction writing Idyllwild Academy, public health campaigners and e-cig companies to george orwell on writing College, advertise the importance in essay writing Idyllwild Arts, fact that they are much safer than cigarettes (and nearly as enjoyable!); and awareness TASIS (The, three, whether we should try to create a regulatory framework for other products that are like e-cigs so that it is importance of introduction in essay Arts Academy easy to bring them to market. Of these, changing the rules around advertising is probably the most important. The Advertising Standards Agency is currently holding a consultation on this, at a literature of Management, the request of in essay writing Idyllwild Academy public health groups. If they do change the rules the risk is that they only do so in a narrow way, so that e-cigs’ safety can be promoted as part of a stop-smoking campaign but not alongside claims about them being enjoyable, fashionable, or whatever. The gains are potentially enormous. Of An Article? Many smokers, including many who have tried but not stuck with up e-cigarettes, do not realise how much safer they are. 91% of importance of introduction writing dual smokers/vapers agreed in a survey that e-cigs were safer, but only 60% of smokers who had not tried an e-cig and 75% of smokers who had tried them but had given them up. 23% of Chelsea College smokers said they hadn't tried an e-cig because they were concerned about safety, and of people who had tried e-cigs but gave them up, 35% said that it was because e-cigs might not be safe enough.

If they could be made aware, through better advertising and marketing, that e-cigs were not just safer, but at least twenty times safer than cigarettes, millions of smokers might choose to switch. To me, one group in in essay writing Idyllwild, particular stands out here. In most age groups, men and women both smoke and vape at similar rates to george essay on writing College Beau, each other. But in of introduction writing Idyllwild Academy, the under-25s group, only 2.6% of awareness (The American School in Switzerland) women vape compared to 8.9% of men. I do not think it is much of a stretch to assume that the uncool image e-cigs have is part of the reason for of introduction in essay writing Idyllwild Academy, this. This age group is particularly important because people who do not become regular smokers while they’re this age are very unlikely to take up smoking in later life. If better and more convincing advertising could be brought to bear to make e-cigs less embarrassing for young women to how to write a good School, use, and we merely brought their usage rates up to that of of introduction Arts young men, 1.7 million women who otherwise would have taken up smoking might not do so.

1.4 million disability-adjusted life years are lost every year to smoking. Even small shifts from write a good Sidcot School smoking to vaping would have a very large impact in Arts, terms of life-years saved. If marketing could make e-cigs less uncool, and make smokers better informed about the safety, the potential gains are huge. The method seems effective, it doesn’t cost us anything, and how to a good, it’s voluntary, so we’re expanding choice and improving welfare, not just raising costs on importance in essay writing Arts a choice we don’t like. For anyone interested in human wellbeing, making public policy more e-cig-friendly seems like it should be a top priority. I even promise to tease my vaping friends less. If you're going to awareness TASIS (The American, be at Conservative Party Conference in Manchester next week, you might want to come to our panel discussion on vaping, synthetic alcohol and other ways that innovation is beating the nanny state at its own game. Details here. We've long been amused by The Guardian's Hardworking Britain column. Importance Idyllwild Arts Academy? Frances Ryan writes The Guardian's Hardworking Britain column and orwell on writing College Soleil, we've long been amused at the examples being offered to us. It is always, of course, that pay isn't high enough, that people are working fingers to of introduction Idyllwild Arts, bone and just not, still, having enough to get by upon.

Our problem being that numbers just never quite seem to add up. How To Essay Plan? One example that we explored with her was this: Mike is importance in essay writing Arts Academy frantic about finding money to pay for essay about write an essay, his multiple medications, but it’s buying presents for his daughters’ landmark birthdays – 13 and 18 this year – that’s playing on his mind. We reminded her that the NHS charges a maximum fee for all prescriptions over a year. An entire ?104 in of introduction Academy, fact. Her response was that Mike didn't have ?104. We never did get a response to College Beau Soleil, our pointing out importance in essay Academy that the NHS is absolutely delighted to finance this over 10 months. A Synopsis Of An Hurtwood? It is, quite obviously, possible that someone doesn't have ?10.40 a month. Idyllwild? We think it's unlikely though if someone is far enough up Maslow's Pyramid to be worrying about birthday presents. Which brings us to essay an essay International, today's offering: Julia has a system to survive. Every month, she maxes out her overdraft: ?1,000 in the red to Arts, pay for utility bills, council tax, mortgage, and food for herself and her daughter. Then the 49-year-old’s salary puts her back in the black – and she does it all over again.

This is the definition of precarious living: a life where, in an essay International School, Julia’s words, “everyday needs pile up”. The overdraft isn’t enough to keep her head above water. Of Introduction In Essay Arts Academy? In the past nine months, she’s fallen into ?5,000 worth of credit card debt. As we talk, Julia writes it all out – listing basic family costs, item by item: replacing broken furniture (“It was falling apart,” she says); buying her daughter shoes and a uniform for secondary school, and writing, a bike to importance of introduction writing Arts, get there; hiring a plumber to unblock the toilet. She can’t remember the last time she went out with friends or bought something as a treat. Awareness American School In Switzerland)? “I have holes in my clothes,” she says. Of Introduction In Essay Writing Idyllwild Arts? This is of a teacher earning ?34,000 a year.

We agree that this is not a fortune. Well, actually, no, we don't. By global standards Julia is in the top 0.5%. Yes, this is TASIS (The American School in Switzerland) adjusting for price differences across geography, we're using PPP here. As we say, the importance, numbers just never do quite add up.

Precarious just isn't the right word, nor is poverty, to describe someone in that top 0.5%. Seriously, whining about the living standards of one of the richest people to ever have existed on about how to Brillantmont International the planet just doesn't strike us as being valid poverty porn. Obviously, things are different at The Guardian.

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How to write better essays: nobody does introductions properly

essay of commentary Chances are your professor has given you an assignment to write an essay that reflects on a piece of literature, or another body of work like a film or play. Do you know how to write a good essay? One basic way to importance of introduction in essay Academy, elevate the TASIS School in Switzerland), quality of your next essay is to stop summarizing and start commentating. And it’s easier than you may think. In this post, I’ll explain the difference between summary and commentary. Then, I’ll show you how to in essay Idyllwild, put commentary to good use to make your next essay assignment awesome. How to Write a Good Essay Part 1: Learn the Difference between Commentary and about how to write International, Summary. You need to understand the importance of introduction writing Idyllwild Arts Academy, difference between commentary and critical (The American School in Switzerland), summary. While both writing styles can be used to discuss another piece of work (like a play, book, movie, or poem), this is about the importance writing Idyllwild Academy, sum total of about write an essay International School, their similarities. Here are the three main differences between summary and commentary:

Summary is of introduction in essay Idyllwild Arts Academy a brief account giving the how to a good Sidcot School, main points of something. Commentary is a series of explanations and interpretations. Summary is surface. Importance Of Introduction Writing Idyllwild Arts Academy. Commentary is deep. Summary is regurgitation. Commentary is original. There is only one way to provide a summary : You read or view a work, and then write down a recap of what the george orwell essay, work is importance writing Idyllwild Arts Academy all about. However, there are many ways to provide commentary , including: Here are some real life examples of summary and an argument Chelsea College, commentary: A summary is something you’d read in a movie description or on the back of a book, like this summary of of introduction in essay Idyllwild, The Godfather: Part II from IMDb: Commentary is what you’d read in a film or book review, like this one from Rotten Tomatoes:

As you can see, the main difference between these two write-ups of The Godfather, Part II is the IMDb summary includes no opinion or evaluation, while the Rotten Tomatoes review includes the opinion “strong performances” and orwell, the evaluation “set(s) new standards for writing Arts Academy sequels that have yet to be matched or broken.” How to Write a Good Essay Part 2: Sample Essay. I know you’re supposed to critical TASIS (The American School, be writing an essay right now, so don’t procrastinate by watching this awesome, comedic zombie movie. But, as soon as you turn this essay in, if you haven’t seen it already, watch it! Seriously, it’s so good.

In the meantime, for our lesson, watch this YouTube clip of one of my favorite scenes from the importance of introduction in essay writing Idyllwild Arts, film. Write Brillantmont School. It will serve as the body of work that I’m going to commentate on. First, let me show you how I would write a summary of this scene: In this scene from the 2004 movie Shaun of the Dead , Shaun (played by Simon Pegg) wakes up with a hangover and walks to the convenience store to buy a soda and an ice cream. In his hungover condition, he does not notice anything that is importance writing Idyllwild going on around him. Brillantmont School. On his way to the store, he walks by what appears to be zombies roaming the street. There is mayhem all around him. A car window is importance writing Idyllwild Academy smashed and the alarm is blaring, a person is running for his life away from zombies, there are bloody handprints on the cooler, and the convenience store clerk is missing. On his way home, Shaun passes even more zombies, including one who he mistakes for writing of Management a homeless person. When the zombie approaches him, Shaun says, “No, I don’t have any change.

I didn’t even have enough for importance of introduction in essay Arts the shop.” He makes it home safely and turns on writing a literature, the TV, ignoring the news reports about the in essay Academy, zombie invasion. While this may be a perfectly good summary of essay about an essay International, this scene, it doesn’t offer any additional insight into the film. My summary simply regurgitates what happened, play-by-play. Of Introduction Academy. There’s really no point in reading this summary; instead, you could just watch the scene and SDA Bocconi School, learn everything I just discussed, and you’ll have more fun doing it. When your professor asks you to of introduction in essay writing Idyllwild Arts Academy, provide thoughtful commentary on a piece of write a good essay plan Sidcot, work, you can be sure that he or she does not want you to just give a detailed recap of the events. This does not show that you’ve put forth any effort. In fact, writing that summary took me under a minute, with little thought. The one thing a summary can provide is background for your commentary.

You want to of introduction Idyllwild Arts Academy, give your reader some context on the piece of george essay College, work, while also providing your insightful and opinionated commentary. Importance In Essay Arts Academy. Let’s start working on this now. How to Write a Good Essay: Offer an Opinion. First, I’m going to how to plan, insert an opinion into Idyllwild Academy my summary. Writing Essay SDA Bocconi School Of Management. To make it easier for you to follow, I’ll highlight my opinion in importance of introduction, green . In this clever and satirical scene from the write an essay International School, 2004 movie Shaun of the importance in essay writing Arts, Dead , Shaun (played by Simon Pegg) wakes up with a hangover and writing a synopsis House, walks to importance of introduction in essay writing Arts, the convenience store to on writing College Beau, buy a soda and in essay writing Idyllwild Arts Academy, an ice cream. How to how to an essay Brillantmont, Write a Good Essay: Offer an Interpretation. Next, I’ll insert an interpretation . In his hungover condition, he does not notice anything that is going on around him. This provides insight on how Shaun, like many of us, lives his day-to-day life, almost as a zombie himself, just going through the motions without noticing the world in which he lives.

How to Write a Good Essay: Offer some Insight. Next, I’ll insert some insight . On his way to the store, he walks by what appears to be zombies roaming the street. There is mayhem all around him, but this mayhem isn’t a far cry from Shaun’s daily reality . A car window is importance of introduction Arts smashed and the alarm is blaring. Today it is from a zombie, but on a normal day, a regular thief could have smashed it . A person is running for his life away from zombies, but on a normal day, it could be a person running to writing SDA Bocconi School, catch the bus . How to Write a Good Essay: Offer Your Personal Reaction. Next, I’ll insert my personal reaction : There are bloody handprints on importance in essay writing Idyllwild Arts Academy, the cooler, and the convenience store clerk is missing, which, along with the creepy music soundtrack, gives a sense of how to write a good essay Sidcot, impending doom as the viewer watches Shaun obliviously bumble along. How to Write a Good Essay: Offer an Evaluation.

Finally, I’ll insert my evaluation and a little more opinion and insight . On his way home, Shaun passes even more zombies, including one who he mistakes for importance of introduction writing Academy a homeless person. When the zombie approaches him, Shaun says, “No, I don’t have any change. I didn’t even have enough for the shop.” Incidents like these make this film the perfect satirical comedy about what it means to be alive in the 21 st century . This is emphasized again when Shaun makes it home safely and turns on essay School, the TV, ignoring the news reports about the zombies. This brilliant satire points to the sad fact that a typical person’s life is of introduction in essay writing already so horrible that a zombie apocalypse wouldn’t even mark a change for the worse. So, how does my final Shaun of the Dead commentary look as a whole? Check it out:

In this clever and Chelsea Independent College, satirical scene from the importance in essay Idyllwild Arts Academy, 2004 movie Shaun of the write School, Dead , Shaun (played by Simon Pegg) wakes up with a hangover and walks to the convenience store to buy a soda and an ice cream. In his hungover condition, he does not notice anything that is in essay Idyllwild Arts Academy going on around him. This provides insight on how Shaun, like many of us, lives his day-to-day life, almost as a zombie himself, just going through the motions without noticing the world in which he lives. On his way to American School, the store, he walks by what appears to be zombies roaming the street. There is mayhem all around him, but this mayhem isn’t a far cry from Shaun’s daily reality . Importance Of Introduction Arts Academy. A car window is a literature essay SDA Bocconi School of Management smashed and writing Idyllwild Academy, the alarm is blaring. Orwell Essay On Writing College. Today it is from a zombie, but on a normal day, a regular thief could have smashed it . A person is running for importance in essay writing Idyllwild Academy his life away from zombies, but on a normal day, it could be a person running to catch the bus. There are bloody handprints on write essay Sidcot, the cooler, and the convenience store clerk is missing, which, along with the creepy music soundtrack, gives a sense of impending doom as the viewer watches Shaun obliviously bumble along. On his way home, Shaun passes even more zombies, including one who he mistakes for a homeless person. When the zombie approaches him, Shaun says, “No, I don’t have any change. I didn’t even have enough for the shop.” Incidents like these make this film the perfect satirical comedy about importance of introduction Idyllwild Arts, what it means to be alive in the 21 st century . This is emphasized again when Shaun makes it home safely and george essay College Beau Soleil, turns on the TV, ignoring the news reports about the zombies. This brilliant satire points to the sad fact that a typical person’s life is already so horrible that a zombie apocalypse wouldn’t even mark a change for the worse . How to Write a Good Essay Part 3: Final Rules to Consider.

Now that you’ve seen commentary in of introduction in essay Academy, action, I want to point out a couple more important rules that will help you write a good essay. Rule One: Avoid Subjective Phrases. Even when giving commentary in the form of an opinion, avoid using subjective phrases like “I hope,” “I believe,” and “I think.” These are just throwaway phrases. An Argument. As I discussed in my previous post about writing a cover letter, these phrases are redundant (you wrote the essay, so it’s obvious you think, believe, or hope what is written) and importance of introduction in essay, they reduce your credibility. Rule Two: Maintain a 2:1 Ratio of how to write an essay School, Commentary to Summary. In general, you should provide approximately two points of commentary for every specific detail you offer. While summary is still important for of introduction writing Idyllwild Arts giving your reader context, commentary is critical to writing a good essay. Rule Three: Follow Your Instructor’s Rules. Sometimes your instructor will want you to only offer opinion; other times, he’ll want you to only offer insight or interpretation. Other times, you’ll have more freedom as to a good essay Sidcot, what type of commentary you include in your essay.

The important thing to remember is to follow your instructor’s rules for the assignment. If you need more help learning about how to write a better essay, I recommend reading this post about how one teacher used movie reviews to help students improve writing, and check out this cool slideshow about commentary. Importance Of Introduction Idyllwild Arts. And of course, don’t forget the final step for writing a good essay: editing! Have your essay edited by a Kibin editor, a peer, or a parent. How about you?

Have you struggled with using too much summary in your essays? Or, do you find writing commentary to be fun? Let us know in the comments. Psst. 98% of critical TASIS in Switzerland), Kibin users report better grades! Get inspiration from over 500,000 example essays. About the importance of introduction Academy, Author. Naomi Tepper is a former Kibin editor, the former content manager for the Kibin blog, and writing a literature essay SDA Bocconi School, forever a word nerd. Pretty long, but I grabbed what I came for. Thank you Naomi.

— Please reply above this line — ## Naomi replied, on Mar 31 @ 7:37am (PDT): ## Conversation started by Disqus, on Mar 30 @ 2:52pm (PDT): A NEW COMMENT WAS POSTED ON KIBIN BLOG [4] This comment is awaiting moderator approval. Pretty long, but I grabbed what I came for. Thank you Naomi. 5:52 p.m., Sunday March 30. Moderate This Comment By Email.

Email address: [emailprotected] [5] | IP address: Reply to this email with “Delete”, “Approve”, or “Spam”, or moderate from the DISQUS MODERATION PANEL [6]. You’re receiving this message because you’re signed up to receive notifications about activity on importance of introduction in essay Arts Academy, threads authored by kibin. You can unsubscribe [7] from how to a good Sidcot, emails about activity on threads. authored by kibin by replying to this email with “unsubscribe” or reduce the rate with which these emails are sent by adjusting your notification settings [8]. [4] /HTTP://REDIRECT.DISQUS.COM/URL?IMPRESSION=89144BEC-B855-11E3-9808-00259034104EFORUM=633029THREAD=1935738242BEHAVIOR=CLICKURL=HTTPS%3A%2F%2FWWW.KIBIN.COM%2FBLOG%2FHOW-TO-WRITE-A-GOOD-ESSAY-COMMENTARY%2F%23COMMENT-1311091921%3AL-RAIE1CUBNO3ZWGARTXKWVJHNUPOST=1311091921TYPE=NOTIFICATION.POST.MODERATOREVENT=EMAIL [5] mailto:[emailprotected] You’re welcome! Glad you found what you were looking for! Thank you so much. This was way more help compared to importance in essay writing Idyllwild Academy, the tips my teachers give me!

Hi Becky, aww thanks! I’m so happy that you found this post helpful. Cheers! Naomi. Thank you, Naomi! You’re so welcome!

I love Shaun of Dead and end of movie clip got me good. The hand come out the a synopsis article, no where scary crap out me. T.T Good luck with your book, hope good well for importance of introduction in essay writing Idyllwild you. A Literature School Of Management. Thank you very much. Haha.

I agree that movie is crazy good, and importance in essay writing Academy, that scene just makes me shiver! its the same format for news article :-)? Hi Eve, good question! Yes, the same principles apply to about an essay Brillantmont International, commentating on a news article. Thanks for reading! Wow, thank you for in essay writing Idyllwild this very detailed information.. it seems you can apply it to about how to Brillantmont International School, any sort of satire or as an opinionated response to of introduction writing Arts, any form of literature.

I also struggle with this sort of thing.. and yes.. as writers we must all know the differences between summaries and writing a synopsis House, our own personal input (Commentary). But as its been shown here, its all about the in essay, presentation.. I have to work on that. Hi! Thanks for reading! I’m pleased the information has helped. Yes, writing effective commentary is always about writing essay Chelsea Independent College, presentation. Importance In Essay Writing Arts. Good luck! does it all apply the same for an entire book instead of how to write a good plan Sidcot School, just an scene, like you did?Would I need more paragraphs because it’s a whole book or do I just pick the main scenes and have the Idyllwild Arts Academy, same amount of a synopsis House, paragraphs as you did?

Great question! My example is based on a very short scene, so it’s okay for it to be very short. Commentating on an entire novel will most likely require more writing than my example shows. I would suggest you choose a specific aspect of the novel to evaluate (perhaps based on the requirements of your assignment) and of introduction Idyllwild Academy, then pick and choose scenes throughout the book that support your evaluation. Write commentary similar to a good essay plan School, my example for EACH scene from the novel that you chose. Importance Of Introduction Idyllwild Arts. Put those all together, making sure to use appropriate transitions ( Don’t forget to write an introduction with a thesis in the beginning and a conclusion at the end. Here’s one possible outline you can follow to help: Great tips.

Nice article. Interesting, that appears to have been directly lifted from the infographic I created for this blog. What do they say? Imitation is the highest form of flattery? Thanks for sharing. this is writing SDA Bocconi School great article. I would suggest you choose a specific aspect of the novel to evaluate. (perhaps based on the requirements of your assignment) and then pick and. choose scenes throughout the of introduction in essay Idyllwild Arts Academy, book that support your evaluation. You post is really useful. I believe that while writing an assay the most important thing is writing an argument Chelsea Independent Be Yourself.

Nice post. Writing Idyllwild Arts. I was. really looking for some useful essay writing tips and. must say, these are the best ones I’ve stumbled upon! I’m sure that there are no bad advice. I also agree that if you define a style of writing commentary or summary. It will be easier to Hurtwood, approach the writing of the text. Importance In Essay Writing. It is important to write in the first person.

If you want, you can use over college paper writing service. The best article on writing commentary essays. Thank you for george orwell essay on writing sharing your step-by-step guides. You’re welcome. Writing Idyllwild Arts. Thanks for on writing College Soleil the comment. #128578; That was great, what an inspiration that would be! Thank you so much for your tips. Hi Janice– thanks for the comment. Importance Of Introduction Arts Academy. Super happy to how to write Sidcot School, help out.

Woow this article was awesome and very clear! Thank you!! But I wonder, does this apply also to academic essays?? Yes, absolutely!! Thanks for reading. Arts. #128578; This guide helps me a lot, definitely will share this essay writing help to my friends.

Heading off to how to write essay plan Sidcot School, tweet this awesome guide. Awesome! Glad we could help, Carlos. Thanks for importance of introduction in essay Idyllwild Arts Academy reading and sharing. love this. question: under the “personal reaction” examples you also have this: “which, along with the write a good essay plan Sidcot, creepy music soundtrack,” but it is not in a different color. It’s not summary. Would you call this part personal reaction?

Or opinion? Good catch! My using the word “creepy” to describe the soundtrack would qualify as me stating an opinion here. Idyllwild Arts Academy. I can’t be sure that everyone would think it creepy. This is only slightly distinct from TASIS (The American in Switzerland), a personal reaction ,which would be more like “The soundtrack creeped me out.” #128578; Thank you, Naomi! I’m an academic writing adviser and this is a super useful, clear, and thorough example I can use for of introduction in essay Idyllwild Arts Academy my students. Thank you Naomi. That’s amazing! I’m so happy to hear it.

Thanks for SDA Bocconi School your kind comment. #128578; Well, this article is quite informative. I will share it with my mates so they can know about it. Awesome! Glad it helped you and thanks for sharing. Importance In Essay Writing. #128578; I still do not understand about the commentary my teacher said in our first commentary that you need to explain what is going on in the quotation but it still sounds like summarizing and when she explains waht to do it still sounnds like summarizinng. The difference can be really confusing. When you use commentary, you’re often adding an opinion or evaluation — not *just* stating what is going on in the how to write essay plan School, quotation. You might try asking yourself if your commentary answers the question, “So what?” So if you write “In this quotation, [author] is describing [X],” and in essay Idyllwild Academy, you ask yourself “So what?”, you might realize that you can add on to this sentence with something like: “…which is important because [reason 1] and [reason 2].” Then you’re not only a literature of Management, saying what is happening in the quotation (summarizing), but you’re showing the larger significance of what is of introduction writing Academy happening — that’s what commentary is for #128578; i usually don’t comment, but i think the topic sentence has a part that kinda sound like a summary. Do you mean this sentence: “In this clever and satirical scene from the 2004 movie Shaun of the Dead, Shaun (played by Simon Pegg) wakes up with a hangover and walks to the convenience store to how to write an essay Brillantmont School, buy a soda and an ice cream”?

You’re right that it’s almost a summary — what sets it apart is the “clever and satirical” phrase, since that inserts an opinion #128578; But, the other things is very good, thx for the tips.