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argument writing © 2017 Steve Campsall. write a more effective argument. Download free revision guides. The word argument brings to mind an animated disagreement between two people, but for your English homework or exams, a written argument is persuasive CATS College very different. Writing to argue requires that you. put forward a well-considered point of view, stated briefly; provide support for this view; create a sense of critical thinking Justin-Siena High, balance by referring to one or more other viewpoints; tactfully counter these. Your aim in College Canterbury this kind of writing is not necessarily to 'win' the argument; instead, it is to put forward evidence that is logical and well - considered and which acts to support your point of view and to counter the courses main alternative views.

The evidence you provide must be both convincing and presented convincingly. The evidence needs to be convincing but, in an exam situation at least, it does not have to be factual , i.e. you can 'make it up'; you are allowed to make up such things as expert opinions and persuasive composition CATS College statistical evidence to essays, support your argument. Persuasive Composition? Importantly, whatever evidence you do use, it must be well considered and reasonable . Remember - whilst you might not agree with an opposing view, that doesn't make it in any way foolish to hold. You will need to take great care indeed to avoid suggesting that those who hold different views are in any way foolish for write level College doing so. This is such an easy pitfall that catches out very many students. In large part, it is the degree of politeness and persuasive College Canterbury tact that you display when opposing other viewpoints that will win or lose your argument - and gain you the most marks! ARGUMENT OR PERSUASION - what is the difference? 'Writing to argue' and how to write a college application essay yourself School 'writing to persuade ' both occur on persuasive College Canterbury, school courses. They are both very similar in how to essay conclusion Albert as much as they share the same purpose , that of seeking to CATS College, influence . There are differences that will affect the style of your writing if you are to gain the highest marks.

An argument concerns an how to Fanshawe, issue about persuasive composition Canterbury, which people, quite reasonably , hold different views. This suggests that other views are not necessarily wrong - just different . During the process of presenting your argument, therefore, it is reasonable that you should show that you recognise that opposing views exist , not only to hint at what a fair-minded person you are , but to give you the graphic an essay opportunity to counter these views tactfully in order to show why you feel that your own view is the more worthy one to hold . Persuasion has a more single-minded goal . It is based on a personal conviction that a particular way of thinking is the only sensible way to think. WELL-REASONED ARGUMENT vs . PASSIONATE PERSUASION! Consider this typical scene in a teenager's life. The party is on Friday. and, naturally, you really want to go but your parents have other ideas.

They're planning a visit to Great Aunt Bertha and know how much she'd love to see how you've grown since your last visit. Composition CATS College Canterbury? Persuading your mum to say yes to the party is your determined goal - because Friday is the deadline and you need an of a-g Film Academy, answer now. How to go about it? First, a little calm reasoning ('Everyone from school will be there, mum. Composition CATS College Canterbury? It's a social occasion and it'll help me make more friends. List New York Academy? ' ), next a little reasoned anger ('When you were young I bet you went to parties. ') and finally, a passionate plea ('Oh, do please try to see it from my position, mum.

I can't turn up on Monday the only kid in the class who didn't go. '). Now if instead of the above, you had been asked to write an article in the school magazine to present a case for composition CATS Canterbury a return of end-of-year school disco. well, you don't need that immediate answer, so a well-reasoned argument composed of courses Academy, a series of well thought out and well-supported points is likely to win the day. The pressure is on in the first case, but not in the second. A little history will help. ARGUMENT AND THE ANCIENT ART OF 'RHETORIC' If Aristotle and persuasive College Cicero were writing this web page, they would be telling you that the ideal form of argument was through the use of how to write conclusion College, one thing and Canterbury one thing alone. reason (which had the Greek name of logos - hence the modern word logic ); however, the two recognised that 'ideal' things must always remain just that - ideas , and that human weakness would always mean that two further argument techniques would be brought into use, especially where persuasion was needed.

The first of these is an list courses Academy, appeal to character (which they called ethos - hence our term ethical ) and the second? An appeal to the emotions (which they called pathos - a word we now use to suggest the CATS power to stir sad emotions). Most people believe themselves to how to essays College, be reasonable, so appealing to a person's sense of persuasive composition CATS College, reason is graphic for writing likely to be the persuasive CATS College Canterbury most effective means of convincing them to change their way of thinking ('If we don't do this. then. ' ). Writing an effective argument. An argument should set out to answer the question 'Why?' for thinking for students Justin-Siena your viewpoint as well as show awareness and understanding of your opponent's views . The secrets of success? Show you understand the genre conventions of the form - that is, the format - in composition College Canterbury which you are asked to write (e.g. an article, a letter, a speech, etc.). Find common ground - an endpoint upon a college application essay about yourself Bodwell High School, which all would agree . Show consideration of but counter with politeness and tact your opponent's views. Use effective argumentative techniques - that is, use rhetorical devices. Ensure your views unfold logically and persuasively - that is, create a logical structure for your argument. Showing understanding of opposing views. It's crucial to find some common ground that exists between you - there will always be something worthwhile on College, which both you and a college application essay your opponents agree. Think hard about the views your opponents hold and why they hold such views - and always recognise and composition CATS show that they see that this is list of a-g courses New York Academy a fair view to hold (but not the best view. which is your own).

Be tactful - never show disrespect for CATS College another's point of view. Sound sincere - give your writing an authentic feel. How To Article Guertin High School? Sound interested, knowledgeable, trustworthy and convincing. Logic and reason win arguments - but be passionate about CATS College, your views Avoid sounding superior, condescending or impolite. As made clear already, any suggestion that other viewpoints are 'silly' or 'foolish' is the equivalent of calling your opponent 'silly' and 'foolish'. How To Write Essay Albert College? The result?

Lost argument. Lost marks. Try switching roles - which points would convince you? Showing understanding of form and conventions. You may be asked to write in composition Canterbury the form of an essay, a formal or informal letter, a newspaper or magazine article, a school newsletter, a speech, and thinking Justin-Siena High School so on. Make sure you know the genre conventions that apply to each of composition CATS College, these. Using effective argumentative techniques. Remember that because the other view is reasonably held, you will only win through sensible reasoning, logic and evidence. The key to a successful argument is to list of a-g Film, plan well, making sure you release your various points in a progressively convincing order. Try to show that you have planned or, as the examiner's put it: ' consciously shaped your response '. This gains many extra marks. You need to show that your reader can trust you - so make up a solid and believable reason why you are in a good position to argue over this issue . Persuasive Composition CATS College? An effective way of Film Academy, convincing someone that you are reasonable is to persuasive, find the common ground that exists between you.

This is an outcome that is graphic organizers an essay common to you both - an end-point you both desire. Having acknowledged this, you then proceed by showing how your way to this goal is the best way. A solid way to persuasive composition CATS Canterbury, seem reasonable is to college level Fanshawe, acknowledge the persuasive main opposing view(s) - but to conclusion Albert, show subtly how your view is composition CATS College more reasonable. Using an how to write a college yourself Bodwell, interesting - but entirely reasonable and realistic - anecdote to illustrate your main point can be very compelling and powerful, e.g. 'Let me tell you about a friend of persuasive composition College Canterbury, mine. S/he. Level Essays College? '. Use rhetorical devices such as rhetorical questions , 'list of CATS College Canterbury, three', repetition, etc. to increase the persuasive power of your argument.

Successful arguments are. INTERESTING, ORIGINAL AND APPEALING ORGANISED TO BE PROGRESSIVELY CONVINCING REASONABLE EASY TO FOLLOW THOUGHTFUL AND CONSIDERATE ARGUED FROM A PASSIONATE POSITION SUBTLE and SOPHISTICATED. Here is a small section of the mark scheme the examiners from a major examining board use when they award a grade A: #8226; shows sustained awareness of the audience. #8226; arguments are convincingly developed and supported by relevant detail. How To Write Article Bishop Guertin High School? #8226; ideas are selected and prioritised to construct a sophisticated argument. #8226; paragraphs are effectively varied in length and structure. #8226; a wide range of appropriate, ambitious vocabulary is used. Planning: put simply, you will lose marks if your argument fails to have an effective structure . So a clear plan is essential to CATS Canterbury, an effective written argument . The examiner's mark schedule states that your argument needs to show evidence of being consciously shaped . Decide on the most likely effective style - should you use standard English (probably. ), be very formal (depends. ), be chatty (probably not. ) and so on. Brainstorm to create a list of points in favour of your idea. Choose five of the most convincing . Check that each point is truly separate and not a part of a larger, more general point if it is, use the a college application about larger point. Make sure each point would convince you if you were your opposition! Organise your five points into a progressive and persuasive composition CATS College Canterbury persuasive order.

Work out one or two of the main opposing points. Think how you could add authority to your writing: a piece of research, an expert opinion, a quotation from for writing School a respected source. (always sensible and made up for composition the exam!). Would an how to a good article for publication Guertin School, anecdote be a persuasive device to persuasive composition College Canterbury, use? Remember to use reason but state it passionately if appropriate. Most especially remember that if you as much as even suggest that people are silly or foolish to hold an opposing view you have lost your argument! And worse. lost marks.

Open strongly and in an original way to capture your reader's attention. How To Write Bishop Guertin? Consider using an anecdote early in the argument. State your own point of view but don't be too strident in your tone . If relevant and useful, give a little history and background to the argument. Find some common ground between you and your reader to generate trust and goodwill in you as a person and as a thinker. 'Selling' yourself will help your reader decide to 'buy' your ideas. Persuasive Composition Canterbury? CENTRAL or BODY PARAGRAPHS. Open each paragraph with a topic sentence that introduces the points created from critical thinking High School your brainstorm and planning. Write about four to five more sentences that do no more than explain the point made in the topic sentence. Aim to link each paragraph to the next by composition CATS Canterbury, using a subtle 'transition' or 'hook' sentence at the end of the preceding paragraph. Acknowledge the main opposing view but sensitively refute it to show how your view is more reasonable.

Use rhetorical devices . HERE ARE SOME EXAMPLES OF 'RHETORICAL DEVICES' Rhetorical questions, similes, metaphors, emotive language (use with care!), irony (but never sarcasm!, 'lists of three', repetition, hyperbole (exaggeration for how to write level essays Fanshawe effect), humour, anecdotes, and so on. Help your argument flow by using 'discourse markers' . These act as 'signposts' to help your ideas flow and aid your readers journey through your essay. HERE ARE SOME EXAMPLES OF 'DISCOURSE MARKERS' Add authenticity to your argument by College Canterbury, creating a sincere tone , and by using an anecdote . Add authority to critical High, your argument by College, writing confidently and critical thinking for students School making up sensible but effective support, e.g. Persuasive College? 'expert' opinion, statistics, and so on - make this up in the exam, but keep it reasonable. How To Essay Albert College? Round up your argument by restating your case succinctly and summarising your main points. End as you began - in a powerful, interesting and memorable way.

Each year, literally thousands of students fail to achieve the composition CATS College marks they could. Critical For Students? Don't be one of persuasive CATS Canterbury, them ALWAYS CHECK YOUR WRITING BEFORE HANDING IN! Read each sentence immediately after you write it. Read each sentence before you proceed to the next to check it is fluent, accurate and complete. Does it follow on logically from the previous sentence? Check every paragraph. Of A-g? Avoid creating overly short paragraphs as this suggests either a) you do not know what a paragraph is composition CATS or b) that you have no explained the point of the paragraph in sufficient detail. Of A-g Courses New York? Try to make sure that each paragraph flows naturally on from its predecessor by using the final sentence of each paragraph to subtly 'hook' into the topic of the next paragraph. To correct a missed paragraph simply put this mark where you want in to be: // then, in your margin write: // = new paragraph.

The examiner will not mark you down for this so long as you have not forgotten all of your paragraphs. Examine each comma. Look at every apostrophe. And when one thing belongs to another thing or person, this is shown by adding apostrophe+s to the owning noun. So the school's entrance shows that this is 'the entrance of the composition school' and 'Alan's book' shows this is 'the book of Alan'.

Similarly, you go 'to the doctor's' and 'the chemist's' as well as to 'Sainsbury's' and 'McDonald's' because you mean 'to the doctor's surgery ', 'the chemist's shop ' and essay College so on. Watch out for it's. With an apostrophe it only ever means it is or it has , as in ' it's cold ' or ' it's got three toes missing '. If you mean belonging to it , as in its fur is composition shiny and smooth , no apostrophe is used.

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loitering law essay Get Our Overly Personal. In Charles Moore’s iconic black-and-white photograph, Coretta looks on stoically, lips parted, hands clasped in front as her husband, Martin Luther King, has his right arm bent behind his back by a police officer in a tall hat. Persuasive! Someone unseen, outside the frame, places a hand on Coretta’s left arm, as if to how to write essay conclusion Albert College comfort or contain her. Martin pitches forward over a counter, leaning to persuasive composition CATS College his right, his left hand splayed out for support on the polished surface. He wears a light colored suit and tie, a panama hat with a black band. The force of the officer’s grip has nearly yanked the jacket off his right shoulder. The officer’s left hand pushes against Martin’s left side, bunching up his jacket, shoving him forward, bending him over the counter. Another officer stands behind Martin’s right shoulder, but you can only how to article see the top of his hat and his right arm resting casually on the counter.

A hatless white officer stands behind the counter and our perspective peers over College, his right shoulder into Martin’s face. He doesn’t look pained. Resigned perhaps, sadly familiar with this sort of treatment. The man behind the counter seems to be reaching out Justin-Siena, with his left hand to persuasive composition College Canterbury take something or give something (a piece of paper perhaps) from Martin as his right arm blurs at the bottom edge of the frame. Courses New York Film! Martin, his eyes pulled all the way to the right, is either looking at the man behind the counter or at someone else we can’t see. The date is September 3, 1958 in the Montgomery, Alabama county courthouse.

Martin Luther King Jr. is there to support his longtime friend, Ralph Abernathy, a Baptist minister testifying in the trial of a deranged man charged with chasing Abernathy down the street with a hatchet. In the photo, King has just been arrested for loitering. He will spend fourteen days in jail as punishment for his crime. The strange thing is that in Moore’s photograph it is not Martin or Coretta who look afraid. Composition CATS Canterbury! It’s the thinking School policemen who appear flustered and scared. The photo is superficially silent. But you can still see how blurry with fear they are of his power and presence, quivering before his radical subjectivity in that space. Loitering is persuasive CATS Canterbury, not particularly difficult or physically demanding. Article For Publication School! It doesn’t, at composition College Canterbury, first blush, appear revolutionary or even criminal.

Consider that “loiter” is an intransitive verb. There is no object to it. It is all subject and subjectivity. To loiter requires simply that you stand around or sit aimlessly, without purpose, to organizers Madeira School choose a space because it happens to be in the shade, or just happens to be there. Anywhere. The key to pure loitering—the most honest embodiment of the word’s spirit—is of course to do nothing. Absolutely nothing.

But it has become bigger than that. Revolutionary. To do nothing now in persuasive composition CATS College, the name of loitering is also to repurpose in New York Film, the name of purposeless an otherwise purposed space. Persuasive College! And we are surrounded by purposed spaces. How To Write College Essays Fanshawe! To loiter then is a kind of zen-like appropriation, a subjective possession of objective, though often marginal space; and perhaps this is enough to persuasive CATS make it revolutionary, enough to how to a college essay about yourself High School threaten those who are invested in composition Canterbury, the purposing or owning of such space. It worries us when someone does nothing, even when they seem to be doing nothing on a street corner, a roadway median, an alley or some other marginal space. We’re so busy, so purposeful; and in write conclusion College, our world of increasing technological connection, we’re always engaged in some activity.

It’s hard for us to understand the nothingness of loitering. Part of the trouble is persuasive composition CATS, that it is nearly impossible to define “doing nothing” from “doing something,” so people who truly loiter assume a kind of vague, dangerous amorphous potentiality. The ambiguity of their physical and moral position frightens us. After all, when is any one of us actually doing nothing in any space? Have you ever truly done nothing ? Even when I putter around my yard or sit on my front porch, thinking about whatever I’m currently writing or reading, aren’t I still doing something, even if that something is only thinking? I’m still using the space with an intent that seems to fit the space. I wonder how long I could loiter on my street corner, just stand around thinking and watching people and traffic without drawing unwanted attention to myself.

I wonder if that time would be different if I lived in organizers for writing Madeira School, a wealthier, gated community on the North side of town, one of those places where they don’t really have street corners. What if I just stood around in persuasive, the middle of a cul-de-sac? Or if I lived in a more poverty-stricken, gang-controlled neighborhood in a different part of town would my loitering embody a different potentiality? Of course it would. The objective nothingness in my loitering allows my subjectivity to how to conclusion Albert be shaped to the expectations of the context. Loitering then as an idea is as undefined, abstract, and subjective as happiness or suffering. It can be adapted and appropriated, shaped to fit the persuasive composition CATS situation; and graphic organizers for writing Madeira, then laws or ordinances or signs that attempt to regulate loitering are the ontological equivalent of ordinances regulating or controlling happiness or suffering. They are perhaps the most common legislative manifestations of the conflict between subjective intent and persuasive College Canterbury, attempts at objective measurement of said intent. Sometimes I think about this when I visit the Food King market in my neighborhood, a subjectively happy place, a true neighborhood convenience store. An Essay! It feels like home to me. I don’t even care that it costs me nearly twenty dollars for two six-packs of beer.

The brothers, Mo and CATS Canterbury, Najib, who own the Food King, emigrated to the U.S. from Yemen and are exceedingly nice to me, always calling me by name. They know most of list courses New York Film, their customers by composition College, name; sometimes Najib’s bespectacled son sits behind the counter working on graphic an essay School his homework. Mo and Najib often talk about the weather and persuasive composition CATS, they’re usually listening to NPR on the radio. But they also have prominent “No Loitering” signs posted on the front of the store and organizers an essay Madeira School, a bank of video monitors that allow them to keep and eye on every part of persuasive composition College, their property. New York Academy! You have about as much time to persuasive composition College linger in front of the Food King as you do in front of an airport. Pause too long and list courses New York Film, you will be hustled along. Mo and Najib have to deal with challenges I can barely imagine. Fresno is a dangerous place filled with desperate people. Nobody really denies this reality.

We just live with it. But Mo and persuasive CATS College Canterbury, Najib run a tight ship, more than most places. They keep their store clean and free of the crowds that loiter around elsewhere. They never hesitate to chase off the street-kids and panhandlers, the for writing an essay Madeira School tweakers or the prostitutes; and I have to admit that I appreciate this, that it makes me feel somewhat safer as a consumer. When I asked Mo one day about persuasive CATS his “No loitering” signs and how he enforces the rule, he told me that he just tells any loiterers to thinking for students move along, and if they don’t move, he might threaten to call the persuasive CATS College Canterbury police. “But would they come?” I asked. “Yeah, sure.

Maybe. List Of A-g Courses New York Film Academy! But if you just mention the police, they mostly move along.” “And if they don’t?” “If they don’t, I take my stick out there and I tell them I’m gonna count to persuasive Canterbury three and then I’m gonna hit you with this stick.” Mo didn’t show me his stick but I guessed it was some kind of baton. I didn’t doubt his conviction. Mo meant business. To him the issue was all black-and-white, no gray area, no room for interpretation. This was his property, his Food King, and of a-g Film Academy, he was in charge of defining loitering in this subjective space. He also told me he had a gun under the counter if it came to that. The Food King. Fresno, CA 2013.

Perhaps the most extreme example of the composition CATS College Canterbury threatening potentiality of loitering is in the context of an elementary school, an exaggeratedly purposed and morally charged public space. Organizers School! If you stand around outside the playground fence of a school, just stand there long enough, most likely your loitering will be seen as a threat and you will most likely be confronted by persuasive CATS College Canterbury, authority figures. In Fresno all the schools are surrounded by six-foot chain-link safety fencing. If you’re loitering around a school, regardless of how to write a good for publication High School, your intent (maybe you’re studying the architecture of composition CATS, schools for college, a class) you might be arrested or at least just hassled and hustled along. There are signs posted everywhere forbidding all manner of activities, including dog walking, golfing, model-airplane flying, and loitering; and as a parent of elementary school children, I’m glad to see those signs when we take our dog there for walks. I don’t really care if you’re flying model-airplanes at composition CATS College, my daughter’s school, but I do care if you’re loitering there. It doesn’t matter to me if you’re innocently researching something for how to article for publication Bishop, a novel or an essay, maybe snapping photos with your IPhone, I just want you to move along and take your subjectivity elsewhere. An elementary school is a place where the objective truth of the context overwhelms the subjective truth of anyone who moves through the persuasive composition CATS Canterbury space.

Your rights are necessarily limited there, and Madeira, it doesn’t end at College Canterbury, the fence. For Students High School! The rights-defining power of an Elementary School space extends well beyond the fences, past the sidewalks, into the streets, where the rules of driving are more stringent and persuasive composition CATS, more morally charged, and thinking Justin-Siena High School, even further beyond into persuasive Canterbury surrounding neighborhoods, where legal penalties for things like narcotics trafficking are increased. In such spaces the objective meaning of the place overwrites your subjective intent. Hamilton Elementary School, Fresno, CA 2013. It is also the vague undefined nature of loitering combined with the impossibility of truly knowing or measuring subjective intent that has allowed anti-loitering laws and ordinances to be used as a weapon against essay conclusion civil disobedience. Martin Luther King was arrested because anti-loitering laws on College Canterbury the books in Montgomery allowed the police, regardless of the facts of that day, to critical thinking for students High School define King’s presence, to shape his intent into something criminal, something they could use to control him. He was just attending a public trial. Persuasive! But anti-loitering laws allowed the police to arrest him for Fanshawe, being black in a white space. Attempts to criminalize loitering have been used more recently to try and control gang activity, drug sales, panhandling and prostitution, as well as to control populations of homeless people and persuasive College, protesters in the nationwide “Occupy” movement. These efforts, though often temporarily successful, are often doomed to failure, perhaps because of the very nature of loitering itself.

Courts have recognized that anti-loitering laws often encourage racial profiling and police abuse of marginalized groups. Legislating loitering is like legislating nothingness. In February 2012, New York City settled a class action lawsuit brought on an essay School behalf of thousands of citizens arrested over the years on anti-loitering charges that had been deemed unconstitutional. The city’s efforts to control loitering over a span of thirty years will ultimately cost them fifteen million dollars and require them to expunge thousands of arrests and persuasive CATS Canterbury, convictions. There is organizers School, little evidence to suggest, however, that this will change the way anti-loitering laws and ordinances are used to control marginalized populations in this country. Persuasive Composition Canterbury! We are simply too purposed and write a good for publication High, possessive of our objective spaces, too frightened by the potential of loiterers. In other communities, perhaps due to the challenges of defining and enforcing anti-loitering ordinances, business owners are turning to less obviously confrontational, more passive, subjective, and subliminal deterrence methods. They’re turning to persuasive composition CATS sound warfare as a way to avoid the whole messy enterprise of objectively measuring and how to write a college application essay High School, legislating against subjective intent. Perhaps they’re doing this because it protects them from images of abuse and violence and the cultural resonance created by such pictures. The Mosquito was invented in Wales several years ago. Moving Sound Technologies has been marketing and selling the Mosquito throughout North America.

Many cities, municipalities, school districts, and parks boards use the Mosquito to combat vandalism. The patented Mosquito is a small speaker that produces a high frequency sound much like the buzzing of the insect it’s named after. This high frequency can be heard by young people 13 to 25 years old. The latest version of the persuasive CATS Canterbury Mosquito is called the MK4 Multi-Age. Write Level Fanshawe College! It has two different settings one for persuasive College Canterbury, teenagers 13 – 25 years and one setting for all ages. When it is set to 17KHz the Mosquito can only be heard by teenagers approximately 13 to 25 years of age.

When set to 8 KHz the Mosquito can be heard by all ages. In case you thought Mosquito is all about annoying sound that would force the loiterers to run for critical thinking Justin-Siena High School, cover you would be in for a pleasant surprise! The Music Mosquito is a complete music system that will relay Royalty free Classical or Chill-out music that would keep the teenagers away to some extent. Mosquito has a strong steel body . CATS Canterbury! . . Mosquito anti loitering device is a handy option to suppress vandalism and the issues of critical for students High, graffiti aggressively. The Mosquito Device can help with Teen Loitering Problems . Mosquito has a strong steel body . . . The Mosquito Device can help with Gang Loitering Problems. Mosquito has a strong steel body . . . The Mosquito Device can help with Vandalism Problems. Mosquito has a strong steel body . Persuasive CATS! . How To Write Article For Publication Bishop Guertin School! . Mosquito has a strong steel body . . . At night now in Fresno or in your city they might gather beneath the glow of street-lamps, lurking around its penumbral cone of light. Packs of teenagers. Black kids.

Brown kids. White kids. Brawny boys in baggy clothes, hats and team jerseys; pale, inked kids wearing white wife-beaters; girls in skinny jeans, high-heels and higher hair; or a population of bearded men smiling through meth-snaggled teeth, shuffling burnouts and tweakers with face tattoos, gang bangers with bulldog paws or red lips painted permanently on persuasive CATS College their necks; or maybe it’s those ubiquitous kids at a suburban mall wearing Polo shirts and skinny jeans, high-top sneakers, and puffy Tommy Hilfiger jackets and they’re loitering around Jamba Juice or the article for publication Bishop Guertin High movie theater, around your neighborhood school, or outside your business every night. These are the loiterers, the idle enemies of consumption and purpose. These are the targets of subjective warfare. In my hometown, the high school kids from persuasive College outlying rural communities used to graphic drive to downtown Lawrence, park their trucks backwards in the diagonal spaces along Massachusetts St. and set up lawn chairs in the beds. They watched the rest of us stroll past as if we were specimens in museums. Often we looked the part. Often things were said. Often there were fights.

Often there was litter and vandalism. Several merchants installed strobe lights in the windows of their stores, leaving them on all night long as a kind of light-deterrent, a passive form of loitering enforcement. Composition CATS! It worked, too. After a while nobody wanted to college College park or linger in front of those shops. Persuasive Composition CATS! There were fewer fights there, less litter and vandalism. But the lights also just made the for students High business owners seem kind of mean and intolerant. It doesn’t matter, really, what loiterers look like for the purposes of the Mosquito or for a strobe light. Persuasive CATS! Such passive forms of Film Academy, loitering deterrence don’t discriminate on the basis of persuasive composition, color, class, caste, or clothing choice. They cannot violate rights in part because we have few clear legal protections against noise or light pollution, despite its obvious influence on graphic Madeira subjective experiences of happiness or suffering. Noise might not violate your rights.

It can’t bend you over a counter and handcuff you, but it can violate your space and subjectivity. It can make it hard to think, even hard to do nothing. What matters to persuasive composition College the Mosquito is not the motivations of the loiterer, but simply that the subjective loitering body courses with blood and has ears with which to listen. In this way it is much like a bomb. A very smart bomb. How To Write Essay! What makes the Mosquito insidious is how it targets the age of the loiterer, his youth and persuasive composition CATS College, the way his brain processes sound.

Imagine a bomb that only college level essays Fanshawe College wipes out people of persuasive College, a certain age, a bomb that targets only the young. The mosquito doesn’t care about the kinetic potential for chaos, for unpredictable behavior inherent in their stasis. It doesn’t care about anything because the mosquito is a machine designed to critical thinking for students School create an automatic physiological response, because its intrusion into composition CATS your subjective internal space is silent, indiscriminate, and subtly violent. The danger of loiterers at rest is that bodies will remain at how to write a good Guertin High, rest until acted upon by an outside force. The danger is the CATS malicious pull of idle hands toward evil deeds. And the popular imagination associates loitering—a behavior defined specifically by its purposelessness—with all sorts of bad or illicit purposes; most notably property crimes like vandalism and graffiti, as well as with gang activity and prostitution. And because there is often little else for them to how to write a good for publication Bishop Guertin School do, no other place for them to gather, teenagers—the ultimate in-betweeners—are regular offenders of persuasive College, anti-loitering efforts and thinking High School, ordinances. By their very nature, teenagers embody the composition conflict between objective rules and expectations and subjective intent. They live perpetually in the liminal space between outside rules and their internal wills.

Teenagers are all subjectivity, all solipsistic fervor; they are in essence loitering between childhood and how to High, adulthood, embodying that marginalized space with intent that is persuasive College, often inscrutable to those of us living outside that space. In my neighborhood, the loitering teens move between a series of spots, these odd sort of in-between places like the island of a parking lot behind Starbucks and Bobby Salazar’s Mexican restaurant, or someone’s yard, perhaps the how to a good article community garden, up against composition CATS College Canterbury the brick wall of the Brass Unicorn and the Starline or in critical thinking for students High School, the side-yard of an apartment building on Moroa Ave. Persuasive Composition CATS Canterbury! You won’t find them outside the Food King, but nearby in side-streets and alleyways, lounging in various liminal spaces. Much to list of a-g New York the chagrin of many Fresno shoppers, we also find loitering teens on the wealthy, north side of town at persuasive College Canterbury, the clay-colored strip mall called River Park, a palace to consumerism and multi-national corporations that, in effort to how to essay Albert College curb loitering, not long ago tried to ban unaccompanied teenagers from the premises. That didn’t work so well. A parent or other objectively recognized adult had to be with any teenager on the premises. It wasn’t clear how the mall intended to enforce this, if they planned to randomly ID anyone who looked young enough to persuasive CATS be a teenager. Perhaps they simply should have installed Mosquito anti-loitering devices in the same places they’ve installed Musak speakers and security cameras. Graphic Organizers An Essay School! We fear teenagers not because of their loitering itself—that gray penumbral area between right and wrong—but because the act of doing so suggests, by Canterbury, its mere existence, the possibility for harm, for mayhem and destruction.

We fear their unbridled youth and all of its sublime potentiality. We fear their marginalization because it lives outside the boundaries of our control. Banksy, Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans, LA. One day not long ago as I was driving home from lunch with a friend, I took a side street that parallels a major thoroughfare, a street known as a popular hangout for the Fresno street kids and the homeless. A homeowner who has been working on remodeling a large house that backs up to the street recently installed a painted wooden fence and stacked-stone planters surrounding mature pomegranate trees. He’s created a lovely little oasis of how to write essays Fanshawe College, landscape architecture that would appeal to nearly anyone’s aesthetic; and as I drove past this oasis, I saw a loose pack of loitering teens lounging around the planters, smoking, pawing at each other, laughing, and doing nothing. All of them. Loitering. CATS College! Just sitting there, doing nothing. And I felt this momentary urge to yell at them or drive them away somehow, but I wasn’t sure why. Write Essay About Yourself! Perhaps it was jealousy.

Perhaps it was fear. Unless I’m writing or reading, I have trouble sitting still for persuasive composition CATS College, ten minutes. I can’t imagine doing it for 2 or 10 hours. I wondered if the homeowner might want to think about getting the Mosquito anti-loitering device, if he might want to agitate their space and send out high-pitched squeals of how to a college about Bodwell, deterrent noise. I thought this might be something that I would do if I owned the persuasive CATS Canterbury house; but even as I thought it, I cringed at the idea, the invasion and violation of essay about yourself High School, space, as well as at the aesthetic and moral cruelty of creating an otherwise appealing place that would be simultaneously physiologically repulsive, a space whose 17 MHz of Mosquito noise would hurt the ears of young people. These days when teenagers loiter across the persuasive composition College street from our house, making-out or smoking weed from a can or a pipe or a blunt-wrap, I mostly ignore them. Some days I want to thinking tell them to move along or to just smoke somewhere else. Some days I want to warn them that other people aren’t so understanding, that the police often patrol our street since it’s so close to the high school. But the most I ever do, if I’m out front with my kids, is composition Canterbury, give the teenagers a hard stare, maybe a wave to let them know I see them, to suggest they might move along. I’ve thought about calling the police, but the Fresno police frighten me more than loitering teenagers. They shoot people.

Pretty regularly. Essay Albert! I don’t want these kids to get shot or even arrested. CATS! And besides I don’t really want to be that guy–the asshole neighbor who calls the cops on kids. The truth is they’re not hurting anyone except maybe themselves. List Of A-g New York Film Academy! They’re just hanging around because they can, because they have nowhere else to go. My friends and I did similar stuff in high school. We used to drive out into CATS the Kansas countryside, down empty gravel roads, to find space where we could smoke or drink.

These kids like to linger against how to write yourself Bodwell High School the tall fence along my neighbor’s side yard and sit beneath the overhanging tree on the stacked railroad ties. Persuasive Composition CATS College! It’s only a block from Fresno High School, away from the crush of other kids and just beyond the boundaries of school space. It seems safe enough, like a place where they can loiter in peace. Who am I to deny them this space? I watch them sometimes and I think about Mo and his stick, his gun under the counter. I think about the Mosquito and I wonder how I would react if the teenagers crossed the street, crossed the line and started loitering in my yard, if they even got close to my daughter and invaded my subjective space. I’m not sure I would even count to three.

I like to conclusion think I’m a long way from those white officers in Moore’s photograph, those agitated and frightened white men who pressed King against the counter, twisting his arm behind his back, arresting him for persuasive CATS College Canterbury, eternity in the objective space of that everlasting image. But I realize I’m also guilty. I’ve let my own subjective fear shape the way I define loitering. I’ve let my imagination carry me away, let my own context—home and family, children and dog, yard and garden—condition the meaning of the how to write Guertin High teenagers’ nothingness and I’ve let it color their lingering at the periphery of my space. The street is the line, I tell myself. It’s a wide and persuasive composition CATS College, fuzzy boundary between us. But it is a boundary. One day a boy crossed the how to application about line. He approached the house. The kids were in the front yard. My girlfriend met him at the driveway.

I’d gone inside for a minute and came out to see her walking back toward the garage. Composition CATS Canterbury! She moved with purpose. I followed her. Essay Conclusion! The boy waited at the end of the driveway. “What’s up?” I asked. “He wants to borrow a soccer ball,” my girlfriend said as she smiled and walked past me, down the driveway and tossed him the CATS College ball. I felt my blood cool, retreating from full-boil. A College About Yourself School! There was no danger, no threat. Persuasive CATS Canterbury! There was nothing for me to fear. “It’s OK,” she said.

The boy and his three friends, another boy and two girls, set up “goals” in critical thinking for students, the middle of the street made of wadded-up fast-food bags and wrappers. College Canterbury! They played soccer on the asphalt for a while, darting out of the way when cars came. They were out there long enough for my kids and I to drift back inside. The boys flirted shamelessly with the girls and critical High School, showed off with the ball. All of them laughed a lot. They seemed so happy. Canterbury! I watched them through the how to about yourself Bodwell windows near the front door, listening to the sounds of their youth.

They moved with ease and grace between the curbs, lingering in the in-between spaces with such sweet purpose. [1] Sic. All italicized passages taken from the Moving Sound Technologies website. Steven Church is the author of The Guinness Book of Me: a Memoir of Record, Theoretical Killings: Essays and Accidents, and composition CATS, The Day After The Day After: My Atomic Angst. His essays have been published or are forthcoming in Fourth Genre, Creative Nonfiction, Prairie Schooner, AGNI, The Pedestrian, River Teeth, The North American Review, Brevity, Colorado Review and many others. His essay, Auscultation was selected by critical thinking Justin-Siena, Edwidge Danticat for College, the 2011 Best American Essays.

He's a founding editor of the literary magazine, The Normal School, and teaches in the MFA Program at Fresno State. List Film Academy! More from this author →

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Charles Werner, Charlottesville, VA, Fire Chief Emeritus Writes on FirstNet–Opportunities and Challenges. Over a decade has passed since the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations addressing first responder communications and interoperability. Thanks to the countless hours and dedicated efforts of many, the public-safety community stands today on the cusp of a nationwide, dedicated public-safety network. The spectrum is in place, Congressional funding secured, and an independent FirstNet board, management and designated network operator have provided each state a plan for deployment of an interoperable broadband network for composition CATS Canterbury, first responders. It is actually not an overstatement to say this may be an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for how to level essays College, public safety to dramatically improve the tools they have to protect the public. Persuasive CATS Canterbury? So, the list New York Film Academy opportunity side of the FirstNet network deployment is both unquestionable and appreciated by each state’s public-safety leaders. But we must also deal seriously with the persuasive composition CATS Canterbury challenge side of the equation. FirstNet’s network focus from the very beginning has been on an essay, high-speed wireless data. Some first-responder organizations have felt, with significant justification, that several mission-critical capabilities, such as voice and composition CATS Canterbury, enhanced location have not received the list of a-g courses Film same attention. Yet those capabilities often have as great—or greater—benefit to first responders in fulfilling their missions. In my career, I have served as both a firefighter and a chief, and the equally urgent need for mission-critical data, voice and location is a subject we all agree upon.

We in persuasive CATS College Canterbury, the fire service also agree—as do police, EMS and other public-safety professionals—that, while major metropolitan areas have different needs than small cities and rural areas, a truly interoperable, nationwide network must plan for essay College, the needs of College, all citizens. With these facts in mind, here are my recommendations to address the three key FirstNet challenges each state must assess: Coverage: FirstNet’s network deployment approach for major markets in each state is impressive and consistent with expectations. Thinking For Students Justin-Siena School? While ATT, FirstNet’s chosen network partner, has many recognized strengths and capabilities, rural and composition CATS, small market network coverage does not stand out among those strengths. The fact that ATT is also making available network capacity on all of its existing LTE bands (ahead of how to write College, LTE deployment on FirstNet’s 700 MHz Band 14 spectrum) partially addresses this concern, but ATT also should use this opportunity to bolster its overall LTE network coverage. Understandably, network costs and economic realities have long dictated that new technologies appear later in less-populated markets than in urban ones. Composition CATS College Canterbury? The key challenge for FirstNet and each state is to ensure that “later” does not become “never.” Mission-critical voice: There are known technical challenges in providing mission-critical-voice services over an LTE data network, and no first responder should even consider to abandon existing and trusted voice alternatives until the new technology has been deployed, tested, proven and deemed trustworthy. Continue reading →

Arkansas, Kentucky Latest States to critical thinking Justin-Siena School Opt In to persuasive CATS Canterbury FirstNet. Arkansas and Kentucky became the latest states today to announce that they would allow ATT, Inc., the graphic for writing School First Responder Network Authority’s (FirstNet) network partner, to build a radio access network (RAN) in their states rather than attempting to contract to persuasive College Canterbury build them. Virginia and Wyoming became the first two opt-in states earlier this week (TR Daily, July 10 and 11). “After an in-depth review of the FirstNet and ATT plan by the appropriate state agencies and of a-g courses New York Film Academy, stakeholders, I have decided to approve their recommendation to composition CATS College opt in to the program,” Ark. Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R.) said. “As a former Undersecretary of Homeland Security after 9/11, I understand the necessity of a reliable stand-alone emergency communications system. FirstNet has received wide support among our community of first responders because it will enable us to respond more quickly during crises when seconds can mean the difference between life and death.”

Mr. Hutchinson sent FirstNet Chief Executive Officer Mike Poth a letter dated July 11 notifying him of the state’s opt-in decision. But the governor issued a news release and released the letter today during the write article for publication Bishop Guertin School National Governors Association’s Summer Meeting in Providence, R.I. Continue reading → Andy Seybold’s Public Safety Advocate, July 13, 2017. Location Services, When? The FCC has new rules for locating calls that come into the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), and eventually they will include a third dimension, that being height of the phone above ground.

Sadly, the requirements imposed on the carriers for next-generation 9-1-1 are watered down from persuasive composition Canterbury, what is truly needed. I have been told the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) relaxed its requirements at the request of carriers and courses New York Film, the national carrier association. In any event, the new rules for incoming location are totally inadequate for locating citizen 9-1-1 callers and first responders who may be in trouble inside a building or other structure. Further, while I have no visibility into persuasive composition CATS Canterbury, the FirstNet state plans, I am told the requirement for better inbuilding location seems to indicate these services may not be implemented until 2022. Graphic Organizers For Writing Madeira? This is too long to wait when there are technologies available today that can meet the most stringent of the persuasive composition CATS Canterbury public safety requirements and could be put into play much earlier. The FCC has been running test beds for several types of location-based services including GPS and write essay College, cellular network-based, building a database of Wi-Fi hotspots, using beacons, and other types or combinations of persuasive composition CATS College Canterbury, technologies. It appears as though the for writing systems approved by composition Canterbury, the FCC will be a blend of several different technologies for rural, suburban, and metro-area location services. As stated above, none of the how to write application essay about School FCC rules currently require anything close to persuasive what is needed by the public safety community. Write A Good Guertin School? Read the composition Canterbury entire article here Below is the application essay School weekly news courtesy of Discovery Patterns: Continue reading →

Rinehart’s Regulatory Review June 2017, by CATS College, Bette Rinehart. FCC Establishes Process for State “Opt-Out” On June 19, FirstNet announced that it would be delivering to each state, via web portal, its proposal describing how it intends to organizers for writing Madeira build out the Radio Access Network (RAN). Persuasive Composition CATS Canterbury? States will have 45 days to courses review the composition CATS College proposal and exchange feedback to list of a-g courses New York FirstNet before the 90 day response period begins. States who opt out of the FirstNet plan must submit their proposal to persuasive CATS develop a state RAN to the FCC for that agency’s approval. To get FCC approval, the graphic an essay state-proposed RAN must interoperate with the FirstNet broadband network. This month the FCC established the timeline and process by persuasive, which a state will notify the a college application about Bodwell High Commission of the persuasive composition CATS College Canterbury decision to critical School opt out as well as the FCC’s review process. In the Report Order the FCC determined: FirstNet must notify the FCC of the College date on which plans are delivered to a state or states FCC must issue a Public Notice announcing the write Bishop High deadline by which the state or states must provide opt out notifications to persuasive Canterbury FirstNet, NTIA and how to write Albert College, the FCC States will have 90 days after receiving the final plan to review the FirstNet proposal and either accept it or opt out and build their own RAN. Opt Out Notice must include certification that NTIA and persuasive composition CATS College, FirstNet were notified A special email address will be established for this purpose Either the Governor or a designee may provide the college essays College notice Governor must provide written notice of the delegation of composition CATS, authority After opting out, the state has 180 days to: Develop and issue an how to write conclusion, RFP providing for composition College Canterbury, full deployment of the state RAN (not just development of a plan), Receive firm bids in an essay Madeira, response to persuasive CATS the RFP Select a winning bidder After selecting a winning bidder, the write state has an composition College Canterbury, additional 60 days to finalize their opt out plans Opt out plans must be filed with the FCC within 240 days of the thinking opt out notification Filers may request confidential treatment of their Plan Plans must address: The four general subjects identified in the Act – construction, operation, maintenance and improvements of the state RAN The two interoperability requirements set forth in the Act and composition College, The Technical Advisory Board for First Responder Interoperability Report requirements for the RAN The Plan must include a certification that the 180-day timeframe was met The Plan must include a certification by the Governor or a designee, confirming the state’s adherence to FirstNet network policies relating to courses Film technical interoperability as well as to the Interoperability Board Report recommendations Plans should follow the statute, have clear headers identifying each required element and an explanation as to how the persuasive composition state plan meets the requirements Suggested headers are: Construction, Maintenance, Operation, Improvements of the RAN Simply attaching the RFP will not be sufficient Each filing will be treated as a separate restricted proceeding with the parties initially limited to list courses New York Film Academy the State, the NTIA and FirstNet After the opt out persuasive period has elapsed, the FCC will release a Public Notice listing states which have opted out, each with a separate rulemaking proceeding Parties other than the state, NTIA and how to write college College, FirstNet will have 30 days to ask to participate in the review of the state opt out CATS College plan. Anyone making such a filing will have to explain why they are interested in the proceeding, how their participation would help the of a-g New York Film Academy FCC in persuasive composition College Canterbury, its review of the opt out plan and why their interests are not represented by either FirstNet, NTIA or the how to article for publication Bishop Guertin High School state.

The FCC will make an initial review (within 10 business days of filing if possible) of the opt out plans to ensure that they meet the composition College filing criteria and issue one or more Public Notices announcing that the application has been “accepted for filing.” The Accepted for Filing Public Notice will start the 90 day aspirational “shot clock” established by the FCC during which it must review and approve or dismiss the opt out write college level essays College plans Within 15 days of the “accepted for filing Public Notice,” NITA, FirstNet and any others who have been granted party status in the proceeding must review and provide comments on the state opt out plan The state will have 15 days to respond to any comments filed, by either amending their plan or filing reply comments States may respond only to issues raised in Comments; they may not amend other areas of their plan The FCC will suspend its 90-day “shot clock” only under special circumstances such as a national, state or local emergency that would require diversion of Commission resources to address the emergency. FCC review of the opt out plans will be limited to: The RAN elements (defined as cell site equipment, antennas and backhaul equipment) required to enable communications with subscriber devices using the PS broadband spectrum Does the plan demonstrate compliance with the Interoperability Board’s requirements characterized as “SHALL”? Those requirements were included in Attachment B of the Report Order The second prong of FCC review was to evaluate the interoperability of the state RAN with the PSBN. FirstNet filed ex partes containing documents that they asked the persuasive composition CATS Canterbury FCC use when evaluating interoperability with the PSBN. To obtain a full record, the Order requires the PSHSB to release a Public Notice providing a brief period for public comment on FirstNet’s proposals Once the graphic organizers public input has been reviewed, the FCC will release a separate Order indicating which elements of the FirstNet proposal it will use to CATS College Canterbury evaluate the opt out plans States will not have to demonstrate interoperability in the field FirstNet will not have to modify its network to suit a state plan After completing the review of each state opt out plan received, the FCC will release a separate Public Notice for each request briefly describing the Commission’s decision. NTIA will review elements related to graphic organizers for writing an essay School coverage, financing, applications and equipment text of the Report Order is available at: Comment Sought on FirstNet’s Ex Parte Filings Related to State Opt Out Plan Requirements. State Official Hails Benefit of ATT Providing Priority Access, Preemption on LTE Network. A Texas state official today emphasized the benefit of ATT, Inc., providing priority access immediately and Canterbury, preemption by the end of this year across its LTE network for public safety agencies in states that opt in to having the carrier build their First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) radio access networks (RANs). During a webinar this afternoon organized by critical High School, IWCE’s “Urgent Communications,” Todd Early, deputy assistant director of the Public Safety Communications Service within the Law Enforcement Support Division of the Texas Department of Public Safety, said the capabilities that ATT has agreed to provide are “a game-changer.” He noted that some have questioned the time it would take to build out a public safety network on the 20 megahertz of spectrum licensed to composition College Canterbury FirstNet.

ATT’s decision to provide immediate priority access across its LTE spectrum and preemption by how to a good article, the end of the year to first responders “really changes the thought process” in evaluating whether to opt in and have ATT build RANs, Mr. Early said. He also noted that as a result of ATT’s commitment, agencies such as volunteer fire departments that are short on funds will no longer have to acquire new devices to get priority access and preemption. “That really kind of changes the perspective,” he said. David Buchanan, FirstNet’s director-consultation, called priority and preemption over ATT’s LTE network “really the crown jewel of the ATT Solution.” He said that the capabilities are “far beyond what we expected we’d be able to get” and that they put “at ease a lot of the concerns states have had or stakeholders had about … speed to CATS market.” During the webinar, Mr.

Early and Scott Edson, executive director of the Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System (LA-RICS), also stressed the importance of having access to deployable assets in how to write essays College, a public safety broadband network as well as local control. ATT has committed to providing 72 dedicated public safety deployables. Continue reading →

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18 Ideas for persuasive CATS, Starting a Pet Business. North Americans are so willing to put their money where their hearts are, so a pet business can be a very profitable small business. Canadian households, for instance, spent $6.5-billion on them in 2012, a figure that’s been rising steadily annually, according to list of a-g Film Academy, the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada - and 59% of Canadians say the bond they share with their pet is composition CATS, as strong as or stronger than the list of a-g New York bonds they share with family and friends. Meantime, over composition CATS College Canterbury the border, Americans spent $55.72 billion on their pets in 2013 and it#39;s estimated that they will spend $58.51 billion in application essay about yourself Bodwell High 2014 (American Pet Products Association (APPA)). The pet services segment, including grooming, boarding, pet hotels, pet sitting, day care and composition CATS other services, has been the fastest-growing category; Americans spent $4.41 billion on write conclusion Albert College, pet services in 2013 and the APPA projects that they will spend $4.73 billion on pet services in 2014. Perhaps even more startling is the fact that 68% of CATS Canterbury, U.S. households now own at least one pet, according to the 2013-2014 APPA National Pet Owners Survey - equating to 45.3 million cats, 56.7 million dogs and 14.3 million freshwater fish (the three largest categories of pets). So how might you get into the pet business?

This article presents eighteen ways that might appeal to you. How To A Good Article For Publication Bishop High? The ideas below range from pet-based products through providing pet services that involve working with animals, but you won#39;t find any pet business ideas on the list that involve the retail breeding and selling of animals. As a long-time Society for composition Canterbury, the Prevention of Cruelty to how to write essay, Animals supporter, this is something I#39;m vehemently opposed to. Pet sitting make the top of my list because a) there#39;s an almost universal need for it and composition College b) it#39;s a very flexible business. For instance, if you live in a good Bishop High a suitable place out of town, you can run a pet sitting business as a kennel operation with people bringing their pets to you and College Canterbury dropping them off.

But that doesn#39;t have to be the case; you can also go to people’s homes and look after their pets#39; needs. Or, you can combine a pet sitting business with a house sitting business and look after people#39;s homes as well when they#39;re away. This is a riff on the pet sitting business idea, where you have a facility set up where dogs and /or cats can be dropped off and looked after while their owners are gone. The main problem with this idea, as I allude to in my discussion of a pet sitting business, is how to write essay College, zoning. You may simply not be able to composition, do it where you are. For Writing An Essay School? (See What You Need to composition College Canterbury, Know Before You Start a Home Based Business.) Another pet business idea on the same theme, the Doggie Daycare has very similar pros and graphic for writing an essay School cons. There is an increasing need for composition CATS, this kind of pet service as more working people are discovering that dogs left alone day after day while the owner works can bark and be destructive. On the for writing an essay con side, though, you may find this a difficult business to locate because of zoning regulations and municipal by-laws. Persuasive? If you can do this and do it well, you can probably write your own ticket. Organizers For Writing School? There are an awful lot of people out there who don#39;t have enough time or skill or both to train a dog properly - but for some reason, have bought one anyway and now need someone to train it. Canterbury? The venue is not necessarily a problem; facilities to run dog training classes can be rented.

If you#39;re a really skilled animal trainer and thinking for students Justin-Siena School have an interest in persuasive CATS Canterbury media, maybe a pet business specializing in training animals for film and TV is for write for publication High, you. Remember Morris the cat? Lobo? Moose, the persuasive College Canterbury Jack Russell terrier on the TV show Frasier? Some animals become huge stars.

Hollywood Paws (based in Los Angeles) is an example of a good article Bishop High School, a business that trains animals and their owners to work in the entertainment industry. Are you the CATS College kind of person who enjoys solving puzzles? Maybe you#39;ve even thought of being a detective at how to essay conclusion Albert College some point. If so, you might put your sleuthing skills to work running a Pet Finding business. You can help distraught pet owners get their loved ones back and make money too. Tracker dogs join growing the persuasive CATS College industry to help owners find lost pets (Steve Hendrix, Washington Post ) profiles one such business, Pure Gold Pet Trackers, that uses the tracking skills of a golden retriever named Sasha to find people#39;s lost pets. Another dog-related service that busy pet owners need is to have their dogs walked regularly. The key to success with this pet business idea, I would think, would be time management. You#39;d definitely want to have enough clients so you could take x number of how to college essays Fanshawe, dogs out for composition CATS, a walk at a time, rather than just walking one and then returning it to its owner. Dog grooming is list of a-g courses Academy, a very popular pet business as grooming is one of those chores related to dog ownership that many people would rather pay someone else to do rather than do themselves.

Another reason for its popularity is persuasive composition CATS College Canterbury, that, like pet sitting, it#39;s quite a flexible business idea. Graphic Madeira School? You could operate a dog grooming business as a mobile service or run it out of a retail shop, for example. While we#39;re on the subject of chores related to dog ownership that many people would rather pay someone else to persuasive CATS Canterbury, do rather than do themselves, don#39;t forget poop scooping. Albert? This involves visiting customers#39; properties on a weekly or monthly basis and collecting and disposing of dog feces. Yes, it#39;s dirty, messy work but so are lots of persuasive CATS College Canterbury, things that people do to Justin-Siena, make money. On the pro side, there#39;s no special training or equipment needed and you can easily operate this business from home. Having bathed dogs before, I can definitely see why some people don#39;t want to do this in composition CATS their own homes; wet and messy only begins to describe it. How To A College Application Essay Bodwell High School? A dog bathing business could be operated as a standalone business or as an adjunct to a pet grooming business.

Or you could run this as a do-it-yourself business, where all you provide is the facilities and the equipment. Persuasive Composition CATS Canterbury? So far I#39;ve written about pet services related to graphic for writing Madeira School, pets#39; basic needs. But there#39;s a whole growing sector of pet businesses related to pets#39; not-so-basic needs, as pet owners look for more ways to help their pets lead longer and healthier lives. Pet massage services are one of these niche pet services that seem to be growing. I’ve also seen pet businesses offering acupuncture, hydrotherapy, and even psychotherapy! In many of these fields, there is specific pet-related training required to become a practitioner. Persuasive CATS College Canterbury? And speaking of upscale pet services, I#39;ve also heard of restaurants devoted to dogs.

No, not just restaurants that allow you to bring dogs with you, but restaurants where the dogs are the thinking Justin-Siena diners. See this Doggy Style Deli in Edmonton, for instance. Is this a pet business that would be allowed where you are? You#39;d definitely need to check both health regulations and College municipal by-laws before you did anything else. Just as with the food they put into their own bodies, pet owners have become increasingly concerned about the quality of the how to College food their pets eat and composition CATS are continually on the lookout for pet foods that they feel have additional health benefits. There are basically two approaches to pet food businesses; either producing the pet food yourself or becoming a distributor for a particular type of pet food. Dog bakeries, homemade healthy dog treats, raw foods, gourmet foods – any of these could be extremely lucrative if the pets (and the owners) like what#39;s on offer. Pets, children – the difference between them has blurred considerably in how to Albert College the eyes of many pet owners. So many dog owners like to dress up their pets, creating all kinds of pet business opportunities to supply dogs with fashionable, good looking gear. (Cat owners know that they#39;ll be lucky to persuasive composition CATS College, get away with putting a collar on how to write a good article for publication Bishop Guertin, little Tiger, let alone anything else, so the CATS opportunities for creating and selling cat gear are much more limited.) Once again, you can create the couture yourself or distribute someone else#39;s. All kinds of pets need supplies and gear, and critical thinking School pet owners seem to like the convenience of CATS Canterbury, being able to #34;one-stop#34; shop. This kind of essay conclusion Albert College, pet business seems to be dominated by franchises, but it is still possible to persuasive CATS, start your own business from scratch.

Such a business could also supply pet-related services as well, such as dog grooming. (Picture an in-house #34;dog spa#34;, for example, surrounded by products.) 16) Pet Business Marketing. Graphic Organizers Madeira? The key to success for many small businesses is to composition College Canterbury, find and fill a niche market. Pet business marketing is an example of this. How To Albert College? There are so many pet businesses now that it#39;s possible to run a successful marketing business that caters to the needs of persuasive composition College, pet business owners exclusively. Fetching Communications, for instance, provides everything from blogging placement and social media through trade show campaigns exclusively for pet businesses since 2003. If you have the marketing expertise, pet marketing might be the business you’ve been looking for.

And if you have artistic talent and love animals, you might start a pet business painting portraits of people#39;s pets. Along these same lines, you might start a pet photography business if that#39;s where your talents lie. I would think you would need a lot of patience during the sittings needed when you were working to portray an animal, too. Be that as it may, as people give their pets more and how to write about Bodwell more importance in persuasive composition CATS College their lives, they seem to have an increasing need to commemorate them. Being a veterinarian is the graphic for writing Madeira School original pet business. And nowadays, veterinarians are able to make good livings specializing in treating pets such as dogs and cats.

The downside is that this is a business that requires years of training and, like being a human doctor, has strict accreditation and licensing requirements. How to Become a Veterinarian in persuasive College Canada explains the details. Is a Pet Business the Right Business for You? To run a successful pet business, you have to how to write for publication School, love and composition be knowledgeable about the animals you#39;re going to be working with, and in some cases, as you see from the descriptions of the businesses above, that involves years of specialized training. But you also have to bear in mind that even that isn#39;t enough. A pet business is how to a good article High School, just like any other small business; the key to success is choosing the right business for the right time and place. You may be a wonderful dog groomer, but if you live in a small town and College there are already three dog grooming businesses operating there, you#39;re going to have a tough time of it. What Type of Business Should You Start? provides an easy-to-use guide to figuring out how to write essay Bodwell High, what kind of business is best for you. And before you start a pet business, do the research and work through a business plan, just as you would for composition CATS College Canterbury, any other new business venture.

My Business Plan Outline will lead you through the process.

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Clinton ‘Misspoke’ About Bosnia Trip, Campaign Says. The Clinton campaign says Senator Hillary Clinton may have “misspoke” recently when she said she had to evade sniper fire when she was visiting Bosnia in 1996 as first lady. She has been using the episode as an example of her foreign policy bona fides. “I certainly do remember that trip to persuasive composition College Bosnia,” she said last week. “There was a saying around the White House that if a place was too small, too poor, or too dangerous, the president couldn’t go, so send the First Lady. “I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to write a college application about School our base.” But her account has been challenged, first by persuasive composition Sinbad, the college essays College comedian, who traveled with her, and then by news organizations, most notably the persuasive composition College Canterbury Washington Post, which awarded her four “Pinnochios” which it gives for write application yourself School, major “whoppers.” And here is another report from that trip: Asked today to square her recent descriptions with these accounts, Howard Wolfson, her spokesman, referred to several contemporaneous news accounts that described the persuasive composition CATS Canterbury region as hostile. He then added: “It is how to level Fanshawe College possible in persuasive composition CATS College the most recent instance in which she discussed this that she misspoke in regard to organizers for writing the exit from the plane, but there is no question if you look at contemporaneous accounts that she was going to a potential combat zone, that she was on the front lines.”

Asked at a later point in the call to clarify his comment, Mr. Wolfson said that news accounts at the time made clear that the area in which she was landing was “a potential combat zone and was hazardous.” He said that in her memoir, “Living History,” she wrote about sniper fire in the hills and “clearly meant to say that” when she brought it up last week. He said she had described the event many times the same way and that “in one instance she said it slightly differently.” A third reporter then asked about it, prompting Mr. Howard to read the relevant passage from her book, in which she wrote: “Due to composition CATS College reports of snipers in the hills around the airstrip, we were forced to cut short an event on write college essays College the tarmac with local children.” He repeated that this was the one time in which she misspoke. But this formulation was at composition CATS Canterbury least the second time in recent weeks that she described the college level essays Fanshawe sniper fire. She mentioned it on Feb. 29 in Waco, Tex., when she was rolling out College Canterbury, her “red phone” commercial, recalling the trip to Bosnia and saying that the welcoming ceremony “had to be moved inside because of sniper fire.”

Update | 5:45 p.m. : Helene Cooper, The Times’s diplomatic correspondent, reports the following: I spoke with William Nash, who was the commander of U.S. troops in Bosnia and was at the Tuzla airport with Hillary Clinton. He said there was no threat of critical thinking for students School sniper fire at persuasive composition CATS College the airport during her visit. He said that Mrs. Clinton was gracious during her visit and took pictures with the article Bishop soldiers, but “she never had her head down. There was no sniper threat that I know of.” Comments are no longer being accepted.

Imagine if Obama had misspoke about something he was touting as experience that made him “ready on persuasive CATS College day one”. Or if he confused Sunnis and how to essay Shiites, as McCain did. It would probably lead every news cast and be on the front page of every paper. I think there is College a definite double-standard here. To be discredited by how to write Fanshawe Sinbad!

It’s like having CarrotTop call you a liar. Sniper fire in nearby hills is still daunting! It was a hostile area; is composition College this in dispute? This is quibbling in the extreme. Comedians (like Sinbad) make jokes out the smallest detail. I accept and support that, but such trivia does not necessarily newsworthy stories make.

“Lying” is Bishop High different from “misspeaking”. Geez, she said last Monday that she came under fire and had to run to her car, and that a greeting ceremony had to persuasive composition CATS Canterbury be cancelled. And yet we have contemporaneous video proving that the how to write essay conclusion Albert College greeting ceremony went on as planned, and she and her daighter walked in persuasive CATS College Canterbury a leisurely manner from the plane, greeted a little 8-year-old girl who had written a poem for her, and were not at write essay conclusion Albert any time in harm’s way. More years of Clinton lies are not what this country needs. More years of McCain wars are not what this country needs, either. We have a real chance this time to elect an honest public servant who will not insult the composition CATS intelligence or the integrity of the critical thinking High School American people. If you’re tired of spin, lies and death, and want to restore honor and dignity to the United States of America, support Barack Obama.

This is news? Let me get this straight. No one cares that the CATS College US Constitution gets spit on write with regard to separation of church and state. What do I mean? The influence of Religion on Public Policy was seen, historically, as the center of all division between nations and persuasive composition CATS College Canterbury their peoples. Bishop School! It was the wisdom of the founders to make this separation steadfast and persuasive CATS Canterbury so they put it in the Bill of list courses New York Film Rights [Rights of persuasive CATS Canterbury Individuals and those of Government to protect Individuals]. The freedom to practice whatever belief you follow without undue influence over the public masses is for writing an essay School vital to persuasive composition College Canterbury the nation’s highest law. We have religious leaders hiding behind their pulpit and protection of Religion to essay College run their political agendas and to influence generations of parishoners to follow whatever political dogma they so choose. This article speaks about an intinerary the persuasive composition CATS Canterbury former first lady had and followers of Obama are hoping this distracts the media from following an actual story that truly has widespread ramifications–Reverend Wright’s Trinity Church and it’s separatist views he calls empowering black people.

I could careless what religion a bigot hides behind. To leverage politics under the cloak of dogma is not protected free speech and is being followed closely now that this reverend has been instrumental in the beliefs of the front runner for the Democratic Party. We ignored George W. Bush and his messianic views. We mocked his inarticulations and because Obama is so articulate we tell ourselves that he isn’t influenced by Reverend Wright. Get real. No reasoned mind sits in any system for how to essay Albert College, twenty years, later admits to hearing this rhetoric but proclaims all the media does is take the words out of composition CATS context. The nation would be better off if these candidates would keep religion where it belongs–in the temple, synogogue, church and their private lives. Instead, we continue to accept this divisive influence to infect our political system and College thus create the persuasive CATS College Canterbury chaos we see today that our founding fathers wisely separated. This flaw in the former First Lady’s itinerary is a joke. This flaw in the Reverend Wright’s bigotry is graphic organizers Madeira not. just curious; is there anything this woman ever gets right the first time?

So what’s the story? Her account is generally the same as in her memoir. Sniper fire in the area, outdoor event moved inside. Composition CATS College! I certainly would’ve been running with my head down with reports of sniper fire in the area. Where’s the story on critical for students High School Obama’s substantive lies/misspeaking? $75,000 in persuasive composition CATS campaign contributions from Rezco. Graphic Organizers For Writing An Essay Madeira! Well, actually $150,000. Oops, I meant to say $250,000. I was not present in church for persuasive composition CATS, Rev.

Wright’s inflammatory comments. Um, since videotape may actually exist of it, yeah, I meant to say I was actually present for Rev. Wrong’s hate speech. That’s the real story, but of course we can’t point out the truth about a black man’s lies. That would be racist. This is a major issue. We cannot have a President who lies at whim. come on, everyone we need to unite we cannot elect a lair. This video clip of how to Albert Hillary’s Bosnia Landing is persuasive composition CATS much funnier: How can they expect to be taken seriously? If you look at the video, she is saying, in effect, that the sniper fire was in gosh darn close proximity to her plane, perhaps even right at the plane.

Did the Secret Service really let her fly into a situation like that? And, where are the brains in her campaign, letting her say something like that? It’s been a couple of weeks or so since Sinbad put out his version of the “red phone” moment. How To A Good Article Bishop! Didn’t her peeps let her know that there were questions out there and CATS College Canterbury maybe she should avoid any mention of Bosnia for the time being? If they didn’t give her a heads up, they’re pretty useless. If they did and she ignored them, the Secret Service should change her code name to Icarus. …Wow! Breaking news! …and this just in– Clinton misspoke when she claimed she was “instrumental” in bring peace to how to level Fanshawe College Northern Ireland. Persuasive Composition College! “You know,” she now says, “my claiming that was just a wee bit silly.” …and this just in– Clinton misspoke when she claimed she never backed NAFTA. “You see, I was happy to invite many people to the White House to Justin-Siena ask them to support it,” she now says, “but I fervently disagreed with my support, then and composition CATS College now.”

…and this just in– Clinton misspoke when she claimed she had 35 years of how to a good Bishop School relevant experience. Persuasive Composition College Canterbury! “Come to think of it,” she now says, “I have only been in elected office for how to write College, seven years. My years as an unelected First Lady, with no national security clearance and no role in creating legislation, should be discounted.” …and this just in– Clinton misspoke when she said she is persuasive CATS responsible for the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. “Well, I did first oppose it, but I did back it once Ted Kennedy and Orrin Hatch made sure it would pass.” …and this just in– Clinton misspoke when she said that she did not consider her vote for “Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of thinking for students Justin-Siena High School 2002? was a vote for diplomacy, not war. “Come to think of it,” she now says, “‘military force’ sure does sound like we might fire a shot or two.” And as snipers fired over the heads of Sinbad, Sheryl Crow, and CATS Canterbury Chelsea, then-First Lady Clinton calmly greeted the flak-jacketed 8-year-old Bosnian girl. “Hey,” rubbing her tummy, “when are we going to how to write High eat?” the Hillary Files released recently, pages 468 – 471 show no problems with snipers and persuasive composition CATS College Canterbury describe the incident EXACTLY as the WaPo reported it and as appears in the youtube video. she’s clearly been caught lying, and she’s been saying it over and over lately, even though her own records show otherwise. she may have faced danger in Bosnia, but she did not at this airport regardless of her recent insistence March 17 at how to write conclusion College George Washington university. How is “ran with our heads down” misspeaking?

Did she mean to say “walked calmly with our heads high”? And what was she thinking with the fictional version of the story? Were we supposed to admire her for taking her only daughter into a firing range? Oh, my God, who would have thought! Really, life is taking such unexpected turns. Imagine my astonishment when I woke up this morning and composition CATS Canterbury saw daylight. Where is the sniper fire? Who cares?

She was there and it was dangerous. The reporter clarifies it in the clip. Watching the video made me even more proud of her. Make up some more experience, Hillary. List Of A-g Courses New York Film Academy! Tell us how you wrassled the persuasive composition Canterbury Martians into an essay submission in Roswell, NM. Or how you swam to Cuba to poison Castro, but that backfired.

Or how about that time you got into hand to hand combat with Gorbachev but he got you in a half nelson and you were only able to get out of composition Canterbury it by karate chopping him on his birth mark. That was a good one. This is outrageous! It’s only “misspeaking” when it’s not an intentional fabrication. This is, by the standard definition, a LIE she has been propagating on the campaign trail as recently as last week.

You can tell the difference between mis-speaking and lying by of a-g courses New York Film Academy how often the account in question has been repeated and by evaluating what benefits, if any, were to be gained from individuals believing in this account. As the story comes as part of Mrs. Clinton’s standard stump speech touting her national security credentials, it is clearly designed to College Canterbury make her look tough. Since we now know that it isn’t true, even though she’s been putting it forward as truth, this is officially a LIE, and ought to list of a-g courses New York Film be regarded as such by voters, especially those concerned with national security. This is disgusting. I never realized that Hillary had the heart of a lion. But there she is, dodging sniper fire just to say hello to persuasive composition CATS the Military on the battle field.

And don’t tell me you don’t see the Film Academy bullets flying because you can’t ever see bullets unless your loading them in the rifle. When did Obama ever duck sniper fire to College suppoort the Military? The South Side of Chicago might be tough, but it isn’t as bad as Serbia or Baghdad. I know now that she has the right stuff to Academy be Commander in Chief. If it was so dangerous, why did she take Chelsea Clinton? Maybe the sequel memoir can be titled “Imagined History”. How do you, on multiple occasions, “misspeak” about claiming to be at threat from sniper fire?! No other explanation except embellishment makes sense. Plus, if it really was so dangerous, why did she bring her DAUGHTER with her? No one questions the right of parent to composition CATS Canterbury defend their daughter’s honor from a good for publication High School, disparaging remarks from cable news wonks but taking her to “a potential combat zone” demonstrates good leadership on day one??

The whole episode is ridiculous and that is why she should be called to task on it. What else is persuasive College Canterbury resume padding? So sick of the Hill-hatred! Mis-speaking about where the sniper-fire came from or was is MUCH DIFFERENT and how to college essays LESS HARMFUL than listening to CATS Canterbury a hate-spewing pastor for 20 yrs. Having wrapped herself in this “ready from write college essays College, Day One” mantel, Clinton has no choice but hype her resume to a delusionally high level. The fact that, after “35 years of persuasive composition CATS experience” she seems unable to beat the most “inexperienced” candidate is surprising.

“Misspoke”? It was, knowingly, an outright lie. Let’s call a spade a spade. Look, she clearly lied and that is to an essay School be noted. But as an Obama supporter, I’d much rather us not get into these back-and-forth gotcha moments. Starting to get sick of composition it. The latest on President Obama, Congress and other political news from Washington -- and around the nation -- from the staff of The New York Times. The Caucus on Monday suspended its campaign. Follow First Draft, a fast-paced political briefing on all things Washington and elections.

Readmore… Congress approved funding for list courses New York Academy, equipping Syrian rebels against Islamic States and lawmakers will discuss their votes on several of the CATS College Sunday shows.Readmore… President Obama vowed to “degrade and ultimately destroy” ISIS in a speech he gave on Wednesday. Lawmakers and analysts will discuss his strategy on how to write essays Fanshawe the Sunday shows. CATS College! Readmore…