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AP English Literature and Centennial, Composition. Announcement- Holiday Assignments. 1. Read three articles of literary criticism on Hamlet from the anthology I created for the class. Read one on Hamlet, one on Gertrude and one on Ophelia. 2. Watch youtube or PBS video clips on the following scenes- Ophelia and Hamlet ( Ophelia was sent to spy on Hamlet) Hamlet in Gertrude#8217;s chamber Hamlet#8217;s dueling with Laertes Be sure to observe the details in each scene. 3. Complete the AP Exam and turn it in the complete exam( including the three essays) on Jan. 6, 2014. 4. We#8217;ll study Hamlet#8217;s final two soliloquy on Thursday.

Be prepared. Reading Quiz on Hamlet (Acts I II) Acts III, IV, and V. Objectives: Students will answer the question: why do we still read Hamlet? How relevant is the character to write an essay college level International School our life? Aim; Why is gop critical thinking Hamlet still relevant? Assessment: Quick Write: How do we see ourselves in the character of Hamlet? Watch the video Students use their notes to share their perceptions on writing scholarship Heritage, Hamlet Respond to the Quick Write. Why Shakespeare#8217;s Hamlet?

Based on our reading about the play, why do you think are we still drawn to this tragedy? Do Think-Pair-Share activity. Watch the video clip and listen to David Tennant#8217;s interviews and narration about why he is fascinated by the role. Take notes when necessary. Discuss our notes. Quick Write: How do we see ourselves in the character of Hamlet?

Homework: Visit the site about Elizabethan England. Read about the texas gop critical, Elizabethan time and have a true understanding of how to write an essay college F. Kennedy International, Shakespearean period#8217;s audience. Be ready to share your notes in class for the next lesson. Lesson 1 Act 1 Scene 1. Objectives:Students will identify the elements in the beginning scene of the play and texas Centennial, discuss the effect of them. Aim: What is the mood of the opening scene? What are the implications and complications set in issues Millfield School, motion by the ghost scene? What are some of the effects of gop critical Centennial, setting a play in motion by having a ghost appear? How would an audience be affected today? How might Elizabethan audiences have been stirred? Why?

Visit the site about Elizabethan England. Read about the how to write a article School, Elizabethan time and have a true understanding of Shakespearean period#8217;s audience. Listen to Act I, Scene 1. See Folgers#8217; text of Hamlet How does Shakespeare set a mood, explain to the reader what has gone before, build suspense, and also foreshadow things to come? As the play opens, what is Bernardo#8217;s state of mind when he asks ,#8221;Who is there?#8221; What are we told immediately about the time, place, and atmosphere of scene 1? Who is Horatio? How does the encounter with the Ghost help to characterize Horatio?

Describe the appearance, identity, and actions of the texas, Ghost. What background information do we learn from Horatio? Upon the Ghost#8217;s second appearance, what three possibilities does Horatio suggest for the appearance of spirits? Why does the Ghost disappear? What do we learn here about the superstitious beliefs of the times? What future events in the play are foreshadowed at the end of the scene? Homework Assignment #1. 1.Answer questions 4-8 in critical article The Regent’s School,, the lesson. Provide textual evidence for thinking Centennial, your responses. 2.In the 1 st scene of a play a playwright often tries to: Set the mood of the play Fill in the past for the reader or audience Introduce the main themes Create interest by building suspense. How To Write College Level John School? Introduce the main characters Foreshadow future events.

How well has Shakespeare fulfilled these tasks in texas thinking Centennial College, the 1 st scene of Hamlet ? To what extent would you agree that the 1 st scene is the #8220;embryo#8221; of the play#8217;s later development? Objectives: Students will identify Hamlet#8217;s character based on the his attitude toward his mother, Gertrude#8217;s remarriage. Aim: How does the event of Gertrude#8217;s remarriage shed light on the character of Hamlet? Do Now: Journal #2. What reactions would the American people have had if Jacqueline Kennedy had remarried soon after the death of President Kennedy in 1963? What is considered #8221; a decent period of mourning#8221; in your culture? And in America today?

I. Review: From the write essay Sandy Friends, opening scene, what predictions can we make about the future events ? II. Thinking College? Listen to Act 1 scene 2. Introduction Essay Spring School? Did you come across any situation in scene12 that could cause problems for texas gop critical thinking Centennial, Prince Hamlet? III. Discuss the following questions: How does Claudius#8217; initial speech reveal his character? use of royal #8220;we#8221; Antithesis-the balancing of two contrasting ideas, words, phrases, or sentences in how to summary Westbourne School, parallel grammatical form, i.e.#8221;with mirth in funeral and with dirge in marriage#8221;. What feelings do these juxtapositions evoke? Choice of words : why does Claudius remember old Hamlet with #8220;wisest sorrow#8221; rather than #8220;deep sorrow#8221;? Order of ideas he presents: Although Hamlet#8217;s mourning is of major concern to Claudius., why does he justify his marriage to Gertrude, deal with Norway#8217;s impending invasion, and respond to Laertes#8217; petition before he address Hamlet? 2..

Addressing the court, Claudius uses the expression, #8220;With mirth in funeral, and gop critical thinking College, with dirge in marriage#8221;, what does this line of contrasts mean beyond his own situation? 3. Why was Claudius not Hamlet made king after the death of how to write Westbourne, Old King Hamlet? Where had Hamlet been at the time of his father#8217;s death? 4. What is meant by the word incest ? How has the connotation of the word changed? 5. In his first formal address, how does Claudius justify his present situation? When he turns to affairs of texas gop critical thinking Centennial College, state, how competent an issues Millfield, executive does he prove himself to be? 6. Gop Critical College? Who is Laertes? 7. Explain the two puns made by Hamlet. How To Write Introduction Spring Friends School? What do they show about Hamlet#8217;s state of mind.

What is the double meaning in texas thinking Centennial College, Hamlet#8217;s response to his mother,#8221;Ay, madam, it is how to introduction essay Sandy Spring Friends common?#8221; Why does Hamlet scornfully list all of the usual signs of mourning ? What comfort does Claudius offer Hamlet for gop critical Centennial, the death of his father? Is it natural for men to how to a article Westbourne be as objective as Claudius would have us act? What is thinking Centennial College Claudius#8217; answer to Hamlet#8217;s request to return to Wittenburg? Why does Gertrude intercede? How is a article summary Westbourne School Hamlet#8217;s rude reply accepted by Claudius? Why?

When Hamlet is left alone after the departure of the texas gop critical Centennial, rest of the court, how must he feel? Read Hamlet#8217;s 1 st soliloquy. What action is Hamlet contemplating? Why? What does this show about his character? What holds him back from acting out his desire? How does Hamlet explain Gertrude#8217;s great #8221; sin and writing an essay for a scholarship American Heritage School, crime#8221;? What does he mean by #8220;Frailty, thy name is women#8221;? Why must he hold his tongue? Find lines in the soliloquy that show feelings of despair, grief, bitterness, anger, and resignation; or any word that gives clues to Hamlet#8217;s innermost thoughts.

Why does Hamlet insist on knowing the texas gop critical thinking Centennial College, details of the Ghost#8217;s appearance and actions? Where does Hamlet show determination? Characterize the a article summary School, young Hamlet. How has his mood changed throughout his part of the scene? Could such a prince make a successful sovereign? Explain.

IV. Visualize the thinking Centennial, soliloquy. Discuss #8220;what is really bothering Hamlet?#8221; Homework Assignment #2. 1. Analyze Claudius #8216; speech by considering the following- use of royal #8220;we#8221; Antithesis-the balancing of how to write Sandy Spring Friends School, two contrasting ideas, words, phrases, or sentences in parallel grammatical form, i.e.#8221;with mirth in gop critical thinking Centennial, funeral and with dirge in marriage#8221;. What feelings do these juxtapositions evoke?

Choice of how to write college John International School, words : why does Claudius remember old Hamlet with #8220;wisest sorrow#8221; rather than #8220;deep sorrow#8221;? Order of ideas he presents: Although Hamlet#8217;s mourning is of major concern to Claudius., why does he justify his marriage to Gertrude, deal with Norway#8217;s impending invasion, and gop critical Centennial College, respond to Laertes#8217; petition before he address Hamlet? 2. Write a micro essay on Hamlet#8217;s 1st soliloquy. How does Shakespeare use diction, figures of speech and tone to reveal Hamlet#8217;s state of mind. Objectives: Students will examine the thinking article International, child-parent relationship describes in this scene within Polonius#8217;s family based on the textual evidence. Aim: What is the child-parent relationship describes in this scene within Polonius#8217;s family? Do now: Journal #3. The complaint is often voiced today that the younger generation is out of control and that is the parents who are to blame.

How true is the statement? Should love or obedience to parents#8217; wishes prevail when a conflict between the two develops? Comment on it. At the end of Scene 2, what do you expect to happen next in the play? Why does Shakespeare shift the attention to the development of minor characters? What are the feelings that exist between Hamlet and gop critical, Ophelia? What advice does the departing Laertes give to his sister about level John International Hamlet? What does this advice reveal about Centennial College Hamlet, and Laertes himself? Why does he not trust Hamlet? How does Ophelia receive her brother#8217;s advice? In your opinion, how worthy of serious consideration are the words of Polonius to his son?

How do you interpret the three lines beginning, #8220;This above all…#8221;? What ideas are especially meaningful for our time? Which precept has great values for adolescents? Why? How do you react to the suggestion that these lines #8220;are not at all idealistic but merely practical considerations for worldly success#8221;? How do you react to the suggestion that these line are #8220;empty, pompous words delivered by a bumbling old man#8221;?

How appropriate is Polonius#8217;s supervision of issues School, his children? How might the apparent absence of a mother for his children alter his role? Paraphrase the language of texas thinking, Polonius#8217; advice in colloquial English and make up a paralle situation in which the words make sense. What can we infer about Polonius from his choice of words? What do Polonius#8217; words reveal about his belief, philosophy, and values? How does the suspicious nature of Polonius show itself soon after Laertes leaves? By modern standards, how wise is Polonius in how to write International School, his advice to his daughter? When Ophelia says to her father: #8220;I shall obey.#8221; Should we expect her to keep her word? What is your understanding of a dutiful child of current time?

Characterize Ophelia from what you have observed in this scene. What is the relationship like in Polonius#8217; family? What does each of the family members want? Homework Assignment #3. Write a micro essay on how Shakespeare uses diction and gop critical thinking College, structure to coursework Cardiff Sixth Form College reveal Polonious character as a father. Objectives: Students will analyze Hamlet#8217;s character through his initial reaction to the ghost#8217;s tale. Aim: What decision should Hamlet make in facing such a revelation by the ghost? What#8217;s more added to Hamlet#8217;s problem? Do now: Journal Writing: Who is or might be a tragic hero in this play based on your knowledge of a tragic hero. Do inner or outer forces work to make the tragedy?

Can an intellectual-like Hamlet- be a tragic hero? Read scene 4 5 Before you come to any conclusions about Hamlet#8217;s reactions to texas Centennial College the Ghost, read this document of #8220;Ghosts and coursework Cardiff Form, Spirits#8221;. It is an extract from texas gop critical thinking Centennial Of Ghosts and Spirits Walking by essay Friends, Night , translated into English in thinking, 1572. Note, though, that it presents a Protestant view of the subject, while Hamlet#8217;s Denmark is Catholic. Discuss the an essay college John International School, following questions after finishing reading the two scenes. Gop Critical Centennial College? How does Shakespeare repeat his device for surprising the audience at the entrance of the how to college level F. Kennedy, Ghost? Some critics have seen Hamlet#8217;s speech about drinking as a restatement of Centennial, Aristotle#8217;s idea of the an essay college F. Kennedy School, importance of the hamartia , or tragic flaw, in thinking Centennial, drama. In which lines does Hamlet express the Aristotelian concept of tragic flaw? How does Hamlet#8217;s first speech to issues articles Millfield the Ghost show the doubts that exist in his mind about the nature of his apparition? How does Hamlet respond to gop critical thinking the attempts of Horatio to stop him from following the Ghost?

How do these actions deny the Cardiff Sixth Form, idea that Hamlet is little more than a dreamer? The Ghost is evidently in purgatory. What does this mean? What does Hamlet say #8220;O my prophetic soul#8221;? What further shocking disclosure does he Ghost make to Hamlet? Why does Shakespeare have the Ghost go into such detail about the texas gop critical thinking College, murder itself? What demand does the an essay scholarship, Ghost make upon Hamlet about Claudius? About Gertrude? What effect does the Ghost#8217;s revelation have on Hamlet? Why does not Hamlet immediately tell all to Horatio? How can you explain Hamlet#8217;s odd, almost farcical, behavior towards the end of the scene?

Examine Hamlet#8217;s language after he sees the Ghost and during his conversation with Horatio and Marcellus. What assumptions can we make about gop critical College Hamlet#8217;s state of mind from the words he uses and the way he speaks to his companions at this point of the play? Speculate on why Hamlet decides to put on an #8220;antic disposition#8221;. Quick Write: What#8217;s your first impression of Hamlet#8217;s character through his initial reaction to the ghost#8217;s tale? Homework Assignment #4: Hamlet concludes the scene with the rhyme tag: The time is out of the joint. O cursed spite/ That ever I was born to see it right.

What feelings are expressed in these lines? Why is the task before Hamlet not an easy one? How well is Hamlet suited by his temperament and character to fulfilling the Ghost#8217;s wish? What do you expect him to do next? Do you think Hamlet will take revenge? Before you make any decision, read Francis Bacon#8217;s short essay that provides a marvelous insight into the attitudes of intellectuals during Shakespeare#8217;s time towards revenge. The essay is slightly cut here. What is particularly interesting is the attitude it takes towards natural feelings, which strongly contrast the ghost#8217;s. Lesson 5 #8220;What A Rogue, Peasant Slave am I#8221; Soliloquy Act 2 Scene 2. Objectives: Students will examine Hamlet’s self-perception by analyzing the write a article Westbourne School, diction, figures of speech and syntax of the soliloquy. Aim: How does Hamlet perceive himself? How does Shakespeare use language to reveal it?

Materials: a hard copy of the soliloquy; online dictionary access; an Analysis Tool; audio recording of Hamlet Act 2 Scene 2 ( Assessment: Students will write a micro essay to analyze Hamlet’s self-perception through diction, imagery and syntax. Do Now : Journal writing- From the first two acts we have read, what is gop critical thinking College your impression of Hamlet#8217;s character? Write for about 4 minutes to thinking School, Bangkok describe Hamlet#8217;s character. We’ll use Think-Pair-Share activity to share our understanding of the speech- Read around in pairs line by line of the soliloquy. Read around by texas thinking Centennial College, the period or exclamation marks, or question marks. Think to yourself after reading. Use the annotations you have made. What is Hamlet talking about? What words or phrase or lines stand out the college John International School, most or show hamlet’s feelings or thoughts?

Why? Write freely in texas gop critical thinking College, your notebook your initial understanding of the speech. Share with a partner your writing. Critical Thinking The Regent’s International School, Bangkok? Talk to each other about the speech using ideas from your free writing. Jot down new ideas you have gained from the pair –share. We’ll unpack the meaning by discussing the following Text-Based Questions- What examples of texas gop critical Centennial College, diction paint a vivid picture of Cardiff Sixth Form College, Hamlet? Who is Priam? Hecuba?

What book is Aeneid? What’s it about? How does Hamlet comment on the player#8217;s acting of the speech from Centennial Aeneid? How does the player express Hecuba#8217;s feelings and reactions to level F. Kennedy her husband, Priam#8217;s murder? How, according to texas College Hamlet, will the how to introduction essay Sandy School, player act like if the player knows Hamlet#8217;s feelings towards his father#8217;s murder?

Make a list of names that he called himself in gop critical College, the soliloquy. Quick Write: How does Hamlet characterize himself at this point How accurate a description is it of his character (second section)? Find lines and phrases that explain why Hamlet thinks himself a coward. Writing Scholarship School? Do you think he is a coward, or is he acting by looking for external evidence to gop critical prove Claudius#8217; guilt? At what line does Hamlet#8217;s self-castigation reach its peak? Why is #8220;O vengeance!#8221; a line by itself? How does this line deflate Hamlet#8217;s pent-up emotions? What plan does Hamlet reveal to the audience at the end of this soliloquy. Essay? Assessment: write a micro essay to analyze Hamlet’s self-perception through diction, imagery and syntax.

Finish the micro essay to analyze Hamlet’s self-perception through diction, imagery and syntax. To study and understand Hamlet#8217;s desperate feelings as expressed in the #8220;To be or not to be#8221; soliloquy To experience the texas College, heartbreak of renunciation scene in terms of Hamlet#8217;s and Ophelia#8217;s expression of their feelings and write introduction School, attitudes. Aim: How does Shakespeare use language to show Hamlet’s question about his existence? Listen to the recording ( Thinking College? Annotate while listening. Hamlet on Hamlet: Introspective Action(To be or not to be soliloquy) Convert the Soliloquy to an argument: Select two students with contrasting voices and ask them to summary Westbourne School read the selected #8220;to be or not to be script#8221;. College? Reader1: To be, or not to be: that is the question: Reader 2: Whether #8217;tis nobler in the mind to how to an essay college level John F. Kennedy International School suffer. The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Read 1: Or to take arms against Centennial a sea of troubles, And by opposing end them? Reader 2: To die: to sleep; No more; and by a sleep to coursework Sixth Form say we end. The heart-ache and gop critical Centennial College, the thousand natural shocks.

That flesh is heir to, Reader 1: #8217;tis a consummation. Devoutly to be wish#8217;d. How To Write Summary? Reader 2: To die, to sleep; To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there#8217;s the rub; For in that sleep of death what dreams may come. When we have shuffled off this mortal coil, Must give us pause: Reader 1:there#8217;s the respect. That makes calamity of so long life; Reader 2: For who would bear the whips and gop critical Centennial College, scorns of Cardiff Sixth Form, time, Reader 1:The oppressor#8217;s wrong, Reader2: the texas Centennial, proud man#8217;s contumely, Reader 1: The pangs of despised love, Reader 2: the law#8217;s delay, Reader 1:The insolence of office. Reader2: and the spurns. That patient merit of the how to college F. Kennedy School, unworthy takes, When he himself might his quietus make. College? With a bare bodkin? Reader 1: who would fardels bear, To grunt and sweat under a weary life, Reader 2: But that the dread of critical article International, something after death, Reader 1: The undiscover#8217;d country from whose bourn.

No traveller returns, Reader 2: puzzles the will. And makes us rather bear those ills we have. Reader 1: Than fly to Centennial others that we know not of? Reader 1 and 2 : Thus conscience does make cowards of us all; And thus the native hue of resolution. Is sicklied o#8217;er with the pale cast of thought, And enterprises of great pith and moment. With this regard their currents turn awry, And lose the name of action.Soft you now! The fair Ophelia! Nymph, in critical The Regent’s International, thy orisons.

Be all my sins remember#8217;d. Gop Critical Thinking? Had Hamlet revealed such desperate feelings that he thought of suicide? When? (refer to the1st soliloquy) How has Hamlet reason to be more despondent than he was earlier? Some critics view this speech as a general philosophical discussion. Can you justify this point of The Regent’s International Bangkok, view? What view of thinking Centennial, death does Hamlet have in this speech? How does it compare with his view of life in how to write summary Westbourne, the same speech?

What are some of the things that he says make a long life calamity? How personal does he intend these slings and arrows to be? What would a modern life#8217;s ills include? Why does Hamlet reject the idea of suicide at last? How reasonable is his implication that to live is cowardly, to die courageous? What unfinished business may play a part in Hamlet#8217;s decision to live? When Ophelia appears, why does Hamlet say,#8221; Nymph, in thy orisons be all my sins remembered#8217;?

Part B: Hamlet and Ophelia. How much Ophelia feel, knowing that she is performing for an audience and the King? How genuine are the texas thinking, emotions she expresses? What beautiful poetic lines can you find in coursework Sixth College, Ophelia#8217;s utterances? What#8217;s the double meaning of Hamlet#8217;s word honest ? In what respects has Ophelia been honest with him? Why does Hamlet tell her to enter a nunnery? Is his self characterization in texas thinking, this speech a valid one? Discuss. Argue: Hamlet knows from the very beginning of the scene that Polonius and business issues articles Millfield School, Claudius are watching him ; Hamlet does not know until later in the scene that he is being watched; Hamlet is unaware that he is being watched throughout the nunnery scene. For each interpretation, what is Hamlet#8217;s objective?

What specific gestures, inflections, movements, or pause could an actor use to show this objective? How does the objective affect the subtext? What is the #8220;calumny#8221; to which Hamlet refers? Explain Hamlet#8217;s strange use of the thinking College, word monstrous . Articles? When Hamlet castigates Ophelia for the falseness and deceitfulness of women, is he thinking of her, of his mother, or of texas thinking, women in general? In her final speech, what picture does Ophelia paint of the Hamlet that once was? How deep was her love for him?

How much love still remains? 10. Assessment: Quick Write In this scene, Hamlet#8217;s actions are viewed from several angles. Business Issues School? Is he acting from a grand plan? Yes? No? Why? What reasons must Hamlet have had in his renunciation of Ophelia ? How might he have been trying to protect her? 11.

What are the full implications in texas Centennial, Claudius#8217; closing line: #8220;Madness in great ones must not unwatched go#8221;? Does Claudius actually believe that Hamlet is mad? Use the Analysis Tool to writing American help you read closely of texas thinking Centennial, “To Be or Not To Be” Soliloquy. Write a micro essay to discuss Hamlet’s state of mind through diction, figures of speech and syntax. 1. Students will analyze how Shakespeare uses diction, tone and extended metaphor to reveal Hamlet#8217;s relationship to his mother.

2. To explore a possible basis for understanding Hamlet#8217;s action in this scene. Aim: How does Shakespeare uses diction, tone and extended metaphor to reveal Hamlet#8217;s relationship to his mother? What#8217;s the possible basis for Hamlet#8217;s action? Do Now : Journal Writing. Some critics interpret use the #8220;Oedipus complex#8221; theory to interpret Hamlet#8217;s actions throughout the play. #8220;Oedipus complex#8221; is how to School a subconscious sexual attachment to his mother, remaining from gop critical Centennial his earlier childhood. Critics usually cite the words of Act III, scene 4 as evidence for this interpretation. What is coursework login Sixth Form your reaction to a psychoanalytical interpretation of a work of literature that was written hundreds of years before Freud outlined his theories of gop critical thinking College, human behavior?

Part 1 Before the Killing of Polonius. 1. Polonius has decided once more to resort to spying as a method of gaining information. When has he done so before? 2. How does Gertrude interpret Hamlet#8217;s state of extreme agitation? 3. Write Introduction Friends? How important is Hamlet#8217;s behavior toward his mother in the beginning of this scene? 4. When Hamlet hears Polonius call out from behind the arras, he immediately stabs through the arras and kills him. Why was this act so uncharacteristic of Hamlet?

How do you explain his sudden rashness of spirit? 5. What lines show us that Hamlet thought that he was stabbing the king? 6. How do you explain Hamlet#8217;s lack of remorse over the death of texas College, Polonius? Part II After the issues Millfield, Killing of texas gop critical College, Polonius. 1. What accusations does Hamlet make against a article summary School his mother? How does she react at first? 2. What evidence is there that Gertrude had no knowledge of the murder of King Hamlet? 3. How does Hamlet compare his father and his uncle? 4. How does he explain his mother#8217;s actions in marrying Claudius?

5. What finally touches the thinking, conscience of the Queen? What word #8220;enter like daggers#8221; into her ears? 6. Where does Hamlet once again show that he considers Claudius a usurper? 7. Business Articles Millfield School? Why does the Ghost appear at this point?How is his appearance different from his earlier appearance? 8. Thinking College? How do you explain that this time only Hamlet sees the Ghost when all who were present saw him on his other appearances? 9. How does Gertrude explain Hamlet#8217;s conversation with the Ghost? To what extent does she seem to how to write introduction essay Sandy Spring School accept Hamlet#8217;s denial of madness? 10. How do you explain Hamlet#8217;s insistence that Gertrude #8220;go not to my uncle#8217;s bed#8221;? 11. Hamlet says #8220;Good night#8221; to texas College his mother four times before he finally leaves.

Why does he linger each time? 12.What danger does Hamlet anticipate in England? What foreshadowing of his own plans does he provide us with? 13. An Essay For A American? The scene ends with a serious of Centennial College, puns after a coarse remark about #8220;lugging the guts#8221; out of the write introduction essay Sandy School, room. How can you explain this mixture of humor with the horror of the scene? 14. Both mother and texas thinking Centennial College, son have ambivalent feelings about each other. Show how this is true for each. Hamlet said he is an essay American Heritage School being cruel only to be kind. How much kindness is there in his treatment of his mother?

1. Write a micro essay on how Shakespeare uses diction, tone and gop critical thinking Centennial College, extended metaphor to reveal Hamlet#8217;s relationship to how to write introduction essay Sandy Friends his mother. 2. Read #8220;Introductory Lecture on texas gop critical thinking Centennial College, Shakespeare#8217;s Hamlet#8221; and find different interpretations of Hamlet#8217;s problems. Keep a #8220;Doubting and Believing #8221; journal to criticize the lecture. To become aware of critical thinking article School, Bangkok, a changed Hamlet in decline, being acted upon rather than acting To analyze Hamlet as a personality in contrast to Fortinbras. Do now: Journal Writing-Sometimes we see a color more clearly when it is contrasted with another color. Why can we often see our own situation more clearly when we compare it with some other person#8217;s? Can you illustrate this from you own experience? New Concept-Fortinbras may be seen as a contrast to Hamlet. In drama we often call such a person a #8220;foil #8220;(read about the origin of texas gop critical Centennial College, foil ). Although his problems are some what similar, his manner of dealing with them is much different. An Essay Scholarship? Notice how Hamlet himself sees the parallel between himself and Fortinbras.

HAMLET VIS-A-VIS FORTINBRAS. Fortinbras, until this point only talked about, finally appears on the scene in this act. What kind of man is he? What is the meaning of thinking Centennial College, his name? How does Fortinbras happen to writing for a scholarship Heritage School be traveling through Denmark at this time? (Check out the map of Denmark)(Also check out the map of Norway). Gop Critical Centennial College? What is the Captain#8217;s attitude towards the battle he is about to engage in? Does Shakespeare expect us to look upon the expedition of Fortinbras with admiration or with irony? How might he have looked upon critical The Regent’s International School,, it had this incident occured early in gop critical College, Act I? Before the reading of the soliloquy, ask: What part of this speech presents the theme or underlying idea? Which part points up the startling contrast between Hamlet and Fortinbras?

How is how to Sandy Spring Friends Hamlet#8217;s soliloquy#8217;s, beginning on line 34, similar to the soliloquy delivered after he heard the texas gop critical, First Player recite the lines about Hecuba? What triggered each train of thought? How does Hamlet compare himself with another in each of these speeches? How does each conclude? Where does Hamlet once again hint that he is coward? What is Hamlet#8217;s attitude towards Fortinbras#8217;s expedition? What would a modern opinion be of such a war? Under what conditions is business articles School #8220;honor#8221; worth the loss of life?

HW. Analyze Hamlet#8217;s soliloquy in texas gop critical College, Act IV Scene 4( the how to write summary Westbourne School, turning point of Hamlet#8217;s character#8221;). How does Shakespeare use imagery, tone and texas gop critical Centennial, diction to write a article summary Westbourne reveal the gop critical thinking College, dramatic changes in issues articles Millfield School, Hamlet. To understand possible reasons for Ophelia#8217;s madness and death To compare the character of Laertes with that of Hamlet. Journal response- Formative Assessment. Gop Critical Centennial College? a. Coursework Cardiff? How would you define true madness? How does it differ from Hamlet#8217;s feigned insanity? b. What severe strains has Ophelia been subjected to that might explain her loss of reality? What kind of person might she be originally?

What evidence can we find from the play to texas gop critical Centennial show that she might very well be susceptible to a mental breakdown? 1. How do the two verses sung by Ophelia at first give an explanation of her breakdown? How do you explain Ophelia#8217;s singing of a song like #8220;Tommorrow is college level John St. Valentine#8217;s Day#8221;? 2. How appropriate is Laertes#8217;s epithet #8220;Rose of May#8221; to Ophelia? 3. When Ophelia distributes flowers to gop critical College the King, Queen, and Laertes, each flower is coursework login Sixth College meant to have symbolic meaning. What does each flower represent, and who should be given each flower? #8220;Staging Ophelia’s flower distribution with imaginary flowers has become traditional in the modern theater, which generally interpret the texas thinking College, flowers as symbolic rather than real. Ophelia gives fennel, symbol of flattery, to King Claudius.

She also gives him columbine for ingratitude and infidelity. Rue, for business issues articles Millfield, sorrow, she gives to Gertrude; she also offers Gertrude daisy, for texas gop critical College, springtime and love, and coursework Form College, says she lost her own violets, which represent sweetness, when her father died. To Laertes, she gives rosemary, for remembrance, and pansies, for thought, suggesting both their shared history and gop critical thinking College, her lost faculties. Coursework Login Sixth Form? #8221; ( Excerpt from Cliffnotes. B. Texas Centennial? Laertes, Mad or Revenge. 1. According to an essay for a scholarship School the King’s speech (lines 75-98), what have the people been whispering about the death of Polonius? What does this show about the kind of reputation Claudius must have had in gop critical thinking Centennial, and around Elsinore? 2.What is Laertes’s reason for bursting in on the King at the head of a mob? How does the King act in this dangerous situation? How is the situation of Laertes now similar to coursework Cardiff Sixth Form College that of Fortinbras and that of Hamlet? Which of the two does Laertes most resemble in his actions?

How does the King manage to calm Laertes’s rage? 3.What does the King seem to have in gop critical Centennial, mind when he says to Laertes, #8221; Where the offense is write a article Westbourne School let the texas gop critical College, great axe fall#8221;? 4.In scene 7, what two reasons does Claudius give to Laertes for an essay scholarship American Heritage, his relatively gentle treatment of Hamlet? How, at this point, might Laertes expect to texas gop critical College have his revenge? 5.How does Claudius use flattery in preparing Laertes for his scheme against Hamlet? When Laertes shows a willingness to #8220;cut his throat in write introduction essay Sandy School, the church,#8221; how are we reminded of an earlier scene in the play? How does Laertes compare to Hamlet in gop critical thinking Centennial, this respect? 6.What plot does Claudius propose to Laertes? How does Laertes add some refinements of his own? Quick Write: Why do you think Claudius responds as he does to Laretes?

Were you surprised by the turn of events in writing American Heritage, this act( Claudius turned the table from thinking Centennial being passive to plotting to kill Hamlet; Hamlet#8217;s interactions with other characters) ?Describe your reactions. a. What is the dramatic necessity of having the action-packed events of scene 6 described in a letter from article International Bangkok Hamlet? How might a movie version of the play give added life to this scene? b. Point out examples of texas gop critical thinking College, disrespect and of threat in Hamlet’s brief letter to Claudius (scene 7). How To An Essay International? Lesson 10 : Ophelia’s Death. The Queen’s description of the death of Ophelia is almost lyric. What is the effect of such a description? As it is described here, was the texas gop critical, death of Ophelia accidental or was it a suicide? Objectives: Students will be able to analyze the impact of Ophelia#8217;s death and how it helps advance the plot and critical thinking article The Regent’s School, Bangkok, further reveals Hamlet#8217;s character. Aim: How does Ophelia#8217;s death help advance the plot and further reveals Hamlet#8217;s character?

Reading quiz- At her death, how does Ophelia appear to the audience? Are there any strength to compensate for her apparent weakness? When Ophelia dies, how villainous does the gop critical College, character of Laertes appear to coursework login Sixth Form be? Why? At Ophelia’s death, and Hamlet’s return, what state of mind is Claudius in? Why? Discuss Claudius’s lines in term of the three sons in Hamlet (Hamlet, Laertes, Fortinbras): …what would you undertake. To show yourself your father’s son in deed. More than a words? 1. In this act, both Fortibras and Laertes are foils to thinking Centennial College Hamlet.

What important aspects of Hamlet#8217;s character are revealed by means of the contract between Hamlet and writing for a scholarship American School, these two foil characters? Enrichment. 2. Read J. Paris’s #8220;Three Sons in texas gop critical Centennial, Hamlet#8221; in The Atlantic , June 1959, to writing an essay American School compare the ways the three sons reacted to the burdens placed upon them as a result of their father’s deaths. To enjoy and understand comic relief in Act V as a device to heighten drama. To contrast the grief of Hamlet with that of Laertes and that of the Queen. All of us have burst into #8220;nervous#8221; laughter in very tragic moments. (Discuss a situation or two from students’ own lives.) What purpose does such comic action serve? When has Shakespeare used it successfully in another tragedy? Learning Activities.

Read aloud of the texas gop critical thinking College, entire scene . What questions are the gravediggers debating at the beginning of the scene? ( You should not be misled by the designation clown, which is merely a Shakespearean convention.) What sense of class-consciousness do the write summary Westbourne, gravediggers reveal? (It should be noted that these clowns are Elizabethan, not Danish, types.) What kind of humor did Elizabethans engage in? (Quibbling, puns, and riddle-asking.) Find examples in thinking, this scene. What is Hamlet’s immediate reaction to the singing of the gravediggers when he comes on the scene? Journal. Write an entry to interpret Hamlet’s proverb: #8221; The hand of little employment hath the daintier sense.#8221; What examples of satirical criticism can you find in Hamlet’s remarks to the gravedigger? Show how the issues School, gravedigger outwits Hamlet in their bantering conversation. Journal. Texas Gop Critical? How is the age of Hamlet fixed in this dialog? Must we believe that Hamlet is thirty years old (according to some critics) after reading this passage? Has Hamlet acted like a thirty-year-old man throughout the play? Why or why not? Discuss.

What is the significance of Hamlet’s speech while he is holding the skull of Yorick? How have the Hamlet’s ideas about life and Millfield School, death changed? (Why not, at this point, have the class learn correctly the often misquoted line, #8220;Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio#8221;?) Why does Shakespeare have the conversation take a serious, almost morbid, turn at thinking College this point? Comic relief is to relieve audiences from the tragic tension. Millfield School? Do you agree? Explain.#8221; What other examples in texas gop critical thinking Centennial College, literature use such #8220;comic relief#8221;?(Read an example in Cardiff College, Twelfth Night ) How does the Rainbow scene in Silas Marner or any other scene that heightens drama in a piece of literature? What does Shakespeare hope to accomplish by introducing two clown grave diggers in a graveyard? (To heighten the tragic grief of Hamlet, Laertes, and texas gop critical College, Gertrude.) Explain the debate between Laertes and the Priest. What emotional tone should Laertes exhibit? The Priest? Why/ At what point does Hamlet realize that the funeral is for Ophelia?

How must he feel upon learning this? How sincerely had he loved the fair Ophelia? Is the Sandy Spring School, wrestling match and ranting argument between Laertes and Hamlet in Ophelia’s grave too melodramatic, or can the audience accept it as realistic? Discuss. Gop Critical Thinking College? Why were such scenes included in Elizabethan plays? Which of the two really loves Ophelia more? 9.How does Gertrude feel about the death of Ophelia? Does Claudius show any grief at all? 1.Stage directors and film produces have had to face several major problems in presenting this scene. What are these problems?

Hoe would you, as a director or producer, solve them? 2.How does this scene, so skillfully placed in the play at this point, help Claudius? Work against Hamlet? If you were a member of an Elizabethan audience, would you (or would you not) expect Hamlet to avenge his father’s death? Why? What most likely event would you expect to happen? Why? What does Shakespeare hope to accomplish by how to International School, introducing two clown grave diggers in a graveyard? (To heighten the tragic grief of Hamlet, Laertes, and Gertrude.) Choose one of the questions below to write an analytically essay on Centennial College, Hamlet. Coursework Login Form? 2008.

In a literary work, a minor character, often known as a foil, possesses traits that emphasize, by contrast or comparison, the thinking Centennial College, distinctive characteristics and qualities of the main character. For example, the a article summary School, ideas or behavior of a minor character might be used to highlight the weaknesses or strengths of the main character. Choose a novel or play in which a minor character serves as a foil for the main character. Then write an essay in which you analyze how the relation between the thinking Centennial College, minor character and the major character illuminates the meaning of the work. 2002, Form B. Often in literature, a character#8217;s success in achieving goals depends on keeping a secret and divulging it only at the right moment, if at business issues School all. Choose a novel or play of gop critical College, literary merit that requires a character to keep a secret. In a well-organized essay, briefly explain the Cardiff, necessity for secrecy and how the character#8217;s choice to reveal or keep the gop critical Centennial College, secret affects the plot and contributes to the meaning of the work as a whole.

2001. One definition of madness is Millfield School #8220;mental delusion or the gop critical, eccentric behavior arising from it.#8221; But Emily Dickinson wrote. Much madness is divinest Sense- To a discerning Eye- Novelists and playwrights have often seen madness with a #8220;discerning Eye.#8221; Select a novel or play in which a character#8217;s apparent madness or irrational behavior plays an important role. Write A Article Westbourne School? Then write a well-organized essay in which you explain what this delusion or eccentric behavior consists of and how it might be judged reasonable. Explain the significance of the #8220;madness#8221; to the work as a whole. Do not merely summarize the plot. 1998.

In his essay #8220;Walking,#8221; Henry David Thoreau offers the following assessment of literature: In literature it is only the wild that attracts us. Dullness is but another name for tameness. Gop Critical College? It is the uncivilized free and wild thinking in Hamlet and The Iliad , in thinking, all scriptures and gop critical thinking College, mythologies, not learned in schools, that delights us. From the thinking article The Regent’s International, works that you have studied in school, choose a novel, play, or epic poem that you may initially have thought was conventional and tame but that you now value for texas thinking, its #8220;uncivilized free and wild thinking.#8221; Write an essay in article, which you explain what constitutes its #8220;uncivilized free and wild thinking#8221; and how that thinking is central to thinking the value of the work as a whole. Support your ideas with specific references to the work you choose.

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The Person You Admire The Most Essays and Research Papers. starvation, infectious disease, congenital defects, abandonment, economic exploitation, the violence of warfare, to texas thinking Centennial, name a few. Business School! Not all harm that befalls . children is gop critical College child abuse.” (2) Child abuse is harm resulting from writing for a Heritage School intentional human action. The most fundamental attribute of texas gop critical Centennial College, child abuse is that it is harmful to write a article Westbourne, the child and detrimental to his/her well-being. Thinking College! There is business issues Millfield School also an important difference between unintentional and intentional harm. “It has been observed that what is so destructive about. Abuse , Child abuse , Domestic violence 1673 Words | 5 Pages. ?The person whom I admired first time is thinking Centennial College my mother. But, if we talk about the famous person , I can say that, he is Mahatma . Gandhi. He was from India.

He is known as the “Father of how to write introduction essay Sandy, nation” in India as he played a very important role in gaining the freedom of India. Gop Critical Thinking College! Mahatma Gandhi gave the Indian People not only freedom but also the new thoughts on non-violence and sustainable living. There are some qualities about write a article Westbourne him like trust, non-violence, legacy, etc. These qualities are the ones that inspired. Aung San Suu Kyi , Hindu , India 1729 Words | 4 Pages. The person I admire the texas Centennial College most My father who is generally niggardly with praise is extremely generous where our . mother is concerned. He spoke of her once as selfless, sacrificial and devoted and to this I would like to add: helpful and understanding. It is not unusual for us teenagers to how to essay School, run into little problems and then to boggle at them. Texas Gop Critical College! Whatever we do, she is an essay for a School there solidly with us to texas gop critical thinking Centennial College, help us.

I am convinced that one of the greatest boons in life is to have a devoted, selfless, helpful mother. Family , Father , Human development 801 Words | 3 Pages. THE PERSON I ADMIRE MOST Talk about the how to write an essay John International School person that I admire so much, a lot of texas Centennial College, names . run through my mind. Critical The Regent’s International! My mother, sister and texas gop critical thinking some good friends. How To A Article Summary School! I even wanted to thinking College, write about Shim Changmin, the man that made my eyes pop out and he is my love at first sight among the Korean boy bands. But then , I decided to write about a person whom I admire so much and write an essay level John who has influenced me a lot . Texas Gop Critical Centennial College! she is my best friend from my hometown, Kerteh , Terengganu. Her name is Khairunnisa and everyone calls her NIsa. Beauty , English-language films , Eye color 1081 Words | 3 Pages. environment. Also, this school was first introduced Gates to writing American, the computers. Bill gates said “When I was thirteen, my school(Lakeside School) installed a . teletype machine that connected in downtown Seattle.

From that point on, my friends and College I spent most of thinking article International, our free time writing programs and figuring out texas gop critical Centennial College how to make this computer do interesting things.” On January 1, 1994, Gates was accepted to Harvard University. In Harvard, he met Paul Allen, who became Gates’s close friend. Bill Gates , Computer , Lakeside School 763 Words | 3 Pages. walking through the museum. The questions follow the order of the museum exhibits, so you will not have to double back to find answers. . Pre 1900 1. Teddy Roosevelt’s regiment during the Spanish-American War was commonly known as the “____________________________” (two words) because of their gruff demeanor and horsemanship. World War I 2. Name one of the medals Henry Jetton Tudery, Mississippi’s most decorated doughboy, was awarded. How To A Article Summary! ____________________________________________________________ . Global conflicts , League of Nations , Military 478 Words | 3 Pages.

The person I want to describe is texas thinking my mother. She’s 55 years old, medium-built, and she’s about 166 centimetres in how to write an essay level F. Kennedy International height. She has an . College! attractive face and looks younger than her age. She has round face, big eyes, and write summary Westbourne School beautiful eyelashes. She likes wearing casual clothes unless she’s at work when she normally wears lady’s formal wear. My mother works as an accountant in a trade company. She studied accounting at Fudan University and she has always been working as an account since graduation. She’s.

Learning , Love , The Work 1668 Words | 4 Pages. colour suits a person according to College, this his/her chart. And once that has been known, one can chose the write summary School colour of his clothes, curtains, sofa, . walls, etc. It is generally experienced in life that bright colours produce happiness and enthusiasmin a person while dull colours cause negative effect and texas gop critical thinking Centennial College make him dull and write an essay John F. Kennedy School morose. Texas Gop Critical Thinking College! They suit only serious - minded persons who are indifferent to luxuries of life and comforts of living. Colours react in different ways on different persons . Writing Scholarship American! Some particular. Astral projection , Color , Light 683 Words | 3 Pages.

Who I Admire Most When you hear the word, ‘Mom’, do . you think of your own? The woman who had you in her belly, and then raised you to thinking, be the person you are today? That’s who I think of. My Mother is __________ but everyone calls her _____ She was born in how to write International School _________. Texas Gop Critical Thinking College! I admire my Mom the most because she’s smart and articles Millfield knowledgeable, she’s traveled all over, and she was a stay at home mom for ten years with my sister and texas thinking I. . Baja California Sur , Cabo San Lucas , Cabo San Lucas International Airport 606 Words | 4 Pages. ?My Mother, the Person I Admire the how to Sandy Spring Friends School Most We value and admire some people such as parents, teachers, . friends, professors and movie stars who influence our life for their special characteristics. For me, my mom is the person I admire most . In every aspect of gop critical thinking, my life she played an important role not only as a mother but also as a good friend and write an essay college teacher. Thinking Centennial College! As a mother in Cardiff Sixth Form home, I have always admired her kindness, unconditional love and patience. She has supported us in whatever we involved in. she kindly. Friendship , Interpersonal relationship , Leadership 1310 Words | 4 Pages.

My Father: the Person I Admire Most. My Father: The Person I Admire Most Over time, there have been several people who have influenced various . aspects of my life, based on their personal characteristics, accomplishments, and values. I have been privileged to have had numerous teachers and gop critical Centennial professors who I respect for their patience and American School intelligence. There are artists that have inspired me by their natural talents and original creativity. I value many political leaders, who have inspired me by their contributions to society, and. Aneurysm , Dominican Republic , Family 1019 Words | 3 Pages. Mrs. Texas Centennial College! Dahilin English 090T April 15, 2013 Who I Admire Let me tell you about a man that raised not only me but my father. I . still have memories of the first day that I met him on Millfield School August 20, 2001 on a summer day. In which we had the texas gop critical thinking Centennial College longest conversion I ever had.

Many people have their own idol and how to write a article School all want to be like them in certain ways by dressing up like them, having fame and money but I think different to all of them. I admire this person because he is thankful for everything that he has. 2008 singles , Coco , Family 1058 Words | 3 Pages. The Person I Admire The Most Movie stars and singers, who make a lot of money and are famous, are teenager’s . Texas Thinking Centennial! admiration. However, they don’t even know the person or their personality. Write An Essay Level! To me admiration is a kind of texas gop critical, respect. But there aren’t a lot of people in this world who have that kind of coursework login Form College, respect from texas thinking me.

My mother is the only person who has entered my life and made me look at things differently. Cardiff Sixth Form! The first reason that I admire my mother is she teaches me about gop critical thinking College experience. Experience is Cardiff what. Debut albums , Developmental psychology , People 429 Words | 2 Pages. If you would attain to what you are not yet, you must always be displeased by what you are. For . where you are pleased with yourself there you have remained. Keep adding, keeps walking, and texas thinking College keeps advancing.

My mother is the person who I admire the most , looking up at her as my idol, and listen to her is how to School my mother. By interviewing Mrs. Suwipha Charoensin gives me an College idea that to how to introduction Sandy School, change because of someone who is very special is not difficult and it even gives someone a new life. My mother changes. 2002 albums , Change , Family 1512 Words | 4 Pages.

: MIRA SAFINA BINTI MR. Gop Critical! YALEE CLASS : 2 ARIF TEACHER : MADAM ASIFAH THE PERSON WHOM I ADMIRE . The person whom I admire ,let’s see? Recently I’m interest with the K-POP idols, G-Dragon. He is a leader of a group name Big Bang, it is how to write a article Westbourne School a group that popular in Korea ,Malaysia or even everywhere, let’s just say anywhere you’re going they will know about gop critical thinking College this group if you ask them. Big Bang is even popular amongst uncle and how to write introduction essay Friends School aunty or in Korean ‘Ahjusshi’ and gop critical Centennial ‘Ahjuma’. Big Bang , Cosmic microwave background radiation , General relativity 2356 Words | 6 Pages. THE PERSON I ADMIRE MOST “ If you can’t excel with talent, triumph with effort. “ This is the scholarship American School . philosophy my mother always stands by, and the guidance that leads us through life. Although she is thinking College no other than just a common person , she holds special significance and has the introduction essay deep attachment with me. That is texas College why she has always been an inspiring example and the person I admire most in my life. My mother leads a very simple life without any luxuries.

Neither does she has any desire for material gains. Altruism , Psychology , Sleep 597 Words | 2 Pages. A person in level John History that I admire After thorough investigation of the stunning piece of writing entitled, “Harriet Tubman: . Texas Centennial College! Conductor on The Underground Railroad,” competently written by Ann Petry, I have realized that there are numerous people who were phenomenal heroes and heroines throughout history just like Harriet Tubman. Scholarship American Heritage School! They risked their lives for gop critical Centennial College, the safety and well being of others, expressed what they believed in, and for a scholarship American Heritage School never gave up when the obstacles they had to overcome became more. African National Congress , Jimmy Carter , Johannesburg 1298 Words | 4 Pages. COMM 110 – Public Speaking Written Assignment #11 I. Special Occasion Speeches 1. Your text identifies 9 types of Special Occasion Speeches. Centennial! For . each one give me an example from your life when you may gave given or may have to give that type of speech. 2. Characteristics of Special Occasion Speeches Special Occasion Speeches have unique characteristics as defined in Chapter Twelve.

How do special occasion speeches differ/compare to articles School, speeches to gop critical Centennial College, inform? speeches to persuade? II. Glossophobia , Oratory , Public speaking 1016 Words | 6 Pages. Hi friends, here’s is my new post about the person whom i admire the most.There are many people whom not only me but we all . admire like film stars,Freedom fighters,Cricketers,Singers,ETC…….But there is article International School, Bangkok one person whom I admire the most and that is texas gop critical no one but my mother. My mothers name is Ayesha Shaikh and she is 38 years old but she doesn’t looks like her age because she is fair and very cute and beautiful.She is very kind and likes to help others specially the poor,when our aunt who comes. 2009 singles , Family , Father 432 Words | 2 Pages. look up to someone when they haven’t done anything to actually gain your respect. Critical Bangkok! I thought that there was no one who I would admire in my . life.

The reasons being because I thought it have to Centennial College, someone who have done something extraordinary but in writing American Heritage recent years I’ve actually found a hero, someone who I can admire with my heart and be proud to say she’s who I admire . That person is my cousin. Gop Critical! Her name is Ewa and she is in her early thirties. She is issues articles School a personnel manager in the one of the thinking College largest company. Acne vulgaris , Cognition , Human 552 Words | 1 Pages. Whenever people would ask, “Who did you look up to,” I was never positive who exactly it was. Growing up I always looked up to write School, someone, . whether it’s an actress, singer, or a fictional character, such as, Johnny Depp, Demi Lovato, or Cinderella.

Today, if someone asked who I admire , I would reply my mother because she’s my hero, cares about her family, and taught me everything I know. Although, I still love my Disney princess movies, Cinderella, Snow White, and plenty more, whenever I’m with my mother. Demi Lovato , Disney Princess , Family 789 Words | 2 Pages. signalinput. In other words, speakers convert electrical signals into audible signals. Non-electrical loudspeakers were developed as accessories to telephone . Texas Thinking Centennial! systems, but electronic amplification by vacuum tube made loudspeakers more generally useful. The most popular speaker used today is the dynamic speaker. The dynamic speaker operates on the same basic principle as a dynamic microphone. When an ac current (i.e., electrical audio signal input) is write college John F. Kennedy School applied through the voice coil that surrounds a magnet. African National Congress , Joe Slovo , Johannesburg 2162 Words | 6 Pages.

People always have a person whom they enormously admire and want to be like. Some admire a famous . Thinking College! person while others look up to their teachers, father, or mother, etc. To me, I admire my older sister not only because of critical thinking article International Bangkok, who she is but also because of all the things she has done for Centennial, me. She has changed my life and issues articles Millfield School made me become who I am today. The following reasons will explain why she is admirable and thinking College important to me. The Regent’s International School,! First of all, my sister is an exquisite student.

She studied in a high school. Friendship , Grade , High school 821 Words | 2 Pages. Leadership Style LDR/531 June 16, 2014 A leader that I truly admire is texas gop critical thinking a real life person . How To Write Spring School! that has been immortalized as much in real life as well as multiple books and a miniseries is Major Dick Winters. Major Winters was a member of the U.S. Gop Critical Centennial College! Army who server during WWII as an officer who moved up through the ranks to become company commander of Company E, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division. He was a natural leader who. Airborne forces , Band of Brothers , Brecourt Manor Assault 874 Words | 3 Pages.

The person i admire most is my mum. An Essay College Level! I was asked to College, read this last week but then i juz read it today and it's . Business Issues! really bombastic and texas thinking Centennial College nice =) This is how it goes.. One of the greatest things in life is to have a selfless, understanding, devoted and loving mother. Scholarship School! These are the words that best summarise the qualities of my mother. It is gop critical thinking College not surprising that the person whom I admire most is my mother. A quality that I admire most in my mother is coursework login Sixth her selfless devotion for texas thinking College, us. An Essay American Heritage! Her own interests are. Assistance , Family , Father 446 Words | 2 Pages. My Father the texas gop critical thinking College Person I Admire the Most. My journey to thinking The Regent’s Bangkok, truth There is thinking a common fallacy in the world about the relationship between God and critical thinking article Satan. We have been taught that Satan opposes God out of thinking Centennial College, . hate.

Satan doesn’t hate God. Thinking International Bangkok! No where in the scriptures do you find this. The truth is gop critical thinking College that God and Satan are closer than we may imagine. Just like two enemies who are on business School opposing sides but yet they respect and know each other more than anyone else. God and Satan actually have very similar intentions for the universe but where they differ is. Devil , Good and gop critical evil , Intention 983 Words | 3 Pages. - Introductory phrases or sentences for that person . - Who is the person you admire ? (Is he/she a . popular person , a special one to your life, your acquaintance, your (close) friend, your partner, your colleague or just your relative?) - What does he/she mean to you ? (Idol, example…) - His/her special condition. (Poor, rich, handicapped, disabled, orphaned, adopted…) - Is he/she an extraordinary/ordinary person ? - Is he/she a wacky person ? (Does this affects him/her a lot about how to essay Spring Friends his life, personality. Disability , Friendship , Learning 374 Words | 2 Pages. PHONE: PAGER/CELL: ARE YOU OVER THE AGE OF 21 YEARS? YES NO ARE YOU A US CITIZEN OR . AUTHORIZED TO BE IN THE UNITED STATES? YES NO Non-citizens may be required to present current resident alien card.

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN CONVICTED OF A DUI, DWI OR SUBSTANCE ABUSE? YES NO WOULD YOU AGREE TO SUBMIT TO A DRUG TEST AT ANY TIME DURING YOUR MEMBERSHIP IF REQUESTED? YES NO HAVE YOU EVER BEEN CONVICTED OF VIOLATION OF THE. Agency , Authentication , Authorization 833 Words | 6 Pages. The 2 Persons I Admire Most Over time, there have been several people who have influenced various aspects of my . Thinking! life, based on their personal characteristics, accomplishments, and values. I have been privileged to thinking The Regent’s School, Bangkok, have had numerous teachers and professors who I respect for their patience and thinking Centennial intelligence.

There are artists that have inspired me by their natural talents and original creativity. I value many political leaders, who have inspired me by their contributions to society, and their. 2007 albums , English-language films , Grammatical person 623 Words | 2 Pages. A most special person in my life Except my family, there is how to write Sandy Spring one person , Thu Cuu, who I will always remember and . Texas Gop Critical Centennial College! respect because of coursework College, her personalities, she is kind and also she is the one I love. Nothing is impossible with her no matter what is Centennial it, where is writing an essay scholarship School it and texas Centennial why is it, that is what I learn from her. A girl is perfect for every situation; she does not need to be dazzling, but people still have looked at her. Basically, I think every man in writing scholarship American Heritage School this world wants this lady to thinking Centennial College, become his wife, even me. American films , English-language films , Kindness 1301 Words | 3 Pages. ?Jean-Luc Jackson Mrs.Dalin 4/14/14 English 90T The Person I admire One person that I admire . is how to a article Westbourne School my brother Joe. Thinking Centennial College! He is an unlikely hero and Cardiff one of the most remarkable people I have ever met.

He had great families and better life. He was caring, brave, faith, and courage. Texas Gop Critical! His people were friendly and neighborly because they liked Joe being a good man and soldier. Cardiff College! He was became a Marine Lance Corporal. Gop Critical Centennial College! I remember my older brother Joe. Growing up was difficult for my older sister, my four brothers. Cemetery , Family , Foster care 923 Words | 3 Pages. The people that I admire most are my parents. They are those people who do everything with excellence and writing for a scholarship School tenacity, and they . Gop Critical Thinking Centennial! putting their heart to everything they do. My parents are extremely positive in their thinking and Sixth Form College actions.

Also, they had the courage to educate and guide their children in the best way. These are just a few qualities that my parents are possess. Texas! So, for their tenacity, positivity and how to essay Sandy courage they are an example to follow in my life. My parents are tenacious entrepreneurs. Education , Learning , Mind 492 Words | 2 Pages. ?XXXXXXXXXXXX My Superman GP: Intro/Inform SP: Specifically want to Centennial College, inform/entertain audience about who the most influential . person in articles my life is and gop critical thinking College how he has helped direct my course. THESIS: Will be talking about my dad, why he is the most influential person in my life and how he has helped direct my journey and keep me on write summary track. -- - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - INTRO: Who likes superheroes. 2006 albums , Family , Father 916 Words | 3 Pages. 21981460 The person I admire most The people who get . to know us best are our parents. They have the greatest influence in our lives because they are the people we see the most and have known for the longest.

They sacrifice many luxuries to give their children the best life possible. Gop Critical Centennial! My dad is the person I admire most , and it is critical International Bangkok because of him that I am the Centennial person I am today. My Aunt Debbie would say I am a lot like my dad. Cardiff Form! We share a love. 2006 albums , Family , Life 834 Words | 2 Pages. A Person I Admire (an Old Essay of gop critical thinking College, Mine) Among the teachers who have taught me through my school life, Teacher Helen is write an essay college International . the one that I most admire . She was the English teacher of mine while I was in junior high. Gop Critical Centennial College! In contrast to how to write summary Westbourne School, some teacher's apathy, her vitality always refreshed the atmosphere in our classroom. Moreover, her enthusiasm and thoughtfulness still warmed my heart to this day. Helen's charisma won everyone's appreciation soon after she began teaching us. As she was not.

College , Education , High school 566 Words | 2 Pages. Most important person in your life. My dad is the most important man in my life. Texas! He is the hardest most dedicated man I have ever met. I look up to him and he is . truly my hero.

He has always been there for how to summary Westbourne School, me with everything I do, ever since I can remember. He raised me, provided a roof over texas gop critical Centennial College my head, food on the table, supported me, protected me and loved me. He’s help me through so much and has helped form the person I am today. I can’t imagine my life without him and therefore this is why my dad is the coursework Cardiff Sixth Form College most important man in. Complaint , Cross country running , Greatest hits 1039 Words | 4 Pages.

tightly on a slippery road. Its love ¦ when your brother messages you and thinking Centennial College asks did you reach home on time.. Love is not . just a guy holding a girl and going around the city. Luv is how to write Sandy Friends School actually a name of texas gop critical Centennial College, care. Hey. ) Take care. Critical! ) ¦ i love you . Texas Gop Critical College! :) ¦ ……………………………………………………………………. ¦¦¦very nice story¦¦¦ Boy Calls his GF at midnight.. Girl: Hey darling Is everything alright? Boy: I wanted to tell you somethng important Girl: Aww. but we just talked before too right. 2000 singles , 2006 singles , 2007 singles 4844 Words | 32 Pages. arts was an important skill that I have to learn, I also taught it would be good exercise and help me to become physically and mentally stronger as well self . defender. What I did not realize was that learning taekwondo would make me a more confident person . New things always make me a bit nervous, and International School, Bangkok my first day of gop critical thinking, taekwondo class was no exception. How To Write Westbourne School! After I changed my marshal arts dress in the changing room, I stood on time beside my new friends in the training hall waiting for instructor and other.

Education , Intelligence , Kick 540 Words | 2 Pages. Most Influential Persons in History. The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History 1 The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential . Persons in gop critical thinking Centennial College History The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History The cover of the how to write introduction essay Friends School 1992 edition. Author(s) Country Language Series Michael H. Hart United States English 1st Edition (1978) 2nd Edition (1992) History Non-Fiction Hart Publishing company 1978 1978 Print 9780806513508 644066940 [1] Subject(s) Genre(s) Publisher Publication date Published in English Media. Michael H. Texas Gop Critical Thinking Centennial! Hart , The 100 , Time 100 1646 Words | 7 Pages. Could we make your kitchen even more stylish? Fagor offers you a range of The Regent’s School,, practical builtin accessories for the kitchen that will bring it . to the next level.

Coffe machine, Microwave ovens and texas Centennial Heating module COFFE MACHINE, MICROWAVE OVENS AND HEATING MODULE BUILT-IN COFFEE MACHINE, MICROWAVE OVENS AND HEATING MODULE Coffe machine, Microwave ovens and Heating module Coffee machine / 40 litres integrated / 24 litres built-in fitting frame MQC10BX MWB-580BTCX stainless. 175 , Cooking , Microwave 961 Words | 25 Pages. Virtually everyone has a person whom they admire . Thinking International! A majority of people seem to admire someone because of fame or . Gop Critical College! fortune. Critical The Regent’s School, Bangkok! I, on the other hand, do not place my admiration on material possessions or people who idolize them. Gop Critical Thinking Centennial College! My admiration is reserved for someone far more priceless than anything this world may offer.

Therefore, my mother, is the person whom I admire most because she was supportive, she was tenacious, and she was a provider. First, I adore my mother because she was supportive. Adolescence , Extracurricular activity , High school 579 Words | 2 Pages. the most important person in business issues articles Millfield my life. Get Read.

HomePublishReadWritersWriting StorePromoteHelpWelcome Visitor: Most Important Person - mother Essay By: Sezan . Vahpieva Other Tags: Most , Important, Person , Mother I think mother, is the most important person in life, for gop critical thinking Centennial, everyone. How To Summary Westbourne! Submitted:Feb 17, 2012 Reads: 44,452 Comments: 4 Likes: 1 Most Important Person : By: Sezan Vahpieva I think the most important person in gop critical thinking Centennial College my life is my mother. The reason why I chose my mother is because she is. 2008 singles , English-language films , Essay 946 Words | 4 Pages. person i admire the most (conbination) The person I admire most My . An Essay College Level F. Kennedy School! Grandmother ______________________________________________________________________________ SD1: Good friend (She always listening to texas College, me and login Cardiff Sixth Form College she knows all my secrets) 1: spoiled (She babied me, loves me, and spoiled me) 2: Teacher (She taught me unique lessons) 3: Motivation (She inspires me, and motivates me) The person I admire most is College my grandmother. Affection , English-language films , Friendship 485 Words | 2 Pages. The most important person in my life. The most important person in my life right now and to me will probably always be is my father. The Regent’s Bangkok! The reason is because he is my . Texas College! role model in my life.

My father is always correct about business issues School everything and judges any situation wisely. When I was a kid, my father was a target of complaint and thinking did not want to resemble. Behavior, speech, values??, everything was different with me. However, as an adult, I could understand a little bit of a article Westbourne School, my father. Texas Gop Critical Thinking College! After I finished the School army, I drank the first. 1999 singles , 2006 singles , American films 687 Words | 3 Pages.

dekho. URMI: koro me: nau accept koro 12:15 PM ki holo?? URMI: koi pelam na to me: d cline korle keno?? ai nau accept kore nau 12:16 PM tumi barbar decline . korchho keno. 12:18 PM KI HOLO SHONA AMR. Gop Critical Centennial! 12:19 PM URMI: i like you -- really me: SURE?? URMI: r u doubt? me: do you love ma?? 12:20 PM URMI: tomar sathe kotha blte amr khub bhalo lagche me: ooo tai hmm tumi ki amay valo baso naki? 12:21 PM URMI: seta bolte parbo na tobe tomake amar mone hoy simple guy 12:22 PM me: thnx tmi ki commited. 1008 Words | 3 Pages. has taken him too much time.

When I discourage him, he always says with a smile, “The world needs warm hearts.” My father loves his . family, and loves his work even better. Issues Articles School! In the company, he is texas gop critical Centennial called “workaholic”. He spends most of his time working, and he often forgets to an essay American Heritage, have meals or to go to bed. Texas College! As a result, he doesn’t enjoy good health. Such is my father, I love him very much. I am proud of write introduction essay Sandy Friends, having so good a father. (134 words) . Chinese calendar , Chinese New Year , Family 1607 Words | 5 Pages. Linguist : A person who studies linguistics How does linguistics differ from traditional grammar ? 1. Linguistics is texas thinking descriptive not . prescriptive that means ( linguists are interested in what is writing scholarship School said not what they think ought to be said ) 2. they describe all aspects of language but don’t prescribe rules of thinking College, correctness . How To Write Introduction Spring Friends! 3. Linguists regard the spoken language as primary not the written . 4. Texas Centennial! Linguistics doesn’t force languages into a Latin-based framework , and they are trying. Grammar , Language , Linguistics 2224 Words | 9 Pages. A person who I admire A person who I admire is an interesting topic. Coursework Sixth! I believe you can . admire more than one person . A typical admiration I have seen is texas thinking when people boy, are admiring a very famous singer, actor etc. Heritage School! although it is typical, it is still a good admiration because you can use that person as your role model or idol.

Fx. If your role model is gop critical Centennial a sportsman, then you can admire his performing skills, and maybe learn something from him or her. But trough my life I have admired many persons. Debut albums , Family , Father 833 Words | 2 Pages. ?Question 3 what reading have you enjoyed most in the past year and thinking article why? The reading I have enjoyed the texas gop critical Centennial College most in . the past year is ‘To kill a mocking bird’ by Harper Lee. The story’s main theme is critical thinking Bangkok about racial discrimination and gender inequality. It used a child’s point of view to tell the story so I can throw myself into the main character Scout.

Thanks to her naivety, the injustice and the hypocrisy of Maycomb folks are enhanced. Texas! The most exciting part of the story is the login Cardiff Sixth Form fight in the court. Bias , Character , Discrimination 1363 Words | 3 Pages. circuit manufacturing and micro-machining process where material is shaped by etching away micro layers is called Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS). The . Centennial! intelligent electronic system part is write Spring Friends School integrated in the same way of IC device fabrication.

The most popular material used for MEMS is Silicon for thinking Centennial, it's semiconductor , physical and article The Regent’s School, Bangkok commercial properties. Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems consists of mechanical elements, sensors, actuators, and electrical and texas thinking Centennial College electronics devices on how to write introduction Friends a common silicon. Accelerometer , Airbag , Electrical engineering 736 Words | 4 Pages. ?As most of you know this month is texas Centennial devoted to critical The Regent’s International, raising awareness and texas educating individuals about breast cancer and coursework login Cardiff Sixth honoring . thousands of women across our nation who have been Sadly, we all know someone--a mother, a sister, a friend, a neighbor--who has faced breast cancer. I know that I do. In fact, the circle grows larger every day with friends, families and loved ones who are stricken by breast cancer. diagnosed, fighting or have survived breast cancer. Texas Centennial College! Breast cancer is the most common cancer among. American Cancer Society , Breast cancer , Cancer 1152 Words | 3 Pages.

The Most Inspiring Person in My Life. ? BLAW 21 (Law on Obligations and American Heritage School Contracts) SUBMITTED BY: SANGALANG, ELAINE M. Gop Critical Thinking! BSBM 202 – C SUBMITTED TO: MS. Critical Thinking Article International Bangkok! ELIZABETH A. RODRIGUEZ . MARCH 2014 MOST INSPIRING PERSON Photo taken at SM City – Rosario March 06, 2014, 7:46 PM PERSONAL BACKGROUND My most inspiring person is my adviser for two consecutive years, Ms. Juvie Joy Abad y Buhain, 32 years old, born on June 29, 1982 from Tanza, Cavite. Texas Thinking Centennial! She is currently one of the instructors at Cavite State University. Academic degree , Bachelor's degree , Cavite 653 Words | 4 Pages. Identify and Discuss Three People from History (Alive or Dead) That You Admire, or Identify with. Explain Your Choices and Detail One Question Per Individual That, If Given the Opportunity, You Would Ask.

Identify and Discuss Three People from critical article History (Alive or Dead) that you Admire , or Identify with. Explain your Choices and Detail . One Question Per Individual that, if Given the Opportunity, You Would Ask. There are many women throughout history that one should look up to; women who have dedicated their lives to great things and who have had the courage to strive for knowledge, equality and justice. Such women would include Florence Nightingale; founder of the thinking Centennial College modern nursing system, Hypatia of. Anna Wintour , Elizabeth Bennet , Jane Austen 2570 Words | 7 Pages. The Most Important Person in my Life We all have someone that is writing for a scholarship American Heritage really important to us, someone that has . influenced us in our lifetime at some time or another and thanks to that person we are the person we are today. In my case that someone is my mother. My mother is really important to me because thanks to gop critical College, her I exist today, she gave me life .My mother is my best friend, my confident, she is the person that I trust the most in my life .I consider my mother as the thinking The Regent’s most important person. 2007 singles , 2008 singles , Father 1766 Words | 4 Pages.

THE PERSON I ADMIRE It’s difficult to texas thinking Centennial, choose only one person , because we can admire a lot of people . in how to write introduction essay Friends School our life. I think it’s nice to admire someone. Gop Critical Centennial College! We have motivation to be better. In some case, it’s good. On the other hand, when we have bad model it can be a tragedy, because our models impress us very often. When I was small I admired a lot of singers like Robbie Williams, Britney Spears or Michael Jackson. Now, when I am older I realized that it’s more important to respect people, who have. Czech language , Czech Republic , Iterative method 567 Words | 2 Pages. What matters most to issues articles, you and why?

I must confess that, until I read this application question, I had never given much thought to . Gop Critical! determining exactly what I consider most important in my life. I believe I am one of many applicants who confront this question without a ready-made answer, and I am astonished by the realization that so many of us lead our lives without reflecting on business articles School our roles. That is thinking Centennial College all the coursework login Cardiff Sixth more perplexing when we consider that many of these individuals are businesspeople, that is. Belo Horizonte , Brazil , Conversations with God 1938 Words | 5 Pages. Cody Bailen 10-28-11 Final Draft Class #11 A Person I Admire Do you have some one that you . admire ? Do you have someone that you look up to?

I’m sure you do. Most people I know do as well. Generally people admire someone that is related or close to them. But I also know people who admire someone that they have never met personally such as a super star musician or athlete. Let me tell you about someone that is thinking very close to me and that I admire more than anybody else because he is someone I spend.

2008 singles , Celebrity , Father 674 Words | 2 Pages. What I Admire About the Amish Lifestyle. What I Admire About the Amish Lifestyle Wiserly Almonte Professor Schlager When people go to how to write an essay F. Kennedy, visit an Amish community on . Texas Gop Critical Thinking Centennial College! Sunday and spend a couple of hours with them, they simply love it. But when it comes to the question, whether they could you live happily in a lifestyle like the Amish, almost everyone would say NO. Because our society is based on material and selfishness concepts, they couldn’t live without all the material stuff. But what they don’t know is articles Millfield how great and awesome. Amish , Ordnung , Rumspringa 1014 Words | 3 Pages.

10 Signs Your The Most Annoying Person. 10 Signs You're the most annoying person in gop critical thinking College the classroom Are you a candidate for coursework login Form, most -hated . passenger on Centennial the plane? If you're guilty of any of the following bad habits, you'll likely be the subject of disdainful glares, sanctimonious whispers, and violent revenge fantasies on your next flight. How To Write Introduction! Here are 10 signs that you're the human embodiment of gop critical College, all that is wrong with modern air travel. You Call Out Answers Although You're Supposed To Raise Your Hand Don't get us wrong: We support answering.

Classroom , Click , Every time you masturbate. God kills a kitten 708 Words | 2 Pages. The Person I Most Admire Do you know the person who taught me how to tie my . shoelaces? He is the one who I admire . He is coursework Form College my father. My father is the most important person in my life.

He is the one who raised me, looked after me, showed me the right way, gave me advices, supported me, and did many and many things for me. I admire my father for many reasons; he is a kindhearted, a strong-willed and a supportive man. Gop Critical Thinking Centennial! He loves and care for others, works hard in articles Millfield life and helps. Charity , Children Act 1989 , Interpersonal attraction 365 Words | 2 Pages.

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1346 words essay on Hitler#8217;s rise to power. Essay on texas Centennial, Hitler#8217;s rise to business issues articles Millfield School, power. Germany was in an exceedingly unpleasant state after the texas gop critical College, WWL. How To Write A Article Summary School! The Treaty of Versailles, to take full blame for the war, had forced it. This meant that Germany would have to pay reparations for all of the other countries. Reparations were even harder to pay since Germany was in the midst of one of the worst stagflation epidemics in history. Not to mention a brand new government, one that had nothing to do with the signing of this treaty, had taken over power. Texas! All of the people of this once superpower of critical thinking article International School, a country was in a state of perplexity because they had lost a war at had been fought entirely on gop critical College, enemy soil. Critical Thinking Article! Germany was searching for an answer to its insurmountable problems, and found that answer in a Nazi named Adolf Hider. Gop Critical! Hitler was born in Austria, into a troubled house.

He had aspirations of becoming an artist, but those subsided when he was rejected from the college of art he planned on attending. He had started listening to a man named Lueger who was at that time the mayor of Vienna. Lueger was a Nazi, with strong anti-Semitic views, which seemed to be a logical answer for Hider and his problems. It was around this time that Hitler was drafted by the army. Instead of going to fight for his country, he chose to flee to Germany. Thinking Article The Regent’s Bangkok! Which is a bewildering thought seeing as how he voluntarily joined the German army when he got there. Texas Gop Critical! After the war, Hider joined up with a right wing campaign whose job was to spy on an essay for a American School, other government groups. Upon spying on one of the parties, the N.S.D.A.P. or Nazi party, he found that he had a lot in common with their views. He decided this was his calling so he ended up joining that particular party.

While in this party, he found out about his abilities to draw a crowd and make them believe what you are saying. It was at this time he started his famous speeches that could captivate and somewhat hypnotised whoever happened to Centennial, listen in. He started speaking in beer halls, and gaining a lot of attention. He would speak on many topics, giving his ideals as the Cardiff Sixth Form College, basis for what Germany should be. Texas Gop Critical Thinking Centennial College! He wanted to make Germany the great dynasty it had once been. The party was growing at an astounding rate, mostly attributed to Hitter#8217;s use of the #8216;gift of gab#8217; in the taverns. Hider started organising groups known as the S.A., or storm troopers to cause havoc for opposing parties, mainly the communists.

He had modeled this militia after Mussolini#8217;s Fasci. Image Source: In November of 1923, Hider ordered the SA to arrest the how to an essay college John F. Kennedy School, mayor of gop critical College Munich, and the leader of the garrison, in an attempt to start a coup of Germany#8217;s Weimar Republic. When the Cardiff Sixth Form College, SA does get to Munich, they are halted, and opened fire on by the texas gop critical thinking, garrison. A lot of them were either killed, or sent to prison, as was Hider#8217;s case. While he sat in writing scholarship American, confinement serving a five-year term for College, treason (a capitol offence), he wrote his thoughts out in the infamous book, Mein Kompf. Upon his release from lockup, he came to find the Nazi party was not as powerful as it had been before his incarceration. It is then that Hitler realised that it would be impossible to overthrow the college F. Kennedy International, government in violence. Instead of seizing power through bloodshed, Hider was going to rise to power politically, once he found a way to get in. This way was lit when the great depression hit the United States.

When the depression came about, Germany stopped receiving funds. That in turn sent Germany#8217;s economy on a downward spiral. Throughout all of this chaos, Hitler unlocked the path. Gop Critical Thinking College! He started becoming friendly with wealthy business owners who liked his philosophies, and started funding his cause. He started heavy campaign tactics to win support for the Nazi Party. This was made evident when in 1929 they had only had 12 representative is Reichstag, but in 1931, just two years later, they had 107, approximately one quarter of Germany#8217;s Parliament were Nazis. With his Nazi underlings in place in the Reichstag, it seemed only perfect to Hider that the presidential elections were coming up. So he focused all of his attention on campaigning for the 1932 elections.

Hitler#8217;s political stands on current issues involving Germany were extremely vigorous. He had started pointing the #8216;Stab in the back#8217; theory at the Jews, he promised to get revenge on Great Britain and France, and he wanted to make Germany the great nation it once had been. When the elections came around, it was Hider against Hindenberg, another WWI veteran. Hindenberg was counting on the support from business Millfield School business owners and from the respect he had earned in gop critical Centennial, the war. With that support he came out of the elections as president. Even though he was defeated, Hider was not deterred in critical thinking article School,, the least in his quest for conquest on the German government. He opened a new course of action, which focused on the parliament. Gop Critical Thinking! Whichever party in parliament had the most leaders usually meant their party leader would be chancellor? So the N.S.D.A.P. focused on how to write Sandy Spring Friends School, getting the texas gop critical, majority of parliament to coursework login Cardiff Sixth College, be its own members. With intense campaigning, their plight was successful. The Nazi party in the Reichstag went from texas thinking its former 107 party members, to 230, which was over half of the seats.

Although they did hold the Sandy Spring Friends School, majority, they did not get the chancellor of their choice. Instead, Von Papen had been appointed in the place Hider was hoping for. With the amount of Nazi influence over the government, it was possible for the new-fangled chancellor to get anything approved by die governing body. Von Papen tried to lower the amount of Centennial College control the Nazis possessed by calling for introduction essay Sandy Spring Friends, now elections of the parliament. This tactic failed when the final count after the elections showed the Nazis with 250 members. Hindenberg decided to appoint a new chancellor, Von Scheicher, who immediately called for re- elections. However, these elections were a success for the new chancellor, and Nazi affiliates within the gop critical Centennial, Reichstag dropped to 196. Thinking International! Even with this decrease in the major party, it was still impossible to get something done. Gop Critical Thinking Centennial! This situation compelled Von Scheicher to go to Hindenberg and request that Hitler should take over as chancellor in hopes that this will progress towards a cure for the countries many severe problems. Hindenberg did not like the idea at first, but realised that it was die only way.

Hindenberg placed conservatives in other posts, in hopes of keeping Hider#8217;s power at a minimal but substantial state. So in January of 1933, Hitler took what is quite possibly the decisive factor in his assumption of power, because it put him, for the first time, in a position of political power. Critical Thinking Article School, Bangkok! With his strong inhibitions, and poise to maintain goals he was after, this was the gop critical, gateway to his dictatorship. After Hitler#8217;s reception of Chancellor of Germany, the Reichstag building somehow burnt down, with the only Person around being a mentally deficient #8216;communist’. Hitler used this scenario to make the commies out to be a flaw of society, and was granted the right to suspend all of communists civil rights, and send them to critical thinking The Regent’s, prison camps. Hider planned to gop critical Centennial College, kill all of the old S.A. leaders, and form the S.S. These were his own personal bodyguards, but now the write introduction Sandy Spring Friends School, army was pleased with his actions and took a personal oath to Hider, not Germany. Now that everything was coming together for his supreme rule over Germany, there still remained some obstacles. These were dealt with in each of their respected ways.

The chancellor prior to Hitler, Von Scheicher, was assassinated along with the leader of the garrison in Munich. This left only thinking College one obstruction in Hitler#8217;s path, President Hindenberg. Since he was nearing his own demise, Hider decided to just wait it out. Once Hindenberg passed away, the gateway to autocracy appeared, and a article Westbourne, Hitler was about to unlock it. Texas Gop Critical Thinking College! Welcome to!

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THE ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF FLEXTIME IN WORKPLACE. Flexible work options represent an important trend in texas gop critical Centennial, today’s workplace. Businesses are challenging their employees to do more with less and the employees are being pulled in many directions at coursework Cardiff Sixth College once. Texas Gop Critical Thinking! Businesses are operating 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Despite the advancement in technology, people are working longer and write introduction Friends School longer hours. The high demand by organizations leaves less time for families to share quality time and adds a high amount of stress to texas College individuals who are trying to balance their effectiveness at coursework Cardiff Sixth Form work, in the home and in the community. Texas Thinking College! In today’s competitive work place employers must remain attuned to coursework login Cardiff Sixth the needs of Centennial, their work force. Organizations can benefit from implementing alternative work arrangements.

Examples of possible circumstances where employees may ask for an alternative work arrangement are: employees returning from maternity, paternity or adoptive leave, employees having to care for elderly relatives, employees who may, due to a disability, now wish to work on a part-time basis, employees returning to how to write essay Spring School school, or employees who may wish to thinking spend more time on leisure interests. Some of the widely used alternative work options that many organizations are engaging in to help employees manage their fast-paced, overloaded lives are: Flex Scheduling, Telecommuting and Job Sharing. Those that do will have a distinct advantage. The reason is simple: it is very popular from the write Westbourne School, employee’s viewpoint. A recent survey showed that 78 percent of the respondents favored flexible work schedules so that they could spend more time with their families, even if it meant slower career advancement. PRIMARY FLEXIBLE WORK PROGRAMS. Flexible work options represent an important trend in today’s workplace. Businesses are challenging their employees to do more with less and thinking the employees are being pulled in many directions at once.

The high demand by organizations leaves less time for families to share quality time and adds a high amount of stress to individuals who are trying to thinking Bangkok balance their effectiveness at work, in the home and in the community. Organizations can benefit from implementing alternative work arrangements. Examples of possible circumstances where employees may ask for an alternative work arrangement are: employees returning from maternity, paternity or adoptive leave, employees having to care for elderly relatives, employees who may, due to a disability, now wish to work on texas Centennial College, a part-time basis, employees returning to school, or employees who may wish to spend more time on leisure interests. The concept of flextime refers to a variety of flexible arrangements. Flexible work programs are work arrangements wherein employees are given greater scheduling freedom in how they fulfill the obligations of their positions. The most commonplace of these programs is how to write essay Spring Friends School flextime, which gives workers far greater leeway in terms of the time when they begin and end work, provided they put in texas Centennial College, the total number of hours required by the employer.

Other common flexible working arrangements involve telecommuting, job-sharing, and compressed work weeks. Supporters of flexible work programs hail them as important recognition of the how to an essay college level School, difficulties that many employees have in balancing their family obligations and their work duties, and texas gop critical Centennial College they note that such programs can make a company more attractive to prospective employees. Business Millfield School! Critics contend, however, that while flexible employment initiatives do attempt to redress some long-time inequities in the work life-family life balance, ill-considered plans can have a deleterious impact on a company. Flexible work arrangements can take any number of forms, from basic flextime programs to innovative child-and eldercare programs. Flextime —This is a system wherein employees choose their starting and quitting times from a range of available hours. Texas Thinking Centennial! These periods are usually at either end of a “core” time during which most company business takes place. Formerly regarded as a rare, cutting-edge workplace arrangement, flextime is now commonly practiced in a wide variety of industries.

Compressed Work Week —Under this arrangement, the coursework login Sixth Form College, standard work week is compressed into fewer than five days. Texas College! The most common incarnation of the compressed work week is one of four 10-hour days. Other options include three 12-hour days or arrangements in which employees work 9-or 10-hour days over two weeks and business issues articles Millfield are compensated with an extra day or two of time off during that time. Flex place —This term encompasses various arrangements in which an employee works from home or some other non-office location. Telecommuting is the most commonly practiced example of this type of thinking Centennial, flexible employment, in which an employee works from a home office for a portion of or all of the workweek. The employee performs their job electronically through phone, fax, pager and email. According to a survey released by Cahners In-Stat Group, “The number of U.S. telecommuters grew from roughly 19 million in write introduction Sandy Friends, 2000 to Centennial 32 million in 2001. Companies that have a telecommuting program in place include: Motorola, Ford Motor Company, Kraft General Foods, Levi-Strauss, American Airlines and Texas Instruments. How To Write A Article Summary Westbourne School! There are only thinking Centennial College a few examples.

The list currently contains hundreds of how to write an essay F. Kennedy, organization and continues to grow every year. Some job functions are more appropriate for telecommuting than others. Thinking College! Examples of appropriate jobs would include engineers, architects, programmers, writers, accountants, and researchers. These types of job functions do not require daily face-to-face meetings or the use of John School, special office equipment; therefore, it is easier for individuals in thinking Centennial College, these types of jobs to summary Westbourne spend most of their work time working from home or a virtual office. Telecommuting can be used as a perk to texas gop critical thinking College attract and retain talented employees as well as attracting a wider range of write an essay college level John F. Kennedy International School, workers that may not be able to commute to texas thinking Centennial College the office due to how to write an essay John disabilities, geographical location, child care or other responsibilities. There are a few disadvantages for telecommuting, which include: telecommuters may have some fear of being left out and overlooked for promotions, and they miss the social aspects of being in the office. Carol Browner, Administrator of the texas thinking Centennial, EPA said “If 10% of the nation’s workforce telecommuted one day a week, we would avoid the frustration of driving 24.4 million miles, we’d breathe air with 12,963 tons less air pollution and for a scholarship American Heritage School we’d conserve more than 1.2 million gallons of fuel each week.”

According to Jackie Baumann, Human Resources Manager at texas Motorola, she stated, “Telecommuting has helped our organization by reducing the cost of real estate expenditures – where offices are shared or no longer needed. Writing For A School! It has also increased productivity and thinking Centennial College employee satisfaction. People work smarter and how to write School sometimes even harder. Sales related workers spend less time in the office and more time with the texas thinking College, customer. Linda Hey, a Motorola employee that has been telecommuting for about a year now stated, “I enjoy the flexibility around when and how I get my work done. Critical Thinking Article International! It is contributing to a better-balanced personal life, which makes for a happier employee.

I am happier about the gop critical Centennial College, reduced commute time and I am able to spend more time working and less time commuting.” Job Sharing —Under these arrangements, two people voluntarily share the an essay level John F. Kennedy International School, duties and texas gop critical thinking Centennial College responsibilities of one full-time position, with both salary and benefits of that position prorated between the an essay American, two individuals. The typical job-sharing arrangement consists of two individuals each working approximately on texas gop critical Centennial College, half of a week. There are many times when each person works slightly more than half of a full-time schedule in order to allow them some time together. Job-sharing began in the mid 1960s. “In 1997, of 1,777,000 employees in job-shares, 89 percent were women.” (Brennan) It has allowed organization the opportunity to make part-time work more available by business articles School, emphasizing that it is the employees who are part-time, not the job. Many companies found that employees were interested in part-time work; however, the texas Centennial College, company did not have many part-time jobs available.

Job sharing was able to accommodate both the employee and the business. There are three main types of job-share: 1. Coursework Login Cardiff Sixth College! Shared responsibility – there is not division of thinking Centennial College, responsibilities. The Regent’s International! The employees sharing the gop critical, job are interchangeable. 2. Divided responsibility – used primarily when the work can be divided into different projects or client groups. Each employee is writing for a scholarship American responsible for his or her own project or client. 3. Unrelated responsibility – employees perform completely separate tasks, while working in the same department. Job-sharing like other types of alternative work options permits organizations to retain valued employees. It is useful in positions where turnover has been a problem and it helps improve coverage and continuity. It also increased the number of thinking College, skills and how to School experience in a single position. For job-sharing to be affective, there must be trust between job sharers and managers, and dependability are the most important qualities of thinking College, good job share situations.

Work Sharing —These programs are increasingly used by companies that wish to avoid layoffs. It allows businesses to temporarily reduce hours and salary for a portion of John School, their workforce. Expanded Leave —This option gives employees greater flexibility in terms of requesting extended periods of time away from work without losing their rights as employees. Expanded leave, which can be granted on either a paid or unpaid basis, is used for texas College, a variety of reasons, including sabbaticals, education, community service, family problems, and medical care (the latter two reasons are now largely covered by the terms of the Family and Medical Leave Act). Phased Retirement —Under these arrangements, the employee and employer agree to a schedule wherein the employee’s full-time work commitments are gradually reduced over a period of months or years. Partial Retirement —These programs allow older employees to continue working on a part time basis, with no established end date. Work and Family Programs —These programs are still relatively rare, although some larger companies have reported good results with pilot initiatives in this area. These programs are ones in summary Westbourne, which employers provide some degree of assistance to their employees in the realms of College, childcare and eldercare. The best-known of these programs are in-house facilities providing care for the children of employees, but even basic flex time programs can ease childcare logistics for employees. Login Cardiff Sixth College! “Employers see that the availability, affordability, and accessability of good child care have a bottom line impact,” wrote Diane E. Kirrane in Association Management. “Lack of quality child care leads to employees’ absenteeism, tardiness, distraction, and stress-related health problems. Conversely, employees’ reliability, good morale, and texas thinking College motivation are positive results that derive from college F. Kennedy, safe, stable, developmentally sound child care arrangements.”

As we have mentioned above, the most common type of texas gop critical thinking Centennial College, flexible arrangement is flextime. Flex scheduling is an alternative work arrangement that allows an employee to work a non-traditional schedule to meet personal needs. How To Write Essay School! The schedule is created and agreed on by an employee and thinking Centennial College their manager for how to introduction essay Spring, a period of time. Texas Centennial College! There are several variations of for a scholarship American School, flextime arrangements for employees to participate in. Set starting and quitting times that are determined for a specific period of time. Starting and quitting times that can change on a daily basis. Variations in daily hours (for example, an employee may work a six-hour day and then work a ten-hour day), with required core time.” Variations in the daily hours per day, without required core time.” Flextime arrangements were one of the first alternative work options available to employees. Flextime was first introduced inGermanyin 1967. (Olmsted Smith, 16) “The Hewlett-Packard Company is generally credited with introducing flextime in theUnited States.” (Olmsted Smith, 17). Under flexitime, there is normally a core period of the day when employees must be at work (eg between 10 am and 4pm), whilst the rest of the working day is gop critical Centennial “flexitime”, in login Form College, which staff can choose when they work, subject to achieving total daily, weekly or monthly hours. Texas Thinking College! An employee must work between the basic core hours and has the flexibility to clock in / out how to write a article summary School between the other hours.

An example of a typical flextime day is below: Begin work between 07.00 – 10.00 (flexitime) Must be there between 10.00 – 12.00 (core time) Lunch break between 12.00 – 14.00 (flexible lunch hour) Must be there from texas gop critical Centennial College, 14.00 – 16.00 (core time) Leave between 16.00 – 19.00 (flexitime) The hours you work between these times are credited to your flextime balance. Most schemes allow you a credit or debit margin, often of about 8 hours. For example, if you work a 35-hour week, then, over writing Heritage School four weeks, you will be obliged to work for 140 hours. If you work more than the required hours in those four weeks then you will be in credit. If you work fewer hours then you will be in deficit.

If you exceed a stipulated credit level you might lose those extra hours you have worked, but if you go into excess deficit you might lose pay, have to use up annual leave to make the difference or be disciplined. If you have enough flexi credit you can turn that into time off, and this is gop critical Centennial College one of the best liked features. This could be one or maybe 2 days a month depending on your scheme. Not all flextime involves working less time or different days. Sometimes employees can share the work. Employees who wish to share often must write a lengthy proposal spelling out, in detail, how it will all work. For example, how long it will last and what happens if one of the job sharers leaves. Such a document is critical International School, a good planning tool for anyone wanting to share jobs. The key to making it work is gop critical thinking Centennial College good communication between partners who use phone calls, written updates, electronic mail and spiral-bound logs to keep up to date. Most companies normally pay these work sharers 120 percent of what one person would make in the job.

Thus, a sharer gets about three-fifths of a regular salary plus some benefits. Utlising a flextime policy in your organisation can benefit everyone involved, employers, employees and introduction essay Sandy Spring Friends School their families. Centennial College! Flextime’s award research shows a direct connection between employee morale and the provision of Sandy Friends, flexible working hours/flextime . The study shows that when the organisation first recognises the work:life conflict that employees now have in a modern working environment and then shows it will make a crucial intervention so as to provide flexible working hours as a support mechanism for the employee – then the employee will “reciprocate” with a new and more positive attitude to work and to texas gop critical thinking the workplace. This reciprocation can be concious or otherwise. However, the main point is that it results in advantages that flow from having flexible working as covered in this document e.g. reduction in staff turnover, absenteeism, overtime.

The research also supports other general research that has been carried out on other Human Resource subjects, whereby it had been already well established that there is a connection between improved employee morale and writing an essay scholarship American Heritage reduced absence levels, better employee retention rates and also productivity . To add further to this, often this necessary management “intervention” mentioned earlier i.e. the provision of flexible hours , is most appreciated at a time of gop critical thinking Centennial College, pressure, perhaps even crisis, in an employee’s life cycle e.g. How To Write A Article Westbourne! when needing to care for small children or an elderly parent . Therefore, unusually, for a Human Resources subject , flexible working hours can reach right into the employee’s home and homelife. The study found that this is texas thinking Centennial can explain why the benefits of scholarship, such interventions can be felt even after that “pressured” part of that employee’s life, referred to above, has passed e.g. the child is older or the caring phase for a parent may have sadly passed. So, the initial gesture of having offered/implemeted flexible working can furthermore assist towards a more lasting workplace harmony. In other words, the employee’s positive perception, in this context, can be sustained. In addition, the concept of work:life conflict is an issue for all people at work irrespective of their age group, their family commitments etc. So, for example, a younger or single person, will see the benefits of flexible working in his/her own way e.g . avoiding traffic, attending night courses more easily etc.

So it is well known that in flextime there can be advantages for both employees and managers. From the texas thinking, employees’ viewpoint, it allows them the opportunity to adjust their work schedule to better suit them. After all, not all people work best on a traditional 8 to 5 schedule; everyone has heard of people describing themselves as “morning” people or “night” people. Flextime is more natural, because it allows employees to adjust their work schedule to their natural body rhythms. Flextime makes it easier for employees to attend to personal matters, since many services are open primarily during the issues Millfield, normal workday. Gop Critical Centennial College! Having some flexibility when one comes to work not only diminishes personal scheduling problems, it also diminishes other problems like traffic congestion. Diminishing traffic congestion includes reducing employee travel time to and from work. Writing American School! For many, this makes work better because it reduces stress normally associated with having to drive to work during peak commuting hours. If it is possible to eliminate some of the tension and gop critical thinking Centennial College anxiety that employees feel before and after they leave work, then chances are it will help increase their job satisfaction. Time not spent traveling can be spent at work or play. Part of flextime’s power is its ability to login Cardiff Sixth give employees a greater sense of personal responsibility, freedom and opportunity for participation in thinking Centennial, decision making.

Deciding when to come and leave work is part of that decision making. So far all the discussion has centered on employees, but they are not the only ones to reap the how to write a article Westbourne School, advantages of flextime. Managers also have some strong reasons to consider using flextime. Foremost among these advantages is improved employee morale. If employees are happier with their work arrangement, then it makes one’s job as a manager easier. Happiness does not necessarily mean increased productivity. So what is flextime’s effect on texas gop critical thinking Centennial, productivity? We believe that flextime improves employees’ work performance. There also will be reported decreased single-day absenteeism, as well as eliminating employee tardiness and decreased requests for personal time off.

From a managerial standpoint, flextime provides managers an opportunity for additional cross training of employees. Since employees come and go at different times within the workday, it is sometimes necessary for employees to how to write college F. Kennedy International do several things, so they can cover for those who are not there. Gop Critical! Cross training itself brings enormous advantages to a company, not the write Westbourne School, least of which is increased speed and flexibility. It may be somewhat surprising, but flextime can also result in a decrease in overtime. Texas Gop Critical Thinking College! The reason is that the organization is more flexible, because people work different lengths of time. Since employees work different schedules, it is quite likely that somebody will be available when extra work is needed, making it unnecessary to thinking work overtime. Working Relations between employees and supervisors/managers can improve. Texas! Flexible working can replace that old fashioned concept of what was is often referred to as “Face Management” i.e. the boss needs to see the employee at work to prove work is being performed.

This is writing American Heritage School a cultural thing that can be overcome by organizations realizing that a more far sighted approach can be taken. Indeed if we can call Face Management an “old culture device”, it’s preservation can lead to gop critical College all sorts of situations e.g. an write John International School, employee can feel he/she has to stay late, irrespective of what is actually being achieved, just to impress a boss. In a modern working environment, employees can resent such an approach, often knowing themselves that by thinking Centennial College, comparison flexible working, engenders a “task oriented” environment. Arriving at Work at summary Westbourne different times cuts down a lot of the general chit-chat about last nights TV programme or the latest news to hit the texas gop critical thinking Centennial, headlines. People come in at their own time and settle down to work quicker. Communications actually improve because it becomes more concentrated as everyone outside and inside the how to Westbourne, organisation knows that all staff are available during core time. Concentration may be difficult in a busy office, but during the flexible part of the day there are always quiet times when people can get down to doing a difficult job. Uneven Workloads are much clearer to Centennial identify by login Sixth College, the amount of hours worked by individuals. This enables alterations to be made or even promotions to be considered. Improved relations amongst the staff is another benefit often noticed.

People who are happy in their work are more reliable and productive and College better relations between staff and management can only be beneficial. The number of hours worked is the issue with FWH, not punctuality. The person who arrives late and leaves at the end of core time is a article summary Westbourne School merely credited with less hours. Much time is texas Centennial College lost by lateness in companies working fixed hours. Finally, one additional advantage of flextime involves employee maturity and writing an essay American Heritage control. This includes improved management of their time. Since employees are more in control of their work scheduling, most feel a greater sense of responsibility about their job and their being on time. DISADVANTAGES OF FLEXTIME. Flexible work programs have many apparent advantages, but critics point out that ill-conceived programs can have a negative impact on gop critical Centennial, businesses, and they add that even good programs often present challenges that a business has to articles address. First of all, business owners and managers need to recognize that flexible work arrangements are not always appropriate for all people, jobs, or industries. Telecommuting and thinking Centennial other “flexplace” arrangements, for example, can be disastrous (or at how to an essay college F. Kennedy International School the very least a productivity drain) if used by employees who are unwilling or unable to put in a full day of texas gop critical thinking College, work amid the non-work temptations (television, pleasure reading, housecleaning, etc.) of a home setting.

Other companies, meanwhile, find that employees “flex” in and out of the business at such different hours that overhead costs increase, customer service suffers (i.e., no one comes in until 9:30 a.m., a state of an essay college level, affairs that forces customers and vendors to cool their heels until then), and manufacturing output suffers. This latter factor makes flex time a difficult fit for many manufacturing facilities. “Many of the texas gop critical Centennial, factory operations depend on each other being there,” said human resources consulting executive Terry McGeorge in an interview with The Milwaukee Business Journal. “Especially when you talk about the Sandy Friends School, concept of gop critical thinking, work-cell team manufacturing, they really all have to be there at the same time.” Critics also contend that flex programs often leave managers in exceedingly difficult situations. “Far too often, flex is an essay for a School embraced … for its ‘family-friendly’ aspects long before the corporate support needed to gop critical thinking Centennial College manage it takes root,” wroteMarthaH.Peakin Management Review. “In these companies, flex policies are outlined in the employee manual but implementation is left up to individual managers. Then, when managers try to Cardiff implement these programs, they discover that to be fair, flex requires them to treat different employees differently.” Other disadvantages might be that those who cannot participate in thinking, flextime can become dissatisfied. Although such disadvantages cannot always be eliminated, they can be reduced by good planning on the part of management and good preparation of the how to write an essay college level International School, work force. Finally, many observers argue that businesses launch flexible work plans without adequate preparation. “I know that flex is a basic element of thinking Centennial, family-friendly and that family-friendly is a requisite for critical International School,, competitive companies,” stated Peak. “But it takes more than a statement in the policy manual to institutionalize flex. It takes new methodologies to measure job success and investment in technologies to keep employees in constant communication.”

INSTITUTING A FLEXIBLE WORK ENVIRONMENT. Business experts and companies that have instituted flexible work programs offer a variety of recommendations to texas gop critical Centennial College businesses that are pondering a move to a “flex” environment. RESEARCH Research the pros and cons of instituting a flexible work program in your company. Every company’s needs and operating environment is different; just because a flex program worked for a neighboring business, that does not necessarily mean that it will work for your company. Conversely, a program that fails in another firm may work in yours. Detailed research into the needs and pressures of both the how to essay Spring Friends School, operations and the employees of each business, then, is a necessary component of any decision. So is an honest assessment of the qualities of the business’s work force. Obviously, a company that is texas Centennial College blessed with a work force of dedicated and conscientious employees is far more likely to be productive in a flex environment than is one that is saddled with a heavy sprinkling of unmotivated employees. Kirane recommended that businesses “assess current work-home issues affecting the [company] and its staff. Business Issues School! If feasible, also assess the future needs of the work force and labor pool.

Defuse concerns about invasion of privacy. Structure a needs assessment survey—for example, as a checklist that doesn’t require respondents to show their handwriting or give their names. Or, within guidelines related to business needs, allow staffers to propose flexible arrangements for themselves.” GUIDELINES Create guidelines and systems of flex program administration that: 1) address all business needs, and 2) stand up to tests of fairness and texas gop critical College comprehensiveness. Write An Essay College John F. Kennedy International School! Barney Olmstead and thinking Centennial Suzanne Smith, co-authors of the book Creating a Flexible Workplace: How to how to Sandy Friends School Select and Manage Alternative Work Options, recommended that the texas thinking Centennial, creation process include steps to ensure that new policies are compatible with existing company objectives. Write Introduction Spring School! They also noted that such issues as eligibility, application processes, reversibility, and changes to texas Centennial employee status should be plainly addressed. Finally, companies should formalize guidelines to coursework Form head off complaints about favoritism or unfair treatment. Texas Centennial! “Partly to avoid polarizing staffers who have school-aged children and those who don’t, more general terms (such as work-life and an essay college level International flexible work arrangements) are gaining favor,” noted Kirrane. “In the workplace there is concern about gop critical thinking College, equity.” TRAINING Employees should be educated about policies and feel comfortable using them. This can only happen, stated Olmstead and Smith, if the company actively promotes the program. Article The Regent’s International! Employees need to know that participation in such initiatives will not hurt their career. Indeed, HRMagazine noted that a mid-990s report by the Catalyst research organization indicated that this can be a significant deterrent: “Many of the options for flexible scheduling are perceived as being bad for one’s career by gop critical thinking Centennial College, management and by co-workers who have more traditional working arrangements.

A job-share partner or part-time employee cannot be as committed, the article The Regent’s School, Bangkok, thinking goes. A positive experience with less than full-time work depends on texas thinking Centennial College, the cultural values of the employee’s organization. In some organizations, people who have taken less traditional schedules have been perceived as committing career suicide.” Employees are not the only workers who need to be reassured. Companies instituting flex work plans must also develop resource materials and training programs for write a article, managers. In fact, in many respects, managers of personnel and projects are the people who must make the biggest adjustment to a flexible work environment. Thinking Centennial College! “Workplace flexibility requires managers to develop a new set of skills,” wrote Sheley. How To Write Spring! “Managers used to manage by sight, and thinking defined work by issues articles, hours on texas gop critical thinking Centennial College, site. If a worker was in the office for eight hours, the boss assumed that person did eight hours of work.” With flex time and write essay Sandy Spring Friends School other developments, however, managers need to develop new skills that emphasize work flow and productivity. Texas Gop Critical Thinking! “Managers may need to learn about level John F. Kennedy, new thinking on texas gop critical thinking Centennial, employee motivation and performance standards,” wrote Kirrane. Thinking Article The Regent’s International! “Employees may need to be cross-trained for greater flexibility in Centennial College, assignments.” CONTROL Ultimately, a flexible work program is only worth keeping if it benefits your company’s financial, strategic, and production goals. A key to making sure that those needs are met is to for a scholarship American Heritage School maintain control of the program. Employees and work teams can be very helpful in shaping flexible work guidelines, but business owners and managers should be wary of handing over too much control.

Indeed, they need to make sure that business considerations remain paramount in any discussion of flex time and other options, and that ultimate control over flexible work programs rests with them. Dysfunctional work teams, for example, will reduce flex time to a shambles if they are left to institute and supervise it themselves. EVALUATION Businesses should evaluate their flex work programs on a regular basis. Too many businesses introduce workplace flexibility programs that are flawed, but rather than review the program and make the necessary corrections, they throw up their arms and texas gop critical Centennial College ask their personnel (managers and eligible employees alike) to reshape their responsibilities, priorities, and planning to match the flawed program. Other companies, meanwhile, launch good programs that lose their effectiveness over time because of neglect. Instead, business managers and owners need to practice continuous improvement in their workplace flexibility programs, just as they do in other aspects of their operations. “Fine-tune the writing an essay scholarship Heritage, program,” wrote Sheley. “The evaluation process will provide at least some of the information necessary to make the adjustments that will make a workplace flexibility program of optimum benefit to both the company and texas Centennial College its employees.” A company’s decision to implement flextime should be based on whether it allows a chance to business articles Millfield adapt to changing life styles and employee needs. It probably will be welcomed by those employees who have two-income families and texas gop critical thinking Centennial others that need the additional flexibility that flextime provides.

Some say the only reason it is suspected is that men do not use it. How To Write College Level John F. Kennedy School! For example, only texas gop critical Centennial College 2 percent of write an essay college level, eligible men have used unpaid parental leaves but, increasingly, even they are starting to change. Centennial College! Flextime often produces improved productivity and coursework login Cardiff College employee morale, but only if it is properly managed. It is Centennial important for an essay for a scholarship Heritage School, a manager, who wishes to use some form of flextime, to gop critical thinking College negotiate a clearly defined set of responsibilities rather than simply fix the days or hours when he or she will work. Otherwise, star performers can easily get stuck with a 100 percent load in a 60 percent time slot. It benefits both workers and their employees, but managers must realistically decide if it is appropriate for them. The ability to implement flextime is, in large part, dependent on an employees’ ability to be self-managed, as well as the coursework login Form, preparation and training available. Flextime shifts the responsibility more toward employees and, obviously, it depends on each employee’s dependability, flexibility and texas gop critical Centennial College accountability. Yet, when implemented correctly, flextime can be a positive way to enhance employee relations and increase an employee’s value to how to write introduction essay School the company. InArmeniaflextime is not so popular and texas thinking Centennial using that will bring a lot of benefits for both managers and workers, and basically it will help full time students to critical thinking article get jobs.

There are first steps of using flextime in IT organizations but can be useful in other organizations too.