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believe essay format This I Believe Essay prompt. DEADLINE: Consult weekly syllabus. PROMPT: Write a “This I Believe” Essay that captures one of your fundamental beliefs in an interesting, artistic way. There is no exact formula for what a “This I Believe” essay should contain. The best way to get a sense for how these kinds of of california a-g list Sidcot essays work is to read as many examples as possible at: Of course, I can provide some key components. As you write your response, keep the how to write a proper for an Academy following in mind: The essay should clearly articulate one of your central beliefs . Voice matters.

The tone of the essay should fit your personality. Some will be silly. Some will be serious. Some will be sincere. Some will be sarcastic. University Of California Sidcot School! Yet, be sure the tone “sounds like” you. The essay should be 400-900 words long. The essay should incorporate some of the how to write a proper Academy descriptive writing techniques we’ve studied in class. Of California A-g List Sidcot School! (Honors students have an additional task; see below.) Grammar matters. Your essay should reflect your mastery of write introduction for an language.

Edit, edit, edit. University Of California A-g List! HONORS COMPONENT - Style Analysis: Honors students must incorporate at thinking Bromsgrove International School least two stylistic techniques from example essays into their own essay and then write a 400-500 word explanation of how the sample essays influenced their own work, providing examples from both examples and their own essay. This style analysis should be included as an appendix to the actual essay. To accomplish this style analysis, honors students need to read at least five example “This I Believe” essays (in addition to university Sidcot those we study in class). Please be sure to link to the additional essays that you read within the document so that I can go back and read the write an editorial essays, too.

Eventually you will share this essay with an audience outside of university Sidcot Beaver. Hopefully I can make connections with global classrooms, and you will eventually use this essay as a springboard for a larger assignment where, working with an international partner, you write a “This We Believe” essay (or video). It Is Badminton School! This next step is “down the university road,” but I wanted you to know where I envision this work heading. ALTERNATIVE PROMPTS (For those that already wrote a This I Believe essay): Most of the bullet points from research article Bronte, above still apply. The main aspect of your essay I will be assessing is DESCRIPTIVE LANGUAGE. Create your own prompt. Is there an essay you’ve always wanted to write, or a topic you’ve always wanted to explore? Now you can. Meet with me, and university Sidcot School we’ll set the parameters of the assignment.

Write an I come from. Essay . Where do the elements of the wonder-that-is-you come from? Yes, you come from Boston (or someplace else), but I don’t want you to critical activity Kendall College take this prompt so literally. Where did your sense of humor start? Why do you lack as much self-confidence as you would like? Why do you love music but find poems baffling? Get creative and react to the I come from. prompt in university a-g list Sidcot, an unexpected way. A Proper Essay Vermont! Enter a student essay contest or submit a creative essay to a student journal. It is of california Sidcot your responsibility to know the deadlines and submission procedures for a contest.

You can find your own place to submit, or you can try one of these: The Blue Pencil Online - a student managed literary magazine accepting submissions from teens around the world Essay Contest at Real Teen Issues Essay contest at A long list of essay contests at This I Believe Essay Scoring Guide. All points come from the 1-7 scale (on back) ____ Ideas: the main message of the piece. ____ The piece contains insightful, well-developed commentary (your ideas). ____ The student#39;s commentary does not simply repeat the essay Istituto Marangoni Milano same idea with. different language. Instead, the ideas grow as the of california Sidcot piece develops. ____ The piece fully articulates the belief, demonstrating significant consideration of abstract, multi-faceted meaning. ____ The piece demonstrates original thought; the points do not merely repeat those mentioned in-class or examples.

In other words, the an editorial essay piece is interesting . ____ Organization: the internal structure of the piece. ____ The piece begins with an interesting, well-organized introduction that effectively sets. up the main point. ____ Contains a direct or implied thesis that serves as a “blueprint” for the rest of the piece. ____ Each paragraph has a clear and distinct organization; the ideas connect with on another. in a logical way. ____ Contains strong transitions between paragraphs and between points within a. paragraph; a logical progression of ideas exists. ____ The piece ends with a clear conclusion that “opens up” the university of california topic by research analysis Bronte College introducing a. new-but-connected idea and university of california School leaves the reader thinking. ____ Voice: the write an editorial Beau Soleil personal tone and flavor of the university School author’s style. ____ The essay has an engaging, thoughtful title. Article Analysis Bronte! ____ Language is original in its word choice, avoiding cliches. ____ The writer takes risks. University Sidcot School! His or her language does not sound like everyone else’s. ____ The write uses a variety of literary techniques (e.g. figurative language, irony, humor, juxtaposition. Critical Thinking Activity College! ) in a skillful manner. ____ Word Choice: the vocabulary a writer chooses to convey meaning. ____ The piece contains clear, artistic, and precise language that makes the student#39;s ideas. very apparent and easy to understand. ____ The writer “shows, not tells.” The writer uses an effective balance of specific, personal, and concrete language and Sidcot School more general, abstract language. Thinking International! ____ Sentence Fluency: the rhythm and School flow of the how to Marangoni Milano sentences. ____ Writing contains sentence variety. There is a blend of sentence types (e.g. simple, compound, complex, compound complex) and lengths (short, medium and long). ____ The writer demonstrates an university of california, “ear” for language, working to create effective, varied rhythm. ____ Conventions: the mechanical correctness of the writing. ____ Writing contains no major distractions from critical thinking activity Kendall, sentence construction errors (run-ons, comma splices, or fragments) ____ The language is correct and free from error. Obvious care has been taken in the editing. process, and the language is polished as a result. ____ The essay follows MLA format (including the header) ____ Example essays are clearly linked and reflect a variety of writing styles. ____ The style analysis clearly articulates significant style elements in example essays. A-g List Sidcot School! ____ The style analysis effectively illustrates how the example essays influenced the student’s own manipulation of language and style.

WHAT THE 7-1 SCALE GRADE MEANS FOR ENGLISH. Outstanding writing, reading, speaking and listening work , showing: CONTENT – exceptional judgment, maturity, insight, analysis, and imagination. Article College! STYLE - a sophisticated, almost faultless grasp and application of formats, structuring and styles appropriate to context, purpose and audience, with adroit and creative vocabulary and syntax. INDEPENDENCE – marked independence, originality, sensitivity and flair.

Very good writing, reading, speaking and university of california a-g list Sidcot listening work , showing: CONTENT - very sound judgment, maturity, insight, analysis, and imagination. STYLE – a very thorough grasp and how to for an essay Academy application of formats, structuring and styles appropriate to context, purpose and audience, with astute choice of vocabulary and syntax. INDEPENDENCE – independence, originality, and sensitivity. Good writing, reading, speaking and listening work, showing : CONTENT - generally sound judgment, insight, analysis, and imagination. Of California A-g List Sidcot! STYLE – a thorough grasp and application of formats, structuring and styles appropriate to context, purpose and critical Bromsgrove International School Thailand audience, with effective choice of vocabulary and syntax. INDEPENDENCE - some independence, originality, and sensitivity. University Of California! Satisfactory writing, reading, speaking and listening work , showing: CONTENT - generally some judgment, insight, analysis, and imagination. STYLE - an adequate grasp and application of the formats, structuring and styles. appropriate to context, purpose and how to write an editorial essay audience, with mostly effective choice of a-g list School vocabulary and critical thinking activity syntax.

Most or all of the writing, reading, speaking and listening work is marginal or mediocre , showing: CONTENT – partly successful handling of content, but little evidence of university Sidcot judgement, insight, or analysis. STYLE – a partly successful grasp and application of an editorial College Beau Soleil formats, structuring and styles. appropriate to context, purpose and audience, with basic vocabulary and of california a-g list School syntax, and possibly some errors. The work indicates that the student may have clear difficulties in some areas, and/ or requires extra support. Most or all of the writing, reading, speaking and critical thinking guidelines Bromsgrove International School listening work is poor , showing: CONTENT – very limited handling of content, with no evidence shown of School judgement, insight, or analysis. STYLE – a very limited grasp and application of formats, structuring and research article Bronte styles. appropriate to context, purpose and audience, with vocabulary and of california a-g list Sidcot School syntax often inadequate; probably many errors. The work indicates that the student has marked difficulties in several areas, even with extra support.

Most or all of the writing, reading, speaking and listening work is very poor , showing: CONTENT – very poor handling of for an Vermont content, even with extra support, with no evidence shown of judgment, insight, or analysis. STYLE - little or no evidence of grasp and application of formats, structuring and styles appropriate to context, purpose and audience, even with extra support, seriously inadequate vocabulary and of california a-g list syntax. How To Write A Proper Introduction Essay Vermont! No grade , because no evidence has been supplied by the due date, or because the work submitted includes plagiarism .

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Trafficked Along the “Balkan Route” This photo essay originally appeared on of california a-g list, June 9, 2016 on Medium. Refugees and write a proper Migrants Are Left Unassisted as Exploitation Is Often Undetected. I n recent years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of refugees and migrants traveling on the “Balkan route” — the path stretching from the university of california Sidcot School Middle East to the European Union through Turkey and South East Europe — in search of critical activity a better life in university of california a-g list School the European Union. The journey, via the choppy and often deadly waters of the Aegean Sea, is fraught with risk and many people find themselves exposed to exploitation, including human trafficking. A family fleeing the war in a proper essay Vermont Syria.

Over half a million people entered Serbia between October 2015 and September 2016, according to the UN. The vast majority of them were merely passing through on their way to other countries. Photo: Peter Biro/ECHO. To date, however, there has been limited empirical evidence of when, why and how vulnerability to human trafficking arises in mass movements of migrants and refugees. University Of California. Little is also understood about how new patterns of vulnerability and exploitation challenge established procedures for the identification of and assistance to trafficking victims. Hundreds of Bronte College trafficked migrants and refugees — from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere — who have moved to and through Serbia over the past two years have provided a unique insight into their experiences in a-g list School a new report by NEXUS Institute and Fafo in partnership with Serbian non-governmental groups Atina and how to write essay Centre for Youth Integration . Syrian refugees in a makeshift camp in Lebanon. Restrictions on refugees’ ability to work legally in of california Sidcot Lebanon, as well as strict enforcement of visas and residence permits, has increased refugees’ vulnerability to sex trafficking and forced labor.

Photo: Peter Biro/ECHO. Our research highlights the how to write essay Istituto exploitation and trafficking of migrants and refugees who have moved to and through Serbia over of california a-g list the past two years. Reported human trafficking cases included male and female victims, adult and child victims and individuals trafficked for different forms of exploitation. The types of trafficking ranged from forced labor, begging or marriage to sexual exploitation. To a lesser extent, trafficking for the removal of organs was also reported. “Several migrants and refugees have been forced to provide sexual services as a means of continuing their journey toward the EU,” said Rebecca Surtees, NEXUS Senior Researcher and the report’s co-author. “In some cases, they were forced to it is critical Badminton sell sexual services to survive. In other instances, smugglers forced migrants or refugees into university a-g list School prostitution in order for for college Istituto Marangoni Milano, them to earn money to fund the onward travel.” “Migrants and university a-g list refugees were also trafficked for labor in it is critical School their attempt to earn money to continue their onward journey. They often had their passports seized and held by ‘employers’, were not paid and subjected to threats and physical violence.

This included men, women and children.” A mong refugees and migrants who are staying temporarily in Serbia there is a great fluidity in the identities of university a-g list Sidcot “migrant”, “refugee” and “trafficking victim”. Some individuals were originally trafficked but also became refugees or migrants when they escaped. Essay Academy. One woman escaped her exploitation as a domestic worker in the Gulf and fled to Europe as a migrant. Another woman was exploited as a “sex slave” in her home country but managed to university of california Sidcot School flee and then also became a refugee. In other cases, migrants or refugees were trafficked at some stage of their flight. One man fled his home country with his wife and children initially to a neighboring country. There, he was pressured to sell his kidney to write essay College Beau Soleil fund his family’s onward flight.

“People have also been vulnerable to School exploitation in settings where they have been stranded or unable to move on because they lack resources to pay smugglers or others to help them to continue their journey,” said Anette Brunovskis, Fafo Senior Researcher and co-author of the study. It is how to write for an essay Academy, challenging to identify trafficking victims under any circumstances. But it is particularly difficult during a massive and rapid movement of migrants and university of california Sidcot refugees, often organized by smugglers. For this reason, human trafficking may not be easily recognizable as such, the research analysis Bronte report points out. “The fast movement of an extraordinarily high number of migrants and refugees of mixed nationalities make it difficult for police, aid groups and other front line responders to identify cases of trafficking,” said Brunovskis. “The lack of a common language and university of california a-g list School a deep mistrust in local authorities further complicate the situation. To set up appropriate and effective human trafficking screening mechanisms or identifying particular vulnerabilities are enormous tasks in this fluid and ever-changing transit setting.” Syrians, fleeing from areas controlled by how to write essay for college, Islamic State, sit in of california the rocky desert where Jordan meets Syria Iraq. For some refugees and migrants, it was the critical guidelines Thailand situation they had ended up in as a result of trafficking — either in their home countries or in refugee camps — that led them to flee in university the first place.

Photo: Peter Biro/ECHO. T ypical indicators and signals of trafficking risk, which front line responders have been trained to identify, might not be relevant when it comes to trafficked migrants and refugees. There is an write essay College urgent need to develop more responsive tools to identify and assist trafficked migrants and refugees. But it is also important to consider other forms of of california a-g list Sidcot School vulnerability and exploitation that migrants and refugees face, which may be caused by or lead to human trafficking. Syrian refugees warm up in their makeshift shelter in critical thinking Bromsgrove Thailand Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. Photo: Peter Biro/ECHO. “ T o protect the rights of trafficked migrants and refugees, it is important not to focus too heavily on discrete ‘identities’, whether ‘migrant’, ‘refugee’ and/or ‘trafficking victim’,” said Rebecca Surtees. “Paying attention to this complexity and the overlapping identities will not only allow for a more holistic assistance response for individuals, but also a more inclusive social protection response generally in this country and university of california Sidcot School beyond.” Human Trafficking In Indonesia: The Difficult Road Home. This photo essay originally appeared on activity Kendall, July 13, 2016 on Medium. I n Indonesia, human trafficking is a pressing problem.

With over 32 million people living below the poverty line in this vast island nation, many thousands of Indonesians each year end up in working conditions indicative of trafficking. And once a trafficking victim returns home, the ordeal of being trapped in a-g list modern slavery is too often followed by a daunting personal struggle to put their life back together, according to new research by the NEXUS Institute, an independent human rights research and policy center based in Washington, D.C. Over 10 percent of Indonesians live under the poverty line, with some 30 million people forced to beg or scavenge to make ends meet. Poverty and lack of opportunity may contribute to the risk of human trafficking. Photo: Peter Biro for NEXUS Institute. Based on extensive interviews with almost 100 trafficking victims and over 100 anti-trafficking professionals and service providers in how to an editorial essay Soleil Indonesia, Going Home — Challenges in of california School the Reintegration of Trafficking Victims in Indonesia details the uncertain and precarious path toward recovery and reintegration faced by many victims of research human trafficking in Indonesia.

Going Home is the first in a series of longitudinal studies by of california Sidcot School, the NEXUS Institute about human trafficking and critical victim reintegration in Indonesia. A woman recycles plastic bottles at a garbage dump in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta. Photo: Peter Biro for NEXUS Institute. “ T his research is the first longitudinal study on human trafficking conducted in Indonesia and one of only a few in the world. University Of California A-g List School. It offers a unique lens into activity the complex process of university of california a-g list School reintegration for research article analysis Bronte College, victims after being trafficked, drawing on the firsthand accounts of a diverse group of trafficking victims,” said Stephen Warnath, President, CEO and Founder of NEXUS Institute. “These men and women shared their experiences with us and, in doing so, reveal stories of hope, determination, perseverance, courage, and of california a-g list School resilience. Our report documents their experiences and introduces what support is a proper introduction for an essay Vermont Academy, available for reintegration of victims of human trafficking in Indonesia, and the constraints and obstacles victims face in accessing that support.

The stories that emerge from a-g list our interviews are not unique. Listening to research Bronte their voices and university Sidcot School the lessons to be learned from write an editorial essay College Soleil them can benefit many countries around the university of california world.” Women in prostitution by the railroad tracks. Photo: Peter Biro for NEXUS Institute. A girl, who recently returned after having been trafficked into prostitution, walks through her home village. For those who have been rescued or have escaped trafficking, support from their families and communities is often critical to their recovery, but far from research article assured, according to NEXUS’ research. Photo: Peter Biro for NEXUS Institute.

A number of government initiatives exist to assist returning trafficking victims. Indonesia’s Anti-Trafficking Law (Law 21/2007), for example, provides a right to healthcare, psychological support and counseling, temporary shelter and university of california legal aid. “ N onetheless, returning home and reintegrating after trafficking is often a daunting process,” said Rebecca Surtees, NEXUS Institute Senior Researcher and the study’s lead author. Critical Guidelines Bromsgrove International School Thailand. “Many returning trafficking victims do not receive the assistance and university of california a-g list School support that they need to recover — despite existing legislation and research article analysis support programs. As a result, they often have a difficult time reintegrating into their families and communities and moving on with their lives after trafficking. They often face on-going vulnerability.” A man receives medical care in a community clinic in West Java. When trafficking victims return home, they often require a range of assistance, including emergency and long-term medical care. They also often require a raft of other services, including counseling, job placement or income generation, access to education, housing and of california School legal assistance. Photo: Peter Biro for NEXUS Institute. A policewoman outside a unit in critical guidelines Bromsgrove International School Thailand West Java tasked with investigating crimes against women and children, including human trafficking. Photo: Peter Biro for NEXUS Institute.

Travelers at Jakarta’s main bus station. Reintegration is much more than only returning to of california Sidcot one’s family. Photo: Peter Biro for NEXUS Institute. Often, trafficking victims do not know what services they are entitled to and how to access them. Those who do receive assistance from the government or civil society do not always receive help that is tailored to their individual needs or adequately supports their efforts to reintegrate, according to the study. This is, at least in part, because programs and services do not take into account all forms of trafficking and all types of thinking Kendall College victims. “ I n Indonesia, as in many countries, there is an assumption that most trafficking is for sexual exploitation,” Rebecca Surtees said. “Indonesian trafficking victims include men, women and children who are exploited sexually or for labor. Reintegration services and support need to of california Sidcot be tailored to each individual victim’s unique and specific experience and assistance needs.” A domestic worker employed in an Indonesian household.

Aside from sexual exploitation, a vast number of Indonesian women are trafficked each year into domestic servitude in how to a personal for college Istituto Marangoni Asia and the Middle East. Photo: Peter Biro for NEXUS Institute. A man working in a factory in West Java. Many Indonesians are trafficked for different types of labor. This includes factory work, construction, agriculture and commercial fishing. University Of California A-g List Sidcot. An increasing number of identified Indonesian trafficking victims are males. Photo: Peter Biro for NEXUS Institute. Workers and fishers in Jakarta’s port. Many trafficked Indonesian migrant workers were not recognized as trafficking victims, including men exploited in the fishing industry, the NEXUS report finds. Photo: Peter Biro for NEXUS Institute. A fisherman in the waters off the port in Jakarta.

Photo: Peter Biro for NEXUS Institute. T he report documents how Indonesians become trapped as victims of trafficking in many countries around the world. “Indonesians are trafficked within the country or exploited abroad, in neighboring Asian countries as well as further afield, including the Middle East, Africa and Latin America,” said Thaufiek Zulbahary, NEXUS Researcher and co-author of the report. This map shows the how to write a personal essay Milano various forms of university exploitation and it is School destination countries for respondents in the NEXUS report. Because of the limited understanding of trafficking among many practitioners and government officials, a lot of trafficking victims are simply unidentified.

NEXUS research shows that these victims are often unidentified because police and service providers often do not recognize that men can be trafficked or that victims can be trafficked for labor. Victims themselves often do not understand that their experiences of exploitation while migrant workers are, in fact, the crimes of human trafficking and forced labor. Nearly half of the trafficked persons in the NEXUS study were not formally identified and went unassisted, like this woman in a district of a-g list Sidcot West Java. Photo: Peter Biro for NEXUS Institute. “ T hey go unrecognized as trafficked and are often seen instead as failed or irregular migrant workers,” Rebecca Surtees said. “Trafficked persons themselves often do not recognize the thinking Bromsgrove School nature and extent of their exploitation.

As a consequence, they go unassisted and struggle to recover from trafficking and reintegrate into their families and communities.” Those who are formally identified as trafficking victims often face barriers in accessing available services. “ T here is university of california a-g list Sidcot, often a lack of information about available reintegration assistance and it is critical Badminton trafficking victims do not know where to go or who to ask for support,” said Suarni Daeng Caya, NEXUS Researcher and co-author of the report. “Support programs for trafficked men and university of california boys are also currently very limited.” For those who receive support, assistance is often “one-off” and research analysis Bronte College short-term. This contrasts with longer-term and comprehensive support that most trafficking victims need to achieve sustainable reintegration. A woman at her vegetable stand in of california a-g list Sidcot Jakarta. Economic assistance, such as capital to start a business, is generally offered as a one-off form of assistance for it is School, former trafficking victims and not coupled with other forms of support that victims often need, like medical care, counseling, education and training. Photo: Peter Biro for NEXUS Institute. A man running a small food business in his village.

Food stalls are a common form of small business in Indonesia. Formerly trafficked men typically received short-term, one-off support like a single small grant or loan to start a small business, which, without other services like business or vocational training, makes it difficult to build and sustain an economically viable business. Photo: Peter Biro for NEXUS Institute. Nonetheless, there are services in the country that can support trafficking victims in their efforts to reintegrate and recover. “This includes services not only for trafficking victims, but also for exploited migrant workers who have returned home and for university of california a-g list Sidcot School, persons who are socially and economically vulnerable,” said Laura S. Johnson, NEXUS Researcher and report co-author. “Some programs and services — like access to education — are available to all Indonesian citizens.” Among the report’s recommendations is that trafficking victims need to be supported in how to write essay College Beau making greater use of services and programs that already exist to Sidcot assist a wide range of beneficiaries, rather than to thinking Thailand limit support solely to programs dedicated to assist those who have survived being trafficked. Trafficking victims are often eligible for this larger array of programs, but currently they are rarely able to access and obtain these programs’ services and support. Others key recommendations are that reintegration services — which need to be long-term, comprehensive and provided by of california, qualified professionals — should be made available to all types of trafficking victims (men, women, girls and boys) as well as victims of all forms of human trafficking. Service providers should work with individual victims to how to write Istituto Marangoni Milano assess their needs and to School design a plan for their reintegration; they should work with victims over time to implement and monitor their reintegration process. While these stories, and the report that they are based upon, focus on Kendall College, Indonesia, these findings are relevant for many countries around the world.

“The experiences recounted by Indonesian trafficking victims mirror the experiences of trafficking victims shared with NEXUS researchers in university of california Sidcot School many other places,” Stephen Warnath notes. “In most countries there is much more that can be done to provide critically needed support for the men, women and children who have escaped or been rescued from human trafficking. The insights offered in this and it is critical other NEXUS reports can help guide governments in their efforts to help trafficking victims return home and rebuild their lives.” A small business in a trafficking-affected village in West Java. Small business grants are available to trafficking victims and exploited migrant workers in some areas through government programs. Photo: Peter Biro for NEXUS Institute. A man and boy register for services at a local health clinic in West Java.

Trafficking victims are entitled to emergency medical care under the university Anti-Trafficking Law. Write Introduction For An Vermont Academy. However, in a-g list some cases, returning trafficking victims are unable to access healthcare and other services because they do not have their identity documents. Photo: Peter Biro for NEXUS Institute. A group of research article analysis College women stand outside their houses in a village in West Java. Indonesia has several laws intended to protect women and children from violence.

Photo: Peter Biro for university of california Sidcot School, NEXUS Institute. The government provides funds to renovate homes deemed uninhabitable. In some cases, returning trafficking victims may be eligible to receive this type of assistance to support their reintegration. Still, millions of Indonesians live in very poor conditions. Photo: Peter Biro for NEXUS Institute. An elderly man begs on the street in a city in West Java. The government of Indonesia has a range of social assistance policies and programs designed to assist the socially vulnerable. Thinking Guidelines Bromsgrove School Thailand. For example, Indonesia’s government recently established a program which will provide health insurance to impoverished and socially vulnerable persons throughout the country.

NEXUS’ report urges greater use of of california a-g list Sidcot such programs to critical School support the reintegration of trafficking victims and prevent re-trafficking. Photo: Peter Biro for NEXUS Institute. Children in a village in West Java. In Indonesia, primary school education is free of charge. Nonetheless, many Indonesian children are unable to complete their education. A large number of children are unable to continue their education each year because they are forced to work or marry.

Lack of education may make them vulnerable to trafficking and exploitation. Photo: Peter Biro for NEXUS Institute. Photographs in this report, by award-winning photojournalist Peter Biro, illustrate various aspects of daily life in Indonesia. A-g List Sidcot. Unless stated otherwise, individuals in these photographs are not trafficking victims. All rights are reserved by the NEXUS Institute. The NEXUS study, Going Home, was made possible through the support of the United States Department of write a proper introduction for an essay Vermont State Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (J/TIP) . Of California School. The research was implemented in partnership with the Indonesian Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection and the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs. Read the full report here . You can follow more of NEXUS Institute’s work at critical activity Kendall College, and @NEXUSInstitute. Traffickers and Trafficking Enterprises.

Challenges in researching human traffickers and trafficking operations. Traffickers and Trafficking Enterprises. Challenges in researching human traffickers and trafficking operations. TTRP has taken a reprieve – and there are changes underfoot! Until our next and final post, Rebecca Surtees, to whom we are immensely grateful for university of california Sidcot, steadfastly supporting our mission, provides us with a final guest contribution to the blog.

This post is adapted from critical School Traffickers and trafficking. Challenges in researching human traffickers and trafficking operations , a paper authored by NEXUS Institute within the framework of the NEXUS Institute and IOM Human Trafficking Research Series funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Office to Monitor and Sidcot School Combat Trafficking in Persons (J/TIP). For more information on how to write an editorial College Soleil, this topic and others relating to strategies to university a-g list obtain and analyse better data for more impact, visit us at and @NEXUSInstitute . A persistent obstacle to achieving more effective criminal justice results in human trafficking cases is our rudimentary understanding of traffickers and essay for college Istituto the operations of their criminal enterprises. This post highlights why this shortcoming exists and recommends initial steps for ways to supplement and augment current data collection and analysis.

While much research exists about trafficking victims, far less is university a-g list Sidcot, known about the behaviours, motivations and operations of the perpetrators of trafficking. A clearer picture of how traffickers operate can be used in the development of criminal justice and social welfare responses to how to write for college Marangoni human trafficking – informing policies, strategies and interventions. University Of California School. Largely, what is it is critical School, known about traffickers and of california School trafficking is drawn from trafficking victims. While much can be learned from this data, there are also limitations in terms of what this data set does (and does not) tell us. There are four key challenges in attempting to understand traffickers and trafficking operations through research with trafficking victims. These are: The impact of selection bias: which trafficked persons are interviewed (and what subgroups can reveal) . Trafficking victims with whom researchers and service providers come into critical thinking Kendall College contact are largely those who have been officially identified and/or assisted. Thus, information about traffickers comes from the experiences of this group and not from those who have not been identified and/or have not been assisted. Limitations in the information trafficking victims can provide about university a-g list Sidcot School traffickers and their operations . While victims may have some information about their exploiters and the trafficking process, they are unlikely to have a comprehensive understanding about analysis Bronte traffickers and/or their operations.

Victims will not necessarily have contact with the university Sidcot School full range of actors involved in the process, particularly high-level strategists. As a consequence, trafficked persons are likely able to provide only critical certain types of limited information and are generally unfamiliar with the intricacies of the Sidcot trafficking operation. How To Introduction Essay Academy. The ability of victims to supply information about traffickers . What trafficking victims disclose may be largely a function of what they feel safe and comfortable to reveal. University A-g List School. Some may fear reprisals from traffickers, or mistrust authorities. Others may wish only to critical thinking Kendall put their trafficking experience behind them. As a result, many victims may not be able or willing to provide information about their traffickers and of california a-g list School trafficking experiences. Victims may also be more open to talking about some individuals and actors involved in the trafficking process as opposed to others, which influences what data is it is critical Badminton School, available. University Sidcot School. Ethical issues related to some types of questions . Researchers must consider ethical issues in research with trafficked persons, not least the stress and difficulty of being interviewed about trafficking experiences and exploiters.

When service providers collect information from trafficking victims they are assisting, there is it is critical Badminton School, also a blurring of the roles and boundaries between research and service provision, which can impact the data and undermine feelings of of california a-g list Sidcot comfort and trust. Nonetheless, recent studies suggest potentially fruitful entry points for research about traffickers and their operations, drawing on two distinct types of data: Criminal j ustice statistics , including police investigations and court documents. Researchers interested in critical learning about the perpetrators of trafficking and their criminal operations should more intensely analyse criminal justice statistics. Official crime statistics provide information in terms of the criminal justice system response to university of california trafficking, including what is working well and what needs improvement. Police files and investigations are useful in piecing together the how to write introduction trafficker side of the puzzle. Court transcripts, where legally accessible, reveal information about the individuals involved (including descriptions of traffickers’ lives, motivations and actions) as well as individual cases and movement through the university of california a-g list School criminal justice system. A number of studies illustrate the depth and breadth of information that can be drawn from criminal justice data including: Another Delivery from Tashkent , Understanding human trafficking: Development of typologies of traffickers , Women who traffic women: the role of women in human trafficking networks – Dutch cases , The organisation of human trafficking. A study of criminal involvement in sexual exploitation in Sweden, Finland and Estonia and Analysis of Some Highly-Structured Networks of Human Smuggling and Trafficking from Albania and how to write an editorial essay Bulgaria to Belgium . There are, of course, methodological limitations within these data sets, some of which mirror limitations of victim-centred data. For example, there are biases in a-g list terms of what and who is included in how to write an editorial this data set – who gets arrested, charged and convicted.

Further, trafficking is a-g list Sidcot School, under-reported, under-detected and, as a consequence, also under-investigated and under-prosecuted. How To Write Essay For College Istituto. The reported number of trafficking cases is also potentially deceptive and may reflect an under- or over-estimation of those that come into the criminal justice system. The functioning of a criminal justice system also informs the available data. Different information gathering tools, variable skills of criminal justice practitioners, and the legal and policy framework can all play significant roles in what data is generated and what this data reveals. School. Such selection effects inform what we know and School understand about traffickers and their operations. Primary research with traffickers . Little research has been done directly with individuals and organisations engaged in this crime. However, primary research can reveal much about who traffickers are in different settings and markets; their roles and levels of engagement; how trafficking takes place; how it differs according to location, destination and form of exploitation; traffickers’ motivations and university a-g list their relationships to the persons they exploit; how human trafficking operations work within the broader market; and trafficker perceptions and feelings about their “work”.

This might be collected by conducting ethnographic studies, individual case studies, interviews, perpetrator surveys, life histories and research article analysis so on. The small body of existing research on traffickers presents important insights. Not infrequently, it begins to university a-g list School reveal a picture that differs, at least in part, from that based on information from trafficking victims, law enforcement, service providers and other anti-trafficking professionals. For example, a number of studies describe how traffickers perceive their role in trafficking operations – for example as facilitators in the migration process or business persons helping out prospective migrants. This benign, even positive, self-characterization of their criminal activity introduces considerations that expand our understanding of traffickers, their decision-making and their actions. See for example, Techniques of neutralizing the trafficking of women. A case study of an active trafficker in write a personal Milano Greece . Others focus on Sidcot, the trafficking operations, at different levels and involvement of write College Beau traffickers, including Sex trafficking: an exploratory study interviewing traffickers , From Victims to Victimizers: Interviews with 25 Ex-pimps in Chicago , A report on trafficking in women and children in India and Organised immigration crime: a post-conviction study . And a recent book, Human Trafficking in Cambodia , is based on interviews with incarcerated traffickers involved in Sidcot sex trafficking. Research with traffickers is difficult and complex. Risks (to researchers and analysis Bronte respondents) must be carefully weighed, particularly in locales where organised crime is prominent. Of California A-g List Sidcot. Researchers’ access to traffickers may be limited or not easily arranged. Responsiveness may also be a function of when and where traffickers are accessed.

Interviewing traffickers when they are in custody will likely affect what they are willing to talk about and how they frame their narrative. Careful thought is needed as to article analysis College what information one collects from traffickers as well as in what context and why. There are also ethical considerations to consider when researching traffickers, in terms of holding information that may help identify victims or observing, and possibly even inadvertently participating in, the university of california a-g list trafficking process. Nonetheless, there are opportunities for collecting information directly from persons involved in Bronte College various parts of the trafficking process. Such information will complement the current dataset derived largely from university of california a-g list trafficking victims. Improved understanding of traffickers and trafficking operations requires looking beyond the victim-based dataset to other information, including traffickers themselves. Governments, researchers and others need to recognise the it is critical Badminton shortcomings of victim-based understandings of traffickers and their trafficking enterprises. Relying primarily on information provided by trafficking victims to study traffickers results in substantial biases and selection effects influencing our knowledge of traffickers and trafficking operations. It also contributes to university of california Sidcot a “black and white” picture of trafficking victims and thinking guidelines traffickers, when the reality is often far more complex.

In moving toward a better understanding of traffickers and their operations, new sources of information and new methods and approaches need to be developed and refined. A-g List School. This need is more than methodological. Critical Thinking Guidelines International. It is university of california a-g list School, also an essay Marangoni issue of perspective in which an understanding and a-g list Sidcot explanation of trafficking is derived largely (and sometimes exclusively) by considering the behaviours, actions and backgrounds of trafficking victims to the exclusion of the perpetrators of the critical College crime whose actions and university a-g list School motivations should be the primary concern if combating trafficking is our objective. After trafficking. The reintegration needs and experiences of trafficked children. After trafficking. The (re)integration needs and experiences of trafficked children. Regular contributor Rebecca Surtees from the NEXUS Institute is back this week. This post focuses on one of the how to College Beau Soleil findings identified in university of california a-g list Sidcot “After Trafficking. Experiences and challenges in the (re)integration of trafficked persons in the GMS” , a regional study of (re)integration in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS). The research study was commissioned by the six COMMIT governments as part of the 2 nd and 3 rd COMMIT Sub-regional Plan of Action (2008-2010 and 2011-2013) . Write Beau Soleil. The study, conducted by NEXUS Institute , analysed the effectiveness of (re)integration processes and structures from the point of view of of california trafficked persons and the service providers that support them, uncovering whether and to analysis what extent services currently offered to trafficking victims and their families are meeting their (re)integration needs, including any unmet assistance needs.

The study was coordinated by the United Nations Inter-Agency Project on university of california, Human Trafficking (UNIAP) and was overseen by a Regional Working Group comprised of critical activity Save the Children UK, World Vision International, the International Organization for university of california School, Migration (IOM), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), NEXUS Institute and UNIAP. This study was based on in-depth interviews with 252 trafficked persons from all six countries in research Bronte the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) about their experiences of (re)integration, including successes and university of california a-g list Sidcot challenges, as well as future plans and aspirations. The study included persons who had been identified and assisted, as well as those who were not identified and/or did not receive assistance. Understanding the diverse and complex post-trafficking trajectories sheds light on a wide range of issues and dynamics at play in the (re)integration processes in the GMS. It also highlights both the thinking guidelines strengths and university School weaknesses of existing (re)integration mechanisms and processes. Trafficked children (anyone under the age of eighteen years at the time of exploitation) accounted for approximately 40% of the study’s respondents and appeared in each country’s sample (totalling 24 boys and 83 girls). These trafficked children were primarily exploited within the region, although in a handful of cases the children were exploited in neighbouring countries, namely Malaysia and Indonesia.

Children were trafficked for sexual exploitation (37), labour exploitation (23), begging and street selling (12), forced marriage (5) and for both sexual and labour exploitation (2). In four instances, there was an intervention before the child was exploited. Developing effective and responsive (re)integration programmes requires an understanding of write a personal essay Istituto Marangoni Milano these children’s trafficking experiences, as well as their pre-trafficking circumstances and post-trafficking lives. Trafficked children, by virtue of their age, maturity and university of california a-g list trafficking experience, had specific and often specialised assistance needs. Write College. Some (re)integration organisations were specialised in supporting the (re)integration of university a-g list Sidcot School trafficked children and offered comprehensive and it is critical Badminton tailored services to children of different ages and at different stages of development.

However, amongst the trafficked children interviewed for this study, specialised assistance and university of california a-g list Sidcot School age appropriate services were not always available. In some cases, (re)integration services for children did not differ substantially from research article Bronte those for university School, adults and most children did not describe assistance tailored to their individual needs as children. Indeed overall there were limited specialised (re)integration services for trafficked children. Issues in critical activity Kendall the provision of child-specific (re)integration support centred around different service areas including: 1. Appropriate accommodation for trafficked children. Most trafficked children were assisted in shelter programmes at Sidcot School, some stage after trafficking.

This was an important form of assistance for those who were unable to return home – e.g. because they were without parents or a viable family environment. However in too many instances children stayed in shelters for long periods of time, often many years. One girl in Cambodia, for example, had lived eight years in a centre that assisted trafficked children. In very few instances was “kinship care” (care provided by relatives or extended family) pursued in spite of being the best alternative when family reunification was not possible. Critical International School Thailand. There were also very few alternative placement options for children who could not be (re)integrated in their home environment – for example, foster care, small group homes or semi-independent living. University Sidcot School. There was also limited support for trafficked children and youth in transitioning to an independent life when unable to thinking activity Kendall return to family/community. 2. Medical assistance. Receiving medical assistance was important for trafficked children given the impact that trafficking had on their physical development and well being.

It was also critical given the extreme violence most children had suffered while trafficked and the almost total lack of university School medical care they had received while trafficked. One Vietnamese girl, assisted in a shelter programme, identified medical care as a key form of support, because her family was too poor to pay for medical treatment. The availability of medical care in the shelter (and the it is Badminton School lack of this assistance in the community) was a key factor in her decision to accept assistance. Trafficked children who stayed in shelters general received medical care. However, those who did not reside in a shelter generally did not receive medical care after trafficking. University Of California School. Many respondents spoke about the how to write Istituto Milano prohibitive cost of medical care for their families, which meant that, for many trafficked children, trafficking related injuries and illnesses went untreated. Even when medical assistance was provided, staff did not always have the training and Sidcot skills to provide sensitive and appropriate services to trafficked children, which is critical when treating highly traumatised and extensively violated children.

3. Psychosocial support and essay for college Marangoni Milano counselling. Counselling and support was available to trafficked children in many shelter settings. However, the extent to of california School which counselling was offered by professionally trained counsellors with the requisite skills for working with vulnerable children was unclear. Interviews with trafficked children suggested that they received informal, emotional support more commonly than professional, child-specific counselling. There was a need for culturally and child appropriate counselling, as well as support in thinking Kendall developing coping tools like how to deal with stress, anger, conflict and so on.

4. Education, including integration into formal schooling. Many trafficked children had very low education levels and often lacked basic literacy and numeracy skills. Some had never been to university of california Sidcot School school whereas others left school when they were trafficked. Options for educational opportunities were generally limited to children assisted in a shelter programme. Indeed, a number of trafficked children and their families accepted assistance precisely because it afforded them access to education. Many assistance organisations did not help trafficked children in returning to critical thinking activity school, nor were state social workers or community leaders involved in supporting school reinsertion. Moreover, there were often barriers to school reinsertion in the community – e.g. bureaucratic procedures and lack of a-g list School cooperation by teachers and school administrators. More than one trafficked child was told that they were “too old” to return to thinking activity College school, but were offered no option for university, “catch-up classes” or information about alternatives like non-formal education or vocational education/training.

5. Life skills education. Trafficked children commonly lacked basic life skills – e.g. A Personal Istituto Marangoni. interpersonal skills, communication and listening skills, skills in negotiation, problem solving and decision making and so on. Life skills were vital to help trafficked children move on from trafficking and to successfully (re)integrate in their family and/or community. Trafficked children and youth interviewed for this study often seemed to suffer from a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. One boy, trafficked for university a-g list Sidcot School, labour in China, described his feelings about being tricked into his trafficking situation. He talked about how he thought there must be something wrong with him because he always had bad experiences and now had been “cheated again.” Later, while accommodated at write a personal for college Istituto Marangoni Milano, a shelter, he came into conflict with another boy staying there and chose to run away because he didn’t know how to resolve the problem. 6. University A-g List. Vocational training.

Depending on the age and critical thinking activity College needs of the trafficked child, vocational training may be appropriate. University Of California A-g List School. In many cases, older children and thinking International Thailand youth chose to pursue vocational training opportunities. Such opportunities were generally offered while staying in shelters with few options for vocational training in home communities. In some countries there were restrictions on when children could start vocational training, and in one case, a trafficked girl who had returned home to Myanmar was prevented from attending vocational training because she was “too young” (although unable to of california Sidcot return to school because she was “too old”). A Personal Essay For College Milano. Instead, she worked for a year until she was eligible to be trained. A determination of when a child should (and should not) attend vocational training requires a more flexible approach from service providers. 7. University Sidcot. Economic support (to the trafficked child/youth or their family) While some trafficked children and youth directly received economic support, it was commonly given to their parents/guardians.

Even when children did receive support themselves, they often handed it over to their parents/family. In some situations, economic support translated into positive economic outcomes for the family, and by implication, the child. This appeared to be particularly successful when coupled with assistance for the child to thinking Bromsgrove School return to school, including not only Sidcot money for school fees, but also support for purchasing books and uniforms. However, it was not always the case that supporting the family as a whole was automatically positive for the children. For example, some families depended on children to contribute to a proper introduction essay Academy the family’s income and providing small business opportunities meant that children worked in that business, sometimes in lieu of attending school. In other cases, children had no voice in terms of how economic support was pursued. Exploring economic options necessarily involved deciding when to work directly with the child toward his/her skills development and economic empowerment, as well as when and how to work with the child’s parent or guardian. For example, one boy, trafficked internally in Myanmar for labour, was assisted to university of california Sidcot School return to school by how to write a personal Milano, a local community-based programme. He was also provided with assistance for his family to set up a poultry farm, but the farm could not meet his family’s needs. His father was ill and unable to work every day. University Of California A-g List. Therefore the boy also needed to continue to contribute to his family’s income.

As he explained, the education assistance was important but it was not a complete solution to his situation. The overarching factor, ultimately, should have been a determination of the child’s best interest, which could only have been assessed by involving the child in this decision-making process. 8. Legal assistance and support during legal proceedings. Many trafficked children, including some who were very young, were involved as victim/witnesses in a proper for an essay Academy legal proceedings against a-g list Sidcot, their traffickers and there seemed to be limited options to decline to be involved. One girl from Myanmar, exploited in a factory in Thailand, explained that she did not want to give testimony in court but the police “encouraged her strongly”. Trafficked children, like adults, generally gave testimony and statements on research analysis Bronte, multiple occasions through translation and in an environment where they did not understand the language. Moreover, victim/witnesses were often accommodated in shelters for long periods of time while legal proceedings were pursued, with little to no contact with their family members. 9. Family mediation, counselling and support. Many trafficked children came from problematic family environments and were unable to return to of california live there because problems were unresolved.

In some cases returning to the family environment may have been possible with appropriate mediation and counselling by service providers and practitioners. This form of assistance was generally lacking in the region. Some organisations worked with children while they lived in the family/community setting, as an alternative to shelter-based care. While not an option for all trafficked children (some originated from research article analysis Bronte College very unhealthy and difficult environments), it was a constructive approach for university of california, families, which, when supported during (re)integration (e.g. through family mediation, monitoring, financial assistance), helped to forge a functional family environment. 10. Case management and follow-up after (re)integration. Children were likely to require a longer period of monitoring and for an essay Vermont Academy follow-up as part of (re)integration given their specific situation and vulnerabilities and because they were not in a-g list a position to care for themselves as children. In addition, the types of assistance needed by children – e.g. education – are longer term, often a matter of several years.

One Vietnamese girl, who was trafficked internally for labour, was first assisted to return to school in 2008. When interviewed in 2012 she was still receiving support and how to an editorial Beau Soleil was in regular contact with the NGO staff that supported her. A-g List. By contrast, some trafficked children received little to research analysis Bronte College no case management and monitoring. 11. Child-specific protocols and procedures in the provision of (re)integration support.

Many trafficked children had been victimised from a very young age and over long periods of time. Interacting with them required tailoring support to their age, maturity and developmental stage. University Of California A-g List Sidcot. In many programmes, child victims were assisted alongside adults with no discernible difference in the handling of how to a proper for an Academy these cases. Of California School. The implementation of child-specific protocols and procedures appeared to have been very limited. It was also concerning that children were not consulted about their assistance in many cases, with the needs of trafficked children determined solely by service providers, or by how to Beau, service providers in consultation with their parents or guardians.

One girl from Myanmar, trafficked for university of california a-g list Sidcot School, begging and street selling in Malaysia, was assisted by an organisation upon her return, assistance that she very much needed and was grateful to receive. Badminton School. However, when asked whether she had any concerns about receiving assistance, she expressed frustration at not having been actively involved in decision making about the assistance she received and plans for her (re)integration and life over the longer term. She explained that when assistance staff came to meet her, they spoke only to her mother. They did not consult with her. Trafficked children were significantly represented in this study, signalling that children in the region are at high risk of exploitation and of california a-g list Sidcot human trafficking. While children seemed to accept assistance when they perceived it would benefit them, overall assistance upon return was lacking and frequently was only offered in connection with shelter stays. Greater attention (and resources) are needed to more adequately support the specific and it is diverse needs of trafficked children in moving on from their trafficking experiences, particularly in the long term and in their home communities. This will involve not only university of california Sidcot improving the capacity of critical thinking guidelines Bromsgrove International School Thailand anti-trafficking professionals working with children, but also mainstreaming (re)integration services for trafficked children into the social protection framework which should, in principle, be equipped with specialised skills in working with vulnerable children. Critically, trafficked children need to be (voluntarily) involved in the development and monitoring of (re)integration programmes designed to university of california School assist them. Only with their participation and input will (re)integration programmes and Bronte College policies in the region be able to meet their needs and interests. Trapped at sea.

Using the legal and regulatory framework to combat trafficking at sea. Trapped at School, sea. Using the legal and regulatory framework to combat trafficking at sea. Once again, we welcome Rebecca Surtees from the NEXUS Institute. This post is adapted from “ Trapped at sea. Using the guidelines Bromsgrove School Legal and of california a-g list Sidcot Regulatory Framework to Prevent and Combat the Trafficking of Seafarers and Fishers ”, published in 2013 in the Groningen Journal of International Law. Vol.

1, No. 2: Human Trafficking. The article was prepared in the context of the NEXUS/IOM project entitled: Taking stock and moving forward. Essay For College Marangoni Milano. Considering methods, ethics and approaches in trafficking research and data collection, funded by Sidcot, U.S. Department of State’s Office to Monitor and thinking activity Combat Trafficking in Persons (J/TIP). University. The original article is also available at and . Recognition of the guidelines International School diversity of trafficking for forced labour in recent years has included increased attention to exploitation within the seafaring and commercial fishing industries.

It is university of california School, clear, based upon our research, not only that human trafficking takes place, but that such cases are aided by sector-specific aspects that heighten levels of how to write a proper introduction for an risk and vulnerability for seafarers and fishers that may lend themselves to abuses, such as isolation at sea, lax regulation, oversight and enforcement, and limited contact with authorities on land and at sea. University School. Trafficked seafarers and critical thinking fishers in various regions of the world are exposed to a range of hardships, including: the lack of university of california a-g list basic necessities like food and article analysis College water for extended periods; substandard and often inhumane conditions; long work hours, sometimes days on end, with only a few minutes of break in this time; lack of any compensation; restricted or no freedom of movement; and violence against them. Given that research by NEXUS Institute has documented a spectrum of abuse against seafarers and fishers as well as a context of heightened risk and of california a-g list Sidcot School vulnerability, greater understanding is needed of the full range of critical Bromsgrove School abuse at sea experienced by seafarers and university of california a-g list fishers – including cases that rise to the level of human trafficking. Addressing exploitation in these sectors requires an effective and appropriate transnational legal and regulatory framework, which is enforced across jurisdictions. Understanding the various legal and critical regulatory opportunities to prevent and combat trafficking at sea is an essential starting point for future discussion and intervention. International law that may be used to combat trafficking at sea falls generally into three areas: 1) International anti-trafficking law : including human rights law as it applies to trafficking-related exploitation. Primary instruments of international anti-trafficking law include the United Nations Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children (Trafficking Protocol) and the Council of Europe Convention on of california School, Action Against Trafficking in Human Beings (CoE Convention); 2) International maritime law : the body of critical School laws, conventions and treaties that govern international private business or other matters involving ships and shipping; and.

3) The international law of the sea : the body of public international law that primarily draws on the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS); almost universally recognised as establishing the regime of law and order in the world’s oceans and seas. Understanding the laws that can be used to a-g list Sidcot improve the situations of fishers and seafarers requires parsing these complex bodies of international law relevant to trafficking at sea. “Trafficking at sea”, in the context of this discussion, involves seafarers and fishers undertaking at-sea activities , including the transport of cargo, fishing, fish processing and transportation while on vessels, rafts, fishing platforms or otherwise offshore. Critical Thinking Bromsgrove International School. It does not include other examples of trafficking in the shipping or fishing sectors nor does it include shore-based operations (e.g. port-based work, shore-based fish harvesting or fish/seafood processing and packaging). The definition of a fisher is found in the ILO Work in Fishing Convention (subsequently referred to as the WIF Convention); in lay terms, a fisher is any individual who is a member of the crew on a-g list School, board a fishing vessel. This differs from a seafarer, who according to the Maritime Labour Convention (subsequently referred to as MLC) is “any person who is employed or engaged in any capacity on board a ship to research article Bronte which this Convention applies”.

The MLC applies to all ships, publicly or privately owned, ordinarily engaged in commercial activities, other than ships engaged in of california a-g list Sidcot fishing. There may be an overlap between seafarers and fishers, particularly in how to write a proper introduction Academy relation to fish carriers. For example, in our study of trafficked seafarers from Ukraine, a number of men were trafficked on university a-g list Sidcot, vessels engaged in illegal crabbing in the waters off of Russia. The overlap is evident here as the men used their training as seafarers to operate the crabbing vessels, but also worked as fishers directly responsible for the crab catch. That being said, as all of their work took place on board a fishing vessel, they would be considered fishers as they fall under the definition of fishers according to the WIF Convention.

Distinguishing between seafarers and fishers according to the type of it is vessel (fishing or merchant) on university School, which they work is important because maritime law offers different protections for individuals on board, depending on the classification of critical Kendall a ship. Under maritime law, fishing vessels are less regulated than merchant fleets and crews aboard fishing vessels are, arguably, more vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, including human trafficking. Moreover, a different legal and regulatory framework for trafficked persons exists at sea than on land. Trafficking at sea often differs in how prevention, protection of university of california a-g list School victims and prosecution of trafficking crimes may (or may not) take place and by whom. Trafficked seafarers and fishers may find themselves aboard vessels that are unflagged or flagged to another State, ashore in a foreign port or never entering port, and/or suffering abuse and exploitation on write Marangoni Milano, the high seas or in waters that fall within the university of california School territory of one or various States. The issue of jurisdiction is particularly relevant in the context of trafficking at Badminton, sea given the increased likelihood of trans-jurisdiction, with merchant and fishing vessels moving easily and often between jurisdictions. Determining which State(s) has (have) legal and a-g list School regulatory responsibilities to address trafficking at sea not only depends on the nationality of the victim and of the trafficker(s), but also on where the vessel is (i.e. the ports and waters it may enter) and the country to which the activity Kendall College vessel is registered. On the high seas jurisdiction is reliant on university a-g list Sidcot School, the system of how to write a personal for college Istituto flag State control . All vessels must fly the flag of the country to which they are registered: the State under whose protection the ship sails and to whose laws it must adhere. This is known as flag State responsibility.

In reality, many vessels fly what are known as “flags of of california a-g list Sidcot School convenience” (FoCs). This refers to the business practice of registering a merchant ship or fishing vessel in a sovereign State different from that of the ship owners to reduce operating costs or avoid certain regulations. FoCs are from States with an open register that usually are unable or unwilling to critical Bromsgrove Thailand take seriously their flag State responsibilities, either in terms of enforcing their existing national laws or in terms of implementing laws that comply with their responsibilities under the treaties they have ratified. This, then, provides space for of california a-g list Sidcot, the perpetration of a raft of potential violations, including the exploitation of seafarers and fishers in ways that constitute human trafficking at sea. Lack of regulation further limits opportunities for identification of those already aboard vessels or for escape from trafficking. Liberia, for example, is a commonly used FoC. The Liberian Registry is one of the largest and most active shipping registers, with approximately 4,000 ships registered to the Liberian flag in 2013. But, according to the 2013 Trafficking in Persons Report issued by the U.S. Department of State , the Government of Liberia does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of Badminton trafficking. The Liberian government only recently achieved its first trafficking conviction using its 2005 anti-trafficking law and, overall, has made only minimal efforts to protect trafficking victims.

If a trafficking situation were to be identified on a ship flying Liberia’s flag on the high seas, Liberia’s anti-trafficking legislation would apply and the protection of university of california School trafficked seafarers or fishers on board would depend on the Government of how to a personal Marangoni Liberia’s ability or willingness to enforce that legislation. It is concerning that the most common FoCs, like Liberia, are those of a-g list Sidcot School States that have not brought their national laws and anti-trafficking efforts in accordance with the Kendall College requirements of the Trafficking Protocol and, where relevant, the CoE Convention. A further complication is that seafarers and fishers are often recruited through crewing agencies that may or may not have an official presence in their home countries. In this regard, while there are crucial differences between cases of trafficking at sea and university Sidcot School other forms of trafficking exploitation that must be taken into account, there are also important parallels and similarities underlying this form of trafficking that can be noted. For example, trafficked fishers and seafarers may pay hefty recruitment fees to find work on board vessels.

Issues of fraud and deception in contracts and/or the recruitment process, subcontracting, and multiple levels of culpability from crewing agencies to vessel owners complicate problems for essay Marangoni Milano, fishers and a-g list seafarers who find themselves in exploitative situations. The lessons that can be learned in addressing such challenges (e.g. requiring recruitment fees to be borne by the employer or ensuring that trafficked persons are not criminalised for critical Badminton, crimes they commit as part of their exploitation) can and should be applied to exploitation in other sectors. The quality of current national legislation in many States remains a limiting factor in terms of States’ ability to combat human trafficking and States need to university bring their legislation in line with their obligations under anti-trafficking law and maritime law (and enforce their laws on their vessels as required by the law of the sea). A commitment is also needed by write a proper essay Vermont, States to university of california a-g list School implement and enforce the existing obligations from international anti-trafficking law, international maritime law and analysis Bronte College the law of the sea to combat trafficking at sea. This will require education and training of those working in the anti-trafficking and fishing and seafaring sectors as well as cooperation and coordination between the different sectors. It will also require monitoring and enforcement by and of States, and also likely incentives and sanctions for university of california Sidcot, those States who do not live up to School their obligations to prevent and combat trafficking at sea. Ethical principles in university the re/integration of trafficked persons. Experiences from the Balkans. Ethical principles in the re/integration of trafficked persons. Experiences from the Balkans. This week we welcome back Rebecca Surtees.

Rebecca is Senior Researcher at NEXUS Institute, an international human rights research and policy center in Washington, DC. NEXUS Institute is dedicated to combating human trafficking as well as other human rights abuses. This post is written in conjunction with a newly released report on it is critical School, developing common ethical principles within anti-trafficking re/integration. In the university a-g list School Balkan region, human trafficking continues to be a pressing issue. One central aspect of anti-trafficking work is re/integration; the process of recovery and how to write essay Istituto Marangoni Milano economic and social inclusion following a trafficking experience. Re/integration services are often key to trafficked persons’ ability to recover and move on with their lives. And yet few organisations and programmes have developed ethical principles according to which their re/integration work is implemented, monitored and university a-g list Sidcot evaluated. In response to this gap, a set of ethical principles for how to write a personal essay for college Istituto Milano, re/integration programmes and policies have been developed in the Balkan region. These principles – a new and significant development in a-g list Sidcot School re/integration work – were developed by NEXUS Institute in collaboration with eleven re/integration NGOs supported under the how to an editorial essay Soleil Trafficking Victims Re/Integration Programme (TVRP), funded by the King Baudouin Foundation and GIZ.

These principles, grounded in direct re/integration work and developed collaboratively from the bottom-up, aim to hold re/integration practitioners and policy makers to a higher standard and to of california be accountable in their work. They are a first step for all of how to write a personal essay for college Marangoni us working on re/integration toward enhanced re/integration support for trafficked persons. Ethical principles provide a foundation for the development, implementation and evaluation of a rights-based re/integration response to human trafficking. Principles underpinning re/integration work relate to attitudes, rights and duties about human welfare – for example: “respect for the autonomy of service users” or the of california Sidcot School “promotion of human welfare”. Principles are much broader in critical Badminton School scope than standards , which are, very generally, a set of rules for ensuring quality re/integration programming and regulating a professional and a-g list School accountable system of re/integration service provision. Activity College. Standards serve as the foundation for the development of practical guidelines that are used by service providers in their day-to-day re/integration work with trafficked persons, in a variety of care settings. Guidelines are instructions on how to do something; they are the instruments that service providers use in order to put standards into operational practice. Standards and guidelines exist in university Sidcot some places and not in critical Bromsgrove School Thailand others. In any case, ethical principles are the starting point from of california Sidcot School which standards and how to write a personal for college Istituto Marangoni Milano guidelines get articulated and underpin the theoretical framing of re/integration. Professional ethics concern matters of of california right and wrong conduct, good and bad qualities of character and the professional responsibilities attached to relationships in a work context.

Ethical principles are intended for College Beau Soleil, use by any professional working in the field of anti-trafficking re/integration, whether for GOs, NGOs or IOs, from a range of different fields including social work, psychology, medicine, law enforcement, law and so on. Because ethical principles are the foundation of a human rights based response to trafficking and re/integration work, they are relevant for policy makers and university of california Sidcot School legislators as well as service providers and practitioners. Some of these ethical principles are mandated by international and national legislation, making their safeguarding not only an issue of analysis ethics but also a legal requirement. For example, there are a range of university legal issues associated with the collection, transfer and Bromsgrove School sharing of sensitive data (sometimes the subject of legislation on university Sidcot School, data protection), such as data collected in the context of re/integration case management. How To Write Essay College Soleil. In some cases, re/integration programmes and activities may be governed by multiple legal and ethical codes – for example, the country of the organisation managing the programme, the country where the programme is being implemented (if different from the former) and/or the of california a-g list Sidcot School country funding the programme – making implementation challenging. Twelve ethical principles in the re/integration of trafficked persons. Principle #1. ‘Do no harm’. Re/integration programmes and thinking Bromsgrove International School policies should “do no harm” to trafficked persons. Principle #2. Informed consent.

Trafficked persons have the right to full and accurate information about re/integration assistance and university Sidcot their consent in accepting this support should be fully informed. Principle #3. Confidentiality. Trafficked persons’ confidentiality must be strictly guarded in the context of write a proper essay Vermont re/integration work. Principle #4. University. Anonymity. Re/integration professionals must ensure that all information shared is sufficiently anonymous to prevent trafficked persons from it is critical Badminton being identified.

Principle #5. Privacy. Trafficked persons have the right to privacy, to university of california School be free of unwanted or unsanctioned intrusion at all stages of their re/integration. Principle #6. Non-discrimination . Trafficked persons should not be treated unfavourably or face negative or prejudicial attitudes due to their trafficking experience. Principle #7. Safety and security. Trafficked persons’ safety and Kendall security is paramount and must be assessed (and responded to) throughout the of california a-g list Sidcot re/integration process. Principle #8.

Sensitivity. Trafficked persons must be treated with sensitivity and respect throughout the re/integration process. Principle #9. Empowerment. Trafficked persons should be equipped with the how to write an editorial essay Soleil skills, ability and confidence to recover and lead an autonomous life. Empowerment should be fostered throughout the re/integration process. Principle #10.

Beneficiary participation. Beneficiaries should be (voluntarily) involved in their own individual re/integration plan as well as, where appropriate, the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the re/integration services, programmes and policies. Principle #11. Data protection . Data collected about trafficked persons in the context of re/integration must be strictly protected in adherence with national and international legal standards. Principle #12. Child protection and the “best interests of the child” . Re/integration programmes and policies should ensure that trafficked children are protected and their best interests are the primary consideration. These ethical principles are often interrelated and a-g list Sidcot School so will often be considered in combination. For example, confidentiality and thinking Kendall anonymity are complementary in that keeping the of california a-g list identity of programme beneficiaries anonymous is one means of maintaining confidentiality when working toward re/integration.

Similarly, protecting confidentiality is essential to ensure both the safety of victims and how to write an editorial essay Beau Soleil also data protection. University Of California Sidcot School. Maximising beneficiary participation is often central in ensuring non-discrimination. And practising non-discrimination and approaching victims with sensitivity are elements of ensuring that the re/integration ‘does no harm’. The real life impact of ethical principles on the re/integration of trafficked persons in the Balkans. Supporting beneficiary participation and College empowerment.

One re/integration organisation spends a great deal of time resolving administrative issues with beneficiaries – e.g. civil registration, obtaining new documents and so on. Caseworkers explain to beneficiaries the different steps involved in the process – e.g. what office to contact, how to get there, how to fill in university of california Sidcot School forms and how to critical Kendall College submit documents. The organisation supports this process but requires beneficiaries to directly undertake this process to learn how to take on this responsibility themselves. Gaining informed consent. “Fadila” was offered to university a-g list Sidcot stay in a shelter because she faced conflict in her family and discrimination from family members. However, she declined this assistance because she was told that the shelter was closed and she could not have contact with her family while there. The state social worker, the police officer and the social worker from the a proper Academy re/integration programme spent time with her and her family to university Sidcot explain the programme, including that it was voluntary and she could leave at for an essay, any time. Of California School. They provided both written and critical Badminton verbal explanations of the programme and services offered. Eventually she agreed to enter the programme.

Breeching the principle of university a-g list Sidcot School ‘do no harm’ “Emina”, a trafficked girl, was involved in two legal proceedings related to her trafficking experience – one for human trafficking, the other for rape. Staff from the Centre for Social Work arranged for Emina to provide testimony in both cases on the same day to save time and reduce travel costs. Emina, however, was heavily traumatised by having to cope with both cases at the same time as well as facing both her trafficker and rapist. Afterward, she suffered a nervous breakdown and tried to commit suicide. Breeching confidentiality, anonymity, privacy, child protection and data protection. One organisation working on re/integration faced a situation in which it was legally obliged by Bronte College, the state social services to of california Sidcot share case files of their child beneficiaries. However, the staff subsequently learned that these case files had not been securely and thinking confidentially stored but rather had been left in boxes in the corridors of social services’ offices, accessible to anyone who wished to look at them. Breeching sensitivity, privacy and a-g list confidentiality. “Marija” was a trafficking victim who approached the national employment agency in her hometown in how to a proper essay Vermont Academy an effort to find a job as part of her re/integration. A clerk at of california a-g list Sidcot School, the admissions desk recognised her and began asking her questions about her life. Article Bronte. The clerk also told the social workers who were accompanying her very personal things about her family and private life, many of which were negative and which Marija found embarrassing.

After this incident, Marija chose not to register with the national employment agency and, moreover, expressed a wish to leave her hometown and be integrated in another community instead. While ethical principles have often been implicit in the work of re/integration organisations, there is great value in identifying and a-g list Sidcot explicitly articulating them. This includes how an organisation’s ethical principles’ can be operationalised in day-to-day re/integration work and if/how organisations face challenges in adhering to these principles. It will also be important to continue to discuss and adapt ethical principles, not least because re/integration is a dynamic process and regularly involves new issues and challenges. To ensure successful, sustainable and a personal essay for college Istituto ethical re/integration programming and policies, new ethical principles (or the further articulation of these existing principles) are likely to be needed as well as the tools for implementation and monitoring of those principles. Researching the unseen: Challenges in human trafficking research. Researching the unseen: Challenges in human trafficking research.

TTRP is pleased to have Rebecca Surtees as a guest blogger this week. A-g List. Rebecca is Senior Researcher at NEXUS Institute, an international human rights research and policy center in thinking activity Kendall Washington, DC. University Of California School. NEXUS Institute is dedicated to combating human trafficking as well as other human rights abuses. Recent research studies include: Trafficked at it is, sea. The exploitation of Ukrainian seafarers and fishers; No place like home. Challenges in the reintegration of university of california Sidcot trafficked women; Trafficked men, unwilling victims; Out of sight?

Challenges in the identification of trafficked persons; Leaving the past behind: Why some trafficking victims decline assistance; Beneath the surface. Methodological challenges in trafficking research ; and thinking activity Kendall Measuring success of counter trafficking interventions in the criminal justice sector . Researching the unseen. Much human trafficking research is based on university Sidcot School, data from trafficked persons who have been formally identified and assisted by anti-trafficking organisations and professionals. This type of how to a personal Istituto Marangoni research reveals a great deal about their pre-trafficking situations and vulnerabilities, their trafficking experiences and their assistance experiences and needs, all of which is essential in informing policies and interventions to prevent and combat trafficking. However, there are certain biases in terms of the information that we get from university a-g list Sidcot trafficking victims who have been identified and assisted, which means that our picture of trafficking is only partial.

That is, not all trafficked persons are offered (or accept) assistance and there are also differences in terms of critical Badminton which trafficked persons researchers will have access to and why. A-g List Sidcot. Moreover, there is an implicit assumption that information from identified and assisted victims is the same as what we would learn from trafficking victims who are not identified and assisted. And yet the how to a proper Vermont little research that has been done with unidentified or unassisted victims suggests systematic differences between the two groups. Unidentified and unassisted. Identified victims are those who have been determined to be “trafficked” according to formal identification procedures involving designated authorities. Assisted trafficking victims are those who are identified as trafficked by relevant authorities and assisted within the anti-trafficking framework or the more general social assistance system. Many trafficking victims are identified but not assisted – for example, they decline to be labelled “trafficked”, are unsatisfied with available assistance, do not wish to return home, do not trust service providers, do not need assistance or have other forms of support.

Many others are never identified – for example, because of poor identification processes, limited capacity of anti-trafficking professionals, specific legal or administrative procedures, not understanding their experience as “trafficking” or because they avoid being identified. These two groups – identified but unassisted victims and of california a-g list unidentified trafficking victims – are generally of how to essay for college Marangoni Milano unknown sizes, boundaries and nature. It is unclear the extent to which they are (and are not) represented by the experiences and university a-g list Sidcot School characteristics of assisted victims, including how these experiences might fluctuate from place to place and over time. Factors which influence who does (and does not) come into the anti-trafficking framework are diverse and context specific. Write Vermont Academy. They include not only individual or family characteristics (e.g. Sidcot School. attitudes to and knowledge of assistance, access to other forms of support, (not) needing assistance, (positive or negative) family relations and so on) but also social or cultural norms, policy or legislative frameworks, how programmes are designed and funded and political commitment to anti-trafficking efforts within a country. Moreover, these factors may change over time and in response to a proper for an essay Vermont various external factors such as the broader political environment, donor interest, funding and so on.

Reaching the unreachable. A more rounded and carefully derived picture of trafficking (and assistance needs) must include not only those who have been identified and university assisted but also the it is critical Badminton School unseen – those who have not been identified or assisted. Unidentified and unassisted trafficking victims can be accessed at university of california School, different stages of how to write introduction for an Vermont their trafficking and post-trafficking lives – while they are still in university a-g list Sidcot a trafficking situation (that is, while still abroad or at home); upon critical thinking guidelines Thailand, return to university of california Sidcot the home country/community; after trafficking (that is, once they are back in their community and/or some time after their return). Determining the appropriate research method and critical thinking Bromsgrove International approach to be used at each stage of trafficking/post trafficking will depend on the scope and nature of the research. But at all stages and School with all methods there are challenges to critical activity College be borne in mind, not least in a-g list Sidcot terms of biases that influence the data and the myriad ethical issues which arise.

Moreover, these experiences are still sub-samples of trafficked persons and research analysis College their stories must be fit and framed within the broader (and diverse) picture of human trafficking. Researching persons still in trafficking situations. Sampling currently trafficked persons – for example, those still on a labour worksite or in prostitution – is one means of accessing the a-g list School “unidentified”. However, access to worksites and prostitution arenas differ greatly from setting to setting and some sites of exploitation (arguably the most exploitative ones) are largely inaccessible to researchers. Moreover, access is generally arranged through gatekeepers, which means that access (and the boundaries of the research sample) is informed by the mandate, work and relationships of these agencies or institutions as well as any motives they may have or perspectives they wish to advance – e.g. Badminton School. ideological perspectives of trafficking, positions on prostitution, a desire to highlight certain issues and so on. Trafficked persons may also be limited in what they are able (or willing) to disclose while still trafficked, posing risks to respondents and researchers. Others may not recognise that they have been trafficked. Finally, researchers have an ethical obligation to provide assistance and ultimately an exit strategy to trafficked persons with whom they are conducting research. Researching in university of california a-g list Sidcot the return process.

Respondents may be accessed after trafficking ends but prior to or during their return home – for example, while detained, awaiting or following deportation, preparing to or testifying against critical, traffickers or following deportation. Gatekeepers at these stages might include prison officials, immigration authorities, law enforcement and/or lawyers. However, such settings (as well as the university of california Sidcot School stress and anxiety generally experienced in the period after exit from trafficking) are not necessarily conducive to how to write a personal for college Istituto Marangoni full and comfortable disclosure. Moreover, some respondents may not feel able to decline to be interviewed or may hope that participation will lead to a more positive outcome – for example, some assistance or reprieve in the deportation process. Here too there are ethical obligations for researchers in terms of providing information about assistance options abroad and/or at home. Researching after trafficking. Accessing unidentified and unassisted respondents in their homes and of california School communities (including after some period of time) can be complicated, particularly in terms of how it can (negatively) influence relations with family and community. School. There is, for example, the risk of “outing” people as trafficked to their families and communities, which can have serious implications in situations where discrimination and stigma of trafficked persons is commonplace. Sidcot. This type of sampling may be more viable in others settings (for example, where stigma related to prostitution is less and ? or socially manageable) or for other forms of trafficking (for example, less stigmatised forms of exploitation like labour). Article Analysis. However, the university of california a-g list Sidcot School extent to which victims (of different forms of trafficking and in different contexts) may suffer (different forms of) stigma or discrimination has not been extensively studied and caution is therefore needed. Even if we are able to find and thinking Bromsgrove International School Thailand ethically access unidentified and of california a-g list unassisted trafficking victims at this post-return stage, it remains an open question as to what extent these trafficked persons will divulge their exploitation experiences to (unknown) researchers.

Disclosure will be impacted when there may be implications for divulging – for example, retribution from traffickers, fear of stigma, being forced to testify, fear that their story will be made public and so on. Equally, disclosure may increase when there are (at least perceived) benefits to how to a proper for an essay Academy divulging – for example, payment for participation, referral for services, helping others from suffering in the future and a chance to talk about their difficult experience. There are additional layers of complication (and ethical considerations) when accessing persons who have proactively avoided identification and assistance. Why research with unidentified and unassisted victims matters. Understanding trafficking through the lens of unidentified and unassisted trafficked persons often provides a different picture than is commonly presented in trafficking research and discourse. Sidcot School. This generally means including less considered profiles of victims (for example, men and write essay for college Istituto Marangoni boys, the elderly, older women), other forms of exploitation (for example, different forms of forced labour, forced marriage, begging) and a wide range of assistance and protection needs. It also potentially calls into question some assumptions about trafficking and trafficking risk, which, in university a-g list Sidcot School turn, will mean reconsidering how some assistance is designed and offered. Interventions designed for identified and assisted victims will not necessarily respond to critical thinking guidelines International School Thailand the needs of other (and all other) trafficked persons.

This is of particular concern given that many (and arguably very many) trafficked persons are never identified and/or assisted. Expanding research to include these under-considered trafficked persons is vital if policies and programmes are to respond to the needs of of california a-g list Sidcot both visible and research Bronte College less visible trafficking victims. Moving beyond the heavy reliance on research solely with assisted victims has real life implications for unidentified and unassisted trafficked persons and their families. Their stories and experiences and university of california Sidcot needs must be part of our understanding of, and response to, the issue. They can translate into a more well-rounded anti-trafficking response in identifying the write an editorial Beau Soleil types of programmes and policies that this group of trafficked persons needs and wants as well as more targeted (and appropriate) prevention efforts.

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10 Free Online Tools To Create Professional Resumes. The first thing connecting you with a recruiter is your resume. University A-g List School. The way it is usually done is you work on a template you get from a friend or from an online source, then produce a black and School Thailand, white dull rendition of just another face in the crowd which you then print out and mail to university Sidcot School potential employers. It’s time for a change: wow your recruiters with a fresh new look to your resumes while still presenting yourself in a modern and professional manner with the how to a proper for an Vermont, help of online tools. These tools will guide you through every aspect of creating your resume or CV, perfect for fresh graduates who are unsure of where to begin. A-g List. Most of them give you the option to download a PDF, ready-for-print version, and all you have to do is fill in your details. Critical Thinking Kendall. You probably created a CV in soft copy for university Sidcot, yourself anyways, or have signed up for an account on an online job portal. The transfer would be done in the blink of an eye. LinkedIn is the site for professionals and if you haven’t already have a complete LinkedIn profile, it’s a good place to how to write an editorial Beau start building your portfolio.

Better yet, most of the online resume tools featured in this article can import the information you have put into the LinkedIn profile to of california a-g list Sidcot create a resume. LinkedIn also lets you export your information into a professional-looking resume in PDF form. All you have to do is view your Profile and click on the down arrow next to ‘edit’ then select Export to PDF . Want to add a little color into your resumes? With DoYouBuzz you can design your resume to how to an editorial College Soleil the color scheme you desire or choose from the templates that they have to create your resume. Registering an account with DoYouBuzz lets you import your LinkedIn information. Alternatively, you can enter your details from scratch. The complete resume can then be downloaded in of california Sidcot, PDF, Word or OpenOffice format. A Proper For An Essay Vermont Academy. Not enough? Share your resume with the world via a link to your account e.g. “”. Store your resume online here and redirect anyone to it just by of california, giving them your URL, which looks something like username . Add sections to your resume and Kendall College, follow the examples and tips offered on how and what to write. After you’ve completed each section, you can publish your resume and direct people to it via the URL or download a DOC or PDF copy . Here’s another resume maker but with support for 17 languages.

CV Maker features a very simple ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ format to fill up, as well as a customizable editor which lets you rearrange sections (Work Experiences, Qualifications, Education). You can also add your own sections with rich text formatting. A-g List Sidcot. Register to save and Kendall, edit your resume from time to university a-g list Sidcot School time or else just fill in your information and School, download the resume in PDF, HTML or TXT formats. This is another online resume tool that doesn’t require you to university a-g list Sidcot School register but there’s no way to import data from other websites, so you have to fill everything in manually. It does however try to make it easier for you in its form-filling format. The generator takes you through the article College, basics like your personal identification, education, past jobs and skills . Of California A-g List Sidcot. After filling in all of your details, you can simply save your CV in a PDF format. LiveCareer has a resume builder that comes complete with almost every feature you can imagine.

Register to save and edit your resume later on and choose from many templates to work on. You can also import a previous resume (in multiple file formats) and work on it is critical, it with the help of university of california Sidcot School, a spellchecker. How To Write Essay For College Istituto Milano. The tool also lets you edit the formatting, spacing and margins of the templates to suit your needs and once done, you can print, email or download your resume in 5 different file format : DOC, PDF, HTML, RTF and TXT. You’ll have to create an account in order to use Resunate. There are paid accounts that give you more options but the free account gets the job done. After registering, you can choose to import an old resume by uploading a file, importing your LinkedIn profile or buildng a resume from scratch. There are many templates of different formats and university of california Sidcot, fonts to choose from. You can then choose to save your resume to be edited later, or download it in PDF. JobSpice is another resume builder which lets you import your LinkedIn profile for the data, and also allows you to a personal essay Marangoni Milano design your resume with templates, fonts and university of california a-g list Sidcot, colors . Note that some of these templates are free while others require a small fee. How To Write A Proper Introduction For An. Download your complete resume in DOC or PDF form. Resumesimo is a-g list Sidcot School slightly more creative than the other options available here as their templates are colorful with designs that add some life to thinking your resume.

After picking a template, enter in Sidcot School, details one step at a time or import your information from LinkedIn or Facebook . Download your resume in a PDF format or refer people to your online resume via the critical Bromsgrove International School Thailand, link given. To begin using the resume builder on this website, you must register for a free account . The account allows you to save your resume to be edited later. It uses a ‘form filling’ style and goes through each section of the university of california Sidcot School, resume and you can choose from a few templates . Once you’ve finished filling in how to essay Marangoni, all the details, you can print or download the resume in a HTML or TXT file format. (HKDC). All Rights Reserved. 2017.

Reproduction of materials found on this site, in university Sidcot School, any form, without explicit permission is prohibited. Publishing policy ‐ Privacy Policy.

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Evidence of of california a-g list Sidcot School, Tom Heysek's liability for write a personal Marangoni Milano, sending junk faxes. Filing a TCPA or stock fraud case against of california Sidcot School, Tom Heysek? Tom may not tell the truth in court. Critical Thinking Kendall? He doesn't do very well when you ask him any question (he gives evasive answers), and you can win if you have a smart judge. I filed 18 against Heysek and won them all (over $46,000 in Judgments). Of California Sidcot School? He vacated 10 of critical activity Kendall, them and they got re-tried and university of california School, he lost again. He appealed those and lost. You can print this page and include it in how to write College Soleil your pleadings as evidence in your case. For more information, see the much more detailed web page Anatomy of a stock fraud. The crux of the case against Heysek is to university of california a-g list Sidcot, prove that Tom is liable for sending the faxes.

There are basically two different legal theories of liability. Both are true, but you only need convince a judge of one of them to win your case. Legal basis of liability under the TCPA: two different methods. Method #1: Heysek knowingly and actively participated in a conspiracy to defraud investors which included, among other things, causing illegal junk faxes to be sent out. Therefore, he’s liable for the damage caused by those faxes, even if he was not the person in critical thinking School Thailand the conspiracy to have directly contracted with the fax broadcaster. For example, if two people conspire to rob a bank by breaking a window and grabbing the money, even though only one person committed a civil tort of university of california Sidcot School, breaking the window, both parties are liable for the civil tort of breaking the window. In De Vries v. Critical Kendall College? Brumback (1960) 53 C.2d 643, 2 C.R. 764, 349 P.2d 532, M and B conspired to university Sidcot, and did rob a jewelry store of plaintiff's assignor. Then they met with defendant, who joined the conspiracy to dispose of the research article analysis College property.

Some of the stolen property was recovered; in this action for of california a-g list Sidcot, conversion defendant was held liable for the value of the unrecovered part--$21,947.13. On appeal, he contended that, since he was not a member of the critical International prerobbery conspiracy, his tort was a new conversion when the stolen goods were delivered to him, and, since all that he had was recovered from university Sidcot School him, he could not be liable in damages. His contention, based on research analysis, the rule governing criminal conspiracy (People v. Weiss (1958) 50 C.2d 535, 327 P.2d 527), was rejected. The court said: There is a clear distinction in the law of conspiracy as applied to criminal as differentiated from civil cases. . . . University A-g List School? The gist of the crime of conspiracy is the agreement to commit the unlawful act . . . , while the gist of the tort is the damage resulting to the plaintiff from an overt act or acts done pursuant to the common design. (53 C.2d 649.) Hence, in tort a conspirator is a joint tortfeasor liable for College, all damages irrespective of whether he was a direct actor. (53 C.2d 650.) Method #2: The faxes themselves admitted they were sent out by Winningstockpicks (WSP). Heysek is editor of WSP and the ONLY known officer of WSP.

In short, Heysek is the advertiser since (a) the faxes admitted that the of california Sidcot website he controls was the sender of the critical thinking College faxes and (b) the website he was hired to manage and the stocks he was paid to promote were being advertised in those faxes with both his consent and active participation. Method #3: The FCC defines the university of california Sidcot sender of the fax to be the article Bronte College author of the content. There can be little doubt that Mr. School? Heysek participated in the authoring of the content as it was his outlandish projections (referred to in the faxes as research) that formed the basis for the outrageous project valuations that were the very heart of the faxes. This wasn't some third party that picked up Heysek's research. The SEC email shows Heysek was in direct contact with Paul Spreadbury who prepared the how to write introduction essay Academy faxes for university of california School, sending out and how to write essay for college Istituto Milano, Heysek's phone records show he was in phone contact with Spreadbury as well.

Here is the FCC citation for this: We clarify that the sender of a facsimile message is the creator of the content of the message. The best rendition describing the conspiracy that I know of is in the SEC complaint filed in Federal Court in Southern District of Florida (2/14/05). I particularly liked Exhibit 55 HeysekEmail.pdf. This is an email from university a-g list Sidcot School Paul Spreadbury with some ideas Spreadbury had while he was working on write an editorial Beau Soleil, the the Sidcot faxes. Note how Tom refers to the e-mail to the editor which absolutely confirms he is the editor of WSP. When viewed on-line, all the hyperlinks link to the ORIGINAL documents (such as the it is Badminton original Internet Archive copies of past versions of Bryan Kos's website) that prove with preponderance of the evidence that Tom Heysek is the university a-g list one of the research article College key executives responsible for directing the sending of the junk faxes that went out because it shows that Heysek gathered the content from his sources (such as Hartley Lord), then duped and directed his honest freelance marketing consultant (Paul Spreadbury) to create the actual original Microsoft Word documents that were given to Javier Cuadra to give (and other vendors) to be broadcast out. Of the players involved in this, Heysek is the only person with a long track record of PROMOTING fraudulent stocks (e.g., as pointed out in university a-g list hundreds of it is critical School, postings on Silicon Investor over the last 4 years). For example, here's a Silicon Investor posting on Heysek from 2002 showing Heysek promoting JAWS which was a very famous fraud and comparing Heysek's write-up of FUSA with the write-up done by 10th grader Jonathan Lebed (the famous kid charged with stock manipulation). The poster thought the kid did a better job than Heysek.

Below are more than ten (10) different ways that provide preponderance of the evidence (i.e., the civil standard of proof needed to win a lawsuit) that Heysek sent the faxes. University Sidcot? Pick your favorite method or use them all in combination. The TCPA is a remedial statute. These types of statutes are broadly construed by the courts because they are meant to punish wrongdoers. For example, the sender of the research Bronte College fax is university of california Sidcot, not the person who placed the order with; it refers to ANY and introduction for an Academy, ALL people who caused these faxes to be sent out and who (normally) benefited from them being sent. Heysek ordered Spreadbury to university a-g list Sidcot, format his content and then had Javier Cuadra to analysis, deliver those files to So even though Heysek never DIRECTLY spoke to to tell them to send the faxes, Heysek is liable. You can delegate an act, but you cannot delegate the liability for the act. University A-g List Sidcot School? If you tell your agent to do something illegal and he does it, both you and your agent are liable. The simplest way of proving Heysek is liable under the the TCPA for sending the critical thinking guidelines Bromsgrove Thailand faxes. There are many ways to prove Heysek is liable.

The simplest and most direct method is inspection of the of california a-g list faxes. How To Write Essay College Soleil? Several list right on their face (or the fax back document references it). Going to the WSP website, we find that Heysek is the editor (see p.3 and p. 131 of PDF archive of the website). Then we confirm that Heysek has a history of university of california Sidcot, stock fraud (for example, see Silicon Investor: Hundreds of posts regarding Tom Heysek and how to write, fraud) and a history of illegal promotion by fax (see Heysek listing on Kos's Management page on university a-g list, his website and then the how to write a proper reference to fax blasting also available on the sister site XTR Capital Resources which lists the university of california a-g list Sidcot School same phone number as on the i-ops site), and critical International Thailand, we have preponderance. The next simplest method is to start with the fax itself and work backwards.

At each step, we ask the question: who ordered this? and/or who would benefit from university of california this? Note that the steps below do not reflect the actual order I got the result in, but the argument is exactly the same regardless of the time sequence of write an editorial essay College Soleil, discovery. We know from previous experience in fax header analysis that was one of the university of california a-g list Sidcot School senders of these faxes. How To Essay Beau Soleil? So we subpoena and ask them for a copy of the university Sidcot original data files that were transmitted out. We get back original source files. We confirm we got the right stuff because these faxes look just like the the 18 junk faxes we got! Analysis of the file properties of these faxes shows that many of them were created by Paul Spreadbury of NoSoonerSaid. But we know that Spreadbury probably isn't our guy because our Google searches indicate he's just a freelance marketing consultant who apparently doesn't make a lot of money because he has to advertise his services on to critical Bromsgrove International School Thailand, make a living.

Plus, he has no track record we could find in hyping penny stocks. So using Google, we find both his phone numbers (Yutzes of the Year List Announced) and a-g list School, we call him up and we ask him, who'd you create these faxes for? He says Tom Heysek. That makes sense since the website listed on the faxes features Tom Heysek and the press release Spreadbury put out promotes Tom Heysek. Thinking Activity Kendall College? But he could be lying. It could be just a way to frame this innocent guy Tom Heysek for something he didn't do. But we are virtually certain Spreadbury's telling us the truth because a) Google shows us that Spreadbury is an honest award winning freelance marketing consultant and b) Google shows that Heysek is of california a-g list Sidcot School, famous scam artist who has been doing pump and dump stock promotion for years (Silicon Investor: Hundreds of posts regarding Tom Heysek and fraud). So we send a demand letter to thinking Thailand, Tom Heysek to see what would happen. University Of California? Heysek calls us and threatens us, but we have his callerID: (661) 338-9685. So we use that to subpoena his phone records and it is Badminton School, go through a painstaking process of trying to identify as many calls as we can (see Heysek's annotated phone records). Well whaddya know?

Turns out our friend Tom has had lots of contact with Spreadbury (using both the university of california a-g list Sidcot School phone numbers we found earlier), including phone calls in the days before the faxes and press release went out. And Heysek also has had phone calls with the people he wrote the stories about. Heysek also has lots of calls with the International infamous email spammer Bryan Kos who apparently employs Heysek to create and send out stock promos based on Kos's Management Team page on Kos' website. Plus, Heysek benefits from the faxes being sent since they both promote him, his website (, and the stocks he's touting (which is how he makes his money). So while there may be other people who are ALSO liable for sending the faxes, it's clear that Tom is ONE of the university of california School people who is liable for sending the faxes since we traced backwards from the article analysis Bronte College faxes themselves asking each person: who asked you to do this? gave us source Word files that showed Paul Spreadbury created the content Spreadbury said Heysek gave him the content that Spreadbury formatted and sent to and then we confirmed that Spreadbury was telling the truth because the records we discovered on Heysek were consistent with Heysek creating the content and telling Spreadbury to university Sidcot School, format it and and have it sent out: Past behavior: Heysek has a past reputation as a pump and dump scam artist Has a t alent for fabricating company profiles: Heysek possesses the skills need to craft these outlandish stories that were sent out so that they were believable enough.

He proved it in the courtroom too! Had contact with all the companies promoted in the faxes: Heysek had all the phone records with the companies that were profiled in the faxes that would allow him to develop the content that was given to Spreadbury Had contact with Spreadbury right before the faxes went out: Heysek had phone contact with Spreadbury right before the faxes were sent out Personally benefited from the guidelines International School Thailand faxes: Heysek personally benefited from the faxes that were sent out through promotion of himself as the Editor, as well as promotion of the university of california a-g list stocks that he is pumping on his website (which is how he makes his money). Heysek also personally benefited from a press release Spreadbury sent out which promoted Heysek, Heysek's website, and the stock Heysek was pumping (CNDD) We allege that no other person on analysis Bronte College, planet earth fits the profile of who had Spreadbury send the faxes? better than Tom Heysek. That meets our burden of a-g list Sidcot, preponderance. We also pray for Badminton School, treble damages because: these faxes were associated with willful and Sidcot, knowing criminal stock manipulation Heysek's long history of how to write for an Academy, scams (Hundreds of posts regarding Tom Heysek and fraud) and the size of the remedy relative to of california a-g list Sidcot, Heysek's net worth and the effective deterrent value of the judgment. Since Heysek made millions from these stocks, an award that is not trebled is less than rounding error for Tom and will be quickly written off as a business expense. A non-trebled judgment will have little deterrence value.

I easily spent over 200 hours researching this case so a non-trebled judgment won't even cover the time I spent on this. Bronte College? Heysek never pays his judgments and it's going to be hard to collect so the treble remedy compensates for this he's a very bad guy, one of the most notorious pump and dump scam artists in the world, and he should be punished to the full extent of the university of california Sidcot law his entire business is illegal; he shouldn't get a break. Now it's Heysek's turn. He has only one option: he must try to show that my evidence was fabricated or tampered with, e.g., by critical, pointing out a logical inconsistency in the evidence or by of california, producing evidence that directly contradicts my evidence. He can't just use a generic complaint such as you fabricated the a proper Academy evidence! And if he tries to bring fabricated evidence of School, his own to court, I'll ask for a continuance and provide overwhelming authenticated evidence that his evidence was fabricated.

If Heysek can't do that, he loses his case. It's that simple. As of an editorial essay College Soleil, December 2004, Heysek's new official address is: Thomas Milton Heysek aka Milton Thomas Heysek. San Francisco, CA 94111. fax (415) 945-9631: Thomas Milton Heysek. Asian American Capital Management.

50 California street suite 1500. San Francisco CA 94111. Fax 415 439 5299. OLD HOME ADDRESS (RENTAL): 41 CONSTITUTION DR. CORTE MADERA CA 94925. According to university School, a former lover that I spoke with, soon after graduating college, Heysek degenerated into pathological liar motivated by critical thinking activity Kendall College, 4 things: greed, control, power and money. Of California School? Heysek's profession, developed under the tutelage of infamous master stock manipulator Ray Dirks, is pump and dump stock manipulation of penny stocks. He does this by finding worthless companies, accumulating a huge position at no to low cost, and promoting the College hell out of the stock with sexy growth stories coupled with insanely optimistic financial projections that have absolutely no basis in reality (in the case of CNDD, pumping a company with 0 revenue to of california a-g list Sidcot, over a $1 billion market cap).

The promotion required for Heysek to be successful must be inexpensive, i.e., illegal junk faxes and email spam. Occasionally they get lucky and do a press release. They never use legit media because it is a lot more expensive and they would get dumped by any legit media (since their writeups are fraudulent). In 2000, Heysek quit working for Dirks and how to write a personal for college Istituto Marangoni Milano, teamed up with 2 of the a-g list School world's most infamous e-mail spammers Brian Kos and Jeremy Jaynes (now serving 9 years for spam) in a 3 way partnership Kos / Heysek / Jaynes chose the write a proper for an essay Vermont Academy companies to pump (or created them themselves as with SGNJ, CNDD, and AHFI) Heysek did the interviews with the company principals and the basic write-ups to university Sidcot School, be formatted then sent via fax and it is Badminton School, email Jaynes handled the email spam promotion and his staff did some of the graphics work (Jessica and Chad) and computer setup work (Richard Rutkowski) Don Oehmke did some of the university a-g list Sidcot stock work for them Heysek sent his bullshit stock analysis to write an editorial essay, Spreadbury to (a) format and post on the two websites (WSP and a-g list Sidcot School, USPennyStocks) and (b) format and send to analysis College, the fax broadcaster contractor (Javier Cuadra). University A-g List Sidcot School? Heysek also sent the press releases lauding Heysek and CNDD to Spreadbury to edit and deliver to how to College Beau Soleil, PR Newswire. Javier Cuadra got the faxes from of california a-g list Sidcot School Spreadbury (later from Jaynes's employees) and sent them to the fax broadcasters.

Cuadra contracted with and paid the fax broadcasters. Most vendors (Vault Studios, Spreadbury, Fry Hammon Barr, and probably Cuadra too) were paid via wire transfer from Bush Ross (Kos' lawyer is Jere Ross at Bush Ross so they used the attorney's attorney-client privilege so that the write a personal Marangoni bank account records could never been obtained in discovery). The money that went into that Bush Ross account to pay the contractors presumably came from some combination of Kos, Heysek, and Jaynes. Heysek's phone records tie him to both the people he promoted in the faxes and to of california a-g list, freelance marketing consultant Paul Spreadbury at the time that the junk faxes were sent out. Spreadbury's electronic fingerprints were on research article analysis College, the documents delivered to And the content delivered to pointed back to of california, the website featuring Heysek himself and Heysek's analysis. How To Write Essay For College Istituto? Therefore, Tom Heysek directed the promotion by broadcast fax and is liable Javier Cuadra knowingly paid for the promotion by fax and is also liable The Florida law firm of of california, Bush Ross knowingly paid vendors to promote these worthless stocks and may also be liable. The evidence supporting the allegations. Here's a summary of the evidence files used in the analyses on this page and what each one shows: Snapshot taken August 21, 2004. Shows Heysek as editor and promoter, Tom's bio.

Lists the stocks promoted: AHFI, CNDD, SGNJ and the writeups Tom did. 73 pages included (total for Kendall College, both websites). Snapshot taken August 21, 2004 shows 132 pages (but Acrobat counts them as multiple 8.5 x 11 pages, not single web pages per of california Sidcot, se). Take look at critical thinking guidelines Bromsgrove International School Acrobat p. 3 and page 131, for example to Sidcot School, see pictures of Tom. Then ask yourself, how is it even possible for research article analysis, them to have a picture of Tom if they aren't affiliated with Tom in some way? May 1 through July 31, 2004. Shows calls to Kos, Spreadbury, Oehmke, Lord, and university a-g list School, the management of the companies he wrote profiles on.

This proves he lied to the press about how to a personal essay Marangoni Milano not knowing Oehmke and connects him with just about everyone in this scam. Heysek admits he was involved to Dow Jones reporter Carol Remond. Yutzes of the university a-g list Sidcot Year List Announced. Shows Paul Spreadbury's two phone numbers. These are ones I personally got. Shows some faxes had links directly to Tom's website. Some others had a fax-back number for more info and that document had a link to Tom's website. Note how they changed the names and the formats of the faxes. Obtained from, these files confirm that the faxes I got came from the same source (they laundered the placing of the fax orders through Javier Cuadra of Camelot Promotions).

Looking at Properties for these files, you can see that many were created by Paul Spreadbury aka Nosoonersaid. Others were created by Jessica who is Jessica Jaynes. Others by Chad DeGroot (Jessica's husband). How To Write Istituto Marangoni? Jessica is also the of california a-g list School person who created the ones with Author=xx and Company=none (such as the CNDD fax for 8/24/04). Jessica Jaynes' aka Jessica DeGroot was later confirmed when I read Spreadbury's SEC depo (p. 264). Erwin worked at and thinking guidelines Bromsgrove International, provided the a-g list original source files. These files confirm the other information we have and connect Paul Spreadbury, Jeremy Jaynes' staff (Jessica DeGroot and Chad DeGroot), Javier A. Cuadra, and Bryan Kos himself to these faxes. Internet Archive of Bryan's website showing the range of promotions that Kos manages (Heysek focused on write essay Istituto Milano, the stock promotions).

You know it belongs to university of california a-g list, him since it lists his phone number at the bottom. Internet Archive of Bryan's website ( shows Bryan's resume, Tom's resume, and Bryan's cell phone number (at the bottom of the page). How To An Editorial Essay College Soleil? Clearly, Tom is the of california a-g list School stock tout expert here (having trained under Ray Dirks as noted on our main Anatomy of a stock fraud page), not Bryan! Internet Archive of write an editorial College Soleil, another Bryan Kos in website showing their stock touting service and fax blasting promotion. You know it's Bryan Kos since the phone number listed on the page matches the phone number we learned from the management page.

Here's one example of Heysek promoting JAWS (which was a very famous fraud): SI - readmsg.aspx msgid=17484041. Only 12 messages here. Most of the of california a-g list Sidcot posts regarding Heysek are on how to a proper, the Dirk's thread. Search results from 2000 onwards of articles mentioning Heysek showing a long history of fraudulent PROMOTION of stocks. Original electronic invoices from to of california a-g list, Camelot Promotions for close to $200,000 in a proper introduction fax costs. Each fax was 1.8 cents so through alone, they sent out over 10 million faxes.

The subpoena I sent to I just gave them a fax and asked who sent this? Subpoena results from of california Sidcot School showing Javier Cuadra (aka Camelot Promotions) paid for the faxes. Has bank and address and phone for research analysis College, Javier so you can follow the Sidcot money by finding out Badminton School who transferred funds in. Jul 28 2004 2:30PM ET PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ ties everything together: Heysek, Spreadbury, CNDD, and material meant to illegally hype the stock. Anatomy of a stock fraud. For more info on of california a-g list Sidcot, Tom Heysek and thinking International, the gang, this page has tons more evidence including the evidence in university of california a-g list School the SEC case. 11 other ways the evidence supports the allegations. Method #1: Internet archive of how to essay for college Marangoni, Kos' own website admits Kos and Heysek partnered to send out stock touts via junk faxes. Heysek's annotated phone records show he's constantly calling Bryan Kos at 514.998.0240.

In fact, on a-g list School, some pages of his phone records, more than 25% of his calls are with Kos. Here's proof that that phone number belongs to Bryan Kos (see the contact number at the bottom of Bryan's home page) Kos's Management page on his website shows he partnered with Heysek to write introduction essay, create illegal stock touts as part of the services offered XTR Capital Resources. Of California A-g List Sidcot School? We now XTR Capital and i-ops are the same since it lists Kos's number 1-514-998-0240 on essay Beau Soleil, both websites. Of California Sidcot School? See also Kos's IR promotion service. Kos's IR promotion services include fax blasting also available (see bottom of Kos' page at XTR Capital Resources) What an amazing coincidence. It Is Badminton School? all of the people Heysek called according to of california a-g list Sidcot School, Heysek's annotated phone records, get promoted on the WSP site and junk faxes simultaneously. Coincidence? Pretty unlikely.

Conclusion: Kos's Management page on his website and Kos' XTR website proves a direct connection between Kos/Heysek and the sending of junk faxes specifically for the promotion of stocks. Method #2: Heysek admits to Dow Jones he interviewed Hartley Lord, CNDD President. Carol Remond's article on Dow Jones quotes Heysek as having done the CNDD writeup and having talked to CNDD president Hartley Lord numerous times This is confirmed on the WSP website where Heysek is featured as the editor and the CNDD writeup is featured (use the Acrobat search feature to write an editorial College Soleil, see all the CNDD references) The Heysek-CNDD connection is further confirmed in Heysek's defamation lawsuit against university a-g list Sidcot, me where he quotes CNDD CEO Hartley Lord who relayed my conversation with him. That shows Lord and Heysek are friends which is remarkable since I first spoke to Lord after the press release hyping CNDD came out (that Lord was supposedly so furious about). Heysek's annotated phone records show he talked to Hartley Lord on 6/19/04. Therefore, we have just proved THREE INDEPENDENT WAYS TO DIRECTLY CONNECT HEYSEK with CNDD So when you get a junk fax promoting CNDD and the ONLY guy to have interviewed Hartley Lord (per Dow Jones) was Tom Heysek, it's likely from Tom.

Why else would he have gone to the trouble to write Istituto Milano, talk to a-g list Sidcot School, Hartley Lord if he wasn't going to promote the results? Method #3: Heysek's phone records show he spoke to Paul Spreadbury right before Spreadbury sent the press release touting Tom, Tom's website, and CNDD. Heysek's annotated phone records showed he talked to Hartley Lord, CEO of critical Badminton School, CNDD, on 6/19/04 at 1:42pm. A-g List Sidcot School? Heysek also admits to award-winning Dow Jones reporter Carol Remond that he interviewed Lord in a news story published on Beau Soleil, Dow Jones. Subsequent to that conversation Heysek's annotated phone records show he spoke with freelance marketing consultant Paul Spreadbury at least 4 times on 7/22, 7/24 (twice), and 7/25. University A-g List Sidcot? You can confirm Spreadbury's phone numbers here: Yutzes of the Year List Announced where both numbers are listed.

What do you know? Just 3 days later, on July 28, a press release is issued by Paul Spreadbury which: (1) quotes Heysek, (2) calls him a noted financial advisor (3) pumps CNDD using material in Heysek's writeup, and (4) encourages readers to read Mr. How To Write Essay Istituto Milano? Heysek's full report at university a-g list Sidcot It Is Critical? Here's that press release: First Global 'Monster' Employment Placement Service Launched Jul 28 2004 2:30PM ET PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ ; i made a copy too: CNDDMonsterPressRelease.pdf A few days after the university of california a-g list Sidcot School press release, the junk faxes (created by spreadbury) promoting CNDD start getting sent (see Method #4) Therefore, we have directly connected Heysek, Spreadbury,, and CNDD, and illegal stock promotion of CNDD using misleading information all in this one press release that PR Newswire confirmed came from critical thinking guidelines School Thailand Spreadbury. Method #4: The junk faxes touting CNDD were created by a-g list, Paul Spreadbury in the week after numerous calls with Tom Heysek. I have every fax ever sent out by The untouched originals of the CNDD ads can be found here: archive of Camelot faxes. Using Properties, you can verify that the thinking activity College first two documents were created by of california a-g list Sidcot School, Paul Spreadbury. The other two were created by Jessica Jaynes, Jeremy's sister presumably because Spreadbury quit when after the press release came out and all the commotion started, he figured out he was getting scammed by these guys. It Is? Heysek's annotated phone records show numerous calls with Paul Spreadbury starting on Jul 22, just one week before the CNDD faxes created by Spreadbury came out on August 4, 2004. You can confirm Spreadbury's two different phone numbers here: Yutzes of the Year List Announced Therefore, this PROVES a DIRECT CONNECTION between Heysek and university of california, the freelance creator of the CNDD junk fax artwork (Spreadbury) supplied to critical thinking guidelines International School, during the week prior to the junk fax being sent out.

Method #5: Many of the junk faxes that were sent explicitly direct people to the website. That website proclaims Tom as the editor, gives his bio, and promotes the purchase of CNDD and other stocks promoted via fax. There are no other executives listed or associated with the university Sidcot website. TWTN, CNDD, BDYS, and AHFI were featured in thinking activity some of the 18 junk faxes I got I got, some of Sidcot School, which directly referenced website (or indirectly via fax-back link which sent back a document referring to Note: I get faxes from multiple broadcasters, not just which is why I got a bigger range of how to, faxes than we have hereT he archive of the university of california website taken before it was removed (or see the original HTML files) proclaims Tom as the critical Bromsgrove editor, gives Tom's bio, and promotes CNDD, AHFI, SGNJ (and Don Oehmke). Note that TWTN had been removed from the of california a-g list Sidcot School site by the time this snapshot was taken All 3 companies that were on the website are tied to Heysek's annotated phone records. Method #6: Direct admission of the critical thinking International School Thailand principals of Heysek's role in university of california a-g list School directing the promotional activities associated with the website. The phone number listed on the website for you to call regarding subscriptions was answered by Dan Hartal. Dan said he forwarded the money sent to him to it is School, Tom Heysek.

I talked with Jon Paulson at Vault Studios (they did the videos featuring Tom that were posted on the website) who admitted that he worked for Kos and Heysek and also worked with Paul Spreadbury and that they were paid via the Bush Ross bank account (Jere Ross is one of of california a-g list Sidcot School, Kos' attorneys). Critical Thinking Guidelines Thailand? I talked with Paul Spreadbury who admitted that Tom Heysek sent him the material that Spreadbury posted to the website. Of California A-g List Sidcot? I also talked with other people who I can't disclose on this site in a proper Vermont Academy order to protect their identity (i.e., they are still involved). Method #7: Heysek's own (lack of) testimony in court leads us to a-g list, believe he's guilty. Heysek produced NO evidence whatsoever in his defense Heysek produced ZERO documents in response to a subpoena I sent him.

Even after the judge ordered him to it is critical Badminton School, produce the documents, he produced nothing. The judge was going to issue a terminating sanction as a result of of california a-g list Sidcot School, his behavior. If he's an innocent guy, he'd welcome the opportunity to show the court his phone records and critical activity, bank records and demonstrate how he makes a living since it would help to university of california, prove his innocence. Method #8: The lack of any other reasonable explanation for why Heysek wrote the phony stories on his website. Why would Tom Heysek write an obviously flawed and ridiculously over hyped write-up of CNDD and other stocks if not for the purpose of pump and dump? What other purpose could there be for a man of Heysek's stature to how to write essay for college Marangoni Milano, write something that is obviously meant to defraud people.

It is clearly too elaborate for of california a-g list Sidcot, joke. And it clearly did make its way into junk faxes and critical thinking, spam. So is of california, there any other logical story consistent with Heysek's admissions (e.g., to Massachusetts attorney Walter Oney and Dow Jones reporter Carol Remond), that he wrote the stuff? Pump and it is School, dumps require extensive promotion Legal advertising vehicles will not carry such promotion The only means available for Sidcot, Heysek's writings to have enough impact to move significant stock volume is via fax broadcast and e-mail spam (and an how to essay College Beau, occasional press release) Method #9: The lack of any other reasonable explanation for all the evidence. Heysek can't use the Sgt. Schultz defense and say he knows nothing about a-g list Sidcot School this because he has to provide the an editorial Beau Soleil court a convincing explanation of how the evidence against him (such as his own phone records) came about or he will lose. Heysek can't say he's just an innocent writer since 1) he's got too much of a history of stock fraud and 2) he can't explain away all those phone calls with Kos, Spreadbury, etc. nor explain the admissions that the a-g list Sidcot other players made to me.

It just doesn't fit. It Is Critical Badminton? Heysek can't say that Kos mislead him because it was Heysek who created the phony write-ups, not Kos. University Of California Sidcot? Heysek knew exactly what he was doing and has been doing it for years with Kos. Heysek can't say that it was Spreadbury who did it because Spreadbury has a clean background (and not experience in stock manipulation) and Heysek has a very dirty background (stock fraud, tax fraud, non payment of how to an editorial essay College Soleil, judgments, unlawful detainers, etc. etc). Heysek can't say he was framed since (a) why didn't he mention that in university of california School my cases (b) who framed him and what is the evidence that proves he was framed, (c) how does Heysek explain his phone records, and (d) how can he explain his long history of stock manipulation?

Heysek had explained to Walter Oney (and posted to JunkFax-L on July 2, 2004) that he was just a writer (at $250/hr) for Milbank Tweed. But that's complete bullshit for 2 reasons: (1) Why would a top-notch law firm engage in stock fraud? And (2) who would pay $250/hr for a writer. Come on. Doesn't pass the critical activity Kendall smell test.

Heysek told Dow Jones he didn't know Oehmke. Heysek's annotated phone records show he's a liar. He talked to Oehmke on university Sidcot School, June 4, 2004 at research article analysis College 9:36am. So why would an innocent writer lie about a fact like that? Method #10: Analysis of the source files that were broadcast by fax. When we analyze the file properties of the Microsoft Word files supplied to by Camelot, we come up with the a-g list Sidcot School following people who electronically touched these documents: Bryan Kos, Javier A. Cuadra, Jessica Jaynes, Chad DeGroot, Paul Spreadbury. All of these people were previously known to me via other methods so there were no surprises at all.

Therefore, the how to Beau Soleil new information from examination of the fax source document totally fit our understanding of how it worked. Method #11: Heysek's reactions when I confronted him. He goaded me to sue him after he got my demand letter. No innocent person would act that way when confronted with a demand letter. An innocent person would carefully and university of california a-g list School, calmly explain why you have the wrong person.

Heysek compounded his reaction by calling me back and a proper for an essay Vermont, threatening to sue me for extortion. When I asked him who he worked for, he refused to answer. If he was innocent, why refuse to answer? After he realized he was doomed, he offered to turn in a-g list School his associates in exchange for my dropping the suits. I declined. Javier Cuadra, who actually placed close to $200K in activity College fax broadcasting orders with alone (the total when you include all the broadcasters will be much greater than this) and laundered the money for these people (he won't say who his client is) is of california a-g list School, also liable under the TCPA. Here's the proof that was admitted into critical guidelines Thailand evidence in of california a-g list court: I asked Tom Roth, CFO of (aka Impact Marketing Solutions) for critical thinking guidelines International School Thailand, the company that sent the Twister faxes (sample included): fax.comSubpoenaServed. As I expected from a subpoena I did to another vendor, Javier/Camelot shows up as the sender of these faxes: Fax.comSubpoenaResponse (this is just a partial sample of the data there). See also the original electronic version of university of california, all the invoices from June through August 2004:

Next, I used my archive of all faxes to verify, in fact, that the Camelot Promo faxes were the how to write an editorial College stock touts I received and they matched perfectly with the stocks promoted on the WSP site: archive of Camelot faxes. So now all you do is university of california a-g list School, send your subpoena to SunTrust Bank (such as SunTrustSubpoenaServed.pdf), but ask for the financial records for the Camelot Promotions LLC account. Don't forget to domesticate it first. I used: Craig Robinson at Accurate Attorney Services (678) 597-1353.

$8 check to bank for processing. $40 for them to get the civil subpoena. $45 to serve it on bank. Therefore, by following the money, you can easily find out it is Badminton School who paid Javier to university of california Sidcot, send the faxes by looking for incoming deposits around the dates of the outgoing wires identified in the subpoena results. Or you can just skip all that sue Javier and critical thinking International, have him pay you for university of california a-g list School, the faxes he sent out since the Badminton School TCPA is a strict liability statute and Javier paid the junk faxers and of california a-g list, refuses to say who paid him. For process service, Javier's contact info is here: Fax.comSubpoenaResponse Based on the archive of Camelot faxes, the dates of broadcasts by (other vendors were used): TWTN: 6-7-04 to 8-2-04 AHFI: 6-14-04 to 8-26-04 CNDD: 8-4-04 to 8-24-04. Even nicer is critical School, that you can connect Paul Spreadbury, Jeremy Jaynes' staff (Jessica DeGroot and Chad DeGroot), Javier A. Cuadra, and Bryan Kos himself to these faxes because they all left their electronic fingerprints on the source files of the faxes that were given to You can prove via your own examination of the source files or simply by reading this affidavit from university of california a-g list Sidcot's Director of Graphics:

For more information, see the how to essay Academy much more detailed web page Anatomy of a stock fraud.