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Otherness, Subjectivity and Admiral Incommunicability. by William Shannon. In this essay I will analyze the stories The Broken Globe and Two Sisters in Geneva by Henry Kreisel from a largely psychosocial point of critique School & Management, view in terms of the problems of otherness, subjectivity, and incommunicability. For the purposes of this essay, I will define those terms as follows, both with respect to the internal experiences of the characters in the stories, and also with respect to the narrator’s point of view. Farragut Academy? Otherness is a sense of how to an english Millfield, apartness, distinctiveness and/or strangeness experienced as largely insurmountable. Subjectivity, as I use the term, relates both to the subjectivity of experience – the same event can have different meanings for different people (Lye 2002), and to coursewokr, a character’s belief that she or he has the power to be the autonomous subject of of Business, her or his actions. The term incommunicability will also be used in two senses. The first sense relates to the limitation on the level of Farragut, true communication that two characters from different backgrounds can meaningfully achieve; the second sense is more philosophical and relates to the notion that some things (including individuals) cannot change what they truly are, although they may change some of writing english Brookes Shawnigan Lake, their attributes.

In the context of these stories, incommunicability in the second sense refers to coursewokr Farragut, the impossibility of a character’s truly leaving behind her or his origins and background. That is, the new world can only be so new insofar as one is forced to bring the old into it, whether one wants to or not. Writing Strathallan College? One always brings into the new world individual and cultural elements, both inherited and acquired, from the old and in that way it can be said that one is only able to change one’s attributes but not one’s essence. I will focus on The Broken Globe because it brings these issues to the surface in coursewokr Admiral Academy a very compelling and critique of an of Business & Management emotional way through the fractured relationship of Nick Solchuk and his father. After analyzing The Broken Globe, I will contrast it with the more straightforward depiction of Admiral Farragut, difference between the title characters in Two Sisters in Geneva. Kreisel’s The Broken Globe is told retrospectively in the past tense in the voice of an english essay Brookes internal narrator, whose name we never learn and about whom the author tells us virtually nothing. Because we know so little about the narrator himself, his role as a protagonist trying to bridge the Admiral, gap between the other two characters takes on a kind of otherness, and writing essay Brookes Lake serves to emphasize the distance between the other two characters and the distances between each of the characters and Academy the narrator. The narrator is like a blank slate on which Nick Solchuk and how to write an english School his father can write their own versions of the past.

The ostensible premise of the story is coursewokr Admiral Academy simple enough. Revision Oxford Tutorial College? The narrator’s colleague, Nick Solchuck, asks the narrator to visit his father after he is settled in Alberta. Nick prepares the narrator for his father by advising him that [w]hen once my father believed something, it was very hard to shake him (129) . From a perspective afforded by distance in space and time, Nick seems to have come to terms, on at least a superficial level, with what he considers his father’s mistaken worldview. Nick tells the Academy, narrator that I suddenly realized that [my father] wasn't mad, but that he lived in the universe of the medieval church (129). Along Lines Fairmont Schools? Thus, Nick imputes a theology to his father: The earth for him was the center of the universe . My father never said all that in so many words, mind you, but that is what he believed. Everything else was heresy (129-130). While this attitude permits Nick to explain his father to himself on some level, at the same time it permits Nick to discount the Admiral Farragut, importance of his father’s worldview both to his father and to himself. As a man of science, Nick’s perception of his father as medieval is not so much a way for Nick to understand his father, as it is a way to further distance himself from his father. By characterizing his father’s attitude as medieval, Nick is not making an how to a good comparative essay (Navitas) effort to truly understand his father’s attitude from his father’s point of view, and he refuses to acknowledge that his father’s worldview has had a significant influence on Nick.

This appears to be the coursewokr Admiral Farragut, modus operandi for all the historical interactions between Nick and writing english Brookes Lake his father described in the story. The relationship between Nick and his father illustrates all three problems of otherness, subjectivity and incommunicability. Each character feels far apart from the Farragut, other in attitude and purpose. Nick, as a scientist, feels he is the subjective author of his own destiny and does not acknowledge explicitly the influences of his background on his current life, except insofar as Nick acknowledges to the narrator his desire for a sense of distance and Oxford of space (127). Nick and his father have not truly communicated with each other since Nick’s childhood, and neither character tries to meet the other halfway.

Nevertheless, Nick wants the narrator to visit his father and Farragut Academy tell him that Nick has not gone to the devil (131). It is not clear why Nick thinks that his father’s hearing this news from someone from Nick’s world (as opposed to writing english Shawnigan, someone from the father’s world) will make a difference in their relationship. This makes one wonder what Nick really wants. Does he want to assure his father that he is doing fine, or does he want to continue the dispute that began in his childhood? The fact that the Admiral Academy, narrator is impressed with the grandeur and the monumental monotony of the writing english essay Shawnigan, journey west from Montreal (131) sets him up to at least be sensitive to Nick’s father’s point of view. It is not clear where or how Nick and the narrator met, but it seems that the narrator is new to the Canadian West. The narrator contrasts the expansive Canadian landscape to the tidy, highly cultivated countryside of England and of France where the consciousness of nature [is] humanized (131). The narrator comments that all motion seemed suspended, and only the coursewokr Admiral Academy, sun moved steadily (131). This description foreshadows Nick’s father’s attitudes, and opens up the possibility that the narrator may come to peer College, understand Nick’s father better than Nick does, reminding us of Admiral Farragut Academy, his role as a bridge-builder.

Nick’s father’s lack of personal writing essay Hillfield College, response to the narrator’s letter asking for Admiral Farragut permission to visit implies that Nick’s father did not want the visit (132). Upon arriving in town, the narrator learns that the whole town knows about the differences between Nick and his father (133). They think Nick is critique of an School of Business involved in making atomic bombs – perhaps symbolic for the destructiveness of the modern worldview on medieval attitudes like those of Nick’s father. But at the same time, the storekeeper seems proud that someone from the prairie made a name for himself (134). Paradoxically, the storekeeper seems both attracted to and repelled by Nick’s apparent success, reminding us that the unknown can be simultaneously attractive and repellent. The narrator’s presence in town leads the storekeeper to conclude that Nick has not forgotten his roots. Indeed, the Admiral, narrator tells the storekeeper that [s]ome day [Nick] plans to return (134), although the truthfulness of that statement is personal writing essay Hillfield doubtful. Coursewokr Admiral Farragut? Perhaps it is simply the narrator’s way of making the storekeeper feel comfortable with an outsider’s presence. Nick’s father seems to peer revision Tutorial, have been expecting the narrator, even though he hadn't responded to the narrator’s letter. The scene is described with an aura of Admiral Farragut, anticipation.

The house seems to be a reflection of the father’s attitudes: The door was low and I had to stoop a bit to get into the room (135). These Lines Writing And Essays Fairmont Schools? If this is true of the narrator, it must also have been true of Nick’s father, a tall, massively built old man (134). Coursewokr? Perhaps the cramped nature of the entrance to the house symbolizes what Nick and the narrator see as the father’s cramped attitudes and beliefs? Little light enters through a small window, keeping the house perpetually dusk (135), perhaps symbolizing the intellectual darkness in which Nick believes that his father lives because of his medieval beliefs. The narrator notes the physical similarities between Nick and his father – the same determined mouth, and the same high cheekbones and the same dark, penetrating eyes (135), reminding us that Nick carries his father within him whether he likes it or not – a kind of incommunicability in the second sense described above. Nick’s father explains to how to an english article Millfield, the narrator that Nick is tampering with the earth (135). For Nick’s father, tampering with the Admiral Academy, earth is equivalent to sacrilege, something else reinforcing the separateness between Nick and his father, the incommensurability of their worldviews, and their inability (unwillingness?) to truly communicate.

Nick’s father is puzzled by the narrator’s visit – as if an attempt to reach out to how to write an english Millfield School, him from this other world is most unexpected: [Nick] sent me to bring you greetings and to tell you he is Admiral well (136). Nick’s father acknowledges Nick’s vicarious outreach and softens his demeanor a bit, setting the stage for the embedded internal narrative that follows. The embedded internal narrative in which Nick’s father recounts the story of how Nick contradicted his father in front of the entire family and the hired help underlines the lack of communication (i.e., incommunicability in the first sense) between Nick and his father. We can see how the these lines writing paragraphs Private, event must have sorely wounded the father’s pride, causing him to Admiral Farragut Academy, lash out at Nick in frustration. Perhaps the way the events unfolded made it difficult or impossible for the father to consider that Nick’s scientific ideas might be correct? It appears that Nick did not apologize for putting his father on the spot, and critique article IUBH that the father did not apologize for Admiral hitting Nick. Peer Tutorial? The memory of the coursewokr Admiral, event clearly still angers Nick’s father (137-138), and underpins the present separateness between Nick and Tutorial his father. The father’s intended audience during the embedded narrative is Academy not only the narrator, but himself – as if the father is trying to re-convince himself that he handled the situation correctly so many years ago.

The father tried to revision Tutorial College, lock up Nick in the house to coursewokr Admiral Farragut, keep him away from school (138). His sense of impotence was palpable. Both Nick and his father are stubborn. Nick brought home the globe to try to convince his father that he was right (138), but the toy globe proved nothing to the father other than the fact that his son did not respect his worldview (139). By shattering the globe, the father was trying to shatter the threat to his world that the globe represented. Neither party tried to understand the other, but instead tried to article & Management, convince the other of the error of Farragut Academy, his ways. We must wonder if Nick’s father kept the eponymous broken globe around as a way of maintaining contact with his son, as a way of refusing to give up on him despite the rubbish (136) he learned in school and around which he built his life away from his father.

We must be skeptical of the father’s statement that he found the globe in english Brookes the attic and was going to throw it away but he forgot (137); the timing of the narrator’s visit and the presence of the globe must be more than coincidental. Maybe the father kept the globe in preparation for Admiral Academy the narrator’s visit, or maybe it was there all along waiting for a visit from Nick? Regardless of why he keeps it around, Nick’s father says the globe belongs in the garbage because it is a false thing. In his view, only that which is before him is real and worthy of attention. In response to the father’s question, the writing essay Brookes, narrator reluctantly tells him that he agrees with Nick’s view of the world. The father doesn’t seem to hold this against the narrator, but rather blames it on the fact that Satan has taken over all the world (140). Thus, the father is willing to grant the narrator a measure of flexibility he denies his own son. Perhaps this is because the narrator took the time to reach out, while Nick has not. But the narrator’s attempts to Farragut Academy, smooth things over –to bridge the two worlds represented by Nick and his father, is write comparative The University of Canberra (Navitas) less than successful. Nick’s father is concerned that there will be no one to tend his land after he dies.

To Nick’s father, tending the beloved land (141) in front of you is more important than tampering with God’s earth (140). Nick’s father believes what his senses show to coursewokr Farragut, be true – she [the earth] is flat, and she stands still. Still, the father asks the narrator to send greetings to lines paragraphs and essays Fairmont Private Schools, Nick, and coursewokr Admiral Farragut thus the narrator has managed to at least partially bridge the gap between Nick and his father, if only as a messenger confirming their differences. The sense of otherness experienced by the title characters in Two Sisters in Geneva is very apparent and less psychologically nuanced than that portrayed in The Broken Globe. Personal Writing Essay Hillfield College? Once again, Kreisel uses a disinterested third party to attempt to bridge the coursewokr Admiral Farragut, gap between two family members who seem to inhabit different planets.

But this time the story is told from the point of write an english article Millfield School, view of an external narrator standing outside the story. Thus, we know a bit more about Warren Douglas, our bridge-building character, in this story, and his role is more obviously drawn. And as a student of history he is sensitive to Admiral Academy, the cultural differences represented by how to a good comparative essay The University the sisters’ pasts, and coursewokr Academy understands the implications of their present journey. It is significant that the action takes place in Geneva — a meeting place of European cultures where several languages coexist and where the Brookes Shawnigan, ill-fated League of Nations started. Like the train station in which the action takes place, Geneva is a way station between cultures, mirroring the state of transit in which the characters find themselves. The sisters’ present journey harkens back to their separate journeys 36 years ago when they set off in different directions from England – one to Canada and coursewokr one to Italy. They are only now returning together for a visit to how to Millfield School, England for the first time in 36 years. The journey home is a tense one. It lacks the joy that one might expect such a journey to evoke. This lack of joy is only reinforced by the weather – It has been raining all day (115). From the beginning, Mrs.

Miller’s brusque new world demeanor is contrasted with Emily’s easygoing European style, as illustrated by their interactions with the coursewokr Admiral Farragut Academy, porter (116). Along Writing Paragraphs? Even Emily’s name emphasizes the distance between the Admiral, sisters – Mrs. Miller calls her Emily and she calls herself Emilia; her name evokes the internal sense of otherness that Emily/Emilia must carry around within herself. The sisters appear so different that Warren would not have thought they were sisters (118). From the beginning, we see that Emilia is more comfortable at the intersection of cultures than Mrs. Miller.

Emilia must remind her sister that [i]t’s not foreign money to the people who live here (117). Mrs. Miller tries to find common ground with Warren in College their common country of Canada (117), although even that common ground reflects otherness, subjectivity and incommunicability – Warren is from coursewokr Toronto and Mrs. Of Canberra (Navitas)? Miller is from Edmonton, two very different regions with strikingly different qualities and different ways of life. Mrs. Miller is convinced of the superiority of Canada over Italy and nothing can persuade her otherwise. Coursewokr Academy? Mrs.

Miller mentions several times that Mr. Miller left her well provided for (118-119), and peer Tutorial she thinks it is awful that Emily lives in a furnished room (118). In contrast, Emilia is quite happy with her situation in Admiral Florence (124). Critique Of An Article School? As if to underline the differences between them, Mrs. Miller cannot understand why Emilia would rather live alone in a room in Italy instead of in a house with her own flesh and blood (119) in England or Canada. In this story, Warren clearly sympathizes with Emily’s point of view in Admiral Farragut Academy contrast to the narrator in these paragraphs Private The Broken Globe who appears ready to empathize with both sides. Mrs. Miller’s attitude toward Europe is summed up in this statement: I'll be glad when I get back to Admiral Farragut, a place where you can understand what people are saying, though. It’s a weird feeling hearing people jabbering away and you not understanding a word they’re saying (120).

For Warren and Emilia, Europe represents art and culture and a vibrancy of how to an english School, life that Mrs. Miller cannot see. For Mrs. Miller, there is no benefit to exposure to other cultures, and being in coursewokr Farragut Academy Europe is nothing but a nuisance. The story is structured to give us each sister’s point of view through their comments to Warren as he sits with them individually and hears them out. In contrast to how to write an english article Millfield School, Mrs. Miller’s husband, who left her well-provided for, Emily tells Warren that her husband was a very interesting man and to live with him was a great privilege (122), emphasizing the beauty of the experience over any economic considerations. Emilia’s coughing spells suggest that Italy as a more healthy environment for her (122), as if the wet and the rain reinforce the fact that she is out of her element on this journey to the grayness of England, and coursewokr Farragut possibly to the winters of Canada. Emilia seems able to analyze the otherness, subjectivity and incommunicability between her and her sister with a measure of dispassion when she notes that [w]e have been living in different worlds. Of An Article? Much too different (123). Emilia does not appear to coursewokr Admiral Academy, hold Mrs.

Miller’s differences against her like Mrs. Miller does with respect to Emilia; rather, Emilia seems to writing Brookes Lake, accept them as the natural result of their different paths over the years. They are simply from different worlds with nothing to talk about (122-123). But Emilia can at least see that Mrs. Miller is Farragut kind and Tutorial well-meaning – a sharp contrast with The Broken Globe, in coursewokr Farragut which the father and son clearly do not accept their differences and see nothing positive in them, and also in contrast with Mrs. Miller who sees nothing positive in along paragraphs Schools Emilia’s way of life. For Emilia, home is where you make it, not where you come from. She longs to go back home to Italy (123) and has no intention of ultimately going to Canada (124): To live in a strange land in a strange city with my sister would be – well, not exactly like the Inferno, but like Purgatorio (124). Warren clearly understands and sympathizes with this attitude.

Emilia accepts the otherness, subjectivity and incommunicability separating her from her sister. Coursewokr Academy? In contrast to the family members in The Broken Globe, it is the journey that is tense, not the family members’ feelings for each other. In both stories, the how to write an english Millfield School, characters are trying to reconcile their origins with their present situation and their desires for coursewokr Academy the future. Each story in its own way poses the questions of whether one can totally do away with one’s past (an issue of incommunicability), and writing whether there is a limit to Farragut Academy, the common ground achievable by those with seemingly incommensurable attitudes (issues of otherness and subjectivity). Neither of the write Millfield, stories answers these questions definitively, leaving it to the reader to see pieces of her or himself in the stories and learn from the coursewokr Admiral Farragut Academy, characters some of the ways in which these issues are forced upon us in spite of ourselves. Indeed, E.D.

Blodgett (1982) points out that Kreisel makes no distinction [in his works] between ‘immigrant’ and ‘ethnic.’ I think this fact makes Kreisel’s depictions of otherness, subjectivity and incommunicability in stories like these all the more compelling for the reader, since one can readily identify with the experiences portrayed in his stories, regardless of ethnic background or immigrant experience. © Copyright 2005 William Shannon. Note: All page references are to The Almost Meeting and Other Stories by Henry Kreisel, unless otherwise noted. Blodgett, E. D. Fictions of Ethnicity in Prairie Writing. Configuration: Essays on the Canadian Literatures . Ed. E.D. Blodgett. Toronto: ECW Press, 1982. 85-111. Kreisel, Henry. The Almost Meeting and Other Stories . Personal Essay Hillfield? 1981.

Edmonton: NeWest Press. 2004. Lye, John. Farragut? Narrative Point of View: Some Considerations. Writing English Shawnigan Lake? (7/9/2002). 9/9/2005. Updated February 12 2015 by Student Academic Services.

AU, CANADA'S OPEN UNIVERSITY , is an internationally recognized leader in Admiral Farragut online and distance learning.

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mud city book report #40;Founders House Publishing, December 2016, 254 pages, $15.99#41; With his novel Retrotopia , John Michael Greer seeks to Admiral, challenge the peer Tutorial, perceptions most people have of technology. Coursewokr Academy. His aim is partly to spur awareness about what technology actually is, since we're so used to write comparative The University of Canberra, seeing it equated with electronic gizmos that we tend to have a limited sense of it. #40;How many people realize that stone tools and study circles are every bit as much examples of technology as are computers?#41; On another level, Greer wants to make the coursewokr Admiral Academy, point that individuals, as well as whole societies, can and write a good comparative The University (Navitas) do make conscious choices about Farragut Academy, which technologies they wish to write Millfield, use #40;the Amish being a particularly apt case in point#41;. You need not own a TV, a car or a smartphone just because everyone says you should.

By that same token, an coursewokr Academy, entire nation need not follow the same technological path as the rest of the industrial world, especially when there's another, more sensible way. Greer walks his talk on the issue of technological choice, having happily lived his entire adult life without a TV, an automobile or a mobile phone. Now he's attempting to use fiction to of an article IUBH School of Business, dispel some of the strangeness that still, in most people's minds, attends the notion of rejecting modern-day innovations in favor of things from the past. Coursewokr Academy. To do so is what Greer calls retrovation, which, as its name suggests, is the opposite of innovation. Whereas the how to a good comparative (Navitas), latter involves coming up with new technologies, the former consists of rediscovering old ones. For it happens that many past technologies are superior to coursewokr Admiral Farragut Academy, their modern-day equivalents. It's often been the case that the inventions that won out did so not on write The University of Canberra, their own merits, but because of sheer circumstance or the Academy, machinations of those with an interest in seeing them succeed. #40;Consider the General Motors streetcar conspiracy of the 1920s to '40s, which gave automobiles a monopoly on write a good (Navitas), surface transportation in America.#41; Greer's novel is about a future nation in what is Admiral Farragut now the article of Business & Management, American Midwest that has managed to prosper by going backwards technologically. It's 2065, and the United States long ago descended into civil war and dissolution as a result of Admiral, having continued down the personal writing Hillfield College, same shortsighted trajectory it's on coursewokr Admiral Academy, today: namely, the pursuit of infinite growth on a finite globe. Most of the handful of post-U.S.A. Lines Writing And Essays. American nations remain fixated on this unachievable goal.

However, one country, the Lakeland Republic, has chosen an alternate course. Admiral Academy. It has decided to discard the critique of an article IUBH School & Management, ideal of growth for its own sake as well as any technologies aimed at achieving that goal. From the Farragut Academy, perspectives of those in surrounding nations, an aura of mystery surrounds the goings-on in the Lakeland Republic. And first-time visitors often find that the mystery only deepens once they've set foot within the along these lines writing paragraphs and essays Fairmont Schools, Republic's borders. How can it be, they wonder, that this country is able to enjoy such prosperity and internal peace while embracing such counterintuitive policies? Unlike most other nations, the Republic refused to accept conditions laid out by Farragut Academy the International Monetary Fund #40;IMF#41; and the World Bank for economic assistance following the war. As a result, it defaulted on writing essay College, its debt, lost access to world credit markets and had an international trade embargo imposed on it.

Yet by nearly every measure, it's faring better than any other nation on the continent. It has none of the war wreckage that continues to litter other lands, its towns are in markedly better shape and its working class has such a high standard of living that a tide of hopeful immigrants pours in from elsewhere. It turns out that the Republic became such a success story precisely because it chucked the conventional wisdom on how to rebuild a national industrial economy. The embargo, together with the Republic's decision to stop throwing good money after bad in terms of its debt, allowed capital to accumulate inside the country. Three decades later, the nation has succeeded in rebuilding its economy from the bottom up, taking care to avoid the follies that threw it into the abyss in Admiral the first place. Retrotopia 's plot concerns the journey, both physical and psychological, of a newcomer named Peter Carr. The neighboring country of the Atlantic Republic has just had a presidential election, and Carr is an advisor to how to write an english School, the president-elect. In the novel's opening scene, he's traveling to the capitol of the Lakeland Republic, Toledo, where he is to coursewokr Admiral Farragut, spend the an english Millfield School, next two weeks helping draft a set of key agreements between the two governments. As Carr goes about his daily business in Toledo, we're provided a comprehensive tour of how things work in this bizarre new land. From the moment he crosses over into Lakeland #40;via a 1950s-era diesel-electric locomotive run on used frying oil#41;, Carr is dumbfounded by the seeming technological backwardness he encounters.

He's horrified to Academy, learn that the country wants nothing to do with the metanet #40;this future's Internet#41; and writing essay Shawnigan uses jamming stations to keep out the satellite transmissions on which metanet access depends. Carr is coursewokr Academy also baffled by the chaotic technological bricolage he observes everywhere. He sees farms worked by draft horses just as commonly as those boasting tractors. He also passes through city neighborhoods in which streets populated by cars and of an article of Business & Management trucks exist right alongside those where horse-drawn carriages and coursewokr Academy streetcars predominate. And he sees much more in the way of handcrafted everyday goods than he's used to, an indication that the household economy has made a comeback here. What's more, the average Lakelander gives no more thought to the disparate technological choices others have made than most people today give to personal essay Hillfield, the supposed need to own a smartphone. The Lakeland Republic is divided into counties, with each county free to fashion its own unique technological landscape.

There's a tier system of technological development, with the highest tier, five, representing 1950s-era infrastructure; and the lowest, roughly that of the 1830s. A lower tier means a lower tax burden for Farragut Academy the county's inhabitants, but also a more rudimentary infrastructure. The citizens of each county vote to critique of an article IUBH School of Business, determine which tier best suits their needs. This does not mean, however, that individual residents of a lower-tier county are prohibited from having higher-tier technologies if that's what they wish. On the contrary, they're quite able to do so–but they must pay out of their own pockets for the privilege. Farragut. Because of this system, there's significant incentive for people to eschew the latest and greatest in favor of the ever-more-old-fashioned. Over the course of the plot, Carr has a series of errands to run, each one bringing to light some new aspect to life in the Lakeland Republic.

For the how to write essay (Navitas), first time in his life he pays for things with checks and paper money, rather than electronically. When he tears one of his shoes and has to buy a replacement pair, he learns the difference between the Admiral Farragut, shoddy plastic footwear he's accustomed to and the quality, handcrafted shoes Lakelanders wear. He also falls ill for a couple of days, and in the process receives a lesson in how much better healthcare is in Lakeland than in the Atlantic Republic. #40;What he's used to is basically an even more extreme version of what Americans have today. Lakeland healthcare, in contrast, is write an english article all about affordability, access for all and the use of natural remedies rather than industrially produced pharmaceuticals.#41; And as Carr endeavors to keep up on current events, he has his first exposure to long-form print journalism, a far cry from the 140-character metanet articles he's used to coursewokr, reading. Carr's visits to various cultural, economic and governmental establishments provide another means of introducing both him and us to the workings of the how to write an english, Lakeland Republic. Admiral Farragut Academy. His destinations include an energy plant, a public school, a library and a military outdoor shooting range. During his tour of the energy plant, he's impressed to learn of the enterprising scheme Lakelanders have developed for College turning sewage into electrical power.

While visiting the school, he gets to Admiral Farragut, witness an education system focused not on preparing kids for write article Millfield School meaningless standardized tests, but rather on teaching them how to think for themselves and directly apply what they've learned. The library's ambiance is disconcerting at first: In place of the Academy, clatter of keys and the babble of voices that gave the libraries I knew their soundtrack, Carr recounts, the room was as hushed as a funeral parlor. #40;I chuckled at revision Tutorial this description, sensing that it was Greer's way of grumbling ironically about the sad state of the modern-day library experience.#41; As for Carr's time at the shooting range, it provides an eye-opening object lesson in the astonishing edge that antique weapons can have over the most state-of-the-art drones. It's while visiting a streetcar factory that Carr sees perhaps the most poignant example yet of how radically different the rules of coursewokr Admiral Farragut, Lakelandian economics are from those of his country. During his tour, he notices that the production line workers are using hand tools rather than machines, prompting him to ask why the company hasn't automated its process. His tour guide is aghast at the suggestion. Writing Essay Hillfield. If we tried to automate our assembly line, given the additional costs, she explains, the Farragut, other two firms would eat us alive. This is because the Lakeland Republic has laws that make it cost-ineffective to writing Hillfield Strathallan College, employ machines rather than people. Coursewokr Admiral Farragut. These laws impose steep taxes on businesses that choose to automate, as a way of writing Lake, compensating the greater society for the resultant increases in unemployment and coursewokr Admiral Farragut pollution.

Such costs can no longer be written off as externalities. One part of this book that I particularly admire is its satire directed against the existing order. In so many ways, Carr embodies how reliance on modern-day technology has dulled people's innate abilities. Like most people in America today, he depends on gadgets to carry out nearly every activity of of an article of Business & Management, daily life–and as a result, he struggles to Admiral Academy, do math in his head, write legibly and in peer revision Oxford Tutorial general work with his hands. These deficiencies are brought into sharp relief during his time in the Lakeland Republic, where he suddenly has to write things down, do math without a calculator and track down books in coursewokr Farragut a library.

My favorite thing about of an article School & Management, Retrotopia is the coursewokr Academy, way it overlays modern progressive ideals onto revision Tutorial a world of retro technology. Since the Lakeland Republic has traveled back in time technologically, one might assume it has also done so socially–yet this is not so. During his time there, Carr becomes involved in an intimate romantic relationship, witnesses a same-sex wedding and meets a prominent public figure with a spouse of the same sex. Thus, while Toledo may have 1950s technology, it has in no way returned to that era's social mores. Greer says he made it this way specifically to drive home the coursewokr Admiral Farragut Academy, message that historical periods aren't indivisible units that must be accepted or rejected wholesale. These Lines And Essays. In his experience, this point is lost on most people. I've long since lost track of the coursewokr Admiral Farragut Academy, number of write, times I've been told, he reports, that rejecting the latest new, shiny, and dysfunctional technology, in favor of an older technology that works, is tantamount to cheerleading for infant mortality, or slavery, or living in caves, or what have you.#42; Given its title, one obvious question many readers will have about Retrotopia is whether it's at least partly an homage to Ecotopia , one of the great eco-novels of the 1970s.

The answer is that, yes, Greer deeply admires this seminal work by the late Ernest Callenbach, and he includes nods to it in his own tale. Most crucially, both books use the device of coursewokr Farragut, a first-person narrator with whom the reader is meant to identify. In Ecotopia , this character is a journalist rather than a government official, but he serves exactly the same function as does Mr. Carr: to provide readers an up-close, outsider's view of an unfamiliar world. Another similarity is how meticulously realized both books' settings are. Greer and writing english Brookes Callenbach both go into such detail that it's as if they're describing real places.

Yet there are also some notable departures from coursewokr Admiral Farragut, Ecotopia . The most important of these has to do with Greer's concept of how to an english article School, retrovation. The appeal of coursewokr Academy, retrovation seems to have been lost on Callenbach, since he saw future technological advances–for example, improvements in solar photovoltaics and other renewable energy technologies–as having the how to an english article Millfield, potential to Farragut Academy, rescue us from our impending energy descent. Greer, who is nothing if not a realist, sees no such potential. In short, Callenbach maintained his faith in how to an english article School innovation, whereas Greer sees continued innovation as the exact opposite of what's needed, hence the Lakeland Republic's decision to look to the past for workable answers to humankind's crises. Another big difference between Ecotopia and Retrotopia lies in their differing character arcs. Admiral. Ecotopia 's main character comes full circle, abandoning his life back home to become an Ecotopian. Without giving anything away, I'm happy to say that this isn't the choice Greer makes for writing english Shawnigan his character. Greer decides instead to take things in Admiral Farragut a less predictable, more ambiguous–and more interesting–direction, in keeping with his view that there isn't one be-all-and-end-all response to the challenges before us.

This book is yet another solid entry in the oeuvre of a profoundly accomplished author. In writing it, Greer drew on his encyclopedic knowledge of history and a wide range of other fields to create a fully realized, believable world that deftly turns the assumptions of present-day industrial society on how to comparative essay The University of Canberra (Navitas), their ears. While I don't have any major complaints about the job he's done, I did find myself yearning for more detail on Admiral Farragut Academy, some of the other post-U.S.A. nations besides the Lakeland Republic. However, since Greer's main purpose is to show us a portrait of the Lakeland Republic, this isn't so much a criticism as a testament to how thoroughly he drew me into his fictional world. #42;John Michael Greer, A Time for School & Management Retrovation, The Archdruid Report , Sept.

21, 2016, #40;accessed May 24, 2017#41;. Our task today is to reinvent society so that it is co-evolutionary with the rest of nature. Management of our natural resources in an efficient and sustainable manner is vital to coursewokr Admiral Farragut, this vision. How To Write An English. Botanical Treasures lays the foundation for such a transformation by coursewokr Admiral detailing a form of nature-based renewable economics that has been all but lost in this age of technology. MORE.

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4 Easy Steps For Creating A Targeted Resume. #1 Thing Recruiters Want You To Know About Getting A Job AppDynamics. Admiral Farragut Academy! How To Land A Job At Northside Hospital. 3 Tips For Getting A Job At Medidata Solutions. The Secret To Networking When You Don#039;t Have Any Time. Writing Essay Hillfield Strathallan College! 3 Ways Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Make The Most Of Online Collaboration. Targeted resumes (customized resumes) get interviews and Farragut, get jobs. Would you use the same resume to apply for both a teaching position and an office job?

You’d better not if you want a decent shot at getting an interview. A customized resume is one that is tailored to a specific job. You’d start with your resume template and strategically customize it to feature the skills and accomplishments that best match the typical job description for the job you want. Why Custom Tailor A Resume At All? Why? Because many companies don’t immediately read your resume anymore. Shawnigan Lake! Instead, they file it with the other 700 resumes they received and Admiral Farragut Academy, feed it through a computer filter called an Applicant Tracking System, which only looks for ‘keywords.#8217; This system excludes resumes that don’t contain keywords matching the job posting and spits out the resumes of applicants whose resume language closely matches the job skills required. ATS technology is getting smarter every day keywords in a block of text dumped into how to an english article Millfield School the resume at the end will be ignored.

The filters look for ‘context.#8217; That is, these filters want to see those keywords used with and Admiral Farragut, near other relevant words. In other words, the system cannot be gamed. Also, real, live people still read many resumes and they are open to being impressed and persuaded. Along Paragraphs And Essays! A good resume makes the employer want to coursewokr hire you based on your resume that’s the reason they call you in for an interview (to make sure you are as impressive in person). Your existing resume will act as the template for peer each custom/targeted resume. We are then going to take the keywords used in the job posting and Admiral Farragut Academy, work them into IUBH your resume. Your resume template is your master copy. Coursewokr Academy! It includes your name, but not your address (particularly if you are applying out of town), your nice, polite Gmail address, and your phone number. Then, you#8217;ll create blank sections you’ll label privately as “Professional Title#8221; and “Summary.#8221; Your Summary is for your Featured Skills, followed by your relevant credentials.

This is followed by your last 10-12 years of employment history (Job title with dates) in chronological order from the most recent to oldest. Designate any employment gaps of IUBH School of Business & Management more than a year with an Admiral Academy, appropriate title and date range: 2011-2012 Furthering Education 2011-2012 Travel 2008 Seeking Employment 2008 Volunteering 2003-2005 Family Care 2003-2005 Military Service. Don’t panic about gaps in employment just explain them briefly, if asked, in the interview. A series of peer Tutorial short-term jobs can be grouped together as “Temporary Work,#8221; “Part-time Work,” or “Contract Work” depending on coursewokr Farragut Academy the facts. Never lie on your resume nothing is a guaranteed barrier to employment but lying would be. Also see my article, “What To Do If You Lied On Your Resume.#8221; Then, Volunteering, Military Service details, Honors, and Certifications can follow. Ask yourself for each job, “What did I accomplish in this job that no one else would have done?” These accomplishments are VERY important.

We are going to Tutorial College make an effort to coursewokr Farragut Academy use them with keywords tailored to each job application. You’re going to critique article IUBH School mention these accomplishments in the interview, too, so write them down! Keep in mind that each of your target resumes should be tailored to a specific job or type of work. Starting with your master resume, here#8217;s how to convert it into a target resume: 1. Coursewokr Admiral Academy! Copy Keywords From Job Descriptions. Read the critique article School & Management, job description (noting the Academy, position title) then copy the whole thing into a separate document. Do a search for six other job descriptions that use the same title (search the web or an online job site).

Copy these entirely into the same separate document. Finally, you can opt to check the free US Department of Labor Statistics’ free download, the “Occupational Outlook Handbook#8221; since it happens to contain common job descriptions for lines paragraphs and essays Schools US occupations that you can use in your job description collection (copy and paste the coursewokr Academy, relevant job description to your list). 2. Determine Which Keywords Make The Most Appearances. These job descriptions contain words in common – KEYWORDS, words relating to revision THREE categories: You are going to create a “tag cloud,#8221; also known as a “word cloud,” using any online tag cloud generator ( or work very well). These word clouds make the most commonly used words in the descriptions leap off the Farragut Academy, page.

You will know exactly what skills, experience, and position titles are demanded by the position. Copy a list of the TOP 10-20 keywords that relate to article School the job you want in this situation. Coursewokr Farragut! 3. Add The Keywords To Your Resume. Take the experience, credentials, and education identified by along paragraphs Fairmont Schools, the tag clouds and include them in Farragut your resume. Input the Job Title in your template, then in personal essay College the Summary section at the top of your resume you should include keyword transferable skills that relate to this role. 4. Capture The Keywords In Your Accomplishment Statements. Write your accomplishment statements to capture some of the keywords. This is what makes you the coursewokr, perfect candidate for english Brookes Shawnigan Lake this job! These statements should reflect skills that are your strengths and only skills that you want to use again. Be sure to repeat each skill listed in coursewokr Academy the Summary section in the section discussing your work history so that there is emphasis on your specialty in essay that area. That’s it!

Make sure you are writing for coursewokr Admiral real people in spite of the potential of ATS screening. Use the Job Title from the job description.

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Cosi Love Fidelity And Sanity Insanity Essays and Research Papers. Significant Ideas of Love , Fidelity , Sanity and Insanity in Cosi ? In the play . Cosi Louis Nowra challenges the important themes of love , fidelity , sanity and insanity within a range of coursewokr Academy dramatic techniques. Cosi is set in Melbourne, during the personal writing essay Hillfield, early 1970’s. Numerous political and radical events were occurring. The Vietnam War protest was raging, the sexual revolution was rolling, and mental illness was still misunderstood and mistreated.

Due to these contexts, love , fidelity , sanity and insanity are big issues. Drama , Insanity defense , Love 1644 Words | 5 Pages. ?Themes Fidelity infidelity According to Mozart’s Cosi Fan Tutte, the issue of fidelity is depicted to be an . ideal that is never achieved. Since ‘women are like that’ – the interpretation of ‘ cosi fan tutte', Mozart encouraged the belief that men should simply accept women are indeed disloyal in relationships. Nowra illustrates this same idea about women and infidelity through Lewis and Lucy’s relationship. While Lucy is ‘sleeping’ with Lewis, she is also triflingly ‘having sex’ with Nick. Farragut? When. Black-and-white films , Love , Vietnam War 897 Words | 3 Pages. In Cosi , a semi- autographical play by Louis Nowra, various characters are faced with challenges that exist in real life and throughout the . play some characters rise to how to write School the challenges put before them and overcome them, while others fail. Using that concept Louis Nowra hopes to communicate the challenges that people must undergo in their life and Academy, that fairy-tale endings do not exist in real life. Louis Nowra uses the play within a play technique so that he can easily explore various themes such as.

Audience , Cosi , Cosi fan tutte 1184 Words | 3 Pages. Louis Nowra’s play ‘ Cosi ’, demonstrates the bias of madness and personal, deals with the subject of coursewokr Admiral Farragut love and fidelity through . the development of the along these paragraphs and essays Schools, protagonist, Lewis. Set in the era of free love and war the 1970’s, the use of coursewokr Admiral Farragut dramatic techniques creates chaos and conflict as Lewis’s opinions of love and essay Hillfield Strathallan, madness is challenged by his interactions with the patients from an asylum and through the production of a play-within-a-play “ Cosi Fan Tutte”. Nowra begins ‘ Cosi ’ by commenting on the way society treats. Cosi , Cosi fan tutte , Drama 1201 Words | 3 Pages. Cosi by Louis Nowra - Text Analysis Essay. Nowra use the opera Cosi fan Tutte to explore the play’s main ideas? Set in a typical mental asylum in the 1970’s during the anti-Vietnam . War protests and the feminist movement for coursewokr Academy, women's equal rights, the play ' Cosi ' by Louis Nowra deeply explores the themes of love and fidelity , in a society predominantly concerned with war and a good comparative The University (Navitas), politics.

Throughout the play, Nowra uses the play within a play, ' Cosi Fan Tutte', to convey his key values regarding the importance of love and fidelity in today's world. Cosi fan tutte , History of psychiatric institutions , Love 1992 Words | 5 Pages. Cosi , composed by Louis Nowra, is a minimalist play contextualised by the Vietnam War which emphasises the characters and their growth. . Cosi explores the distinctive ideas of illusion verses reality and the concept of “madness” in a comedic and innovative way, through a variety of dramatic techniques. Admiral Academy? The device of write School a play-within-a-play of Cosi Fan Tutte, develops an effective dichotomy, while highlighting the dramatic verisimilitude of the values presented in the outside and inside worlds. Lewis. Comedy , Cosi , Cosi fan tutte 1146 Words | 3 Pages. auto biographical play ‘ Cosi ’ is a touching yet biting portrayal of human relationships in a Melbourne mental institute, where the patients are . astracised by society. Coursewokr Farragut Academy? Throughout the play Lewis Nowra illustrates each and every character that suffers with a mental illness as normal people with a desire to do or think things different to others from the society of the 1970s. Throughout the play Nowra poses a question, can anybody be classified as insane? When there is insanity all around us.

The play. Cosi fan tutte , Drama , Insanity 877 Words | 3 Pages. Cosi Task Preparation This is the question: Question 2 on article & Management Cosi Lewis Nowra, Cosi Act One, Scene One A . burnt out theatre. It is day outside but the pitch black inside the coursewokr Admiral Farragut, theatre. A heavy door opens, a chink of daylight enters, as do three people: LEWIS, his girlfriend LUCY, and these lines writing paragraphs Fairmont Schools, his friend NICK. ………………………………….. Farragut? NICK: Smells like it hasn’t been used in a good The University of Canberra years LUCY: Burnt wood and coursewokr Admiral Farragut Academy, mould. Are you sure you know what you’re doing? LEWIS: I need the money, Lucy. [Nick accidentally touches. Drama , Dramatic structure , Friendship 775 Words | 3 Pages.

ENGLISH FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT TASK YEAR 11 – STANDARD Jenai Lawrance TASK 4: THE AUSTRALIAN EXPERIENCE -ESSAY ON ‘ COSI ’ ‘’Drama . Of An Of Business & Management? allows us to examine our national identity through characters and conflict’’. Academy? Discuss this statement with reference to the play you have studied in class. Of Business & Management? The play ‘ Cosi ’ composed by Louis Nowra and set in Melbourne during the early 1970’s allows the Admiral Farragut Academy, audience to reflect on personal writing Hillfield College what it mean to be an Australian in the era and in modern times. Through the eyes of. Cold War , Interpersonal relationship , Laos 968 Words | 3 Pages. Sanity, or Insanity, That is the Question.

Sanity , or Insanity , That is the Question Insanity is a disorder inflicted upon those who suffer from . extraordinary physical, mental or emotional anguishes and trials. Insanity is often times caused by exposure to sources of horror, madness or alien natures, that which the mind simply cannot withstand. One of the most debated subjects in Hamlet by William Shakespeare is the interpretation of Hamlet’s character, in particular, his sanity . Hamlet goes through a struggle with himself following. Characters in Hamlet , Gertrude , Ghost 1062 Words | 3 Pages. really changed at the end of the play? ‘ Cosi ’, written by Louis Nowra, is an intriguing (this is not a review Matt, so don’t use these . descriptions) play that explores the minds of patients in the mental asylum and how they progress over time whilst being in the real world. (arent’ they removed from the real world whilst trapped in Admiral Farragut the confinements of the asylum?) However it is not a patient that changes the most during the rehearsing and performing of ‘ Cosi Fan Tutte’ but it is the critique of an School of Business & Management, everyday society. 2002 albums , Audience , Cosi 990 Words | 3 Pages. Cosi Shows Us That There Is as Much Madness in the Outside World as There Is Within a Mental Institution.’ Discuss. In Louise Nowra’s COSI , a semi-autobiographical drama, Nowra reveals that there is as much madness in the outside world as exists in an asylum. Admiral Academy? . COSI reveals to along lines and essays the reader that madness does not discriminate; lunacy is no psychological construct and coursewokr Admiral Farragut, that madness is the perception of normality versus abnormality whereby no boundaries exist. Through the use of COSI Nowra is able to compare the delirium of the outside word to that of the mental institutes during the 1970’s, drawing upon the themes of. Insanity , Insanity defense , Love 2230 Words | 6 Pages.

Standard English Yr11 Task 1 a b- Journey as a Self-Discovery ( Cosi and another novel) OUTLINE. The term journey of self-discovery refers . to how to School a travel, pilgrimage ,[1] or series of Admiral Farragut events whereby a person attempts to determine how they feel, personally, about spiritual issues [2] or priorities,[3][4] rather than following the opinions of family, friends, neighborhood[5] or peer pressure. The topic of self-discovery has been associated with Zen.[6] A related term is finding oneself. In drama. Cosi fan tutte , Introduction , Life 853 Words | 3 Pages. Louis Nowra’s screenplay ‘ Cosi ’ explores the attitudes to and perception of the critique article IUBH of Business, mentally ill in 1971. Coursewokr Admiral Farragut Academy? During this period Australia is at war . and undergoing social reform. The perception of mental patients in how to a good comparative of Canberra (Navitas) the 70s can be seen as unethical and inhumane, with society grouping them with animals and locking them away in asylums with barbaric conditions.

The 70s saw mental illness being neglected and kept in the dark and with movies that depict ‘mad’ people as animals; a negative connotation is Farragut Academy placed. Cosi , Disability , Insanity defense 838 Words | 3 Pages. Nowra’s play is set in a ‘burnt out theatre’. Of An Of Business? Discuss the coursewokr Academy, importance of setting and imagery in conveying Nowra’s idea on ' Cosi '. The setting . and imagery used in Louis Nowra’s play ‘ Cosi ’ explore the turbulent time that took part in Australia. The play is set in write a good comparative essay of Canberra (Navitas) a mental institution in Melbourne, in the 1970’s. Using the ominous presence of the Vietnam War, Nowra explores the insanity of the war; and the need to condemn war and to protest against Admiral Farragut Academy, Australia’s involvement in Vietnam.

The main presence. Cold War , Mental disorder , Psychiatric hospital 876 Words | 3 Pages. different levels; creating either a diluted or concentrated effect. Critique IUBH School & Management? Cosi by Louis Nowra, the Road Not Taken by Robert Frost and coursewokr Admiral Farragut Academy, Amadeus . directed by Milos Forman, all portray similar kinds of writing essay pain and growth through similar experience. Coursewokr Admiral Academy? Lewis begins his journey as a typically middle class citizen with radical left wing views, things that he considers so significant that they take priority over more primitive things like love . Here he can be compared to Salieri in Amadeus, before Mozart came to. Cosi , Louis Nowra , Love 1260 Words | 4 Pages. Louis Nowra utilises a range of lines writing paragraphs Private structural techniques to heighten the dramatic impact of Cosi . Discuss It is evident that in Louis Nowra’s . 1992 play Cosi , a range of structural methods have been employed by Nora to intensify the dramatic the audience. Nowra entrenches the underlying themes of coursewokr love , fidelity , mental illness and most importantly maturity to show the change of the main characters.

By contrasting the personal writing Strathallan College, two different acts to show the Academy, relationship between the internal and external. Character , Drama , Mental disorder 1173 Words | 3 Pages. “I can’t stand real things. If I could put up with reality I wouldn’t be in here.” How does Nowra allow the personal writing essay Hillfield Strathallan, real world to be escaped but also a constant . presence in his play? Through the use of many diverse characters, Louis Nowra in his play Cosi reflects on the idea that the concept of coursewokr Farragut reality has the potential to differ when based on different perspectives.

Nowra explores the true meaning of reality and reveals that although certain mentally challenged people believe they are isolated from. 2002 albums , Cosi fan tutte , Jacques Lacan 839 Words | 3 Pages. Cosi: Lewis Changes by along lines Fairmont Private Directing the Play. of loyalty, fidelity and betrayal. The backdrop of war is also a significant feature of coursewokr Farragut both texts: the critique IUBH School, Vietnam War in the 1970s (in . Cosi ) and the Albanian battle for independence from the Ottoman Empire in coursewokr Admiral 1790 (in Cosi Fan Tutte). Wars also involve loyalties and betrayals, and how to a good (Navitas), their chaos on a grand scale underscores the coursewokr Admiral Farragut, chaos in how to Millfield the lives of the characters in Admiral Academy the opera and the play. (Sue Sherman : English for Year 12) •According to Mozart’s Cosi Fan Tutte, the issue of fidelity is depicted. Adultery , Cosi fan tutte , Love 623 Words | 3 Pages. seen by society as a negative form of difference and these lines paragraphs Fairmont Schools, so mental illness patients have continuously been stereotyped and Admiral Farragut Academy, marginalised by personal writing Hillfield Strathallan society throughout . Admiral Farragut Academy? there lives. Along These Private Schools? The mistreatment of mental illness patients has been displayed throughout the Farragut Academy, play Cosi . The mental characters from the essay Strathallan, play create a theme of madness through there different personalities and quirks.

The theme; mental illness and coursewokr Farragut, madness are developed for the audience by writing essay Louis Nowra’s choice of stage directions, dialogue, conflicts and. English-language films , Illness , Mental disorder 830 Words | 3 Pages. a class of fellow year 12 students who have all studied Louis Nowra's play Cosi . The purpose of discussing why Cosi is a play . worth performing is to show elements of the play and Academy, its ideas that are relevant to our own lives here in suburban Western Australia. Speech: Love is not so important nowadays, or is it? Written by Louis Nowra in along lines paragraphs Fairmont Schools the 1990's and set in the early 1970's, Cosi is coursewokr Admiral Farragut a play based on the opera Cosi Fan Tutte. You may be asking yourself, why is this play worth performing?

What. Cosi , Cosi fan tutte , Love 1281 Words | 3 Pages. Cosi Act one Scene one: Plot: Lewis along with his girlfriend, Lucy, and his friend, Nick, enter “a burnt out theatre.” As they struggle . to find a light switch they joined by Roy. Lucy leaves and Nick who is frightened joins her. Lewis meets Justin the social worker and then the other members appear. Doug, a pyromaniac, Henry, who says nothing and Zac, a musician. The women join them soon after, Cherry, who is these writing paragraphs Fairmont Schools violent, Julie, a drug addict and Ruth, who suffers obsessive compulsive disorder. Cold War , Communism , Drug addiction 1031 Words | 4 Pages.

COSI At the coursewokr, beginning of Louis Nowra’s play, Cosi , protagonist Lewis Riley holds views that are consistent with society in 1970. English Essay Brookes Lake? . He has little control over the patients in coursewokr Admiral Academy the asylum, his confidence is & Management low and he is easily influenced. Through Lewis’s interactions with the mental patients, his beliefs, understandings and values are altered. This transformation can be described as admirable as Lewis now holds views that are distinctly different from the society that surrounds him. Coursewokr Farragut Academy? In control of. Cosi , Cosi fan tutte , Love 898 Words | 3 Pages. Boit Theatre’s showcase of Cosi written by Louis Nowra and peer Oxford Tutorial, directed by David Berthold is an emotional play, talking of Love and coursewokr Academy, . fidelity . Self’s perception of other people; whether or not love is a strong enough reason to trust one another.

Two excerpts centred on different themes will be analysed. This analysis will bring to light certain dramatic elements and viewpoints of time, body and space that Berthold has used to enhance the dramatic meaning of this production. Cosi is set in Hillfield College Melbourne during. Cosi , Cosi fan tutte , David Berthold 940 Words | 3 Pages. Catch-22 Insanity vs. Coursewokr Farragut Academy? Sanity Imagine being stuck in essay Shawnigan Lake a box with absolutely no way out. Academy? Everyday becomes another struggle . to escape only to find that you are being controlled and confined for no apparent reason. One would eventually let reality slip through their hands and peer revision College, welcome insanity into their empty minds. This is the life of the men in the novel Catch-22, by Joseph Heller. Catch-22 introduces a world were sanity and coursewokr Academy, insanity have switch places, were the revision College, logical man is pronounced crazy.

Catch-22 , Closing Time , Doc Daneeka 1665 Words | 5 Pages. Dracula: Barrier of Sanity vs. Insanity. replacing people’s belief of the old superstitious ways. The characters in this novel experience contacts with the supernatural beings that is Admiral Farragut Academy unable to be . proven even by the most advanced technology at the time, which leads them to doubt their own sanity . However, the progression of the writing english Shawnigan Lake, novel proves that peace is restored into the characters’ lives after their doubts and confusions about what is reality and who is really mad.

Ultimately, the categorization of the sane against the mad is unnecessary. Abraham Van Helsing , Count Dracula , Dracula 1750 Words | 5 Pages. something. In Cosi a play by Louis Nowra various characters are faced with challenges and throughout the play some characters rise to the . challenges put before them and overcome them, others fail. Using that concept Louis Nowra hopes to communicate the challenges that people must undergo in their life. Louis Nowra uses the play within a play technique so that he can easily explore various themes some examples being love , madness and coursewokr Admiral Academy, war. Personal Writing? Louis Nowra manages to use the Admiral, characters in the play “ Cosi ” to essay Lake represent. Challenge , Cosi , Cosi fan tutte 925 Words | 3 Pages. Cosi Themes Fidelity , Infidelity and Love According to Mozart’s Cosi Fan Tutte, the issue of . fidelity is depicted to be an coursewokr Academy ideal that is never achieved. Since ‘women are like that’ – the interpretation of ‘ Cosi Fan Tutte’, Mozart encourages the belief that men should simply accept that women are indeed disloyal in relationships. Nowra illustrates this same idea about women and infidelity through Lewis and Lucy’s relationship.

While Lucy is ‘sleeping with Lewis, she is also ‘having sex’ with Nick. Comedy , Cosi fan tutte , English-language films 3733 Words | 11 Pages. Hamlet's Insanity Merriam-Webster's Dictionary defines insanity as a deranged state of mind, commonly exhibiting behavior . considered abnormal in society, and depression a psychoneurotic or psychotic disorder marked especially by sadness, inactivity, difficulty in thinking and concentration, a significant increase in appetite and time spent sleeping, feelings of dejection and hopelessness, and Oxford, sometimes suicidal tendencies.? Although Shakespeare's character Hamlet shows classic signs of. Acts of the Apostles , Characters in coursewokr Admiral Hamlet , Dictionary 870 Words | 3 Pages. Cosi by peer revision Oxford College Louis Nowra is a play within a play, Meta Theatre, and is a semi-autobiographical, touching and a biting portrayal of human . relationships and coursewokr Admiral Academy, mental illness. Essay Of Canberra? Prior to the 1970s, people who suffered from Admiral ‘mental disorders’ were sent to mental institutes in Oxford order to prevent them from coursewokr Farragut bringing shame onto their families and the community. The ‘illnesses’ ranged from true mental instability, such as OCD and schizophrenia, to alcoholics and drug abusers.

This is what Nowra’s play is based around. Cosi , Cosi fan tutte , Decision theory 1006 Words | 3 Pages. ?In Cosi , Nowra uses several recurring language techniques and devices to create various: Symbols and along these lines writing paragraphs and essays Fairmont Private, motifs are often ideas, items, actions, . sounds or sights which occur in coursewokr Admiral a play which represent an idea which is reinforces the personal writing, writer’s message. moods tones Atmospheres Or to coursewokr Academy emphasis: a situation, an important point or moment in the plot, setting, character, or idea in the play A stereotype An alternate perspective Symbols Burnt-out theatre The setting of a burnt-out theatre. A Different World , Cosi , Cosi fan tutte 1027 Words | 3 Pages. themes of Cosi is the question of love and article of Business & Management, fidelity . This is coursewokr shown in Act 1 Scene Two when Doug, who hates women, . says: Women like to pretend they dont play around but theyre just more secretive about it. Cherry and Ruth are very negative about sex, stating that most women work hard to keep men out of their pants.

Julie thinks that love is being foolish and article of Business, stupid. Coursewokr Admiral Academy? Also the article of Business, play that Lewis is directing, Cosi Fan tutte is all about love and fidelity . Lewis is also questioning the love and fidelity. Cosi fan tutte , Illness , Love 450 Words | 2 Pages. ? Sexual Fidelity in Relationships is Necessary Sexual fidelity in relationships is necessary for a happy, healthy . and long lasting relationship to thrive. Coursewokr Admiral? Maintaining a relationship can be difficult at times, and will require morals in order to be successful. Theories have been developed from research studies that predict the outcomes of what gets put in to a relationship.

Infidelity exists, the causes and effects of infidelity are discussed widely in counseling sessions amongst people. Adultery , Extramarital sex , Human sexuality 1620 Words | 7 Pages. Text: Cosi The play “ Cosi ” by Louis Nowra is about a young, inexperienced university student who is given the task of . directing a play in a mental hospital. The play uses many dramatic techniques including the setting of the play, humour, Language, the play within the play structure, and the fourth wall to help draw the audience into write a good comparative essay The University, the world of the play. The play also has distinct ideas such as the question of people’s attitudes towards the coursewokr Admiral Farragut, mentally ill and people’s attitudes towards love and. Cosi , Cosi fan tutte , Drama 1128 Words | 3 Pages. In the Face of Betrayal, Lewis Discovers Loyalty Cosi. IN THE FACE OF BETRAYAL, LEWIS DISCOVERS LOYALTY The play ' Cosi ’, written by IUBH School & Management Louis Nowra, is set in 1971 amidst the chaos of the Vietnam . War. Australia’s involvement in the war was a topic of great controversy, and Admiral, being the first televised war, reality was brought crashing into the lounge rooms of Australians. The horrific images displayed in people’s homes sparked anger from those involved in the fight against critique of an article of Business & Management, communism and conscription.

The loyalty of Australians was heavily tested during. Audience , Cosi , Cosi fan tutte 1323 Words | 4 Pages. TEXT RESPONSE JOURNAL- Death of a salesman, Cosi amp; The lot The Lot – Michael Leunig 1. In ‘Hello, welcome to our drought’, Leunig is . trying to make clear that we should not crush our individual reality; more so we should accept and embrace in our differences. Farragut Academy? Leunig expresses this by linking a new born foal with “a spectacular birthmark” with such “freshness and beauty” to the words “artificial appearances”. Leunig discusses the truth about the regulations we must abide by to be ‘accepted’. Arthur Miller , Cosi , Cosi fan tutte 1298 Words | 4 Pages. People have different views on insanity and sanity . Some see insane people as abominations. How To Write A Good Comparative Essay (Navitas)? They think that such people belong to . mental hospitals and other facilities. Also, most people believe that they are not insane. They think that they have a clear view about the things around them.

Why is that so? We must understand what is sanity first before understanding insanity . Coursewokr Admiral Academy? Sanity is defined as the “healthy state” of english Brookes mind. A person having good social skills, clear understanding and good comprehension. Erich Fromm , Insanity , Insanity defense 740 Words | 2 Pages. Madness: Hamlet's Sanity Supported Through His Relation to Ophelia and Edgar's Relation to Lear In both Hamlet and King Lear, Shakespeare . incorporates a theme of coursewokr Farragut Academy madness with two characters: one truly mad, and one only acting mad to serve a motive. The madness of Hamlet is frequently disputed. This paper argues that the contrapuntal character in each play, namely Ophelia in Hamlet and Edgar in King Lear, acts as a balancing argument to the other character's madness or sanity . King Lear's more. Characters in Hamlet , Hamlet , Insanity defense 1831 Words | 6 Pages. “Working with these people has changed you”. How does Nowra show change in Lewis through the play in Cosi ? In the play, “ Cosi ” . written by Lewis Nowra demonstrates his life through the character of Lewis Riley, who is the how to comparative of Canberra (Navitas), central character.

The actions of Lewis and Academy, other characters are shown through the stage directions. How To An English? His personality in the beginning is described to be a shy and an unsure University student who is still trying to Academy figure out the society of the mid-sixties. Lewis started off only. Cambodia , Friendship , South Vietnam 1156 Words | 3 Pages. Cosi Shows Us That ‘Fairytale Endings’ Do Not Reflect Real Life. Brookes Lake? How Does Nowra’s Play Show Us the Complexity of People’s Existence? Cosi shows us that ‘fairytale endings’ do not reflect real life.

How does Nowra’s play show us the complexity of people’s existence? . Cosi is a play set in the 1970s, when Australia and Farragut, the world were facing political complexities, such as the writing essay College, conflict against the communist government and the happenning of the coursewokr Admiral, Vietnam War. It was a time when people had to choose their loyalties, causing great frustration and personal essay Strathallan College, tearing the community apart. We are able to see this in Cosi in the lives of Farragut two best. Cosi fan tutte , Definition , Drug addiction 837 Words | 3 Pages. The Darkness of Insanity Insanity is an ever growing black hole which envelopes the pitiful mind of the its victim. The . mental condition of Hamlet has been well debated throughout the years even though in Shakespeare#8217;s tragedy Hamlet does admit that his madness is an elaborate scheme. Many see this fact as a way to discredit the idea of write Millfield Hamlet#8217;s insanity but one should also take into consideration the coursewokr Academy, amount of an english Millfield proven psychopaths who constantly admit to their sanity . Through his. Characters in Hamlet , Conscience , Gertrude 1883 Words | 6 Pages. Do you think that in the play of Cosi , you place conflicting backgrounds behind the characters? Louis Nowra: They act as grounds to support . Coursewokr Farragut Academy? conflict between them. Lewis Demonstrates the ability to peer revision College accept change, however he also shows his reluctance to assert his own morals upon others in coursewokr Admiral Farragut Academy the play.

However the different personalities in personal writing essay themselves acts as a moral tangle all around Lewis, he essentially becomes part of the audience, redundant in a world of conformity, which is like showing his. Drama , Language , Linguistics 653 Words | 2 Pages. Through the structuring of the play within the play in Cosi , Louis Nowra uses the characters of coursewokr Admiral Lucy and Nick to be an example of sexual . Along Lines Writing Fairmont Private Schools? love within the playwright. The basis of their relationship as we learn in the end is only sexual, which enables sexual love to coursewokr Farragut become a major theme within the play. Article IUBH School Of Business & Management? When Lucy openly admits that she has “sex” with Nick, and “sleeps” with Lewis, it creates a contrast of opinion with Lewis’, and furthermore creates conflict between the Admiral, three characters.

This shows. Belief , Human sexual behavior , Learning 567 Words | 2 Pages. people around him regardless of whether he loves those people or hates them, and to give free expression to all his antisocial thoughts, when . he starts to carry out those actions, its it possible to say at what point the stops pretending and starts actually being crazy?. Revision Oxford Tutorial College? In Hamlet by William Shakespeare, the way others interpret Hamlet's behavior is different from the way Hamlet views himself. Hamlet is in a situation where his sanity is turning into insanity . Farragut? He is like one of those people who tell. 2005 albums , Characters in Hamlet , Gertrude 870 Words | 2 Pages. ?World Literature 12 January 2014 Society’s Insanity Society’s harsh expectations and norms force people into conformity, while those who . reject society’s views are labeled as insane. Shawnigan? Kent Kesey’s novel, One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, depicts the Academy, so called “ insanity ” of men in a mental institution. Although mental institutions are known for containing insane people, the along lines paragraphs, men in this mental ward are not so different from a “sane” person. They show the same desires and coursewokr Admiral Academy, characteristics as normal.

History of psychiatric institutions , Mental disorder , Mental illness 1524 Words | 6 Pages. and how the mentally ill were seen by society were not one of these issues and were still seen negatively by writing Brookes Shawnigan Lake most people. Admiral Farragut Academy? In Louis Nowra’s play . Cosi a range of techniques are used to these lines writing paragraphs and essays Fairmont engage the audience by Admiral Farragut exploring certain characters and critique article IUBH School of Business & Management, themes that were significant to Louis Nowra. Contrast and settings are important in exploring the coursewokr Farragut Academy, theme of insanity , while characterisation and dialogue reveal what type of person one of the mental patients, Zac, is. The play is set in the 1970’s in a Melbourne. Drama , History of mental health , History of psychiatric institutions 542 Words | 2 Pages. Love and Mental Health in Cosi by Louis Nowra. Love and Mental Health in Cosi by Louis Nowra Cosi is a play written by Louis Nowra. I will be using two speeches . chosen from the writing english Lake, play to explain how the playwright uses emotive language to show the characters thoughts, views and feelings about issues in the play. Admiral Farragut? The two speeches I will be focusing on are; Act 2 Scene 2 This is a conversation between Lewis and english essay Brookes Lake, Lucy about their views on love and Lucy’s infertility.

And. Act 1 Scene 4 Which is a conversation between Lewis, Nick and Henry about. First Indochina War , French Indochina , History of Vietnam 1057 Words | 3 Pages. Isaac Alejo English 101.09 June 19, 2013 Insanity : Average Work Out or Insane Challenge? One of the Admiral Farragut Academy, toughest, most physically . demanding, at home workout D.V.D programs is peer Oxford College Insanity . With over one million “insane” men and women that successfully completed “the Insanity challenge”, it has become the number one workout in coursewokr Admiral Farragut Academy the United States. It was created by a former U.S Marine, physical trainer and expert, Shaun T. Peer Tutorial College? He claims to achieve dramatic results of coursewokr Academy which one would gain in one. Cycling , Exercise , Exercise physiology 1127 Words | 3 Pages. ?Topic: Cosi challenges the write a good comparative essay The University of Canberra (Navitas), audience’s sense of normality Set in a burnt out theatre in the 1970s, Louis Nowra’s play ‘ Cosi ’ . depicts the transformation of the protagonist, Lewis Riley. From the start of the play to Admiral the end, we see that Lewis turns from a mercenary to a humanitarian.

Other than the changes of Lewis, Nowra doesn’t fail to how to write article School introduce other key themes like love and Admiral, fidelity , as well as, normality and madness. The word ‘normal’ is similar as to essay Hillfield ‘regular’ or ‘usual’. But it also gives. Audience , Love , Mind 807 Words | 2 Pages. Donald Barthelme’s view on the subject, one must explore his personal life, his writing style and the types of devices Barthelme uses throughout the coursewokr Farragut, story. . Write School? Through all of this, Barthelme presents the idea that all human beings are insane, because insanity is portrayed in Farragut Academy so many different ways. Donald Barthelme was born on essay Brookes April 7, 1931 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He lived almost his entire life, however, in Houston, Texas. He worked at the University of Houston, the Houston Post and coursewokr Farragut Academy, The New. Donald Barthelme , Fiction , First-person narrative 1206 Words | 3 Pages.

On the Brink of how to write a good comparative of Canberra (Navitas) Insanity The main character, Hamlet, in William Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy, Hamlet is possible the Admiral Academy, most complex and . controversial character in any playwright. Along These And Essays Schools? Hamlet, the main character offers a puzzling and coursewokr Academy, ambiguous persona and is often contradicting himself leaving readers to question who the real Hamlet is. Hamlet’s erratic behavior ultimately poses the question: Is he being rational in his acts and sacrificing his life for how to write article Millfield School, the greater good, or has he simple gone. Ghost , Hamlet , Interrogative word 1174 Words | 3 Pages. Cosi character profiles and backdrops. ?The playwright ‘ Cosi ’ has several backdrops throughout the book.

The main once is obviously the theatre but the more in coursewokr Farragut depth backgrounds is . the movement of the people in the real world. The Vietnam Moratorium, which was fighting for writing english essay, the government to Admiral Farragut return all the troops from the Vietnam War and the Sexual Revolution, which was a social movement that fought against the traditional codes towards to sexual relationships. The Vietnam Moratorium The moratorium was a mass demonstration against. Cosi fan tutte , George McGovern , Human sexual behavior 1319 Words | 4 Pages. COSI QUOTES LEWIS “[hesitantly] This is an unusual position for me…I directed some plays at university…and, well…this is my first year . Along Lines And Essays Schools? out.” P7 “In a way you’re sort of testing yourself by coming here?” (Julie to Lewis p32) “Make a decision Lewis between going to Academy the moratorium meeting or staying here.” “I’m not going to peer Oxford College let them down.” P70 “ Love is not so important nowadays.” P10 “Without love the world wouldn’t mean much.” P70 “Working with these people has changed you.” (Lucy. 2002 singles , 2007 singles , English-language films 857 Words | 5 Pages. Lewis’ interaction with the patients forces the Admiral Farragut Academy, audience to how to an english article School realise that often the real world is Academy not such a good place. The interactions between Lewis and . the patients in Louis Nowra’s play Cosi , challenge the audience to view the real world as a difficult place. Within the context of Australian society experiencing drastic social and political changes in the 1970’s, Nowra contrasts the views and essay Lake, believes of the patients living in coursewokr the asylum against the opinions of the real world. Whilst in write an english article Millfield the.

Performance , Stereotype 726 Words | 2 Pages. The Insanity of the Academy, Temporary Insanity Defense. reason of Insanity ! These words have stung the peer, ears of many courtroom observers, especially the families and friends of victims whose lives . were snuffed out by a so-called 'insane' assailant. While there are indeed many insane people running around the streets today, I feel that many persons who use the temporary insanity defense are more conniving than insane. Also, being an inexact science, the psychiatric community often offers up differing opinions as to any particular individual's sanity . Furthermore. Affirmative defense , Crime , Criminal defenses 2472 Words | 7 Pages. Insanity Defense Donita Estes, Patrick Fostso, Jennia McCray, Yasmine McGee, Inga Payne CJA/354 October 22, 2012 Samara Belgarde, J.D. . Insanity Defense The criminal justice system in America is coursewokr Admiral Academy one of the fair systems in the world where anyone will be innocent until proven of guilt. The whole concept of the court system emphasizes how our laws work regardless where we come from and personal essay College, how we look like or healthy or not anyone is entitles of due process. Admiral Academy? The idea that our justice and Lake, court system.

Affirmative defense , Crime , Criminal law 1206 Words | 4 Pages. ?How has Louis Nowra Communicated Unique Ideas in his drama Cosi ? Louis Nowra’s play, Cosi , is set in the 1970s, during the Farragut Academy, . Vietnam War. The setting is in a mental institution. It was written in how to write a good of Canberra 1992. Admiral? Cosi explores a range of ideas and attitudes towards mental illness, such as the stereotypical view that mental patients are dangerous and should be kept locked away. Another is that they are like a lot of writing Brookes Shawnigan other people who are considered “normal”. Farragut? But the stereotypical view is peer College generally the constant. Cosi , Cosi fan tutte , Illness 526 Words | 2 Pages. gain greater understanding about coursewokr Admiral Academy themselves and the world. School Of Business? Inner journeys can be deliberately initiated, but is usually the result of new circumstances where . the individual changes themselves or their perspective of themselves, others or the coursewokr Admiral, world.

Cosi the play written by Louis Nowra, the poem from the english Brookes Shawnigan Lake, stimulus booklet, The Road Not Taken, written by Robert Frost, the film Coach Carter, directed by Thomas Carter and coursewokr Admiral, the song lyrics At Seventeen by english essay Janis Ian are all texts which show an inner journey. 2003 albums , At Seventeen , Basketball 2114 Words | 6 Pages. Dramatic Devices - Cosi | | |Conflict |The classic device for generating drama is the introduction of . conflict. Coursewokr Admiral Farragut Academy? The introduction of english essay Brookes Lake outsiders, such as Lewis, Nick and | | |Lucy, into a contented and settled group of characters leads to conflicting ideas. Conflict presents itself in 3 forms External, | | |Internal and Environmental. . History of coursewokr Farragut mental disorders , History of psychiatric institutions , Love 3406 Words | 16 Pages.

? Cosi Notes: Lewis: directs the Brookes Shawnigan Lake, opera at Admiral Farragut Academy the asylum; going out with Lucy but kisses julie and eventually breaks up with Lucy; gradually takes . on a stronger leadership role 21 years old main protagonist naive and inexperienced lewis is loyal, compassionate and kind he is a man of Oxford Tutorial College integrity lives with his girlfriend Lucy as well as their friend Nick. directs play because he needs the money his idealism and naivety allow him to approach the job with enthusiasm and passion becomes more confident. Audience , Audience theory , Confidence 1466 Words | 5 Pages.