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being yourself essay What Does It Mean. by Jonathan J. Dickau '98,'02. I Can T Write Lucton School! - all rights reserved. In the course of our development, as human beings, we acquire many traits which arise from our experience, and constitute our conditioned responses. We learn that some things we do will gain the approval of others, and appropriate rewards, while different actions will result in varying degrees of disapproval, or punishment, and this shapes us over time. There are some who believe that this conditioning is the key to understanding a person, and they are right, to descriptive writing essay School some extent. An Essay Lucton! To assert that this is all there is to a person, however, one must assume that we are all born with a blank slate for a personality, and that everyone is equipped with a similar set of write Haileybury, skills to be developed. From what I have seen, though, conditioning, personality traits, and abilities, all manifest independently.

In addition, the expectations of others, and t write an essay Lucton School the resources available to bring our dreams and desires to fruition, also vary independently. Frustration comes about when these factors are pulling us in different directions, at the same time. What we feel, what we think we want, what we really want, what others would like, what we are capable of, and descriptive essay The Perkiomen School what is expected, can all be different. The result of this condition is often confusion about the best course of i can t write School, action to take. To make such a decision, when our deciding factors are in conflict, requires courage, savvy, and forbearance. We must each make difficult choices, and these choices will shape our character as we act upon essay The Perkiomen them.

What kind of person you become, in the future, follows from what you believe now, and what you do today, but don't you wish you could just be yourself, and not worry about such things? So, what does it mean to be yourself, living in the moment? Does what comes naturally to us, as adults, reflect what's best, or even most natural, in i can t write the context of our own personality type, or in the service of what is writing format St. Michaels University highest and best for ourselves and for our world? Is it more a matter of conditioning, or circumstances? Is our nature about our choices, and what we are to ourselves? Does what's best need to be in conflict with what's natural, or can the two be the same sometimes? How about us and them? Does what's best for us, as individuals, need to be in conflict with others, or the i can an essay Lucton School, with world where we live? Is it reasonable to believe that the example writing L’Institut Superieur des Arts Appliques, two can be the same, or at least be in harmony? Our beliefs about these issues determine, to i can t write an essay Lucton School some extent, our strategy for dealing with the problems we encounter in a essay St. Michaels School our lives. We use them to decide whether our own concerns, and our inner world, or the i can Lucton, concerns of others, and example writing L’Institut Superieur Appliques the outer world, are more important.

If we consistently favor the demands of the Lucton, outside world, we eventually assume a nature that is how 2 write subservient to others, or at least to the pressures the outside world puts on us. People who live this way may be more helpful to the world at large, becoming valuable members of our society, and model citizens, in terms of the way they relate to others, solve community problems, and assist the t write Lucton School, survival of our world. This comes at how to write essay a price, however, since one who is outer-directed to too great a degree can also become dependent upon others for approval, and potentially for material support, unless they are well provided for. It is possible for these people to experience resentment when their efforts go unnoticed, or appear unappreciated. I Can T Write An Essay Lucton School! When they need a favor, and nobody offers to help, they might wonder if their basic instincts serve them at all, or they may become jaded about the state of the essay, world, feeling it to be filled with callous or uncaring people. If people consistently favor the demands of their own inner world, however, without regard to the way one's actions will affect others in their life, or the rest of the t write, world, this causes a different nature to emerge, with both advantages and problems of its own.

When you are inner-directed, this gives you a certain measure of writing Stonar, independence of the opinions and actions of others, and allows you to be far more effective in i can t write an essay School the pursuit of various kinds of goals, especially those which don't require you to cooperate with others. On the other hand, excessive inner-directedness tends to make people more self-centered, more critical of other people, and more likely to sacrifice friends and loved ones, or even the world itself, for example des Arts, the immediate satisfaction of honoring their individual desires. After a while, such individuals tend to become isolated, as they eventually alienate all of the i can an essay Lucton, people who truly care about writing a essay St. Michaels University them, leaving them in the company of others who are as selfish as they are. Wherever our choices take us is not a final result, however, but an t write, ongoing process. The pursuit of fulfillment appears to be a natural outgrowth of this process, as actually achieving a state of being fulfilled seems to a essay require a balance of i can, inner and how 2 write Charterhouse outer factors, a harmony of self with others, without which the accomplishment of an essay, many goals seems hollow, at best. Being a success doesn't necessarily make you feel good about yourself, but feeling good, of writing a essay School, itself, won't necessarily lead to fulfillment either. To be truly fulfilled, one must create a sustainable condition for one's own happiness, and this is difficult, or perhaps impossible, without a measure of both independence, and care for the welfare of others. In this sense, to find fulfillment may be the ultimate spiritual goal, because this pursuit leads to a condition where you have a positive regard for t write an essay Lucton, yourself, the others in your life, and the world at large. So, you may ask, how does this relate to being yourself? To some extent, what keeps us from being ourselves is our conditioning, or the pretenses we have adopted in service of our beliefs about self and others. It has been proposed that one can't be oneself totally, so long as a person is a slave to their conditioning, and that to an essay realize the state of being yourself, you need to rise above your conditioned responses to life's challenges, and live in i can t write Lucton School your freedom of choice.

So, can you just let go, to be yourself, and realize fulfillment? Sadly, this is seldom the case. Most people require a process of unlearning some of the habitual responses they've come to identify with, along the way. You see, people learn to adopt a pose of compliance at a very early age, and later learn to writing a essay format School internalize the i can t write Lucton, split between me and not-me, to paper Queen School such a degree that it's hard for many adults to cease the chatter of their own internal dialog long enough to step outside the box they have put themselves in. The problem is that somewhere along the way we lost track of just how many times the boundary between me and t write an essay School not-me had been crossed, who we were being real for, and which me is the real one anyway? We all have such choices in the context of our life situations. Write An Essay! Choosing what traits we wish to identify with, defines who we believe ourselves to be, and being yourself is related to the pursuit of fulfillment, in a fundamental way. People can't be truly fulfilled without honoring their own being, but it requires that you know who you really are, and what you really want, for things to come together on their own. If we want to be ourselves, the questions we need to answer first are, Just who is this self?, and Why do we talk about being as something we do? The first question must, of i can an essay Lucton School, necessity, remain somewhat open-ended, as the very nature of who we are is connected to the act of choosing, and to the freedom of choice, in general. We can partially answer the second question, however.

Humans are born choice-makers, although we are sometimes reluctant to writing essay Superieur des Arts Appliques use our freedom of choice, and t write an essay Lucton School we're as often constrained to act within the boundaries set by write Haileybury, the choices of Lucton, others. We are furnished with a vehicle which is equipped or enhanced for how to write Haileybury, choosing, our own body. It's my belief that this nature is ours, in part, because it is actually the nature of the universe, and i can t write School of the reality to which our universe belongs, to writing argument School evolve living beings capable of making real choices. I Can School! Who we are, therefore, depends on research paper our choices, to some degree. Our individual identity is always evolving, at t write an essay School least in the eyes of the rest of the world, as we become what we do , but being yourself often means to stand as an individual, in contrast to writing this concept of i can Lucton, self. Nonetheless, our choices shape our character, and we have to write a simple live with them, and School with ourselves, for the rest of our lives. Knowing this can make it challenging to let go of example writing essay L’Institut Superieur des Arts Appliques, all concern, however, in order to be yourself. So, who is this self we are being , and why do we speak of being as something we do ? It helps to have a bit of perspective, with a clear concept of a higher self, and some awareness of a greater whole, if you hope to do something meaningful, but what is required in i can an essay order to just be someone? It seems to be a paradox. One one level, it's obvious that we are each quite real, and therefore genuine and authentic, without having to do anything special. From another perspective, however, this fact doesn't amount to much.

It's quite reasonable to writing format St. Michaels University assert that we should be active, and serve a useful function, but the cultural dictum digs a bit deeper. To some extent, our culture systematically disenfranchises those who fail to find an acceptable role in our society. Without a proper position or a title, you are deemed unworthy of an essay Lucton School, respect, by many people. In this way, it is determined that one must become something meaningful in order to be regarded as authentic. How To A Simple Essay Haileybury! Others, who don't measure up, are regarded as non-entities, and i can t write an essay Lucton School often treated as though they don't matter. Who am I?, and What do I want?, are very, very different from What will I be, when I grow up?, but it seems that many adults have gotten these things confused, in the process of maturing. Society embraces and encourages this perception, in many ways aggravating our identity crisis.

People end up thinking in terms of what they are, and what they do, as if that is the measure of format St. Michaels University School, our soul, but that isn't the entire story, not by a long shot. I Can An Essay Lucton! Who we really are is far more magnificent than any role we may be playing! On the other hand, very few people ever come close to reaching their full potential, and research paper sites Queen School those who do will tell you that there is almost always a little something more which can be done. Having a sense of your own potential, then, means to embrace this idea of personal growth, so that you can become the means of achieving your own fulfillment, and contribute more to the lives of others. This too can be a part of being yourself, if you want it to be. There is always another step to take, a way to go beyond your current abilities, or your current level of understanding. We are always learning, but many people are still trying to t write figure out what they are doing, and research sites Margaret's School some believe that this process goes on as long as we do. T Write Lucton! Having a sense of knowing why you are here seems to aid in this process, as well, because it serves to build bridges between the world of pure potential, or possibilities, and the physical, or substantial, reality. Specifically, if people feel that what they are doing is meaningful, this can make everyday life special, and help to a simple essay Haileybury create the sense of t write Lucton, a higher purpose.

This is good, since a sense of purpose helps people to focus on where they are going, rather than being caught up in writing L’Institut des Arts Appliques (LISAA) where they have come from. By focusing on their potential, and staying in the process, what an i can t write an essay Lucton, individual can accomplish is almost limitless. So, if you can be anything, what sort of future will you create for yourself? Who do you want to be, and what do you want to have, in your life? Who, and what, you become influences the process of being yourself, as it changes what you have to work with, but living for research sites Margaret's School, the future is very different from living in, or for, the moment. I Can Lucton School! On the other hand, living in the present doesn't guarantee that our actions are an honest, or sincere, representation of who we really are, either. Wild animals don't seem to spend a lot of time wondering what to do, but their choices are more limited. The problem is that we're human, you see, and writing des Arts Appliques (LISAA) we must choose how to act. Face it. I Can An Essay! You are always acting.

The very act of writing essay School, being here, in a physical body, constitutes acting. There is never a moment when you're not in the midst of an act. Take a hint from Old Will (Shakespeare); the world is i can t write School a stage, and writing essay Superieur des Arts (LISAA) we are always playing, always acting upon her, and depending on i can School her support. While we act on the stage of the Earth, she acts upon the stage of the Solar System (the Sun's playground), which acts upon the stage of the Milky Way, and so on. Likewise, you are an assemblage of actors playing on the stage of your own being, from your thoughts and feelings, to the rudiments of consciousness, or from your internal organs, and writing School the cells they are made of, down to the tiny loops of i can t write Lucton School, energy of which your atoms are made, you are acting out a process of writing essay The Perkiomen School, being who you are. In effect, the various parts of your being are playing you, in every moment, but in every moment you are also acting, always part of the play yourself. Choose to act impeccably, therefore, because this leads to freedom, and t write Lucton School that brings more opportunities to be yourself. On the paper sites Queen Margaret's, other hand, there is no need to get uptight about t write Lucton it. Be playful!

Be who you are, and do what you feel. Being yourself doesn't need to be a chore. Be happy with who you are, and you are more than half way there. Writing A Essay Format University School! To some extent, the rest is i can Lucton automatic. You're already being yourself, at this very moment, but there is a essay format University no reason to believe that who you are ends with who you think you are, right now. We can all grow beyond certain limitations, and we should give ourselves the chance to do so. Being yourself, however, also means affirming just that, including all your natural talents and proclivities, so that you can make the t write Lucton, best possible use of your own best assets. You don't have to pretend to be something you're not, in order to be the someone who you are. It's not necessary. Descriptive Writing Essay The Perkiomen! In the final analysis, being yourself is simply that. We all have things we're good at, or enjoy doing, and t write an essay School other things which we'd rather not have to deal with at all.

Affirm your own strengths and preferences, being comfortable with yourself, as well as trying to satisfy others, and how 2 write an essay Charterhouse the rest will come naturally. When we can share a little more of our true selves with others, without what we share offending the other person, we create a sense of kinship which helps to heal the separation between us. Being honest, or genuine, is the capstone of being yourself. If you must always remain aloof of others, by keeping your true identity a secret from everybody, or by hoarding your natural gifts and hiding what you know from them, it makes it very difficult to be yourself at all. Being authentic requires that you trust others somewhat, and an essay Lucton School this is often difficult, since people must render themselves vulnerable when they open up to others, but it is exactly what you must do, if you wish to drop your pretenses and really be yourself. There are often consequences for saying the wrong thing, when we are trying to be candid, however. It is therefore desirable to consider the possible impact of what you are about to say, before you speak.

Gestures, of all kinds, can likewise be mis-interpreted. Argument School! Nor is every kind of behavior appropriate, no matter who you really are. This is why it can be so difficult to be yourself. It takes guts! On the other hand, I am relatively sure that you are better at it than anyone else around.

So, what does it really mean to t write an essay Lucton be yourself? If our instincts are dulled from Haileybury years of living as part of human culture, does this mean that there is no hope for us to be natural? Thankfully, this isn't the case. What's required is actually fairly simple, in fact, it's simplicity itself, or rather, childlike innocence. Learning to i can t write an essay Lucton School play more, being more open and less pretentious, re-discovering and cultivating a sense of writing Superieur Appliques, awe and i can t write an essay School wonder about how to Haileybury life, and losing a little self-importance, will awaken your inner child, and i can an essay School allow you to be far more natural in writing University School your demeanor. This is the essence of i can t write an essay School, being yourself! Perhaps, to some extent, being yourself is something you do, when you don't have anything else left which you must do, which might keep you from being at-ease and natural, but it doesn't have to end there. When people learn to set their masks aside, to reveal a little of who they really are, they create opportunities for write an essay, personal growth, and interpersonal relationships, which might not otherwise exist. Therein lies the magic power of being yourself.

'98,'02 Jonathan J. Dickau - all rights reserved.

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resume precedent Cases - precedent - other issues. [Precedent - example of judicial law making] Tony Bland seriously injured in the Hillsborough disaster, was being kept alive only by extensive medical care (not a life-support machine). He had survived for three years in persistent vegetative state ( PVS) . He continued to breathe normally, but was kept alive only by being fed through tubes. He had no chance of recovery; his doctors (with the support of his family) sought a declaration from the court that it would be lawful for them to discontinue treatment so that he might die peacefully. Held : Treatment could properly be withdrawn in such circumstances, because the i can an essay Lucton School, best interests of the patient did not involve him being kept alive at all costs. “The judges' function in this area of the law should be to apply the principles which society, through the democratic process, adopts, not to impose their standards on society. If Parliament fails to act, then judge-made law will of necessity through a gradual and uncertain process provide a legal answer to each new question as it arises. But in writing Appliques (LISAA) my judgment that is i can Lucton not the best way to proceed.

The function of the court in these circumstances is to determine this particular case in writing School accordance with the existing law, and not seek to develop new law laying down a new regimen … it is for Parliament to address the wider problems which the i can t write an essay, case raises and lay down principles of law generally applicable to School, the withdrawal of life support systems.” Lord Browne-Wilkinson and t write an essay Lord Mustill; ”It is imperative that the moral, social and descriptive writing essay legal issues of the present case should be considered by Parliament” In this case feeding him was treatment and i can t write that treatment would not cure him and therefore was not in his best interests. It was lawful for D's doctors to stop feeding him artificially. See also Frenchay Healthcare NHS Trust v S [1994] CA. Example L’Institut Appliques? Similar issues can arise in respect of the very elderly or in respect of babies born with very severe mental or physical handicaps, especially where major (and possibly repeated) surgery would be needed to keep them alive see Re J [1991]. It was lawful for D's doctors to stop feeding him artificially. The court had no option but to make a decision one way or the other. A husband promised to pay his wife Ј30 a month while she remained in England and an essay he worked in Ceylon. How 2 An Essay Charterhouse? Their marriage broke down and i can t write School the wife brought an action to reclaim money she said her husband owed her.

“The common law does not regulate the form of agreements between spouses. each house is a domain into which the kings writ does not seek to run . This case distinguished by Lord Denning in Merrit v Merrit [1970] CA. [Precedent – persuasive precedent] D auditors of company accounts. C, Caparo bought shares and then discovered that the accounts did not show the company had been making a loss. C alleged that in how to write essay Haileybury negligence a duty was owed to i can t write Lucton School, Caparo.

considerations which ought to negative or limit the scope of the duty or the class of person to research paper Margaret's, whom it is owed . No duty was owed in t write an essay Lucton those two situations. Steps to Stonar School, establish duty of care are; a) Is there an i can t write Lucton, existing case, which would hold there to be a duty of care? If not then ask three questions. 1. Was loss to the claimant foreseeable? 2. Was there sufficient proximity between the parties? 3. Is it fair, just and an essay Charterhouse reasonable to i can, impose a duty of writing format St. Michaels care?

C appealed against t write School, the way exemplary damages had been assessed in a libel case. The case concerned a book about a naval disaster. The Court of a simple essay Haileybury Appeal believed that a decision of House of Lords in Rookes v Barnard [1964] , had been made per incuriam and so they disregarded it. “Decisions of the House of Lords are binding on i can t write Lucton, the Court of Appeal and descriptive essay The Perkiomen it is School not open to that court to research paper sites Queen, advise judges to i can t write an essay, ignore decisions of the House on the ground that they were decided per incuriam or are unworkable Furthermore (per Lord Hailsham of writing St Marylebone LC and Lord Diplock) although it is open to an appellate court to decline to follow one of its own previous decisions on the ground that it was decided per incuriam , the Court of Appeal is School not entitled to disregard a decision of the House of Lords, nor is a judge of the High Court entitled to disregard a decision of the Court of Appeal, on writing a essay University School, that ground.” [Precedent – finding the an essay, intention of parliament] C was informed by his works manager that he could not bring an action for damages against his employer for his contraction of asbestosis. There was a division of opinion amongst the descriptive The Perkiomen School, law Lords. A majority allowed the claimant an extension of the limitation period but a different majority rejected the claimant’s reasoning. This not only perpetuated what was, apparently, a judicial misinterpretation of parliamentary meaning but must also have at least contributed to the prompt intervention of t write Parliament by the Limitation Act 1975 ; it is impossible to compute the cost to write an essay Charterhouse, the public.

Lord Reid: of the 1963 Limitation Act said. “I think this Act has a strong claim to i can, the distinction of being the worst drafted Act on the statute book” [Precedent – obiter dicta can be persuasive] D leased a block of flats in London from C in 1937. When war broke out, many flats were left empty as people were evacuated to escape bombings. C agreed to reduce the rent by half if D stayed. D paid the reduced rent until the end of the how 2 an essay, war, and C then claimed for the arrears. Held : Denning J discovered the an essay, equitable doctrine of promissory estoppel, and said that although C were once again entitled to descriptive, the rent originally agreed after the war ended, they could not go back on t write an essay Lucton, their promise to accept a reduced rent for the earlier years. When a party to writing essay School, a contract makes a promise to the other, which he knows will be acted on, that he will not enforce his strict legal rights; the equitable principle of promissory estoppel makes that promise binding on him until such time as he gives reasonable notice of his intention to resume those rights. [Precedent – guidelines on judicial law making]

D fired several shots at a car whilst he was on check point duty in Northern Ireland . The car was approaching the i can t write an essay Lucton, checkpoint at speed and did not appear to be going to stop. One of the passengers was killed. An Essay Charterhouse? Clegg was charged and convicted of murder. It was argued that the House should make new law by creating a new qualified defence - available to a soldier or police officer acting in the course of his duty - of using excessive force in self-defence, or to prevent crime, or to effect a lawful arrest. By doing so it would reduce murder in such cases to manslaughter. Held : Lord Lloyd, whilst not averse to judicial law-making - citing R v R as a good example of it – said that he had no doubt that they should abstain from law-making in i can the instant case since the reduction of murder to manslaughter was essentially a matter for Parliament, and not the courts. The issue of self defence (and therefore excessive force) did not strictly arise in this case as when the shot that killed the girl was fired, the paper School, vehicle in which she was travelling had passed Clegg. However, they did review the law on excessive force.

D’s conviction was later quashed on different grounds. [Precedent – courts must follow the ECHR] The Restrictive Practices Court did not to stop a trial because of the alleged lack of independence of one member of the Court (Dr Rowlatt had applied for a post at t write Lucton School an economic consultancy, one of the directors of which gave expert evidence on behalf of the Director General). Held : Appeal against the decision allowed. Article 6 of ECHR was applied. Ratio in Stonar R v Gough (1993) HL (on bias) refined. It was material that the claimant had been injured because D had manufactured the ginger beer and bottled it in opaque glass and it contained a dead snail. It was not material who had bought the ginger beer.

Or who poured it into the tumbler. Lord Atkin made it clear that the ratio was not to be limited to cases involving snails in ginger-beer bottles. ”[A] manufacturer of products, which he sells in such a form as to show that he intends them to reach the ultimate consumer in the form in which they left him with no reasonable possibility of intermediate examination, and t write an essay Lucton School with the knowledge that the descriptive writing essay School, absence of reasonable care in the preparation or putting up of the products will result in t write an injury to the consumer's life or property, owes a duty to the consumer to essay, take that reasonable care.” However, courts have extended the ratio of t write School Donoghue v Stevenson to include allsorts of items purchased by essay Haileybury consumers. As they have extended category of persons who are potentially liable. [Precedent – additional reasons CofA will depart - where it has been disapproved by the Privy Council] D the factory owners where C was badly burned when cement was knocked into an essay Lucton a bath of molten metal causing a violent and unexpected chemical explosion. Held : In Re Polemis [1921] the Court of Appeal held that a person who performed a negligent act was liable for all its direct consequences. However, in descriptive writing The Perkiomen School The Wagon Mound [1961] the Privy Council had disapproved the rule in Polemis and t write Lucton School held that liability existed only where the example L’Institut Appliques, kind of damage was reasonably foreseeable. An Essay Lucton? The CofA followed the PC ruling and found D not liable for C's injuries, “I take it that whether The Wagon Mound is or is writing L’Institut des Arts Appliques (LISAA) not binding on this court we ought to treat it as the law.” …that is binding on the CofA.

[Precedent - reasons for departing] The House was asked to overrule an earlier case (1966) narrowly decided on a point of an essay interpretation of the Income Tax Act . The House in Cherry said very plainly that you must argue something more than simply the wrongness of the earlier decision. Even if the House agrees that it was wrongly decided, once decided they will stick to it unless you can argue something more, like material change in circumstances. The Cherry case reiterates the how 2 an essay Charterhouse, reasoning in Jones and Knuller . T Write An Essay School? Lord Wilberforce stated in Cherry: “My Lords, two points are clear: Although Mr. Bates Q.C. for the appellant company developed his argument with freshness and vigour, it became clear that there was no contention advanced or which could be advanced by him which was not before this House in 1965. [which] … for reasons then thought good, [was] by the majority rejected. The desperate argument of per incuriam is certainly not available here. “My Lords, in my firm opinion, the Practice Statement of 1966 was never intended to allow and should not be considered to allow such a course.

Nothing could be more undesirable, in fact, than to permit litigants, after a decision has been given by this House with all appearance of finality, to paper Queen, return to this. I Can An Essay Lucton School? House in L’Institut des Arts (LISAA) the hope that a differently constituted committee might be persuaded to take the view, which its predecessors rejected. “ [Judicial Creativity – activist law making, where Parliament has not done so] Mrs Gillick a Roman Catholic mother of five daughters sought a declaration that a doctor would be acting unlawfully if he gave contraceptive treatment for any of her daughters without the mother's consent. It was argued on the one hand that teenage pregnancies would increase if the courts ruled that parental consent was necessary, on the other hand that the judges would be encouraging under-age sex if they did not. [Precedent – criminal division does not apply stare decisis as rigidly as civil division] D remarried in i can t write the honest, but mistaken belief that his first marriage had been dissolved. Held : In R v Taylor [1950] the Court of Appeal held that in 'questions involving the liberty of the subject' if a full court considered that 'the law has either been misapplied or misunderstood' then it must reconsider the earlier decision.

In principle there is how to write essay Haileybury no difference in the application of i can Lucton stare decisis in write the civil and an essay School criminal divisions, however, in addition to the Young exceptions, because a person's liberty may be at stake, precedent is not followed as rigidly in the criminal division. R v Wheat [1921] not followed as it conflicted with the authorities which establish that a bona fide claim of right is a defence even if it is writing L’Institut Appliques founded upon a mistake of t write Lucton law. The judgment in R v Wheat [1921] was mostly obiter. This case was heard by how 2 the newly created CofA. [Precedent – use of reports] Excessive citation of authorities - particularly in i can an essay Lucton the form of case law summaries (in this instance one from write Haileybury, Lawtel) which did not use the language used by the judge and in which it was unclear whether the judgment had been summarised by a professional lawyer - were to an essay Lucton School, be deplored. [Precedent – HoL - examples of departing – significance of obiter ] D took part with others in two separate murders, and on a third occasion the intended victim escaped. D's claim to have acted under duress was left to the jury on two of the three counts, but D was convicted on all three. Held : Using the Practice Statement, departed from writing School, its decision in Lynch v DPP for t write an essay School, Northern Ireland [1975] to say that no participant (whether principal or accessory) can claim duress in defence to a murder charge. In Lynch, the House of Lords had held that duress was available as a defence to a person who had participated in a murder as an aider and abettor.

Not to do so would produce the illogical result that, whilst duress is write a complete defence to all crimes less serious than murder, it is not even a partial defence to a charge of murder itself. In R v Gotts [1992] obiter in Lucton Howe was extended by holding that duress is not a defence to descriptive essay, attempted murder. “We face a rising tide of violence and terrorism against which the law must stand firm recognising that its highest duty is to i can Lucton, protect the freedom and lives of those that live under it. The sanctity of human life lies at the root of this ideal and I would do nothing to undermine it, be it ever so slight.” The prime factor in favour of overruling was that the cases were simply wrong as a matter of morality.

The earlier cases had carved out a duress defence for certain secondary parties and now the a essay format School, Lords basically disagreed as a matter of t write morality with what had been done. A Essay Format St. Michaels? Howe was decided in t write an essay Lucton the context of increased experience with and write essay Haileybury fear of IRA terrorism and that cannot be overlooked. T Write An Essay Lucton? A secondary reason for the overruling is connected with the Shivpuri factor that the exceptions carved out in the earlier cases lead to uncertainty in how to write a simple Haileybury their application. [Precedent – example of creating precedent by use of similar principle] D erected a tall building which interfered with Cs’ television reception. This was thought to be the Tort of t write School Nuisance. The building had been granted special planning permission in designated enterprise zone. The court was asked to decide whether occupation of how to a simple essay property was a sufficient link that entitled an occupier to sue in private nuisance. Held : only a person with an interest in the land could sue; and t write an essay there was no good reason to depart from the law as so established, an owner was entitled to build on his land as he wished, subject to planning control. [Precedent – binding nature] D local council ran swimming baths.

C, Mr James had to pay 60p for a swim while his wife went in for free because she had reached the pensionable age of 60. Mr James, supported by the Equal Opportunities Commission, brought a claim of direct sex discrimination. “The phrase 'pensionable age' … means: .. A Essay University? a man, the age of 65 and … a woman, the age of 60.' … the practice of denying to men between the ages of 60 and 65 benefits which are offered to women between those ages is unlawful unless it is t write an essay Lucton authorised by other express statutory provisions.” ^[Precedent – exception - principle binding only if previously argued] C claimed his human rights had been infringed over research sites School, the payment of Housing Benefit. Held : A lower court was not bound by a proposition of law which, although part of the ratio decidendi of an earlier decision, had not been the an essay Lucton School, subject of how to essay argument before, or consideration by an essay Lucton that court. A Essay Format St. Michaels School? However, this exception to the strict rule of precedent was to be applied only in the most obvious cases. [Precedent - retrospective change to the law – judges ‘clarify’ the law] Kleinwort Benson entered into swap arrangements with local authorities keen to maximize their investments. A swap arrangement is a form of gamble, or hedge against t write an essay Lucton, interest rate changes. Research Paper School? Both parties made a mistake about the i can t write an essay Lucton, law of contract. Held : Judge-made decisions have retrospective effect, in relation not only to the parties to a simple essay Haileybury, the litigation but also to anyone else the i can t write an essay Lucton, facts of whose case arose before the new decision.

“Occasionally, a judicial development of the law will be of a more radical nature, constituting a departure, even a major departure, from what has previously been considered to be established principle, and leading to a simple essay Haileybury, a realignment of subsidiary principles within that branch of the law. . . It is into this category that the present case falls; but it must nevertheless be seen as a development of the law, and treated as such. I must confess that I cannot imagine how a common law system, or indeed any legal system, can operate otherwise if the law is be applied equally to all and i can an essay Lucton School yet be capable of organic change.” [Precedent – principle –v- policy] C visited her family in hospital an hour after a road traffic accident. She suffered psychiatric illness from the writing Superieur, shock of i can t write Lucton seeing one daughter dead and her husband and two other children seriously injured. Held : Principle not policy keeps the common law flexible and consistent. D and C married, but the husband C went to live with another woman. C agreed to pay D Ј40 a month and she was to pay off the mortgage. When it was paid off he would transfer the house into writing St. Michaels School her sole ownership. The wife paid off the balance of the mortgage and i can t write an essay Lucton the husband then reduced the Ј40 a month to Ј25 a month.

Balfour v Balfour [1919] CA held that a spouse could not sue the other spouse. Held : Distinguishing Balfour v Balfour [1919] CA and Jones v Padavatton [1969] CA , Lord Denning stated that an intention to create legal relations could found between a husband and how 2 an essay wife where they were living in amity and separated or about to separate. Per curiam . In deciding whether or not an agreement is intended to establish legal relations the surrounding circumstances must be looked at to see whether reasonable people would regard the Lucton, agreement as intended to writing a essay format St. Michaels University School, be binding. House belonged to i can an essay School, D. [Precedent – use of research paper sites Margaret's School reports] MR Justice Laddie said: There are now significantly more judges, more case and t write an essay Lucton more databases than there were even two decades ago Now there is no pre-selection. Large numbers of decisions, good and bad, reserved and how to write unreserved, can be accessed. Lawyers frequently feel that they have an obligation to search this material. Anything which supports their clients' case must be drawn to the attention of the court. The judge said this meant: increased client costs which is counter to the spirit of the Woolf reforms poor decisions which should have died a quiet death are used to t write an essay Lucton School, support actions the common law system stands the risk of being swamped by writing essay a torrent of material

However, Mr Justice Laddie said Roberts Petroleum Ltd v Kenny Ltd. [1983] HL left problems especially if it were extended to other courts: a decision which was clearly wrong but the only authority for an untenable position would not be excluded by the principle in Roberts Petroleum . generalised and specialised reports have proliferated so much that they may be less reliable than in 1983. seeking leave could be too cumbersome a process. on current principles of stare decisis , how could a court of i can School first instance, for example, refuse a unanimous, but unreported, decision of the Court of paper sites Appeal? Lawyers would still need to search databases for an essay Lucton, cases since they still might be able to apply for leave. no-hoper claims might be kept alive pending leave to rely on lame duck judgments. Finally Mr Justice Laddie examined possible solutions which, in write a simple essay other countries, have involved a class of an essay non-precedential judgments.

He suggested that all extempore judgments of any court and example writing essay (LISAA) any judgment of courts of first instance should not to t write an essay Lucton, be cited unless the court indicated to the contrary. All judgments would still be available to the public, but only the selected ones could be used for citation. ^[Precedent – influence of ECHR] C sought to have his conviction set aside because of the unreasonable length of hearing his appeal. There had been a breach of human rights ( article 6(1) of the descriptive writing The Perkiomen, Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms ). Held : No weight should be attached to either of those decisions in i can t write the present context. Writing Stonar? Flowers case was not in the public interest. Darmalingum's case went too far.

There was no precedent in domestic law for the remedy sought. T Write Lucton? Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights did not conflict with this finding. Sentence reduced by nine months. The judges cannot make new law by new decisions; they do not assume a power of descriptive writing School that kind: they only endeavour to an essay Lucton, declare what the common law is and has been from the time when it first existed. But inasmuch as new circumstances. And new complications of how 2 write Charterhouse fact and even new facts, are constantly arising, the judges are obliged to apply to then what they consider to have been the common law during the whole course of its existence and therefore they seem to be laying down a new law, whereas they are merely applying old principles to a new state of facts. [Precedent recent examples of judicial law making] D a schoolteacher benefited from reduced fees for his children. The rate of tax payable on these fees was to t write School, be found in Parliamentary discussions recorded in Hansard. C was the inspector of taxes.

Held : Allowing the use of Hansard as an extrinsic aid to the interpretation of a simple essay statutes (subject to certain conditions). Using the School, Practice Statement the format St. Michaels School, HoL departed from its own decisions in i can Davis v Johnson [1979] and example writing L’Institut Appliques two other decisions. Lord Gardiner LC: “Their Lordships regard the use of precedent as an indispensable foundation upon i can Lucton, which to decide what is the law and its application to individual cases. It provides at least some degree of certainty upon which individuals can rely in writing argument Stonar the conduct of their affairs, as well as a basis for orderly development of i can t write an essay School legal rules. Their Lordships nevertheless recognise that too rigid adherence to precedent may lead to injustice in a particular case and also unduly restrict the proper development of the law. Haileybury? They propose, therefore, to modify their present practice and, while treating former decisions of this House as normally binding, to depart from a previous decision when it appears right to do so.

In this connection they will bear in t write an essay mind the danger of disturbing retrospectively the basis on which contracts, settlements of property and fiscal arrangements have been entered into and also the especial need for certainty as to the criminal law. This announcement is not intended to affect the use of writing precedent elsewhere than in this House.” [Precedent – retrospective overruling] C had been detained about i can t write, 2 months longer than he should have been because the governor had calculated his release date on a Home Office formula that had been approved by the Divisional Court. Held : The Divisional Court had declared what the law always had been. The governor had relied on the law as he believed it to be, but it was now clear that those responsible for his detention had been wrong. [Precedent – retrospective overruling] D living apart from his wife raped her in her parents’ home, which he had forcibly entered.

Held : Abolishing a husband's 250 year old immunity from criminal liability for raping his wife The long-standing rule that a wife was deemed to have given her consent irrevocably was no longer appropriate. This is not the creation of a new offence, it is the removal of a common law fiction which has become anachronistic and offensive and we consider that it is our duty having reached that conclusion to act upon it Lord Keith thought this was an how to a simple, example of the Lucton School, common law evolving in the light of changing social, economic and cultural developments. [Precedent – example of judicial law making – not regarded as precedent] Conjoined twin Jodie and writing Mary needed to t write Lucton, be separated to save the life of one the twin, but causing the immediate death of Mary. Held : Lord Justice Ward: this case did not create a precedent for other cases except on specified facts. [Precedent – example of binding nature of stare decisis ] One judge dissented in Re Schweppes Ltd’s Agreement (1965) CA but when later the same day the same point was involved in a similar case the judge said he was bound to follow the write a simple Haileybury, decision in t write Lucton School the first case. [Precedent – recent examples of judicial lawmaking] D the health authority caring for Superieur Appliques (LISAA), a seriously ill 30yr old woman who refused a Caesarean section on i can t write an essay Lucton School, religious grounds.

C applied for a declaration to allow an emergency Caesarean section which was the only means of saving the writing essay (LISAA), patient's life and ensuring the live birth of the baby. Held : Sir Stephen Brown relied upon t write an essay Lucton School, Lord Donaldson's caveat in Re T (Adult: Refusal of Treatment) [1992] ‘the only research sites Queen School possible qualification is the case in which the choice may lead to the death of a viable foetus', and School the American case of The Perkiomen Re AC [1990] and granted a declaration that a caesarean section could be lawfully performed on a competent woman without her consent. [Precedent – early attempts to depart for other reasons] An appeal which turned on the Court's discretion to t write Lucton, extend time limits. Held : Departing from an earlier decision refusing jurisdiction in Queen such cases, on the grounds of that it was manifestly wrong. Lord Donaldson MR said: “The importance of the rule of stare decisis in relation to the Court of Appeal's own decisions can hardly be overstated. We now sometimes sit in eight divisions and, in the absence of such a rule, the law would quickly become wholly uncertain. However, the i can t write Lucton, rule is not without exceptions, albeit very limited. These exceptions were considered in writing St. Michaels University School Young v Bristol Aeroplane Co Ltd [1944] Morelle Ltd v Wakeling [1955] and, more recently, in Williams v Fawcett [1985] , where relevant extracts from the two earlier decisions are set out. These decisions show that this court is justified in refusing to t write an essay Lucton School, follow one of Stonar its own previous decisions not only t write an essay Lucton where that decision is given in a essay format University School ignorance or forgetfulness of some inconsistent statutory provision or some authority binding on it, but also, in rare and exceptional cases, if it is satisfied that the decision involved a manifest slip or error.

In previous cases the judges of i can this court have always refrained from defining this exceptional category and I have no intention of departing from how 2 write, that approach save to echo the words of Lord Greene MR (in Young's case [1944] Evershed MR (in Morelle's case [1955 ] and to say that they will be of the rarest occurrence.” [Precedent – use of reports] [Precedent – policy and an essay Lucton School doubtful precedents] D conspired to corrupt public morals by publishing a booklet containing details prostitutes, and their services. This was hitherto an unused common law offence. Held ; Lord Tucker cited precedents for the offence. ”In the sphere of criminal law, I entertain no doubt that there remains in the courts of law a residual power to enforce the supreme and writing School fundamental purpose of the law, to conserve not only the safety and order but also the i can an essay Lucton School, moral welfare of the state, and that it is an essay Charterhouse their duty to guard it against attacks which may be the more insidious because they are novel and unprepared for.” Lord Reid (dissenting) said there were widely differing opinions as to how far the law should punish immoral acts done in private, “Some think that the law already goes too far, some that it does not go far enough. Parliament is the proper place, and I am firmly of opinion the only proper place, to t write School, settle that.” [Precedent - retrospective change to the law – judges are said to be clarifying the law] D local authorities. C were tenants of Southwark and Camden councils.

They both complained of being able to hear all the sounds made by their neighbours because the example writing, flats had no sound insulation. It was not a question of the neighbours being unreasonably noisy. Held ; As an ordinary use of residential premises without more was not capable of amounting to i can t write Lucton, a nuisance, and a landlord could not be held liable in tort where he had not authorised the commission of an actionable nuisance, or for authorising his tenant to do something that would not be actionable if he did it himself, the writing L’Institut Superieur (LISAA), appellants could not invoke the tort of nuisance. “I think that in a field such as housing law, which is very much a matter for the allocation of resources in accordance with democratically determined priorities, the development of the common law should not get out of i can t write step with legislative policy.” ”These cases raise issues of priority in the allocation of resources. Such issues must be resolved by the democratic process, national and local. The judges are not equipped to Stonar School, resolve them. All that we can do is to say that there is School nothing in the relevant tenancy agreements or current legislation, or in the common law, which would enable the tenants to obtain redress through the how to write a simple Haileybury, Courts.” House of Lords is usually careful not to overstep its constitutional role. [Precedent – significance of obiter] D caused ABH by shooting a 7-year-old girl twice, with an air pistol. He was firing from the window of his flat, aiming at a target in the yard below.

V was playing in the yard D had not known she was there. Held : They did not follow Lord Roskill's dictum in i can t write Lucton Seymour , saying that the recklessness required for offences under the Offences Against the Person Act as defined in R v Cunningham and as envisaged in R v Venna was clearly subjective recklessness (that is, that D foresaw the example essay Superieur des Arts Appliques (LISAA), risk but went ahead regardless), because the judgment in R v Venna speaks of an essay Lucton recklessness and intention as being often almost indistinguishable. [Precedent - finding the ratio - a good example of the modern incremental approach] D a solicitor was asked to prepare a will, but negligently failed to do so before the testator died. Two claimants who should have received legacies under the will sued D in negligence. Held : On the question of whether the writing essay, solicitor D owed the t write Lucton School, beneficiaries a duty of care, there was no clear precedent. The majority of the House agreed that the beneficiaries should succeed. [Precedent – exceptions to Young – previous decision per incuriam – liberty of the subject] C was committal to prison for breach of a non-molestation court order.

The paperwork failed to specify the breaches or to grant an adjournment. Held : Sir John Donaldson MR: These were material irregularities for which the order would be quashed. Previous decisions were per incuriam the error had been compounded by a line of cases, and this was an exceptional case. Allowing the respondent's appeal against an order.

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43 Hilarious Facts About Will Ferrell. Will Ferrell is an actor and t write Lucton School, comedian best known for his roles in a essay format St. Michaels Anchorman, Step Brothers, and Saturday Night Live. I Can T Write An Essay School. He isn’t just a funny guy- there are many layers to the man, the myth, the legend. “All you have in comedy, in writing format St. Michaels School general, is just going with your instincts. I Can An Essay Lucton School. You can only hope that other people think that what you think is funny is funny. Argument Stonar School. I don#8217;t have an answer but I just try to plough straight ahead.” Will Ferrell. As a kid growing up in Irvine, California, no one would have guessed that Will Ferrell would grow up to be a comedian. He played football in High School, and was a typical guy. He was also on t write Lucton School the school government, was outgoing and descriptive writing, popular, but never tried too hard to be a class clown. When he was 10 years old, Will Ferrell was asked to write an essay in school about what he wanted to be when he grew up.

He wrote that he wanted to be a professional soccer player, and a comedian whenever soccer wasn’t in season. When he was a little boy, he would wake up very early. Instead of School going back to essay, sleep, he would do things by himself. I Can T Write An Essay School. He even played board games like Monopoly against himself. Even though he wasn’t trying too hard, Will would still come up with hilarious lines as a teenager. One day, his math teacher told the class, “OK, we’re going to do some exercises.” Will stood up, and how to essay, started doing jumping jacks right in the middle of class. Performing must run in the Ferrell family, because Will’s father, Lee, was in a band called the Righteous Brothers. He played saxophone and keyboard. At 8 years old, Will’s parents got a divorce. When asked about an essay Lucton School, his childhood, he explains that both of research paper sites Margaret's School his parents did it very amicably, and i can an essay School, he always tried to research Queen, look on i can an essay the bright side.

However, as he got older, he saw how his father struggled financially as a musician, which made him want to attend college and School, focus on a more “realistic” career. In High School, Will Ferrell did the t write Lucton School, morning announcements. He used this as an opportunity to try out writing essay L’Institut des Arts (LISAA), different voices every day. This was great practice for his acting career. Will Ferrell graduated High School in 1986, and t write an essay Lucton School, attended the University of Southern California, where he studied sports journalism. This obviously came in handy later, when he starred in the movie Anchorman. While in college, he joined the how to a simple essay Haileybury, Delta Tau Delta fraternity. His days of partying on campus must have helped shape his iconic character Frank the Tank. Part of the reason why Will Ferrell always held back on showing his funny side when he was a kid was because he was terrified of embarrassing himself in public. The prospect of bombing during standup comedy is, indeed, scary.

So, in order to get over his fear, he would purposely put himself in i can School humiliating situations. Writing L’Institut Superieur Des Arts (LISAA). His first attempt was pushing a projector across his college campus, and allowing his pants to fall down to i can t write School, reveal his butt. He asked his friends to make fun of him loudly, point, and egg on other students to laugh at him. In this way, he got used to people laughing at him in School a negative way, and he was able to build up his tolerance to it. After college, Will Ferrell scored an internship with NBC in i can the Sports Journalism department, but he ended up realizing it wasn’t the career path he actually wanted, so he quit.

He moved back home with his parents, and started pursuing comedy. After college, Will worked various part-time jobs. He was a waiter, a valet, and bank teller. He says that he was “terrible” at all of these jobs. He lived with his parents until he was 24, when he could finally afford to move out. Will Ferrell didn’t make his TV debut until 1995, when he was 28 years old. Some of the first TV shows he showed up on descriptive writing essay School were individual episodes of the sitcoms Living Single and Grace Under Fire.

While it wasn’t an ongoing gig, it was enough to make Will feel comfortable on Lucton camera. At 30 years old, he made it into how to write essay, his first feature film. He played Dr. Evil’s assassin, “Mustafa” in an essay Lucton School the 1997 movie Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. Before making it on TV, he was learning improvisation and comedy at research sites Margaret's School, The Groundlings, an acting school in Los Angeles. Other notable alumni from the school are Kristen Wiig, Kathy Griffin, and Lisa Kudrow. Will Ferrell’s first audition for Saturday Night Live, he said that roughly 75 people were trying out. He showed them a character he used when performing at The Groundlings, the “Get Off The Shed” guy, and he got the job.

Lorne Michaels is the producer of i can Lucton Saturday Night Live, and argument, he is the main man to impress when it comes to getting on the show. I Can T Write Lucton School. One idea Will Ferrell had to make Lorne laugh was that he was going to a simple essay Haileybury, walk into the room with a briefcase full of fake money, and open it on t write an essay School the audition table. He was going to begin taking out piles of the money and stacking it in writing a essay format University School front of t write Lucton Lorne as a “bribe” to get the job, saying, “We all know what really talks, here.” Leave the research sites Margaret's School, room, and not come back. The SNL crew loved his audition so much, that his very first skit on Saturday Night Live was the “Get Off The Shed” character that he created. The audience loved it, and he quickly became a fan favorite. Years later, in an interview with Esquire Magazine, Will Ferrell explained how he analyzes his own comedic technique. Rather than being quick-witted and clever, he takes a funny concept, and takes it one step further.

For example, “instead of just yelling at i can t write an essay, someone in a scene, you’re yelling to research paper sites, the point where you’re losing your voice”. Will Ferrell specializes in character-based comedy. The characters he plays are often over-the-top, and he gets laughs from their personalities. His true self is Lucton School, far less goofy, and descriptive writing The Perkiomen School, it is obvious when he is in interviews that his actual personality isn’t anything like the characters he plays on TV and movies. After starring in “Old School”, Will Ferrell ended up in a team of comedians referred to as the “frat pack”. The other members of the “frat pack” include Ben Stiller, Jack Black, Vince Vaughn, Owen and Luke Wilson, and Steve Carell. They all ended up playing in comedies where their characters often needed to an essay, do raunchy things. How 2 Write An Essay Charterhouse. They all eventually broke away from the i can t write, frat boy reputation with more serious acting roles.

In 1996, Will Ferrell was in the movie Kingpin as an extra, but he was never given credit. During a scene where Bill Murray and Woody Harrelson were bowling towards the write essay Haileybury, end of the movie, a voice shouts, “Ernie, you’re the i can School, man!”#8230;That’s Will Ferrell. Will met his wife Vivica Paulin at an acting class in Los Angeles. She has a degree in Art History, and became a professional auctioneer. She is originally from how to write essay Sweden.

They visit Sweden at least once a year. When they first met, Will and Vivica were just friends. Will even began dating another woman, because he didn’t think Vivica wanted to date him. One night, they had a few drinks, and Vivica admitted that she had feelings for an essay School him. Will was elated, and immediately began gushing about sites Queen Margaret's, how he had feelings for her, too. The rest is history.

In 2000, Vivica and i can, Will Ferrell were married. They created a happy family together with three dogs, and three kids. In 2001, he became the highest paid Saturday Night Live cast member with a $350,000 per season salary. They knew just how funny he was, and they were desperate to keep him on the show, since they knew he helped the ratings. Vivica and Will ran and completed the Boston Marathon in both 2001 and 2003. In 2002, he began focusing on acting in movies, and Stonar, stopped appearing on SNL on a regular basis. He still made multiple cameos up until 2008. I Can T Write. In 2003, Will Ferrell starred in argument Stonar the Christmas movie “Elf”. When recalling making the film he said that he was a grown man running around New York City in i can t write an essay School tights, and seriously questioned if he made a mistake agreeing to the movie. He even became worried it may end his career.

However, it did the exact opposite and “Elf” became a holiday classic. In 2013, he was offered $28 million to make Elf 2. He turned it down. That was probably a good choice, because it’s perfect as-is. On Conan O’Brian’s last episode of The Tonight Show, Will Ferrell and his wife Vivica performed a funny cover of the song “Free Bird”. Vivica was 9 months pregnant at the time, and she went into labor hours after the episode finished filming. They gave birth to writing essay des Arts Appliques (LISAA), their third son, Axel that same night.

The Ferrell family lives in a house that was once owned by Ellen Degeneres. Although Ellen is known for owning multiple homes and Lucton, selling them at a profit, the Stonar, Ferrells live in an actual house that she once lived in. Aside from living in LA, Will Ferrell also owns a loft in i can Lucton School New York City. It is writing format University, a former printing factory from the Victorian Era. They purchased the home in 2010, and had to majorly renovate it.

Will Ferrell co-founded the website with Adam McKay and Chris Henchy. The website has a number of popular series including Zach Galifianakis#8217;s “Between two Ferns”, a mock interview show where Zach asks celebrities uncomfortable questions. The company became so successful, that they began producing TV shows like @midnight. Will won a Tony Award for a play he wrote and starred in called Welcome America: A Final Night with George W. Bush. I Can T Write Lucton. In an interview on descriptive writing School the Nerdist Podcast, he told Chris Hardwick that he was worried that Bush supporters would give him a lot of i can School hate for the parody.

However, people universally seemed to love it. During the 2016 Us Presidential Election Primaries, he publicly endorsed Bernie Sanders. In 2009, he decided to help raise awareness for University skin cancer research. He sold bottles of i can an essay School sunscreen with images of himself nearly naked. Their “brand” names were “Sexy Hot Tan”, “Sun Stroke”, and “Forbidden Fruit”. The proceeds of selling the lotion went to Cancer for College#8217;s College Willpowered Scholarship Fund, which helps childhood cancer survivors get a college degree.

In 2015, he participated in major league baseball games during spring training. Some of the money from ticket sales also went to Cancer for College. Writing St. Michaels School. Will Ferrell doesn’t just act in comedies. He has starred in a handful of dramatic films, including Everything Must Go in 2010. An Essay Lucton. The story is write, about a man who is getting a divorce. His wife locks him out of the house, and leaves all of his belongings on the front lawn. When asked about the role in the movie, he responded, “I#8217;ve never had a yard sale, ever, in my life. I don#8217;t know if I ever thought about i can t write an essay, stuff I would get rid of.” Comedy acting is extremely hard, and yet it is often not awarded with Oscars.

Will Ferrell has won MTV movie awards, a Kid’s Choice Award, and the British Comedy Academy Award. Will loves to cook at home for his family. He days his favorite type to essay Haileybury, cook is Thai. In 2015, will was immortalized on with a star on t write an essay Lucton the Hollywood Walk of Fame. School. When asked about his dream role, Will Ferrell answered that he would love to play Simon Cowell.

This makes sense, since he is so good at i can Lucton School, impressions, and Simon is such an essay iconic figure in entertainment with a ton of Lucton School potential for humor. Steven Y Mathew Burke How To Write. Steven Y Mathew Burke Mathew Burke An Essay. Steven Y

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General Christmas and December Writing Prompts: Snowman Creative Writing Templates Does falling snow have a sound? My magical snowman The snowman that never melted Read your students How The Grinch Stole Christmas and have them write about the story. You could also show your students the School movie that is descriptive writing essay based on this book starring Jim Carrey . Click on i can an essay Lucton School, the following link to view the page where this set of example writing essay Superieur des Arts Appliques Dr. Seuss teaching resources can be found: How the t write Lucton School Grinch Stole Christmas Lesson Plans Describe how the Grinch changed from the beginning of the story to the end of the story. How would you help the descriptive writing The Perkiomen Grinch if you were a Who in Who-ville?

Prior to the winter vacation, read your students A Christmas Carol (or show them the i can an essay Lucton movie). Click on the following link to research Queen School view the page where this set of i can t write School teaching resources can be found: Christmas Carol Lesson Plans Describe how Ebenezer Scrooge changed from the Queen beginning of the t write an essay Lucton School story to the end of the a essay St. Michaels story. An Essay Lucton School? Design a new sleigh for Santa that includes modern technology such as a GPS and computerized devices. Draw this high tech sleigh and write a paragraph describing it. Research School? Taking a ride in Santa's sleigh Baking cookies with Mrs. Claus Write a S.N.O.W. acrostic poem Click on t write an essay Lucton School, the link below to Superieur view the page where these snow globe poetry can be found: Snow Globe Poetry Templates The first snowfall My favorite winter sport A wonderful Christmas memory If I owned a toy store The great caroling catastrophe Off in the distance, I heard the sound of sleigh bells. . Write a letter to t write an essay Lucton Santa describing someone that you know who has been very good and kind this year.

Write about one of your family's holiday traditions. Describe it in detail, tell how you feel about write Charterhouse, it, and what this tradition means to you. T Write School? These wreath shaped creative writing templates can be used for many of the December writing prompts that are found on this page. Writing? Click on the link below to view the page where these wreath templates can be found: Winter Wreath Creative Writing Templates Pretend that you have just given Santa a mobile phone, laptop, or Ipad. Explain to Santa how this new technology will help him and t write an essay Lucton School save him a lot of time.

Decorating the Christmas tree These tree shaped creative writing templates can be used for many of the December writing prompts that are found on this page. Click on format St. Michaels, the link below to view the an essay School page where these tree templates can be found: Winter Tree Creative Writing Templates If you were a Christmas tree, how would you want to an essay Charterhouse be decorated? What do you enjoying doing during your winter holiday? We should have the an essay Lucton School Christmas spirit all year round. You go to the mailbox and find that Santa has written you a letter.

Write a letter from Santa to yourself. Rudolph's nose was green! My vacation at the North Pole These winter wonderland creative writing worksheets can be used for many of the research Margaret's School December writing prompts that are found on this page. Click on i can Lucton, the link below to view the page where these winter printable worksheets can be found: Winter Wonderland Printable Worksheets Draw a map from the North Pole to your house. A Simple Haileybury? Then, write the directions in i can an essay Lucton School, a paragraph. Describe your new job as an elf at the North Pole. Example Writing L’Institut Superieur Des Arts Appliques? Write a paragraph describing what this holiday phrase means to you: Peace on i can t write School, Earth, Goodwill to Men.

What are your wishes for the world this holiday season? Write an unselfish letter to Santa, asking him to bring a needed item to a friend or family member. The best gifts are gifts from the heart. What does this phrase mean to you? These 3D Box creative writing templates can be used for many of the December writing prompts that are found on this page. Click on the link below to view the page where these gift box templates can be found: 3 Dimensional Present Project: A Gift From the research paper sites Margaret's School Heart If I could give a Christmas gift to the world, it would be . How to wrap a Christmas present. T Write An Essay School? The best present that I ever gave to someone . Presents should not be important on an essay, Christmas Day.

It is i can t write an essay Lucton better to Charterhouse give than to receive. Describe a time when you did something thoughtful for someone or gave a person a thoughtful gift. This holiday season I plan to do something helpful to i can t write an essay others. My plan is . Sites School? Pretend that you are a penguin who loves to tweet. I Can An Essay Lucton School? Write 5 tweets describing what it is like to live Antarctica. These penguin creative writing worksheets can be used for many of the December writing prompts that are found on this page. Click on the link below to writing a essay St. Michaels view the page where these winter printable worksheets can be found: Penguin Printable Worksheets The adventures of i can t write School having a penguin as our family pet The day Frosty the Snowman met Rudolph These snowman creative writing worksheets can be used for many of the December writing prompts that are found on a essay St. Michaels, this page. Click on the link below to view the i can t write an essay Lucton page where these winter printable worksheets can be found: Snowman Printable Worksheets The Abominable Snowman is an ape-like creature said to writing essay The Perkiomen inhabit the Himalayan regions of Nepal and Tibet. Write a story about seeing the Abominable Snowman.

School has been cancelled for t write an essay Lucton School, the day because of a snow storm. What would you like to do during this unexpected day off from school? The gingerbread man jumped out how 2 an essay of the oven and. Pick three New Year's Resolutions. Describe why you picked them and how you will accomplish them. Design your own Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or New Years card. Specific December Writing Prompts: Celebrations, Events, Holidays, and Dates in Lucton, History: Scroll through this page, or click on the links below, to read. about each of these December writing prompts and holidays.

Late November to Late December - Hanukkah. Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday that is celebrated for eight days and nights . Writing Stonar School? The first day of t write Lucton School Hanukkah falls on a different day each year because the Jewish calendar is lunar based. Queen School? This holiday usually occurs between the end of November and the end of December. The Menorah , or candle holder, is an i can an essay School important part of the tradition of Hanukkah and it is why this holiday is often referred to as the Festival of Lights . Hanukkah is celebrated with the lighting of the menorah , spinning the dreidel , and eating traditional foods such as latkes (potato pancakes). Research Hanukkah and write about why it is often referred to as The Festival of the Lights.

Have the students create a poster about descriptive writing The Perkiomen, Hanukkah and how the holiday is celebrated. Create a venn diagram highlighting the differences and similarities between Hanukkah and t write Lucton School Christmas. How To Write A Simple Haileybury? What are the rituals surrounding each holiday? Visit Wikipedia's Hanukkah Page to learn more information about i can School, this holiday. On Chanukah you will find information about the history of Hanakkah, the menorah, recipes, and craft ideas for this holiday. December 1 - Rosa Parks. On December 1, 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama, Rosa Parks refused to obey a bus driver's order that she give up her seat to make room for a white passenger. Rosa Park's quiet and courageous act of defiance became an important symbol of the Civil Rights Movement and how to Haileybury the resistance to racial segregation. She has been nationally recognized as the mother of the modern day civil rights movement in an essay Lucton School, America. How did Rosa Parks show that she was courageous? Have your students respond to this quote from Rosa Parks: I have learned over the years that when one's mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear.

What is the bravest thing you have ever done? Include details about the event and why you think you were brave. Visit Wikipedia's Rosa Parks Page to learn more information about research sites Queen Margaret's, her. Students can read a biography and watch a video of Rosa Parks on the Rosa Parks Biography Page. Students can complete an i can individual or group project about Rosa Parks using my Character Body Book Report Templates or my Biography Book Report Newspaper Templates. My School Bus Book Report Templates could easily be adapted to write a report about Rosa Parks.

Your students will enjoy designing a project about Rosa Parks using these unique templates. Show your students The Rosa Parks Story starring Angela Bassett . Below is argument Stonar School a trailor for this movie. Below is a short video about the life of Rosa Parks from the i can an essay Lucton School Biography Channel . December 5 - Mozart's Birthday. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on December 5, 1756 in essay L’Institut Superieur des Arts (LISAA), Salzburg, Austria. He began composing his own music at the age of five and toured Europe as a concert pianist at age six . What would it be like to i can Lucton School be famous at an early age? If you could be proficient at playing any one instrument, what instrument would you choose? Explain why. What is the most beautiful piece of music that you have ever listened to?

Show your students the movie Amadeus . Writing Argument Stonar School? Reality shows such as American Idol , America's Got Talent , and The X Factor have inspired many people to audition for these music shows. Write a story in which you go to audition for one of these shows. Visit Wikipedia's Mozart Page to learn more information about this famous composer. Play a piece of Mozart's music for your students and have them write about how it makes them feel and the images this piece of music creates in their minds. Below is a You Tube video where students can listen to Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 21 . December 5 - Walt Disney's Birthday. Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5 , 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. Walt Disney is t write an essay Lucton a famous American film producer , director, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, and theme park creator . Walt Disney is best known as the creator of Mickey Mouse and the founder of Disneyland and Walt Disney World . In the late 1940s, Disney first drew sketches of his ideas for an amusement park where he envisioned his employees spending time with their children. His original idea expanded in concept and eventually became Disneyland , which first opened in 1955.

Share these quotes by Walt Disney with your students and have them choose one to The Perkiomen respond to in writing: All our dreams can come true, if we have the i can t write courage to pursue them. If you can dream it, you can do it. It's kind of fun to do the impossible. The more you like yourself, the write Charterhouse less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique. The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. Lucton School? There is more treasure in a essay, books than in all the i can t write an essay pirate's loot on Treasure Island. When you're curious, you find lots of writing essay School interesting things to t write an essay School do. How 2 An Essay? I have been up against tough competition all my life. I wouldn't know how to get along without it. What would it be like if Walt Disney was your father or grandfather?

When the Disneyland first opened, it consisted of five themed areas: Main Street, U.S.A. I Can T Write An Essay? (an early 20th century Midwest town based on Walt Disney's childhood) Adventureland (featuring jungle themed adventures) Frontierland (illustrating the western frontier) Fantasyland (bringing fantasy into a reality) Tomorrowland (looking into the future) Pretend that you worked for Walt Disney in argument, 1955 and write an idea for a 6th themed area for Disneyland. Describe the t write an essay School theme for this area and the rides and example essay Superieur Appliques (LISAA) buildings that would be included in this new area of Lucton School Disneyland. Visit Wikipedia's Walt Disney Page to learn more information about this famous man. On Just Disney students can read a biography and writing School view photographs of i can t write an essay Walt Disney. December 7 - Letter Writing Day. December 7 is Letter Writing Day . Letter writing is fast becoming an almost lost skill . Most letters that are written today are e-mails and now even shorter messages (called instant messages ) have become a very popular form of how 2 write an essay Charterhouse communication. Do you think that handwriting should still be taught in school now that most correspondence is done on a computer? Write an essay supporting your opinion.

Hand-write a letter that you will actually mail to a friend or relative. Bring this letter home tonight and mail your letter to this person. Thanks to an essay Lucton innovation (from the Pony Express to auto-trucks to paper sites Queen airmail to email) the speed with which the mail is delivered has improved year after year for the past two and a half centuries. In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of i can Lucton School these improvements? Interview a parent or grandparent and ask them how the practice of writing School writing handwritten letters has changed from t write Lucton School, when they were a child to now. December 10 - Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony. The Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony takes place on December 10 in Oslo, Norway each year. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded each year on this day to descriptive essay School people who have made the t write an essay Lucton School most valuable contributions to the good of humanity . The Chairman of the example Superieur (LISAA) Norwegian Nobel Committee presents the Nobel Peace Prize in the presence of the King of i can School Norway on December 10 each year, which is the anniversary of Nobel's death . You have been selected to receive this year's Nobel Peace Prize. Why have you been selected as this year's recipient? If you could award this prize to someone that you know, who would you select and paper sites Margaret's why?

Research a past winner of The Nobel Peace Prize and write a short summary about this person and his or her achievements. Visit Wikipedia's Nobel Peace Prize Page to learn more information about the i can t write an essay history of the Nobel Peace Prize. More information about the paper sites Queen Nobel Peace Prize can be found on this page: Nobel Visit Video Lectures from Nobel Peace Prize Laureates to watch videos of t write an essay Lucton School past winners of the Charterhouse Nobel Peace Prize. December 21 or 22 - Winter Solstice/First Day of Winter. The winter solstice usually occurs on December 21 or 22 each year in the Northern Hemisphere and on June 20 or 21 in the Southern Hemisphere. The winter solstice occurs on the shortest day and t write the longest night of the write a simple essay Haileybury year. This is when the sun's daily maximum elevation in the sky is the lowest. What is your favorite winter activity that involves snow and why? What would it be like if it was winter all year long? On Understanding the Winter Solstice For Kids you can learn more information about the first day of winter.

December 25 - Christmas. Christmas is a Christian holiday that is celebrated on December 25 by people around the world to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ . The word Christmas originated as a compound meaning Christ's Mass . This holiday is now celebrated by an increasing amount of non-Christians and Christmas symbols now include Santa Claus , reindeer, and stockings. Christmas Day is celebrated as a major festival and t write School public holiday in many countries around the world. On Christmas Celebrations Around The World or North Pole Christmas Around The World research how another country celebrates Christmas and write a short report about what you learned. Writing University? Visit Wikipedia's Christmas Page to learn more information about the t write an essay School history of this holiday. A Essay Format St. Michaels? You can find a large list of Christmas and December writing prompts at the top of this page. I Can T Write An Essay? I've created a variety of example writing des Arts Appliques templates and lesson plans for Christmas and winter.

You can view them here: Winter Teaching Resources. December 26 - January 1 - Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa is a week long celebration which honors African-American heritage and i can an essay culture . This holiday was started in 1966 by Dr. Maulana Karenga, a professor at research paper School the California State University and it is observed from t write an essay School, December 26 to January 1 . The name Kwanzaa comes from the Swahili phrase matunda ya kwanza , meaning first fruits of the writing harvest. An Essay School? Kwanzaa features activities such as lighting a candle holder with seven candles and ends with a feast and gift giving. There are seven principles of Kwanzaa , one for each of the 7 days of Kwanzaa: unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith. Research the write Charterhouse Seven Principles of Kwanzaa and design a card or poster that features one of the an essay principles. A mkeka is a special place mat used during Kwanzaa ceremonies and writing format University it has three colors: black, red, and green.

The stripes represent tradition, history, and the future. Have your students design a mkeka and write about what each stripe symbolizes to them. T Write An Essay Lucton? On Kwanzaa you will find information about the how 2 Charterhouse 7 Principles and Symbols of Kwanzaa, as well as recipes and craft ideas for this holiday. Visit Wikipedia's Kwanzaa Page to learn more information about this holiday. December Calendar Set (Christmas Theme) My free December calendar set is designed to fit inside monthly calendar pocket charts that many teachers use. School? The calendar pieces can also be displayed on a classroom bulletin board. This December calendar set contains the descriptive essay School following printable worksheets: Above: The large December calendar title is a 2 page banner . Above: This printable calendar set for December includes large days of the week templates for the 7 days of the t write an essay Lucton School week.

Above: This free December calendar set includes smaller pieces for the 7 days of the week that will fit inside your calendar pocket chart. There are 31 square calendar number dates in this teaching resources set. There are squares for you to print and write your students' names and birthdays on. There are 11 printable worksheets in write an essay Charterhouse, this free teaching resources set. Click the link below to download this free December calendar set. Click Here === 12 Free Printable Classroom Calendars. Note : On the above page, you will find links to download all.

12 of i can t write School my FREE classroom calendar sets for January - December! December Calendar Set (Winter Tree Theme) Below is descriptive The Perkiomen a second December calendar set. I have designed this calendar with a winter theme . Click the i can t write link below to download this free December calendar set. Click Here === 12 Free Printable Classroom Calendars. Note : On the above page, you will find links to download all. 12 of my FREE classroom calendar sets for January - December!

Below are some ideas and how to a simple essay examples of i can an essay teaching resources. that can be used for some of the a essay University School Christmas and i can December. writing prompts that are found on this page: How The Grinch Stole Christmas - by Dr. Seuss. Dr.

Seuss is one of the most popular children's authors of all time and writing Stonar School his Christmas story featuring The Grinch is i can t write a favorite of both kids and adults. His message that Maybe Christmas, he thought doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more. is timeless . After you have read your students this story, they will enjoy completing a fun activity related to Dr. Seuss' book. I have created a flip booklet and an essay Charterhouse I designed the templates for this unique project in the shape of the Grinch's head . Your students will enjoy creating their own Grinch flip books using these fun and i can an essay Lucton School unique Grinch templates. This set of resources includes first draft worksheets, Grinch flip book templates (shown above), a 5 page bulletin board display banner (shown above), a crossword puzzle, rhyming word puzzle, and maze worksheet. Click below for more information about: A Christmas Carol. by Charles Dickens. 6 Wreath Templates.

There are 6 wreath templates in this resource set: Jacob Marley's Visit, Christmas Past, Christmas Present, Christmas Yet To Come, Scrooge Before, and Scrooge After. Click below for how 2 an essay Charterhouse, more information about: A Christmas Carol. by Charles Dickens. Character Body Project. For this group or individual project, students design a character body for Scrooge . Students choose colorful adjects that describe Scrooge and write a character description for i can t write an essay Lucton School, him. Click below for more information about: Your students will discover that writing is an essay snow much fun with these unique snowman templates. These creative writing templates will make a brilliant winter bulletin board display! Click below for more information about:

December Writing Prompts. Your students will write about gifts from their hearts and create 3 dimensional gift boxes using these unique 3D projects. December is an ideal time to use this activity. Click below for more information about: December Writing Prompts. Your students will enjoy writing winter stories inside these wreath templates. These unique oval shaped project templates will help you design an eye catching winter bulletin board display! Click below for more information about: December Writing Prompts. This S.N.O.W. I Can? acrostic poem is designed inside a snow globe template.

There are separate templates for girls (shown here) and writing essay The Perkiomen boys. Your students will enjoy these fun winter poetry lesson plans. Click below for more information about: December Writing Prompts. These snowman language arts worksheets are ideal for t write an essay Lucton School, a wide range of creative writing topics and will make a colorful winter bulletin board display. Click below for more information about: December Writing Prompts. You can use these worksheets for a science unit about penguins, a reading response to writing a essay St. Michaels University School a story with penguins in it, or as a winter writing assignment. Click below for more information about: December Writing Prompts.

These winter tree creative writing templates are ideal for a wide range of creative writing topics and will make a dynamic winter bulletin board display. Click below for more information about: December Writing Prompts. These winter wonderland language arts worksheets are ideal for t write an essay School, a wide range of writing St. Michaels University creative writing topics and will make a colorful winter bulletin board display. Click below for more information about: December Writing Prompts.

Reading Sticker Charts - Winter Themes. This Reading is SNOW Much Fun! is a unique reading sticker chart set that contains a winter theme. This set contains 2 snow globe templates: one for boys and another for girls (above). This set encourages students to read 16 books during the winter months of the school year. Click below for more information about:

December Writing Prompts. Encourage your students to i can t write an essay Chill Out With a Good Book with these cute penguin reading sticker charts. These penguin shaped reading sticker charts are a fun teaching resource to use to motivate your students to chill out and read during the winter months of the school year. Click below for more information about: December Writing Prompts. This Stuff Your Stocking With Stickers incentive chart is ideal to descriptive writing The Perkiomen use with your students before Christmas. These uniquely shaped Christmas sticker charts can be used for a variety of different purposes during the month of December: homework, reading, math, spelling, or good citizenship. Click below for more information about: December Writing Prompts. Encourage your students to work towards achieving a goal by using these colorful Christmas tree sticker charts. There are 17 places for stickers on this colorful sticker chart template.

These incentive charts will help you to motivate your students to i can Lucton Decorate Their Christmas Trees with stickers this winter. Click below for more information about: December Writing Prompts. This Christmas Wreath of Fortune Game is research Queen Margaret's School named after Wheel of Fortune. I Can T Write An Essay Lucton? Your students will love playing this fun powerpoint game while reviewing homophones! Click below for The Perkiomen School, more information about: December Writing Prompts. This Christmas Wreath of Fortune Game is named after Wheel of Fortune. Your students will love playing this fun powerpoint game while reviewing present and past tense verbs. Click below for an essay School, more information about:

December Writing Prompts. Your students will love playing this Christmas Who Wants To Be A Millionaire game while reviewing these 4 parts of write an essay speech : nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. Click below for more information about: Students use addition and multiplication to solve these Christmas word problems. This activity involves money, so students are reviewing decimal points and place value as well. Click below for more information about: Students have to solve addition, subtraction, and multiplication equations, using a fun Christmas puzzle style format.

There are 5 puzzles in this set of resources. Click below for more information about: Multiplication Incentive Charts and Classroom Displays. This unique multiplication chart grows in height as your students learn their multiplication facts. As students learn a new times table, they place an t write Lucton ice cream scoop on top of their cones. Example Essay L’Institut Des Arts Appliques? When students have learned all of their times tables, they will have 10 (or 12) scoops on t write, top of their cones.

Click below for more information about: There are 12 multiplication displays in writing Stonar, this resource set for the 1 - 12 times tables. The ice cream cones stack on t write an essay, each other to create tall vertical displays . The cone displays come in research School, a variety of different bright colors and they will create an eye catching math display in t write Lucton, your classroom. Click below for School, more information about: This ice cream classroom display set highlights the key words used for solving addition (shown above), subtraction, multiplication, and division word problems . These brightly colored ice cream bulletin board sets will make an eye catching word problem display in your classroom. Click below for more information about: Christmas and Winter Teaching Resources that are available on t write an essay Lucton School, my website: Christmas, and Winter Resources: Click on the graphics below to descriptive School view each resource. Above: Grinch Flip Book Templates. How the i can t write an essay Lucton Grinch Stole Christmas Lesson by Dr.

Seuss. Above: Ebenezer Scrooge Character Body and Wreath Projects. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Above: Free December Classroom Calendar Display Set. Above: Free January Classroom Calendar Display Set. Above: Writing Prompts for writing format University, December and Christmas. Above: Writing Prompts for t write an essay, January and Winter. below to go to a specific page. of monthly writing prompts: that pertain to descriptive writing The Perkiomen School each month's themes , holidays , and i can an essay Lucton School events . Thank you for visiting my December writing prompts page. Please be sure to check out the other pages on Unique.

Teaching Resources for essay des Arts (LISAA), a large variety of fun lesson plan activities. that will engage your students in learning and t write Lucton save you valuable time. Creator and Website Manager. Unique Teaching Resources. 28 Book Reports. Report Projects Tips For Using. of over writing St. Michaels 118,000 teachers , click the Like button below. Teachers Have Class! Newsletter. Click on i can an essay Lucton School, the book titles.

below to view each project. Click on the book titles. below to view each project. More Book Report Projects: 28 Book Report Projects. Copyright Unique Teaching Resources 2009 - 2017.

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Custom Culture Difference and Ethnicity essay paper writing service. The culture and ethnicity are two terms that have been used synonymously but they are fundamentally different terms. The practitioners have a considerable misunderstanding of the t write an essay Lucton School terms as well as their appropriate application. In this paper we examine the concepts of culture and ethnicity so as to show their own relationship and how 2, their applications in the society. We will further analyze their characteristics, significance and means of preservation and maintenance in the society. Moreover, the paper will compare the cultural difference and t write, ethnicity to identify whether they conflict. Definitions of Culture and Ethnicity. The social scientist have defined culture as complex make up of the L’Institut des Arts actual and t write Lucton School, the symbolic elements of a given group which include beliefs, mythology, religion, ideas, sentiments, institutions and objects. These elements are passed on from one generation to the next and are internalized by members of the group in differing levels.

The culture includes the L’Institut Superieur Appliques way members of a group should relate to each other in conformation to the given ethics guidelines, kinship models and the practices of bringing up the young children. The culture represents a system which is learned and shared among members who then interpret experiences and proper manners. The system recognizes both personal and group identity and as such their ideas are equally included in the culture systems to be shared and taught (Davies, 2002). On the other hand, an ethnicity shows groups of human populations. These groups maintain their differences through segregation mechanisms such as geographical and social obstruction. Therefore one of these groups is referred to as an ethnic group and may be of a nation, a people, a language or a religion. There was an earlier definition that defined an ethnic group as a different category of the population whereby its culture is different from i can Lucton School, that of a larger society it belongs. Essay! The people belonging to the ethnic group find themselves to have similar ties and bound by common practices as well as ties of race or culture (Davies, 2002).

According to O%u201FDell (n. d.), anthropologist Fredrik Barth referred an ethnic group as something that is extensively biologically self-continuing, shares basic cultural beliefs recognized in their cultural forms, sets up the ground of communication as well as interaction and has a membership which consciously identifies itself, and is identified by others, as constituting a unique category from other groups. Culture Difference and Ethnicity. The culture difference alone cannot make up ethnicity but requires to be consciously recognized in order to make ethnicity. The fact is that if a group is not conscious of its characteristics then they cannot make up an ethnic group. Thus there cannot be ethnicity even where a group is Lucton very distinct but fails to how to write a simple Haileybury, be conscious of their unique features. This explains why many indigenous groups which were distinct from each other do not belong to ethnic groups since they were not conscious of i can an essay Lucton their ethnicity. Therefore ethnicity as well as enlistment as an ethnic group requires that the members be conscious of writing essay The Perkiomen their difference including their cultural differences from other groups as well as the similarities to identify with in i can an essay Lucton, their own culture. Thus in the actual sense individuals with different cultures but live without any problems arising from their differences are termed not to be ethnic considering the proper meaning of the write a simple essay Haileybury word (Eller, 1999).

The culture difference in itself does not become ethnicity on its own but it has to be taken and used by a group in modern ways so as to make it an i can School ethnicity. The ethnicity normally do not cause conflict but in Stonar, certain situations and accelerated by particular events, there may be conflict caused by ethnicity. This means that small cultural differences can easily be noticed and contribute to controversial difference in ethnicity. However, large cultural difference leaves no doubt to the ethnic groups about the i can t write an essay divide and as such may lead to The Perkiomen, minimal or no ethnic differences or conflicts (Eller, 1999). It is apparent that cultural differences causes ethnicity but ethnicity does not give rise to cultural differences.

This is because group identity is derived from i can School, cultural difference and failure to recognize culture implies that a group may not be developed. Thus ethnicity exists purely because of writing existence of different cultures. Whenever an ethnicity is being elaborated, it is apparent that culture has to be mentioned. I Can T Write School! According to Darder (2005), ethnicity is thought by people to be a segment of essay population that share a common culture and participate in shared activities which generate from a common culture. This means that ethnicity cannot be divorced from culture and the relationship will always exist. Both the cultural difference and ethnicity are used for identity purposes. I Can An Essay Lucton! However, it is writing argument School important not to be overemphasized because there are other means of identity like gender, class or economic status. The studies of immigrants and refugees have recently concentrated on their culture difference as well as ethnicity of their sources of i can an essay Lucton School origin.

The concept of difference brings about ethnicity and culture as observed across the globe. As a matter of sites Queen Margaret's fact tourism has been promoted by culture difference and ethnicity which has improved national economies (O%u201FDell, n. T Write Lucton! d.). Characteristics of Culture. The most conspicuous characteristic of culture is that it is open to all people who are interested. An individual can be recruited to a culture by learning its norms, traditions and procedures. Moreover, the individual can then share the knowledge of the culture and further participate in cultural events thus becoming a full member of the culture. Although it is descriptive writing possible that a given culture is an essay Lucton able to can be learnt, it is of absolute importance that an individual is raised from a particular culture so as to understand fully its features and contribute to its improvement. Sites School! This is because the culture recognizes its members in i can t write an essay School, a mutual process where the University School members can share benefits as well as contribute to an essay Lucton School, its development and essay L’Institut des Arts Appliques, maintenance (Ghai, 2000). Secondly, the culture is based on tradition and continuity which is passed from one generation to the next.

The culture stresses on i can School conservation and continuity of how 2 write an essay Charterhouse traditions rather than innovation of new culture developments. The conservatism is emphasized to the extent that it sacrifices the creativity power and as such may not expand beyond certain levels (Ghai, 2000). The preservation of traditions and passed to children through stories and teachings, ensure that the culture is maintained for a long term period. The conservatism ensures that the culture is i can an essay Lucton not corrupted with new ideas which may make it to lose its original identity. Just like culture of Japanese blood' which had been maintained throughout the reigning of succeeding emperors (Weiner, 2004). Moreover, a culture survives mainly through assimilation. This means that a member from another culture is allowed to become its member by simply accepting and distributing its basic cultural factors. This process is descriptive writing The Perkiomen a characteristic of both dominant cultures as well as newcomers which allows them to grow and ensure survival of their cultures (Ghai, 2000). Therefore the cultures grow by allowing individuals from other cultures to join in without being barred. Thus the characteristic of non-segregation of other cultures is i can t write working positively to the increment of numbers of a particular culture which enhances strength and unrivaled continuity (Appadurai, 1996). Furthermore, the culture is example L’Institut Superieur des Arts characterized by its difference.

It is important that culture requires difference to survive because it is based on diversity whereby several cultures compete and their systems conflict causing a genuine importance of culture. This difference is important so as to be able to distinguish separate persons as far as culture is t write an essay Lucton School concerned. There are states that are only identified by their culture which is different from other cultures. Therefore it becomes apparent that there will be no development of how 2 write an essay one culture in the entire world because if developed, there would be no difference which means a total death to culture (Ghai, 2000). Thus diversity and i can School, differentiation in cultures are crucial elements for continuity.

Characteristics of descriptive writing essay School Ethnicity. The major characteristic if ethnicity is that each ethnic group has unique cultural traits. Since an ethnic group belongs to a larger society, they can only be identified with their unique cultural set of traits. T Write Lucton School! Therefore an ethnic group has some unique character traits that put them aside from the entire society. However, for research sites Margaret's School, the character traits to make up an ethnic group then they should be of fundamental features of t write an essay School social life including language and religion. This means that we may need further qualification of ethnicity in an event we have a character trait like a profession which is not fundamental (Marger, 2008). The second characteristic is that ethnicity has a sense of community. This is in addition to the unique cultural traits in that they are conscious of their membership to the ethnic group. This is the awareness of writing St. Michaels being closely associated with particular ethnic group.

This sense of belonging to a specific ethnic group is derived from the fact that individuals believe to i can t write, share a common ancestry or heritage. Example Essay Appliques (LISAA)! It is normal to realize that whenever individuals share a common origin they tend to come close together and create a comfort zone for themselves whiles caring more to each other as compared to the general public. This congregation is a characteristic of ethnic groups which can go to the extent of defending their ethnic kinsmen from any external disturbances. I Can T Write An Essay Lucton School! However, it is not necessary that they belong to a common ancestry but as long as they recognize themselves as an ethnic group is sufficient (Marger, 2008). Another characteristic of an how 2 an essay ethnic group is the ethnocentrism which is the tendency to judge the other groups by the standards and values of their own group. I Can Lucton! This judgment creates a general assumption that one's ethnic group is a simple Haileybury superior. With this character, a group will view its own ways to be the correct while for the other groups to be odd and immoral. With the feeling of superiority as a basis an i can t write School ethnic group will develop solidarity to foster its cohesiveness among its members.

However, this characteristic has a negative effect in that it can create animosity and conflict between different ethnic groups (Marger, 2008). This is the characteristic that brings about racism among communities in terms of their color or any other characteristic. In South Africa, ethnicity brought about racism among the black and the white ethnic groups which causes them to mistreat each other. In the movies District 9 the black South Africans was being mistreated by the white during apartheid period being referred to as thrash-eating vermin and research sites Queen School, loathsome which was not actually true but rather accelerated by racism (Schürholz, 2010). Moreover, in ethnicity there is an ascribed membership. This means that membership to a particular ethnic group can be achieved ordinary through birth and it may not be subject to change. Once an individual is born in certain ethnic group it may be difficult to change to another ethnicity unless under abnormal circumstances. The circumstances may include outright denial and changing of names to t write Lucton, suit the outward ethnic group which may not be any easy.

The actual fact is that when an individual is growing up they learn a lot about their ethnic group as well as others up to a point that they appreciate their own group and accept just like accepting one's gender. Those aspiring to change their ethnicity usually are not permitted fully by the members of writing The Perkiomen School ethnic groups and may sometimes be considered to be outcasts. Lucton School! However, there is room for salient change of ethnicity which may happen in marriage across two ethnic groups (Marger, 2008). The last characteristic of ethnicity is a simple essay that a particular group occupies specific territory within the larger population. An ethnic group is usually concentrated in a region. An example is Welsh and Scots concentrated in Britain whereas Flemings and Walloons in Belgium. With this territorial occupation, an ethnic group is able to maintain a political status as a group which is formally recognized. This is t write because they could occupy a large territory which gives them a large bargaining power due to their concentrated nature. There are situations where the members of a given ethnic group do not settle in a specific geographical territory and fail to descriptive writing essay The Perkiomen, maintain culture such as language. School! In these cases the ethnic identity could be lost and cultural ways dominant groups assimilating scattered ethnic groups. An example is the writing format St. Michaels United States where ethnic groups are dispersed throughout the society leaving no dominant ethnic group (Marger, 2008).

Significance of Culture Difference and t write School, Ethnicity. The ethnicity is not fixed but rather a variable in which the characteristics displayed by a given group are at varying degrees. School! The importance of ethnicity and culture difference makes people to t write an essay School, work hard to retain their identification (Rosdahl Kowalski, 2007). The importance of ethnicity and culture is descriptive The Perkiomen that individuals can be associated to a particular group and through it are able to be easily accepted in the mainstream of the society. There is a high bargaining power for an ethnic group compared to a situation where there is an essay Lucton School no group to be associated. It is important to note that ethnicity is used as a basis of ranking where individuals are rewarded according to the status of their ethnic groups. This is because it is difficult in any society for Queen, resources to be shared equally but rather ethnicity determines the i can an essay share to be taken by each group in specific amounts. This makes ethnicity to be so influential in people's lives and thus considered to how 2 write Charterhouse, be what shapes the relationships among the members of an essay Lucton School a society (Marger, 2008). Even the students in schools are influenced by ethnicity to the extent that they relate to their fellow students and colleagues by display family characteristics (Berends, 2005). The other significance of ethnicity is that they shape primary relations.

These are relations in small social set ups including families and peer groups. The ethnicity is writing argument Stonar used by others to select their close friends, marriage partners as well as places of t write an essay residence. Moreover, ethnicity and culture can be an excellent way of shaping behavior of the group members of write Charterhouse particular groups (Marger, 2008). This is because there are values being thought by i can t write an essay School ethnic groups to its members concerning good behavior values and results in a better society. However, we cannot rule out research, that whenever there is a bad culture in an ethnic group there is a potential that it will be transferred to generations if not addressed within the shortest time. Conclusion on Culture Difference and i can t write, Ethnicity.

After stating ethnicity and culture and writing argument, discussing the an essay specific characteristics for each one of them, we find that culture difference does not conflict with ethnicity. This is write Haileybury because ethnicity group is i can an essay School derived from culture difference which is recognized by culture conscious members. Thus we can conclude that both culture difference and ethnicity are used in the society simultaneously to identify separate groups within the larger population society. However, it is important to how to write a simple essay Haileybury, note that although culture difference consciousness gives rise to i can an essay School, ethnicity, the reverse is not true. That is an ethnic group cannot give rise to writing The Perkiomen School, give culture difference. Buy Culture Difference and Ethnicity essay paper online. I have just stopped by to pass my gratitude to write #7634 for i can t write Lucton, the great work he has done for me these two times. The results are amazing. Thanks you very much.

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