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High school essay writing ACS Cobham International School

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Картинки по запросу high school essay writing ACS Cobham

High school essay writing ACS Cobham International School

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Картинки по запросу high school essay writing ACS Cobham

biographical account Biographical accounts as a workable strategy in educational research. Paper presented at the conference Directions in educational research: postgraduate perspectives, University of Leicester, 23-24 July 2003. Biographies reveal the relationship between the private and the public worlds individuals experience. The recording of high School these two structures in a personal document is the hallmark of the biographical method (Merrill, 2002). In qualitative research, biographical methods have been widely used. However, traditional methodology textbooks have paid little tribute to this.

It is not until the last fifteen years that biographical research has been regarded more seriously as a method. As more emphasis was put into biographies and article jobs from home Academy collection of high essay International life stories, biographical accounts began to be seen as points of research and discussion and not merely as components of any other ?serious? method (Roberts, 2002). This change has been registered as the ?biographical turn? in persuasive introductions IMG Academy, social research. The fields of school essay School study where biographies have been used have also been extended within the write am essay, social sciences; however, most of the studies were conducted under positivist approaches. As the contexts and disciplines where biographical research was used expanded, this gave it a more interdisciplinary character. High Essay Writing ACS Cobham. One of the areas where it has been fruitful covering topics like schooling experiences, teachers? careers and lives, is education. The biographical or narrative turn has had an impact on the ways in which educational experiences, processes and policies are researched and write understood (Coffey, 2001: 6).

The classroom, the school structure, teachers? experience in the educational systems and students? achievement, for example, had already been focus of study, however, now they were analysed under different approaches It would appear that the telling of high school essay School a story about a life has become an important aspect of practice and research in professional teaching and how to other settings (Riessman, 1993: 5-6 in Roberts 2002: 23). Theoretically speaking, feminist theory also influenced the development of this research by appealing to the value of voice, consciousness raising and empowerment. School Essay Writing. The insights of the women?s movement began to have a transformative effect on fields such as oral history and women?s experience were accorded value and writers began to regard oral accounts as means of recording women?s social and persuasive essay introductions IMG Academy historical experiences (Gluck and Patai, 1991:1 in Roberts 2002: 29). In my interest to explore students? identity and the interrelation of this with their educational experience, using a biographical account sounded promising. As well as documenting individual lives and identities, the biographical turn in sociological enquiry provides a strategy for exploring personal histories and biographies, as well as the relationships between structure and agency in contemporary society (Coffey, 2001: 54). High School Essay International School. Using this approach could open a window to try and see how students? (re)constructed their identity as they went through university life. Biographical research is University, part of a movement to reveal and high school essay ACS Cobham International understand the ?personal? and its interlinking with the immediate and wider social context and political practices (Roberts, 2002: 31). It could also provide me with a wider vision on the different agendas students have in for kids Seneca College, their daily life as they go through university education.

What would the biographical accounts reveal about the high essay ACS Cobham International School, ways students construct their identity? This was one of the key questions throughout my study. In order to present my experience using the biographical method, I will divide this paper into five sections. First, I will first present a general theoretical support for the use of the biographical method in researching identity in educational contexts. Second, I will write about the context of my study and the aims for conducting it.

Third, I will write about the methodology followed specifically to collect the students? accounts. Fourth, I will discuss the pros and article writing jobs home Stevenson Academy cons I have experienced with the approach. And finally, I will present some preliminary findings of my research. School Writing ACS Cobham School. The biographical approach. The term biographical research is write Charterhouse, used to refer not to one approach to research but to a different range of similar approaches, whose main field of study is ?lives?. Biographical research is an exciting, stimulating and fast-moving field which seeks to understand the changing experiences and outlooks of individuals in their daily lives, what they see as important and how to provide interpretation of the account they give of essay writing International School their past, present and future (Roberts, 2002: 1). The methodology I used to collect the students? accounts is guided by this concept.

The definitions of the biographical method as well as materials relevant to study with this approach vary. The definition of biographical research I have used in Charterhouse, my study follows the lines of Roberts (2002: 3) where the term is used to denote work which uses stories of individuals and other ?personal materials? to understand the individual life within its social context. The type of accounts students produced for my research fall within this category of essay writing ACS Cobham ?personal materials?. Expository Essay University College London (UCL). Coffey?s (2001) notion of high school International biographical research complements this definition by identifying the writing (UCL), centrality of individual experiences as mechanisms for illuminating social processes in educational settings. According to her, biographical research has its emphasis on how social actors routinely engage in educational contexts and school essay ACS Cobham International how they articulate and make sense of these experiences. Sarantakos?s (1994) version of biographical accounts identifies two elements: how the authors define themselves and social action and how their individuality is essay writing prompts School, influenced by social factors. The first element relates to the way people perceive and interprets the writing School, world around them. The second element talks about the relations between their opinions and their social environment. Essay Brillantmont School. In my research, I was interested in finding a way that would allow me to see some connections between the university experience and the way students formed their identity.

To this particular interest, I found the biographical method enlightening. On one hand, you could see, through the student?s pieces of writing, how they read the world around them, their perception of reality. On the other hand, it could also offer some insights into how their opinions were influenced by the social environment of which the university and they were part of. Now, how could the students? accounts based on high writing their life experience at the university offer some insight into the way they constructed their identity? Biographies and identities in an educational research project.

Identities are negotiated and biographies constructed through school processes, learning encounters, and curricular engagement. In turn, the articulation and representation of selves in educational settings can be challenged, change, resisted or accepted (Coffey 2001: 53). The relationship between biographical research and identity is important since most debates on the condition of identity construction in our times are developed in the field of abstract theory (Roberts, 2002). Therefore, a study on identity which explores the ?lived lives? becomes appropriate and a news article College relevant. Studying through biographical accounts how identities are constructed opens up a space for high essay writing ACS Cobham insights into how factors like space, organizations and other social structures like youth and gender groups participate in this identity or identities? formation. In my study, in particular, the university is considered as a site of writing International School identity formation by offering a spatial, organizational and grouping structure for students, educational arenas form important sites for the active engagement of identity and biographical work (Coffey, 2001: 53). Educational research in colleges and universities in the last 20 years has primarily been focused on academic achievement and students? attitudes and aspirations (Pascarella and Terenzini, 2001).

With the emerging interest in biographical work, schools, and other educational arenas, have increasingly been seen as sites for school essay writing International School the active construction, production and reproduction of biographies and identities. Hence life histories, biographical data and personal narratives have been collected and analysed as mechanisms for understanding the lived realities of schools and of teaching (Coffey, 2001: 55). In most of the studies conducted using the persuasive introductions, biographical method, however, the writing International, interest has been put on the teachers? agenda: academic identity, racial and gender issues (Goodson 1997; Munro 1998; Weiler and essay University (UCL) Middleton 1999 cited in Coffey, 2001). My study, on school writing School the other hand, focuses on the students? identity. In order to better contextualise the how to a film essay, use of the biographical method in high essay writing International, my study, the next section details the aims and context of my research. Aims and context of my research. Writing London. The motivation for my research sprung up from my experience in teaching university students in Mexico and essay writing ACS Cobham International School working for two types of universities, a public and article Seneca College a private one.

The way students saw themselves as part of the University and how they carried and showed this way of seeing themselves throughout their time there always struck me as interesting. The way the University experience became central at certain point in their lives was also intriguing. Finding out what the students as related themselves to higher education and essay how they valued it guided the key questions in my study. A focal aim in my study was to find out how students created and (re)created their identity inside an educational institution and to what extent the university was involved in this issue of identity formation. I was not only interested in particular processes of identity formation but rather in developing a wider understanding of the role of how to a news Seneca College higher education to shape the identity of high school writing ACS Cobham people in our society and elaborate a more critical view of it. Write Am Essay Charterhouse. Context of study. The study was conducted in high essay writing International School, two universities in the State of Nuevo Leon, Mexico; a private (ITESM) and a public one (UANL). The participants in the study included undergraduate students and academics. How To Write For Kids College. The group where I collected biographical accounts from was the students. The study comprised 365 students from school ACS Cobham School Science and Social Sciences and in their second year of expository essay College study. The idea was to high school writing International, get a purposive sample of students where both systems of education ?public and private university- and at least two fields of science were represented.

I was also interested in students who would have been in the university for at writing University College, least one year so they would have already had a ?feel? for university life experience that they could write about. The following table sums up the sample of students in my study: The higher education institutions in Mexico. The subjects: students from the areas of Science and Social sciences in both institutions. Writing ACS Cobham International School. 365 Undergraduate students total. ? State-funded university: ? Privately-funded university: ITESM. The data collection was done in the university premises and in the following paragraphs I will explain how it was done. Description of the data collection and the educational biographical account. In order to collect information from students I used a technique which I called the writing jobs from home Academy, educational biographical account. This method combined an information eliciting activity (word association) followed by an autobiographical account. The word association technique is one that I had extensively used as a teacher, mostly in high ACS Cobham, language courses, to writing from, elicit vocabulary. Guided by high essay ACS Cobham School, a grounded theory orientation in my methodology, I found it useful to get students to write about how they valued higher education departing from their own ideas rather than from topics induced by me.

I wanted to see what ideas they connected to how to write am essay, higher education and school School this eliciting technique seemed to be a less intrusive or indirect way to do it. Article Jobs Home Stevenson. The purpose of its application is best described by Sarantakos (1994: 209) in essay ACS Cobham International School, his description of biographical methods, In the context of qualitative research, biographical methods attempt to present a perception of the expository College (UCL), self and the world from the viewpoint of the high school writing ACS Cobham International, author of the biography. This is essay writing University (UCL), how the technique was conducted. I asked students to school essay writing ACS Cobham, write five words they related to the phrase university education ( educación universitaria in Spanish). After that, I asked them to explain why they had chosen such words and what they meant for them. An example of the technique I used can be seen on appendix 1. My intention was to find what ideas or themes emerged from their answers that would connect with issues on identity construction. Before students started writing, I explained to them the aims of my research trying to get their writings directed towards my purpose.

I did this for IMG Academy ethical as well as for practical reasons so they would not write only isolated words with any connection. I also told them how I would be using their information keeping it confidential at all times. I have typed and analysed 365 documents in total; the amount of high essay writing ACS Cobham International documents not processed was a low percentage and it was mainly due to inability to understand the students? handwriting or when the writing University College, students failed to provide basic information that would allow a proper classification of the document. In order to analyse my data I followed the process of qualitative analysis suggested by high essay writing ACS Cobham, Miles and Huberman (1994: 10-12) which includes four basic principles: data reduction (through coding), data display and conclusion drawing and verification (for detailed information of the model see Miles and Huberman 1994). While typing the students? documents was a time consuming task it helped me elaborate the memos or commentary documents suggested by Miles and Huberman?s model for a preliminary analysis. I had originally planned using the qualitative research software NVIVO to expository essay writing Brillantmont International School, facilitate the high school writing ACS Cobham International School, management of my data; at article writing jobs from Academy, this moment, I am still evaluating its usefulness since the analysis I have conducted so far has been done manually. One drawback I found using NVIVO was that entering the school, documents and codes could take a long time.

However, I still found it useful to manage the data. Writing University College. The fact that it can organise the data into essay writing ACS Cobham School big categories and be used to find correlation among data categories such as age, gender and field of study groups is a positive feature. Furthermore, its quantitative output of data could be used to complement a primarily qualitative analysis and this is the benefit I am planning to use in my research (Kelle, 1995). Challenges and benefits of how to am essay dealing with data come at different times of the research process either with software or without it. From collection to data analysis they pose interesting questions and high writing School bring the research to new stands and ways to develop. In the expository essay writing (UCL), following section, I will write about the challenges and benefits I have experienced using the biographical account. Challenges and benefits of using the biographical approach. As Silverman (2000) states, there are only ?useful? or ?more useful than? techniques to fit a theory and a methodology and it is important to address the issues and limitations as well as the positive impressions experienced with a certain method.

The relatively new appearance of the high school essay writing International, biographical method as a trend in social science research make it susceptible, as any other method, to hard criticism in terms of lacking unity in its epistemological and methodological assumptions. This is in part due to its eclecticism in the way decisions are made as to what constitutes relevant material to study, how it is persuasive essay introductions, gathered and further on how it is high school ACS Cobham School, analysed. Essay Appleby. This expansion of school writing School interest in the study of lives and the use of biographical material raises the immediate issue of whether there is really common ground ?in epistemology, methodology, interpretation and theoretical framework: a shared approach (Roberts 2002: 169). This biographical turn , as Roberts calls it, challenges the researchers and the audiences to doing research in different ways; to persuasive introductions, exploring old concepts in new lights and to continue refining their methods of enquiry. It is in this fashion that emergent methodologies develop and become recognised; the biographical turn may just as well follow the same path. As mentioned above, one of the challenges associated with the biographical method is the variety of material it may cover. Although some clarifications have been made in respect to some terms such as life history vs. life story (Atkinson, 1998), the main term remains at times elusive of school essay writing School definition. According to Miller (2000: 19) life history refers to a series of substantive events arranged in chronological order.

Life story, on the other hand, refers to an account given by the individual without following a chronology. In my research, the type of material produced by write, students falls into this category. Although it is not written as a biography per se, it does include aspects of the high school International School, students? lives as they go through university. The challenge here is to make the write am essay, material fit the description of a ?biographical piece? which in itself remains elusive in standard literature. An ethical and epistemological issue arises with my accounts because I am giving students a central idea to write about, different from school writing International School life stories. This is an advantage as well as a risk. By channelling their answers to one topic I make sure they write about what my study is looking for; the write am essay Charterhouse, other hand, I may as well be confining their writings to one particular aspect of their lives. School. The decision to conduct the data collection this way foresaw these problems, however in the interest of practicality I decided to take that risk. Another challenge I faced with the educational biographical account was the fact that it was technique I had not used it before in doing social research but as a teaching tool. I was not sure if the writings were going to come out clear and focused. A pilot study using this technique could have been beneficial; unfortunately, practical issues like limited time and budget would not allow me to do it.

The first groups I worked with had a rougher experience with a less focused explanation of what to do on my part. I even changed the format of the expository essay writing University London, activity later on as I realized there was some information I would need from students and high school essay International I had not included that in the original format. This let me experience one of the benevolent sides of qualitative research where rewriting your process along the way is expository essay University College London (UCL), part of the research experience and opens a space for reflexivity, especially if novice in essay ACS Cobham School, the field. Here also lies the how to write Seneca College, basis for my argument that the flexibility of the school writing International School, biographical method to accept as valid a wide range of materials opens spaces for innovation and persuasive IMG Academy development of the International School, methodology itself. It offers a field where new methods can be tried out and the possibility to explore social issues in a different light, from writing different angles, perhaps not yet explored. According to Amanda Coffey (2001:54), she agrees with Atkinson and Silverman (1997); Munro (1998); and Goodson (1992) in some of the essay School, potential problems one could encounter by using this approach: A danger in romanticising the individual and expository essay writing prompts School their stories in biographising the social and a possibility of missing the social contexts and processes by overly concentrating on essay writing School the individual and the personal. By privileging certain voices and how to write a news article Seneca lives, you may be ignoring the lives and voices of others. In my study, I found that it is indeed easy to be let carried away by personal stories and miss the context. This would happen when the account I was analysing connected somehow with your own experience as a university student. High Essay Writing. However, ?situating the writings as voices of social actors?, when conducting the analysis, as the terminology goes, helps to expository Brillantmont International School, keep focused on the social and the processes being researched. Essay Writing. It is a constant reminder the researcher needs to write a film, keep in mind, though.

As to the privileging certain voices, I believe that is real challenge in most studies. By concentrating in school writing ACS Cobham International School, two universities only, I am aware I am leaving out the voices of a film analysis essay College those who go to vocational institutes and teacher training centres. I also know I am only getting the view of a percentage of the high school writing ACS Cobham International, student population. By describing the sample in my study and acknowledging its limitations I have tried to make justice to its partiality. With a vast universe like university students, aiming to get a purposive sample is as good as it gets once the limitations of the study have been acknowledged. Although the field of biographical research poses interesting challenges in terms of interpretation and introductions definition of high essay ACS Cobham International its limits, its relevance in the development of qualitative methodology is notorious.

Biographical research has the essay IMG Academy, important merit of aiding the task of understanding major social shifts, by including how new experiences are interpreted by individuals within families, small groups and institutions (Roberts, 2002: 5). This aspect relates closely to my area of study. Exploring how universities as social institutions influence the way students construct their identity brings up questions on how students interpret their experience within this social and dynamic setting. According to Goodson (1997, cited in Coffey, 2001) these are some of the benefits the biographical approach brings to high essay School, research: It values personal experiences and individual voices as relevant and insightful ways of understanding the everyday realities of education. It ensures that the backgrounds and experiences of the individuals involved are treated seriously and that they are grounded in their social, cultural and historical context. A News For Kids College. It helps understand the relationship between the students? lifestyles, latent identities and cultures. Identities are complex, fragmented and shaped by understandings of International lifestyle and culture.

Gathering students? narratives can help make sense of the complexity of their identity construction and expository prompts Brillantmont School culture. In my experience using the method, I could add that although the high essay writing International School, challenges of the how to write am essay Charterhouse, approach are important and should be taken into ACS Cobham account when doing the research, the richness in the data and the sense of reality you find as you read the documents makes it a valuable approach to follow. Expository Writing. Needless to say, visiting the classrooms and talking about essay ACS Cobham my research to students was one of the most enjoyable parts of how to am essay my fieldwork experience. The more I explained what my research was about the more I was convinced of the value of my project and high school ACS Cobham School the more refined my search for specific information became. Using this method helped refine, feedback and develop my research project, an ongoing process most designs would aim for. A challenge in disguise had to article Seneca College, do with the settings where I conducted the study. Essay School. Having a captive audience guaranteed numbers of people answering my exercise, but not their willingness to how to am essay, do it.

Some of the writing School, texts I collected gave me the a news for kids Seneca College, impression that students were only high school writing School, killing time by answering. Others showed rather shallow answers and limited themselves to write short answers unrelated to a lived experience. They were defining some words as if they were taking them out of am essay a dictionary. At first sight, this may seem disappointing; however, it could also show me how interested students were in giving their opinions, or at high essay writing International, least, when being asked in that way. This opened my mind to thinking of how to a news article Seneca ways to improve the technique by perhaps combining it with a more direct method like a person-to person interview as well as doing a pilot study to test it, as I mentioned before. All in high school, all, the response I got was positive and it helped me see the degree of effectiveness and challenges my technique may have.

The classification and analysis of the data concluded with 365 documents. The results of the first codification suggested some general themes which I will share in the following section. Persuasive Essay Introductions. Preliminary findings and implications. According to the students? views on higher education and how it relates to their lives suggest that education is primarily seen as: A factor for social mobility regardless of the students? economic background. High Essay Writing International. Education is seen as a channel where students have deposited their aspirations for economic success. According to a study carried out in Mexico city, students from low income families face the dilemma of continuing with their studies or entering the labour market, 83% decides to continue with their studies (Valle and Smith).This shows the high value students give to education when regardless of the economic difficulties they might experience, the idea to continue with their studies is still a strong motivation for them.

Education as an individual project: Personal development. ?Personal development? was a popular answer in the students? writings yet with diverse connotations. Most students wrote about persuasive IMG Academy personal development and their meanings included being knowledgeable, cultivating their spirit, attaining success as professionals; for some female students it meant accomplishing something different as women in essay writing International, a masculine-dominant school or family. Education as an from home, asset. The high value students give to university education, especially as something good for the future suggests that besides being an ideal it is school, also considered as a personal asset. Often students write about a ?brighter future? referring to the time in persuasive introductions IMG Academy, their lives after they conclude their studies. High School. Their economic and professional aspirations are basically centered in getting their degree. They also write things like I know this is going to bring me benefits. Education as a family project.

The value for education is not only connected to an individual project but also to a family one. There are concerns of paying back to the parents, for example. In lower income families, in general, the persuasive essay IMG Academy, values the family attributes to education are then channelled or indirectly imposed on those who can attend university. In most of the answers students gave about how they value education, the family connection is recurrent. Either if they feel grateful to their parents for paying for their education or because they want to high school writing School, reward in some symbolic ways what their parents have done for them. In the case of students who work or who are the bread-winner of the family the connection seems to be stronger since they feel the future of article writing home their children will also depend on the progress they make having a university degree.

It is important to high writing International School, reflect on the stress that students undergo as being the depositary of family aspirations and hope for a better future. This influences the way they see themselves in the university context: similar to some, different from article writing jobs from home Stevenson others and yet following the same path towards success through education. A sense of completeness. In the formation of their identity as individuals with a university degree, students see graduating from university as a step that makes them more complete human beings. Expressions like ?ser alguien en la vida? (?to be someone in life?; ?becoming someone?) suggest that there is a sense of not being if not educated.

There is a sense of school essay International School emptiness in the person unless they have obtained a university degree. It is as if the maxim ?I think therefore I exist? has become ?I am educated, therefore I exist. The socialization process students live in how to analysis Appleby College, the university is influenced by how much involvement they have in the institution?s activities and how their interaction with peers is given. This in turn has to do with the type of high school essay School students they are, full time, part-timers, commuters, mature returning students, etc. The diversity in the student body calls for am essay Charterhouse different steps of the socialization process to be experienced at school essay writing International School, different times and intensities. Essay Writing International School. The type of high school essay writing ACS Cobham International citizen students feel they are has to do with what image of an educated person their society supports. The way higher education in most parts of the world is operating being exclusive rather than inclusive suggests that a sense of writing University London incompleteness is high school writing ACS Cobham, bound to be prevailing in most young people. By far, this was the favourite word in the study. Article Stevenson. Either referred to school essay writing ACS Cobham, directly or indirectly, status became the most popular word in their answers. The connections made with status vary and they go from being a more educated person (?persona culta?), having a more privileged place in article home, society, securing a better job and having a ?decent? post in a company to being different from and superior to ACS Cobham International School, the others (the uneducated ones). One interesting characteristic related to social class and the value given to education is that of class flight.

Education, for some, is essay writing (UCL), a way of leaving a lower social class and stepping up to a higher one. High School International. While this is true for lower income students; students from a film essay College high income families tend to also make a point about class and education by intending to remain in the same class with the same high life standards. An academic credential would ensure better chances for a job and in times of crisis, if the possibility of losing economic capital was there. This is the case of many high middle class families in Mexico nowadays. For most lower class students, education is still a life-saving project, a way out and up the social ladder. This notion prevails even when the devaluation of university degrees seems to be on high school essay writing School the rise; paradoxically, credentials are a strong selection criteria in the job market and there are less and less jobs due to the economic crisis. Participation in society. By being educated individuals, students seem to feel that they can get more participation in expository writing prompts Brillantmont, society.

This is an high essay ACS Cobham, interesting finding because although they acknowledge they can have a more active participation in society, a minimal percentage of students would explicitly write about how they may get involved in the development of the country or their community. Most answers tend to point to an individualized vision of being educated to succeed as an individual with minor connection to their community. Writing Jobs From Stevenson. This last theme brings attention to the discussion of what role education has in society and how much of the students? involvement is encouraged or not through the university education practices. Working with a rather recent method in the area of educational research, has posed interesting challenges and rewards to my research. First the issues associated with an elusive definition of valid material made me reflect all along the research process on what I was using as material and why that constituted a valid one to explore.

Being able to test a technique as a new enquiry method was rewarding and the idea of high school ACS Cobham School perfecting it by doing a pilot study or combining it with another method has also become an interest for my future research. Writing Prompts Brillantmont International School. In terms of the research project in general, the results I have so far obtained suggest that through this approach one can engage in an analysis of students? experience through university by analysing their writings and ?reading through their lines? about high school essay ACS Cobham School how education plays an important role in expository International School, their identity formation in an ever-changing and ?hungry-for-titles? society. It is my belief that this study could not only encourage the use of biographical accounts as a research strategy but it could also motivate a critical view towards the direction university education is moving in our days. Word count: 4999. Atkinson, D. (1998) The life story interview. London: Sage. Coffey, A. (2001) Education and high essay writing ACS Cobham International School social change . Expository Writing Prompts Brillantmont International. Buckingham: Open University Press.

Coffey, A. and Atkisnon, P. (1996). Making sense of qualitative data. Complementary research strategies. London: SAGE Publications. Kelle, U. (1995) ed. Computer-aided qualitative data analysis. Theory, methods and practices . London: SAGE publications. Merril, B. (2002) Biographies as collective experience?

Paper presented at ESREA: The biography and high writing life history Network Conference. How To Write A News Seneca College. Geneva, 7 ? 9 March. Miles, M. and Huberman, M. High School Writing ACS Cobham International. (1994) Qualitative data analysis. An expanded sourcebook . Second ed. Writing Jobs Home Academy. London: SAGE publications. Miller, L. (2000). Researching life stories and family histories . London: Sage. Pascarella E. and high school essay Terenzini, T. (1991). How College affects students. Findings and Insights from twenty years of research. Introductions IMG Academy. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Roberts, B. (2002) Biographical research . Buckingham: Open University Press. Sarantakos, S. (1994). Social research . Hampshire, UK: The MacMillan Press, LTD. Silverman, D. (2000). Doing qualitative research. A practical handbook . London: SAGE Publications LTD.

Silverman, D. Essay ACS Cobham International School. (2001). Interpreting qualitative research. Methods for analysing talk, text and interaction . London: SAGE Publications LTD. Valle, A. and Smith, M. Revista Perfiles educativos (online) No.60. Accessed on 4, June, 2003. Appendix 1: Educational biographical account. UANL #1649; ITESM #1649; Masc. #1649; Fem. #1649; Edad _____ Semestre _____. Carrera ______________________ Estudiante local #1649; Foráneo #1649; ?De qué ciudad y Estado eres? _________________________________________. ?Cómo podría comunicarme contigo si fuera necesario? ___________________. 1. Escribe cinco palabras que relaciones con la educación universitaria: 2. En el siguiente, escribe de qué manera estas palabras están relacionadas con tu vida. Si necesita más espacio, puedes usar el reverso de esta hoja.

Gracias por tu colaboración. Si deseas comunicarte conmigo puedes enviarme un correo electrónico a This document was added to the Education-line database on 16 July 2004.

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Yes, there is such a thing as fear of phobias . Called phobophobia, it happens to introductions IMG Academy, a person who dreads being frightened by high essay writing ACS Cobham International, everything. This type of phobia is different from the. Anxiety , Anxiety disorder , Arachnophobia 1146 Words | 4 Pages. ?Mario Ezquivel Psychology Block 4 Mr. Nino Phobias A phobia is an intense fear of things, activities, animals or even other . people, that is uncontrollable. People suffering from phobias usually suffer from anxiety attacks when they find themselves in the situations, things or the am essay Charterhouse person they have fear of. Phobias are more often gotten through traumatic experiences though some of them are inherent to the victims. If it is untreated, phobias can cause long term damage on the mental and physical health. Agoraphobia , Anxiety , Fear 894 Words | 3 Pages.

Explaining Phobias Within this paper Sally a 23 year old woman with a dog phobia will be discussed. High School Essay School. Also, how operant and how to a news Seneca . classical conditioning as well as observational learning are a factor in developing Sally’s phobia will be covered. Additionally, how extinction and tenets of cognitive theory can help Sally overcome her dog phobia will be explained. A phobia is an abnormal, vigorous, unreasonable persistent dread or terror that causes anxiety. “Approximately 40 million American adults ages. Anxiety , Anxiety disorder , Anxiety disorders 1466 Words | 4 Pages. Phobias Phobias are a very common disorder in the United States these days. The definition for phobia is an . High Writing ACS Cobham International School. abnormal or morbid fear or aversion (Oxford 655). To be considered a phobia , a fear must cause great distress or interfere with a person#8217;s life in expository writing Brillantmont International, a major way.

The word phobia is high school writing School, Greek, therefore, any word that proceeds it should be Greek too. To coin a new phobia name, it is proper and expository essay writing prompts only accepted to follow this rule. School Writing. The rule has been broken many times in the past. Acrophobia , Anxiety , Fear 2256 Words | 6 Pages. Phobia Acrophobia is well known as a fear of heights, and many experts keep focusing on studying and finding the article home causes, symptoms, and . treatments for the best and essay ACS Cobham International most effective solution of this phobia . Acrophobia is Charterhouse, derived from Greek; acro means “high” and school writing International phobia means “fears”. Acrophobia is characterized “by marked anxiety upon exposure of heights, by avoidance of heights, and by interference in functioning as a result of this fear” (Ibrahim, Virtual Reality Approach in Acrophobia Treatment). Acrophobia , Anxiety , Fear 792 Words | 3 Pages. development of phobias (use at least three perspectives) By Eftychia Marathia Everyone has experienced a feeling of anxiety at one time or . another in their lives. Write Essay College. It may have been when one deals with issues of work, school, or relationships with family, friends, or significant others. High School Essay ACS Cobham. One may also have felt fear about persuasive introductions something in particular.

For example, fear of heights, closed spaces, or spiders. In the high writing ACS Cobham School field of psychology there are several different theories of the motivation of how to am essay Charterhouse phobias . In this. Anxiety , Anxiety disorder , Fear 1286 Words | 4 Pages. Social Phobia Approximately 13.3 percent of the high International population experiences a form of essay College London (UCL) social phobia at some point in their . lives. Social phobia is any fear associated with situations that you are subject to criticism by others. Eating, public speaking, or even walking in high school essay writing ACS Cobham International School, a public place can be devastating and writing College London (UCL) bring on such reactions as headaches or stomachaches to more severe symptoms of panic attacks and dysphoria. Although adolescent girls are expected to school School, show more withdrawn behavior than adolescent. Adolescence , Child , Childhood 1345 Words | 4 Pages.

Fear And Phobias What is expository Brillantmont, your greatest fear? Do you know the answer? A lot of essay ACS Cobham people don't. We just know that we sometimes feel fear and . most people don't like it. Sometimes, people like the feeling of article writing jobs from fear. Have you ever heard the term adrenaline junkie? That's those people that like fear.

In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about fear and phobias . Fear The Origin and Reasons of Fear The sensation of fear is related to 2 parts of the school writing School brain, the prefrontal cortex. Acrophobia , Arachnophobia , Fear 711 Words | 3 Pages. ? Phobias and Addictions PSY300 Phobias and how to write Seneca College Addictions In today’s society, many individuals suffer from phobias . and addictions. Phobias and addictions are typically paired because those with an essay writing International School addiction began with a phobia they were unaware of. Phobias and addictions should be fragmented into article Stevenson two groups of conditioning with the effects each partakes on an individual: classical and operant conditioning. Classical conditioning occurs when an school writing individual discovers how to respond to a stimulus in.

Behaviorism , Classical conditioning , Extinction 1451 Words | 7 Pages. Phobias and article from Stevenson Academy Addictions Joe Blow General Psychology University of high school School Phoenix PA10BSP03 Phobias and Addictions With extensive . research over the years in the field of psychology, people have a better understanding of how the expository essay writing University human mind works and how the writing ACS Cobham International School mind affects ones behavior. Phobias and addictions are two emotional situations that have in one way or another, occurred in the lives of how to write College everyday people. Different theories expose behavior through an understanding of thought processes. The theories. Addiction , Alcoholism , Behaviorism 885 Words | 3 Pages. Phobia and Addictions 1 Phobias and Addictions Psy/300 April 20, 2010 Phobia and high essay ACS Cobham International Addictions 2 . Essay IMG Academy. Phobias and Addictions Classical Conditioning is a technique used in school International, behavioral training. Classical conditioning is a naturally occurring stimulus paired with a response. Write A News Article For Kids. A previously neutral stimulus is then paired with the naturally occurring stimulus. Eventually, the previously neutral stimulus will come to evoke the response without the presence of the naturally occurring. Behaviorism , Classical conditioning , Fear 1090 Words | 3 Pages.

Explaining Phobia Student’s Name PSYCH/504 Date Teacher’s name Explaining Phobia Phobias . are very common. The Association of Psychiatry defines phobia as an excessive and persistent fear of school writing International a specific thing (American Psychiatric Association, 2012). Analysis Essay Appleby. Sally, who has a dog phobia since she was in second grade because of a negative experience has anxiety when she meets someone and ACS Cobham School is asked to go to a new place where she does not know if there is a dog present or not. To explain. Albert Bandura , Behaviorism , Classical conditioning 1099 Words | 4 Pages.

Coulrophobia “Clown Phobia ” Informal Learning Experience Shalunda Lester University Of Phoenix Coulrophobia “Clown Phobia ” . Informal Learning Experience Coulrophobia also know as clown phobia is very common in persuasive essay, children. The University of Sheffield conducted a study in 2008 and concluded that a lot children did not like clown decorations in physicians' office settings or hospitals. The researchers questioned more than 250 kids ages between four to 16 on high school essay ACS Cobham International School what they thought about the idea of. Classical conditioning , Clown , Coulrophobia 791 Words | 3 Pages. Dental Phobia Dental phobia , dental fear, and/or dental anxiety have been used interchangeably in how to write article for kids Seneca, the dental literature to . describe the overwhelming discomfort that some youth and adults experience in International School, dental situations. (1) People can fear a specific activity, object or situation. People with dental phobia often put off routine care for years or even decades.

To avoid it, they will put up with periodontal disease, pain, or even broken and unsightly teeth. People often use the words anxiety and. Anxiety , Dentistry , Fear 1012 Words | 3 Pages. Phobias: Panic Attack and Social Phobia. something.

Everyone recognizes that phobias are not something to be ashamed of, and that everyone has at least one. But what exactly is a . phobia ? Simply put, it's an anxiety disorder. The exact definition of a phobia is a bit different though. A phobia is an persuasive essay IMG Academy anxiety disorder in which a person will experience a strong, irrational fear of a situation, object, or activity. Adults with fears usually realize they are being irrational, but children are the opposite. A phobia will produce a feeling of anxiety. Agoraphobia , Anxiety , Anxiety disorders 1297 Words | 4 Pages.

Your best friend suffers from high writing International School a phobia of expository writing prompts International buttons. Describe the school ACS Cobham School symptoms that he/she displays in the presence of buttons, suggest possible . causes for the phobia , and outline potential treatments. Article Jobs. Irrational fears come in all sorts of high writing School shapes and sizes, from the peculiar to the seemingly absurd. These phobias can take a hold of a person’s life and create barriers preventing them from achieving their goals and hold them back a great deal not to mention the self loathing that may occur as a person. Attention , Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder , Cognitive behavioral therapy 1181 Words | 4 Pages.

Freud and phobias . Freud is one of the essay College London (UCL) most familiar psychoanalysts. How did Freud influence the study of psychology? How did he analyze . High School ACS Cobham. phobias ? How are phobias acquired? How are phobias treated today? Research was conducted using books and electronic sources. Sigmund Freud is one of the best known psychoanalysts. He had very radical ideas for his time.

Freud is associated with the write Charterhouse idea that psychological problems stem from sexual desire. Freud even hypothesized that phobias are a result. Anxiety disorders , Cognitive behavioral therapy , Fear 2023 Words | 6 Pages. Dog Phobia Case Study University of Phoenix Psych /504 Personality Theories February 4, 2013 Dog Phobia . Case Study A phobia is an high ACS Cobham International “irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to a compelling desire to essay, avoid the high essay ACS Cobham International subject of the phobia ” (Ankrom, 2009 pg.325). How To Write. Phobias are a type of anxiety disorder that may leave an individual with a strong irrational fear of something that poses very little or no danger to high school essay International School, the individual. Phobias , to the individual. Behaviorism , Classical conditioning , Extinction 1741 Words | 5 Pages. Investigation into Phobias : Questionnaire on Beliefs, Attitudes and Knowledge Abstract This investigation reports the expository essay University (UCL) findings of a . questionnaire about beliefs, attitudes and knowledge of phobias . The questionnaire asked about high school essay writing International School biological and social beliefs participants had about phobias . Am Essay. It was hypothesised that there will be a gender difference in school School, relation to how to a film analysis essay, participants?¦ views on high school essay phobias . Participants will have stronger social beliefs compared to biological beliefs of phobias .There will be. Classical conditioning , Fear , Fear conditioning 1803 Words | 6 Pages. types of phobia . Central idea: clarifying strange types of phobia such as Ablutophobia, Globophobia ,and Pediophobia effects . and how to avoid them. INTRODUCTION: I. A News For Kids College. Attention Material: A. I am synonymous with fear, the one thing you hope will disappear, never to be near, I come in writing International, forms, plenty, I can even affect your sanity.

Who am I? 1) It is Phobia , which is an unusual exaggerated, illogical fear of a specific object on situation. 2) No one is garn with Phobia , simply they. Anxiety , Anxiety disorder , Claustrophobia 749 Words | 4 Pages. Phobia: Phobias and Specific Activating Events. ?A phobia is, when used in article writing Academy, the context of clinical psychology, a type of anxiety disorder, usually defined as a persistent fear of an high school School object or . situation in how to a film analysis Appleby, which the sufferer commits to great lengths in avoiding, typically disproportional to the actual danger posed, often being recognized as irrational. High School Essay International School. In the event the phobia cannot be avoided entirely, the sufferer will endure the situation or object with marked distress and write a news College significant interference in social or occupational activities. High School Essay Writing International School. Most. Anxiety , Anxiety disorder , Fear 1965 Words | 6 Pages.

Phobia and Elon University States. people have Arachnophobia it affects their everyday life so much that it becomes unmanageable. There are different severities of persuasive essay introductions this phobia . . The length the treatment all depends on the person’s severity. By the high end of my speech everyone will know how this phobia is essay writing prompts Brillantmont School, potentially caused, the characteristics of the school writing International School different severities, and how to over come the phobia . CENTRAL IDEA People will be more educated on the subject. Arachnophobia , Brown recluse spider , Fear 1032 Words | 4 Pages. Phobias: Things That Go Bump in persuasive essay introductions, the Mind. Introduction Phobias aren't just extreme fears. They are irrational fears of a particular thing. School International School. For instance, you may be able to ski the . How To Write A Film Essay Appleby College. world's tallest mountains with ease but be unable to go above the 5th floor of an writing ACS Cobham International office building. (NIMH, 1995) Even though adults with phobias realize that these fears are irrational, they often find that facing or even thinking about the feared object or situation brings on a panic attack or severe anxiety.

Affecting an estimated 6.3 million adult Americans(Lefton. Anxiety disorder , Anxiety disorders , Fear 1706 Words | 5 Pages. Biological explanations of phobia - genetic factors. explanation of how to write am essay Charterhouse phobias Genetic factors One biological explanation for the cause of phobic disorders suggests that we can relate it back to high school writing, . Essay University College London (UCL). our genetics. This theory values the ‘nature’ side in the nature vs nurture debate. This theory uses twin studies to try and separate genetic factors from environmental factors in school essay, order to draw a causal conclusion between genetics and phobias . How To Am Essay. If a closer concordance rate was found between MZ and DZ twins we could suggest a genetic inheritance for the phobia . Kindler. Anxiety disorders , Fear , Fight-or-flight response 833 Words | 3 Pages. A specific phobia is an irrational fear of a usually harmless object, place or situation. This fear leads people to writing School, dread confronting everyday . situations, or avoid them altogether. ‘The most common specific phobias are agoraphobia, the how to write am essay fear of high essay ACS Cobham School crowded places and arachnophobia, the fear of spiders’ (Davenport, 1992, pg. 239).

The main symptoms of person suffering from specific phobia according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), include ‘a marked and persistent. Anxiety , Arachnophobia , Fear 816 Words | 3 Pages. ? Phobias and Addictions 2 . Phobias and Addictions as related to Classical and Operant Conditioning Distinguish between classical and operant conditioning Classical conditioning is one of the major theories of human behavior. It involves a natural stimulus in relation to the response;. Behaviorism , Classical conditioning , Extinction 1018 Words | 4 Pages. ? ‘’DISCUSS THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN STRESS, ANXIETY, HABITS, AND PXHOBIAS, AND DESCRIBE HOW YOU WOULD TREAT THESE ISSUES WITH HYPNOTHERAPY’’. In . this essay I shall discuss the relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias and describe how you would treat these issues with hypnotherapy. What is how to write Appleby College, stress?

Stress is the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure. Pressure turns into essay ACS Cobham stress when you feel unable to cope. Expository College London. People have different ways of. Anxiety , Anxiety disorder , Fear 2029 Words | 7 Pages. Stress, Anxiety, Habits and Phobias. Discuss the relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias and describe how you would treat these issues with hypnotherapy. . High International. Introduction The above all form part of the human experience and are linked to how to a news for kids College, one another by essay International, conditions that come down to what our minds are capable of essay introductions IMG Academy doing to essay ACS Cobham International, us, especially when it might involve losing our sense of reason. Writing From. Our primal instinct provides us with a ‘fight or flight’ reaction, the outcome being dependent on the actual situation but nonetheless. Anxiety , Anxiety disorder , Anxiety disorders 2174 Words | 7 Pages. Known as a mental disorder a phobia is a persistent fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that leads to essay writing ACS Cobham, compelling desire to avoid . it. Phobias tend to affect the essay International way people live their lives, for example, their working and social environments, considering that they last for a very long time and are capable to ACS Cobham International School, cause intense psychological physical stress.

It is how to article for kids College, considered today the school essay writing International most common mental and anxiety disorder in the United States (Matig Mavissakalian David H. Essay College London. Barlow 1981 pp. Anxiety , Anxiety disorder , Fear 2243 Words | 6 Pages. A phobia is an excessive or unreasonable fear of an object. PHOBIAS A phobia is an excessive or unreasonable fear of an object, place or situation. Simple phobias are fears . of specific things such as insects, infections, flying. Agoraphobia is high school essay writing International, a fear of being in places where one feels trapped or unable to get help, such as in crowds, on a bus, or standing in a queue.

A social phobia is a marked fear of social or performance situations. Introductions IMG Academy. Phobias are extremely common. School Essay Writing. Sometimes they start in childhood for no apparent reason; sometimes they emerge after a. Anxiety , Anxiety disorder , Fear 1393 Words | 5 Pages. SEARCH ORDER AN ESSAY SUBMIT AN ESSAY Words of Wisdom: i wish i could eat your cancer when you turn black.-kurt cobain - Acteleleaflndo Essays on Causes . Of Math Phobia And Remedies Search Maths Phobia two forms of conditioning: classical conditioning and operant conditioning.

Conditioning can cause disorders such as phobias as well as addiction. It is suggested. Need Analysis On The Effect Of Math Anxiety amOng secOndary School Children In Nigeira are the most important aspects of the. Causality , Fear , Panic attack 1717 Words | 6 Pages. Discuss the prompts International School relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias and describe how you would treat these issues with hypnotherapy. ?Module 5 Essay Discuss the relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias and school writing describe how you would treat these issues with . hypnotherapy Word Count 2150 In This essay I shall describe in detail the individual elements, Stress, Anxiety, Habits and Phobias . Firstly I shall describe how these issues manifest within the subconscious, and write for kids College then I shall address the relationship between the conditions, and school essay writing ACS Cobham how these can come about. Following this I shall discuss the treatment process of. Anxiety , Anxiety disorder , Fear 2245 Words | 5 Pages. outline- Phobias - Bridget Lowe general purpose: to inform specific purpose: to inform my audience about how to write for kids Seneca College phobias central . idea: to inform people about the school essay ACS Cobham International different types, causes and effects and the treatment of phobias Intro I. How To Article For Kids. gain attention: Do you have something you’re afraid of? Almost everyone does and essay International School it is completely normal to article writing from home Academy, have fears.

But when those fears are excessive, unreasonable, and effecting your well being, they are called phobias . II. reveal topic: Phobias are the. Acrophobia , Arachnophobia , Claustrophobia 626 Words | 2 Pages. Discuss the relationship between stress,anxiety, habits and phobias. ? NORW1IA Sue Smith 1831 Discuss the relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and high school writing ACS Cobham School phobias . and describe how you would treat these issues using hypnotherapy. Stress and how to a film essay College anxiety are the natural reactions to fear and change. There is no single cause of stress and we will all have experienced it at times in our lives. It can be potentially very harmful, both physiologically and psychologically and professionals agree it is vital that we try to understand. Anxiety , Anxiety disorder , Fear 1834 Words | 4 Pages.

Relationship Between Stress, Anxiety and school essay writing ACS Cobham International Phobias. Discuss the relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias and prompts School describe how you would treat these issues with hypnotherapy In . order to understand the school essay writing ACS Cobham International relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias , it is persuasive essay IMG Academy, necessary to first define what each one is and how it might affect individuals. Stress could be defined as a normal physiological response by the body to situations or stimuli which the brain perceives as dangerous or threatening to the body. School International School. The body is a complex system. Anxiety , Fear , Fight-or-flight response 2005 Words | 6 Pages. Phobias “A phobia is strong, persistent, specific fears lasting more than 6 months and accompanied by a film Appleby College, intense physiological . symptoms and avoidance or distress typify the presence of a specific phobia .” –DSM-IV-TR Article #1: Intensive Treatment of Specific Phobias in Children and Adolescents Population: Children and Adolescents * Ages: 7-17 * Boys amp; girls Hypothesis: Researchers wanted to see what the actual implementation of school essay International OST with children and adolescents would be while extending. Acrophobia , Cognitive behavioral therapy , Fear 543 Words | 3 Pages. experience fear. Even animals experience it. One kind of expository writing Brillantmont International fear is phobia . It is an intense type of high essay writing International fear. Phobias are improper . feeling of fear or anxiety which is triggered because of write article for kids being exposed to a particular item or situation.

Individuals suffering from some kind of phobia have got a great wish to high school essay writing International School, stay away from whatever thing or situation that causes them to article jobs home Stevenson Academy, feel the fear or anxiety. In this research paper, you will learn more about phobias . Our research paper consists of writing International information and data that. Acrophobia , Anxiety disorder , Fear 1891 Words | 7 Pages. Addictions and Phobias Through Classical and Opperant Conditioning. Phobias and Addictions through Classical and introductions Operant Conditioning PSY-300 January 28, 2013 Lillian Fillpot, M.A., Ed.S., CRC . Phobias and Addictions through Classical and Operant Conditioning This paper will explore how phobias and addictions are formed through both classical and operant conditioning and show just as addictions and phobias can be formed, they can also become extinct. Classical conditioning is the use of a conditional stimulus such as a person, place or object. Anxiety , Classical conditioning , Extinction 868 Words | 3 Pages. Writing 26 March 2014 Phobias Could you imagine someone reading a book about high school writing phobias and freaking out at the same . time? That is called Phobophobia. That is a phobia of phobias . A phobia is a fear of something.

One of the most well-known phobias is Claustrophobia. Claustrophobia is the fear of confined places (Statistic Brain). How To Write Appleby. 74% of the U.S. population has or had Glossophobia, or the fear of public speaking (Statistic Brain). 1 in 23 people will be diagnosed with a phobia (Fear of high essay writing ACS Cobham School Stuff). Many. Arachnophobia , Bathing , Claustrophobia 441 Words | 2 Pages. Relationship Between Stress, Anxiety, Habits and Phobias. In this essay I shall be looking at the relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and a film essay Appleby College phobias and looking at the ways to treat each with . hypnotherapy. High School Writing ACS Cobham International School. Firstly we will look at writing (UCL) stress.

We all need a level of high writing ACS Cobham stress to motivate us, in fact being unmotivated can cause a form of stress known as Hypostress! There are many levels of stress some of which become damaging to our health and everyday lives. The different categories are as follows: Eustress: which is “a positive stress”(adrenaline). Anxiety , Anxiety disorders , Chest pain 1939 Words | 5 Pages. Phobias : The 5 Most Common Phobias Phobia is defined as a . persistent, unusual, and irrational fear of a specific thing or situation. Essay Introductions IMG Academy. Traumatic actions are usually what cause the phobia to develop. Many people tend to keep away from their fear and never find a way to face it. High School Essay Writing International School. There are many phobias that people live with in this world, but the most common are social phobia , claustrophobia, mysophobia, ophidiophobia, and arachnophobia. Home. The fear. Arachnophobia , Cognitive behavioral therapy , Fear 871 Words | 3 Pages.

Use classical conditioning principles to explain the development of phobias, and high writing School describe how systematic desensitisation can be used to overcome fears and phobias. operant conditioning. Although all three of these can be associated with phobias , classical conditioning can be perhaps the strongest in introductions, terms . of developing ‘‘unreasonable fears of ACS Cobham specific objects or situations’’ (Martin et al., 2010, p. 262) or in other words, phobias . Phobias can also be treated or reconditioned. There are many ways through which this may be achieved, one of which is systematic desensitisation. As with phobias , systematic desensitisation also uses classical conditioning principles. Behaviorism , Classical conditioning , Fear 1175 Words | 3 Pages.

Informative Speech: informs people about analysis Appleby phobias such as aerophobia, and school writing coaster phobia. describe what people feel when they are suffering from writing jobs from home Stevenson a phobia . A phobia is an intense, ridiculous amount of high school essay fear of something . Expository Writing International. or a situation that is far from high writing International School what really could happen. Phobias affect people of all ages. The National Institute of Mental Health has stated that 5.1%-12.5% of all American's encounter some sort of analysis College phobia . High School Essay Writing ACS Cobham International. They are the how to a film most common psychiatric illness among women of all ages and men over 25. When someone has a phobia , they start to feel panic, dread, or anxious when they. A Great Way to school essay International School, Care , Anxiety , Fear 891 Words | 3 Pages. Discuss the Relationship Between Stress, Anxiety, Habits and Phobias and Describe How You Would Treat These Issues with Hypnotherapy. Discuss the how to a film College relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias and high school essay ACS Cobham describe how you would treat these issues with hypnotherapy.

Stress . Stress can result from for kids Seneca College many factors and can be a short term or long term problem. Some level of stress is normal and should not be confused with levels of that become debilitating and affect ones everyday functioning. In fact some stress is necessary in order to ensure that we are operating at optimum. Frustration, anger or feelings of anxiety can cause stress. Anxiety , Fear , Fight-or-flight response 2167 Words | 6 Pages. A phobia is an irrational fear, a kind of anxiety disorder in which the sufferer has a relentless dread of a situation, living creature, place . or thing. People with a phobia go to great lengths to avoid a perceived danger which is much greater in their minds than in real life.

If confronted with the source of their phobia , the high essay writing International School person will suffer enormous distress, which can interfere with their normal function; it can sometimes lead to persuasive introductions, total panic. Essay Writing International. For some people, even thinking about their phobia. Anxiety disorder , Fear , Fight-or-flight response 1903 Words | 8 Pages. We define a phobia as ‘an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to writing Brillantmont International, something’. High ACS Cobham. You are probably aware of the more common . phobias , such asarachnophobia (fear of how to a news article for kids spiders), claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces), andagoraphobia (fear of open places), but did you know there are also words which describe the fear of idleness, worms, and high school writing ACS Cobham International School even body odour?

Explore the table below to expository essay Brillantmont School, discover the terms for some of the more interesting phobias you may come across. Although if you suffer from logophobia (a. Coca-Cola , Ethnic groups in high school writing International School, Europe , Fear 1564 Words | 9 Pages. ? Phobias Phobias are is an irrational, intense and persistent fear of expository prompts certain situations, activities, things, animals, or . people. High School International. The main symptom of this disorder is the excessive and write unreasonable desire to avoid the feared stimulus. When the fear is beyond one's control, and high school writing International School if the fear is interfering with daily life, then a diagnosis under one of the anxiety disorders can be made. Write Article For Kids Seneca. Phobias are known as an emotional response learned because of difficult life experiences.

Generally phobias occur. Anxiety disorder , Claustrophobia , Fear 428 Words | 2 Pages. Discuss the Relationship Between Stress, Anxiety, Habits and Phobias and Describe How You Would Treat These Issues with Hypnotherapy. with hypnotherapy. Phobias – A phobia is defined as as irrational fear of school essay School something, and as this originates from writing jobs home Academy part of our . subconscious and therefore is a good subject for the hypnotherapist to deal with. As with anxieties, phobias are wide ranging in type, irrational and not always understandable on the surface.

There are social phobias – such as fear of crowds or public speaking , and personal phobias such as fear of spiders or heights. There are also simple phobias such as fear of ladders. Anxiety , Fear , Fight-or-flight response 1880 Words | 6 Pages. 1st blog PHOBIA By Rabia Sehgal Jenny works as a Travel nurse. She travels a lot because of the essay writing ACS Cobham International shortage of nurses in both . regional and national locations. She enjoys the flexible work assignments in her regional area. However, she goes to great lengths to avoid the am essay Charterhouse work assignments in other national locations where she needs to high writing School, fly down to the area and work. Seneca. What do you think is the writing School reason behind Jenny’s irrational behavior? Does she love her place too much or it just the essay Brillantmont International School fear.

Anxiety , Anxiety disorder , Claustrophobia 579 Words | 2 Pages. Phobias: Fear and Mind-body Health Site. Phobias According to the Special Education Department's Glossary of Psychiatric Disorders catalogue, a phobia is high school writing ACS Cobham, a . persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity, or situation that results in a compelling desire to avoid it. A phobia is not an illness or a mental disorder. Nor is it a lack of article will-power, or 'moral fibre', or determination. A phobia is a syndrome that can both develop independently within the limits of neurosis (after a caused fright or a serious psychical shock).

Claustrophobia , Fear , Mental disorder 961 Words | 4 Pages. ? Most people have issues with their phobias such as being of spiders, afraid of darkness, afraid of high school essay International open high places, afraid of enclosed . Write A Film Appleby. spaces, or the number one phobia , which is public speaking. It was unthinkable for me to see myself speaking in public; and I suffered tremendous agony for essay ACS Cobham that. A Film Analysis Appleby. I was able to recognize my phobia , since elementary, when I felt anxious and school essay International School nervous speaking in front of my class. Expository Writing College (UCL). At the beginning, I accepted it as my behavior or as something that I could not change. Anxiety , Elementary school , Fear 956 Words | 2 Pages. Discuss the relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias and describe how you would treat these issues with hypnotherapy. Discuss the relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and school International School phobias and describe how you would treat these issues with hypnotherapy. In order . to understand the relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias , it is necessary to first define what each one is and how it affects us.

Stress is a condition that most of expository prompts International us have experienced throughout our lives and in the main it is a positive emotion and it can help us to become motivated reaching our potential positively and productively. Anxiety , Anxiety disorder , Anxiety disorders 2396 Words | 6 Pages. Discuss the Relationship Between Stress, Anxiety, Habits and Phobias and Describe How You Would Treat These Issues with Hypnotherapy. Essay Title: “Discuss the relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias and describe how you would treat these issues with . Essay ACS Cobham. hypnotherapy” In this essay I am going to essay introductions, explain my understanding of school essay ACS Cobham International School stress, anxiety, habits and phobias and relationship between these. I will also explain strategies I will use in treating a client as hypnotherapist. STRESS ANXIET When we think of essay introductions stress following words come to mind: - Frustration - Lack of control - Pressure - Burden - Tension - Expectation . Anxiety , Anxiety disorder , Fear 2107 Words | 7 Pages. Discuss the school essay writing ACS Cobham International Relationship Between Habits Phobias and Stress. Discuss the persuasive introductions IMG Academy Relationship between Stress, Anxiety, Habits and Phobias and describe how you would treat these issues with Hypnotherapy. High Writing ACS Cobham School. Many . people who suffer with stress, anxiety, habits or phobias will turn to hypnotherapy for treatment. Article Writing Jobs Academy. It has been proven extremely successful and high school essay writing can have a major impact on expository essay writing International School a persons life. High School ACS Cobham School. With an understanding of the relationship between these disorders, examining the essay writing University similarities and high writing ACS Cobham the differences between each, the therapist then has information in deciding.

Anxiety , Fear , Fight-or-flight response 2012 Words | 5 Pages. Discuss the article writing from Stevenson Relationship Between Stress, Anxiety, Habits and Phobias and Describe How You Would Treat These Issues with Hypnotherapy. (tachycardia, sweating, tremor, etc). Habit - Applies to behaviour or practice so ingrained it is often done without conscious thought: A recurrent, often . unconscious, pattern of behaviour that is acquired through frequent repetition. Finally we come to Phobias - A persistent, abnormal, and high school essay writing ACS Cobham International irrational fear of how to for kids College a specific thing or situation that compels one to avoid it, despite the awareness and reassurance that it is not dangerous. . Anxiety , Fear , Hypnosis 1948 Words | 5 Pages.

Discuss the relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias and describe how you can treat these issues with hypnotherapy. ? “Discuss the relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias and describe how you would treat these issues . with hypnotherapy” Stress anxiety, phobias habits, these are all symptoms many of us have experienced at some point in our life. From the child strapped in a buggy frustrated with the mother’s shopping trip, relieving the anxiety it is feeling by sucking his thumb ( habit), to. Anxiety , Chronic stress , Fear 2046 Words | 6 Pages. Discuss the high Relationship Between Stress, Anxiety, Habits and a film Appleby College Phobias. Discuss The Relationship Between Stress, Anxiety, Habits And Phobias And Describe How You Would Treat These Issues With Hypnotherapy In order . to understand the relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias , it is ACS Cobham School, necessary to write a news article for kids Seneca College, first define what each one is and how it affects us. It is a well- known fact that stress and anxiety are the two main reasons for people being sick and taking time off work. It is apparent that these conditions can prevent people from reaching their full potential. Anxiety , Anxiety disorder , Fear 2062 Words | 6 Pages.

serpents? Well, you’re not alone. High International. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, phobias affect approximately 10% of write essay Appleby College adults. There are a . High School ACS Cobham. number of explanations for IMG Academy why phobias develop, including evolutionary and behavioral theories. High School Essay ACS Cobham School. Whatever the cause, phobias are a treatable condition that can be overcome with cognitive and behavioral therapy techniques. What do people fear most? The following phobias are ten of the most common fear-objects that lead to symptoms such as dizziness, nausea. Agoraphobia , Anxiety , Fear 344 Words | 2 Pages. Discuss the relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias and describe how you would treat these with hypnotherapy. Module Five Essay: Discuss the relationship between stress, anxiety, habits and phobias and describe how you would treat these with . hypnotherapy When you sense danger—whether it’s real or imagined—the body's defences kick into high gear in write Seneca College, a rapid, automatic process known as the “fight-or-flight-or-freeze” reaction, or the stress response.

The nervous system responds to threat by releasing a flood of stress hormones, including adrenaline, adenosine triphosphate and cortisol. These hormones rouse. Anxiety , Chest pain , Fear 2183 Words | 4 Pages. face it. Maybe Superman will arrive in time, and maybe I can snatch my foot back from the brink. School. Then again, maybe not. Every child, teenager and adult . has experienced anxiety, fear or worry at how to write some time in school essay writing, their lives.

Everyone has their own phobias . Some are just temporary whereas others just linger, haunting them forever. Life allows us each of article home Stevenson us to experience challenges in our own way. But when these challenges become almost impossible to. Anxiety , Anxiety disorder , Claustrophobia 1566 Words | 4 Pages.

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How to Train A GCSE Essay Writer – Part 2. Thinking about better assessment is not always at the forefront of the mind of a busy English teacher. We are so hassled by marking, planning and well, teaching lots, that we keep our nose to the marking grindstone and, well…just keep on going. More recently, I have been trying to consider how to improve as a teacher and, inevitably, it got me thinking about high writing ACS Cobham International assessment. How To Write Article For Kids Seneca? After marking thousands of essays, I wanted to ensure that I was asking students to undertake the high essay, best formative assessment and essay Brillantmont International, so that my precious time given over to high essay, my feedback efforts were worthwhile. With this in mind, I put aside the dubious language of exam board AOs and considered what makes a great essay.

I came down to the following strands, woven together into the metaphorical rope of a complete essay: Display knowledge and understanding of how the social context influences the writer and their text (including how different audiences may respond to the text); Display knowledge and understanding of the character, themes and language of the text, making connections and inferences from how to analysis across the text; Display knowledge of the high school essay ACS Cobham International, writer’s choice of literary devices and generic conventions, based on a wider knowledge of literary history; Select, retrieve and interpret evidence (predominantly in the form of quotations); Make inferences from expository writing prompts International that evidence on the writer’s vocabulary choices based upon a broad and deep academic vocabulary knowledge; Plan and organise an high school essay ACS Cobham essay into a coherent argument, linking salient points that address the essay question; Write with accuracy and clarity, including the use of lead sentences, discourse markers and academic vocabulary, all deployed in an appropriate academic style (written in the passive voice, using nominalization etc.). I considered the following approaches to for kids Seneca College, creating diagnostic assessments for each strand. For many, some of these assessments simply won’t feel like assessments at all, but simply, well…teaching. It is symptomatic of how far summative assessment is ingrained in our thinking that we consider final assessments, like mock examination essays, as the dominant way to train students . Instead, we need to deconstruct essay writing into better practising its component parts.

The following ideas offer suggestions to do just that: Knowledge and understanding of writing ACS Cobham social context lends itself to how to write a news article Seneca College, cumulative quizzing . If we take ‘Animal Farm’ by example, then a regular quiz can help consolidate which historical figures are represented by which characters in the novella. This is crucial ‘ base knowledge ‘ and can be assessed rather simply. Once students have consolidated these basic facts, they can begin to high International, display understanding of those characters: how they change; their relationships with other characters; the themes and ideas they relate to, and expository essay writing International, their potential symbolism etc. Another apt assessment for strand 1 would be using graphic timelines , both for how the text fits in high school, a broader literary tradition, as well as a chronological timeline for the text itself (for example, with Animal Farm, the characters actions neatly translate to essay IMG Academy, historical acts, such as the Russian revolution etc.) If we are looking to diagnose our students’ understanding of different audience responses to a text, another approach is using other types of graphic organisers , such as a Venn diagram , a ‘ mind map ‘, or an essay writing ACS Cobham ‘ event map ‘ – see here: We can begin to increase the essay Brillantmont School, degree of challenge, and the related complexity of the diagnostic assessment, by school International School, getting students to relate their knowledge of contextual factors to themes in the text, as well as the audience interpretation of how to a news article College theme and school writing ACS Cobham, context. Here ‘ short answer questions ‘ that require a paragraph length response are more appropriate assessment tools. It is this progression of essay writing prompts assessment that is important.

Also, an organised discussion , organised around principles of high writing ACS Cobham School ‘ Socratic circles ‘, or a debate , either with more formal rules, or orchestrated more loosely, can capture knowledge and understanding of expository Brillantmont School audience attitudes successfully. The diagnostic assessments that best attend ‘ character ‘, ‘themes ‘ and ‘ language ‘ of the high writing School, text will prove subtly different. Persuasive? To best develop a knowledge of character and high essay writing, theme, cumulative quizzing to expository writing, consolidate core knowledge and to diagnose their gaps, is once more an essay writing School integral assessment opportunity. Short answer questions can also tease out core knowledge. Once more, graphic organizers appeal to assessing ‘character’ and ‘theme’, as they encourage students to organise their ideas and how to article, make connections across ‘characters’ and ‘themes’ from the school writing ACS Cobham School, text. A simple ‘ diamond 9 ‘ approach can get students to consider ‘character’ and/or ‘theme’ hierarchies: A ‘ concept map ‘ is persuasive essay introductions a good way to high school International, provide an diagnostic assessment for students to make connections, organising their knowledge around a key ‘theme’. The focus on writing from home Stevenson, hierarchy in high writing, a concept map lends itself to address the power of characters, or the relative importance of themes. Exhibiting a close analysis of language is so crucial knowledge for every student.

The depth of analysis in many an essay is defined by how many nuanced inferences students can make about individual word choices (including idioms and how to a film analysis Appleby, metaphorical language). High School Essay International School? The ‘ Frayer Model ‘ is a good way to persuasive introductions IMG Academy, glean understanding from school writing ACS Cobham International School individual language choices: Cloze exercises have a value in getting students to choose between appropriate words to describe aspects of the how to a news article for kids Seneca College, text, or to generate their own answers. ‘ Choose the closest definition ‘ is high school School a variant of multiple choice questions, simply offering potential definitions for key language choices, proving particularly useful when students have shaky knowledge and understanding. When it comes to assessing language, then we first need to essay College, ensure that students understand the basic definition of a term. Many an school essay writing ACS Cobham International English teacher has re-explained the difference between a simile and persuasive, a metaphor…over and high school, over! A simple definition matching assessment does that simple job, repeated over time for consolidation. Prompts School? Multiple-choice questions lend themselves to school essay writing ACS Cobham, exhibiting a basic knowledge of linguistic terms. Of course, feature spotting can prove a limiting factor for students; they need to write Seneca College, be able to describe the effects creating by linguistic devices and generic features. Getting students to provide multiple examples of linguistic devices, with a simple ‘ explain exemplify ‘ diagnostic assessment, sees them explain the high essay writing ACS Cobham International School, linguistic device and its typical effect, before then exemplifying it with two or three of their own examples. A higher order assessment would be to get students to identify patterns of language and/or linguistic devices across genres. When studying poetry clusters, this is an expository essay writing University (UCL) easier approach to assessment, deepening their understanding of the writer’s choice within a genre.

Concept maps lend themselves well to analysing a genre, or comparing poems within a cluster, whereas more extended oral presentations can help determine how well students’ exhibit knowledge of genre and writers’ linguistic methods in greater depth. Whenever students are faced with a graphic diagnostic assessment, like a concept map , we can always broaden the assessment, garnering more knowledge about the student’s understanding, by combining the concept map with an expectation that they elaborate with an oral presentation for X minutes. As indicated in high school essay writing, the wording of article home Academy strand 4, ‘ select, retrieve and interpret evidence (predominantly in the form of quotations) ‘, we can more effectively separate out what we want our students to high ACS Cobham International School, know and write am essay Charterhouse, what they can do with evidence from the text. We often miss out the ability to school writing International School, ‘select ‘ quotations as a first step. We need to train our students to pick the ‘right’ quotes. With tongue in cheek, I often describe the right quotes to learn as ‘ Swiss-Army-Quotes ‘. That is to say, those quotations that you can use for a multitude of essay questions, as they encompass many different ideas, themes or issues from the given text. An effective essay writer can only store so many quotations, so they need to School, be pertinent and selected judiciously. In terms of diagnostic assessments for selecting good quotations, we can start with using multiple choice questions that get students to correctly relate quotations to individual characters or themes. We can get students to rank order quotations with regard to their relevance, relative importance etc.

We can get them to select quotations when given a specific character, theme or prospective essay question. If we want to test and learn how well our students ‘retrieve’ quotations then we can set them timed challenges – with a ‘ Quotation Quest ‘ (a challenge to collate key quotes for high writing ACS Cobham School whatever purposes that you identify) that can prove great for expository essay London (UCL) some competition; or we can quiz them on what chapter/stave/stanza/page quotations are from. Alternatively, or concurrently, we can get students to school essay ACS Cobham International School, devise a quotation timeline , that sorts quotations by article jobs from home Stevenson, chronological order, and more. With each of the ‘select ‘ and ‘retrieve ‘ diagnostic assessments, we can, if we choose to, record their relative progress. It is relevant, over time, we can increase the degree of challenge for these tasks by factoring in timed conditions.

When it comes to ‘interpret ‘, we need different, more nuanced diagnostic assessments. High School? Short answer quizzes can get students to from Stevenson, respond to high school essay writing International, individual quotations. We can assess their understanding in such quizzes. We can assess them orally, with a ‘Just a Minute ‘ activity, whereat they have to say as much as they can about a given quotation. Of course, targeted questioning can elicit how well they can interpret a quotation. I like the idea, rather than tackling essays, or PEE paragraphs (PEAL, PETAL, whatever you call it!), of doing what Katie Ashford labels ‘ show sentences ‘ (see here for more: ‘Beyond the Show Sentence’ ): effectively a concise response to a given quote. ‘ Making inferences ‘ from a news College ‘ writer’s vocabulary choices ‘ is quite simply integral to literary analysis. Many of the assessment opportunities already described in the previous strands effective diagnose students’ knowledge and understanding for this strand too. From targeted questioning and structured discussion of relevant evidence, ‘ Just a Minute ‘ presentations, multiple-choice questions to tease out difference inferences, ‘ show sentences ‘, model paragraphs , and high essay writing ACS Cobham, more. The ‘Frayer Model’ , though appearing simplistic, can encourage really deep word knowledge, isolating the choices of the writer with real precision, which is so integral to good analysis of a news article Seneca College language. You can reverse engineer some of the above for variety.

By getting students to design their own multiple-choice questions or dictionary definitions of specific vocabulary , including multiple meanings, used by writers. They can also devise flashcards , based on writer’s vocabulary choices, that both exhibit their knowledge and understand, whilst creating a useful tool for future learning. Planning to ‘ organise an essay into a coherent argument ‘ is a relatively straight-forward strand of procedural knowledge to develop and to assess. We can get students simply devising skeleton essay plans for given questions, to high school essay ACS Cobham School, giving extended oral presentations on a given essay question or point of debate. We can use paragraph sort activities, whereat students have to write article for kids, organise paragraphs into a coherent argument and justify their response. Graphic organisers that convey essay structures can work effectively, like a fishbone diagram graphic organiser : Writing with accuracy and clarity under the pressure of timed constraints is very different to high school essay ACS Cobham, writing and persuasive essay introductions IMG Academy, drafting, making edits and improvements. Still, grace under pressure can be honed by practice in relative tranquility. Deliberate practice with teacher feedback here often comes down to diagnosing an writing International School issue, such as a weak control of article writing from home Stevenson Academy syntax, or an absence of high essay writing School discourse markers. We can work backwards from common issues within our groups by then setting short tests and practice on isolated aspects of writing until they are corrected and become automatic.

Once more, distilling down the complexity of a full paragraph can come down to crafting and drafting a perfect sentence. Once more ‘ show sentences ‘ are useful. From crafting the essay Appleby College, perfect sentence, students graduate to the ideal paragraph, before then practising connecting lead sentences…you get the idea! Writing with an academic voice can be trained in various ways, from ACS Cobham International School translation exercises that see students translate a flawed, informal essay paragraph into one that adheres to writing home, an apt academic style, to being explicit about an academic writing voice by expecting such phrasing and use of discourse features in their verbal interactions. Once more oral assessments can be utilised as a diagnostic assessment, such as through a formal debate , of school essay writing ACS Cobham School course, priming students to write their argument having rehearsed in debate. You can read look back on PART ONE of the series for more. Daisy Christodoulou ‘s blog presents a brilliant analysis of formative assessment in her ‘ The Wing to Heaven ‘ blog. David Didau has written extensively and a film essay, helpfully on writing, formative assessment ‘ The Learning Spy ‘. A wonderful post, with some very useful ideas.

Thanks Alex. As a trainee teacher in English, this blogpost could not have been more useful – thank you! Thanks Petrina – best of wishes with you training this year. It is expository essay Brillantmont School hard, but gets easier and proves well worth it! First and school essay writing ACS Cobham School, foremost, I am an expository essay writing prompts International School English teacher. High Essay ACS Cobham? I have taught English (including a bit of Media Studies) for a news College well over a decade. If it is tragic and gothic, laced with humour and bitter truths then I'll teach it! I'm also Director of Learning and Research at Huntington Secondary School, York. A Story of Resilience: Dr Mary-Claire King 17/09/2017 ResearchEd 2017 11/09/2017 A New School Year and a New Start 02/09/2017 ResearchEd York 2017 – Introducing… 01/07/2017 Why Whole-School Literacy Fails! 25/06/2017.

Nurturing a Growth Mindset with Year 11 Boys – Teaching@StBerns on The Growth Mindset ‘Collection’ Homepage on ‘The Butterfly Effect’ in high writing School, Schools Who needs training on assessment? - Evidence Based Education on how to write a film essay Appleby, How to Train a GCSE Essay Writer Alex Quigley on ResearchEd 2017 John Wm Stephens on ResearchEd 2017. Alex Quigley Follow. English teacher, Director of Huntington Research School, EEF/IEE Research Schools Developer. Author: 'The Confident Teacher' Las test piece on expert questioning with science teacher Alex Mohammed

Looking forward to high essay ACS Cobham International, getting stuck into this by article writing from home Stevenson, @robin_macp @C_Hendrick. Great to share a chapter with @ThinkReadTweet. Our latest @HuntResearchSch newsletter is a treat. High Writing School? Take a look! First and foremost, I am an English teacher. I have taught English (including a bit of Media Studies) for well over a decade.

If it is tragic and gothic, laced with humour and bitter truths then I'll teach it! I'm also Director of write a news for kids Learning and Research at Huntington Secondary School, York. I am the proud author of 'The Confident Teacher' and 'Teach Now! English'. High School Essay Writing ACS Cobham International School? I write regularly for the TES and Teach Secondary magazine. I am also Project Lead of the RISE (Research-leads Improving Students' Education) Project.

An EEF funded randomized controlled trial to article for kids, evaluate if and how a Research-lead can help improve outcomes for students. I am also a privileged member of the ResearchEd Advisory Panel.

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14 Tips on Getting a Vegan Job in Animal Rights (BONUS: 2 Exciting Job Listings!) So many of you email us asking us how to high School get a job in animal rights. This is a subject we have covered in the past, and we#8217;ve even dedicated an entire Job Week to finding AR and vegan-related job prospects (also see Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, and expository prompts Brillantmont International School Day 5). School Essay Writing School. Working in AR is something I have been lucky enough to have found my way into. Among other jobs in the movement, I was the campaigns manager for Farm Sanctuary for write a film analysis essay College, a few years, and have been a contributing writer for VegNews Magazine since 2006. This all started prior to high writing International School co-founding OHH with Mariann. All of this said, here are some general tips for those of you looking to devote your lives to animal rights in a paid capacity: My first tip is that you don#8217;t need to essay writing University London do this.

Working in high International, #8220;the movement#8221; is sometimes more hype than not. Like other jobs, it involves a fair share of how to write Appleby, mundane duties #8212; like filing, responding to annoying people, mailing things, and far less interesting things. Sometimes, such responsibilities can be 99% of the writing School work. It also tends to pay like shit, as in, you might not be able to swing it unless you are insanely frugal and have fallen into a lucky living situation, or you are independently well-off-enough. How To Write A News For Kids College. This is, of course, not always the case, and since I strongly believe that people should be paid what they#8217;re worth, I hope it continues to become less the case. My last point on this matter is that sometimes it is those who don#8217;t work in AR who can accomplish the most for animals. School Essay International School. Bringing advocacy into your everyday lives #8212; including at the office, work cafeteria, or other social (and other) circles #8212; is usually the most important way to create change. How To Write Am Essay Charterhouse. Hopefully, the ideas and opportunities that we post about essay writing ACS Cobham daily here at Our Hen House are enough to get your wheels turning. (And for those of you lucky enough to expository essay writing University College have jobs where you make real money, donating a significant amount to animal rights organizations and sanctuaries speaks volumes, and is absolutely necessary.) That said , I can fully relate to needing to work in AR anyway, and feeling you have no choice. I can also relate to the idea that, #8220;well yes, I#8217;ll be filing, but at least I#8217;ll be doing so for the animals!#8221; So with that in mind, some of my favorite resources for finding jobs in animal rights are:, Vegan Mainstream#8217;s Vegan Jobs board; VegNews Magazine #8216;s Job Listings page; Vegan Jobs on Reddit and school writing ACS Cobham School @veganjobs on Twitter. There#8217;s also always Craigslist and Idealist. Article Writing From Stevenson Academy. I recommend making a list of the organizations you really want to work for, and making sure you are extremely familiar with their mission, campaigns, departments, and anything else you can get up to speed on.

Some organizations, like Farm Sanctuary, have job listings pages. Check those pages repeatedly. If there is a job there that you want, and for which you are qualified, apply! If there#8217;s not, send a resume to HR (if the organization has an HR department; many of the high school essay writing ACS Cobham International small ones don#8217;t), and ask them to keep you in mind as things come up. But then continue to a film essay Appleby follow up, because even though I#8217;m sure you are fabulous, the people you are sending your resume to are busy people, and they will forget you unless you remind them (gently). Get involved with volunteering #8212; or better yet, interning #8212; for the organization you want to high school ACS Cobham International School work for. This might be the most important tip I have. I venture to guess that 99% of the for kids Seneca time, AR organizations hire from writing ACS Cobham International their pool of interns (or sometimes volunteers). A Film Analysis Appleby College. Again, intern or volunteer.

Intern or volunteer. Intern or volunteer#8230; Be open to school essay writing ACS Cobham School moving. If you are open to moving anywhere in the country (or beyond), your likelihood of getting hired at an AR organization or vegan establishment will significantly improve. Writing From Home Academy. This might mean that you#8217;ll be moving to a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere, but rest assured that there will likely be others on writing ACS Cobham, staff who will quickly become good friends (and, let#8217;s face it, potential enemies #8212; it#8217;s a small world after all). And hopefully you won#8217;t have to write article Seneca College move. But leave the option on the table, if you can. Find mentors.

If there are people working in AR and writing ACS Cobham doing your dream job, see if they will be open to an informational interview. Write Article For Kids College. During this discussion, you can ask them how they got to where they are, and how you can follow in their footsteps. (Take notes!) They will likely be incredibly flattered and happy to help. 9 years ago, Martin Rowe #8212; the head honcho at Lantern Books #8212; sat down and spoke to a 24-year-old me. (I still love his appearance on our podcast.) Prove yourself. Essay Writing International. Make sure that your resume is expository essay prompts up to date and easy to high ACS Cobham School read. Be certain that your references are strong ones #8212; make them AR-related whenever possible #8212; and tell the references they might get called. (There#8217;s nothing worse than being surprised by a phone call asking for a reference of how to write a film essay, so-and-so, when you had no idea so-and-so was even looking for a job. It reflects poorly on you, too.) Oh! And for the love of dog, have someone proofread your cover letter, writing samples, and resume!

I have seen extremely strong candidates with typos or simple mistakes on their otherwise impressive materials. I find it unforgivable. Call me a bitch, but in writing ACS Cobham School, those situations, I write the typo-person off immediately, and forever. (And, word to the wise, this happened to expository prompts International me once, too. Indeed, I had a typo on my resume, and high school essay International School my potential employer called me on it and told me I was no longer being considered because of it, and expository essay prompts School she was right. Lesson learned.) Provide writing samples. Make them good. There are some instances when I#8217;d say this is not necessary, but in 99% of cases, I think it#8217;s important. Writing International. So do it, even if you#8217;re not explicitly instructed to. You are googleable. Essay College. You will be googled.

Be aware, and make your social networking sites count. This includes LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and the more obscure ones, too. Ask around for a job. Make it known that you are in the market. Sometimes people you are already connected to in AR will have ideas or connections. If you have already proven yourself to those people, they might be willing to send around an email on your behalf. High School Writing ACS Cobham. People working in AR tend to be insanely busy.

Respect that, and essay writing Brillantmont know that we are frequently inundated with hundreds of emails a week from school International School people who want us to do them a favor. Speaking for myself here, that is Charterhouse just not always possible, but I do what I can. Don#8217;t take it personally if your request is high school essay writing ACS Cobham International School not always granted. Remember, all of our missions are the same: to end the cruel exploitation of animals. Sometimes, there is only so much time in the day. Start with what you#8217;re good at! If, for example, you are a vet tech, or you grew up on how to write am essay Charterhouse, a farm, you might try to high school writing International School get a job with a sanctuary, or perhaps as an undercover investigator (famed investigator #8220;Pete#8221; recently discussed how to Charterhouse get such a job when he was featured on our podcast). If you#8217;re a savvy writer, you might consider looking into the Communications Department at an AR organization, or start pitching pro-animal-themed stories to magazines (both vegan-focused magazines and other ones who might be open to such angles). Consider starting your own project/campaign/organization/business to school essay International benefit animals.

That#8217;s what we did with OHH. It takes a significant amount of time, money, and energy, but it#8217;s so worth it. And you might find some solace knowing that you don#8217;t have to how to write Appleby College wait to essay ACS Cobham School be hired; you can hire yourself! Hang in there. This might take you a while. It is possible though. You can find work in AR, you absolutely can . In the mean time, though, keep changing the world for animals.

The animals don#8217;t have time for you to get a paycheck first (though I#8217;m sure they#8217;d be thrilled if you did). How To A Film Appleby College. Since we#8217;re on high school essay writing ACS Cobham International School, the subject, our friends over at Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) have a very cool opportunity for the right person who has a knack for fundraising! They are hiring a Development Associate at their California office. Though you should click on a news for kids Seneca College, the link to learn about the position in full, here is a sneak peak at what they#8217;re looking for. The Development Associate is responsible for assisting the school International Director of how to a film essay Appleby College, Development with the day-to-day operations of high school essay ACS Cobham International, ALDF fundraising programs.

He or she will work closely with the Director of Development, and other ALDF staff and introductions IMG Academy Board members as needed, to help support fund development activities and school School meet fundraising goals. The hopeful news, for all of you job-seekers-with-a-conscience, is that the more that animal rights enters the mainstream #8212; which is happening! #8212; the more demand there will be for essay writing, professional positions helping animals.

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chris wills resume Ryerson Image Centre, Ryerson University, Toronto, ON, Canada “The Edge of the high essay writing School, Earth: Climate Change in Photography and Video,” selections from persuasive Midway: Message from the Gyre (September 14 - December 4, 2016) Horace Mann School, Bronx, NY (April 4 - 23, 2016) selected works. Amarillo Museum of essay writing ACS Cobham International School Art, Amarillo TX “Chris Jordan: Running the writing prompts School, Numbers” (October 23, 2015 - January 3, 2015) Sophie Gannon Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, April 2015, “Chris Jordan (USA)| Intolerable Beauty: Facing the writing School, Mirror of Charterhouse Mass Consumption” Bryan Oliver Gallery, Whitworth University, Spokane, WA “Running the high school essay, Numbers” Julian Scott Memorial Gallery, Johnson State College, Johnson, VT, “Midway: Message from the article writing jobs from home Stevenson Academy, Gyre” University of high writing ACS Cobham School Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, “Chris Jordan: Running the article writing Stevenson, Numbers” Science Museum of Virginia, Richmond, VA, “Chris Jordan: Running the school International, Numbers”

Art Center Sarasota, Sarasota, FL, “Running the how to am essay Charterhouse, Numbers: Portraits of high school writing International School Mass Consumption” University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, “Chris Jordan: Running the how to am essay, Numbers” Carleton College Art Gallery, Northfield, MN, “Running the essay writing, Numbers: Portraits of Mass Consumption” International Museum of how to a news for kids Art and high International School, Science, McAllen, TX “Chris Jordan: Running the article jobs Academy, Numbers” Sordoni Art Gallery, Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre, PA “Running the school essay writing ACS Cobham School, Numbers: Portraits of Mass Consumption” Diemar/Noble Photography, London, UK, “Ushirikiano”, Photographs from the prompts Brillantmont, Prix Pictet Commission trip to International School Kenya. Other Gallery, Shanghai, China “E Pluribus Unum” Southern Methodist University, Hunt Institute for how to write am essay Engineering and Humanity, Dallas, TX “Running the Numbers: Portraits of Mass Consumption” Nevada Museum of school essay writing ACS Cobham Art, Reno, NV “Chris Jordan: Running the jobs from home Academy, Numbers” Other Gallery, Beijing, China “E Pluribus Unum”

University of Colorado Museum of Natural History, Boulder, CO “Running the school International, Numbers: Portraits of Mass Consumption” Jordan Schnitzer Museum of article writing jobs from home Stevenson Art, University of Oregon, Eugene “Chris Jordan: Running the Numbers” David Brower Center, Berkeley, CA “Chris Jordan: Running the Numbers” Simon Fraser University Gallery, Burnaby, BC, Canada “Running the Numbers” Halsey Institute, College of high school writing ACS Cobham Charleston, Charleston, SC “Chris Jordan: Running the Numbers” Seymour Marine Discovery Center, UC Santa Cruz, CA “Running the expository prompts, Numbers: Portraits of high school International School Mass Consumption”

Austin Museum of Art, Austin TX “Chris Jordan: Running the Numbers” Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery, Haverford College, Haverford, PA “Chris Jordan: Running the jobs Stevenson Academy, Numbers” Museum of Science, Boston, MA “Running the Numbers: Portraits of Mass Consumption” Pacific Science Center, Seattle, WA “Chris Jordan: Running the school, Numbers” Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles, “Running the Numbers II”

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VERVE Gallery of high writing International School Photography, Santa Fe, NM “Cause Effect” MuBE, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2015 (selections from write a news article for kids Midway: Message from the Gyre ) McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Vaughn, Ontario “Vanishing Ice: Alpine and Polar Landscapes in school International, Art, 1775-2012” (Denali Denial, 2006) Fundacion Telefonica, Madrid, Spain, “BIG BANG DATA” (Prison Uniforms, 2007) Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona (CCCB), Barcelona, Spain, “BIG BANG DATA” (Prison Uniforms, 2007) Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta “Vanishing Ice: Alpine and Polar Landscapes in Art, 1775-2012” (Denali Denial, 2006) Location House, London, UK “HERE TODAY. Persuasive Introductions IMG Academy. ”, in support of the IUCN 50th Anniversary of the Red List of school essay writing School Threatened Species (Silent Spring, 2014)

El Paso Museum of how to write am essay Art, El Paso, TX, “Vanishing Ice: Alpine and Polar Landscapes in essay writing ACS Cobham International School, Art, 1775-2012” (Denali Denial, 2006) The Projective Eye Gallery, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, NC “Sustain Me Baby” (selections from Midway: Message from the how to write, Gyre) IABR, Kuntsthal, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, “Urban by Nature” (selections from Midway: Message from the high school writing ACS Cobham School, Gyre) University of Northern Iowa Gallery of writing from Art, Iowa, “Nature’s Toolbox: Biodiversity, Art and Invention” (selections from Midway: Message from the school writing International, Gyre) DePaul Art Museum, Chicago, IL, “Climate of introductions Uncertainty” (selections from Midway: Message from the high International, Gyre) Museo Nacional de la Fotografia, Bogota, Columbia, “Fotografica Bogota 2013 - International Photography Biennial” (selections from Intolerable Beauty) Bainbridge Island Museum of how to write analysis essay College Art, Bainbridge, WA, “First Light” (Oil Barrels, 2008) Begovich Gallery, California State University, Fullerton, CA, “ego | eco: Environmental Art for high school ACS Cobham International Collective Consciousness” (selections from Running the persuasive IMG Academy, Numbers) Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, WA, “Vanishing Ice: Alpine and Polar Landscapes in Art, 1775-2012” (Denali Denial, 2006) Herbert F. Johnson Museum of writing ACS Cobham Art, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (Cigarette Butts, 2013) George Adams Gallery, New York, NY “Seescape” (Gyre, 2009)

The Leonardo, Salt Lake City, UT, “Nature’s Toolbox: Biodiversity, Art and a film essay College, Invention” (selections from Midway: Message from the essay International School, Gyre) Ulrich Museum of write article for kids Art, Wichita, Kansas, “Nature’s Toolbox: Biodiversity, Art and Invention” (selections from high ACS Cobham School Midway: Message from the expository essay writing prompts International, Gyre) MOTI, Stichting Museum of the Image, The Netherlands, “The Image in school International, the 21st Century” (selections from Midway: Message from the Gyre) The Field Museum, Chicago, IL, “Nature’s Toolbox: Biodiversity, Art and Invention” Anchorage Museum, Anchorage, AK, “True North” Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Hong Kong, Prix Pictet Growth Shortlist Exhibition. University of write Technology, Eindhoven, Netherlands, Prix Pictet Growth Shortlist Exhibition. Nesrin Esirtgen Collection, Istanbul, Turkey, “No. 1” Ayyam Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon, Prix Pictet Growth Shortlist Exhibition. The Empty Quarter Gallery, Dubai, Prix Pictet Growth Shortlist Exhibition.

Dublin Museum of school writing School Photography, Ireland, Prix Pictet Growth Shortlist Exhibition. Museum of article home Stevenson Photographic Arts, San Diego, CA, “Infinite Balance: Artists the Environment” St. High School Writing ACS Cobham School. Louis Artist’s Guild, Clayton, MO “Running the article writing from home Academy, Numbers: Photographs by Chris Jordan” Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, Prix Pictet Growth Shortlist Exhibition. Real Jardin Botanico, Madrid, Spain, Prix Pictet Growth Shortlist Exhibition. Roundhouse Mews, Vancouver, Canada, “The Ocean in high school essay writing, Us”, Safe Planet Exhibit. Nevada Museum of a news Seneca Art, Reno, NV, “The Altered Landscape: Photographs of essay writing ACS Cobham International School a Changing Environment”

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Passage de Retz, Paris, France, Prix Pictet Growth Shortlist Exhibition. Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, WA “Forecast: Communicating Weather and essay writing ACS Cobham School, Climate” Boise Art Museum, Idaho “Critical Messages: Contemporary Northwest Artists on writing jobs from home the Environment” San Jose Museum of high essay writing International School Art, “Degrees of Separation: Contemporary Photography from the expository writing, Permanent Collection” Universidad Technologico de Cancun, Cancun, Mexico, “What Will Be”, Safe Planet Exhibit at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Galerie Filles du Calvaire, Paris, France, Prix Pictet 2010 Shortlist Preview Exhibition. BREDAPHOTO, International Photo Festival, Netherlands. Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts, Grand Rapids, MI, ArtPrize Event. Hallie Ford Museum of essay Art, Willamette University, “Critical Messages: Contemporary Northwest Artists on the Environment”

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The Mariners Museum, Newport News, VA, “Message in expository writing prompts Brillantmont, a Bottle” Gualala Arts Center, Gualala, CA, “Paper nOr Plastic” Prix Pictet 2008 Shortlisted Artists Exhibition - Selection, Sustainability-Congress, Bonn. Prix Pictet 2008 Shortlisted Artists Exhibition, Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven. Prix Pictet 2008 Shortlisted Artists Exhibition - Selection, Kempinski Hotel, Dresden. Prix Pictet 2008 Shortlisted Artists Exhibition - Selection, The Rotunda, Exchange Square, Central, Hong Kong. Pasadena Museum of high essay writing California Art, “Data + Art: Science and how to write a film analysis essay, Art in high school writing ACS Cobham International, the Age of essay University College (UCL) Information” Prix Pictet 2008 Shortlisted Artists Exhibition - Selection, The Intelligence Squared Green Festival, Royal Geographical Society, London.

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Center for Unconventional Security Affairs 9th Annual Human Security Award, University of California Irvine, Irvine, Ca - April 24, 2013. Contemporary Perspectives Lecture Series, Boston University School of Visual Arts, Boston, MA - April 18, 2013. Wohlsen Center for the Sustainable Environment, Franklin Marshall College, Lancaster, PA - April 15, 2013. Research Recognition Dinner, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL - April 11, 2013. Pacifica Graduate Institute, Carpinteria, CA - April 9, 2013. Across the Threshold: Creativity, Being and high school essay writing International, Healing Conference, Duke University, Durham, NC - February 28, 2013. The Center High School, Community Meeting, Seattle, WA - February 13, 2013. Global Alliance for introductions IMG Academy Transformational Entertainment, GATE 3 Story Conference, Los Angeles, CA - February 2, 2013. Students for Sustainability Conference, Alexandria, VA - November 13 , 2012.

Penny W Stamps Speaker Series, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI - November 15, 2012. Smithsonian Symposium, Smithsonian National Museum of school writing ACS Cobham Natural History, Washington, DC - October 11, 2012. The Sixteenth Annual Otis Lecture supported by College The Philip J. High School International. Otis Endowment, Bates College, Lewiston, ME - October 9, 2012. Meredith College, Raleigh, NC - September 19, 2012. Museum of writing prompts Photographic Arts, San Diego, CA - November 17. TEDxRainier, University of Washington, Seattle, WA - November 12. News Xchange Conference, Cascais, Portugal - November 4. Core Club, New York - October 25. Microsoft Art Collection Artist Lecture Series, Redmond, WA - October 7.

Art + Environment Conference, Nevada Museum of high essay ACS Cobham School Art, Reno, NV - September 30. International Museum of Art and write Charterhouse, Science, McAllen, TX - September 3. Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China - April 15. Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, University of school writing ACS Cobham Oregon, Eugene, OR - January 26. TEDx: Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Los Angeles, CA - November 6. College of for kids College Charleston, Charleston, SC (Exhibit lecture) - October 22. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington DC - October 20. Whitworth University, Spokane, WA - October 12. National Center on essay ACS Cobham Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO - October 5. David Brower Center, Berkeley, CA - September 30.

International Bridge, Tunnel Turnpike Association, San Diego, CA - September 14. DLR Group, Seattle, WA - August 3rd. American College Personnel Association, Seattle, WA - June 25. American Institute of am essay Architects, Miami Beach, FL - June 11. Austin Museum of writing ACS Cobham Art, Austin, TX (Exhibit lecture) - June 3.

MountainFilm Festival, Telluride, CO - May 30. Museum of Science, Boston, MA - April 30. Phillips Collection, Washington, DC - April 28. Sietar Conference, Spokane, WA - April 17. NYU Reynold’s Program, NYC - Mar. Article Writing Jobs From Home Stevenson. 3.

Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, NC - Mar. High School Essay Writing. 2. Park School of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD - Mar. 1. American Dental Education Association, National Harbor, MD - Feb. 28.

Haverford College, Haverford, PA - Jan. 28. State of the World Symposium, Washington DC - Jan. How To Am Essay. 21. Journalism that Matters Pacific Northwest Conference, Seattle, WA - Jan. Essay ACS Cobham School. 8. Wisconsin Women’s Business Intiative Corporation, Milwaukee, WI - Nov. 18. Kids4Kids Conference, Port Sorell, Australia - Nov. 13.

Tasmanian Arts School, Hobart, Australia - Nov. 12. Australian Antarctic Division, Hobart, Australia - Nov. 12. Kids4Kids Conference, Hobart, Australia - Nov. 11. University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia - Nov. 10. Opportunity Green, LA, CA - Nov. 7. Southern California Edison, CA - Nov.

5. American Association of Colleges of Nursing, Washington DC - Nov. 1. PopTech Camden, ME - Oct. How To Write Article For Kids Seneca. 22-Oct. 24. Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts, North Carolina - Oct. School Writing International School. 13. Pacific Science Center, Seattle, WA - Oct.

1, Oct. 3. MountainFilm Festival, Aspen, CO - Aug. How To Write A Film Analysis College. 29-Aug. 30. Green Forum: Oceans, Miami, FL - Aug. 27. Arizona Commission on the Arts, State of Arizona, Carefree, Arizona - Aug. High School Essay Writing International School. 18.

Shoreline Solar Project, Seattle - July 17. Western Bridge Gallery - Seattle Green Bag Campaign, Seattle, WA - June 29. Portland State University, Portland, OR - April 30. Mattel, Inc., California - April 23. American Society for Quality, Milwaukee, WI - April 21-April 22. Cornish College - Class lecture, Seattle - April 16. Ideas Festival 2009, Queensland, Australia - Mar. 27. Guiding Lights Weekend, Seattle, WA - Jan.

30. Steelcase, Inc., Santa Monica, CA - Jan. Essay. 29. SMU - Willis M. Tate Distinguished Lecture Programs, Dallas, TX - Jan. 27. WSU Chris Jordan Exhibit opening, Pullman, WA - Jan. 22. Association of essay ACS Cobham American Colleges and write am essay, Universities (AACU), Seattle, WA - Jan. 21.

Sprint, Kansas City, MO (Keynote Speech) - Nov. 14. Woodmont Library Talk, Seattle, WA - Nov. 13. Virginia Commonwealth University, Doha Qatar - Nov. High Essay Writing International. 10. World Economic Forum Council on expository essay College Design, Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Nov. School Writing International School. 7 - Nov. 9.

AHIMA Convention (American Health Information Management Association), Seattle, WA - Oct. 13. One Earth One dream symposium, Laguna Beach, CA - Oct. 1- Oct. Article Writing Home Academy. 5. Images and Voices of Hope Summit, Catskill, NY - Sept. 26-Sept. Writing School. 28. West Coast Green - Green Building Design, Innovation Business, San Jose, CA - Sept. Persuasive Essay Introductions IMG Academy. 25.

International Interior Design Association - SF Chapter Speaking Engagement, San Francisco, CA - Sept. High School Essay ACS Cobham International School. 23. Greenway Consulting Group, Vancouver - Sept. 22. National Assembly of from Stevenson State Arts Agencies, Chattanooga, TN - Sept.

13. Utah League of high school International Cities and Towns - Salt Lake Sheraton, Salt Lake City, UT - Sept. How To Write A News For Kids College. 11. Mattel, Inc., Manhattan Beach, CA - Sept. School Essay ACS Cobham. 10. McKinley Financial Services c/o HR Florida, Orlanda, FL - Aug. 26. Chromatic Films/Ovation TV crew, Seattle, WA - Aug. 22.

Texas Public Radio, San Antonio, TX - Aug. 6. San Antonio Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio, TX - Aug. Expository Essay International. 6. Hollyhock Conference, Cortes Island - Jult 26-July 31. DaVIta Retreat - Personal Growth Wellness Symposium, Santa Barbara, CA - July 8. Merrill Lynch, Coconut Grove, FL - June 24. NatureWorks Inc., Tokyo, Japan - June 1-June 7.

MountainFilm Festival, Telluride, CO - May 23-May 26. Government Invitational Lecture Tour, Caracas, Venezuala - May 12-May 18. National Geographic Eco Ambassador Tour - Taipei, Taiwan; Lisbon, Portugal; Rome, Italy - April 10-April 30. Interview with Annika from writing ACS Cobham International School Art Threat Magazine - Mar. Essay IMG Academy. 26. Oberlin College, Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin, OH - Mar. 12. TED Conference, Monterey, CA - Feb. School Essay ACS Cobham School. 26-Feb 29. National Building Museum, Washington DC - Dec.

18. University of persuasive IMG Academy Wisconson - Milwaukee, Union Art Gallery, Milwaukee, WI - Nov. 16. University of essay International Wisconson - Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI - Nov. Essay Introductions IMG Academy. 14. Colbert Report, New York - Oct. 10. Boulder Museum of school essay Contemporary Art, Boulder, CO - Oct.

3. University of writing jobs from home Colorado, Boulder, CO (Visiting Artist lecture) - Oct. High School Writing ACS Cobham School. 2. Center for essay prompts Brillantmont a New American Dream retreat, Washington DC - Sept. 26. CJ NYC Opening at school Von Lintel Gallery, New York - June 14.

San Francisco Young Leaders Breakfast (Keynote) - April 26.