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ask homework Get via App Store Read this post in our app! How do I ask and answer homework questions? Can and how does one ask about homework, and Gordon what guidelines should members use when responding to homework questions? migrated from Sep 19 '16 at 16:04. This question came from our discussion, support, and feature requests site for meta-discussion of the writing reflective essays, Stack Exchange family of QA websites. This is an critical Gordon (NAVITAS) attempt to reconcile two extreme positions in a way that is acceptable to writing Lowell — UMass Lowell (Navitas) the majority of the critical means Gordon University, community: Some feel it's irrelevant that it's homework: always just answer with complete code. Some feel Stack Overflow is not the place for homework: close all homework questions immediately. This post is not the official position of the Stack Overflow administrators, but rather a community-edited effort to provide clear guidelines on thinking subjects, how to respond to homework.

Individual community members should, of course, use their own judgment. The guidelines outlined below are rooted in two principles: It is okay to ask about homework. For one, it would be impossible to stop it all even if we wanted to. Gordon University (NAVITAS)! Stack Overflow exists to help programmers learn and provide a standard repository for programming problems, both simple and essay Moyles Court School complex, and this includes helping students.

Providing an Gordon answer that doesn't help a student learn is not in the student's own best interest. Therefore you might choose to article writing tutorial treat homework questions differently than other questions. Make a good faith attempt to solve the problem yourself first. If we can't see enough work on your part your question will likely be booed off the stage; it will be voted down and critical means University closed. Ask about specific problems with your existing implementation. Article Writing Haileybury! If you can't do that yet, try some more of means University, your own work first or searching for more general help; your professor is likely to be a better resource at this stage than Stack Overflow. Admit that the essay University of Massachusetts Lowell, question is homework.

Trying to hide it will just get the question closed faster. Do not use a “homework” tag, but mention it in the question text if relevant (you can structure your question this way: “How can I do …? I'm trying to do this as part of … which is a homework problem. Critical Means University! This is my attempt so far: …”). Be aware of school policy. Short Essays Niagara! If your school has a policy regarding outside help on homework, make sure you are aware of it before you ask for / receive help on Stack Overflow.

If there are specific restrictions (for example, you can receive help, but not full code samples), include them in the question so that those providing assistance can keep you out of trouble. Means! Never use code you don't understand. It definitely won't help you later (after school, in later assignments, on tests, etc.) and it could be, at best, very embarrassing if you are asked to explain code you turned in. Answering and moderating homework questions. Try to provide explanation that will lead the asker in the correct direction. Genuine understanding is the writing of Massachusetts (Navitas), real goal for students, but trying to critical means Robert Gordon University provide that is usually appreciated for any question. It's usually better not to provide a complete code sample if you believe it would not help the student, using your best judgment.

You can use pseudo-code first, and, in critical Montfort the spirit of means, creating a programming resource, you may come back after a suitable amount of time and edit your response to include more complete code. This way, the student still has to writing reflective write their own code, but a full solution can become available after the critical means Robert Gordon (NAVITAS), assignment has ended. Recognize that homework is likely to include artificial constraints, and honor those constraints. Also be aware that these constraints may affect whether or not a question should be closed as a duplicate. Don't downvote others who answer homework questions in good faith, even if they break these guidelines (unless the writing essays, answer would merit downvotes even if the question weren't homework related). It's not always obvious at first glance that a question is homework, especially when you're not expecting to see it here. Means University! It is a good idea to suggest editing the response in a comment. Don't ridicule a student because they haven't yet learned something obvious or developed the good habits you'd expect from a seasoned programmer. Do add a respectful comment or answer that points them towards best practices and writing reflective essays Academy better style. Means University (NAVITAS)! Don't downvote a homework question that follows the guidelines and was asked in good faith.

It's okay to ask if a question is writing tutorial Haileybury homework, but be polite . Means Robert University (NAVITAS)! As for write article for kids American in Switzerland) non-homework questions, questions in the spirit of plz send teh codez might be closed as too broad. Use your best judgment. Remember students are new programmers and often don't yet understand what is expected of critical means Robert Gordon University, them. Help them to get that understanding. I don't answer, because I have higher ranking priorities at the moment I answer the question no matter if homework or not. Reflective Academy! If the question is means Robert Gordon a homework question or shows that the writing short Niagara, person asking is missing some basic concepts, I do following: I spot on answer the question I put myself into the questioners shoes or my own experience and think how I would explain the answer, in a manner he would learn from it easily If I can't give an explanation, I try to link to sources which are didactic valuable and match the perceived proficiency level of the questioner. Means Robert University (NAVITAS)! I came to stackoverflow because people would answer my questions instead of insulting me by article TASIS (The answering go read some books , try harder , use google or even worse I have to stop you from critical Robert University (NAVITAS), getting the answer because your are trying the easy way out of this situation . People shouldn't judge circumstances of those who ask, as they aren't morally able to take full responsibility for the consequences of pro active refusal towards a questioner! What if the questioner had an incumbent teacher/school and writing short essays College the assignment and it's understanding critically determines their future?

What if the questioner really put the critical University (NAVITAS), work into everything else, has no time left and just struggles with this last part? What if the questioners personal circumstances hinder him to perform as a student and write TASIS (The in Switzerland) successfully passing school is Gordon their first step out of their misery? What if the questioner is just curious but has very tight time constraints and no help? People helped me out without prejudice in nasty situations and in return I see myself obliged to help others without prejudice.

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RGU head of international student recruitment by The Robert Gordon

1984 opinion essays New Memoryhole story : Reinventing Big Brother [8 June,2003] A couple of means Robert (NAVITAS) days ago a new story has been added to the Memoryhole. Read more. 1984 opera [4 May,2005] On May the 3rd the opera adaption of subjects Montfort George Orwell's 1984 received its premiere in Robert Gordon (NAVITAS), the Royal Opera House (Covent Garden) in London. Read more. The sensitive person?s hostility to how to write a newspaper for kids TASIS School, the machine is in one sense unrealistic, because of the obvious fact that the machine has come to Gordon (NAVITAS), stay. Youtube Essay Writing Moyles Court. But as an attitude of means Gordon mind there is a great deal to be said for it. The machine has got to be accepted, but it is writing, probably better to accept it rather as one accepts a drug ? that is, grudgingly and critical University (NAVITAS), suspiciously. , George Orwell, The Road to Wigan Pier. Essay on George Orwell's political development.

By Claus B. University Of Massachusetts Lowell — UMass (Navitas). Storgaard. A review of John Newsinger 'Orwell's Politics'. Critical Robert Gordon University (NAVITAS). By Anna Chen. A sharp attack against our western 'modern' media-driven society. By Yee Teck. An analysis of the political message in Orwell's 'Nineteen Eighty-Four', 'Animal Farm' and 'Homage to Catalonia'. By Rhodri Williams. Writers who might have inspired Orwell. By Darran Oisin Anderson.

Writers who might have inspired Orwell. Writing Essays Niagara College. By Darran Oisin Anderson. Opinions : Essays : Orwell's Political Messages. Orwell's ambition as a political author was to make political writing into an art ('Why I Write'). Gordon. He saw his duty as being to attack the Right, but not to essay writing Moyles Court, flatter the critical means University Left.

His political views were shaped by his experiences of Socialism, Totalitarianism and Imperialism all over article the world. In his essay 'Why I Write' (1946) he admitted that Every line of serious work that I have written since 1936 has been written, directly or indirectly against Totalitarianism and for Democratic Socialism, as I understand it. Orwell wrote about his experiences of the Spanish Civil War in 'Homage to Catalonia'. Critical Means Gordon (NAVITAS). During the war Orwell began to realise the true nature of Stalin's rule in Russia. The actions of the writing of Massachusetts — UMass (Navitas) Communists in Spain exposed to critical means Gordon, him how false the idea was that Russia was a Socialist State. He then went on reflective Princeton, to write Animal Farm as a way to remind people about the true facts of the Russian Revolution and critical means Robert University (NAVITAS), the nature of Stalin's rise to power, becoming a totalitarian dictator. Essentially Orwell wanted to thinking Colegio, save Socialism from Communism.

It was the realisation of Orwell's fears about Stalinist Russia and the rise of Totalitarianism that inspired him to write his final novel 'Nineteen Eighty-four' - an Anti-Utopian novel depicting a world where Totalitarianism had taken over. Orwell wrote 'Animal Farm' primarily as an means Robert Gordon University (NAVITAS) allegory of the Russian Revolution thinly disguised as an animal fable. Lowell — UMass. Orwell specifically had Russia in mind but also draws from his experiences in Spain to show that all well-meant societies are at risk. The major theme of 'Animal Farm' is the betrayal of the critical means Robert Gordon University Russian Revolution and the way that good will can fall prey to ambition, selfishness and hypocrisy. 'Animal Farm' also addresses the writing School abuse of power. Gradually as the pigs gain more and more power they find it harder to resist temptation. Soon their resolution falters (Ch.I )and they adopt his vices(Ch.

I ) - they move into Jones' house, drink alcohol and engage in trade with the other farms (all things which Old Major had specifically urged them not to do). Orwell's message is means Robert Gordon University (NAVITAS), that any society which has leaders with absolute power is ultimately doomed to failure due to the inevitability of leaders manipulating power for their own personal benefit. Orwell mocks the pretence that any such society could be regarded as being fair or equal - hence addition of the suffix but some animals are more equal than others to article writing tutorial Haileybury, the original commandment All animals are equal. The philosophy of 'Animalism' in Robert, 'Animal Farm' quite clearly is designed to represent Marxist-Communism. The parallels between the commandment Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy and Marxism's hatred of essays Princeton Academy Capitalism is means Robert (NAVITAS), obvious. What started off as a philosophical set of ideas by Karl Marx was transformed into thinking subjects Montfort a means of propaganda by Stalin. In 'Animal Farm' the theory of Animalism is drawn up into seven commandments exclusively by Snowball, Squealer and Napoleon.

Animalism quickly becomes a means of breeding such a great fear of man into Robert the animals so that they would become even more determined to write article for kids, work hard. Orwell is attacking Stalin for betraying the revolution to suit his own ends. Orwell hints at critical Robert Gordon, the shortcomings of Old Major's Marxist teachings in a number of subtle ways. The supposition that all animals are comrades is undermined straight away by the fact that the how to article for kids (The School dogs and cats openly show hostility to the rats, who only by a swift dash for their holes escape from the dogs with their lives. A second thing which undermines the Animalist maxim that All animals are equal is the fact that even before the revolution there is evidence of a basic hierarchical society. Critical Means Gordon (NAVITAS). The pigs straight away take their places immediately in front of the platform (Ch.I) when the animals meet to hear Old Major's speech, thus signalling the writing short essays fact that they are seen as more important than other animals. It is the pigs who take it upon critical means Robert University, themselves to direct the revolution, and it is they who assume leadership after Jones had been driven out. Animal Farm follows the events of the tutorial Russian Revolution quite closely with characters from the book representing real life people or groups. The way that Orwell presents these real-life people in the book gives an insight into his political feelings. Old Major represents a mixture of Marx and Lenin. He preaches the Marxist Doctrine of Revolutionary Socialism and provides the means basic beliefs which later become the Seven Commandments.

He is presented as being a kindly, wise, natural leader who has a dream about a Utopia where 'All animals are equal' (Ch. I ). Orwell shows Old Major in essay Lowell, a sympathetic light - Old Major is Gordon University, seen as having good intentions but too much of a naive idealism to realise that not all animals share the same public-spiritedness that he has. Revolution leads to power, and writing essay of Massachusetts Lowell (Navitas), once power is achieved it is prone to being abused. Orwell himself believed that revolution was not the critical means Robert answer - he believed that revolution was not a way of changing society : it was in fact merely a way of keeping it the same. Revolutions often have good intentions and provide new faces with a new rhetoric but soon it is hard to tell the new faces from the old. The answer according to Orwell was reform, not revolution : Reform really changes. How To Write A Newspaper Article (The In Switzerland). Orwell believed that The Left in means Robert University, Russia had been tricked into revolution by its enemies. Farmer Jones represents Czar Nicolas II who was the leader of Russia before the essays College Revolution.

Right at the start of the Robert University (NAVITAS) book Orwell shows Jones as being a drunk, neglectful Farmer who cares very little about his animals. The farm was in a terrible state - the fields were full of Montfort weeds, the buildings wanted roofing, the hedges were neglected, and the animals were underfed(Ch.I). Orwell clearly wanted to show that Nicolas was a bad ruler who ran Russia for his personal benefit only. The animals were clearly oppressed and had good reason to want change. Orwell deliberately contrasts the improving way of life for the animals after the revolution with the poor lives they had under Jones. He also draws parallels between Jones's drunkenness and the drunkenness of the pigs after they had moved into Robert Gordon University (NAVITAS) the house. Jones and Napoleon are as bad as each other - both exploit the animals for his own benefit : they are typical all-powerful dictators motivated solely by self-interest. Orwell's attitude towards religion is shown through the way that he presents Moses the Raven who symbolises organised religion in Russia.

Orwell is very critical of religion, describing Moses as being a spy, a tale, bearer but also a clever talker. At first Moses was loyal to Jones, just as the Russian Church had been to the Czarist Regime. Orwell showed how Moses's tales of a heaven called Sugarcandy Mountain were useful to Jones as a way of keeping the animals in order - religion gave them hopes of a better life after they died and their belief made them more willing to accept their current harsh lives. Religion was contrary to the beliefs of essays Academy Socialism and so the Church was heavily opposed after the revolution - hence Moses' disappearence. Moses's return in Chapter IX represents the Gordon University way in which Stalin allowed religion to re-establish itself in Russia as he realised that he could use it ,just as Nicolas II had, as a way of pacifying the animals. Orwell showed religion to be a both a crutch for the animals to lean on when times were bad (gave them unrealistic hopes for the future), and critical Colegio Montfort, also as a means of preventing rebellion against authority (whether it be Czarist or Communist). Orwell's views about Trotsky were mixed and these contrasting feelings are shown in the way he describes Snowball (who represents Trotsky in the book). Snowball is shown to have been a key factor in the success of the Battle of the Cowshed - his bravery was inspirational to animals around him. Orwell also describes him as being brilliant and critical means Gordon University (NAVITAS), inventive in Chapter 2. Snowball is also shown to have a darker side - the fact that he supported Napoleon's seizure of the writing Niagara apples shows that he is also susceptible to greed. Orwell clearly preferred Trotsky to Stalin, but saw him as merely the lesser of two evils - the main difference between the two being that Stalin used terror and force in order to assert his authority over the animals and Trotsky main support was gained from his inspiring speeches. Snowball's collaboration with Napoleon leads us to wonder whether life for the animals would really have been much better under Snowball than it was under Napoleon.

Orwell's attitude towards Stalin is University, hinted at even in the naming of writing short College his equivalent in the book. Means. 'Napoleon' was the name of a famous French revolutionary leader who tyrannised his people and was regarded by some as being the Anti-Christ. As far as Orwell was concerned, Stalin represented the youtube Court School main force behind the threat to true Socialism. Stalin claimed to critical means Robert Gordon University (NAVITAS), be committed to making a fair and youtube essay writing Moyles, equal society but Orwell saw him in a very different light. In 'Animal Farm' Orwell closely follows Napoleon's rise to power and illustrates to the reader how Napoleon used cunning and (NAVITAS), brute force to gain and maintain power on Animal Farm. Orwell is keen to try and show how evil Stalin was and how far removed the way he ran Russia was from the original Marxist Socialist beliefs which had been the inspiration for the revolution in the first place.

The character Boxer in 'Animal Farm' represents the typical loyal, hard working, man in Russia. His name originates from the Boxer Rebellion in China which signalled the rise of Communsim in China. Orwell shows Boxer as being an honest worker who follows Animalism faithfully without fully understanding its more intricate details. Boxer is of limited intelligence and has complete trust in the pigs. His maxims Napoleon is how to TASIS (The American School, always right and Gordon University (NAVITAS), I must work harder are ultimately his downfall - he works himself to exhaustion and is sent off to the knackers yard by write a newspaper article for kids TASIS (The American School Napoleon, not realising his fate until it is too late. The example of Boxer is means, used by Orwell to show to the reader that even the most loyal and honest people suffer under such a brutal regime. The fact that Napoleon sends Boxer off to his death signals to the reader how corrupt this Stalinesque figure has become. Boxer's demise illustrates what can happen to those who have blind trust in their rulers.

The dogs in 'Animal Farm' are a metaphor for the Terror State which Stalin created in Russia as a means of keeping his political opponents in for kids TASIS, order. They are a tool of oppression for both Jones and Napoleon. Their lack of loyalty to Animalism right from the start puts the whole principles of Animalism into critical question. If All animals are comrades then why do the critical dogs attack the rats at the first meeting in the barn? The gradual changing of the Seven Commandments of Animalism is one of the main devices which Orwell uses when illustrating to the reader the extent of the means Gordon University (NAVITAS) betrayal of the revolution. Essay. The commandments, which were themselves a crude simplification of critical Gordon Old Major's teachings, were altered by essays Squealer in order to suit Napoleon's requirements.

The fact that even these blatant changes went almost unnoticed by means Robert University many of the reflective Academy Animals shows how little they really understood Old Major's teachings and critical means University, casts further doubt on Old Major's supposed wisdom. The constant arguing between Snowball and Napoleon over almost every issue (most notably the windmill) on Animal Farm caused great tension. Within Russia the short Niagara College arguements between Trotsky and Stalin were also never-ending. Orwell mirrors this in the situation between Snowball and Napoleon, saying how These two disagreed at every point disagreement was possible. In the same way that Trotsky was exiled to Mexico due to Stalin's fears that Trotsky's supporters would assasinate him, Snowball was chased out of the farm by means Gordon (NAVITAS) Napoleon who feared him in a similar way. Orwell wrote 'Nineteen Eighty-four' to try and show how political systems can suppress individual freedom. Writing Essay Of Massachusetts — UMass Lowell. 'Nineteen Eighty-four' is a warning for the future that of what society could become should totalitarianism be allowed to achieve dominance. The totalitarian Dystopia in 'Nineteen Eighty-four' is inescapable for those who suffer under it and is constantly changing for the worst. The world of 'Nineteen Eighty-four' is a model of Orwell's idea of a Totalitarian state that has evolved into critical means Robert (NAVITAS) its ultimate form. However, Orwell is not trying to make a complete and critical Colegio Montfort, accurate prediction of what the world will be like in the future under a totalitarian government, but instead he presents it as an extreme instance that sheds light on the nature of current societies that already exist. Critical Robert Gordon. Shortly before his death Orwell spoke of write a newspaper article for kids American in Switzerland) 'Nineteen Eighty-four', saying I do not believe that the kind of society I describe necessarily will arrive, but I believe that something resembling it could arrive.

Orwell once said he writes because there is some lie that I want to expose. It is this fundamental lie upon which the political structure of means Robert University (NAVITAS) 'Nineteen Eighty-four' rests. The very slogans of the party are contradictions : War is thinking subjects, Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength. Means Gordon University. In writing 'Nineteen Eighty-four' Orwell wanted to expose the cruelty of political oppression and the kind of lie on a newspaper article for kids (The, which that inhumanity depends. 'Nineteen Eighty-four' can be interpreted as an antipolitical book - the nightmarish world in which Winston lives is one where politics has displaced humanity and critical means, the state has stifled society in its quest for writing tutorial Haileybury total control over its inhabitants. The purpose of the Party was not to rule for the general good, but in order to have control over everyone and everything. Gordon (NAVITAS). Power is everything. The most startling concept that Orwell deals with in 'Nineteen Eighty-four' is the idea that a political party could see power as being the ultimate goal. The Party rules over its people without even the pretence that it is writing tutorial, governing for the benefit of the critical means Robert University people. In 'Nineteen Eighty-four' Orwell used the form of article Scientific Romance because it allowed him to critical Gordon, express his political messages in the form of a novel. Orwell used the Scientific Romance in a realistic way in order to drive home his political point - that a Dystopia such as the one in writing reflective, 'Nineteen Eighty-four' is means University, a human possibility.

Essentially Orwell is warning us of what may happen should certain dangerous political trends be allowed to youtube Court, carry on. 'Nineteen Eighty-four' has a narrow plot which focuses solely on the life of Winston Smith. However, Orwell makes a political point from this - Winston Smith is the only person left who is worth writing about; all the critical means (NAVITAS) rest have been brainwashed already. When considering the title for the novel Orwell mentioned in a letter that he was considering The Last Man in Europe - a clear indication that he saw Winston Smith as the last true free thinker in Princeton Academy, Europe. The political and human aspects of 'Nineteen Eighty-four' are very closely linked. Every thought that Winston makes against Big Brother is Thoughtcrime, every time he writes another entry in his diary he is risking arrest, even embracing Julia was a blow struck against the party. His very relationship with her was a political act. In 'Nineteen Eighty-four' Orwell examines how the human spirit copes under the worst conditions possible. Winston is, as O'Brien laughingly calls him, the guardian of human spirit - a half starved wreck of a man.

He is the last person alive capable of free thought against The Party. Orwell shows how political organisations are capable of doing anything in order to Gordon (NAVITAS), reach their goals. In this case The Party's goal is to eradicate individual thought and how to write a newspaper (The, they are prepared to do anything in order to achieve their goal and think nothing of torture. Winston's heresy is critical University (NAVITAS), his insistence on the individual's right to make up his own mind rather than having to follow what the Party perceives as truth and so he is tortured constantly until, eventually, he has learned to love Big Brother(Section 3, Ch.VI). In the world of 1984 there has been no improvement in the living standards of the average person since1948. Big Brother had deliberately kept it this way in the belief that should people not have to concentrate on College, trying to means Gordon, get the bare essentials for critical life then they might turn their attentions to demanding more from the critical means Robert Gordon University (NAVITAS) Party.

Orwell makes a political point from the similarity of living conditions in 1948 and 1984. The opening chapter of 'Nineteen Eighty-four' describes how the lift seldom worked even at the best of writing University — UMass (Navitas) times, that the electricity was cut off during daylight hours, and how he had to use coarse soap and blunt razor blades. Winston has a nagging belief that life used to be better than what he could remember but he couldn't prove it - when he spoke to the old prole in a pub the critical means Gordon University (NAVITAS) only fact that he could extract from him was that the beer tasted better before Big Brother. The description that Orwell gives of writing essays Academy Big Brother as being a man of about forty-five, with a heavy black moustache and ruggedly handsome features immediately brings the image of Stalin to the reader's mind. 'Big Brother' is the critical Gordon University icon of the Party and it is under his name that every Party announcement is given - every success, every achievement, every victory, every scientific discovery, all knowledge, all wisdom, all happiness, all virtue, are held to issue directly from his leadership and inspiration (Part II, Ch.IX, Goldstein's book, Chapter I). The character of Goldstein is writing expository University Lowell Lowell, designed to resemble Stalin's political arch-enemy Trotsky. Just as in 'Animal Farm' a Trotsky-like scapegoat is incessantly blamed for all problems and is labelled an enemy of the people by critical means Robert Gordon a government led by article writing Haileybury a Stalinesque figure. Goldstein's book The Theory and Practise of Oligarchical Collectivism is an means Robert Gordon University (NAVITAS) obvious replica of writing reflective Princeton Trotsky's The Revolution Betrayed. The sections of Goldstein's book which are printed in 'Nineteen Eighty-four' serves two purposes - firstly it identifies many of the ways in which the Party manipulates its own people (they are merely cheap labour), and secondly it mocks Trotsky's revolutionary rhetoric of polysyllables and ridiculous paradoxes such as The fields are cultivated with horse plows while books are written by machinery. In Section 1,Chapter 7 Winston writes in his Diary If there is University (NAVITAS), hope, it lies in essay University Lowell — UMass Lowell, the Proles. Critical Gordon (NAVITAS). However, there is no evidence of any revolutionary desires amongst the Proletariat at all in the novel.

O-Brien laughs at Winston in 3.3 for writing short essays Niagara College placing his hopes in them and declares The proletarians will never revolt. The reason for this is critical Gordon University, that the Proles do not show the intelligence, or the desire to revolt - The Party no longer fears the proles because as a class they have become totally demoralised. Orwell himself confessed in essay Court School, a letter written in 1940 I have never met a genuine working man who accepted Marxism. One of the major issues in 'Nineteen Eighty-four' is the means Robert University nature of freedom and the way that Totalitarianism has the capacity to destroy it. Winston's comment in essays Princeton, his diary that Freedom is the critical means Robert Gordon University (NAVITAS) freedom to say that two plus two makes four encapsulates Orwell's belief that the individual must have the right to make up his own mind, regardless of official political party lines. Orwell saw his role as a writer to write a newspaper article TASIS (The American School, be the means Robert (NAVITAS) objective conscience of a society - he was trying to express the truth as he saw it. 'Homage to Catalonia' differs from 'Nineteen Eighty-four' and 'Animal Farm' in that it is a non-fiction account of Orwell's actual experiences rather than an allegorical work of fiction or scientific romance novel. Orwell is describing events as he sees them, putting his own views across about real events. Orwell's experiences in Spain when fighting in the Civil War had a major effect on writing, his political attitudes - before Spain he had read much about Socialism and had experienced varying degrees of Socialist rule, but this was the first time that he experienced an attempt to put a truly Socialist society into practice. Orwell came to Spain as a journalist and claimed to be uninterested in the political situation (Appendix I). Critical Robert University (NAVITAS). He joined up in the POUM militia because he wanted to fight against the forces of Fascism (for this was how he saw the situation at that time, his knowledge mainly based on English newspaper reports).

Orwell showed his bitterness at the Communists regularly after he left Spain, once commenting how The Spanish Communists and thinking Colegio, their Russian allies were bent not on making a social revolution happen, as most Western intellectuals believed, but on preventing one from happening. Instead he saw the Communists as being the critical Gordon (NAVITAS) true Conservatives - they simply used their rhetoric of radicalism in order to bamboozle the Spanish people. The issue of power which was crucial in both 'Animal Farm' and 'Nineteen Eighty-four' raised it's head in 'Homage to Catalonia' - the Communists were not Socialist, they were merely extremely adept at obtaining power and keeping it. Orwell's motive when writing 'Homage to Catalonia' seemed to be to simply tell the truth about the events in writing Haileybury, Spain. However, this 'truth' that Orwell was so desperate to write about was focused around the treachery of the critical Robert Communists in Spain. Critical Thinking Subjects. Many historians have taken issue with Orwell's harsh words about the Communist influence, saying that they had to tone down the radical elements of the Federalist side (the militias) in order to try and encourage other European countries to supply them with the much needed weapons with which to fight Franco.

It was certainly true that most of the West preferred the prospect of a Franco-run Spain than a radically socialist one. Recent studies have also cast doubt on Orwell's accusation that the means Robert Communists deliberately held back weapons from the militias, fearing that they might get into the hands of Franco's troops. In 'Homage to Catalonia' Orwell describes the terrible conditions that he had to endure whilst fighting on the front line for thinking Colegio Montfort the POUM. He and critical means Robert Gordon (NAVITAS), other troops had to endure boredom, heat, cold, dirt, lice, privation, and occasional danger. The rats that ran riot all over the trenches were one of the most horrible, and writing tutorial, most common problems. The ever-present rats which Orwell had to endure provided inspiration for his description of the dreaded Room 101 in critical, 'Nineteen Eighty-four' where they attacked Winston and caused him to eventually cry out Moyles School Do it to Julia!

Not me! and consequently betrayed his love for her. Although the chapters Orwell wrote about the political situation in critical Robert Gordon (NAVITAS), Spain were relegated to appendices because he felt he needed to separate them from his account of his own personal experiences, Orwell still devotes a lot of space throughout the short essays book to political and Gordon (NAVITAS), philosophical topics such as the nature of Socialism. In chapter VII he talks of the mystique of Socialism and how Socialism to most people means a classless society. It was this attempt to create a classless society which Orwell found so intriguing. Orwell talks enthusiastically about the militias dotted around the front line and described them as a sort of microcosm of a classless society (Ch.VII) - it was the sense of writing Princeton Academy comradeship and hope that permeated the militias that gave Orwell's desire to critical means University, see Socialism established much more actual than it had been before. Orwell describes how in Aragon there were thousands of people all living at the same level and mingling on terms of equality. in theory it was perfect equality, and in practice it was not far from it.

He then goes on to say how the situation in Spain was constantly changing so rapidly that such a state of affairs could not last. But it lasted long enough to have its effect upon anyone who experienced it. Critical Thinking Subjects Colegio. Orwell's short time in Spain during the early stages of the critical University war modified his political outlook - now he could believe in Socialism, not just as a theory, but (at least in short essays Niagara College, its early stages) as a reality. He had breathed the air of equality (Ch.VII). The in-fighting between different factions of the Republican movement clearly distressed Orwell - it seemed to him that Spain was suffering from a plague of means University (NAVITAS) initials (Appendix I). Reflective Essays. When he arrived in Spain had the attitude why can't we drop all this political nonsense and get on with the critical means Robert Gordon (NAVITAS) war?, but eventually even he was forced to take sides For even if one cared nothing for the political parties and their conflicting 'lines', it was all too obvious that one's own destiny was involved. Orwell described himself as a pawn in how to write a newspaper article for kids TASIS (The American School, the enormous struggle being fought out between two political theories. It was, most definitely, far more complex than simply a case of a struggle between the forces of means Robert University (NAVITAS) Socialism and Fascism. Homage to Catalonia certainly provided a lot of inspiration for Orwell when he wrote 'Animal Farm' and 'Nineteen Eighty-four' and how to write TASIS American in Switzerland), their are many aspects of the book which link closely to them. The most obvious link that joins 'Animal Farm', 'Nineteen Eighty-four' and 'Homage to Catalonia' is the way that they all examine the forces of totalitarian and socialist government. 'Homage to Catalonia' tells the story of Robert University (NAVITAS) Orwell's experiences in Spain in writing essays College, such a way that reveals not only critical means Robert (NAVITAS), what happened but his opinions, his feelings, and his political hopes. His two novels 'Animal Farm' and 'Nineteen Eighty-four' are also primarily self-revalations about expository essay of Massachusetts Lowell (Navitas), his political ideas.

The in-fighting within the Republican movement in Spain, according to Orwell, was caused by the different factions becoming engulfed in a struggle for power. The corrupting influence of mans desire for power over his fellow man is means Gordon University (NAVITAS), one of the most major themes in both 'Animal Farm' and 'Nineteen Eighty-four'. In 'Animal Farm' the revolution was betrayed by Napoleon in his quest for personal power and critical thinking subjects Colegio Montfort, material benefit, and in 'Nineteen Eighty-four' Big Brother becomes the figurehead of an organisation whose sole goal is the means Robert University acquisition and maintainance of political power. This site is protected by COPYLEFT. You are free to use any material found on this page as long it is not for article School in Switzerland) a commercial purpose, or unless otherwise stated on the page.

However copying this page as a whole is NOT permitted.

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Ubuntu 10.04 - XBMC Media Center with Revo 3610. Since a long time I was planning to critical replace my MediaPortal mediacenter under Windows with one under Linux. But I could not find any Media Center under Linux as complete a MediaPortal. In term of functionnalities, here is what is expected : silent low consumption system possibility to essay writing use my MCE Remote suspend/resume from the remote only ability to play HD movies (720 1080) DVB-T functionnality, including HD channels recording possibility for DVB-T access to all my video, photo music from a network share access to media on means Gordon, USB key access to photo on APN be cheap . So, here are the installation steps to convert a very small silent nettop into a full featured digital Media Center. After some researches, I discovered that all that has become possible under Linux with the association of 4 main items : Acer Revo 3610 nettop, which includes Ion chipset for short HD decoding Ubuntu as a welcoming OS (10.04 Lucid LTS) XBMC as a Media Player TVHeadEnd, to Robert add TV possibilities, thru DVB-T. This guide has been updated for an installation on Lucid LTS. The first thing is to download and install Ubuntu LTS i386. As the Revo 3610 doesn't have a CD-ROM drive, you need to do the installation from a Live USB key.

UnetBootIn will be your friend. Once installation process is over, the tutorial Haileybury, first thing is to update the distribution and install all the utilities packages for dvb adapters that will be used for TV reception. To do so, with Synaptics : The open SSH server will allow you to have a remote access to your media center even when it will be fully remote controlled, with now mouse nor keyboard. You will be able to Gordon connect to your box with a SSH client from any computer connected to your network. Ubuntu Tweak is a fantastic piece of software that simplifies lots of expository essay Lowell, Ubuntu configuration job. Critical (NAVITAS). It will specifically ease the package repository definition. You can get the Ubuntu Tweak package from Just download it and install it thru GetDeb. Once done, launch Ubuntu Tweak and short Niagara, from the critical means (NAVITAS), Program/Repository menu select the following repositories : Then in the appplication list : To avoid any unwanted automatic update, you configure Update Manager not to tutorial Haileybury do so.

Start System / Administration / Update manager , go in Settings . and uncheck Check for updates . 1.4. Activate proprietary nVidia drivers. XBMC will need 3D drivers to Gordon University be activated. Go to System / Administration / Hardware drivers, select nVidia accelerated graphics driver select the button Activate. at the end of the installation process,you need to reboot. To avoid tearing during video playback, you need to tweak the nividia drivers setup and the compiz setting. You first need to writing Moyles Court School adjust nVidia drivers VSync for critical means Robert Gordon (NAVITAS) XVideo OpenGL under System / Administration / nVidia X Server Setting . Configure it as follow : For these parameters to take effect, you need to essay writing disable Compiz, as Compiz configuration is critical means Robert overloading nVidia default configuration. So you just need to open System / Preferences / Appearence, and to select none in the Visual effect tab. You are now ready to install XBMC. XBMC is how to a newspaper article TASIS School in Switzerland) a very powerfull mediacenter that allows your to : listen to your music look at your photos watch movies watch live TV programs watch videos from Gordon University, replay sites play some games . First thing to do is to go on how to write a newspaper article for kids (The American School, the wiki page of the project.

Everything is critical (NAVITAS) explained very clearly. This guide will just focus on some basic but essential configurations of XBMC. Once all the reflective Academy, repositories are setup, the next thing is to critical Robert install XBMC : sudo aptitude install xbmc. Your system is ready for the next steps. XBMC is now installed with the latest version. As XBMC is running on your Revo 3610 box, you need to critical enable the ION harware acceleration for your HD 720 and critical means Gordon (NAVITAS), 1080 movies. Writing Reflective Essays Princeton Academy. You will also need to configure it to suspend the critical means Gordon University (NAVITAS), Revo when Power Off is selected.

menu System / Video / Player , enable the VDPAU rendering. menu System / System / Power saving , select Shut down function : Suspend. One very interesting feature of how to a newspaper for kids TASIS (The American School in Switzerland), XBMC is its possibilities of being enriched by some add-ons. These add-ons can be installed manually or thru some repositories. A very interesting repository is provided by the XBMC Passion team. For french speaking people, it provides some very nice add-ons : Pluzz (replay for (NAVITAS) France 2, France 3, France 4, France 5 France O) M6 Replay W9 Replay AlloCine trailers . To install these add-ons, the simplest way is to declare the article, XBMC Passion repository and then to means Robert University directly install the add-ons from the repository. Install the downloaded zip file thru the article tutorial Haileybury, XBMC menu System / Add-ons / Install from zip file . Once installed enabled, you can install all the means Robert Gordon, Add-ons provided by the repository thru the XBMC menu System / Add-ons / Get Add-on / Add-ons . 3. MCE Remote setup for for kids TASIS American XBMC Suspend/Resume. To use a MCE Remote control, you need to install Lirc and to critical Robert University configure the proper modules : aptitude install lirc. In the remote control configuration menu, select Windows Media Center transceiver/remotes (all) and none as IR transmitter.

If everything is running fine, you should se your remote key pressed when running irw : 000000037ff07be9 00 Play mceusb. 000000037ff07be9 01 Play mceusb. 000000037ff07bdc 00 Back mceusb. 000000037ff07bdc 01 Back mceusb. 000000037ff07be6 00 Stop mceusb.

000000037ff07be6 01 Stop mceusb. If you want to change XBMC action for the MCE remote Return key to display the previous menu as an for kids TASIS School OSD when watching a fullscreen video, you need to modify two entries in critical Gordon (NAVITAS) the remote.xml configuration file. First thing to do is to check in your BIOS that S3 acpi is enabled. Writing Essays Princeton Academy. Once done, just reboot. In a terminal, list the devices available : Device S-state Status Sysfs node. SMB0 S4 disabled pci:0000:00:03.2. USB0 S3 disabled pci:0000:00:04.0. USB2 S3 disabled pci:0000:00:04.1. NMAC S5 disabled pci:0000:00:0a.0.

PBB0 S4 disabled pci:0000:00:09.0. HDAC S4 disabled pci:0000:00:08.0. XVR0 S4 disabled pci:0000:00:0c.0. XVR1 S4 disabled. P0P5 S4 disabled. P0P6 S4 disabled pci:0000:00:15.0. P0P7 S4 disabled pci:0000:00:16.0. P0P8 S4 disabled pci:0000:00:17.0. P0P9 S4 disabled pci:0000:00:18.0. To activate S3 USB wakeup on all the ports, type : # sudo sh -c 'echo USB0 /proc/acpi/wakeup'

Even if you see USB2 in the list, you do not need to critical Gordon (NAVITAS) activate it. If so, you PC will resume immediatly after suspend . How To For Kids (The American In Switzerland). which is means Robert University (NAVITAS) not what is expected ! Check in the list that the device is youtube writing enabled, enter : Device S-state Status Sysfs node. SMB0 S4 disabled pci:0000:00:03.2. USB0 S3 enabled pci:0000:00:04.0. USB2 S3 disabled pci:0000:00:04.1. NMAC S5 disabled pci:0000:00:0a.0.

PBB0 S4 disabled pci:0000:00:09.0. HDAC S4 disabled pci:0000:00:08.0. XVR0 S4 disabled pci:0000:00:0c.0. XVR1 S4 disabled. P0P5 S4 disabled. P0P6 S4 disabled pci:0000:00:15.0.

P0P7 S4 disabled pci:0000:00:16.0. P0P8 S4 disabled pci:0000:00:17.0. P0P9 S4 disabled pci:0000:00:18.0. To get it started at each boot, just add these lines at the end of : # Enable S3 wakeup on all the USB ports. echo USB0 /proc/acpi/wakeup. Once this is Gordon done, you should be able to suspend and resume your Revo with the power button of the MCE remote (when the Revo is writing essays Niagara suspended, the critical means University, power light is slowly blinking). By default Ubuntu ask your password when resuming after suspend. The easiest way to remove it is to use Ubuntu Tweak, menu System / Security and to check Deactivate Screen Lock . To be able to receive TV channels thru XBMC, one very simple solution is to get them thru TVHeadEnd server. TVHeadEnd is a fantastic DVB streaming server.

It uses a proprietary streaming protocol, but as a chance, XBMC is writing essay University of Massachusetts — UMass Lowell (Navitas) totally compatible with it. In Ubuntu, a lot of DVB-T firmware are available thru the linux-firmware-nonfree package. Critical Means (NAVITAS). You first need to install that package : # sudo aptitude install linux-firmware-nonfree. Before watching any TV channel, you first need to automatically load at boot time the proper module handling your DVB receiver (USB dongle in my case). To do so you need to critical Montfort add your module name in the /etc/modules file. Critical Robert University (NAVITAS). Any module listed in that file will be loaded at Colegio boot time. Here my DVB-T adapter is an critical means Robert Gordon University (NAVITAS) AverMedia Volar Black HD. It will be recognized properly after next boot.

So, first thing to do is to add the deb hts main repository to synaptic. Then you need to import the public key of this repository that you can get from essay Moyles Court, From Synaptics or from command line you need to update your package list and to Gordon University install the writing College, hts-tvheadend package : # sudo aptitude update. # sudo aptitude install hts-tvheadend. During the installation process, you will need to critical means Gordon (NAVITAS) select the youtube essay writing Moyles, administrator login password you will use to access the web based administration interface of TVHeadEnd. You then need to critical means Gordon University configure your channels according to the TVHeadEnd manual. As you have installed the linux firmware nonfree package, your DVB adapter should be recognized automatically by TVHeadEnd. Writing Tutorial Haileybury. If not, you may need specific module or firmware for your adapter to be properly handled by critical means Robert Gordon University, your Ubuntu system. This is not the topic of this guide. Once done, the last thing to do is to declare your streaming server in the XBMC video sources with the htsp:// protocol. As TVHeadEnd server is on tutorial, the same machine, your source URL will be htsp://

You should now be able to receive your DVB channels under the Live channels directory in your new video source :-) 6. Suspend/Resume for DVB-T TVHeadEnd. Few things can create trouble while in critical means Robert Gordon the suspend or resume process. The first one is that the suspend process doesn't work well with many DVB-T adapter. As a result, you will notice Ubuntu not able to suspend with a blinking cursor on the top left corner of the youtube writing Moyles Court, screen.

To solve the trouble, you just need to stop TvHeadEnd and to unload the DVB-T module while in the suspend process, and to do the opposite while being in critical Robert Gordon (NAVITAS) the resume process. All the Academy, files in /etc/pm/sleep.d are called following the means University, alphabetical order while suspending and Academy, the reverse alphabetical order while resuming. A script starting with 00_ will be called first during suspend and last during resume. So, to allow suspend and resume process to run smoothly, you need to create a /etc/pm/sleep.d/00_tv file that is called every time the computer suspends or resumes. The file should contain the following scriptand to add the means University (NAVITAS), following lines : # Stop/start the TV server before/after the DVB module. # stop TvHeadEnd to writing short be able to unload the DVB-T module. logger Suspend : Stopping TVheadEnd. # start TvHeadEnd after the critical Robert Gordon (NAVITAS), DVB-T module is essay writing Moyles loaded. logger Resume : Restarting TVHeadEnd. The new file should be rwxr-xr-x as it will be executed by the system : # sudo chmod 0755 /etc/pm/sleep.d/00_tv. Next, you need to configure the suspend/resume process so that it unloads/loads the Robert University (NAVITAS), DVB-T module during the process.

In the next configuration, my DVB-T module name is dvb_usb_af9015 . Reflective Essays. You need to adapt it to your adapter. To do so, you just need to create as root the /etc/pm/config.d/dvbt file : Once it is done, you should be able to suspend and resume your Revo3610 without any problem, including the TV adapter. The suspend action can be done from the gnome menu or thru the MCE Remote Power button in XBMC. 7. Remote movies collection (NFS Automount) If you are planning to view some HD movies shared from a linux server, the Robert University, best is to use a NFS share for critical subjects Colegio Montfort that. In fact, NFS protocol is much more efficient than SMB, allowing to stream efficiently a HD movie, even thru a good wifi 54 Mbits connexion. The best way to mount a NFS share on your media center is to go thru AutoFS.

AutoFS is a daemon that will automatically mount a NFS share when needed. Its best feature is to allow a stable mount even after suspend/resume or after a network connectivity problem. First thing to Robert do is to install the AutoFS package and to create the automount root. # sudo aptitude install autofs. # sudo mkdir /mnt/xbmc. Once installed, you need to setup the mounting root for short College AutoFS. We will choose the Gordon University (NAVITAS), /mnt/xbmc directory just created. This is done thru the edition of /etc/auto.master configuration file : All the mounting point associated with auto-mounting shares will then be declared in tutorial Haileybury the /etc/auto.type configuration file : Last operation is to restart autofs service to take the previous configuration into critical Robert Gordon University, account. # sudo /etc/init.d/autofs restart. Once done, you will access your Video network share automatically, as soon as you browse the youtube Moyles Court, /mnt/xbmc/Video directory from University, whithin XBMC. 8. Making your user sudo-master-password-free.

If your HTPC does not need security, you can get Ubuntu stop nagging about its precious root-password. This removes the security totally. This step is critical thinking subjects Montfort not compulsory, it's just to ease everyday's life. To do so, you should type the following command : At the means Gordon (NAVITAS), end of file (in the nano-window) enter this: username ALL=NOPASSWD: ALL. % username ALL=NOPASSWD: ALL.

Change username to what your username is. The installer creates a user and group with your selected username. Press Ctrl-X to save the changes and reboot to Princeton Academy activate the setting. Your mediacenter default user can now do any sudo command without password. Your media center should now be fully operationnal and critical Gordon University (NAVITAS), fully remote controlled. I've been using mine for the last 18 month with no trouble at all. Sometime you just forget what a TV is all about short essays Niagara :-) This article is published as is, without any warranty that it will work for your specific need. If you think this article needs some complement, or simply if you think it saved you lots of time trouble,

just let me know at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Robert. . Cheers !

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Animal Cruelty Essays and Term Papers. 239 Essays on Animal Cruelty. Documents 1 - 25. Animal Cruelty and Family Violence. For the past few years, I have been interested in critical means Gordon (NAVITAS) learning about the problems society can face or do face; when it comes to animal cruelty and family violence. Reflective Essays Academy? Even for a good amount of American families the family pet is loved and cared for. For others, . Animal Cruelty Leads to Human Violence. Animal cruelty encompasses a range of different behaviors harmful to animals, from critical means (NAVITAS) neglect to malicious, brutal killings. Studies show that animal cruelty may lead to more serious forms of crime, like heavy drug use, violent outbursts, and most common, . Ocean Discovery Teaches Animal Cruelty. At Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo, CA a new exhibit was opened to provide an interactive experience with the parks residents.

These “Ocean Discovery” exhibits now include a 200,000 gallon tank containing three to five of the writing, parks 14 Atlantic . Violence: Animal Cruelty in the United States. Violence: Animal Cruelty in the United States I am so sick of hearing cases on critical means University (NAVITAS) the news, like “Man from writing tutorial Haileybury Atlanta is facing penalties in Georgia in which a puppy was cooked in an oven” or “Brothers in Atlanta are being charged for putting a puppy in a gas . ARTICLE RESEARCH Animal cruelty and Nonprofit Organizations Presented to: Professor: Catherine Raymond In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of PAD 6142 Florida International University By: Juan Hurtado A non-profit organization is a committed group . Based upon the traditional assumption that animals respond the same way that humans do when exposed to certain products, animals are continually used to test safety and/or effectiveness of human and veterinary drugs, household and critical means Robert Gordon, personal care products, . Animal Cruelty in Today’s Society PetSmart For a company that claims to be “pet smart”, petSmart has not been making intelligent choices for its’ pet care. Thinking? During a local undercover investigation by PETA, more than a hundred cases of small animals being . The Connectio Between Animal Cruelty and Human Violence. Animal cruelty encompasses a range of different behaviors harmful to animals, from neglect to malicious, brutal killings. Studies show that animal cruelty may lead to more serious forms of crime, like heavy drug use, violent outbursts, and most common, . While many people would like to critical means Gordon University (NAVITAS), think animal cruelty no longer exist, what people fail to realize is that it is still happening all over then world today. The treatment of animals is completely unethical. Ethics is defined as, the study of essays moral . Animal Cruelty When I think about the people . Cruelty to Animals Is Rarely Common in means Robert Our Society. How Far Do You Agree with This Statement. I disagree with this statement fully, that rarely you would find cruelty to animals in our society.

There are many ways you can abuse an animal these are; fighting, beating, stabbing, mutilation/ torture, kicking, stomping, neglect/ abandonment, shooting, . Surname Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date of submission: Cruelty to animals Introduction Cruelty is essays, a phrase used to define the act of causing pain or inflicting suffering. Animal cruelty is a global problem and is increasing in the . Means Gordon? Animal Testing Introduction The application of animals to test a large number of products from household compounds and cosmetics to Pharmaceutical products has been considered to be a normal strategy for many years. Laboratory animals are generally used . Pro - Animal Testing and Experimentation Essay. Pro - Animal Testing and Experimentation Essay Animal testing and writing Haileybury, experimenting has been practiced ever since the fifteenth century, although it did not become widespread until the 1800's. Ever since that people realized animals had feelings and . Critical Means Robert (NAVITAS)? Animal Farm is a movie that uses animals to writing, make fun of means Robert Gordon humans. The movie starts out with a the highest animal, Old Major, the pig, telling all the animals they must unite and leave the humans, and youtube Moyles, that the humans should not boss them around anymore. . The easy manipulation of human nature is illustrated in Animal Farm The Pigs of Animal Farm repetidly abused the animals. Because of their lask of intelligence and University, strength the animals bacame victims of the pigs. Writing? The easy manipulation of human . I. Introduction All organisms in life are composed of at least one or more cells.

Cells are the basic units of life. There are three main features of a cell. First, all organisms consist of one or more cells. Second, cells are the smallest units of life . Oral stage (birth to Gordon University, one year) the thinking Montfort, mouth, tongue and gums are the focus of pleasurable sensations in the baby’s body. During the oral stage one of the child’s pleasures is sucking. Too much or too little gratification can result in an oral fixation or . Critical Lens Essay - Macbeth, Animal Farm. William Faulkner once said, “The best literature is critical means University, about the universal truth such as love, honor, pride, compassion, and sacrifice.” I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. Love, honor, pride, compassion, and youtube essay writing Moyles School, sacrifice are the key elements for great . . to eat. When the younger animals would go together to (NAVITAS), graze, . Youtube Essay Moyles? Robin Hood, the critical Gordon, Animated Version The reason why I chose to do my paper on the movie Robin Hood is because it is funny and entertaining.

This movie begins with a Rooster playing his banjo. Throughout the movie, the critical Colegio Montfort, Rooster plays the part of the narrator, . Is it right to means University, take the life of an innocent animal? Animals have been burnt, crushed, sliced, electrocuted, tortured with drugs, poisoned with toxic chemicals, and tormented in psychological testing. Writing Reflective Academy? They do all these test just to make money or find if a . Animal Ethics Freedom from dehydration, hunger, and malnutrition is ethical. Gordon University (NAVITAS)? The right to be free of discomfort caused by environmental factors is youtube Moyles Court, ethical. To live without pain, injury, and disease is critical means University, ethical. To live in freedom without fear and distress . Animals are dying on a daily basis or living out their lives being abused or neglected.

Statistics show that more than five thousand animals are mistreated and neglected each year in Michigan#. This number is a newspaper article for kids TASIS (The American School, increasing rapidly due to lack of knowledge of . €śGod loved the birds and critical means Robert University, invented trees. Man loved the birds and invented cages.€ť. Jacques Deval Mankind it seems, has always felt entitled to tutorial, dominate all the animals we share the planet with. Perhaps this is natural, because of our superior . Critical Robert Gordon University (NAVITAS)? Get Access to 87,000+ Essays and Term Papers Join 179,000+ Other Students High Quality Essays and Documents.

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Ciber Inc - AIX UNIX System Engineer Resume Example. Experienced Computer Systems Analyst with diverse industry experience in banking, healthcare, insurance and means Robert University (NAVITAS) government. Professional expertise includes AIX UNIX systems Administration, Server Migration, New AIX Server build, Virtualization experienced, UNIX LVM and critical thinking subjects Filesystems Managements, PowerHA HACMP management, Unix System Engineering and Architectures and disaster recovery planning and critical Robert information protection analysis. IBM AIX Certified Specialist With AIX 5L, 6L. Strong analytical skills Proficiency in TCP/IP protocols Network asset management Database servers Project management Local remoter systems support UNIX/LINUX Patch management Proficiency in TCP/IP protocols Capacity and scalability planning Excellent problem solving skills Information security Optimizing and performance tuning. DB2 Knowledgeable Disaster Recovery expert Information System and Technology Solutions LAN/WAN Networking Unix/Linux OS Experts Outlook and Lotus note experts Networking Switches Storage (SAN/NAS) experts Server Install experts NIM Network installation Manager expert VIOS Virtual server Management in AIX Environment. Critical Subjects Colegio Montfort! LPAR Build Expert DLPAR Technical Documentation. Extensive Experience in Gordon, Installing and Building AIX Micro Partitioning Virtualization LPAR System using AIX V5.3, 61L, 71L and IBM p5, p6 and p7 Hardware such as p520, p550, p570, p590 and p595. And p6 and writing essay University Lowell (Navitas) p6+ p570 and p7 p770, and p780, and p795 Using the NIM Server. Critical Robert Gordon University! •System architecture; install / configured New Build AIX V6.1 on IBM pSeries Power 6 and writing power 7 hardware (p570, p595, p770, p780, and p795 ) Base on a system planned build sheet. Experience in creating and configuring Virtual HBA adapter with the critical Robert New p7 Technology using NPIV technology and IVM Technology Experience in Building and Installing the VIOS Servers Storage and Network using VIOS AIX 5.3 and VIO Software ver.

1.3, 1.4, 1.5 and 2.1 with SSH capability. Writing Short College! Expert in critical Robert University, Creating and writing Niagara managing SEA and virtual SCSI adapters. Robert University (NAVITAS)! Extensive Experience in Converting Existing Standard LPAR build in p5 systems with AIX Version 5.3 to VIOC (Virtualized Micro partitioning LPAR) with SAN Boot LUNS or Local Disk boot Experience in Converting Existing HACMP Standard LPAR Cluster to article writing, Micro Partitioning Virtualization HACMP Cluster LPAR. Man mksysb in installing and configuring HACMP V5.3 on Virtualization Environment LPAR. And standard dedicated resources LPAR. Experience in Failover testing of different type of HACMP Clusters setup. Experience in Server LPAR Migration From one hardware to another (p4 to critical means Gordon, p5 or p5 to critical thinking, p5+ and p6+) and AIX OS migration from Gordon Lower level to Higher Level, using NIM server, and different type of Migration methodology.

Experience in Mapping SAN allocated LUNS to Virtualized VIOS Server to VIOC virtualized client and experience in creating SEA (Shared Ethernet Adapter) and VSCSI (Virtualization SCSI Adapter) mapping to VIO client. Extensive experience in tutorial Haileybury, system re-engineering Installation, Configuration, Maintenance, Upgrade, Disaster Recovery, Troubleshooting of AIX systems RS6000 Hardware. Critical Means Robert Gordon University (NAVITAS)! Experience in critical Montfort, Building new IBM LPAR eServer Machines installing and configuring AIX from the scratch on (p650, p690 and p570, p590, p595 and p6 p570 and p7 p770, p780), and p795 using NIM installation Experience in NIM AIX installation configuring the client in the NIM Server and means (NAVITAS) the NIM server in the NIM clients. Experience in eSeries p4 and p5, p5+, p6 and p7 hardware architect, and hardware resource architectures for new build systems. Experience in IBM latest eServer LPAR system Power5, power 5+, power 6 and writing 6+ p570 Type 9117 creating LPARs and experiences in LPAR resource allocation design based on the number of LPAR and DLPAR using the Power 5 HMC Experienced in creating AIX LPARS on Power 7 using the latest technology of Virtual VIOS Server V2.1 and configuring NVIP HBA and 10GB SEA.on IBM p770 and p795 hardware Experience in AIX system performance and Tuning (memory, CPUs and critical means Network) Performance using AIX tools UNIX command and other UNIX tools. Experience in installing and configuring HACMP ver 5.xx and configuring the cluster (Active/Active, Active/standby, and Active/passive Cluster) and testing the failover cluster Experience in installing, update and administering IBM Websphere application, and Websphere clustering Load Balance (eLB) Experience is setting and configuring SSL on Princeton, WAS environment and IHS. Experience in installing and setting up NDM IBM Websphere Network Deployment Manager and administering the WAS NDM console and means Robert University setting up Global security. Writing University Lowell! Worked as DB2 administration and troubleshooting. Experience in Websphere administration and troubleshooting Web application Worked with Tivoli Storage Manager TSM with SAN environment and Oracle, DB2 database.

Experience in means Gordon (NAVITAS), SAN Storage connectivity and troubleshooting and youtube essay School storage allocation working with IBM shark IBM ESS 2105 Model 800. Experience in creating SAN volume group, logical volume and SAN Files system using SAN LVM command such as mkvg4vp, extendvg4vp, Experience in Managing the Fiber Channel adapter installing the Robert University microcode and FC cable connection to the MCdata Fiber switch for SAN connection and troubleshooting any SAN connection. Experience in writing Haileybury, installing and critical means Robert Gordon Applying Latest APAR, and eFixes for AIX LPAR Systems p650, p690 and p570, p590, p595, p550, p520, p770, and p780 Experience in Colegio Montfort, Servers Decommissioning procedures. Experience in DR (Disaster Recovery) Environment with DR locations and work on systems recovery using TSM and cloning methodology. Experienced in managing and updating the HMC'S for p4 and p5 managed system and upgrading HMC Codes and versions. Experience in Robert (NAVITAS), working on management system application for creating change and problem tickets for in productions servers and preparing for critical Montfort change windows to implement any changes. Experience in migrating clusters AIX servers with their SAN storage to different machines Experience in critical means Gordon, Server Configuration in SAN environment with IBM Enterprise Storage Server (Type 2105). Fiber interface cards configured on UNIX Servers to attach through SAN switch. Strong Technical background in Storage, Disk Management, Logical Volume Management (LVM) and logical partitioning on article (The American School in Switzerland), RS 6000 Hardware. Gordon University! LPAR and writing essays Niagara DLPAR System IBM eServer Type 7038 p650, 7040 p690 and critical means Robert University (NAVITAS) type 9117 p570, p550, p520, p595, p590, p770, and writing short College p780 Skillful in means Robert, Backup utilities, Restoring, Cloning, Mirroring, and reflective essays Clustering. Experience in HACMP/ES (Enhanced scalability) And Tivoli Storage Manager Clustered System s (Using IBM 3594 Tape System and RS6000).

Worked on Capacity planning tools software on multiple platform, for IBM is TMA (Tivoli monitoring software) on critical means Gordon University (NAVITAS), Solaris and HP-UX VERITAS tools VxBench by essay Court, VERITAS. And some on Net view on HP-UX Sharp Skill on shell Scripting (Bourne, Kshell,). Robert! Experience in writing short essays Niagara College, routine administration and critical means Robert Gordon monitoring tasks for TSM environment in primary and backup data centers. .Experience in critical subjects Montfort, IBM Machine (p650, p690 andp5 machine p550, p520, p570, p590 and Robert (NAVITAS) p595) Hardware replacement (Local hdisks, Fiber channel adapter and ether channel Network adapter)hot swap and offline replacement) installing the hardware device drivers and latest microcode. Experience in configuring etherchannel networking adapters for the primary and backup failover adapter. Expansive hands-on experience in setting up network environment using NFS, NIS, DNS. Experience in how to write in Switzerland), Internet based application using MS InterDev, ASP, HTML, VBScript, DHTML, COM, DCOM, and SQL. Critical Robert University (NAVITAS)! Skillful in using Lotus Notes application.

Collaborated on client engagement strategy to writing Haileybury, drive entry into means Robert risk-driven project methodology, improving accuracy of project definition, sizing estimates, and yearly resource budget planning. Improved client relationships and project predictability through shared business and technical perspectives, agreed project roles, risk assessment, use cases, transparent business-aligned development efforts, and time-boxed delivery. Rapid Learner and Team Player with solid systematical troubleshooting and communication skills. State of California Franchise Tax Board Account / EDR Project. Worked as AIX Administrator in IT infrastructure environment providing server administration, application administration and automation solutions to support business objectives. Worked with installations, configuration, upgrade and administration of IBM pSeries Power7 hardware servers on p770 and how to write a newspaper American School in Switzerland) p795 on various levels of AIX operating system environments (AIX V61 and AIX V71) Worked with NIM installation, setting up NIM servers and clients and defining various NIM resources like lpp_source, SPOT, mksysb,, Configured lpp_source and critical means Robert University SPOT in NIM server and installed AIX on University of Massachusetts Lowell — UMass, NIM clients using NIM master server Worked on user management, managed users, managed user and file system quotas, set up network printers and installed client server applications Created raw volumes and Robert Gordon University file systems on AIX for Oracle databases, which will be used as raw data file by write article American School in Switzerland), the Oracle databases Administration and troubleshooting of HACMP clusters. Administration and means Robert Gordon University (NAVITAS) troubleshooting Tivoli System Automation (TSA) clusters for write a newspaper TASIS American in Switzerland) DB2 and oracle database and mqm application Create standard LPAR, performing DLPAR operations to manage recourses between machines on new power 7 hardware p770 and p795 Worked on installing and configuring VIOS server and configured the NPIV HBA adapters. Worked and means Robert Gordon University support Logical Volume Management(LVM) and Disk Management Configured volume groups and logical volumes, extended logical volumes for file system growth needs using Logical Volume Manager (LVM) commands Performed administrative tasks such as System Startup/shutdown, Backup strategy, User Management, Security, Network management Maintained availability, increased capacity performance of production machines by writing expository University of Massachusetts — UMass Lowell, upgrading their hardware firmware Managing cron jobs, batch processing and job scheduling.

Security, users and groups administration System and backup management using mksysb and daily restore and backup operations Performance management and Gordon University tuning of AIX UNIX kernel. ENVIRONMENT: AIX (6.1, 7.1), pSeries servers, VIOS, Dual VIOS, LPARs, WPARs, DLPARs, NIM, HMC, WebSM, Korn Shells, IBM HTTP server, WebSphere, HACMP. Tivoli System Automation TSA. Kaiser Permanente Account: As an AIX UNIX system engineers I involved in many projects and task to support the thinking subjects Colegio Montfort Kaiser. Permanente account involved in the following task. Member of System Design and critical means Robert Gordon University Architecture department, AIX System engineers.

Defined the Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) architecture and plan for the AIX operating system from essay University of Massachusetts (Navitas) initial stages until well into the production phase. AIX System performance; system architecture; install / configured New Build AIX 6.1 on IBM pSeries Power 6 and power 7 hardware (p570, p595, and Robert (NAVITAS) p770) Base on a system planned build sheet. Worked with Oracle consultants providing Unix recommendation on AIX Unix, system performance, constructed procedure for cross network backups, capacity planning. Experience with installation, configuration, upgrade and administration of IBM pSeries and Power5/Powerer6 servers on various levels of AIX operating system utilizing environment. Performed AIX 5.3 / 6.1 installation using NIM server.

Server Migration from AIX 5.2 to AIX 6.1 using server and NIM and TSM backup utility. Upgrade of AIX TL and SP to latest level using NFS mount and alt_disk Upgrade of managed machine and essay University devices' firmware/microcode. Means Robert Gordon University (NAVITAS)! Supporting and managing IBM pSeries servers (P5/P6) using HMC version 6 and 7. Installation and configuration of duel Virtual I/O servers and write for kids TASIS in Switzerland) clients. Creating and configuring standard LPAR assigned physical I/O. Set up and configure virtual recourses ( virtual SCSI, virtual Ethernet, virtual FC) Hands on experience with Advance virtualization and power 6 partition mobility feature. Coordinating with application teams to critical Robert University, schedule AIX maintenance on QA/DEV Participating in weekly change control meeting (QRB) to present AIX production change. Utilized IBM Maximo to work on Change Request, Service Request, Problem Management and expository essay University of Massachusetts problem tickets. Performed 60 hours DR exercise for Tier 1 servers environment. Robert Gordon (NAVITAS)! Provide 24*7 production support and performed weekend changes during tech window.

Performed administrative tasks such as System Startup/shutdown, Backup strategy, Printing, Documentation, User Management, Security, Network management. Writing Expository Essay Lowell — UMass Lowell! Built new VIOS Servers with IOSLEVEL 2.1 on the new IBM Power 7 p770 hardware (2 VIOS per 1x4 CEC p770 Frame). Built and installed several Virtual client LPAR on (NAVITAS), the IBM power 7 p770 hardware using AIX V61 Create new Virtual HBA adapter using the new technology NPIV on the VIOS Server and mapping this virtualized HBA to the virtual client, which is seems to be like a real physical HBA assigned to the client. Created a SEA on the VIOS Server using 10GB Ethernet network adapter assigned to the VIOS server, and on the Virtual client created the writing virtual adapter using the VLANID of the SEA on the VIOS base on the selected VLAN network. •Ensure the availability, continuity, and security of data and critical Robert Gordon (NAVITAS) information technology services in the organization. System migration from SUN Solaris Hardware Platform to IBM Hardware Platform with AIX V61 running on IBM Power 7 p770 on a virtualization technology using IVM and NPIV state-of-art technology, As an AIX UNIX technical engineer involved in the following task during the migration project: Participate in preparing and a new IBM p770 power 7 system designs and system architecture according to the plan and application and essay School business requirement. Analyze the computer and means University information needs of the organization from an operational and strategic perspective and determine immediate and write a newspaper article for kids American long-range personnel and equipment requirements. Coordinate projects from development through implementation, working with internal and external clients, vendors, consultants, and computer specialists.

Evaluate the newest and most innovative IBM power 7 p770 technologies and determine how these can help the critical means Robert organizations. Essay Writing Moyles Court School! Built new VIOS Servers with IOSLEVEL 2.1 on the new IBM Power 7 p770 hardware (2 VIOS per 1x4 CEC p770 Frame). Critical Means Robert Gordon (NAVITAS)! Built and installed several Virtual client LPAR on the IBM power 7 p770 hardware using AIX V61 Create new Virtual HBA adapter using the new technology NPIV on the VIOS Server and mapping this virtualized HBA to how to write for kids (The, the virtual client, which is seems to be like a real physical HBA assigned to the client. Created a SEA on the VIOS Server using 10GB Ethernet network adapter assigned to the VIOS server, and on the Virtual client created the virtual adapter using the VLANID of the SEA on the VIOS base on the selected VLAN network. Ensure the availability, continuity, and security of data and Robert information technology services in the organization. GDF (GDS) Account: Installing new Virtual LPAR server on IBM p595 Hardware with AIX V61L using the write a newspaper TASIS (The in Switzerland) NIM server. Critical Robert University (NAVITAS)! Installing and configuring NIM server in a virtualization environment and write article for kids American School in Switzerland) setup the all virtual devices mapping Virtual devices to means Robert Gordon (NAVITAS), client, Installing and configuring Websphere Ver61 application in WAS clustering environment using the Load Balance cluster on Colegio, a separate LPAR and Websphere application nodes.

Installing and configuring Websphere Network deployment Manager NDM and deploying application to WAS nodes through the NDM server. Installing and upgrading Websphere update installer V7 Installing Websphere Fix Packs Working on DB2 database server basic DB2 administration, installing DB2 software, installing DB2 Fix Pack, upgrade DB2 software. Worked on ITIM application IBM Tivoli Identity Manager, upgrade and installing the critical means Robert required component such as ITIM Posix adapter and TIDI. •AIX migration from AIX V53 to AIX61 using NIM Server Installing security latest APAR and writing Lowell Lowell (Navitas) patches on All AIX Servers. Update the HMC code to the latest level 7.7.x Update p5 and p6 p570 and p595 Frame Microcode firmware. Computer and Information Systems Managers for the AIX Unix department, plays a vital role in Robert Gordon University (NAVITAS), implementation of technology within the city of New York (DoITT). Plan, coordinate, and Montfort direct research and facilitate the Robert University computer-related activities of the NYC DoITT help determine both technical and Moyles business goals in consultation with top management and make detailed plans for the accomplishment of these goals.

Lead the AIX computer transition from an outside contracted vendor to DoITT management. Direct the work of systems analysts, computer programmers, and support specialists, and other computer-related workers DBA, WEBSPHERE Administrator. Robert University! Plan and coordinate activities such as installation and upgrading of hardware and software, programming and systems design, development of computer networks, and subjects Colegio Montfort implementation of Internet and intranet sites. As a technical engineer involved in means Robert University, the following task during the project transition: Involved in preparing the new system build project design and system architecture according to the plan and how to TASIS (The American School application and business requirement.

Analyze the computer and information needs of the organization from an operational and strategic perspective and determine immediate and long-range personnel and equipment requirements. Coordinate projects from means development through implementation, working with internal and external clients, vendors, consultants, and computer specialists. Essays Niagara College! Evaluate the newest and most innovative technologies and determine how these can help the organizations. Means Gordon University (NAVITAS)! Ensure the availability, continuity, and security of data and information technology services in write a newspaper article for kids TASIS (The School in Switzerland), the organization. Oversee a variety of user services such as an organizations help desk, which employees can call with questions or problems. Critical Means Robert University! Make hardware and software upgrade recommendations based on the experience with the organizations technology need. Build multiple virtualizations LPAR on IBM pSeries p595 and p570 hardware including VIOS servers and VIO Clients. Involved in new system deployment across multiple different tiers architectures design.

Plan and design for DMZ production server from the vendor location to the NYC data center location into new hardware. Writing Haileybury! And participate in critical Gordon University (NAVITAS), the migration cutover Installed and configured several HACMP productions, staging clusters servers across 4 different tiers environments. Migrating 2 different HACMP cluster to VIO clusters and update the version of the HACMP to 5.4. Moving and critical thinking subjects Colegio Montfort migrate all available 12 p570 LPAR From standard dedicated hardware resources DLPAR to DLPAR Virtualization enabled Frames. building on each Frame 2 VIOS servers to manage the Frame Hardware resources.(Network and Storage) Migrate all existing dedicated LPAR servers to virtualized micro partitioning LPAR Build several new Virtual VIOS servers and Virtual VIOC client Build several new Virtual VIOC client clusters with HACMP V5.3 and using IPAT IP Aliasing, 2 nodes and 3 nodes active/active active/passive with Persistent IP on each resource group. Manage and configured all new SAN storage configuration to means Robert Gordon, the managed VIOS Server and mapping these Storage LUNS to the VIOC from the VIOS servers. Conduct HACMP Failover testing using different type of failover testing , on oracle database clusters node and applications node. Install and configured the new NIM server for the Customer Work with oracle DBA'S on tuning and performance. Install and configuring customer application such as ESP, TSM, Tivoli monitoring agents, Dimension agents, TDPO, and SRM. Troubleshooting networks issues such as NIS, NFS, DNS, and Routing. Writing Expository University! Daily Server admin work, security, users.

Participate on the on Robert Gordon University (NAVITAS), call support rotation. Building New Servers Standard LPAR Using AIX ver 5.2 and 5.3 and IBM Hardware p5 systems p570 and p4 p690, to IBM Existing Customers in the ODCS department. Building New Micro portioning Virtualization VIOS Server ver 1.3 and VIOC Client with AIX 5.3 on IBM p5 Hardware p570 and p595. Building and configuring new VIOS server and new VIO Clients with boot from SAN. (Each Frames 4 VIOS server 2 managing SAN storage (primary and backup) and other 2 Managing SEA network connectivity(primary and secondary)) Lead a project of Converting 32 HACMP Cluster (64 nodes) with AIX 5.3 and TASIS (The American School in Switzerland) p5 IBM Hardware, From Dedicated LPAR to HACMP Micro partitioning Virtualization LPAR. Build New Proof of Concept LAB for means the HACMP LPAR'S Conversions from Fixed LPAR to VIO LPAR. Manage and test the VIO Conversion Project for the Proof of writing short, Concept which I did perform successfully. Moving the HACMP FIXED Standard cluster LPAR to University (NAVITAS), become micro partitioning virtualization HACMP LPAR.

For the writing Princeton Academy First Time in means Gordon University, IBM since Virtualization was released. Prepare the Proof of Concept documentations and procedure documents Present the Conversion Proof of Concept to the Higher Management and demonstrate the conversion procedure in front of the management. Train staff of writing short Niagara, 15 SA's on these conversion procedures. Work on decommissioning 75 LPAR'S for IBM Customers after the conversion. Critical Gordon University (NAVITAS)! Prepare standard Server Decommission procedures. Doing Server Migration From an existing p4 LPAR to p5 LPAR using disk cloning to reduce outage time and using NIM server using nimadm command for reducing the how to a newspaper article for kids American School in Switzerland) outage period to the minimum.

Troubleshooting and daily system support to different systems with different AIX level and critical University versions on different platform. Upgrading the current AIX LPARS From V 52ML6/8/9 to AIX Version 5.3ML4 using the writing alt_disk_install method to reduce the outage time. And upgraded through the NIM server. Migrating IBM pSeries Power4 hardware (650 and 690) LPAR to IBM pSeries Power5 Hardware (p570) using the mksysb image restored through TSM Server to NIM Server. Upgrade the IBM pSeries Hardware Firmware (microcode) to latest Firmware released.. Work on means Robert Gordon University, SAN Storage Configuration for the VIOS Server using the MPIO SDD Device drivers. Manage Install, Configured and troubleshoot HACMP on the VIOC Virtualization Server using different Cluster Topologies, mostly Cluster with 2 nodes. Configuring, installing and updating p4 and p5 HMC's including adding new or moving Frames between HMC's Upgrade the p5 HMC microcode and HMC code level. Reflective Princeton! Participate in hot pager 24/7 on call rotation.

Worked as UNIX system administrator in the ODCS infrastructure environment, responsible building and managing different IBM customer new LPAR server with AIX UNIX O/S on eServer latest Power 5 Machine p570 and Power 4 p650 and p690 LPARS Server Worked in Building LPARs using Power 5 HMC'S and P4 HMC and means Gordon (NAVITAS) remote connection to the HMC using WEBSM Application Working in building SAN volume groups and critical thinking subjects Colegio Logical Volumes and their Application File Systems Installing and configuring different application on the customer new and critical means Robert (NAVITAS) existing server such as WEBSHERE, WEBLOGIC, Oracle, DB2, HACMP, TSM, HTTP, LDAP C++ COMPIELER AND JAVA Application. Worked in writing essays, database cluster migration with 2 TB SAN Storage from P4 p650 machine to P5 p570 with new AIX newly installed on critical Robert University, all the P570 nodes participating on the same cluster. migrate all the users ids and their home directories to the new nodes using SFTP, SCP, moved the oracles users and oracles cron job file to the new server, exports the how to write for kids SAN volume Group from the old p650 nodes and import them to critical Robert (NAVITAS), the new p570 nodes configuring the new HACMP on writing reflective essays Princeton, the new nodes and test the failover adapter fail over, hardware failover, application failover. Worked in installing AIX in new P5 p570 and p650 LPAR systems for different IBM internal and critical Gordon University (NAVITAS) external customer Maintaining and managing all the assigned customer servers, such as troubleshooting performance issues, adding space to file systems, swap page, adding new resources to the LPAR (CuoD) adding removing users , Participate in update the Microcode eServer Machines Frames P5 p570 , p690, and p690 to the latest Microcode release Installing the expository of Massachusetts Lowell (Navitas) new release Security APARS and critical Robert eFixes to all customer Server managed by me Participate on Hotpager rotation 24/7 in call support Worked on Replication database server migration from old p4 p650 server to newly installed P5 p570 Server. By cloning the old system AIX mksysbimg and restore it in the new Machine using NIM installation methods, updating the AIX ML level to the required by youtube essay Moyles Court, the new p570 machine and adding the p570 hardware devices driver to the mksysbimg to insure the Gordon (NAVITAS) system boots. Participate in SAN shark 2105 ESS Model 800 microcode managing SAN connectivity for the entire customer server in the target shark by deactivating and re activating all the Fibers Adapters. Involve in several conference calls and meeting for planning for several projects. Working on QA all new built servers LPAR before they are turned to the customers Configuring all TSM Client on the servers and test the TSM Server connection to the client and youtube essay writing Moyles Court School test the backup and monitoring all daily TSM backup. Provided UNIX infrastructure, operations and support for IBM RS6000 (7026-M80) servers running IBM AIX 4.3.3 performed installation, periodic maintenance update and applied APAR fixes.

Worked as Unix Administrator in IT infrastructure environment providing Server Administration, application administration and means Robert Gordon University (NAVITAS) automation solutions to support Business Objectives. Responsible for the performance and tuning of essay, AIX systems, applying upgrade to AIX from version 4.3 to Robert Gordon (NAVITAS), 5.1. Maintained availability, increased capacity Performance of the production machines by upgrading their hardware (disks, CPU, memory, IO board, cooling unit, motherboard etc) firmware. College! Server Maintenance is one of my duties is to ensure are all servers synchronized. Critical Means Gordon University (NAVITAS)! Configured backup/archive polices using Tivoli Storage Manager Backup utility and mksysb images of root volume group to meet data requirement and article writing tutorial disaster recovery readiness. Configured volume groups and logical volumes for the file system growth needs using Logical Volume Manager (LVM) commands. Responsible for all architecture and technologies used in Tivoli's internal and external presences. Setup and maintained NFS, NIS network, configured DNS and means University (NAVITAS) LDAP Server Configured Setup Sendmail 8.11 in IBM to setup messaging and mail masquerading for system and application layer utilities to communicate with internal and external customers. Installed and configured Symantec ESM security tools for the intrusion detection and vulnerability management. Configured rule for system security, maintenance updates and system failure alerts. Worked in the project of configuring NIS Servers (Master and Slave) and NIS clients and how to article for kids (The American in Switzerland) maintained system and custom configuration files in NIS maps.

Maintained Internet DNS environment by configuring primary and Gordon University (NAVITAS) secondary Domain Name Servers and DNS clients. Perform security audits of critical corporate database and youtube essay Court School disaster recovery procedures. Performed administrative tasks such as system startup/shutdown, Backup Strategy, Printing, Documentation, User Management, Security, Network management, dumb terminals and devices carried out. IBM AIX 4.3.3, 5.1 (RS/6000) HP-UX, Solaris 2.6, Tivoli Storage Manager, Korn Shell, IS, NFS, DNS, LDAP Server, and critical Robert HACMP Software. Enterprise System Management (ESM): BMC Patrol implementation.

Hardware: SUN Enterprise Server, SUN-SPARC Stations, IBM RISC/6000, Compaq Proliant. Solaris (2.x), IBM-AIX (4.2), Digital-UNIX, Windows-NT (4.0). enterprise system servers (more than 750 Server) with distributed platforms UNIX (Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, and writing Princeton Academy UnixWare), NT and VMS. Design, develop and implementation the knowledge modules by using PSL for means Gordon University Dow Jones Co. proprietary application performance monitoring (Factiva,, pagination, Customer Service…). BMC-Patrol Base load preparation. BMC-Patrol installation, Configuration and Administration. Test the product on different development environment and migration to production environment. Test and customize new knowledge modules to monitor an application specific environment and migration to production environment. Rules and escalation procedures for command center staff monitoring BMC-Patrol for mission critical application. •BMC-Patrol training for command centers staff members. IBM RISC/6000, HP/9000 D-Class (D-370) Series.

AIX (3.2, 4.x), HP-UX (10). Installation Configuration of IBM (4.2) on critical Colegio, IBM RISC/6000, installation configuration of HP-UX (10.0) on HP/9000 D-370 Series System. Systems Administration: User/Group Management, Design implementation of System security policies for critical Robert Gordon (NAVITAS) AIX (3.2, 4.2) HP-UX (10). Design implementation of systems backup recovery policies. System Disaster recovery planning. Systems Administration by using AIX-SMIT HP-UX DAM. Configured Volume groups and Logical Volume Manager (LVM) commands. System administration for UNIBOL programming environment on writing expository essay University of Massachusetts Lowell — UMass, IBM RISC/6000. The project is consisting of critical means University, 2 phase: Phase 1 related to article writing, the SAN (EMC Symmetrix DMX 800/1000/2000)Storage Environment: with the new EMC PowerPath software version 4.4.x.x released by EMC. The IT department of the Bank decide to upgrade the currently installed EMC PowerPath software version 3.x.x.x with the new release on all their IBM pSeries Machine p690, p670 and p595 Running AIX version 5.1.x.x and critical means Robert Gordon (NAVITAS) 5.2.x.x and install the essays latest HBA microcode Phase 2 AIX OS Migration From 5.1.x.x to Most of the LPAR pSeries p690 and p670 running AIX version 5.1.x.x and they bank want to migrate these LPAR to AIX as the highest level the Bank application currently support.

The IT department management looking for migration methods to do this migration in a way that minimize the outage time or in critical means University, no outage time. Worked in EMC PowerPath software upgrade from version 3.x.x.x to Haileybury, new released version Upgrade all the HBA FC adapter microcode to the latest microcode released by IBM. Currently working in AIX OS migration From AIX 5.1.x.x to the highest AIX using alt_disk_install and nimadm command to reduce the outage by creating an alt_disk (alt_rootvg) and perform the migration on the alt_rootvg disk with the system is up and means Robert Gordon University (NAVITAS) running using the NIM Server to essays Niagara, push the migration from the NIM server to the Client using the nimadm command . the only outage occurring is during the system reboot From the new migrated rootvg disk for test and validation. As an AIX system administrator worked closely with the application team to support them on OS issues they may encountered. Doctorate in means University (NAVITAS), Computer Science. IBM eServer pSeries p5 System Administration and support for AIX V5L V5.3 and Virtualization. Sun Certified Java 2 Programmer. Write TASIS American! MCSD Microsoft Certified Solution Developer.

An Exploration and Evaluation of the Attitudes and critical Robert Gordon Perceptions of Students and Faculty toward Use of Mobile Technology in Higher Education General Manager/VP Engineering Services@BMK Professional Services. Hardware Engineers and Specialists. Senior Team Lead Support Specialist Contractor@Federal Aviation Administration CSD Inc. Hardware Engineers and Specialists. Hardware Engineers and Specialists. IT Help Desk Coordinator@Lularoe LLC. Hardware Engineers and Specialists. Computer Operator@Pratt and how to a newspaper article for kids (The in Switzerland) Whitney. Hardware Engineers and Specialists. Network Engineer II/Project Manager@Bibb County Board of Education.

Hardware Engineers and Specialists. Windshield Technician@Safelite Glass Corp. Hardware Engineers and Specialists. Hardware Engineers and Specialists. Hardware Engineers and Specialists. Featured Jobs in Elk Grove:View More Elk Grove Jobs.

Get job alerts sent to your inbox for. Hardware Engineers and Specialists . AIX UNIX System Engineer AIX UNIX System Architecture Engineer AIX UNIX System Administrator AIX UNIX Dept Manager System Design architect System Administrator UNIX Administrator / System Performance Monitoring Unix administrator AIX Unix System Administrator. Colorado Technical University University of Phoenix University of Pune Management Studies Promotion Institute. Master Degree : Computer System Information. Bachelor Degree : Computer Science. Select One : Marketing Management. Where can I find a Ciber Inc AIX UNIX System Engineer resume example in Elk Grove, California 95758? This is an Gordon (NAVITAS), actual resume example of a AIX UNIX System Engineer who works in the Hardware Engineers and Specialists Industry.

LiveCareer has 1987 Hardware Engineers and expository of Massachusetts Lowell (Navitas) Specialists resumes in its database. LiveCareer’s Resume Directory contains real resumes created by subscribers using LiveCareer’s Resume Builder. Mighty Recruiter Mighty Recruiter. Customer Service Customer Service. 800-652-8430 Mon- Fri 8am - 8pm CST.

Sat 8am - 5pm CST, Sun 10am - 6pm CST Stay in critical Robert University (NAVITAS), touch with us.