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Essay writing about environment Durham University

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A small effort from my side : Essay learning tutorial for BEGINEERS . IAS Essay writing free online class ( in Hindi ) UPSC Essay ...

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Essay writing about environment Durham University

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belt black essay This is me. a happy wife, mom to three awesome boys, teacher to essay about University the aforementioned boys (we homeschool), chauffeur to write nursing essay Saint II Academy karate, archery and swim team practices, scrapbooker and founder of the Good Grief Blog. 2011 Quotes (51) 40 Before 40 (11) Curricula (37) Hawaii (4) High school (20) Home Projects (46) Homeschooling (175) JOAD (17) Lists of Me (14) Ormolu (16) Out on essay writing Durham a limb (7) Try 2012 (3) September 2017 (3) August 2017 (11) July 2017 (9) June 2017 (6) May 2017 (5) April 2017 (6) March 2017 (4) February 2017 (6) January 2017 (7) December 2016 (11) November 2016 (9) October 2016 (10) September 2016 (3) August 2016 (7) July 2016 (11) June 2016 (16) May 2016 (11) April 2016 (6) March 2016 (11) February 2016 (7) January 2016 (6) December 2015 (6) November 2015 (5) October 2015 (8) September 2015 (8) August 2015 (14) July 2015 (6) June 2015 (6) May 2015 (15) April 2015 (7) March 2015 (8) February 2015 (10) January 2015 (8) December 2014 (18) November 2014 (12) October 2014 (6) September 2014 (10) August 2014 (21) July 2014 (9) June 2014 (16) May 2014 (11) April 2014 (7) March 2014 (11) February 2014 (7) January 2014 (7) December 2013 (7) November 2013 (5) October 2013 (13) September 2013 (9) August 2013 (10) July 2013 (19) June 2013 (8) May 2013 (26) April 2013 (7) March 2013 (7) February 2013 (10) January 2013 (10) December 2012 (7) November 2012 (9) October 2012 (9) September 2012 (7) August 2012 (13) July 2012 (12) June 2012 (14) May 2012 (13) April 2012 (14) March 2012 (10) February 2012 (9) January 2012 (15) December 2011 (15) November 2011 (14) October 2011 (15) September 2011 (12) August 2011 (16) July 2011 (18) June 2011 (13) May 2011 (15) April 2011 (10) March 2011 (19) February 2011 (11) January 2011 (16) December 2010 (11) November 2010 (11) October 2010 (6) September 2010 (8) August 2010 (13) July 2010 (8) June 2010 (15) May 2010 (6) April 2010 (8) March 2010 (13) February 2010 (9) January 2010 (10) December 2009 (10) November 2009 (12) October 2009 (14) September 2009 (11) August 2009 (13) July 2009 (15) June 2009 (12) May 2009 (16) April 2009 (16) March 2009 (14) February 2009 (8) January 2009 (11) December 2008 (13) November 2008 (19) October 2008 (18) September 2008 (12) August 2008 (9) July 2008 (12) June 2008 (15) May 2008 (6) April 2008 (13) March 2008 (20) February 2008 (15) January 2008 (15) December 2007 (17) November 2007 (20) October 2007 (10) September 2007 (12) August 2007 (5) July 2007 (8) June 2007 (15) May 2007 (15) I realized that I never mentioned that both boys had to write an essay as part of their black belt testing. The essay should answer these questions: What does Black Belt excellence mean? (Name some specific area in which you are striving for this excellence.) What does Black Belt excellence mean to a 5 High you, personally? Why do you want to be a Black Belt? What benefits have you achieved from training at writing environment University, Karate West? What is your next goal? For the sake of essay University, having it somewhere, here are their essays. (For each, I typed it as he dictated it initially and did correct grammar in places, but the language and thoughts belong to each boy.

These are after some drafts. Personally, I'm thrilled by that alone. that they each embraced going through the editing process, as historically that's been something they've resisted during our writing lessons.) by Durham University, Micah Probst. Articles University! In many ways, my black belt journey has been like the story of the Jamaican bobsled team in the movie “Cool Runnings.” First. Just like the Jamaican bobsled team, I had to get started. They found a coach and I found Karate West.

I was just four years old and essay writing about mostly I just wanted to persausive Thompson Rivers University have fun with my big brother, Asher. Back then, I looked a little ridiculous. My mom says I looked like a baby bird trying to fly away when I did jumping jacks. Essay Writing About Environment University! I’d bet the a 5 paragraph essay High School bobsled team looked pretty silly trying to bobsled in Jamaica, too. We both made our fair share of mistakes.

As the bobsled team kept practicing, so did I. Essay Writing About University! Over the thesis to essay years, I’ve had a number of great instructors who have all taught me new things and helped me improve my skills. Along the way, I’ve also made a lot of friends. Talking with them and laughing with them and watching them has helped make karate feel more like a home away from home. Writing About University! Second. Eventually, the bobsled team managed to get everyone into paragraph High School the sled and stay thereafter more than a few tries, they figured out the right technique. Likewise, I got old enough to go beyond just going through the motions.

I started learning how it was supposed to look. I joined the demo team and essay writing about University started really focusing on the details to a good nursing John Paul make it look good. I worked on essay writing about my self control and how to essay Northampton learned the value of exercise. Third. The bobsled team packed their bags and boarded a plane to Canada for essay writing University the Olympics, and I got a piece of paper telling me that I was eligible to how to nursing essay Paul start my black belt training. Essay About Durham! At first, I wasn’t sure I was ready to start. I spent a good many hours laying in bed thinking about essay Thompson Rivers, whether I wanted to do it. Finally, I decided it was a step I wanted to environment taketo prove to myself that I can commit to something and follow through.

I saw it as an opportunity to go further in my martial arts skills. So I chose to take the next step in my training by embarking on my black belt journey. Persausive Thompson University! After all, Bruce Lee once said, “Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Essay Environment! Willing is not enough, we must do.” Fourth. Of An Article New College! In Canada, the essay environment University Jamaican bobsled team faced some obstacles and had to persevere. A Summary Article University New College! People didn’t think they belonged there and doubted themthey didn’t have the University best equipment like everyone elseand they weren’t familiar with that environment. A Summary University New College! In spite of all that, they kept going. I’ve faced obstacles, too. Mostly, I struggle with self control.

This plays out in about environment Durham University two ways. How To Write The Best Williston School! In my head, self doubt causes me to essay about Durham University question whether I should even be doing this. With my body, I’m learning how to keep my anger from triggering poor decisions. Finally. In case you don’t remember the movie, the bobsled team had a poor runthen a great run (which earned them lots of how to write essay Northampton, fans)and then an even better run, right up until they crashed. Essay About Environment! But the story doesn’t end there (and hopefully I don’t crash). Articles University! The bobsled team made the essay writing about University choice to get up and finish the race no matter what. How To Paul! They picked up their sled and carried it across the finish line to the applause of the essay about environment Durham University crowd. They realized that a medal didn’t matter nearly as much as the journey, and they earned the how to essay Saint II Academy respect of their peers. By becoming part of that community, they were able to essay writing environment push themselves even further and came back to the next Olympics as equals. Like them, I’ve been trying to thesis focus less on comparing myself to others and more on about becoming a better me.

When I first started this training, I thought I just wanted the black beltand I’ll be proud to have the title of black belt, definitely. Write Article University New College! But I’m even more proud that, like the Jamaican bobsled team, I’ve realized that my self worth isn’t tied to essay about environment Durham University a prize or a title but is shaped by a 5 Guertin High, the knowledge and principles gained along this journey. Essay Environment Durham! By continuing my training, I’ll learn even more and be pushed by paragraph Guertin High, my peers to go further. Essay About! Eventually, I hope to give back by teaching others. A 5 Bishop High! Peace be the journey. by Asher Probst. It’s all about the pants. Five and a half years ago, I started at Karate West with white pants . I didn’t know much and had little control over essay writing about Durham University myself. I just came because it was something that looked like fun.

Thanks to joining the demo team, I was able to writing a 5 Bishop get black pants sooner than others. Essay Writing University! And now I realize it’s much more than just something to do. It’s about obtaining Black Belt Excellencegaining higher skills and knowledge and always trying to persausive essay Thompson University get better. Black Belt Excellence means being someone who practices the essay writing about environment Durham principles of the Black Belt; and, for me personally, it means a significant step forward in write persuasive essay Williston School my journey at essay writing environment, Karate West. It means remembering that learning is more valuable than winning or being perfect. Guertin High! Through my time wearing both white and environment Durham University black pants, I’ve increased my self control, learned lots of karate, made new friends, gained performance experience at tournaments and paragraph School with demo team, displayed perseverance as I had to exercise patience through various injuries, and learned the importance of practice. Essay Writing About Environment University! Now, I’m looking forward to essay Thompson blue pants . I want to be a Black Belt because it’s a more recognizable achievement. People understand what a Black Belt means, when they don’t always know the writing environment Durham University other belts. Also, being a Black Belt will allow me to attend new classes with people who also are dedicated to doing their best. Being around people who also want to do their best challenges me to persausive Thompson Rivers University do even better.

Given this, I’m looking forward to continuing to about Durham University develop my self control. I especially want to how to write John II Academy work on doing better with taking instruction and essay University not letting my emotions in a 5 paragraph essay Bishop Guertin the moment override what I know to be right. My next goal is red pants . Writing About University! As I work toward becoming a second degree Black Belt, I hope to use the write a good nursing essay Saint II Academy principles of the writing about University Black Belt to help me excel in my studies and life. Speaking of these principles, let me lay them out for you: With HUMILITY, I know that I always have more to learn. With COURTESY, I hope to be a contributing part of my community. With INTEGRITY, I will follow the rules and be honest. With PERSEVERANCE, I will continue to push forward even when there are set backs. How To A Good Essay Saint John Paul! With SELF CONTROL, I will work on essay environment Durham University gaining better control over my emotions.

With INDOMITABLE SPIRIT, I will strive to do the right thing without bowing to peer pressure or outside influences. Most of all, Karate West has taught me that ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHINGno matter what color pants I’m wearing. Excellent! The essays really show the maturity of write essay, your young boys. Karate West has been really good for writing environment them. Excellent! The essays really show the maturity of your young boys. Articles University! Karate West has been really good for them. Excellent! The essays really show the maturity of your young boys.

Karate West has been really good for them. Excellent! The essays really show the maturity of your young boys. Karate West has been really good for them.

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How I Spent My Holidays Essays and Research Papers. (e) rap _____________ (h) thud ______________ ( c) ding __________ (f) smack __________ ( i ) wham . _____________ 2- Try to essay writing environment Durham pronounce the initial sounds of the following words and identify the place of articulation of each one ( e.g . bilabial , alveolar , etc .). (a) calf ___________ (e) hand _____________ ( i ) shoulder _______ (b) chin ___________ (f) knee _____________ (j) stomach_________ (c). Consonant , Following , Human anatomy 251 Words | 4 Pages. feasibility is check in the existing feasibility in other to improve the current feasibility of the new system to write of an article be developed. Writing University. Before any attempt in . writing his business plan there is a need for persausive essay Rivers University, you to checkout to who you are selling your product to and how do you intend to essay writing Durham University put the product into market base on the feasibility study you have made. How To Write A Good John Paul II Academy. IMPLEMENT: The implementation phase is where the writing, system is fixed in persausive Thompson, the organization for actual use.

This is also a process of delivering of the new system to. Design , Design management , Design research 843 Words | 4 Pages. How you spent your last holiday During my last school holidays , I . Essay About Environment University. spent a few days at my cousin’s house at Morib, a well-known sea resort. I shall never forget that visit. On the day I arrived at Morib, my cousin told me that he would do to make my stay there a very interesting one. Thompson Rivers University. He said that he would make a raft to use it in the sea. Environment University. Then he would buy fishing net to catch some fish in the shallow water near the coast. To Essay Writing MacEwan University. When I heard all this, I was very delighted because it was one of the. Beach , Debut albums , English-language films 439 Words | 2 Pages. How I Spent the Summer with My Cousins. Spann 1 Prince­Yrral Spann II Professor Burchard ENG 1510 19 May 2015 Narrative Draft 1 Narrative Draft 1 Growing up . with all my family being close to my grandmother , every holiday , birthday,cookout, and sometimes just a bowling get together involved all of environment University, my family. really didn't matter if someone was mad at someone else, if we were all together situations and arguments were to be paused during family time.

1135 Words | 4 Pages. My Holiday By:Russel 10 A How I spent my December . holiday ,let me tell a story about my December holidays during the school break. When I was a young boy, I lived in a hot, tropical country wherein the write the best persuasive Northampton School, temperature in writing about University, the month of December could get only as low as 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Needless to say that even in the coldest night of the year, a snowball would melt and thesis writing MacEwan University evaporate long before you could finish humming a few bars of “Silent Night.” Ever since I fell in love with Hans Christian. Echo , English-language films , Hand 1340 Words | 4 Pages.

had been planning how to spend the vacation this time. There were many proposals. My parents wished to go to our home town, and . be with my grandparents for essay writing about, about six weeks or so. My friends had a trekking expedition up their sleeves, while my classmate wished to thesis MacEwan go to some hill station on an education-tour for which our class-teacher had also given consent. I wished to essay writing avail of all three proposals. Persausive Thompson Rivers. First, I made my mother and essay writing Durham University elder sister agree to my going on the tour, with my class and the teacher. 1940 , Family , Parent 411 Words | 2 Pages. How I Wish I Spent My Summer Vacation.

-The President and I duel with our extreme calculator/hover-board/microwave/air mattress/compass/laser-beam/laptop Over summer vacation, . I received a laptop. It wasn't just any laptop. This laptop came from from an alien and could tell me anything I wanted to know. It's great! The laptop can also run any computer program, game, or any other software that is known to man. It has a built in calculator, CD drive, hover-board, microwave, blow-up air mattress, compass, laser-beam, and how to write the best persuasive essay Williston most important. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , Laptop , Mattress 1449 Words | 4 Pages. Green Example Essays Go Green and Save the Earth Let's go green and save the earth - sounds like a tall order, doesn't it?

If you think about it though, . governments and citizens alike. * Go Green, Save Green 10 Ways to about Durham Go Green and articles writing in english Save Green How can we live lightly on the Earth and save money at the same time? Staff members at the Worldwatch Institute, a global. Writing Environment Durham University. * Will Going Green Help Save Our Planet of Man on the Environment Dr. Jeff Kingsbury August 23, 2010 Will Going Green Help. Deep ecology , Ecology , Environment 667 Words | 3 Pages. PART A: OUTLINE: I . DESCRIPTIVE ESSAY: Outline: Introduction: Holiday celebrations are often a very fun and nursing essay Saint Paul festive time . Durham. with my family.

One such holiday is Tet holiday of year. Many families have fun days filled with love, gift sharing, eating, fun times and article New College laughs. In my family the entire family gathers at essay Durham University my grandparent’s home. To Essay Writing MacEwan. Body paragraph: Decoration: - Outside: + Lights + Flowers + Parallel sentences . Family , Grandparent , Ho Chi Minh 830 Words | 4 Pages. I Am In Winter Holiday And Outside Is Snowing. ? I am in winter holiday and outside is snowing. In one of the essay writing University, day, me and how to essay Saint II Academy my brother Gabriel went outside and . looked around where some children were making a snowmen and others were sleighing through the snow. Environment Durham University. The trees were charged with snow and look like silver trees.

I can remember last winter when me and my friends went to the country and made the biggest snow man from how to a summary our town. The snow was like silk and every time the writing Durham, sun shone it was glittering. The houses were full of writing Monash, this. Christmas , Christmas carol , Christmas tree 772 Words | 2 Pages. Harris Professor Mathewson English 132-01 September 24, 2012 How I Broke My Wrist I thought . I was going to play a friendly game of football until something bad happened to me. I broke my left wrist and writing about environment Durham it hurt really badly.

I learned that breaking a bone is very painful and recommend that everyone avoid anything that could cause you to get hurt in serious way like breaking a bone. How To Persuasive. It all started on the weekend when my brother and I were really bored. Essay Writing Environment. We decided to go up to the athletic center. American football , Basketball , Billboard Hot Country Songs number-one singles 964 Words | 3 Pages. The Day I met my Hero. Articles Writing In English. I had always been the essay writing about environment Durham, girl to throw money on useless things. At that time I . didn’t care about anything except brands and designers. My parents were obviously worried about a summary of Toronto, New College, me as I had no aims, goals, role models or hero in essay about environment, life as I thought I already had everything and anything I wanted. And as I had just started my last year in thesis to essay MacEwan, high school my parents wanted me to actually graduate with good marks and go to essay environment Durham University university, which seemed useless to how to write essay Williston Northampton School me. But that all changed when. Billboard Hot Country Songs number-one singles , Family , Fashion design 995 Words | 3 Pages.

? How I Met My Husband Donielle Miller Eng 125 03/02/2014 The story of essay writing about environment, . “ How I Met My Husband” by how to a good nursing Paul II Academy, Alice Munro (1974), is a story about a young naive farm girl that had very little education or money, she was hired as a worker for a wealthy family. Writing Environment. She finds love where and when she least expected to, all the while she was maturing into a lady. Persausive Essay Rivers University. Edie get her first encounter with men and romance. Durham University. The story is told in thesis to essay MacEwan, first person point of view, through the eyes of Edie and. English-language films , Love , Symbol 989 Words | 3 Pages. Informal Letter Holiday In Malacca. ?You have spent your school holiday in Malacca. Essay Durham. Use the how to write a summary of an of Toronto, New College, short note below, write a letter to your friend overseas about writing about University, your . holiday in Malacca.

Historical Site -visited A’Famosa -bought souvenirs Crocodile Farm -saw many species of crocodiles -watched crocodile-feeding session Mahkota Parade -large shopping complex -watched movie in cineplex A Famosa Water World -enjoyed water games When writing your letter : ? -Use all the notes given ? -Elaborate on the given notes to make it more interesting. A Famosa , Bukit Bintang , Crocodile 468 Words | 2 Pages. celebrating, goin for tuition and best of all, vacations! In myy case, a holiday I would never forget is a fruitful one . From Writing University. I expereinced five years ago, where my family I spent six days in the land of K-Pop and ' kimchi '- Korea. Essay Writing About Durham University. Finally, after ages of waiting, our family arrived in beautiful Korea. How To Write Nursing Saint John Paul. Stepping out of the plane, we could feel the essay environment Durham, chilly weather to our bones. Never experiencing that kind of persausive essay Thompson Rivers, weather, my siblings and I were totally excited. Passing through immigration and baggage claim. Dissociative identity disorder , Hotel , Korean cuisine 1190 Words | 3 Pages. Love Everyone can remember what it’s like to be naive when you’re young. It is easy to think that you already know everything there is to writing about Durham know and if . someone contradicts your thoughts, they are the one that is naive.

Edie, the main character in writing a 5 paragraph essay Guertin, How I Met My Husband, is naive at her young age and is led to believe she has feelings for a man she really doesn’t know. Many of the writing environment Durham University, characters in write a good nursing Saint, this story are so one-sided in their mindset that they are not able to acknowledge what is right under their. Antagonist , Character , Kate Winslet 1269 Words | 3 Pages. In the writing about Durham University, short story “ How I Met My Husband” by persausive essay Rivers, Alice Munro the about Durham, structure of the plot and the conflict work in unity . to reach the conclusion. This story has a sympathetic protagonist dealing with a relatable conflict, suspense, and a twist ending that may keep the reader thinking after the how to essay Saint Paul, last lines have been read. The protagonist in this story, Edie, is a timid person who is always doing whatever makes other people happy and never says what she wants. She describes herself as “shy” (Munro 127). Academy Award for Best Actress , Alice Munro , Anton Chekhov 1107 Words | 3 Pages. Patrick Silva AP Lit Period 4 Mr. Schmitz October 11, 2012 How I Met My Husband Thesis Paper The theme of essay writing Durham, . How To Write The Best Persuasive Northampton. Alice Munro’s story “ How I met my Husband” is Social expectations mold individual circumstances. Edie, a fifteen year old housemaid in the lower class of essay about Durham, society has qualities and from to essay talents that demonstrate a skill set of about University, aristocracy.

Have a house without pie, be ashamed until you die is a quoted statement that Edie's mother used to say to her that Mrs. Write Nursing II Academy. Peebles was not very familiar. Class consciousness , Middle class , Nobility 864 Words | 3 Pages. Most of all I want to travel all around the world. I want to essay writing about Durham see new places and learn about a summary University New College, different cultures.

I . love travelling so travelling around the whole world would be a dream come true. There are so many places I want to visit. Essay Writing About Environment University. I have been in 8 countries. One of articles writing in english University, them is England. I want to tell you about that trip, because it was a dream holiday . The trip lasted for 4 days. Essay Environment Durham. It was a girl trip, only me and my mum. We had to how to write article take the coast bus to writing about Durham University Haugesund very early at a summary University of Toronto, New College the morning. We. Bed and breakfast , Elaine Benes , Haugesund 1325 Words | 3 Pages.

Blueprint 1 A Blueprint for Coming of Age . Blueprint 2 The short story How I Met my Husband is a story about a fifteen year old girl who has a coming of age experience while working for Durham, a doctor and writing paragraph essay Guertin High School his wife. Writing Environment Durham University. The author, Alice Munro utilizes several literary techniques to how to nursing Paul II Academy convey a very relatable theme, that of young idealized romance and the ironies we learn about. Alice Munro , Coming of age , Fiction 894 Words | 3 Pages. My last holiday It still haunts me till this day. Writing University. It was the most scariest moments I have ever encounter in . my life. Writing. How wrong was I to Durham University make that decision. Why I did not listen to my friend. How I wish I could turn back the time.

On my last holiday , my friends and I have decided to finish up our homework at Jason’s house. Essay Thompson Rivers. We wanted to go to the nearby shopping mall after completing our homework. That is why we choose Jason’s house which is nearby a shopping mall called “Prangin Mall”. So we were. Basement , Building , Existential quantification 945 Words | 3 Pages. Turning my face to a nearby window, I began to watch the dance performed by the raindrops. I took a momentary . distraction from this image by picking back up my 4B charcoal pencil and skilfully tracing over a faint pattern. I put my pencil aside and spotted the weather outside. Writing About Environment University. I was sorry for Rivers University, the people outdoor who were not allowed inside, regarding , once, I was stuck external, too.

I had only about Durham, very recently found comfort in this classroom ; in write the best Williston School, this comforting place I call my refuge. Thanks to. 2008 singles , Art , Pat Green 1908 Words | 5 Pages. never write and marries the mailman, who believes that she waited by the mailbox for him every day, although Edie never tells him that she had waited for . Chris because she likes for writing environment Durham, people to how to write a summary of Toronto, New College think what pleases them and makes them happy. How I Met My Husband Summary A red-and-silver plane lands at the old fairgrounds across the essay writing environment, road from the home of the Peebles, for articles writing University, whom Edie works. Edie’s first close-up view of an airplane leads to her first encounter with romance. Edie is both eager for.

Marriage 1004 Words | 2 Pages. head: How then shall I live? How then shall I live? Kevin Gunyak Robert Morris University . Professor John C. R. Silbert Introduction to Ethics December 12, 2011 How then shall I live? So far I have lived my life for twenty years and on February 2, 2012 will be twenty-one years of me living my life. When I look back on essay writing about environment University my life I think. Emmanuel Levinas , English-language films , Ethics 1580 Words | 7 Pages. How I Overcame My Drug Addiction I’d like to begin by writing paragraph Bishop, stating a simple fact about about Durham University, overcoming . drug addiction.

When you’re struggling with drug addiction, sobriety can seem like an writing paragraph essay Bishop School, impossible goal. The road to essay writing University recovery doesn’t have an Atlas to follow. What works for one person, may not be feasible for another. I’d like to think of my process as being unique, meaning that it was tailored just for me. Ultimately, recovery is never out of a summary article University New College, reach, no matter how hopeless your situation. Drug addiction , Drug rehabilitation , Higher Power 1542 Words | 4 Pages. How My Community, School, and Nation Showed Support. to become selfish and oversee how our place truly impacts the world, however if we take the time to step back we will find how . every action we take impacts everything.

I believe that once we can accept this realization we then will accept our responsibility to our school, community, nation and our everyday life. Essay Writing About University. I began my Senior year of high school like any other I thought that I would be spending the year cheerleading and writing a 5 paragraph essay Bishop High School planning for my senior prom never did I expect do be dealing with cancer. American football , Anxiety , High school 966 Words | 3 Pages. for everyone I was born and brought up in a small family which included my father, my mother and . I . Essay Environment. We lived very happily and harmoniously. My father was a government servant and my mother was a well-known teacher. They were very well connected and writing a 5 essay Guertin High they had many friends . We have been living in the center of Ho Chi Minh city . I was only child so I spent a lot of time with my parents. Essay About Durham University. Of all the persausive University, memories there are unforgettable events that took place in my childhood. All of these. Family , Father , Ho Chi Minh 1777 Words | 4 Pages. through my hair, making me shiver with excitement. Essay About. I arched my neck to take full view of the breathtaking beauty of . Eiffel Tower, which towered above me like some iron giant.

It was such a lovely day. How To Write A Summary Of An Article Of Toronto, New College. The melodious chime of the twittering birds filled me with glee. Essay Writing About Durham University. The sun too, it seemed, was in to essay, a playful mood, playing hide and seek behind the fluffy clouds. “Trrring trrring!” The telephone rang all of essay writing about environment, a sudden; bringing me out Monash University of the scenic beauties my mind was roaming in. “Hello” I said. . Eiffel Tower , Mind , Paris 658 Words | 3 Pages. Why and How I will Teach Why and How I Will Teach I am a new student in the . Essay Writing About University. area of essay Rivers, education, eager and excited to be studying the foundations of the art and science of teaching and developing my own initial teaching philosophies. I recognize that these beliefs will change over time based on my time spent in the classroom, my failures and triumphs throughout my career, and essay Durham University the complex landscape that we build upon. As our world is ever-changing and developing, it is crucial that as teaching. Education , Need , Philosophy 1384 Words | 4 Pages.

The Christmas Holiday in our home. May, 29th, 2012 If someone was to simply ask what their favorite holiday of the nursing essay John, year is, . they would expect Christmas to be the answer. For most of the people who have the writing about environment, pleasure of being able to celebrate this holiday , they would usually agree. Nursing Saint Paul. In my family, this would certainly be the automatic response. The holiday Christmas, means a lot of memorable family time and a breath from writing about our chaotic lives. Rivers. My two oldest sisters are able to return home from.

Christmas , Christmas carol , Christmas Eve 1087 Words | 3 Pages. I was born in Lviv, the historical town of Ukraine, where I spent my childhood years. . I went to school in Ukraine for ten years. When time came for my father to about Durham University change his work, he decided to move to America, but he thought that he would find a better job to writing a 5 support the family. The second reason he left Ukraine is writing environment Durham that my sister was alone studying at Manhattan College. She needed support and love from him. He left me and my mom. It was big change for me to be without him and my sister for so long. California , Immigration to articles writing University the United States , Metropolitan Museum of Art 1215 Words | 3 Pages.

How I Became a Reader As I grew up in a family of essay writing about Durham, strict non-readers, becoming a reader in my house . was hard to come by. My love of reading came slow, then all at how to write of an article University of Toronto, once. When I started kindergarten at the young age of about, four, I picked up the skill quickly. Though the stories and short books I was given to read were dull and how to write a good essay Saint II Academy predictable, even at that age, I enjoyed reading them, if only because I found I was rather skilled at reading. When it came time for writing environment Durham, myself and each of my peers to demonstrate. Cornelia Funke , J. Persausive Rivers. K. About Durham University. Rowling , Learning 1026 Words | 3 Pages. My (Not So Unique) Holiday Family Traditions.

family traditions, I instantly became nervous because I couldn’t think of in english University, one tradition off the top of my head that . Writing About. was special and unique to my family. I sat there and wondered, should I tell the truth and reveal the fact that my family doesn’t have any traditions? Should I make one up and fake my way through the entire thing just to write a good nursing essay II Academy get a good grade? Should I take someone else’s family tradition and essay writing about University call it my own? As you can probably tell, I was completely stuck.

I feel as though my family traditions. African American , African people , Black church 1038 Words | 3 Pages. twentysomethings who use the word “ridiculous” in nonpejorative contexts. I guessed aloud, “So, like, if I buy a pair of shoes, . then you’ll try to sell me socks?” The affinity marketer smiled and said: “Or maybe something bigger, like flooring. You buy a pair of shoes, I sell you reclaimed hardwood flooring.” O, bohemia! There are several ways to react to a culture quake. You can meet it with befuddlement, perhaps wondering how flappers handled the thorny intersection between dancing in fountains. Brooklyn , Shaving , Williamsburg, Brooklyn 1975 Words | 6 Pages. first but quickly drift to subject if an operation the American is attempting to from thesis writing MacEwan convince the girl to undergo. Though it is never made explicit in the text . Essay Writing About. it is made clear (through phrases of dialogue such as, It's just to write let the air in, and, But I don't want anybody but you, among numerous context clues) that the girl is essay about environment Durham pregnant and how to the best Williston Northampton the procedure in question is an abortion. After posing arguments to essay about which the American is largely unresponsive, the girl assents to thesis to essay University the operation, while declaring.

Anis , Anise , Ernest Hemingway 931 Words | 3 Pages. How Can I Be an Agent of Change in My Environment. How Can I Be An Agent of Change In My Environment? I remember before I use to throw . thing anywhere, I throw anywhere I want whenever I want. Essay About Environment University. Maybe its because of write a good Saint II Academy, laziness, tired of throwing our trashes in the right place because its far or we are just not used to carrying the trash with us to throw it in essay environment, the right place. Now I realize its an immature thing to do. So aside from not throwing the garbage or trash in some place else I should also help make a change and help clean up our environment. Environment , Environmentalism , Natural environment 1057 Words | 3 Pages. Customer Service and from to essay Holiday Retreat. • prepare a standard for handling complaints • prepare a work instruction for handling a complaint • give an example of how you would change . an element of the customer service system in writing environment Durham, response to the complaint about the quality of the articles writing in english Monash University, meals • outline how you would change the work culture in the kitchen • outline how you would evaluate the essay writing about environment Durham University, customer service Brad’s Holiday Retreat gives in the future • design a customer survey questionnaire and survey process that will increase Brad’s understanding. Complaint , Customer , Customer service 1258 Words | 4 Pages.

I can still remember it as if it happened yesterday. I must have been seven or eight years old when I rode . my first bicycle, and the day I learned to ride my bike is very memorable to me. Learning how to how to write a good nursing essay Saint John Paul II Academy ride a bicycle can be exciting as well as painful. Essay Writing About University. But I found it really exciting indeed. I was starting to realize that all of the the best Williston Northampton School, other kids where riding two-wheelers, and I was the only one still riding a small bike with those ridiculous training wheels. I felt that it was time for me to make.

2008 singles , Bicycle , English-language films 984 Words | 3 Pages. 2013 Aug 20, 2013 No Property Photo No Property Photo Rs Lac(s) Residential Land in essay writing environment University, daffi . 14 Plot Area: 696960 Sq.Ft.(2 Biswa) @ Rs /sq.ft . 2 . It is writing a 5 paragraph Bishop High School very good property for about Durham University, residential purpose.. If anybody wants call me.. But one thing i will let you know please don,T bargening. And contact. Owner: Vivek Rs Lac(s) Residential Land in Kandawa . 25 Plot Area: 2145 Sq.Ft. @ Rs . Rivers. 1166/sq.ft It is 33x65 eastfacing plat. Biack top road of more than 30feet weirth infront of plat is already. Delhi , Exclusive right , Ownership 677 Words | 5 Pages. Flute? NOVEL A character that inspires you DIRECTED WRITING An article for the school magazine on how to essay lead a healthy lifestyle . SBP He Had Such Quiet Eyes A character who portrays a moral value in the story.

A Report to the Principal on “the causes and writing Monash effects of haze” KEDAH Are You Still Playing Your Flute? “Caring towards others is an essay writing Durham University, important value” How is this portrayed in Guertin School, the novel? An article for the school magazine about some study tips to improve. Fiction , Novel , The Last Five Years 802 Words | 7 Pages. clock to hit midnight. As much as I wanted to be with friends that night, I really just wanted to fast forward to the long . awaited morning ahead of me. Visiting my brother in about environment, prison at the Texarkana, Arkansas Regional Correction Center. Persausive Thompson. The old rusty doors of the prison awaited my family and essay writing environment Durham I , slamming behind us as we entered. We nervously walked up the screechy stairs to the family visitation center. I felt a roller coaster of how to write a summary New College, emotions. Environment Durham. I was eager to see my brother, after spending that last. Corrections , Emotion , English-language films 468 Words | 2 Pages.

Us vs. Them. Compare/Contrast Essay about my parenting styles and those of my parents. Only comments made on this paper were EXCELLENT. Persuasive Williston School. Us vs. Them Times they are a changing, raising a child in essay University, this day and age has become a lot harder then it was in the past. Many questions arise on . how to properly raise them, such as: Is spanking really the answer? Should I let them do their own thing or spend every waking minute with them?

How can I reach them? While there are many methods of parenting out there, stressing the writing paragraph essay Bishop School, importance of an essay environment Durham University, education, giving the child opportunities and their independence, and spending quality time with them. Anxiety , High school , Need 897 Words | 3 Pages. Paper How I had to learn to swim. Learning something new for me can usually be somewhat of an experience that’s . Persausive Essay Thompson Rivers. frightening for me at various times in my life.

One of the essay environment, most difficult things that I had to do was learn how to of an University New College swim because I was pushed into a pool when I was around 12 or 13 years old and it scared the daylights out of me. I was afraid of deep waters, but after being pushed into the pool as horseplay from writing environment Durham University my friends, I came to the conclusion that I had. 2008 albums , Debut albums , Education 646 Words | 3 Pages. April 15, 2011 How Should I Live? Immanual Kant vs. Jon Stuart Mill In their works “Principle of Utility” and the . “Categorically Imperative” the how to Northampton, philosophers Kant and Mill have addressed one of the essay about University, most prominent questions humans have asked ourselves since the beginning of persausive essay Thompson Rivers, time; what are the fundamental moral principles that we should base our lives on? My intent is to Durham University show how each of these philosophers in their approach this subject yielding totally different results. I will compare and contrast.

Categorical imperative , Deontological ethics , Immanuel Kant 2910 Words | 7 Pages. Probably, with all the stress from school, homework, projects, assignments and the Board Exams, nothing other than a morning walk can (or at least is said . to) relieve you of all your worries. A Good Nursing Essay II Academy. After telling my sister about my stress, she proved to me that she was stereotypical; and forced me to join her for a walk in the nearby forest the next morning; as it was a Sunday. And of course, just like any other forest, we could hear birds chirping, look and essay University marvel at the chirping birds and University insects. Anxiety , Darkness , Incandescent light bulb 741 Words | 2 Pages. Book Report What I saw and how I lied, by Judy Blundell, tells the story of environment University, a young plain Jane, Evie, who takes . an adventurous trip with her family, but what doesn’t know is persuasive essay School that she will be thrown into the middle of Durham, a suspicious death, or worse, murder. This elegant, detail-driven tale smoothly segues into a whodunit page turner, while unwinding a web of write a good nursing, lies and fake people.

Placed back in 1947 after World War II, Evelyn Spooner and parents, Beverly and Joe Spooner, just began to fall back. English-language films , Father , Hair 1175 Words | 3 Pages. The Holidays The meaning of holidays is writing about University essentially a time we embark moments and share time with love one’s. MacEwan University. In the United . Sates, holidays are a very superior time that many of us embrace. Many can think back on holidays that they’ve encountered and recollect favorable moments. For many, it is the time of the year when people seem to grasp inside of one another and distinguish the best of essay environment University, things.

Clearly, to some amount the how to write the best persuasive Williston School, “ holiday season” gives people a sense of pleasure. All Saints , All Souls' Day , Christmas 659 Words | 4 Pages. ones that you give value that sometimes contribute to your stress. There are lots of stressors and essay environment University problems to to essay MacEwan University mention and there’s something always comes in . to University our mind “ how can we manage it?” “ How can I manage stress? Stress is how to of an article of Toronto, New College a normal and expected part of our lives, but it’s not a part we always know how to deal with. We learn how to essay writing Durham University handle stressful situations by watching our parents and peers as we grow up. If we didn’t have positive coping modeled for us, it may make it harder to handle even. Chronic stress , Coping skill , Emotion 1299 Words | 3 Pages. English: Holidays * I love the holidays . The nippy weather, smells of all that great food and the general . merriment in the atmosphere as everyone celebrates in his or her own way. How To Write Article University Of Toronto, New College. If you can look past the writing about environment Durham University, consumerism that’s saturated the season, then the holidays can really be a great time. Sydney In Sydney, the largest, oldest, and most beautiful of Australia's cities, the monumental doesn't figure prominently.

There are no great pyramids, no historic ruins, no monuments or buildings that warrant. Australia Day , Culture , Egyptian pyramids 829 Words | 3 Pages. Holiday 1) a time of rest from work, school etc [= vacation American English] 2) a period of time when you travel to another place for from writing, . pleasure [= vacation American English] 3) a day fixed by law on which people do not have to essay writing about Durham go to work or school. E.g.The 4th of July is a national holiday in the US. 4) the write a summary of an University, holiday season, the holidays a) American English-the period between Thanksgiving and New Year b) British English-the period in essay writing about University, the summer when most people take a holiday . Bible , Christianity , Christmas 857 Words | 3 Pages. I grew up in a nuclear family. There are four people in my family, consists of my father, mother, my . sister and me. My father is 62 years old. He’s working as a insurance agent. My mother is writing in english 10 years younger than my father. She used to work as a store manager before she gave birth to essay environment me.

She quitted her job in order to take care of me and my sister because she believes that the writing a 5 Bishop School, mother daughter bond can grow stronger day by day by spending time with us. Essay Writing Durham. My sisters and writing Monash University I are four years apart. She is. Family , Father , Mother 1888 Words | 5 Pages. My Grandfather Amanda Jeffries Mid-Continent University English II January 16, 2013 . Essay Durham University. It was April 30, 2011. I was on my way to Wal-Mart with my two boys, Hunter and Harper. Since it was a Saturday morning, we were going to spend the day doing some shopping and later on, Hunter and Harper were going to how to write a summary of an New College baseball practice. As I was driving down the road, suddenly, I heard the ringtone chiming. Essay , Essays , Family 1985 Words | 7 Pages.

My First Trip Home I am originally from Moldova, a country in Eastern Europe. My country was a part of Durham University, Romania . and for a longer period a part of Soviet Union. Since I was seven years old I knew that I would live abroad, because all my three older brothers were living in persausive Rivers University, Europe and I got information from them that Europe has many developed countries. Who does not want to live in a developed country? Everyone wants to live in a developed country, where people can achieve their dreams, and be successful.

Culture , Cyprus , Developed country 2554 Words | 6 Pages. MY DAY I want to tell you about my daily routine. Every day I usually get up at half past 8 . in writing about Durham, the morning. I make my bed. I just don’t like when my room is messy.

Then do some exercises. How To Write The Best Essay School. Usually I take a shower in essay University, the morning. I go to the bathroom where I wash my face and brush my teeth. After this I do not feel sleepy at all. I feel full of persuasive essay, energy and writing about University ready for the new day. Essay Thompson Rivers University. Then I make breakfast for myself. I usually have porridge, omelet or pancakes and a sandwich with tea for breakfast. Dinner , Family , Hobby 1454 Words | 4 Pages. ?Once upon a dream I had a dream that I would wake up with the perfect life.

Well not so much perfect but the one thing . I want to change is how I look I want to be a flat stomach size 8 with a pretty face. And I want to be rich. Well not rich, rich but enough money to essay writing Durham get what I want all the time and enough money so that my mum doesn’t have to worry about from to essay writing MacEwan, money. Chapter one A morning full of surprises. “jade, jade wake up its 5:30 you are going to be late for writing about, school”. Mum are you being serious. Family , Major Dad , Mother 1560 Words | 4 Pages. Vietnamese New Year: The Biggest Traditional Holiday of the from to essay writing MacEwan University, Year. many holidays . But Vietnamese New Year is the essay environment Durham, biggest traditional holiday of the year. It is the writing essay High School, first and last moments of a year . and it’s a time for families to writing about Durham gather all together on New Year Eve with the firecrackers, special food. This also is the opportunity for students like me to meet old friends after one year abroad, to the best Northampton School embrace of essay writing Durham, lovers after a long year of waiting.

I was born in Vietnam and lived there about 26 years, so I never forget Vietnamese New Year over there. When I see the. Chinese New Year , Family , Fireworks 953 Words | 3 Pages. . Persuasive School. What is essay writing environment Durham a Home in my view A home is defined as: the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household. A home is much more than where you just live, it doesn’t have to how to a summary of an University of Toronto, New College be the greatest biggest fanciest place ever, it’s the place you were brought. Family , Father , Learning 1670 Words | 4 Pages. Devin Greenlaw 3/2/13 2nd Period Love the Holiday (Billie Holiday Report) Born Eleanora Fagan on April 7, 1915 in . Philadelphia, PA; the amazing jazz vocalist never imagined she was going to writing Durham become one of the biggest jazz musicians of all time. Rose Primarily in Baltimore, MD with her mother, Sady Fagan, who gave birth to writing essay Bishop High Billie at the age of nineteen.

Billie was raised primarily with her mother. Her father, believed to writing environment University be Clarence Holiday who was a successful jazz musician himself, wasn’t. Benny Goodman , Billie Holiday , Jazz 900 Words | 3 Pages. How I Have Changed Since College Started. How I Have Changed Since College Started The beginning of life is always a spoon-fed lifestyle of write a summary of an of Toronto, New College, parental punishment and . disciplined guidance. Essay About Durham. It is of the first decade of life through which the writing essay Guertin, deciphering of right and wrong is the ultimate essence of maturity. Essay Writing About Durham. Tears are in response to how to a good nursing Paul punishment of disobedience. Needs, as well as wants, are provided by a sheltering atmosphere of dependence. As the essay writing, teenage years start to flourish through puberty and how to write essay Saint John II Academy exposure of leadership, higher. Adolescence , Decipherment , Education 643 Words | 4 Pages. ?The Day That Changed My Life On August 8, 2009 I woke up like any other day, not knowing that it was going to essay about University be the worst . day of my life.

As soon as I cracked my eyes, my hand went to my phone to from thesis writing University check a variety of essay, things including my Facebook, my text messages, and my instant messages. I was hoping to see a message from my boyfriend, Lucas. In English Monash. Three months prior to essay about environment University this day, my boyfriend’s best friend, Michael, had died in a motorcycle accident. As long as I had known the two of them, they. Birthday party , Christina Aguilera , Instant messaging 1347 Words | 3 Pages.

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The Ultimate List of AP US History Tips. Tackling the essay about Durham AP US History exam is a tough undertaking. There is a ton of information to be learned, many skills to master, and not a lot of time to do it all. But you absolutely can do it! And we want to help you through these easy to use study tips!

AP US History DBQ and Free Response Tips. 1. Write! Answer the question. If I could only give you one piece of advice for your essay questions, it would be just to answer it. You will probably have this said to you over environment University, and over how to write a summary article University of Toronto,, again, and you are probably already tired of hearing it. But the reason people say it so much is because students tend not do it! It doesn’t matter if you have the best-written paper of all time, or include a ton of history facts, if you don’t answer the question; you aren’t going to get all the points. Before you start outlining your answer or reading through documents, make sure you know what the question is essay writing about, really asking you. 2. Articles Writing In English University! Pay attention to writing about Durham, the rubric.

The number one priority of a DBQ or FRQ is answering the question. Rivers! Aside from that, you need to know what the AP test is looking for in your answer. Durham University! For a starting point, check out our breakdown of the DBQ rubric here . How To A Good John Paul II Academy! Understanding this rubric gives you a mental checklist to work through as you write your response. Writing an outline of your essay will result in a better answer. Writing About Environment Durham University! When you just write without planning ahead much, you might get to writing paragraph High School, the last paragraph and realize that you have nothing left to say, or that none of your ideas flow together. If you just do a rough outline of your main points and supporting details, you will write a much more fluid paper that is easy to follow and essay writing Durham stays on track. 3. Understand the documents. As you read through the documents, don’t waste too much time analyzing every single detail and sentence. Instead of picking out every detail, read the documents for understanding. Highlight or underline important parts.

At the a 5 paragraph Bishop Guertin end of the document, write a sentence or two explaining the main idea of the document and which side of the argument it supports. This will be handy for outlining your essay and seeing how the essay writing environment Durham documents can be used as evidence. 4. A 5 Essay High School! Group the documents. This is something you want to do while reading the documents initially, when you are outlining your essay and when actually writing your essay. The test grader is going to be looking for your ability to do this. Most good essays will contain at least three main points, and you want to essay writing about Durham, be sure that you have sources or evidence to persausive Thompson Rivers University, support each of environment University, those points. For example, you might group documents based on whether they are related to the political, social, or economic side of a question. 5. Use the documents. You want to make sure you use a lot of the documents, but don’t force it. You can get the highest score possible by to essay University using most of the available evidence.

Just use the essay writing about University sources in a way that naturally supports your argument. Don’t simply throw the documents in randomly just to check it off the writing Monash list. 6. Don’t “data dump. ” One of the key parts of the rubric is that you need to bring in outside information and evidence to support your answer. However, don’t overload the reader with unnecessary information that doesn’t really fit the context. Just because you know the date of about Durham University, Abraham Lincoln’s assassination does not mean you need to throw that into an essay about the first Great Awakening. 7. Go specific. For your free response question choices, choose the topic that is in english Monash, most specific instead of writing University, something broad. The broadest topic seems appealing because you think you know a lot about it, but it can actually be really tough to formulate a good thesis because it is so broad.

The specific question is more likely to create a solid detailed answer. It makes it easier to answer the write article of Toronto, question, which we already know is incredibly important. 8. Find the right voice. Writing About Environment Durham University! Your voice. This can be tricky, because it is write Williston, all about finding a balance between too formal and too personal. You don’t want to essay about Durham University, write like a robot, stating only facts and not expressing any hints of personality, but you also don’t want it to be like a letter to writing, a friend.

Avoid “I” and “you” statements. Basically, don’t be afraid to be yourself in your answer; it just needs to writing environment, be a very well-spoken version of yourself. 9. Take a stand. Writing for historical purposes is about making an argument and how to write nursing Paul II Academy supporting that argument well. When you are writing, it can be easy to just explain both sides of an argument and nothing else. All that does is show your ability to reword information. The essay section of the University test wants to know how well you can synthesize lots of information into one cohesive argument. In order to do that, you have to actually take a side. Don’t be biased or make unreasonable claims. Just use the evidence to support a specific claim that is rooted in facts.

Got it? AP US History Multiple Choice Tips. 1. Read the question and answers all the how to persuasive Williston Northampton School way through. This is a super basic test-taking tip, but it’s still worth mentioning here. Don’t fall into essay Durham the trap of reading the question partially and jumping to conclusions, or picking the first question that seems right. There are 55 source-based multiple choice questions and Thompson Rivers 55 minutes to do them, so you have a minute per question. This is enough time to carefully read the question and each answer choice, and consider the best option.

2. Cross out obviously wrong answers. No matter what, you should know that Theodore Roosevelt did not sign the Declaration of Independence. Immediately cross his name off the list of answer choices. This is beneficial because it brings you one step closer to essay Durham University, the right answer, and it tells your brain that you are doing something. It is a good way to build confidence, which is going to help you score much higher. 3. Use context clues. If you are unsure of an answer, just try to approach it from a logical perspective. You may not know the exact date of a certain event, but when you put that event in context of other events that you do know the dates for, it can definitely help you narrow down your choices.

When you think of history as a giant puzzle that you are trying to University of Toronto,, put together, you can use all the essay writing environment University pieces you do know to try and figure out the a summary University of Toronto, New College piece that you don’t know. 4. About University! Use questions to give you answers. You can learn a lot just from reading the questions. You may not directly get the answer to a question from other questions, but it can certainly give you more information and put you one step closer to the correct answer. You will almost always be able to walk away from the test knowing more than you did before. Also, keep the multiple-choice questions in mind as you write your free response and DBQ essays. You can also just try to think logically about how to nursing John II Academy, it.

Sometimes it works out that if the answer to question 3 is C, then the essay environment University answer to question 6 has to be D. 5. Articles In English Monash! Take a guess. Losing points for incorrect answers is a thing of the past so you might as well take a stab at the ones you don’t know. Obviously, you want to take your best guess and use all of the skills and writing Durham techniques you can to narrow down the how to write Saint Paul possible correct answers. But if you get to the point where you really just don’t know, just give it your best shot. As Wayne Gretzky said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” 6. Pace yourself. Definitely read the question and answers carefully, but don’t spend too much time getting hung up one particular question. If you read it, don’t know it, and can’t figure it out, move on. It is much better to finish the test and answer all of the writing about Durham University questions that you do know than to get stuck on write a summary of an University of Toronto, New College, a question early on and not have time to answer all the essay environment Durham latter questions.

Like I mentioned earlier, you have less than a minute per question, so use your time wisely. 7. Answer the right question. It might seem silly, but when you are answering 80 questions at a time it can be really easy to get mixed up on your answer sheet. Don’t accidentally skip a question and get to the end wondering what you did wrong. Sometimes you just get into a flow and stop paying attention to writing Monash, which bubble you are filling in. 8. Pay attention to wording. Skimming over a question can sometimes cause you to totally misinterpret said question. Don’t do that. Make sure that you know if the question is asking “Which of the following IS…” or “Which of the following IS NOT…“ That is about environment University, a huge difference and is going to make for two very different answers. This is such a common and easy mistake to make. 9. Practice!

Practice makes perfect, right? But seriously, there are a ton of resources out there for you to practice your AP test taking skills. This will give you a much better idea of what to look for in multiple-choice questions and can guide you in your studying. 10. A Good Nursing Saint John! Use flash cards.

Using flash cards is a great way to consistently study and practice. Lucky for you, we even have a guide to making great AP US History flash cards . This is especially helpful for studying for the multiple choice section because you can write the writing environment information on thesis University, flash cards in a question form, or use old questions to make your flash cards. They are also really great for last minute or speedy study sessions, because you can cover a large amount of about University, material in a short amount of time. 1. Writing Guertin! Start early. We aren’t your parents, and writing about environment Durham University we aren’t going to nag you about doing your homework. But it is absolutely so important that you get an early start on your APUSH review. There is a lot of to essay MacEwan, information to learn, but it is only daunting if you are trying to essay environment Durham University, learn it all in one night. Get out ahead of the game and how to write the best School start chipping away at it.

You will be able to spend more time on each idea and essay writing University will actually learn and remember the thesis to essay writing University things you are studying. When you frantically cram for an exam, you usually only remember the stuff for that day. 2. Outline the course. Essay Writing About Durham! The wonderful people over at AP CollegeBoard have provided a breakdown of the entire AP US History course . This is such a good place to start, because it breaks the course into nine different periods, ranging from 1491-present. These pre-set periods make it super easy for you to study chunks of history at a time. A really helpful thing when outlining the course is to write a paragraph summary of each section and then explain how each time period transitioned into the next. This helps you establish some continuity in your thinking. 3. Use a giant whiteboard. This is one of my favorite study tips for almost any type of course. Whiteboards allow you to the best persuasive essay Williston, think about things on essay writing about Durham, a big picture scale. Flow charts outlining the transitions between time periods are super helpful.

Also, when you use a whiteboard to diagram historical ideas, those ideas become ingrained in your visual, as well as auditory memory. It’s crazy how much having a visual representation of to essay University, something can help it stick in your mind. 4. Study with friends. About Durham! This is a 5 essay High School, a pretty dangerous game, because friends can sometimes be the biggest distraction from studying. But if you do it right, they can also be a huge help!

Being able to essay environment University, talk about ideas helps you better understand them. And if there is a part of history that you are just really struggling with, chances are you have a friend who is pretty knowledgeable about it. Using the write persuasive essay Northampton whiteboard technique or a course outline can be very effective when studying with friends. Just be sure to pick your friends wisely and don’t waste your time together watching funny cat videos on environment Durham, YouTube. 5. Get a review book. A review book is one of the most helpful study tools out there. They usually have a pretty comprehensive overview of course material and break down the information in an understandable way. Most are broken into chapters with summaries and review questions at the end of each one.

Another great feature of review books is that they usually include test taking strategies or techniques to help you succeed. They also, typically, have practice tests included to put those techniques to good use. 6. Create a study game. No matter how interesting (or boring) you may think APUSH is, studying any type of material for a long time can grow very tiresome. Sometimes, you just need to mix things up and writing University making a game out of writing, it is a good way to do so. Thompson Rivers University! A lot of people do Jeopardy style review for history. I prefer to do some kind of essay environment Durham University, weird punishment or wager with friends.

For example, we will go through asking each other various questions and for every question one of us gets wrong we have to do three push ups. Or we win a couple of skittles for each correct answer. Articles Monash University! Whatever it takes to mix things up. 7. Durham! Ask your teacher for help! Once again, probably not a piece of persausive Thompson University, advice that you really want to hear, but it is a good thing to do.Your teacher is teaching the class for essay writing about Durham, a reason, and they are probably not only super knowledgeable, but also passionate. Most teachers would be thrilled to give you an extra hand or piece of write a summary article of Toronto, New College, advice. They are such an writing about environment untapped resource that students generally don’t take advantage of.

If they offer any kind of after school help or study hours, take the opportunity! It certainly isn’t going to the best Williston, hurt, and if anything else, it’s always great to be in good graces with your teacher. 8. Watch extra review videos. Crash Course, a YouTube channel, has a series of about, 47 videos dedicated to helping you understand US History. They are each anywhere between 10-15 minutes long and are great ways to learn. They are quick and entertaining, but also incredibly informative. Writing Paragraph Essay! They can serve as a great introduction to essay writing, a topic or a good summary after you have finished reviewing it. And there are many more videos like these out there. From Thesis MacEwan University! Aside from helping you learn actual information from the essay writing about University course, there are also a lot of videos to help with test taking strategies. Tom Richey has created a great AP US History review page here.

9. Look at practice questions. Seriously, there are so many resources out there to help you succeed. How To A Good Nursing Essay Saint Paul II Academy! One of Durham University, those is a compilation of AP US History sample questions . This 16-page document features not only realistic AP test questions, but also answers and write persuasive Williston Northampton explanations for each one. They even tell you which “Historical Thinking Skills” and key concepts are being tested. This is really an efficient way to become familiar with AP style questions and to see which material you are struggling with.

You can also simply do a Google search for APUSH test questions and find a ton to University, work with. 10. Make a timeline. This kind of goes along with making a course outline, but this is more about testing yourself than using the course description. Take key events, without looking at writing their dates, and try to put them in order. Some people use a whiteboard for this or just try to organize flash cards. Basically this is just a good way of essay writing about environment, seeing how things fit together.

As you make the timeline, try to pay attention to the sequence of a 5 School, events, or any cause and effect relationships that may be at play. 11. Figure out essay environment Durham, your greatest weakness. A Summary Of An Of Toronto, New College! A great way to do this is through practice tests. A lot of practice tests online will show you which areas you need to learn the most in. Use these areas as a starting point and work from there. Essay Durham! You don’t want to waste a lot of time focusing on the areas that you are already familiar with. Be smart about your time management.

12. Bishop High! Think about things thematically . This is environment Durham, one of the write University of Toronto, main historical skills that you are tested on. Encompassed in the testing of themes is the essay writing about environment analysis of change over time. These go hand in hand as you think about the way that certain themes evolve through history. For example, you need to be able to explain how the economy of the US has changed over the years, or think about America’s evolving philosophy on foreign affairs. Tips from the Pros: Teachers and Former Students. 1. Pay attention in class!

AP US History is a course that is usually pretty heavy on how to article of Toronto, New College, the lecture side. You won’t be able to rely on worksheets or handouts to get by in class. About University! Instead, you will have to thesis writing, pay attention to what the teacher says and take great notes. Essay About University! Even if you don’t think you’ll ever look at your notes again, it is how to article University of Toronto, New College, still worth writing things down because the act of writing actually helps you remember. 2. Take part in class discussion. The ultimate way to know that you are fully engaged in class is to be part of a class discussion. Teachers usually mix these in with lectures, and it is so important to be involved.

It shows the teacher that you care, and it shows a good study ethic. But also, when you get involved and essay writing about environment contribute to how to write the best essay Northampton School, discussion, those ideas that you discussed will stick out in your mind. The best way to learn something is by being a part of something. 3. Essay About Environment Durham University! Keep up with your assigned reading. Chances are, your teacher has a lot of reading for you to do throughout the year. There might not always be quizzes on the reading, but it is SO important that you do it. There is no way you can always catch up on an entire year’s worth of AP US History reading, so it is essential to stay on top of things. 4. Do it for the college credit. Sticking with an AP class throughout the year can be pretty tough, but it is writing essay Bishop Guertin High, absolutely worth it when you get your passing score. It’s impossible to understand how great it is to have college credit when you star; but let me tell you, it’s awesome! College isn’t cheap these days and essay writing about environment Durham any extra help you can get is worth it.

AP US History can usually get you out of at least one General Education History requirement. That’s one less class you have to take, and one step closer to graduation. Let that be your motivation! 5. Show up to thesis writing MacEwan University, everything extra. Teachers are usually willing to take time out of their busy schedules to do some extra review or give you some more tips. Take them all up! It might not seem like the writing about University most fun to spend your free time learning about AP US History, but I promise, it is how to persuasive, worth it. It is a great way to consistently study and stay up to about University, speed.

6. You can never practice writing too much. The DBQ and FRQ are pretty consistent topics of concern among APUSH students, and for nursing Saint, a good reason. They can be pretty tough, and are usually obstacles between students and the grade they want. Writing About University! One of the how to write the best Williston Northampton hardest parts about this section is essay writing about, that, it just takes a really long time to be writing. Thompson! Your hand will start to essay about, get tired, and you will slowly feel your brain turn to mush as you go. You have to build up a certain kind of stamina for writing long essays, and you can only do that by practicing. There is no shortage of practice questions, and persausive Thompson Rivers University classmates or teachers are usually willing to grade them for you.

7. Start reading your review books early. Lots of students have nightmarish tales of rushing through their review books in the last couple of weeks leading up to the exam. Its doable, but it sure isn’t fun. Review books are crucial to passing the test, so make sure you actually have enough time to dedicate to actually reading it. This will make your studies a lot less overwhelming. Essay About Environment University! If you need help choosing one, make sure you check out our guide to the best AP US History review books of 2015 . 8. Try to have some fun. It may not sound like the most fun, but APUSH really can be. To Essay Writing! Or at least you can try to make it be fun.

Chances are, you don’t plan on dropping the class, and so if you are going to stick it out, you might as well try to make it an enjoyable experience. It can actually be pretty fun learning about the historical events that made America what it is today. If anything else, think of it as a chance to make some new friends while learning some new skills. Oh, and if you pay attention, AP US History might even make you a little better at about environment Durham Trivia Crack and show off for thesis, your friends. 9. Always ask, “Why do we care?” Students are conditioned to focus on names and dates as opposed to causes and results; “Why” gets them to start thinking in depth. 10. Support every claim with evidence. My favorite “catch phrase” is… “Evidence please…. ” Everyone has a theory in APUSH… Who has the evidence to University, back up their theory? 11. Think like a test maker and not a test taker.

Think about what the the best persuasive Williston School AP question writer might have been looking to test you on when answering each question. Writing About! Understanding this is key to how to a summary of an of Toronto, New College, knowing how to Durham University, answer the question. Are you a teacher or student? Do you have an awesome tip? Let us know! If you made it to this point in the article, good job. The Best Northampton School! You are already on your way to being ready for your APUSH exam. About Environment Durham! Work hard, use some of our helpful tips and ideas, and you are going to crush it. Looking for AP US History practice?

Educators, are you looking to improve student outcomes? Rigorous, standards-aligned interactive learning for all AP courses. College Entrance. Up-to-date learning supplements for SAT and articles writing in english University ACT. Essay Writing Environment University! Differentiated Foundations. Math, literacy, and writing supplements for school-wide implementations. NGSS Engage. An innovative CCSS-aligned supplement to accelerate NGSS adoption. Thanks so much! This is writing Guertin High, going to be really helpful when i go to take my APUSH exam!! We’re glad it’s useful for you.

Be sure to check out our other APUSH articles as well! *AP® and Advanced Placement® are registered trademarks of the about Durham College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product. SAT® is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse this product. ACT® is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc., which was not involved in writing, the production of, and environment Durham University does not endorse, this product. GMAT® is a registered trademark of the Graduate Management Admission Council®, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

GRE® is how to the best Williston Northampton, a registered trademark of Educational Testing Services (ETS), which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

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Analysis of Disability by Nancy Mairs. Author of disability Nancy Mairs who’s a feminist and essay writing Durham, a cripple, has accomplished a lot in thesis writing MacEwan writing and teaching. Her remarkable personality shows in many of her essays especially in Disability which was first published in 1987 in writing Durham the New York Times. Write A Summary Article Of Toronto,. In this essay, Nancy Mairs shows how disabled people are constantly excluded, especially from the media. By giving out essay Durham University facts and including her personal experiences, Mairs aims for making some changes regarding the relationship between the media and people with disabilities. Mairs thesis is shown implicitly in the first and last paragraphs. Her main goal is to show everyone that people with disabilities are just like everybody else and they should be included and accepted in all daily activities. By using irony, intensity, humor and self-revelations, Nancy Mairs succeeds to get her message through. Nancy Mairs starts her essay by describing herself as a crippled woman with multiple sclerosis.

She talks about her condition and how she’s never seen a crippled woman like her in Thompson the media. Then she mentions some television shows about disabled people that focus almost entirely on disabilities and neglect the essay Durham University person’s character. Mairs states that although disability changes a lot in one’s life, it doesn’t kill him/her. Essay. She for example, can do what every other woman her age can do. And although she’s a great consumer, advertisers never choose someone like her to represent their products publicly; and the reason for that, according to Mairs, is that people cannot yet accept the fact that disability is essay about Durham University something ordinary. The consequences of this situation are hash on disable people, for they might feel like they don’t exist.

Finally, Nancy Mairs says that anyone might become disabled. Writing A 5 Paragraph Guertin High. But if one sees disability as a normal characteristic then it won’t be hard on him/her psychologically. And then once again, Mairs mentions that disabled people should be included in daily activities. Nancy Mairs starts “Disability” with self-revelations which show through her entire essay, like for instance: “I am a forty-three-year-old woman crippled with multiple sclerosis…”; “take it from me…”; “I’m the advertisers’ dream…” The fact that Nancy Mairs mentions herself a lot makes her essay lack objectivity. But the reason behind this is that few are the people who can relate to this topic. Essay Writing Environment. So no one really knows what this is about as much as Mairs and thesis to essay writing University, all disabled people who form a minority do. This tells us that the author knows what she’s talking about. Since this essay is addressed to people who don’t know much about disability, its purpose is not merely to essay about environment inform us about the physical disability itself but also about the psychological effects of the in english constant isolation and exclusion of environment Durham University, people with disabilities. This makes the essay persuasive rather than argumentative since the author only mentioned her attitude towards this subject. But what a better way to do it than having a person with disability talk about his/her personal experiences? Persuading people of Mairs point of view which is that disabled people should be included in the daily activities couldn’t be done by just stating objective facts.

This kind of persuasion needs examples. To prove that disabled people are unfairly treated, Nancy Mairs gives an example of a crippled women who was stopped from write nursing essay Saint II Academy, doing what she wanted to essay do, though she was still physically able to a summary do it. She also gives examples of products to prove that she’s regular consumer and writing, that there’s no reason there’s no reason why people with disabilities couldn’t get the opportunity to how to write essay School appear in the media and represent these products. Nancy Mairs is well known for her style in about Durham University writing. She uses irony to show that the reason why media always excludes disabled people is ridiculous: “if you saw me pouring out puppy biscuits, would you think these kibbles were only for the puppies of the cripples. She also uses humor: “she got as far as a taxi to the airport, hotly pursued by the doctor. ” Intensity is also shown when she says: “advertisers who determine… deny the existence of me and writing essay Bishop School, my kind absolutely”. This intensity is nothing but the essay writing about result of a strong anger caused by the mistreatment of essay Thompson Rivers, disabled people. This style gives the essay a kind of vivacity, sparkle and even strength.

It shows that Mairs is essay not afraid of making fun of the advertisers. How To Write A Good Nursing Saint John II Academy. So basically, Nancy Mairs refers to emotions: “you might feel as though you don’t exist, in any meaningful social sense at writing University, all. A Good Essay Saint II Academy. ” While in some cases appealing to emotions can be inappropriate, in University this particular essay it’s not. How To Saint Paul II Academy. It is only inappropriate when a certain topic requires logic and reason. Actually getting people to essay accept disability and how to write article University New College, people carrying it requires neither logic nor reason. They’re just human beings who deserve to be treated like anyone else. This essay lacks some evidence though: “I once asked a local advertiser…”; “one of essay writing about, those medical dramas” which makes these two stories less credible and write a good essay Saint II Academy, leaves us wondering whether they are true or simply made up. But as for the rest of the essay, the information is based on personal experiences and emotions that don’t require much evidence. As for the audience, this essay is addressed to all people who read the New York Times, while it should have been addressed specifically to advertisers so they can make a change regarding the inclusion of disabled people. Nancy Mairs in writing University her “disability” has done a good job in essay delivering her message.

I believe she managed to writing about University persuade the audience that there is write a summary article University of Toronto, New College no reason to exclude disabled people from the essay about environment media. Her information was clear and made sense, her examples were enough to Monash University support her thesis and her tone added a certain flavor to Durham University her essay. “Disability” can actually make certain changes if it is addressed to its right audience and I certainly recommend it to my friends and anyone who might be interested in this topic. Nancy Mairs is persausive essay Thompson a writer afflicted with multiple sclerosis. In her essay, #8220;Disability#8221;, she explains how the media fails to accurately portray individuals living with a debilitating disease. This causes people with a handicap to feel inadequate, isolated, and lonely. #8230; Nancy Mair’s “Disability” shows us the view a disabled woman has on how the essay environment world perceives people with disabilities. Nancy is “a forty- three year old crippled woman.”(Bedford Reader 13).Nancy is a woman who spends most of her time in #8230; The essays that Nancy Mairs and Rosie Anaya wrote discuss the from thesis writing University media’s lack of proper representations for Durham those with disabilities.

Mairs speaks about how people with disabilities have the same sense of normality as those who do not. How To Write The Best Persuasive Williston Northampton School. Anaya talks #8230; According to Mairs, the only thing #8220;normal#8221; about essay about Durham University, seeing disabled people on TV was their daily appearance on a medical drama. As the time went by since 1987, Anaya wrote on Thompson University, how disabilities have become more normal in our everyday #8230; In her essay, “Disability,” Nancy Mairs argues that our society must take the disability as normal. She describes her own experience where she finds the people taking disability as abnormal especially in media. She says, “I once asked a local #8230; “And yet the advertisers, who determine nowadays who will be represented publicly and who will not, deny the existence of me and my kind absolutely.” (paragraph 4) In this passage, Mairs displays her emotions of frustration and anger towards the #8230; David from Healtheappointments: Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? How about writing environment University, receiving a customized one? Check it out Haven’t found what you want?

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Writing Better University Essays/Referencing. By referencing the essay writing Durham University, sources you use in your essay, you do a number of things. First of all, you comply with an academic convention. Secondly, you make your essay look more professional. In fact, it not only articles in english University, looks more professional, but its argument becomes more powerful.

Thirdly, you allow others to check your sources. This is often only a hypothetical issue, but a look through the Durham, list of your references will allow others to judge your argument quickly. Essay Rivers University! Fourthly, you acknowledge your sources and thus admit that like everyone else, you’re a dwarf on the shoulders of the essay Durham University, giants. The essential bits of referencing require you to provide enough information to others so that they can identify the to essay, source. What exactly is meant by enough is open to debate, and this is also where conventions come in.

Essential is that you do provide references. Ideally, you would do so properly. It’s not so difficult, and the sooner you get into the habit of referencing, the better. There are two forms to do the about Durham, referencing: including them as footnotes, or use a variation of the Harvard system. How To Article New College! Your institution may have a preference, or even a house style. In most cases, your markers will be happy with a consistent and about Durham, appropriate system. The Harvard system is also known as author/date, and will be described here in more detail. Within your essay, whenever you make a statement that is articles writing in english Monash University essentially based on essay about Durham University, somebody else’s work, you should attribute the source. You do this by stating the articles in english Monash University, author(s) and the year of the publication you consulted. Where the name of the author occurs naturally in the text, it does not need to be repeated.

The references are usually included at essay writing about University, the end of a sentence, or where inappropriate in a place where the text flow is not interrupted too much, such as in front of a comma. This may be necessary, for example, if only the persausive essay Thompson University, first half of your sentence is essay writing environment Durham based on someone else’s work. Switzerland seems to be the ideal place for studying the effects of direct democracy, since no other country has gone as far in write a good nursing Paul II Academy, terms of implementing such means (Franklin, 2002). The name of the author is included in brackets, together with the year of essay about publication. Some styles put a comma between the two, others just a space: (Franklin 2002). Where there are two authors, both names are included: (McLanahan Sandefur, 1994).

Some styles prefer the word and , others prefer the ampersand ( symbol). Where there are more than two authors, the name of the first author is articles writing in english Monash given, followed by et al. (which literally means and others ): (Almeder et al. , 2001). Some styles put et al. into italics, others don’t. If you have two or more references for the same argument, you should separate the references with a semicolon (; symbol): (McLanahan Sandefur, 1994; Steinberg, 1999). Writing Durham University! If there are very many references to thesis to essay MacEwan, an argument, use your own judgement to select the essay writing about environment Durham University, most relevant ones. What should you reference? Basically references should be included to any argument made by someone else, including numbers you cite.

However, statements of general nature need not be attributed to write a good essay John Paul, anyone. A statement that the sky is blue alone does not require a reference. However, if you state that the sky is blue because of essay about environment a specific reason, then you should include a reference. Writing A 5 Paragraph High! If you use the exact words of an author (quotation), you’ll need to give the number of the page where you copy from. This is needed so anyone can quickly check the original words, should he or she feel so. See the separate section on quotes.

It’s not uncommon that you want to essay, use the arguments of say Max Weber, even though you have not actually read this particular book. Strictly speaking, you should not reference Weber’s work for such a statement, because you have not actually read it. Can you really be sure this is what Weber said or meant? The technically correct trick is to add cited in after the reference: (Weber, 1918, cited in Hamilton, 2002). You should always reference the work you consulted, and this includes the year of the best persuasive essay Williston Northampton School publication. Many books are published in their second and third editions, so giving the correct year can be helpful.

Similarly, even if a book is merely a reprint by a different publisher, give the year of the edition you consulted. The page numbers may differ. If it’s just a second print of the exact same book, use the original date. Some readers find this unsatisfactory, since Weber surely did not publish anything this year. The convention to circumvent this issue is to give both years: the year of the original publication, together with the one of the work you consulted. Sometimes slashes are used between the essay writing environment Durham, dates (/ sign), others prefer the used of square brackets ([ and ] sign): Burke (2004/1774) or Burke (2004 [1774]). Another small issue occurs where an articles in english Monash University, author published more than one book or article in a single year, and writing University, you want to cite more than one of them. The trick here is to add letters from the alphabet after the year to identify which of the works you refer to. Write Of An Article University Of Toronto,! Use the letter a for the first of your references, the letter b for the second and so on: (McManus, 1994a) and (McManus, 1994b) are two different works. To sum it up, inside the text, you give the family name of the University, author, followed by the year of the publication.

Always cite the text you consulted, because in the end it’s your responsibility that the references are correct. At the end of a good John II Academy your essay you should include a list of essay environment Durham references. Such a list of articles Monash University references provides more details than just the name of the author and the year of publication. Essay Durham University! It’s this list that allows identifying the work cited. Each work you cited in the essay is cited once, and from thesis writing, listed in writing environment, alphabetical order. Note that a bibliography and list of references is not technically the same. A bibliography is a list of articles University relevant sources that may or may not be cited in the main text.

References are the sources you cited, even if they are rather trivial. Use the heading references for your references. For books, you put the writing about environment, family name of the author(s) and their initials, followed by the year of publication in brackets, the title in italics, the writing a 5 paragraph High, place of publication, and finally the name of the publisher. If there are editors, give their names instead of the writing University, authors’. If there is a subtitle to the title, this is usually separated using colons (: sign). Where there are more than four authors, it’s common to use et al. after the articles, first three, but some styles insist on citing all authors.

Sometimes a book is co-published by two publishers, and this can be indicated by using a slash (/ sign). Where you give the editors rather than the about Durham, actual authors, you indicate this by adding (eds) after their names, or (ed.) if there is only one. Williston School! The title is capitalized. Essay About Environment Durham! For example: Anderson, C. Zelle, C. (eds) (1998) Stability and Change in German Elections: How Electorates Merge, Converge, or Collide , London, Praeger. Granovetter, M. (1974) Getting a Job: A Study of Contacts and Careers , Chicago, Chicago University Press.

Grass, G. Write Essay Williston! (1963) Katz und Maus , Neuwied am Rhein, Rowolth/Hermann Leuchterhand. Hall, S. (ed.) (1997) Representation: Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices , London, Sage. Halsey, A., Heath, A. Ridge, J. (1980) Origins and Destinations , Oxford, Clarendon Press. Chapters in a book are cited separately, especially if the book is essay writing about environment Durham University edited. You give the how to a good Saint John Paul, family name of the environment Durham, author and how to write of an, his or her initial, the year, the essay writing about, name of the chapter in single speech marks (‘ and ’ sign; not capitalized), followed by the word in , and the name and year of the editor(s). Persausive Essay Thompson University! If you cite only one chapter, you can give the whole reference at the end; otherwise it’s enough to give the name and year of the editor. In this case, however, the book itself needs to writing environment Durham, be included in the list of references, too.

For example: Allen, J. (1995) ‘Global worlds’ in Allen, J. Massey, D. (eds) (1995). Hardin, R. (1990) ‘Public choice versus democracy’ in Chapman, J. Writing Paragraph Guertin High School! Wertheimer, A. (eds) (1990). Leroy, P. Verhagen, K. (2003) ‘Environmental politics: Society’s capacity for political response’ in about environment University, Blowers, A. Essay Thompson University! Hinchliffe, S. (eds) (2003) Environmental Responses , Chichester, Wiley. An entry in a printed encyclopaedia or a dictionary can be cited if it was a chapter in a book. The editors are often given on the front of the reference book. For example: Jackman, R. Writing Environment Durham! (2001) ‘Social capital’ in Smelser, N. Baltes, P. How To Write John Paul! (eds) (2004). Journal articles are cited in a way that is quite similar to chapters in a book. The main difference really is that details about the volume and page numbers are included, too.

The reference starts with the name and initial of the author, the year in brackets, the Durham University, title of the article in single speech marks (not capitalized), followed by the name of the how to write the best persuasive, journal in italics (capitalized), and essay about environment University, further details. The details of journals are commonly abbreviated as follows: the volume number followed by a colon and the page numbers of the article. If there are different numbers to a volume, this is indicated by including it in brackets before the colon, if known. Online journals may not have page numbers. For example: Burt, R. (1987) ‘Social contagion and innovation: Cohesion versus structural equivalence’, American Journal of Sociology , 92:1287–335. Thoits, P. Hewitt, L. (2001) ‘Volunteer work and well-being’, Journal of Health and Social Behaviour , 42(2):115–31. How To Of An Of Toronto, New College! Small, C. (1999) ‘Finding an invisible history: A computer simulation experiment (in virtual Polynesia)’, Journal of essay Durham University Artificial Societies and Social Simulation , 2(3). Valente, T. Articles Writing University! (1996) ‘Social network thresholds in the diffusion of information’, Social Networks , 18(1):69–89.

Pages on the internet should be cited where used. Essay Writing Environment Durham! You should bear in mind the quality of the site before citing from persausive essay it, but if you use a web site, reference it, too. There are many internet sites that are perfectly acceptable as sources for writing environment Durham your essays. The reference includes the name of the author and initial, the year in brackets, the write of an article New College, title of the document in italics, the word online in square brackets, the writing about Durham University, place of publication, the publisher, the words available from : followed by the URL, and the date when the document was accessed in articles Monash, brackets. The date is important, because unlike printed works, web sites often change their content or even disappear. Many web sites include a copyright note at the bottom, giving you an indication when the content was written. About University! For example: Moser, P. (2005) Politik im Kanton Zurich—eine Synthese [online], Zurich, Statistisches Amt des Kantons Zurich, available from: [accessed 27th October 2005]. Chan, T. Goldthorpe, J. (2004) Social Status and Newspaper Readership [online], Oxford, Oxford University, available from: sfos0006/papers/news4.pdf [accessed 31st March 2005]. Newspaper articles are very similar to how to a good nursing Saint, journal articles in the way they are cited. The key difference is that rather than the volume, the essay writing environment Durham, date is persuasive essay Williston given.

The reference therefore includes the name and writing about, initial of the author, the year of publication in brackets, the title in how to John Paul II Academy, single speech marks, the writing environment University, name of the newspaper in italics (capitalized), the date, and finally the Bishop, page where the essay writing about environment Durham University, article was found. For one page it’s customary to use the abbreviation p. , for articles running over two or more pages, the abbreviation pp. is common. For example: Cockburn, P. Usborne, D. (2004) ‘Burning with anger: Iraqis infuriated by new flag that was designed in how to write article University of Toronto,, London’, The Independent , 28th April, pp.2–3. Handouts from a lecture can be referenced and should be referenced if they are used as the basis of what you write. It’s normally a better idea not to use lecture notes, but try to find the original referred to in the lecture. Not only will you have more control over what was actually said, but also can your readers more easily access books and journal article than lecture handouts. The reference to a lecture handout includes the name and initial of the about Durham University, lecturer, the a 5 paragraph Guertin High School, year in essay writing about environment Durham, bracket, the title of the handout in single speech marks, the words lecture notes distributed in followed by writing a 5 paragraph Bishop Guertin High School, the name of the writing about, course in italics, the word at and the name of how to of an article University of Toronto, New College your institution, the environment Durham, place, and date of the lecture. For example:

Burt, S. (2005) ‘Survey sampling and administration’, lecture notes distributed in Survey Research Methods at Cambridge University, Cambridge, 9th February 2005. Personal conversations are not commonly considered good sources, but if they are what you use as the basis of your essay, you should include such conversations. It’s usually a good idea to have another reference to a printed piece, but sometimes this is not an option. In terms of giving the reference, personal conversations are very easy: the write the best essay Williston Northampton School, name of the person you spoke to, the year in brackets, the writing about environment Durham University, words conversation with the how to nursing essay II Academy, author and the date of the conversation. For example: Smith, E. (2004) conversation with the author 6th July 2004.

The same format can also be used for personal e-mail, or instant messengers. Once again, bear in essay about Durham, mind the credibility of your sources. With e-mail messages it’s customary to include the e-mail address of the sender in brackets after the how to essay Paul, name, but it’s essential that you obtain consent from the author. Durham! The subject line of the e-mail is a good nursing essay Saint John often included as the title. With all forms of personal conversation, the issue of consent is about Durham University important.

It’s always a very good idea to check with the author first. There are sometimes cases that are not so straightforward as the average book or journal article. For everything there is from to essay writing MacEwan a solution in the academic conventions. If you refer to essay about Durham University, musical works, television programmes, or pieces of art, check with your institution how this should be done. If everything else fails, remember the function of referencing, and provide a reasonable amount of information for others to chase the work. Common problems include the lack of authors, unpublished documents, or lack of publisher. Where there is no author, often there is an a good essay, organization. Put the name of the organization. If there is no-one, it’s customary to essay Durham University, put the word “Anon” instead of the author’s name. For example: IDEA (1998) Women in how to the best essay Williston Northampton, Parliament: Beyond Numbers [online], Stockholm, International IDEA, available from: [accessed 28th February 2006].

UN Statistics Division (2006) Social Indicators [online], New York, UN Statistics Division, available from: [accessed 20th February 2006]. Sometimes the year of a document is not known. Essay About! Where you have a rough idea, you can put a c before the date, such as in persausive essay University, (c.1999). Where you just have no clue, there is no need to panic: simply put the word unknown instead of the year. Documents that are unpublished as such, for example a thesis or a draft article you were sent, should come with the indication that they are not published. This is easily done by including the word unpublished in brackets at the end of the reference. With articles sent to essay, you, you should always ask permission to cite; just like you would with an ordinary e-mail.

For theses it’s common to include the kind of thesis after the title, such as PhD thesis or MA thesis . Where the name or place of the publisher is unknown a very simple solution is used: leave the information blank. This is particularly an issue with internet sites. Including the URL is in this case much more helpful than trying to guess the name of the publisher. Course materials provided to you are treated very similar to the lecture handouts. Give the name of the writing a 5 essay Bishop High School, author, the year in brackets, the course code if there is one, the course title in italics (capitalized), the essay writing about environment, kind of the best Northampton material and its title in single speech marks, place of writing about environment publication, and publisher. For example:

Peake, S. (2003) U216 Environment , Video 4 ‘Shanghai Boom’, Milton Keynes, The Open University. The Open University (2004) DD305 Personal Lives and Social Policy , CD-ROM 2 ‘Interviews and Interviewing’, Milton Keynes, The Open University. The capitalization of titles may seem a bit confusing, but it follows a simple logic: it’s the main title that is a 5 Bishop School capitalized. In the case of a book, the main title is that of the book. In the case of journal articles, on the other hand, the main title is writing about environment Durham University thought to how to a summary, be that of the journal itself. It might be confusing that within the journal, the writing environment University, title of an persausive essay Thompson Rivers University, article often is capitalized.

Capitalization is not very hard to achieve. Put in essay environment Durham, capital letters are all nouns, proper names, the first word, verbs, and adjectives. This is in fact almost everything. Not put in Monash University, capital letters are words like and , in , or , or with . Unfortunately most word processors don’t capitalize properly when told to, and put every single word in capital letters, including the ands and essay about Durham University, withins that should not come with capital letters. Different publishers have different house styles, and you might come across a title with a word you would normally spell differently. This is common with British and American variants, but there are other words, too, such as post-modernity . No matter how strongly you might disagree with the spelling, you should always use the original spelling in the references. It’s perfectly fine to change them in your essay itself, but not in the references. A good manual of style, such as the Oxford Style Manual (Ritter, 2003) will be able to give you further guidance. Many course providers have their own preferences or house styles, and it’s advisable to follow these conventions. Where there are no house styles, using a system such as the one outlined in this guide in writing a 5 Bishop High, a consistent manner will be well received. You’ll find full references to every work mentioned in this book at the end.

It’s difficult to write about referencing without mentioning plagiarism. Essay Writing About Durham University! Plagiarism describes the act or result where you take the words or ideas of persausive essay Thompson Rivers somebody else and present them as your own. Plagiarism is considered serious academic misconduct and can be punished severely. Essay Writing Environment Durham University! Most importantly, however, your reputation is on the line. The origin of the word plagiarism gives you an idea what others will think of writing in english University you when you plagiarize. The word goes back to the Latin plagiarius , a thief and kidnapper—in particular a child snatcher and somebody abducting slaves.

The modern use in academia brands you a literary thief (OED, 2005). There are a number of reasons why plagiarism occurs. The worst case is deliberate plagiarism (for whatever reason). Careless work may lead to plagiarism, but is not commonly considered as severe an offence as the deliberate case. Careless work is often a sign of students working too closely to the original, and environment Durham, this can be easily remedied.

Without changing your habit, simply by including references to where you got the ideas from, and putting speech marks where you quote, you technically are done. In practice, you still might rely too much on the original and not deliver as good an essay as you could. Deliberate plagiarism, often motivated by laziness, can’t be remedied directly. At the time, it may seem a reasonable risk to copy from the internet, but is it really worth it? Bear in mind that there is something in for you, too—that is something in addition to the grades. The more you write, the easier it gets. If you work too closely to from thesis to essay writing MacEwan University, the original, there is a simple solution: don’t write the essay writing environment, essay with the books in articles writing in english, front of you. By so doing, there is writing about environment University very little danger that you copy word by word. In a way, you force yourself to make the material your own: and that is a good thing—it makes a better argument, your essay will be more original, and not least, you’ll also get better grades.

Rather than having the original works in front of you, try using your notes. As you still will need to put those references for how to a summary article New College the ideas you take from others, make a note whenever you do so. I use brackets with three X inside, to remind myself that I need to put a proper reference. Often I remember very well who said this, so I include, for example, (Granovetter XXX) inside the text. When checking the essay, it’s hard not to notice the triple X; and there is always the search facility in the word processor. By putting a place holder, I can get on with the job of writing without interrupting my thoughts. Equally important, I leave some traces indicating to myself that there is essay writing Durham some more work to be done: finding the Thompson, proper reference, for example.

If you think plagiarism is hard to detect by essay writing about environment Durham University, your marker, think again. Writing Guertin High School! There are a great number of signs that give plagiarized work away. Technology-wise, your markers are likely to have the same possibilities than you have if not more. If you can copy and paste something you found on the internet, it’s equally easy for your marker to find it on a search engine, again. It would, of course, be possible, to essay writing about, change plagiarized work to the extent that the deed is to essay writing University no longer easy to spot.

Usually, however, this is just as much work as writing the essay yourself. Just to give you an idea, the markers of writing environment Durham your essay will not only have access to the same search engines than you have. There is software to scan essays for duplicates; and many institutes even have access to essay banks (sites on the internet where complete essays are sold). The most successful tool, however, is probably the human brain with its incredible ability to writing in english, remember. About Environment University! If you copy from a colleague, chances are that your marker has read this one, too.

If you copy from a set reading, chances are that your marker has read this one, too. Knowing what is on the reading list helps spot essays that refer to other works a great deal, or don’t refer to some of the core reading. Your marker can estimate how many readings you had time to read, or whether you’re likely to writing a 5 essay Bishop Guertin School, have read a great number of papers on the Belgian perspective of whatever issues is set in the question. An even easier sign is writing about environment Durham University having the same paragraph twice in the same essay, for articles in english University example. There are more subtle signs, too, such as sudden changes in style or formatting. Writing About Durham University! Many people are unaware of how idiosyncratic one’s writing style is. They are in fact so individual that writing styles can be used to how to a good nursing essay Saint John Paul, determine how many people wrote a document, such as the Christian Bible (Jakoblich, 2001). Writing style includes the tenses we use, the level of formality, our own choice of words, the kinds of metaphors we put, whether we use American or British English, choices over punctuation, the length of sentences, or the use of specialist terms. Typographic signs include font size, choices of where to break paragraphs, spaces in between lines, and things like proper m- and n-dashes (when copying from electronic articles).

The presence or lack of references is often an easy sign: for example, where there are many references inside the text, but few at the end, or where the citation style changes within a single essay. Writing About Environment Durham! A marker may get suspicious where there is suddenly a section with many references, or suddenly none. Sometimes, students even include hyperlinks in the best Williston School, references when copying from essay writing environment Durham University electronic journals; and have them automatically underlined by the word processor. Even where you take care of these issues, a paragraph copied from the internet will very unlikely link well with the rest of your essay. The style may be inappropriate, or just different. Essays from an essay bank may be internally consistent, but very rarely are they really relevant to write the best persuasive essay Northampton, the exact question you have been set.

In summary, you can avoid plagiarism easily. This is done by writing freely without having the books right in front of essay University you. Instead, work with your notes, and articles writing University, take care to put references where you use the ideas from others. Don’t use the internet to copy from, no matter how tempting it is. It will hardly ever be worth it. There is an important difference between citations and writing about Durham, quotations. Unfortunately, confusion is commonplace; and the terms are frequently used incorrectly.

Knowing your citations from your quotations is useful when writing essays. It’s essential, in fact, if you want to reference properly. Citations are about from to essay, ideas you take from essay writing University others. Quotations are about the exact words used by others. This is how to write a summary article University of Toronto, New College really the whole distinction. So, when using your own words, you cite; when you use the words of someone else, you quote. Essay Writing About Environment Durham! “Why can’t a man be more like a woman?” (Blankenhorn, 1995, p.117) is a quotation, because I use the exact same words Blankenhorn did. Persuasive Essay Williston School! However, when stating that families in the US are increasingly defined by writing Durham University, the absence of a father (Blankenhorn, 1995), I only use the idea, not the exact words. When putting a reference, the difference between a citation and a quotation is that for a quotation we always put a page number. This is done to a good nursing Saint John Paul, enable the reader to check the words in essay writing environment Durham University, the original context. How To The Best! In the essay environment Durham, list of references at the end of the text, there is no difference.

Short quotations are included in the text, and enclosed by speech marks. Longer quotations are set apart from the how to essay, main text by indenting the quotations, and usually putting in a slightly smaller font. Longer means about 3 to 4 lines or more. For example: It is true that many voters may be voting for essay writing about environment Durham University reasons wholly unconnected with social inequalities in any of the three dimensions. They may attach greater importance to some specific issue such as foreign affairs, or they may vote out of personal reasons or habits with which egalitarianism has nothing to do. (Runciman, 1966, p.136)

When quoting someone else, you should take great care to copy the words exactly. Sometimes, you might want to change a quote slightly in order to thesis University, make it fit your essay. If these changes are substantial, you should use your own words and about environment Durham, cite the work instead. If the changes are small, use square brackets to indicate that you have changed the text. For example, you might quote Rawls (1999, p.87) that intelligent people don’t “[deserve their] greater natural capacity”. I have included the words that I changed in square brackets, leaving the rest the same. This indicates to essay Northampton, my readers that the words in square brackets are not the exact same as Rawls used. For reference, the original reads: “No one deserves his greater natural capacity” (p.87). Essay Environment University! I made the changes, because I wrote about intelligent people, and from University, Rawls was talking in more general terms. Whilst quotations can lighten up an essay, you should not rely on essay Durham, them too much. Your own writing is much more important, and often text you quote was written for a different purpose.

The consequence is that the quotations may be relevant in content (what is being said), but in write a summary of an University New College, terms of style don’t fit well with what you wrote. If you rely too much on essay writing about environment Durham University, quotations, you run the risk that your readers will think that you maybe don’t really know what you’re writing about: that you have not understood the material well enough. When writing an essay, particularly when writing an extended essay, it’s easiest to put the references whilst you write. Write The Best Persuasive Williston! This is the case, because you still know where you got the University, idea from. I keep a place holder to remind myself that a reference is needed if I can’t remember the author right away.

Often, I will know at least some of it, and write this down. By putting a place holder rather than chasing the reference right away, I can stay focused on the writing. How To The Best Persuasive Essay Northampton School! However, I also indicate that the essay is not completed. Place holders like (Baudrillard, XXX) or (XXX last week’s reading) will help me find the full references once I completed the essay or section. References are needed whenever you write an academic piece of writing. Even where you can get away without referencing, by essay writing environment University, including references your essay will be taken more serious. Thesis Writing MacEwan University! It’s a good habit to put references all the time, so when you really need to—such as in your thesis—you’ll not struggle, or spend days trying to find out how to reference a chapter in a book. There are a number of software packages such as Endnote , Refworks , Scholar’s Aid Lite , or Bibus that help you putting references. These computer applications interact with your word processor, and automate much of the referencing process. They manage citations, and usually let you search libraries and journal databases.

Useful and essay writing about Durham, flexible as they are, such software packages need some time to get used to. It’s thus a good idea to familiarize yourself with their working before the deadline is menacing. For example, make sure you know how to put page numbers for quotations. Even if you don’t use a dedicated computer program to manage your references, it might be useful to how to a good essay Saint II Academy, collect references in a separate file. So, after completing your essay, copy all the references to a separate file. The next time you cite the same paper, it’ll be a simple case of copying and pasting, without the work of formatting the reference.

Keeping the full references with your notes can safe a great deal of time, too.