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College assignments Montverde Academy

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College assignments Montverde Academy

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Annotated Bibliography: Arts Education. Arts Education in America: An Annotated Bibliography Statement of Scope: The purpose of this bibliography is to attain information from credible sources on arts programs in schools. The goal is to provide enough information so that the reader is then able to form their own opinions on the benefits, problems, and policies on arts programs at varying levels of college Academy education. Those looking to find detailed information will find this bibliography to be a good starting point. Parsad, B. , and Spiegelman, M. 2012. Arts Education in university essay writing Pomfret School Public Elementary and Secondary Schools: 1999–2000 and 2009–10 (NCES 2012–014). National Center for Education Statistics, Institute of Education Sciences, U. S. Department of Education. Washington, DC.

Web. 24 Jan. 2013 This source is a presentation of unbiased information about both the college Academy overall arts education programs and specific sections including: visual arts, music, dance, and theater/drama. The report utilizes a plethora of charts, graphs, and other visual aids to help organize and present the information. Thinking Tools. Parsad and Spiegelman first present their findings on overall arts education programs including the percentages of schools offering visual arts, music, dance and theater classes.

They then dedicate ten to fifteen pages discussing the particulars of each section of the college Montverde arts listed above. There is so much information in this article that it would be great for someone looking for a broad spectrum understanding of arts education programs. The visual aids complement the information presented and would be easy to incorporate into a variety of how to essay Kent School works. They earn better grades and Montverde Academy, demonstrate higher rates of college enrollment and attainment. ” (12) Most of the graphs simply relate percentages of students with low and high levels of art engagement to achieve certain things like high school graduation, entering a bachelors program, and attaining a steady professional level career. For every study and graph presented or reviewed there is clearly cited sources, if any confusion remains the how to write a body for an essay Bournemouth appendix and cited pages are very clear about how to find more information. Being that this is college assignments a report of findings from a national organization it is not biased to or for support of arts programs. For anyone looking for specific statistics to use in a presentation or report of how to for an essay Bournemouth their own, this research report could be very helpful. As previously stated the bulk of the information is presented through graphs and charts that utilize percentages, and is therefore very easy to college assignments, take and use in a presentation without having to do much work yourself. For someone looking for a more scholarly breakdown of the benefits of a body Bournemouth arts education on high-risk students this report will not be as helpful, as it would be time consuming to assignments Montverde, trace the information presented back to the original sources.

Dwyer, M. Christine. Thinking. 2011. Reinvesting in college Montverde Academy Arts Education: Winning America#8217;s Future through Creative Schools. President#8217;s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities. Web. How To A Body Paragraph Bournemouth. 24 Jan. 2013. The reports emphasizes the essential role that arts education programs play in improving student engagement and building creativity. Dwyer discusses, in a lengthy and wordy overview, the current Arts Education programs and policies shortcomings. “It is widely agreed that the assignments Montverde Academy U. Critical Thinking. S. public education system is college Academy not adequately serving a significant portion of writing School our nation’s children and that public K-12 schools must change dramatically o achieve the Administration’s goal that the United States become a global leader in postsecondary attainment by 2020#8230; School leaders and teachers will need to step up to the challenge of finding new ways to engage many more students in meaningful learning#8230; ” (27) More importantly, this report discusses possible solutions such as reinvesting in arts education, and argues for creating arts-rich schools that can engage students in ways that complement the study of the arts and other traditional subjects such as literature, history, science, and mathematics.

Another key takeaway from this report is it shows readers the link between arts education and achievement in other subjects. College Montverde Academy. Being that this source is a report by critical Edith Cowan, the President’s Committee on the Arts and college Academy, the Humanities, it attempts to present evidence to article writing Oswestry School, support the positions of the college assignments Montverde president and his corresponding political party. As political and wordy as this report is it would most likely benefit someone looking into the politics side of arts education, it would not be as helpful for someone looking for developmental and long term benefits of art involvement in schools. Critical School. Rabkin, Hedberg. 2011. Arts Education in America: What the Declines Mean for Arts Participation. Based on the 2008 Survey of Public Participation in the Arts. National Endowment for the Arts. (Research Report #52). Web.

24 Jan. 2013. This report presents its findings after researching important question related to Montverde, arts education in America. University Essay. Questions like: Has participation in arts programs declined? What does it mean for teachers and students? How has this affected participation in college other extracurricular activities? How does this affect support for Harrow School programs? The article presents the questions to the reader and then follows up with information that supports both positive and negative claims about the answer.

Charts are used when needed to simplify information into an easily digestible visual aid. There are numerous sources used as evidence for the information presented, as well as suggestions for further investigation into the questions presented. This report has a very neutral stance towards the information presented. There is college assignments Academy good information presented for varying arguments and the ultimate decision is cheap services Grier School left to the reader. This source would be a fair report to use in a work, especially if in an argumentative essay you need information for the view that opposes yours. However for someone looking for highly specific information this report will only be useful for an introduction into the questions being asked about the national education programs. Oxtoby, David W. 2012. The Place of Arts in Liberal Education.

Liberal Education, v98 n2 p36-41 Spr 2012. Oxtoby uses a great deal of logic to explain his opinion on the place of arts in liberal education and he uses statistics to support his views. In his article, he states that diversity in college Montverde Academy the curriculum is a keystone to success in essay writing Pomfret any liberal education program. He also claims that part of college assignments Montverde that diversity needs to include a program where students can express their creativity. Being able to express their creativity and the stimulation provided by arts programs lead to more successful students, both in academics, community involvement, and how to write a critical School, professional work environments. This article is a good source of simple and sound logic in support of arts programs being included in all liberal education. Oxtoby’s statements and presentation of the information is biased towards supports arts programs, but he always includes evidence to college Montverde, support his ideas. Also, while he does not approve of excluding arts in liberal education there is never any negativity in his statements, only more supporting evidence for his ideas.

Some readers will find this article to be dry and uninteresting unless they already have some knowledge and opinions on the place of arts in critical thinking University education programs. Haven’t found what you want? 12-22 Newhall St, Birmingham B3 3AS, UK [emailprotected] Hi there, would you like to college Montverde, get such a paper? How about receiving a customized one? Check it out.

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How To Write A Blog Business Plan (Free Template!) Planning, strategy, tactics are all great words and even sound sexy. Academy. But unfortunately, great words and sexy alone is not enough in university Pomfret School, business or blogging. Assignments Montverde Academy. You need an actual blog business plan if you want to convert your blog into a successful business. Why blog business plan? For bloggers – writing your blog business plan will help you create that vision, direction and strategic transition from blog to successful business. For people already in a business – Focusing on a blog will help you drive a juicy traffic and get more leads and customers, so it is university essay School, recommended to plan the right blogging strategy and create a blog a business plan. For newbie – If you are thinking of a passive income or even to make a living out of it then one of the best ways to that today is to start a blog and college assignments that bring you to write a blog business plan . Wait, I’m not going to dump on critical tools Harrow you that boring business plan that I learned during my MBA classes or some rubbish and impossible statements and frameworks where you will ask: “Chintan, How long? Can we do it tomorrow?”

In fact, I am going to share actionable practical steps that you need to involve in your blog business plan. Once you finished writing your business plan for the blog, you will have a clear picture of what you want to do, when you want to do, how you want to do and what will you do if it doesn’t work. Let’s ring the college bell and start the class. So here are the eight main steps to thinking be included into your blog business plan. First of all, I’ve got a digital blog business plan template for you. It is ready built, all you need to college Montverde do is to Harrow fill the blocks in college Montverde Academy, the blog business plan template and you are done. And the best thing is, it is free to you.

Just click on the image below to grab it. The executive summary is your first checkpoint in your blog business plan journey. This is a brief description of your blog and business strategy. You will be writing about all of the below points more in detail later in the blog business plan but this short summary will help anyone reading your plan to understand your blog business strategy. Think of the executive summary as a covering letter for your CV. So, include these points: Brief description of your blog. Critical Thinking Jobs Edith University. Few sentences about your niche. What’s unique about your blog. College. What product or service are you going to sell or monetization methods you are going to use.

As I said you will be writing about your product and monetization strategy in detail later in the business plan, so at this point just use a small synopsis. Few sentences are more than enough. This part is all about your current growth – If you are already selling some product then write revenue figures, if you don’t have any product then write about your social followers, monthly page views, etc. If you are a newbie and a body essay don’t have anything to say about a blog growth then you can write about your skills and experience that you will use to build a profitable blog and successful business. Assignments Montverde Academy. ( read this post and you will learn how to university writing create growth model for your blog to grow your blog faster) If you are in Montverde, my email list for long enough, then you should have heard me shouting this numerous times: ‘decide your goals, work on a single goal at a time, finish and move onto thinking jobs Edith Cowan University, a next one. I recommend you to split your goals or objective into three phases. Short term goals (1 months), medium term goals (6 months) and long-term goals (1 year). Montverde. Basically, it is all about what you want to achieve. For example, a certain amount of followers, page views, monthly or yearly revenue etc.

Step: 2 Blog Differentiation Strategy. In this step, you can write why you are different, unique in your nice in detail. The best way to leverage this step is by showing these three things: Your industry or niche is worth… Gap in your blogging niche or problem with other blogs’ content. Market or Audience needs – what your audience is desperately looking for university essay writing Pomfret School, Your solution ( remember one thing – the world doesn’t need more information, it has plenty. In fact, it needs a right guidance.

Your blog should guide normal people like you and me. For example, this post is giving you a right guidance on assignments how to write a blog business plan ). This is writing School, a core step and assignments Montverde Academy if you get this wrong then your blog is likely to write a critical analysis essay School end up used by crickets to play cricket and assignments you there as a referee. In short, you can’t afford to essay writing Pomfret School get this step wrong. I don’t want to keep you hanging by Academy just saying you need to write this or that. This is a core part so I’ll help you to learn the right methods and the way to do your audience research :), so I’ll go in a bit detail.

So, the first points you need to write in this step are: who are your audiences, where will you find them and what audience research methods you are going to use. Let’s go into School more detail for each of these three steps. In order to know who your audiences are. Try to create a persona of your audience. It is college assignments Academy, like painting a picture of your audience. Use these points to describe your audience persona. What is tools Harrow School, their age? What is their gender?

What is their interest or hobbies? ( the easiest way to find anyone’s interest is by asking them what they do on assignments Academy Saturday afternoon or during their free time ). Critical Thinking Jobs Edith University. Where do they live? What are their future goals? (example: losing weight, gain weight, make extra income, travelling, learning new language, saving money etc.) Once you finish this exercise you will be able to describe your audience like this – My ideal audience is both male and female aged between 22 and 36 living in London who are interested in reading blogs, books and want to get six pack abs. Now it is college Montverde Academy, time to find your audience – read this post and you will learn how to find your perfect audience. So now to understand them and their requirements. There are many ways to do an audience research but the method I recommend is a survey method. The survey can be done either online or offline or you can use both ways. Cheap Services School. There are many websites where you can create free surveys but I recommend SurveyMonkey because it is simple, clean and free.

Now you might have some questions about how to do a survey, where to position and what to ask. I recommend sending surveys through email or blog post. Questions you can ask in your survey include. “What would you like to college Academy learn?” “What would you like to accomplish in the next six months?” “What is the biggest problem you are facing in accomplishing this goal?” If you are a newbie then you might want to use a different method that is checking good and bad reviews of a similar product or some product or book in Harrow School, your niche. For example, if you are planning to Montverde launch a fitness blog then you might want to writing read reviews of some kind of supplements. If you are planning to launch a food blog then you might want to read reviews of some recipe book. In the college assignments Montverde Academy worst case, you can find 5 people (your colleagues, friends, family, neighbours, meetup groups, online friends) and simply ask them these questions and you will get an idea of where are you standing. Step: 4 Audience Building Strategy. You have figured out whom you are going to serve and who is critical tools Harrow, your ideal audience for your blog. It is now time to assignments Montverde Academy write about the strategies you are going to use to thinking Harrow build your audience and community.

There are many ways to grow your audience and build your community and engagement. However, in assignments Academy, the blog business plan, you should write only the core audience building strategies. Grow your audience using social media. Based on your audience persona, you can decide on your social media strategy. Decide which social media platform is article writing Oswestry School, worth investing your time and college assignments Academy money in. That is why audience research is very important. Article Oswestry. Most people get stuck at this point, after writing some flowery words, because they don’t know who their audience is and assignments Academy cannot figure out the right social media platform which will help them to grow it. Thus, if you are not sure who you are targeting, go back to step three and essay writing services Grier School put more quality time but do it properly. Grow your audience by building your email list.

This one is no brainer. I have been shouting out every day – “Build your email list” (it is good that my local council has not picked me up yet because of all the shouting #128578; ) Capturing emails and building your email list is a MUST, if you are not doing this then you are doing it wrong. Grow your audience by branding. Write a guest post. You can start with small and then pitch the college Academy bigger boys or girls (authority sites), write and get featured in media publications, get interviewed and get featured on the podcast. I have recently been featured on university essay writing Pomfret School Lifehack, The Brand Journalism Advantage Podcast and Product Hunt . Media publication helps you to build a brand and ultimately help you grow your audience.

Competitor analysis is a very important analysis in assignments, your blog business plan or any other business plan. A Critical Analysis Kent School. You want to check and Academy make sure what your neighbours are up to :), of course for your good. Essay Services. Very important, you don’t need to copy what they are doing because blog or business is college assignments Montverde Academy, like an how to write a critical analysis essay School, iceberg – you are seeing what you can see but there is a deeply hidden ice peak under the water. Instead of copying; take a moment to find and analyse why that particular strategy worked for your competitor. College Assignments Montverde. There are chances that the same strategy will not work for you because of many reasons, so it is write a critical Kent School, important to find out the root and college assignments Montverde analyse why it worked for them. The easiest way to analyse at a ground level is by cheap essay writing services School finding the strengths and weaknesses. There are several direct and indirect competitors’ blogs in Montverde Academy, the market. Strengths and weaknesses of each of those direct competitors’ blogs should be analysed separately. Thus, your first step should be to find five direct and five indirect competitors. After that, analyse the strength and weakness of your direct competitors.

Few ways to essay Pomfret find the assignments Montverde Academy competitor’s blog or business: Type your niche keyword into writing School Google search with quotes, for example, “Fitness blogs” or “Fashion blogs” or “Lifestyle blogs” or “healthy food blog”. Type your niche keyword into Facebook and search for assignments, Facebook groups. Now, join some of those groups and silently watch the Kent show. College Montverde. Watch the write analysis essay people who are commenting, posting and then try to visit their sites to see what they are doing, what is working and college Academy what’s not for them. This way you will be able to Pomfret School find some of the right competitors’ blogs and their strategies. List of things to research after finding the competitors’ blogs: Once you know who your direct competitors are, it is then time to list their strengths and weaknesses.

The things you should research and look for when writing the strengths and weaknesses – Their traffic strategy – find and analyse their major traffic sources. Their blogging posts theme – See what type of college assignments blog posts are they posting often and try to understand why are they posting that particular type of critical tools Harrow blog posts. Assignments. Their social media followings. Their monetization strategy – see what type of products are they selling, price points of those products. Their brand image, have they been featured in/on any publications? Follow these steps and you will have an amazingly clear understanding of your market and thinking jobs Edith Cowan University direct competitors. Bravo, now it is assignments, time to write everyone’s favourite monetization strategy. There are so many ways you can monetize a blog and turn it into a profitable online business. Remember one thing and lock that into your MIND.

The blog is how to write essay Kent, not a business. The blog is college assignments Montverde, a SUCCESSFUL and PROFITABLE medium to drive traffic and revenue/income to university Pomfret your business. You can call your blog a business when you successfully drive consistent income/revenue on a monthly basis. So here are some lucrative ways you can use to monetize your blog: E-product. Affiliate offers or products. White label affiliate products. Ads or Advertisements ( I’m not a big fan and do not recommend this monetization method, it takes a lot of time to generate revenue/income. You need to college Academy have hundreds of thousands of visitors to make a good income from this.)

Whatever product or monetization method you decide to use, this is a list of things you must pay attention to when writing and planning your monetization strategy. What kind of affiliate products or offers will you offer? How will you position your affiliate products or offers? If you are thinking of essay Kent selling an e-products, you then need to think and decide on what type of courses are you going to sell? What would be the price? How many modules? etc. If you are thinking of selling white label affiliate products, then you need to see what is the cost to build the white label product?

Profit margin? Delivery and payment method? If it is an affiliate product, find out more about commission payment frequency and mode of payment? Step: 7 Blog Marketing And Sales Strategy. This step is crucial if your marketing and sales strategy is not up to the point; It means that whatever you have built or researched so far is just going to Academy be wasted. In this step, you should include things such as: What marketing channels are you going to use to write essay promote your blog and Academy product? You need to jobs Edith find out exactly which social media platform you are going to use to promote your blog and product. It is college, not just about randomly deciding the social media platform, in fact, you need to writing understand and make a decision based on where your audience hangs out.

It could be that Instagram social media marketing is college Academy, good for your blog or it could be Pinterest marketing. It really depends on your blog niche and critical tools your audience interest. You also need to decide what type of content you would be designing to Montverde Academy serve your audience both on your blog and on social media platforms. You can check more about different blog post ideas here. Also, you need to decide and for an Bournemouth include how often are you going to post on social media. Academy. How many blog posts are you going to write per week? It is advisable to create a clean promotion calendar. I believe in essay services, automation, of course, you don’t need to automate everything but considering automation in your business will save you plenty of time and will ultimately increase your productivity. Assignments Montverde Academy. You will feel less overwhelmed and medical article Oswestry School you can focus on growth strategy – future growth of your blog and assignments business. In the university essay writing beginning, you can think of social media post auto scheduling, email autoresponders for assignments Montverde, your email list etc. Launch strategy for newbie.

If you have a blog up and running then it is Pomfret School, great but, if you are a newbie then you have to decide when are you going to launch the blog? Website domain name and server provider? What kind of tools are you going to use such as WordPress site, Google apps – Gmail for the custom domain, Mailchimp for email marketing or ActiveCampaign for email marketing or GetResponse (I recommend GetResponse and ActiveCampaign because I have personally used both tools and I’m still using these in my business)? etc. * If you want to buy a domain name and server, Bluehost is an ideal option. They have a great backup feature which helps restore your data if anything goes wrong. * If you want to use Gmail for college Academy, the custom domain, Google apps is an critical thinking School, answer it helps you use Gmail for your custom domain name. Assignments Montverde Academy. E.g. Critical Tools Harrow. I have a lot of discount vouchers for Google apps, and college Montverde Academy I’m more than happy to share those vouchers with you. It will give you 20% off your Google apps purchase. Sign up and I’ll send you a voucher.

* If you want to use email marketing tool to build an email list and send the weekly newsletter, I recommend starting with GetResponse and as you grow you can move to sophisticated and critical Edith automation option such as Active Campaign for email marketing. (Links with * sign are affiliate links, if you are buying using these links I will get some percent of affiliate commission at no extra cost to you #128578; ) Growth Strategy for your blog and business. How are you going to grow your blog and business? How are you going to college assignments Montverde monetize your audience at critical thinking tools Harrow School a bigger level? How are you going to grow you audience? etc. Maybe, you want to sell high-end price products, maybe you want to launch e-courses multiple times a year, maybe you want to design a new e-course, maybe you want to get featured or be interviewed by Podcast to college Montverde grow your audience, maybe you want to write for authority sites to grow your audience. There are a lot of ways to grow your blog and article School business, so brainstorm and write the college Montverde Academy growth strategies in your blog business plan. Nothing is easy in life but nothing is impossible to achieve. Business will give you freedom, lifestyle and wealth that everyone dreams of but you have to hustle. None of the university essay Pomfret School things in life are secured and guaranteed and college Montverde Academy same applies to business. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but this doesn’t mean that it is not achievable or possible.

Even babies take 18 years to critical Harrow grow and college assignments Academy become adults and after which they have an opportunity to monetize. Even then some remain unemployed but others make millions. So, in this step, write what will you do if your blog or business doesn’t work? What essential steps will you take to critical tools exit and stop further losses. These are certain things you can consider when writing your exit strategy section. Work on your marketing strategy and product strategy. Academy. Optimise and tweak for a better outcome.

If you are short of funds, then one of the thinking tools easiest ways to get the funds today is by crowdfunding. There are lots of platforms available with Kickstarter being one of the best known. Assignments Montverde. You can launch a crowdfunding campaign for your product/ business for a small funding. I know some people who have successfully launched crowdfunding campaigns for products such as books and with as small amount requirements as $5,000. Nothing is cheap writing services Grier School, wrong with trying, you are not going to lose anything here. You can speak with some businesses who are interested in taking over your blog or business, again absolutely possible. Anyone will be happy to buy a ready-built audience.

I would buy or invest into a blog if it has a good amount of audience and traffic. Last option would be to shut down #128577; and work on some new product, or business idea. Now you are ready to turn your blog into assignments a profitable online business. I have designed a digital blog business plan template for critical thinking School, you, it is Montverde, ready built, all you need to do is just fill in the blocks in the blog business plan template and medical article writing Oswestry you are done. And the best thing about it, it’s free to you! Click on the image and sign up to get your free blog business plan template. Also, in college, few months time, I am going to launch something amazing which will take your blog, business to writing services Grier School a completely new level. No B.S, no gimmicks, just pure pimples free blog and business strategy. College Montverde Academy. Sign up now and you will be the first to be notified.

Chintan Maisuria is the founder CEO of He loves funnel building and essay School paid acquisition. Spicy hot curry lover, big time foodie and fitness geek. College Montverde Academy. Want him to assess your marketing and sales funnel? Click here -- Book your free strategy call now. How To Find Perfect Audience For Your Blog (Free Worksheet!) How To Grow Your Blog or Business Using Twitter (Free Checklist) 16 Responses to “How To Write A Blog Business Plan (Free Template!)”

I love your blog. There is medical article writing School, always something new and interesting to read and assignments Montverde Academy learn on your blog. This post is awesome. You put the complete idea in simple words and it was super engaging. Keep up the great work. Amy, Thanks so much for how to a critical Kent, your kind words. Glad that you find it helpful.Looking forward to hearing a lot more from you. Love how informative this is. Thank you for taking the time to Montverde Academy write a detailed yet straight-forward action plan. Essay School. Love the blog! Hey Ashley, I am glad that you loved the blog and post.

Thank you very much. Please let me know if you need any particular help along the way. Thanks for sharing this. Its very useful. Love this blog! Thank you very much for assignments, the template. I deleted half of for an essay Bournemouth it (since my approach is only semi-professional and I didn’t want to overdo it), but it was a good “checklist” to gather all the information and think of Montverde your business 360°. Wow, this is a lot more detailed than I expected. Thanks for the tips. This blog post is so awesome. It is great that you would share your wealth of knowledge. Critical Thinking Edith University. this is a lot more detailed than I expected.

Thanks for the tips. […] how to college assignments Montverde write a blog business plan (free template!) - Source […] […] how to write a blog business plan (free template!) - Source […] […] how to critical thinking tools Harrow School write a blog business plan (free template!) - Source […] […] how to write a blog business plan (free template!) - Source […] […] how to write a blog business plan (free template!) - Source […] […] how to write a blog business plan (free template!) - Source […]

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Rethinking How to college, Write While Speaking in Tongues: The Craft Essays and thinking jobs Edith Cowan University Fiction of David Jauss. From the Archives: One frustration of assignments Montverde Academy, writing a single essay about David Jauss’s craft essays and short stories is that every one is worthy of its own in-depth examination. Editor’s Note: As we approach our tenth year of how to write a critical analysis essay, publishing Fiction Writers Review, we’ve decided to curate a series of “From the Archives” posts that we’ll re-publish each week or so during 2017. Some of college, these features are editor favorites, some tie in with a new book out from an author whose worked we’ve covered in the past, and some are first conversations with debut authors who are now household names. In honor of Short Story Month, we’ve returned this week to Philip Graham’s essay on the work of David Jauss, a master of both the short form and essays on the craft of short fiction. This feature was originally published on June 2 of 2014. Over the years I’ve received in my University of Illinois mailbox numerous desk copies of books touting the craft of writing fiction. I have to confess that there’s a tender place in my heart for medical writing School, these sorts of books. When I was but a high school dreamer of a possible literary life, E.M. Forster’s Aspects of the Novel and Ezra Pound’s The ABC of college assignments Academy, Reading taught me how to focus on what mattered to me in my reading and budding attempts at writing. So when a free craft book arrives in the mail, I’m happy to page through it in cheap essay writing Grier School hopes of finding something that might help my students (and perhaps give me a needed kick in the butt, too).

Many of these books have impressive titles that seem to promise the secret to successful stories, or a novel that will confer instant stardom, but the authors of these books are often not familiar to me. Montverde. I know this is not a valid criticism—there are many worthy writers out there whose work I am ignorant of. And a number of fine contemporary writers whose work I admire have written excellent craft books: Robin Hemley’s Turning Real Life into Fiction springs to mind, as well as Maps of the Imagination , by Peter Turchi, and write a critical analysis Kent Francine Prose’s Reading Like A Writer . I’ve taught them all, to appreciative students in college Academy my various undergraduate and graduate fiction workshops. I can add another book to this list, On Writing Fiction: Rethinking Conventional Wisdom About the thinking jobs Cowan Craft (Writer’s Digest Books, 2011). This is a book that lives up to its audacious title, and has the further backup of being written by an award-winning short story writer and a master of the form. I have to college assignments Montverde Academy, admit, though, that I might never have come upon his stories or essays if he weren’t a colleague at the low-residency MFA program of the Vermont College of Fine Arts. How To A Critical. Lucky me. David Jauss is a treasure who remains largely—and unjustly—undiscovered.

On Writing Fiction (an earlier edition is college Montverde titled Alone with All that Could Happen ) deconstructs, in a gentle yet methodical way, what many writers assume is the “correct” way to approach point of view, characterization, epiphanies, and tense, among other subjects. Thinking Jobs. Perhaps because he is also an award-winning poet, Jauss sees fiction with both an insider and outsider’s eye. Francine Prose, in her essay “Learning from Chekhov” (from Reading Like a Writer ) remembers how, while taking a bus home after teaching a weekly creative writing class, she’d read a Chekhov story that successfully broke one of the college “rules” that she’d just taught her students. These rules were mainly “don’ts”: don’t give characters similar names in Pomfret the same story, don’t use multiple shifts in assignments Academy point-of-view, don’t let a character do something for “no reason,” don’t write a story where nothing changes. Prose’s honesty is bracing here, for most if not all teachers of writing have employed a list of don’ts at one time or another, usually for a workshop of beginning students. Why do we do this? The negative imperative is meant to be helpful, not putative, I think.

We want them to critical thinking tools School, avoid pitfalls we’ve encountered in our own writing lives—it’s the Montverde literary equivalent to telling a child to look both ways before crossing the street. The danger here is university essay writing Pomfret that we will come to listen to our own advice. Which is why the insights of Jauss’s On Writing Fiction are so welcome. He asks questions that cut through some cherished nuggets of college Montverde Academy, received wisdom. Why, for instance, must point-of-view remain consistent in a story?

In the chapter “From Long Shots to X-Rays,” he writes that “perhaps the most important purpose of point-of-view is to manipulate the degree of distance between the characters and critical thinking School the reader in order to Montverde, achieve the emotional, intellectual, and moral responses the thinking Cowan author deserves.” In other words, blind consistency to a particular point-of-view can constrict a fiction, while altering the distance offers opportunities of revelation. Jauss’ analysis of “Hills Like White Elephants” is a canny examination of college assignments Montverde Academy, a subtle twist in write a critical essay Kent School Hemingway’s short story. We all know the elliptical conversation avoiding the topic of abortion that the two American lovers are having at a Spanish train station, their story told by Hemingway with a tightly controlled remoteness, observing these characters from the outside. Yet this control, Jauss observes, is relaxed twice, in two brief sentences, and the second instance is assignments Academy particularly telling: the critical thinking man, waiting for the train’s arrival, “drank an Anis at the bar and looked at the people. They were all waiting reasonably for the train.” The word “reasonably” is not an objective authorial observation. Instead, it offers a fleeting window into the man’s mind: he approves of people behaving reasonably, and one can reason that he likely thinks he’s the one being reasonable in the crucial conversation with his lover. Jauss writes: If Hemingway had maintained the college Montverde Academy same point of view throughout the story, as most commentators on point of view would recommend, we’d never know whether the man was a conscious, Machiavellian villain or merely a self-deluded person.

But Hemingway wisely shifts his point of critical tools, view, twice moving in from outside to reveal, with increasing depth, the man’s thoughts. As I mentioned earlier, David Jauss has the writing chops to lend authority to his insights. Again, there is a tie to his poetry, which certainly influences the clarity and metaphoric concision of college, his prose (while his poems often are often enhanced by a spine of narrative force). These qualities are brilliantly on display in his latest book, Glossolalia: New Selected Stories (Press 53, 2013). The opening story in essay writing services Grier School the collection, “Torque,” is an apt demonstration of the advice Jauss offers about point-of-view. Larry Watkins develops an obsession with refitting a Cadillac into a limousine that could be used as a family car. This unusual ambition began as a little joke with his wife when they were first dating. But for Larry the joke hardens into something serious, and assignments Montverde Academy stubbornly peculiar, while for his wife Karen the joke remains a joke. Larry can’t articulate, to Karen or even himself, what this project means to him, even when he parks the analysis hulk of a battered Caddy in the garage and starts studying plans in Limousine and Chauffer magazine. When Karen leaves him, Larry, left alone in the house, quits his job, stops paying the college assignments bills, and instead spends too much time sitting in the driver’s seat of a car that isn’t going anywhere—the only progress he’s managed is cutting the car frame in medical article Oswestry half to prepare for college assignments Academy, that limousine expansion.

Occasionally a woman from across the Grier street, who babbles words of her own making, drops by to sit in Montverde Academy the back seat, and Larry indulges her until her weary mother arrives to bring her back home. In the cheap essay services School final paragraph, the story’s close third person point of view switches to assignments, an entirely new character, a man who has arrived to serve divorce papers on Larry. The man stands at the front door, ringing the bell, but no one appears. Then the process server hears something in the garage, and he approaches, seeing for the first time, abruptly, what the reader has been slowly led up to, and our understanding is shockingly focused: Crossing the yard to the driveway, he saw the rear end of a car sticking out of the garage. As he reached the door, he saw that the car had been sawn in half and there were two people sitting in it. “What the hell?” he said.

Then he called out Larry’s name, but Larry didn’t seem to thinking Edith Cowan University, notice; he just kept looking out the windshield at the garage wall. He was silent, but the woman in the back seat was jabbering in some strange language the process server couldn’t understand. But Larry seemed to understand. He nodded when she spoke, said something back to her, then turned the assignments Montverde Academy wheel carefully to the left, as if rounding a dangerous curve. Here, in manipulating the point-of-view, Jauss has achieved an university effect the opposite of Hemingway’s: rather than focus in on a character’s thoughts, he pulls back, so that the reader can see more clearly what the main character can’t see himself.

In On Writing Fiction , in the chapter “Autobiographobia: Writing and the Secret Life,” Jauss writes that assuming the voice of a fictional character is a secret form of autobiography, at least in emotional detail, and that the donning of such a mask allows a writer the freedom to assignments, speak personal truths he or she might never do in memoir. The title of thinking jobs Edith Cowan University, Jauss’s New and Selected collection echoes this insight. Glossolalia is a word that means “speaking in tongues,” and it also refers to college Montverde, the range of characters that Jauss has explored, many of them far from critical Edith Cowan University his own time and Academy experience: In my stories, and in how to write a body for an Bournemouth University my poems, I have tried to write my way into many characters whose lives I know nothing, or next to nothing, about. On paper, I have been—or at least tried to assignments Montverde Academy, be—a nun, a serial killer, a bag lady, a nine-year-old boy, a ninety-nine-year-old man, a woman afflicted with hysterical blindness, a teenager who witnesses his father’s nervous breakdown, a man with an artificial hand, a divorcee, a girl from Bangladesh, a minor league baseball player from the article Dominican Republic, a Hmong refugee, a sixteenth-century Spanish priest, a nineteenth-century Russian dwarf, the biblical Lazarus, and college assignments Academy various other characters, including several actual jazz musicians and authors. Manny Sanchez, in the story “The Bigs,” is a promising pitcher from the Dominican Republic who plays for cheap essay writing School, a major league farm team in Little Rock, Arkansas, and is working toward his big break.

He wants to Academy, be the next Juan Marichal, but playing baseball in the United States also entails struggling with a new culture and language. His wife, Pilar, is homesick and returns to the Dominican Republic with their daughter, Angelita. Manny doesn’t follow, still pursuing the university Pomfret possibilities of his ambition. His doubts about his decisions affect his pitching, and during one night game, in the story’s central drama, Manny’s worries overwhelm his concentration into one wild pitch after another. Assignments Montverde. Jauss tells this story through Manny’s voice, an awkward English that has its own eloquence: I don’t know why I stayed in jobs Little Rock. I should have went to Santo Domingo that same minute. Maybe I don’t love Pilar and Angelita like I think so. Maybe I want to hurt them like they do me.

Maybe there is something wrong with inside of assignments Montverde Academy, me that make me stay. Manny stands on that mound in Little Rock, halfway between his old home and a possible new one, his incomplete journey embodied by his imperfect English. Each sentence shows how far he has come, and how far he has yet to go. Some craft books urge young writers to avoid dialect or non-standard English, as it can often be seen as denigrating, and this is an appropriate caution. Analysis Essay. Yet Jauss is a writer who never settles for the easy route, and college assignments Academy his use of Manny’s voice is suffused with empathy as he joins diction with drama. In “Some Epiphanies about how to write a critical essay Kent Epiphanies,” in On Writing Fiction , Jauss observes that “there are indeed far too many epiphanies in college assignments Montverde American fiction these days, and . . . most of them are unearned or unconvincing, the literary equivalent of faked orgasms.” One problem with epiphanies (among many potential pitfalls) is that “in virtually all cases, epiphanies appear at critical Edith University, the end of the story,” as if a revelation has been winding up and only chimes on the last page. Jauss goes on assignments Academy, to discuss stories that avoid easy placement (and interpretation) by several writers—Charles Baxter, Sheila Schwartz, Alice Munro, and John Updike, among others—who have found ways to “save this problematic fictional technique from itself.” In the story “Freeze” in Glossolalia , Jauss offers his own variation, and he gets right to it. In the first paragraph, a terrifying moment triggers the main character’s epiphany: “On a mission in the Iron Triangle, Freeze stepped on writing, a Bouncing Betty that didn’t go off and college assignments Montverde nothing seemed real anymore.

It was like he’d stepped out of Nam when he stepped on the mine. And now he wasn’t anywhere.” The problem is, Freeze should have died, and now he doesn’t know what to do in cheap essay School this place where nothing seems real anymore. Something has been unleashed inside him, and he flails about recklessly, deepening his trouble with his new commanding officer. One could say that this epiphany is college assignments simply too big for cheap essay writing Grier School, Freeze to take in all at Montverde Academy, once, and that it’s less an opportunity than a curse, a curse that slowly closes its jaws over him during the critical thinking jobs course of the story. One frustration of writing a single essay about David Jauss’s craft essays and short stories is assignments Academy that every one is worthy of university, its own in-depth examination. College Assignments. His essay “What We Talk About When We Talk About Flow” is a body paragraph for an Bournemouth University perhaps the contemporary critical take on prose rhythm, and “Lever of Transcendence” combines physics with close literary reading to college assignments Montverde Academy, reveal the power of contradiction in the creative process. As for his stories in Glossolalia , “Deliverance,” a story in the form of an interview, is a wildly funny and cheap writing services disturbing look at a pathological liar; a mother’s fateful lapse of devotion in “Constellations” can haunt a reader for days afterward about the tug between sacrifice and self-preservation; the multiple narrative frames of “Apotheosis” create a Borgesian rabbit hole that invites re-reading; and the cat’s-cradle heart-break of “Glossolalia” captures the turn from assignments Academy regret to compassion better than any other story I know. Usually, a collection of stories that comes with the critical thinking jobs Edith Cowan subtitle “New and Selected” gives me a sense of relief—ah, the author him or herself has picked the very best for me, I don’t have to wade through the so-so and assignments Montverde Academy the meh. How To Write A Body Paragraph Essay Bournemouth University. With Jauss, though, this assumption doesn’t really hold, because his production of stories has been so consistently excellent. Any admirer of Glossolalia would do well to seek out his individual collections, which are more than worth exploring. Academy. In particular, Black Maps (recently reprinted as an e-book by how to write a critical analysis essay, Dzanc Books) is itself a near-perfect story collection, held together by the theme of crossing interior or exterior borders, and “Brutality,” one of the shortest stories in that book (and not, unfortunately, included in assignments Academy Glossolalia ), is also one of my favorites.

Glossolalia is how to essay Kent School a more than welcome overview of David Jauss’s career to date as a short story writer, and every lover of the form would profit from reading and studying this book, yet what this writer deserves is not only a New and Montverde Selected, but, one hopes one day, a Collected. Philip Graham is the cheap writing Grier author of seven books of fiction and nonfiction, including the college novel How to Read an how to for an University Unwritten Language , and college Academy the story collections The Art of the how to a body Bournemouth Knock and assignments Interior Design . His non-fiction works are two memoirs of Africa (co-written with his wife, the anthropologist Alma Gottlieb), Parallel Worlds and Braided Worlds , and a collection of critical, travel essays, The Moon, Come to Earth: Dispatches from Lisbon . His work has appeared in The New Yorker, Washington Post Magazine, Missouri Review, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency , and college Montverde elsewhere. He teaches at the University of article School, Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and is a core faculty member of the Vermont College of Fine Arts. A co-founder of college Montverde, Ninth Letter , Graham has served as both the university writing Pomfret fiction editor, nonfiction editor and, for the magazine’s website, as an editor-at-large. You can read his on-going collection of literary craft essays at his author website: We are a community of writers dedicated to college assignments, reviewing, recommending, and discussing quality fiction from presses and writers with a focus on emerging authors. Fiction Writers Review welcomes previously unpublished reviews, essays, literary interviews, and Shop Talk features from fiction writers, poets, graphic novelists, playwrights, and screenwriters. The editors will also consider work from thinking Cowan University librarians, journalists, other publishing professionals, and literary critics interested in assignments Academy forming connections. Copyright Fiction Writers Review, 2008-2017.

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Language: English . Brand New Book ***** Print on Demand *****. Mele provides us with a host of helpful examples, including ones from the psychological literature, on thinking jobs University, which to test theories and hone intuitions, provides clear and college assignments Montverde Academy, insightful discussion of the various theories advanced in the philosophical literature, and has interesting positive accounts of writing School, his own to offer. -- Philosophy and Phenomenological Research. (Philosophy). Bookseller Inventory # AAV9780195080018. Irrationality: An Essay on Akrasia, Self-Deception, and Self-Control. College Assignments Montverde Academy! Item Description: Oxford University Press, 1992. Paperback. Book Condition: Used: Good. Bookseller Inventory # 14787506. Irrationality: An Essay on Akrasia, Self-Deception, and Self-Control. Item Description: Oxford University Press 1992-07, 1992. Book Condition: New.

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200 pages. Dimensions: 8.1in. x 5.4in. x 0.6in.Although much human action serves as proof that irrational behavior is remarkably common, certain forms of irrationality--most notably, incontinent action and self-deception--pose such difficult theoretical problems that philosophers have rejected them as logically or psychologically impossible. Here, Mele shows that, and how, incontinent action and self-deception are indeed possible. Drawing upon college, recent experimental work in the psychology of action and inference, he advances naturalized explanations of akratic action and self-deception while resolving the paradoxes around which the philosophical literature revolves. Thinking Tools! In addition, he defends an assignments Academy, account of self-control, argues that strict akratic action is an how to analysis essay Kent, insurmountable obstacle for traditional belief-desire models of action-explanation, and Montverde, explains how a considerably modified model accommodates action of this sort. This item ships from multiple locations. Your book may arrive from Roseburg,OR, La Vergne,TN. Paperback.

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essay gun rights High school student David sent me this research paper on gun rights. College Assignments Academy. “I am pro 2A,” David asserts, “but my essay takes a slightly moderate stance.” I’m 2A, but? Uh-oh. In the interests of his re-edumacation I asked young Master David if he would consent to services Grier having his magnum opus corrected graded by TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia. He agreed. Your participation in this endeavor would be most appreciated. The Right to Keep and Academy, Bear. The date is cheap essay Grier School March 30, 1981, in Washington D.C.

President Ronald Reagan waves to a crowd of reporters and civilians when suddenly six shots ring out, and Montverde, the President’s limo speeds away. The news spreads fast. Tools Harrow School. There has been an assassination attempt on the President. In the following days, weeks, and months, this event brought calls for stricter gun laws, and renewed the debate over whether the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to keep and bear arms . . . There is no doubt that guns are an integral part of American history. College Academy. From the smoothbore muskets wielded by farmers in the Revolutionary War, to the M1 Garands carried by the valiant soldiers of the essay writing U.S. Assignments Montverde Academy. Military in WWII, to the 5.56x45mm rounds being sent “downrange” from the how to write paragraph essay University barrels of M4s and M16s in Afghanistan as this is being written, guns were a necessary part in the creation of our nation and continue to play an important role in assignments Montverde, protecting America abroad. Thinking Harrow. But civilian ownership of guns in America is a dividing issue. At the center of the debate is the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. College. It reads: “A well regulated militia being necessary for the preservation of cheap writing, a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” What is a militia?

Who are “the people?” Many questions arise after reading the text. Those in favor of gun control tend to believe that the college assignments Montverde Academy Second Amendment protects the right to bear arms as a collective right, meaning one reserved for the military. Those who support gun rights believe that the Second Amendment is meant to protect the right of individuals to bear arms. Also, there is debate as to jobs Edith whether this amendment has a fixed or evolving meaning, whether the specific intent of the Founders should control it’s current application. The ability of the government to regulate the college assignments sale, possession, and use of firearms grew controversial in how to analysis, the years leading up to the American Revolution. The British realized that organized armed colonists could resist their oppressive regime, and began confiscating their weapons. One such effort to capture colonial arms and ammunition in Massachusetts sparked the college Revolutionary War.

Once the war was over, and the Framers set about article writing Oswestry drafting the Bill of Rights, they wanted to ensure that the government could not confiscate citizens’ arms, leading to college Montverde Academy the Second Amendment. A Body Paragraph Essay University. The Revolution and the civilian militias provided the primary context for the Second Amendment. The debate about whether the Second Amendment protected an individual right began in the Jacksonian era, when in response to college Montverde the disarmament of British citizens in the mid to late 18th Century, legal experts began to describe the article writing School importance of the college assignments individual right (Tucker). The first laws that expressly prohibited certain individuals from university essay writing Pomfret, owning firearms were passed soon after the Civil War, when Southern states enacted laws prohibiting blacks from owning firearms (Mississippi). These laws were upheld by the Supreme Court, on college the ground that the paragraph University Second Amendment only college Montverde prevented the jobs Edith Cowan University federal government, not the states, from restricting citizen’s rights.

But later the Court held that the assignments Montverde Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause made laws prohibiting firearms ownership by certain groups of people unconstitutional (Linder). Then, in how to write paragraph, the early 20th Century, following the infamous St Valentine’s Day Massacre, where gangsters with automatic weapons killed seven members of a rival gang, federal legislation was passed regulating several types of “dangerous weapons” rather than classes of people. The unified “gun control movement” known today got its start in the 1970’s. In 1974, The National Council to assignments Montverde Control Handguns was formed, later renamed after James Brady, President Reagan’s Press Secretary who was permanently injured during the assassination attempt on the President. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is one of cheap essay Grier School, gun control’s largest and college assignments Montverde Academy, most ardent supporters. On the writing services Grier opposing side is the National Rifle Association, or NRA. Founded in 1871 as a marksmanship program for civilians and soldiers alike, the NRA had opposed stricter gun laws since the early 1900’s, but in the 1970’s they shifted their focus to actively lobbying against college Montverde increased regulation (Gun Control, CQ). This history can be traced through several major Supreme Court cases regarding the issue. The first of medical article writing Oswestry School, these cases is Presser v. Illinois in 1885.

In this case, Mr. Presser organized an armed march of 400 German Americans through the streets in Chicago, where it was illegal for armed groups to parade without a permit. Presser thought this was unconstitutional, on the grounds that it violated the college Academy Second Amendment. The Supreme Court ruled that the law was constitutional, because the tools Second Amendment only college Montverde protected citizens’ rights from Bournemouth University, restriction by college assignments Montverde Academy the federal government (Sommers). The second case to arise was United States v. A Body Essay. Miller, in college assignments, 1939. Two men were transporting a sawed-off, double-barreled shotgun across state boundaries without paying the necessary National Firearms Act (NFA) tax. When they were arrested, they were released because the lower court believed that the NFA was unconstitutional. Services Grier School. The Supreme Court ruled that the college Academy men were guilty, because at the time a shotgun with a barrel less than 18 inches was not associated with the type of militia activity protected by the Amendment and how to write a critical essay School, therefore Congress could regulate the college Academy possession of such weapons (Sommers).

The third case to come to the Supreme Court on the issue of gun control was United States v. Lopez in 1995. Thinking Harrow School. A Texas high school student was carrying a handgun within a high school. Montverde. Under the recently enacted Gun-Free School Zone Act, carrying a firearm inside of a school was a federal crime. Write A Critical Kent. The Supreme Court found the law unconstitutional, on federalism and commerce clause grounds. Federalism is the assignments Academy system central to American democratic theory that separates power between the federal and state governments. Under this system, criminal law within the states is for the states themselves to control, outside of the federal government’s power. The commerce clause is part of Article 1, Section 8 of the write paragraph for an Bournemouth University US Constitution.

The commerce clause allows Congress to Montverde regulate commerce “Among the states.” Since the Gun-Free School Zone Act does not pertain to interstate commerce, Congress exceeded its powers. The fourth case to come before the Oswestry Supreme Court was District of Columbia v. Heller in 2008. A D.C. man wanted to Montverde own a handgun for home defense, but believed he was effectively prevented from doing so because of D.C.’s law requiring guns in University, the home be kept “unloaded, locked, or disassembled.” In a pivotal decision and a victory for gun rights advocates, the Supreme Court ruled that the law was unconstitutional because it was an unreasonable restriction on the Second Amendment rights of D.C. citizens. Under this ruling, the individual right to keep and bear arms is protected by the Second Amendment. The fifth case was McDonald v. Chicago in 2010. Similar to assignments Heller, a Chicago man wanted to buy a handgun for home defense, but he could not do so because Chicago banned handguns. The Supreme Court found Chicago’s law unconstitutional, and university essay School, established that states could not infringe upon the individual’s rights under the Second Amendment (McDonald v. Chicago).

State laws governing the private ownership of guns vary greatly. College. However, there are a few federal laws regarding this issue which govern all the states. The first major federal law regarding gun control is the 1934 National Firearms Act. Conceived as a response to a critical essay Kent School the organized crime epidemic, the NFA regulated several types of weapons: machine guns, guns which fire more than one round per pull of the trigger; short barreled rifles (SBRs), rifles with barrels less than 16 inches; short barreled (or “sawed off”) shotguns, shotguns with barrels less than 18 inches; and silencers, devices that affix to the muzzle of a weapon and reduce the loudness of the sound made when firing. In order to Montverde Academy own such weapons, a $200 dollar tax had to be paid and cheap services, significant paperwork completed to have the weapon registered (Sommers). The next major law enacted is the aptly named Gun Control Act of 1968. College Assignments Montverde Academy. This established the medical writing Federal Firearms License system, putting an end to mail order firearms like the college Montverde Academy one that was used to medical writing assassinate President John F. Montverde. Kennedy.

In 1986, the Firearm Owner’s Protection Act was passed, which made machine guns manufactured after 1986 illegal for cheap essay writing services, civilian ownership. For other guns, it included a “Safe Passage” provision, so that someone who is traveling from Montverde Academy, one state to another cannot be incarcerated for medical writing, a firearms charge in college, a state with strict gun laws, if they are just passing through. Enacted in 1993, the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, also named after James Brady, requires persons to undergo a background check before purchasing a handgun. Oswestry School. In 1994, the Federal Assault Weapons Ban was passed, which banned firearms with ‘military features’ such as a pistol grip or flash suppressor (a device which affixes to the muzzle of Montverde, a weapon and reduces the write visual signature of the Montverde Academy weapon when firing) on article Oswestry a rifle, and restricted “high capacity” magazines. The ban included a “sunset clause,” essentially an expiration date, causing the ban to end in 2004. Many attempts have been made to renew the college ban, including one led by Senator Dianne Feinstein in 2012, however, all such efforts have failed. Some individual states, however, have passed their own Assault Weapons Bans, while other states have preempted such legislation from being passed in the future (Zimring). Gun control is not an write analysis essay Kent, issue exclusive to the United States. But in assignments Academy, most other countries, gun ownership is more heavily regulated than in the US.

Such restrictions are not always effective in lowering crime. Russia has very strict gun laws, including banning all weapons except for long barreled shotguns and some BB guns from how to write School, civilian possession. Yet Russia had 21,603 murders in 2009, compared to 13,636 murders in the US in the same year, even though, Russia’s population is college assignments Montverde Academy less than half that of the US, with about 143 million people compared to 313 million in the US (Flintoff). In the United States, gun ban legislation is thinking Harrow very controversial, and outright bans have been proposed only in the context of “assault weapons.” The history of banning assault weapons raises several key questions, foremost among them, are gun bans really effective? Do they reduce gun violence? In a study on the Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994, Christopher S. Koper finds that “most survey evidence on college assignments Academy the actual use of AWs (Assault Weapons) suggests that offenders rarely use AWs in crime. In a 1991 national survey of adult state prisoners, for example, 8% of the inmates reported possessing a “military-type” firearm at some point in the past (Beck et al., 1993, p. 19). Yet only article Oswestry 2% of offenders who used a firearm during their conviction offense reported using an AW for that offense (calculated from pp. 18, 33), a figure consistent with the college assignments Montverde police statistics cited above. Similarly, while 10% of adult inmates and critical thinking jobs University, 20% of juvenile inmates in a Virginia survey reported having owned an AW, none of the adult inmates and only 1% of the juvenile inmates reported having carried them at crime scenes (reported in Zawitz, 1995, p. 6).”

Proponents of the ban argue that such weapons have no sporting application, and should be kept out of the hands of civilians. College. Mary M. Cheh, a D.C. councilmember, summed up her opinion during our interview of her in cheap services School, one phrase: “No one needs an assault rifle!” But if an assault weapons ban, even if enacted, can affect only a very small percentage of crimes, what other solutions are there? And what is the best way to prevent criminal use of more commonly used guns, like your basic handgun. One legislative solution is to Montverde Academy target how criminals get their guns. While most guns are originally obtained through legal acquisition, approximately five of essay School, every six firearms used in crime was illegally obtained by that criminal.

This means that something goes amok when the gun is in college assignments, the secondary market, either through theft, “lying and buying” where the purchaser lies about critical thinking whether they are prohibited from college Montverde Academy, owning a firearm, or being sold on the black market (Ridgeway). The National Tracing Center compiles information about firearms so that in the event one is used in a crime, law enforcement has information that could help trace the paragraph essay Bournemouth University firearm legal purchase history. College Montverde. This makes it easier for article School, law enforcement to identify illegal gun trafficking. But what is the best way to stop individual criminals from getting guns? While there will always be acts of violence that cannot be prevented, what are the common sense steps our society could take? Currently, the ATF requires FFL (Federal Firearms License) dealers to keep a record of: the name and address of the person from whom the FFL received the college Montverde Academy firearm; the name of the manufacturer and importer (if any) of the firearm; the model of the firearm; the university essay writing Pomfret serial number of the Montverde firearm; the type of Kent, firearm (pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun, receiver, frame, etc); and the caliber or gauge of the firearm (Farago). Also, all gun sales through FFLs, meaning all gun sales except private sales between residents of the Montverde Academy same state, require the prospective buyer to undergo an FBI background check.

Third, a person may not transfer (loan, sell, rent) a firearm to thinking School another person if they suspect the buyer is prohibited from possessing a firearm (Firearms). College Montverde. Fourth, straw purchasing, where someone who is thinking prohibited from possessing a firearm uses a surrogate buyer to act for them, is a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison (Straw). These requirements, however, apply only where the seller is or uses an FFL, not to private sales between individuals in the same state. Requiring background checks for Montverde, all sales might help reduce certain kinds of gun violence, like the instances of domestic violence in which a person under a restraining order was able to purchase a gun without undergoing a background check. Writing Services. So the question is why not require background checks for private sales between residents of the Montverde same state? Opponents argue that this would require background checks for sales between family members, and that in some areas the nearest FFL is inaccessible.

Some of these issues were addressed in a bipartisan bill introduced in 2013 by Senators Joe Manchin and Pat Toomey. This bill required background checks for university Pomfret, all gun sales with exceptions for family members. The bill was defeated in the Senate (Blake). Theft remains a large factor in how criminals obtain firearms. Assignments Montverde Academy. A fix for this might lie in safe storage requirements. Write A Critical Essay Kent School. In an article from one of the assignments Montverde Academy NRA’s publications,American Rifleman, B. Gil Horman writes: “It is important for shooters to store their guns in a safe manner. A gun in a drawer or on a shelf does not qualify as safe in any way, even if it’s unloaded and the ammunition is stored somewhere else.”(Horman) Unfortunately, not all gun owners practice safe storage precautions. Incentives linking gun purchases with discounts for thinking Edith, safe storage equipment would be a first step, or gun owners could be required by law to keep their guns stored when not in use, although this would likely be unpopular and decidedly necessary, seeing as most people advocate practicing safe storage in one form or another. Another possibility is more and better education on using and storing firearms safely. Common sense suggests that educating people about college assignments Academy gun safety will help avoid accidental deaths.

A few gun safety programs already exist, foremost among them is the NRA’s Eddie Eagle GunSafe program. Developed with the help of critical tools School, teachers, law enforcement specialists, and psychologists, to assignments Montverde Academy name a few, the thinking Eddie Eagle program has been taught to more than 26 million children K-3rd grade (Eddie). Finally, some believe those who are concealed carriers can help stop crime, and there are situations where a concealed carry permit holder who was present as a crime unfolded did help to deter or prevent the crime. Unfortunately, not all people who have guns for self defense are sufficiently trained to act quickly and college assignments Montverde, safely to how to a body paragraph for an Bournemouth stop a crime, and Montverde, their firearms are sometimes used accidentally against innocents. All 50 states “allow” concealed carry, although in 10 states local authorities have discretion whether to issue the permit (a de facto ban), while in School, 40 states any individual who meets the state requirements can obtain a concealed carry permit. Training requirements vary greatly from state to state, but one possibility is a national concealed carry law that would establish uniform requirements. The Supreme Court has ruled definitively that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right “to keep and bear arms.” But how can our society balance this right with the need for public safety? How can our nation respect the culture of hunting and shooting sports in Montverde, some states, while other areas face high levels of urban gun violence? If gun control legislation is politically unpopular, then what can be done to address gun violence? While some proposals remain either too controversial, or ineffective, there is more consensus around gun control legislation that focuses on criminals and how they get their guns.

Better laws and enforcement tools around trafficking and straw purchasing, preventing theft, ensuring background checks for all purchases, and education could make a difference. Guns are an thinking Cowan University, important part of our history. Guns can be used for sport, for protection, and they can hold sentimental value like other prized objects. But they can also be used to hurt innocent people. Owning a gun is a right that carries a heavy responsibility.

In his essay On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs, David Grossman writes about the role of the “sheepdog,” those who choose to protect the wider population from college, attack by “wolves.” He warns: “If you want to writing School be a sheepdog … then you must make a conscious and moral decision every day to dedicate, equip, and prepare yourself for Montverde, that toxic, corrosive moment when the paragraph Bournemouth wolf comes knocking at the door.” Because of the assignments inherent risk involved in owning and using guns, citizens who choose to own guns must be responsible in thinking jobs Cowan University, exercising their constitutional rights. Today, too many citizens on both sides of the debate demonize the other side. Our communities need to find space for open and honest dialogue. This is an issue that needs respect. All citizens need to listen to both sides with an open mind and address the best arguments across the spectrum to college assignments find effective solutions. Blair, J. Pete, et al. How To Write A Critical Analysis Essay School. Active Shooter Events and Response. N.p.: CRC, 2013. Print.

Blake, Aaron. “Manchin-Toomey Gun Amendment Fails.” Washington Post 17 Apr. College Assignments. 2013: n. pag. Print. Cheh, Mary M. Personal interview. 14 Jan. 2014. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA v. HELLER. The Oyez Project at paragraph essay University, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law. Assignments. 09 December 2013. 2000-2009/2007/2007_07_290. “Gun Control.” Opposing Viewpoints Online Collection. Detroit: Gale, 2013.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Jobs Cowan University. Web. 8 Dec. 2013. “Gun Control.” CQ Researcher 15 June 2013. Assignments. Web. 8 Dec. 2013. Horman, B. Gil. “Safe Gun Storage Options.” American Rifleman: n. pag. Jobs Edith Cowan University. Print.

Linder, Doug. “The Right to Bear Arms.” Exploring Constitutional Law. University of Missouri-Kansas City Law School, 2014. Web. College Assignments Academy. 26 Feb. 2014. projects/ftrials/conlaw/ beararms.htm. Magoon, Kekla. Gun Control. Edina: Abdo, 2008. Print. MCDONALD v. CHICAGO. The Oyez Project at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law.

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Sommers, Michael A. The Individual Rights and critical thinking University, Civic Responsibility: The Right to Bear Arms. New York: Rosen Publishing Group, 2001. Print. “Straw Purchasing.” Don’t Lie for the Other Guy. NSSF, n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2014. Tucker, St. George. Blackstone’s Commentaries: With Notes of Reference, to the Constitution and Laws, of the Federal Government of the United States; and of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Vol. College Academy. 1. Philadelphia: William Young Birch and Abraham Small, 1803. Print. 86 Responses to Please Grade This High School Senior’s Gun Rights Essay. It’s amazing to me that so much time passed between the founding of this country and these modifying laws.

Hopefully today’s votes will begin the reversal of the anti-gun people/ I read most of it, skimmed some of it. Looked okay to me, a little dry. I learned a few things. Good for critical thinking jobs Edith Cowan University, you kid.

The history of gun control in the US is murky indeed. God Damn. For anything that’s not law school, I’d give an A. The leftist SCOTUS rendered a decision concerning individual citizen’s right to Montverde bear arms in their decision concerning the restrictive laws of Washington, D.C. This was the first case I know of that SCOTUS has come down very clearly for individual rights of ownership of arms, apart from any participation in a “militia.” This cannot be understated since it will be quoted and built upon on critical Edith Cowan University in future decisions. Yes, but don’t ever forget that Heller was a “5 to 4” decision. This fact is ominous in it’s portentions. It underscores the facts that, not only can 4 Justices of the Supreme Court not comprehend what it meant by the simple phrase, “Shall not be infringed,” but that we are only one leftist President’s Supreme Court appointment away from losing our 2nd Amendment rights!…..

Ah, Marbury Vs. Madison and judicial review; Marshall really screwed the Republic with that one. Yep. The other Thomas Jefferson believed that any one branch having final say as to the constitutionality of a law would simply devolve, in college assignments Montverde Academy, time, into School tyranny. For the most part, very factual, and the instances where the author is injecting his own opinion are noted as such, or are offered up as questions to the reader. Assignments Montverde Academy. However, there is one very glaring paragraph that made me smack my head, colloquially known as “Facepalming.” Through the essay, there is very thorough citation for School, any facts stated, but the college Montverde Academy following paragraph states a “fact” without any citation, likely because you can not find any supporting evidence. “Finally, some believe those who are concealed carriers can help stop crime, and there are situations where a concealed carry permit holder who was present as a crime unfolded did help to deter or prevent the for an essay University crime. Unfortunately, not all people who have guns for self defense are sufficiently trained to act quickly and Academy, safely to stop a crime, and their firearms are sometimes used accidentally against innocents.”

Without facts to back it up, this paragraph needs to be modified. There is plenty of proof showing that when someone considered a “Good Guy with a Gun” shows up to intervene in an attempted assault, robbery, rape, murder, or other violent felonious act, the how to a body paragraph essay Bournemouth University “good guy” has a nearly impeccable rate of Montverde, deterring or reducing the extent of the “Bad Guy’s” crime. There is how to a body University little to no evidence of an armed intervener making an already felonious situation worse. Thank you, that is what I attempted to Montverde say, below, with less clarity. I noticed our young man did not take a position, simply stating facts (or assumptions presented as facts). Some adult research will do him well, and he should start from a neutral position if he wishes to come to a rational decision. Young man, you have a future, here! Do not accept lies, find out for yourself. And remember, the 2A says “shall not be infringed”, which makes it obvious that all current gun control, city, state, or federal, is clearly unconstitutional, on its face. Try addressing that on your next dissertation. It was looking very good until that point.

Concealed carriers absolutely knock it out of the park in terms of self defense. Lack of critical thinking jobs University, training? Please. CCW holders are more accurate than police and are less likely to shoot the wrong target. CCers shooting the wrong target?

I’m sure somebody has, but I’d wager it’s in college assignments Montverde, the single digits annually. LEOs shooting the wrong target? According to police investigating themselves, it’s done fatally at about 3-4x the rate LEOs die on duty, and most of the dead LEOs are from vehicle crashes, so let’s just round it up and say a cop is 10x as likely to shoot and kill an innocent citizen as he is to get shot and essay, killed by a non-cop. The number of citizens shot but not killed by LEOs has to be in the thousands. We’ve got 800,000 armed LEOs and several million CCers, so on an individual basis, each LEO is much more of a threat than each CCer. My sentiment was the same pretty much. Good until that one paragraph; overall, still decent. There’s also this little book called “More Guns, Less Crime” by John R. Lott, Jr. Assignments Montverde Academy. that our essay writer should familiarize himself with and revise as necessary. I regards to concealed carry, “..sometimes their firearms are accidentally used against innocents.” Citation needed.

Do CPL holders “accidentally” use their firearms against innocents at a higher rate than police? “If gun control legislation is politically unpopular, then what can be done to address gun violence?” Why does gun violence need to Oswestry School be specifically addressed? Why not all violence? Is getting killed by college assignments Montverde Academy a gun somehow worse than being killed by a knife, bat, or bare hands? This has been one of the key tenets of our gun-rights arguments. Stop talking about gun violence and start talking about thinking Harrow School all violence.

When you do, you will find that you will find solutions that will reduce all violence, including gun violence. Until you do, the best you can do is cause gun violence to change into other forms of violence, with no reduction or even an increase in violence overall. This is supported by several examples around the world. Could use a little more research on the Concealed Carry part, but I can’t blame somebody for not knowing the stats on armed civilians stopping criminals. It’s not like it’s easy information to find, even with google. Otherwise,Pretty damn good, but I’m betting it’s not going to get as good a grade as it deserves. Oh, damn, I did not think of that. I want to assignments Montverde know what grade that paper got.

It should have been an *A* by how to write a body paragraph any standards, considering research and consideration, but may be a lower grade because of Montverde Academy, anti-gun extremism among public schoolteachers. Good luck, dude! As an critical jobs Edith, “essay” it is poorly written. It fails to take a clear stance in college Montverde, any regard. Article Oswestry. It also fails to provide strong evidence in support of a view point. As far as a strictly essay grade? C+ to a B-.

It is well researched but lacking critical essay elements such as a clear, concise thesis and multiple examples to prove each argument in favor of said thesis. As a research paper? B+ to assignments Montverde A-. The research is good and it does provide a balanced statement of the facts. It does not provide any deep insights, summation, conclusions etc that would push it in to cheap services Grier A/A+ (which is and should be reserved for exceptional works that go above and beyond).

This is not coming from a teacher but someone who took university level essay courses. College Montverde. So depending on the school, system and views of the teacher they could grade higher or lower. My advice? It does need a rewrite. There are good examples, but it needs a thesis. Use the examples to essay writing Pomfret create supporting arguments that support that thesis. Currently it is just a mass of facts, events and anecdotes. Not an essay. Cops are armed civilians.

For people not employed by the government, use CITIZENS. Here is a good source: All supported with facts and sources. I take some issue with the last paragraph. I understand why the author included it, but this really is a no compromise issue. There is college no point in having an ‘open and how to analysis essay Kent, honest dialogue’ with people dedicated to curtailing a fundamental right outlined in college assignments Montverde, the Constitution. Anymore than we should have a dialogue about making a state religion, banning newspapers or quartering soldiers in private homes. Any change comes from us, not culture warriors and people that hate and despise the fundamental right to keep and bear arms. While I agree with the spirit of your post, I think there are plenty of things that can be tried to reduce crime without infringing on anyone’s rights to arms.

I also think that we “gun guys” NEED a seat at that table! It is important to medical writing Oswestry have those who understand guns and the Constitution in the dialogue so that we can avoid blind alleys, ineffective proposals and, of course, infringements on the rights of the innocent. You keep making solid arguments then weakening them with a nod to the opposition. I would focus on assignments making clear claims about article Oswestry what kinds of legislation are effective cite statistics to prove that the opposing opinion is less effective/correct. An example would be background checks. ‘Common sense’ dictates that 5/6 criminals not buying their guns from a source that the government has control over means that federal legislation cannot significantly impact criminals purchasing weapons. On a different note, not everything needs legislation. You mention the many groups advocating “safe storage” of guns yet you assume that the only solution to get less people to leave guns out in the open is to pass a law. This might seem like a ridiculous complaint but you should probably mention that not everyone believes the time to get a gun out of a safe is reasonable when their life is at risk. I agree that you are weakening your own arguments in the spirit of being inclusive. For example: “…Requiring background checks for all sales might help reduce certain kinds of college assignments Montverde, gun violence,”

The anti crowd strongly believe that to be true, but even the how to write a body paragraph Bournemouth University smallest amount of thought proves it to be untrue. College Assignments Academy. You even site a 5/6 rate of criminal activity that strongly opposes the idea that more background checks will make a difference on criminal activity. The very shortest answer is if the cheap essay Grier School current background check system isn’t doing what it is supposed to college be doing how would expanding it suddenly make it work as planned? It’s a report, not a position paper — if he didn’t include various views, he’d deserve a D at cheap writing services Grier School, best. The 2nd amendment was incorrectly quoted. Good point, I am ashamed I missed that. I therefore change my grade to a C- What? Are we talking about college assignments Montverde commas? I have heard all manner of different commas.

Which is right seems to not make a difference to me. To be more specific, it should be “to the security” not “for the preservation”. Can’t blame the kid. It probably said that in his school supplied textbook. He forgot Dredd Scott.

As Chief Justice Taney said, if Scott was ruled a citizen, “[I]t would give them (blacks) the full liberty to keep and carry arms wherever they went.” Gun control has ALWAYS been racist. When will the discriminated against learn? When we get the jobs Edith government and unions OUT of our schools and AWAY from our kids. He also neglected to note the numerous times that SCOTUS has listed the Second right along with the First, Fourth, and Fifth as protecting individual rights. For a high school effort, I’m seriously impressed, so an A — if he’d caught these missing elements, I’d go A+. He also neglected to note the numerous times that SCOTUS has listed the college Montverde Academy Second right along with the First, Fourth, and Fifth as protecting individual rights. They are all individual rights. Freedom of religion is an individual right. Freedom of how to a critical analysis essay, speech is an assignments Montverde, individual right. Freedom of the press is an individual right.

Freedom to assemble is an individual right. Freedom to petition the thinking Harrow School government is an individual right. Freedom from having troops quartered in your house is an individual right. Freedom from unreasonable search and seizure is an individual right. The right to due process is an individual right. Freedom from assignments Academy, double jeopardy is an individual right.

Freedom from self-incrimination is an individual right. Freedom from eminent domain claims without just compensation is an individual right. The right to a speedy trial is an individual right. The right to critical thinking tools Harrow School a public trial is an individual right. The right to a jury trial is an individual right.

The right to confront witnesses is an individual right. The right to counsel is an individual right. Freedom from college assignments, excessive bail is an how to a body essay Bournemouth, individual right. Freedom from cruel and unusual punishment is an individual right. But it amazes me that some people think that the right to Academy keep and bear arms is not an individual right, but that it is critical thinking a collective right! Well put and to the point. One key problem with universal background checks is in Montverde, the enforcement of write analysis, that requirement. How do you ensure that all gun transactions go through background checks? The only college effective way is through gun registration, which has been abused many times in the past by governments. Amazing how one goes to medical article writing Oswestry an anti gun website that actually shows the failure of college, gun control, especially registration.

Why is it that this small sample of gun control countries (206 total countries in the list) have less than a 25% registration of university essay, their guns? Explain again with any logic how one gets the criminals to register their guns, is college assignments Montverde it like a buy back with blanket amnesty, do tell? Guns / Registered / % of thinking School, registered. Brazil 16,200,000 / 5,200,000 / 32.1% Canada 14,450,688 / 7,514,358 / 52.0% China 40,000,000 / 680,000 / 1.7% Cuba 545,000 / 58,150 / 10.7% Guatemala 1,650,000 / 393,996 / 23.9% Japan 710,000 / 413,096 / 58.2% Mexico 15,500,000 / 2,824,231 / 18.2% N Ireland 380,000 / 141,393 / 37.2%

Netherlands 510,000 / 333,000 / 65.3% Russia 12,750,000 / 5,000,000 / 39.2% S Africa 5,950,000 / 3,737,676 / 62.8% Venezuela 2,825,000 / 925,000 / 32.7% Totals avg.

111,470,688 / 27,220,900 / 24.4% Oh wait, further review of assignments Academy, data as of thinking jobs Edith Cowan, 9/20/2014 shows the following………… 119 Countries reported registration rates! 296,301,508 guns / 80,398,537 registered = 27.1% Do you really think that registration rates would be any different in the US, nah, WORSE, we tell government to FO, doubt me, review the numbers for the Connecticut NY registration BS just this last year, LOL! Of course the 76 other countries with over 399 mil guns didn’t report their registration rates, probably too embarrassed to admit how little control they really have over their subjects! Man, that there registration REALLY SUCKS at preventing violent crime by the bad guys eh! Background checks ARE registration!

Anyone who uses the term gun violence is claiming a gun is Montverde Academy alive and the root cause of violence, only the clinically insane do that! There is no equation to balance safety by ursurping ones rights for the actions of the few criminals! He neglected Haynes vs US 390, 85, 1968 the 5th amendment proving where 85% of gun control laws dont apply as a punishment to any of the 10 categories of bad guys identified in USC18 Sec 922! He neglected the studies, most notably by GAO General Accounting Office posted 3/21/2001 showing how agents went to 5 different states using fake identification and bought guns using fake identification 100% of the time, He neglected the BATF refusal to how to Kent School prosecute more than 1% of the 2.056 mil rejected!

He neglected the USDOJ Firearms use by Offenders Nov 2001 (18,326 felons surveyed in 3 different regions) USDOJ Background Check and assignments Montverde, Firearm Transfer 2008-2010 reports identifying that in todays numbers….95.52% of critical thinking jobs Cowan University, bad guys dont even attempt to buy from a licensed source to begin with, 3.84% buy from a retail source using fake identifications, and .64% buy from gun shows! In that USDOJ data it shows clearly that 50% of the 95.52% bad guys who dont even attempt to buy from a licensed source to begin with, get their guns from straw buyers/family members, and the other 50% by street buys from other criminals/theft! He forgot the USDOJ Firearms theft data 2012 report demonstrating a -60.9% reduction in guns stolen per year from 1988-2012, (511k to 199k) yet only a -4.34% reduction in property thefts where the majority of guns are stolen during that same time frame. He forgot the MSNBC 2002 report showing how 18 states w mandatory storage laws only showed a -26% reduction in guns stolen, but no viable or credible proof this was due to storage laws! So much for the inferences that all gun owners are irresponsible as he doesnt have any proof all gun owners are irresponsible, which is really a projection of how the demokrats pushing said storage law themselves act, irresponsibly! He forgot how during that same time fram that the number of college Montverde, guns in law abiding civilians hands increased by 42% (per NSSF NICS data, over 90 million guns), yet FBI UCR data shows a -39% reduction in critical thinking jobs Edith University, violent crime rate and a -52% reduction in murders by college assignments Montverde Academy illegal use of a gun, all the greatest reductions of ANY country during that same time frame, the majority of essay, them gun ban paradises! He fails to acknowledge the gun control crowd has never given up any of the affirmed rights they value in 60 plus years of gun control, where as there are 22,000 gun control laws that 85% only affect and only punish the law abiding gun owners and not the actual criminals! Why should gun owners compromise anymore with a minority group who is so selfish, intolerant, and promoting the lie of gun control of only the law abiding reduces violence by the bad guys, which it never has and never will? Why does he refuse to acknowledge the college Academy 1.221 mil people wanted on open felony warrants per FBI DENI, underfunded by the government to track and capture, of which 50% are probably as severely mentally ill as are 50% of the current 2.7 mil prisoners per psychiatrists and criminologists! Why does he refuse to acknowledge the effect HIPPA laws have on a body for an Bournemouth University reporting the mentally ill and felons into college Academy the NICS database which NICS Operations reports shows only writing School 5.1 mil in the database July 2014 out of estimates of 31 mil + combined?

Why does he refuse to acknowledge that 93.8% of all rejections of the background check are FALSE POSITIVES over the 17 years of the Brady Law? Why does he not know of the NICS operations reports showing an average of only college assignments Academy 45 bad guys prosecuted per year? Why does he refuse to acknowledge the government studies and data demonstrating 97.3% of all killings by illegal use of article Oswestry School, a gun are committed by Academy career criminals, gang members, suiciders, crazies domestic violence abusers, which arent law abiding gun owners! Why does he not acknowledge the USDOJ data showing 30% of the population, not white, commit 87% of how to write a critical analysis essay Kent School, all the violent crimes, and votes predominantly demokrat? Why does he infer all gun owners are untrained when the government data demonstrate if that were true that the numbers fo collateral shootings would skyrocket? Got another 12 pages of summarized government data and facts the college assignments Academy young man didnt dig enough into, much less review. I would give the young man an incomplete!

You do know that most Americans have around a 90 IQ? Meaning that all those great stats you listed mean next to essay nothing to the average American citizen. Gotta find a way to dumb it down so the college assignments Montverde Academy flouride drinking mouth-breathers will get on a critical essay Kent School board. In other words, if it’s not being talked about during an NFL pre-game show or in the middle of college assignments Academy, a Taylor Swift concert, nobody is going to give a fuck. Yet the young man is obviously above a 90 IQ, hence my message to him is thinking tools School indeed appropriate! Hey! Be nice! The kid is 18. College Assignments Montverde. I’m thinking he’ll do a lot (I mean a LOT) better 10 years from now. Damn fine first effort.

That was being nice, trust me on critical Edith that! But as he wanted to post his opinion in public, why should we sugar coat it and college, encourage the direction of his work that is how to a body paragraph essay Bournemouth so obviously lacking? If this were a research paper for a sophomore course in college, I’d agree with you. But for high school, no, unless it was for assignments, like half his grade in some course, no. My wife is a teacher of 31 years, and has had several students of exceptional ability, but they are not perfect, and they as a rule have all taken constructive critiicism and correction of Edith, their naievette better than most. So I have NO problem treating someone who wants to Academy post their opinion in public as an adult, which I did! Now it remains to be seen whether or not he is capable of thinking on his own! I wouldn’t say he neglected or willfully refused to include information.

It was a high school research paper, not a doctoral thesis. University Writing Pomfret. He hit the highlights and college Montverde, the most pertinent information on an infinitely broad topic. I also think he was trying to tools School write it as objectively as he could. Montverde. The citations were lacking somewhat, and there were a few points that he probably thought were common knowledge but came off as fact. The concealed carry part was abysmal. It wouldn’t be hard to quote a few news stories the way American Rifleman does every month to paint a picture, while citing a news story to back up his “injured bystanders” claim if he were trying to critical thinking tools be objective and give both sides.

I’m not a teacher, but I was a history major and wrote a TON of research papers. College Montverde. By undergraduate standards I’d give him a C, but since he’s a high school kid, and he made a good effort, I’ll give him a B-. Content aside this kid needs a writing tutor. I get that it’s a research paper but it would be nice if he had the writing capability of asserting his own voice. Creativity is assignments Montverde lacking in his word choice, bland structuring, very little to get and hold attention. Good start, young man.

I give it a C+. Now. Dig a little deeper into U.S. v Miller. If I remember correctly, neither miller nor his attorney were notified of the date of arguments before the SCOTUS. Then here’s this statement. “No one needs an assault rifle!” It’s not a bill of needs, it’s a bill of how to paragraph for an essay University, rights. My last point on your paper.

You wrote; ” How can our nation respect the culture of hunting and shooting sports in college Montverde, some states, while other areas face high levels of urban gun violence? If gun control legislation is politically unpopular, then what can be done to address gun violence?” Owning firearms is not about hunting or shooting sports cultures. A Body Bournemouth. In the Federalist Papers, it’s very clear that the founders meant for the common man to be armed as a bulwark against a tyrannical government. Worse case scenario, the citizens march on the government, and with arms, overthrow it to form a new one. There is no such thing as “gun violence”. It’s all about the perpetrator.

The gun, at times, is the closest tool. Finally, I would cite through the excellent book, More guns, Less crime, as a source of where millions of common citizens use firearms to defend themselves and others. It happens a lot. Keep up the good work. David, I’ll give you a B. College. This was decently written and well-researched, but after your introductory section, which raised the issue as an important moral, philosophical, and political question, you buried us under a bunch of varied data and article writing, conflicting case histories, and at the end did not come to any sort of definite conclusion. Montverde. If this is an “argument” paper, you came to the conclusion that “this is an argument.” I’m certain that other readers will note that there is essay services School a definite answer to college Montverde the “what is writing Oswestry School a militia?” question. It’s defined in Article 2, section 8 of the U.S. Constitution and further described in the Militia act of 1903.

Any male citizen between the assignments Academy ages of 17 and 45 who is NOT a member of the uniformed services (including National Guard) is a member of the “Unorganized Militia.” Forgive me if I’m misquoting here, I don’t have the source in write a body paragraph for an Bournemouth, front of me. While the militia is under obligation to keep and bear arms in assignments Montverde Academy, the interests of the cheap writing services School public (as in college Academy, “common defense”) it is totally clear that this shows up as an individual right, as recognized by the Heller decision. But to address the core of the issue, being armed is a way of being powerful. Critical School. It’s not the only way, and it may not be the best way, but it’s inarguable and it’s unmistakable. College Assignments. The larger question that you bring up (and then dance around, and then refuse to answer) is about how power is supposed to be distributed in our Republic.

Is it supposed to thinking tools Harrow be distributed widely, in the hands of the college assignments Montverde Academy individual citizens, with the authority of the government held in check against the will of the citizenry, or should power be held by a central Federalist government in analysis Kent School, proxy for college assignments, “the people” broadly speaking? What do you think Thomas Jefferson would have said about that? Young man, that was excellent! A realistic and Harrow School, well researched commentary! The only thing missing was experience. I could be all manner of Montverde, educational here, but let me, for the moment, just address the following: “Unfortunately, not all people who have guns for self defense are sufficiently trained to critical Edith act quickly and safely to college assignments Montverde stop a crime, and their firearms are sometimes used accidentally against innocents.” Why not give us some actual figures on whether, in a given (and actual) situation, the legally carried firearm was effectively used to stop a crime, or used accidentally against innocents. That is, IMHO, a common lie used to inflame anti-gun activists. How often does either event occur? You will be discouraged from writing services Grier School, such research, “it’s not important”, etc. It IS important, 10,000 used to prevent crime vs. one used accidentally against innocents makes the decision easy.

The anti gun establishment will lie extensively to make you drop the subject. I say, go to Montverde Academy the FBI figures, do some research outside the biased sources you seem to be using. But, again, for essay writing services Grier School, an 18-year-old, this was really exceptional. College Montverde Academy. I am 68, and I respect your attempt. Actually, you hit the essay writing services Grier nail right on the head, sir. I had originally included the Montverde example of Nick Meli (Clackamas OR), but my teacher told me it was “not important”, ” anecdotal “, and ” made the paper too long “. I would prefer the “report” to medical article writing School argue a position, but lacking that he should cite more “laws” and the reasons for them, like firearms registration and the concealed carry regulations that were enacted so blacks and other minorities couldn’t carry guns.

Also, since he’s citing Miller 1939, he should mention that the US military did use SBS in college assignments Montverde Academy, trench warfare, but the government attorneys lied and how to write a body essay Bournemouth, said guns like that weren’t used and so are unusual. Assignments Montverde. One of the worst SCOTUS decisions ever. Overall this is services a good paper, especially from a high schooler. As Jarhead1982 notes there are a few areas that would ideally. need further research and expansion. Although, I see this as.

less a full report as I do a intro/summary of a lengthy (20 pgs+) research thesis. Bearing that in mind, this paper is still better. than a great many papers I’ve seen and gotten from college. My biggest critique is assignments Academy that there doesn’t seem to be a clearly. stated thesis. Essay Grier School. Without this it’s hard to know the context for. the report itself. College Assignments Academy. For instance, this paper does not seem to. be making any argument, merely providing a generally history. If we take the report as such then much of the information. others have noticed missing isn’t irrelevant by any stretch; but.

it could become a little superfluous. Article. On the other hand, if an. argument for or against gun-control was intended then there. is a lot of data that would need to be added. Overall well written, but without a thesis statement of some kind. I don’t think I could give this more than a B+.

While I agree, I have to point out that we do not have the assignment, do not know what he was SUPPOSED to be doing. I don’t think there’s anything I can add to Montverde this. Nice job. As a high school research paper: quite a decent job there, actually. Cheap Writing Services. Nice collection of information, and pretty fair presentation of college Montverde Academy, proposals/arguments on both sides of the controversy. I don’t know what standards you’re writing for, but having written a slew of (admittedly more technically focused) research papers, your opening could do with a better “road map” of where your paper is heading – you’ve got an tools, okay start in your second paragraph, but as evidenced by the commenters before me mentioning having not read the whole thing or skimmed it, it could use a little more explicit “we’re going to go over X, Y and Z” to help the reader not feel lost (or have to read it twice).

Your last paragraph is rather weak, in that the call to citizens to “listen to both sides” isn’t actually really supported or explicitly mentioned anywhere else in assignments, the paper. I’m not going to get into write a body Bournemouth the mires of the back-and-forth arguments for and against each proposed solution (I leave that to Montverde Academy the other commenters, this IS the write a body Bournemouth University internet after all). College Assignments Academy. However, I will point out a couple key assumptions you included, probably without thinking about them. “So the question is cheap services Grier why not require background checks for private sales between residents of the same state?” – you (or rather the framer of this particular suggestion) have made the classic error of assuming something is either bad and should not be allowed, or good and should be required. What if we change the word “required” to “allowed”? If there was an open version of the Academy NICS system, where anyone could call and get a quick pass/fail check, what would be the potential benefits or drawbacks?

You use the term “gun violence” without actually defining it. Cheap. Sadly, in Academy, the context of these types of arguments, it is actually necessary to differentiate between “violent criminal acts perpetrated with a gun”, “accidental injury or death due to a gun” and “the use of thinking jobs Cowan University, a gun to deter violent criminal acts” because the term “gun violence” has been known to college assignments Academy be used to lump all three contexts together. Is “gun violence” something that needs to thinking Cowan University be independently addressed outside of “violence” generally? Guns make it EASIER to commit violent acts, but the absence of assignments Academy, a gun does not PREVENT violent acts (see prisons for a prime example). What types of violent scenarios would change, in what ways, if guns were absent from the picture? “While there will always be acts of violence that cannot be prevented, what are the medical article Oswestry common sense steps our society could take?” – you make the mistake of assuming a “common sense” approach is applicable to violent acts in our society.

Unfortunately, “common sense” is not actually a measure of the quality or effectiveness of any approach, especially in a very complex system like the society we live in. College Assignments. The easy (or easily explainable, or intuitive, or feel-good, aka “common sense”) answer to a complex problem usually has massive unintended consequences which may not be readily apparent, possibly for years. How To Write Paragraph Essay Bournemouth University. You yourself managed to find a refutation or counter-point for every “common sense” approach you listed. College Montverde. A “well-reasoned, researched” approach would almost always be far more favorable than any “common sense” one, in any situation. Sarcasm? Exsqueeze me? Damn fine. I concur in all. Still, for high school? damn fine. What is the thinking Cowan point that you are trying to convey?

My biggest suggestion is that there does not appear to be a concrete conclusion. College Assignments Montverde. ‘Everybody should listen to critical Edith University each other’ is Academy not a conclusion. If the assignment is intended to be a history lesson, it is acceptable to follow the historical thread and look at how things have changed over critical thinking tools time and why, but then the current concluding paragraphs are unnecessary and counterproductive. If it is intended to be an college Montverde, opinion piece (i.e. pick an issue and make an evidence-based argument), then your conclusions are excessively wishy-washy. Article. In either case, your conclusions need to be revised, and your essay updated to support them properly. The other suggestion is college assignments Academy that you make numerous statements that are unsupported.

For example, “Better laws and enforcement tools around trafficking and straw purchasing, preventing theft, ensuring background checks for all purchases, and education could make a difference.” How? What evidence do you have to thinking Edith Cowan support that view? Is there data that you can point to? If not, statements such as this need to be revised accordingly to indicate that you are expressing an opinion. Keep in assignments Montverde Academy, mind these things apply to all good essay writing.

Pick an argument, form a hypothesis, back it up with evidence (DATA!), and make conclusions based on how to a critical essay that evidence. Assignments Montverde. Trying to straddle the fence by not really saying anything is (to a good teacher) a one-way ticket to a C. I concur with your assessment. While the author does state several facts, the how to write paragraph author only glances through them without expounding on college assignments each point. By providing more “meat” for the grist, this could have been a well thought out essay. How To Write A Critical Kent. The author needs to dig deeper–and, I read his essay twice just to make sure. I’m on a my phone and about to lose reception, sorry if this is a repost. Look at the militia acts of 1792 and google 10 us code 311.

Not bad at all; seems his idea of college, a “moderate stance” is to not be rabid, rater than being semi-grabber. This kid has a [hopefully bright] future involving language. Off to work on my Mosin-based 13 barrel Gatling; pix if I ever finish it… Even worse the how to paragraph for an essay Bournemouth University second time I read it. It was really poorly written.

He draws conclusions without any supporting facts, has a tenuous grasp of history, and contradicts himself more than once. Better than me when I was 17. I am critical of the unfounded Concealed carry conclusions. But for assignments Montverde Academy, posting on a (rabid?) pro essay writing services School 2A site very good. We won’t crucify you like Dick Metcalf #128578; Howdy folks. I’m the assignments Montverde author of this essay, and I’m more than happy to essay answer any questions y’all have. I’m a little late to assignments Montverde Academy the game, I know, but I’ll try and make up for that.

Let us know what grade you get. Good luck. I can find things to quibble about here. The paper is cheap essay writing services Grier rough in assignments Montverde Academy, spots and a bit unfocused. You have missed some major sources and used some obscure ones (I’m sorry, but “The Truth About Guns” is not an authoritative source that you can cite in an academic research paper).

But those are quibbles. Critical Edith Cowan University. For a high school paper this is assignments really remarkable. You show real talent and you could go far if you work to develop it. I hope that doesn’t sound condescending. Writing well takes a lot of practice and essay Pomfret School, you haven’t lived long enough yet, but you are already well on the way. In scholarship terms, you should search harder for primary sources. You missed John Lott, Clayton Cramer, Gary Kleck, and Don Kates completely. All of them have written books that you should have read for college assignments Montverde, a paper like this. In writing terms, you should do more to university essay School make the prose flow. Try to imagine yourself giving a speech before an audience. Montverde Academy. Try to how to paragraph essay be organized about what you are trying to say, and college Montverde Academy, lay the points out in a logical order.

Chronological order, order by how to analysis essay School topics, order by opposing views – various things can work, you have to find your own voice. College Assignments Montverde. Break your points up into logical and easily digestible blocks. For any given block, consider using the medical article three step format: introduction, body, and summary. I think the best advice for an aspiring writer is, to paraphrase H L Mencken, to college assignments Academy read widely and to emulate good writing. How To Kent School. I like H L Mencken, John Kenneth Galbraith, P J O’Rourke, Mark Steyn, Ursula K Le Guin, and George Will, to name a few. Not what they say, but how they say it – their craftsmanship as writers. Read widely, and when you find someone who writes well, try to college assignments Montverde see how they do it and borrow the thinking tools Harrow best of their techniques. Be aware that you aren’t going to get anywhere without effort. Galbraith said that he always wrote six full drafts before publishing anything. The first five drafts were progressively less awful.

Try to college Montverde Academy get your work published. University Essay Writing School. There is Academy nothing like working with an editor to raise your game, unless it convinces you that there are easier ways to make a living. Pretty good over all. Cheap Essay Grier School. I disagree with the Academy presumption we have to cooperate with those who would limit ANY of our rights. No gun laws can stand against “shall not be infringed”. It is entirely fallacious to to say there is a reasonable amount of regulation acceptable. The bill of rights simply says to keep and bear “arms” it does NOT say musket, it does NOT say all but military weapons, there is how to write a critical no clause ANYWHERE in the constitution allowing ANY government ANY amount of authority to regulate ANY of the rights affirmed by our constitution. Considering the document was conceived and assignments, written with almost singular purpose and that was to severely limit government.

It nullifies the governments attempts to tools regulate our right to bear arms or exercise ANY of our God given rights. No need to repeat omissions already commented on but as others commented, this is far better than I would expect from college Montverde Academy, a HS paper. I hope he will take the comments in jest as well as the advise on jobs their facts. And God damn brass balls to post this to the top ranked pro gun site on the Internet for critical comments ….i would have wanted to die if anyone but my teacher read anything I wrote at that age, not to college Montverde Academy mention on how to write a critical Kent a topic that has an college Montverde Academy, entire nation in a critical analysis School, disagreement. Major kudos to you, Sir. Glad to college have you as a fellow american. First, if he wrote it entirely then kudos, he’s more literate than most teachers. But much of reads although it’s lifted from Wikipedia, if not verbatim then switching a few things around.

It just doesn’t flow like one person wrote it straight. Pardon me for being suspicious and cynical but I’ve seen too many papers from students that read about 30 IQ points higher than I expected. Second, in regards to the concealed carry and gun violence in general, he ignores the “threat that the victim may be armed” and the “fear by the criminal that their victim could shoot back” in his assessment. He diminishes the role that gun ownership and control has in Oswestry, the prevention of crime taking place at college, all. He also ignores the fact that many of the famous mass gun murders take place in gun-free zones and how infective restrictions have been. But worst of all, he is write analysis coming at assignments Montverde, the issue from the point of view of write a body paragraph, regulation rather than defense being a natural right that predates the assignments Academy constitution and the USA. University Essay Writing Pomfret. Regulating firearm ownership is a desperate act by college assignments a sick society because it assumes that citizens have lost their moral compass and a critical analysis essay Kent School, need to be policed. No doubt this is the case in many parts of urban America and Montverde Academy, some of the meth lab boonies but it’s whole ineffective… the druggies and gangs will always be armed no matter what the laws say.

I’m sure it’s an A paper as far as effort goes but he has a long way to go before understanding the issues. As others have mentioned I don’t know if this is supposed to jobs Edith be about the history of gun control or a position paper. I am not happy that David simply uses the assignments Academy term “assault weapon” as this is a political term. There are assault weapons. There are assault rifles which are full auto or select fire. He also uses the term gun violence. All types of violence are related. If we are going to reduce violence we need to cheap writing reduce people’s desire to hurt each other. The role of the paper was twofold; to provide a history of Montverde Academy, gun control (focusing on critical jobs Edith the 20th century), and then to give your opinion on the issue based on the evidence previously stated.

I go to a liberal, hoplophobic school outside of college assignments Montverde Academy, D.C. and concluding practically anything beyond “meow meow dangerous black assault rifles are scary and evil and fucking stupid NRA rednecks meow meow meow” was unheard of at the time. When I wrote this paper, I had just began to dip my toe into the abyss of gun rights, but I still held on to some protectionist notions. TTAG has since dispelled these. You go to a school full of cats? Polite term for kat slang term, LOL! I think I like this kids moxie! 1) The paper misrepresents the Supreme Court’s decision in Miller. Everyone does, which is how to write a body for an essay Bournemouth University odd because it’s a short decision, and there isn’t much legalese. In Miller the Court sent the case back to college assignments Montverde Academy the lower court for fact finding; they did not rule the men were guilty, in effect they held that they didn’t know.

2) Too many assumptions without examining data. If written in 1990, this would have been an excellent paper, but today there is too much data available. It is not possible to say any gun control idea “might” reduce crime rates, because they all have been tried somewhere and medical School, failed. “Unfortunately, not all people who have guns for self defense are sufficiently trained to act quickly and safely to stop a crime, and their firearms are sometimes used accidentally against innocents.” — Cite your source, kid. That kind of Montverde Academy, inflammatory statement in an otherwise good essay will count against you. While his analysis is scholarly, he fails to come to essay services the only conclusion that is acceptable. “shall not be infringed” is clear, concise English.

The Bill of college assignments Academy, Rights establishes that there are certain, fundamental rights that cannot be abridged. But that collective enumeration goes further than specifics – it documents that there are fundamental rights not enumerated that are nonetheless fundamental. The very idea that the Constitution and its Bill of Rights do not cement inviolable principles in law, and thinking jobs Edith Cowan, that such principles are elastic and subject to the political circumstances of the college Academy times, is how to write a body essay Bournemouth University fallacious. That concept invalidates THE keystone of this republic, i.e., that there are unalienable rights endowed by a higher authority than men that CANNOT be intruded upon, no matter what percentage of the people can be convinced that they should be. And that is at the center of this so-called ‘debate’. It is not guns. It is liberty. It is the very definition of what America IS. A+ for the analysis of the status quo.

F for failing to reach the only conclusion supported by the evidence, namely, that there can BE no ‘debate’ of the future of the people’s right to arms, because it is transcendent. Overall, a pretty decent job from the historic analysis standpoint, … but: David left out the key legal document from the founding of the USA: The Declaration of Independence. The Declaration sets the Montverde Academy context for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, since they were both written by the same people, the same revolutionaries who fought for liberty and independence from Great Britain. Write For An Bournemouth University. The Declaration lists many unalienable Rights, including the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But there is only one DUTY described in that Declaration. You will find that Duty about halfway through the Montverde Academy second paragraph of the Declaration. “But when a long Train of how to write a critical analysis School, Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is college assignments Academy their Right, it is a critical their DUTY, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” That is the context for assignments, the Second Amendment’s Right to how to write a body for an essay keep and bear arms. It is not hunting, it is college assignments Academy not target shooting, it is not trap shooting – it is to fulfill our duty, as free citizens (not subjects) to ensure the preservation of individual liberty for ourselves and future generations, and to prevent our central government from becoming an “absolute Despotism”. The men who fought and cheap writing Grier School, died in college Montverde, the Revolution clearly understood that Duty.

That Duty is not served by firearms suitable for “sporting purposes”, or hunting, or trap shooting. It is served by civilian versions of the same infantry firearms used by writing Oswestry our military. And to help David understand the meaning of “shall not be infringed”, try putting two 6-year old kids in the back seat of a car, run a strip of masking tape down the middle of the seat, tell them “stay on your own side”, and take a 4-hour road trip. Those 6-year olds will be able to provide you with a very precise accounting of any “infringement” of their rights to the car seat. Why is college Montverde that word so difficult to understand when it is used in the Second Amendment? well researched. I am sure it got an “A” from a teacher.

Teachers grade on technical aspects of how to a body paragraph for an essay Bournemouth, writing and college Academy, do not on the accuracy of the conclusion, they can’t be an Grier School, expert on college Montverde Academy every subject. Just one point, the write essay “debate about evolving language”? The founders didn’t mean for it to “evolve”; that’s why they wrote it down. Fourth, straw purchasing, where someone who is prohibited from college, possessing a firearm uses a surrogate buyer to act for them. This statement is incorrect. How To Write Bournemouth University. According to the recent SCOTUS decision in assignments Montverde Academy, the Abramski case, a straw purchase is when any surrogate buys a gun for article writing Oswestry School, another person, whether or not the other person is college Montverde prohibited. An exception is made for buying a gun as a gift for a non-prohibited person. It’s a decent paper, especially for a High School student.

However, I would direct his attention to Title 10, Section 311 of the U.S. A Body Paragraph Essay University. Code, which covers what a militia is: (a)The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of college Academy, age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard. (b)The classes of the thinking jobs militia are— (1)the organized militia, which consists of the National Guard and the Naval Militia; and. (2)the unorganized militia, which consists of the college assignments Montverde members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia. An examination of the Militia Acts is probably warranted, since everything else about the gun control debate is a distraction from the Pomfret School fact that these definitions are already codified into the supreme law of the land.

Focus on the good points! “From the smoothbore muskets wielded by farmers in the Revolutionary War, to the M1 Garands carried by the valiant soldiers of the U.S. Assignments Academy. Military in WWII, to the 5.56x45mm rounds being sent “downrange” from the writing Grier School barrels of M4s and M16s in Afghanistan as this is being written, guns were a necessary part in the creation of our nation and continue to play an important role in protecting America abroad. But civilian ownership of guns in America is a dividing issue.” Seemed that the author was pushing for the military view of the 2nd. “What is a militia?

Who are “the people?” Many questions arise after reading the text. Assignments Montverde Academy. Those in thinking Cowan University, favor of gun control tend to believe that the Second Amendment protects the right to bear arms as a collective right, meaning one reserved for the military. Those who support gun rights believe that the Second Amendment is meant to protect the college Academy right of individuals to bear arms.” How about some quotes from the how to paragraph essay Bournemouth founding fathers? Such as: “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.” — George Washington. “The strongest reason for the people to assignments Montverde retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against the tyranny in government.” – Thomas Jefferson. “No free men shall be debarred the use of arms.” – Thomas Jefferson. “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in university Pomfret School, America cannot enforce unjust laws by college Montverde the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to critical tools any band of regular troops that can be, on Montverde any pretense, raised in the United States. A military force, at the command of essay Pomfret, Congress, can execute no laws, but such as the people perceive to be just and constitutional; for college assignments Montverde Academy, they will possess the power, and thinking tools Harrow School, jealousy will instantly inspire the inclination, to resist the execution of college Montverde Academy, a law which appears to them unjust and jobs Edith Cowan University, oppressive.” — Noah Webster, An Examination of the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution [1787] “A militia, when properly formed, are in fact the people themselves. …To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the Montverde Academy people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them.” — Richard Henry Lee. “A government that does not trust it’s law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms is itself unworthy of trust.” – James Madison.

“The great object is that every man be armed. . . . Everyone who is able may have a gun. . . . Are we at last brought to Bournemouth such a humiliating and debasing degradation that we cannot be trusted with arms for our own defense?” – Patrick Henry. As for the Miller decision, there was no real defense presented. There was a history of military use of college Montverde, short barreled shotguns (which is not what they should have based their decision on) prior to the arrest and court cases. In all fairness Robert, unfortunately sometimes writing a paper like this for class is as much about writing Pomfret writing a good paper and expressing your opinion as it is college assignments Academy about tailoring it to your teachers sentiments and walking a fine line between achieving both. Paper seemed good though overall very factual with questions put in for the reader to ask of themselves.

Without knowing the specific assignment and the length restrictions, I think getting into some underlying philosophy would liven it up a bit.

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literature purpose A literature review is an college Montverde Academy, evaluative report of information found in the literature related to your selected area of study. The review should describe, summarise, evaluate and clarify this literature. It should give a theoretical base for how to analysis School the research and help you (the author) determine the nature of your research. Works which are irrelevant should be discarded and those which are peripheral should be looked at critically. A literature review is more than the search for information, and goes beyond being a descriptive annotated bibliography . Assignments Academy. All works included in the review must be read, evaluated and analysed (which you would do for an annotated bibliography), but relationships between the literature must also be identified and cheap essay services Grier School articulated, in relation to your field of college Montverde Academy, research.

In writing the literature review, the purpose is to convey to the reader what knowledge and ideas have been established on how to write a critical essay Kent School, a topic, and what their strengths and college Montverde weaknesses are. The literature review must be defined by a guiding concept (e.g. your research objective, the essay writing School, problem or issue you are discussing, or your argumentative thesis). Assignments Montverde Academy. It is not just a descriptive list of the material available, or a set of how to write paragraph University, summaries. A selection of books available at college Academy, CQUniLIBRARY to assist you with preparing a literature review: In general, the literature review should: provide a context for the research justify the research ensure the research hasn't been done before (or if it is repeated, that it is thinking tools Harrow, marked as a replication study) show where the research fits into the existing body of knowledge enable the researcher to learn from previous theory on the subject illustrate how the subject has been studied previously highlight flaws in previous research outline gaps in previous research show that the work is adding to the understanding and knowledge of the field help refine, refocus or even change the topic. Ideas for topics come from a myriad of sources - some will be generated by assignments Montverde, interest in a particular area of previous work, others by discussing issues with peers and academics and some by reading the literature. Initial ideas can also be in various stages of development - some will be vague, others clear and well defined and many will be in the middle of the two extremes. When thinking about write essay Kent, a suitable topic , it is important to consider the implications of your choice: Can information be gathered locally? Are you in a position to travel to use various sources?

What are your interests and will this interest be maintained for the duration of the research? Who will be interested in this research ? Is it sufficiently interesting to keep you, the author, working for the next 2 3 4 years? Is the scope wide enough to be able to ascertain a particular niche? Is the scope so broad that it will lose direction? Bibliographies. Bibliographies and references found in college assignments Montverde, information sources often prove useful when looking for how to a critical essay Kent School further information.

Print encyclopaedias and dictionaries are kept on the library sleves. Use Library Search to locate them, or browse the shelves. The Library also subscribes to an online database of reference works, Oxford Reference Online . Using information sources - Introduction. Using information sources in a systematic and structured manner will save you a good deal of time. Developing a search strategy is vital as it provides you with an overall structure for your search and provides a record of your search history. This is an Academy, extremely useful record to have as you find yourself needing to medical, refine or change the Montverde Academy, focus of your searching as your research develops.

It can also improve the relevancy of results obtained as you have thought about keywords and synonyms and how these relate to each other. Step 1. Defining the information need and stating it as a question. Start by expressing your information need in words. This will assist you in thinking about what you need and determining terms to be used later. How To Write Analysis. You may need to consult dictionaries or encyclopedia to clarify the topic. Step 2. Breaking the need into its component parts. From the title and abstract of your topic it is possible to identify various concepts and keywords. A concept map / mind map is a useful way to plot ideas.

Title: Attitudes and levels of knowledge of Hepatitis B in Aboriginal women. Step 3. Identifying synonyms and assignments Montverde Academy prioritising keywords. At this stage you need to identify synonyms for the keywords and concepts you have previously developed . Oswestry School. You should choose words that uniquely describe the topic, and you should also list words and concepts you do not want included. You may also need to think about the college Montverde Academy, discipline area and thinking jobs Edith Cowan database(s) you will be searching, as there may be a subject specific or database-specific thesaurus that will help you further identify keywords. One way of listing keywords and alternate terms is in a table. Title: Some aspects of the lattice of all radical classes. Description: Identify examples of pseudocomplements and complements in the lattice of assignments Montverde, all radical classes and its sublattice, the lattice of all hereditary radical classes, and describe explicitly radical classes complemented and pseudocomplemented in these structures. Step 4. Searching specific sources.

Selection of an information source that best matches your information need is important. How To A Body Paragraph For An. It will not matter how carefully you have thought out your keywords etc if you are not using an appropriate source. All libraries offer a range of sources. Subject / Libguides are available in most libraries to give guidance as to the most appropriate source. CQUniversity Library has a range of Montverde Academy, Libguides to help identify appropriate sources. It is also important that you ascertain the scope (content, years covered) of each source and learn the features (eg. is truncation used? is boolean logic supported? etc). It is well worth the effort of reading the help screens available on each information source and using the advanced searching tips usually available. Step 5. Evaluating the information. As sources are accessed and retrieved, look at a critical essay School, each work closely.

Read the abstract, introduction and conclusion. Before assessing the college, relevance of the write a body essay Bournemouth University, item to your topic, it is vital that the scope, integrity and standing of the source is ascertained. As you retrieve sources: assess the standing of the author - is he/she an academic? a journalist? another student? a researcher look at the date of publication - is the Montverde, topic representative of thinking at that time ascertain the intended audience - was the material written for a general audience? other researchers? particular groups with particular views? notice the writing style - is it conversational? academic? provocative? sensational? descriptive? look at cheap writing Grier, the presentation - does the author use tables, graphs, diagrams, illustrations appropriately? are the descriptive details sufficient? refer to Montverde, the bibliography and references - has the author referred to the the work of others? have all ideas been acknowledged and cited? are there any citations listed which would further your work? look at critical thinking Edith Cowan, the type of publication and its' purpose - is Montverde Academy, it a scholarly journal? a popular journal? a refereed publication? a book? conference proceedings? As sources are selected and used, critically analyse the how to write Kent School, content. As you use resources: determine the facts / arguments / points of college assignments, view look at any new findings - is there clear evidence to support each finding? ascertain the reliability and accuracy of the document - are all assumptions valid? are there any flaws in tools Harrow, the methodology? is the research based on established fact? determine the significance of work - is it a landmark article? does it merely discuss what is already known? what does it contribute to accepted theory? Ascertain the limitations, flaws, weaknesses, strengths and underlying assumptions of the analysis in college assignments Montverde Academy, relation to the related literature and current thought. contextualise the how to write analysis Kent, work within the discipline - where does it fit? which thoughts and ideas relate/contradict/support current thought? study the methodology - is it appropriate to the type of study?

Step 6. Assignments Montverde. Evaluating the article, search process. At all stages of the process it is vital that the college, search process is critical thinking School, evaluated. Sometimes the inability to college Montverde Academy, find relevant information can be attributed to a poorly constructed search strategy, inappropriate search terms, poor retrieval methods or inappropriate source. This can also apply to instances where too much material is how to write a body essay University, retrievedToo few, too many or inappropriate search results could mean: you need to re-evaluate the search terms you need to narrow/ broaden the scope of your search(es) you need to try different types of sources you need to explore other disciplines. It may be helpful to keep a list of keywords, search strategies and techniques along the way. Also keep a list of those that didn’t work. Assignments Montverde Academy. By adding a date to cheap essay, all your searching activity you will be prompted when searches need updating.

bibliographies and assignments references usually found in sources often prove useful when looking for university writing Pomfret School further information. it is college assignments Montverde Academy, useful to identify researchers who have worked in the selected field, ascertain exactly what they have done and paragraph for an essay University if possible, contact them to discuss further ideas. not all the required sources will be readily available - at some stage you will need to use document delivery services. after your initial search you may find it useful to develop a current awareness system to keep you up to date with developments in the area. As a researcher there is nothing quite so frustrating as having identified a publication of interest only to discover that a major challenge now lies ahead: how to get your hands on a copy.”(Kaser, 1995, p.vii) Although an increasing number of databases now offer full text, a large number of sources only include the assignments Academy, bibliographic citation (that is, the author and title of the article / chapter / paper / patent along with the title, volume and pages of the journal / book / conference). How To Write A Critical Kent School. Some citations also include an abstract or short synopsis of the college Academy, work. Until the documents themselves are as extensively accessible and readily available as the essay School, references to them, researchers will need to be aware of options for obtaining more than references. Document delivery options: Document delivery services are available via the Library.

Searching local resource centers - Public and special libraries, government departments and community organisations will often provide access to materials. College Assignments Academy. Access to the catalogues of some other university libraries is available via the Libraries other than CQUniLIBRARY webpage, and often reciprocal borrowing rights can be arranged. Organising information (information management) Early in your research, select a strategy for critical tools School managing your information. It is vital that full reference be recorded accurately for later use. Assignments Montverde. Everyone has experienced the frustration associated with not being able to locate a reference when it is needed. Most researchers use an electronic system to organise their references and PDFs, and create bibliographies. CQUniversity has a site licence for EndNote which permits CQUniversity staff and students to medical article writing School, use the software both at work and home. The main functions of college assignments Montverde, EndNote are: maintenance of a database of references downloading references from cheap writing School other databases using the database to link to references in word processed documents generating a bibliography in the correct style for publication. More information about EndNote is available in the EndNote LibGuide.

Card file systems are an alternative to an electronic system. The idea behind a card file is to establish a set of individual cards, each of which will represent a document or physical piece of information. Assignments Montverde Academy. These include the full reference, as well as any notes and annotations you make. One common arrangement of these cards is a critical analysis Kent School, alphabetic, by the author's surname. College. Some researchers allocate a running number to each reference, and use this as their point of access. You must decide which is the university essay writing School, most appropriate method for your own purposes. Other details that can be noted on the cards are relevant keywords or subject headings, quotes or notes pertaining to the reference, abstracts or summaries, and college Montverde Academy a call number (if appropriate). Some people also add keywords or subject headings cards to assist locating reference at a later date. These 'guide cards' can be colour coded.

Whichever system you use, if you choose to keep paper copies of your references, you will need to medical Oswestry, devise a filing system. Here are some suggestions: alphabetic by author by running number or EndNote record number by topic or project area alphabetic within topic or subject area by stage of research - introduction, methodology, data collection currency, or date retrieved by assignments Montverde, unique code number. Make sure that you are consistent within your system, and that you link your physical files with your information management system, eg. include the relevant code number in your database record or card files. Positioning the literature review. understand and clarify the university essay writing, relationships between your research and Montverde the discipline/s place and justify your research within the discipline/s understand the existing literature and how it relates /supports/contradicts your topic. Research can draw on critical tools, the knowledge, culture, methodology and theories of a number of disciplines - the college Montverde Academy, amount of interdisciplinary research has increased in recent years and all interdisciplinary ideas need to be discussed with your supervisor(s). “Writing this section [the literature review] well is university writing Pomfret, a sign of professional maturity; it indicates one’s grasp of the field, one’s methodological sophistication in critiquing others’ research, and the breadth and depth of assignments Montverde, one’s reading.” (Krathwohl 1988 p.4) There are several steps in thinking Cowan University, developing a literature review. These include: selecting the topic setting the topic in context looking at Montverde Academy, information sources using information sources getting the information organising information (information management) positioning the literature review writing the literature review.

Use the how to a body essay Bournemouth, Library's Finding Theses webpage to locate examples of theses written by others. Here is a selection of books available at CQUniLIBRARY to assignments, assist you with preparing a literature review. Taking notes on scraps of paper, without complete and accurate reference to the citation, is cheap essay services Grier, a recipe for college disaster. Frequently researchers find that despite their best efforts, they have copied a citation incorrectly, or incompletely, and critical tools Harrow are now unable to locate the source. It is assignments Academy, always easier to locate the correct information if you know where you copied it. In some cases (commonly when the reference is from a book chapter), it may not be possible to relocate the reference without this information, and usually not in the time frame required. It is critical Edith University, worthwhile interpreting your notes as you go along, so that they are not merely a transcript of what you have read, but contain an intellectual element.This not only helps with your later writing, but also reduces the Academy, danger that you have unknowingly plagiarised another author's work. In writing your dissertation or research report, you need to critical thinking Edith, have linked and integrated any such ideas and concepts with your personal knowledge framework.

You might also want to add notes regarding the usefulness of the reference, or add keywords to college assignments Montverde, represent areas covered which may not be immediately obvious from the title or source (e.g. chemical names, processes, theories, methodologies, relevant chapter in thesis, software etc.). Tip 2: Recording authors' names. It is also handy to establish a consistent format for medical School recording names, to prevent the occurrence of several versions of the same name. This is particularly important where there may be more than one entry for the same author (see examples below). Samuels, Bob etc. A good rule is to include as much information as possible! Tip 3: Recording search strategies. It can also be useful to record the 'success' of your search strategy (especially when searching electronic databases), so that you can revise your strategy, or return to it at a later stage. Some people annotate their search strategy as they conduct their searches, noting the database used, the date searched, and the number of college assignments Academy, records retrieved. Tip 4: Current awareness services.

Current Awareness Services are available from how to write analysis essay School a number of databases (as well as from assignments Academy publishers and websites). Medical Writing School. Such services are useful in college assignments, keeping you up to date with literature in your field. As new resources are added to various databases, current awareness services automatically notify you of relevant citations or table of for an essay Bournemouth, contents. These are some other websites that may be useful: A selection of assignments Academy, books available at CQUniLIBRARY to how to a critical analysis essay Kent, assist you with preparing a literature review: