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Writing a research essay Windermere School

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Writing a research essay Windermere School

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BU Mandates Online Alcohol Course for First-Year Students. First-year students will take a mandatory online alcohol course this summer. Essay Windermere. Photo courtesy of AlcoholEdu. More than a third (35 percent) of Colorado, first-year BU students don’t drink alcohol. But many students may not know that, misled by urban myth about universal, Animal House imbibing on college campuses. This year, the University is requiring first-year students to take an writing a research Windermere School, online alcohol course to separate truthful wheat from mythic chaff, starting before they even arrive on article Washington, campus. Those students will receive log-in instructions midsummer for AlcoholEdu for College. The course includes two parts: the first, featuring educational material and surveys before and after the material is studied, takes between one and a half and two and a half hours to complete. Writing Essay School. (It needn’t all be done in one sitting.) Part 2 is a third, 15-minute survey. In recent years, the University has offered students another online survey, iHealth, to dispel misconceptions, but has not required it. The hope is that through the mandatory course, students will be more responsible about alcohol use. Essay Service College Du Leman. “It is used by writing essay Windermere School, most of our peer institutions as a prevention-level intervention for first-year college students” to curb dangerous drinking, says Elizabeth Douglas, manager of wellness and critique article prevention services at Student Health Services. “We are using AlcoholEdu because it has the writing a research Windermere, capacity to track student completion, in addition to an essay Queen's, having evidence of its being an a research essay, effective intervention.” That evidence comes from a three-year, 30-campus study that found reduced frequency of drinking, including binge drinking, and related problems among students who participated in AlcoholEdu, as compared with students who did not. Part 1 must be completed before students arrive on campus for custom writing service du Leman the academic year.

They will be required to finish Part 2 sometime in essay Windermere School October; the University will send them a reminder email. AlcoholEdu is designed to be taken by both drinkers and nondrinking students. The surveys and intersecting information touch on as critical thinking of Groningen, such topics as how many drinks are in a bottle of wine or beer, factors influencing whether people drink, exaggerated notions of heavy drinking on campuses, alcohol’s effects on the body and writing a research Windermere School mind, and tactics students can use to protect themselves and journal Washington friends from harm in a variety of drinking situations. The course also provides information for parents about discussions they should have with their children: about writing alcohol, about its possible effects on schoolwork, and about drinking laws. It asks their views on college alcohol policies, issues they deem important to discuss with their kids, and legit services Colorado demographic information about writing essay Windermere their families. (Parents wanting a demonstration of the custom essay service College, program can find it here.) The new program follows a drop in alcohol-related violations and hospital runs on campus last year, which officials attribute to their recent alcohol enforcement program, entering its third academic year this fall. That program features increased police patrols of a research essay, known party neighborhoods, dispersing parties, issuing citations, and past University of Groningen publishing fall’s enforcement statistics on BU Today. Meanwhile, a city ordinance allows Boston police to arrest landlords and tenants in so-called problem properties—rentals with four documented complaints of loud parties or alcohol violations. Douglas says the University likely will use AlcoholEdu in coming years, since BU chooses responsible drinking programs “based on research and evidence of effectiveness.” Dispute with Trump Puts San Juan Mayor, a BU Alum, in Spotlight. Trump’s Top Intelligence Advisor Visits BU. Help When Needed: Faculty Staff Assistance Office. Alcohol Enforcement Patrol Stats 2017.

Numbers from last weekend. BUPD, Boston Police Resume Enhanced Alcohol Enforcement Today. Patrols seek to reduce illegal drinking, loud parties. ENG’s Greg Blonder: advice for your party prep. Promoting Health for All Populations. SPH’s Sandro Galea reads from new book tonight at Barnes #038; Noble.

BU Wins $20M for NSF Engineering Research Center. Goal is personalized heart tissue for clinical use. SPH Podcast on Health Studies Helps You Lose Weight (Not Really) Free Associations scrutinizes health claims, and has fun doing it. ENG prof and students developing autonomous boats to writing Windermere School, find drug traffickers. Writing Essay ICS — Community School. If it sounds sketchy…it probably is. A Dozen Tips That Could Save Your Life in writing a research essay Windermere School a Fire. BU, city offer resources for students living on writing services Colorado, campus and off. Standing in Solidarity with Those Affected by Suicide. BU Student Government sponsors Out of the essay Windermere School, Darkness Walk Saturday. Marathon Monday a Time to custom College, Keep Safe. Race security includes knowing limits when it comes to drinking.

SHS Seeks Student Health Ambassadors for Next Year. Writing A Research Essay School. Two info sessions scheduled for this week. Customized stir-fry chain comes to Boston. Services State University. What students need to essay, know about budgeting, credit cards, building a credit history. In new video series, students let us in on their favorite things to do off campus. 23 Comments on BU Mandates Online Alcohol Course for First-Year Students. Making freshman take an an essay Queen's College, online survey is not going to do anything.

Arresting landlords is not going to writing a research essay Windermere, do anything. Critique Journal American. College kids are college kids and theyre going to party no matter what the school does. When BU and the police go around actively breaking up off campus parties, they are sending hoards of students into the streets of Allston and Brookline in the middle of the night. And if students cant go to parties on GAP and other #8220;known#8221; party areas, they will only venture further away from a research essay Windermere School campus. Are they really concerned about thinking past papers of Groningen (Study Group) our safety? Suggestion: don#8217;t patrol the streets looking for parties. Patrol the streets LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WHO NEED HELP. Isnt that what police are supposed to do?

How many muggings were there last year again? Lets leave alcohol out of this for a minute. Boston and writing essay Brookline PD patrol these neighborhoods for legit essay Colorado State University (INTO) one major reason that you don#8217;t mention. This is a research a quality of life issue for the residents living in the #8220;known#8221; party areas. The parties that get shut down are the large, out of services (INTO), control ones.

These parties serve as a major disturbance to writing Windermere, the long term, adult residents of the neighborhood. It is impossible to The Fessenden, even sit in writing a research your living room and watch TV when a huge party is raging on your block. I appreciate the fact that our police forces are shutting down these out of control parties. Also, I think we can agree that police aren#8217;t shutting down parties of essay ICS —, 5-10 people who are just over at a friend#8217;s house having a few drinks and hanging out. Unfortunately they often do and are EXTREMELY aggressive about it. Also few adults tend to live in the Allston GAP area BU likes to talk about. I#8217;ve also seen large parties that are quite and well contained indoors shut down anything. Without a happy medium that can be found it will not end well.

Of course an writing School, online survey won#8217;t do anything to help, but based on BU#8217;s persistently stubborn reactions to the inevitability that students will drink you have to ask yourself a question#8230; Is the survey actually intended to persuasive School, diminish the amount of essay Windermere, underage drinking, or solely to help BU save face? BU must know students will inevitably be caught drinking illegally at essay ICS — International a large university which refuses to acknowledge the a research essay Windermere, prevalence of underage drinking (in an analogously stubborn country that refuses to acknowledge the backwards-mindedness of continuing to enforce the illegality of drinking under the age of 18), so they do whatever they can to aid their public image in Community anticipation of the failures of a research Windermere, their system. Steps Queen's. It seems a little petty to make each incoming freshman waste hours of their time just to give BU something to a research Windermere School, reference when its embarrassingly faulty system goes wrong, don#8217;t you think? Max, this course is a standard required among many if not most colleges and universities today. It#8217;s not a #8220;BU thing trying to save face.#8221; My daughter is attending a small college in and argumentative essay The Fessenden School Massachusetts, and writing Windermere she has to take the exact same course. You can stop bashing on thinking past of Groningen Group), BU, dude. It#8217;s what all the schools are requiring now, and it#8217;s a good thing. Agreed. Writing Windermere School. Survey isn#8217;t a bad thing. COM senior, you#8217;re sounding like a fool. There are serious consequences that come when people drink to excess.

What is Boston University expected to do when people who drink to excess turn out to be its students? Just sit back and say, #8220;hey, have a good time,#8221;? Get smashed and walk into a moving car on journal American Washington, Comm. Ave? Get hammered and be assaulted by another drunk fool? The University has to take a stand, first.

Then it needs to implement a plan, second. Which is what it#8217;s done here. And I applaud BU for doing this. The tone of your post is that #8220;nothing can be done#8221; to bend the curve on college drinking. What you#8217;re looking for BU to do is just give up, and a research essay Windermere I hope it never does when it comes to this issue. As Critical Papers Group). It#8217;s too important.

What#8217;s your opinion on a research essay, the program Rich? Seems extremely arbitrary to me. 30 schools over custom essay College du Leman, 3 years the site is writing obviously not doing too well. Additionally, that program is useless. All it did was take cops off streets they should have been on, leading to critique journal article American University, more muggings last yr, and essay Windermere as we tragically saw, accidents will still happen. Persuasive And Argumentative The Fessenden School. I bet if you compared some of the bigger party schools to BU, the alchahol numbers wouldn#8217;t be too different, and they are very tolerant of the parties. BU should stop trying to take that experimenting factor out of college. While alcohol is something that needs to be talked about, I think BU needs to focus more on a research essay Windermere School, securing the campus than preventing a few kids from having a party#8230; I don#8217;t understand why they are more concerned about alcohol patrols than bandit patrols. REALLY, if the University was genuinely concerned about and argumentative essay The Fessenden campus drinking they wouldn#8217;t sell Margarita Mix at Buick Street Market or shot glasses and beer mugs at Campus Convenience, and allow the purchase using Terrier points! Why can#8217;t 21+ year old students who live in StuVi have a margarita? Dean Elmore has fostered an acceptance of writing essay Windermere, responsible drinking with his personal efforts to as critical past papers of Groningen (Study Group), join students at the BU Pub, T#8217;s Pub, Eastern Standard, and other on-campus bars.

I don#8217;t see why selling margarita mix in a research essay Buick Street Market would be fostering an environment of unsafe drinking. Change the drinking age to 18 and reduce enforcement. I always feel like these programs focus more on the sticks than on the carrots. The carrots are clear: You will be in better shape. You don#8217;t lose control over your actions. Persuasive School. You#8217;ll be safer (i.e. Windermere School. if you#8217;re worried about getting attacked, getting drunk IS NOT an intelligent strategy to keep you aware and careful) and my favorite: You won#8217;t need to lose more hours sleeping to steps to writing, recover. Plain and simple.

The more you drink, the harder it will be for writing a research essay you to achieve all the objectives you pay BU a fortune to help you with. If this is not enough of an incentive, social Darwinism will ensure you#8217;re always several steps behind from your equals who don#8217;t drink. Legit University (INTO). And if you make a mess while you#8217;re drunk, you will be arrested just like any other person who makes a mess, sober or drunk. If you#8217;re still not convinced, just draw up a cost benefit of everything you gain from drinking and everything you gain from writing a research essay School not drinking in the short and long term. Once you do that, it#8217;s a no-brainer. Perfect reply.

Thank you. Now to com senior#8230;.please#8230;.just follow the law. Couldn#8217;t hurt. Bravo BU. To be forewarned is to persuasive and argumentative, be forearmed. Essay. To assume that these kids are coming in prepared is foolish. Maybe this course will breathe a little maturity into steps to writing an essay Queen's College, some of these kids. Maybe instead of writing a research essay Windermere, beginning a mandatory alcohol course for first-year students, BU should consider completely changing their alcohol policy.

It#8217;s absolutely absurd that there is no amnesty policy. Alcohol prevention programs for the most part are unsuccessful (DARE) and in custom essay service the event of an emergency, BU#8217;s current policies regarding alcohol are outdated and make students think before seeking help, putting lives at risk. I#8217;ve heard of many cases of students asking for help/calling an ambulance for a friend and as a consequence being punished for writing Windermere School simply asking for help, even if they themselves were not underage drinking (probation, ect). My sons and I were talking about how BU seems to be the essay service du Leman, most dangerous place to attend college. Muggings, stabbings, bike accidents, random shootings, fires, now bombings. This program feeds into what we already think about BU. It#8217;s run like a corporate police state.

This new program is a major turn off and won#8217;t change any behavior. But it will allow BU to collect more fines. Money, money, money. . . . It is a disgrace that you bring up the bombings as a reason why BU is dangerous place to attend college. BU is located within a major US city. These unfortunate occurrences that you mention happen in a research essay Windermere all major cities, including NYC, Chicago, Miami, LA, etc. NOT TRUE. You can get involved in your Son#8217;s education at BU by knowing his quiz grades, home work grades, test scores, e-mailing his professor, etc. etc.

When you do that, you will understand BU is not what you wrote in your comment. Yes, there have been incidences. Colorado State. A general safety instructions will take care of many of your concerns originating from the city campus setting. For example, law requires bikers to follow all the traffic rules while biking on the road. That is not the case around BU and writing essay Windermere Cambridge. That should be a part of the safety instruction. The mandatory online Alcohol course is a needed welcome step. Students who are going to drink will drink no matter what, but they will do so with higher level of critique journal American, awareness reducing police time spent on breaking off the parties (as you say). I hope BU also devises a mandatory online course which teaches safety to the incoming students on a city campus, like BU. A Research Essay Windermere School. As a BU staff member, I#8217;m curious to check this program out. The parent link still requires a login ID.

How do they get it? And is there a way for a staff member to take a look? Thanks. I think the course is a good idea can#8217;t hurt for the reasons outlined in the article. It provides a forum of sorts that allows naive incoming freshmen (oops PC now#8230; first year students) a place to get the facts. That is all. Focus should be on a certain level of legit writing services Colorado State University (INTO), tolerance and not hunt after students who are drinking. Windermere. I think a large problem in this country is the taboo nature of alcohol use 21 years. I went to a dry campus in the Midwest for my undergrad years. College. Nearby, there was another college that allowed kegs in the dorms. This provided 2 unique outcomes.

The other college had a more liberal alcohol policy, even for those under 21 = fewer incidents, limited in intensity. Most of the writing a research essay Windermere, students who drank there stuck to beer. At my college where nothing was allowed, students primarily drank hard alcohol for obvious reasons. The result was that my school had an overwhelming number of incidents where many freshmen had to be taken to the hospital to get their stomachs pumped out. Being overly strict works against the nature of the college student and legit essay writing University (INTO) provides no good outcomes. Writing. This survey completely assumes that every child, adult and student drinks, has drank and continues to do so, apparently often.

When asked of the student when the last time they drank, never wasn#8217;t an option. Drinking isn#8217;t as socially acceptable to all as one would think, certainly not by the creators or proponents of this survey. For some individuals and families, drinking has had extremely negative impacts, mental and physical wellbeing, including death. Legit Essay Services University (INTO). Many people just don#8217;t drink nor do they want to, ever. It#8217;s a choice. Essay Windermere School. There are many who actually do say no thank you and frankly don#8217;t care what others think.

Too bad that isn#8217;t the norm. Kids learn about the use and abuse of alcohol from their parents and families at home, holidays, family gatherings and sporting events. Writing College. That sets the precedence of writing a research Windermere, acceptance, use and abuse.

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Shopkeeper And Customer Dialogue Essays and Research Papers. DEPARTAMENTO DE INGLES -NIVEL AVANZADO 2 PRUEBA DE INTERACCION ORAL - MOCK TEST DIALOGUE 1 - STUDENT A - Neighbors at odds role cards | . Writing A Research Essay School. Resident of journal article American University APT 202:It's 7:00 AM. You were up until 4:00 AM preparing for an important business meeting. You have to give your presentation at 9:30, and you really need another hour or two to sleep. You can't sleep because the person who lives downstairs is writing essay Windermere School, playing the drums - it's not the first time this has happened. Essay Du Leman. | *********************************. Dog , Has-a , If You Have to Ask 646 Words | 3 Pages. ?A dialogue between a teacher and a student about home work Teacher: Good morning, dear students.

Student: Good morning, sir. T: Ali, bring . your home work note-book to me. S: Sorry sir. I forgot my note-book at Windermere, home. T: Did you do your home work? S: Yes, sir. Writing Analysis International Community. But I left my note-book at home.

T: How is a research essay Windermere, it possible? I think you have not completed your home work and it is just an excuse. S: Sorry sir. Infact, I had to go to my uncle's yesterday. Analysis School. T: Do you prefer other things to your studies. 1990s music groups , Engineer , Lebanon, Tennessee 479 Words | 3 Pages. ? Dialogue between Beccaria, Lombroso and Durkheim Student’s name Institutional Affiliation Dialogue between . Beccaria, Lombroso and essay Windermere School, Durkheim Criminology, as every science, relies on writing ICS — International Community School, facts and writing, evidence. This paper is papers (Study, aimed at creating a dialogue between three criminologists of the nineteenth century Beccaria, Lombroso and Durkheim; in a research essay School, this discussion, they will explain their points of view and try to implement their theories into the reality at the end of the twentieth and beginning. Cesare Lombroso , Crime , Crimes 2245 Words | 6 Pages.

a successful company should focus on as critical thinking past University (Study, its products and profits. But now, marketers tend to regard satisfying customer needs as one of the key . elements of achieving success under contemporary marketing environment where is filled with fierce competition. This indicates that many firms nowadays always attempt to identify customer needs and concentrate its production and writing essay Windermere School, strategies on customer demand in order to survive in the market. This essay will firstly clarify the reasons behind the trend, which. Customer , Customer relationship management , Customer service 1421 Words | 6 Pages. The Two Shopkeepers- Kantian Ethics and to writing an essay, Consequentialism.

Liza G Prof. Writing A Research Essay. Williams Ethics 21 November 2011 The Two Shopkeepers One of the several topics covered in Kant’s Groundwork for . the Metaphysics of Morals is the critique article Washington issued of two shopkeepers . One shopkeeper is writing a research essay Windermere, honest with his customers in order to maintain a positive reputation and improve profits. The second one is writing ICS — International Community School, honest because he thinks it is right and exercises his respect for writing essay Windermere the moral law. The first shopkeeper is motivated to be honest by custom essay, the rewards of a positive reputation and. Categorical imperative , Deontological ethics , Ethics 1091 Words | 3 Pages. (1993), Senge (1995) have emphasised the importance of dialogue in the transformation of School organisational culture. As collective cultures rely on . “shared meanings” (Bohm 1996), and dialogue has the power to change the corporation customs and behaviour positively (Gerard Teurfs 1995), then it can be seen that those suggestions are applicable, and they will be examined in critique American Washington, depth in this essay. First, this essay will explore the definitions of dialogue as well as organisational cultures and how these concepts. Culture , Dialogue , Edgar Schein 1726 Words | 7 Pages. PART 2 INTERFAITH DIALOGUE Interfaith dialogue Increasingly the Christian community world-wide is writing Windermere School, entering into . dialogue with people of other faiths. Interfaith dialogue has become vital for American University peace-building.

Interfaith dialogue is both a challenge and a research essay Windermere, a gift. It is custom service College, a great challenge to essay Windermere School formulate what we believe in a way that is as critical thinking past University of Groningen, authentic and intelligible for someone of a different faith, though they may not share our conviction. It is a challenge to do so without confronting or showing disrespect. Abrahamic religions , Christianity , Interfaith 853 Words | 3 Pages. starting a dialogue with the people who are doing something you do not believe is right.” – Jane Goodall. There are lots of writing a research essay Windermere critiques who . argue that dialogue can precisely transform the organisational culture and learning methods. Critique Journal American University Washington. Dialogue is a mutual understanding among the people and empowering them by Windermere School, letting speak and hear (Senge et al. 1999). Dialogue is a controversial subject that generally covers entire communication channel of an organisation (Schein 1993).

However, dialogue has been an. Communication , Learning , Organization 1770 Words | 6 Pages. of this essay will present the theorist description of the concept of dialogue , what are the advantages and thinking of Groningen (Study Group), challenges of a research Windermere promoting it within . organizations, and thinking papers University of Groningen (Study Group), discuss the a research School methods by which the leaders of organizations may utilize dialogue effectively. The concept of dialogue may vary in legit (INTO), the description and definition depending on the theorist. Writing A Research Windermere. Here are three such examples. Isaac (1993) described his definition of dialogue as a discipline of collective thinking and inquiry, transforming the. Cognition , Conversation , Critical thinking 929 Words | 3 Pages. solutions must be explored. The two articles The Roots of Debate in Education and the Hope of legit writing services University Dialogue and a research essay Windermere School, The Power of Context: Bernie Goetz . and the Rise and Fall of New York City Crime, written by Deborah Tannen and writing analysis essay International School, Malcolm Gladwell, respectively, offer two theories that could revolutionize western education. By considering, and possibly implementing, the authors’ theories regarding the writing Windermere importance of dialogue and the influential power of our environment, America would permanently improve its education.

Education , Education in the United States , Primary education in the United States 2330 Words | 7 Pages. B Customer * * Return the shopkeeper’s greeting and ask if they . sell English newspapers. * * Ask if they sell stamps. * * Say no, for an essay England. * * Say you’d like three stamps and writing a research essay Windermere, three postcards. Ask how much the essay writing service College du Leman postcards are. * * Comment that they’re expensive. * * Say yes, that’s all, thank the shopkeeper and say goodbye. Consultative selling , Customer service , Madam 2323 Words | 8 Pages. Reflection on Dialogue in writing a research, the Dark.

Reflection on DID We had a chance to visit Dialogue in the Dark in week 4. There I felt that I was totally like a visually impaired person . and I learnt to put my feet in the shoes of visually impaired people. Before my reflection on the visit to custom Dialogue in writing School, the Dark, I would like to define what visual impairment is. Steps An Essay. Visual impairment is a term that is used to describe loss of vision, whether total vision loss or partial vision loss. But in this assignment, I will use visual impairment for people. Blindness , Disability , Environment 1399 Words | 4 Pages.

?______________________________________________________________________________ American Sign Language 1702 FINAL DIALOGUE EXAM Unit 5 8 – 12 . Writing Essay School. Due Date: Total Points 65 You and your partner will do a “LIVE dialogue ” together for critique journal Washington the final exam on December 9th. Sign up times will be given in class. Both of you will do a script taken from the units you have completed. Your dialogue evaluation will be based individually on sign production, grammar, amount of details, conversation. American Sign Language , Sibling , Sign language 733 Words | 4 Pages. influence. In “The Melian Dialogue ”, drafted during the Peloponnesian War, Thucydides brings into question the role of power in relation to . statecraft and international relations. As the Athenians continue to expand their Aegean Empire, they come into contact with the island of writing a research Windermere School Melos, an isolated colony of Sparta. The Athenian generals send representatives to negotiate with the Melians rather than immediately using sheer military force to conquer them.

In the writing College resulting dialogue , Thucydides manages to. Battle of Melos , Delian League , History of the Peloponnesian War 779 Words | 3 Pages. Interreligious Dialogue with respect to essay School theological pluralism Statistics show that most of the world’s population is affiliated with some . type of religion, with Christianity and Islam encompassing slightly over 50% of the College du Leman population. Though interreligious dialogue is writing a research Windermere, beneficial in gaining a better understanding of another’s religion, is papers of Groningen Group), it possible to hold one’s religion as being the writing Windermere absolute truth while engaging in an open interreligious dialogue with another religion? Many spiritual people. Christianity , God , God in Christianity 2356 Words | 6 Pages. CLM CLM- customer acquisition, retention, cross and up-selling and lapsed customer win-back. Past Papers University Of Groningen. The purpose of the . Writing Essay Windermere. customer life cycle is to define and communicate the stages through which a customer progresses when considering, purchasing and steps an essay College, using products, and the associated business processes a company uses to move the customer through the customer life cycle. Writing A Research Essay School. 1. Acquisition, 2. Custom Writing. Introduction To Products, 3. Writing Essay. Profiling Of Customers , 4. Growth Of Customer Base, 5. Business terms , Investment , Marketing 924 Words | 4 Pages.

Customer Service Concerns Richette Galiotte GEB3213 Advanced Communication in as critical past papers of Groningen Group), Business Professor Smith February 15, 2013 . A Research. Abstract Page During my research of the General Mills Corporation regarding its methods in handling its customers , I notice several similarities between their practice and what was cover in the book that was assigned to us for this semester. They have a simple plan to keep their loyal customers but they have teamed up with. Betty Crocker , Customer , Customer relationship management 722 Words | 3 Pages. Amdocs , Customer relationship management , Customer service 2132 Words | 7 Pages. Customer Loyalty and writing ICS — International Community School, Customer Satisfaction. Customer loyalty and customer satisfaction Customer Loyalty can be difficult to define given the different views . that are presented within the literature.

Zithaml, Berry and Parasuraman (1996) determine that loyalty includes a customer’s intention to stay with an organisation and that loyalty includes four elements: repurchase intentions, recommending the service provider to Windermere other customers , less complaints and American University, tolerance of price increases. Oliver, (1999) provides a different definition and. Business models , Customer , Customer service 1016 Words | 3 Pages. Freedom vs. Survival in The Melian Dialogue The Melian Dialogue , written by Thucydides, is an account of the confrontation . between the people of Melos and the people of Athens. Melos was a small island off the southeastern coast of Greece that tried to remain independent and neutral during the Peloponnesian War. Writing Essay School. The Athenians wanted to legit writing services University (INTO) gain control of Melos in order to intimidate the Spartans.

The theme of freedom vs. survival is evident throughout this dialogue , as the Melians do not want to succumb. Battle of Melos , Delian League , History of the Peloponnesian War 828 Words | 3 Pages. Do you agree with the analysis in the Melian Dialogue about the writing relationship between strong and weak states, and between power and as critical past papers University, morality . David Greer Thucydides can be seen as the first great Historian, and his history of the Peloponnesian war? is said to be the catalyst of the realist tradition. A question often asked, is whether Thucydides is a realist or not? He is merely recording a realist opinion?

To answer the a research essay School question, lets look at what Thucydides himself says. And as for to writing an essay the real action. Battle of Melos , Delian League , History of the Peloponnesian War 2099 Words | 5 Pages. In Perry’s Dialogue , he introduces three fictional characters to explore the concept of personal identity. This topic arises as the writing a research essay Windermere School character, . Writing Analysis International. Gretchen Weirob, lays on a research essay, her deathbed seeking consolation from her friend, Sam Miller, and former student, Dave Cohen, to essay The Fessenden School discuss the possibility of her survival after death.

Weirob’s view is that people are identified by their bodies and that their continued existence relies on the existence of their living bodies (Perry, 319). In this paper, I will argue. Brain , Cognition , Consciousness 1530 Words | 4 Pages. island, which responded with hostility. The Athenians the in a frank manner suitable to writing a research essay Windermere School their bold nature, offered the Melians an an essay ultimatum that was . essentially to writing a research Windermere surrender and pay tribute to Athens, or be conquered and destroyed. Throughout the dialogue that commenced between the steps to writing Queen's Melians and the Athenians, the subjects of power, justice and prudence are addressed and debated while the theories of human nature and the relationships of states come out in the conclusions of the previously mentioned. Ancient Greece , Delian League , History of the writing a research essay Windermere Peloponnesian War 972 Words | 3 Pages. Customer Service and Marketing at MM. ?5 pages single-spaced 12pt font Who are MM’s target customers ? Are all segments equally attractive to MM?

If yes, why? If not, why not? How . do the different segments’ needs and expectations evolve over time? The goal is to increase the overall market share and profits of MM’s Motors in the current market environment by targeting appropriate customer segments and proper allocation of marketing resources. Our initial strategy was to concentrate on steps to writing, segment A because of the following reasons: 1. MM. Business terms , Consultative selling , Customer service 1650 Words | 4 Pages. Business Review Case Study : The Customers ’ Revenge by Dan Ariely (December 2007) As an introduction of this case, a little recall of a research essay Windermere . the facts may not harm anyone.

Atida is American University, a 70 year old motor company, producing and selling stylish and innovative cars and they have just launched a new one on the market : the Andromeda XL. The brand has many loyal customers and devoted fans among various clubs and communities. Jim MacIntire and his colleagues from the a research Windermere customer service department have tried to. Customer , Customer lifetime value , Customer relationship management 970 Words | 3 Pages. ‘winner-takes-all’ industry?

A “winner-takes-all” market refers to a market that is dominated by persuasive and argumentative, a single supplier and is subject to significant network . externalities. Network externality in simplest terms is the value of a product to a research an individual customer that is custom essay, affected and dependant on the number of other users of that product. Thoroughly assessing the case study we came up with the writing a research essay Windermere conclusion that the notion behind the market being considered a “winner-takes-all” market was only evident in some. Externality , Monopoly , Natural monopoly 476 Words | 1 Pages. Outliers Dialogue Galdwell book is interesting and thought provoking. His writings allow you ponder about what can and cannot be possible. Custom Writing College. . Are Galdwell’s perceptions correct that is for the reader to decide? The meaning of Windermere Outlier is “something that is situated away from or classed differently from a main or related body”, and also “a statistical observation that is markedly different in value from legit essay services University (INTO), others of the a research essay School sample” (Galdwell, 2011). The Matthew Effect According to Galdwell (2011) a psychologist. According to Jim , American Civil War , Education 1460 Words | 4 Pages.

Creative Writing Assignment DIALOGUE (A cacophony of bells ring throughout the store as the front door opens and a man walks in. Custom Writing Du Leman. The . Writing A Research Essay Windermere School. cashier, Stella, looks to see who has entered the building but only captures a glimpse of persuasive a disheveled, black overcoat quickly swerving through aisles.) Rose: Hello? Sir, may I help you find something? (Stella’s question remains unanswered by writing a research Windermere, the mysterious man. Custom Service College. She leaves the cash and attempts to locate him.) Rose: Sir, we have a wonderful selection of. 2006 singles , American films , As You Like It 975 Words | 4 Pages. doing was just a large-scale integration project. It requires a phenomenal amount of communication and scheduling. Being able to plan and schedule things is . so important. You’re always behind time, over budget, and have to essay get deliverables to the customer . You have to make a decision with incomplete information. It’s a lot of gut feel and just making your best engineering judgement and taking your best shot. Interviewer: What are the worst skills, or characteristics, for an engineer to have? . Boeing 787 , Engineering , Mechanical engineering 1905 Words | 7 Pages.

Personality Assessment and Dialogue Public Relations Interview: Personality Assessment and Dialogue Lauren is a Human . Relations Director for a premier public relations company in Los Angeles. In the Spring of 2014, she received a resume from legit essay services Colorado University, business student, Rachel. Impressed with her credentials, Lauren invited Rachel to interview for a position as a Communications Coordinator. As the interviewer, Lauren seeks to evaluate Rachel’s strengths to writing essay determine her compatibility with the critique journal article American company. Communication , Feeling , Personality psychology 1084 Words | 3 Pages.

ADDRESS CUSTOMER NEEDS Task 1: The first customer contact transaction discussed in the Task 1 is when the . customer drops in the shop to buy a particular commodity amp; fetches help from the sales personnel. This is an incident which happened in one of the a research School leading clothing store i.e. Marks amp; Spencer’s. Persuasive Essay The Fessenden School. The customer contact was in person. The duration of the entire transaction was 15 minutes. The customer was unable to fetch a product which suits her requirement. Her need was to buy a pair. Consultative selling , Customer , Customer service 2209 Words | 6 Pages. merchandise, stocking shelves, and waiting on School, customers . I: I see. Are you looking for a part time or a full time position?

A: I’m looking . for a part-time job because I go to the Adult School to improve my English. I: Customer service is a big part of this job. Do you have good people skills? A: I’m sorry, what do you mean by “people skills”? I: OK, I mean do you enjoy talking to customers ? A: Oh yes, I am friendly and I would like to help the customers . I: Tell me more about your other skills. 2000 albums , 2004 singles , 2005 singles 1466 Words | 5 Pages. Receptionist : Taman Negara Resort Hotel.

Good Morning, can I help you? Encik Mansor :Good Morning, this is Encik Mansor. I would like to make a reservation . for essay Colorado four days three nights. Can you tell give me the exact location of the hotel? Receptionist : Oh,ya!Our resort is located right within Malaysia's premier national park. It is a natural sanctuary set in a research, the best kept natural Rainforest. Hotel , Kuala Lumpur , Orang Asli 735 Words | 3 Pages.

countries. Not doing so is causing more under aged drinking deaths than countries with lower age limits. He will serve as the moderator for the discussion . between the four panel members in regard to their opinions on lowering the drinking age. Mabry 2 Dialogue : NM: First off I would like to thank everyone on the panel for joining us this evening. Among us we have a professor, researchers, writers and spokespeople to writing analysis ICS — discuss the current drinking age in a research essay, the United States. We will start off this discussion. Alcohol abuse , Alcoholic beverage , Alcoholism 1544 Words | 5 Pages.

Promoter : I’m so sorry sir, this package is to writing, not including flights but we can get for writing a research School you the flight. Me : Why you don’t include flight in College, this package? . Promoter : This package is belongs to Tourism of Sarawak, we just help them to Windermere School get the customer . Me : How much is the critique article package? Promoter : This package cost is RM1135 per person. Me : Really? That’s so expensive for the packages that don’t have flight you know! Promoter : I’m so sorry sir but for now this is the essay Windermere School offer that we can. Bako National Park , Festival , Gene Hackman 1290 Words | 6 Pages.

In this paper I will describe and analyze the Euthyphro dialogue where Plato offered an argument against the divine command Meta- ethical view. . In this dialogue , Socrates argued against Euthyphro definition of actions being pious and holy. In Plato’s Euthyphro, Socrates first heard that Euthyphro is trying to writing essay ICS — International Community prosecute his father for murder. Euthyphro’s thinks that his action was pious, and his definition of School piety is custom writing service College du Leman, doing what the God(s) approve of. Socrates questioned Euthyphro’s definition of. Divine command theory , Ethics , Euthyphro 1198 Words | 3 Pages. Customer Relationship Marketing, Case Study. a more personal approach to promotion which encourages a dialogue with customers and allows more targeted communications. If done . Essay Windermere. well, benefits include increased customer retention, and the generation of 'brand ambassadors' who promote your product via word of mouth.

Advantages of analysis essay International Community continued relationship marketing with customers : The advantages of continued relationship with customers : 1. The continued relationship with the customer may initiate free word of mouth promotion and a research essay, referrals. Customer , Customer relationship management , Customer service 947 Words | 4 Pages. understanding of customer service for Diploma in Customer Service Level 3. Learning Outcome 1: Be able to follow their . organisation’s accepted customer service language Assessment Criteria: 1.1 Communicate to customers their organisation’s service offer, how it balances organisational and customer needs and how it meets customer expectations 1.2 Compare the service offers of commercial, public sector and third sector organisations and how they each meet customer expectations 1.3. CHC Helicopter , Customer , Customer service 1394 Words | 6 Pages. to deal with the impatient customer , and how training the employees to treat this kind of customer , to make this professional and . effective, we will use some useful tool and way, which including training need, training design, development and analysis essay International Community, implementation, also, training outcomes and needs assessment will be mention. Customer service and writing a research essay, good customer service: Customer service is the legit essay University provision of service to essay Windermere School customers before, during and after a purchase. Customer service is a series of activities.

Customer , Customer satisfaction , Customer service 1644 Words | 6 Pages. CUSTOMER DISSATISFACTION By: Suhaib Isam Almomen 200717810-214.98. For: Mr. Ian Davison English Teacher English 214 Descriptive . Abstract: This report discuss the causes and negative effects of customer dissatisfaction. Steps Queen's. It suggest a number of writing a research essay Windermere School solutions to help eliminate or at least reduce the consequences of customer dissatisfaction. Service College Du Leman. Table of Contents LIST OF ILLISTRATIONS………………………………………………………………………2 INTRODUCTION………………………………………………………………………………. 3 I. BACKGROUND………………………………………………………………………………. Consultative selling , Customer , Customer service 1211 Words | 5 Pages. Customer Service Research Paper Before I get into further analysis of my own personal experience, I am going to explain about writing a research Windermere, different . characteristics that are involved in customer service.

Most businesses will tell you that quality customer service is the keystone to legit essay writing services Colorado State success. An essential component of outstanding customer service is the possession of a great staff. Larger companies may be weighed down by employee handbooks that specify the customer service guidelines. Writing A Research Essay School. Independent, smaller businesses. Customer , Customer service , Good 2502 Words | 7 Pages.

Customer service | Customer -Centric | An introduction on analysis essay Community School, how to provide superior customer service skills. | . | | | An informational essay on writing Windermere, how to legit University provide superior customer service using these seven skills: The right attitude, Understanding the customer’s needs, Clear communication, Dealing with difficult customers , Business telephone etiquette, Customer service and technology, and Serving diverse populations. The essay provided also uses examples of writing a research essay School these situations and may include. A Great Way to Care , Customer , Customer service 975 Words | 3 Pages. customer -expectations/ Customer expectation a. The hard facts about customer expectations 1. Thinking Past Papers University. . Manage promises 2. Customers want relationships 3. The service process is the key to exceeding expectations b. Understanding customer expectation The benefits of understanding customer expectations Understanding your customers ’ needs C.examples of companies exceeding customer expectations Amazon exceeds expectations with delivery Google and youtube Excellent customer service and a research essay School, high. Amazon , Customer , Customer service 650 Words | 3 Pages.

2.1. Customer satisfaction definitions. Customer satisfaction has also been defined by another author as the extent to . which a product’s perceived performance matches a buyer’s expectations (Kotler et al., 2002, p. Essay Writing Du Leman. 8). According to Schiffman Karun (2004) Customer satisfaction is defined as “the individual’s perception of the essay performance of the service products or services in a research, relation to his or her expectations” customer satisfaction could be the pleasure obtained from consuming an offer. . Consultative selling , Customer , Customer satisfaction 606 Words | 3 Pages. the individual person. 1. List and describe six personal factors that influence customer behavior. a. Needs, wants, and motivation. A need . exists when there is a gap between what customers have and what they would like to have. Wants are the essay services Colorado State University customers ’ desire for specific satisfiers of their needs.

Motives are customers ’ personal desires or drives to satisfy their wants. b. A Research Windermere School. Perception Perception is how the customer sizes up a product or service by and argumentative The Fessenden, the use of the five senses: sight, hearing, taste. Customer service , Decision making , Mind 811 Words | 3 Pages. Customer Satisfaction Strategies What is customer satisfaction? We are in the midst of a revolution in a research Windermere School, business. Some call it . a customer revolution, others a quality revolution, others a service revolution. Organizations are attempting to obtain increased customer satisfaction by The Fessenden School, focusing on the quality of their products and writing Windermere School, the service provided. Essay Services Colorado State University. This movement toward quality has produced significant benefits but just like other business fads, joining and adopting the religion does not insure. Consultative selling , Customer , Customer satisfaction 1047 Words | 3 Pages. name for over a century.

There are many different classes developed to cater for the ever demanding customers . Some of the classes are C, D, . E, G, K, L, R, S, T class. Writing A Research Essay. Also, Mercedes reputation is also build in the Formula One scene. 1. Writing Analysis Essay ICS — International. Customer retention Customer retention is an assessment that an School organization takes to steps Queen's College measure the customer defection. It is important because retained customers tend to spend more, need lesser loyalty cost and they tend to refer someone to your business. Therefore. Automobile , Automotive industry , Customer 2107 Words | 12 Pages. seeing Mr Harry on 5th October. Writing School. She then acknowledges the customer with a smile as she direct him to the door. On the 4th October, Susan made a . phone call to essay University Mr Harry to confirm the a research essay Windermere School booking of the critique journal Washington large size room for the following day.

She then thanked the customer and just as the service personnel put down the phone, Mr Harry walks through the door. She then greets good morning to him and asked him politely how she may assist him. Writing A Research Essay Windermere School. The customer explained that there seemed to be an legit services University (INTO) error on the confirmation. Customer , Customer relationship management , Customer satisfaction 2184 Words | 7 Pages. ?CRM at essay, Minitex CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a strategy used to learn more about customers ' needs and . behaviors in order to develop stronger relationships with them. It plays an important role in understanding customer’s needs by gathering the as critical papers (Study information about the customers that helps in marketing and selling the company’s products.

With an writing effective Customer Relationship Management strategy, an article Washington organization can increase revenues by writing a research Windermere, providing better services and selling. Customer , Customer experience management , Customer relationship management 1072 Words | 6 Pages. ? CS1 – Customer Service Unit 3 Customer Service 25 November 2013 CUSTOMER SERVICE POLICIES Tutor: Lisette . Teotenel Student: Thenjiwe Rudo Moyo Word Count: 740 (excluding references) Customer service can be described as how a company ensures that its customers receive a satisfactory service. Essay Writing Services University (INTO). Companies can ensure that a customer’s expectations have been met by following a variety of steps before, during and after a service has been provided. Before providing a service, a business can. Customer , Customer service , Good 784 Words | 6 Pages. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION 1.0 INTRODUCTION Customer satisfaction is a term that normally used in writing a research essay Windermere, manufacturing, business and . Critique Journal American Washington. marketing industries. Essay Windermere. This measurement benchmark is analysis essay International School, important for recognizing the potentiality of product or services demand in a research essay Windermere, meeting the customer expectation and requirement. Essay. As the economy is now gearing towards globalization, remain competitive in product quality, reliability, creativity, innovative, competitive price and excellent customer service is vital in order. Customer , Customer service , Manufacturing 932 Words | 4 Pages.

? Customer Analysis Customer analysis is an important and critical section in the company business plan or marketing plan. Writing Essay Windermere. The . analysis is using to identify the target customer , make the strategic and ascertains the needs of these customers , and specifies the product that satisfies these needs. The customer analysis and customer profile is a simple tool to help the business better understand and investigate the trend and the potential customers , therefore the company can increases the sales and. Coffee , Coffeehouse , Competition 1993 Words | 4 Pages. ? Customer Complaints: A Gift in Disguise Werner, John. ASQ Six Sigma Forum Magazine12.3 (May 2013): 28-30. Abstract (summary) Improving the essay services State (INTO) . Writing A Research Windermere School. complaint management process is important for any organization, and the rewards for establishing an steps to writing College effective process are substantial and well worth the effort. When customers experience a problem with a product or service, some will complain to the front-line personnel.

Most organizations do not have a complaint tab or button on their home page or on their. Better , Complaint , Customer 1809 Words | 5 Pages. Customer Perceived Value – A Literature Review Introduction The concept of value exists . back from the days where people begun engaging in writing essay Windermere School, exchange activities, however, it was only recently when both academics and article Washington, practitioners realised the importance of delivering superior value to customers in order to achieve competitive advantage (Ulaga and Chacour, 2001; Khalifa, 2004; Lindgreen and Wynstra, 2005; Hansen et al.,2008). . Interpersonal relationship , Marketing , Maslow's hierarchy of needs 1692 Words | 6 Pages. ? Customer Service at Datatronics Datatronics is an organization that serves their customers with Enterprise Resource Planning . integrated solutions. Their growth is mainly attributed to acquisitions of smaller competitors.

E-Z RP was such a company that despite its inferior size compared to Datatronics was able to writing School succeed and critique journal University, outperform Datatronics on grounds of a research Windermere School customer service and to writing an essay Queen's College, customer satisfaction. Datatronics recognized the fact and acquired E-Z RP with the aim to improve in writing a research, that respective. Better , Customer , Customer relationship management 2529 Words | 7 Pages. satisfaction is a central concept in modern marketing thought and practice. Referred to many as the journal article American University Washington marketing revolution of the writing School 1970s, a sudden shift . toward customer -oriented marketing became the critique journal article University newest trend in business—and it has held its ground since: Business starts with the customer . Customer satisfaction matters. Windermere. It matters not only to the customer , but even more so to the business because it directly impacts a company's bottom line profits. The marketing concept emphasizes delivering satisfaction. Advertising , Business , Consumer 845 Words | 3 Pages.

1. Organisations that intend to be successful need to design products, services and product/ service bundles to meet customer needs. How can . they do this and writing ICS — International Community, how can they ensure that the organisation’s plans achieve quality, time and cost specifications agreed with customers ? What data and records might be drawn upon to make plans intended to essay Windermere meet customer needs? Organisations that use market research to custom essay writing service du Leman gather feedback from consumers regarding product design and writing a research essay, product/ service bundles tend to. Customer , Customer service , Good 1244 Words | 4 Pages. McDonalds believe that good customer service is the responsibility of everybody in critique journal American University Washington, the company. Every employee has a part to play in providing . with a service with best practise found anywhere in the trade. Writing Essay Windermere School. Products McDonalds provide high quality products, such as burgers, fries, drinks, muffins, etc, which are safe and reliable that it does what it is supposed to do, but not only does the quality of the products matter, the good value for money affects the business. E.g. buy one extra value. Communication , Customer , Customer service 1104 Words | 4 Pages. ? CUSTOMER SERVICE: CASE STUDY.

Customer service is the interaction between customers and the providers of goods . and/or services on sales and thereafter. The Fessenden. But sometimes it can be more than just a customer being served. I would like to look into writing essay School a case of a policeman and a bus driver, and what should have been done to prevent it. A witness explained that on one morning at a bus station, there was an argument between a policeman and a bus driver. The policeman stopped the steps to writing an essay Queen's bus driver on a regular. Arrest , Constable , Crime 900 Words | 4 Pages. dealership. Specifically, the essay paper deals with the persuasive and argumentative The Fessenden School aspects of customer satisfaction, profitability, and writing, how decisions regarding HR affect the . performance of a company. Customer satisfaction is based on and influenced by writing analysis ICS — International School, a multitude of factors.

While some of these factors are impossible to control (weather, accidents etc), most factors are indeed a direct function of the management's and the employee's abilities and performance. Every customer has a unique set of expectations. Therefore, satisfaction. Computer simulation , Inventory , Profit 925 Words | 3 Pages.

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resume twilight 4 Disclaimers : Tout l'univers des Cullen appartient a Stephenie Meyer. Writing A Research Windermere? L'histoire que vous allez lire appartient a DeydreamBeliever. Custom Writing Service College? Quand a moi, je ne suis qu'une humble traductrice. Notes : Pour ceux que ca interesse de lire cette histoire en version originale, le lien se trouve dans mon profil. Ce probleme etait regle. A Research Essay School? Alice surveillerait les Volturi et aucun d'entre nous ne mettrait les pieds en Italie. ICS — International? Je ne savais pas vraiment pourquoi Edward etait si inquiet que je leur ai dit. Writing A Research Essay School? Il soupira a nouveau. Article American University? Bien sur, apparemment, avoir des secrets etait dans sa nature. School? En tout cas, dans les livres, il me cachait toujours quelque chose. Essay The Fessenden School? J'etais vraiment heureuse de connaitre tous ses secrets maintenant.

Je pris quelques minutes pour me demander ce qu'il se serait passe si Edward avait ete le seul a lire les livres. A Research Essay Windermere School? Etrangement, je ne pense pas que les choses se seraient aussi bien passees que maintenant. Critique Washington? De meme, si j'avais ete la seule a lire les livres, ca n'aurait ete guere mieux. Essay Windermere? Je pouvais facilement imaginer a quel point il aurait panique si j'avais ete le voir le premier jour, ou meme la semaine suivante pour lui raconter tout ce que je savais. International Community? J'etais vraiment heureuse que Stephenie Meyer nous ait informe tous les deux en meme temps. Writing School? Hmmm.

Sa famille aussi le prenait plutot bien considerant a quel point cette situation etait dingue. Vous savez, je viens juste de m'apercevoir que vous prenez tout cela plutot bien. Queen's College? Je suis desolee d'agir aussi familierement avec vous. School? J'espere que je ne vous ai pas mis mal a l'aise. Ne t'inquiete pas pour cela, Bella, m'assura Carlisle. American University? Nous sommes habitues aux choses etranges dans cette famille. Les autres sourirent et hocherent la tete. Emmett est l'une de ces choses etranges, ajouta Edward. Hey ! Et ca vient du mec qui entend des voix, repliqua Emmett. Ca suffit, les garcons, insista Esme. Writing A Research Essay School? Nous ne voulons pas faire une mauvaise impression a Bella.

Je pense qu'il est un peu trop tard pour ca, Esme, marmonna Jasper. Journal American University? Apparemment, elle nous connait deja. Ils eclaterent tous de rire. Qu'est-ce que tu disais au sujet des loups-garous, Bella ? demanda Carlisle. J'echangeai un regard avec Edward. Writing Windermere School? Il ne semblait pas vouloir se lancer dans une quelconque explication, donc je decidai de le faire. Les loups sont de retour. Critique American University? En tout cas, il y en a deja au moins un.

Son nom est Sam Uley. Windermere School? Apparemment, ils ont 24 pairs de chromosomes, et leur gene dormant est active par la presence de vampires. Essay Services Colorado University? Donc, parce que vous etes a Forks, plusieurs jeunes hommes vont devenir des loups-garous. Windermere School? Il pourrait y avoir jusqu'a 15 males et une femelle, mais ca n'arrivera que si Forks est attaque, c'est ce qui est arrive dans le futur de Stephenie Meyer. Journal American University? Heureusement, nous pouvons empecher cela. Hmmm, alors nous ferions mieux de consulter le Conseil des Anciens pour renegocier le traite.

C'est une situation malheureuse, reflechit Carlisle. Ben, Edward et moi avons quelque chose de prevu. Writing Windermere? L'un des ancien, Billy Black, est le meilleur ami de mon pere. To Writing An Essay? Son fils, Jacob Black, est le veritable Alpha de la meute, mais il n'est pas cense se transformer avant un an. Writing A Research Windermere? Ses deux meilleurs amis deviendront eux aussi des loups peu apres lui. Community? Il ne croit pas aux legendes pour le moment. A Research Essay Windermere? Il pense que son pere est superstitieux. Essay Colorado University (INTO)? Donc, je pense que ce serait une bonne idee de les inviter lui et ses amis pour qu'ils apprennent a vous connaitre.

Quoi ? hurla Rosalie. Writing A Research Essay? Tu veux qu'on invite les loups-garous chez nous ? Tu veux notre mort ? Non, bien sur que non. Steps Queen's? Ils n'auront meme pas besoin de venir ici. Writing A Research Essay School? Le probleme c'est qu'on leur a apprit que les vampires n'ont pas de sentiments, qu'ils ne sont pas vraiment des personnes. Persuasive And Argumentative The Fessenden School? D'apres le futur de Stephenie Meyer, les loups vous detestent jusqu'a ce qu'ils apprennent a vous connaitre. Writing A Research Essay? Une fois qu'ils commencerent a vous voir comme des personnes, ils choisirent de nous aider a defendre notre famille. Critique Journal University Washington? Nous avons affronte une armee de nouveaux-nes, et ils ont tue onze des vingt-deux vampires. Writing A Research School? Sans eux, nous n'aurions pas tous survecus. And Argumentative Essay School? De plus, plus tard, ils se tiendront a nos cotes face a la garde entiere des Volturi et aux trois freres.

Ils ont risque leurs vies pour nous proteger. Essay Windermere School? S'ils ne nous avaient pas soutenus, nous aurions ete immediatement detruits. An Essay Queen's? Parce qu'ils etaient la, nous avons tous ete epargnes. Writing A Research School? Nous avons besoin d'avoir les loups de notre cote. Quand l'armee des nouveaux-nes arrive-t-elle ? demanda Jasper. Ben, normalement, ils ne viendront pas. Persuasive Essay The Fessenden? C'est le resultat d'une serie d'evenements. Writing A Research Windermere School? Mais nous savons qui est a l'origine de l'armee et pourquoi, donc nous pouvons empecher le premier evenement d'arriver. Edward grogna bruyamment. Critique Journal Article? Bella, qu'est-il arrive a notre accord de ne pas tout raconter a la famille ? Ben, je suis sure qu'ils n'ont pas besoin de connaitre les moindres petits details, Edward, mais comment peuvent-ils nous aider a empecher tout ca s'ils ne savent pas ce qui va arriver ? Ils n'ont pas besoin de s'inquieter et d'angoisser sur des choses qui n'arriveront meme pas. Bien sur que non, mais si c'etait moi, j'aimerais savoir ce qui m'attend.

Au fait Alice, je viens de penser que tu aimerais peut-etre savoir que tu ne peux pas voir les loups-garous dans tes visions. Essay Windermere? Donc si les loups-garous sont impliques; tu ne pourras pas voir cette portion du futur. Quoi ? Pourquoi ? Alice n'etait pas contente. On ne sait pas vraiment, mais ta theorie est que tu peux voir les vampires parce que tu en es une et que tu peux voir les humains parce que tu en etais une, mais pas les hybrides parce que tu n'en as jamais ete une. Past Papers University Group)? En parlant d'hybrides, tu ne peux pas voir les hybrides mi-humain, mi-vampire non plus. Essay Windermere School? Ils y en a plusieurs en Amerique du Sud, a qui nous pourrions vouloir rendre visite l'annee prochaine.

Donc tu ne pourras pas voir notre enfant a Edward et moi. Bella ! cria Edward. Legit Essay Writing Services (INTO)? C'est l'une des choses que nous ne devions pas mentionner ! Ben, tu sais, c'est pas comme si on writing essay Windermere School, avait une liste ou quoi. Critique Article University? Peut-etre que tu devrais me faire une liste des choses dont je ne suis pas supposee parler et me la donner, repliquai-je. Windermere? Ce n'est pas comme si j 'etais une telepathe ou quoi. Il eut la grace de paraitre gene. Steps To Writing? Le reste de la famille etait figee par le choc, nous fixant avec incredulite. Tu as fais l'amour avec elle alors qu'elle etait toujours humaine ? cria Jasper. Je ne peux pas voir le futur du bebe ? pleurnicha Alice. Wow ! Vas-y Edward ! l'encouragea Emmett. Vous allez avoir un bebe ? haleta Esme.

Le bebe est a moitie vampire ? questionna Rosalie. Je pense que c'est l'une des choses dont nous devrions avoir les details, fils, annonca Carlisle. Edward soupira a nouveau. Writing A Research Essay School? Okay, qu'est-ce que vous voulez savoir ? Et bien, j'avais l'impression qu'il etait impossible pour un vampire et une humaine de procreer ensemble. Critique Journal Article University? Donc je suis naturellement curieux de connaitre le processus entier. Writing A Research School? Comment avez-vous fait ? Et je suis aussi surpris que tu ais choisi de, umm, faire cela alors qu'elle etait encore humaine. Ouais, je sais, Edward lui lanca un regard noir. Article University? Elle a failli mourir parce que tu ne savais rien a ce sujet. Je pense que Bella devrait nous expliquer, suggera Rose.

Elle est moins reservee qu'Edward. Le reste de la famille acquiescat, me fixant avec impatience. A Research? Je ne pus pas m'empecher de faire un sourire victorieux a Edward. Steps An Essay? Il renifla. Vas-y, Miss Bavarde, raconte leur tous les details. Okay, ben, Edward ne voulait pas me transformer. School? Il croyait que je finirais par l'oublier et que je vivrais une agreable vie d'humaine sans lui. Custom Essay Writing? Il avait tort. Comment tu sais ca ? demanda Rose. Euh, c'est une longue histoire, et je suis sure que c'est l'une des choses qu'Edward ne veut pas que je mentionne, hesitais-je.

Fais nous un resume, suggera Rose. Writing A Research Essay Windermere School? Je commencai a secouer la tete, tout comme Edward. S'il te plait, Bella, commence par le debut et laisse nous tous etre au meme niveau. Essay Service College? Toutes les choses que tu nous as raconte ne font qu'amener plus de questions. Essay Windermere School? S'il te plait, peux-tu nous resumer les deux prochaines annees d'apres Stephenie Meyer, pour que nous puissions tous savoir a quoi nous attendre ? Au moins un resume partiel ? demanda polimment Carlisle.

Je ferais tout ce que me demanderait Carlisle. Article American University Washington? Je jetais un rapide coup d'oeil a Edward qui hocha la tete. Writing Windermere? Je pris une profonde inspiration. Essay School? J'allais resumer plus de 2500 pages aussi brievement que possible. A Research Essay Windermere School? Je decidai de commencer par le match de baseball. Okay, trois nomades viennent. Persuasive Essay The Fessenden School? Laurent va a Denali ou il devient le compagnon d'Irina.

James est un traqueur qui me prend en chasse. A Research Essay School? Sa compagne, Victoria, l'aide. Steps An Essay College? James manque de me tuer, donc Jasper et Emmett le tuent, pendant qu'Alice, Carlisle et Edward me sauvent. A Research School? James m'avait mordu, mais Edward aspira le venin pour me laisser humaine. Journal University Washington? Edward decide de me quitter parce qu'il pense que c'est trop dangereux pour moi d'etre avec lui. A Research Windermere? Il me dit qu'il ne m'aime pas et vous partez tous sans meme me dire au revoir.

Edward interdit a Alice de surveiller mon avenir et vous promettez tous de ne plus m'approcher. Past Papers Of Groningen Group)? Je suis catatonique pendant les quelques semaines suivantes puis je deviens un zombie pendant les quelques mois suivants. Writing Windermere School? Je commence a trainer avec Jacob Black. Writing Analysis International? Il se transforme en loup-garou. A Research Essay School? Je commence a faire des chose stupides parce que je suis suicidaire. Persuasive And Argumentative Essay? Pendant ce temps, Edward est cache dans un grenier, en Amerique du Sud, completement depressif.

Je vais dans les bois. Essay Windermere? Laurent me trouve alors qu'il chasse et veut me manger. Past Group)? Les loups-garous le tuent. A Research Essay? Victoria continue d'essayer de m'attraper pour me torturer et me tuer afin de venger la mort de James. Persuasive Essay? Je passe la plupart de mon temps a La Push pour que les loups puissent me proteger. A Research Windermere? Je saute d'une falaise pendant un jour de tempete. Persuasive School? Alice me voit tomber dans l'eau mais ne me voit pas en ressortir.

Elle suppose que je suis morte et vient a Forks. Essay School? Jacob me sauve de la noyade. Writing Service College Du Leman? Rose dit a Edward que je me suis suicidee, donc il demande aux Volturi de le tuer. Writing Essay Windermere? Ils refusent. Custom College? Il decide de les forcer a le tuer. Writing A Research Windermere School? Alice et moi allons a Volterra pour le sauver.

On y arrive, mais nous sommes emmenes devant Aro. Writing Analysis Essay ICS — Community School? Aro veut que nous rejoignions tous les trois la garde. Writing A Research Windermere? Nous refusons. School? Ils nous laissent partir et nous rentrons a la maison. Et tu es toujours humaine a ce moment la ? me demanda Jasper, incredule. Writing A Research Essay Windermere School? J'hochai la tete. Critique Article American Washington? Tu te retrouves devant les Volturi, connaissant la verite sur notre existence, et ils te laissent partir ? J'hochai a nouveau la tete. Oui, avec la promesse d'Alice que je serais bientot transformee. A Research Windermere? Edward refuse de me transformer. Writing Essay International Community School? Carlisle propose de le faire apres mon bac.

Edward dit qu'il le fera si j'accepte de l'epouser. Essay School? J'accepte a condition que l'on soit, umm, intime avant que je sois transformee, Je commencai a rougir en baissant les yeux. Service? Je craignai d'avoir a attendre une annee entiere avant que l'on ne puisse faire quoi que ce soit. Writing Essay School? Enfin bref, il accepte. Custom? Victoria cree une armee de nouveaux-nes. Writing A Research Essay Windermere School? Ils viennent ici.

Les loups nous aident a les combattre. Persuasive School? Tous les nouveaux-nes sont tues. Writing School? Edward tue Victoria. Persuasive The Fessenden School? Quelques membres de la garde des Volturi viennent. Writing A Research School? Ils ne voient pas les loups. Essay State University (INTO)? Ils ne sont pas contents de voir qu'on a tous survecus et que je suis toujours humaine.

Edward et moi, nous nous marrions. Essay Windermere School? Je tombe enceinte durant notre nuit de noce. Thinking Past Papers University (Study Group)? Edward panique. Essay? Nous rentrons. To Writing An Essay College? Edward veut que j'avorte. Writing A Research Essay? Je demande a Rose de m'aider a proteger le bebe. Services Colorado University (INTO)? Le bebe et moi agonisons jusqu'a ce que nous comprenions que j'ai besoin de boire du sang. Writing Essay Windermere? Carlisle part chercher plus de sang. Essay State? Le placenta se dechire. Windermere? Edward me fait une cesarienne d'urgence et met le bebe au monde.

Il la donne a Rose. To Writing An Essay? Mon coeur s'arrete. Writing A Research Essay Windermere School? Jacob me fait un massage cardiaque pour faire circuler le venin dans mon sang pendant qu'Edward me fais mes points de suture. Custom Writing College? Je me transforme, et echappe pratiquement a toute la phase du nouveau-ne. Essay School? Notre fille est parfaite. The Fessenden? Jacob s'en est impregnee. Writing Essay Windermere School? Elle a un don, prefere le sang a la nourriture humaine, a les capacites normales des vampires mais son coeur bat et elle a les yeux marrons. As Critical Past Papers University Of Groningen Group)? Sa peau est chaude et elle grandit tres vite. Writing? Irina la voit et dit aux Volturi qu'elle est une enfant immortelle. Persuasive Essay? Ils viennent pour tous nous tuer. A Research Essay School? Nous appellons nos amis pour nous soutenir, mais les loups sont ceux qui les arretent suffisament longtemps pour qu'on puisse leur expliquer.

Alice trouve Nahuel en Amerique du Sud et le ramene pour qu'il temoigne. Essay Services Colorado State University? Lui et ses soeur sont des hybrides mi-humain, mi-vampire. Essay Windermere School? Ils atteignent leur maturite en sept ans, puis vivent pour toujours comme les vampires. Essay The Fessenden School? Les Volturi repartent, nos amis repartent, nous sommes amis avec les loups-garous, mon pere sait que nous sommes differents mais ne veut connaitre aucun details, il veut juste connaitre sa petite fille. Writing Essay Windermere? Fini.

Okay, voila qui resume environ 2500 pages. Essay International School? Oh, sauf que je n'ai pas mentionne que je suis la Chanteuse d'Edward. A Research Essay School? Mon sang est cent fois plus attirant pour lui que pour n'importe qui d'autre, donc il combat continuellement l'envie de me tuer, mais il finira par arriver a surmonter cela. Ils etaient tous entrain de me fixer. And Argumentative School? Hey, je pensai avoir fait du bon boulot en resumant deux ans en cinq minutes. Writing A Research Essay Windermere? J'avais deliberemment laisse de cote le fait que Jasper m'avait attaque le jour de mon anniversaire, sachant que cela ne ferait que blesser ses sentiments. Jasper se tourna pour regarder Edward.

L'autre nuit, quand tu etais dechaine, c'est parce que tu l'avais sentis ? Edward eut l'air honteux. Article Washington? Um, en fait, je voulais voir si la theorie du livre etait reelle, donc j'ai ete chez elle. School? Je savais d'apres les livres que je reagirais tres mal la premiere fois que je sentirais son odeur, donc j'ai a peine entrouvert la porte de la voiture dans laquelle elle etait venue de l'aeroport. Writing State (INTO)? Meme si elle remontait a la veille, son odeur fut suffisante pour m'affecter a ce point. Alors comment peux tu t'asseoir si pres d'elle maintenant ? Je savais d'apres les livres que j'apprendrais a ignorer son odeur de la meme maniere que Carlisle si je m'entraine, donc j'ai prit un vetement a elle et je l'ai sentis pendant des heures pour me forcer a ignorer la brulure. Writing A Research Essay Windermere School? Je sais que ca a l'air bizarre et inquietant mais au moins elle comprend. Thinking Past? Ca me rappelle d'ailleurs. Writing A Research Windermere School? Bella a une theorie, et j'aimerais faire un essai pour voir si c'est exact. An Essay? Emmett, Carlisle pourriez-vous retenir Jasper pour moi ? Jasper eut l'air offense mais se laissa retenir. Writing Windermere School? Edward appuya son nez contre mon cou et inspira profondement, autorisant son esprit a reconnaitre a quel point mon sang lui donnait soif. As Critical Past University Of Groningen (Study? Jasper commenca immediatement a grogner et a gronder, en essayant de m'attaquer.

Edward arreta rapidement de respirer et se reconcentra. A Research Essay? Les femmes se placerent devant moi alors que Carlisle et Emmett repoussait Jasper sur le canape. Tout le monde, projetez votre amour vers Jasper, faites-le lui sentir, criai-je. Essay Writing College? Pas de colere ou de deception, juste de l'amour. Essay? Je vis leurs corps se detendre et leurs expressions changer. Writing Essay School? Alice s'approcha de lui et mis ses mains sur son visage avant de plonger son regard dans celui de son compagnon. Writing A Research Essay School? Jasper reprit rapidement ses esprits. To Writing An Essay Queen's? Il me regarda avec horreur puis baissa la tete de honte. Essay? Je suis desole, tellement desole.

Je ne sais pas ce qui m'a prit. Moi je sais, admit tristement Edward. Persuasive Essay School? C'etait ma faute, Jasper releva la tete, surpris. Toutes ces fois ou nous t'avons donne l'impression que tu etais le maillon faible. Writing School? Nous t'avons vu lutter contre ta soif plus que nous, et nous t'avons excuse en disant que c'etait parce que tu etais celui qui nous avait rejoint en dernier et parce que tu avais bu du sang humain pendant plus longtemps que nous, expliqua Edward. Critique Article Washington? La verite c'est que tu es l'un des plus forts. A Research School? C'est nous qui te rabaissons. Papers Of Groningen (Study? Tu ne luttes pas juste avec ta propre soif, tu luttes contre notre soif a tous les sept.

Je viens de le prouver. School? Tu allais parfaitement bien jusqu'a ce je m'autorise a ressentir ma soif pour le sang de Bella. Journal University? Tu reagissais a ma soif, pas a la tienne. Je serrai la main d'Edward et souris a Jasper. A Research Essay Windermere? Il regardait Edward d'un air abasourdi, essayant de comprendre et de realiser la revelation d'Edward.

La famille entiere commenca a regarder Jasper differemment. Je n'arrive pas a croire qu'on ait vecut avec toi pendant toutes ces decennies et que l'on ait jamais realise cela. Custom Service College? Bella est celle qui a comprit. Essay School? Chaque fois que l'un d'entre nous attendait trop longtemps avant de chasser, c'etait encore plus dur pour Jasper de maintenir son controle. Writing Colorado University (INTO)? Chaque fois que l'un d'entre nous lutte, il lutte plus.

Je suis desole, Jasper. A Research Essay Windermere? Je suis desole pour toutes les fois ou j'ai rendu les choses plus dures pour toi, et je suis desole de t'avoir juge en fonction de tes difficultes, en me considerant meilleur que toi. Legit Essay Services? S'il te plait pardonne moi, Jasper, pour tout cela et pour t'avoir fait douter de toi-meme, le supplia Edward. A Research Essay Windermere? Jasper se precipita vers nous et nous etreignit tous les deux. Essay Writing Service Du Leman? Nous repondimes a son etreinte. Writing School? Puis il se recula, souriant joyeusement.

Bien sur que je te pardonne, Edward. An Essay? Merci, Bella. A Research Essay School? Je ne peux pas te dire a quel point ca compte pour moi. Custom Essay Service Du Leman? Edward et moi pouvons nous entrainer ensemble, pour que nous puissions tous les deux devenir plus fort. Windermere? Je n'ai jamais voulu te blesser. Custom Essay Writing College? Maintenant que nous savons, je pense que toute notre famille pourra chasser un peu plus souvent pour nous assurer qu'aucun de nous ne sera jamais trop assoiffe lorsque tu seras la, offrit-il.

Le reste de la famille acquiesca, murmurant des excuses a Jasper et promettant de lui faciliter la vie. Comme d'hab, un teaser si vous me le demandez ! Commencez a etre rodes non ? J'vais arreter de vous le rappeler alors ! Prochain chapitre : Gerer Papa. Vous voulez la suite ? Moi, je veux des reviews. Writing Windermere School? Vous savez ce qu'il vous reste a faire !

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19 Reasons Why This Is An Excellent Resume. Recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing a resume before they make the initial decision on candidates, according to a research Windermere School, research conducted by TheLadders, an online job-matching service for essay services, professionals. That means you have to win them over a research essay Windermere School, fast. To get a better idea of what makes a resume great, we reached out to Amanda Augustine, career expert at TheLadders. She created an example of an excellent resume and allowed us to custom writing service College du Leman, share it. While resumes should be tailored to the industry you're in, the one below offers a helpful guide for entry- and mid-level professionals with three to five years of relevant work experience.. A Research. What makes this resume so great? Augustine outlines the following reasons: 1. It includes a URL to the jobseeker's professional online profile.

If you don't include URLs to writing essay, your professional online profiles, hiring managers will look you up regardless. A Research Essay Windermere. Augustine tells Business Insider that 86% of recruiters admit to reviewing candidates' online profiles, so why not include your URL along with your contact information? This will prevent recruiters from having to guess or mistaking you for someone else. If you have a common name, consider including your middle initial on your resume and online professional profiles to an essay Queen's, differentiate yourself from the competition, says Augustine. For example, decide if you're Mike Johnson, Michael Johnson, or Mike E. A Research. Johnson. Then use this name consistently, be it on LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, or Facebook. 3. It includes a single phone number and email address. Choose one phone number for steps an essay College, your resume where you control the writing a research Windermere School voicemail message and who picks up the phone, she advises. The same rule applies to an email address. 4. It does not include an objective statement. Article American University. There's no point in including a generic objective about a professional looking for opportunities that will allow me to leverage my skills, says Augustine.

It's not helpful and distracting. Ditch it. Writing A Research Essay Windermere. 5. Instead, it includes an executive summary. Replace your fluffy statement with an executive summary, which should be like a 30-second elevator pitch where you explain who you are and steps to writing what you're looking for . Essay Windermere School. In approximately three to five sentences, explain what you€™re great at, most interested in, and custom how you can provide value to a prospective employer, Augustine says. 6. It uses reverse chronological order. This is the most helpful for recruiters because they're able to see what you've been doing in a research essay Windermere School recent years immediately, says Augustine.

The only time you shouldn't do this is if you're trying to transition to another career altogether, but then again, in this situation, you'll probably be relying more on networks, than your resume, she says. 7. It uses keywords like forecasting and strategic planning. Many companies use some kind of journal article screening process to a research essay Windermere, identify the right candidates. As Critical Thinking Past Of Groningen Group). You should include the keywords mentioned in the job posting throughout your resume. Identify the common keywords, terminology, and key phrases that routinely pop up in the job descriptions of your target role and incorporate them into your resume (assuming you have those skills), advises Augustine. This will help you make it past the a research essay initial screenings and on to the recruiter or hiring manager. 8. It provides company descriptions. As Critical Thinking Past Of Groningen (Study. It's helpful for recruiters to know the size of the a research essay Windermere company you used to work for, advises Augustine.

Being a director of a huge company means something very different than a director at custom essay writing College, a small company, she says. You can go to the company's About Us section and writing essay Windermere rewrite one or two lines of the an essay College description. This should be included right underneath the name of the company. While the company size is writing a research School, helpful information, including the company description will also let the hiring manager know what industries you've worked in. For example, being an accountant in legit essay writing University tech may be very different than being an accountant in the hospitality industry. As with most things on writing essay, a resume, the company description should be tailored based on the professional's goals.

If you're looking to switch industries, your focus may be on the company size €” assuming it's similar to your goals €” and less on discussing the various products your company sells. To Writing. 9. Writing Windermere School. It does not list achievements in steps to writing an essay dense blocks of text. Windermere. Recruiters receive so many resumes to scan through at a time, so make it as easy as possible for them to past (Study, understand why you're perfect for the job. Dense blocks of text are too difficult to read, says Augustine.. 10. A Research Essay Windermere School. Instead, achievements are listed in two to five bullet points per job. Under each job or experience you've had, explain how you contributed to or supported your team€™s projects and initiatives. As you build up your experience, save the bullets for College, your bragging points, says Augustine. Quantify your major accomplishments and a research School contributions for each role, Augustine tells us. This can include the money you saved or brought in for your employer, deals closed, and projects delivered on time or under budget. Do not use any more than three to five bullet points.

12. Accomplishments are formatted as result-and-then-cause. Essay Writing Colorado University. A good rule is to use the result BY action sentence structure whenever possible. Writing Essay Windermere School. For example: Generated approximately $452,000 in annual savings by employing a new procedure which streamlined the legit essay State business's vendor relationships. 13. White space draws the reader's eyes to important points. Recruiters do not spend a lot of time scanning resumes, so avoid dense blocks of Windermere text.

The key is to format the essay services State (INTO) information in a way that makes it easy to scan and recognize your job goals and essay relevant qualifications, Augustine tells us. 14. It doesn't use crazy fonts or colors. Stick to black and white color, says Augustine. As for font, it's best to stick with the basics, such as Arial, Tahoma, or Calibri. Augustine says you should never write your resume in third person because everyone knows you're the one writing it (unless you go through a professional resume writing service).

Instead, you should write it in first person, and do not include pronouns. It's weird [to include pronouns], and steps to writing Queen's College it's an extra word you don't need, she says. You need to writing a research Windermere School, streamline your resume because you have limited real estate. Avoid adding any embedded tables, pictures, or other images in your resume, as this can confuse the applicant-tracking software and jumble your resume in the system, says Augustine. 17. It doesn't use headers or footers. It may look neat and concise to display your contact information in the header, but for t he same reason with embedded tables and charts, it often gets scrambled in an applicant tracking system, says Augustine. 18. Education is listed at the bottom. Unless you're a recent graduate, you should highlight your work experience and move your education information to the bottom of persuasive and argumentative your resume, says Augustine.

Never include anything about your high-school years. 19. Essay. It doesn't say references upon request. Every recruiter knows you're going to provide references if they request it so there's no reason for you to include this line. Again, remember that space on your resume is crucial so don't waste it on a meaningless line, Augustine tells us. Now watch how to ace an interview: SEE ALSO: What Recruiters Look At During The 6 Seconds They Spend On Your Resume. NOW WATCH: The 9 Worst Mistakes You Can Make On Your Resume. Recommended For You Powered by Sailthru.

19 Reasons Why This Is An Excellent Resume. Recruiters spend an average of six seconds. Get the best of Business Insider delivered to your inbox every day.

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3.5 Using the Jacobi Conjugate Gradient (JCG) Solver. For some cases, the a research essay tolerance default value (set via the EQSLV ,JCG command) of 1.0E-8 may be too restrictive, and may increase running time needlessly. The value 1.0E-5 may be acceptable in many situations. The JCG solver is available only for static analyses, full harmonic analyses, or full transient analyses. (You specify these analysis types using the commands ANTYPE , STATIC , HROPT ,FULL , or TRNOPT ,FULL respectively.) Figure 3-2 Typical steps and files in writing analysis School, a JCG solution. With all conjugate gradient solvers, the essay Windermere School user must be particularly careful to check that the model is appropriately constrained. Custom Essay Writing? No minimum pivot is calculated and the solver will continue to iterate if there is any rigid body motion possible. 3.6 Using the Incomplete Cholesky Conjugate Gradient (ICCG) Solver. The ICCG solver is more robust than the writing a research Windermere JCG solver for matrices that are not well-conditioned. Performance will vary with matrix conditioning, but in general ICCG performance compares to that of the JCG solver.

The ICCG solver uses a more sophisticated preconditioner than the legit services University (INTO) JCG solver. A Research Essay? Therefore, the ICCG solver requires approximately twice as much memory as the JCG solver. The ICCG solver is available only for static analyses, full harmonic analyses [ HROPT ,FULL ], or full transient analyses [ TRNOPT , FULL ]. (You specify the analysis type using the ANTYPE command.) The ICCG solver is useful for models that have sparse matrices, and is valid for elements with symmetric and Queen's unsymmetric matrices. The solver runs faster than the frontal solver for most problem sizes. 3.7 Using the Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient (PCG) Solver. The PCG solver is usually about 4 to 10 times faster than the JCG solver for structural solid elements and about 10 times faster for writing a research School shell elements. Savings increase with the problem size. The PCG solver uses the .EMAT file shown in Figure 3-2 but not the .FULL file.

The JCG solver uses the diagonal of the Community global assembled matrix as a preconditioner. The PCG solver uses a more sophisticated preconditioner. The PCG solver usually requires approximately twice as much memory as the JCG solver because it retains two matrices in memory: The preconditioner, which is almost the a research essay Windermere School same size as the stiffness matrix The symmetric, non-zero part of the stiffness matrix. You can use the essay writing /RUNST command ( Main MenuRun-Time Stats ) , to determine the writing a research essay School space needed or the wavefront size. Special memory allocation is desirable. (See Chapter 19 for further information.)

The PCG solver usually requires less than 1/4 the disk file space used by as critical thinking past University of Groningen Group), the frontal solver. Savings increase with the problem size. Windermere School? The PCG solver usually runs faster than the frontal solver for large models (wavefront greater than about 1000). The PCG solver is legit writing Colorado State University best suited for structural analysis. Writing Essay Windermere School? It is valid for elements with symmetric, sparse, definite or indefinite matrices. This solver is available only for static or steady-state analyses and transient analyses, or for essay services Colorado University (INTO) subspace eigenvalue analyses (PowerDynamics). The PCG solver primarily solves for displacements/rotations (in structural analysis), temperatures (in thermal analysis), etc.

The accuracy of other derived variables (such as strains, stresses, flux, etc.) is writing School dependent upon writing analysis ICS — International Community accurate prediction of primary variables. Direct solvers (such as the frontal and a research Windermere School sparse direct solvers) produce very accurate solution vectors. Indirect iterative solvers, such as the PCG solver, depend upon a convergence criterion specified by the user. Therefore, relaxation of the default tolerance may significantly affect the accuracy, especially of derived quantities. The PCG solver is not recommended for problems with large numbers of legit essay writing constraint equations or for models with SHELL150 elements. Writing A Research? For these types of problems, use the frontal solver.

Also, the PCG solver does not support SOLID62 or MATRIX50 elements. With all conjugate gradient solvers, the legit writing Colorado University (INTO) user must be particularly careful to check that the model is appropriately constrained. Writing Essay School? No minimum pivot is calculated and the solver will continue to iterate if there is any rigid body motion possible. Note -When the PCG solver encounters an indefinite matrix, the solver will invoke an School algorithm that handles indefinite matrices. If the indefinite PCG algorithm also fails (this happens when the equation system is ill-conditioned; for example, losing contact at a substep or plastic hinge developments), an writing a research School outer Newton-Raphson loop will be triggered to perform a bisection. Normally the stiffness matrix will be better conditioned after bisection and the PCG solver can eventually solve all the nonlinear steps. 3.8 Using the Automatic Iterative (Fast) Solver Option. For linear static or linear full transient structural analysis, an accuracy level of 1 corresponds to past University of Groningen Group) a tolerance of 1.0e-4 and essay School an accuracy level of 5 corresponds to a tolerance of 1.0e-8. For steady-state linear or nonlinear thermal analysis, an accuracy level of 1 corresponds to persuasive essay a tolerance of 1.0e-5 and and accuracy level of School 5 corresponds to a tolerance of 1.0e-9.

For transient linear or nonlinear thermal analysis, an accuracy level of 1 corresponds to a tolerance of legit writing University (INTO) 1.0e-6 and an accuracy level of 5 corresponds to writing a tolerance of essay writing Colorado University 1.0e-10. Writing Essay Windermere School? This solver option is available only for linear static and linear full transient transient structural analysis and steady-state/transient linear or nonlinear thermal analysis. Since the solver and tolerance are selected based on the physics and conditions of the problem being solved, it is recommended that this command be issued immediately before solving the problem (once the problem has been completely defined). When the automatic iterative solver option is chosen and writing essay appropriate conditions have been met, neither the Jobname .EMAT nor Jobname .EROT files will be created for structural analysis and thermal analysis. Windermere? This option is not recommended for thermal analysis involving phase change. When this option is College chosen but the appropriate conditions have not been met, ANSYS uses the FRONTAL solver for the solution. A Research School? A NOTE message is issued which informs you of the solver and tolerance used in the solution.

Main MenuSolutionCurrent LS or Run FLOTRAN. Because the solution phase generally requires more computer resources that the other phases of an analysis, it is better suited to papers of Groningen batch (background) mode than interactive mode. The solver writes output to the output file ( Jobname .OUT) and the results file. If you run the solution interactively, the output file is actually your screen (window). By using one of the following before issuing SOLVE , you can divert the output to a file instead of the writing a research Windermere School screen: Utility MenuFileSwitch Output toFile or Output Window. Data written to the output file consist of the following: Load summary information Mass and custom service College du Leman moments of inertia of the model Solution summary information A final closing banner that gives total CPU time and elapsed time. Data requested by writing Windermere School, the OUTPR output control command or its GUI counterpart In interactive mode, much of the output is suppressed.

The results file ( Jobname .RST, RTH, RMG, or .RFL) contains all results data in binary form, which you can then review in the postprocessors. Another useful file produced during solution is Jobname. STAT, which gives the status of the solution. You can use this file to monitor an analysis while it is running. It is particularly useful in iterative analyses such as nonlinear and transient analyses. The SOLVE command calculates the solution for the load step data currently in the database. Load step file method Array parameter method Multiple SOLVE method. To solve multiple load steps, issue the LSSOLVE command ( Main MenuSolutionFrom LS Files ). LSSOLVE is actually a macro that reads in the load step files sequentially and initiates the solution for critique journal each load step.

A sample command input for the load step file method is shown below: Figure 3-3 Examples of time-varying loads. Suppose that you have a set of time-varying loads such as the ones shown above. Essay School? There are three load functions, so you need to define three array parameters. All three array parameters must be of steps to writing an essay Queen's College type TABLE. The force function has five points, so it needs a 5x1 array; the pressure function needs a 6x1 array; and essay Windermere School the temperature function needs a 2x1 array.

Notice that all three arrays are one-dimensional. The load values are entered in column 1 and the time values are entered in column zero . (The zero th column and zero th row, which normally contain index numbers, must be changed and College du Leman filled with a monotonically increasing set of numbers if you define the array parameter as a TABLE.) To define the three array parameters, you first need to essay declare their type and dimensions. To do so, use either of the writing College following: Utility MenuParametersArray ParametersDefine/Edit. You can now use either the a research Windermere School array parameter editor ( Utility Menu ParametersArray ParametersDefine/Edit ) or a set of = commands to fill these arrays. And Argumentative School? The latter method is shown below. You have now defined the load histories. To apply these loads and obtain the solution, you need to construct a do-loop (using the commands *DO and *ENDDO ) such as the one shown below: You can change the time increment (TM_INCR parameter) very easily with this method. A Research Windermere School? With other methods, changing the as critical thinking past Group) time increment for a research essay Windermere such complex load histories would be quite cumbersome.

To terminate a nonlinear analysis cleanly on a multitasking operating system, create an abort file, named Jobname .ABT (or, on some case-sensitive systems, jobname .abt), containing the word nonlinear on the first line, starting in writing essay, column 1. Writing A Research Windermere? At the analysis ICS — International Community start of an writing Windermere equilibrium iteration, if the ANSYS program finds such a file in the working directory, the analysis will be stopped and persuasive and argumentative essay The Fessenden can be restarted at a later time. Note -If commands are being read using a file specified via the /INPUT command ( Main MenuPreprocessorMaterial PropsMaterial Library , or Utility Menu FileRead Input from ), the abort file will terminate the solution, but the essay program will continue to read commands from the specified input file. Thus, any postprocessing commands included in the input file will execute. 3.12.1 Requirements for persuasive and argumentative The Fessenden School Restarting an Analysis. The analysis type must be either static (steady-state), harmonic (2-D magnetic only), or transient (full method only). No other analysis can be restarted. At least one iteration must have been completed in the initial run. The initial run should not have stopped due to a killed job, system break, or system crash. The following files must be available from the initial run: Jobname .DB - the essay Windermere School database file saved after solution but before POST1 postprocessing.

You should save the file after solution completion because many solution variables are set after the solution process starts. Save the article University Washington file before you enter POST1 because during postprocessing, the SET command (or the equivalent GUI path) overwrites existing boundary conditions in memory with those from the results file. A subsequent SAVE command will then store these boundary conditions. (For non-converged solutions, the writing a research essay Windermere School database file is saved automatically; see the note below.) Jobname .EMAT - element matrices (if created). Jobname .ESAV or .OSAV - Element saved data (.ESAV) or old element saved data (.OSAV). Essay Service College Du Leman? Jobname .OSAV is required only if the .ESAV file is writing a research Windermere missing, incomplete, or otherwise corrupted because of article American University Washington a diverging solution; because the displacement limit was exceeded; or because of a negative pivot (see Table 3-2). A Research Essay Windermere School? It is written if KSTOP is set to 1 (default) or 2 on Colorado University the NCNV command, or if automatic time stepping is active. Writing A Research Essay Windermere School? If the .OSAV file is required, you must rename it as Jobname .ESAV before restarting the analysis.

Results file - This file is not required, but if it is available, results from the restart run will be appended to it with the proper, sequential load step and substep numbers. If the initial run terminated because the number of results sets on the results file were exceeded, you will need to legit writing rename the initial results file to writing a research essay Windermere School a different name before restarting. To do so, either issue the /ASSIGN command ( Utility MenuFileANSYS File Options ). Essay ICS — Community? Note -If the program terminates due to non-convergence, time limits, the abort file (Jobname.ABT), or other program-detected failure, the database is a research essay School automatically saved, and custom service College du Leman the solution output (Jobname.OUT) will list the files and other information required for restarting. See also Table 3-2 for a list of termination causes and the element saved data file needed to writing essay Windermere School restart. In interactive mode, an services State (INTO) existing database file is first written to a backup file ( File .DBB).

In batch mode, an existing database file is writing a research Windermere replaced by persuasive and argumentative The Fessenden School, the current database information with no backup. Table 3-2 Restart information for nonlinear analyses. · if solution was converging. · if solution was diverging. Time steps output. 3.12.2 Procedure for a research essay Windermere School Restarting an Analysis. 1. Enter the ANSYS program and specify the same jobname that was used in the initial run. (To do so, issue the /FILNAME command ( Utility MenuFileChange Jobname )). 2. Resume the database file ( RESUME command ( Utility MenuFile Resume Jobname.db )), then enter the SOLUTION processor ( /SOLU command ( Main MenuSolution )) . 3. Indicate that this is American University Washington a restart analysis (by issuing the command ANTYPE ,, REST ( Main MenuSolutionRestart )) . 4. Replot the geometry for the analysis (using one of the plot commands ( APLOT , EPLOT ( Utility MenuPlot Replot )). 5. Specify revised or additional loads as needed. Modified ramped loads start from their previous values. Newly applied ramped loads are ramped from zero; newly applied body loads start from initial values.

Deleted loads which are reapplied are treated as new, not modified, loads. Surface and body loads to be deleted should be ramped to zero or to the initial value, so that the Jobname .ESAV and Jobname .OSAV files are consistent with the database. Be sure to writing a research essay School take whatever corrective action is critique journal necessary if you are restarting from a convergence failure. 6. Specify whether the triangularized matrix ( Jobname .TRI) is to be reused, using one of the following: Main MenuPreprocessorLoadsOtherReuse Tri Matrix. Main MenuSolutionOtherReuse Tri Matrix. By default, the ANSYS program calculates a new triangularized matrix for the first load step of a restart run. By issuing the writing essay KUSE ,1 command, you can force the program to reuse the an essay College existing matrix, thereby saving a significant amount of computer time. However, you can reuse Jobname .TRI only writing a research essay School under certain conditions, in particular if the specified DOF constraints have not changed and it is a linear analysis. See the papers Group) ANSYS Theory Reference for details.

By issuing KUSE ,-1 , you can cause ANSYS to redo the element matrices. This can be useful for debugging analyses and for handling error cases. Sometimes, you may have to analyze the same model for different constraint conditions, for instance a quarter-symmetry model with symmetry-symmetry (SS), symmetry-antisymmetry (SA), antisymmetry-symmetry (AS), and a research essay Windermere antisymmetry-antisymmetry (AA) conditions. In such a situation, keep the following points in mind: All four cases (SS, SA, AS, AA) require a new triangularized matrix. You can keep copies of the Jobname .TRI files for as critical thinking past of Groningen Group) the various cases and use them as appropriate. You can use substructuring (with the constrained nodes as master DOF) to minimize computing time. (See Chapter 5 of the a research essay Windermere ANSYS Advanced Analysis Techniques Guide .) 7. Initiate the restart solution by issuing the custom essay College du Leman SOLVE command. (See Section 3.9 for writing School details.) 8. Repeat steps 4, 5, and 6 for additional load steps, if any. Or use the load step file method to create and solve multiple load steps. Use the following commands: Main MenuPreprocessorLoadsWrite LS File.

Main MenuSolutionWrite LS File. 9. Postprocess as desired, then exit the ANSYS program. A sample restart input listing is shown below. 3.12.3 Restarting a Nonlinear Analysis From an Incompatible Database. A SET command in POST1 (other than SET ,LAST ) reads the boundary conditions for and argumentative essay the specified results into the database, and overwrites the database stored in memory.

If you subsequently save your file or exit, ANSYS overwrites the boundary conditions in the database file with the D's and F's from the current results file. However, to perform a restart which ramps boundary conditions from the writing School last solved substep, you need the boundary conditions for the last successfully solved load substep. Re-establishing Boundary Conditions. 1. Legit Services Colorado State University? Rename Jobname .OSAV as Jobname .ESAV. 2. Essay? Enter the essay School ANSYS program and specify the same jobname that was used in writing a research essay, the initial run. (To do so, issue the /FILNAME command ( Utility MenuFileChange Jobname )). 3. Resume the database file ( RESUME command ( Utility Menu FileResume Jobname.db )), then enter the SOLUTION processor ( /SOLU command ( Main MenuSolution )) . 4. Steps To Writing An Essay? Indicate that this is writing a research essay Windermere a restart analysis by writing College, issuing the command ANTYPE ,,REST ( Main MenuSolutionRestart ). 5. Re-specify boundary conditions from the last substep that was successfully solved. One substep is sufficient since the solution will converge immediately.

6. Issue a SOLVE command ( Main MenuSolutionCurrent LS or Main MenuSolutionRun FLOTRAN ). 7. Windermere? Apply final loads and load step options as desired. You will need to adjust the number of substeps (or time step size) if this load step is a continuation of the previous (before the dummy) load step. Time step numbering may be altered from your initial intent. Use a small time increment in step 6 if you need to preserve the time step numbering (such as for custom essay College a transient analysis). 8. Continue the procedure as outlined in Section 3.12. 3.13 Exercising Partial Solution Steps. Some possible uses of the PSOLVE approach are listed below. You can use it as a restart tool. For instance, you can start from the .EMAT file and perform a different analysis.

You can use it to perform a prestressed modal analysis of a large deflection static solution. You can use the results of an writing essay intermediate solution step (such as the triangularized matrix) as input to another software package or user-written program. If you are interested just in legit writing services State University (INTO), inertia relief calculations or some such intermediate result, the PSOLVE approach is useful. See the ANSYS Structural Analysis Guide for more information. 3.14 Estimating Run Time and a research Windermere File Sizes. The RUNSTAT module is writing analysis essay International Community School a processor, or routine, of its own. You can enter it by issuing the a research essay Windermere /RUNSTAT ( Main MenuRun-Time Stats ) command at the Begin level.

The RUNSTAT module estimates run times and writing analysis ICS — Community other statistics based on essay Windermere School information in the database. Therefore, you must define the model geometry (nodes, elements, etc.), loads and load options, and analysis options before you enter RUNSTAT. It is best to use RUNSTAT immediately before solving. If you do not know such details about steps Queen's College, your computer, you can execute the macro SETSPEED , which issues the appropriate RSPEED command for you. For more information about the SETSPEED macro, see Section 3.7 of the a research Windermere ANSYS Operations Guide . The other piece of information needed to estimate the total run time is the number of iterations (or load steps in critique journal, a linear, static analysis) for the analysis. To get this information, use either method shown below: Main MenuRun-Time StatsIter Setting. To obtain an estimate of run time, use one of the following:

Main MenuRun-Time StatsIndividual Stats. Based on information supplied by the RSPEED and a research Windermere School RITER commands and the model information in essay The Fessenden School, the database, the writing a research Windermere RTIMST command gives you a run time estimate. Other RUNSTAT commands are RSTAT , which gives model statistics (node and custom College element information); RMEMRY , which gives memory statistics; and a research essay RALL ( Main MenuRun-Time StatsAll Statistics ), which is a convenience command that executes the RSTAT , RWFRNT , RTIMST , and State University (INTO) RMEMRY commands. The GUI equivalent for all these commands except for RALL is Main MenuRun-Time StatsIndividual Stats . The default value for the PIVCHECK command is ON. With PIVCHECK set to ON, a linear static analysis (in batch mode only) stops when a negative or zero pivot value is encountered. The message NEGATIVE PIVOT VALUE or PIVOTS SET TO ZERO is displayed. If PIVCHECK is writing a research set to OFF, the pivots are not checked. Set PIVCHECK to OFF if you want your batch mode linear static analysis to continue in spite of writing essay International Community School a zero or negative pivot value. The PIVCHECK setting has no effect for nonlinear analyses, since a negative or zero pivot value can occur for a valid analysis. When PIVCHECK is a research set to OFF, ANSYS automatically increases any pivot value smaller than machine zero to a value between 10 and 100 times that machine's zero value.

Machine zero is a tiny number the machine uses to define zero within some tolerance. This value varies for different computers ( 1e-15). The following conditions may cause singularities in the solution process: Insufficient constraints. Nonlinear elements in a model (such as gaps, sliders, hinges, cables, etc.).

A portion of the structure may have collapsed or may have broken loose. Negative values of material properties, such as DENS or C, specified in essay Colorado State University, a transient thermal analysis. Writing Essay School? Unconstrained joints. Legit Writing Colorado (INTO)? The element arrangements may cause singularities. Writing A Research School? For example, two horizontal spar elements will have an unconstrained degree of freedom in the vertical direction at the joint.

A linear analysis would ignore a vertical load applied at that point. Also, consider a shell element with no in-plane rotational stiffness connected perpendicularly to a beam or pipe element. There is no in-plane rotational stiffness at steps to writing, the joint. A linear analysis would ignore an in-plane moment applied at that joint. A Research Essay School? Buckling.

When stress stiffening effects are negative (compressive) the structure weakens under load. If the writing analysis essay structure weakens enough to effectively reduce the stiffness to writing a research Windermere zero or less, a singularity exists and the structure has buckled. Critique Journal? The NEGATIVE PIVOT VALUE-- message will be printed. Zero Stiffness Matrix (on row or column). Essay Windermere? Both linear and nonlinear analyses will ignore an applied load if the essay writing College du Leman stiffness is exactly zero.