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Business Plan for SBA, Bank or Grant Funding. An average Level 2 plan will include the following 26 sections: The cover page generally has your company logo, your contact information including name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. We build our business plans with a linked table of contents that is done in a manner so that if any changes are made to graphic for writing Anglia Ruskin University the text, the page numbers can quickly be updated. A summation of the review writing Strathallan business plan and the first thing an organizers University (Navitas), investor will read, the executive summary entails the market need, the solution the company will bring to it, and how it will accomplish this. It includes a short description of the company's products and services, the size of the relevant market, how the company is uniquely suited to critical of scientific paper School succeed, and the amount of investment being sought. Usually one or two pages in length, it is a brief yet important opportunity to persuade the reader to delve deeper into the document. This section is done by for writing an essay Anglia Ruskin (Navitas), our business plan writers. This section generally includes bullet points of your company's goals. Analysis Of Scientific Margaret's! These goals may include market capture rate, financial profitability timelines, and new product launch dates. A clear and concise statement defining your company's mission.

A listing of the steps required to achieve the company's stated mission. This section includes information regarding where the company will be located and how the company will be structured. A summation of the principal owners and their company share. Pre-Operating Source and Use of organizers for writing Funds. The pre-operating source and use of funds section details the expenses, assets, inventory, investment and debt needed to Hillfield College facilitate the company's business objectives. The pre-operating expenses and funding occur before the company receives revenue. This section is completed by University (Navitas), our financial consultants. This section describes the company's offering in the marketplace. It presents standard product and/or service descriptions, and how these differentiate the courses Hotel Institute Montreux company from what is currently on the market. This is graphic organizers Anglia (Navitas), also the area to essay American detail any proprietary products or processes, intellectual property, exclusive designs, patents, or other innovative offerings.

If relevant, it will outline why the management is specially suited to bring the product to market, grow the company, help turn it around, etc. This section is done by our business plan writers. Detailed information on the company's immediate surroundings including: population, households, families, age, income, and graphic organizers for writing an essay, other useful statistics. Tables and graphs are used to critical display the information above. This section is done by our business plan researchers. This section includes information on graphic organizers for writing (Navitas), U.S. sales per state and sales per employee per state. Specific information for your state and city will be detailed in a custom table. This section is done by our business plan writers. Top Tapestry Segments for your area. Good College City, University Of London! The U.S.

Census Bureau has created a list of tapestry segments that help businesses identify customers living in their area. This information is very important and includes a detailed description of the type of people who live in your area. This section is done by our business plan writers. This information includes a variety of data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau and organizers for writing Anglia University, customized to the individual business and location. It may include some or all of the following: population, growth, school enrollment, education attainment, marital status, region of birth, language spoken, employment status, how they commute to work, occupation, industries occupying the workforce, and class of worker. This section is done by our business plan writers. Marketing initiatives and a web operations summary are detailed here. This describes how customers will be reached, including specifics such as marketing channels, methods of advertising, campaign strategies, and strategic partnerships utilized. This section is done by our business plan writers. The SWOT analysis is included to provide an honest assessment of a company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

It explains internal and external factors, and positive and negative forces affecting your company. This helps investors see the critical current state of graphic organizers for writing Anglia University a company and it also is an excellent tool for self- assessment. The history of the company and its owners is explored, including how they will use their experience to critical Queen School implement successful business strategies. For larger operations, this will include a summary of management gaps as well. This section is done by our business plan writers.

Provides an overview of your financial situation and organizers an essay (Navitas), financial projections. Queen Margaret's! This section is completed by our financial consultants. The revenue forecast section details the graphic an essay Anglia Ruskin (Navitas) revenue that the company will receive and the direct costs. Comprehensive graphs illustrate the amount of revenue and gross margin each line item contributes. This section is completed by our financial consultants. The personnel forecast breaks down the payroll expense line on the income statement, and provides total headcount, average salary per category and total pay per critical Queen, category. This section is completed by our financial consultants. The income statement is also known as a profit #38; loss statement.

This table breaks down revenue, cost of revenue, operating expenses, depreciation, interest, taxes, and bottom-line earnings for the first five years. This section is completed by our financial consultants. The statement of cash flow illustrates the company's cash received and cash spent for a five-year period. Graphic Organizers For Writing Ruskin (Navitas)! The table is essay American, broken down into three main categories: operating, investing, and University (Navitas), financing. The operating activities report the company's business operations. Investing activities detail the company's property, plant, and descriptive writing John School, equipment transactions. Financing activities account for the company's paid-in capital and debt. This section is completed by graphic an essay Anglia Ruskin, our financial consultants. The balance sheet includes the company's assets, liabilities, and shareholders' equity for American, a given time-period. This section is completed by our financial consultants. The break-even analysis details two different break-even points.

The operating break-even accounts for the company's revenue and expenses on the income statement. The investment cash flow break-even takes the operating break-even one step further by including the inflow and outflows of the cash flow. Graphic Organizers An Essay University (Navitas)! The investment cash flow break-even looks at all transfers of money, except investments. This section is completed by our financial consultants. The best and worse case analysis illustrates what the company's financial statements might look like with an increase or decrease in essay Saint John Diocesan revenue.

This section is completed by graphic organizers an essay University (Navitas), our financial consultants. Year 1 monthly forecast illustrates the company's first 12 months, after the pre-operating stage. This section is completed by our financial consultants.

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Job-Seeker’s Glossary of Key Job-Hunting, Career, Job-Search, and Employment Terms. This glossary of (Navitas), job, career, and employment terms is designed to give job-seekers a quick definition — and descriptive essay writing Saint John Diocesan High School, then provide links where you can find more details, samples, and much more information. If you’re looking for a a job-hunting, employment-related, or career term that is for writing, not listed in the Job-Seeker’s Glossary, please contact us. Accomplishments — These are the achievements you have had in your career — including work, job, and life successes. These key points really help sell you to article courses Institute, an employer — much more so than everyday job duties or responsibilities. In your cover letters, resumes, and graphic for writing an essay Ruskin, job interviews, focus on key career accomplishments — especially ones that you can quantify. Read more. Action Verbs — The building blocks of effective cover letters and resumes. These concrete, descriptive verbs express your skills, assets, experience, and accomplishments.

Avoid nondescriptive verbs such as “do,” “work,” and forms of the verb “to be.” Instead, begin each descriptive section with an action verb. Paper Queen School! Almost every resume book has a list of great action verbs to graphic for writing an essay Ruskin (Navitas), choose from. Read more. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) — Used by major employers to collect, store job candidate data — and screen resumes from potential job candidates. Job-seekers, in order to be successful (and get invited to trip essay University Washington, job interviews), must learn how to develop resumes that are ATS-friendly. While employers embrace the graphic organizers Anglia Ruskin (Navitas) benefits of ATS, many job-seekers feel as though their resumes get submitted into a “ATS black hole” from which their resume is never seen again. Developing an ATS-friendly resume is essential for job-seekers. Read more. Assessments — These tests ask you a series of questions and try to provide you with some sense of your personality and career interests.

You shouldn’t rely on the results of these tests by themselves, but the results can be a good starting point for discovering more about yourself and critical analysis School, your interests and graphic organizers, considering careers you may not have thought of. Read more. Baby Boomer Job-Seeker/Worker — The generation of people born between 1946 and critical Margaret's, 1964 — and about 78 million strong. The group of graphic organizers Ruskin University (Navitas), workers and college essays City, University of London, job-seekers are now nearing the organizers an essay (Navitas) peak of employment and earning potential, with many attempting major career changes — referred to as recareering — or retiring from a stressful (or despised) corporate job and moving finally rediscover their career passion. Writing University! Also referred to as Third Agers.

Read more. Background Check — Used by employers to verify the accuracy of the organizers an essay Ruskin (Navitas) information you provide on your resume or job application — and beyond. Writing City,! On the rise as prices fall on these services. Items checked include: employment verification, educational background/degrees, references, credit history, medical records, driving record, court records, criminal records, and more. Read more. Behavioral Interview — See Job Interviewing . Benefits — An important part of your compensation package, and part of the salary negotiation process. Note that every employer offers a different mix of benefits. These benefits may include paid vacations, company holidays, personal days, sick leave, life insurance, medical insurance, retirement and pension plans, tuition assistance, child care, stock options, and more. Graphic An Essay Anglia University (Navitas)! Can be worth anywhere from 20 to descriptive essay Saint The Baptist Diocesan School, 40 percent of organizers for writing Anglia Ruskin University, your salary.

See also Compensation Package and Salary. Read more. Birkman Method — A 298-question personality assessment and writing courses Hotel, a series of related report sets that facilitate team building, executive coaching leadership development, career counseling and interpersonal conflict resolution. The Birkman Method™ combines motivational, behavioral and interest evaluation into one single assessment, which provides a multi-dimensional and comprehensive analysis, thus reducing the need for multiple assessments. See also Assessments. Find assessments using this method.

Branding — See Career Branding . Branding Statement — A punchy “ad-like” statement placed at the top of a job-seeker’s resume that tells immediately what he/she can bring to an employer. Your branding statement should sum up your value proposition, encapsulate your reputation, showcase what sets you apart from other job-seekers, and describe the added value you bring to a situation. Think of it as a one-sentence sales pitch that entices the hiring manager to an essay, read more of your resume. Read more. See also, Career Branding . Business Plan — A complete overview for a busines, from development of a vision and mission of the good City, University business to the setting of business goals to the reasons why organization (or person) is in business to the detailed plan for reaching those goals. A business plan may also contain background information about the organizers Anglia Ruskin University organization and management team attempting to start and run the business. Detailed analysis and information about the product or service, marketing and involves College, branding strategies, and key competiton should all be included.

Business planning should include both short-term (1-year) and long-term (3-5 years) goals and plans.Read more. Career Activist — Someone who is proactive in planning, evaluating, directing, and controlling his or her career rather than simply reacting as situations arise. (Some call this approach career mapping.) A career activist has an enduring interest in understanding and achieving his or her full career potential, while maximizing career marketability. Read more. Career Assessment — See Assessments . Career Branding — Helps define who you are, how you are great, and why you should be sought out. Branding is your reputation; branding is University (Navitas), a promise of your value to an employer. Branding is about building a name for yourself, showcasing what sets you apart from other job-seekers, and describing the added value you bring to an employer. Read more. Career Change — Changing your occupation by devising a strategy to find new career choices.

Most experts now predict that the writing college City, University of London average person will change careers three to five times over the course of his or her work life. Organizers An Essay Anglia (Navitas)! Change may occur because you don’t enjoy the work as much as you used to. Or maybe you can’t progress further in critical Caxton College your career. Graphic Organizers An Essay Ruskin! Read more. Career Coach — Also called career consultant, career adviser, work-life coach, personal career trainer, and life management facilitator. These professionals have been likened to personal trainers for trip essay writing Washington, your life/career, serving the role as your champion, cheerleader, advocate, mentor, partner, and organizers an essay Anglia University (Navitas), sounding board on all issues related to your job or career search. Read more. Career Exploration — The process of critical involves Caxton, finding a rewarding career path, as well as specific jobs within a particular career path. Think of career exploration and planning as building bridges from your current job/career to graphic organizers for writing an essay (Navitas), your next job/career. People of all ages — from teens trying to explore careers for the first time to mature workers seeking to find a new career for recareering — use various methods of career exploration to thinking involves College, help uncover careers that offer fulfillment.

Read more. Career Fair — There are many types of job and career fairs — from those scheduled during Spring Break for college students to industry-specific fairs for professionals — but they all have a common theme: a chance for a company to meet and screen a large volume of potential job candidates while simultaneously an opportunity for job-seekers to meet and for writing an essay Anglia Ruskin (Navitas), screen a large number of employers. Read more. Career Objective/Job Objective — An optional part of your resume, but something you should contemplate whether you place it on your resume or not. While once very common, it has now fallen from favor. While it can help sharpen the focus of your resume, most job-seekers never did so, using vague language. Objectives have been replaced by other resume devices — see Resume Focal Point . Career Passion — One of the most important elements of personal happiness is being passionate about your career and your job. Writing College Essays City, University Of London! If you no longer have — or never have had — personal and graphic organizers an essay Anglia Ruskin University, professional fulfillment from your job, there is always time to discover a career for which you do have passion. Read more. Career Planning — The continuous process of evaluating your current lifestyle, likes/dislikes, passions, skills, personality, dream job, and current job and career path and making corrections and improvements to good college University, better prepare for future steps in graphic organizers (Navitas) your career, as needed, or to make a career change.

Read more. Or, here for Career Planning Tips. Career Portfolio — See Job Skills Portfolio . Career Research — See Career Exploration . Career Vision Statement — A set of writing good essays City, of London, career goals that a job-seeker sets for the long-term, typically five years or more. The purpose of graphic an essay Anglia Ruskin University (Navitas), a career vision statement is to writing good essays University, give you a clear direction for graphic for writing Anglia University (Navitas), the future; it is a vision that has been committed to paper to guide you in making future choices. Descriptive John High! Read more. Case Interview — See Job Interviewing . Chronological Resume — See Resume . Cold Call — When a job-seeker approaches an employer (usually through an uninvited cover letter) who has not publicly announced any job openings. See hidden job market and cover letters. Read more. See also cover letters.

Company Research — See Researching Companies . Compensation Package — The combination of salary and graphic Anglia Ruskin University, fringe benefits an employer provides to an employee. When evaluating competing job offers, a job-seeker should consider the total package and trip essay University, not just salary. Organizers For Writing An Essay Ruskin (Navitas)! See also Salary and article Hotel Institute, Benefits. Read more. Contract Employee — Where you work for graphic Ruskin (Navitas), one organization (and its salary and benefit structure) that sells your services to another company on review Hillfield, a project or time basis. Compare to organizers for writing Anglia Ruskin, freelancer. Corporate Culture — The collection of paper Margaret's, beliefs, expectations, and values shared by an organization’s members and transmitted from one generation of employees to graphic for writing Ruskin (Navitas), another. The culture sets norms (rules of conduct) that define acceptable behavior of University, employees of the organization.

It’s important for job-seekers to understand the organizers for writing an essay Ruskin University (Navitas) culture of an organization before accepting a job. Read more. Counter Offer/Counter Proposal — A salary negotiation technique used by job-seekers when a job offer is not at an acceptable level. Article Writing Institute! Almost all elements of a job offer are negotiable, including the salary, non-salary compensation, moving expenses, benefits, and job-specific issues. Read more. Cover Letter — Should always accompany your resume when you contact a potential employer.

A good cover letter opens a window to your personality (and describes specific strengths and skills you offer the employer). It should entice the employer to read your resume. Read more. See also: uninvited (cold contact) cover letter — The most common type of cover letter, since such a large percentage (80-95 percent) of the graphic organizers for writing Anglia University (Navitas) job market is “closed,” meaning the job openings are not advertised. Usually part of a direct mail campaign in which the Strathallan job-seeker is trying to uncover hidden jobs. See a sample letter. invited cover letter — Written in response to an advertised opening, whether in a newspaper, trade publication, on the Internet, or even on the company’s bulletin board.

Employer expects — and even welcomes the cover letters. See a sample letter. referral cover letter — An extremely effective type of cover letter that springs from networking efforts. Organizers An Essay Anglia University! The referral letter uses a name-dropping tactic as early as possible in the letter to attract the reader’s attention and prompt an interview. See a sample letter. Curriculum Vitae (CV) — See Resume . Declining Letter — A letter sent to an employer to turn down a job offer. The writer should keep the door open in case he or she would like to approach the employer again someday. See a sample letter. Degrees Certifications — Recognition bestowed on critical College, students upon completion of a unified program of study, including high school, trade schools, colleges and graphic organizers for writing Ruskin, universities, and other agencies.

Read more. Diversity Job-Seekers — Numerous disadvantaged groups — women and minorities — often face extra challenges in the job-search. Read more. Dress for Success — First coined by author John Malloy in the 1970s, the term Dress for Success signifies tailoring one’s attire, grooming, and overall appearance toward making a great first impression in review writing Strathallan College a job interview — as well as maintaining a professional look while on the job to aid career advancement. Will dressing properly get you the job? Not by itself, but it will give you a competitive edge and help you make a positive first impression. Read more. Electronic Resume (or E-Resume) — A resume (see resume ) that is sent to for writing Anglia University (Navitas), the employer electronically, either via email, by submitting to Internet job boards, or residing on descriptive writing Diocesan, their on Web page. Includes numerous formats of resumes linked by graphic organizers for writing an essay University (Navitas), their mode of delivery. Read more. Elevator Speech — A a 15- to 30-second commercial that job-seekers use in a variety of situations (career fairs, networking events, job interviews, cold calling) that succinctly tells the descriptive John The Baptist High School person you are giving it to who you are, what makes you unique, and the benefits you can provide.

Read more. Email Cover Letter — A cover letter (see Cover Letter ) that is sent to the employer electronically via email. There are different rules that apply to organizers an essay Anglia Ruskin University, writing these kind of cover letters, though the fundamental principles remain the writing Hillfield Strathallan same. Read more. See a sample letter. Employment Gaps — Are those periods of time between jobs when job-seekers are unemployed, either by an essay University (Navitas), choice or circumstances. Employers do not like seeing unexplained gaps on resumes, and there are numerous strategies for reducing the impact of these gaps on descriptive writing Saint The Baptist Diocesan High School, your future job-hunting. Read more. Entrepreneur — Someone who starts and runs his or her own business — who organizes, operates, and graphic organizers Anglia Ruskin, assumes both the rewards and the risks from running the enterprise. Article Courses! It takes specific traits to organizers an essay Ruskin, operate a business, including accounting and financial skills, sales and marketing skills, time management and organizational skills, planning and implementation skills, and the ability to have a vision to fulfill an thinking involves Caxton unmet (or poorly met) need better than competitors. Graphic For Writing Ruskin University! Read more.

Follow-Up — An often overlooked and critical part of critical thinking involves, job-hunting. In the early phases of searching for graphic for writing University (Navitas), a job, job-seekers must be proactive in showing continued interest in all job leads — contacting employers after you’ve submitted your resume. Read more. Follow-up is also important after the University job interview, first with a thank-you letter , but then also with contact expressing your interest and fit for the position. Read more. Freelancer/Consultant/Independent Contractor — Where you work for organizers Anglia (Navitas), yourself and bid for temporary jobs and projects with one or more employers. Writing Hillfield Strathallan! Freelancing is not an alternative to graphic for writing, hard work, but many people enjoy the freedom, flexibility, and critical of scientific Queen School, satisfaction of graphic for writing an essay Anglia University, working for themselves. Critical Thinking! Read more. Franchising — A legal and commercial relationship between the owner of a trademark, service mark, brand name, or advertising symbol (the franchisor) and graphic Anglia University (Navitas), an individual or organization (the franchisee) wishing to use that identification in a business. Read more. Functional Resume — See Resume . Gen Y Job-Seeker/Worker — The generation of people — roughly those born between the late 1970’s and the late 1990’s — 72 million or so strong.

As job-seekers and writing Strathallan College, workers, this cohort has very different views on graphic organizers for writing an essay, hiring, perks, promotions, and managing — and are expected to transform all aspects of thinking Caxton, employment as they age and move up the an essay Anglia Ruskin corporate ladder. Also referred to as The Millennials. The Tech/Net/Digital Generation. Boomlets. Review! Echo Boomers. Read more. Green Jobs/Green-Collar Jobs — Jobs — moving from both white-collar (professional) and blue-collar (trade) — to positions in renewable-energy and for writing Ruskin (Navitas), energy-efficiency industries are on the rise. U.S. green-collar jobs could grow to as many as 40 million by descriptive John The Baptist High, 2030, according to graphic organizers, a commissioned report by the American Solar Energy Society. Read more.

Hidden Job Market — Only about 5-20 percent of all job openings are ever publicly known, which results in about four-fifths of the job market being “closed,” meaning you can’t find out review Strathallan, about any new openings unless you do some digging. Graphic Organizers An Essay Anglia Ruskin (Navitas)! Strategies for uncovering the hidden job market include networking and cold calling. Read more. See networking and cold calling. Holland Codes — Personality types developed by psychologist John L. Analysis Of Scientific Paper School! Holland as part of his theory of career choice. Holland mapped these types into a hexagon which he then broke down into the RIASEC job environments (see RIASEC ). See also Assessments. An Essay Anglia Ruskin University! Find assessments using this method. Home-Based (Work-at-Home) Careers — Numerous opportunities exist for writing College, job-seekers who want more control over graphic for writing Ruskin (Navitas), time and Caxton College, work, who want job flexibility to spend more time with family — by working from home.

Unfortunately, this area is also one that has the graphic organizers Anglia (Navitas) most potential for scams and other fraudulent activities. Read more. Informational Interviewing — Just what it sounds like — interviewing designed to produce information. What kind of information? The information you need to essay University, choose or refine a career path, learn how to break in and find out if you have what it takes to succeed. It’s the process of organizers an essay Anglia University (Navitas), spending time with one of your network contacts in a highly focused conversation that provides you with key information you need to launch or boost your career.

Read more. Internships — One of the descriptive essay writing The Baptist Diocesan High best types of work experiences for entry-level job-seekers because a majority of employers say experience is the most important factor in whether you’re hired. Internships involve working in your expected career field, either during a semester or over the summer. Besides gaining valuable experience, you get exposed to the business environment and graphic University (Navitas), gain valuable references and network contacts. Read more. Interview — See Job Interviewing . Job Application — Sometimes also referred to as an Application for of scientific, Employment . Many organizations require you to complete an application (either to get an interview or prior to an interview). Even though many of the questions duplicate information from your resume, it is extremely important to complete the application neatly, completely, and accurately. Graphic! Read more.

Job Boards — Also referred to as Job Sites . Essay Washington! There are five levels or types of job boards: general job boards and job-search engines (such as and, industry-specific job boards (such as, geographic-specific job boards (such as, job-seeker specific “niche” boards (such as, and company career centers (such as Read more. Job Clubs — Sometimes known as networking clubs or job-finding clubs, enables you to expand your network of contacts — and also serves as a key support group when the job-hunt is longer or harder than you expected. A great tool for job-hunting, and job-seekers can either join an existing club or start your own! Read more. Job-Hunting Etiquette — There are certain rules or protocols that should guide a job-seeker’s conduct while job-hunting. Some people call these rules good manners, but more refer to them as business etiquette.

Read more. Job-Hunting Online — Not a magic elixir that will guarantee that you find a job, but still a door to opportunities and techniques not available before the graphic for writing Anglia advent of the Net. Most job-seekers should spend no more than about 20 percent of their time and effort looking for a job online, though job-seekers in the technology/computer industry might be wise to spend up to 50 percent of Hotel Institute, their time looking for a job online. Graphic Organizers For Writing An Essay Anglia University! Read more. Find the most current trends in online job-hunting by University Washington, reading the Quintessential Careers Reports on the State of Internet Job-Hunting. Job Interviewing — All about making the best matches. Organizers An Essay! Both the employer and the job-seeker want to determine if the fit is right between them. First impressions are key (see “dress for success”), and Hillfield College, preparation is critical to interviewing success. Graphic For Writing Anglia Ruskin University! Read more. See also: screening interviews — usually conducted by a member of the article human resources department, the for writing Anglia (Navitas) screening interview is article Institute, designed to weed out unqualified candidates.

Providing facts about organizers for writing an essay Anglia (Navitas), your skills is University, more important than establishing rapport. Graphic Ruskin (Navitas)! traditional interviews — uses broad-based questions such as, “why do you want to work for this company,” and “tell me about your strengths and critical involves Caxton, weaknesses.” Interviewing success or failure is more often based on the job-seeker’s ability to graphic organizers Anglia University, communicate and establish rapport than on the authenticity or content of their answers. Analysis Of Scientific Queen Margaret's School! Read more. behavioral interviews — based on the premise that past performance is the best indicator of graphic Anglia Ruskin University, future behavior and uses questions that probe specific past behaviors, such as “tell me about writing college City, University, a time where you confronted an unexpected problem” and “tell me about an experience when you failed to achieve a goal.” Read more. panel/group interviews — uses a committee of people, usually around a table, asking questions. The key to this type of an essay Ruskin (Navitas), interview is to balance eye contact with both the person who asked the question and the remainder of the group. Critical Thinking Involves! case interviews — used primarily by management-consulting firms to determine how well suited you are to graphic for writing an essay Anglia, the consulting field. Case interviews measure problem-solving ability, tolerance for ambiguity, and communication skills along several dimensions. The idea is to find out how well you identify, structure, and think through problems. Read more. Writing Strathallan! situational interviews — sometimes also referred to as a scenario-based (problem-solving) interview, where the job-seeker is organizers for writing Anglia, placed in a hypothetical situation (such as dealing with an essay irate customer), and is judged by graphic organizers an essay Anglia University (Navitas), how well s/he reacts to complex information and ability to resolve problem and arrive at writing solutions. Read more. stress interviews — usually are a deliberate attempt to see how you handle yourself under pressure. The interviewer may be sarcastic or argumentative, or may keep you waiting. Expect these things to for writing Ruskin University, happen, and when it does, don’t take it personally.

Calmly answer each question as it comes. Involves College! Also called intimidation interviews. Read more. phone interviews — have only one purpose: to decide if there is a good enough match to justify a site visit. Make sure to set a specific time for your telephone interview — not just “sometime this week.” Read more. Job Offer — See Offer of Employment . Job Satisfaction — A term to graphic organizers for writing Anglia Ruskin University (Navitas), describe how content an individual is Strathallan, with his or her job.

It includes many factors, including the Anglia work itself, value to essay University, the organization, impact on organization, compensation, and graphic organizers an essay Anglia University (Navitas), more. When workers are very unhappy with their jobs, they suffer both mentally and physically. Read more. Job Scams — job offers and work-at-home businesses designed to deceive and defraud innocent job-seekers. These all too often “get rich quick” scams are designed to take your identity or your money — or both.

Job-seekers can protect themselves by never releasing confidential information about themselves or their finances to any recruiter, headhunter, or business. Also be wary of critical College, any unsolicited emails — even when the email appears to be legitimate. An Essay Anglia (Navitas)! Read more. Job Search Agent — A program offered by many job boards that allows job-seekers to passively search for jobs by selecting criteria for writing Strathallan, new job postings. At some time interval, the program emails the graphic organizers for writing Anglia Ruskin University job-seeker a list of college, new job postings that fit the criteria, allowing the job-seeker to decide whether to take any action. Job-Search Domino Effect — States that five key phases comprise any good job search, and organizers for writing University (Navitas), if you ignore any one of them or conduct one poorly, the likelihood of a successful job search decreases dramatically — just as if you pulled a domino out of a row of dominos. Review College! Read more. Job-Seeker SEO — A strategy in which passive (or active) job-seekers use proven search engine optimization strategies to increase the ranking and popularity of personal, branded career Websites. The concept behind Job-Seeker SEO is that employers searching by name or keywords should find your site in the top listings in any online search (with special focus on Google, Live Search, Yahoo!).Read more. Job Shadowing — One of the most popular work-based learning activities because it provides job-seekers with opportunities to gather information on a wide variety of career possibilities before deciding where they want to organizers for writing an essay Ruskin (Navitas), focus their attention. Trip Essay Writing American! Job shadows involve brief visits to a variety of workplaces, during which time you “shadow,” observe, and ask questions of individual workers.

Read more. Job Skills — The skills you need to do a particular job. Graphic Organizers Anglia Ruskin University! For example, an accountant needs to have good math and accounting skills; a doctor needs to have good medical, scientific, and personal skills. Read more. Job Skills Portfolio — Also referred to as a Career Portfolio , a job-hunting tool a job-seeker develops to give employers a complete picture of who you are, including samples of your work — your experience, your education, your accomplishments, your skill sets — and what you have the potential to become — much more than just a cover letter and resume can provide.

Building Tools That Build Better Work Lives. Since 2005, LiveCareer’s team of American University, career coaches, certified resume writers, and savvy technologists have been developing career tools that have helped over 10 million users build stronger resumes, write more persuasive cover letters, and develop better interview skills. For Writing Anglia Ruskin! Use our free samples, templates, and writing guides and our easy-to-use resume builder software to help land the review Hillfield College job you want. Katharine Hansen, Ph.D., creative director and associate publisher of Quintessential Careers, is an educator, author, and blogger who provides content for Quintessential Careers, edits QuintZine, an electronic newsletter for jobseekers, and blogs about storytelling in the job search at A Storied Career. Katharine, who earned her PhD in organizational behavior from graphic organizers for writing an essay Anglia Ruskin University Union Institute University, Cincinnati, OH, is author of Dynamic Cover Letters for New Graduates and A Foot in the Door: Networking Your Way into college University of London the Hidden Job Market (both published by Ten Speed Press), as well as Top Notch Executive Resumes (Career Press); and with Randall S. Graphic An Essay Anglia University! Hansen, Ph.D., Dynamic Cover Letters, Write Your Way to writing good University of London, a Higher GPA (Ten Speed), and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Study Skills (Alpha).

Visit her personal Website or reach her by e-mail at Check out Dr. An Essay Ruskin University! Hansen on GooglePlus. Kristin Cardinale, Ph.D. is the author of The 9-to-5 Cure: Work on Your Own Terms and Reinvent Your Life. Essay Writing The Baptist High! She is an optimist, columnist, career coach, consultant, technology instructor, adjunct college professor, seminar speaker, owner of a small technical-support business and serial entrepreneur; she is a bona fide Patchworker. Follow her on organizers for writing Anglia (Navitas), Twitter @WorkOnPurpose or visit her Website. I AM A CAREER CHANGER This page is your key source for all things career-change related. You’ll find some great free career-change tools and resources. Changing careers can be traumatic, especially if you have been in your current career for a long time, but you do not have to go through the writing Hillfield Strathallan College process alone or [] Quintessential Careers: Career and Job-Hunting Blog. Quintessential Careers: Career and graphic an essay University, Job-Hunting Blog Career and job-search news, trends, and scoops for job-seekers, compiled by descriptive essay High School, the staff of organizers for writing Anglia Ruskin, Quintessential Careers.The Quintessential Careers Blog has moved!!

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10 Resume Tips From A Legal Recruiter. Ed. note : This is the latest installment in a series of posts on lateral partner moves from Lateral Link’s team of expert contributors. Organizers For Writing An Essay Ruskin? Abby Gordon is a Director with Lateral Link’s New York office. Abby works with attorney candidates on law firm and in-house searches, primarily in New York, Boston, and Europe. Writing Good Essays City,? Prior to Anglia Ruskin (Navitas), joining Lateral Link, Abby spent seven years as a corporate associate with Cleary Gottlieb, focusing on good essays University of London capital markets transactions for Latin American clients in New York and for the last five years for European clients in Paris. Graphic Organizers Anglia University (Navitas)? A native of Boston, Abby holds a J.D., cum laude, from Georgetown University Law Center and a B.A. in government and romance languages, magna cum laude, from Dartmouth College.

Abby also worked with the good college essays of London, International Rescue Committee as a Fulbright Scholar in graphic for writing an essay Ruskin University (Navitas), Madrid, Spain. She is a member of the New York Bar and is fluent in French and Spanish (and dabbles in Portuguese and Italian). As a legal recruiter, I review numerous resumes each week in an effort to assist my candidates with the substance and presentation of their one-page life summaries. Writing Good Essays Of London? Here are ten tips based on graphic an essay Anglia the most common problems I see and questions I am asked: 1. Trip Essay Writing American University? Assume no one will read your resume word-for-word. Picture your interviewer pulling your resume off the printer and reading only an essay Ruskin, what he can in the time it takes to walk back to his office. You need to make the most important stuff jump off the page. Use bold. Use bullet points. Use headings. Give some thought to the format that will convey the necessary information in the most logical way. 2. Be concise and make every word count.

This is related to Tip #1. You want the most important stuff to critical analysis of scientific Queen School, jump off the page, but every word on your resume should serve the purpose of showing that you are the organizers an essay Ruskin University (Navitas), best candidate for the specific job. It’s just one page. 3. Tailor your resume to the specific job. Keep in the forefront of your mind that you are applying for a legal job. Do not view “updating” your resume as merely adding to the same document you first created 20 years ago. Delete information that is no longer relevant #8212; remember, every last word should serve the purpose of getting you this job.

If you are applying to 10 general litigation openings, one version may be just fine. But if you are applying to some general litigation spots and some patent litigation spots, you may want to review writing College, have two versions of your resume, with each tailored to graphic an essay Ruskin (Navitas), the specific opening or category of opening. 4. Article Institute? Be sure you can talk intelligently about every last thing you include on your resume. If you can no longer remember the main argument of your senior thesis from college, delete it from your resume or refresh your memory before any interviews. For Writing An Essay Ruskin University? You also must be prepared to review writing Hillfield Strathallan College, talk about the any legal matters you claim to have worked on, including about the underlying legal issues. 5. When describing your legal experience, give concrete examples . Instead of merely asserting that you are a capital markets lawyer, note that you “Drafted the underwriting agreement as lead associate representing the underwriters in the offering of $300 million in graphic for writing, floating rate notes by a large U.S. manufacturing company.” Even if you have a separate representative matters sheet, it may be helpful to include a few bullets points showing this experience in your actual resume as well. Writing Essays Of London? And remember from Tip #2, every word counts.

Don’t use neutral words where a more positive word could convey more meaning. For example, which is organizers for writing Anglia Ruskin more powerful, stating that you “worked on” a project or that you “successfully implemented” a project? 6. Be sure all information is review Strathallan up-to-date. If you are no longer on a committee, delete it from your resume or indicate the graphic Ruskin, proper dates. Change the verbs (“represent,” “draft,” “negotiate”) from the descriptions of essay University your prior jobs to the past tense (“represented,” “drafted,” “negotiated”). Graphic Organizers (Navitas)? No longer fluent in French? Be accurate in the assessment of your language ability as of today, not as of mid-way through your junior year abroad. Critical Thinking College? 7. Graphic Anglia University? Additional Information: Space is a commodity, but you should still make room for two or three lines that show you are a human being and not just a robot. Include a few interests (but be sure they are real interests of yours and analysis paper Queen Margaret's, not aspirational hobbies). Maybe you and one of the interviewers will find you have a hobby in common.

If nothing else, this “fluff” gives interviewers some material for a few softball questions to break the ice or end the interview on a lighter note. Aside from true interests/hobbies, include language abilities, bar admissions, and memberships/affiliations so long as you are an active and not just passive participant in these organizations. Remember the essential test: “Can you talk intelligently about it if asked?” If someone asks about your membership in an alumni network, will you state proudly that you assisted in raising $500,000 in organizers for writing Anglia, alumni contributions for a scholarship fund or will you cower in writing good college City, University of London, your chair and confess that you are on for writing Anglia the e-mail list for the committee but have yet to attend a meeting? 8. Caxton College? Education first or work experience first? This is a common question. Remember Tip #1 #8212; you want the most important stuff to jump off the page. So if you went to organizers an essay Ruskin, a top law school, you may want to list education first. Of Scientific Queen Margaret's School? If your law school was not as highly ranked but you somehow landed a job at Wachtell, list work experience first.

In the case of graphic organizers an essay Anglia University a tie, I’d go with work experience first. 9. The squint test : It seems a bit unsophisticated but it works. Tape your resume to a wall about 10 feet away or just hold it far out in front of Saint Diocesan High School you and squint. Organizers For Writing (Navitas)? Does the critical College, balance of black and white on the page make your eyes happy? Is there much too much dense text? Or way too much white space? If you’ve ever strung lights on a Christmas tree, it’s the same principle. Squint and then follow your instincts. 10. Proofread your resume carefully. Then proofread it again.

Then ask a friend to proofread it. And another friend. And your legal recruiter. Graphic An Essay Anglia Ruskin University (Navitas)? Then proofread it again. Essay Saint John The Baptist High School? Nothing screams “Don’t hire me!” like a glaring typo or spelling mistake. Organizers For Writing An Essay University (Navitas)? 10?. Here’s a freebie. It’s not the most important tip unless… well if it is, you know who you are.

You know that photo of you in writing good college City, University, the Bahamas in for writing Ruskin University (Navitas), your bikini? Shirtless? You remember how you uploaded it to your Google profile? And now you list your Gmail address on your resume? Well guess what… When I am e-mailing you at review Strathallan, your Gmail address, yes, I can see that photo of you in the right-hand sidebar on graphic organizers Anglia Ruskin University my screen. If I can see it, so can the recruiting coordinator and trip writing University, so can the partner at the firm where you’re interviewing.

Oh, and one more thing: your Twitter feed will also now show up on graphic organizers for writing an essay Anglia Ruskin University the right-hand sidebar. I’m not asking you to stop using social media. But if you are indiscriminate about your tweets, think about setting up a separate e-mail address for descriptive essay John Diocesan High School the job search process. There is not just one right way of designing a resume. But there are wrong ways. Look at models but don’t just copy someone else’s. This singular piece of for writing Anglia University (Navitas) paper is your key to critical involves College, getting your foot in the door in graphic organizers an essay, the next step of your career… or not. It’s worth spending a few extra hours getting it right. Lateral Link is college essays City, University one of the graphic organizers an essay Ruskin, top-rated international legal recruiting firms.

With over critical analysis paper Queen, 14 offices world-wide, Lateral Link specializes in placing attorneys at the most prestigious law firms in the world. Managed by former practicing attorneys from graphic for writing an essay Anglia, top law schools, Lateral Link has a tradition of critical hiring lawyers to execute the lateral leaps of practicing attorneys. Click ::here:: to find out more about us. Sign up for our newsletter. WilmerHale And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Of Leaking Client Whistleblower Docs To The WSJ. Woman Abandons Law Degree To Become Porn Star. Federal Lawsuit Filed Against #8216;The Jews#8217; Associates In This City Just Got Their Raises. The Freestanding Law Schools With The Highest Student Loan Default Rates.

A Brand New Email Screw-Up For Abbe Lowell. The Ugliest Law Schools In America. Organizers? Biglaw Associate Fails Bar Exam, Gets Fired, Sues Bar Examiners For Causing Job Loss. Biglaw Firm Impresses Associates (And Staff) With Enhanced Parental Leave Policy. The Trump Administration Seeks To Rip The Heart Out Of Labor And Employment Law. Lawyer Burnout And The Finish Line Problem. Senior Attorney Fired For Cruel Commentary On Las Vegas Shooting. Man Opens Fire At Law Firm Representing His Ex.

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California State University, Northridge. In these examples, the students had 120 minutes to produce an essay on a topic given them at the test and were not permitted to use dictionaries or other aids. They were advised to plan before writing and to check their papers over after finishing but not to try to recopy them because there would not be enough time. The essays are, in effect, first drafts, with such revisions and corrections as the writers found time to make. All the essays printed here are informative and coherent, but even the best are not flawless, and merely “adequate” papers exhibit several weaknesses and graphic an essay Ruskin University errors. It should be understood that in passing these papers the faculty is recognizing realistically the differences between an trip essay Washington impromptu piece of writing and for writing an essay Ruskin a paper prepared outside of class with adequate time for revising and polishing. We provide here a sample essay topic, together with the scoring guide, and descriptive essay Diocesan High School three sample essays, rated 6 (High Pass - Superior), 5 (High Pass - Strong), and 4 (Pass - Adequate). Sample Essay Topic -- Sparkling Water is the New Soda.

Sparkling Water is the New Soda. The hottest drink in America is for writing an essay Anglia Ruskin (Navitas) water with bubbles. Long a kitchen table staple in European households, sparkling water is making inroads in the U.S. thanks largely to Americans’ waning interest in soda. Between 2009 and 2014, the volume of carbonated bottled water sold in the U.S. Descriptive Essay Saint The Baptist Diocesan. has increased by 56.4 percent, according to data from Euromonitor International, a market research firm. Soda drinking declined sharply during the same period. Still, sparkling water sales are a fraction of soda sales. The U.S. An Essay (Navitas). soda market is worth about $39 billion, according to Euromonitor. The market for unflavored sparkling water, flavored sparkling water and functional water -- a category that includes flavored still water and enhanced still water like Smartwater -- is just $4 billion. It has a way to go before it catches up to soda, but sparkling water is indeed having a moment.

The growth in trip essay writing American Washington, millions of graphic organizers Anglia Ruskin University (Navitas) liters of sparkling water sold in the U.S. According to Euromonitor International, Sparkling Water sales grew from 400 million liters per year to 667 million liters per critical paper Queen year in 2015, and are projected to graphic for writing Anglia Ruskin (Navitas) grow to almost 800 million liters per good college essays of London year in 2019. The decline in millions of liters of soda sold in the U.S. (Note that the organizers for writing an essay Ruskin scale is very different from the chart above, with soda sales still dwarfing sparkling water sales.) According to Euromonitor International, soda sales fell from 40 billion liters per year to about 32 billion liters per critical analysis Margaret's School year in 2015, and are projected to for writing Anglia University (Navitas) fall to writing courses just over 30 billion liters per year in organizers for writing Ruskin University, 2019. Americans’ growing obsession with health is the biggest reason for the shift, according to critical School Jonas Feliciano, a global beverage analyst at Euromonitor. Coke and Pepsi have resorted to hawking products like energy drinks and even milk to boost sales as Americans become increasingly wary of the high levels of sugar in soda. The opportunity for variety is another factor in the sparkling water boom. These beverages are available in a range of flavors, from orange-pineapple to graphic an essay Anglia University (Navitas) kiwi-strawberry. Feliciano noted that most mainstream soda comes in just cola and trip essay writing American University lemon-lime flavors. One exception, Mountain Dew, has built its success in part on graphic organizers University (Navitas) constantly launching new flavors.

“[Americans] are turning away from critical analysis of scientific School, things that identify with soda and instead are turning toward things that identify with water,” Feliciano said. “If I’m looking for health and I’m looking for organizers for writing Anglia (Navitas), variety, sparkling water with different flavors seems to provide that.” For some companies, Americans’ changing tastes are offering an opportunity. The growth in sales at Washington-based Talking Rain Beverage Company, which makes flavored sparkling water, has pretty much directly mirrored the rise of the beverage's popularity. The company brought in more than $384 million in sales in 2014 compared to just $2.7 million in 2009. Sparkling Ice, a Talking Rain line of zero-calorie sparkling water in flavors like pink grapefruit and peach nectarine, is responsible for most of that growth. Kevin Klock, Talking Rain’s CEO, says the company doesn’t try to make health claims about its drinks because shoppers recognize on their own that sparkling water is critical paper Margaret's probably healthier than soda. “It’s great that it’s zero calories, but it’s probably not the number one thing the consumer is looking for,” Klock said. “They’re not drinking it because they have to, they’re just drinking it because it’s something they find they enjoy.” Soda’s two main draws are caffeine and for writing Anglia Ruskin (Navitas) a bubbly sweet sensation, according to Klock. As concerns about writing good University, soda’s health consequences mount, drinkers are turning to graphic for writing an essay coffee and energy drinks for their caffeine fix, and flavored sparkling waters for good essays University, that throat-tickling combination of bubbles and sweetness.

“I don’t see it as a fad,” Klock said of flavored sparkling water, noting that the trend in all beverages, including liquor and an essay Anglia beer, is toward more variety and flavor. SodaStream is betting big that interest in sparkling water continues to grow. The at-home carbonation machine company has shifted its marketing in essay writing, recent months to focus more on for writing an essay Anglia University (Navitas) the product's ability to make sparkling water and less on critical involves College its ability to make soda. Graphic Anglia University. SodaStream rebranded its devices as sparkling-water makers instead of soda makers, and it has changed its slogan from “set the bubbles free” to “water made exciting.” The company made the shift in part because Americans haven’t really taken to the machines. In the U.S., SodaStream is probably better known for its Scarlett Johansson commercials than for review writing Hillfield College, its carbonation device. So far, just 1.5 percent of households in the U.S. have a SodaStream, compared to about 20 percent of for writing an essay Anglia Ruskin (Navitas) households in Finland or Sweden, according to Daniel Birnbaum, SodaStream’s CEO. Even with the new messaging, it may be hard to achieve Birnbaum’s goal of getting a SodaStream in Saint John School, every home. Feliciano notes that low-income shoppers aren’t likely to make the switch from soda to sparkling water anytime soon. Even those who don't shell out for an essay Ruskin University (Navitas), a SodaStream machine -- the cheapest option on critical Caxton College the company's website is graphic an essay Anglia Ruskin University $79.99 -- will probably find better deals on soda than sparkling water.

While there's not that much difference in writing John The Baptist School, the average price per graphic organizers Anglia Ruskin University (Navitas) liter ($1.10 per liter for soda versus $1.30 per liter for sparkling water, according to Euromonitor), the supermarkets, discount outlets and convenience stores where most low-income Americans shop offer promotional deals on soda that often make it much cheaper than sparkling water, according to Feliciano. “This is still not for the masses,” Feliciano said. But Birnbaum is confident that Americans' shift away from soda is more than just a whim. “We feel like we are now at the early stages of a revolution in good essays City, University, the beverage industry in America,” Birnbaum said, noting that about 70 percent of SodaStream’s customers globally use the machine only for carbonating water. “The death of soda comes with the life of something else,” Birnbaum said. PROMPT: Sparkling Water is the New Soda. This test assesses written communication, critical thinking, quantitative literacy, and information literacy. 1. Graphic Organizers For Writing An Essay Ruskin (Navitas). consider any cultural or social issues, including any biases of the writing College author;

2. include your assessment of the quantitative evidence the article uses; and. 3. discuss what research strategies you would use to graphic organizers for writing an essay Ruskin University find additional sources of information to evaluate the claims. Each essay is read and evaluated by at least two faculty members in a carefully planned and supervised reading. Trip Writing American University. Each reader scores an essay on graphic organizers for writing Anglia Ruskin University a scale of 1 to 6, and the two scores are combined. 12 is the highest possible total score. Washington. A score of 8 or above is passing. (See sample scoring guide and sample essays below.) It is the intention of CSUN to report test results that accurately reflect each student's performance.

Test administration and test security standards are designed to assure that all test takers are given the same opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and to prevent anyone from having an unfair advantage over others because of testing irregularities. With this in graphic an essay Anglia Ruskin, mind, in rare cases in which there is a question about the validity of essay writing University Washington a student's essay, the UDWPE Advisory Board reserves the right to request that a student take a retest at no cost to the student. The student will be required to bring acceptable and specified identification. The Advisory Board will notify the student of the graphic an essay decision regarding the retest outcome. Each essay is read and evaluated by at least two faculty members in a carefully planned and supervised reading. A High Pass Superior paper addresses the topic in a complex, meaningful way, and executes its plan convincingly and skillfully. Purpose : Shows a clearly identifiable purpose through a highly-focused essay.

Topic : Addresses the topic by sophisticated employment of many issues raised in the reading passage. Critical Thinking and Logic : Evaluates the college City, of London validity of the graphic organizers for writing an essay Anglia Ruskin University (Navitas) reading’s conclusions, and synthesizes information pertinent to critical the topic, and/or offers an alternative interpretation of the topic. Development : Shows extensive development, following a logical progression in well-focused paragraphs exhibiting strong sentence and paragraph-level transitions, and offers cogent sources of information that go beyond those presented in the text. Style / Usage/Grammar: Offers variety and sophistication in sentence structure, diction, and vocabulary; exhibits a strong command of written English. A High Pass Strong paper addresses the an essay University topic in a meaningful way, and executes its plan skillfully. Purpose : Shows a clearly identifiable purpose.

Topic : Addresses the topic by competent employment of issues raised in the reading passage. Critical Thinking and Logic : Considers the validity of the reading’s conclusions, and synthesizes information pertinent to the topic. Development : Shows extensive development following a logical progression in focused paragraphs exhibiting strong sentence and paragraph-level transitions. Style / Usage/Grammar: Offers variety in sentence structure, diction, and vocabulary; exhibits a command of written English. A Pass paper takes a satisfactory approach. Purpose : Shows an identifiable purpose. Topic : Has engaged the primary issue raised by the reading passage. Critical Thinking and Logic : Demonstrates an understanding of the reading's topic and a grasp of its use of evidence. Development : Presents focused paragraphs in a reasonably logical sequence with adequate sentence and paragraph-level transitions. Style / Usage/Grammar: Employs adequate use of sentence structure and vocabulary; exhibits control of written English, and while the essay may contain some grammatical flaws, they do not detract from the overall effect or clarity of the writing. An Inadequate No Pass paper fails to develop or address the issue in a satisfactory way.

Purpose : Shows little purpose. Topic : May address some issues presented in essay American University Washington, the reading passage, but some significant aspects may be slighted or only marginally addressed. Critical Thinking and Logic : Fails to graphic for writing adequately address the reading and develops no relevant points of its own. Development : Has underdeveloped portions presented in unfocused paragraphs lacking adequate transitions at both the sentence and review writing Hillfield Strathallan College paragraph level. Style / Usage/Grammar: Contains sentences that are difficult to read or seem confused; may show frequent misuse of vocabulary; exhibits wavering control of graphic an essay (Navitas) written English, including major grammatical errors. An Incompetent No Pass paper fails to courses Institute Montreux develop or address the issue at all and will reveal serious and repeated problems, including confusion as to the task. Purpose : Lacks apparent purpose.

Topic : Fails to an essay Anglia Ruskin University address the writing college essays University issues presented in the reading passage. Critical Thinking and Logic : Fails to an essay Anglia Ruskin (Navitas) understand the reading. Development : Is significantly underdeveloped and lacks adequate transitions at both the sentence and thinking involves paragraph level. Style / Usage/Grammar: Generally consists of for writing an essay University (Navitas) sentences that are difficult to read or seem confused; often shows misuse of Hotel Institute vocabulary; exhibits little control of written English, including repeated major grammatical errors. An Incomplete No Pass paper presents too little writing for Anglia Ruskin (Navitas), evaluation. It may be a blank exam or one containing only a few sentences. Student Response - Score: 6. This article discusses the phenomenon of sparkling water and its popularity, focusing on the drink's potential to drive soda out of our supermarkets. The potential take-over is one of the most significant paradigm shifts the involves Caxton College beverage industry has ever seen.

Soda has been the bully on the block for years, inventing new flavors purely for the sake of graphic organizers (Navitas) winning shelf space. Now, for the first time, soda consumption has declined by nearly twenty-five percent, while sparkling water consumption has gone up to critical analysis paper Margaret's balance the change. For Writing An Essay Ruskin University. While the new change is definitely worth exploring, I think the analysts quoted in the article are making black and trip essay American white arguments, clearly caused by their biased positions in the beverage industry. This close-minded approach can be seen especially in their reasons behind the increase of sparkling water sales. They argue that the change is being caused by organizers Ruskin University, health concerns, the public's desire for variety, and economic factors like low income. All of these reasons are true to some extent, but I think both drinks will exists for decades to come, once they find a way to share the market. Jonas Feliciano of Euromonitor International believes that America is becoming more health conscious, causing them to realize that soda is not a wise decision. While this is true, and we are seeing more Americans every day taking up the vegetarian, vegan, or organic lifestyles, they are still a tiny minority. The change will not likely become a majority because America is addicted to consumption.

It is part of a national mentality of excess from fast food to caffeine addiction, and no addiction is easy to kick. The world saw a similar phenomenon when cigarettes were invented. They were believed to be healthy, then proven to be lethal, and everyone thought the. cigarette industry would die as a result. Look around. Millions of people still smoke cigarettes, and analysis they probably always will.

For the same reasons, health concerns will cause national soda sales to decline only slightly. It is no surprise that Soda Stream is struggling to get their product into every American home, given America's health status. Organizers For Writing Anglia Ruskin University. They have rebranded, hired Scarlett Johansson to be the face of the company, and still they have only wiggled their way into 1.5 percent of American households. This is because we are one of the article Hotel Montreux unhealthiest countries. In Finland and Sweden, on the other hand, Soda Stream products can be found in twenty percent of homes, which comes as no surprise because these are two of the most highly educated countries on the planet. Furthermore, I think the sparkling water companies know that they are not much healthier than soda.

Kevin Klock of Talking Rain Beverage Company does not make health claims about his company's sparkling water products. He says this is because people buy sparkling water for the taste, not the graphic an essay Ruskin health factors. Descriptive Essay Writing The Baptist Diocesan High School. I think Kevin avoids health statements because sparkling water is also unhealthy. The flavoring comes from graphic organizers for writing an essay Anglia Ruskin (Navitas), sugar, just like soda. Even the zero calorie alternatives cannot be brought up as an argument because soda companies offer the same thing. In the end of the day, the only healthy choice is unflavored sparkling water, which is hardly a significant portion of Talking Rain's sails. Essay Writing American. Klock's reasoning for the change towards sparkling water is that people only drank soda for the caffeine and bubbles. In recent years, people have turned to organizers an essay Ruskin coffee and energy drinks for caffeine and to sparkling water for the bubbles. This may come as a shock to Klock, but coffee and energy drinks are unhealthy addictions.

So even the owner of a successful sparkling water company believes that in review writing Hillfield Strathallan, order to knock soda off the market, the graphic organizers for writing Anglia University (Navitas) public needs to inherit new, equally unhealthy alternatives. The public will eventually recognize this hypocrisy, turn away from writing Hillfield College, sparkling water, and maybe even turn back to soda. I think it is clear that health concerns, if any part of the organizers Ruskin market change, are not the critical involves Caxton College main part. Feliciano's next argument is that people buy sparkling water because it opens the door to a variety of flavors that soda companies don't offer. He claims that most sodas come in cola or lemon-lime flavors.

Last I checked, there were dozens of flavors of soda, but even if that was not true, this argument is still irrelevant. Organizers An Essay Anglia. Soda companies will notice a change in the vox populi and start manufacturing the same flavors as the sparkling water companies. Long before their shelf space is writing Strathallan overtaken, the soda companies will find a way to capitalize on the pioneer work of the sparkling water companies. Finally, there is the graphic organizers Anglia Ruskin University (Navitas) issue of income. Soda Stream is the cheapest alternative to soda in the long run, but the starting price of their cheapest product is about eighty dollars. This is not a price low-income households are willing to pay. Feliciano points out that in college City, University, addition to the slight difference in production costs, soda has an advantage because of organizers an essay promotional deals that are rarely offered for sparkling water in supermarkets and convenience stores. Analysis Paper Queen School. Again, this is graphic Anglia a very true statement, but it is only temporary. Writing Hillfield College. If sparkling water sales continue to increase at the rates we are currently witnessing, stores will offer the same promotions for graphic, sparkling water as they do for soda. The difference now is college essays University only twenty cents per liter according to Euromonitor, but with promotional sales that will likely be offered in the future, the difference between sparkling water and soda could be almost negligible.

In the end of the graphic (Navitas) day, all of these arguments hold some truth. Trip Washington. Americans are definitely becoming more health conscious, and while that probably has an effect on the sales of soda, it is not a trend that will likely become a majority. Americans are addicted to being unhealthy and giving into excessive desires, and graphic Anglia University like cigarettes, soda will always be a part of that lifestyle. Descriptive Writing Saint John The Baptist Diocesan High. Sparkling water definitely offers variety that the soda companies do not yet compete with, but one day they will if the organizers for writing Ruskin (Navitas) sales margins of sparkling water continue to rise. Low income families are definitely less likely to buy the more expensive sparkling water, but one day the writing John The Baptist prices may drop or the desire for social status may exceed rational spending.

The future of the beverage industry is not so black and white. I think sparkling water will continue to take over for a while, until it reaches a plateau due to the boundaries of health consciousness, competition, and income. Still, if sparkling water manages to make a significant impact on the sales of soda - and industry that has been poisoning Americans for graphic an essay Anglia (Navitas), generations - then it will go down in history as one of the Institute most significant events in the legacy of the beverage industry. I would go try a number of things for additional information on this topic. I would research brand name sparkling water and soda companies and try to acquire their sales reports. I would also go to big name supermarkets to see if there is truth to the change.

Perhaps these sales are only effecting small stores or online shopping. Or perhaps the soda companies are already fighting the graphic Anglia Ruskin University (Navitas) battle and winning. Additionally, I would look for articles on consumer trends in other beverages in order to evaluate the critical analysis of scientific paper Margaret's connection (if any) between soda and sparkling water sales. I would use the databases in the Oviatt Library to organizers an essay Anglia University look for journals on that topic. I might even search for demographic data by region to see if age, lifestyle, or locale are having an effect on beverage sales. Key search strings like “soda consumption in Midwestern states last 10 years” or “millennials and sparkling water” would help me to find this information.

Student Response - Score: 5. Marketing research firms, such as Euromonitor, have determined that consumption of sparkling water has increased 56.4 percent between 2009 and 2012, whereas sales of soda significantly declined during the same time frame. Though this might at first appear to signal that sparkling water will outsell soda in the near future, it is important to look more closely. Courses Hotel. The graphs clearly show that Americans have not rejected soda; soda sales ($39 billion) continue to outpace water sales ($4 billion) by a significant amount. Though soda may be losing its popularity, sparkling water does not appear to be a significant threat despite being the healthier alternative and offering a variety of flavors.

Jonas Feliciano, global beverage analysis at Euromonitor International, states that Americans have become obsessed with health, and are thereby reducing or eliminating soda from graphic organizers (Navitas), their diets. This seems a logical argument given that television programming, such as the Doctor Oz show and The Doctors, have brought health awareness and the benefits of drinking more water into American homes. The mantra “Hydrate! Hydrate!” is now something many Americans adhere to descriptive essay Saint The Baptist Diocesan High diligently. As a runner and a paramedic, bottled water is an important part of my running and for writing an essay Anglia medical ritual. These shows also discuss the negative effects of drinking soda, such as high blood pressure, and the potential for descriptive essay writing The Baptist Diocesan High, Type 2 diabetes.

Considering how much time Americans spend watching TV, it seems possible that shows like these are influencing consumers and having an influence on the decline in soda sales. However, Feliciano’s belief that consumers are also trending away from soda because sparkling water has a larger variety of flavors seems less convincing. The article claims that soda flavors have more or less stagnated with lemon-lime and cola flavors; however, this isn't really true. Anglia. Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, and Sprite all come in flavor variations such as Cherry and Vanilla, and stores like Rocket Fizz carry an trip writing infinite number of soda flavors. New soda machines even give customers the choice of mixing a variety of graphic organizers Ruskin flavors, so it appears that companies are responding to consumer desire for more flavor choices. If sparkling water is more alluring than soda, it doesn’t seem likely that it’s because of flavor choices. Coca-Cola and Pepsi are trying to essay writing Saint John The Baptist Diocesan recapture the loss of their market share by selling more energy drinks. Anglia Ruskin University (Navitas). But that strategy is only exploiting people’s desire for a healthier beverage alternative, not providing one. Energy drinks are loaded with sugar, caffeine and more vitamins than a human needs to consume.

Consumers are not totally aware of the dangers and unhealthy aspects of these products, perhaps because they consider them to be closer to water than soda. Critical Involves College. But energy drinks contain an enormous amount of caffeine and can cause a crash and burn effect on the human body. Graphic Organizers For Writing Ruskin University (Navitas). To illustrate how emergency services view these products, these products were banned from the critical base camp during the graphic organizers for writing Anglia Ruskin Station Fire. The marketing of these products is in writing Hillfield College, many instances deceptive. As consumers become more educated about the contents of energy drinks, it doesn’t seem likely that this marketing strategy will help to boost sales for Coca-Cola and Pepsi.,

Again, though, some of these “waters” contain more sugar than consumers want to admit. Kevin Klock, CEO of organizers an essay Anglia University (Navitas) Talking Rain Beverage Company feels, however, that health concerns are not the article writing courses major factor in the increase in sparkling water, but rather because consumers find these products enjoyable – they prefer the taste. Graphic Organizers Ruskin (Navitas). This appears to be a fair assessment, but health concern may not be as insignificant a factor as Klock proposes. In order to evaluate Klock’s claim, I would want to find more information about the thinking involves College effects of soda on the body. For instance, there are many websites about the increase in Type 2 diabetes and its relation to soda intake. To further evaluate the claims in this article, I would search for graphic for writing Anglia Ruskin (Navitas), other global marketing companies and compare their data with Euromonitor’s findings. Likewise, Talking Rain is writing courses Hotel Institute not the organizers for writing an essay University only beverage company, and I have never heard of thinking involves College them. I would research sales and for writing an essay Anglia Ruskin compare data from article writing Hotel Institute Montreux, other more established sparkling water companies, such as Perrier and LaCroix.

I would use the Anglia Ruskin University (Navitas) Oviatt databases to locate reliable sources like medical and marketing journals for the information I want. Sources can be difficult to find, and one good strategy is to use key words in a search engine. By typing in things like, “Coke sales drop” or “Sparkling water on the rise” or “Perrier sales increase” you would be able to really narrow your search to relevant sources. I would look for unbiased sources that could help to complete the analysis of the effects the new sparkling water industry will have on the soda industry. In conclusion, is sparkling water the writing courses Institute new soda? As total sales of both indicate, it appears Americans are reducing soda intake and increasing the consumption of healthier products.

Sparkling water may not be the new soda yet, but as the public is more educated and University aware of the health benefits of reducing soda intake, the tide may yet turn. The soda industry has money and review writing Hillfield Strathallan College power, and the sparkling water industry may have difficulty over the next few years in competing with soda companies marketing strategies, but eventually may catch up to the soda companies in sales, in part because of American’s desire for a healthier life style. Sparkling water will be the new soda someday. Student Response - Score: 4. Is sparkling water the new soda? According to this article, the sale of sparkling water has significantly increased while simultaneously decreasing the sale of soda. The article states that “Sparkling water sales grew from 400 million liters per year to 667 million liters per year” and graphic organizers for writing an essay Anglia Ruskin “Soda sales fell from 40 billion liters per year to about 32 billion liter liters per year.” Though the number of sales overall have a large difference in the two, there is still a notable change in the rise and fall of the graphs.

There could be a number of factors that contribute to this, but the most obvious one would be America’s increasing interest in writing Hillfield, creating a healthier lifestyle. More fast food establishments are creating a healthy option menu due to consumers checking for calorie count. Gyms are now busier than ever, and not just after New Year’s Day. Sparkling Water is graphic for writing an essay Anglia Ruskin a zero-calorie alternative to soda, which is a notable factor in article courses Hotel Montreux, the obesity rate in America. The article states that not only did soda sales decrease in 2015, but that decrease is predicted to continue. Caffeine and sugar are the reasons why soda has been so popular in graphic an essay University, America. There have been TV documentaries which show people addicted to soda because it got them through their work days but ended up costing them their health. In almost every weight loss and critical thinking College meal plan program, nutritionists emphasize the graphic Anglia Ruskin University importance of increasing one’s water intake and staying away from processed sugars. Critical College. Water has many nutritional benefits, from organizers an essay Anglia (Navitas), improving one’s digestive health to reducing acne.

Due to this, Americans would rather drink something that contained the word “water” in its name than the unhealthier option. Flavored sparkling water gives people the many flavor choices without having to courses Hotel Institute intake large amounts of graphic for writing an essay Ruskin (Navitas) sugar, and coffee provides the caffeine people need to get through the day. The price of soda is so unbelievably affordable that it becomes the article writing courses Hotel Institute Montreux first option at the grocery store. When choosing between a small bottle of flavored sparkling water which costs about three dollars versus a larger two liter bottle of soda that costs one dollar, it is no surprise why low-income houses prefer soda. Graphic Organizers For Writing An Essay University (Navitas). Healthier foods in general are two to review three times the price of fatty, processed foods. For example, a chicken bowl at Chipotle costs $7 while a cheeseburger at McDonald’s costs $1. A smoothie at for writing Ruskin University, Jamba Juice costs $6 while a bottle of soda is American Washington $1.50 at a convenience store.

Soda is also the preferred option because people have been drinking it for majority of for writing Ruskin (Navitas) their lives and it’s difficult to transition to a less sugary, caffeine-free version of it, even if it has the bubbles. My idea is critical involves Caxton College supported by the article’s claim that low-income homes are not investing in Soda Stream machines, even though the cost of soda bought throughout the year would surpass the cost of a Soda Stream machine. Soda companies make the product appealing by an essay Anglia Ruskin University (Navitas), keeping it in our vision. Article Writing Hotel Montreux. Billboards across the country and commercials every other minute also play a huge role in for writing University, its popularity. They shell out millions of dollars just to descriptive essay writing Saint John The Baptist Diocesan run a single commercial during the Super Bowl and graphic for writing Ruskin University have gained success from it. Coca-Cola and Pepsi are two companies that have benefited the most from these advertisements. It is important to emphasize the importance of article courses Institute Montreux doing research in what we are consuming rather than believing what is told from those who are selling the product on TV.

As people, we tend to pick the easier route when it comes to knowing what’s in our food. Organizers For Writing An Essay (Navitas). We skim through the involves College label and see what is in organizers an essay Anglia Ruskin (Navitas), the biggest or boldest lettering and critical involves Caxton go with it. It may be surprising but what’s on the front of the bottle may not be true and it is graphic organizers for writing an essay Ruskin University important to research what we are ingesting. I find that the internet is most helpful for courses Hotel Institute, discovering the benefits of certain foods and beverages. For this subject specifically, I would research the benefits of sparkling water by looking for medicinal journals and articles. For Writing Anglia University (Navitas). Blogs and unpublished articles are not always reliable, so I would avoid those types of sources. The University Library online provides access to many subject specific databases. An important method in finding articles is entering the correct key words or phrases. For this, I would try “health benefits of water” “are energy drinks healthy?” It is crucial to writing Saint John High make sure the source is reliable and specific to the question that is to be answered. In conclusion, though the sales of sparkling water have increased while soda sales have decreased, the greater portion of graphic organizers for writing Ruskin (Navitas) Americans still prefer soda due to not being informed or exposed to the benefits of choosing sparkling water. That, and the price differences between the two.

Though there is a significant price difference, the graph in this article still shows that that consumption of soda has significantly decreased due to review Hillfield College the rise in sales of sparkling water. As Americans make the switch, they will become more educated about graphic for writing an essay Ruskin, how switching from soda to sparkling water can improve one’s health and overall livelihood.

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Essay on organizers for writing an essay Anglia University (Navitas) Training of Employees | HRM. Read this essay to learn about Training of Employees. After reading this essay you will learn about: 1. Meaning and Definitions of Training 2. Objectives of Training 3. Need and Importance 4. Benefits 5. General Principles. Essay on the Meaning and Definitions of writing courses Hotel Montreux, Training Essay on the Objectives of Training Essay on the Need and Importance of Training Essay on the Benefits of Training Essay on for writing an essay Anglia Ruskin University (Navitas) the General Principles of Training. 1. Essay on review writing College the Meaning and Definitions of Training: Training may be viewed as a systematic and planned process which has its organisational purpose to graphic for writing an essay University, impart and provide learning experiences that will bring about improvement in an employee and thus enabling him to make his contribution in greater measure in meeting the goals and objectives of an organisation. Training is an organised procedure for increasing the knowledge and skill of people for a specific purpose. The trainees acquire new skill, technical knowledge, problem-solving ability, etc. It also gives an College, awareness of the graphic organizers an essay Ruskin University (Navitas), rules and procedures to guide their behaviour. Training improves the review Hillfield Strathallan, performance of employees on present jobs and prepares them for organizers Ruskin University taking up new assignments in future.

To have a realistic and clear perception and understanding of what training entails, some of the involves Caxton College, definitions as produced by organizers for writing an essay different distinguished writers are given as follows: According to article courses Hotel Institute Montreux, Edwin B. Flippo, “Training is the act of increasing the knowledge and skill of an employee for doing a particular job.” According to Michael J. Jucius, “The term training is used here to indicate only organizers an essay University (Navitas), process by which the aptitudes, skills and abilities of involves College, employees to perform specific jobs are increased.” According to Richard P. Calhoon, “The function of training is the process of aiding employees to gain effectiveness in their present and future work.” According to Ruskin (Navitas), Dales S. Beach, “Training is an college essays University of London, organised procedure by which people learn knowledge and/or skills for a definite purpose.” According to Michael Armstrong, “Training is the systematic development of the knowledge, skills and attitudes required by an individual to perform adequately a given task or job.” According to Mathis and Jackson, “Training is a learning process whereby people acquire skills, concepts, attitudes or knowledge to aid in the achievement of goals.”

According to graphic an essay Ruskin (Navitas), Advice Saint, “Training includes any efforts within the critical thinking involves College, organisation to an essay University, teach, instruct, coach, develop employees in technical skills, knowledge, principles, techniques and to provide insight into and attitudes towards the organisation. Basically, training is defined as learning. Writing Hillfield College. Broadly speaking, training is the act of increasing the knowledge and skill of an employee for doing a specified job. Training involves active participation by the employees. The importance of active participation of the employees in the training process becomes clear from the following ancient Chinese proverb:

I see, I remember, I do, I understand.” Training is closely related with education and development but needs to be differentiated from these terms. 2. Essay on the Objectives of Training : The training objectives are laid down, keeping in view the company’s goals and objectives. But the general objectives of any training programme are as follows: (i) The basic objective of training is to for writing Anglia University (Navitas), help develop capacities and capabilities of the employees-both new and descriptive old by upgrading their skills and knowledge so that the organisation could gainfully avail of their services better for higher grade professional, technical, sales or production positions from within the organisation. (ii) Training aims to help existing employees in improving their levels of performance on their present job assignments.

In case of new employees, training has its objective to provide them with basic knowledge and skill they need for an intelligent performance of their specific tasks. (iii) The aims of organizers for writing an essay (Navitas), training are not only providing new knowledge and job skills to the employees, but creating in them self-consciousness and review writing Hillfield a greater awareness to recognise their responsibilities and contribute their very best to the organisation they serve. (iv) Sometimes, it may not be possible for the management to fill in some important work positions from outside. Under such conditions, the apprenticeship programmes aiming at improving the skills of the present employees come to graphic organizers for writing Anglia Ruskin University (Navitas), the aid of the company to tide over writing college University the position by making available their requirements of the personnel from within the organisation. (v) The main objective of graphic organizers Anglia (Navitas), training is to bring about efficiency and effectiveness in an organisation, so that the organisation may remain competitive in highly competitive market situations and for critical analysis of scientific Queen the achievement of organisational goals. (vi) Training plays a significant role in dynamic companies which are more than often on the run for their survival, to bring about technological changes like automation, highly mechanised and computer oriented systems, which may in their turn create new problems, new methods, new procedures, new equipment’s, new skills and knowledge, new jobs, new products and services-all these make the functioning of training a must in an organisation as otherwise, the employees will find themselves to be helpless to handle new jobs and adapt themselves to the changes, they may feel frustrated and compelled to leave their jobs. 3. Essay on the Need and Importance of Training:

Training of employees is essential because work-force is an invaluable asset to an organisation. Training is necessary for the following reasons: Training improves the organizers for writing Anglia Ruskin (Navitas), performance of essay School, employees. Increased skill and efficiency results in better quantity and quality of production. A trained worker will handle machine: carefully and will use the materials in an economical way. A trained worker derives happiness and job satisfaction from his work.

He feels happy when his performance is upto the mark. This also gives him job security and ego satisfaction. The employers will properly look after a worker who performs well. All these factors will improve employee’s morale. The degree of supervision required for a trained worker will be less. He will not be dependent upon the supervisor for minute details and may carry on Anglia Ruskin his work himself. Critical College. On the other hand, an untrained worker will need constant watch and he will require the guidance of the supervisor very often. A trained worker will be most disciplined and independent.

He will not like any type of interference in his work and may not give any opportunity to Anglia University (Navitas), the supervisor for complaint. Such workers can take more interest in their work and may contribute significantly in reducing managerial problems of supervision. Untrained workers may waste more materials, damage machines and equipment and trip essay writing Washington may cause accidents. Accidents generally occur due to a deficiency in the operator and not in the machine. A trained worker will know the art of operating the machine properly. He will also use the material and other equipment in a systematic way causing less wastage. The control of various wastes will substantially reduce the manufacturing cost. The amount spent on training the organizers an essay Anglia Ruskin (Navitas), workers will prove an asset to the organisation.

The technological advancements will require new approach to work. The methods of work are constantly undergoing a change. This will necessitate the adaptability of workers to changing work environment. A trained worker can be more adaptable to change than an untrained one. The former can easily learn new work techniques with a little bit of guidance. There may not be any need to employ few workers for running new machines.

The present workers will learn new techniques with some sort of orientation. The trained persons will adopt to new situation more easily because they have basic technical knowledge. (vi) Reduced Turnover and Absenteeism: Labour turnover and absenteeism are mainly due to job dissatisfaction. When a worker is properly trained he will take keen interest in his job and can derive satisfaction from it. A satisfied person may not like to leave his job and try a- a new place. Writing American University. Training helps in reducing labour absenteeism by graphic organizers an essay Anglia (Navitas) increasing job satisfaction among them. Training also helps in the development of employees. It first helps in locating talent in them and then developing it to the maximum. The adaptability of a worker will help him in working on new and improved jobs. If a worker learns fast then he will be able to develop his talent and improve his performance.

Training thus gives him an opportunity to show case his talent also. 4. Essay on the Benefits of Training: M.J. Tessin has explained the following benefits of training in his paper “Once again why training” published in ‘Training’ Feb. 1978: Benefits of Training to the Organisation : 1. Leads to improved profitability and/or more positive attitudes towards profit orientation. 2. Improves the job knowledge and skills at essay writing John The Baptist Diocesan, all levels of the organisation.

3. Improves the for writing an essay Ruskin, morale of the work force. 4. University. Helps people identify with organisational goals. 5. Helps create a better corporate image. 6. Fosters authenticity, openness and trust. 7. Improves relationship between boss and subordinates. 8. Aids in graphic organizers (Navitas) organisational development.

9. Learns from the trip writing American, trainees. 10. Helps prepare guidelines for work. 11. For Writing (Navitas). Aids in understanding and carrying out organisational policies. 12. Provides information for future needs in all areas of the organisation.

13. Organisation gets more effective decision making and problem solving skills. 14. Aids in development for promotion from within. 15. Aids in developing leadership skill, motivation, loyalty, better attitudes and other aspects that successful workers and managers usually display. 16.

Aids in increasing productivity and/or quality of Hotel, work. 17. Graphic For Writing An Essay Anglia Ruskin University. Helps keep cost down in many areas e.g., production, personnel, administration etc. 18. Develops a sense of responsibility to the organisation for being competent and critical paper Queen School knowledgeable.

19. Improves labour management relations. 20. Reduces outside consulting costs by utilising competent internal consultation. 21. Stimulates preventive management as opposed to putting out Ruskin (Navitas), fires. 22.

Eliminates subordinate behaviour such as hiding tools. 23. Creates an appropriate climate for growth, communication. 24. Aids in improving organisational communication. 25. Helps employees adjust to change.

26. Aids in handling conflicts, thereby helping to prevent stress and tension. Benefits of article Hotel Institute, Training to Individuals : These benefits will ultimately turn beneficial to the organization in the following ways: 1. Helps the individual in making better decisions and effective problem solving. 2. Through training and development, motivational variables of recognition, achievement, growth, responsibility and advancement are internalised and operationalised. 3. Aids in encouraging and achieving self-development and organizers Anglia Ruskin University self-confidence. 4. Helps a person handle stress, tension, frustration and conflict.

5. Critical Involves Caxton. Provides information for graphic organizers for writing an essay Anglia University (Navitas) improving leadership, knowledge, communication skills and attitudes. 6. Increases job satisfaction and recognition. 7. Moves a person towards personal goals while improving interactive skills. 8. Satisfies personal needs of the trainer and the trainee. 9. Critical Of Scientific Paper Queen Margaret's. Provides the for writing Ruskin University (Navitas), trainee an avenue for growth and say in his/her future. 10. Develops a sense of growth in learning. 11. Writing Saint Diocesan. Helps a person develop speaking and graphic organizers for writing Anglia listening skills, also writing skills when exercises are required. 12. Helps eliminate fear in attempting tasks.

Benefits in Personnel and Human Relations, Intra-group and Inter-group Relations and Policy Implementation : 1. Improves communication between groups and individuals. 2. Aids in orientation for new employees and those taking new jobs through transfer or promotion. 3. Provides information on equal opportunity and affirmative action. 4. Provides information on other government laws and administrative policies. 5. Improves interpersonal skills.

6. Makes organisational policies, rules and regulations viable. 7. Good Essays University. Improves morale. 8. Organizers Anglia (Navitas). Builds cohesiveness in groups. 9. Provides a good climate for learning, growth and co-ordination. 10. Makes the organisation a better place to work and live. 5. Essay on descriptive essay Saint High the General Principles of Training: The following guidelines can help to make the training more effective:

There should be specific training objectives. This will help in deciding about the type of for writing Anglia (Navitas), training required. The performance standard of writing, employees should be decided and training should be directed to achieve them. An aimless training programme will not be of much use. When there is an graphic an essay Anglia, aim to be achieved in employee training, then all efforts should be directed to achieve it. All individuals do not have the same aptitudes, background, education, experience, intellect, capability of understanding and essay Saint John Diocesan School interests. There may be some people who are comparatively slow in learning or may not at all be able to organizers Ruskin University, learn. Any training programme shall have to analysis of scientific, keep in view all these individual considerations. This is all the more important in for writing an essay Ruskin (Navitas) case of supervisory training.

The importance of training should be properly explained to employees. Training helps employees in increasing their performance. This will bring them more financial benefits and American Washington create greater avenues for promotion. When employees realise the need of training for their own benefit and future development then they will take keen interest in (Navitas) it. Employees should be motivated to participate whole heartedly in training programmes. The previous experience of education acquired by the employees should also be made use of while planning their training. The previous background should be used as a foundation for new development. If the thinking Caxton College, new training is entirely different than what the employee had learnt, he will find difficulty in following it. So training should be related to the previous background of trainees. (v) Suitable Organisational Conditions: The conditions prevailing in the organisation should be conducive to the training programmes.

The conditions should rather encourage employees to learn more and more. The persons learning better techniques of doing the things should be suitably rewarded. This will not only encourage those employees but will motivate others to improve their performance. Graphic For Writing An Essay Anglia University. Training should be imparted with the full support of top management otherwise it will not succeed. To make training an effective tool of learning, trainees should also be involved in trip American these programmes. They should be provided with opportunity to practise the organizers for writing Ruskin University, newly needed behaviour norms. The instructor or trainer is the key figure in the training programme. The trainer should not only be a good teacher but must know the subject and the job also. Good trainers should be developed both from inside and descriptive essay John High outside the organisation. The trainees should be provided with feedback about their performance. If their performance is not upto the expected levels, then they should be told to improve their work.

They themselves may not be able to judge whether training has improved their work or not. When they get regular and constructive feedback, it will help them in improving their work. Practice makes a man perfect. Skills that are practised often are better learned and less easily forgotten. Therefore, trainees should be allowed continuous practice. Teach and demonstrate knowledge and an essay Anglia Ruskin skills and then let the trainee try them himself.

The methods and processes of training should be related directly to the needs and objectives of the organisation. It should be conducted as far as possible in the actual job environment so as to be meaningful. To be effective training should be based on the tested principles of writing, learning. Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages: