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argument essay style A major change that has occurred in the Western family is an increased incidence in divorce. Whereas in write University School the past, divorce was a relatively rare occurrence, in recent times it has become quite commonplace. This change is borne out writing arguments TASIS (The American School in Switzerland), clearly in online American University Preparatory census figures. For example thirty years ago in writing Vermont Academy Australia, only one marriage in write an essay online American University School ten ended in divorce; nowadays the figure is more than one in three (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 1996: p.45). A consequence of professional services CATS, this change has been a substantial increase in the number of single parent families and the attendant problems that this brings (Kilmartin, 1997) . Where Can I Write An Essay Online Preparatory? An important issue for sociologists, and indeed for all of society, is why these changes in marital patterns have occurred. Help To Write The Regent’s International School,? In this essay I will seek to critically examine a number of sociological explanations for the #039;divorce phenomenon#039; and also consider the social policy implications that each explanation carries with it. It will be argued that the best explanations are to be found within a broad socio-economic framework. One type of explanation for rising divorce has focused on changes in laws relating to marriage. For example, Bilton, Bonnett and can i write an essay online School Jones (1987) argue that increased rates of writing services Cambridge, divorce do not necessarily indicate that families are now more unstable. It is possible, they claim, that there has always been a degree of marital instability.

They suggest that changes in the law have been significant, because they have provided unhappily married couples with #039;access to where can i write American University Preparatory, a legal solution to australian of California,, pre-existent marital problems#039; (p.301) . Bilton et al. Can I Write An Essay Online Preparatory? therefore believe that changes in divorce rates can be best explained in terms of writing arguments (The, changes in the legal system. The problem with this type of explanation however, is that it does not consider why these laws have changed in the first place. It could be argued that reforms to family law, as well as the increased rate of an essay American School, divorce that has accompanied them, are the product of more fundamental changes in society. Another type of explanation is one that focuses precisely on these broad societal changes. For example, Nicky Hart (cited in Haralambos, 1995) argues that increases in divorce and essay writing (UCLA) marital breakdown are the result of economic changes that have affected the family.

One example of these changes is the raised material aspirations of families, which Hart suggests has put pressure on both spouses to become wage earners. Women as a result have been forced to can i write an essay American University, become both homemakers and economic providers. According to online essay Auston Institute of Management, Hart, the contradiction of write online, these two roles has lead to conflict and this is the main cause of marital breakdown. It would appear that Hart#039;s explanation cannot account for all cases of divorce - for example, marital breakdown is (The American liable to occur in write University families where only the husband is working. Nevertheless, her approach, which is to relate changes in writing arguments (The American in Switzerland) family relations to broader social forces, would seem to be more probing than one that looks only at where online American Preparatory School legislative change. Australian Writing University Los Angeles (UCLA)? The two explanations described above have very different implications for social policy, especially in relation to how the problem of increasing marital instability might be dealt with.

Bilton et al. (1995) offer a legal explanation and hence would see the solutions also being determined in this domain. If rises in divorce are thought to be the consequence of online, liberal divorce laws, the obvious way to stem this rise is to make them less obtainable. This approach, one imagines, would lead to a reduction in divorce statistics; however, it cannot really be held up as a genuine solution to the problems of marital stress and breakdown in society. Indeed it would seem to be a solution directed more at symptoms than addressing fundamental causes. Essay Writing Services Cambridge? Furthermore, the experience of social workers, working in the area of can i write an essay American University School, family welfare suggests that restricting a couple#039;s access to divorce would in some cases serve only to exacerbate existing marital problems (Johnson, 1981).

In those cases where violence is involved, the consequences could be tragic. Apart from all this, returning to more restrictive divorce laws seems to be a solution little favoured by Australians. (Harrison, 1990). Teach Essay Vermont? Hart (cited in Haralambos, 1995), writing from a Marxist-feminist position, traces marital conflict to changes in the capitalist economic system and their resultant effect on the roles of men and women. It is difficult to know however, how such an analysis might be translated into practical social policies. This is because the Hart program would appear to require in the first place a radical restructuring of the economic system. Whilst this may be desirable for some, it is not achievable in the present political climate. Hart is right however, to suggest that much marital conflict can be linked in some way to the economic circumstances of families.

This is borne out in many statistical surveys which show consistently that rates of divorce are higher among socially disadvantaged families (McDonald, 1993). This situation suggests then that social policies need to be geared to providing support and security for can i online University School these types of families. It is little cause for optimism however, that in recent years governments of all persuasions have shown an increasing reluctance to fund social welfare programs of this kind. It is difficult to arguments (The School in Switzerland), offer a comprehensive explanation for where an essay Preparatory School the growing trend of marital breakdown; and it is even more difficult to find solutions that might ameliorate the problems created by it. Clearly though, as I have argued in online Auston Institute of Management this essay, the most useful answers are to be found not within a narrow legal framework, but within a broader socio-economic one. An Essay Online University Preparatory School? Finally, it is worth pointing out that, whilst we may appear to be living in a time of increased family instability, research suggests that historically, instability may have been the norm rather than the teach essay Vermont exception. Where Can I An Essay Preparatory School? As Bell and Zajdow (1997) point out, in the past, single parent and professional College step families were more common than is assumed - although the disruptive influence then was not divorce, but the premature death of one or both parents. This situation suggests that in studying the modern family, one needs to employ a historical perspective, including the possibility of looking to the past in where write American Preparatory School searching for ways of dealing with problems in the present. Australian Bureau of Statistics (1996). Divorces, Australia . Canberra: Australian Government Printing Service. Bell, R. and G. Zajdow (1997) Family and household.

In R. Jureidini, S. Kenny and M. Poole (eds). Sociology: Australian Connections . St Leonards. NSW: Allen and Unwin. Bilton, T., K. Bonnett and P. Jones (1987). Introductory Sociology , 2nd edition. London: MacMillan.

Haralambos, M. (1995). Sociology: Themes and Perspectives , 3rd edition. London: Bell and Hyman. Harrison, M. (1995). Grounds for divorce. Family Matters . No 42 pp 34-35. Johnson, V. (1981). The Last Resort: A Women#039;s Refuge . Ringwood: Penguin.

Kilmartin, C. (1997). Children divorce and one-parent families. Family Matters . No. 48. ( Available On-line ) McDonald, P. (1993). Family Trends and essay writing of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Structure in Australia . Australian Family Briefings No 3. Melbourne: Australian Institute of Family Studies. Problems? Questions?

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Great myths of ITIL #1: You can#039;t manage what you can#039;t measure. You can't manage what you can't measure. Who on earth came up with that one? One of my big concerns about the application of ITIL is it's emphasis on KPIs. Useful but dangerous. Management is where can i an essay American University School, about the operation of australian essay writing University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), a function or process. Even though I bet somewhere we have sanitary disposal managers these days, back in where write an essay American Preparatory, the real world manager means someone who manages people. They build processes around people and they make them follow those processes but at the end of the day managers manage people. And you can't measure people. Oh, we try. But you can't.

Einstein got unimpressive grades. So many modern corporate ills stem from managers trying to manage people by numbers. First, I have seen brilliant people (read: valuable corporate resources) laid off because the numbers fingered them. Bad managers applying bad numbers. Second, to slightly twist Mr Heisenberg's Principle: every measurement distorts that which it measures, every KPI distorts human behaviour. No KPI perfectly reflects the desired outcome - it always leads the essay writing Vermont Academy, measured subjects off the can i write Preparatory, desired path. Management by measurement leads to some weird results (every civil service is awash with them). Third, the KPI hasn't been invented that measures good. I used to have to rank my staff, 1 to 12, no equals. Writing Arguments (The In Switzerland)! What a nonsense. The ranking would shift from day to day depending on the challenges the team faced.

It would change from hour to hour depending on write an essay online Preparatory, who had pissed me off last. Management by measurement is only a substitute for inept management. Help Essay The Regent’s International School,! Put another way, it is an organisation's compensation for where an essay American University Preparatory, its inability to attract, create and retain good managers. Any decent manager can make correct assessment of staff based on teach essay, instinct and subjective observation. Numbers help, and they particularly help fire someone, but you can manage what you can't measure. Good managers do it every day.

Now, governance - that's another matter. Perhaps you can't govern what you can't measure. Published in where can i write an essay University Preparatory School, The Skeptical Informer, November 2007, Volume 1, No. 10. It's close to Peter Drucker: You can only essay writing CATS College manage what you can measure. I'd recommend Phil Verghis' recent work on Metrics, Methods and Madness. which warns strongly about putting goals on online American Preparatory, activities. It's harder to put goals on writing of Management, outcomes, but that's really the where can i American School, better way to go, isn't it? So many measure activities (call/contact volume, for teach essay writing Vermont Academy, example) because they are easy. Good management is not easy. Yes it's all Drucker's fault. Where Write An Essay University School! (Is that sacrilege?)

Verghis' book sounds interesting. driving with your face in essay of California, (UCLA), the dashboard. Majid Iqbal on Twitter said: Managing solely by process performance is like driving with your face in the dashboard. Isn't that what pilots do in rain, fog etc. I worked a short time in where write online American, an organisation where every operation was declared a huge success. Very simple KPI's would have stopped the nonsense.

No, they don't. Pilots who do that are the ones who are found dead in smoking holes surrounded by wreckage. The mantra is - aviate, navigate, communicate - in that order. The flight deck is write in an School, designed to enable these activities and compensate for where can i an essay online University Preparatory School, the lack of visual references. The system is built to enable this type of activity.

Under instrument flight rules, you can even lose the third and to write The Regent’s International School, Bangkok, still have a successful outcome. This is something we train and build procedures for. I think the original comment though was meant to convey the can i write an essay online American Preparatory, danger of arguments TASIS (The in Switzerland), looking at dials that aren't central to write American Preparatory the key tasks, whatever they are - and I was focusing on the aviate bit. Interesting to arguments TASIS consider what the IT ..ates should be: operate, co-operate, innovate? No, not happy with that. I think I got the intent of the original post. Being fixated on only one view (when there's obviously much more going on), can have disastrous results.

I was actually elaborating on Aale's post. You do raise an interesting question about what the IT correlates to aviate, navigate, communicate would be. I would propose that communicate stay in place. We need more communication, not less. So operate, co-operate, communicate then? So operate, co-operate, communicate then? I would propose the can i write an essay online American University Preparatory School, 3 ates of IT follow the standard IT management ates lest the lesser IT resources be downtrodden further: lie-ate, kiss-ass-ate, claim-the-kudos-ate. Having slept on it perhaps the help The Regent’s, original three with operate instead of aviate would do? Incidentally the write an essay University, aviating bit does not have to mean looking out the window, it can be more reliable to use the key instruments that provide situational awareness, which on modern aircraft are located in teach essay, the same T arrangment so you know where to find them. What about ISO/IEC 38500 as the top level view?

What measures would you use to measure ISO/IEC 38500 performance? There is an issue that has been worrying me about ITSM maturity assessments for sometime, essentially are we looking at the right dimensions? Reading The Halo Effect is also making me wonder what we can predict from a maturity assessment. I did some work on a risk based approach assessment a few years ago that tried to home in on key predictors of both current and where can i write an essay University Preparatory School, future performance, but I haven't re-visited it post v3. I'm no pilot but in Helsinki during winter most planes land in dark and teach essay writing Vermont, snow fall is common. Staring at the snow cannot help much. In my local market I have been studying the where can i write online, phenomena that according to surveys a majority of essay, IT-units have implemented ITIL processes but do not have any measurements at can i online School all. Australian Essay University! Usually this means that these people are aware of the can i write online University, process and have been discussing it but are not really doing anything. It is quite possible that the managers who answer the surveys think that they have a process but usually the fact is that there is professional essay writing Cambridge, no process in place. I have been trying to send the message that there must be some measurement that at where an essay School least show that the writing arguments American, process is online Preparatory School, alive and kicking. In that sense I do not think this is a myth.

Unfortunately it is essay, quite possible to run a service with no measurement. Where Can I Preparatory! Many years ago I was working for a Finnish governement IT department. My job did not have any measurement so I did what I thought was useful. Teach Essay! It worked ok, some users gave positive feedback to my boss and that was enough for where can i an essay Preparatory School, him. After I left the job I heard that my successor complained that I had created too much work for him as the how to write commentary in an, users were accustomed to where an essay American Preparatory School ask for help. He wanted to concentrate on his PhD thesis and ignore the users which he did.

That was also ok by the management, actually academic credentials were a big thing in writing arguments (The American School, Governement salaries so he got better paid than I did. I do not think that anybody was actually managing that IT service. The clearness of measures is one the can i an essay online University Preparatory School, best things of professional essay writing CATS College Cambridge, running a small business. You know what you are achieving. In a big corporation it is where an essay American University Preparatory, far more difficult. PS. The Halo Effect is a good book, it shows how difficult it is to measure the outcomes of things like ITIL.

Succes or failure always colors things and there are a lot of things going on at the same time. I have done a study which shows that those development projects that have proper goals measured in service quality fare better that those projects that only aim in implementing ITIL. The succes was measured by ISO 20000 maturity. I'm pretty sure that the goal-maturity correlation is probably just a halo effect. Setting proper goals is part of generally better management practices and they tend to to write essay International School, succeed better in where can i write an essay American University School, all things they do. Re flying by instruments, I think the truth is somewhere in the middle as usual. there's a reason pilots have all those instruments and there is a reason they still have cockpit windows as i think James mentioned recently. They also have a LOT of instruments and computers, not just a speedo and fuel gauge. No instuments is essay writing University Los Angeles (UCLA), as bad as relying solely on write online University Preparatory, instruments. And if we must rely on instruments then lets have enough of them that we can sanity-check them against each other. Commentary Essay Millfield! i think pilots are forced to fly blind a lot mkore often than IT Operations :) We interact with other humans constantly. We form deep and meaningful data through our own instincts that we can use to check metrics - we get far more other info than Helsinki pilots do. Wholeheartedly agree with earlier point about measuring with somethign other than ITIL - it is can i online School, a favourite point of essay International School, Bangkok, mine.

I think even ISO20000 or risk are too close to can i online home. In my book Owning ITIL I propose measuring a service culture audit. if the purpose of doing ITIL is to change the culture to a service-oriented one, which it often is, then let's measure the culture. And if it is to teach writing Vermont Academy reduce costs them let's measure costs. Stand back and neasure the big picture. THEN drill in. When you're in a cloud, a window isn't of where can i University Preparatory, much use to you.

Flight by reference to instruments allow you to keep your orientation without having visual reference to the ground, understand where you are relative to where you want to be, and be in communication with others who are participating in the system (both ATC and australian essay University Los Angeles (UCLA), other pilots/aircraft). While we may interact with people, I'd assert that IT flies blind a lot more than any pilot. If aviation had a safety record equivalent to successful IT change/process projects, no one would be willing to write an essay online University Preparatory fly! First rule of flying, particularly when things are going wrong, is fly the plane Don't get distracted by peripheral data. Model, Measure, Manage - Definitions needed. Skeptic: W. Edwards Deming ( is often incorrectly quoted as saying, You can't manage what you can't measure. In fact, he stated that one of the seven deadly diseases of management is running a company on writing Academy, visible figures alone. I also suggest you look at the root definitions of management and administration.

I use the write an essay University School, following definitions. Administer: To establish and enforce policy and procedure. Manage: To change disorder into order. You administer the order established by managing, to reduce the inevitable disintegration into disorder/chaos/creativity/variance/error over time. (Chaos = infinitely complex order. Managing = finding simplified, and thus usable, patterns of order within chaos.) Managing requires one to model to some cost-worthy level the essay Vermont, current or past disorder, model to some cost-worthy level the intended order to be administered, and where can i write an essay online American University, model to some cost-worthy level the plan to transition from the australian essay writing University of California, Los Angeles, current disorder to can i write an essay online American School the intended order, updating all as time passes. Meaurement tells us about the quantitative aspects/attributes of the modeled disorder, order, and help to write essay School, Bangkok, transition. You can neither measure, administer, nor manage until you model. Modeling the dynamics of can i an essay online University Preparatory, carbon-based life forms. Life and existence is Millfield, chaotic and infinitely complex - period, but that does not mean random. Chaos is the can i write an essay online American Preparatory School, primary production mechanism of our self-organizing, implicate-order universe within its larger environment.

Read about arguments TASIS School in Switzerland) David Bohm, Ilya Progogine, and Bernard Haisch, e.g., on, for more detail. But life can still be modeled (as a representation or architecture of the reality, not an absolute replica - the map is not the where can i an essay, territory) without getting into the quantification of arguments (The School, operations research, management science, simulations, business intelligence, and decision support. As a physicist and management analyst I've used all of where write an essay Preparatory School, these methods - and they are very limited, giving a constrained, closed-world view, without more modeling at the beginning of their use, and continuing during their use. Modeling starts with a life-form's language and their vocabulary's significant nouns and the verb phrases that relate them. To see a model of a life-form's viewpoint, look at their writing.

Sentences contain subjects (nouns), predicates (verbs), and predicate objects (other nouns). Writing anything is arguments (The American School, intended to record and share a viewpoint. Preparatory! The first level of modeling is to create lists of words used, identifying terms of single and compound words, defining the terms from individual/local/group/organization/global contexts, grouping the terms into broader and narrower meanings (as a taxonomy), and building a concept map of the nouns and their relationships. Build a concept map of a resume, a balanced scorecard, a process, or a business case to see their power. Concept maps are used in most modeling efforts without ever getting to quantitative values. More detailed variants of concept maps are entity-relationship models, object-role-models, process models, ontologies (knowledge models), knowledge-bases, value-chains, economic models, project network/CPM diagrams, etc.

The term that broadly names the above viewpoint is terminology, encompassing the various stages of organized semantics. Terminology is Los Angeles (UCLA), also described quite well in My own approach to building a terminology, so that governance methods (i.e., modeled, measured, managed) like ITIL and write American Preparatory, ITSM can be their most effective, efficient, and responsive to change, is documented at australian writing University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Agreed we can map humans - what they are saying. We can build a picture of their ideas. Not the same as measuring them though. We can measure the recorded and observed aspects of where can i an essay online American Preparatory School, humans and life in general (that's social and biological science). See, comment, and services, vote on my ideas for at where University Preparatory School Deadline is end of online essay of Management, 3 May. Where An Essay Online Preparatory! My theme is terminology.

Great thread, this response goes madly off in all directions but. Its always been about the online of Management, people; KPIs, metrics etc are about where write online American University School transfoming data into information. Information forms knowledge of your environment; this in turn gives management an insight into whats going on so that they can exercise sound judgement. In other words, metrics help leaders determine if their perceived task environment matches the actual task environment. They are one tool in the arsenal, and part of an overall holistic view of whats going on. An analogy, when driving a car, do you rely on your dashboard alone, or is it one part of your overall view when driving the writing University Los Angeles, car? The seven steps to improvement start with What should we measure. But here's the tricky bit., people leave off the second part of the sentence. Can I! Its With respect to the defined goals (strategic, tactical, operational) what should we measure.

That shapes your context for the KPI's, data etc to gather. A simple exercise to create KPI's, drawn from the Balanced Scorecard Institute. Step 1) What is the goal / mission / vision of the organization. (you can do this for yor team, department, unit or whole organization) Step 2) What three (or four) Objectives can we do to help achieve this goal? Step 3) List three key targets per objective that we need to prove we are or are not doing our objectives? Step 4) Identify where you are going to gather the data to prove the targets are being met. Take a look at online writing Auston of Management Cobit for some of the targets, metrics to use, but and here's the hard part, you need to do the heavy mental lifting yourself. It takes effort to build an appropriate measurment framework.

And in where can i write American Preparatory School, the end, the best leaders I have worked for use metrics to how to write essay Millfield School validate their intuition. Side bar, take a look at where can i an essay online American Deming in the CSI book, his 14 steps are there. Ah you have clarified what i am saying with a key point here: metrics are for managing the task environment. That environment is empirical and rational and yes it can be effectively managed numerically. On the other hand the term KPI is usually (not always) applied to writing University of California, measuring the where can i write an essay online University School, performance of people. This is teach Academy, what I object to, when it becomes slavish.

Only humans can evaluate humans, and they can't do it with numbers, other than as one of many inputs to the assessment. Managers manage both the can i an essay online, task environment and the people in how to write commentary Millfield School, it. The tools and techniques of one don't work for the other. Thanks for can i write an essay American, crystalising that. As buraddo said above Its a mixture of data, experience and leadership (along with other things) that makes good management . then Deming is regularly misquoted by the ITSM community. I agree entirely about help essay International School, Bangkok management as a term being more properly used for organisational change agents. however in the modern world the word is can i an essay American, utterly debased to the point where we have front-of-office managers greet us and sanitation managers filling the dumpster. I understand what you are trying to do, to hold the writing American School, line on the meaning of the word. Good luck with that. ideally yes a manager enacts change and can i online University Preparatory, an administrator makes it so. the other layer of course is the governor who defines the policy and goals of the manager. I wish management could be so clinical as to drive from writing Academy models to numbers to actions. There is unfortunately the small matter of carbon-based life forms.

I'm enjoying reading Managing Humans by Michael Lopp, who opened the can i write an essay American University School, book with the chapter Don't be a prick. Teach! The message is if you want to build teams and lead people, you can't be an automaton. You must see and relate to can i online School and react to the people reporting to you, and online writing, you must fulfil their needs. Where An Essay Online American University Preparatory! None of that comes out of policy driven models and the numbers don't tell us any of it. School In Switzerland)! No matter how high you are on the slippery tree you must do this, else you will be a prick. You may well deliver numbers to write American University Preparatory the company but you will never build a team. If everyone was Einstein, or even Bill Gates.

You can measure, and doing so improves both our ability to professional College Cambridge manage, and our performance, especially when the where write an essay American University School, people doing the essay services CATS Cambridge, work measure themseleves, manage themselves, and improve their own performance. Without proof, any argument for or against something in our profession can stand as a factoid. That's what this so called myth-buster is, just another myth. Where Can I An Essay American Preparatory! Without evidence, arguments are won by the persuasive, not necessarily those that are right. Until we can learn to use mesurement and data we will always be slaves to help to write essay The Regent’s International School, Bangkok the latest, most popular myth about how to do our work as told by the most persuasive. Can I Write An Essay Preparatory School! If this is essay writing services, how you want it, consider a career in polictics, the fashion industry, or entertainment. If you want a career in can i write online University, IT or in business, science, or engineering, learn to ignore those that bust myths with more myths.

You think Einstein and professional writing CATS, Heisenberg make your point? What would they have accomplished if they didn't value measurement, the scientific method, and online University Preparatory School, proof? The problem with Science is it is an australian essay of California,, industry designed to an essay American Preparatory disprove itself.. An atom is an atom until a sub-atomic particle exists. The data in which alot of scientific proofs are based is often tainted by the data collect paradigm, or even mathematical assumptions (it doesn't quite fit, so lets fit a really interesting constant in there and essay, see if that works)..

While I agree, that measurement is a valuable tool for where can i write online University Preparatory, management, it is by no means an absolute (the same way science is writing, not). It is as much a persuasive tool for where can i write an essay online American Preparatory, justification as say qualitative experience or even leadership/instinct.. Newton's theories on gravity are powerful because of the professional essay writing services Cambridge, maths and data, but even more so, because an where online American University, apple hits you on the head if you sit under an write Millfield, apple tree. Management decision making should not be crippled by where an essay American Preparatory data, but management should always strive for appropriate and effective measurement of teach Vermont Academy, business as a quality discipline. Its a mixture of data, experience and leadership (along with other things) that makes good management, disregard any of write an essay American Preparatory, these things at your peril, focus on 1, to the detriment of others and failure is assured. Jim, I reckon yours is one of the writing services Cambridge, best posts on can i online University, this blog, even if I'm on the receiving end of writing TASIS (The, it. I would dearly love to see more science around IT. I think the slowly growing understanding that IT is a superstitious art is one of the where can i write School, first signs of some real maturity. If they built buildings the way they build IT. So, touché! You are right: I'm as guilty of teach essay, shovelling the same crap (I was a vendor remember).

But in the absense of objective data, the write online School, least I can do is help to write essay The Regent’s International Bangkok, undermine certainty and present alternate views. I don't know about you, but in principle I'm uncertain about Heisenberg. Sorry,couldn't resist it. Interesting read is Julian Havil's Nonplussed! I like the Anon quote in write University Preparatory School, it 'This is a one line proof. if we start sufficently far to the left.' Management without Measurement = Moving Target. First of all, managing relates to people and budgets. In both cases, you set goals and measure progress toward those goals. The author states, “You can’t measure people.” However, you certainly can measure whether they do what is expected of them, you certainly can measure their performance against standards, and you also can measure their relative performance against teach essay writing, their co-workers.

For the last measure, in high-performance cultures the bar is high, and for low-performance cultures the bar is low. In either case, you benchmark (measure) performance standards to see if you need to raise the bar for you team or not. If this author’s twelve workers really are subject to his whims about who is “good” or “bad” which changes as he states, “from hour to hour depending on who had pissed me off last,” then I really feel sorry they have to deal with this incompetent of a manager. In a anonymous survey, I am confident his people feel like their performance expectations are a moving target and they never know what he will find “good” or “bad” because he doesn’t know how to define good and bad himself. It is write Preparatory School, likely to help to write School, be a function of the external pressures he is facing rather than any concrete objectives he has laid out for his team like a competent manager would. This article was obviously written by one of the masses of inept managers out there that don’t know what to where can i an essay online University Preparatory do, don’t like to essay The Regent’s International be held to goals themselves, and where write Preparatory, don’t like their poor performance against objectives measured at all. These are the same desires of people in ghettos and trailer parks all over this country; they don’t want to be held to others’ ideas about performance standards either, and American School, with good reason – they don’t measure up.

There are ways to measure people’s performance in objective ways. Where Can I University School! There are ways of capturing the inherent variability in a measurement system and determining how much variability the measurement system itself contributes to the measurement and how much is the to write International, actual process performance itself. Thanks for replying Joe. I always welcome reasoned debate. Actually your reply is too much of an ad hominum personal attack for the standards of where can i an essay American University Preparatory School, this site, but since it's me you're having a go at, I'll let it pass and we can examine your arguments. “You can’t measure people.” However, you certainly can measure whether they do what is online essay writing services Institute, expected of them, you certainly can measure their performance against standards, and you also can measure their relative performance against their co-workers. You can't measure people but you can measure people? You'll need stronger reasoning than that Joe. My whole arguement is that measures exist, and are used excessively by inept managers who can't deal with real live peopel without putting numbers in the way (not that I'm for a moment suggesting you're an can i write an essay online American University School, inept manager Joe), but that in and of themselves numbers don't measure people. No metric or dozen metrics adequately reflects the professional services Cambridge, performance of individuals in where can i an essay online University, a role of australian writing University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), any complexity. That sort of time-and-motion thinking might work for unskilled workers in where write an essay online American School, an old-world industrial task, but in modern service industries all but the most basic of roles such as call-centre operator or data entry clerk have too many aspects and subtleties for numbers to fairly and truly reflect an employee's contribution.

You can't measure any of those things you listed Joe: you can't measure whether they do what is expected of them, you can't measure their performance against standards, and you can't measure their relative performance against how to write in an, their co-workers. My staff worked as pre-sales technical experts in the software industry, supporting sales people. They had no regular output product of their own; they engaged in entirely different transactions every time; they added value in complex, subtle and often unnoticed ways; and they functioned as part of a complex team with no individual accountability for the outcome. I relied on where American University, their professionalism, honesty, enthusiasm and competitiveness to arguments TASIS (The American School do a good job. How do you measure those Joe? And how do you measure them in such a way that the metric doesn't over-simplify the situation and therefore distort the behaviour?

All metrics do. And how do you compare staff in such a way that you can say that overall this person is better than this one? How do you objectively rank staff without using those same distortive, over-simplifying metrics? Nobody is better or worse than anyone else on write an essay online University, paper. When the essay writing services Cambridge, call comes from above to lay off one of them because it is where online University Preparatory School, time for the corporation to demonstrate its loyalty to its most valued resources once again, the decision ought to be made looking forward based on an infintely complex web of Bangkok, anticipated requirements from the can i write an essay Preparatory School, business and professional essay services CATS College Cambridge, estimated future potentials of the staff, not on some arbitrary numbers that reflect one sad little side of the an essay online American University, past story. I feel sorry for employees who have to deal with inhuman functionaries who can only engage via a spreadsheet. I'm proud that I dealt with my staff as people not resources. Oh, I had spreadsheets and metrics, and I used them as I should have: as one more source of information to professional services Cambridge use when deciding the fate of friends and colleagues who deserve better than being treated as cogs in the machine. And of can i an essay Preparatory School, course you can begin to question how good a manager is essay writing, if their staff consistently under perform, or if their churn rate is above average.

Personally I hate the tyranny of the annual appraisal. I was talking to an enlightened CEO recently who described it as a dehumanising process designed to reward the dysfunctional. who#039;s fault is it if that potential isn#039;t realised? I have done a lot of work on where can i University School, professional development of essay Academy, staff. I firmly believe that a person underperforming is at least as much a reflection on their manager as it is on the individual.

With IT professionals, very often it is obvious the potential is there - who's fault is it if that potential isn't realised? It is the an essay online American School, manager's job to bring it out. If the metrics are bad, the boss also has some explaining to do. I agree that churn is actually a good indicator of a manager. People join jobs.

They leave managers. You are quite right. Writing CATS College Cambridge! If you train your staff to hit the numbers without looking at them holistically, then they'll learn to make you happy (get the annual salary increase) by ensuring the metrics are good, most likely at the cost of where can i an essay Preparatory, working as a team and retaining any interpersonal [why are they called soft?] skills. Help! etc. To give an example; I used to have a team leader who, on night shift, would call the incoming Helpdesk number from one phone, pick it up at the adjacent desk and where can i online American Preparatory School, then immediately drop both handsets back into the cradles. Doing this ten or-so times a night ensured our dropped call and answer-time metrics remained good enough that we weren't roasted for write commentary essay Millfield, being lazy fops, but effectively rendered the management information collected during our shift, meaningless.

I'm not convinced this made him a good leader. If a business wants to where can i an essay online University Preparatory School make money, shouldn't they measure how much they're making to ensure their sustainability and viability? In turn, doesn't each person in the organisation needs to demonstrate a contributory value to that end? Aren't metrics the bit that you base arguments for a new venture on, through a cost-benefit analysis? Aren't we supposed somehow to demonstrate a return on in an Millfield, investment, not just for tin, string and vapour, but for the bodies too? I think that numbers are a valid part of the story, not just for measuring the write an essay online, provision of service; Did your parcel get to where it needed to be, undamaged and in time?, but also for measuring the essay writing Academy, performance of an individual; As a driver, why is it that nearly 25% of your parcels are returned because they're damaged, yet for the same category of parcel, vehicle and terrain, the nearest of your colleagues rates is 7%? The answer may have many components and factors, but the metric has prompted the question what's wrong and in managing people that can sometimes be a very helpful way of beginning to where can i write an essay American Preparatory help someone realise their potential. numbers are a valid part of the story. Agreed. As you say numbers are a valid part of the story, and professional essay writing CATS College Cambridge, the valid part they play is the can i write an essay University, one you highlight: asking why.

A good manager says why is it that nearly 25% of essay writing services Auston Institute, your parcels are returned because they're damaged?. A bad manager says I'm laying you off because you came last on American University, the spreadsheet, mostly because nearly 25% of your parcels are returned because they're damaged. The good one manages using numbers. The bad one manages by writing services CATS College Cambridge numbers. Well. just as you wouldn#039;t shoot the messenger. I always love a good controversial point of where can i an essay American University, view, makes everybody think. In any case, I beg to disagree with your PoV, seems to me you are blaming the messenger. You state the KPI hasn't been invented yet that measures 'good'. Well, actually there is no universal 'good' (or 'bad' for that matter), it depends on what you produce, what your customer expects, etc. So the first question one should ask is australian writing of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), What is good in my context? Indeed, a lot of bad managers misuse metrics and KPIs.

In my experience this is mostly the result of. (a) the online American, manager simply not understanding what he/she is managing (it is more than just people btw) Making it hard for the manager to know what he/she needs to (The American in Switzerland) measure exactly (and what not). So he/she takes the easy route, buys a few books (e.g. ITIL v3) and just blindly copies what is in there. End result: a lot of numbers are being collected and crunched everyday, but there is little or no effect on what actually counts: the quality of what is being produced. (b) mixing up metrics and goals. Metrics are there to help you understand what is an essay American University, going on. Vermont Academy! They are not 'goals' or 'objectives', and should not be confused with those either. Maybe do a google on Deming's 14 Points Good managers don#039;t manage by numbers.

I think we agree on all that :) Good managers don't manage by numbers, and bad managers misuse numbers. My point is that good managers manage just as well when they can't measure. Can I Write Online Preparatory School! [And many things that matter - like people - can't be measured]. Therefore the writing CATS, statement you can't manage what you can't measure is write an essay American School, B.S. P.S. to paraphrase a quote in an earlier comment: If you can measure it [well], you probably don't need to manage it any more - you can get someone to writing arguments School in Switzerland) administer it. You seem to reduce the You can't manage what you can't measure down to a statement of Management = Measurement.

I do believe that you can not manage things well if you can not measure them. You need to get some feedback on where an essay American University School, how well you are manageing and not only by how to write in an Millfield your peers or from your employees (as both might be to good), but also from a more absolute standpoint. If you manage by targets you will have to see if you meet your targets and if your targets are valid. A good manager has a gut feeling about all of where can i an essay online American University Preparatory School, this as well, enabling him/her to look where trouble may be and to improve on more intangable things, but really sound management is only valid if you can measure something. Your ciritique on K PI is (to my humble opinion) more valid. How To Write Commentary Millfield School! Any KPI that is around for too long will be a potential for cheaters and may be worked around. Good management will find this out and adapt. Where An Essay Online University Preparatory School! Even better manegement will lead their employees in a way that they do not even think about professional essay writing services CATS Cambridge working around a measurement (binding bonuses to KPI targets is OK, but it should not be the only criteria).

And for your last sentence: If you do not believe that, please provide an example of governance without empirical measurement. If you have a hammer everything is a nail. There was a white paper doing the rounds not long ago that said that a 'fool with a tool is still a fool'. I was never quite sure if this wasn't a secret comment about where write online American School men, but the sentiment makes sense. Metrics are a powerful tool and, as you say, in the wrong hands they can be dangerous.

Dangerous tools should only online essay Institute be used by people who are well trained in their use and use care and craftsmanship in where write an essay online School, their deployment. Maybe there should be a warning question - 'Have you a license to wield that metric?'. I think that this is a possible additional value in using metrics. They do force you not only to consider what can be measured, but also to think about what exactly you intend to discover from using them and what behaviour change you hope them to Auston Institute of Management produce. Careful thought about that, along with a consideration of the Law of Unintended Consequences, can help managers learn to be better managers. I remember well the point made regarding what must be one of the worst metrics ever. 'We have found that you have a bad attitude'. How is 'attitude' measured? What factors determine if it is 'bad'? It is the perfect example of bad management - the manager can't be bothered, or hasn't the ability, to where can i write an essay University Preparatory School say exactly this, or exactly that in your behaviour is teach, a problem. Nobody can fix a 'bad attitude' because it is an opinion, not a measure. Yes, of course, we all have met people with 'bad attitudes' and, to some people at least, all of us must, at where can i online American School some time, had a 'bad attitude' (turning up eagerly to work when the cultural norm was to slack off would be a 'bad attitude' to some).

An honest and diligent person, as a manager, must be precise in order to effect improvement. It reminds me of the australian essay of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), poem by Robert Frost, 'Building a wall'. To paraphrase, good metrics make good workers'. And good managers. Now that Peter was most certainly hitting the nail on the head. Very valid points indeed. Bad managers always find a way to manage badly. One of the things I enjoy about reading Deming’s books is the can i write American, elaborate dance he executes in endorsing measurement and cautioning against commentary essay, the abuse of where an essay University, measurement. Although I agree with everyone who says good management cannot be reduced to a single number index or a Red-Amber-Green report, I still think KPIs are valuable and even essential to good service management. Whenever I need an example KPI, I go to the impressive array of writing arguments, KPIs in COBIT, not the ITIL literature. That is not surprising because COBIT is about the where can i American University, outside auditor's view of IT, unlike ITIL which is about doing IT.

As desirable as it may be, an TASIS (The American School in Switzerland), outside auditor does not have the time to form a reasoned opinion. Where Can I Write American University Preparatory! An auditor has to make a few quick observations and move on. Essay Vermont Academy! Those observations have to be well-chosen, but in the end, the observations must be completed in time to sign off on the audit. IT managers face the write an essay American School, same problem, on a different scale. Essay School! They may have more time than auditors for insight, but those concise KPIs give a good manager more time for more insight.

For managers so harried that even with KPIs, they still don't have time for insight, they are better off with the KPIs than without. Of course, that still leaves the where can i American University Preparatory School, question of American in Switzerland), KPI quality. From the viewpoint of an application vendor, (I've been developing service management applications for CA for quite a few years) KPIs present several problems: what are the right KPIs? How do you gather them? How do you present them? Who do you present them to? COBIT has helped with these problems. A few years ago, developers did not have much practical guidance for KPIs. We could go to our best and most forward thinking customers, we could glean ideas from ITIL, a few luminaries and some of the can i University Preparatory School, services folks in the field could all help, but you were still pretty much on arguments School in Switzerland), your own. COBIT is not the only place to go now, there are a number of useful publications now, and service management has become much more sophisticated.

As a result, I believe we may be seeing new and where an essay American School, better service management metrics coming from Auston Institute all vendors. Regarding misinterpretation, cheaters and manipulation, I have to say that I don't think that is very important. Bad managers will always find a way to manage badly; but that is not a reason to deny good managers good tools. Marv If you can measure it, you can administer it. Today I got a lovely quote from an ISACA training day: If you can measure it, you don't need to manage it: you can administer it. The idea came originally from Ross Anderson I think, developed by Alistair MacKenzie of write an essay School, our local ISACA chapter. Your argument confuses *what* to measure with *how* to measure.

The real obstacles to measurement are conceptual, not the methods. It is better to think of measurements as a keyhole through which some secret aspect of the writing arguments (The School, world can be observed. Scientific instruments were once called philosophical engines as they were devices for answering the an essay online American Preparatory School, deep questions of the time. Measurement are simply a set of observations that reduce uncertainty where the write commentary in an, result is expressed as a quantity. The uncertainty reduction is what is critical to managers. Write An Essay American University! A manager asked to make decisions under a state of australian essay writing University (UCLA), uncertainty and risk can improve his performance, often financially, by using measurements. The bigger, riskier and write an essay American Preparatory School, more uncertain the decisions, then the greater the importance of measurements for competent managers. [Myth Buster: Einstein did not get unimpressive grades.

He was in fact a gifted student. After graduating 2nd in his class at Aarau school in Germany he was admitted to essay writing CATS Cambridge Zurich Polytechnic at age 17 where he remained at the top of his class until his research thesis. His professor, greatly annoyed by where an essay the insouciant young lad, awarded Albert's thesis the lowest possible grade stating that Einstein had not written it on proper regulation paper. Writing Institute! Thus explaining how Einstein graduated near the bottom of his class.] Measurement are simply a set of observations that reduce uncertainty where the result is expressed as a quantity. I've read that book too, and it's really interesting! ;-) G2, Gobierno y Gestion de TI. I found the topic an interesting one, Especially from the skeptics perspective. I personally feel that KPI's are crucial in service delivery. Although the challenge for KPI's is the defining of can i online Preparatory, them, we still need to Millfield measure against something.

How will we draw up a strong SLA if we do not have KPI's. And if KPI's do not exist then the whole point to continual service improvement is lost. CSI is where write an essay online University School, based purely on metrics. And CSI is crucial for keeping a company versitile and adaptive to change. I think the statement you cant manage what you cant measure is an extremely improtant statement in this context as it is making us aware that KPI's can be ambiguous.

It is up to an experienced manager to know what truly valuable KPI's are. KPI's are only ambiguous if you do not understand what you are measuring or you are not entirely sure how to measure it. If this is the case DONT MEASURE IT. I've spoken a lot in public about the value of KPIs. But has anyone experience of KPIs that have actually altered the way a service is delivered for the better? Spent alot of time in writing arguments in Switzerland), SixSigma projects (good ones surprisingly) which have delivered service level improvements, higher service quality, cost reduction, the can i write an essay online American, whole nine yards.. Bad execution of SixSigma can cause all the problems that Skep outlines regarding inappropriate application of professional services CATS College, KPI's..

In the last 10ish years of being a consultant in where can i an essay American Preparatory, this field I've had many discussions on metrics, measurements and KPI's. In many cases it is professional CATS Cambridge, all a matter of semantics. Where Can I Write An Essay Preparatory School! What do you mean when you say KPI? And what is measurement according to writing of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) you? One of the discussions was between the Markteting Manager and the Operations Manager of an Internet Service Provider. The Marketing Manager wanted the IT department to measure the systems from his customers perspective: can they access the Internet, the Portal or their mail? While the Operations Manager wanted to measure the American University Preparatory, availability of the individual systems: is the online Auston Institute, specific mail server running and is the an essay American School, link to the Internet Exchange still active?

We've chosen to install two systems: Spike pretending to be an user following a script and testing the end-to-end services. And Track monitoring the individual systems performance. And it turned out that in some cases Spike noticed some issues that Track didn't call on. And sometimes Track was saying that something was wrong while Spike didn't encounter any issues. In most cases though they would confirm each other. Sometimes the performance of the infrastructure will be less than what the users will experience. Sometimes it will be the other way around.

Well, in online Auston, most cases it seems that users are experiencing less performance than the systems will show. Measuring the performance without asking the customers and users their perception is therefor not a very smart thing to where can i write an essay School do. And that is where I think the 7 step improvement process of CSI goes wrong. University Of California,! Yes, you'll need to where an essay online American Preparatory measure your performance based on the KPI's you've set. These KPI's should be derived from the IT Strategy. And then you should ask your customers how they have perceived the delivered service and link this perception to the measured performance. Then, and only then, do you have sufficient information (knowledge, wisdom) to take action.

In the Microsoft Operations Framework cycle this is better understood. There are two monthly reviews: the how to in an essay Millfield School, internal Operations Review looking at the performance of the services and the external Service Level Review looking at the perception of the customers. The second Review together with representatives of the online University School, customers. Both Reviews lead to possible improvements. I would add that it is worth finding out what aspects of the service most affect the customer and user perception of service before setting up the metrics. A lot of the time we fail to measure and report on the things that cause most concern to how to commentary School our stakeholders. Don't think ITIL can claim #1.. Its been around in the process improvement, quality assurance disciplines since the beginning of where write an essay online American Preparatory, time..

About Management = People, I think you are drawing a pretty narrow conclusion. Although the management of anything includes people, it is not exclusively for that purpose. Writing Institute Of Management! Our relatives in Project Management might have a definition that is broader, or perhaps anything who is where can i an essay online American, involved in Systems Management market. Management is about getting the best out of anything, or more specifically getting the appropriate performance (assuming excellence is not always required). Your other statements about Mis-management of people are obviously true, because management of anything is 1 part science and many parts art. KPI's try and apply science to how to write essay School appropriate performance which is a necessary evil.

Of course, poor application of science is dangerous. To not measure is equally dangerous from a personal and corporate perspective. At some point, someone is measuring the where can i American University School, performance of your company, either in share price, budget, market share or whatever.. To not try and align people, process, services with the company through KPI's is writing TASIS (The American in Switzerland), negligence.. Just don't live and die by the sword.. #1 ITIL Implementation Project #2 ITIL Certification #3 IT Services Management = ITIL.

#4 ITIL V3 (you telling me its a product = as if service management best practice is evolving to a release schedule) $0.02 (and no reference to my blog this time :) A non-profit organization serving some altruistic purpose, or a cartel driving revenue for the bosses ? darn it Brad, how am I going to top those five? Management, governance and measurement. You're right that measurement is no substitute for management. Good management is not easy and, consequently, not often found. There are many ways in write online, which people given the job of 'manager' try to duck out of their responsibilities and essay International, relying on measurement as substitute for judgement and understanding what is going on is just one of them. It is write an essay online American Preparatory School, also true that metrics, rightly, alter what they measure. If they are poorly chosen they distort what is measured. A famous case being the UK Health Service where the measure was the length of waiting lists - the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), measure was achieved. Congratulations all round.

Sadly it was done by creating a second invisible waiting list from which people were added to the official waiting list only when their procedure was scheduled within the target time. In 'Metrics for write an essay Preparatory, IT Service Management', I argue for using balancing metrics to try to detect and minimise this distortion - if they'd measured the length of waiting lists and write, the user satisfaction with the time they waited, then they'd have seen a magical improvement in where an essay American University Preparatory School, one stat with none in the other, giving the essay writing Academy, game away. I'm a bit wary of the term KPI too. You only really know what your Key Indicators are after you've been measuring them for can i write an essay online American University Preparatory, a while - it took some time for the car dashboard to settle down to speed, distance and fuel levels as the to write essay International School, Bangkok, ubiquitous standard minimum indicators. You might know what you think you want your key results to be, but the can i an essay online American School, KPI you set may not show you that. Since human behavior is complex and people are not stupid, particularly when dealing with their own performance measures, setting good metrics is a subtle management task, not a suitable job for simplistic command and to write essay The Regent’s International School, Bangkok, control freaks! If you want to prove that you've improved something, though, you need to show how, and metrics are good for that - to where can i Preparatory School tell you whether you've succeeded; if you choose them wisely. I can agree with you, but it is very obvious, isn't it. Neither Manage, nor Govern would be successfull if the essay services, person has no clue what or why they should do that in the first place. Preparatory! Setting measurements already implies that you want to manage or govern something that makes sense.

In current business environments that might be a contradiction in terms. I am on my way to the HP OV Universe in Barcelona and most properly I will hear that statement once every half hour and most probably by arguments in Switzerland) individuals who can not stay within the 30 or 45 minutes of their allocated time. Looking forward to a great event in Barcelona where ITILV3 will be explained in relation to where write online American Preparatory the SW acquisitiions recently done. What is HP announcing in Barcelona. That they've finally figured out what they're going to to with OV Service Desk and teach Vermont, (Peregrine) Service Center. Or that have have regained focus on an essay Preparatory School, their ITSM approach. or perhaps admit that all they really want to essay writing Vermont Academy sell is tin. The impression they left with most of the people I spoke to is one of uncertainty. Lets first look at where an essay Preparatory what is new on the block. The Service Manager launch with new features compared to Service Center of which most were already available in Service Desk, supported by a (very necessary) migration factory that (ones finished) will be available to partners to in an essay Millfield help their customers to migrate.

Unfortunatly no pricing on licensing or migration. Can I Online American School! The new Network Manager was not ready for a proper launch and left some dissappointments. Best of the show was the newish Opsware launch that really looks promising. The ITILv3 had its own booths with much emphasis on the HP coverage through their BTO, BSM, SOA and other related offerings. Most uncertain was the overarching message and value proposition of their bundled groupings like the ones mentioned. I almmost had the online writing Auston Institute of Management, feeling that they lost the plot on their software offering spree. A lot of measurement statements for compliancy, performance and where can i write American University Preparatory School, governance but no reasons why one would bother. The focus on online essay writing Institute of Management, business delivery and value seems to where online American Preparatory School be copy pasted across all offerings without a clear central console or structure that could make sense out of the whirlpool of solutions. The sentiments of the old building blocks got a new positive impulse. The partners gave it their best shot and really showed that the Vermont Academy, current HP offerings packages need more before they can be sold as a usefull business solution that makes sense.

Maybe that is online School, what we can expect from HP. Professional Writing Services CATS! They offer the broad message and grouping of solutions and the partners create the practical connections in between and to the business side. Anyway, a lot of gadgets, a great hotel and a well organised event made up for the lack of clarity. This is a personal impression, based on discussions with partners, visitors, old clients, ex-HP colleagues and the bar lady. I can expect that others might not agree with the above and appreciate their opinion. I have implemented and trained OV Service Desk up to where can i write an essay online American University Preparatory v4.5 when it was rock solid and straight forward. Sadly OVSD no longer holds the ground as my recommended ITSM tool; there are now players that have included Business Process Analysis modules to configure their software.

Basically the latest (and better) SM tools have forked away from HP. Being a Gaudi fan, Barcelona is high on my list of dream destinations, but not this time :-D. Attending AgileNZ, in Wellington on November 6-7. Speaking at DevOps Enterprise Summit USA (#DOES17) in San Francisco on commentary in an School, November 13-15. Speaking at Pink Elephant ITSM Conference (#PINK18) in can i write an essay University School, Orlando, Florida on February 18-21. All Day DevOps, online conference, October 24, 2017. DevOps for Everyone with Rob England. Talking about my presentation at online essay Institute DOES UK.

The IT Skeptic on where can i write an essay online University Preparatory, DevOpsTV at online essay writing Auston Institute DOES16 San Francisco with the awesome Damon Edwards. A white paper on where can i online University School, my Standard+Case model. Recently, Gene Kim and I interviewed each other about DevOps. I have been producing lately: - Kamu: improvements to ITSM, DevOps and Agile that come from learning from each other. - The IT Renaissance , the movement that generates DevOps, BYOD, Shadow IT, and other phenomena . How To Write Commentary Millfield! this year's Big Idea. I don't get paid to say nice things and I don't get paid to review anything. You may have noticed Google and where an essay online University School, Amazon ads on the site, as well as ads for my books and merchandise. Writing Academy! I make money off them, but sod all.

At least it covers the hosting with a bit left over can i write American University Preparatory . ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited. PRINCE2® is write in an essay School, a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited. M_o_R® is write an essay School, a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited. P3O® is a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited. MSP® is a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited. P3M3® is a Registered Trade Mark of AXELOS Limited.

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DevOps isn't a trademark of where can i write American Preparatory, anyone. Except where indicated otherwise, all contents of essay writing, this site are Copyright Two Hills Ltd Except where indicated otherwise, the text on this page by where can i University Two Hills Ltd is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Content must be attributed to help to write essay School, © Copyright Two Hills Ltd by Rob England, The IT Skeptic plus the URL of the source material. RSS feeds may be used without permission. Where Write Online University Preparatory! Permission is granted for anyone to link to this site. By accessing or viewing this site, you are deemed to have agreed to the Terms and Conditions and to our Privacy Policy. The contents of this site are unmoderated submissions from authenticated and unauthenticated users. As such they cannot and do not represent the views of online essay services Auston, Two Hills Ltd.

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Cool Industry – User Experience Research. What does your company do? AnswerLab is a User Experience Research firm based in San Francisco. Our team of talented researchers breaks down the barriers to technology so that humans can achieve more in their daily lives. We bridge the gap between end consumers and engineers, in order to where an essay online School make digital products more effective and commentary essay School delightful. My Co-Founder, Dan Clifford, and I started AnswerLab for an essay American University Preparatory School one simple reason: the people who build digital products are not the writing CATS College same as the people who use those products. Can I An Essay Online American Preparatory School. It’s impossible to fully understand the end users without talking with them. Researchers in our industry spend time watching what consumers see, do, and think while interacting with digital products. We use cool research techniques like usability testing, surveys, eye tracking and behavioral tracking to understand how our clients’ websites and apps can be better. Why is it one of the coolest industries?

For a couple of how to write commentary essay Millfield School, reasons: first, researchers in this industry are on the cutting edge of where write online American University Preparatory School, testing new websites, mobile apps, mobile websites, and iPad apps before they become public. Our clients are leading innovators: Microsoft, PayPal, eBay, Yahoo!, EA, and Cisco to name a few. How To Write School. We see their plans before the rest of the world does. And, our insights help these innovators drive customer acquisition and loyalty, thus improving their bottom line. Secondly, User Experience Researchers have a breadth of research methods in our toolkits, such that no two studies are the same. Every client challenge is an essay University unique, making it nearly impossible to tire of the work.

Also, because digital products change so frequently, our research methods evolve rapidly. At AnswerLab, our researchers are part of defining innovative new research techniques. What kind of training and personality does your industry require? User Experience Researchers often have a degree in Human Computer Interaction, Cognitive Science, Human Factors, or Cognitive Psychology. However, the degree isn’t the teach Vermont Academy largest predictor of where can i an essay online, someone’s success in this field. (In fact, I have an help to write The Regent’s International English degree.) Ultimately, researchers must have excellent communication skills, be active listeners, and online American have a keen ability to uncover deep insights that lie between what users say and what they actually do. Additionally, because our research methods involve software and our clients’ products involve complex prototypes, researchers benefit from having a knack for dealing with technology. But, most importantly of all, you need a passion for research, a natural curiosity about in an essay Millfield human behavior, and a deep desire to help people achieve more with technology. Amy Buckner is Co-Founder Managing Partner of AnswerLab. For over 12 years, Amy has been providing insights to Fortune 500 companies who need to write online American Preparatory make critical product development decisions.

She is an professional essay services Cambridge expert in eye tracking, quantitative user experience testing, remote usability testing, mobile and where can i write an essay online University Preparatory School international research. Professional Essay CATS. Amy graduated Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude from Vanderbilt University with a degree in English and East Asian Studies. She is fluent in Japanese. AnswerLab conducts user experience research providing insight and recommendations about how people use websites, mobile and software applications. AnswerLab partners with clients at any phase of product development, from concept testing through implementation, to ongoing benchmarking and tracking. The company is a recognized leader in user experience research. Can I Write An Essay Online American University. In 2009 AnswerLab was the only research firm named to Inc Magazine’s Inc 500 List of australian writing University of California, Los Angeles, Fastest Growing Privately Held companies in America. AnswerLab was also the only research firm named to The San Francisco Business Times’ list of 100 Fastest Growing Private companies in the Bay Area.

AnswerLab’s clients include industry-leaders such as FedEx, Yahoo!, eBay, Intuit, PayPal, Genentech, Cisco, Experian, ING direct and Microsoft. Learn more at Is The Retirement Age Going Up? by where online American University School Ryan Himmel. There is, without question, a growing trend of people starting to writing services Institute of Management recognize the need to consider retirement at a later age than previously thought. The financial planning that was done five to ten years ago no longer makes sense since the write online Preparatory School economic environment is help International School, Bangkok much different, and can i an essay American University Preparatory the life expectancy rate continues to climb at a rapid pace. Today the average 65 year old can expect to live to almost 84, versus a life expectancy of 77.9 in 2007 (CDC Aug ‘09). In addition, the essay services 65 year old plus population is expected to where can i write online American grow from 40M today to 71M, or 20% of the population in writing Vermont Academy 2030 (US Census Bureau June ‘09). In essence, this means that many are going to be living much past 84 and financial plans need to take that into account. With that said, let’s review some ways in which you can better prepare for retirement with the hopes of where can i online American, getting there sooner than later.

It starts with cutting out help to write International Bangkok, expenses. Before you even start analyzing your budget, seriously consider moving to a lower cost location. Moving from a city such as New York to a more affordable location like Fort Lauderdale, Florida can save you tens of thousands now and into the hundreds of thousands in the future. Write University Preparatory. Here’s an example – if your income was $50,000 a year in New York City and you moved to Fort Lauderdale, your standard of living would NOT change if your income was 47.34% less or $26,330 in Fort Lauderdale. This is writing of California, (UCLA) just one example – you can go to to check out another city. Remove High Maintenance Items (Savings: $1,000+) Sometimes we don’t realize it, but having an extra car can really be an unnecessary expense. You would be cutting out the high gas costs of $2.50 to where can i online School $3.25 per gallon, toll fees, and then yearly maintenance charges.

Get Rid of arguments TASIS (The American in Switzerland), High Fee Investment Products (Savings: Variable) Scope your portfolio and look at the fee structure for the investments you made with your retirement savings. A lot of investment products carry high administrative/management fees that can be avoided by shifting to lower fee Mutual Funds and CDs. Limit Credit Card Spending (Savings: $100-$1,000+) What made sense financially such as building your credit profile when you were in your 20s, 30s and 40s doesn’t make sense now that you are in your 60s older. Credit cards are just for where can i American Preparatory convenience and they come with high interest charges (i.e. 15-20%). Ryan Himmel is a CPA, registered securities analyst and australian writing the founder and CEO of

BIDaWIZ is a leading online marketplace where business owners and consumers alike can obtain trusted answers to tough finance and tax questions from where can i an essay online Preparatory School, licensed business experts. Ryan has been quoted in essay The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fox Business, Crain’s New York, among other notable publications. Ryan regularly contributes to can i an essay University Preparatory the community with his finance and tax blog. Contact Ryan at or on Twitter @BIDaWIZ. Receive a professionally designed custom resume for essay services CATS Cambridge less than gassing up your car. Can I An Essay American Preparatory School. Click here to learn more For more great information follow us on Twitter and like us on professional essay writing CATS College Cambridge, Facebook. Harnesses the Strategies of the where write an essay American School Best Bosses. JEM Business Media.

Telephone Number: 816.478.3249. Harnesses the teach essay Vermont Academy Strategies of the Best Bosses. Kansas City, MO—My Best Boss Ever, a new book published by JEM Business Media explores the strategies of the best bosses from across the country to help better your leadership abilities. Told through powerful stories, the recently printed book takes a new spin on leadership development, highlighting personalized stories as told to the author. Rory Rowland, president and founder of Rowland Consulting is the author of American University Preparatory, this groundbreaking work. To Write International School,. After speaking with hundreds of employees across the country, Rory took the most powerful stories and molded them together for a guaranteed leadership jumpstart! “I’m extremely excited about this venture,” says Rory. An Essay Online American University. “Over the years, I’d always hear people complain of the worst boss they’d had. But who wants to listen to depressing stories? So I decided to take a new spin on the process! One of my favorite quotes that I heard was, ‘My boss was more interested in promoting me than himself.’ Think about the power behind that quote for write commentary essay Millfield a while, and then I think you’ll truly understand the message in My Best Boss Ever.” Copies of the book can be purchased directly from the author, or on

After serving as president of two financial institutions, Rory began using his communication skills and wealth of knowledge on various topics to empower others to succeed. The president and founder of Rowland Consulting in Independence, Missouri, Rory is the author of “My Best Boss Ever,” “My Best Service Ever,” and “Think Huge.” For more information about the write an essay online University services offered by essay writing (UCLA) Rory, please visit or email him at A sample story from can i an essay online University, “My Best Boss Ever” “ We learn by example and by Vermont Academy direct experience because there are real limits to where write online American Preparatory School the adequacy of verbal instruction .” Malcolm Gladwell. My best boss ever was J. Willard Marriott Jr.

I used to be a regional manager for the Marriott Corporation and on occasion, J. Willard Marriott Jr. would visit my region to write in an essay Millfield survey his hotels. He came to one of the where write an essay University Preparatory hotels in the south, and it was a warm, beautiful day in how to commentary in an essay Millfield spring. Where Write An Essay Preparatory School. It was the kind of day that makes you wish you were young again. As we approached the online essay Auston hotel, the manager of the can i write an essay School property came out to greet Mr. Marriott and myself. After exchanging pleasantries, we walked into the hotel. We passed by a flower patch that unfortunately had some weeds in it. Mr. Marriott got on his hands and knees and began to writing American in Switzerland) pull the where can i an essay online American weeds. I had worked with Mr. Marriott enough to know to get down and help.

Unfortunately, the manager stood there and simply watched us. Noticing this, I got up, placed my hands on his shoulders, and applied a little pressure. He caught on and got down on his hands and knees with us. The three of us finished the job. Mr. Marriott did not say anything that day, but he spoke volumes.

If you see weeds, pick them. People will get the idea. Even though Mr. Professional Essay Writing Cambridge. Marriott never said anything else about an essay American School it, on subsequent visits to this hotel, I never, ever saw weeds in the flowerbed again. Never. Life Changing for help The Regent’s School, Bangkok the Teacher. I own Karuna Yoga studio in Los Angeles, CA and can i an essay online American University Preparatory School teach both adults and writing Auston Institute of Management children. For nine years, I have been going into where can i write American Preparatory public and private schools and teaching kids yoga classes. The classes are once a week for twenty minutes each.

I have taught over seventy five thousand children of diverse cultural backgrounds from ages two to writing services Auston Institute twelve. To experience how so many children consistently enjoy yoga and meditation confirms by belief that inherently, we all want to learn and where can i write an essay University Preparatory grow in writing arguments School positive ways. Write Online American University. My themes for kids yoga classes range from how happy our hearts feel from helping others, to being patient to show care for others, to sharing our hearts with ourselves and those around us. Teaching children how to regulate their attention and professional essay writing services their emotions through the practice of yoga and meditation greatly inspires my belief that collectively we can create a positive future for our communities. Children will be our innovators, teachers, artists and caretakers of tomorrow. Teaching children practical ways to ground themselves to remain confident and calm will undoubtedly be used in our quickly changing world – giving a child the means the find a creative and caring solution to challenging events in life.

To give time each week and help children understand how to focus and stay connected with compassion has been life changing for me. The hearts of all the children I have taught has motivated me to be a more caring adult. About the author: Kelly Wood is the owner and an essay online director of Karuna Yoga, a successful yoga studio in Los Angeles, CA. She offers her specialty Karuna Yoga Teacher Training courses which are designed for finding one’s authentic voice and teaching style. Kelly’s teaching style is influenced by her in-depth study of Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, dance, philosophy and art history. Kelly has created Hi Yoga, yoga for parents and teach kids. Hi Yoga includes a fifteen minute yoga sequence for can i write online children to practice on their own and a second fifteen minute yoga sequence for parents and children to practice together for secure bonding and quality time together. Kelly is currently working with Jane Tavyev, MD, Pediatric Neurology/ Neurodevelopmental Disabilities at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and UCLA to research the benefits of yoga in children with autism. Do you want a professional to how to write commentary in an School take a look at can i write University School your resume? Send us your resume

For more great information follow us on writing TASIS American School in Switzerland), Twitter and like us on Facebook. Working into Retirement Age by online American University School Spencer Hill. A greater number of individuals are working into their late 60’s, 70’s and even into their 80’s. A couple of weeks ago on TV, there was a report on an OB/GYN who was still seeing patients and teaching at a medical school at help essay International age 100. This will become more common as life expectancy increases. Where Write American. Other reasons are people want to maintain their lifestyle as they age. By using retirement savings to supplement other earnings, one can work less, maintain a retirement nest egg, and have time and essay writing Vermont resources to enjoy life better. The people I have met that continue to work after normal retirement age enjoy what they do. Where Can I Write An Essay Online University Preparatory School. These individuals are engaged in their community and church.

Sitting on a rocking chair on the porch just doesn’t interest them. They believe being active in how to write in an business and community keeps them healthier and mentally stronger than their peers. A fellow in my community worked for where can i write an essay online a national restaurant franchisor turning around weak franchises. He retired, took his 401k monies and bought a franchise. After doing the due diligence looking for the one with the most problems, which had great traffic, and the most potential to be turned around; he settled on write commentary in an essay, one.

For the where an essay Preparatory next five years, he and his wife worked in that restaurant seven days a week. Eventually finding a young man that could be trained to be the arguments (The in Switzerland) manager, then found assistant managers to work nights and weekends. Now 12 years later, he works about 4 days a month doing maintenance and checking on where can i an essay American University School, the money. Sometimes that career in retirement is completely different than your original career. Another gentleman I know worked construction during the in an Millfield School college summers. After leaving the military, becoming a teacher he found himself working construction in the summer to make more money. His career advanced being a principal and a district administrator. Seven years from can i write University, retirement he took the general contractors license test and formed a construction company. Over the next few years his company did remodeling on residences and some new construction. Now fully retired with a state pension, he still does construction, but only jobs he wants to do that have an above average profit. These are but a few examples of the people I see working into their retirement years.

The two motivating factors are 1) they love what they are doing and 2) their quality of life is professional writing Cambridge better than just living off their retirement nest egg. Anyone can accomplish this if they plan to pursue their passion in retirement. Some take a hobby and create a business, for example a female lawyer who enjoys doing parliamentarian work that pays for her travel and write online School makes a profit at to write essay The Regent’s School, it. As for me, I am planning to can i write University Preparatory School work and enjoy life for the next 50 plus years into my 90’s. I have my office with an 85 year old accountant who comes into essay writing work in the morning singing. Where Online University Preparatory. He maintains two offices and works 6 days a week. The other day he told me he would consider retiring in writing arguments TASIS in Switzerland) 15 years. Receive a professionally designed custom resume for less than gassing up your car. Click here to learn more For more great information follow us on an essay online School, Twitter and like us on Facebook. Career Advice (33) Cost Saving Tips (6) cover letter tips (4) Dress for Success (8) (20) Interview Tips (35) Job Career Trends (4) Job Postings (7) Job Search Skills You Need To Have (153) Motivation (36) Resume Tips (32) Self-Employment (23) Sell Yourself (32) Stimulus Package (3) Surviving Unemployment (26) The Federal Resume (4) Unplugging (9) Video Resumes (2) Volunteering (7)

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Aerospace Airline Executive Resume. by where can i write American School A Resume Wizard. Download our free resume templates. WorkBloom's resume templates all come with matching cover letters. 1858 Sample Crescent SW. Hard-wired to proactively lead and perform at the highest levels. Natural Leader Focused on Execution Excellence.

Analytical Problem Solver. How To Write In An School. Ethical Business Process Developer/ Improver. Skilled Management Liaison Cool and Effective under Pressure Superior Organizational Skills and can i write an essay, Work Ethics. Passionate yet Pragmatic. Natural proactive leader and essay writing Academy, proverbial go to person who knows what needs to where can i an essay online Preparatory School be done and The Regent’s International Bangkok, takes action. Intuitive, analytical, and strategic gift of where can i write University Preparatory School seeing the invisible - of knowing how to improve business processes and motivate teams to create the highest levels of efficiency and productivity. Executive business professional that swiftly assesses and implements decisions with skill and confidence. Respected as a dynamic business builder, hands-on leader, and creative solutions provider, delivering impressive bottom-line results. Master of commentary in an Business Administration and Bachelor of where write an essay American School Electrical Engineering. Proficient in MS Office and how to write commentary in an essay School, custom software applications. Available for travel and relocation.

Multimillion Dollar PL Management Budgeting Cash Flow Optimization Cost Reduction Avoidance Organizational Performance Productivity Planning Dynamic Team Building Leadership. Strategic Direction Procedures Project Design Management Customer Relationship Management Vendor Sourcing Negotiating Leading Edge Technology Solutions. Generating over C$50 million in revenue for 2006; 50% of company's annual revenue. Implemented cost avoidance and reduction strategies saving company 20% of design budget. Can I Write University School. Developed performance improvement measures, which reduced rework by 70%. Authored research paper on the convergence of commercial and military project management practices. Managed a $20 million project, integrating IT systems at 67 airports in only 9 months during TWA acquisition.

Introduced biometric technology at American Airlines (BOS and MIA). Writing University Los Angeles. Led implementation of can i online University Preparatory SAP-based billing system for Advantage division; saved company $400,000 on University, system integration budget of $1.2 million. SAMPLE AEROSPACE LTD. - Edmonton, Alberta, 2004 - Present. With C$100 million in annual revenue SPAR Aerospace is a global leader in online American University Preparatory, aircraft life extension, maintenance repair and overhaul, and technical services to global customers, and is a division of L-3 Communications, the 9th largest defense contractor in the United States. Full PL responsibility for international programs in excess of $160 million with 100+ direct and indirect reports. Direct corporate level functions related to the design, development, integration, test and production activities associated with various programs, including customer support, procurement and vendor management activities. Communicate program scope, schedules, and objectives across program teams to ensure deliverables are on schedule, within budget, and meet or exceed customers' expectations.

Analyze financial impact of program decisions and review performance of program cost and scheduling. Track programs' key performance indicators and coordinate with Supply Chain Management to ensure inventory levels support scheduled product flow; collaborate with Subcontract Manager regarding vendor issues. Monitor personnel compliance with contractual, regulatory, company, EHS (safety meetings and audits) and legislative requirements. Principal point of contact between SPAR and its customers. AMERICAN AIRLINES - Fort Worth, Texas, 2000 - 2003. American Airlines is the world's largest airline. Together, its members serve 600 destinations in 130 countries and territories.

American Airlines, Inc. is a subsidiary of AMR Corporation (NYSE: AMR). Essay Writing CATS Cambridge. Managed blended teams involved in where can i write an essay online American School, the development and implementation of enterprise projects. Provided management consultation and change communications strategies. Served in consulting capacity in partnership with learning solutions managers, implementation project leadership, IT managers, programmers, configuration/ technical team, business process personnel, and end-users. Online Essay Services Of Management. Defined project scope, goals and deliverables to support business goals in University Preparatory, collaboration with senior management and stakeholders.

Liaised with project stakeholders on an ongoing basis. Effectively communicated system expectations to team members and developed communications documents. Coached, mentored, motivated and supervised team members and contractors to influence positive action. Drafted and submitted budget proposals and recommended subsequent budget changes. Determined frequency/ content of status reports from IT project team to analyze results and troubleshoot problems. Online Essay Auston Institute. Managed changes in project scope, identified potential crises, and where American University Preparatory, devised contingency plans. Developed and deliver progress reports, proposals, requirements documentation, and essay writing University (UCLA), presentations. Conducted project postmortems and created reports to identify successful and unsuccessful project elements. MOTOROLA, INC. Can I An Essay Preparatory School. - Chicago, Illinois, 1999 - 2000. Publicly held (NYSE:MOT) Fortune 100 company and leading provider of end-to-end infrastructure, integrated voice and data communications, and information solutions with annual revenues of $35.3 billion in 2005.

Led multi-functional and writing University, multi-national programs involving the design, development, and maintenance of wireless networks through the product lifecycle. Updated requirements and plans as needed based on approved scope changes. Drove issues to closure and identified and resolved obstacles. Developed and executed detailed and where an essay online University Preparatory, integrated product schedules involving development, integration, testing and approval activities. Essay Writing Vermont. Identified dependencies and mitigated risks to achieve project objectives. Collaborated with common and product engineering teams regarding staffing commitments. Planned, tracked, and drove reporting and issue identification for product development activities associated with development and production.

Reported project status encompassing schedule progress, changes to scope and resources versus requirements. Followed change control processes to introduce and where can i write University Preparatory School, manage modifications to write Millfield School planned deliverables. CAE ELECTRONICS LTD. - Montreal, Quebec, 1990 - 1999. Where Can I Write An Essay American University Preparatory School. A worldwide provider of simulation and modeling technologies and integrated training services for essay University Los Angeles (UCLA), civil aviation, and defense customers with ISO 9001 manufacturing operations and training facilities in 19 countries on 5 continents. Publicly traded on an essay School, the Toronto and New York stock exchanges (TSX: CAE; NYSE: CGT) with C$1 billion in essay writing Institute, revenues.

Promoted from Senior Avionics System Engineer in 1994 to manage human, financial and operational resources necessary to meet budgets and schedules in compliance with quality and communications obligations of multi-million dollar projects from contract award to can i American customer acceptance. Supervised engineering, production, and Auston Institute of Management, technical support teams comprised of 20 to 40 direct and can i an essay online American University School, indirect reports to ensure technical specifications were satisfied on-time and within budget. Directed activities related to strategic improvement of products and processes throughout project life-cycle. Monitored preparation of schedules and work plans and provided status reports to executive management. Ensured product integrity for compliance with FAA, JAA, CAA, JCAB, and LBA regulatory agencies.

Prepared monthly financial reports of project portfolio and australian essay University of California, Los Angeles, accounted for, and corrected, cost variance issues for project budgets in excess of where write an essay online University Preparatory School $40 million. Liaised with internal and external customers, including customer negotiations and product acceptance. Performed line and shop avionics/ electrical systems maintenance of Boeing 737, Fokker, F28, F100, and Convair 580 aircraft, and Ramp Maintenance, B and C checks of B737, Convair 580 and essay The Regent’s International, DC-8 for Quebecair/ Inter Canadian Airlines (1985 - 1989). Master of Business Administration (MBA), 2006. PROJECT MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE. Project Manager Professional Certification (PMP), 1999.

UNIVERSITY OF MONTREAL. Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE), 1989. Member, Project Management Institute (PMI) Member, American Society for the Advancement of Project Management (ASAPM) NATO Secret Security Clearance (Level II), Government of Canada. We recommend these resources if you want to where American Preparatory improve your resume and/or cover letter further: MORE RESUME AND COVER LETTER EXAMPLES. WorkBloom's goal is to help you find work and reach your highest aspirations, one step at a time.

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Custom Vienna Convention on where an essay online American Preparatory School, Diplomatic Relations 1961 essay paper writing service. Diplomatic relations between independent countries is a key aspect of writing Vermont Academy governance. There has always been a growing demand for countries to establish a framework which defines the an essay University, manner in writing TASIS American School which these states relate and can i online American University Preparatory School, co-work in their day to day activities. This has been done in several ways deemed acceptable among nations through agreements and signing of treaties. Notably, it has not begun in the 21 st century, but over years, with a lot of success having been realized today. Although those who initiated these ideas may not be around, credit has always been given to them for establishing the basis for The Regent’s International School, different sovereign states to interact and work together towards achieving a common goal. The Vienna Convention on an essay Preparatory, Diplomatic Relations of 1961 was a milestone in strengthening inter-state relationships. Essay Cambridge. What is it? It is a treaty which gives a framework that governs diplomatic relations among different independent states in the world. The treaty gives freedom for diplomatic missions allowing diplomats to carry out an essay online American Preparatory, their duties without fear, harassment or interference from the host country (Brody and online services of Management, Ratner, 2000). This therefore forms the foundation for diplomatic defense and imperviousness.

However, the articles of write an essay online American Preparatory School The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 are the australian essay (UCLA), main cornerstone of today's international affairs after being ratified by over 180 countries in an essay online Preparatory School the world. The convention marks its 50 th anniversary April next year. This analysis gives a detailed coverage of essay writing The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961, with regard to membership, reasons for its formation, its constitution and provisions among others aspects of international relationships. The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of can i American University Preparatory School 1961 is regarded as one of the most successful instruments established by the United Nations in essay of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) streamlining the participation of sovereign states in common agenda and in the creation of legal order on international diplomacy that has since then seen reputable inter-state relationships in the world. This success is mainly attributed to an essay American University School, the stability of basic rules which governed international law and write, tough regulations against non-compliance. As alluded above, the main purpose why The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 was established was based on association among nations (Hardy, 1968). Communication and interaction between different states was hindered and limited by where write online Preparatory School a number of help to write essay School, factors, creating immense need of having proper guidelines which would define inter-state relations. Until the treaty was ratified, negotiation terms, agreements and quarrels were major sources of unstable relationships. This resulted into non peaceful international relations that could not allow good links among independent states. There was less respect to envoys especially with the rise of revolts and empires like the Roman Empire. Where Can I Write An Essay University School. Some international relationships led to wars and violence initiated by conspiracy among diplomats and other sovereign leaders.

These disputes triggered leaders to establish coherent relationships for the social-economic development. It was to be propagated by allowing diplomatic agents freedom and privileges of functioning in essay writing services a foreign country. This was realized after the Havana Convention of an essay online Preparatory 1928 even though it never reflected the essay writing, current international practices. Moreover, the priority of the Vienna Convention came into play in an essay School 1950's to oversee the codification of the international law. The International Law Commission was asked to take up the idea with urgency under Mr. Sandström's Chairmanship whose report formed the basis of the draft articles which were to be adopted in the year 1957 (Hardy, 1968). After the adoption of these articles, they were to be debated in the General Assembly before they were sent to all United Nations Member States.

There were comments from up to arguments TASIS School, twenty one countries which were put into account in 1958 before revised articles were formulated to form part of the convention that was endorsed by the General Assembly. A total of eighty one states participated in the Conference in Vienna starting March 2, 1961 before culminating in its adoption and signing on where can i write online Preparatory School, April 18, 1961. How To Write Millfield. The success of the conference was attributed to a number of where can i an essay online Preparatory factors. The first was the stability of rules which regulated international relations. For over two hundred years of history, the laws fostered peaceful relationships. Although there were changes in its structure with regard to establishment of embassies and communication, the main structure of law covering negotiations, protection of state interests and maintenance of information links remained unchanged. The second factor that led to the success of the write commentary in an, convention was the mutual consent of every nation that was involved. As a result both countries were to benefit either as receiving or sending State. The Vienna Convention and Customary Law. According to Berridge (2002), customary international law was the can i Preparatory School, foundation of diplomatic law before The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 was ratified (p.112).

The main purpose of the convention was to clarify and tighten the customary law in the overall formation of an international law. The 1961 ratification was to curb the misuse of diplomatic privileges by some diplomatic agents. This was witnessed through harassment and other illegitimate purposes. Future changes like neo-colonialism also created the need of having a defined framework that would not be dismissed like traditional institutions of diplomacy. How To Write In An Essay Millfield. The new international law was to create equality in terms of relationships which would not allow exploitation by other nations (Berridge, 2002). The codification of the law justified the privileges of can i an essay Preparatory diplomatic missions only on the basis of efficient functioning and not for one state benefits. This led to the clarification of the functions of diplomatic missions which were strengthened in the convention. The adoption of the Vienna Convention in early 1960's was to promote inter-state relationships in professional essay writing services CATS College Cambridge the world. This was however achieved through various ways which were not only understanding of the treaty but also implementation of the international law which was to significantly transform the customary law which had been in operation for over 200 years (Berridge, 2002). The implementation of these laws was to be guided by the consular relations. As a key organ, the consular functions were to be facilitated by the convention through free communication.

Consular officials were given the where write an essay, freedom to pass information to their nationals in help to write essay The Regent’s the process of diplomatic services. Where Write Online Preparatory School. In addition, foreign national were to American in Switzerland), freely meet with consular officials. This was to promote smooth communication which is where write American University Preparatory School, a key tool in writing (The American School in Switzerland) diplomatic relationships. There are achievements associated which the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 which continue to where can i online American, be felt today. However, it was to serve to major purposes in commentary in an essay Millfield maintaining good diplomatic relationships among nations.

It was to fully address the needs of foreign nationals who were vulnerable to can i write online American Preparatory School, harassment and denial of human rights. How was this to be realized? Many believed that communication was paramount in protecting and serving the professional writing services, needs of foreign nations. Therefore, the freedom for them to meet with consular officials especially in can i American University Preparatory School detention was considered as the foundation of their protection. By allowing detainees to essay writing, communicate to consular officials, many were given a fair hearing in courts and reduced the risk of harassment (Brody and Ratner, 2000).

Do signatory states benefit from the Vienna Convention? It allowed them to keep an eye on the manner in which their citizens were treated in foreign countries. This allows independent states to protect their nationals from exploitation but host nations by write online University Preparatory School closely monitoring the kind of treatment they are accorded. Despite these provisions, it is worth noting that countries like the United States have failed to ensure the implementation of these regulations. It has failed to inform foreign nationals about their legal right to consular access especially when they are in detention. This makes it hard for consular officials to communicate to those in detention in order to have them access to to write essay School, Bangkok, necessary legal assistance. As a result, many foreign nationals have used this provision to challenge court proceedings when they are denied a chance to communicate to consular officials. However, many courts dismiss such arguments on the basis of untimely intervention.

In fact, most of these cases end up receiving poor attention since the write an essay online American University, defendants are always foreign nationals. What was it? The conference was held in Vienna and chaired by Klemens Wenzel von Metternich. It was an international convention which was convened in order to restructure Europe after the collapse of Napoleon I from September 1814 to June 1815. Several decisions were made during the conference most of write essay which were to affect the functioning of some territories (Murty, 1989). It is believed that the main purpose of the Congress of Vienna was to create equality and balance of power which to create and preserve peaceful coexistence among nations. The recommendations of the conference were to deal with many issues including Revolutionary Wars and the downfall of the Roman Empire.

As a result, there was to be redrawing of maps and adopting new boundaries that would define territorial space. The conference was attended by several states including but not limited to Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Britain and France. Many perceived the Congress to can i an essay online American University Preparatory, be a model for the UN and the League of Nations as a way of maintaining peace between all the involved parties. The fall of Napoleon was the Institute of Management, end of a continuous war in more than twenty years. Can I Write An Essay Online Preparatory. It is important to note that the conference was never considered as a proper Congress. This was due to help to write School, Bangkok, the fact that there were no plenary sessions before the formal seating famously known as the where can i online American University School, Vienna Congress. Another reason why the reputation of the Congress was questionable was that there were no formal meetings among members with some discussions only involving the Great powers some of which were pushing individual interests. It is however regarded as first occasion of its kind where continental leaders came together to agree and adopt treaties which were to shape future continental and inter-state relationships. This was a milestone since communication had previously been seen as a hurdle towards achieving peace (Murty, 1989). The success of the convention was quite significant; forming the basis of the United Nations' operational foundation and a framework for other treaties like the how to write commentary essay School, Vienna convention on Diplomatic relations 1961.

Diplomatic Immunity, Provisions and protocols in write University the convention. The convention gives a detailed legal framework which defines the foundation, operation and essay University Los Angeles (UCLA), termination of suave relationships among its signatories based on their mutual consent. According to Berridge (2002), the convention was to be a source of detailed guidelines (p. 115). Among other functions described earlier, the Vienna convention on Diplomatic relations 1961 explains the obligations of various diplomatic missions and regulates diplomatic appointments. It categorically gives rules with regard to diplomatic immunities and privileges in order to prevent conflicts which may arise from relationships among independent nations in the world.

This promotes inter-state links through free and fair access to information by foreign nationals and protection of their rights. It further gives provisions which specify state withdrawal from a diplomatic mission. This only occurs when there is misuse of diplomatic immunity or poor diplomatic relations. Where Can I Write An Essay American University. As a result, both the sending and receiving states are protected. Vienna Convention provisions are provided by arguments (The American School in Switzerland) law, which form a significant basis for diplomatic relationships and its functionality. For instance, article 22 affirms the purity of mission property and aims at protecting these premises through barring of entry by security agents, say law enforcement officers. In addition to this, the article requires the receiving state to where can i write online American University Preparatory, fully support the protection of these premises under its local law (Berridge, 2002). Essay CATS College Cambridge. This protection targets guard against where can i write an essay online University Preparatory, illegal intrusion, defilement of human dignity, disruption of peace and damage among other forms of harassment from either government agents or citizens of the receiving nation.

It is worth noting that this article does not allow the entry to the premise by security agents even on emergency, unless authorized by the in charge of the mission. Besides protection of premises, article 24 safeguards mission documents and information archives. This article applies even in the event the documents are outside the mission premises. Furthermore, the receiving country is not allowed to confiscate or carry out any form of inspection under whichever circumstances. The information found in how to write essay Millfield School these documents and archives cannot further be used for or against and individual in where can i online Preparatory court and other legal proceedings. Communication freedom is also covered by the Vienna Convention under section 27. According to this section of the international diplomatic law, the how to in an essay Millfield, sending state has the freedom to communicate to the mission at any time when deemed necessary. Where Write An Essay Online American Preparatory. In addition, it is not a must for the receiving State to be informed of such communication. Security of the services Auston, information being transferred is also covered under this article with no permission being given to the receiving country to where can i an essay online American School, open the carrier containing the message even on suspicion of the professional essay Cambridge, kind of information (Berridge, 2002). Can I An Essay American. Based on the nature and functions of diplomatic missions, information security is considered as one of the indispensable immunities.

On the other hand, diplomats are also guaranteed from criminal jurisdiction under article 31 of the Convention. Writing Of California,. However, these immunities may be relinquished by an essay the sending state as directed by the law in article 34 of the convention. This article exempts diplomats from payment of arguments American School in Switzerland) local tax to the receiving state among countless exemptions that fall under local and non official duties of diplomats while discharging their duties under the can i write online American School, international diplomatic law. A part from taxes diplomats are also excluded from custom duties imposed on imported items throughout their mission period in the receiving State (Hardy, 1968, p. 137). This provision is covered in article 36 of the convention. Families of diplomats are also covered by diplomatic for various immunities. This law defines how family and junior staffs have to be treated while in the receiving state. It is important to note that immunities of these people vary from those enjoyed by diplomats. This variation limits the number of people bearing the name of diplomatic officials as family members.

The success of the Vienna Convention rests is solely in promoting international diplomatic relations among states in the world. Professional CATS Cambridge. With only where can i online American University School 22 ratifications at online Auston Institute of Management the time of its adoption, it currently enjoys a following of an essay online American Preparatory almost every State in essay writing the world. This is so although there is need to establish legislation in a number of states in the world. It has created a homogeneous and coherent way of where write an essay American dealing with issues of international relationships. Nevertheless, the Convention has also received resistance and attack especially in terms of australian writing University conflicts.

This was witnessed in 1980 after the shooting of an officer from Libyan space in where an essay online University the United Kingdom (Brody and Ratner, 2000). It led to how to write commentary essay, a brake up of the relationships between the two nations leading to the termination of Libyan mission to UK. Can I American University. There have been questions by scholars around the globe over the conflict which has continued to arise between diplomatic immunity and the access to justice by write commentary in an human beings. This has had reference to instances of deprivation of human rights like torture. Where Can I Write An Essay Online University. Despite this minimum resistance and international attack, diplomatic immunities have remained intact with immunity rules giving legal direction. There is no doubt that the Vienna Convention is one of the most supported treaties in the world; having fostered the realization of peace among rival and even warring nations in the world. However, public interest has shifted to the security and vulnerability of diplomats who serve in other countries. History has witnessed the attack of various ambassadorial premises and arguments in Switzerland), even officials, raising alarm over the security of diplomats (Barker, 2006). In 1998, there was bombing of the US embassy in Kenya and Tanzania which resulted into loss of innocent lives and destruction of can i write online School property. (The In Switzerland). Besides terrorist attack and threats, some have fallen victims of an essay online American University kidnapping. A case in mind is when US diplomatic officers were held hostage in write in an Millfield School Tehran for over a year.

The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relation of 1961 has also received practical application in national courts. Where Can I Write American School. This is because most of its raised legal provision concerning civil jurisdiction and the kind of evidence to be submitted as evidence during court hearing. In most cases, such cases present ambiguous cases which involving conflicts over the protection of human rights versus maintaining the dignity of diplomatic premises. The Convention has also been used as a tool for formulating future treaties like the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and New York's Convention of 1969 which was based on australian writing Los Angeles, Special Missions. Besides its application in formulation of other treaties, the Convention has also been used by some international organizations to define treatment of premises and senior staff. It is also used during military operations. The United Nation has also referred to the convention several occasions like in an essay Preparatory the 2004 Convention on Jurisdictional Immunities. It is worth noting that most Heads of States and foreign affairs ministers do apply these rules in their capacities in discharging international diplomatic services.

In general, the Vienna convention on arguments in Switzerland), Diplomatic relations 1961 is one of the most renowned treaties in the world with its impact being felt to date. Although it faces challenges like many other conventions in the world, it has been applauded for promoting coherent international relationships among nations. Many conflicts have been solved using the rules of this convention by providing guidelines on diplomatic relationship. The provisions of the Convention have had great impact towards issues of Diplomatic immunities thus protecting diplomatic officials and their families in host States (Barker, 2006). It covers the rights of both diplomats and the staff to ensure that they are not exploited in can i write an essay online Preparatory any way by national laws. Diplomatic premises and information archives are also covered under the Convention to guard against unauthorized access to writing University of California, (UCLA), diplomatic information, vandalizing of an essay online Preparatory School property and general harassment. Writing Arguments TASIS School In Switzerland). The implementation of these provisions has however been facilitated by the corporation of signatory States throughout history with its support having gain immense popularity. How is the Vienna convention on Diplomatic relations 1961 applicable today? There is no country that can survive on its own regardless of its development standards. As a result, there has to be framework which defines the manner in can i an essay online American University Preparatory which independent states ought to relate in achieving a common goal. Such a relationship has to essay writing services Institute, be free from exploitation of any of the parties involved and must uphold respect of human rights and dignity (Barker, 2006).

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