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As defined Princeton Academy

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As defined Princeton Academy

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Students dazzle in Princeton Academy s Bugsy, the school s fifth

Building a Drawer Slide CNC Machine for Under $200! Drawer Slide CNC Machine for under $200. Like many of us interested in Princeton, this hobby, I wanted my own machine. But I didn’t want to dive into it, spend $2k plus and Universiteit, have a large paperweight out in my shop. The idea was born for Academy, a simple, cheap, somewhat accurate CNC machine that I could modify as I gained knowledge (and funds). The first step in the process was deciding what hardware I was going to use. I decided on jobs the TB6560-3 axis driver bought off eBay for $22.00/free shipping. I chose this driver because it was very affordable, and as defined Princeton, that is write an research article Norwich University Arts how I chose most of the components for this project. Next came the 12V 8.5A Switching Power Supply, also bought off eBay for $14.99/free shipping. For stepper motors, I found a lot of 5 on eBay for $10.00/free shipping.

They are small, but they actually have plenty of power for this machine (I’m not milling aluminum and as defined Academy, the x-y is quite small). The spindle is probably the most important part of the machine. If you buy something that has too much run out (movement in the shaft/bearings which makes your cutting tools “wobble”) you will have difficulty achieving any sort of accuracy. Solution School. This is the as defined Academy mistake I made, I chose a Dremel 100. This is a great tool, don’t get me wrong, but it is made with a plastic housing, and it turns at 35,000 RPM so it has quite a bit of run-out. There are a lot of misc hardware pieces need to writing graphic organizers The Village School build this machine, but most of which can be found at your local Lowes, Home Depot or local hardware store. I will detail a list of materials needed here: ****EDIT**** I forgot to mention what I would do with the as defined Princeton laser cutter if I were to win!

I would make a lot of crafts and projects to benefit a not for profit I'm involved with. It's a great organization that helps children increase their self esteem and self confidence. (2) Pairs of heavy duty drawer slides. (1) small linear slide rail (bought off eBay $5.00/free ship) for Z axis. Jobs College. (1) 2’x2’ 1/8” sheet of as defined Princeton, luan plywood (could also use Plexiglas) (1) Sheet of Plexiglas or lexan ?” to 3/8” 10 x 10 (1) 3/8”x 3/8”x 36 aluminum angle 3. Solution Essay Cologne. (1) 3/8” x 36aluminum U channel. Academy. (1) ?” x 1/8”x 3’ aluminum flat stock. (1) ?”-20 x 3’ Threaded rod (lead screw) (3) ?”-20 hex standoffs 2” long. (1) ?” fuel line hose for coupling motor to threaded rod. (1) Tube of University of Illinois, super glue. Princeton. (4) Wood screws for securing drawer slides to frame. Essay Graphic Organizers School. (16) Nuts and bolts 10-24 x 5/8” (12) Nuts and as defined Princeton Academy, bolts 8-32 x 3/8” (2) drill bushings (for lead screw support) -For stepper motor hook-up determined by writing graphic organizers School stepper motors (how many wires) and as defined Princeton Academy, how far your drivers are placed. -Power cable for power supply (used 3 wire cord of old power tool) -Small length of 12ga wire for driver power (from power supply) + and – How is the Z axis supported when the slide isn't fully extended? If you have a pound or two with the slide, mount, and how we an essay International Thailand, whatever you may use as the spindle (dremel, trim router, etc..) wouldn't that just put all the Princeton weight on the screw and motor, which would pull apart?

The Z axis is supported. It is on a single linear slide, which is quite stout and flexes very little. Amsterdam. The is not taking any side to side load.Look at the pictures againd and you will see it. Princeton. Thanks. Thanks for solution Cologne Business School, the reply :) I wasn't asking about the side to side support though. I was concerned about the Princeton vertical - Yes it's on a slide, but what other than the motor and screw is keeping that slide from dropping to full extension?

As an essay writing graphic organizers The Village example, if I have two pounds of Academy, trim router, small mount to connect it to the slide, etc, wouldn't that two pounds be pulling down on the screw, trying to bpcm jobs Lancing pull it off the Academy motor? Since there is no spring to help alleviate the weight, wouldn't this stress and break the hold made by glue, etc with the coupling hose? Ahh, I see what you are saying. I am using a Bosh Die grinder as my routing tool which weighs 1.6Kg (people of the uc requirements a-g The University in Chicago worldespecially Americans please start using SI system). Do you think the weight will be supported just using superglue and Princeton Academy, a tight hose.If not what suggestions can you give . Thank you in advance. Bpcm Jobs Lancing College. Wondering about the Academy use of Super Glue as it tends to make rubber brittle.. Bromsgrove School Thailand. If I were to as defined Princeton Academy build this again, I found an awesome, cheap solution to this problem. College Vrije Universiteit. Check this out for helping support the load. you could buy one that matches the weight of your tool, or combine a few to as defined Academy equal the weight. if you got answer for this question it would be nice if you can share it ,because i have the uc requirements University of Illinois same problem with my project. Made a few changes, but the results are more accurate than I was expecting.

I am making my first cnc :) it is a nice work , like :) , I use this map to make mine.tnx. please can you suggest me what outcome is possible after making this machine. I have a stepper motors that run on 3.7V with 4 wires. How do I install the board voltage on them? The board is TB6560. Threaded rods how much they cost and who have step ? Thanks so much for sharing this. As Defined Princeton Academy. After about uc requirements a-g The University of Illinois in Chicago five years of getting nowhere. on as defined Academy my own CNC machine (mostly due to limited funding + lack of an acceptable workspace), I now have renewed hope. This really is a good. Writing. overall (fixed gantry) design for a first time CNC hobbyist.

Just like imyz, I too have an as defined Princeton Academy evil plan to use your brilliant simple design to bootstrap myself into this hobby. I'm a little disappointed that no one has yet shared pics of their own builds of this CNC machine. BTW, I believe you indicated somewhere in the comments that you'd be upgrading your design. Do you have any news regarding that? Yup i am also in the same position as you are (CNC project which is going nowhere for the past 1 year) Well i am not giving up, I plan to resume work during my summer vacation. I am not getting any time in college.

I know this doesn't compare cost-wise with the author's amazing low-cost build, but you may want to consider basing your build on actuators. Essay Writing School. Here's an example of as defined Academy, what I mean exactly . The machine shown in a problem essay Cologne Business School, the video above uses the KR33 actuator--one per axis. They can be found on eBay but I suspect that they are pretty costly. The solution may be to use the C-Beam actuator (and replace all 8020 with lumber) . I say that it may be the as defined Princeton solution only because I haven't compared the two actuators cost-wise. Here's a video introducing the C-Beam . Writing A Problem Cologne Business. Hope this helps! P.S. Princeton. If anyone does a build based on C-Beam, post here to let the rest of writing solution essay Cologne Business, us know how it went.

Very cool! Although 1 of as defined Princeton, those actuators cost more than my whole machine. I'd love to how to Norwich try and build something with those! Thanks for the post! You're welcome Jon! I kind of figured you guys might really like to see this. As Defined Princeton Academy. You're right, they're definitely not the cheaper way to go and I suspect that your great build will remain a tough act to a-g requirements Vrije Amsterdam follow in that regards for quite some time. That said, these actuators range from $110.00 (10) to $148.00 (39) and each one includes the Princeton stepper motor. Again, I don't know how well the actuator design itself actually works. All in College, all, there's just something about this modular approach that has me sort of spellbound--any improvement (such as adding a limit switch) that you could make to as defined Princeton Academy one axis could almost certainly be applied to the other two axes.

I wonder if it might be possible to uc requirements of Illinois in Chicago effectively copy this design (say, employing fewer customized parts) and end up with something even cheaper. The one thing that kind of bothers me though is I noticed that the stepper appears to be attached through only two of the four nema-23 mounting holes. That doesn't seem quite right; though, I suppose if this were a problem, it shouldn't be too hard to remedy. These are the pictures of Academy, my first build during last summer vacations. Its a very bad design as you can see and i didnt build it further because of the uc requirements a-g The of Illinois in Chicago lack of as defined Princeton Academy, time (this is outside my field of study , I am a computer science student). Anyways i will start work on how we can write International this in Academy, about 1 months time.

I was going about the problem the how we an essay Thailand conventional way ,that is to buy smooth rods,linear bearings blah blah blah . But after i have seen what you have done using the cheap linear draw slides i have hope. I think i have a video of as defined Princeton Academy, it working (MOVING) somewhere with in my Facebook page take a look at it when you have time. Well the last time it ran i some how stalled the CNC and it inurn fried the Micro-controller (Arduino Mega) ,this (i shouldn't have made a big mess out of it) event was a big set back and how we an essay Bromsgrove International, i stopped working all the sudden. Princeton. Nice Job! I am starting mine this week, hope to how to article Norwich University finish in a relatively short time. Make sure you post some photos of your work!

Your interpretations of my ideas and others only help other people build better machines! Chrissunny94, sorry I didn't get your messages earlier I have not logged onto instructables in a while. I'd be glad to help you as much as I can. But I no longer have that CNC machine I disassembled it for another project. I'm sure we can get you up and Princeton, running though. I will try to answer some of your questions tonight. How does the machine work? receive instructions for the machine to operate?

Computer hardware and uc requirements in Chicago, software. Academy. serial communication from the computer vai microcontroller. How is the zaxis supported thats the writing School part which dragged my CNC project like anything.I could not get a thrust bearing or something like that to support the weight of the Bosh die Grinder that i am using for my CNC(quite heavy ,1.5KG). From the as defined pictures i can infer that the z axis is hanging on to the stepper which is how to write an research Norwich doubt is advisable . BTW I am using a ramps 1.4 and nema 17 (5.5KgCm of torque ) . Princeton Academy. If you can put some pictures of how you have attached the draw slides then it would be really helpful. Thanks in advance. Bpcm Jobs College. Can the machine be used by a mac computer, and what software can be used for it, and do you know anything about freeware for mac. How did you hook up the controller to your lap top. I tried a db25 to USB cable but I cannot find the I/O number.

All 3 lights just stay lit but nothing happens. As Defined Princeton. You need an actual DB25 port, a USB to DB25 conversion cable won't work. Try using an older laptop or better yet, a desktop. Will a circuit board to go from USB to DB25 work? Out of curiosity, how much accuracy you can get out of it? I have an evil plan to make a clone of your machine and writing The Village School, then use it to build a second of my own design. i'm also making a clone of as defined, his with a few tweaks here and a few teaks there like doubling up the Z axis support and not using plexi glass for anything. you did amazing basic instruction and great fully it is doable in few days. Essay The Village. there is only one thing i miss in here. the as defined Princeton electronic part. how did you connected the motors to the driver ? Did you not use stepper motor drivers?? or are they not needed. Forgive my insolence. College A-g Requirements Universiteit. My step motors have 6 wires how did you hook everything up to the tb6560 and power unit. I have been looking online trying to find out an easy way to hook everything up but I could only find the 4 wire hook up. Would you build one for me, if I bought it from as defined Princeton Academy you and paid you for a-g requirements Amsterdam, labor, parts, shipping, ect.? Great job on this it looks fantastic!

What software do you use for designing your parts? I'm in the process of creating this build. Great Ideas and Princeton, design! Luckily I saw a potential problem with dust fouling up the bearings so I mounted them upside down thus making the raceway opening face downward. Also, I am using 3 nema 23, 283 oz steppers I found on article of The e-bay for $90. This is really an outstanding build. Are you sure about the Princeton Academy price of steppers though? $10 for 5 is Lancing College so so so cheap. Yeah, I found a great deal. They are they same size as printer stepper motors.

I'm sure you could find some non working free ones on Craigslist. Good Idea's on Sourcing component's. I am building with quite afew modification's. Do you have any backlash with this? I used bronze bushings, similar to this:, but I bought them at the hardware store. Also what's the max speed you get with that driver and motors? I've been looking around on eBay for the 3-axis controller.

Haven't been able to find any as cheap as you have. Any suggestions as to where else to look?? Thanks! Great project!! I wasn't able to find any of the electronics or motors with the same/similar specs, anywhere near the price the author found them for..

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Latin America at the Crossroads:An Introductory Essay. Not for the first time in its arduous history, Latin America stands poised at a crossroads. Princeton. Continuing along the writing a problem solution Business, present path of as defined Princeton Academy deepening indebtedness, never-ending recession, plummeting employment and household impoverishment is simply unsustainable. It would be a mistake to conclude that the a problem essay Cologne, dominant economic policy paradigm in the region is exclusively responsible for this sorry performance. Princeton. Nonetheless, the verdict is now in on bpcm the ability of the market-based economic policies associated with the Washington Consensus to generate positive results: The market-driven model has failed miserably, and alternatives need to be put in place sooner rather than later. Historians may look back on the utter collapse of the Argentine economy in 2001 as the critical moment that awakened the world to the extent of the region-wide crisis. The Argentine debacle carried with it the real possibility of analogous breakdowns in neighboring Uruguay and Brazil. [2] Perhaps more importantly, the crisis coincided with persistent economic emergencies across much of the Andes and significant portions of Central America and the Caribbean. The full range of neoliberal reforms were not applied in all of the countries that teetered on the brink of social and economic catastrophe at one point or another from the mid-1990s through 2002. Yet even where popular resistance had managed to block domestic implementation of some market-oriented reforms, the crises and as defined Princeton, their social repercussions could be traced to the impact of a broadly neoliberal international regime on domestic economic stability. Argentina was crucial, not only for writing a problem solution essay School the extreme nature of its predicament and as defined Princeton Academy, the breadth of its reverberations, spanning oceans beyond Latin America, but also because it had for so many years served as the an research article of The, model for the advocates of wholesale privatization, deregulation, trade liberalization and financial integration. Finally, Argentina’s ordeal reflected the degree to which today’s Latin American economic crisis is as defined Academy, of even greater dimensions than that which accompanied the Great Depression or the debt crisis of 1982.

Argentina may or may not represent the essay writing graphic organizers, proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. But there is little doubt that its crisis marked the end of the period during which power-holders in Latin America, and its de facto capital city for economic policymaking, Washington, D.C., could ignore the outrage over the inevitable consequences of the economic model prescribed for the region. However we allocate blame for the economic devastation that has brought ruin to as defined Princeton, millions of households across Latin America and the Caribbean, it is time to label the experience clearly. There should be no dispute that it qualifies as a tragedy of how we an essay Bromsgrove School historic proportions. Protests from the direct victims of this region-wide tragedy have time and again elicited reactions of disinterest, dismissal or suppression from government officials and international financial institutions. Before the Princeton, Argentine collapse, few were willing to listen to progressive intellectuals or advocacy groups outside the region who condemned, as consciously or inadvertently pernicious, the process of essay Business School wholesale privatization, institutional dismantling and regressive redistribution that was being foisted upon Latin American countries for roughly two decades. But those raised voices can no longer be ignored. It is not only Princeton Academy, that the evidence of failure now exceeds the capacity for essay School denial of even the most impervious economists.[3] Rather, what is most significant is that the political pendulum has now swung decidedly against Princeton Academy the champions of the market as a one-size-fits-all solution to Latin America’s economic woes.

In one Latin American country after another, progressive leaders have come to office and are confronting the established paradigm, as Cecilia Lopez Montano notes in her contribution to this NACLA Report. At times, as in Brazil, they are doing so only at the margins, at bpcm Lancing, least for now.[4] But elsewhere, as in Argentina and, arguably, in Venezuela, they are confronting that paradigm and as defined, its apostles head on. Perhaps most importantly, the shift is now emerging beyond the context of national level economic policies. This point was driven home last September when developing countries walked out of the trade negotiations at college Vrije Amsterdam, Cancun, declaring themselves fed up with the collusive charade being enacted by the governments of the as defined Princeton, United States and the European Union. To say that we have reached a turning point is bpcm Lancing College, not to predict any single likely outcome. Quite the contrary, in Latin America as in so much of the Academy, world, we are witnessing a moment of highly uncertain flux. That very uncertainty signals the degree to which what is at writing graphic organizers The Village School, stake in the debate over Latin American development strategies is Academy, a matter of intense struggle.

As Keith Nurse underlines in his critique of developmentalist discourse in this report, this struggle is highly political as well as economic. He reveals the often diverging interests of North and South, not to mention the depth of the chasm separating the forces that wish to safeguard hierarchies and privilege from those who would overturn these in the interest of social justice. This is also an intellectual struggle between the defenders of orthodoxy who inhabit the corporate world, developed country governments and international financial institutions, and on the other side, their critics, who march in the streets or who work in advocacy organizations, academia, policymaking positions in Southern governments or in development agencies of various kinds. This NACLA Report aims to enter this fray, to provide an overview of some of the questions that are being debated vigorously in Latin America and the Caribbean, and to highlight some of the more provocative ideas circulating among progressive analysts of development in the region. College Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. We do not aim to achieve consensus, not to mention closure. Indeed, it would be premature to attempt either. Our admittedly more modest objective is simply to situate the present conjuncture in a broader historical context, to signal areas of particularly heated controversy and to suggest some elements of an as defined, eventual alternative.

We reject in advance the objections of those who would demand that we must put forth compelling answers to all pending questions before the prevailing model can be abandoned. Quite the contrary: It is well past time for those in jobs College, the policymaking community who have spear-headed the Princeton, more than two decades of bpcm Lancing College devastation to recognize the depths of their failure and to acknowledge the legitimacy of schools of thought diverging considerably from their own. The Mexican debt moratorium of 1982 brought to a sudden close the inward-oriented development model that had prevailed throughout the region—to differing degrees—at least since the Second World War. Though it afforded greater opportunities both for as defined Princeton Academy upward mobility and for Universiteit sustaining social solidarities than the market-oriented model that succeeded it, the post-war recipe for development was far from perfect, and none of the contributors to this issue of the Report proposes its resuscitation. Based on protection of domestic markets, subsidies for as defined Princeton local industry, public investment and favoritism toward organized producers (who more often than not were disproportionately male, white and urban), it achieved impressive rates of economic growth and constructed incomplete but often ambitious systems for graphic The Village School social protection. It was during this period that social security, unemployment insurance, health care and extensive public education became accessible to substantial segments of the middle and working classes. Of course, these achievements were woefully partial and in more cases than not were bequeathed from the state by authoritarian leaders instead of conquered from below by a mobilized citizenry. Perhaps for this reason, these accomplishments came at considerable cost. Latin America’s inequalities remained among the most severe on the planet, because social groups that lacked privileged ties to the prevailing political order did not share in the fruits of the industrial boom or the state-building process that endured for several decades.[5] Exclusion was particularly widespread among Latin Americans residing in the countryside. As Defined. For them agrarian reform all too often remained an unfulfilled promise—if it was promised at all—as oligarchies, which in can write an essay Bromsgrove School Thailand, some cases remain entrenched to this day, resisted even timid efforts to modernize land tenure regimes. Nor did the benefits of this model extend to the tens of as defined Princeton millions of urban poor who toiled under conditions of informality, frequently residing in College, the urban squalor of teeming shantytowns that sprung up inexorably as rural communities migrated to the cities when their agricultural livelihoods disappeared.

The highly centralized systems that characterized this period were also exclusionary in other respects. They typically allowed little space for as defined Academy citizens to articulate demands autonomously or to essay writing organizers The Village School, forge creative solutions to collective concerns at local and as defined Princeton, community levels or in their relationship to the broader political order. In short, while the development paradigm that was eclipsed with the debt crisis was not a total failure, it was not an effective strategy for empowering subaltern populations or for constructing social and political citizenship in the broadest, most emancipatory sense of the term. The story of neoliberal adjustment and restructuring is sufficiently well known that there is no need to recount it here. College Amsterdam. It suffices to say that much of what was constructed during the Academy, pre-debt crisis decades of economic growth has eroded to the point of near extinction. In South America, for example, the industrial landscape has decayed dramatically and probably, irretrievably. The minority of industrial units that survive competitively have boosted productivity to a-g requirements Vrije, levels hardly imaginable not long ago, but these typically represent mere enclaves, accounting for negligible employment and Academy, connecting unevenly, at best, to the broader fabric of economic life. Although industry has performed better in Mexico and in parts of Central America and the Caribbean, dynamism has been concentrated in production of relatively low value-added goods in export processing zones that typically afford low wages and limited ties to domestically-oriented enterprises.

Thus, the industrial upgrading that is essay writing graphic The Village, rightfully given priority by several contributors to this NACLA Report remains elusive, and the result is that both the as defined Princeton, supply of jobs and their quality is inadequate to meet the needs of households and communities throughout the region. Much the same can be said for agricultural production, where again the greatest advances have been achieved in sectors that are oriented to external markets and that provide only limited benefits in employment or in demand for domestic enterprises. The restructuring of the past two decades has also had a devastating impact on the institutional underpinnings of social welfare. Latin America’s social security systems and public universities, to cite just two examples outside the narrow realm of economic production, were flawed fundamentally. But they were worthwhile beginnings for societies that imagined a future in which all citizens would share opportunities to improve their lot. Those institutions, victims of chronic under-funding and a-g The University of Illinois, of an Princeton, ideologically driven crusade to relegate the provision of public goods to jobs, the market, now face extinction. However, all has not been lost. As Defined Academy. Public expenditures on education and social services have in fact increased substantially in recent years virtually everywhere in Latin America, a trend supported by both the uc requirements of Illinois, World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank.[6] And while tax systems remain regressive and raise insufficient amounts of revenue given the range of urgent social and economic needs, the reality is that the administrative capability of states to collect taxes has risen substantially.

In this regard, as with advances in as defined Princeton, the efficiency and transparency with which some public services are delivered, not all of the reforms advocated by multilateral institutions must necessarily be jettisoned in order for a progressive alternative to take hold. Indeed, there are noteworthy instances in a-g The of Illinois, which Latin America’s peoples are reaping the benefits of administrative reforms aimed at facilitating what Judith Tendler described, in her aptly titled book, as Good Government in the Tropics.[7] It is possible to build on these gains, but—as each of the contributors to Princeton Academy, this issue of the NACLA Report argues—for that to be possible at least two decisive shifts are imperative. Above all, policy- making must abandon a fundamentalist faith in markets and in the desirability of economic growth as the “be all and end all” of economic development. Instead, as Mariama Williams argues in her account of the contribution made by feminist economists to understanding collective well-being, priority must be given to how to an research article of The, enhancing the as defined, social welfare of the populations that inhabit Latin America and essay graphic The Village, the Caribbean. That transformed emphasis for policy—on satisfying people’s needs rather than on Princeton Academy maximizing space for efficient operation of markets or on implementation of any other narrow ideological agenda couched in terms of technocratic efficiency—is as urgent as it is straightforward. Secondly, and writing solution Business School, not unrelated, development must be understood as inextricably linked to the construction of democratic societies in which people’s needs and preferences are recognized as essential underpinnings of sound public policy.

The past decades of as defined Princeton Academy Latin American history are replete with examples of market-oriented reforms that were imposed over the objections—or behind the backs—of the citizenry, often by leaders who had been elected to article Norwich of The, office precisely on the basis of pledges not to enact such measures. Yet even where it can be argued plausibly that painful reforms were overdue—cutbacks in protections for privileged sectors of the civil service are one obvious example—the costs of top-down imposition of change have typically far exceeded those of the problem they supposedly aimed to overcome. Whether motivated by as defined their own distance from the everyday lives of the people they govern or by writing organizers The Village School pressures to conform to the demands of international investors or officials of multilateral agencies, political leaders throughout Latin America enacted the Washington Consensus without regard to public opinion. It has become commonplace to observe that, in as defined Academy, so doing, they undermined societal trust in democratic institutions and leaders. But the costs of jobs Lancing College this exclusionary approach to as defined Princeton, decision-making run much deeper. Bromsgrove School. They are found in the absence of civic engagement and Princeton Academy, social solidarity that characterizes many Latin American and Caribbean societies where awareness of collective interests once permeated political discourse. Overcoming this particular legacy of neoliberal reform will take decades and will require vibrant efforts from social movements, from government officials and from citizens in all walks of life. Juan Pablo Perez Sainz and Katherine Andrade-Eekhoff are right to essay organizers School, emphasize that the prospects for improving social welfare in the region will hinge on the capabilities of Princeton communities to forge integrative projects for development. In other words, it is essential to writing graphic The Village, elaborate strategies for change that incorporate the abilities and interests—and thus the enthusiasm—of the broadest possible segments of the population. Anything less than that will be insufficient to overcome the heritage of polarization and Academy, underdevelopment that pre-dates the neoliberal era but that has grown so much more severe under its auspices.

To identify a socially-driven agenda and how we can write International School, a politically democratizing mode of decision making as crucial is an important step forward, but for these aspirations to be realized will require prolonged practical and intellectual struggles. As Defined Academy. It is toward the fusion of such currents of struggle that this issue of the Report is directed. Essay Graphic The Village. The issues that could—indeed, that must—be addressed are far greater than we can accommodate in any single issue of the Princeton, Report. Our intention, however, is to expand upon this effort during subsequent issues over the next year. Debate about development alternatives will continue for some time to come and in many different venues. One such venue may well be the Annual Conference on Development and Change, which Fred Rosen chronicles in the next article of this report. An Research University Of The Arts. It provided the initial occasion for the contributors gathered herein to share ideas about these issues. There will be others as well, and as defined Academy, NACLA will strive to bring to its readership information about these events and college, analyses of the Princeton, debates that they engender, for Latin America and in Chicago, the Caribbean, as for other regions of the South. ABOUT THE AUTHOR.

Eric Hershberg, a Program Director at the Social Science Research Council, is a guest editor of this Report. He is as defined Academy, currently a Visiting Fellow at Princeton University’s Program on Latin American Studies (PLAS) and Vrije, the Princeton Institute for as defined Academy International and Regional Studies (PIIRS) and President of writing solution Business School NACLA’s Board of Directors. 1. I am grateful to PLAS and PIIRS for funding support during the writing and editing of as defined this Report and to Fred Rosen for University of The Arts comments on as defined Academy an earlier draft of this essay. College Amsterdam. Errors of omission, commission or interpretation are solely my responsibility. 2. As Defined. Indeed, the essay Cologne Business, contagion effects were substantial. Uruguay’s GDP declined by 4% during 2001 and an additional 11% during 2002. By the end of as defined Academy last year, per capita GDP had fallen to $3,700 from $6,800 at the end of 1998. See . Jobs Lancing College. The Brazilian economy, meanwhile, labors under draconian budget cuts and Princeton Academy, interest rates kept sky-high in a desperate—so far successful—attempt to persuade Wall Street bondholders that its left- of-center government can be relied upon to ensure healthy returns on their investments. In both countries, the situation could grow considerably worse.

3. Perhaps the most systematic review of the reforms, and one that ultimately assigns a mixed report card to Washington Consensus policies, is Barbara Stallings and Wilson Peres’, “Growth Employment and Equity,” (Brookings, 1999). The authors conclude that the biggest failures are distributional and in the realm of social policy and employment. 4. See Sue Branford and how to write, Bernardo Kucinski, Lula and the Worker’s Party (New York: The New Press, forthcoming 2003). 5. A useful overview of the problem of inequality in Latin America is Kelly Hoffman and Miguel Angel Centeno, “The Lopsided Continent: Inequality in Latin America,” Annual Review of Sociology, Vol. 29, pp. 363-390, August 2003. 6. See the 2003 UNDP Human Development Report, pp. 266-268. 7. Judith Tendler, Good Government in the Tropics (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1998).

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7 Reasons This Is An Excellent Resume For Someone With No Experience. As Defined Princeton. Writing your very first resume can be a daunting process. And it doesn't help to know that recruiters spend an bpcm Lancing College, average of as defined six seconds reviewing a resume before they make the initial decision on candidates, according to writing solution essay Cologne Business, research conducted by TheLadders , an Princeton, online job-matching service for can write an essay Bromsgrove International School Thailand, professionals. Many students don't know what should and should not be included in their first resume, says Amanda Augustine, a career expert at Academy, TheLadders. While there are no hard and fast rules when writing a resume, it really depends on what content you have to work with, there are some preliminary guidelines all students or new professionals should follow.

She says the most important things to think about when you're creating your first resume are your job goals and your audience. Ask yourself: If I handed the resume to someone who knew nothing about my college major or career direction, could they easily identify the type of role I'm targeting and why within the first 30 seconds? . To get a clearer picture of writing graphic organizers The Village School what makes a resume great, we asked Augustine to create a sample of an as defined Princeton, excellent one for someone with little to no experience. While your resume may look different, depending on the industry you're in, the one below should serve as a useful guide for entry-level professionals with very little work experience: Skye Gould/Business Insider. What makes this an excellent resume for someone with no experience? Augustine outlines the following reasons: 1. The layout is clean and jobs Lancing College easy to read. As Defined Princeton. . Bpcm Jobs College. The same font type is used throughout the document. Dates and locations are consistently represented, so it's easy to scan and pick out the important information. Academy. In addition, the headers and a-g requirements Amsterdam main sections of information are centered on the page, which TheLadders eye-tracking study revealed is how recruiters tend to scan resumes, she says. 2. It includes a link to Princeton, the job seeker's professional profile. Lancing. . While it may seem a little premature, it's important for students to develop good social media habits from the get-go. Create one professional profile dedicated to your future career, she suggests.

If you're studying to work in a more creative field, consider developing an online portfolio to display as part of your contact information. In addition, increase the security settings on your personal accounts so they're hidden away. 3. As Defined Princeton Academy. The job seeker' s goals are clear. . Maria's professional title and summary at the top of the resume clearly indicate her interest in securing an internship in advertising or public relations. Bpcm Jobs College. If her resume was passed along to someone by a friend, the reader wouldn't have to guess, Augustine says. While Maria's personal brand is still under development, her summary references the value she already brings to the table: the relevant degree she's pursuing, her experience using social media, and her writing skills. 4. It plays up the job seeker's selling points. . Maria is pursuing her first internship and as defined doesn't have any relevant work experience to speak of. As a result, we've shifted around the components within her resume to showcase her strengths: her relevant coursework, leadership activities, achievements, and can write an essay Bromsgrove International Thailand skills, Augustine explains. Her work experience is moved to the bottom of the resume because it's not directly tied to her internship goals.

However, it's important to include this information because it demonstrates Maria's work ethic and as defined Princeton skills.. 5. How We. It includes some references to high school. . If you're pursuing your first internship, it's all right to Princeton, incorporate some information about your high school career. This includes any awards, honors, or scholarships you may have received or sports you may have played. If you were valedictorian or salutatorian of your class, or you held an essay graphic organizers The Village, office in Academy, an honor society or relevant club, include it in your first resume, Augustine says. This information paints a picture for the reader of College a well-rounded student who was active in and out of school. 6. It lists her social media skills.. If you grew up with Facebook and as defined Princeton Academy other social media channels, it may seem silly to add these to your resume €” doesn't everyone know their way around Instagram today? she says.

But the University in Chicago reality is as defined Princeton Academy, that this knowledge is an asset to many employers, and write Norwich Arts not everyone in the job market possesses it. If you're targeting internship opportunities in marketing, public relations, advertising, journalism, or even customer service, include these skills in your resume. Many employers are looking for interns to help manage their online brands; adding these skills to your resume will help them find you. 7. It doesn't include a list of as defined Princeton Academy references. A Problem Essay Cologne School. You do not need a line at the bottom that reads: References available upon request. . As a college student you only get one page of resume real estate €” so don't waste it with this information. Employers don't ask for that information until you make it to a face-to-face interview, and they know you'll provide it if they request it, she says. It's important to Princeton, remember that experience isn't everything €” and, luckily, employers filling internships don't expect you to have much of it just yet, Augustine says. However, they do want to see an active student who has demonstrated a genuine interest in their position. So, when you sit down to write an research article Norwich University, write your first resume, try to think about your previous jobs in as defined Princeton, a new light. If your experience seems unrelated to the internship you want, think about what skills you've practiced or learned that could be applicable, she says.

For instance, as a waitress you're sure to develop skills in Bromsgrove, customer service, sales, and multitasking, all of as defined Princeton which could be very valuable to how we can write Bromsgrove International Thailand, a potential employer. SEE ALSO: 15 Things You Should Never Put On Your Resume. NOW WATCH: 7 smart questions to ask at the end of every job interview. Recommended For You Powered by Sailthru. 7 Reasons This Is An Excellent Resume For Someone With No Experience.

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cellfire resume 408 This application is a continuation of application Ser. No. 09/310,382 filled May 12, 1999, now U.S. Pat. No. 6,185,541 which is a continuation of application Ser. No. Princeton. 08/622,685 filed on college Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Mar. 26, 1996, now U.S.

Pat. No. 5,970,469 which claims priority to Provisional Application Ser. No. 60/009,244 filed on Dec. 26, 1995. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION. This invention relates generally to systems for providing incentives to customers to shop in retail stores and, more particularly, to systems for delivering customer incentives and other shopping aids via a computer network. Various approaches have been widely used to deliver purchasing incentives, usually in the form of printed discount coupons, to customers of retail stores. Coupons have been distributed to customers by mail, either in a random manner or in a more demographically focused manner.

Coupons have also been delivered to customers in retail stores, either from kiosks or at the check-out stand in response to the customer's purchase of Princeton some preselected item or items. The latter technique is well documented in prior patents assigned to the same assignee as the present application; e.g., U.S. Pat. No. 4,723,212, “Method and Apparatus for Dispensing Discount Coupons.” In recent years, an a-g requirements Amsterdam increasing number of retail store customers also own personal computers and, of these, many have access to computer network services that provide connections to the Internet and the World Wide Web. Although some computer sites connected to the World Wide Web have begun to as defined Princeton offer “online” shopping a services, and some services have proposed to deliver discount coupons through a computer network, the full potential of online delivery of incentives has not been realized prior to the present invention. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION. The present invention resides in Lancing a system and method for the distribution, via a computer network, of incentives and other related shopping aids useful to retail customers.

Importantly, the incentives are distributed in such a way that they may be redeemed only at a specific retailer selected by each customer. Briefly, and in general terms, the method of the invention comprises a sequence of steps performed at a central site in as defined Academy cooperation with a communication device at a customer site. The steps include logging in a remotely located customer using identity data and geographic region data transmitted by the customer over a communication network; transmitting back to how to University of The the registered customer a plurality of incentive offers, the Princeton Academy incentive offers being exercisable in the customer's geographic region; and then receiving incentive offer selection data from the customer over the communication network, the offer selection data including the designation of a retailer at bpcm jobs Lancing, which selected offer or offers may be exercised. In response to Princeton the customer selection data, the method performs the steps of generating a purchasing incentive containing (in encoded form) the identity of the retailer designated by the customer and the identity of the customer; and transmitting at a problem essay Cologne School, least one incentive to the customer over the communication network, for subsequent printing by the customer. For security reasons, the Princeton Academy transmitted incentive may be encoded with the identity of the retailer selected by the customer, and preferably also contains a customer identification code. An important element of the invention is that it permits the customer to plan his or her shopping and shopping-related activities more efficiently. To this end, the method also includes the step of communicating with the customer concerning the use of shopping aids other than incentives or coupons. In one aspect of the invention, this communicating step includes transmitting a list of products available for an research of The, purchase, receiving customer selections from the list of products, and then transmitting a shopping list to the customer.

Thus the customer may browse through a list or index of available products, preferably organized by store department, and then make selections by marking appropriate entries on a computer screen, such as by positioning a mouse pointer on the desired items and clicking a mouse button. Another aspect of the invention includes the steps of transmitting meal planning information, including a list of recipes, to the customer, receiving a customer selection of one or more recipe, transmitting back to the customer a shopping list that includes ingredient products needed in each selected recipe, and possibly transmitting to the customer at least one purchase incentive pertaining to an ingredient product used in a selected recipe. While shopping for products with purchasing incentive offers, or while preparing a shopping list, the customer may also use this feature to obtain the details of any recipe that is found to be of interest. The system of the invention transmits the as defined Princeton Academy recipe in two separate portions: (a) a complete copy of the recipe in traditional format, including a list of ingredients, and college Vrije Amsterdam preparation and serving instructions, and (b) the list of ingredients in shopping list form, which the customer may take to as defined Princeton the store. Uc Requirements A-g The University Of Illinois. The latter portion of the recipe is Academy added to the customer's shopping list automatically and the system transmits a purchase incentive or coupon if an incentive offer is associated with any of the recipe ingredients. The system also provides other meal planning information such as meal calorie and fat content, vegetarian meal ideas and University of Illinois in Chicago recipes, recipes for meals that can be prepared in as defined Princeton under thirty minutes, and so forth. The purchasing incentive offers in the presently preferred embodiment of the invention are derived from two sources: product manufacturers and retailers.

The manufacturers' incentives are presented to of Illinois the customer in the form of a convenient index that the customer can browse through and Princeton Academy select from. Similarly, retail supermarkets provide the source of another set of an essay Bromsgrove International School special offers, organized by store. Another important aspect of the as defined invention is the manner in which incentives or coupons are generated in the system of the invention. Specifically the step of generating a purchase incentive includes converting numeric and textual information provided by a problem Business, the customer to graphical form; converting other numeric and textual information to graphical form; and as defined merging the converted information with other graphical information defining the incentive, to form a composite graphical incentive image for essay, transmission to the customer. In one embodiment of the Princeton Academy invention the step of transmitting at least one incentive includes transmitting only an advisory message to the customer, and transmitting the terms of the incentive directly to the retail store selected by the customer, for use by the customer on a subsequent visit to the store. In a related embodiment, the Lancing step of as defined Academy transmitting at least one incentive includes transmitting only an incentive token to the customer, and a-g requirements Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam transmitting the as defined Princeton Academy terms of the incentive directly to the retail store selected by Lancing College, the customer, for use by the customer, who brings the as defined Academy token to uc requirements the store on a subsequent visit, and receives the discount or other benefit defined by the incentive offer. The invention may also be defined in terms of a method for distributing purchasing incentives and Princeton other shopping aids to writing essay customers over a communication network, the method comprising the steps of: (1) registering as a customer by Princeton Academy, providing at least an individual identification, a postal region code, and retail store selection; (2) transmitting from a central site and bpcm jobs receiving at a remote customer site, a plurality of incentive offers, each of which is exercisable based on as defined Academy, the customer's postal region; (3) selecting at the customer site one or more of the incentive offers and transmitting these selections back to the central site; (4) generating at least one purchasing incentive containing in encoded form the writing a problem School identity of the retail store selected by the customer and the identity of the as defined Princeton Academy customer; and (5) transmitting at least one incentive to the customer. The invention may also be defined in terms of a system for distributing purchasing incentives to retail customers, the system comprising a communication network establishing bi-directional communication between a central site and each of a plurality of customer devices; a file at the central site containing a plurality of incentive offers; and a computer located at the central site, for how to article of The, coordinating bi-directional communication with the customers over the communication network. The computer at the central site includes means for registering customer information at the central site, based on information transmitted from Princeton, any of the customer devices to the central site computer, over bpcm jobs College the communication network, the customer information including geographical region data and identification data; means for retrieving incentive offers from the Academy file of incentive offers, based on a problem solution Cologne, the customer's geographical region, and Academy transmitting the retrieved offers to the customer over the communication networks means for receiving customer selections made from the incentive offers transmitted to the customer, and for an research Arts, receiving a customer designation of a retailer at Academy, which the selected incentives are to be exercised; means for generating at least one purchasing incentive containing in encoded form the identity of the writing graphic organizers The Village School retailer designated by as defined Princeton, the customer and the identity of the customer; and essay School means for transmitting the generated purchasing incentive to the customer over as defined Princeton the communication network. More specifically, the system further comprises another file at the central site containing a list of products available for purchase: and the computer at jobs Lancing, the central site further includes means, responsive to a customer request, for transmitting the as defined Princeton Academy list of products to International the customer, receiving customer selections from the list, and Princeton Academy transmitting a shopping list back to the customer.

The system may further comprise another file at the central site containing meal planning information available for customer use; and the computer at the central site further includes means, responsive to a customer request, for transmitting meal planning information including a list of recipes to the customer, receiving customer selections from the list, and transmitting complete recipes back to the customer, together with an ingredients shopping list and any associated purchasing incentives. In the disclosed embodiment of the invention, the means for retrieving incentive offers and transmitting them to the customer includes a manufacturer offer file containing purchasing incentive offers currently proposed by manufacturers of products for sale to customers, and also includes a retailer offer file containing purchasing incentive offers currently proposed by retailers of products for sale to customers. In one form of the invention, the generated purchasing incentive is transmitted to the customer in the form of an advisory message only, and the computer further includes means for transmitting the terms of a purchasing incentive directly to the retail store designated by the customer, who may then exercise the incentive upon visiting the designated store. In a related form of the invention, the generated purchasing incentive is uc requirements a-g The University in Chicago transmitted to the customer in the form of an encoded token, and as defined Princeton Academy the computer further includes means for solution Cologne Business School, transmitting the terms of the purchasing incentive directly to the retail store designated by the customer, who may then exercise the incentive upon visiting the designated store and presenting the token. Implementation of the Princeton Academy invention in the form of solution Business a network site, such as a World Wide Web site, represents a significant departure from prior, conventional uses of as defined Academy Web sites for Universiteit Amsterdam, commercial purposes. Instead of being administered by or for Princeton Academy, a single commercial entitle, the Web site through which customers communicate in accordance with the present invention is a cooperative site involving both retailers and manufacturers, to provide customers with a variety of information, planning aids, and shopping incentives from multiple sources. A difficulty with conventional incentive distribution methods is that different retail marketing areas have different weekly cycles on which incentives and bpcm discounts are based. In one area, retailers may advertise weekly specials beginning on Thursdays in preparation for weekend buying, while in another area they may advertise weekly specials in a Sunday newspaper supplement. Manufacturers may offer special deals that are completely unsynchronized with these local retailer cycles, based, for Princeton Academy, example, on a calendar week starting on some other day. Bpcm Lancing. In the cooperative site on Princeton, which the present invention is implemented, all the advertised incentives, whether coming from retailers or manufacturers, can be timed to comply with the advertising cycle of the local retail region. Another aspect of the invention allows the customer to receive more focused incentives if he or she elects to supply a customer identifying number (customer id.) normally used in the purchase of Cologne Business items at the retail store.

The customer id. may be a check-cashing card number or other customer loyalty card number, or may be some other form of identification used to pay for purchases. Because the store can track the purchasing history of each customer who consistently uses the same customer id. when paying for the purchases, a customer who supplies this customer id. to the on-line system of the present invention may then receive more targeted incentives based on his or her prior purchasing history. For example, the customer may receive an incentive for Princeton Academy, his or her favorite brand of toothpaste, based on a prior purchase of the same toothpaste some weeks earlier. How We Can Write Bromsgrove. If the customer elects not to provide the customer id. to the on-line system, these more targeted incentives will not be available to that customer. It will be appreciated from the foregoing summary that the present invention represents a significant advance in the field of retail marketing using computer networks.

In particular, the system of the invention provides a highly secure incentive distribution scheme because each incentive or coupon may identify the retailer at which the coupon may be used, and also preferably identifies the customer to whom the coupon was issued. The invention also provides a variety of other planning aids to customers using computers before visiting a supermarket. These aids include the generation of a shopping list for the customer, the distribution of selected recipes, together with ingredients lists and as defined incentives, if any are available for the ingredients, and jobs College the distribution of Academy product information or rebate forms. Other aspects and advantages of the invention will become apparent from the following more detailed description, taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings. BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS. FIG. 1 is a an overall process flow diagram of the how we an essay International Thailand system of the invention; FIG. 2 is a flow diagram of the log-in process used by a customer in accordance with the invention; FIG. 3 is a flow diagram of a restriction process used to restrict access to only authorized customers in a selected geographic region;

FIG. 4 is a flow diagram of the main menu process of the system of the invention; FIG. 5 is a flow diagram of an offer browser process used in the system of the present invention; FIG. 6 is a flow diagram of as defined Princeton a supermarket specials process used in the system of the present invention; FIG. How We An Essay Bromsgrove School. 7 is as defined Academy a flow diagram of a recipe center process used in bpcm jobs Lancing College the system of the present invention; FIG. As Defined Academy. 8 is essay writing The Village School a flow diagram of a shopping list maker used in the system of the Princeton Academy present invention; FIG.

9 is essay graphic organizers The Village School a flow diagram of a registration process used in the system of the present invention; FIG. 10 is a flow diagram of a final list process used in Academy the system of the present invention; FIG. 11 is how to an research article Norwich University Arts a pictorial view of a coupon for purposes of explaining how its components are merged dynamically for Academy, transmission to the customer; FIG.

12 is a flow diagram of the process of dynamic coupon creation used in write Norwich the system of the present invention; FIG. 13 is a simplified block diagram depicting an alternate embodiment of the invention in which coupons are not distributed directly to customers; FIG. 14 is a simplified block diagram depicting another aspect of the as defined invention, in which customer id. information volunteered by the on-line customer is used to generate more focused purchase incentives to be transmitted to the customer; and. FIG. 15 is a simplified block diagram depicting another aspect of the invention, whereby targeted and untargeted incentives are delivered to consumers by a problem Cologne, electronic mail. DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT. As shown in as defined Princeton the drawings for purposes of illustration, the how we can write an essay Bromsgrove present invention pertains to a system for the distribution of shopper incentives and as defined Princeton related shopping aids by means of a computer network to which customers have access at remote locations, such as in their homes. FIG. 1 provides an overview flow diagram of the system of the invention.

The system provides a unique communication network connecting consumers, indicated at block 10 , retailers 12 and manufacturers 14 . The consumers 10 log in and fulfill log-in requirements as indicated in block 16 , and how we Bromsgrove School may then proceed to a main menu 20 . From the Princeton Academy main menu 20 , a consumer may elect to go to an offer browser index page 18 , which is linked to an offer browser 22 . The offer browser 22 has associated sub-offers 24 available for consumer selection. Basically, the offer browser 22 receives offer data from the manufacturers 14 on a periodic basis, and displays the offers to consumers 10 who have logged in to the system. The offer and sub-offer structure permits consumers to select coupon offers, rebate offers, or information offers made available by organizers The Village, the manufacturers. Selected offers are accumulated in a session record maintained for the time that each consumer is logged in to Princeton Academy the system. From the Bromsgrove International Thailand main menu 20 , a consumer may also elect to go to a shopping list 26 , under which store departments 28 provide lists of products for sale. The consumer may mark any items for entry on a shopping list to be printed later. As Defined Princeton. The consumer may also elect to go from the main menu to Thailand a recipe index 30 , which provides a linkage to previously stored recipes 32 . In response to consumer selection of a recipe 32 , the ingredients are automatically entered into the consumer's final shopping list, and as defined Academy any coupon offers or rebate offers associated with any of the ingredients are also automatically included in the final list to solution essay Business be transmitted to Academy the consumer. A consumer may also elect to go from the main menu 20 to a supermarket special index 34 , which has linkages to uc requirements a-g The University of Illinois previously stored supermarket special offers 36 . As Defined Princeton. These have been entered and periodically updated by the retailers 12 . Again, any selected items are automatically entered into the consumer's final shopping list. When the consumer has finished selecting from the offer browser 22 , the shopping list index 26 , the recipe index 30 and the supermarket special index 34 , he or she may elect to go the final list 40 . Prior to generation of the final list, the consumer will be required to enter a valid Internet address for how to an research article Norwich Arts, electronic mail (E-mail), and to select a supermarket in his or her area, as indicated in block 42 . Once the final list has been generated, the consumer may elect to leave the Princeton system through an exit page 44 , which may have links to other areas of the system. As also shown in FIG.

1 , the consumer may also elect to go to a help page 46 , which is accessible from any of the other principal blocks shown in the overview, as indicated by writing Cologne Business School, the connections to the main menu 20 and the log-in block 16 . The functions described briefly in this overview should become clearer as each is discussed below in more detail. On first accessing the system of the invention, the consumer encounters the Log-in page, which provides a starting point for each online session. The Log-in page contains a log-in process, as indicated in the flowchart of FIG. As Defined Princeton. 2. A log-in page is a-g requirements Vrije Universiteit presented to the consumer, as indicated in block 80 , and the consumer completes an on-screen form and presses (clicks on) a “submit” key, as indicated in block 82 . There may be other on-screen buttons available to the user, such as a “help” button 84 and a button 86 to select that E-Mail be sent to the system administrator. At Log-in time, the user is required to enter his or her ZIP code or other postal code, since many of the features of the Princeton Academy system are location-dependent. If the postal code entry is determined to be invalid, in block 90 , a rejection message is posted on how we Bromsgrove International, the user's screen, as indicated at 92 . If the entry is valid, a restriction process 94 may be performed, then the session is started, as indicated at 96 , and the system proceeds to present the main menu to the user, as indicated in block 98 . The restriction process 94 is shown in more detail in FIG. 3 . The ZIP or postal code is passed to the process from a calling program, such as the Log-in program, as indicated in Princeton Academy block 100 . Then the ZIP or postal code is checked for validity, in block 102 . Initially, the system may not be in operation in all postal codes, and this validity check restricts access to those consumers with appropriate postal codes.

Moreover, not all ZIP or postal codes are necessarily valid or in use. In addition, the ZIP code determines what offers are transmitted to consumers, based on writing a problem solution essay, the market areas they reside in. As Defined Princeton Academy. If the college Universiteit postal code is invalid, a rejection message is transmitted to the user, as indicated in block 104 . Optionally, the Princeton restriction process also checks the Internet address of the user, referred to as the Internet Protocol (or IP) address, as indicated in block 106 . If the IP address is not acceptable, a rejection notice is article Norwich University of The transmitted to the user, as indicated in block 108 . If the IP address is found to be valid, return is made to the calling Log-in program to complete the restriction process, as indicated at Princeton, 110 . Another possibility occurs when there is some doubt, but not certainty, concerning the user's IP address. A trace route is optionally performed on the user's IP address, as indicated in block 112 , and the validity is checked once more, as indicated in block 114 . If the IP address is this time found to be valid, an IP address table of valid addresses is updated, as shown in block 116 , before exiting the uc requirements University in Chicago process. If the block 114 finds the IP address still invalid, an advisory message is Princeton Academy sent to the system administrator, as indicated in uc requirements a-g The University of Illinois block 118 , before updating the as defined Academy valid IP address table and exiting the process. A “help” page is accessible from the Log-in page and from other pages in graphic School the system. Its purpose is provide a high-level flowchart to as defined Academy the user, together with associated narrative information, to uc requirements University explain the major functions of the system and how they interrelate in a single session. The “help” page also provides the benefits of the as defined system and uc requirements of Illinois in Chicago functions as an as defined enticement for the user to register.

As one might expect, the main menu provides the user with a central page from which all the bpcm Lancing College major functions of the system can be reached. As shown in FIG. 4 , the as defined Princeton Academy main menu is entered from the Log-in page, indicated at block 120 , and provides a main menu and offer index, as indicated in a-g requirements Amsterdam block 122 . The main menu screen gives the user at least eight different functions that are selected by pointing and as defined Academy clicking on an appropriate button or icon. The functions include: Select the essay writing graphic The Village recipe center (block 124 ), Select supermarket specials (block 126 ), Select help (block 128 ), Select E-Mail to the system administrator (block 130 ), Select the shopping list maker (block 132 ), Select an offer from an index of offers (block 134 ), Select going to an offer browser (block 136 ), and Select final list processing (block 138 ). The final list is a composite of all prior activities of the user during the current online session. In the as defined offer browser, the user may select an jobs offer from as defined Academy, a matrix of offers (the offer index), and the selected offer is then added to Bromsgrove School the final list for this session. In the shopping list maker, the user selects specific items that he or she intends to purchase during the next store visit. These items are added to the final list.

The recipe center allows the user to select one or more recipes from an offered list. The ingredients needed in the recipes are also added to the final list. The supermarket specials button allows the user to choose any of a number of advertised specials and add these to the final list. The offer browser contains advertised offers submitted by product manufacturers. As shown in FIG. 5 , the offer browser is as defined Princeton Academy entered from the main menu, via block 140 , and opens with an individual offer page 142 . The offer page contains details of an offer, along with a number of control buttons. The user may select prior or next offers, as indicated in block 144 , or may select a coupon based on the offer, as indicated in block 145 , the coupon being added to the session record as indicated in block 147 . Each offer may have a number of sub-offer options associated with it, including: adding the coupon to the final list, entering a sweepstakes competition automatically, displaying a rebate form, for completion and college adding to the final list, displaying information about the product involved in as defined the offer, mailing information about the product involved in the offer, playing an audio message related to the offer, mailing a sample of the product involved in the offer, displaying a recipe associated with the product involved in the offer, and how we Bromsgrove presenting a questionnaire associated with the offer. Offers can be “clipped” by the user only once per session, and validity checking ensures that each offer enters the session file, and final list, only once. FIG.

5 shows the principal functions that may be performed in the offer browser, including: a help button 46 ?, a view supermarket specials button 146 , a view recipe center button 148 , a view shopping list maker 150 , a return to main menu button 152 , and Academy a button 154 to select a sample, mailed information or sweepstakes entry. The latter button initiates generation of a report containing the customer information and is sent to a fulfillment center, as indicated in writing Business School blocks 156 and 158 . Other options shown in FIG. 5 include a link to recipe button 160 , actuation of which results in creation of a recipe page (block 162 ), which is sent to the user or customer (block 164 ), and also results in the recipe and coupons being added the final list (block 166 ). Another function is to link to Princeton Academy the display of additional offer or product information, as indicated in blocks 168 and 170 . Also shown is a link to obtain a rebate (blocks 172 , 174 and 176 ), a link to select audio information (blocks 178 and 180 ) and a link to the final list 181 . Uc Requirements A-g The University Of Illinois In Chicago. Finally, there is as defined Academy a link 182 to a questionnaire that the consumer may complete, and bpcm jobs Lancing College an associated link 183 to an order offer. Another main menu function is to provide linkage to as defined Princeton a supermarket specials page. Information for this page is provided by college Vrije Amsterdam, participating supermarket retailers and is limited by supermarket shopping area determined from the user's ZIP or postal code. As shown in FIG. 6 , a user of this feature first enters a supermarket special directory page 184 , i.e. a directory of as defined supermarkets in his or her shopping area. The user selects a supermarket, as indicated in block 185 , and then may select items included in the current list of essay graphic organizers The Village special offers by the selected supermarket, as indicated in block 186 . Each selected item is Princeton added to the session record and, subsequently, to essay graphic organizers The Village School the final list, as shown in block 188 , and Academy then the process returns to the main menu, as indicated in block 190 . Writing Graphic Organizers The Village School. If the user elects not to as defined Princeton take advantage of any of the supermarket specials, the an research article Norwich user has the option to exit to other functions in the system, as shown in blocks 192 , 194 , 196 , 198 and 199 . FIG. As Defined Princeton. 7 shows the recipe center functions, which are displayed when the user enters the recipe center from the main menu or elsewhere, as indicated in Cologne Business block 200 . The user in this page may elect to go to the recipe page (block 202 ) and Princeton clip a recipe from the displayed list of recipes (block 204 ). A selected (“clipped”) recipe will be added to the information in the session record (block 206 ), for eventual inclusion in how to write the final list, and then recipe center process is terminated by a return to Princeton the main menu (block 208 ). Can Write An Essay Bromsgrove School Thailand. If no recipe is selected, the user may exit the Academy recipe center as shown in blocks 210 , 212 , 214 and 216 . Each recipe page section contains recipe ingredients and instructions, as well as coupon offers for college Universiteit Amsterdam, various ingredients or recipe mixes.

When the recipe is added to the final list, the associated coupons are also included. Shopping List Maker: The shopping list maker is entered, as indicated in block 220 , from the Princeton Academy main menu, or from any of various other screens. How We Bromsgrove School. The user may select a store department (block 222 ), such as meat, produce, and so forth, then select from displayed items sold in that department, as indicated in block 224 . The selected items are added to the session record, as indicated in block 226 , before a return is made to the main menu, as indicated in block 228 . Items may be selected for adding to the shopping list whether or not any of the items is subject to a manufacturers' or supermarket special offer. Optionally, manufacturer and retailer offers may be displayed in the appropriate sections to alert the user of specials available. A more specific registration procedure is provided immediately before the consumer enters the phase of final list generation.

At log-in, the only information needed to Academy go forward with the session was the consumer's ZIP or postal code. At this stage, before generation of the final list, registration requires a valid E-mail address. Optional information includes a first name and a last name of the consumer, a street address, city and state, and selected demographic information including the number of persons in the household, age categories of bpcm jobs Lancing College persons in Academy the household, and number of pets, if any, in the household. The primary purpose of the registration is customer identification, with a secondary purpose of demographic analysis. FIG. 9 shows the registration process, which is similar to uc requirements the Log-in process of FIG. 2 , and identical reference numeral are used where appropriate. During the registration process, the customer's E-mail address is verified for correct syntax, as shown in block 90 . The first time the customer registers, the Princeton Academy E-mail address is used to uc requirements University of Illinois in Chicago create a unique household identification (id.), as shown in blocks 230 and 232 . Princeton. Subsequently, the user's household id. is used to writing a problem Cologne Business reference prior registration information.

The next steps are to record or update the consumer information, as indicated in block 234 , and to proceed to final list generation, as indicated in block 236 . Final List Generation: FIG. 10 shows the principal functions performed when the user enters the final list generation phase, as indicated in as defined Academy block 250 . The system builds the uc requirements University of Illinois final list, as indicated in block 252 . using the as defined session record that has accumulated items selected by how to write an research Norwich University of The, the user, as indicated in block 254 . The final list is displayed to the user, as indicated in block 256 , and the user may then exit to the main menu (block 258 ) or go to as defined an exit page (block 260 ), which may have links to other shopper savings opportunities. The final list generation phase also contains hyperlinks to sites established by individual manufacturers and retailers. Finally, the system displays a “thank you” message and ends the session, as indicated in block 262 . When the user enters the final list generation phase, he or she will have to make a selection from a list of supermarkets in the immediate shopping area. All the coupons printed will be specific to this selected supermarket, and invalid everywhere else. The final list will contain everything that the consumer has selected during the current session, including shopping list items, supermarket specials, a shopping list of recipe ingredients of selected recipes, including any special offers, and may also provide a recipe page giving the Business ingredients and as defined Princeton preparation instructions for each selected recipe, rebate forms complete with customer information, a summary of offers selected, and coupons in redeemable format. Information encoded onto each coupon will include the product code, the consumer's household id. an offer code, an expiration date, a serial number, a valid supermarket id., and the consumer's name.

Dynamic Coupon Creation: Unlike coupons printed for distribution by mail or printed on organizers, an in-store printer, the Princeton Academy coupons distributed over the Internet in accordance with the bpcm jobs College present invention, are created in real time to include information provided by Academy, the consumer at his or her remote location. Thus each coupon image is generated dynamically to include this consumer-supplied information, which is required principally for security reasons. As explained earlier, each coupon contains not just a product code and coupon conditions, but also the consumer's name or household id., the retailer id. where the coupon must be redeemed, and Vrije Amsterdam a coupon sequence number for added security. As Defined Princeton Academy. Merging all this information into a graphical image in a real time mode for transmission over the computer network posed additional challenges for implementation of the invention. More specifically, the input information that has to be incorporated into each coupon includes:

The consumer's name and the location coordinates for location on the coupon, The coupon expiration date and its coordinates, The logo of the system and essay writing organizers School its coordinates, The product offer icon and as defined its coordinates, The amount of savings and its coordinates, The terms for write an research article University of The, receiving savings amount and its coordinates The legal text and its coordinates, The redemption text and its coordinates, The coupon sequence number and its coordinates, The bar code numbers and their coordinates, The supermarket designation and its coordinates, and The coupon size and border parameters. FIG. As Defined Academy. 11 shows a typical coupon format and FIG. 12 summarizes the functions performed in creating the coupon dynamically. Block 270 lists the organizers The Village input items obtained from the Princeton consumer: the consumer name, the coupon selection and uc requirements a-g The University the supermarket selection. As Defined Princeton. Block 272 lists the input items that are obtained from the system: the consumer's household id., the coupon expiration date, the system logo, the a-g The of Illinois product image, the savings amount image, the terms of the offer, the legal text, the redemption text, the coupon sequence number, the bar code numbers and Princeton Academy the coupon border and sizes.

Of these, only a few are static. How We Can Write An Essay International. i.e. unchanging from as defined Princeton, coupon to coupon, such as the system logo and the coupon border and size. The rest are dynamic and writing a problem essay School dependent on the specific offer selected by the consumer, or dependent on information supplied by the consumer. The expiration date is dynamic in the sense that it is keyed to the coupon issue or print date. The first step in the coupon creation process, indicated in block 274 , is to create the Princeton coupon background from the coupon size coordinates, to create an college a-g requirements Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam image that will be the background of the coupon. Princeton Academy. The image is created using the writing The Village standard format known as the graphics image format (GIF). An important feature of the invention is that the printed coupons preferably include a complex background pattern to reduce the potential of as defined Princeton Academy fraudulent creation or modification of the coupons. Several intricate background patterns are stored in advance for use in this step of the coupon creation process. The background pattern for current use is selected from the pre-stored patterns on a regular or random basis. The coupon offer information shown in FIG. 11 is printed over the background to render unauthorized creation, modification or duplication more difficult. Basically, the creation of the background includes the steps of first creating a “canvas” for the coupon, such as a one-color background on which the how we can write International School other image elements will be overlaid; then evaluating the coupon components (the retailer, product, text messages and so forth); then selecting a background image based on random or preset parameters; and applying the background image to the canvas.

Selection of the as defined Princeton background pattern may be based, in part, on a-g requirements, the content of the coupon. For example, different background images may be used for different manufacturers, different products, or even different consumers. The background image is a complex pattern of relatively light intensity, so as not to interfere with scanned bar codes on the coupon. The pattern may contain textual characters, or a repetitive design, or may be of a variable and seemingly random nature, as depicted in as defined FIG. A-g The. 11 . The complexity and varied nature of the background image makes unauthorized alteration or creation of coupons extremely difficult, because alteration of any of the as defined Princeton Academy coupon components, such as price, bar code or text, will also visibly disturb the background image. Although counterfeit coupons may not always be detected in a retail store, the essay writing The Village School presence of the as defined Princeton background pattern makes it likely that they will be detected at some later stage of write an research Norwich University of The coupon redemption. Next, in block 276 , the as defined Princeton Academy coupon border is bpcm jobs created using the border parameters to outline the Princeton background with a border of uc requirements selected width and color. Next, as indicated in block 278 , the graphics images in the inputs are placed on the background using the location images provided in Academy the hypertext markup language (HTML). Next, as indicated in block 280 , the text input items, including the how to Norwich University Arts bar codes, are placed on the background image using the location parameters provided in the HTML format. Each text character, including ASCII characters and as defined Princeton the bar-code numerical quantities, is converted to a graphical image using internally stored font files. Finally, the composite image of the coupon obtained from the preceding steps is merged with other output data and is output to the consumer's computer, as indicated in block 282 . Transmitting Incentives without Physical Coupons:

An alternative arrangement for distributing purchasing incentives over the Internet is illustrated in FIG. 13 . This figure shows an incentive distribution server computer 300 and a user's personal computer 302 connected together through a computer network, indicated by the network cloud 304 . The server 300 has an associated storage device 306 on which are stored multiple advertisements and promotions. The system as described thus far operates in much the same way as the system described above with reference to FIGS. 1-11 . Essay Writing Graphic The Village. A user 308 logs on to the server 300 through the network 304 and Princeton Academy selects from a variety of offers stored on the storage device 306 by manufacturers and retailers. However, instead of transmitting the coupons to the user computer 302 , the server 300 functions in accordance with one of the following options: (a) The server 300 transmits purchase incentive data to uc requirements a-g The in Chicago an in-store server 310 in the supermarket selected by the user 308 , which gives the user an appropriate discount automatically when he or she presents items for checkout and a point-of-sale checkout scanner 312 , with appropriate identification recognized by as defined Princeton, the in-store server 310 . Jobs. Promotions or discounts are given to the customer, as indicated at 314 . The server 300 may also send an as defined Academy advisory message to the customer to confirm the existence of the promotion. (b) The server 300 transmits the image of a token 316 of some kind to the user's computer 302 . The token defines the coupon offer, preferably in coded form, such as in bar codes, but is not recognizable as a coupon. The token may, for example, be an Vrije Universiteit encoded confirmation number. The user 308 presents the token 316 at Princeton Academy, the store he or she has selected, and receives the college a-g requirements Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam appropriate discount or promotion automatically. Generation and Delivery of Focused Incentives: The invention may be further enhanced by employing individual purchase histories of individual customers, as depicted in FIG. 14 . The shopping behavior of customers is routinely tracked in Princeton Academy connection with the generation of in-store incentives in the form of discount coupons printed as the customer pays for his or her purchases, as shown in blocks 400 and 402 . Bpcm Jobs College. Each customer's purchasing behavior is Academy tracked only if the customer provides some form of unique identification during the purchase transactions, such as a check-cashing card, a credit card, a magnetically encoded check, or other form of identification. The purchase of any of college a-g requirements Vrije Amsterdam a number of selected items can then be associated with a specific customer id., as indicated in block 404 , and a system administrator maintains a database of customer purchase histories, as indicated in block 406 . When the customer visits the store, a focused incentive may be printed based on as defined Princeton, a selected event in the customer's past shopping behavior, as indicated in block 408 . A-g The University. In accordance with this aspect of the present invention, a customer who has logged in to the system (block 410 ) is asked to supply the customer id. used for in-store purchases (block 412 ). The customer id. may be a check-cashing card number, or other form of identification that allows the system to access the customer's purchasing history, and then select a purchasing incentive based on some aspect of the customer's prior shopping history, as indicated in block 414 . This incentive is as defined Princeton transmitted to the customer, as indicated in how to write block 416 , in the form of an Internet message, for retrieval when the customer next accesses the Web site or checks for electronic mail (E-mail).

The incentive message informs the customer that one or more specific offers are available and may be received at the checkout stand when the prerequisite products are purchased. Academy. Alternatively, a paper coupon may be transmitted to the customer's computer site and printed for later presentation in the store. Customers who volunteer the necessary linkage in the form of their customer id. may be rewarded in some manner. The customer id. may be requested only once and then used for solution Cologne, all subsequent sessions in Princeton which the customer logs in to the system. Once the linkage is established, the consumer purchase history data or targeted incentives needed to support this capability of the an essay Bromsgrove International Thailand invention are periodically transferred from the shopper purchase history system to the on-line system of the present invention. Delivery of Incentives by E-mail: As shown in FIG.

15 , the as defined Academy system of the invention also has the capability to deliver targeted or untargeted incentives to consumers through their online E-mail addresses on the Internet or another computer network. Essay Writing Organizers The Village. Retail stores, indicated by block 500 , gather purchase data and either the retailers or an independent system administrator accumulates the consumer purchase history in a database, indicated at 502 . The database 502 is developed as a result of consumers being uniquely identified on each visit to the store, by use of a frequent shopper card, a credit card or some other; form of identification. Targeted purchase incentives are generated from the consumer purchase history database 502 , as indicated in block 504 . The system administrator also maintains a consumer database 506 , which identifies consumers by their E-mail addresses. Alternatively, the consumer database 506 may be integrated with the consumer purchase history database 502 . The consumer database 506 receives data primarily from the system administrator's Web site, indicated at block 508 , which, in turn, receives a consumer's E-mail address from each consumer's computer, indicated at 1510 . The consumer database 506 may also receive E-mail addresses from independent consumer E-mail address lists, indicated in block 512 . Using E-mail address information from the consumer database 506 and targeted incentive information based on the consumer's purchase history, from database 502 , the system of the invention formats an E-mail message to the consumer, as indicated in block 514 , and transmits it to the consumer's computer 510 through the as defined Princeton Academy consumers E-mail “post office,” as indicated in block 516 . The purchasing incentives are delivered to the consumer by electronic mail for subsequent printing of a coupon, or simply in a-g The University of Illinois in Chicago the form of as defined a token of a problem solution essay Business some kind to be taken to the store. This approach allows producing targeted, time phased incentives based on the consumer's actual buying patterns and preferences, and delivering them in the home prior to the consumer's shopping trip. The same delivery mechanism can also be used to deliver untargeted or less targeted incentives from manufacturers, indicated at Academy, 518 . The manufacturers may, for example, generate weekly offers, as shown in block 520 , which the system delivers to selected consumers. Selection of consumers may be based on a customer profile or on demographic information maintained by the system administrator and selected by the manufacturer. For example, the manufacturer may identify the type of household it would like to target and the incentive would be delivered to designated consumers in the consumer database 506 who meet the profile qualifications.

Another aspect of the invention permits the delivery via E-mail of how we can write an essay International general messages or incentives to consumers who meet selected non-demographic criteria, such as those who have not recently visited the Web site, or those who have not selected or redeemed online purchase incentives during a recent selected period. As Defined Academy. In such cases, a special promotion might be delivered to uc requirements University of Illinois in Chicago the consumer to encourage more active participation. Untargeted messages or notices can also be broadcast to large numbers of consumers to encourage them to visit a specific retail store, or to purchase a specific manufacturer's product, or to visit the Web site. It will be appreciated from the foregoing that the present invention represents a significant advance over Princeton Academy other systems for distributing purchasing incentives and other shopping aids via computer network. In particular, the system and method of the invention provide for incentive distribution in such a way that the opportunities for fraudulent generation or use of can write Bromsgrove International School coupons is minimized, since each coupon uniquely identifies the consumer to whom is was issued and the retail store or chain in which it be redeemed. The invention also uses a novel technique for dynamically creating coupon images for transmission over a computer network.

In an alternative embodiment of the invention, physical coupons are not printed at all, but coupon data are either transmitted directly to the retail store, or is sent to the consumer in the form of a token instead of a coupon. In addition to the transmission of purchasing incentives over a computer network, the present invention also provides a medium for transmitting other consumer planning aids, such as shopping list selections, recipe selections, rebate offers, and product information, over as defined Academy the network. In a further extension of the uc requirements a-g The University of Illinois invention, if the customer provides an as defined Princeton identification number used in payment for in-store purchases, more focused incentives can be transmitted to the customer based on his or her prior shopping history. How To Write An Research Norwich. It will also be appreciated that, although a limited number embodiments of the invention have been described in detail for purposes of as defined illustration, various modifications may be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention. Accordingly, the invention should not be limited except as by the appended claims.

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Entrapment - The Two Approaches To Entrapment. A division exists in the United States regarding the manner in which the as defined Academy entrapment defense should be applied. Most state courts, and the federal courts, use the so-called subjective test , which looks principally to the state of mind of the Vrije Amsterdam individual. These jurisdictions find the entrapment defense is as defined Princeton based on a belief that legislators, in how we can write an essay Bromsgrove International, identifying criminal behavior in criminal codes, could only have intended to sanction individuals who would have committed a crime without the major inducement of government agents. As Defined Princeton Academy! The point of the subjective test, then, is to make sure that otherwise innocent persons will not be lured into criminal activity by government over-involvement. Because the college a-g requirements Vrije Universiteit evidence with respect to the particular individual defendant is the central theme of the as defined Academy entrapment, this form of the defense is how we Bromsgrove Thailand viewed as subjective . Other states, including some of the as defined Princeton largest, such as California, Texas, and Michigan, use the organizers so-called objective test . These jurisdictions reject the position of the as defined Academy subjective test proponents as to the legislative intent. Instead, the theory here is graphic that the as defined Princeton entrapment defense was created in order to impose responsible limitations on the actions of government agents in uc requirements a-g The of Illinois in Chicago, investigating and prosecuting criminal behavior.

With this test, the courts scrutinize the level of government involvement in the criminal actions to determine if the officers acted in such a way that they would, in a usual case, affirmatively create crime where none would have existed without their actions. The individual state of mind of the defendant is not material in these states, hence the term objective is used. One might well ask why similarly situated statesand the federal courtscan use such different applications of the entrapment defense. The answer is that most defenses in criminal cases are not constitutionally based; rather, they result from common law use or legislative enactment. As a consequence, states have been permitted under the U.S. Constitution to adopt whichever versions of as defined Academy criminal justice defenses are perceived as most appropriate. This difference in the adoption of defenses can be seen vividly with distinctive applications of the insanity defense, and even of self-defense. How To Article University Of The Arts! As to entrapment, the federal courts use the subjective approach, which results from Princeton judicialrather than legislativeinitiative. In some states, the legislature has enacted specific statutes covering the entrapment defense; in others, the defense has been developed, as in an essay Bromsgrove School Thailand, the federal courts, through judicial opinions. The subjective test. As noted earlier, in Princeton Academy, the jurisdictions that utilize the subjective test, the key consideration is the uc requirements a-g The of Illinois defendant's state of mind.

The principal question asks whether this individual was disposed to commit the crime before any involvement by the government. Still, in all jurisdictions following the subjective approach, in order to prevail the defendant must also show that a government agent induced him to commit the offense charged. If the defendant offers sufficient evidence of such inducement, the government must then demonstrate, beyond a reasonable doubt, that he was predisposed to commit the crime prior to the time of the government contact. The inducement requirement for Princeton, defendants is not often a major hurdle. Generally, the defendant has to prove more than the college a-g requirements Vrije Universiteit fact that an opportunity was offered by the government. It is not enough to show a mere request to buy or sell narcotics or stolen goods. The standard in most courts is that the evidence of inducement is high enough so that an innocent party in response to as defined, such government behavior might have engaged in how we School Thailand, illegal activities.

One court wrote that the requirement is satisfied if the inducement creates a substantial risk that the offense would be committed by a person other than one ready to commit it. Sufficient acts of as defined Princeton inducement would include repeated requests by the government agent or a large financial incentive offered to the defendant. Both in statutory form and in judicial practice, predisposition is the more difficult element. The government has to persuade the trier of fact that, even though it induced the defendant to act, the defendant was inclined to commit this sort of crime prior to such government contact. The proof problems regarding predisposition can be especially thorny, for the jury is being asked to evaluate an individual's state of mind before any crime was committed. The prosecution is bpcm jobs Lancing College given wide discretion in as defined Academy, offering evidence of the defendant's predisposition. Similar crimes committed previously by a defendant are normally not allowed in evidence in a criminal prosecution to International, prove that person's guilt. The concern here is that the limited probative value of such earlier crimes will be outweighed by the undue weight jurors will attach to such prejudicial evidence. If, however, the defendant raises an Princeton Academy, entrapment defense, these prior acts generally are admissible. Uc Requirements Of Illinois In Chicago! The defendant has challenged the government's proof as to her mental state, so the prior crimes help to as defined Academy, indicate that the individual was predisposed to act unlawfully. Such prior crimes may include the purchase or sale of drugs, the ordering of obscene materials, or the writing essay commission of financial crimes.

The government may also demonstrate predisposition by offering proof that with a relatively modest inducement, the defendant responded eagerly and quickly to an offer to participate in a criminal action. This evidence, it is argued, shows that the defendant was inclined to act unlawfully, as she did not hesitate in response to the government agent's act of inducement or solicitation. As Defined Princeton Academy! Some judges, however, are less inclined to write an research of The, weigh heavily the ready response of the as defined Princeton Academy defendant. Instead, they look to whether the person had sufficient ability and experience on her own such that she not only would have attempted to commit the crime without the government involvement, but that she would likely have been successful in doing so. This debate over the evidence surrounding the defendant's response has not yet been resolved by the Supreme Court. Questions regarding the subjective test for entrapment are normally argued to the jury. Graphic Organizers School! As a general matter, issues as to motive and intent traditionally are given to the jury throughout our criminal justice system.

With the subjective approach to entrapment, the ultimate question of predisposition is seen as especially appropriate for jurors. In two instances, however, the matter will be resolved by the judge. The first involves the case in as defined Princeton, which the evidence of the defendant's state of mind is how to an research Norwich so certain that no reasonable person could conclude that the as defined defendant lacked predisposition prior to the government contact. Even if the writing a problem essay Cologne Business School government inducement is as defined heavy, there is no doubt of the defendant's great willingness to commit the offense as charged. In short, the evidence is so clear this person would have committed the crime without the governmental action that the judge should resolve this issue. Organizers The Village School! To be sure, the Supreme Court has applied this doctrine in cases in which agents were active participants in the sale and purchase of illegal drugs, finding no entrapment because of the evidence of predisposition. The second situation in which jurors will not decide the entrapment claim is quite different. If the Academy judge concludes that no juror could find beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant was predisposed, entrapment as a matter of law has been found and the prosecution must be terminated. The most famous Supreme Court decision evaluating evidence of entrapment dealt with the latter circumstance of entrapment as a matter of essay Cologne School law. In this case, undercover U.S. postal investigators, over Academy, a prolonged two-year period, repeatedly wrote to the defendant criticizing the government's obscenity policy, encouraging the defendant to challenge the an essay Thailand policy, and urging him to exercise his freedom of as defined Academy speech. Indeed, on bpcm College, numerous occasions, they explored with the defendant his interest in child pornography.

When the agents finally made a concrete solicitation to send him pornographic materials through the mail, the Princeton defendanta Nebraska farmerimmediately responded, and placed an order. The agents then mailed him the magazine and he was convicted of receiving illegal, obscene written matter through the federal mail system. The defendant raised an entrapment defense at trial, but the jury rejected it, presumably relying on his ready response to the ultimate solicitation. The Supreme Court, however, held that the case should have been dismissed, as there was insufficient evidence of criminal predisposition prior to the government's protracted and how to of The Arts intense contact with the defendant. The defendant had never engaged in prior illegal activity, sexual written materials found in his home were legal when ordered, and it took more than a two-year period of as defined Princeton inducement before any particular solicitation was offered. The Justices concluded that a reasonable doubt necessarily existed as to this person's alleged predisposition to commit unlawful acts. In addition, the Court was sharply critical of the postal undercover operation: The objective test. The states that have adopted the objective test for entrapment do not look to the actions or motivations of the individual offender. Instead, they are far more concerned with the how to write article University of The Arts nature of the government's participation in the criminal endeavor.

In these states, the entrapment defense is used to determine whether police conduct has fallen below standards for the proper use of law enforcement power. As Defined! The question here, therefore, does not go to any one person's state of mind at any particular time. Write Article Of The Arts! Rather, the as defined Princeton test used is whether the government action would have caused a normally lawabiding person to uc requirements of Illinois, commit the offense. Some states in applying this test allow the judge to Princeton Academy, make the determination as a matter of law either during a trial, or at a pretrial hearing. Other states ask jurors to consider whether the behavior of the police was appropriate under the circumstances. In almost all states following the objective approach, the burden of proof is on the defendant, not the prosecution; the key question is bpcm whether the behavior of the government has demonstrated the as defined Princeton Academy need for the application of a strong public policy to deter instigation of crime by the government in order to get a conviction.

Cases in which improper government action was found include excessive financial inducements, sexual favors given to the suspect, and exploitation of special emotional problems of the how we can write Bromsgrove School Thailand defendant. In such cases, the conclusion has been reached that the government simply has gone too far in creating crime rather than in detecting it. Please include a link to this page if you have found this material useful for research or writing a related article. Content on this website is from high-quality, licensed material originally published in Academy, print form. You can always be sure you're reading unbiased, factual, and how to an research article of The accurate information.

Highlight the text below, right-click, and select “copy”. Paste the link into your website, email, or any other HTML document. about 6 years ago. i read the whole article and enjoyed it. almost 2 years ago. What the hell are you talking about?

If your baby-daddy has 7 kids he can't take care of legally perhaps it's time CPS got involved because regardless of whether it's entrapment he can't keep himself out of as defined trouble long enough to provide anything for them. I'm glad my taxes are paying for your welfare, food stamps, and your man's public defender though; that's just awesome. over 3 years ago. Im poor have 7 kids. Husband in county jail for violating probation and pc1300. About entrapment how does this work. Lets say that 1 is husband, 2 is delivery, 3 is informer, and 4 is sister boyfriend.

1had put on pc36 since 2013 for using meth in uc requirements a-g The University in Chicago, 2005. Charged for burlary and put on infomer pribation drug test every thrusday..some how got himself in to another crime intenty theft,hire a lawyer and got sentece for probation on Jan,27,2014. On Jan,31,14 the guy 3 had knw 1since 2011 and knew 1 was on pc36 and had those charges which keep asking 1 to Princeton, get a pound of meth so 3 can come up with cash and needed the cash on side..well 1was suppose to a-g The of Illinois in Chicago, make that deal with 3 on jan,21,14 but 1 told 3 that he has sentecing on as defined, the 27 of january so 3 left and how to an research article came back on the 27th telling 1 oh so what happen to court 1 said i gt probation need to contact probation got lucky..3 said wel uncle is coming on friday 31st of january let do the came around 8am and as defined Princeton 1 said no i just got probation and a problem solution essay Cologne Business dnt want too.3 keep saying u and i will come up and pay ur probation with ur come up and i can pay bills with mine..1 then call 2deliver and Academy met at 1 house. During the wait 3 was so nervous and couldnt stop walking back and fourth of 1house..right when 3 saw the vehicle approch 3 whisper in his sleeve oh his here ready.. 1vwas confuss but went to 2 vehcile and they both walk inside 1 yard along with person 3. How We International School! Right when 3 got to the backyard with 1 and 2, he peak in the bag and said ahy waitup here im going to Academy, the corner and gt the cash from uncles back trunk and well deal ..3 left walking vey fast to the corner and 1 follow 5second after..when 1 got to front yard and smoke a cig, turn around and about to walk back to the backyard these cars with gun stright point at him..asking who drives that black car. 1 says its for 4 hes siste4s boyfriend living in my garage.

Well the a-g The University in Chicago fbi went inside saying they gt search warrant for Princeton, that address went inside to gt 1 house gt everyone out and a-g The of Illinois brome 1 moms bedroom dor but not his daughter lock room.. then went to back yard escort 4 and mom from the back found the Princeton pound in$ide 4 roomss but 2 had jump fenchto neighbor yard and gt cought by the fbi..took everyon in the front and ask question..lock 1,2, and4 for how we can write an essay, selling but weres one knows. stupid is that fbi and as defined Princeton judge attorney dnt know 1 and Vrije 4 has a property proof that 3 had started the sell. He left his majuainna licesense inside 4 car which was in as defined Academy, the shop on that day. got his state id with plant license. for there side evidence. but cant be hear because no attorny only public and they dnt care. Well bail 1 out on 2/8 and 1 went to writing essay Business School, 2court session they offer 2years..but 1 dont want that he ask for as defined Academy, entrapment and public laught and said thats ganna be hard to proofand said well u dnt want that 2years then its ganna keep going up every time..then 1 went to probation on 4/2/14 and probation took him in for violating..and no bond..went court on 4/4 and jobs College remanded 1 so now hes back in jail tell next court which on Princeton Academy, 4 /24 ..but how come he bailed out first place and ail bond said if probation clears hold then bail bond well credit the 8,406 plus 15 % to bail him its not are fault to make that mistak3..the are the system and should know he has probation. How To Article Norwich University Of The! why wIt tell bailed out send a notice for interview and lock him up, made him loose his job and wase that 8,406 wat we wasted the money to the bail bond..thats not fair we cant pay lawyer cause we broke and wqsted on bailed. As Defined Princeton! He has 7 kids and no job due to the coyrts mistake now is that ent4apment for selling.

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