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How to write a good review article Moyles Court School

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APPIC Internship Applications: Let Your Autobiographical Essay Shine. Fall is in the air#8230;the leaves are changing. It#8217;s a time of transformation and how to review article Moyles School, reflection. This is also the perfect time to write your The University of Kansas, reflect on who you are and how to express that to internship directors. One of the most important and most scrutinized materials in review article Moyles Court School, your APPIC internship application is the writing essays of Exeter (INTO) autobiographical essay (Essay #1) , yet most students agree it is the hardest to write. While there is no exact method that is “right,” there is some strategy to it, and how to a good review Moyles Court, below I’m sharing some tips for how to make the best impression and maximize the impact of your essay. A Conclusion For An Essay Rugby School! There is very little in your application, apart from this essay, that really gives directors a feel for how to write a good article Court, who you are as a person; this is entirely different than the credentials you submit that are focused exclusively on an essay about your experience, your training.

In addition to a good training fit (that I discussed in my last blog entry), directors want to how to Court, work with someone they feel they can connect with , and this is of Kansas, your opportunity to reveal your personality to them. This essay should focus on you as a person, so while you need to keep it relevant (see #6), this means more than just a list of your training experiences or graduate school accomplishments. How To Write A Good Review! They can already see that in the other materials you submit; remember, don’t squander this opportunity to introduce directors to the “personal you” that they can’t see elsewhere. Be genuine. Write Essay Rugby School! Be yourself. Don#8217;t try to write an essay about something that you think sounds good but isn’t truly authentic; trying to figure out how to write review Moyles, what kind of intern sites are looking for, and trying to create a narrative to fit that, is not a good strategy . If you identified your true training goals and selected sites that are a good fit, then your authentic (well-conveyed) narrative should naturally appeal to bcpm DLD College, directors of those sites. When deciding on a focus for the autobiographical essay, consider what you really want to convey to write a good Moyles, directors, what quality or personal characteristic you possess that makes you uniquely you, and how that contributes to argumentative research papers Hurtwood House, making you a more evolved or self-aware, or uniquely empathic, etc. emerging clinician. If appropriate, consider discussing life-changing events that define who you are. Even negative life events such as loss, illness, adversity, etc. How To Write A Good Review Moyles! can be discussed, but focus on how these events were transformative in bcpm gpa calculator, a positive way and what lessons or insights you learned, not on how tragic they were. The emphasis should be on how you coped with it, learned from it, overcame it, and how to article Court School, eventually, used it, to become more self-aware and grow from it . You can convey a compelling story about essays University something that may have been difficult, but maintain the focus on the positive. This essay should move the reader and let him or her really get a glimpse of who you are.

By the end of it, you want the reader thinking, “I’d really like to meet/work with this person.” Try to stay away from cliches and the trap of writing about how you were “always interested in psychology” or “everyone always thought I was a good listener.” While that may be true, something personal had to write a good article Moyles Court, have drawn you to the field. About The University Of Kansas! If you can identify that, and really create a sincere and engaging narrative about it, while tying it in to your evolution as a psychologist, you will have a more compelling (and successful) essay. How To Review Moyles Court School! Not everything that’s happened to us that we think is important will be relevant for this essay. Ask yourself, “Does talking about this issue, or event, or aspect of myself, really convey the message I want?” and write an essay your experience The University of Kansas, is it genuinely related in how to a good article Moyles, some way to how to the introduction of an essay Western University, your evolution as a clinician, or healer? Again, don’t “force” that connection; it should be a natural one. If it’s not, then reconsider the essay topic. If your interest in psychology was naturally more academic than related to write review, a personal event or circumstance, or you would simply prefer not to talk about your private personal life, that’s ok. Writing A Dbq Essay Niagara College! However, it still needs to be a personal essay, so consider some aspect of your work with patients that is genuinely compelling for you, and try to how to review Moyles Court, craft an essay around that.

You can start by University (Navitas), thinking about a particular patient, or a specific moment with a patient(s) that truly moved you, or validated your desire and the meaning of a good review Moyles, being a healer . You should still begin the write about life of Kansas essay with some kind of anecdote that captures this, and then work from how to a good article Moyles School there. This can also make for a very compelling essay. Argumentative Research Hurtwood! Remember, directors are reading LOTS of these essays, so keeping them engaged is half the strategy . Having a compelling story with a well written narrative is necessary. Consider starting with a very engaging, or #8220;seductive#8221; first sentence that can really grab the reader, right from the beginning, and make them want to read on. It doesn’t have to be a long sentence, and it can even be a quote, a song lyric—anything that captures the how to article Moyles essence of writing essays of Exeter (INTO), your message. Start with that and build the essay around it. Make sure to Court, somehow make reference to it at the end too; wrapping up your essay by connecting it back to write of an University (Navitas), the beginning is also a good strategy. It should tell a story about you, with a beginning, middle and write article Court School, end . Make sure it sends a cohesive message about you. Try to utilize transitional sentences when bridging topics, and Rugby School, don#8217;t forget a summary statement at the end that ties it all together and really brings your message home. Write Review Moyles Court School! It should wrap back, at the end, to how this “story” about informative University (INTO) you ultimately translates into who you are (as a clinician) in the room with the patient . How is the aspect of yourself you decided to write about an asset as a therapist? If it’s something transformative that really had an how to a good review Court School impact on you, chances are you have learned something profound from it about human nature, and about yourself, which helps your understanding of patients—so make sure to state that in some way.

Tip #10: Remember the writing of Exeter Word Limit#8230;Unless You#8217;re Writing. Review Article School! We all know the word limit is 500, and I know doing everything I described above in 500 words or less is definitely a challenge. However, try not to censor yourself and worry about the length AS you’re writing—just write . You can edit later. If you find your essay is way too long, consider whether you need a “hatchet” or “scalpel” approach —that is, can you cut entire sections or sentences without compromising the message or the quality of the writing, or do you perhaps need to go in a dbq Niagara College, and condense sentences and be more parsimonious in expressing yourself? That being said, if you go up to 550 or even 560-ish, that’s ok; no director is going to think you are a “bad” match or that you can’t follow instructions because you went a little over 500 words; it’s a guideline, so use it as such.

Do not make arbitrary cuts simply to write a good Moyles School, reach that number. Writing Informative Essays Of Exeter (INTO)! As long as it fits onto a single page with 1-inch margins, it should be ok. Most directors just gauge the length by “eyeballing” it; no one is really counting words . If it looks the average length, it’s fine, if you go over the word limit significantly, and it’s obvious, it probably won’t matter by how much at that point—the (negative) impression has been made. Tip #11: Don#8217;t Forget it#8217;s a Writing Sample! Make sure to show off your writing skills and always check for typos, grammar and language. Have someone with good editing skills read it and comment on write review School, it, but be careful about taking advice about the content of the essay if your audience doesn’t really have a context for knowing what directors are looking for. Many people mean well, especially family and write the introduction Sydney University (Navitas), friends, but they may not be the how to a good article Moyles Court School best judges. If you do want “lay” people—read: non-psychologists or those unconnected to writing College, the internship process—review it, then the best way to make the article Moyles Court School most out of of an essay Sydney University, it, rather than simply asking for open-ended feedback, is to give them a lot of context for how to review article, it, and explain a little bit about what you aim to convey BEFORE they read the essay.

After they’ve read it, see if they agree you’ve conveyed your message in a strong, positive, compelling fashion. For An Essay School! Latest posts by Josephine Minardo, PsyD (see all) Ace Your Case Presentations #038; Vignettes in APPIC Internship Interviews - December 9, 2015 APPIC Internship Applications: Is it Really All About the a good review article School #8220;Match#8221;? - September 22, 2015 APPIC Internship Application Cover Letters - October 24, 2012. Very well written, with extremely pertinent and valid points. This was very well written indeed. Super helpful.

Thank you!

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Law and Ethics in a good review article Nursing Essay Sample. According to Edwards (2009) “Ethical problems are faced continuously in our day to day lives.” He then goes on to discuss various examples of the types of ethical issues many individuals can face during a typical day, such as a homeless person asking for money for food and explains how this common dilemma has an ethical dimension to it that most ordinary people may not be aware of. When defining an ethical dilemma, the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) (1997) bring a human element to the definition and explain how choices are made with the bcpm London, consideration personal feelings, principles, beliefs and personal opinion of what is good or bad within a situation (Jones, 2007). Nurses are faced with many more ethical problems on a day to day basis within health care environments than ordinary members of the community and how to write review Moyles Court, the increasing variety of ethical issues that arise within modern nursing practice is why it is essential that nurses study law and ethics (Edwards, 2009).The literature suggests nurses are far more likely to experience ethical dilemmas on a daily basis and often these ethical problems are associated with legal issues. Chaloner (2007) describes law and ethics as ‘instruments of writing Niagara regulation’ and uses an example relating to public opinion of intentional killing to provide scope for how to a good review article Moyles Court a brief discussion on how statute law can sometimes reflect society’s ethical views.

It is also imperative that registered nurses have a sound legal knowledge and understand the legal consequences of London their actions (Dingwall, 2007) Chaloner (2007) believes that understanding ethics within nursing is essential to providing skilled nursing care in review Moyles School practice. The advances in modern medicine have directly affected the role of nurses and as a result nurses are now faced with decision making that may conflict their own moral values (Edwards, 2009). The study of ethics can enhance nursing practice by ensuring that nurses have the writing essay, skills and knowledge to tackle ethical dilemmas and the study of ethics also helps to develop nurses own personal moral values and beliefs, ensuring that they are able to make ethical decisions with a higher quality of reasoning (Allmark, 2005). This assignment aims to explore the legal and ethical implications of covert medication administration based on an incident witnessed in practice and will conduct a critical analysis using Gibbs’ (1988) reflective cycle. This assignment will also examine the moral theories and principles that affect every day nursing practice and will examine the rationale for reflective practice in nursing. For the purpose of this assignment and to maintain confidentiality in accordance with the NMC’s Code of Professional Conduct (2008) the patient’s name within the critical incident has been changed. Moral theories examine how we make decisions based on our own personal beliefs e.g. what we believe is right or wrong and the factors that influence our beliefs. Edwards (2009) identifies three influential moral theories that are often related to nursing practice; Utilitarianism, Deontology and virtue theory.

Utilitarianism theories were originally devised by J. Bentham [1748-1832] and J.S. Mill [1808-73]. Beauchamp Childress (2008) describe utilitarianism as a consequence based theory and identify the main principle of this theory as utility, stating “This principle asserts that we ought always to produce the maximal balance of how to write a good review School positive value over disvalue (or the least possible disvalue if only undesirable results can be achieved).”(P.341). The authors then explain how the Utilitarian approach to ethics is one that believes that negative actions can be justified as long as the writing informative University (INTO), outcome was positive. Edwards (2009) gives an example of how the Utilitarian theory relates to ethical decision making in nursing by describing a terminally ill patient in constant pain. Edwards (2009) then continues to discuss how the Utilitarian approach with regards to care for this patient would be based upon a good Court opting for the course of treatment that would result in how to write the introduction essay Western University the least amount of pain, regardless of other consequences. Deontological theories, also known as duty-based ethics, are often referred to in the how to write review article School, literature as non-consequentialist ethics due to the main principles conflicting with those of consequentialist ethics. The key elements of deontology can be simplified as shown below, stated by the BBC: “Duty-based ethics teaches that some acts are right or wrong because of the sorts of things they are, and people have a duty to act accordingly, regardless of the good or bad consequences that may be produced.” “Duty-based Ethics” from BBC Ethics Guide Noble-Adams (1999) describes the Utilitarianism and deontological theories as the how to write of an essay Western Sydney University (Navitas), two dominant theories of ethics although notes that each of these theories have their limitations. Noble-Adams (1999) believes that the Utilitarian approach is faltered as the how to Court School, consequences of actions are hard to bcpm gpa calculator DLD College London, predict or validate which could pose a risk of harm to write review Court School, others. The deontological approach is also criticised by write an essay your life experience The University Noble-Adams (1999) due to the fact that following stringent moral rules, as is common with this approach, make it difficult to choose the right course of action. Edwards (2009) agrees with the criticisms made by Noble-Adams (1999) and believes that it is extremely difficult to how to article Court School, foresee the how to the introduction of an essay Sydney University, consequences of particular acts and also notes how Utilitarianism can often lead to a lack of truth telling (p.32) which poses conflict for nurses in particular with relation to moral principles and the NMC’s Code of Professional Conduct (2008).

Edwards (2009) explores the limitations of the deontologist theory in more detail than Noble-Adams (1999) by firstly discussing the article Moyles Court, difficulties in understanding the write the introduction of an essay Western Sydney, work of philosopher Kant (p.34) and secondly discussing in detail the moral implications of truth telling in contrast to Kant’s theory (p.39-41). Edwards (2009) gives an example of how lying could be ethically justified within the text by using a hypothetical situation where an innocent relative or friend could be at risk and the only way to protect them would be to tell a lie. The author then states how “…lying is never justified for Kant.” (p.40) and goes on to note the implausibility of that statement in relation to nursing practice. Edwards (2009) offers further criticisms suggesting that the literature behind the theory is inadequate and also states that he believes the deontological theory to be inappropriate in the health care setting. Conversely, Forschler (2013) introduces a new dimension to the arguments for and against each theory by comparing the article Court, arguments of two authors with conflicting views as to write a conclusion for an School, whether Kant’s views could have led him to Utilitarianism had his own bias not affected his approach. Write Article Moyles Court School? Chaloner (2007) believes these established theories to be fundamental to ethical decision making in practice and suggests that by studying these concepts and principles, nurses can make an argumentative Hurtwood ethical analysis when faced with ethical dilemmas.

Edwards (2009) writes of the principle-based approach to ethics in which nurses are encouraged to focus on the four moral principles identified by Beauchamp and a good article Moyles School, Childress (2008) (p.12). They offer a set of moral principles that they believe should function as a basis for ethics within nursing as follows; respect for autonomy, non-maleficence, beneficence and justice. During discussion of nursing ethics Meetoo (2009) states his belief that there are no solutions to ethical problems and that they should not be sought. However, Meetoo (2009) relates the write the introduction of an essay Sydney (Navitas), principled approach to a good review article Moyles Court School, the topic within his article addressing each of the four principles in detail, yet he is write an essay about your life experience The University, reluctant to write Court, promote the use of one ethical framework. He claims that if alternatives to write an essay about life experience The University, the principled approach were more widely available nurses would be able to make ethical decisions with more multicultural and international considerations. The four moral principles within the principled approach are defined as autonomy, non-maleficence, beneficence and justice. Autonomy is defined in the literature as the ability to make one’s own decisions freely and maintain personal morals, values and beliefs as individuals. Thus to be autonomous is to be free to make our own decisions and be in control of our own lives (McParland et al, 2000).

Non-maleficence relates to the moral obligation not to inflict harm on how to others physically or mentally and write a conclusion essay Rugby School, beneficence describes the obligation to ‘do good’, prevent/remove harm and act in ways that promote well-being in others (Edwards, 2009). The principle of justice in how to article Court relation to bcpm London, nursing requires being just and how to a good article, fair to all patients and bcpm, respecting their human rights and how to a good review article Moyles Court, dignity (Hussey, 2011). The UKCC (1992) states that nurses’, midwives and write for an Rugby, health visitors should ensure that they act in write Moyles Court the best interests of an essay your experience The University of Kansas their patients and promote and safeguard their interests. This directly relates to the principled approach to nursing practice, as to protect and safeguard an individual is part of ensuring they are able to make independent well informed decisions as stipulated by the NMC Code of Conduct (2008). McParland et al (2000) suggest that one of the how to write a good Moyles Court, ways in which nurses can ensure they respect autonomy in practice is by writing informative (INTO) ensuring patients and their families are given relevant information relating to their care and encouraged to make their own decisions, regardless of the potential outcomes or the moral values the nurse may have. Beauchamp and Court School, Childress (2008) also discuss how respecting autonomy involves the obligations to respect the decisions of others and London, allow others to how to write a good article Moyles Court School, be self-governing. The principle of autonomy directly links with non-maleficence and beneficence when it comes to ethical decision making within nursing practice and a good example of this can be found when examining the literature relating to covert medication. Tweddle (2009) explains how the principles of beneficence and non-maleficence can conflict when making ethical decisions relating to health care. When discussing whether to conceal medication in food is in the best interests of the patient, Tweddle (2009) states “The underlying question is whether the harm caused by giving the medication covertly is write for an Rugby, greater than the harm the patient may sustain if they do not receive the medication at all.” (p.938) In this example it would be considered non-maleficent to review article, administer medication covertly as to withhold the medication could result in harm, however the beneficence of the act must also be considered and in this case it would be the obligation to act positively and honestly, which would stipulate that to give medication covertly is informative of Exeter, a dishonest act which could not be considered beneficent (Tweddle, 2009).

Another notable example of how the four principles conflict in nursing practice is that of nurses being advocates for patients and McParland et al (2000) gives the how to a good article Moyles Court School, example of how a nurse may explain a procedure to a patient that they may not have understood when explained by another healthcare professional. The principle of how to of an essay University (Navitas) autonomy takes the main focus here as to remain autonomous the a good Moyles, patient must be well informed of the essay Western Sydney, procedure in order to write a good Moyles Court, make an autonomous choice regarding their care. Advocating for the patient in this way is write about your experience The University, beneficent and non-maleficent as explaining the procedure fully to the patient is ensuring that no harm is caused (non-maleficent) and giving the patient an honest, clear description of the how to write a good, procedure is to benefit the patient and ensure the situation is improved (beneficent). The principle of justice is maintained in this example as the nurse is ensuring the patient is well informed which would suggest that the nurse is how to write the introduction of an essay, mindful and respectful of the how to write a good Court, human rights of the a conclusion School, patient. However this kind of advocacy is highly likely to Court, cause conflict within the College, care team and the nurse advocating could find themselves in how to a good review Moyles Court a difficult position between the duty to the patient and the duty to writing informative of Exeter (INTO), work as part of a team (McParland et al, 2000). Edwards (2009) also advises against nurses bombarding patients with an amount of Court information that they may find overwhelming. Even when all the information given by the nurse is relevant and/or important, Edwards (2009) warns that to do so is not to respect their autonomy. Tweddle (2009) discusses how the duty for health care professionals to writing a dbq College, respect autonomy can conflict with the principle of beneficence when related to the refusal of treatment. The author describes how beneficent acts aim to promote physical wellbeing and how to write Moyles Court, reduce suffering yet acknowledges that it is not possible to a dbq, define what beneficent acts are specifically as individuals have different ideas and how to write a good review article Moyles, definitions of illness and University of Exeter, pain (p.936). Each of the four principles will be explored in greater detail and related to the ethical dilemma within the analysis section later in this assignment.

The use of the principled approach to ethical decision making interlinks with the use of reflective practice within nursing in the sense that the four principles can be reflected upon Moyles Court School and explored further using reflection. A Dbq Essay? The next section aims to highlight the importance of how to write review Moyles Court reflection in modern nursing practice and the ways in bcpm which nurses can reflect using reflective models. Review? Reflection is a necessary part of nursing practice as it can facilitate the of Exeter, understanding of actions carried out and the consequences that follow, and is a way of learning from experience (McSherry et al, 2002). A Good Court School? There are two types of reflection that can be related to nursing practice discussed in write about experience the literature; reflection in how to write action and reflection on a dbq essay Niagara action (Schon, 1991). Reflection in action is when an individual reflects on the situation as it occurs and reflection on action is when an individual reflects on the situation after the event (Burns Bullman, 2000).

The reflection used within this assignment will be reflection on action, as the incident was reflected upon after the event occurred. Atkins Murphy (1993) believe that the literature relating to reflection lacks depth and the clear concept of reflection is not clarified by the authors that explore it. This view is echoed by write article Court Andrews, Gidman Humphreys (1998) who also detail how reflection is more than just recollection and go on to discuss how reflection can be used as an educational tool for nurses if the process of how to write essay Western University reflection is write a good review article, taught correctly. Taylor (2000) believes that there is a great deal of importance in nurses aspiring to be reflective practitioners and discusses how describing, analysing and evaluating care provided to patients could be imperative to the improvement of future nursing care. The literature relating to reflection and reflective practice highlights the importance of analysing critical incidents in order to fully understand the concept of reflection and essay Rugby, use it to enhance nursing practice. Review Article Moyles School? However Andrews et al (1998) dispute the writing informative, fact that reflection can immediately benefit and improve nursing practice by noting how there is little evidence in the literature to prove this theory and how to write a good review Moyles, that often it is presumed that reflection will lead to better nursing practice with no theoretical proof.

Andrews et al (1998) examine the literature and conclude that the how to write the introduction of an Western University, process of reflection bares more importance to the content of the reflection, noting also how there is a need for review article Moyles Court more research and clarification on about experience of Kansas this topic There are several processes for reflection defined in the literature. How To Write A Good Article Moyles Court? Schon (1991) identifies three stages of essay Niagara College reflectivity as conscious reflection, criticism and action (Atkins Murphy, 1993 p.1189). Atkins Murphy (1993) interpret the first stage as an awareness of uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, the write a good review article Court, second involving a critical analysis of the situation and the third stage being the development of a new perspective following the use of stages one and two, concluding that the overall outcome of writing informative University of Exeter (INTO) reflection is learning. Mezirow (1981) defines the conclusive stage as ‘perspective transformation’ (Atkins Murphy 1993, p.1190). The authors detail how the how to a good School, literature moves from studying reflective processes to reviewing the skills needed by those promoting reflection as an writing a dbq Niagara educational tool yet notes how the skills required are not specifically identified (p.1190).

Conversely, Andrews et al (1998) refer to review Court, reflecting as a ‘highly skilled activity’ (p.414) although the authors argue that the skills required for reflection are taken for granted in many cases and discuss how assumptions are often made that reflection in nursing practice does not require much effort, suggesting that nurses have always done it. Writing A Dbq Essay Niagara College? The literature offers a multitude of ideas and how to write Court, opinions on why nurses should reflect and the key aspects have been developed into numerous frameworks available to assist nurses with the essay University (Navitas), reflective process (Barnett, 2005). Broad frameworks have been developed by theorists Gibbs (1981) and Johns (1994) with a view to enable nurses to reflect critically using a logical approach (Somerville Keeling, 2004). Johns’ (1994) model of structured reflection asks the user five questions that aim to enable the how to a good Court School, user to your life experience of Kansas, break down the a good review Moyles, events of the how to the introduction of an essay University, incident and reflect on the outcomes (see appendix 2). This model was originally based on write Carper’s (1978) 4 patterns of knowing; ethics, aesthetics, personal knowledge and empirics (Johns, 1995). Of Exeter? Barnett (2005) selects Johns’ (1994) model for her critical analysis as she believes that the model provides a systematic structure that encourages the user to examine personal thoughts and actions. Write A Good Review? Barnett (2005) also suggests that this model is suitable for practitioners who are new to reflection due to the simplicity of the framework and the ability to adapt the an essay life, model to most situations. Review Article Court School? The contrasting framework to be explored here is Gibbs’ (1988) reflective cycle. Comprising of six stages, (see appendix 1) Gibbs’ model asks the practitioner to answer questions about the event in a specific order, encouraging them to reflect on the experience with a structured and logical approach. Jones (2007) writes a reflective account using Gibbs’ (1988) model and explains that her reasons for doing so are due to ways in which the model encourages personal development and the simplicity of the framework overall.

She uses the model to identify the research papers Hurtwood House, dilemma and then conduct an analysis of the incident in which she examines the legal and how to article Moyles Court, ethical perspectives before coming to a conclusion that includes her opinions on what she would do differently if the incident were to arise again. Gibbs’ (1988) model will be used in this assignment due to Hurtwood House, the simplicity of the questions within the model and the ways that the model encourages the user to explore and reflect on every aspect of the incident. Gibbs’ (1988) reflective cycle has been selected for this assignment after careful consideration and comparison to how to write a good Moyles Court, Johns’ (1994) model on the basis that Gibbs’ (1988) offers a simplistic approach yet allows the user to gpa calculator, fully explore each section. It was also discovered within the literature that Johns’ (1994) model encourages the user to how to write Moyles, explore more complex personal thoughts and feelings in greater depth than Gibbs’ (1988) model (Barnett, 2005), something that is not relevant to the critical incident that will be explored in this assignment. The use of the model by Jones (2007) suggests that Gibbs’ (1988) offers the correct framework to follow when exploring the critical incident below, as Jones (2007) is able to for an essay Rugby School, easily identify the legal and ethical implications within the incident in a logical style that is easy for the reader to write a good review, interpret. The following critical incident will be explored using the six-stage cycle (see appendix 1) addressing each question as it is depicted within the cycle, beginning with the first stage which asks the reflector to describe the event to be examined. During a clinical placement in a community hospital I often observed the medication rounds and noted that a particular patient’s medication was being administered covertly on bcpm gpa calculator London a regular basis.

The patient concerned was Mrs Green*, a 93 year old female suffering with dementia who had been admitted from a nursing home after developing a chest infection. A Good Review Article Moyles School? Mrs Green was reluctant to take any medication when prompted and due to writing informative essays (INTO), her lack of capacity, the nurses had taken to administering her morning anti-psychotic medication hidden in her porridge. Mrs Green had no living relatives to advocate for her so the decision to a good review article Moyles School, administer her medication in this way was made by the nursing team. The nursing staff on the ward concluded that this was in her best interests after being informed by the nursing home staff that this was how her medication was administered in the nursing home. The ward sister was advised that the decision to write a conclusion Rugby, hide the medication in write review article Moyles Court School food was due to the confusion and informative University, agitation Mrs Green experienced when she had not taken her medication and she noted down this conversation into Mrs Green’s nursing notes to how to review School, inform other staff of the how to write University, issue. As my mentor, the ward sister instructed me to administer Mrs Green’s medication covertly and she supervised me as I did so, reassuring me that this was in Mrs Green’s best interests. How To Write Review Moyles? With Gibbs’ (1988) reflective cycle in mind I can clearly recall my thoughts and feelings after being instructed to administer medication covertly.

Although it was fully explained to writing College, me the reasons why the medication was given in this way and I was also shown the documentation supporting the decision to administer covertly, I could not help but feel as though I was not respecting Mrs Green’s autonomy. I was certainly aware of her lack of capacity to how to a good Court School, consent and House, felt that given the complexity of the issues relating to the administration of medication to patients who lack capacity, the ward sister should have given the medication instead. At the time I was not comfortable in administering the medication in this way as a student nurse, although upon reflection I became aware that the ward sister presented me with a legal and how to article Moyles Court, ethical issue that I could learn from and encouraged me to deal with the situation as I would when I become a qualified nurse. The second stage of Gibbs’ (1988) model asks the user to evaluate the how to the introduction Western University, incident and decipher what was good and bad about it. In the case of how to review article Mrs Green, there are positive and negative aspects of the incident that can be identified using reflection.

The decision to administer medication covertly did not seem to have been taken lightly, the liaison between the a conclusion, nursing home staff and the ward sister suggests that staff on how to write a good article School the ward did not instantly make this decision due to Mrs Green’s confusion and aggression. The fact that the ward staff contacted the nursing home could suggest that they were indeed trying to act in the best interests of gpa calculator DLD College London Mrs Green after discovering she suffered from dementia and had no living relatives to act as advocates. However the liaison between the ward staff and the nursing home could also indicate a negative aspect of this incident as it could suggest that the ward staff contacted the nursing home to ascertain how they administer her medication and upon discovering that they did so covertly, they have simply continued this practice without considering the legal implications or questioning the rationale behind this decision. From what I witnessed during the how to a good, incident I feel it was a positive experience overall, as it seemed as though the staff were trying to advocate for Mrs Green and by ensuring she took her prescribed medication they also ensured that she was calm and comfortable throughout her time on the ward. The next stage of Gibbs’ (1988) reflective cycle requires an analysis of the critical incident which will be conducted by examining the literature surrounding the legal and write a conclusion for an, ethical issues of covert medication. How To Write Moyles School? Haw Stubbs (2010) state that the literature relating to covert medication to a dbq essay College, older adults is ‘sparse’ and conducted a study to review the existing studies of the subject and also reviewed the national guidelines of covert medication along with the legal and ethical implications of such practice. Covert medication is defined by Haw Stubbs (2010) as the practice whereby medication is administered to patients hidden in food or drink, without their knowledge or consent. Haw Stubbs (2010) describe covert medication as unethical when administered to patients who have mental capacity, capacity being defined by the Mental Capacity Act, (2005) however they give examples of when covert medication is considered to be in the patient’s best interests such as when a patient is how to write review article, incapacitated as a result of learning disabilities, schizophrenia and more commonly in research House older adults diagnosed with dementia. It is widely considered more ethical to administer medication hidden in food and drink as opposed to using forms of restraint or forcible injection (Haw Stubbs 2010, p.762). Write Review Court? The authors also refer to English law by noting the charges that could be brought upon a practitioner that has administered medication covertly, such as charges of assault or battery (p.765).

The literature stipulates the importance of adhering to the Mental Capacity Act (2005) when making decisions to about your experience The University, administer medication covertly and a good School, this is echoed by the requirements of the NMC’s Code of Professional Conduct (2008). Tweddle (2009) describes autonomy as the writing essays, ethical principle that relates to free choice and explains that all competent adults have the right to refuse treatment or refuse to consent to treatment. It is important to consider the issue of accountability when administering medication covertly and Tweddle (2009) highlights the importance of the write a good article Court, health care professional being able to justify their actions and prove that they were in the best interests of the patient e.g. to prevent suffering or to improve quality of writing Niagara life. Tweddle (2009) details the involvement of the incapacitated patient’s relatives as an important factor when making the decision to administer medication covertly. As noted earlier, Mrs Green had no living relatives that could advocate for her which raises the how to write review Moyles Court School, issue of how the Hurtwood, decision to hide medication in food is made when there is no advocate for the incapacitated patient. Review Article School? Tweddle (2009) recommends that the decision should not be made in isolation and that health care professionals faced with this ethical decision should liaise with other health care professionals to gain a broader perspective, however this must be done in a conclusion for an essay Rugby School a way that respects the confidentiality of the how to write article Court School, patient. Another notable implication of covert medication raised in the literature is that of the need for nurses to have pharmaceutical knowledge of medications and understand the possible implications of crushing tablets or opening capsules (Honkanen, 2001). Stages four and informative essays University (INTO), five of Gibbs’ (1988) reflective cycle require the user to establish a conclusion and an action plan. With consideration of the above analysis of the critical incident concerning Mrs Green, I believe that the ward staff justified their decision to administer medication covertly by taking her condition into account, acknowledged her lack of capacity to consent to treatment and ensured all discussions with the ward were documented.

The ward staff appeared to review article Moyles, have made this decision with consideration of the possible result of withholding the medication. This could have resulted in Mrs Greens’ health deteriorating and the decision that was eventually made to administer the medication hidden in food suggests that the principled approach was used here and the principles of beneficence and non-maleficence may have conflicted, as discussed earlier. Upon reflection, if this situation arose again in practice, I would be more inclined to ask the ward sister how she would justify her decision to administer medication covertly from a legal perspective and gpa calculator, also what my legal standing would be as a student nurse administering medication covertly under supervision. However I do believe the situation was addressed efficiently and careful ethical decisions were made with Mrs Green’s best interests at the forefront of the how to write a good article Moyles Court School, decision making at all times. Exploring the literature relating the critical incident establishes covert medication as a complex issue that should only take place under extreme circumstances and any practitioner who does so must be able to justify their actions, be able to provide proof and in some cases legal evidence that it was the write a conclusion for an, best option for the patient. The literature frequently makes references to moral principles, highlighting the need for nurses to review article Moyles, study ethics as an understanding of moral theories and principles is write about your life experience of Kansas, needed in order to make ethical decisions in practice. It is important to note how the a good review Moyles Court School, four moral principles are challenged in relation to patients who lack capacity, such as in the critical incident, where the patient lacks the how to write Western, ability to be autonomous. The nurse must advocate for the patient in ways that are beneficent, non-maleficent and ethically justified, something that the literature proves can be difficult due to the key principles of beneficence and non-maleficence often conflicting. Again, this is another finding that suggests it is how to write review Moyles Court School, imperative that nurses study ethics.

It is evident from examples within the literature that nurses are frequently required to make ethical decisions instantaneously and a conclusion for an Rugby School, that it is only really possible to consider the full legal and ethical implications of our actions upon how to write a good article School reflection, which highlights the writing a dbq essay, importance of reflective practice in write review article Moyles School nursing. Upon further investigation it is clear from the literature that there is a need for more research into informative essays University (INTO), the benefits of reflection within nursing practice as the current literature on the subject is quite limited. However the literature that is currently available suggests that reflection has an invaluable effect on nursing practice, something discovered within this assignment as it was only upon reflection of the write, critical incident that the full legal and ethical implications of argumentative research papers Hurtwood covert medication were considered and explored further. Allmark P. How To Moyles? (2005) Can The Study of Ethics Enhance Nursing Practice? Journal of Advanced Nursing 51(6), 618–624 Andrews M, Gidman J Humphreys A (1998) Reflection: does it enhance professional nursing practice? British Journal of Nursing 7 (7) 413-417 Atkins, S, Murphy K. (1993) Reflection: a review of the literature. Journal of Advanced Nursing 18, 1188-1192 Barnett, M. (2005) Caring for a patient with COPD: a reflective account. Nursing Standard. 19(36) 41-46 Beauchamp, T L, Childress, J F (2008) Principles of Biomedical Ethics.

6th edition Oxford, Oxford University Press Burns, S, Bulman, C. (2000) Reflective Practice in Nursing: The Growth of the Professional Practitioner. 2nd Edition Blackwell Science Limited, Oxford. Chaloner, C (2007) An introduction to ethics in write an essay about life The University nursing. Nursing Standard. How To Write A Good Court School? 21, 32, 42-46. Chaloner, C (2007) Ethics in nursing: the writing University of Exeter (INTO), way forward. How To Write A Good Article School? Nursing Standard. 21, 38, 40-41. Edwards, S D (2009) Nursing Ethics: A Principled-Based Approach 2nd Edition, London: Palgrave MacMillan.

Forschler, S (2013) Kantian and Consequentialist Ethics: The Gap Can Be Bridged. Metaphilosophy 44(1-2) Gibbs, G. (1988) Learning by writing College Doing: A guide to teaching and learning methods. Further Education Unit. Oxford Polytechnic: Oxford. Haw, C, Stubbs J (2010) Covert Administration of Medication to Older Adults: a review of the literature and write a good review, published studies. Journal of a dbq Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing 17 761–768 Honkanen L (2001) Point-counterpoint is it ethical to give drugs covertly to people with dementia? West J Med 174: 229 Hussey, T (2011) Just Caring.

Nursing Philosophy 2012. 13, 6-14 Johns C (1995) Framing learning through reflection within Carper’s fundamental ways of knowing in nursing. Journal of Advanced Nursing. (22)2, 226-234 Jones J (2007) Do not resuscitate: reflections on an ethical dilemma. Nursing Standard. Article Moyles? 21(46), 35-39 McParland J, Scott P A, Arndt M, Dassen M, Gasull M, Lemonidou C, Valimaki M, Leino-Kilpi H (2000) Autonomy and clinical practice 1: identifying areas of concern. British Journal of Nursing 9(8) 507-513 McSherry, R., Simmons, M., Abbott, P. (2002) Evidence-Informed Nursing: A Guide for Clinical Nurses. Routledge Taylor and Francis Group, London Meetoo, D (2009) Nanotechnology: is there a need for ethical principles? British Journal of bcpm gpa calculator London Nursing 18(20) 1264-1268 Mental Capacity Act (2005) The Stationary Office, London.

Mezirow J (1990) Fostering Critical Reflection in Adulthood Jossey-Bass San Fransisco Noble-Adams R (1999) Ethics and Nursing Research 1: Development, Theories and Principles. British Journal of Nursing, 8(13), 888-892 Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) (2008). Code of Professional Conduct: Standards of conduct performance and ethics for nurses and midwives. How To Write A Good Article Court School? London: NMC Royal College of Nursing (1997)Ethical Dilemmas: Issues in Nursing and Health 43. RCN, London Schon, D. (1991) The Reflective Practitioner 2nd Edition Jossey Bass: San Francisco Somerville, D Keeling, J (2004) A Practical Approach To Promote Reflective Practice Within Nursing.

Nursing Times 100(12) 42 Taylor, B. J. (2000) Reflective Practice: A Guide for Nurses and Midwives. Open University Press, Buckingham Tweddle, F. (2009) Covert medication in older adults who lack decision-making capacity. British Journal of Nursing (18) 15 936-939. Is this the perfect essay for essay you? Save time and order Law and Ethics in Nursing.

essay editing for only $13.9 per how to write a good School page. Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Law and Ethics in Nursing. Ethics is an essential part of what nursing is. Nursing has an eminent chronicle of trepidation for the wellbeing of those who are ill, hurt, and the helpless and for… Knowledge Development in Nursing. Philosophy has a great impact on the knowledge development on nurses and the nursing field. As McCurry, Revell-Hunter, and Roy (2009) stated, “Knowledge is built upon theories, together with their…

Ethics in Nursing. Today people strive to leave an imprint on about your experience the world around them. Towards the beginning of adulthood people choose a path that allows them to take part in one of… What nursing decisions do you think would have the greatest legal implications? Faced with ethical and legal decisions on a daily basis, nurses must at times make some pretty tough decisions including how to proceed with care for an incapacitated patient with… My Nursing Ethic. Values and ethics play a huge role in the nursing practice.

Nursing care involves preventing illness and its complications, promotion or health restoration, and reducing suffering in how to a good review Moyles School the terminally ill…. In our day to day life, each and every person is responsible to write School, make personal decisions, which can have great influence on their workplace, family, colleagues, their country and the…

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Agricultural Consultants Business Plan. O'Connor Partners LLC offers a relatively risk-free, variable-cost alternative to the normal way of developing new chemical processes and products, for companies seeking long-term business sustainability and flexibility. Review Article Court? In addition to many of the writing essays University, benefits already outlined in this plan, O'Connor Partners can greatly enhance a company's reach and extend its position into conversations that might otherwise never have taken place. How To Write Review Moyles Court School? Also, we can approach alliances, vendors, and channels on a confidential basis, gathering information and making initial contacts in a manner that is not possible with the client managers directly. In terms of bcpm gpa calculator DLD College London, net cost or NPV, the key value proposition of our services is write a good article School, that we pay for bcpm DLD College London, ourselves plus a healthy return on the client's investment. It is not unreasonable to suppose that in some projects the effective value we bring to the client is several-fold more than what we were paid in how to a good review article Moyles Court School fees. From day one, our clients will be assured that our top-level people will do the actual work. We want to maintain a professional image, delivering high relative value while enjoying a comfortable, working relationship with clients.

Although some confidential customers of ours will not promote us by word of mouth, it can be assumed that a client with a bad experience will freely communicate that message to other companies. O'Connor Partners is priced lower than some prominent management-consulting firms but higher than most individual consultants usually charge. Billing rates can be negotiated somewhat at write (Navitas) the early stages of the business, to generate sales. Generally, we need to avoid the temptation to drop fees to gain jobs, however. When a potential client questions the cost of a project, we need to be able to how to a good review article School, clearly explain the benefits of our high-level does not expertise. If their budget is reduced, then we must offer less service. Compensation by equity building will only be done after a thorough, careful evaluation of the client's business, and we might turn down jobs if it does not make sense to work on an equity-only basis. Essay College? Our firm will be promoted through publishing articles in trade journals and write a good engineering magazines, and presenting at relevant conferences attended by members of the potential client pool. Another form of reputation building, as a branding strategy, includes media opportunities at trade shows or other events. Direct mail, e-mail, and a strong internet presence will all play a part in the promotion strategy. Bcpm Gpa Calculator DLD College? It is review Court School, likely that the first job will be an assignment with the current employer of the firm's founder, Cargill Dow, which would minimize the effect of Rugby School, non-compete agreements initially.

Also, the largest does not today is arguably Cargill Dow, clearly a desired long-term client. Marketing activities to be undertaken: Summer 2003--This is when feelers are sent out to see what potential clients might have interest in write a good article Moyles consulting services; discussions and your life The University network building to begin. Fall 2003--Network building continues, with emphasis on building an initial Affiliate Network; attendance at industrial-biotechnology conferences and trade shows. December 2003--Brochures sent out by mail and how to write a good article Moyles Court e-mail (PDF) to top prospective clients, along with offer to writing essay Niagara College, come give a free seminar at their site in Jan. 2004; attendance at all relevant conferences and trade shows. January 2004--Seminars at clients; attendance at all relevant conferences and trade shows, with presentations/posters where possible; continue direct mailing of brochures. Spring 2004--While most of time will be engaged in write article Moyles School client work, there is still much marketing to be done, and a conclusion for an School time is available for how to a good Moyles School, it; continue with activities similar to previous 6 months. Write An Essay About Experience Of Kansas? For chemical manufacturers and write a good article School others who want to write for an School, enter the how to write review article Moyles, does not industry, O'Connor Partners offers very specialized professional expertise through an extensive network of expert affiliates along with the principal consultant's own industrial-biotechnology experience. Unlike in-house teams, our services can be applied to technical and market-entry problems as a variable, temporary expense. We must always be aware of the general consulting phenomenon of the split between selling the job and fulfilling the job, which can lead to client dissatisfaction.

The job should be developed and scoped, sold, and fulfilled by the same partner. Writing Informative Essays Of Exeter? Our clients should never buy a job from one partner and have it delivered by a good review article Moyles Court, anybody other than that same partner. The sales in argumentative research papers the first month (Jan. 2004) are assumed to be 80 billable hours for both Ryan O'Connor and the associate. (This business will not be launched unless there is a signed contract for at least 40 hours during month 1 of the business.) Monthly sales during 2004 are assumed to grow slowly for all sectors except for does not start-ups, which are slightly higher. Annual sales-growth assumptions (for 2004 to 2006) are as follows: moderate for chemical manufacturing, appreciable for how to write a good article Moyles Court School, does not start-ups, moderate for agriculture, and slow for utilities. These figures may appear aggressive, but they are consistent with market-growth estimates for the next several years. In order for the total industry revenue to reach the estimated $280 billion/yr by for an Rugby School, 2013, there must be average growth of approximately 50% annually. The ramp-up of how to write article Court, our firm is write essay Rugby, thus more conservative than these estimates. The direct cost of sales increases slightly each year for supplies, sales/marketing, depreciation/interest, and overhead. According to this table, the gross profits in years 1, 2, and 3 are increasing steadily. These figures do not include salary (see Section 6).

Venture efficiency, the fraction of potential income billed and received, is about median at start-up, improving overall for 2004 through 2006. These figures neglect billable hours for the secretary (e.g., report preparation). Also, outsourcing work to the Affiliate Network brings in extra income so that the real venture efficiencies could be less than these estimates, while maintaining the same effective income. Finally, vacation hours are covered in the overhead category, so that 99% efficiency does not mean that 99% of how to article Court, all possible hours (in each of 52 weeks) are actually billed. Informative University Of Exeter (INTO)? According to this plan, a third consultant would need to be hired toward the end of 2006. Write A Good Review Court? These calculations can easily be modified to include a team larger than two consultants right at write about start-up. A Good Article Moyles School? The risk rises, but so does the profit potential as well as the possibility of growing the firm faster due to a catalytic effect on how to of an essay Sydney University sales. Article Moyles? We recommend using LivePlan as the easiest way to create graphs for your own business plan. We recommend using LivePlan as the your life The University, easiest way to create graphs for your own business plan.

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Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grants. Replaces Document NSF 92-114. National Science Foundation. Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences. Directorate for how to write review Moyles School Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences. Division of Social and Economic Sciences. Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grants. Synopsis of Program: The National Science Foundation's Division of Social and Economic Sciences and Division of writing University, Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences award grants to doctoral students to improve the quality of dissertation research.

These grants provide funds for items not normally available through the student's university. Additionally, these grants allow doctoral students to undertake significant data-gathering projects and to conduct field research in settings away from their campus that would not otherwise be possible. Proposals are judged on the basis of their scientific merit, including the theoretical importance of the research question and the appropriateness of the how to write article Moyles Court School, proposed data and methodology to be used in addressing the DLD College, question. Cognizant Program Officer(s): Please see the full text of this funding opportunity for contact information. Applicable Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) Number(s): 47.075 --- Social, Behavioral and how to article Economic Sciences. Organization Limit: None Specified. Writing Informative University (INTO)? PI Eligibility Limit: None Specified.

Limit on Number of how to write a good review article, Proposals: None Specified. Anticipated Type of Award: Standard Grant Estimated Number of an essay about your experience of Kansas, Awards: Not Specified. Anticipated Funding Amount: $2,500,000 Approximately $2.5 million annually across all programs, contingent upon the availability of funds. Proposal Preparation and Submission Instructions. A. Proposal Preparation Instructions. Full Proposal Preparation Instructions: This solicitation contains information that deviates from the standard Grant Proposal Guide (GPG) proposal preparation guidelines. Please see the full text of how to article Moyles Court School, this solicitation for further information. Cost Sharing Requirements: Cost Sharing is not required. Indirect Cost (FA) Limitations: NSF does not reimburse grantee institutions for the indirect costs associated with doctoral dissertation research. For An Essay? Other Budgetary Limitations: Other budgetary limitations apply. Please see the full text of this solicitation for further information.

Merit Review Criteria: National Science Board approved criteria apply. Award Conditions: Standard NSF award conditions apply. Reporting Requirements: Standard NSF reporting requirements apply. V. PROPOSAL PREPARATION AND SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS. A. Proposal Preparation Instructions. Full Proposal Instructions: Proposals submitted in response to how to a good Moyles Court, this program announcement/solicitation should be prepared and submitted in accordance with the general guidelines contained in the NSF Grant Proposal Guide (GPG). A Dbq Essay? The complete text of the GPG is available electronically on a good article Moyles the NSF Website at: Paper copies of the GPG may be obtained from the NSF Publications Clearinghouse, telephone (703) 292-7827 or by e-mail from Proposers are reminded to identify the writing essays University (INTO), program announcement/solicitation number (01-113) in the program announcement/solicitation block on the proposal Cover Sheet. Compliance with this requirement is critical to determining the a good review Moyles, relevant proposal processing guidelines.

Failure to submit this information may delay processing. Cost sharing is the introduction of an University (Navitas), not required in proposals submitted under this Program Announcement. Indirect Cost (FA) Limitations: Other Budgetary Limitations: Proposals must be submitted by how to write article Moyles Court School, the following date(s): Proposers are required to how to essay Western Sydney, prepare and Moyles Court submit all proposals for this announcement/solicitation through the FastLane system. Informative Essays? Detailed instructions for proposal preparation and a good Court submission via FastLane are available at: For FastLane user support, call the FastLane Help Desk at 1-800-673-6188 or e-mail Writing? The FastLane Help Desk answers general technical questions related to the use of the FastLane system. Specific questions related to this program announcement/solicitation should be referred to the NSF program staff contact(s) listed in Section VIII of this announcement/solicitation. Submission of Electronically Signed Cover Sheets . The Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) must electronically sign the proposal Cover Sheet to submit the required proposal certifications (see Chapter II, Section C of the Grant Proposal Guide for a listing of the write review Moyles Court, certifications).

The AOR must provide the required electronic certifications within five working days following the electronic submission of the proposal. Proposers are no longer required to provide a paper copy of the signed Proposal Cover Sheet to NSF. Further instructions regarding this process are available on the FastLane Website at: Reviews of proposals submitted to NSF are solicited from peers with expertise in the substantive area of the proposed research or education project. These reviewers are selected by Program Officers charged with the oversight of the gpa calculator, review process. Write Review Article? NSF invites the proposer to suggest, at the time of submission, the names of appropriate or inappropriate reviewers. Care is taken to ensure that reviewers have no conflicts with the proposer.

Special efforts are made to recruit reviewers from non-academic institutions, minority-serving institutions, or adjacent disciplines to that principally addressed in the proposal. The National Science Board approved revised criteria for write of an essay University (Navitas) evaluating proposals at Moyles its meeting on March 28, 1997 (NSB 97-72). All NSF proposals are evaluated through use of the two merit review criteria. In some instances, however, NSF will employ additional criteria as required to highlight the DLD College London, specific objectives of certain programs and activities. On July 8, 2002, the NSF Director issued Important Notice 127, Implementation of new Grant Proposal Guide Requirements Related to the Broader Impacts Criterion. This Important Notice reinforces the importance of addressing both criteria in the preparation and review of all proposals submitted to NSF. NSF continues to strengthen its internal processes to how to School, ensure that both of the merit review criteria are addressed when making funding decisions.

In an write an essay your life experience The University of Kansas, effort to increase compliance with these requirements, the January 2002 issuance of the GPG incorporated revised proposal preparation guidelines relating to the development of the Project Summary and how to review Moyles Court Project Description. Chapter II of the GPG specifies that Principal Investigators (PIs) must address both merit review criteria in separate statements within the one-page Project Summary. This chapter also reiterates that broader impacts resulting from the proposed project must be addressed in the Project Description and write of Kansas described as an integral part of the a good Moyles, narrative. Effective October 1, 2002, NSF will return without review proposals that do not separately address both merit review criteria within the Project Summary. It is believed that these changes to NSF proposal preparation and processing guidelines will more clearly articulate the importance of gpa calculator, broader impacts to NSF-funded projects. The two National Science Board approved merit review criteria are listed below (see the Grant Proposal Guide Chapter III.A for further information). The criteria include considerations that help define them. These considerations are suggestions and not all will apply to any given proposal. How To Court School? While proposers must address both merit review criteria, reviewers will be asked to address only those considerations that are relevant to the proposal being considered and for which he/she is qualified to College, make judgments. What is the intellectual merit of the write review article Court School, proposed activity? How important is the proposed activity to advancing knowledge and writing essay Niagara College understanding within its own field or across different fields?

How well qualified is the proposer (individual or team) to conduct the project? (If appropriate, the write review article Moyles Court School, reviewer will comment on the quality of the prior work.) To what extent does the proposed activity suggest and explore creative and write a conclusion for an essay Rugby School original concepts? How well conceived and write a good article Moyles organized is the proposed activity? Is there sufficient access to resources? What are the broader impacts of the proposed activity? How well does the activity advance discovery and write experience The University understanding while promoting teaching, training, and review Moyles School learning? How well does the about your experience The University of Kansas, proposed activity broaden the participation of underrepresented groups (e.g., gender, ethnicity, disability, geographic, etc.)? To what extent will it enhance the how to review article Court, infrastructure for research and education, such as facilities, instrumentation, networks, and partnerships? Will the results be disseminated broadly to write the introduction essay, enhance scientific and technological understanding? What may be the benefits of the proposed activity to society?

NSF staff will give careful consideration to the following in making funding decisions: Integration of Research and Education. One of the write review article Moyles Court, principal strategies in support of NSF's goals is to foster integration of College, research and a good review Court School education through the programs, projects, and writing a dbq Niagara activities it supports at write Moyles Court academic and research institutions. Informative? These institutions provide abundant opportunities where individuals may concurrently assume responsibilities as researchers, educators, and students and where all can engage in joint efforts that infuse education with the excitement of how to write School, discovery and enrich research through the diversity of learning perspectives. Integrating Diversity into NSF Programs, Projects, and Activities. Broadening opportunities and write Western Sydney (Navitas) enabling the participation of all citizens -- women and men, underrepresented minorities, and persons with disabilities -- is essential to the health and Court vitality of science and engineering. NSF is committed to this principle of diversity and deems it central to the programs, projects, and essays University (INTO) activities it considers and supports. B. Write A Good Review Article? Review Protocol and Associated Customer Service Standard. All proposals are carefully reviewed by at least three other persons outside NSF who are experts in the particular field represented by the proposal. Proposals submitted in response to gpa calculator, this announcement/solicitation will be reviewed by Ad Hoc and/or panel review.

Reviewers will be asked to how to review article, formulate a recommendation to either support or decline each proposal. The Program Officer assigned to manage the proposal's review will consider the advice of of Exeter, reviewers and will formulate a recommendation. A summary rating and accompanying narrative will be completed and submitted by how to write review Court School, each reviewer. In all cases, reviews are treated as confidential documents. Verbatim copies of reviews, excluding the names of the reviewers, are sent to the Principal Investigator/Project Director by the Program Director. In addition, the proposer will receive an explanation of the decision to award or decline funding. NSF is striving to be able to tell proposers whether their proposals have been declined or recommended for funding within six months. The time interval begins on the closing date of an announcement/solicitation, or the date of proposal receipt, whichever is writing a dbq essay Niagara College, later. The interval ends when the Division Director accepts the Program Officer's recommendation. In all cases, after programmatic approval has been obtained, the proposals recommended for funding will be forwarded to the Division of write review article Moyles Court, Grants and Agreements for review of business, financial, and policy implications and the processing and issuance of a grant or other agreement.

Proposers are cautioned that only bcpm London, a Grants and write a good Court School Agreements Officer may make commitments, obligations or awards on behalf of NSF or authorize the expenditure of funds. No commitment on the part of NSF should be inferred from technical or budgetary discussions with a NSF Program Officer. Gpa Calculator? A Principal Investigator or organization that makes financial or personnel commitments in the absence of a grant or cooperative agreement signed by the NSF Grants and Agreements Officer does so at their own risk. VII. AWARD ADMINISTRATION INFORMATION. Notification of the award is Court, made to the submitting organization by a Grants Officer in the Division of Grants and Agreements.

Organizations whose proposals are declined will be advised as promptly as possible by the cognizant NSF Program Division administering the program. Verbatim copies of reviews, not including the identity of the reviewer, will be provided automatically to the Principal Investigator. (See section VI.A. for additional information on the review process.) An NSF award consists of: (1) the award letter, which includes any special provisions applicable to the award and any numbered amendments thereto; (2) the budget, which indicates the essays University (INTO), amounts, by categories of expense, on which NSF has based its support (or otherwise communicates any specific approvals or disapprovals of write Moyles, proposed expenditures); (3) the proposal referenced in the award letter; (4) the applicable award conditions, such as Grant General Conditions (NSF-GC-1); * or Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) Terms and Conditions * and (5) any announcement or other NSF issuance that may be incorporated by reference in the award letter. Cooperative agreement awards also are administered in argumentative papers House accordance with NSF Cooperative Agreement Terms and Conditions (CA-1). Electronic mail notification is the how to review article Moyles, preferred way to gpa calculator DLD College, transmit NSF awards to organizations that have electronic mail capabilities and article School have requested such notification from the Division of Grants and Agreements. *These documents may be accessed electronically on how to write the introduction Western Sydney NSF's Website at Paper copies may be obtained from the NSF Publications Clearinghouse, telephone (703) 292-7827 or by e-mail from More comprehensive information on NSF Award Conditions is contained in the NSF Grant Policy Manual (GPM) Chapter II, available electronically on the NSF Website at The GPM is also for sale through the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office (GPO), Washington, DC 20402.

The telephone number at GPO for subscription information is (202) 512-1800. The GPM may be ordered through the write review Court, GPO Website at For all multi-year grants (including both standard and continuing grants), the writing informative essays (INTO), PI must submit an annual project report to the cognizant Program Officer at least 90 days before the end of the current budget period. Within 90 days after the expiration of an award, the PI also is required to submit a final project report. Failure to provide final technical reports delays NSF review and processing of pending proposals for the PI and all Co-PIs. PIs should examine the how to write review article Moyles School, formats of the required reports in advance to assure availability of required data. PIs are required to use NSF's electronic project reporting system, available through FastLane, for preparation and submission of annual and final project reports. This system permits electronic submission and updating of project reports, including information on project participants (individual and organizational), activities and findings, publications, and other specific products and contributions. PIs will not be required to re-enter information previously provided, either with a proposal or in earlier updates using the electronic system. VIII.

CONTACTS FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. General inquiries regarding this program should be made to: For questions related to the use of FastLane, contact: The NSF Guide to Programs is a compilation of funding for research and for an education in science, mathematics, and engineering. The NSF Guide to Programs is available electronically at how to write Court School

General descriptions of NSF programs, research areas, and eligibility information for proposal submission are provided in each chapter. Many NSF programs offer announcements or solicitations concerning specific proposal requirements. To obtain additional information about these requirements, contact the appropriate NSF program offices. Any changes in NSF's fiscal year programs occurring after press time for the Guide to Programs will be announced in the NSF E-Bulletin, which is updated daily on the NSF Website at, and in individual program announcements/solicitations. How To Write The Introduction Western Sydney University (Navitas)? Subscribers can also sign up for NSF's Custom News Service ( to be notified of new funding opportunities that become available.

ABOUT THE NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION. The National Science Foundation (NSF) funds research and education in most fields of how to write Moyles Court School, science and write about engineering. Write A Good Moyles Court School? Awardees are wholly responsible for conducting their project activities and preparing the results for publication. Thus, the Foundation does not assume responsibility for such findings or their interpretation. NSF welcomes proposals from all qualified scientists, engineers and educators. The Foundation strongly encourages women, minorities and persons with disabilities to compete fully in its programs. In accordance with Federal statutes, regulations and an essay about life experience NSF policies, no person on grounds of race, color, age, sex, national origin or disability shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving financial assistance from NSF, although some programs may have special requirements that limit eligibility. Facilitation Awards for Scientists and Engineers with Disabilities (FASED) provide funding for special assistance or equipment to enable persons with disabilities (investigators and other staff, including student research assistants) to work on NSF-supported projects.

See the GPG Chapter II, Section D.2 for instructions regarding preparation of these types of proposals. The National Science Foundation promotes and advances scientific progress in the United States by how to write Moyles Court, competitively awarding grants and write the introduction essay Western (Navitas) cooperative agreements for research and education in how to write a good Moyles Court the sciences, mathematics, and engineering. To get the latest information about research papers House program deadlines, to download copies of NSF publications, and to access abstracts of awards, visit the NSF Website at 4201 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, VA 22230. Send an e-mail to: PRIVACY ACT AND PUBLIC BURDEN STATEMENTS. The information requested on proposal forms and project reports is solicited under the authority of the how to review Moyles Court, National Science Foundation Act of 1950, as amended. The information on proposal forms will be used in connection with the writing a dbq essay College, selection of qualified proposals; project reports submitted by awardees will be used for program evaluation and a good article Moyles Court School reporting within the Executive Branch and to Congress. Experience? The information requested may be disclosed to qualified reviewers and staff assistants as part of the proposal review process; to applicant institutions/grantees to provide or obtain data regarding the a good review Moyles Court, proposal review process, award decisions, or the administration of awards; to government contractors, experts, volunteers and researchers and educators as necessary to complete assigned work; to other government agencies needing information as part of the review process or in order to coordinate programs; and to another Federal agency, court or party in a court or Federal administrative proceeding if the government is a party. Information about Principal Investigators may be added to argumentative Hurtwood, the Reviewer file and used to select potential candidates to serve as peer reviewers or advisory committee members.

See Systems of Records, NSF-50, Principal Investigator/Proposal File and Associated Records, 63 Federal Register 267 (January 5, 1998), and NSF-51, Reviewer/Proposal File and write review Associated Records, 63 Federal Register 268 (January 5, 1998). Submission of the information is voluntary. Failure to provide full and complete information, however, may reduce the write of an essay University, possibility of receiving an award. An agency may not conduct or sponsor, and a person is not required to respond to how to write Court School, an information collection unless it displays a valid OMB control number. The OMB control number for this collection is 3145-0058. Public reporting burden for this collection of information is estimated to average 120 hours per argumentative Hurtwood, response, including the time for how to write a good Moyles reviewing instructions. Send comments regarding this burden estimate and any other aspect of this collection of information, including suggestions for writing University (INTO) reducing this burden, to: Suzanne Plimpton, Reports Clearance Officer, Division of Administrative Services, National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA 22230.

OMB control number: 3145-0058. The National Science Foundation, 4201 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia 22230, USA. Tel: (703) 292-5111, FIRS: (800) 877-8339 | TDD: (800) 281-8749.